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Housepets! Taking Back What's Mine 
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Post Housepets! Taking Back What's Mine
Hi, I'm Sylvie :) . I'm new in the forum. Nice to meet you all !
I've read Housepets! since 2013 and I really like it a lot :D . I wrote a fanfic a year ago and I've never posted it before. But last week I found it on my old laptop so I've decided to post it rather than wasted. My grammar sucks so it would be really nice if you want to correct me :mrgreen: . And I won't mind to get critiques from you guys :) . So, here goes nothing.

The night was full of silence. The cold air breezed softly that night. Every residents of Babylon Garden have gone to have a peaceful slumber in their own house. Everyone except Peanut Butter Sandwich. The brown Canadian Pointer Mix couldn’t sleep, even after hours of turning and tossing trying to fall asleep.

He then stood up from his bed and walked to the kitchen to pour him some glass of warm milk, hoping that it would help him sleep. After drinking the milk, he looked at the clear beautiful dark sky from the kitchen. His head was full of thought about what he has done last week, about what he has decided.

‘Have I done the right thing? Would I regret this decision?’ thought Peanut. He shook his head, trying to convince himself that it was the right decision.

Since while ago after Jata incident and the relationship between Fido and Sabrina has been revealed, second opinions about interspecies relationship have been reconsidered. Surprisingly the majority of pets actually supported the interspecies relationship. Since then a lot of mixed couple showed up around the town and nobody protested about them. There weren’t any social pressure about mixed couple anymore. It was a big change to the place.

Because of that, the feeling that Peanut had buried deep inside his heart about a certain feline came back. That certain feline, his best friend in the whole wide world and the one who captured his heart, named Grape Jelly Sandwich. Since he discovered that Grape was a girl, he started to develop a crush on her. It was funny how he just realized it after she told him. After the incident when play Pretending with Max and Tarot, Grape has promised him that he’ll always be her best friend filled with mushy stuff. Yet it doesn’t change the fact that he is only a friend. Sometimes he wondered, would the situation be different if he confessed to her at Uncle Reuben’s farm? Before she asked Max to a date?

‘No, it wouldn’t.’ She stated clearly that she only attracted to cats and Max was the one she’s really fond of. There was nothing he can do. He couldn’t interfere between her relationships with Max. Oh how jealous he really is with Max. He gets to date his dream girl. If only he was born as a cat, then there wouldn’t be any problem to be with Grape.

But it’s not like he’s lonely or anything. He had a wonderful Pomeranian girlfriend named Tarot. A bit weird yet a really good dog. She helped Peanut anytime he had a problem, mentally and physically. He loved Tarot a lot, but there was something that missing, and that troubled him. He didn’t know why he felt like this. Is it because she’s not Grape? Even after all this time they were dating, she’s not good enough for him? This thoughts were making him sick with himself, yet if these were his true feeling, there weren’t much he could do.

Nights and days he tried to figure out his problem. Until finally he decided to do what he thinks for the best.

-------- A week ago --------

It was a chilly February afternoon. Snow has stopped to come down and the air was warmer than before.
Peanut went to Tarot’s house. He wasn’t sure if it would went well or bad but he was already determined. After he stood in front of Tarot’s house, he rang the bell.

‘One second….Two seconds….Three sec-‘

When the door opened, he saw his Pomeranian dog. Her face looked a bit gloom. Did she foresee the future?

“Hello, Peanut.”

“Hi, Tarot. Can I come in?”

“Of course, come in.”

Tarot gestured him to come inside. They walked to the living room. There weren’t anybody sighted. The house filled with silence. Peanut took a seat on an armchair. Tarot went to the kitchen and back with pair of cups and a teapot.

“Do you want some tea?” Tarot asked softly.

“Yes, thank you, Tarot.”

She poured the tea on Peanut’s cup and took a seat on a sofa beside him. There were a long awkward silence between them. Since she was a psychic, it wouldn’t surprise him if she knew why he’s here.

‘*sigh* So, this is it then…’

“Tarot, I-I want to talk about something with you. B-but I guess you’ve already known.” He nervously said.

“No, I haven’t. What is it, hon?” She asked.

“Tarot, I think you’re a very beautiful and kind dog. I enjoyed the time being with you. I really do. B-b-but I-I….” He looked down while fidgeting his fingers. He couldn’t finish the sentence.

“It’s okay, Peanut. Just tell me.”

‘Alright, deep breathe....’

“Tarot, I think we should break up. I-I-I’m really sorry. I don’t want to hurt you, I-I love yo-“ He was silenced by Tarot’s index finger.

“Don’t worry, Peanut. I forgive you. I know that you’ll break up with me someday. I just don’t know it’s so soon.” She told him smiling.

“W-wait, really?”

“Yes, since we first met I knew that someday I have to step aside from your heart for Grape.’’

He blushed. ‘How did she know? Oh wait, she’s a psychic.’

“Tarot… I hope there are no hard feelings between us. Can we still be friends?” He asked.

Tarot leaned in to Peanut’s face and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Of course, Peanut. You’ll always be a special friend to me.” She gave him a warm smile as she said it.

They embraced each other tightly for the longest time. After he finished his tea, he said goodbye to Tarot and went home thinking, ‘Did I do the right thing?’

-------- Back to the present --------

It was painful to let her go, but on other side he felt that some of his burden has been lifted off. He already made his decision and he shouldn’t regret it. Now the next thing he needed to do was winning Grape’s heart. He was sure if he’s brave enough he could do it. Besides, things have changed after the incident. The cat lover and dog lover thing shouldn’t be a problem now. Even if she still didn’t choose him, they would be stayed as Best Friends with some mushy stuff. Yeah, nothing will ruin their friendship.

“Peanut? What are you doing at this late?” A familiar tone asked behind him.

‘Well, speaking of the angel…..’

Peanut turned over and saw Grape walking towards him. He awed at the figure. Even in the darkness her beauty still shine bright. He stood silence while seeing her pair of golden eyes came closer.

“Well, Peanut?” She asked one more time.

“Oh, hi, Grape. Just drinking some warm milk to help me sleep. Why are you awake?” He asked her back without breaking the eye contact.

“I heard you walking to the kitchen so I thought I might go and see what’s up.” She swayed her tail.

“You have a sleep problem? That doesn’t sound very like you. What’s wrong?” She continued.

Peanut paused before answering her question.

“Nothing, Grape. I just couldn’t sleep. But it’s all right, I’m sure the warm milk will kick in soon.” He gave her a light smile.

He confused when Grape frowned after hearing his answer.

“Peanut, I’ve known you since forever. When you couldn’t sleep it’s either you had a nightmare or when you had some big problems that haunting you.” She stroked his cheek. “And I noticed you looked stressful these days. So I ask you again, what’s the problem, Peanut?” She concerned.

‘You are my problem….’

“There are no problems, Grape. Really. I’m just having trouble at sleeping. And I looked stressful because I had an “Artist’s Block” from my comic. That’s all.” He leaned to her stroking hand. Her hand was really soft. “Thank you for your concern though.”

She then nodded, still doubting his answer.

“All right, Peanut. But if you had any problem just talk to me, all right? We’ll solve it together.” She released her hand and walked to the door. “I’ll go back to my room. Go get some sleep, ‘kay?”

“Okay, Grape. Good night.”

“Good night, Peanut.”

He watched her left the room. After she left the room, Peanut washed his glass and went back to his room. He lied on his bed, still full of thoughts. He thought about how to grab Grape’s attention and what would win her over. He needed a strategy, an advice.

‘If I want to make impressions on Grape, I need someone that have experience about it, the one who knows everything about cats. But who can I trust?’ He thought.

After minutes of thinking, he finally drifted to sleep, hoping that tomorrow he would find an answer.

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Post Re: Housepets! Taking Back What's Mine
Great job, Sylvie! Welcome to the forums! :D


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Post Re: Housepets! Taking Back What's Mine
Great Story and welcome to the forums sylvie! :mrgreen:


Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:59 am
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Post Re: Housepets! Taking Back What's Mine
an amazing fan-fic! the intro was spot on!

oh, and welcome to the forums Sylvie

Link to my fan-fics:
Symbolic Power BOOK 2 | Symbolic Power BOOK 1 | Texas Blues

Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:10 am
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