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The Winds of Change 
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Here is the next chapter as promised folks.

Kevin looked down at the table and sighed. "I guess we're both kind of new at this." While his opinions of Sasha's owner still remained negative, he forced himself not to bring the subject up again.

Sasha gave a smile. “Its OK Kevie-Bon. I’m sure that we can work through this if you are willing too. Bino was never keen on it."

Kevin hesitated for a second, fearing the idea of being alone; of ending-up like Sasha's owner. At this point, a new determination over-took him to make this relationship work. "I'm willing if you are.” he said with a tender smile.

Sasha let out a squeal of excitement. “Oh Kevin! I know that we will be able to make this relationship last for a long time!"

Just then, Tiger walked over to the table with their food. His cheeks were flushed underneath his fur. "Alright, here are your desserts; two chocolate molten cakes.” he said, mumbling incoherently afterward.

Sasha looked over to Tiger. “I’m sorry Tiger. Did you say something?" She asked as she tilted her head to the side, looking at him curiously.

"Oh nothing, nothing.” Tiger grumbled. “Burn the whole place down”. He thought to himself. "This is just one of those days I can't catch a break." Tiger said, knowing that Kevin was instantly leery of him again.

“What’s wrong? Did you get yelled at again?” she asked looking at him sympathetically as he wondered what happened now.

"Yeah, I did." Tiger nodded. Under his breath, he said some inaudible curses to himself, though Sasha nor Kevin had heard them.

"What did you do this time?" Kevin inquired in cop mode, preparing to eat the scrumptious cake placed before him.

"I didn't do anything!" Tiger snapped. He paused for a moment. "Okay, I got caught tasting a bit of ice cream... but come-on, I only took a small finger full or two. I was starving."

“I don’t think that is very sanitary.” Sasha pointed out as she looked down at her very delicious dessert and couldn’t wait to bite into it.

Kevin had just taken a bite out of his cake, which Sasha noticed and thought that was rude, but stopped himself from swallowing and leered angrily at Tiger.

"Don't worry, I didn't touch your food." Tiger said. "I figured that you would probably take it to forensics to see if I had tampered with it. No chance I would have gotten away with it under your watch." Tiger grouched as he looked at him.

"You better believe it buddy!” Kevin said, swallowing his portion, but not before savoring the taste of the chocolate which he forced himself not to eat too often.

"But yes, this all looks good. Don’t worry! Kevin will leave you a tip when we are done.” Sasha said starting to dig in.

"Thanks, I'd like that," Tiger said. "I'll be back in a little bit to check on you. I just have to go outside before preparing to work an extra shift." Tiger smiled. As he walked away, he mumbled under his breath “And cuss at the sky” he said, having a few choice words lined up.

“Well I hope everything works out for you.” Sasha said as he left, unable to hear his threat of cursing to the heavens.

"As I guessed before, some guys will never change," Kevin thought aloud, as he looked down at some of his splintered scars from the studio explosion.

“So its really nice meeting people that we know from back home huh?” Sasha asks, oblivious to his discomfort at being around Tiger.

Kevin nodded. "It's always comforting to see familiar faces. It is a small world after all. I love that song." Kevin gave a goofy grin.

“I really like spending time with you. Its nice to have someone that cares.” Sasha said smiling warmly at Kevin.

"I like spending time with you too," Kevin said, smiling with a smear of chocolate over his muzzle that he didn’t notice.

Sasha giggled a little bit. “You have some chocolate on your muzzle." she said as she pointed to his muzzle that had chocolate sauce on it.

"I do?" Kevin said, embarrassed. He attempted to lick it off, but missed a portion on the tip of his nose and on his cheek.

She giggled once more again. “You are still missing a little bit on your nose and your cheek." she smiled at how silly he was being.

Kevin let out a grunt mixed with a chuckle. "I guess I can always keep it there and save it for later. I have no regrets trying this; I would have never known this kind of taste." Kevin said as he lays back with his hands behind his head.

“So it looks like this day is a win for the both of us.” Sasha smiled warmly. “We both tried things that we didn’t think we would like that we did like." Sasha said as she laid her head on her arms.

"Yeah, I guess it's nice to break away from routine once in a while.” Kevin said, though he promised himself to work-out twice as hard the next day.

Sasha continues to eat her cake. “I wonder why they call it molten lava? Do you think they get it from a chocolate volcano somewhere?" She asked as she saw the liquid running down the sides.

"I don't know.” Kevin said curiously, taking the last bite from his slice. "I guess anything is possible this day and age." Kevin then perked up. “What if there was a chocolate island, with creatures and trees made of chocolate?"... Nah!”

Sasha just laughed at his theory then changed the subject. “You think that is what Tiger meant when he said death by chocolate?” Sasha queried.

"I wonder, now. I can imagine chocolate being deadly if it's hot enough, though this didn't seem all that warm. Then again, Tiger is a bit of a cooky guy." Kevin pointed out.

“But why would he lie about that? Isn’t that like a fireable offense at your job?” Sasha once again though aloud.

"I would say so. As is, he's not on my good list, with all of the false advertising he's shown us tonight." Kevin said a bit miffed.

“Well you know, maybe it just slipped his mind.” Sasha said finishing off her cake. She then focused on the ice cream that had halfway melted into a puddle.

"Still, I think it would be in the manager's interest if I report this," Kevin said, rising from his seat. "This is a great place and we can't have him ruining it like this." He said as he looked for the managers office.

“Maybe it was just a one time mistake. You did kind of jump on him when he recognized you.” Sasha pointed out

"I guess so.'" Kevin answered. "Then again, he already has a history of 'mistakes.' Like I said, he went all Michael Bay on the Milton studio while I was in it." Kevin said, inwardly shuddering at the splinters.

“But he said that he is trying to change. I believe him.” Sasha pleaded, giving Kevin a wide-eyed look to get him to stop from getting Tiger fired.

"Well, if you believe him, I guess he deserves one more chance. It would be wrong for me not to, with change being so difficult. Yeah, I'll give him a 4th strike." Kevin gave in and sat back down, smiling at his girlfriend.

“I’m so glad that you are gonna take my idea! It feels so good that you are listening to me.” Sasha gave him a kiss on the cheek

Kevin's heart fluttered. He placed his hand over hers. "Well, you are very smart after all, so it's best that I listen to what you have to say as often as possible." Kevin said as he gave a soft grin.

“Thanks for your confidence in me. Its a shame that we didn’t find out dog shaped cars yet though." Sasha contemplated. Her dad had a real nice Daewoo. She hoped she could get a car like that!

"We will someday, we will," Kevin assured her. Right next door to their booth, there was a man sitting in the next booth listening to all of this and banging his head on the table. Just trying to make them stop.
Moments later, Tiger returned with a big smile on his face once again. "So I take it you two are finished," he said.

Yes. We are ready for the check and the tip please." Sasha said as she saw Tiger’s grin grow bigger when she mentioned the word ’tip’.

"Okie-Dokie” Tiger said a bit too happily out loud. “Finally!” he said in his schizophrenic mind. :I’ll bring it right to you in a second!” he said. In a flash, he returned with the bill. He hovered over their shoulders as Kevin and Sasha looked it over.

“So then, how much do you thing we should give?” Sasha asked as she tried to calculate the bill. It seemed to be a bit complicated. Music was what came easily for her and script writing of course.

"Let's see now.” Kevin thought aloud. "Usually Ralph takes care of this kinda stuff when I come here with him, since I'm not that great with numbers. I guess 20 cents... since I seem to recall him saying something like that being a good tip. " Tiger's smile melted away from his face.

“That seems a bit low don’t you think? Maybe a dollar and 25 cents?” Sasha queried wanting to give Tiger a bit more money.

"You're probably right.” Kevin replied. "I mean, it may be a bit generous considering, but hey, I think you deserve a little pick-me-up." Kevin laid out the 76 dollars on the table, as well as the extra dollar and quarter on top of it. "Enjoy every bit of it." Tiger stood there, frozen and speechless.

Kevin and Sasha got up to leave. They did not notice that Tiger was visibly shaking and his face had began to turn red. He wasn’t to take the nearest blunt item and smash their skulls open with it. But he didn’t get the chance as they left.

As the couple happily walked out into the night, Tiger remained transfixed for some time, staring down in disbelief at the money. He wanted to find a firearm and gun down everybody in the restaurant. He was just that angry! He would strangle the first person who came near him. Luckily, the lady at the front entrance called out to him. "Hey, you got customers waiting for you two tables right of the front entrance. Another weird couple of yahoos.” she said.

While he collected the money and cleared the table while still heavily fuming, he tried to encourage himself. "Hey, at least they're finally gone!” he thought aloud. "And who could possibly be worse than that?! Yep, it's all looking up hill from here."

As before, he walked up to the waiting couple and blissfully greeted them with his eyes closed. "Welcome to the Meat Wagon, my name is Tiger and I'll be your waiter today."

“Well look at who it is. Can we trust Garfield not to spit in our food?" a familiar female voice said, her voice dripping with a mixture of honey and venom.

Tiger cringed at the sound of that voice. He slowly looked up and opened his eyes wide in horror. It was Jess and Zach "Hey, I forgot you were working here!” Zach said. "Anyway, I know that this is a steakhouse, but do you happen have a vegetarian section?"

Tiger slapped himself on the forehead. "Yep, all up hill from here.” he mumbled to himself.

As he lead the two to a table, he hoped that an 18-wheeler would plow through the restaurant and put him out of his misery.


The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Its Peanut's birthday today. If you don't comment, you're a jerk. xD

A few weeks later, Peanut Butter Sandwich’s birthday came around and his parents Earl and Jill Sandwich threw him a big birthday party. The whole neighborhood was invited and those that could make it did. Sasha and Kevin decided to go together and they walked over to the Sandwich abode and were let in. “Happy birthday Peanut!” Sasha smiled as she thrust a present towards him.

Peanut's tail wagged wildly with joy. "Aww, you shouldn't have, but thanks Sasha." Kevin also eagerly handed his gift with a big smile, not giving Peanut a chance to place Sasha's gift with the others. It was a bit of a bulky package. "Happy B-day Peanut!" Kevin said, playfully slapping Peanut on the back. Peanut stumbled forward from the hit but didn't fall. "Wow, thanks, I really wonder what this is?” he smiled.

Peanut’s sister and his one-time crush Grape Jelly Sandwich who was a purple cat looked down at the package and then lazily looked up at Kevin. “That isn’t some sort of exercise equipment isn’t it? He’s liable to hurt himself.” Sasha couldn’t help but giggle as she looked over to Kevin

"What's so dangerous about an ab-roller and a football... if that's what I got you?" Kevin asked, his eyes shifting back and forth.

“Oh well that’s OK. Mom will have a fit if we try to toss it in the house, but the ab-roller probably won’t hurt him.” Grape said as Peanut put the present aside. “Kevie-Bon here says that Peanut should bulk-up! Whatever that means!"

Peanut’s thoughts drifted toward his superhero alterego. ”Hey, I don't see any problem in that," Peanut replied, imagining himself becoming just like Spot within a few days. "Awesome!”

Grape rolled her eyes at her goofy older brother. “Oh, I’m sure that you wouldn’t.” Grape said. “Well as you can see, everybody is here. So feel free to mingle.” Grape said going over to her boyfriend Max. Sasha began to wander off to check out the cake.

Kevin followed Sasha over to the table. The couple held hands and studied the many colorful edible decorations covering the cake. "Oh boy, more cake! I wonder what kind this one is?” Kevin pondered aloud.

Bailey saw the two of them wander into the kitchen and smiled. “According to Peanut, its coconut. I like coconuts myself so I hope this cake tastes well."

"That sounds pretty awesome to me!” Kevin said. "I always wonder though how anyone could imagine a coconut as being something you eat just by looking at it. I tried biting into a raw one once and nearly chipped a tooth." he thought to himself.

“So are the two of you enjoying everything so far?” Bailey asked. Sasha nodded. “I really like parties!” Sasha exclaimed jumping up a little bit.

"I'm starting to like them more and more too," Kevin seconded. He then noticed his fellow K-9 Fido passing across the doorway in the other room. "Oh, Fido's here." He took a few steps away before stopping and turning around to ask Sasha, "Hey, honey, I'm going to talk with Fido for a few, okay?"

Sasha’s eyes remained locked on the cake. “Sure. Have fun with your talk!” Sasha said as the he left. “You know, my cousin is here. Maybe you should go see him. He thinks of you as a really close friend.” Bailey pointed out. “Then I’ll do it!” Sasha said as she went to go find Fox.

Fido caught Kevin from the corner of his eye. “Oh hello Kevin! How long have you been here?” he asked as the Doberman approached him.

"I just dropped in five minutes ago.” Kevin replied. "I take it you came with Sabrina?” he asked as he looked around for his buddy’s cat girlfriend.

“Yeah. She’s over in the other room with Spo. We chipped in to get a present.” Fido said looking over to the presents

"That's cool," Kevin replied. Though he was still perplexed and wondered how a cat and dog, being t2o very different species to each other, could have any type of relation. However, like may other things, he had learned to put the little detail behind him and remember the more important fact that he was still his close ally and friend when everybody else in the neighborhood, especially his younger brother Bino turned on him. He decided to stop thinking about it and asked a question. "So, what did you get him?"

“We both got him a new video game. He’s into that. What did you and Sasha get him?” Fido asked as he looked towards the presents.

"You know, I forgot what Sasha got him, but my present was the Abdominator: the most awesome ab-roller!” Kevin answered. "I also got him a football. Pretty cool, right!?”

Fido looked away before looking up and smiling. “Yeah! Those sound really great! I’m sure that he will like them.” Fido said, despite knowing that Peanut wasn’t really the active type. Maybe he could try it to make him look more like Spot? He hoped that would have been the brown colored dog’s first thought.

"Anyway, it's been a while since we last had a chance to just chat outside of work, huh?" Kevin said putting his hands behind his head and leaning back.

“Yeah well work is the only thing that keeps me going. Ever since that debacle at the wedding….” Fido shuddered thinking about it, though he did enjoy seeing an old wolf beat the crud out of a young and ripped man. “Most people have been treating me differently. I have to restrain myself from going after Bino when he makes jokes about it."

Kevin nodded but was still curious. “I don't want to open old wounds again, but…” He thought to himself before looking back at his colleague. “You have to admit, it was quite a shock to everyone. I mean, I still don't fully understand how it works."

Fido looked at him and sighed. “You can’t help who you fall in love with. I’m sure that you felt the same way when you fell for Sasha.”

Kevin hesitated for a few seconds to think before responding with a slight inflection of uncertainty. "I guess you're right." He looked around before continuing. “Back to your problem.” he thought to himself. "But, in my opinion, the whole thing between you and Sabrina doesn't really matter. It doesn't change the fact that you're a good officer and I'm always glad to know you have my back and I have yours."

Fido smiled at him. “Thank you for that Kevin. You are a good friend.” he smiled at him as they made eye contact. For the first time since the whole wedding, what Fido saw in someone’s wasn’t judgement.

The two exchanged a handshake combined with a pat on the back. “Bros man, bros!” Kevin said as they embraced.

His girlfriend Sasha, who was told by Bailey that her cousin wanted to see and talk to her, eventually found Fox in another room, watching a group of dogs play a video game. “Oh hey Fox! Bailey told me you would be here!"

Fox’s ears perked up upon hearing her familiar voice. "Oh h-hi Sasha," Fox stammered in surprise. "Great to see you here. Yeah, I'm just watching King over here get his tail handed to him in Super Smash Brother's Brawl." His cousin-in-law gave him a sharp look. ”Oh, ha-ha-ha," King growled. "Come-on Tiger, quit hounding me. Have some respect for Pac-Man!"

A tiny brown spec in Joey’s hair popped up, revealing herself to be a mouse. This was Squeak. Joey was the biological young brother of Fido and Bino. Due to their respective owners being brothers, this also made Joey and Bino adoptive pet cousins, sort of like Fox and King. Bino’s pet brother Max was also his cousin, but nobody really acknowledged that. Squeak was Joey’s girlfriend. “This is so lame. Why re we even here right now? If I wanted to watch a couple of nerds play games, I could have just watched you with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum at home.” Squeak complained to her boyfriend talking about his friends whom everybody thought was creepy.

Sasha looked over at Fox. “I was never that big on video games. I’d much rather go outside and take a natural walk."

The husky looked up and nodded. "I too prefer a simple stroll through nature over this any day.” Fox nodded. "That or at least a good book now and then."

Squeak once again complained, earning her looks from everybody in the room except Sasha and Fox. “I’d prefer to be anywhere but here watching this.” Squeak groaned. Joey just shushed her as he watched the game.

“You like reading books? Me too! What books do you like?" Sasha asked, never knowing that Fox liked books and only knowing him as Bino’s friends from his club.

"Well, I like all sorts of genres, so long as they have a believable relatable tail to tell. Like,I enjoyed reading Pride and Prejudice." Fox said. “Even though King laughs at me for that.” he thought to himself looking at his best friend.

“Myself, I’m into more fantasy stories myself. Though since I got with Kevin, I tend to read less. I enjoyed The Pendragon Cycle." Sasha said, not knowing the book was about King Arthur and just thinking it was a mythical fantasy book.

Squeak watched the two of them talk with interest and sympathized with Sasha on not being able to do things she wanted. Often times she wanted to go out for a night on the town but Joey only wanted to role-play. Yes that as how they met, but it didn’t mean she wanted to do it every night.

Fox was a bit surprised by her response, knowing that series was more about the legend of King Arthur then anything. "Hmm, that was a good series." He paused a moment, looking over at the others. "So, you and Kevin have been doing a lot together, huh?"

Sasha nodded looking a bit solemn. “Yes, but sometimes I just wish he could understand me a bit more.” Sasha sighed.

Squeak who was watching the exchanging between Fox and Sasha, since the alternative was watching a video game match that she had no interest in, made a casual observation. “It seems to me that the two of you would be a better match.”

King's ears perked up, coinciding with his character being blown to bits. Fox stood there, blushing under his fur. "Well, I'm sure that you two are close enough that you can work these problems out. I'm sure all relationships have there ups and downs.” Fox gave an awkward smiled. “…if only I could say this from experience.” he thought to himself.

“You know what? You’re right! We do have some problems but they are always resolved!” Sasha said with a look of resolve on her face.

Joey turned towards them and said something besides commenting on the match, which is what he had been doing for the most part. . “Being so different from each other isn’t so bad. Just look at me and Squeak. You’ll work this out.”

Squeak’s mouth dropped open. “You actually said something that wasn’t related to a video game. I’m SHOCKED!”

Fox cleared his throat. "Back on the subject of good stories, I'm still blown away by that movie you made. It's one of the few that ever so deeply touched me; the emotion and sheer drama…”

And it was at this point that everybody in the room turned to look at Sasha, wondering what movie she could have possibly made.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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I must say that I've grown to like the idea that Kevin and Sasha are (just a bit) smarter than they know. Hey, at least Sasha's proven it before on an occasion or two... Hehe, King as Pac-Man. He's probably the only one old enough among them to remember the arcade game when it first came out. Waka waka waka.

If you didn't like the idea of funny hats or the Kevinator, how about a Kevinator in a funny hat? :P And mind you, I have Ozzy repellent on my utility belt... Yes, that's a thing.

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Then allow me to introduce you to my best friend, Captain Falcon!

(Falcon's are the natural predators of bats)

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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OK everybody. Tiger has access to fire so you ALL need to start commenting. xD

Sasha’s eyes twinkled. “Thank you for the compliment Fox! All I did was just think about what would have made a great movie and written it down! I didn’t even think Rock Milton would be interested in it!"

"What movie are you guys talking about?" Joey asked. "Canine Cibble.” King answered. "It's a romance movie that Sasha here actually wrote the script for." King said as everybody turned to look at Sasha, wondering how someone like her could write a movie script.

“Yeah! Depending on how well it does, I may wanna write a sequel for it!” Sasha said as giddy as she could be.

"I hate movie sequels.” Tiger interrupted. "90% of the time, they end up falling away from the benchmark set by the predecessor and ruin the whole story for everyone." he said with a sour look on his face. ”Well I would gladly see it, regardless of that old rule of thumb.“ Fox declared. "I may not be the biggest movie expert, but I think that, with the way it ended, there are a variety of directions she could take it. With such an imagination she showed in the first one, she can spin a trilogy as epic as... Fox stopped as he wasn’t the biggest movie expert. "Lord of the Rings?" King added. "Exactly." Fox said, grateful for his friend.

“Lord of the Rings is a bad example.” Joey said. “NOTHING can beat that movie, well expect maybe the One Piece X movie, but Lester says its trash.” Squeak just rolled her eyes. “Lester says a lot of things. I just ignore him."

Fox smiled at Sasha. "In any case, I'm sure you'll do as great of a job writing the sequel. Just, try not to leak any spoilers to me before I see it." he said warmly and trying not to blush as he looked at her.

“Oh you won’t have to worry about that. Because I haven’t even been thinking go anything for now!” Sasha gave a crooked smile.

"I guess it really all comes spontaneously to you," Fox chuckled. "How I envy that; being able to imagine on the spot like that." he said as he wished that being spontaneous could have came naturally. It might have helped in being able to confess his feelings to Sasha before she and Kevin started dating.

“Maybe Peanut and Grape can give you some pointers.” Sasha pointed out, remembering how awesome their little Imaginate! setting were.

"That is true," Fox agreed. "They too have a flare for being imaginative. Still, if anything, I should be asking you for advice; given how naturally your style flows... Maybe when we both have spare time. Fox said trying to suppress nervous laughter.

“I would love to help you with it.” Sasha said, happy that someone as smart as Fox wanted to take pointers from her when it came to creativity.

"Good, then we'll set up a date some day- er um I mean an arrangement some day," Fox stuttered. Only King heard Fox say that and slapped himself on the forehead.

“That sounds great! Maybe Kevie-Bon can help also!" Sasha said, oblivious to the fact that Fox had a huge crush on her.

"Yeah, but of course.” Fox said, scratching the back of his head. "After all, he must be a great source of inspiration to you."

“I just know that he would love it.” says Sasha, who obviously doesn’t know what her boyfriend likes. Tiger tried to suppress a smirk at that, but failed. Nobody noticed though.

“Yeah sure, it is always great to have someone like him with his unique perspective give me a few pointers on creativity.” Fox mumbled.

Sasha nodded at that and then she got up. “Well I should go and find him. I guess that I will see you all later then?” she gave a beautiful smile which made Fox’s heart melt.

After everybody wished her well, Sasha left the room. King looked at Fox and just shook his head, feeling incredibly embarrassed for him. "Oh dog, that was painful!

Meanwhile, Kevin and Fido continued there conversation in the backyard, away from the bulk of the crowd. They reminisced about old times over glasses of orange soda. “You know, that prince guy you fought for Sabrina, he kind of looked like that ghost that chased us that one time.” Kevin remarked.

Fido nearly choked on his orange soda. “I really haven’t thought of that. Every time I think about Jata, I remember the bruises." he said, remembering how the impact of his fist felt against his face.

"Yeah, you really took a beating.” Kevin concurred, sipping down his drink. "He was five times your size... So, you must have known that there was no way for you to win."

Fido winced a little bit and put his face in his paws. “That’s what everybody else keeps telling me when they aren’t making sarcastic remarks about me being a cat lover." Fido said. He felt like a few guests were giving him the stink eye, despite the fact that everybody there didn’t care.

"No, I'm not being sarcastic about that. I'm just wondering what was going through your mind when you stood-up to him all by yourself." Kevin asked.

Fido gives Kevin a small smile. “I was thinking about love. I love her and i wasn’t about to let anybody else get between us. I would do anything for her. She is my soulmate." Fido remarked thinking about all the special times they shared with each other.

"Your soulmate..." Kevin echoed. He hesitated before asking, "When did you find out that she was your soulmate? I mean, what was it that made you sure?"

Sabrina who heard everything came up behind them and embraced Fido. Fido smiled. “Its just something that you feel i your heart. You know that you can’t live without them and you wanna be with them forever. Surely you and Sasha feel like that.” Sabrina said

Kevin stared at the half glass of soda, swirling it in his hand. "I guess so... It's just, well. I-I don't know. I totally like her, in that there are plenty of times where we have fun. But, to be honest, I sometimes feel that we aren't so close; that we're from different worlds. We've been having a lot of arguments lately, like at the movies a while back."

Sabrina smiled at Kevin. “If you like her genuinely in that way, then the two of you will last. Couples always fight. You think me and Fido don’t sometimes?” Fido looked over at Kevin. “And she usually wins." Fido gave a sly little grin over his way.

"That's kind of what I've been guessing," Kevin said. "But still, I can't help but wonder... So, wait, I guess that means she chases you?" Kevin asked as Fido and Sabrina exchanged looks with each other.

“If you really feel like you love her and she really feels like she loves you, you’ll know what to do.” Sabrina said as she nuzzled Fido. “And yes, she DEFINITELY chases me if you were wondering.” Fido quickly added.

"Yeah, you're right, thanks," Kevin smiled. It was then that Kevin tried imagining himself standing-up to a hulking behemoth in a football stadium while Sasha cheered from the sidelines. He envisioned taking a beating from the beast and being knocked out into the stands. However, upon regaining his bearings, he saw Sasha walking away, giggling while holding hands with the beast.

“Uh Kevin, are you OK? You seem to be lost in thought.” Fido said as Sabrina waved her paw in front of Kevin’s face to try to elicit a reaction.

"Oh- uh, I'm fine, I'm fine," Kevin said. "It's just the sugar going to my head, I guess." he lied, trying to get that thought out of his head.

“Maybe you should take it easy on the orange soda.” Fido said chuckling a small bit as he put his glass down and looked at Kevin’s which was almost empty.

"Probably," Kevin laughed. "I think I'm going to check on Sasha and see if they're cutting the cake yet." Kevin said as he put his glass down also.

“Well hope the two of you take what we said to heart.” Fido said as Kevin departed leaving both him and Sabrina in the yard.

"We'll try, we'll try" Kevin said inaudibly to himself. He just hoped that they were right as he was afraid that if he lost Sasha, he would never find someone whom he truly cared for.

At last came the moment where everyone sat at the dining room table for dessert. As the lights dimmed, Earl and Jill brought in the multi-colored birthday cake and everyone sung "Happy Birthday"... in varying keys. With a single puff, Peanut blew out all of the candles and everyone rose in joyous applause.

Sasha clapped vigorously after Peanut blew the candles out. Some of the frosting also came off and hit Fox, Fido and Max in the face.

The room brimmed with laughter and conversation as everyone dined on a slice of coconut cake. All except for perhaps Joey and Tiger truly enjoyed the taste, but they ate their shares out of respect for Peanut. Kevin, once again, had a glob of frosting stuck on the end of his nose, making Sasha and the others giggle. Then came the opening of the multitude of presents. One by one, Peanut eagerly tore open each package and gave full-hearted thanks to the respective gifters. However, he hesitated when he came across Tiger's gift: a bone-shaped metallic device. "Oh, what might this be?" he asked, blissful but puzzled.

"It's a lighter shaped like a bone!” Tiger answered with a big grin. "Fire is always a friend of mine and so shall be a friend to you whenever you need it." Tiger said, who was NOT imaging lighting the whole house on fire with everybody trapped inside.

“You must be JOKING right? Why on Earth would he ever need to light something on fire?” Peanut’s girlfriend Tarot asked giving Tiger a suspicious look.

"DO NOT DOUBT THE FIRE!" Tiger shouted. Everyone froze silently in place with concerned and horrified stares at the overzealous mutt. He quickly calmed himself before changing his answer. "I meant to say that he might find it useful if he, oh say, needs to start a camp fire, or light a candle.” Tiger tried to say as plainly as possible. “Or burn a building down.” he thought to himself.

Despite what Tiger had said, the people sitting next to him quickly moved as far away from him as they could. Tiger just looked around. “What? Is it something I said?”

Meanwhile Peanut just decided to forget about Tiger’s little outburst and went to the next present that he received.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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This is really good! I hope to read more!

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Ask and ye shall receive! Its time for the next installment anyway. Remember people, please read and post what you think about the story! I would really appreciate it!

As Peanut went through the gifts, he eventually got to the one that Sasha had gotten him and watched with bated breath as he ripped it open.

Peanut's face lit-up with excitement as he unwrapped a sketch pad and a set of colored pencils, pastels, and markers. "Oh wow, this is just what I needed! These are wonderful! Thanks Sasha!" Peanut’s tail wagged happily as he looked at his new gift.

Looks like you’ll finally be able to start up Spot (Superdog) again. Thats good because then you won’t bug me while I’m trying to nap.” Grape stated.

"This is high quality paper too," Peanut said, observing the sketch pad. "Part cotton, never will yellow. And the pastels are a top notch brand too. Spot will shine like never before." He placed everything with the other gifts before promptly continuing.

”I never knew he was an artist," Kevin whispered to Sasha, who never heard of this character and wondered why he said his name and his superhero identity together.

Sasha smiled at Kevin and turned to him. “Of course he draws! Maybe you can ask him to show you some of his comics!”

Grape turned to Sasha. “Its like you really know him." Grape said as she gave a smile at Sasha. Sasha smiled back at the periwinkle colored cat.

"She seems to really know a lot of people.” Kevin thought to himself, remembering Zach at the park. The image of the stuffed unicorn flashed through his mind. "Everyone, except for me." He sighed sadly as he remembered that part.

“Hey Kevin. Are you OK? You seem to be lost in thought.” Fido asked him and tapped on his shoulder, seeing his friend looking a bit sad.

Kevin snapped out of his meditation and smiled. "Yeah, I'm alright!” he replied. "I guess that soda is still making me all floaty or something." He looked over at Sasha, who was currently laughing with Bailey over a funny story.

“He sure seems to like Sasha’s gift.” Fido pointed out as Peanut went through all of the supplies in the package that Sasha had gotten him.

"Yeah, well, you know how thoughtful she is of everyone.” Kevin sighed, half smiling, but still a bit uncomfortable that she didn’t know him as well as she knew Peanut.

“You got really luck with her.” Fido smiled once again patting his muscular friend on the back as Peanut continued to rip through his presents and thank everybody.

"You found the perfect one for you!” Joey added. "You're certainly better for her than, you know who." Joey thought to himself.

"I know, I did get lucky,. Kevin agreed. Once again, he drifted in deep contemplation for a moment. He thought to himself, "Sure, she may not fully understand me, but I guess that's where the whole compromise thing comes into play. With all the support of my friends, this must be right; that I should be grateful to have someone as sweet and caring as her. It is more than luck that they be together, it is fate... but how far can I bend back for someone who truly doesn't get me?"

Sasha left Bailey and clung to Kevin. “Aren’t you having such a good time Kevin?” she asked happily, unaware of the thoughts that plagued him.

"Are you kidding? I'm having an awesome time!” Kevin replied excitedly. He placed his arm around her as Peanut put on some festive music.

“I’m so glad! Maybe if you are interested in drawing, Peanut can give you pointers!” Sasha said, as she imagined Kevin drawing big, fluffy pink unicorns.

"I'm not really into drawing much, but I'll give it a shot if you would join me. Maybe we can start our own comic." Kevin said, having an idea of what he wanted it to be.

“That would be wonderful! I can’t wait to start something with you!” Sasha said as she hugged her boyfriend close.

The rest of the party went on as Kevin pushed his concerns about his girlfriend to the back of his mind. He was just happy he was with someone who cared for him.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Here is the next chapter of the story. Its with great pleasure that I announce the brief return of Heaven and the angels Fox was flirting with.

Kevin hugged her back. "I look forward to it!” Kevin replied. Indeed, he was uneasy about the idea of drawing a story; trying something new that came about on a whim. Still, looking into her eyes, his determination to push himself came to the front of his mind.

“Who knows! Maybe you will be able to help me draw ideas for my movie!” Sasha squealed. Everybody looked over to Sasha as he brought up the movie.

Tiger raised an eyebrow. “Movie? What movie?" The mutt said as he was busy shoveling his third piece of cake into his mouth.

"Canine Cibble," Kevin answered. "It's a movie Sasha made loosely based on her commercial. It came out a while ago." Kevin said pretty casually.

“THAT WAS YOU!?” Tiger shouted in astonishment. Everybody looked towards him “I didn’t think that you had it in you!”

Sasha smiled. “It just came naturally is all." She said casually as she began to sip the rest of her water and sat down.

"I know, I never even knew she had been in that commercial, much less that they turned it into a movie!” Kevin said. "It's cool to know such a talented writer." Kevin said as he placed his arm around her.

“Oh man I loved that commercial! I just wish that mom would buy me that sometimes! She says its way too expensive though.” Peanut lamented

"It's probably for the better," Kevin assured him. "It's not the most nutritious of brands, with all those carbs.” Kevin said worrying about how all of the cake he had would affect his muscles.

"Tastes good though.” Grape added. Everyone paused and looked at her for a second. Grape rolled her eyes. "What, it was at a party? Come on, you've seen me eat dog biscuits before- how me liking cibble a surprise?" Grape said as she crossed her arms.

“Uh Kevin, you do realize that most of the stuff that Peanut eats isn’t really nutritious right?” Tarot asked.

"Honestly, besides Fido, I never really knew you guys all that good until recently.” Kevin confessed. "Yeah, I've seen everyone pass by while on duty here and there, but this is one of the first times I've gotten to talk to you all personally." Kevin said trying to suppress a sweat drop.

“Isn’t it exhilarating though Kevie-Bon? Its so nice to get to know the people that you are protecting!” Sasha gushed.

“Except that he’ll probably forget all about everybody tomorrow.” Spo sneered as he popped out of Fido’s fur on the top of his hair.

King was a bit inebriated from orange soda and carelessly slurred. "Let's give a cheer to the perfect couple. To Kevsha or Shavin or I dunno. To my man, my man Kevin, especially. After getting to know you, I can forgive you for that time you tackled me before giving me warning... granted I was a bit of a jerk."

Kevin turned to the corgi with a confused look. "What are you talkin-?" However before he could finish his question, he was interrupted by Bailey.

"That was before you changed you're ways, honey.” Bailey interrupted, glaring at her spouse as King wobbled back and forth.

“You mean before he stopped being such a sourpuss?” Sasha queried wondering exactly what Bailey had meant about King.

“Or tried to hit on my best friend’s girlfriend?” Grape added. She extended her claws and glared at King who was to drunk to notice.

“He did WHAT?” Peanut gasped. As he looked over to Tarot who just facepawed as she remembered what had happened. Granted though, it was Dragon in control.

"I didn't know that about King," Bailey said, half-smirking. "Well, regardless, it's all in the past. We best leave it be and enjoy where we are now." She leaned over to King and whispered, "This is why I told you to lay off the orange soda, look at the trouble you started. You owe me." Bailey said as she gave a stern look at Grape who retracted her claws.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry.” Tarot said. She put a comforting hand on Peanut’s left shoulder.

“What is there to worry about! You and Peanut and King and Bailey are perfect for each other! Just like me and Kevin!” Sasha said, not knowing that Fox was standing right behind her.

"Yeah, what perfect pairings!” Spo laughed. "Let's see, we got Lady and the Tramp 2 over here she said pointing at Peanut and Tarot and two who put the wit in twit." Spot snarked as he pointed at Kevin and Sasha.

"Hey, have some more cake there Spo," Fido said, cramming a morsel in the mouse's big mouth but the damage had already been done as Sasha began to look downright deranged.

At hearing the comment, Sasha put her drink down and marched over to him. “You better watch how you talk to me if you don’t wanna wake up with your eyeballs superglued shut!” she snapped, though since he was on Fido’s head, it was at Fido. Bits of spit and water sprayed Fido in the face and he backed up and ended up falling over on his butt.

Spo shirked back, too horrified to make a witty retort. Fido answered for him. "Forgive my friend, he sometimes doesn't think before he speaks; just says whatever comes to his mind.” Fido said, still on the ground as Spo was sent flying from the fall and landed in the sink with a splash. “Plus, he's just jealous that he's never had a girlfriend." Fido thought.

Sasha instantly had another mood swing. “Hope you had a good time Fido!” Fido, and everybody else were too shocked for words

"Say let's go and play more video games," Tiger suggested, breaking the silence that everybody wished would be ended somehow.

Everybody agreed and went into the living room to play more video games. Nobody noticed that Fox had gone outside after hearing the comment Sasha made.

Eventually, the party ended, and everybody went home. Days seemed to melt by ever so slowly. This seemed especially true for the recruits at the K-9 academy, who underwent grueling physical tests day after day; ensuring that only the best of the best canines are given the responsibility and honor of wearing the tag. Among these recruits was Fox, who was currently doing push-ups in a field under the command of Sergeant Ralph. “Come-on, 30 more Lindberg!” Ralph barked. "You all still have to do 200 sit-ups and 10 laps around the track." He said as he stood over Fox.

"Sir, isn't this a bit extreme?" Fox panted. The pleasant crisp afternoon failed to comfort the struggling Husky.

"Extreme nothing, we demand nothing less from our officers," Ralph growled. Fox’s body soon began to give out from the strain.

"I-I" Fox could bare it no longer. He suddenly passed-out from the strain, falling on his face in the grass of the field.

When Fox woke up, he would be in a familiar place and hear some familiar laughter. He didn’t know who it was, but he knew it was familiar.

"What in the world is this place... and how did I get here?" he asked himself aloud. He tried tracing-back his steps before forming a horrifying hypothesis. "I died, didn't I?" Fox said, realizing this was Heaven though he didn’t remember his last excursion with King.

“No you didn’t sweetie. This is just an out of body experience!” Out of the corner of his eye, he would see two pink and green huskies coming towards him.

"Out of body experience?" Fox said. "I've heard about these, but never really gave them any credence. But, seeing the apparitions that stand before me, I guess it makes perfect sense." Fox said, but stopped talking when he saw the angels glare at him.

“Hmmphh. You don’t remember us do you?” the Green husky asked putting her hands on her hips and slowly advancing towards the very confused Fox.

"A-am I supposed too?" Fox asked, confused. He had no clue on whether or not he had already met these denizens.

The pink one glared at him. “You jerk! You never answered any of our calls!” she said as she threw her cellphone at him which narrowly missed Fox.

“Calls?" Fox's eyes widened. "So it was you who kept calling me that time. How on earth did you get my number?" he stammered trying to make sense of everything.

“Your mother gave it to us. You know she is TERRIBLY disappointed in you.” the pink one said, still angry at Fox.

"My mother?" Fox gasped. Not wanting to anger the two huskies and possibly his mother, Fox changed his tone. "O-oh yeah I remember you! How could forget you?... Uh..." Fox began to stammer as he felt the husky’s glares bore into him.

"You don't even know our names, do you?" growled the Pink angel. Both of her paws were balled up into two large fists.

"Uh..." Fox was at a loss for words and quickly shifted back. "Okay, seriously, I never even met you. I'd think I'd remember meeting a pink dog with wings and- is it Annabel?" Fox said taking a shot in the dark.

“No her name isn’t Annabel! That’s my name! She’s Morgana!” the green husky said as her eyes burned with rage.

"Oh, okay, nice to meet you" Fox said, blushing. He thought for a moment before it dawned on him. "So, I take it we met on my trip to heaven, huh?" he said remembering bits and pieces but not the whole thing.

Both huskies look at each other. “You mean you didn’t remember?" their anger and rage pretty much dissipated with that declaration.

"To be perfectly honest, I do not remember anything that happened during my time here.” Fox replied. "It's all a noxious blur, such that I sometimes find it difficult to believe that it even really happened." Fox said sheepishly.

“Well it did, because you got your cousin back.” the pink one said as she remembered about how much they went through to get Bailey back.

“The corgi was cute also!” the green one exclaimed, knowing that he was married and now pretty much off-limits even when he passed on.

"That makes sense!” Fox said, scratching his head. "Between that and the two mysterious buttons I had on my scarf, I definitely was somewhere." Fox said, but put his paw to his mouth when he realized that he brought up buttons that he had lost.

“Speaking of those buttons, where are they?” the angels giggled as they looked at Fox, who began to sweat.

"Oh a... why do you want to know?" Fox asked, dreading the answer and a bit afraid that they would lash out at him if he said he lost them.

“Its because we want to know if you took care of them because we gave them to you because they meant something to us and we wanted you to have them." they giggled.

A cold drop of sweat rolled down Fox's face. "So those were from you then... Well, I'm sure that they're around somewhere, probably in my room." Fox laughed nervously.

“I hope you aren’t telling us that you lost them.” the pink angel growled, starting to get angry again which Fox noticed and began to sweat more.

"Well, again, how could I have known they were from you if I couldn't even remember meeting you?" Fox said. "Besides, they're not lost, they're just somewhere in my room I currently cannot remember." Fox said as he hoped that this bit of psychology would lesson the anger of the huskies.

“Well none of that matters now.” the pink one said as she began to get real close on Fox’s left side.

“Now that you are here, we can focus on all the time we missed.” the green one said, as she got on Fox’s right side, causing the Husky to plush.

"Well, since the end of that little journey, not much has happened, besides me joining the K-9 academy," Fox explained.

“Oh we know. You looked so cute covered in sweat~” the green one laughed as he got real close to Fox’s face.

Fox said, stretching his back. "I'm actually a bit thirsty... which I find confusing, considering I'm supposed to be separated from my physical body, right? Anyway, could I pardon you for a glass of water before I return... however that works."

Fox would then be splashed with a large amount of water. “You alright there?” Fido asked as he had the bucket over his head.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks," Fox answered, cringing. The memory of his experience quickly faded like a vague dream.

“Are you sure. It didn’t look like you were breathing." Fido said a bit concerned as Fox pulled himself up.

"No, I'm perfectly fine," Fox said. He looked around to see that everyone had left. "How long was I out for?" Fox asked as he spit some water out.

“About an hour. Thats how we knew you weren’t dead.” Fido said as he helped the drenched Husky to his feet.

Fox's face flushed from embarrassment. "I guess I better get back on the regimen, while I have some credibility left." Fox said as he looked around and found the path the other recruits ran down.

“That would be a good idea." Fido said as Fox began to shake as much water off of him as he could while staring down the path.

Fox began to take several deep breaths and mentally prepared himself to run down the path hoping to catch up soon. With great haste, he attempted to catch-up to his unit, which was currently running down the training course.

Fox squinted a little bit as he ran and saw that Kevin was the one leading the pack and he was miles away from the next recruit who was in front.

"Come-on you mutts, let's move like we got a purpose!” Kevin shouted. They were already a significant distance down the hilly winding path. Nevertheless, Fox took a deep breath and sprinted forward from the starting line. He leapt over fallen logs, dashed through tires, and strained his way up and down steep hillsides.

As he began to pick up speed, he would see Sasha behind a structure panting and trying to catch her breath as she sat down.

"Hey Sasha," he called out. He abruptly halted himself in mid-sprint, nearly tumbling forward a few feet from the structure.

Sasha looked at him as he lost his balance and face planted into the ground with a face full of fresh grass. She didn’t look happy. “Oh hey Fox..." she said sadly.

"So, nice place for a walk huh?" he panted, spitting out grass from his mouth. Sasha merely answered with an " Mmmmhmmm.” Looking around, he walked next to her and asked, "Is everything alright?" he said gently.

“Not really. I don’t know what to do. And I feel awful.” Sasha sniffed, tears running down her face as she looked down in despair.

At that point, Fox had almost completely forgotten about the training course. He sat down next to her. "Well, I'm here if you want to talk about it... That's what friends are for, right?" he said gently.

“Its just that, I do care about him, but recently, it just feels like me and Kevin have been drifting apart. This isn’t like with Bino, I just feel like we aren’t into the same things and we don’t get each other." Sasha sniffed.

"But, you two look so happy together. There must be things that you like doing with each other, enough that you both have stayed together this far." Fox pointed out.

“To be honest, I only stayed with him because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. We like so many different things and we compromise way too much. I like reading and he likes exercising. I like watching romance shows and he likes action. I like to shop and he wants to play video games. Even in these past few days, we were growing apart a lot. I only came out here because he wanted me to see him.” Sasha sighed

"I-I had no idea," Fox said. "They say opposites attract one another, but then again, I never pegged you two as opposites... I don't know. Love is a strange thing to me" Fox said though he did mentally note that she had the same interests as him.

“Then my daddy should be swarming with women because he says he’s an opposite of every single women he came across.” Sasha wailed

"I guess there really are no absolutes in regards to love," Fox stated. "How is your dad by the way?" He said, changing the subject to cheer her up.

He failed miserably as a fresh round of tears went down Sasha’s face. “That’s another thing we don’t agree on! He doesn’t respect him! I know my daddy loves me in his own way and he never laid a hand on me, but Kevin said he is abusive!" Sasha whined.

A huge drop of sweat formed on Fox’s still soaked, face, showing that he was panicking. ”Well, it may not be my place to say, but that's something he has to understand. I know that he's only looking out for you with the utmost diligence, but he definitely must learn to respect your dad. After all, you never turn on the one who feeds and shelters you. Perhaps Kevin needs more time to understand this." Fox said, choosing his words carefully.

“Oh Fox I knew you would understand!” she hugs him but backs off when she gets some grass all over her. “But still, I just keep seeing Kevin as more of a big brother than a boyfriend." Sasha said a lot more calmly.

"Maybe if you two take a step back and take things one at a time, things will get better.” Fox replied, coiling back slightly and blushing again. "You know, slowly try to find the common ground and weigh it against the obstacles... Sorry about the grass, by the way." he chuckled.

“Oh its OK. One time Kevin came home after falling in animal poopy in the forest! He smelled horrid. But still, I can’t stop seeing him as the brother I never had nor that daddy wanted.” Sasha rambled.

"I better get moving, unless I get thrown out of the academy. We're almost there, so you want to walk with me?" Fox asked.

“That would be nice. Thank you for trying to make me feel better, even though it didn’t work.” Sasha frowned.

The two began to walk off trying to find the unit that was so far ahead, with Sasha pondering about what Fox had said.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Yes, we made an ADGTH2 reference with that whole Annabelle crack... Not a bad movie if you can completely disregard the first one, but I digress. Anyway, cue music from Mulan as Kevin Makes a Dog out of Fox...

And I ain't scared of no Captain Falcon. 1. I'm nocturnal (different schedules) and 2. I have Kirby by my side (my favorite Smash Bros. character to play as) :P ...

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And we now have the next chapter. Now with more Reuben the Robin!

Fox and Sasha sauntered on through the woods.By now, Fox was no longer concerned about the race, but wanted to make sure that Sasha was well, ”You know, it's a shame that this course is designed for speed.” Fox observed. "It's such a quiet, peaceful place that it begs to be enjoyed."

Sasha looked over at Fox, smiling a little bit, “I don’t think that Kevin would feel the same way. He lives for doing stuff like this.” Sasha said as she looked around.

"I think that it's just the nature of certain people. Some were born to be quick and direct; true leaders of the pack. He is among the more ambitious and motivated individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Still, it doesn't hurt now and then to pull on the reigns and enjoy the moment for what it is. Have you ever expressed this to him?" Fox asked meeting Sasha’s gaze.

Sasha’s eyes locked onto Fox’s. “We both give each other these looks and the other one of us knows that something is wrong, but we can’t bring ourselves to say anything more than that.” Sasha said quietly.

"Yeah, I really hate that feeling.” Fox said, looking down. "It's one of those things where you don't know what to say; where if you open your mouth, you end-up doing more harm than good. On the other hand, I think that may be the only time you can really find-out about the other person for sure, by simply asking. It may end up being one of those things where you're over-thinking what the other person is thinking."

Sasha paused to give it some thought. “How we got together wasn’t even like a fairytale romance like in the movies. I met him at the donut shop and because of your words that cheered me up, I felt on top of the world. We got to chatting and I told him how I just broke up with Bino. He just…offered to be my boyfriend on the spot. I knew that Bino wasn’t good for me because I would just keep on fixating on Fido and how he was not Bino, and that would have been bad for both of us.” Sasha said reminiscing about the break up.

"Sadly, I've come to realize that romances seldom ever work-out like in the movies.” Fox said and thought to himself. “Otherwise we would have been together like Marie and Tony... except without the part where Tony dies.” He smiled wistfully at that though. "It was nice that he offered though." Fox commented.

“I was glad that you were there to help me, because your kind works Fox had helped me more than you know and I will never forget that. Kevin jumped in without knowing me, and maybe if we had taken more time, things would have been a bit easier now. I’m glad that he offered though.” Sasha said with a very small smile

Fox was reluctant to ask, but felt the words slip from his mouth. "Speaking of movies, what did Kevin think of your movie?"

Sasha grew sad again. “He wasn’t a big fan of it.” she said as she looked away from Fox, who felt bad for bringing up a bad memory for her.

"D-did he say which part about it he didn't like?" He knew that Kevin wasn’t up for those type of movies, but still, Sasha had CREATED it. Even if the Milton’s had tricked her into signing it all away even the money that came from it. He wondered how her dad would have taken it.

“He really didn’t like anything about it! Just like I really wouldn’t like his movie!” Sasha wailed, her eyes welling up with tears. Fox looked away, unable to take her crying.

Just then, something darted out of the bushes and collided into a nearby tree. Fox and Sasha scurried over to find that it was Reuben the robin. The small bird shook his head. "Oh my aching..." he moaned .He looked up at the two dogs and grumbled, "Oh, great, I was right. If it isn't Tweedle Dee and... wait, where's the Dum?"

Once again, quick as a flash Sasha’s whole mood changed and she became happy to see her friend, unaware of why he flew into a tree. “Oh hey! its that Reuben bird! How are you Robin?” Sasha asked happily.

"It's Reuben the robin, get it right!" Reuben shouted. "Gah, my poor little cranium." He hit the tree because he heard Sasha's voice and tried to make a run for it.

“So then you aren’t a Reuben? Thats good because I didn’t know what kind of bird that was!" Sasha said, beaming at the bird who had a bump on his head.

"Well aren't you the Harvard graduate for finally figuring that one out?" the robin sneered. Sasha frowned.

Fox got mad and stepped in front of Sasha. "Hey, don't get all huffy on us for braining yourself flying into a tree!” Fox said, in Sasha's defense.

Sasha also got a bit irritated with the robin. "Yeah, and it's pronounced Hartford, you get it right" she said a bit miffed.

The little bird let-out a groan and started angrily banging his head against a tree. "So I take it you know this character... who's currently imitating a wood-pecker?” Fox asked Sasha.

“Yeah! He was my little friend that me and Kevin met in the woods! He is a grumpy, but he was fun!" Sasha said clapping her hands together, her mood once again changing in a flash.

"Not very coordinated though.“ Fox added. Sasha giggled a little bit while Reuben made a mental note to lead a group of friends to Fox’s house after dinner.

"I was trying to fly away the moment I heard this one coming!” Reuben snarked. "Speaking of which, where's the big guy?"

Sasha frowned and sighed sadly. “He….he’s a bit further ahead. I’m not really good at this.” Sasha looked at the path she and Fox had to walk down.

"Oh, thank goodness!” Reuben sarcastically sighed. Maybe the two of them would break up, and he wouldn’t have to worry about them having babies that would end up overrunning the Earth and annoying everybody to death with their single-digit IQs.

"I guess it's also safe for me to say that you and Kevin were on a nature walk?” Fox asked Sasha, ignoring the pouting robin.

Sasha flashed back to that day that she dragged Kevin out to the forest. “Yeah because we were going bird watching, but Kevin wasn’t a fan."

Reuben got a bit ticked off when that particular subject came up. ”What's the deal with bird watching anyway?" Reuben asked. "How would you like it if I started coming over to your houses with binoculars and started spying on you guys?"

Fox gave Reuben a look that showed his scorn for the robin. ”That would be grounds for calling the police.” Fox said.

"But then I can just say, 'oh, I was just dog-watching!’” the robin returned. "This world and it's hypocrisies!"

Sasha giggled a bit more at that statement. “Gee I didn’t know that you had a problem with hippos. I just wanted to watch you a bit.” Sasha replied

"I think he means hypocrisy as in saying one thing and doing another!” Fox said. "Though it's difficult to tell when he's yelling like a grumpy old man."

Reuben had it, and he resisted the urge to fly over and peck the both of them into oblivion. ”That's it, I'm moving!" Reuben yelled. He pointed at Fox and continued to rant. "Best of luck to you with this one over here; maybe some of your brains will wash-off on her when her bulky friend knocks them out of your head! Between this and that creepy dog that dressed-up like a cat and chased me, this place is going downhill! Every pet in Babylon Gardens needs to be erased out of existence! Good day! "The disgruntled bird took off, hitting a tree branch on the way.

Sasha couldn’t help but laugh at the bird as he took off. “Its nice to see you again Mr. Reuben!” She waved as the robin continued to hit tree branches trying to get away from them.

Fox looked over at Sasha and smiled. ”I think it's neat how such an angry scathing little person didn't rattle you.” Fox said to Sasha admiringly. "Even I felt the urge to stick a stick in his beak, but you played it cool."

Sasha frowned when she realized that the robin was spewing venom at her. “You mean he was angry at me? But why?” she asked

Fox shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not really sure.” Fox shrugged. "I gathered that it was because of you not getting his name right and when you misunderstood what he meant by hypocrisy? I don't know. Some people just get angry over the smallest and stupidest things I guess.”

Sasha looked at the tree branches that Reuben hit while trying to get away. “That is true, but I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.”

Fox yawned and looked back at Sasha. "I know you didn't mean to.” Fox said. He smiled at her and added "It's also cool how you're so caring and concerned over problems even when they're really not your fault."

Sasha beamed at the compliment that Fox had given her. “I’m so glad that you think so. But this still doesn’t help me with what I should do about Kevin. I just feel like we’re doing a lot of work with no enjoyment.”

Fox took a deep breath and replied. "Like I suggested, this might be time for you to just take a step back and take things slowly. I mean, from what you told me, you two just met all at once at the donut shop and things sped-off from there. With time, you might be able to find some common ground. And, in the case where it doesn't work you can—“

Fox was interrupted by the sight of Kevin running toward them. ”Hey there you are!” Kevin interrupted, rushing over to Sasha. "I was looking for you. Is everything okay?"

Sasha looked confusedly at Kevin popping up way in the back. “Kevin? What are you doing back here? I thought you were running the course?” Sasha asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah, I was.” Kevin said. "I thought you were running it too and waited for you at the end. I wanted to surprise you with something when you finished."

Sasha’s face instantly lit up. “You have a surprise? For me? What is it?” Sasha asked, smiling radiantly.

Kevin smiled and revealed that he was holding a framed signed picture of Dakota Wixted behind his back. "It wasn't easy to get, but my friend of a friend I was telling you about had some connections in the movie business to make it happen."

Sasha gave out a loud squee! “Oh Kevin! It’s perfect! Thank you!” she said jumping into his arms, momentarily forgetting about the problems they had.

"I'm glad you love it.” Kevin said, though still slightly troubled by the meek-looking actor. Indeed, there was something familiar about his appearance, but he could not place his finger on it. Staring into Sasha's eyes, the thought quickly slipped his mind. "I don't know about you, but I'm actually very hungry. Let's go get something to eat."

Sasha’s stomach grumbled and she looked up in embarrassment as Kevin grinned at her. “Yes that would be best. Do you wanna come with us Fox?” Sasha asked innocently.

"Oh-uh no thanks," Fox said."I have plans tonight." Fox lied. He decided it would be best NOT to be in the company of the girl he was in love with and her boyfriend, lest Reuben’s prediction come true and Kevin knocks him out.

"Hopefully they're plans that involve training.“ Kevin said. "I think Sergeant Ralph wants to speak to you about your performance today. He didn't seem too happy...Anyways, maybe next time."

Fox stood transfixed for a while, looking-on as Sasha and Kevin happily walked away. A bitter chilly wind blew against his back. He rolled his eyes and sighed to himself, "Really smooth move there Fox. I almost spilled my guts. Again this happens?…Figures..." He muttered to himself.

“Well then I hope that you have a nice night then! Bye! Sasha said as she walked off with Kevin out of Fox’s sight.

Fox went the other way, still kicking himself for not telling Sasha how he felt or making her see that maybe Sasha and Kevin weren’t compatible and he could have a shot at it. He hoped that he would eventually be able to get his head together.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Awwr... Don't worry Fox! Just give it some time! I know you'll have the confidence someday!

Nice update Amazee! Can't wait for the next one! ^^


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Thanks! And don't worry. It will be coming!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Fox prepared himself for a particularly intense drill. It was essential for any respectable K-9 unit; learning how to take-down a perp cleanly and efficiently. Kevin gave a personal demonstration against a padded dummy for Fox. With great finesse, he quickly pinned the target to the ground with its arm held behind its back. "That's all there is to it!” Kevin explained. "It's all about quick timing and leverage."

Fox looked at the large doberman slamming the dummy down and nodded. “I thought that it was mostly about tackling. At least that is how it seemed to be with you. No offense.” Fox said.

"No offense taken.” Kevin smiled. "It may seem that simple to the untrained eye, but there is a lot more to it than that. There's a right way of tackling and a wrong way."

Fox stood there and watched Kevin on the ground, his vest covered in dirt. “I bet it took you a long time in order to get the right techniques down.”

Kevin stretched before answering. "It did, many dog years of practice. But, I was dead set on mastering it into an art form."

Fox watched amazed and then he tried to envision himself doing that to an armed perpetrator but he could only imagine him getting thrown around like rag doll. “Well it looks like you really got it down pat.”

Kevin smiled and got up and spit in the dirt. "It's all a matter of taking pride in what you do. You really want something, you push yourself to do it without question."

Fox winced as he saw Kevin doing something that he thought was very gross. “I’m sure Sasha must be happy you can focus on one thing."

The smile on Kevin's face lessened. "Yeah, I'm sure she is... happy." He said, though he though back to all the disagreements the two of them had.

“What? You don’t think she is proud of you?" Fox said as he tilted his head to the side as Kevin continued to frown.

"To be honest, I sometimes wonder about that. The last month or so, I've sometimes felt funny, and not ha-ha funny, when being with her; like I'm always saying the wrong things." Kevin confessed.

“Would you like to talk about it?” Fox asked as he tried to look Kevin in the eyes but looked away unable to look at him in the eyes without feeling guilty about falling in love with his girlfriend.

"Sure, but maybe in a place a bit more private." Kevin said as he looked around, seeing the barren area that seemed to be almost empty.

“Like back in the woods?” Fox said giving him a friendly smile as he motioned over to the woods that seemed to be quaint and inviting.

"Sounds good to me," Kevin replied. The two K-9's walked to a fairly secluded portion of the track, where Kevin elaborated on his woos. "It's like I sometimes feel that I don't get her at all. I try to make her happy, but it usually ends-up blowing-up in my face."

Fox flashes back to what Sasha had told him and simply nods his head as he listens to Kevin. “I see. So it feels like that things are getting more and more complicated between the two of you. Have you told her how you felt?" Fox asked.

"No, not really, though sometimes I think she knows," Kevin sighed. "I-it's hard to explain." Kevin said trying to think of describing it.

“Have you tried to focus on things that you both like?" Fox asked, though he knew instinctively that the two had no mutual interests between them.

Kevin reflected carefully for a moment. "Well, not really, I think. We just kind of been going along with each other's ideas at a time." He said.

“Do you think that you have anything in common?" Fox asked, hoping that they did have something and at the same time, hoping they didn’t because he knew he had the same interests.

Kevin again thought carefully. "I really don't know anymore. I can't think of anything." He took a deep breath, staring off into space. "It's funny, how everyone says that it's fate that we were to be together; that we're the perfect couple. But how can a couple be meant for each other if they can't enjoy a single common thing?" Kevin moaned.

“Maybe and this isn’t my place to say, but forgive me for bringing it up, that the two of you weren’t meant to be together?" Fox said a bit too eagerly, thinking that maybe he could have a shot.

"I never wanted to give-in to the idea. I always trust the words of my friends, especially Fido, who encourage me to go on; that arguments are part of a relationship." Kevin said.

Fox thought for a minute. “Kevin. Is it possible that you are afraid of just being alone?” Fox said, knowing that he was afraid of that.

Kevin's eyes widened; indeed Fox struck a nerve. "M-me, afraid of anything?" he chuckled. An awkward gap of silence ensued before he looked around, took a deep breath, and confessed. "Okay, but this is between you, me, and the trees... Yes, you can say I'm kind of afraid of that. But, let's be honest, if Sasha's not for me, who else is there? I mean, of all the girls I've met in Babylon Gardens, at least she's the only one who never called be a blockhead or brainless bouncer." Kevin admitted

“Because she likes you and is nice. Maybe you might be better off as friends rather than as boyfriend and girlfriend?" Fox thought aloud.

"Maybe... Honestly, I never thought of it that way. But, still, if she's just a friend, then who is my soul mate. Girls as nice as her are rare, and those who share what I like are rarer still... Eh, maybe I just have to bite the bullet on this one and make it work... There's got to be something I missed that we both can enjoy, right?" Kevin said with a bit of hope.

Fox gave a smile. “I’m sure there is, but you know there is somebody for everyone in the world.” He said, thinking that Kevin’s ideal type would be someone who is athletic, energetic, fun-loving, a bit rowdy and not afraid to speak her mind.

"I really would like to believe that.” Kevin sighed, his eyes a bit misty. As another K-9 trainee sprinted by, Kevin abruptly stood straight and barked at Fox. "Come-on you mutt, I said double-time!" He shouted as Fox fell back, not expecting to be yelled at.

“Yes sir Officer Beauregard! I will put in more time like you said sir!" Fox barked though a bit awkward trying to cover up their talk.

"Don't get cute with me rookie, I meant double-time as in move, move, move!" Kevin yelled, giving a slight wink as if to say thanks for listening.

Fox nods. “Yes sir!” and he begins to run and tries to catch up to the pack, knowing that it probably would be impossible because he was now feeling very tired.

Fox ran stride for stride toward the end of the track, as he never caught up to the others and saw Kevin run ahead for him 10 minutes ago. "Say, you've gotten faster!” Kevin commented as he was already at the finish line.

“Thanks! I guess just mentally pushing myself worked a bit!" Fox said, though inside every fiber of his being was screaming in pure agony.

"That's great! You'll be a K-9 officer yet!” Kevin said with a roar and strong enthusiasm within his voice.

“Thanks! I really look forward to it!” Fox panted as he burst out into a final sprint of speed attempting to get to the finish line without having a massive heart attack.

"It's a shame we never really knew each other up until now. You're a pretty cool guy who knows a lot... Must have a way with the ladies, you know, aside from that one who stood you up."

Fox gives a small smile. “I never really thought of it like that honestly." He said as he made it past the finish line and he almost collapsed on the ground.

"How come? You seem to have all the right answers when it comes to relationships and all that... Aside for lacking a bit in the muscles department, I can't see how someone like you is single. I mean, Bino has the personality of a sock and the muscles of a caterpillar, yet he has had more than one love in his life." Kevin said insensitively.

“I guess I haven’t found the right person yet. Like I said, there is someone for everybody." Fox gasped, down on all fours trying to breath.

Kevin noted that Fox didn’t look too good and dumped a water bottle over his head to try to revitalize him. He then handed him another bottle that Fox took and begin to guzzle down heavily. "Well, here's to hoping that we both find that someone for everybody, one way or another!” Kevin toasted.

“Yeah. I will definitely drink to that.” Fox says between gulps of water he is chugging trying to get re-energized. He was just glad his dad wasn’t here to see him like this.

After a long day of training recruits, Kevin felt a bit fatigued. However, he remembered that he wanted to stop by Sasha's place for a while before her owner came home. With great haste, he summoned his strength and dashed to her house. The sun was still up by the time he made it there. He took a second to catch his breath before knocking on the door.

After a while, Philip Hartford lumbered to the door, reeking of booze and and looking a bit disheveled. “Oh its you. The police dog again. Sasha is in the back. Don’t make too much noise.” Philip demanded as he grumbled and took a swig of liquor from the alcohol bottle.

"Fine, thanks" Kevin said, looking at the staggering man with discontent. He walked around to the backyard and saw Sasha laying on the grass.

Sasha looked up at him and smiled. “Kevie-Bon! I’m so glad you came! How was work?" she said happily

"It was great: full of promising recruits!” Kevin replied. "What are you doing out here?" he asked as he sat down next to Sasha on the ground.

“You know, the usual. Just watching as clouds go bye. Oh hey! That one looks like a penguin!” the cloud in question looked nothing like that.

"Yeah, I kind of see it.” Kevin answered, squinting at where Sasha was pointing. "I was hoping to get back before your dad got home, but I guess he got out early."

Sasha looked at him. “No he didn’t. He just got home 45 minutes ago. It’s just that you don’t really come over all that often."

"I guess so.” Kevin replied, though he really wanted to say, "And he's the reason I don't come here." but he kept his mouth shut.

“So that’s why I’m out here! I’m giving daddy his private time!” she smiled as Kevin awkwardly smiled back at her.

"Did you have dinner yet?" Kevin asked, wondering at what time she and her father usually ate at since it was getting later and later.

“Not yet! If I start now, the smell will make daddy vomit!" Sasha giggled thinking it was just one big joke.

Kevin's jaw clenched upon imagining the sight. He resisted the urge to protest against her allowing her owner to behave in such a way. "Well, you wanna go somewhere to eat?" he asked gently.

“Oh but I can’t. Daddy is counting on me to cook dinner. We would have to stay close." Sasha said with a cheerful disposition.

A low-pitch groan slipped out of Kevin's mouth, just loud enough for Sasha to hear, though she didn’t pick up on the reason why.

“Are you OK? You sound like you have a tummy ache." Sasha said, looking at her boyfriend concerned for him.

"No, I-I'm fine... Just a little sore from today's lesson. Hopefully we can cook dinner soon, it's starting to get dark." He know that he had promised to be more forthcoming, but he decided that he may have found it futile to dig-up that old skeleton again in telling the truth. He also hoped he would just forget about it.

“Thats OK. We can go down into the entertainment room in the basement while daddy is resting!” Sasha said brightly

"Good idea," Kevin nodded. They quietly made their way down past Philip, while he lay passed-out on the living room couch. "So, you want to play a few games, maybe play with the Wii fit?" Kevin asked, looking at the television.

Sasha quickly shook her head no. “I was wondering if you wanted to play a board game instead! I have Parcheesi!” Sasha said happily.

"Wait, Parcheesi, is that some sort of food?" Kevin asked naively, having never played a board game before. If he wasn’t working out or taking a break after getting sore, he was playing a video game.

Sasha giggles at Kevin as she looks over at him. “No silly! Its a board game! I will go get it!” Sasha says as she skips off.

As Sasha went to retrieve the game from the other room, a loud thud rang from upstairs.(Kevin and Sasha both run upstairs to make sure it wasn't Phil, but then hear another thud followed by rustling from higher up.

“Kevin? Did you hear that? It was a loud bang! Sounded like it came from the attic! What do you think it is?" Sasha said a bit worried.

"I heard it too. Maybe it's just something getting knocked over by a gust of wind. I don’t really thing it is anything to worry about. Kevin said trying to reassure his girlfriend.

“What if it is a burglar who broke in trying to steal some of daddy’s secret stash that he keeps in his bedroom!?” Sasha asked with a horrified expression on his face.

"Oh gosh, I hope not," Kevin replied, sharing her expression. They both rushed up the stairs and into the living room to find Phil resting in the same location on the couch. “Well it looks like your father is in more or less the same place that we have left him.“ Kevin said looking around.. Just then, another thud rang from higher up stairs, followed by rustling.

“I still think it is a burglar who is up there! Oh Kevie-Bon! They can’t steal daddy’s stash! He will be so sad and angry!” Sasha said.

“I’m sure that there is nothing up there. Just a squirrel. I mean who would break into a house from the attic? They would have to be an acrobat.” Kevin said trying to reassure his girlfriend. Sasha wasn’t reassured.

“Still its a little unnerving.” Sasha said, though she did calm down a little bit but still wanted Kevin to go and check it out.

"Well, I'll go upstairs and check. If it's a squirrel, I'll escort it back outside. Stay down here, in case it has babies." Kevin said, meaning rabies. Kevin carefully opened the door to the attic and tip-toed up the stairs. Peering around at the top step, he saw that the window was open, with the wind blowing papers about. Otherwise, the room was empty; no living creatures to be found. "So I guess it was just the wind that blew the window open," Kevin said to himself as he closed the window. "And those are what caused the crashing noises.” he added looking down at a couple of fallen mannequins. Just as he was about to go back down, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a Wii fit covered in dust. His heart sank as he inspected it more closely, making sure that it was in fact the same game he gave her.

Sasha paced back in forth as she waited for Kevin. “Oh come on Kevin. I need to know if there is anybody in the house." She called up to the attic.

"I-it's all okay, just the wind," Kevin yelled back down. He slowly walked back down, meeting Sasha with the Wii in his hands. "But I found this up there..."

Sasha looked at the Wii Fit and then back to Kevin. “Oh! I almost forgot about that up there! I put it up there so it wouldn’t get in the way!"

Kevin’s heart dropped. "So it wouldn't get in the way? I don't understand, I thought you enjoyed playing with it."

Sasha absent-mindedly played with one of her ears. “I never really got around to playing it so I can’t say if I did.” Sasha said not knowing that her tone was actually rather insensitive.

“You never even played it? But, it's a Wii fit." Kevin said, his heart sinking down more and more as he thought about the tone she spoke in.

“I know but I’m just not into stuff like that." Sasha said, beginning to realize that Kevin was upset, but not sure why.

"I-I'm sorry to hear that," Kevin sighed, his ears drooping. "I wish I had known, for I really thought you would have liked it." He looked away.

“Its the thought that counts right? It was a nice thought.” Sasha said, trying to reassure Kevin, but nothing was working.

"Yeah, I guess it's the thought that counts. Live and learn, right?" Kevin laughed, despite feeling his heart breaking. "I guess I'll just return it... though I don't know what happened to the receipt thingy."

Sasha didn’t know why Kevin was upset, but little did she realize that she would also be feeling the same way Kevin was.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Here is the next chapter of the fanfic. Please read and tell me what you think about it and if I need to change anything that drags the story down! I wanna hear your opinions on the story! Don't be shy!

Sasha gave a broad smile. “Its OK Kevin! Even though I didn’t like your present, you cans till keep mine!"

Kevin tenses up when Sasha referred to the unicorn she got him. ”Oh, right there's still that." It suddenly dawned on Kevin that he too did not really like her present either. He had been keeping it in his basement. The feeling of rejection in his heart quickly switched to that of embarrassment. Since they were being honest with each other, Kevin realized he had to tell Sasha the truth also.

“After all, I think that my present suits you a lot better than your present suits me!" Sasha said not knowing the truth behind the unicorn.

"Well, while we're being honest about things, I guess I should fess-up. I appreciate the fluffy unicorn thing you gave me, but it's really not for me. I've been keeping it in the basement." Kevin said nervously.

“You’ve been keeping Mr. Fluffykins in your basement? But why would you do that? Thats not good! He’ll get all dirty! I know I put your game thing in the attic, but it was under a plastic tarp. He’ll get ruined in your deep, dark and smelly basement.” Sasha moaned

"It's not like I just tossed it on the floor." Kevin said, defensively. "I kept it safe down there in a box!” he said, trying not to let his embarrassment show. “….Somewhere.” he thought to himself.

“Really? Where is this box then?” Sasha said as she crossed her arms and giving Kevin an angry look which for some reason sent shivers down his spine.

"I don't remember exactly where it is, it's been a while, but I know that it's safely tucked away somewhere down there." Kevin said, almost shouting but keeping his voice down.

“So you are saying that you lost my present I gave you?” Sasha said a bit bitterly and trying not to burst into tears.

"It's not lost! I'm certain that I can find it once I go down there and jog my memory!" Kevin said trying to defend himself again.

“At least I knew where your Why Feet thing was in my attic.” Sasha mumbled hurt, with Kevin resisting to urge to shout the correct name at her.

Kevin's irritation grew over Sasha's aggravation. "You know, it's not exactly like the Wii Fit is cheap! It cost me quite a bit, while I've seen things like that unicorn go for a few dollars at the store!” Kevin shot back.

“So you are saying that I’m cheap then?” Sasha wanted to know, once again giving Kevin that look which chilled him to the bone.

"No, I'm just saying I think I put more money into my gift, which by the way gets damaged if you let it get covered in dust! Even if your doll gets a little dirt on it, it's nothing that a quick wash can't fix!" Kevin tried to point out.

“I wasn’t letting it get covered in dust! It had a tarp over it." Sasha said as she continued to stand her ground.

"But still, it was a very expensive toy that was meant to be played with!" Kevin sighed, realizing that arguing is pointless.

“I know! I know! But I never have been very good with the whole video game thingamabobs." Sasha simply said.

Kevin’s irritation lessened. "So, you really aren't into video games at all then, not just the Wii Fit?" he asked gently.

“No. I know you play them to recharge your energy after working out, but I really never could master them." Sasha confessed.

"Well, maybe I could show you how to play," Kevin suggested, glad that she wasn’t angry or giving him that look anymore.

“I’d rather not. I just don’t think I would enjoy them." Sasha said trying to look Kevin in the eyes but finding herself unable to.

"You don't even want to try? You might not know you like it until you at least try." Kevin said, hoping she would give them a chance.

Just trust me Kevin OK? If you know me, then you know that I won’t enjoy it." Sasha blurted out, the statement having been on her mind since he dragged her to that awful action movie.

"I guess I don't know you as much as I hoped," Kevin said aloud to himself, thinking the same thing that was on his find after she begged him to see her movie, which he didn’t like because it wasn’t action and just romance which he didn’t like watching.

“What was that?” Sasha asked, looking at him confused, not being able to hear him over her own racing thoughts about how he didn’t like the things that she liked and vice-versa.

"I'm saying that I don't think I know you as much as a boyfriend should. Yeah, deep down I kind of figured that you weren't the type that liked video games, but I guess I was just hoping against hope that I was wrong or maybe that you would pick it up and like it after giving it a try.” Kevin sighed.

“I know. I know. It feels like we have nothing in common with each other. But I do care about you a lot." Sasha said, wondering why she felt more like a little sister to him than a girlfriend.

"And I care about you too. You are the nicest girl I've ever known. If only there was something we could fully enjoy together... It's kind of funny when you think about it." Kevin told her honestly.

“Don’t get mad, but I was thinking about how we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite Fox telling me not to give up on romance, I just went on and on about it and how I could get a better boyfriend and you were there for me. Like a friend." Sasha paraphrased to Kevin.

"Fox talked to you too, huh?” Kevin asked, a bit shocked that one of his trainees talked to his girlfriend, though he guessed he should have expected it because he was formerly friends with Bino and Bino and Sasha were together at the time.

“Yeah, before we got together. Why? He talked to you?" Sasha said, wondering if there was something he wanted to tell her before she told him that Kevin was her new boyfriend.

"He kind of told me something similar; that I shouldn't give up with there being everyone for someone or something like like that." Kevin said, not remembering the exact words.

“You think there is someone for you out there?” Sasha asked, thinking about if there was someone out there who would like the same things she did.

"For some time, I've always thought that it was you. The moment when we first talked at that donut shop. I thought it was fate bringing you to me; that I was made to be there for you, more than just a friend." Kevin remembered.

“Maybe we both just misread the signals. You wanted to be there for me and I was way too quick to jump into something new." Sasha pointed out.

"Misread signals or not, we've gotten this far now. I'm still willing to try again and make this somehow work. I-I just feel that it has to work." Kevin said, basically pleading for the relationship to get better.

“I wanna make it work also. You really are a good guy Kevin." Sasha said, thinking he was more like a protective big brother than a boyfriend.

“So I take it you don’t wanna play Parcheesi then?” Sasha asked, her mind snapping back to what they were gonna do before the fight.

"Not really," Kevin sighed. "But there's always tomorrow. Say, you wanna try the Meat Wagon again tomorrow night?" He asked.

“I would really like that Kevin.” A few minutes later, a drunken Philip got up. “Sasha! Where’s my dinner?!” he slurred

Kevin was leaning-in halfway about to give her a hug, but stopped. "I guess that's my cue to leave, unless you want help with the cooking." Kevin asked, though knowing full well he was;t that great of a chef.

“No I can handle it. See you tomorrow?” Sasha asked as she waited for a hug from Kevin, hoping that everything would be better tomorrow.

"Okay, I'll meet you here around 5 after work." Kevin said wanting to get out of there before Phillip started to shout and make things difficult for Sasha.

“Then its a deal! I will see you then!” Sasha said happily as she leaned in for Kevin to give her the hug he was preparing.

“Great, I'll be there with bells on... If I had any bells." They both hugged each other tenderly for what seemed like a eternity.” Both were giving their all for that one more chance, hoping hard for a better tomorrow.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Here is the next part of the story. Please read and enjoy! We have some Kevin and Fox bonding moments!

The next day, Sasha met up with Kevin at the Meat Wagon and sat next to him, looking up to him wondering what was gonna happen. “So then, what are we gonna do now?" she asked

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" Kevin replied, wondering how a relationship that he felt so good about began to feel like a chore to keep up.

Sasha hesitated before sighing and shaking her head. “I don’t know. It seems whatever we do, one of us hates." she said looking away.

"It really seems that way.” Kevin said mournfully. "We've tried so many things and yet... It just seems like we end up back where we started."

Sasha looked down at her feet. “Do you know where we would go from here Kevin because I’m confused."

Kevin rubbed his eyes and sighed, "I wish I knew. I'm willing to try just about anything." He admitted, as he was unable to look his girlfriend in the eyes.

Sasha placed a gentle paw on Kevin’s shoulder. “I like being your girlfriend Kevin but we’ve tried almost everything.” Sasha said, trying hard not to sniffle.

"And I really like being with you too.” Kevin said, smiling back. He looked-up and thought out loud. "Yeah, I'm still not willing to give-up... I remember Fido once telling me something that sometimes works in these kind of things. It sounded like a bad idea, but now, like I said, I'm willing to try anything,.."

Sasha looked at him with curiosity. “Oh really? What did he say about it?” she asked, her curiosity now piqued.

“Well, he told me that there are times when a couple needs a little break from each other; that spending some time apart may make their relationship better somehow," Kevin answered, scratching the back of his head.

Sasha looked dumbfounded at hearing that. “That doesn’t seem right. If a couple wants to fix this, shouldn’t they be actively trying to?" she asked with confusion evident in her voice.

"Right, but that's what we've been doing, right?" Kevin answered. "I dunno, it sounds crazy and I don't remember Fido's explanation behind it, but maybe we've been trying too hard. Even Fox said something about having to take a step back and reflect for a while."

Sasha still looked dumbfounded. “Do you think that we should try it then?” she wondered, not sure how it would work.

"I don't know," Kevin answered, equally perplexed. "But we've tried pretty much everything else. Still, I'll only go through with it if you want to."

Sasha looked up at Kevin and thought about it for a minute. “Well Fido does seem to be very happy in his relationship, even if it is with a cat which I can’t really understand but he’s weird that way. Maybe we should try it out for a while.” she rambled a bit.

"That is true," Kevin nodded. "He's never steered me wrong before, so I'd say that's enough for me to give it a shot. He said that people who try this would spend some amount of time away with friends, doing things they like to get their minds off the relationship."

Sasha still looked unsure. “I’m not sure if it will work, but yes, why don’t we try it!?” she said trying to smile.

Okay, I'm in." Kevin said, smiling back extending out his hand to shake hers, thereby sealing the deal. "I think Fido said 3 to 4 weeks apart is recommended, which is a while to go without seeing you, but I think it's worth a shot."

Sasha didn’t know what to do with the hand so she took it and kissed it. “We both have friends on whom we can spend time with in the meanwhile so it will go by fast." Sasha smiled, beginning to believe that this is what they needed.

"Okay, good, it's set," Kevin said, slightly puzzled over Sasha's kiss. A second thought dropped into his head. "Wait, do you want to start first thing tomorrow or... kind of like right now, and have it 3 weeks from this moment?"

Sasha thought for a minute. “I want our relationship to be fixed as soon as possible so I will say we should start now."

"Okay, so 3 weeks from now... starting after one last hug,” Kevin said. “We should at least have that right?” He leaned over and held her for what seemed like a long time. Afterwards, they slowly stood-up and turned from each other, going in opposite directions.

“Yes, we should have that! As Sasha walked away, she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders though she couldn’t understand it.

Likewise, Kevin took in a deep breath of relief. The air seemed sweeter and the sun slightly brighter. With the deal set, the only question that remained in both their minds was with whom they would spend their times with.

As Kevin started to walk away, he would see a familiar husky in a leather bomber trying to do push-
ups and failing as he fell on his face

"Oh, hey Fox!" he called out, walking briskly toward his recent friend who had spit a couple of blades of grass out of his mouth.

Fox was still flat on his face when he responded. “Oh hello Kevin.” he said in a muffled voice as his face was still in the dirt.

“I see your training very hard.” Kevin said lending him a hand to help him back up. "That's good, you're learning to always push your limits."

Fox took his paw and got up to his feet, spitting out the taste of grass. “I’m just worried that my limit is too low." he admitted, putting a paw on the back of his head.

"Well, it takes time to push it, but I think you're getting there," Kevin said encouragingly. "Also remember there are times, even for me, when taking a little break is necessary to get stronger."

Fox began to pant and wipe the sweat off of his brow. “How long are your breaks?" he asked, looking up at the buff doberman.

"It depends, but generally I aim for keeping every other evening completely free of exercise... Say, I got it, why don't we go bowling tonight, just you and me? It's kind of like taking a break, yet you're still doing something." Kevin said, thinking back to Fox’s advice.

Fox looked at him and then blinked. “You would be willing to do something? With just me? I thought you would like to do it with someone else like Fido or Ralph. I’m flattered!” he said, gushing a bit.

"Hey, this way we get to know each other a little better outside the academy, without the pressure of the sergeant watching," Kevin said, smiling.

Fox also smiled in return. “Well in that case I would love to bowl. But I’m not sure if I’ll be any good at it.” he chuckled embarrassingly.

"Nah, I'm sure you'll do fine," Kevin assured him. "I'll give you some pointers if you like." Kevin smiled at him.

“Then I guess that it is a date. Not that it is an actual date because I have a girlfriend and you want one but I mean that it is something that we will do.” Kevin said giving an embarrassed smile.

“Sure! I will meet you later on tonight. Just come on by. I’ll be there!” Fox said pulling his bomber jacket tighter. “So see you then!” Fox waved as both dogs went their separate ways.

Both of them spent the next few hours doing completely different things. While Fox was engrossed in an extremely entertaining book and was relaxing, Kevin was working out and working up quite a sweat…and a stench. After a quick shower, he met up with Fox and the two headed out.

Kevin and Fox walked down to the bowling alley down town with Fox still in awe that Kevin was willing to ask a bookworm like him to go bowling with him.

Fox finally looked up to Kevin and broke the silence. “So do you bowl often?” he asked, wondering how often he played sports when not working out.

"Every now and then.” Kevin replied as they headed inside and he picked up his bowling shoes at the counter. “It's a simple enough game that Ralph, Fido, and I have gotten so-so at. The only trouble is tying on the shoes." He said a bit embarrassed.

Fox goes up to the counter and waits for the employee to give him shoes. “Who usually wins in bowling?"

"Ralph mostly wins.” Kevin said. “Him and his dad often go bowling together when he’s not on-duty which is quite rare. I assume this is your first time?” Kevin asked

Fox is given his shoes as the man behind the counter waits to be paid for using the alley. “So then he has a lot of experience with bowling then which is why he wins. I don’t think I will do that good.” Fox admitted.

"Well, I'll go easy on you!” Kevin said laughingly. After handing the employee the money for 2 games, they were given lane 7.

The two walked down to the alley together, glad that they were given this opportunity to get to know each other a lot better. Even though Fox had never bowled before, he was sure that he was gonna have a lot of fun with Kevin.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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great update. cant wait to see where it goes after this...

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Thank you so much for the comment! Trust me it is gonna get a lot better soon! It will really pick up! Keep reading!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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This next chapter is a funny chapter because it shows just why Kevin isn't as dumb as people think he is and you get to meet someone who only cares about his muscles. Once again, please read and comment.

Fox looked at the balls and then looked at Kevin. “Who should go first?” he asked as the two of them walked to the lane.

"Eh, it doesn't matter.” Kevin said. "You can go first." Kevin said as Fox went over to the monitor to type the names in.

Fox chuckled a bit as he typed the names in. He gave Kevin the name ‘K-O’ and just typed ‘McCloud’ for his name. He then went over and then picked up the ball. Unexperienced, he just plopped it down and rolled it. He goes 4 pins over

"Hey, that's better than a gutterball at least!” Kevin replied. Fox was about to sit down and let Kevin go, not realizing that he had a second throw per frame. Kevin corrected him. "Um, you get another shot to knock the rest of them down."

Fox blushed as he got back up. “Sorry! Like I said before I’m not very good at this.” he picked up a ball and in his haste just threw it and it went into the gutter

Kevin walked-up and patted him on the shoulder. "Okay, okay, not to worry, you still have 9 more frames. I've learned that the key is not to rush your shot and aim using the arrows on the floor." He demonstrated the way to throw step-by-step on his turn, in which he threw a strike. "But even so, if you were to ask me to do that again, I would probably throw two gutter balls.” he chuckled.

Fox smiled and waited for it to be his turn. “I will definitely keep that in mind." Fox said as he waited for his turn, not knowing because he threw a strike, Kevin’s turn was over.

“Alright, no pressure.” Kevin said, encouragingly. ”I-it's your turn by the way, since I threw a strike." He chuckled a bit more.

Fox face pawed and then got up. “Don’t rush the shot. Don’t rush the shot.” he muttered as he picked up his ball and gentled rolled it. This time, he got 7 pins.

"Okay, much better, much better!” Kevin clapped. "You're doing better than when I first started." he said encouragingly.

Fox smiled as he went up for his second turn. “You think so? I find that a bit hard to believe that you weren’t already a pro!” he took his second turn and got down the rest of the remaining pins

"Nicely-done!" Kevin cheered. He then looked down and half-sighed and chuckled. "Let's just put it this way; I threw a strike my first time up... but it was in the wrong lane. Yeah, I kind of had a tendency of throwing it too hard. Ralph's face was so red."

Fox sat back down and waited for Kevin to roll. “You must have been so embarrassed. But I don’t think someone like you could be embarrassed." he said, trying to think of it.

"I just shook it off and continued.” Kevin said trying hard not to think about how Ralph nearly lost it and shouted at him

Fox nodded as he listened. “I would imagine that it would be like that for you. You really can’t be embarrassed easily."

Kevin stretched his back before going up to throw. Once again, he threw a strike. "Double! That's a first for me!"

Fox watched and got up to take his turn. “Have you ever bowled a perfect game before?” the first turn got him a 7

"I have not.” Kevin said. "I haven't even ever seen anyone do it in person. The most I've seen was 210 from Ralph."

Fox’s second turn got him a 2, leaving one pin up. “Wow. And here I thought he was all work and no play."

"Yeah, he's a hard worker.” Kevin said. "But you learn that he's a real down-to-earth kind of guy when you get to know him outside the academy. He works hard, he plays hards.” He chuckled. Yet again, he went up and threw a strike. The word "Turkey" flashed-up on the screen.

Fox went up for his turn and picked up a ball and rolled it. He got 6 pins down. “Is that how he was like in that water balloon war thing? I wasn’t around for that."

"That was a stressful week for us all.” Kevin replied, shuttering a little upon recalling the oversized water balloon. "Ralph wasn't much in a mood for talking after that for a while. Trust me, unless you like having water in your ears for three weeks, you didn't miss anything."

Fox’s second turn netted him a 3. “So it landed on top of you both?" He asked, remembering the details coming from Max and his big mouth.

Kevin gave Fox a high-five. "9 down, good- no we side-stepped it at the last second. But still, the blast of what I assume and what I hoped was only water knocked us off our feet." Kevin threw yet another strike. The word "Four-bagger" flashed on the screen.

Fox gave a small smile. “I’m glad that you asked me to come out here with you. I didn’t really think that I would like bowling!” he said jovially.

"Yeah, I told you you'd do good.” Kevin said as he watched Fox go and take his turn, wondering how he was able to pick up on it so easily.

Fox’s next turn got him a strike. His mouth dropped open. “Wow. I was not expecting that at all!" He said in a hushed toned.

Kevin gave Fox a really hard high-five. "Alright! Now that's the way to do it!" he nearly shouted as he jumped in the air and fist-pumped.

The high five made Fox stumble and fall on the bench. “Ouch. I guess its because I had a great coach." He said moaning a bit.

"Ah, I didn't do much," Kevin said, helping Fox back up. "You're a quick learner." Kevin said, still trying to get his head around it.

Fox rubbed his arms. “Thanks! Well it’s your turn." He pointed out as he was trying to shake off the soreness in his arms.

"Oh, right, of course!” Kevin said as he accidentally bumped into Fox’s sore arm as he quickly turned. He threw a fifth strike, earning a five-bagger on the screen.

Fox yelped as his arm was bumped. He gave an awkward smile as he went for his turn, ignoring his throbbing arms.

Kevin looked-up at the monitor in amazement. "Wow, a five-bagger. That's a new one to me... Turkey, bagger- I don't even know who comes up with these names."

Fox gets his ball, despite his sore arm and rolls it and get a 9. “I think I got the hang of this!” he said happily.

Kevin was about to give him another high-five when a white, extremely muscular cat almost to the point of being gross walked up behind them. "Say, you guys are pretty good.” the cat said.

“Thanks! This is my first time bowling!” Fox said, though he took note that his muscles were bulging and veins were popping out and he decided not to stay anything.

"Still impressive," the cat said, turning to Kevin afterwards. "And you look to be halfway to a purrfect game." he said. "I guess I'm on a hot-streak.” Kevin replied. "Yeah, those are awesome.” the cat replied. "My names Rob by the way; golfer, bowler, fisher, you name it."

Fox held his hand out for a handshake, hoping that the overly muscled cat wouldn’t shatter is arm. “Nice to meet you Rob! Are you bowling here also?" Fox added trying to smile.

"Yep, I'm just starting a game a couple of lanes down on 9," Rob answered, tightening his wrist band to a degree that looks uncomfortable. "Always working on my game... Being a golfer, bowler, fisher, and such." In the meantime, Kevin bowled another strike. "Hey, a six-pack!"

Fox winced as he saw Rob tighten his wristband to a point that seemed uncomfortable. “Have you ever gotten a perfect game before?"

Rob tightened his wristband further and clapped his hands together. "For me, every game is a perfect game."

Fox nodded. “That sounds really impressive!” he says as he takes his turn He gets 5 pins as he looks to Kevin.

"Welp, I better get started with my game," Rob said. "After this, I'm going kayaking and then basket ball... I also do those things."

Fox nods. “Yes maybe you should get started.” his next ball got down the rest of the five pins and cheered.

As Rob sprinted away, Kevin slowly walked up to Fox and congratulated him with a fist bump. Just as he was about to throw, Rob starts screaming various choice words. Kevin and Fox both look over to see that the cat had only knocked-down 9 of the pins on his lane. To their discomfort, he then began to reprimand himself out loud. "Come-on, Rob, get your head in the game!" he screamed. "Get your head in the flipping game! This is the championship and you're settling for only 90 percent effort! Worthless!”

Fox shuddered. “Hey Rob! Are you OK?” Fox asked. He didn’t look too thrilled with having to ask, afraid that he was gonna set him off.

"Yes, I'm just fine," Rob replied in a suddenly relaxed tone. The sudden whiplash shocked even Kevin, who was so used to it with Sasha.

Fox backed up a little bit. “OK. Just asking.” He said. He was now very alarmed at Rob, wondering what else he did to get that big.

After a long pause, Kevin hurled the ball for another strike. He nervously walked over to Fox, looking at Rob along the way.

Fox bit his lip. “Do you think he is OK?" Fox asked in a hushed tone, hoping that Rob wouldn’t overhear them talking about him.

"I don't know.” Kevin whispered. "I mean, I know I strive to push myself, but dog… A little too much of something I guess."

Fox nodded. “I’m just glad you take breaks." He said, afraid to see what Kevin would be like if he was like Rob, who he suspected may have been indulging in something.

"Yep, that's probably the reason why.” Kevin said. Just then, Rob let-out another salvo of rants as he landed himself into a 7-10 split.

Kevin and Fox just looked at each other as they continued to listen to Rob drop multiple F and S bombs, looking at each other and hoping that neither of them would have to go over to him again for any reason.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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awesome update. cant wait to see how this plays out

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Thanks for the comments! Please comment some more! I wanna feel like people like this!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Looks like he got robbed on that one. Still, he should spare everyone his gutter mouth and split. Haha, I'm on a roll today (a Rick roll, if my name were Rick), somebody stop me!...

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Oh you are gonna be stopped alright. Just wait until March 5th... :twisted:

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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I am very proud of this moment that happened in the end of the next chapter. I hope you guys like it also. It involves Nick and why bad jokes are bad for you health.

Fox continued to wince as Rob kept on dropping F and S Bombs. “Is he in the Navy or something?” he whispered to Kevin.

"I think it's best if we just ignore him,. Kevin replied barely audibly. noting that he never heard any of the over members of the K-9 unit swear like that.

“Kind of hard to do when you can hear him 4 lanes down.” Fox whispered trying not to stare, afraid that doing that would set him off.

"Yeah, I know what you mean.” Kevin whispered back. "However, it is best not to use our authority here just yet and hope the manager does something to shut him up..." With another mighty throw, Kevin threw a seventh strike.

Fox nodded and then got up and took his turn. He got 6 pins. He and Kevin smiled at each other as Rob finally managed to calm down, albeit briefly.

"So, just curious, what exactly made you want to join the academy?" Kevin asked, interested in knowing since he saw Fox as a bookworm.

“In a word: Bino. Ever since he kicked Fido out of the Good Ol’ Dogs club and managed to convince everybody that he was a pariah, he is just insufferable. I had enough of it and when I called him on it, he kicked me out also. Good riddance as it was all going downhill anyway, but still I wanted to do something with my life." Fox said, a bit shortly.

"Yeah, Fido told me about that one. Bino really is a case. I'm glad I never joined his club... I still cannot understand what Sasha saw in him. Maybe she's understanding to just about everyone." Kevin said, trying not to think of it too hard.

Fox blushed a bit when Sasha’s name came up. “Well you know. She is the kind of dog that just wants to see the good in everybody.” He stated, not seeing Kevin frown.

"That's true... " Kevin replied sadly. "To be honest, when I first met her at the donut shop, I felt that it was all meant to be. Lately, I got to thinking that it might have been just a matter of me being there for her as a big brother; holding and hooking up with her out of sorrow... But now that I think about it, it might have been a matter of her hooking up out of feeling sorry for me." Kevin thought to himself.

“You OK Kevin? You seem to be lost in thought.” Fox said as he noticed that Kevin wasn’t really saying much.

"It's fine!” Kevin blurted. "Is it my turn yet?" he said, trying to compose himself a little bit so that Fox couldn’t see him thinking.

“Not just yet. I have one last turn.” Fox said as he picked a ball up and knocked down the remaining pins.

"Like a pro!" Kevin cheered. He caught Fox off guard with a firm congratulatory pat on the shoulder, knocking him over again. "Anyway, it's great that you decided to become a K-9. You should feel proud." Kevin landed another strike just as Fox crawled back to his seat. "Say, it's your turn again."

Fox got up and wobbled over, still sore and shocked from the surprised pat on the back. He managed to get another strike. “Wow. I was not expecting that at ALL."

"Great shot!" Kevin praised. To Fox's relief, Kevin just gave him a fist bump. However, just like that, Kevin answered with one more strike on his turn. "Good dog, I just realized... I'm three shots away from a perfect game."

Fox’s eyes widened. “Kevin! That’s incredible! Good job! I can’t believe it! Just three more shots and everybody will be cheering you on!”

Kevin grinned a little bit. ”Actually, now that I pointed it out, I don’t think it will happen. As I said before, Ralph came the closest and he comes her a lot but he fell short. But at least he didn’t lose his temper like some other people…” Kevin looked over at Rob who was still calm at that point. But now that I said it, it's probably not gonna happen." Kevin said, believing that he jinxed himself.

Fox continued to smile even though Kevin had stopped after stating why he believed he wouldn’t get a perfect game. “Still that is a very great accomplishment. Don’t be so down on yourself!"

Kevin’s grin returned. ”Yeah, you're right." Kevin nodded. "I'm not 100% sure how the math works, but it's safe to say I broke Ralph's record regardless." He said happily.

“I’m sure that he will be proud of you.” Fox wasn’t paying attention and got a spare. “Oh Dang it! I should have been watching what I was doing." he swore to himself.

"Hey, you got a spare and without even looking!” Kevin laughed. "Now you get one more shot." Kevin pointed out as Fox looked at the pins.

“Well here is hoping I get a better shot.” Fox this time gets a 5 and smiles a bit, happy that Kevin believed he was doing great.

"This is very good for your first time.” Kevin said, giving another fist bump. "Now, let's see if I can do." The whole bowling alley seemed to freeze in breathless silence as Kevin scored two strikes on the first two attempts. Fox eagerly looked on, cheering for his friend in his head. It now all came down to one last throw, which seemed to take an eternity for Kevin to prepare for. As he slowly walked-up to the line, he said to himself, "If I make this, may Sasha and I be forever." The ball rolled, arching in the proper trajectory just to the right of the middle pin. The ensuing collision made everyone looking on jump. However, when the pins settled, there was still but one standing.

Fox kept mentally screaming at the pin to fall over, want to see Kevin get the perfect game that he so desperately wanted.

Kevin remained transfixed in his throwing position for several seconds before shaking it off. He turned around to Fox and smiled, "Oh well, I guess that's just how the ball rolls sometimes." Though in his head, he was kicking himself.

Fox smiled. “Sorry about that, but it was a good game." He said as he smiled to Kevin, who still had something of a smile on his face.

"It was a good game.” Kevin agreed. He was however, still obsessing over that pin that wouldn’t fall over.

“Yeah it was. So I guess you won then.” Fox said holding out his hand for Kevin to shake against his better judgement.

Kevin shook his hand, though not realizing how tightly he was holding it. "Looks like it... At least this time. You got one more game in you?" He asked as Fox tried not to scream as Kevin almost crushed his paw.

“Sure I could go for that!” Fox smiled. The two of them almost seemed to forget about Rob, who was quiet and not paying any attention to Kevin’s almost perfect game.

Suddenly, Rob started ranting over his own score. "Come on and wake-up Rob! You're not gonna get anywhere like this! 283- that's garbage! The freakin' Dobie over there did better than you- and he's a dog!" He let out a few choice curse words and banged his head against the table.

Fox looked over at Kevin, wondering what he was gonna do. If what he believed was correct about the reason why he looked hideous disfigured due to his large muscles, Kevin could easily take him down.

"He does realize that we can hear him, right?“ Kevin mumbled. The two were about to politely ask the crazed feline to stop when he packed-up his ball. He proceeded to stomp off, though having paid for 10 games in advance. "You know what, Rob?- game over!" he growled out loud to himself. "As punishment, do 1000 sit-ups and sprint all the way to the lake!" He grumbled.

“Hard to believe that you like working out as much as he does.” Fox shudders, just glad that he was going.

"I love working-out, but there's a line that even I won't cross.” Kevin said. “There is no way ANYBODY should be able to get THAT big! That’s unnatural… Though 1000 sit-ups is doable." Kevin said, not noticing the horror on Fox’s face.

“Then what line won’t you cross?!” Fox said a bit alarmed. Just picturing Kevin like Rob sent shivers down his spine.

"I don't know- so long as I don't end-up like that.” Kevin said. "...You don't think I'm like that, do you?" He asked, suddenly nervous.

Fox thought about it for a minute. “You don’t shout at yourself and make public scenes, so no." Fox comforted.

"I know, everyone thinks I'm a big muscle-head... and maybe they're right. But, even I feel that there's at least a little more to life than just sculpting yourself. Tell you what, you and the others have my permission to tie me up in a straight-jacket if I end-up like that." Kevin said.

“You think we will be able to get it around you?” Fox asked, smiling as he tried to imagine the sight in detail.

"Good point!” Kevin laughed. "I wouldn't mind being so big if K-9 vests came that size. But let's save that for another day and keep on playing." He smiled.

“That sounds good. I guess I’ll start us off again?” Fox asked as he cleared the scores on the computer and the alley was reset.

"Okay with me!” Kevin nodded. The aggravation of not knocking down that one pin still haunted him, but not enough to damper his energetic mood.

Fox picked up his ball and immediately got a strike on the first turn. “Guess my luck is changing!" He smiled.

"Hey, maybe it's your chance to get a 300 this time, huh?" Kevin said as he looked at Fox in wonder after the strike.

“I hope that I can get a perfect game, but I doubt I will be able to.” Fox replied, but he was glad Kevin believed in him.

"Yeah, I probably shouldn't have said anything to jinx it," Kevin said, scratching the back of his head. The night continued filled with laughs, cheers, and plenty of exciting moments. While neither of them scored anywhere near a 300, they both enjoyed themselves and how they did. This time, Fox edged Kevin by 3 pins "Look at that, you actually beat me!" Kevin said happily, patting Fox on the back. "Great job rookie!"

“Thanks! I didn’t think that anybody was beating you! You are an ace at this!” Fox commented as he laughed with Kevin.

"It's true what they say: 'every dog has his day.’” Kevin replied, wondering how had come up with that saying in the first place.

“It looks like that is true, though I never really paid any attention to sayings like that.” Fox chuckled a little bit.

"Me neither, but I guess they're sometimes true,” Kevin said, with his finger on his chin. "Well, I'm a bit tapped-out from so much excitement today. Wanna call it a night and split... or go woman hunting?” Kevin joked.

Fox turned a bright shade of red at the woman hunting joke. “You mean go and pick up girls? Well um uh um ah, I’m not really uh sure that would be ah my forte at all ohm, so I don’t think we should uh well do that.” he stammered

"Ah, don't give it a second thought. I was just joking around," Kevin laughed, nudging Fox. "But still, maybe one of these days we'll- I mean you'll find someone on your own.”

“I really hope that I can.” Fox muttered to himself, not paying attention to Kevin’s near slip up and trying not to think of Sasha.

The two content canines returned the shoes and prepared to leave, albeit Kevin had some difficulty again removing his. However, on the way out, something caught the corner of Kevin's eye. He turned around to see that it was a claw machine which had a stuffed unicorn inside, like the one he has. He walked over to it and gawked quietly.

Fox continued to walk until he saw Kevin going over to the claw machine. “You want to try to get Sasha a gift?" he asked.

[Kevin paused before answering. "Thought about it, but then again, I'm not really good at these things..." Just as he was about to turn around, he saw something inside the machine move. The sudden jerk made him jump back. It looked like a bat doll, though covered with tape so that only it's head could be seen. Kevin could just barely hear it's muffled screams underneath the tape. Kevin gestured Fox to come over, with a surprised and horrified look on his face. "What the heck is that?" he whispered to him.

Fox went over and took a look and then fell back. “Good DOG! It’s a bat! A live bat trapped in there!” Fox said with a look of horror.

"Are you sure it's not just an ugly toy?" Kevin asked, not wanting to think about how one got themselves stuck inside a claw machine.

“Trust me, I think I know when something is alive and unable to get out!" Fox said, still a bit distressed at the sight.

"I see, living with wolves probably comes with that gift.” Kevin replied. "Still, how are we gonna get him out?" He looked at the trapped bat.

“We could go and get somebody.” Fox said as he looked over to the service desk to see if anybody was there. Luckily there was somebody over there.

They went over to the service desk to ask if for help. However, the gentleman shook his head with a look of irritation on his face. "No, not again, not this time!" he shouted. This guy always gets into trouble wherever he goes; probably thinking that he's one of those guys on that show where they do incredibly stupid things to themselves. Last time around, he somehow ended-up in the ventilation system. No, this time he's gonna have to bite the bullet on this one, for I don't even have the keys to that machine. The vendor should probably be in tomorrow to get him." He said still a bit miffed.

Fox looked over at Kevin. “How good are you at the claw machine?” He asked, hoping one of them could get him out.

“I don’t know, I really never tried to play one of them before.” Kevin said, putting his paw on the back of his neck.

“Looks like one of us is gonna have to try to save him.” Fox said as he looked at the still trapped bat who could barely move.

"Fine, I'll give it a shot.” Kevin said. He cracked his fingers and entered the money into the slot. It took him a couple of tries, but he eventually caught the incarcerated fur ball and dropped him down the prize shoot. With great haste, Kevin unwrapped the little bat, taking some of his fur with the tape. Upon freeing his mouth, he let out a loud scream in pain.

Fox flinched at the pained yell. “Are you OK?” he asked, wondering how in the heck he got into the machine in the first place.

After a few panicked breaths, the little guy hobbled himself upright. "Oh my saviors!" he said. "Thank you for getting me out of that jam as I was starting to feel like an Oscar!” he panted

“What were you doing in there anyway?” Fox asked, annoying the quite stupid joke to focus on the problem at hand.

"Let's just say that some guys can't take a joke!” the bat said. The little brown bat tended to banter-on a lot in a jovial tone; almost as if he was always on stage. "My name is Nick, maybe you've heard of me." Kevin and Fox shook their heads. "Kids these days- well, I'm a stand-up comedian... though not really a 'stand-up' comedian, more like a 'hang upside down' comedian- but any who, I've come to terms that in this line of work, people are going to take shots at you- ie. that big cat back there. The other day, all I said was 'want a cherry to go on top of that split?' and the psychopath wraps me up and shoves me into the prize grabber." he said, still as genial as he was when he got out of the machine.

Fox looks at Kevin with a horrified expression. “Rob did that to him?!” Fox exclaimed while being a bit glad that he didn’t confront him.

"This definitely counts as assault in my book!” Kevin said. "I'll make a report right away." He said in a no-nonsense tone, almost like Ralph. "A cop, huh?" Nick said with a worried look on his face. "Thanks, but I wouldn't worry too much about it; stuff like this happens to me all the time... Oh that reminds me, I saw you nearly get that 300 before. If only you had gotten that one pin, you would have set me up now for a perfect joke... Let's see now... I would have shouted 'A dobie connects for perfection!'" The two canines are promptly temped to shove the bat back in.

Fox just lets out a giant groan. “I’m beginning to see why you got shoved in there." He said looking away.

"Sheesh, everyone's a critic!” Nick sighed. His eyes suddenly opened wide with an idea. Looking over to Kevin, he said, "Oh wait, give me a chance, I got one. I overheard you're trying to get a gift for a girl. Why not get her a bowling ball?" Kevin blinked a bit. ”W-why's that?" Kevin asked not realizing he's setting him up for a joke. Nick smiled. "Well, bowling balls are not too different from us guys: they're thick-skulled, tend to knock over things, and more often than not end up with their heads in the gutter... Waka Waka." He said imitating a famous Muppet.

Fox made an even louder groan, sure that Kevin didn’t understand the joke. “Not. Helping." Fox bit his lip.

"Why would we often end-up in a gutter?" Kevin asked. "Unless maybe when it's fall and time to clean-out the leaves in there." Even he's a better comic and doesn't know it

Fox turned to Kevin. “That was a lot funnier than his jokes. They stink.” Kevin blinked. “Can’t be worse then the time I fell in wild animal poop.” he said, remembering how disgusting that was but feeling like the other K-9s were overreacting when it happened.

"Animal poop, huh?" Nick said. "Now that's what I call taking your duty to the next level." Kevin paused before saying, "On second thought, I don't think I'll write that report after all." he said.

Fox had to look away. It was too PAINFUL. He didn’t know whether or not this bat was better or WORSE than Fozzy Bear.

"Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying," Nick sighed. "I best be on my way. But before I go, here's a couple of free tickets to the Midnight Howl. It's the least I can do to thank you guys. I'll be performing in a couple of nights. Anyway, see you there." He handed the tickets to Kevin and, in a flash, bolted out the door.

Fox looked at the tickets. “I don’t think we should go." He said, shuddering to think about what kind of jokes he would tell.

"You're probably right," Kevin said, though hanging onto them without realizing it. He decided he would give them to someone he doesn't like because it wasn’t fair that he had to suffer through his jokes but others didn’t. He decided he would give them to Bino and Duchess.

“If his jokes stink here, they will really stink there." Fox said, trying to forget about the bat that they saved.

The two then walked side by side to the door, glad that they were able to get to know each other a lot better and hoping they could do something like this again sometime.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
what a twist! im really liking where this story is going

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Yes, what a twist indeed! My spine will never be the same again :lol: . Oh well, at least he didn't eat me. He probably thought I'd taste funny... Who am I kidding? There's nothing funny about me.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
And what have we learned? That telling bad jokes is bad for your health.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Great post! Thank you for telling me about your fanfic Dayzee, I've really come to enjoy it, I can't wait to see what'll happen next! :D And don't worry dryideabat, I think your jokes are funny! Though they do seem to batter my brain sometimes! :lol:

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Amazee Dayzee Wrote:
And what have we learned? That telling bad jokes is bad for your health.

I haven't learned guano. But yeah, glad to make my debut in this fanfic with such class. The truth is, he's me had I decided to drop out of college and pursue a career in comedy (only to fail miserably at it and end-up in debt to the squirrel mafia)... And if I were a bat. Yep, a perfect cautionary tale.

Mistacheeeez Wrote:
Great post! Thank you for telling me about your fanfic Dayzee, I've really come to enjoy it, I can't wait to see what'll happen next! :D And don't worry dryideabat, I think your jokes are funny! Though they do seem to batter my brain sometimes! :lol:

See, Mistacheeez gets me. If only more people had a sense of humor I wouldn't be in half of the predicaments I get myself into. It's society that's to blame :lol:

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
If this chapter right here doesn't make you hate Duchess, then you have no soul. Poor Sasha doesn't realize what she has gotten herself into.

Kevin shook his head as he walked with Fox. "I can only imagine," Kevin said, scratching his head."But at least we did the right thing in letting him out...I think."

Fox simply looked towards the machine. “It would have been wrong to leave him in there.” he says as he shudders at the thought of being trapped in a small machine.

Just then, one of the toys in the claw machine caught Kevin's eye. It was a plush doll of Dakota Winx from the movie "Canine Cibble."He chuckled in his head for a moment before studying it more carefully. The gray fur, hazel eyes, and slim physique reminded him of something, or rather someone. The thought had been plaguing him for sometime now, ever since he sat through the movie.He curiously looked over at Fox and then at the doll again.For a split second, the thought finally entered his mind. "Hmm, that guy looks very familiar; kinda like...Nah, it's just my imagination."

Fox turned around to see Kevin lost in thought. “Kevin? Are you OK?" He asks as he looks to see Kevin deep in thought.

Kevin quickly shook his head. "Yeah, I'm OK. Just looking at all of the other prizes I could have gone for instead of that guy." he said.

Fox smiled at Kevin. “You are just like Ralph you know: by the book. You would have never been able to just leave the guy in there.” he said.

"I guess you're right.I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep at night if I didn't do anything." Kevin said, unable to push a thought like that out of his mind.

Fox nods. “Now if you were Bino, I can imagine HIM doing something like that.” He groaned, thinking of all the times he acted like a bully and happy that he didn’t have anything to do with him anymore.

"Me neither.” Kevin said. "If anything, he'd probably take the guy and use him in one of his stupid pranks."

Fox rolled his eyes. “His pranks. I don’t know if you can even call them that. He once wrote “Traitor” on my head because I decided to stay friends with King." Fox said, getting annoyed at the thought.

"It's weird how he's Fido's brother and all, yet they're so different," Kevin replied wondering why Bino was the way he was. Compared to Philip Hartford, Jeff Perrini was a saint.

“I guess thats just the way his personality came out.” Fox said a little sadly, saddened that he no longer had anything to do with his oldest friend.

"Maybe." Both Kevin's and Fox's stomachs grumbled.Neither of them had eaten for quite some time. Just then, Kevin's eyes lit up with an idea. "Hey, speaking of Fido, there's a cool place we usually go to eat after work. Have you ever been to the Meat Wagon?" he asked.

Fox looked at him a big quizzically. “No I don’t think I have been heard of it." Fox said. He hadn’t been out to many restaurants and just ate what was around the house in terms of food.

“Then that is where we are going! Come on Fox! It will be great! You’ll love all of their meat!” Kevin said. The two friends left the bowling lay and went down the road, heading towards the restaurant.

Earlier that afternoon, Sasha had begun her session away from Kevin by spending time with Duchess. At Duchess's advice, the two of them went to a beauty salon for makeovers and massages. Currently, they were both getting facials. “Trust me, you really need this," Duchess said, with her face caked in green goo. "With a guy always begging you for something, the last thing you want is it to affect your complexion."

Sasha laid back as she resisted the urge to scratch her goo. “So Bino really likes you huh?” she asked. thinking about Bino another relationship herself and comparing it to her and Kevin’s.

"Head over heels.” Duchess said." I pretty much can get the poor fool to do anything for me now, though I still have to break him of a few habits here and there." she said passively.

Sasha frowned. “I wish Kevin could do stuff like that for me. It seems we don’t have the same interests." she told Duchess.

"Look, when it comes to guys, it's not all about sharing the same interests," Duchess replied dryly. "It's about dominance and, like with any other animal, that comes with training."

Sasha looks over at Duchess. “So I got to train Kevin to like the things I like?" Sasha asked, wondering how it would all work.

"That's right.” Duchess said, laying passively and not looking up/ “Interests come into play when it comes to exploiting the male's weakness, which, given the mind of a typical male, is likely only one of a few things. Figure out how to use that and..." Duchess snapped her fingers and, a second later, her cell phone rang.It was Bino. "What is it my Duchie-Poo?" Bino asked in a sing-song voice.

"Prepare dinner for when I get home in an hour- and I told you to stop calling me that.” Duchess answered. "S-sorry, I'll start right away, lov-" Bino said before Duchess hung-up.

“So you are saying that I should use Kevin’s interests against him to get him to pay more attention to me?” Sasha said, a bit confused

"What ever it takes to tame them to your will.” Duchess said."Take Bino for example, the main reason he hooked up with me was a matter of social status. He needed a 'hottie' of a girlfriend to stay popular: providing me with the leverage to coerce him without him ever realizing it." she said.

Sasha sighed. “I think Kevin only hooked up with me because I told him I wanted a boyfriend again. I’d do anything for Kevin to have the same views as me.” she said a bit disconsolately.

"See, and right there you gave him the upper hand," Duchess grumbled. "You confessed what you wanted and now he's in control of the relationship. It's a good thing for you that you decided to take a break when you did or it'd be like with Bino all over again for you.”

Sasha looked away, remembering her relationship with Bino. “So I should just be stone-faced and then threaten to leave him when I don’t get my own way?"

"That's a start.” Duchess said, preparing to have the caked-on mask removed by a spa employee who looked worn down and wanted to be anywhere but there.

Sasha looks unsure, but the mask hides it. “Then what?" Sasha asked, a bit diffident in following Duchess’s lead as it seemed to be mean.

"Then it's just a matter of being firm; continuously letting him know, at least subconsciously, who's the boss.” Duchess said.

“It sounds complicated. How would I do that?” Sasha asked, still thinking that Duchess’s techniques were a bit cruel.

"In a case as desperate as yours, I'd try a physical form of assertion that at the same time makes him feel like he likes it.“ Duchess suggested. "Ever heard of the Love Whip?"

Sasha shakes her head. A cucumber goes flying. “No. What’s that?” she asked, knowing at least subconsciously that it was a bad idea to ask that.

"Well, it's-" Before she could elaborate, it was time for their masks to be rinsed off and to move on to the next session of the spa treatment.

Sasha just shrugged as he got her mask rinsed off and followed Duchess to the next session. Shows somewhat glad she didn’t hear Duchess’s explanation.

The next treatment was a full mani-pedi(; something else that Sasha never envisioned herself ever doing.The gentle clipping and filing of her nails was a strange yet relaxing sensation to Sasha. All the while, Duchess remained poised and cold.

“So you get this done often?” Sasha asks as she watched yet another tired and emotionless employee clip her paws.

"Indeed, I do," Duchess said, not opening her eyes. “Not so much for keeping-up appearances, but because I deserve to relax and feel good." she said

Sasha began to like the feeling of being clipped. “How much does this usually cost?” she said, a bit worried she couldn’t pay for it.

"You need not worry about it, for I'll generously cover yours this time," Duchess said in a bit of a condescending tone.

“Gee thanks Duchess! That sure is nice of you!" Sasha said in an ecstatic tone not seeing Duchess roll her eyes at her.

"That it is. So tell me: if this isn't something you regularly indulge in, what do you do for fun?" Duchess asked, still in a condescending manner.

Sasha thought for a minute. “I do arts and crafts, watch romance movies and I write a little bit!” Sasha gave a BIG smile. “I wrote the script for Canine Cibble you know!”

"Oh, you don't say?” Duchess replied, feigning interest. "I only heard about the film, but I never bothered seeing it in that it was probably garbage.” The Asian male worker looked up and then grumbled under his breath as he clipped Sasha some more “You stuck-up little *****”

Sasha frowned a bit. “It wasn’t that bad! Sure Kevin didn’t enjoy it, but he likes action.” she said sadly as the worker felt a bit sorry for her.

Duchess rolled her eyes."I'm sure you did your best making it, just as I'm sure he dragged you to see an action movie over it, like that ridiculous "Pounce of Prevention." Bino wanted to go watch that, but I told him that there are better ways to burn 10 dollars." she said loftily.

Sasha laughed embarrassingly. “Actually, he said we could go see Canine Cibble, though he hated it.” Sasha said.

"Of course," Duchess answered. "Out of morbid curiosity, what exactly was it about?" Duchess once again had a stuck-up tone in her voice.

Sasha smiled. “It was a story about how this girl is dating this dumb jock and the two of them fight a lot, but her friend, who was in love with her and didn’t get the chance to tell her about his feelings is actually a better choice for her then the jock. They get together at the end and the jock ends up with a new girlfriend.” Sasha recaps.

"Uh-huh, and it all somehow comes down to that food that poor dogs eat," Duchess remarked sarcastically.

“Hey, i guess it was marketing. I wrote a script and the Milton’s liked it!” Sasha said euphorically not paying attention to Duchess talking under her breath.

"I guess as long as you got some money out of it, there's no shame in that." Duchess said looking at Sasha.

The two dogs just relaxed and sat back in their big leather chairs, as the spa workers continued on with the treatment.

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The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
the "meat wagon"? That's foreboding....

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Great post you two! As much as I disliked Duchess before, I really dislike her now! And now I can't wait for Fox to work his magic and make them break up so he can take over the WORLD!!! Wait, I mean "take over the role of Sasha's boyfriend!!"

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Fox won't be breaking them up maliciously and even then, it will be a while before Foxsha and Elevin come together. And yes, Duchess IS a brat and not even Bino deserves that abuse. What Elena figure this out when we see her moving in.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Sorry, Duchess is quite the snob, but I take sick pleasure in her charming personality ;)
And here's to no more shenanigans stopping the break-up. :D Bring on the Cardio Couple!


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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Hey! There will be more to them then that!

But yeah, she DOES do a lot of gymnastics.

Well whenever batboy isn't busy with schoolwork, hiding from Diss or getting shoved in claw machines we can get started. I'm all caught up in the logs on Skype.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
And we continue with Duchess and Sasha in a chapter that shows why Duchess will NEVER have any friends at all.

Sasha looked back at Duchess while the manicurist working on Duchess continued to grumble under her breath. “Maybe you are right. I should try to be more assertive with Kevvie-Bon. It seems to have done wonders for you and Bino.” Sasha pointed out, having no clue how much of a slave her ex-boyfriend has become.

"There you go, you're finally seeing the light.” Duchess said dryly, deciding to keep her opinion that Sasha would fail at attempting to train Kevin and would end up lonely and alone to herself.

“I just got to pace myself and make sure I come across clearly and forcefully.” Sasha said, liking the advice even more.

"Yes, and having a little secret to use against him doesn't hurt either.” Duchess added with a yawn. "Take Bino for example; I know that he still sleeps with the nightlight while holding a stuffed unicorn. Should the Good Ol' Dogs Club catch wind of this... well you know.” Duchess added.

“So find something to hold over his head?” Sasha asked, now being a bit unsure again. She wanted to stay with Kevin but wasn’t sure if blackmail was the way to go.

Duchess nodded. "Exactly." Her manicurist resisted the urge to say something, only quickening the pace he filed his supercilious client's nails. It was painful to watch Sasha eat up every word.

“I’m not sure if there is anything i can use.” Sasha was still uneasy about blackmail. Seems like something Bino would do.

"You don't have to look too hard; I'm sure he has countless foibles that he's concealing.“ Duchess yawned. "Like I said; all males have the same simple mindset and hence the same weaknesses." Her manicurist was now filing her nails SO hard that the file broke. He excused himself to get a new file.

Sasha thinks for a minute. “Only thing I can think of is that I gave him a unicorn for our anniversary, but he kept it in the basement." Sasha says, still a bit sad about that,

"You gave him a unicorn.” Duchess replied. "Oh well, that'll do. In fact, I can already see how that can be used in a few ways..." she said as the wheels in her mind started to turn.

“How would it be used then?” Sasha said, who couldn’t help but be curious and wondered if there was something to this after all.

Duchess looked over and explained. "Whenever he's out of line, just bring up the fact that he kept your gift in the basement. Or better yet, say that you'll divulge that he loves to sleep with it to his friends. He can't disprove it, for if he denies it- saying that he only kept it in the basement- he looks like a jerk. If he says that he adores it, his masculinity in front of his friends is jeopardized." Duchess gave a cold laugh.

“And you are sure that this will help me in the long-run?” Sasha asked, trying to see it. The manicurist took his sweet time getting back to Duchess because he just wanted to slam a blow dryer over her head and tell Sasha to run.

"Trust me, I know it will.” Duchess said. "I may be high class, but I've been around the block to learn these things." The manicurist finally came back over for Duchess was finished, in more ways than one, with the mani-pedi. Duchess examined her nails with a smug look. "Hmm, not bad, but I've had better." The manicurist resisted the urge to stick the file up Duchess’s backside.

Well then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it." Sasha said as the manicurist finished up for Sasha also and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

"Of course it wouldn't hurt to try.” Duchess huffed. "No need to guess. Indeed, if only more people of... your status had the ambition to try harder, we'd all be better off as a society, but I digress." Duchess said, making quite a mean jab at Duchess.

“Yeah! You are right! If I really care about Kevin, I will do this!” Sasha said, feeling a lot more better about following her advice.

The next stage of the treatment ensued, in which Sasha and Duchess had their hair treated. In the next room, rows of canines sat in chairs with perming domes over their heads. It was there that Duchess's eyebrow lifted at the sight of a familiar Afghan. "Rita, what a charming surprise.” Duchess said, smiling, but in the usual snobby callous tone.

Rita perked up at hearing Duchess’s voice and turned over to her friend. ”Oh, this is a surprise... I thought you're owner fell out of the billionaire status and couldn't afford such frivolities for you." Rita condescended to her. A hairdresser who was overhearing everything muttered under her breath “Another ***** against another *****” but just smiled, a bit too hard.

"Don't be silly, we're all well off in spite of the economy." Duchess replied with a phony smile as she was about to make an insensitive remark about her hairstyle, Rita looked over at Sasha and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, and who might this be," Rita asked pointing at Sasha, who was a bit too unaware of what she was caught in the middle of.

“My name is Sasha! My friend Duchess offered to take me for a spa session since I’m going through a rough patch with my boyfriend!" she said a bit rapidly.

"Oh, I see.” replied Rita. "I don't recall ever seeing you here or at any of the social conventions. What firm does your owner run, if I may ask?" Rita asked, thinking that Sasha, like her and Duchess were from high society.

“Well he’s firm, but he is loving. But you can see it better when he doesn’t drink.” Sasha said, having no clue what firm meant

"I see..." Rita replied again, smirking slightly at Duchess. Duchess turned away and just waited for the hairdresser to do her hair up fancy.

Rita continued to smirk and Duchess couldn’t help smirking a bit also. ”Indeed, the very salt of the earth, bless them all.” Duchess laughed in a very snooty tone.

“Actually, the earth really isn’t that salty. I should know. I tasted dirt quite a few times.” Sasha said a little embarrassed

Rita smirked again. "Oh Duchess, you really are a philanthropist at heart... or have a new interesting taste in friends." She said in an equally snooty tone.

"No, she just needed advice regarding a certain someone she's dating.” Duchess replied as she absentmindedly looked at her claws.

"Oh, I see.” Rita replied, not understanding why Duchess would be hanging around with a poor class dog like Sasha so obviously was.

“Yes! She has been giving me all sorts of good advice on how to get my boyfriend to like the things that I like!” Sasha praised as Duchess said something under her breath.

"Her giving you advice on dating?" Rita chuckled. "I seem to recall her advances on a certain corgi- Prince or something- not panning out very well."

“I guess it doesn’t work for everybody.” Sasha said, a bit worried now. The reference to Fox’s cousin-in-law going over her head.

"Hey, 99 percent of the time it works.” Duchess said defensively, though still wearing a phony smile. "And I'm not entirely convinced that that guy was really a dog. Regardless, he was below me anyway; a little nobody." Duchess said, wanting to say a few more choice words about that little freak and the hillbilly bumpkin he married.

“Well thats good then, because as Duchess taught me, I’m above Kevin!” Sasha chimed in. It seemed all of the employees in the room at that moment let out a collective sigh.

"There, see, even the simplest of minds can see that I'm right.” Duchess said. "I know what I'm doing." Duchess said as she crossed her legs.

"I see,. Rita smirked, turning over to Sasha. "Well, if all else fails, there's always the internet... I assume you have and know what that is." she said, talking to Sasha like she was dumb.

“I know what it is, but we don’t have it anymore. Daddy forgot to pay the bill.” Sasha says, not understanding that both of these prissy dogs were saying some nasty things about her in their heads.

“Oh but of course he couldn't," Rita scoffed. Her treatment was just about finished, with every strand of hair shimmering as she swaggered by.

“But I can easily go to the local library!” Sasha chirped. Duchess stopped paying attention by this point and took a piece of paper and started to write a one word description of all of the pets within Babylon Gardens. Among the highlights were: Peanut=Hyperactive, needs to be drugged to shut up; Grape=Too Tomboyish, but weak and only settling for someone who reeked of desperation; King=Not a Real Dog, reason why his owner abandoned him; Bailey=Bumpkin; socially gauche and most likely to live in poverty. She couldn’t make up her mind on how to describe Sasha though.

"I see.” Rita replied, looking at her diamond-studded phone. "Whatever works for you I suppose. Well, I best be off, I have a ball I have to attend." she said as she waltzed by Sasha

“Well it was nice to meet you. Bye Rita!" Sasha said as she gave out a cute little wave not seeing Rita roll her eyes or Duchess put the paper away.

"Nice of you to meet me too.” Rita replied. "And nice to see you too Duchess- hope for the best with you and- Beano or some other." she said purposely getting his name wrong.

"Okay, bye.” Duchess said through her grin. When the well-groomed Afghan exited, Duchess let out a sigh. "My dog, what a snob."

Sasha looked at Duchess a bit confused. “Really? But she seemed so nice!" She said, not knowing that Rita was now making jokes at Sasha’s expense to herself.

"Oh Sasha, you really have more to learn than I have time to teach you“ Duchess said, shaking her head.

"Like why the pot would call the kettle black," the nearby salonist mumbled under her breath as Sasha looked at the doorway where Rita left.

"What was that?" Duchess asked, barely making out what she said, nor really caring about anything a plebeian who had less money than she had was saying.

"I said it's your turn now, my favorite client!” the salonist said, grinning as hard as she could in order to prevent her from saying something.

Both dogs went over to the chair as the salonist began to work on Duchess. She wanted to cut off all of Duchess’s hair, but she thought better of it.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

Avatar drawn by dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Here we go with the next chapter of the story. Any comparisons to the character in the movie named and the same species as one of the staff is just a coincidence~

In what seemed like a blurred instant, two weeks passed. Sasha and Kevin were to finally see each other again in hopes that the time apart had how somehow fixed everything. Kevin had enjoyed his days with Fox and his fellow K-9 officers outside of work. Only now, on his way to Sasha's house, did he again feel a mounting apprehension overtake him. Did the break in fact change anything between them? Did Sasha still truly want to be with him and vice versa? These thoughts raced through his mind even before he first knocked on her front door. Sasha also felt nervous, but more confused than anything else. The advice Duchess had empowered to her over the break with seemed strange to her, yet she assumed it to be wise given the Cocker Spaniel’s success. She mustered up the courage to face Kevin with a new attitude: to dominate the relationship and do things her way. It was perhaps the last thing she would ever envision trying, but at this point nothing else worked. Maybe, in the long run, it will make both of them happy; that someone would finally take charge rather than do nothing out of fear of hurting the other's feelings.

After hearing the knock at the door, Sasha quickly went over and opened it up to see her muscular boyfriend there. “Kevvie-B—I mean, hello Kevin!” Sasha said, trying to be more centered so she could better be assertive.

"Why hello again, Sasha.” Kevin said, cheerfully entering to give her a hug, not noticing that his feet were muddy as he had just chased a perpetrator through a mud field.

Sasha notices that his feet are very muddy and steps back. “Kevin! Your feet are all dirty! You are gonna get mud everywhere. Will you pleas—I mean wash them off.” Sasha commanded.

Kevin looked down and chuckled embarrassedly. "Oh, I'm sorry, just a second." He only faintly noticed the more aggressive tone in Sasha's voice, but thought nothing of it. At the moment, he was more concerned about not fouling things up right away and promptly wiped his feet on the door mat.

Sasha watched him sternly as he did that. “Very good. Now please come in." Sasha said trying to use the same vocal notation that Duchess taught her to use.

Kevin entered and tried to hug Sasha, but she turned and walked on. Embarrassed over his mistake, he struggled to say something. "I-I really missed you over these last couple of weeks. It was hard, especially with a poor perception of time. How was your time?"

Sasha remembered Duchess’s words at the salon and feigned her indifference. “It was like time seemed to go by fast for me." She said, can’t helping but feeling like she was acting a bit mean.

"Oh, that's cool.” Kevin replied, sensing the coldness. He couldn’t put his paw on it, but somehow Sasha had changed over the past two weeks.

“I’m sure that you and Fox also had a good time.” Sasha said, trying to keep her voice neutral just how Duchess taught her.

"We really did!” Kevin nodded. "He's not only a great officer in the making, but an awesome friend." Not receiving a response from Sasha, Kevin began to panic in his mind. Things were starting off terribly. However, he quickly remembered that he had gotten her flowers, which he was holding behind his back all along because he was so nervous that he forgot. He hastily unveiled the surprise to Sasha and smiled. "Oh, I almost forgot, I got these for you!”

Sasha looked at the flowers and although she thought they were beautiful, gave a rather cold response. “Thanks, but daddy is allergic."

Kevin began to sweat a little bit. "Oh, oops.” Kevin said. He ran out, placed the flowers by the curb where later on they would be found by Tiger who decided to keep them for some reason, and Kevin re-entered, making sure to wipe his feet.

Sasha sat down on the couch and gave a small, but very cold smile back at him. She was trying to remain as in control of everything as possible according to Duchess.

The look confused Kevin. "Is everything okay, Sasha? You seem a little... grumpy." Kevin said as he looked at his girlfriend with concern.

“I’m fine. Its just that Duchess gave me some advice and I wanna see if it works.” Sasha answered truthfully with a tinge of uncertainty in her voice she couldn’t help.

"Oh, that's interesting.” Kevin said, with a puzzled look on his face. "So, what kind of advice does this Duchess give?"

Sasha turned her head to him. “She says I have to be a lot more assertive and demanding and can’t show my emotions."

Kevin looked a bit confused. ”More assertive and demanding?" Kevin parroted. He looked at her, not knowing what to make of this, and nervously half-smiled. "That's cool and all, but you don't have to be like that with me. You know how easy going I am; I'll do anything to make you happy."

Sasha simply nodded and looked to the television. “Oh I know that you would." Sasha said, a little flutter in her stomach that Kevin was still willing to do anything for her.

"Okay then, so what should we do to celebrate our first night back together?" Kevin asked. He was up for anything at this point, EXCEPT for watching more romance-filled sappy movies.

Sasha turned and gave a very small smile. “I am so glad that you asked me that because I know what we are going to do."

Kevin wondered what Sasha had in mind. "Neat, what is it?" Kevin asked, more eager with anticipation.

She pulls out a DVD and her smiles grows. “Come and take a look!” she said happily, once again forgetting to contain her emotions. She knew Kevin would hate this, but she had to be assertive.

Kevin's heart skipped a beat upon reading the label. It was "Canine Cibble." He had flashbacks to the boredom he felt sitting through that film. There was also a particular aspect about the film that he especially disliked. It has been continuously alluding him before he could place his finger on it. Perhaps, he's been subconsciously doing everything to avoid confronting it. Nevertheless, the idea of sitting through the movie again did not appeal to him in the least bit. "Oh, are you sure that there's not something else you'd rather do, like go for a nice walk?" He asked.

Sasha gave Kevin a rigid look. “Kevin, we ARE watching this movie again. Besides, it has commentary and deleted scenes! she said in her normal tone, forgetting for a moment once again about not showing her emotions like Duchess taught her.

There was no avoiding it. "Okay, if you say so, let's watch," Kevin said with a sigh, the pit of his stomach filling with dread.

Sasha gave another look. “And try to act a bit happy about it. You are spending time with me after all.” she said. Not realizing her emotionless tone was starting to break

"Oh, I will try to act happy- I-I mean I will be happy as long as we're together," Kevin stammered trying not to make Sasha more upset.

Sasha petted the spot next to her on the sofa and put the DVD in the DVD player and played it and then she turned up the volume on the television set.

With no other choice, Kevin slowly walked over, sat down next to her, and braced himself. Again, he would have to reluctantly watch the love triangle play out in Sasha's romance film. This time, he studied every scene play out carefully, worried that Sasha might ask him questions regarding certain details afterwards.

A few minutes into the movie, Sasha turns to Kevin and smiles. “You see? The movie isn’t THAT bad!" she said, unaware that Kevin was analyzing everything.

"I guess so.” Kevin nodded, not entirely lying. He watched the plot unfold with growing interest. The main character Shakira rose from the mediocrity of working-class suburban life, first starring in a commercial about Canine Cibble. Her old neighborhood friend, the lanky gray Husky played by Dakota Winx named Flynn, supported her all the way to stardom. However, she also grew attached to her body guard: a hulking energetic Rottweiler named Kitch. Kitch always made her laugh with his buffoon antics, yet she later reveals that, deep down, she truly pitied him. However, in the end, she grew tired of Kitch’s physically-oriented lackadaisical nature and decided to go back to her old friend Flynn.

As it was growing closer towards the end of the movie, Sasha was completely engrossed within the film that she didn’t notice much else.

Kevin's heart continued to sink as he at last began to realize the parallels between this movie and his relationship with Sasha. He looked on silently,with some sweat rolling down his forehead, as Shakira returned Kitch’s wedding ring, quit her life as an actress, and went back to Flynn. The credits roll right as Flynn and Shakira prepare to eat a gourmet Canine Cibble dinner.

Sasha had a tear that rolled down her cheek as the movie stopped playing. “Wasn’t that just great Kevin?! It was truly a beautiful movie!”

Kevin had felt like someone stuck a knife in his gut. ”It was something, alright.” Kevin said in a low tone. His heart wept and his mind burned. It took all his effort to get the words out without shouting incoherently, as there was no point in holding them back any longer. "I just have a few questions. How much of this is based on your life? I mean, what is the deal with this Kitch guy; is he supposed to be me or something?"

Sasha turned to Kevin. “Of course he is you. Why do you think they end up together? But not completely as we won’t ever break up!” Sasha announced.

All Kevin could think about was how the character based on him was seemingly a buffoon. "I see, so you see me as some sort of a muscle-headed clown- a fool to be pitied?!" Kevin asked angrily.

Sasha was taken aback by his outburst. “Of course not! I just saw how your personality was and added it to the story!”

That seemed to make Kevin even more mad. "So you do think I'm jockeyish!" Kevin yelled. "True, I admit that I am a bit so, but that's who I am! Is that something you're truly growing tired of?!” He raged

“Its not something that I am growing tired of. Its just how I see you! I can’t help it!” Sasha fired back also getting worked up.

The fires of Kevin's rage ebbed back slightly. "Okay, that's fine. But now who is this Flynn character supposed to be? He wouldn't happen to be based on someone I know, like Fox?"

Sasha had to think for a minute as she didn’t know WHERE Flynn’s personality came from. “Of course not! I have no idea who I based him. I just wrote him!” Sasha defended.

"Are you sure?" Kevin asked, rewinding the movie. "Look, he looks a lot like him, even has a yellow bandana in this one scene."

Sasha watches that specific part and then gaps at it. “Oh Now I see it! He does look a lot like Fox doesn’t he?!”

Sasha’s cheerful reply somehow made Kevin even more aggravated. ”Also, I've really come to know Fox these last couple of weeks, and the guy you have in this movie has his personality down to a 't' or 'y' or w-whatever! Whatever the case, answer me this last question and be honest: do you like like him? Enough that if you had to choose, you'd prefer him over me?"

Sasha was a bit offended by what Kevin was implying. “Well of course I like him! He was a friend when I needed on! But I couldn’t see myself with him!” Sasha said, though she began to think/

"No? But your character Shakira could! See herself with Fred I mean." Kevin responded. "She seemed to feel happier and more connected with him enough to leave her job."

Sasha erroneous believed that this outburst now was prompted by Kevin fearing that if she became like Shakira, she would leave him. “Once again, its just how I wrote her. Its not like it is real life! I was only an actress the once!” Sasha chuckled

"Of course it's not real life, but it's something that you dream or fantasize happening to you, isn't it?" Kevin yelled. "Again, I know you well enough to say she's exactly like you ! I can even show you a part where Flynn calls her your name once in the movie! You- as Shakira- dream of finally ending-up with someone... someone else who's not me!"

Sasha gave Kevin a very nasty glare “How can you even think like that Kevin! I chose you in the end! Even after everything that Bino and the rest of them did to get me back with Bino! It didn’t work!” Sasha snapped, getting more angrier by the second.

The two of them continued to stare each other down, glaring at each other and wanting the other to just admit what they thought was true. Sasha believed that Kevin was angry because a character BASED on her didn’t end up with a character BASED on him. Kevin believed Sasha wanted to be with someone else. And he couldn’t stop shaking the feeling that the person in question was Fox.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
I can see it now: Canine Cibble with commentary by Sasha Hartford. "I'm not sure what inspired me to make such a riveting story. The whole convoluted love triangle just came to me... Hehe, I love triangles. They make such pretty sounds. Dingle-lingle-ling." Yep, 30 dollars well-spent :P .

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Boy, you really make me hate Duchess...
Speaking of hate, I hope there aren't any hard feeling between Fox and Kevin after this... :?

I thought about changing my signature but decided against it, it's too much work!

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
I'm not gonna give away any spoilers, but there won't be. Just keep on reading.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: The Winds of Change
Dryideabat wrote the whole of this chapter himself and I just cleaned it up. But at least he saved me the trouble of having to play an angry Sasha in the awkward breakup scenes! I did dread doing that but now we got over that hump. So yeah I hope you enjoy this chapter here. Things are finally gonna begin to get better.

The writing on the wall was clearer than ever for the two heart-broken canines. Neither could hold back the earth-roiling tension any longer. They quarreled ceaselessly into the evening, perhaps out of denial, frustration, or simple grief over their crumbling relationship. Neither was really sure anymore.

“Why won’t you just say it?!” Kevin shouted, his face turning red. “You see me as an idiot jock who only amuses you when not annoying you! But you know what? I’m fine with this- I could accept this- if you just admit that you really really like Fox; that you feel more for him than for me!” He snarled, feeling his lungs about to burst from all the screaming.

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing!” Sasha snapped back, though seeing the granule of truth in both allegations. “I thought you knew me better than that, but I guess-!” she screeched back.

“But I guess there’s a lot of things I don’t know!” Kevin interrupted scornfully, putting into question every moment they had of their relationship.

“Don’t put words in my mouth!” Sasha growled. “Gaw, are you that dead-set on finding an excuse for us to split-up?! I mean, you’re the one who suggested the trial separation thingy!” Sasha pointed out.

“I’m not looking for an excuse!” Kevin answered. “And I thought the time apart would make things better, but other than finally giving me a moment to relax, it did next to nothing!”

Sasha’s watery eyes widened. “So you really didn’t miss me that much! This was all just a big vacation for you; a breath of fresh air.” Sasha said, trying to hold back her tears.

“I did not say that!” Kevin replied, sweating profusely. “But yeah, I had fun just chilling with Fox and the guys! It was probably the most fun I had in a while now!” Kevin felt forced to admit, remembering the times he had with Fido and Ralph and the times with Fox.

“See?! And even you admit Fox is a really sweet fun guy- who wouldn’t lo-like him!” Sasha yelled, though stammering at the end. She thought for a second, remembering what Duchess had told her, before continuing. “But you, someone who neglects a unicorn, have no right to criticize me!” Sasha shouted back fumbling to use the correct words.

“Criticize you? That thing doesn’t even have anything to do with this!” Kevin exclaimed.

Sasha pointed at Kevin. “You know that that thing has everything to do with this! It’s moments like that that annoy me; how you can be so cluelessly insensitive at times! That was a gift from my heart and I will never forgive you for abandoning it in the basement like a piece of junk! In fact, I bet that you still have no idea where it is!” Sasha said, switching back from sadness to anger.

“No, I don’t,” Kevin confessed, calming down for a second. “But we’ve been over this! I told you that I’m not crazy about cutesy things and I never will be! Yet you can’t accept it! And besides, it’s all the same as you hating the Wii fit I got you!”

Sasha stood up, raising her hands in the air. “Fine, I’ll admit it, I don’t like running around as much as you! Sure, the breeze whipping past my ears is refreshing, but I just can’t do it like all the time! I can’t keep up with you! Is that a crime?!”

“That’s what the Wii fitness is for; building stamina!” Kevin yelled at her, hoping that he could get her to understand that.

“Stamina nothing, my calves just can’t take that kind of abuse every day!” Sasha said as she stretched said calves.

“You didn’t even try, and you don’t even have a farm!” Kevin pointed out, getting confused where this was going.

“I would buy a farm, if you think that would help, but Daddy would never allow it!” Sasha said a bit sadly looking at him.

“Well just gather the courage to ask him, saying it’s something you need!” Kevin replied back, wondering how a farm would help them in the first place.

Sasha paused out of confusion for a moment. “Wait, what exactly are we arguing about again?” she said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I-I really don’t know now...” Kevin sighed, also as equally confused as where the two of them had gone from their argument.

Just when there seemed to be no end to this stalemate, the sound of boots stomping down the stairs echoed into the living room. An instant afterwards, Philo[ stormed in with a can of beer in one hand and a TV remote in the other. He angrily leered at Kevin and Sasha for a second before yelling, “Hey, what’s goin’ on in here?! I told you two to keep it down! I’m watchin’ my shows and can’t here **** with all this yapping!”

Sasha was about to apologize when Kevin stood up. “No need to get all rowdy, sir, I was just leaving.” Kevin replied in a calm firm tone. Still, even Philip could hear how upset the Doberman was. Without another word, Kevin swiftly walked out and slammed the door.

“What the heck is his problem?” Phil asked aloud, trying hard not to slur his words as he was already on the road to getting drunk.

“E-excuse me daddy.” Sasha said, running past him. She bolted upstairs to her room and slammed the door.

Phil could only shrug his shoulders and went back to resume watching his show, completely perplexed by what just happened.

Night swiftly crept in like a phantasm, heralded by a drifting dense fog. Sasha wept into her pillow, only lifting her head every so often to look out the window out of anticipation that Kevin would be standing outside. Each time, she saw nothing but mist and shadows, though the sight only seemed to comfort her more and more.

It was a long walk back home for Kevin. The soupy air seemed unusually fresh to him, though his heart ached with each breath. He looked at the spot where he threw his flowers, wondering where they went and then deciding that he didn’t care. This was indeed a new and strange experience for him. Nothing in the K-9 rule book or his years on the force could help him deal with it. In the murky darkness, Kevin had never felt so alone.

It was yet another sleepless night for Kevin. Memories of all the good times he had with Sasha flooded his every thought. It couldn’t all end, at least not like this. Tossing and turning until dawn, he struggled to find a way of setting this right.

Kevin at last decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood and ruminate. Anticipating that he might be late for work, he brought his miniature walky-talky with him. By now, the fog had mostly evaporated under the golden sun. Dew on the grass and trees glistened all around. A myriad of different birds filled the air with their joyous melodies. None of this caught the troubled Doberman’s attention. With his head drooping down, he briskly and aimlessly walked around, taking random turns and detours every which way.

It was only by chance that he eventually turned onto Sasha’s block. As he approached her house, the sidewalk seemed to slope down in the other direction. He kept up his quick pace, not sure what he was going to say or do, but certain that he would at least see if she was there. The driveway was empty; Phil had just left for work.

With a deep breath, Kevin knocked on the front door, but nobody answered. His nerve immediately wavered and the desire to go back and regroup pulled at his stubby tail. Nevertheless, he waited a few moments before knocking again. There was still no answer. Peering through the door window, it seemed as if no one was home.

With a sigh, he turned around and proceeded to go home. There was still an hour left for him to prepare for work. However, he barely made it to the sidewalk before he heard Sasha call out to him. She had been quietly lying in the grass by the side of the house, letting her mind drift among the clouds.

The two slowly approached each other with awkward steps. There was a prolonged moment of silence before Sasha finally said something.

“Look, I’m sorry about the whole movie thing, and even more about being all dominant and stuff.” she said, pushing down a blade of grass with her feet. Her eyes were also a bit bloodshot from lack of sleep.

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry,” Kevin said. “I overreacted. It’s just- I don’t know.” Kevin admitted, wondering how they got to this point.

“This is kind of like a soap opera; the one where they both admit that they’re wrong and make up,” Sasha said, half smiling.

Kevin’s ears drooped at those words. “Yeah, but I can’t-“ he began to say, but he couldn’t finish before Sasha interrupted.

“But I understand, this isn’t a soap opera,” Sasha butted in. “Maybe like a reality TV show, without all the scripting, but nothing where things work out neatly.”

Kevin shook his head. “I just don’t understand. How can I be so sure of something but end up being so wrong? I and pretty much everyone see that we should be perfect for each other, yet something’s always missing. I dunno. It’s like we have so much yet so little in common, if that makes any sense. It’s to the point we can’t even have a normal conversation without breaking into a fight.”

“I think that’s called a parabox or something,” Sasha said. “But I know what you mean, I feel it too. It’s like, I would never have imagined our differences being so bad that nothing could fix them, but we’ve tried everything... And, in all honesty, I don’t know what exactly drove me to write that movie the way it was... But maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign that my heart is not into us being boyfriend and girlfriend. And maybe I do have some feelings for... you know.”

“Yeah, it’s a hard pill to swallow, even worse than those ones for treating worms, but I think we both have had this in our hearts for some time now,” Kevin mournfully agreed. “As for Fox, don’t worry about him and me. Regardless of this, we’ll always be buddies.”

“My gosh, so this is it,” Sasha sighed, realizing that the two of them were at the end of the relationship and couldn’t fix it.

“I’ve never been through a break-up before,” Kevin said, frowning at the thought of how he was supposed to react to this.

“This is my second, I think, though this one is definitely tougher.” Sasha nodded. At that time, a gust of wind blew down a framed picture Bino in her attic.

Kevin did his best to restrain his tears. “I don’t want to be alone.” he said in a very soft voice as he looked at Sasha.

“But you still have your friends, Fox and Fido,” Sasha smiled. “And who’s to say we can’t still be good friendsies? That is, if you want.” Sasha said smiling at him.

“Friendsies?” Kevin said. “Yeah, you’re right. Who needs boyfriends and girlfriends when you got good friendsies? It’s much easier this way. We can finally be ourselves.”

“And, hey, we’ll always have the wiener mobile.” Sasha added with a giggle as she remembered that memory well.

“Don’t remind me.” Kevin chuckled, remembering the scolding he endured from Ralph that day. The two former lovers, now simply friends, hugged each other one last time. Just then, Kevin’s walky-talky went off. It was Ralph, issuing a message for any K-9 personnel near the Milton’s to respond to a burglary in progress.

“Well then, I guess I will be seeing you around then.” Sasha said as she got up and smiled at him as he left.

“Don’t worry. You will definitely be running into me a lot since we will always be friends.” Kevin said as he waved back.

Kevin then took off to the Milton mansion, ready to take on whatever perpetrator dared to break the law. He smiled as he felt free, and for the first time since he drifted apart from Sasha, finally felt like he could enjoy his favorite pastime again: TACKLING!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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