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Houespets! Home Stories 
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning

And yes, my real name is actually Res... Guess who my favorite character is X3

Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:55 pm
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
Don't worry Res! As of today, school work has finished, so now I have a week before I start actual school (HOPEFULLY)! I'm going to continue to write ASAP to wrap up the origin of the story.

I need to rewrite the Beginning however... I feel that it was a BIT rushed. What do you guys think?



Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:07 am
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
It looked good to me X3

And yes, my real name is actually Res... Guess who my favorite character is X3

Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:08 am
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
I'm sure it will be a wonderful story either way! :D

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Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:16 pm
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
I finally finished reading throug it all, and I LOVE it! I agree with Killerbee on the grammer (although I could do that for you if you want, copy and paste it into word, fix all the mistakes for ya, then send it back to you to put in as an edited post and you can take all the credit :D ) but seriously, this is one of the best fanfics i've seen... i think ever!
XD :lol:

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Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:58 pm
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
RatHead Wrote:
I finally finished reading throug it all, and I LOVE it! I agree with Killerbee on the grammer (although I could do that for you if you want, copy and paste it into word, fix all the mistakes for ya, then send it back to you to put in as an edited post and you can take all the credit :D ) but seriously, this is one of the best fanfics i've seen... i think ever!
XD :lol:

I'm actually using Microsoft Word myself. XD I think the fact that there are mistakes is that I just type too fast and don't catch the mistakes. Same thing goes for reading as well. Thanks for reading! :D



Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:33 am
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
D3ath_0ps Wrote:
I'm actually using Microsoft Word myself. XD I think the fact that there are mistakes is that I just type too fast and don't catch the mistakes. Same thing goes for reading as well. Thanks for reading! :D



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Fri Aug 15, 2014 6:20 pm
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
(You may notice that this chapter is structured differently than the others, this is being kept the way it is because this shows my progress from when I first started and because I'm to lazy to rewrite it. Enjoy!


-Housepets! Home Stories: Sparks' Beginning-
=Chapter 4: The Reunion=

It’s been two days since Fido came to Sparks’ house for the audition, and the musically talented dog was hard at work creating a playlist specifically for the party. Today, he was fast asleep in him room. As the alarm clock struck eight, the bells on the top start to ring rapidly. Sparks jolts out of his bed at the sound. “Stupid alarm clock!” He yells as he throws the alarm clock across the room. Sparks sighs as he picks up the broken bit of the alarm clock. He keeps getting the same dreams of Tera, continuing to wake him in the middle of the night. Sparks shakes off the sadness and dreams as he hops off of his bed. Another day, another round of music making… He stops. Wait… wasn’t there something going on today… He gasps as he remembers. “New Neighbor Day!”

Sparks drops the broken bits of the alarm clock in his hand, grabs his collar, and heads to the kitchen. He walks in to find Isabelle and Isaac sitting at the kitchen table. On the table there were three plates at each chair, loaded with a peanut sandwich and apple slices.

“Good morning sweetie.” Isabelle welcomes.

“Morning Mom!” Sparks answers happily.

“Well, seems like you slept well…” Isaac jokes.

“Surprisingly, yeah I did, then my alarm scared the living carp out of me.”

The family collectively chuckles as they eat their sandwiches.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” Sparks asks his parents, “Are we going to help them with the move in?”

“Well, yes and no.” Isabelle starts covering her mouth with her hand as she finishes her sandwich.

“We were thinking that you would get to know the new pets and show them around.” Isaac explains as he bites down on his final apple slice.

“I’m fine with that, I guess. *snap* I know! I’ll get Fox to help me out! That way I can have help when I don’t know where I’m at! I’m sure he’ll join.”

“Sounds like a plan then. All we have to do now is--”

Sparks’ floppy ears perk as Isaac pauses, cut off by the ‘beeping’ sounds of a truck. “They’re here!” Isabelle and Sparks shriek.

The family quickly puts all of the clean plates from their meal in the kitchen sink, then walk out the front door. Across the street, a moving van was parking into the driveway with its back end towards the house while a family begins to pile out of the car parked on the side near the front of the home. As the family was exiting the vehicle, Sparks notices two figures in the back, a dog and a cat. The cat sat on the side facing the Carlson’s house while the dog sits on the opposite end. The cat exits the vehicle. Sparks stops in his tracks as they both look at each other. His jaw drops. OH. MY. DOG. There was no doubt looking at the orange, black, and white fur, Tera was now in front of him, now older with a black leather collar around her neck. “T-Tera?!” He calls out, shocked.

“Maxie?” She responds as she inches towards him, beginning to tear up as her ears drop, bringing her hand to her muzzle.

“IT IS YOU!” He yells as emotions flood his mind. Now crying uncontrollably, they run towards each other. They almost slam into one another as they meet. They hug tightly, afraid to let go. The two of them, now sobbing in each other’s arms, try to piece together their thoughts as their knees give way, dropping to the asphalt below.

“What did I t-tell you, mutt?” Tera weakly speaks as her head rests against the sobbing dogs chest. She continues, still crying as she weakly hits him. “I told you so!”

“I-I know, I know. I’m here now.” He caresses her, not only trying to comfort her, but himself as well. “I never forgot our promise.”

The families watch as the two pets sit in the middle of the street, watching as a dog and a cat come together. On one side, Isabelle, now crying to at this wonderful moment, and Isaac hold each other, proud of their son. The other side was no different with the dog smiling as her sister embraces her long lost lover. Both families stay silent, not daring to ruin the moment. Then, out of nowhere, singing could be heard between the couple in the street. It was Sparks, his crying dissipating, as he takes the moment to show her that he still cares.

(Psst! Have the song open while you read the next part! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V35oRyAMmtU)

Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
Hold it tight.

Sparks takes the paw of his feline companion putting it near his heart, continuing to serenade her while they both start to rock slowly.

I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don’t you cry.

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more.

As Sparks finishes, they stop moving as they look into each other’s eyes. Bring their muzzles together, they share a kiss with the tears of joy still falling down one another’s faces.

As they finish, someone breaks the silence by clearing their throat. The couple look in the direction of the sound, noticing a grey dog with a yellow bandanna around his neck. With both their faces turning a bright shade of red, Tera and Sparks get up off of the asphalt and onto the sidewalk, holding paws. “Um… Hey Sparks…” The grey dog begins awkwardly with his hands behind his back.

“H…hi Fox…” Sparks replies, still blushing. “So, uh… how much did you see?”

“I’ve been here since you started singing, friend.”

There was a pause between the two of them. What should I say? SAY SOMETHING.

Just as Sparks was about to speak, Isaac beats him to it. “So, your mother and I will start helping our new neighbors out with moving in while you two catch up. You guys can go into the house if you want. We should be done by two.”

Isaac and Isabelle move towards the new neighbor’s house as Tera, Sparks, and Fox enter the Carlson home. As the door shuts behind the trio, Fox starts to speak pointing at the couple. “Ok, Sparks, when did… this happen?”

“Sparks? Is that your new name now?” Tera asks diverting the question.

*sigh* “Before I answer Fox, hold on.” Sparks first turns to Tera smiling, slightly blushing. “Yeah. Sparks is my new name. Mom thought of it.” He then turns back towards Fox. “I know it seems weird to see us, a cat and a dog, together, but please hear us out. Just sit down, and we’ll tell you everything from start to finish.”

Fox stands there, unable to make heads or tails of his situation. He gives the offer some thought, then he sighs. “Fine. I’ll hear you out. This better be good.”

Sparks, Tera, and Fox enter the kitchen and sit down at the dining room table. Sparks looks at Tera, now holding his hand to calm him down as he tells the story to Fox. “It all started back at my old home that I was at. I was caught chewing on some of the furniture and…” Sparks grits his teeth, “They hit me with a T.V. remote above my eye.” Pointing to the scar above his left eye with his free paw.

“After that, they threw me, and yes I do mean throw, outside. They almost broke my ribs...” He pauses clenching his free paw. “When I was trying to get to my favorite spot in the corner of the backyard to sleep, I saw a hole in the fence. I went through the hole and found myself slowly walking through the woods behind my house. Then, after a while walking, someone drops down from the trees.” Sparks looks at Tera, indicating for her to start her side.

“When I first saw Ma--Sparks,” She corrected herself, “I mistook him for one of the raccoons. When I dropped down and unsheathed my claws, he dropped down beside a tree in fear. That’s when I noticed that he was just a little doggie. I put away my claws, and gently grabbed his arm, asking him ‘why he’s here’ and stuff. Then when I tried to help him up, I noticed he was hurt. I asked him where his owners were because of the collar he was wearing, and I saw the house in the distance.

“I started to question why he was running away, then I realized that his wounds were actually from his own owners. I was shocked, confused, devastated, you name it. It reminded me so much of when I was with my old ‘family’ too. They were so tight on money. Mom left because she had enough, leaving me with dad. After a few days, it was fine, but then I was hit on the head with a shoe. For no reason.” She then moves around her head fur to reveal a scar.

“After a while, I was thinking about running away. I even had come up with a plan and everything. Before I had my chance, I was taken to the woods and…” Tera in her anger had drawn her claws and closed her eyes as Sparks let out a muffled yelp. He knew that she did not like to talk about her past back then, so he put the pain aside and started comforting his feline companion by petting her back. Tera inhaled and exhaled, opened up her eyes coming back to reality, calms down, and withdraws her claws as she continues. “He left me there to die. I feared the worst when I saw Sparks. He reminded me so much of myself; it was like looking in a mirror. He was crying so hard when I asked him about his injuries. I felt terrible. I went down and comforted him until he fell asleep.

“The next day we both woke up and he went back to his house, but not before promising that he would come back to see me. For the next four days, he returned to the woods as we played together and talked until our mouths were completely dry. On the fifth day, I decided to show Sparks something magical. I took him through the forest to a field and told him to look up.” Tera smiles at Sparks, recalling that very moment as she takes his other hand. “There were shooting stars everywhere. You should have seen it. After a while, fear and sadness hit me when I thought to myself, ‘What if he goes away? How will I be able to see him then?’ So that night, we made a promise. Where ever we would end up, our relationship would stand strong.”

Tera pauses as her eyes start to tear up. “The next day, Sparks went home as he normally did, but I noticed after a while that men were surrounding the house…” She turns towards Sparks as she moves over to him putting her head on his chest for comfort.

Sparks continues the story petting Tera. “The police then knocked the door down, taking my owners and… my mom…” Sparks pauses and sighs. “They put me into a van and drove me to the nearest shelter. I learned later that the police took my old owners away for drug distribution. It was six weeks in that hole of a shelter. I never thought that I was going to be adopted, so I gave up hope and just didn’t care anymore. Then came along Isaac and Isabelle. They were famous artists in New York and I lived there for two years before moving here. And here I am today. So, that’s our story. What’d you…”

Sparks stops speaking, looking at his friend crying. “That,” he begins as he sniffles, “Is the greatest tale I’ve ever heard.

“So you don’t mind us being together?” Sparks asks his friend, wiping away the tears from his face.

“I will tolerate it. *sniffle* Only because you’re my friend, as well as the fact that I’m really the only friend you have…”

“Fair enough.”

Fox then turns his attention to the calico, “I hate to ask you this, but can you keep your relationship under wraps for now?”

“Huh? Why? I shouldn’t have to…” Tera complains.

“Please, let me explain, and don’t take this the wrong way. Interspecies relationships aren’t really something to be promoting around here. The Good Ol’ Dogs Club is run by Bino, an egotistic jerk if you ask me, and he’ll eat you alive if you come out. Not to mention all of the other cats as well. Please heed my warning, I don’t want to see such a strong bond be crushed by everyone around you.”

Tera looks down and sighs. “Fine. We’ll stay a secret.

“And not a word from both of you, got it?” Tera and Sparks both nod their heads at the grey hound. “Good. Oh, Tera, you should go visit Grape Jelly when you have the chance. She’s a cat not too far down the road here.”

“Sure,” The calico replies, “But for right now, I want to be with Sparks. What do you want to do?” Directing the question at him.

“Uhh…” Sparks thinks for a second, “We could watch a movie… How about Star Trek? The new one”

“Nah, to nerdy.” His friend replies.

All Dogs Go to Heaven?”

“What’s that?” Tera asks.

“It’s a really sad movie. We could if you want.”

“Na, I’ve had enough crying for one day.”

Skyfall?” Sparks says. “It’s an action movie about this secret agent .named James Bond.”

“Ooooo! Let’s watch that!” Tera says with excitement


“I don’t mind. I haven’t seen it before, so I guess I could try.”

“Cool! Let’s all go into the living room so we can start the movie.”

The trio migrate to the living room and put the DVD into the DVD player and begin watching Skyfall. As the movie begins, Sparks looks down at Tera, cuddling his chest, and smiles. Welcome home my sweet kitten. He thinks as he kisses the top of her head.


Fox looks over at Sparks and Tera watching the movie. I can’t believe it still. Is he really a cat lover… Stupid question. Looks like there’s no getting out of this one. Fox sighs as he looks back over at the T.V.. Besides, I’m the first and only friend he has. He would be crushed if I just decided to opt out because of their relationship. I’ve already warned them about it, that’s all I can do. Let’s just forget about it. For now, movie time. Fox puts his attention to the movie, forgetting about his prejudices. He then remembers all the times that he and Bino picked on Peanut and Joey for being cat-lovers. Not to mention Tiger who was constantly made fun of for his name. What if Bino finds out about them? One things for sure is that if Bino starts to mock or make fun of Sparks or Tera… He sighs as he tightens his paw, I’ll kick Bino’s rear end.

“Hey Fox?”

Fox snaps out of his thoughts. “Yeah Sparks?”

“Thanks for understanding, I know it’s probably not easy for you. I’m glad to have a friend like you.”

“No problem.” Yep. Bino will die if he even tries to mess with either of them.

Fox and Sparks continue to watch the movie while Tera, nestled into Sparks’ fur, sleeps happily.


About three days after Tera’s family moved into the neighborhood, Sparks was hard at work at the playlist for the Halloween party, as well as rebuilding the relationship of his cat companion from long ago. Just as he is about to move on to the next song, someone could be heard knocking at the door. “I’ll get it!” Sparks screams as he exits the room. It has to be Tera! Maybe she could take a look at what I’ve done so far… Sparks runs down the stairs eager to meet his girlfriend waiting for him. As he opens the door, he greets her, “Hello my little kit--ten…”

He looks at the dog in front of him in fear. Oh my dog, Oh carp. Carpcarpcarpcarp! What did I just say?! Uh… Uhhhhh… Say something, you idiot! “Um… hello… sorry, I thought you were someone else.” Sparks said shakily.

“It’s alright. The names Joey. Fox told me to come and meet you when I had the chance. May I come in?”

“S-Sure.” Sparks replied as the mysterious dog with the brown spot on his left eye enters the house. He led the dog to the living room, both taking a seat. “So…” Sparks begins, breaking the silence, “Fox told you to come here?”

“Yep. He told me something that was very confidential. Something that only should be shared with you. I believe that it has to do something with the new cat across the street.” Sparks blushes uncontrollably as his ears drop, his body shaking. Joey takes notice and begins to reassure Sparks. “Hey, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. I like cats too.” Sparks looks at Joey, his ears starting to raise. “Although, a word of advice. Wash or brush your fur after you meet with… Tera, if I remember her name correctly, that way dogs or cats can’t sniff the traces of her on you. You reeked of cat when I walked in. If you do this, then your relationship can stay intact, and you won’t have to worry about anyone else in your business.”

Sparks sighs and tightens his fist and stands up. “Why do we have to hide everything we do because we’re not the same species?!” Joey gets this weird face and pulls up his finger, about to speak, but Sparks beats him to the punch, now pacing. “I know, stupid question. I just… *sigh* I just think of what will happen in the future. Like, what happens if we do come out or get found out? Will people ridicule our relationship? If they do, will Tera be able to handle it; the pressure? What if she leaves… leaving our relationship… shattered.” Sparks’ ears drop hearing this come out of his mouth. He begins to tear up, leading to full on sobs. “I… I don’t want t-to lose her…” He collapses on the couch as his knees give way. His whole body starts to shake, the fear, anxiousness, and sadness taking over. “I’ve waited to see her for so long! I c-can’t live without her!” Sparks sobs.

Joey comes over to comfort his new friend. “Hey, no one’s asking you to come out yet, Sparks. Relax.” Sparks’ body begins to stop shaking, his sobs turning into muffed puffs of air. “Listen, if you are that stressed about your relationship coming out, then talk to Tera about it. I mean, I could even help you two out if you want. It will be ok. I got your back.”

“R-really?” Sparks asks, wiping the tears away from his fur as he looks back at Joey

“Of course. I like to help anyway I can, especially since I now have another friend who likes cats now.” Joey laughs as he comes to a sudden realization. “You know what, this is probably one of the longest conversations I’ve had with a new dog yet. I’m usually so shy, but your personality… it just makes me feel like I’m in good hands, like I’m with a friend I’ve known since I was a pup.”

Sparks is surprised to hear this. He never knew that he had such an effect on people before. “Thanks.”

Joey sighs knowing that his friend has finally calmed down. After, he asks Sparks a question, “So, I have to ask, how did you and Tera meet?”

“It’s a very long and emotional tale. Do you want the shorter version, or do you want to hear the longer one?”

“I’ll go for the longer version. I love a good story!”


Sparks gets situated on the couch while Joey eagerly waits for the story to begin. About 30 minutes later, Sparks concludes the story, including every detail from start to finish. “So, what did you think?” Sparks asks his new friend.

“It was a really touching story! I can’t believe that you two have such a strong bond. I’m actually quite jealous.”

Sparks blushes slightly, “Thanks. She means the world to me. Other than my Mom and Dad, she’s the only one who understands me, and I’m the only one who understands her.”

“I see why you’re so worried now about you two.”

“Yeah…” Sparks frowns, thinking of those thoughts again.

“Hey, if you ever need to talk at all, come to my house and we’ll talk. If you play D&D or Magic: the Gathering, we could play that as well.”


“That would be nice.” There was a pause between the both of them. Thinking of what to say, Sparks remembers the days when his dad played Magic with him when there was nothing to do. They even participated in Friday Night Magic at their local store, an event held every Friday to compete against other players. Sparks was very good at this game and even almost made it as a rookie into the Pro Tour, but was defeated in the quarter finals of qualifying. If he were to make it, he would be one of the first pets to ever make it to Pro Tour. Sparks looks at Joey, finally getting an idea of what to say.


Just as Sparks was about to speak, knocking could be heard at the front door. Sparks was about to stand up and get the door, but was stopped by Joey. “Hold on,” Joey told Sparks, now confused, “Let me check who it is first. It could be anyone.”

Sparks knew that he did have a point, so he remained at the couch standing, awaiting a response. Joey looks through the eyepiece in the door. He backs his head up and turns towards Sparks. “I think its Tera… come take a look to make sure.”

Sparks rushes over to looks though the door scope to find none other than the cat with orange, black, and white fur at his door. Sparks opens the door and greets his girlfriend. “Hey Tera!”

“Hiya Sparky!” Tera proclaims in her indoor voice as she hugs him, giving him a little kiss, Sparks blushing almost immediately. She smells like peppermint. Yum… Sparks thinks as the couples kiss ends, their hugging turning into paw holding. Tera then turns to her left and jumps. Her eyes turn to pinpoints as she notices the figure standing before them in the living room with a brown spot of fur on his left eye. Tera blushes a bright shade of red and starts to point at the stranger. “Um… Sparks?”


“Who’s that?”

“Who?” Sparks looks in the living room, remembering his friend, sitting there. “Oh yeah! He’s a friend. Come on, I’ll introduce you!” Sparks takes her paw, leading her toward the couch as they sit down.

“Joey, meet Tera. Tera, meet Joey.”

“Urm… nice to meet you Joey.” Tera nods with a smile, still looking a little nervous.

“Nice to meet you too, Tera. Sparks told me about how you two met, I want to stay that you two were meant for each other. I haven’t seen a bond as strong as this since… well, ever really.”

Sparks and Tera blush, grateful for the kind words. “T-thanks.” Tera says nervously while Sparks takes her paw into his.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking you two as a couple, what do you do to mask your relationship from others?” The couple says nothing. They really didn’t even think about hiding their relationship until today. Joey sighs and continues. “I’m just going to put it like this; pets aren’t really fond of separate species relationships here. That’s why I recommend hiding your relationship until you feel the need to come out. One thing that I told Sparks before you come here is that a way to mask the relationship is by brushing or washing your fur so that dogs or cats can’t smell one on another.”

Tera looks down, as her face turns red, remembering a bad memory. Sparks looks over, concerned. “What’s the matter Tera?”

“It’s… um… about what Joey said… a dog may or may not have almost sniffed out Sparks on me…”

Sparks’ concern goes directly to fear as Joey’s eyes go wide, staring at the cat. “W-who was it?!” Sparks spoke in disbelief as his paw leaves her hand and goes to his side.

“Wait! Let me finish.” Tera sighs and begins her story. “Ok, so Sparks, remember what Fox said about visiting other cats on the neighborhood?”


“So I went to the Sandwich house not too far down to visit Grape, and I walk up to the front door and start knocking. Almost as soon as I knock on the door, a dog with brownish fur opens the door. He tells me ‘Hello’ and asks me ‘Are you here to see Grape?’ I told him yes and he called out to Grape to come to the door. Then, I notice that the dog was sniffing around and his nose made its way to my fur. He backed up and said, ‘Why do you smell like a dog?’ I could feel all of the blood rush to my face, embarrassed, and I got angry. I yelled at him saying ‘It’s none of your business!’ as I saw my arms on my chest, crossed.

“Then Grape comes at the door hearing me yelling and she notices my now bright red face and tells the dog who she calls Peanut upstairs so we can talk alone. She pulls me to the kitchen of the house and asks me what Peanut said to me and I told her. She then asks if I’ve been with any other dogs in the neighborhood and I told her that all I’ve seen or been with was Stanley, my very older brother, and Sparks. I must have done something that she noticed, because when I said Sparks’ name, she then asked if I was seeing him. I blushed and stayed silent, giving the answer away. Grape asked how I met Sparks and I told her the story. She told me that she loved it and was surprised that our love stayed strong during our time apart. She said that she wouldn’t tell anyone and that if I wanted to talk to her I could come over whenever.”

Joey breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, at least she understands. It’s good to see that she that she’s willing to talk to you.”

Sparks smiles and looks at Tera, taking her paw in his once more.

“A little fun fact, did you know that Peanut was suspected to be a cat lover? Some even thought that he and Grape were even together at some point. He was even kicked out of the club for a little while.

“Really? No way…” Sparks says deniably.

“Yep, they couldn’t find enough evidence to back up the stories and rumors, so Fido let him back in the club, saying that their stance on cats were neutral. Although, Bino still believes that Peanut’s still a ‘cat-lover.’”

“That’s insane…” Sparks replies.

“I guess that’s why Fox wanted me to talk to you; to help you two avoid the ridicule of the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood.” Joey glances over at the clock lit up on the DVD player below the TV. He then stands up, now speaking to the both of them. “Well, I guess I should go. Wouldn’t want to spoil your time together.” Joey snickers jokingly. “See you later you two! Oh, don’t forget what I said about your fur!”

“We won’t!” Tera shouts as he leaves the house, closing the door behind him. Once the coast is clear, Tera cuddles with Sparks. “So, Sparky,” she begins with the side of her head against his chest., “What do we want to do now? Watch a movie, play some video games, or…” she gasps as she brings her head up, “How ‘bout you show me what you’ve been recording so far! I still remember you singing the Halo Theme from yesterday. That was really cool.”

Sparks answered playfully, “I don’t know…”

“Awww! PLLEEEAAASSSEEEE!” She then pulled out the best weapon in her arsenal, the cute face of death.

Her eyes grow wide and her lip pouts, starring into Sparks’ soul. She stares deeply into Sparks’ eyes, hoping to get her way as he stands his ground. Sparks attempted to say no, he tried to outlast the face, but he gave in. No one could resist that face. “Alright, let’s go listen to more music.” He whined playfully.


Sparks leads Tera up the stairs and to his recording studio, excited to show her what he’s accomplished so far. He pulls up the spare leather office chair for her and she takes a seat. Maybe everything will be ok. I just worry about what will happen later on. I’m probably just paranoid, that’s all. Sparks looks back at Tera while setting up his equipment, smiling at her. Well, at least we’re still together. That’s all that matters. Sparks grabs two headsets hanging from hooks on his desk, handing her a pair. Putting them on, Sparks makes sure that everything is set and presses play.



“I’ll put down a Swamp and play ‘Pharika’s Chosen’. Then I’ll pass the turn.”

Sparks puts down the cards and waits for Joey to respond. Their game of Magic: the Gathering was just starting out about ten minutes after Sparks walking through the front door of Joey’s home. Sparks was hard at work creating the final pieces of the playlist that was going to be played at the party, waking up at eight in the morning and working until five in the afternoon. His only free time at night was spent with Tera at either her house or his house. This was the first actual break that he has had in five days of work during the day.

“I’ll play a Forest and Elvish Mystic. I’ll give the turn to you.”

Sparks was already zoned out by the time Joey was finished with his turn. Ever since Tera moved into the neighborhood, he’s been trying to remember a song that he wanted to show her. He remembers first listening to it back in New York around the time when the family decided to move to Babylon. It was always on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t remember. What was it… I swear know it! Who’s it by…

“Sparks?” Joey asks as Sparks snaps out of his thoughts. “You ok?”

“Hm? Oh, sorry. Yeah I’m fine.” He replies as he starts his turn.

“You don’t seem like you’re fine, what’s up?” He says as he puts down the cards in his hand.

Sparks sighs and begins to explain his problem. “It’s just… I was trying to remember this song that I wanted to play for Tera. It was supposed to be special.” He shakes his head. “Let’s not worry about it. I’ll remember it eventually I guess. So it’s my turn right?

“If you say so… and yeah, it’s your turn.”

Sparks looks at the cards in his hand, then towards his opponent’s side of the field. As he was looking, the card labeled ‘Forest’ catches his eye. He looks at the card’s art and out of the blue gasps at his sudden realization. “I REMEMBER!”

“GAH!” Joey jumps, “What?! The song?”

“Yes! Its by one of my favorite artists. I can’t believe that I forgot!”

“What’s it called?”

“The Woods. It’s by Wolfgun. I’m using a couple of his songs for the party, so I guess that’s why it sounded so familiar. Wanna listen?” He says as he pulls out his iPod from one of the pockets in his collar.

“Sure.” Joey says as the song starts to play. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNN_hDuopPo)

After the song, Joey’s jaw was almost at the floor. “This… this describes you and Tera to the letter!”

“I know. I think it’s one of the reasons why I like Wolfgun.” He smiles. Suddenly, another idea lights up in his mind as he snaps his fingers. “Maybe I could play it at the party! Tera would definitely love that, right?”

“Yeah… wait…” Joey pauses.


“I thought that the party was for just the Good Ol’ Dogs Club? You know, for dogs? How will Tera be able to see it?”

Sparks’ face turns from very joyful to gloomy as he hears this news. “Well, great.”

He thinks for a second, trying to make the most out this. Then, he remembers the situation with Peanut and the club. Fido said that the stance on Cats is neutral, right? Maybe I could convince him to let cats into the party! Sparks gets a smile on his face as a plan formulates in his mind.

“I’ve seen that face before.” Joey points out.

“What?” Sparks asks innocently.

“You know darn well. That’s the face you get when you come up with a plan. You did that the last time we played Magic. Remember? You tried to play that card that spawns 1/1 harpies , that plan backfired. You had that same face when you put that card into play.”

Am I that obvious? One of his ears drops as a finger comes to his muzzle. “Well, yes, I do have a plan, but I don’t know…”

“Come on, it can’t be that bad.”

Sparks scratches the back of his head. “I was going to ask Fido is he could allow cats to the party.”

Joey’s jaw drops. “Sparks, that’s suicide for your relationship! What will you say if he asks why? You’re not really the best liar in the world you know.”

“I know, but hear me out. Tera told me a couple days ago that she doesn’t want to keep hiding the relationship, and I agree. So, for the time being, I’ll keep the relationship under the radar, but I’m going to use this song to help me announce my love for her.”

Joey puts his hand over his muzzle, thinking over what Sparks just said. “I don’t know. At least let me come to help out. You’ll need some support if anything goes wrong.”

“Sure. You can come, but I want to get this done as soon as possible. I’ll stop by Fido’s tomorrow to tell him, seeing how it’s about six days before the party.”

“Ok, but… how are you sure that he will say yes?”

Sparks sighs. “I don’t know. But it’s worth a try.”


Silence fill the room as the two of them think about the situation, then Joey breaks the silence. “You know, it’s still your turn.”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Sparks chuckles as their game continues.



-The Next Morning: About 9:30 A.M.-

Sparks approaches Fido’s house, scared out of his mind. Ok. You can do this. You’ve already tried to call Joey, that’s all you can do.

He was alone. The fear and anxiety was the only thing that was driving him to ask his question. He makes his way to the front door of the house, bringing his paw up to knock. He pauses, hesitating.
What if Joey was right? How am I sure that he’ll say yes… He brings his arm back down and his head hangs low, the thought of failure filling his mind.

His head then shoots up, his confidence returning. No. It WILL work. It has to. Joey will have my back… once his dad relays my message to him… He once again brings his paw up to the door. He takes one final breath and knocks. He puts his arms behind his back, waiting for a response. I haven’t felt this nervous since my first DJ job back at New York…

After about a minute of anticipation, the door opens. Sparks was just about to say hi to Fido, but another familiar face revealed itself from behind it. A face that he really did not want to see. Bino.

“Oh, it’s just you. What do you want Sparkles?” He begins arrogantly, his arms crossed.

Sparks tightens his fists and his expression went hostile. “Can it Bino! Where’s Fido? I need to talk with him.”

“That’s no way to talk to your leader of the GODC, Sparkles!” Bino started dramatically, “Maybe if you beg for forgiveness, I’ll reconsider.”

Seeing no way out of this, Sparks sarcastically and dramatically replies, “Oh great and glorious leader of our humble club, I beg on my knees for forgiveness! Please, forgive me O’ great leader!”

Bino smugly smiles, “Well, that’s a lot better, but not good enough. Come back later and maybe I’ll answer your question.”

“What!?” Are you serious?! After I went down on my knees?!

“Goodbye!” Bino says as he quickly starts to shut the door.

Before the door completely shuts, Sparks gives out one final cry towards the inside of the home, “FIDO!”

The door shuts in his face, leaving Sparks there on the porch, defeated. His ears and head hang low as he walks toward the sidewalk. Suddenly, his ears perk as he hears the door open once more. He turns to spot a friendlier face. “Fido!”

“Hey Sparks,” Fido yawns as he greets him. “So, what are you doing here? You need some help with the DJ job?”

Sparks scratches the back of his head. “Well, not exactly…” Sparks notices something near the door move. “Is there somewhere private we can go? I need to speak to you alone.” Sparks then looks and nods to the front door, indicating to Fido that they were not alone.

Fido looks behind him back at the door. “Sure… follow me. I know where we can go.” He takes Sparks around to the back of the house, leading them to a shed. Fido opens the door and lets Sparks in. He then enters with Fido, the door shutting behind them. “Ok,” He begins, “What did you need to talk to me about?”

Sparks looks at Fido, his arms now crossed, and explains. “I was wondering,” He pauses and breathes, “Could we allow other pets like cats into the party?”

Fido gets confused at the question. “Why would the club invite cats? I don’t think the other dogs would like it…”

“Aw come on! I think it would be a great idea! I even came up with everything. How about this, ‘The Good Ol’ Dogs Club hosts the Halloween Bash! All Pets Welcome!’ What do you think?”

Fido thinks for a second about what Sparks proposed. “I don’t know…”

“Aw! Please! I had this whole plan and everything! It was going to be special! I won’t be able to show Tera…” He then quickly grabs his muzzle trying to cover up the words that had just come out of his mouth. His eyes then grow wide as his whole body begins to shake. WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?!? Did I just… He looks up at Fido, his face now in shock with his pupils at near pinpoints and his mouth wide open. Sparks collapses on the ground as his eyes fill with the tears of fear, sadness, and anxiety, now at their peak points. His head lowers to his knees that were now at his chest, muffling his sobs that were now coming out of his mouth.


Fido looks at Sparks in shock. Did he just… did he just CONFESS a separate species relationship?! Fido remembers a situation quite like this months ago when Peanut was kicked out of the club because of a simple drawing of a cat. Peanut is even still called a “cat-lover,” even now. He was let back into the club because of Fido. He felt bad for Peanut, seeing how he is in a secret relationship with Sabrina, a black tabby that won over his heart even before his days at The Academy. Seeing Sparks now reminds him of what he actually would feel if his relationship got out. I need to say something. I can’t stand to see him like this. Fido then comes down to Sparks’ level and puts his paw on his shoulder. “Sparks…”

He is then cut off by a loud bang on the side of the shed. “WHERE IS HE?!” A voice could be heard from the outside. A pause fills the air with silence, then another loud noise echoes as the voice asks again, “WHERE IS HE, BINO?!”

Fido quickly got up and on his feet. Darn it Bino… He looks back at Sparks who was now looking at the direction of the sound. When he realizes that it was none other than Bino outside, Sparks’ cries once again turn into sobs as his head goes back down into his knees, holding them tighter against his body. Fido feels his fists starting to clench tightly as a fire fills his eyes. “Wait here.” Fido commands as he leaves the shed.

Fido only opens the shed slightly, only leaving enough room for him to squeeze through the opening to the outside. He moves to the side of the shed that the noise originated from and finds Joey holding Bino by his collar against the shed. Joey had this look that Fido had never seen before. It’s like he had his own little fire inside of him, and it was out of control. “Joey, what’s going on!” Fido intervenes.

“Get him off of me Fido!” Bino irritably says.

“QUIET BINO.” Fido breathes, calming himself down. “Alright, Joey, again, what’s going on?”

Joey growls as he begins to explain himself. “I went to go check on Sparks. He said that he would be coming here to talk with you and I rushed over here as fast as I could. When I got here, I saw that the front door was open and I assumed that you guys were in the backyard. When I went around, I saw Bino leaning against the shed with his ear close to it. I feared that he might have done something to Sparks, so I came over and asked him where Sparks was, and here we are now.”

Fido looks at Bino, still being held against the shed. “Joey, release him.” Joey then loosens his grip on Bino collar and Bino pushes Joey out of the way. Suddenly, Fido grabs his collar, lifting his brother Bino off of the ground, slamming him against the shed as well. Bino grabs where Fido is holding him, his face turning red from anger. “Listen to me Bino,” Fido begins as his tone gets deathly serious, “The conversation in the shed and right now never happened. These words are not to leave our group. If you EVER mention anything about what was said today, or if Sparks is kicked out of the club, I will personally kick YOU out myself, co-founder or not. He will not be kicked out and he will not be harassed, messed with, or even pranked while I’m around. Fox will also be monitoring this situation if I am ever away. And if you EVER eavesdrop again, I will personally sew your ears shut. Do you understand?”

Bino looks away, too angry to respond.


“Yes…” his brother responds grinding his teeth together.

“Good. Now go back inside, I’ll talk to you later.” Bino is put down and he quickly stomps back to the house.

“Wow.” Joey says, surprised at his older brother.

“Come on, come with me, we need to talk to our friend.” Joey and Fido head towards the shed and open the door, hearing the muffled cries of a dog from inside.


“Wait here.” Fido commands as he leaves the company of Sparks.

He’s alone. Nothing but the sobs and thoughts of the now not so distant future flood his mind. It’s over then. Bino knows, Fido knows, it’s only a matter of time that the whole neighborhood knows now. Tera… I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Sparks closes his eyes, attempting to leave reality and go to somewhere where problems went away, and sadness turned to happiness. This place, was where it began. The woods.

Sparks sits at the tree where he first met Tera, the house where he once called “home,” in view. Through the trees on the opposite side, was the field where they shared their first kiss. The place where an unbreakable bond was made. The only thing missing of this little scenario playing in his mind is the one and only thing that matters to him, Tera. He looks at the House first, then reflects on his past. What if I never went through the fence that night? What if me and Tera never met? Would my life be any different? Would I still come across Tera eventually? Then he thinks of something he never would have thought of in his life. What if… I were to leave Tera…

He turns back towards the woods, shaking his head then resting it against the tree. I don’t know what to do! Everything I try for our relationship turns into sadness and depression! I’m at my wits end. I… I need help…

<Are you really sure that everything you try turns for the worse?>

Sparks’ ears perk as he jumps. Who... who’s there?!

<Someone who’s been keeping an eye on you ever since you step foot in the Gardens.>

Sparks didn’t know what to think. That didn’t really answer my question…

<I know, but it will be answered in time. First, I want to answer the concerns you had before. You say you need help, but did you not look around you? Countless friends have come to your aid to help with your situation, but you don’t consider them to be helpful?>

Sparks was speechless, not knowing how to respond. I… do it’s… just…

<What about Fox? Grape? Joey? And even Fido?> A vision appears in front of Sparks, showing Fido slamming Bino on the shed that he was in.

Wait… is that… no… it can’t be… HOW AM I SEEING THIS?!

<All you need to do is give your friends a chance. If you don’t, then all hope is lost.>

Sparks sighs. But what about the outcomes? Your saying I should I just let them go like they’re nothing?!

<Yes, exactly. If you worry about the future, you really don’t focus on what’s happening right in front of you, right?>

Sparks looks down, there was no arguing with the voice inside of his mind. Yes…

<But if what you said before is indeed true, I’ve come up with a little offer for you. There are two paths now being created in front of you.> A green path from where Sparks was diverts into two, leading to the house and the field. <The path to your left, the field, represents you continuing on your current course with you and Tera together. The other path leads to your old house. This path means giving up your relationship, starting anew in the Gardens, going back to when you first arrived there. Chosing this path will result in losing new friends, gaining new friends, but in the process disconnecting you from your past; the better part of it. You and Tera would never come together that night, thus having no connection at all to her. So Sparks, What will your choice be? Will you start from square one at Babylon, or will you continue to fight for your relationship?>

Is she really making me decide my own fate?! This is madness! This CAN’T be real!

<Oh Sparks, this may be in your mind, but I am not a figment of your imagination. I am very much real.> A figure appears in front of him, taking the shape of a Pomeranian.

Who… who are you?

<My name is Tarot.> Sparks looks at the girl in front of him, seeing her green eyes glow as she begins to speak once more. <Now, what will your choice be, Sparks?> She asks, her arms parallel to the paths in front of him.

He takes a look at both paths thinking of what might come of each. The path to the house may lead to a more “normal” life, but at the same time, he loses someone very close to him. The other path remains the same, but leads to the unknown, a place which Sparks HATES to delve into. He thinks about this life-changing decision thoroughly, looking at all of the possible outcomes of each. He then stands up, and walks to the middle of these two paths. I want to have a normal life, it seems so good and care free… Sparks looks down and once again thinks. Then his head pulls up, turning towards the field. But I wouldn’t change my life for the world. It’s perfect the way it is now. Sparks sighs, chuckling at a new thought. You know, nothing EVER seems to be normal in Babylon. Why not add on to the weirdness? It could be fun.

He begins walking down the path towards the field, now eager and ready to face his problems head on as the Pomeranian walks beside him. His worries and depression seems to have faded away in a matter of seconds. Then, Tarot speaks once more.

<A wise decision, Sparks. Now, your life awaits.>

Wait! What do I do now Tarot? He pauses and stops moving, uncertain of what to do next.

<It’s simple. You wake up.>

Sparks’ eyes open as he lays on his side on the cold cement slab floor. He sits up and goes back into his previous position, the tears still falling from his fur. He stops and lets out one last set of muffled cries, the emotions that he had just encountered starting to vanish. Just as he lets out his last cry, Fido walks into the shed, with someone trailing right behind. Sparks glances over behind Fido to find none other than Joey.

He kneels down to Sparks’ level and begins to speak, “Hey Sparks.” He starts caringly with a smile, “Would it be the right time to say I told you so right now?”

Sparks smiles and playfully punches Joeys arm, “Shut up.”

“So, what happened? Dad said you sounded so confident over the phone.”

Sparks sighs and looks at Fido. “I may or may not have said something about my little secret.” Sparks carefully says, knowing that someone could be listening in on any word he was saying.

Joey face palms, his hand sliding down his face. “I knew this would happen! Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Sparks shrugs. “I think I just thought that I could do it alone. I was definitely wrong.”

“You can say that again.”

“Well, thanks for coming at least.”

“You’re welcome.”

Fido then enters the conversation. “You’re lucky that Joey came when he did. I had no idea that Bino was even listening in. Without the help of my brother here, your little secret could have been spread through the neighborhood by now.”

“I know.”

Fido takes one last look outside, checking for any signs of life near the shed. He comes back in, closing the door behind him and asks Sparks a question, “So, If you don’t mind me asking, how did your little relationship start? There must be something special between you and… who was it…”

“I don’t mind. Her name’s Tera.” Sparks said, relaxed and calm. “I should warn you, it’s a long story. Do you want to hear the shorter version or the longer one?”

Joey then speaks up giddily. “Go for the longer one! It’s a really good story. Oh, Sparks, you should tell him what you’re going to do at the party at the end.”

“Will do Joey. So, what will it be Fido?”

“I’ll go with the longer version. Joey, while Sparks is telling the story, could you wait near the door to occasionally check for anyone around? We wouldn’t want anyone else listening in, Right?

“Right.” Joey and Sparks say in unison.

With that, Sparks gets situated on the cement floor and begins telling his tale to Fido. After thirty minutes of love, separation, and reunion, Sparks’ story comes to a close. “Wow. You and Tera have such a great bond, it’s clear that you really care for your relationship by having the guts to show it in front of the whole neighborhood.”

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted cats to come to the party. Joey and I even planned the whole end of the party out ourselves. The first step was talking to you to talk about letting cats into the party.”

“I see…” Fido puts his hand to his muzzle, thinking about Sparks’ previous question before the situation with Bino. “I’ll hold an emergency meeting with the head dogs in the club. You should try and convince Fox if you can. He’s one of the heads of the club.”

Sparks smiles. “Funny you should mention that…”

“What? Were you planning on Fox helping you too?”

“Yep. “

“Good. Even more a reason why you should get him on board.”


“I’ll try and convince other members of our little group to let others into the party. You should convince Tera to wait until Halloween for you to come out, that way you can surprise her at the party. I have to leave to inform the others. I hope your plan works.” Fido walks to the door and gives one final word before leaving. “Cya Sparks and Joey. Good luck.”

Sparks and Joey say farewell to Fido, knowing that the secret is still safe. “So Sparks,” Joey begins, “I guess our next stop is the Sandwich house, right?”

“Right.” Sparks responds. One down, two to go. The biggest roadblock is now behind us. Sparks and Joey head out of the shed, around the house heading towards their next step.


A/N: Hey guys I hope you enjoyed Chapter Four! I almost reached 60000 characters on this one, so it's doing to definitely be a long one for sure. This is technically the 50% mark for the story as well, so there will be more to come! This story isn't finished yet!

Musical Artists That have kept me slightly sane over the course of this part of the story:

Pentatonix (YouTube)
Phil Collens (Mainly the Tarzan Soundtrack)
Lindsay Stirling (YouTube)
Peter Hollens (YouTube)
John Legend


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Great update D3ath_0ps! :D


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Thanks Saturn! :D


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i have been working on this for five days i think. but it's done and i'm proud of myself.

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Tera looks sooooo cool though! Thanks again Bee! :D


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Great job Killerbee! :D


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Nice story so far! I really like how it is coming out. I hope to see more soon!


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Alright, after a little week long break from the story I'm going to be starting up again by starting the preview for Chapter 2. I was in a spot where I was continually having writers block and was losing faith in my ability to write, but I got out of that hole and I'm ready to once again delve into my HP! Fan fic once more! It's about time for Sparks to execute his plan, right?


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So, while I wait for my copy of the preview for Chapter 2 to be edited by someone other than me, one more update couldn't hurt right? Please don't hurt me if you thought that this was the next chapter...

I decided that I would like to at least shed some light on what I'm going to do for the remainder of the origin of Sparks and forward starting with some info.

- The dates below are something I created to make the timeline of my story seem to fit better and to actually keep track of events in the story. Hope this makes sense!

Sept. 30th - Sparks move in
Oct. 1st - Sparks goes to GODC, talks to Fido
Oct. 2nd - Sparks auditions for DJ job at Halloween party (30th)
Oct. 4th - Tera moves in, Fox finds out (READ)
Oct. 7th - Joey stops by, finds out about Sparks+Tera. (PART FOUR)
Oct. 8-22rd - Prep for Party, hanging out with Tera, Hanging out with Joey. (CH. 1)
Oct. 23th - Goes to Joeys, formulates plan. (IF YOU)
Oct. 24th - Goes to Fido's, he finds out as well as Bino. Fido Joins in plan. (More to be added) (HAVEN'T ALREADY)
Oct. 25-29th - ??????? (No spoilers. :P)
Oct. 30th - Party Time

- I'm going to redesign Sparks with the help of KillerBee (The one who made the art for Tera)! Exciting!
- I'm going to introduce a new character after the origin, starting a new story after the beginning. The character is still in development phase, so no questions till after the airing of the THIRD chapter of the fourth part. (Subtle hint is subtle :3)

I'm going to be trying my hardest to get the next chapter out, so please bear with me as I try to work through college and my social life! Thanks so much for reading the story so far and I hope that you will enjoy the rest of it!


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Well. It took me a forever and half, but I think that the chapter can now see the light of day. Or... at least the forums...

Oh! Before I forget, you should check out FoxRock's little fanfic too! viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2972

Hope you enjoy Chapter 5! It was a blast to write! :D


-Housepets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning-
=Chapter 5: The Next Step=

Sparks inhales and exhales as he brings his paw up from his side to the door in front of him. Although the biggest hurdle of his plan, Fido, was done and out of the way, he felt uneasy going through the other steps. If one thing goes wrong, the whole plan could fall apart. What if Grape says no… Sparks hesitates just as he is about to knock on the door.

The thoughts of failure flood his mind while his ears begin to droop. Sparks then feels a paw touch his shoulder, making his ears perk up and his body jump slightly. He turns his head toward the direction of where the paw came from only to find his friend with a brown spot of fur on his left eye, standing right beside him.

“You ok Sparks?” Joey asks concerned.

Sparks then smiles, his confidence slowly regaining knowing that his friend was by his side. “Yeah… yeah, I’m fine.” How could I have forgotten about Joey? Sparks thinks to himself.

He then turns his head back toward the door as his paw coming back up to knock. She already knows about me and Tera, and she even agreed to talk with us whenever we needed to. There’s no doubt that she’ll say no! Sparks then hits the door with his paw in a rhythmic pattern creating a hard knocking sound. Just as Sparks’ paw comes back down to his side, a booming voice could be heard from the other side.

“I’LL GET IT!” The voice calls out. The door then opens, revealing a brown colored dog with dark brown floppy ears before them. Sparks could already tell that his energy level was through the roof. “Hey Joey.” The dog greeted with a smile. “Hey Sparks.”

“Hey Peanut.” They say nearly in unison.

“Mind if we come in?” Joey asks.

“Sure.” He replies as the both of them enter the household. Peanut closes the door behind them and begins to speak again. “So… Sparks, is this about the thing about me sing--” Peanut starts, but is interrupted by Sparks.

“No!” He blurts out rapidly. Joey gives him a strange look, puzzled at his response. Too quick Sparks… “I mean… no. We were actually here to speak to Grape.”

“Oh… um… ok, sure… “ He then turns towards the stairway as he puts his hand up to his muzzle. “GRAAAPPEEE!”


“Joey and Sparks are here! They need to talk to you!”

“Joey?! Why is he… wait… did you say Sparks?!”


In an instant, the cat appeared at the top of the stairs. She hastily makes her way down to the front door, greeting the two before her. “Hey guys.” She says fixing the fur standing up on her head. “What do you need?”

The black and white dog inhales and exhales allowing his nervousness to subside, and begins to speak. “It’s… about Tera. I need to talk with you…” He looks over at Peanut, now behind Grape. He brings his head closer to the cat, bringing his voice down to where only the two of them could hear. “In private.”

The cat looks behind at Peanut, still standing there with a smile. Grape then looks back at the two standing in front of her. “Why don’t you come into the kitchen? I’ll be there in a second.”

“Sure” Joey answers. “Come on Sparks.”

The two walk through the house to the kitchen while Grape pulls Peanut aside. I should talk to Peanut later…


Grape holds back Peanut with her arm at his chest as she leads him toward the landing of the stairs. “Peanut,” she asks, “Could you stay in your room for the time being? I have to talk with Sparks for a moment.”

Peanut frowns. “Ok…”

Grape sighs. Why does he always get like this… “What’s wrong Peanut? You’ve been acting weird lately.”

“I’m… fine Grape. Nothing’s wrong.” He replies, now sporting a weak grin.

Really? She thinks, her expression now emotionless with her head slightly lowered. Now you’re just making it obvious… “Are you sure? You know you’re a terrible liar right?” Grape says now looking serious with arms now crossed.

“I said nothing’s wrong.” Peanut says defensively. Grape was astonished. He’s never acted this way before… Something must be up… Noticing the slight hint of an irritated tone in his voice, he then sighs and smiles almost identically to when he was at the front door. “I… just have a lot on my mind right now. That’s all.”

“Are you sure that’s all? Do you need to talk about it? You know that you can talk to me if you need help with anything.”

“I’m sure. Thanks Grape.” Peanut says as he walks up the stairs and around the corner.

“No problem.” She replies quietly, making her way to the kitchen. He’s definitely not acting like himself. I’ll get to the bottom of this eventually. It’s probably nothing. She takes the first few steps down the stairs. What if it has to do with that one time… Grape stops dead in her tracks, remembering the time when Max and Tarot came over to play ‘Imaginate!’ together. She lets out a sigh, moving once more, nearing the room. I’ll deal with Peanut later, right now, Sparks needs help.


As Peanut enters the sanctuary of his room, he lets out a sigh as he collapses to the floor, the fake smile disappearing from his face. His head goes back, gently landing on the door in back of him.

Why do I always get his way when I’m around her? Maybe… maybe I’m just nervous and scared. Every time I see Grape, I think about it, then when I think about it I get nervous. I don’t know what to say when I’m around her… I just… tense up. He ponders for a second, thinking about his situation. Is it because of Sparks? No… no… she doesn’t even spend time with him.

He then gets a sudden realization. It’s Max. It has to be. Maybe when I think of Max, I think of me in his position. Another thought hits him. What if… what if my plan fails… He shakes his head. No. Sparks and Angel have my back. They know it will work. I guess I should start believing that it will too.

He looks to the ceiling for a second, stuck in his thoughts. He couldn’t believe that he was crazy enough to try something as big as he was going to do. He knows that with the help of his new friend Angel, a husky who he had met at the park, as well as Sparks that the plan that they all made was going to work.

After a moment, he lets out a sigh returning to reality. He then grabs his MP3 player from the pocket in his collar and puts one of the earbuds in. He looks down at the MP3 player’s screen, going through his list of songs. The song ‘Fireflies’ catches his eye. I should probably practice. That should take my mind off of things. Hopefully…

The dog presses down on the MP3 player and the song begins to play. His foot starts taping immediately to the beat while a smile slowly returns to his face. I love this song…


Sparks twiddles his thumbs around on the table, trying to let the excess nerves out before Grape returns. He looks around the room, observing every little detail as his mind begins to wander off. The first thing that catches his eye is the white refrigerator. On the front, there were a few pictures of the family together and some magnets that resembled letters spelling out the word ‘SANDWICH’ in colorful capital letters. Just as his eyes wander toward the items on the counter, he sees a paw moving up and down in the corner of his eye. His head moves toward the movement only to find Joey with a confused look on his face.

“You sure you’re ok Sparks? You seem out of it.”

“I’m sure.” Sparks says.

Joey crosses his arms. “Sparks.” Joey persists.

Sparks opens his mouth to attempt at reassuring Joey, but nothing comes out. He’s right. Sparks shuts his jaw and lowers his head slightly. There’s no avoiding it. “I’m… just nervous… and afraid, ok. It’s… I’m just afraid of the outcomes of the plan. What will happen, you know? The steps, putting it all together, that sort of thing.”

“But, Grape supports you and Tera. Why are you afraid?”

“I… I don’t know.” Sparks pauses, remembering the dream about Tarot. “Remember Fido coming out of the shed, leaving me in there?”


“Well…” Sparks pauses once more unable to find the words to explain. “I guess I must have passed out or had a sudden nap while you guys were talking outside, and I saw this Pomeranian who was talking to me about Tera and I. She told me that I worry too much about the future and don’t focus on what happening right in front of me, I guess that’s what makes me nervous all the time. I…” Maybe I shouldn’t mention the whole fate pathway thing… “I know that she’s right. I have to stop worrying so much. This plan is all that matters.”

“She is right you know.” Sparks jumps. The purple cat managed to sneak into the room through the door behind Sparks, scaring him unintentionally. “Sounds like you met Tarot.”

She knows her?! “You know her?”

“Yeah, of course I do. She’s Peanut’s girlfriend. Not only that, she’s also a psychic. You know, magical powers, seeing into the future, all of that kind of stuff. That’s how you were able to see her. Want anything while I’m up? Water? Tea? Coffee?”

So that’s why I was able to see her… “Really? And yes, Coffee please.” Sparks replies as his hands come together on the table. Wait, did she say that Tarot is his girlfriend? How will she feel after…


“Water, please and thanks.”

Grape moves over to the dish washer near the sink grabbing a coffee mug and a glass. While she’s prepping the single cup coffee maker, she continues. “So, what’s this plan you were talking about? I’m assuming I’m a part of it.”

“Yeah. The plan is that I was going to sing at the end of the Halloween party for her. She doesn’t want to hide the relationship anymore, so I thought that this would be the way to do it.”

“That sounds so awesome! I know that she’ll love it.” Grape pauses. “Wait, how do I fit in with all of this then? I thought this party was for dogs only.”

“I’ve already talked to Fido about it. He said he’s going to talk with the other head members to get cats and other pets in besides dogs. What I need you to do is to take her to the party and be with her until the very end. Being the DJ of the party, I have to stay on the stage managing the music, so I figured having one friend there would make it better for her.”

Grape brings the assortment of drinks to the table as Sparks continues. “I’ll invite her to the party first sending her to you next. Maybe you can introduce her to the other cats of the neighborhood there too." Sparks stops for a moment to take a sip of his coffee. YOW! Sparks winces as his tongue burns from the coffee. He ignores the pain and elaborates further. "At the end, during the song, I’m going to give the crowd a thumbs up. When this happens, I need you, Joey and Fox, if he says yes, to lift Tera on the stage so I can finish the song and… well… kiss her.” Sparks’ face turns crimson, showing through his fur.

“Wow, you’ve really got some guts. I wouldn’t even know what to think if I were in Tera’s position, but I know that she will love it. I know for sure that I wouldn’t take that big of a risk.” Grape pauses, leaving Sparks in suspense. Then, after a good minute, she decides. “I’m in.”

“Really!” Sparks beams, his tail wagging wildly while his face shows a smile stretching from ear to ear.

“Why not? It’s about time that we have something interesting going on here.”


Sparks was on the verge of jumping for joy. All of the worry, fear, and anxiety that resided in his mind had suddenly vanished in a single moment. Nothing could make today any better. Before Sparks could celebrate, Grape’s voice filled the room once more.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, what song were you going to play at the party?”

“Sorry Grape, it’s a secret.” Sparks sticks his tongue out, bringing the cup of coffee to his muzzle.

“Aw! Just a little hint!”


“Please! I won’t tell!”

Wow. She can really nail a puppy dog face… Sparks shakes his head, still smiling.

“Alright, fine. I’ll wait then.” Grape pouts.

Sparks takes a long drink of his hot beverage and sets the cup down on the table. “Again, sorry Grape. I have to keep the song under wraps until the party to avoid any spoilers.”

“I understand. It’s fine.”

There is a long pause between the three of them as they all try to think of what to say. Joey is the first person to break the silence. “So, is there anything else we need to talk about Sparks?”

The black and white dog brings his paw to his chin, attempting to think of anything else to talk about. Explain the plan, check. Tell Grape her roll, check. Finish off this really good cup of coffee… He takes one final sip of his coffee, leaving an empty mug on the table. Check. “Nope. I think we covered everything.”

“Then I guess were ready to move on to phase three of the plan. Right Sparks?”

“Right. Thanks for the coffee--” Sparks stops speaking suddenly. Someone pops into the dog’s mind just as he hops off of the chair. Peanut! How could I forget? As the other two look at Sparks in confusion, he continues. “I almost forgot! Can I go and see Peanut as well? I need to talk with him for a second.”

“Um… Sure…” Grape replied, confused. “Go up the stairs, and go left. It will be the second door on the right.”

“Thanks!” Sparks says as he makes his way to the stairs alone.

“Don’t take too long Sparks! We still have Fox to convince too.”

“I know, I know.” He turns his head toward Joey, flashing a smile. “I won’t be long.”

Sparks grabs the handrail of the stairs and ascends to the top, almost tripping on a couple of the steps. He makes it to the top of the stairs and turns left down the hallway. He looks at the closed door ahead of him, finding two of them labeled with an orange fish and a white bone, the same as the tags that both the Sandwich pets sported.

He nears the door with the bone, the exact location to where Grape described it being. He stands in front of the door bringing his paw up to the doorknob, but stops hearing a familiar voice singing a very familiar tune.

I’d like to make myself believe
That planet Earth, turns, slowly
It’s hard to say I’d rather stay
Awake when I’m asleep,
‘Cause everything is never as it seems.

As the voice continues to sing, Sparks knocks on the door. The singing then ceases, and things could be heard moving about in the room. “Who… who is it?”

“It’s me. Sparks!” He answers, opening the door slightly. I sigh could be heard from the other side. “May I come in?”


Sparks enters the room, closing the door behind him. He then takes a seat on the edge of the bed next to Peanut. “So, how’s the practice coming along? You almost ready to sing at the ‘half-time’ show of the party?”


Sparks’ House
October 15th - 12 PM

Sparks groans as his head lays on the desk. After all of the work that he had put into the playlist, he was burnt out, uninspired, and unwilling to work. The dogs head lifts up from his desk and glances over at lower right hand corner of his computer monitor to check the time.

Twelve o’clock? Already? Where did my three hours go?! Sparks scratches his head, trying to think of what to do. I could work on my Joker impression… or… I could go over to Tera’s for a bit. We could play Mario Kart on her Wii… His thought is suddenly interrupted by loud knocks coming from the entrance of the house. Sparks gets confused and turns around. How could I have heard the door? My studio is sound proof… Oh, yeah. I forgot. I left my door open… He stands up from his black leather desk chair and makes his way to the front door.

I wonder who’s at the door… is it Tera? It could be, but I don’t want to have a repeat of last time. Sparks recalls the moment Joey came over to visit him by Fox’s request. He had accidentally mentioned the word ‘kitten,’ giving the hint away. He knew that if it were anyone else, his secret was clearly out of the bag. Otherwise, there would have been a very confused dog or a very offended cat on his porch. He didn’t want this to happen again. What if it was someone else?

He continues to question what being could be at the door further as he nears the door. It could be Joey. Maybe he wants to play Magic. Then again, he would have called the house first. Another one of his friends pop into his mind. Who knows? It could even be Fox. Maybe he’s actually comfortable with me and Tera together now… Sparks sighs as his hand goes to the door knob Who am I kidding, ever since Tera moved in he’s been uncomfortable around me. Like he doesn’t know what to say around me. I doubt he’s here to see me. His thought was then interrupted by the loud knocks at the door making him jump. I should probably open up the door…

Sparks turns the knob and slowly opens the door. He then peaks ahead of the door as it continues to open to reveal a white husky standing on the porch. Not only that, a dog with cinnamon colored fur was beside the husky. He first looks at the male dog. He sported a red collar with a bone dangling from it. Not only that, his ears were floppy, but stood slightly up, unlike Bino’s that were almost glued to his head.

Sparks takes a short moment to get a good look at the… female husky. He could tell that she was indeed a girl by the stance and the look of her. She looked a little agitated with her hand on her hip, but her expression said the opposite. Her head fur was long, almost covering her right eye. She had a locket around her neck as well, silver, very cool. She also had grey colored fur at her chest and a hint of black on the tip of her tail. Not only that, she also wore a blue collar which seems to pop out in contrast to her fur. After this short moment analyzing her, Sparks introduces himself meekly. “H-hi. I’m Sparks.”

The husky then responds, “I’m Angel.” She then turns toward to the dog beside her, his hands behind his back. “This is Peanut. Are you Sparks?”

“Yes.” Sparks answers confused.

“May we come in?””

So this is Peanut… “Sure.” He replies, opening the door completely for his guests. They both walk through the door, stopping behind Sparks, taking a look at the house. The door shuts and Sparks turns around, continuing his greeting. “Would you like to sit down in the living room?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

They all move towards the living room, Angel and Peanut sitting down on the couch. “Would you like anything to drink? Water? Tea? Coffee?” The husky thinks for a second. “Orange Soda?”

“No thanks. We’ll only be here for a second.”

“Ok then.” Sparks says, taking a seat in the chair facing the couch. “So, what did you guys need? Is… this about the party? Would you like to add more songs to the list? I’m almost done, but I guess I can squeeze in a few more.”

“Well,” Angel announces, unabashed, “Yes, but we would like to ask you something.”


“We would like to have Peanut here sing at the party. A few songs. Nothing more.”

Sparks looks at the two with a smile, although, Peanut looks like he’s about to break down looking as nervous as ever. It was almost as if you could see him shake. He’s never seen a dog shake this much before other than himself. The last time he felt this nervous is when he first sang for a crowd of people. Sparks thinks for a second, trying to understand Peanuts situation. There has to be some reason for him to come and ask to sing. Sparks quickly comes to a conclusion. I wonder… “This is just me guessing off the top of my head, but is this specifically meant for someone?” Peanut smiles, a slight blush coming though his fur. “Someone special?” Peanuts expression switches completely with his eyes wide and his mouth slightly ajar.

“Wow.” Angel replies astonished. “How did you come to that?”

“Well, I just thought about him in my shoes. What would be the best way to get the attention of someone you like at a party? Singing. Gets ‘em every time.” Sparks chuckles. “Well… not every time, but you get my point. I also saw Peanut’s reaction when I mentioned ‘if it was meant for someone.’ He seemed to have a slight blush, that’s how I knew. It’s very romantic if I do say so myself.”

Sparks then turns his head to Peanut, moving forward on the chair, almost leaning in. “Peanut, be brave. I know this whole plan seems scary, but I assure you that you’ll do fine. Is Angel helping you sing?” Peanut nods his head. “Well, then I bet that this student will do great by using what his teacher *Points at Angel* is teaching him.

“Just know that you’ll do fine. Trust me. I know from experience. When I was in New York, my parents talked me into singing for a crowd of people for a talent show. You should have seen me. You could see me shake from a mile away. It was like the ground was shaking under me, like my own personal earthquake. It wasn’t until my dad finally came to me before I went on stage before I calmed down. I still remember the song…” Sparks give a smile as he hums the opening part to ‘You’ll be In My Heart.’ This song to him was a dedication to Tera, his girlfriend.

“You’ll be in My Heart…” Angel chimes in, smirking at her new found thought. “Looks like someone was in the exact same situation.”

Sparks smiles, snickering to himself. “Not exactly.” Angel and Peanut stare at each other, confused as Sparks switches the subject.
“So. If Peanut is singing at the party, could I know what songs or artists he’s considering?”

“I thought that considering his voice, he would sing a bit of Owl City. Do you know them?”

“Heard of them? I have ‘Ocean Eyes Deluxe Edition. They’re one of my favorites besides Linkin Park!”

“Really? Linkin Park is my favorite too! Anyways, great! I’m sure you know the song If My Heart Was a House, right?”

The mention of the song make his ears twitch, he remembers the name but can’t remember the tune. “Well… yes. I do. Could it be possible for Peanut to give me a little taste of what he can do? He can sing anything he wants” Sparks looks at Peanut and his expression turned from a smile to absolute fear in an instant. He quickly takes back his statement, attempting to not stress the dog out. “I mean, only if he wants to. I think of it as kind of an audition of sorts, but if he doesn’t want to sing to me right now, he doesn’t have to. It’s his choice.”

Angel sighs. “You’re right. If Peanut doesn’t want to, I won’t make him. It’s his--”

The sound of a familiar tune fills the air as Angel stops speaking to take a listen to her apprentice, singing beautifully to a song by Owl City. Peanuts eyes were closed shutting out the world as he sings with grace.

“You’re the sky that I fell through
And I remember the view whenever I’m holding you
The Sun hung from a string
Looking down on the world as it warmed over everything.
Chills run down my spine as our fingers entwine
And your sighs harmonize with mine
Unmistakably I can still feel your heart
Beat fast when you dance with me.”

He remembers the song. It’s the song that Sparks listened to for the longest time before he made a connection that ended his Owl City days. Sparks gets these sudden flashbacks of his old home with his biological mother being with him through everything they put up with in that house. He then remembers that day when they were separated. Sparks’ emotions start to fly as the first tear makes its way to his arms that were resting on his legs, his head lowering so no one could notice.

“We got older and I should have known,”
“(Do you feel alive?)” Angel sings back up, Peanut continuing, not noticing.
“That I’d feel colder when I walk alone,”
“(Oh, but you’ll survive,)”
“So I may as well ditch my dismay,”
They both sing in harmony, Sparks included adding a lower part into the mix creating a perfect major chord. “Bombs away… Bombs away…”

Just as Peanut begins with the chorus, he feels a paw come to his shoulder. Sparks looks up finally to find Angel standing beside him, comforting him. She must have noticed his reaction to the song…

“Circle me and the needle moves gracefully,
Back and forth, if my heart was a compass you’d be North
Risk it all cause I’ll catch you if you fall
Where ever you go, If my heart was a house you’d be home.”

Sparks was now sobbing in the arms of Angel, the memories overpowering his will to hold back the emotions flowing through him, but to no avail. “Did… did I do something wrong?” Peanut asks concerned.

Sparks then speaks, his sobs dying down, "No. No, its something from my past. This song made me think of something that still... haunts me even till now. Something that NO ONE knows about. Not even my mom and dad."

"Do you need to talk about it?" Angel asks in a caring tone.

Sparks hesitates, thinking about the offer. "Y-yes. I think its about time I get this off of my chest. I've been living with this for too long." Sparks wipes the tears from his eyes and fur and continues. "Its... about my mom... and her passing. She... she died right beside me."

Angel and Peanut stare at him, surprised. “Do… do you mind me asking how?”

Sparks shakes his head and begins telling his tale. “It was around noon, it seemed like any other day, my… owners…” Sparks growls. “Were tending to their ‘plants,’ and left me and my mom in the corner of the room to just sit there doing nothing. Then, the humans were freaking out, panicking about something. My mom held me tight, comforting me as I start freaking out, unaware of the situation. Then, I see my owners grab these big metal things and flip the dinner table over next to us. My mom holds me tighter, caressing me as I almost hyperventilate in her arms. I was in a state of panic and shock.

“Suddenly, there were loud bangs at the front door. It shook the whole house like an earthquake. The next thing I know, the door flies open and big men start filling the house yelling ‘POILICE! DROP THE WEAPONS!’ Then, mom pushed me to the ground and covered my ears, suppressing loud bangs that filled the air. So many thing were happening at once, I was freaking out. I screamed, but I couldn’t even hear myself. As the final bangs were going off, I feel my mom’s body jolt. She starts to stagger and then starts to fall…”

Tears were filling Sparks’ eyes, leading to full on sobs as the memory continues to play in his mind. Before he has a chance to speak, Angel comes towards him, starting to caress him, trying to calm him down to continue the story. “Then… my mom falls down on the ground, me catching her laying her down on the floor, covering a red spot on her that wasn’t there before. She started breathing heavily and looked into my eyes, my confused, innocent eyes and pulled me close.” He pauses to sniffle and cough, the sobs still pouring out of him. “She whispered something to me. She told me: ‘I love you Max. Be a good boy for me. O…kay....’ Then… then…”

Angel supportively hugs him, his face now buried in her fur, sobbing harder than ever before soaking the husky’s fur in his tears. After almost a full minute of crying, his face gravitates away from the husky and lets out puffs of air before continuing on. “I tried to wake her u-up, but everything I-I tried wouldn’t work. I tried shaking her, calling her, but nothing worked. I was then picked up by one of the guys that came into the house. I was screaming at the man to put me down. I kept telling him that my mom was still in there, but he wouldn’t listen. Before he took me out of the house, I got one last look at my mom, laying there, motionless on the floor just like the other two humans that were once my owners.

“I learned later that the police were there to arrest my owners for planting, harvesting, and distributing drugs out to various people and dealers. Not only that, I found out that the officer who accidently shot my mom was hit by one of my owners, causing the officer to get forced back by the impact and shoot off the stray bullet. Both of my owners died that day, as well as the only being that I held dear, and ever since then I’ve been trying hiding all of the anger, sadness, and depression because I didn’t want to relive those moments again. I wanted to be the happiest, caring pup I could be, because I wanted everyone else to feel good around me. To honor my mom’s memory. She would have wanted me to be happy.

“Up until this point, this information was kept in the dark. My records were lost on my transfer to the shelter, so no information came with me other than my old name. As I said, not even my mom and dad know about this. I would like to keep it that way. Please. For my sake. Could you guys not mention this to anyone. I wouldn’t want anyone to know of my struggle and strife and make them feel bad for me. Plus, I haven’t yet fully healed mentally and I don’t know what I’d do if someone asked. Just please, do me this favor.” Sparks lets out one last puff of air as he wipes the last of his tears on his arm.

“I Promise.” Angel speaks first. “Not a word.”

“Me too. I promise.” Peanut adds.

Sparks smiles. “Thanks guys.” He looks toward Angel, seeing the spot where he sobbed against her, the wet fur clumping together. “Sorry about getting your fur wet Angel.”

“Its fine Sparks. Don’t worry about it.”

He stares up toward the sky as his head tilts up, his thoughts now happy and relieved. I love you mom. Thanks for watching over me. I hope I’ll see you again in the end. His head drops back down now facing both Angel and Peanut. “So, Peanut, could you sing something else? Something to lighten the mood. I’m sure we’d all enjoy that.”

“Sure.” Peanut says confidently. “What song?”

“Oh!” Angel chimes in, “How about The Bird and the Worm? You know that one!” Then she directs the conversation towards Sparks, “It’s a great song.”

“Um… sure!”

Peanut stands up from the couch, now eager to show his new found talent to both of his friends. As he finishes breathing in and out, he begins a new song.

If you're the bird whenever we pretend it's summer
Then I'm the worm, I know the part, it's such a bummer
But fair is fair, if my segments get separated
I'll scream and you'll be there

Close your eyes, close my eyes
Slide the cotton off of your shoulder
And feel the shine, feel the shine
I'm hooked so toss me over and cast a line, oh I'll try
Oh, throw a party and greet my undersea friends
It depends, as they arrive, if they arrive

You and I left our troubles far behind, troubles far behind
But I still have just one more question on my mind
For all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas
With friends like these well, who needs enemies?

“That was awesome!” Sparks beams. Almost showing no signs of sadness.

“Thanks.” Peanut responds.

“You can definitely sing at the party. If you guys stop by another time, I could set up my equipment and start working on the technical side of the performance.”

“Cool.” Peanut responds, looking at the clock on the DVR. “Well, I have to go. I’ll see you guys later!”


The dog leaves the house, leaving Sparks and Angel alone. “So, Sparks…”


“Is it possible to create a CD of Peanut singing? Just in case, I want to have a backup plan if something happens that Peanut can’t perform that day. That way, Grape can still have Peanuts singing.”

“Sure, I can do that. No problem.”

“Good. I think that it’s about time for me to go too. I have to be home by three o’clock and my house is six blocks away, so I have to start heading out.” They both stand and move towards the door, Sparks opening it for her. “Wait,” she stops, “I want to let you know, I saw you with that cat that moved into the neighborhood.”

Sparks’ face turns a bright red, showing through his fur, the room suddenly feeling a lot warmer. “Y-you did?”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. By the way, that kiss was so romantic. Did you know her before she moved here?”

“Yeah. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later.”

“Alright. I’ll see you later then”

“Bye!” Sparks says as she leaves the house and off the porch. He shuts the door and turns around toward the stairs, not knowing what to think. His thoughts were a jumbled up mess. There were no words that could describe this moment. Sparks sighs and finally gets a phrase out. “What a crazy day.” His head turns toward the kitchen. “Maybe an orange soda wouldn’t hurt. I wonder if we have any left…”


The Sandwich Household
Present Day

Sparks waits for a response from Peanut. All of the practice with Angel and the recording with Sparks to “monitor” his progress was extensive, but very much worth it. Peanut was almost ready to perform. All that’s left is the stage work for the singing and the setup of the mics he acquired off of Amazon.

Peanut responds with a weak smile, “It’s going good.”

“That’s great. Is there anything else? You know, you can talk to me if you have any problems.”

Peanut’s head lowers, the smile disappearing. “I just… I’m nervous. I’m afraid about what will happen. What if I screw up? What if Grape doesn’t like it? What if…”

“Peanut,” Sparks puts his paw on his friend’s shoulder, “You’ll be fine. This is why you’ve been practicing so much with Angel, there’s no way that you’ll fail. Trust me when I say this: You’ll do fine.”

The smile returns to Peanut’s face, this time bigger, and not forced like the last one. “Thanks Sparks.”

“No problem.” Sparks replies as his paw comes back to his side. He then hops off of the bed and stretches out before speaking once more. “Anyways, I’ve got Joey waiting downstairs and I still need to go to two more houses, so I’ll catch you later, ok?”

“Sure. Bye Sparks!”

Sparks opens the door back up and starts to head out. He stops, a new thought pops into his head as he turn around to see Peanut again. “Just so you know, you’re one of the things that inspired me to sing at the party too. I want to thank you for that.”

“Really?” Peanut looked shocked, “I… uh… you’re welcome. So you’re singing at the party too?”

“Yep. At the very end. It’s going to be super special.”

“Cool. So, what are you singing?”

“I don’t want to spoil it for you.” Sparks says in a jokingly serious manor.

“Aw! Please!”

“Sorry Peanut! I have to keep the song under lock and key until the night of the party. You’ll hear it then.”

“Okay…” Peanut says disappointed.

“Well, I have to go. Remember to practice! Cya!”

“Cya.” His friend replies as the door shuts behind him.

Sparks stares at the door for second and sighs. Peanut sure has come a long way since he started singing. His progress is astounding. At least now the Sandwich phase is complete in my plan. Onto the next step. Fox.

Sparks makes his way down the stairs to find Joey and Grape, still standing near the front door almost in the same positions. “There you are Sparks.” Joey starts, “You ready to go?”


“Alright then. Good luck guys! I can’t wait for the party. Tera’s gonna freak when she hears you.”

“Thanks. Bye Grape.” Sparks waves as both dogs make it out of the house and onto the sidewalk. Next stop, Fox’s house.


Joey and Sparks near Fox’s house, as they finish up their conversation about Magic: the Gathering. Joey then moves the conversation towards their plan. “So, this is the last stop right?”

“Not exactly. We have one more stop after this.”

“Which is?” Joey asks as they stop at the front door of the house.

Sparks brings his arm and paw up to knock. “You’ll see…”

The black and white dog hits the door creating a hard knocking sound. His arm comes back to his side and stands beside Joey as they wait for someone to answer the door. For a moment, nothing happened. All that could be heard was the sound of the fall wind blowing through the streets and the birds chirping; a relaxing scene making Sparks smile.

Thoughts of the day Tera moved in flood him mind, how Fox was so uncomfortable around the couple when he was around them. He turns towards Joey, taking a breath. “Hey Joey?”


“Do you think that Fox would even help?”

“Why would you say that? You said he was your friend right?”

“Well, yes, but other than a few times of me coming over to his house to play, he hasn’t even asked to hang out. Even when we do, he acts so uncomfortable around me. It’s just… I don’t think he wants to be my friend anymore.” Sparks’ head lowers as well as his ears, now uncertain of what his friend will say.

“Sparks, you know that he doesn’t like cats, right?


“And you know that he still wants to hang out when you come over, right?” Sparks nods. “So just give him some more time. I know if I didn’t like cats and my new friend turned out to be a cat lover, I wouldn’t know what to think.”

Sparks sighs. “You’re right. Maybe he’s just trying to adjust. He did say that he would tolerate it. You could be right, maybe he just needs some time.”

Suddenly, the door opens revealing a grey husky before them. His head fur was standing tall on his head and his yellow bandanna was crooked on his neck. He looks groggy as he brings his paw up to his eye, rubbing it trying to wake himself up. “Hey Sparks. Hey Joey.” He starts, yawning. “What brings you two here?”

“I need to talk with you about something.” Sparks answers. “May we come in?”

“Sure. I’ll get something for us to drink while you make yourselves at home. Water or orange soda?”

“I’ll take a water.” Joey replies taking a seat on the couch.

“Orange soda please. OH! Cover up the label too! I wanna guess the brand.” Sparks says as he sits down next to Joey, Fox disappearing.

“Got it!” Fox yells from the other room.

“Since when did you start drinking orange soda?” Joey asks with a hint of curiosity.

Sparks puts his paw to his mouth, trying to remember. “My first soda… Hmm… It was when I was two at one of my parent’s gatherings when one of their pieces of art was used in a gallery. People and pets of all kinds were there. During the party I saw some soda sitting on the counter and I got curious, so I took a sip… then a swig… I guess it just tasted good, you know? I didn’t drink the full can though.

“I didn’t know what it was until my dad told me, and mom didn’t mind because they like to throw parties every once and a while, and that’s when the soda comes out, but they did lay down some rules about the stuff, like no more than two per month, what it can do to me, et cetera.

“So, we made a deal that I could only have one can of soda every month. Sometimes, I have one more than I’m supposed to have… well… not on the same day or week, but you get what I mean. This will be my second one this month. Actually, I haven’t had two sodas in a single month since the beginning of last winter…”

“Your family must be really flexible with rules.”

“They’re only like that because I’m always being good, well, I try to be at least. It all started at the same party. Apparently, I talked a dog out of doing something really, really bad. When I was passing by the kitchen, I saw a border collie out on the terrace of our flat. When I got closer, I saw that she was looking down, so I went and introduced myself to her. She seemed so lifeless at first sight, her first few words didn’t fare much better, but as I talked more and more to her and asked her why she was alone, she told me that I shouldn’t worry about it.

“When we got further into our conversation, I must have struck a nerve because she started to get very sad and mad all of a sudden. Then when I told her how great of a dog she was, because she seems so good deep down, she started to cry, and I hugged her. She told me that I was the first pet to actually acknowledge her in years, she even thanked me. I talked with her about video games all night until she had to leave, believe it or not. Then before she left, she told me her name. Funny, she didn’t even give me her name until the end of the night. What was it… oh yeah! Emerald!

“She never told me what that bad thing was, but she did tell her mom and dad. Her parents were immensely grateful though. They told us that I even saved Emerald’s life. Imagine if I didn’t even meet her that night… that’s also why I like to meet anyone I see, just in case, you know? Anyways, that’s when my dad made that deal with me. I consider it a reward, you know? Well… not a reward, I didn’t mean it like that, but… a…” Sparks couldn’t find the words to finish his sentence.

“I understand. It’s your one chance to unwind, have your own fun, and reflect… I guess. That was a great story too. You really do have a way to make friends with whoever you come in contact with. You know, even though you’re young, you seem very mature…” Joey stops, looking at Fox now arriving with two cans of soda stacked on top of each other in one paw, and a glass of water in the other. Both of the sodas were covered with some sort of paper, so the label could not be seen. Fox gives Joey his water and Sparks his soda.

Two clicks of the tops of the cans sounded as both Sparks and Fox sip down on their beverage. “Mmm.” Sparks sounded as the soda swished around in his mouth. “Fanta. Definitely Fanta.”

Fox lowers the can from his muzzle. “Man, you really know your soda, don’t you?”

“Yeah… well… no… I just remember tastes well, that’s all.”

Sparks sets his drink down on the coffee table in front of him while Joey drinks is water and Fox takes a swig of his sugary drink. As the can moves away from the husky’s face, he continues. “So, why are you here you guys? You wanted to hang out?”

Sparks could tell that there was a slight sense of discomfort with Fox. He could feel it around him. “We needed your help with something.”

“Like what?”

“Well…” Sparks pauses, picking up his can and taking a quick drink. “I was thinking of singing at the party…”

“That’s great! You’ll be awesome.”

“I’m not quite done. I was thinking of singing a song at the party, but it’s for Tera. She’ll be on the stage with me.”

Fox’s face was in shock. “Are you… are you out of your mind?! Do you know what you’re even thinking?!”

“No I’m not out of my mind, and yes, I do. Tera and I don’t want to hide our relationship anymore. If anyone has a problem, they can ignore us.”

“But think of all of the backlash!”

“I don’t care. As long as we’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

Fox’s expression changed again, now more irritated than before. “Fine, if I were to take part in this plan of yours, who would all be into it.”

Joey then steps in, “So far we have Fido, Grape, and I. We still need two more pets, including you.”

“Wait, Fido? How’d you get Fido to help you?”

“Long story.” Sparks takes another drink and carries on. “So will you help me, or not?” There was a long pause between the three of them. Sparks waited in anticipation. Why is he so hesitant? Is he afraid? Who or what is there to be… Sparks’ eyes grew wide coming to his conclusion. Bino. Before Fox could make a decision, Sparks spoke up. “Fox, are you afraid of what might happen to you?”

“No! I mean… no…” Fox quickly responded.

Gotcha. Sparks thought as he kept himself in control. “Fox, are we friends?”

“Of course.”

“Then you can talk to me right?”

Fox’s head lowered, looking at the ground. “Yes…” Sparks smiles at his friend, trying to be as supportive as possible. “But, Joey’s here…”

“If you want me leave the room for a bit I can. This is between you two.” Joey speaks up.

“Thanks Joey.” Sparks says as his friend leaves the room. “So, what’s wrong? Is it something? Someone? I’m all ears.”

“It’s… it’s just that I’m worried. What if someone sees me helping out and tries to call me out as a cat-lover or something…”

“I’m just going to throw this out there, but, it’s Bino isn’t it.”

“What? No!” Sparks crosses his arms. “Alright fine. Yes. It’s Bino, ok? He’s my friend, I’ve known him since we were pups. He and I hated cats. It wasn’t until I was saved by one until I actually started to lighten up, but I do still dislike cats. If Bino sees me helping you, he might think that I may be a cat-lover and might not want to be friends anymore. Even though he can be such a jerk, and I mean a JERK, I still consider him a friend.”

“Do you want my honest opinion?” Fox shakes his head. “If you care about your friends, you would do anything to help them right?” His head goes up and down once more. “I understand if I’m putting you in a tough position right now. You want to help, but you don’t want to put your friendship at risk. If you don’t want to help, that’s completely fine, I understand. I want to maintain the peace as much as possible during this, so if you feel that your unable to do this, that’s ok.”

“Thanks Sparks.” Fox smiled half-heartedly. Sparks could tell that he felt really terrible about not being able to help.

“Hey, if you do change your mind, you can visit me and tell me later. Is that alright?”

“Yeah. Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome.” Sparks takes one last sip of his soda before setting it down on the coffee table in front of him. He stands up from the couch, stretching a little bit as he walks towards the door. “Well, I have one more stop before my day is done and it’s five blocks away, so I better get going.” He then directs his voice towards the other room that Joey was in, “Hey Joey, we’re all done here. Time to go.”

“Sure Sparks. Nice seeing you Fox.”

“Nice seeing you too Joey.”

“Hey Fox?” asks the black and white dog.

“Yeah Sparks?”

“You should come and visit when you have the chance. I have video games, books, chess, you name it!”

“Will do.” Fox opens the door for Joey and Sparks as they walk through the opening. “See you later guys.”

“Cya!” Both say in unison.

The door closes behind them, leaving the two of them walking down to the sidewalk. “So,” Joey starts, “There’s one more house left right?”

“Yep. You ready to walk five blocks?”

A groan could be heard from the two, as they continue to walk down the street.


“Is this the place?” Joey asks.

“Yep.” Sparks responds. He moves forward towards the entrance of the home eager to complete the preparation phase of his plan. As he was walking, he noticed the absence of his friend in his peripheral vision. He turned around to see Joey standing nervously in front of him. That’s odd. Joey? Nervous? He comes up to Joey, reassuring him. “Don’t worry, she’s a friend.”

Joey looks at the house for a moment and then back at Sparks. He breathes then speaks up. “Ok.”

“Great. Let’s go.” Sparks lets Joey go first, taking the lead. I don’t think I’ve seen Joey like this before. I wonder why… Could it be someone in this part of the neighborhood? Or is it just Angel? No, he wouldn’t ask if this was the place if he already met her. What is it?

Sparks and Joey step onto the porch of the house, Sparks stepping up towards the door. He takes a look around the front door, noticing the plaque labeled ‘Raymond’ with the address below it to his left. Fancy…. He turns towards Joey who was looking behind him. “Joey?” He asks his friend, whose head quickly turns toward the direction of the sound.

“Yes Sparks?”

“You ready?”


Sparks turns back towards the entrance and brings his arm up, readying his paw to knock. Sparks takes a moment to collect his thoughts and calm his mind, then knocks at the door. He brings his arms behind his back and waits for a response.

“You know what?” Joey speaks suddenly.


“The most stressful thing about each of these visits is just waiting for the door to open.”

Sparks thinks about this for a second. “You know what, you’re right. It really is one of the most stressful things about our plan.”

“You mean your plan.”

“You know what I meant.” Sparks says jokingly with a smile. “To me, I think the most stressful thing is talking about the plan--”

Sparks was cut off by the loud opening of the door in front of them. Sparks smiles waiting in anticipation. It’s been a couple days since he’s seen Angel and Peanut for them to ‘monitor’ his progress, as Angel would say.

The door opens fully, revealing the Siberian Husky from behind it. “Hey Sparks.” She welcomes with a…

A smile? That’s unusual… Could it be the red dye in her fur? It has to be. It’s like she seems so much happier with it in. (Um, Sparks… you kind of interrupted me in the middle of my narration…) Oh shush random voice in my head! You can wait for a second, right? (*sigh* Yes, I can wait.) It’s weird, ok? She seemed to be so agitated about something when I met her, it’s… cool to see her smile. (Yeah, your right. It is a bit weird. Hey… uh… can I go back to narrating please?) Sure! Go ahead. (Thanks. *Ahem*)

Angel then looks to Sparks’ right, noticing the dog behind him. Her smile disappears, straightening out as her expression turns to confusion. “Who’s this?”

Sparks turns toward his friend. “This is my friend Joey. Joey, this is Angel.”

Joey steps up towards Angel extending his paw to her. “Hello Angel. Nice to meet you.”

She grabs his paw and shakes it. “Nice to meet you too Joey.”

“May we come in?” Sparks asks.

“Sure. Come with me to the kitchen.”

Sparks and Joey follow the husky though the doorway and down the hall to the kitchen, talking on the way. “So Sparks, Joey,” she starts, “Why are you guys here?”

“We want to ask you if you would take part in our little plan that we’ve come up with.”

Angel tilts her head. “Plan? What plan?”

“A plan where I sing in front of the whole neighborhood at the party.”

Angel smiles, “Is it for… ‘you-know-who?’”

“Tera? Yes. Joey knows. It’s fine.”

A sigh of relief came out of the husky. “Okay, good. I had to make sure. Does anyone else know?”

“Yes. Grape, Fido, and Fox know too. Grape and Fido agreed to the plan and I’m still waiting on Fox.”

“Are you sure that Fox can be trusted? He’s friends with Bino you know.”

“I know, but he told me himself that he questions his friendship with him anyways, so there’s still a chance of him helping out. Besides, before Tera moved in, we hung out together almost every day.”

“Alright… if you say so.”

“I know so. Trust me.” Sparks looks down at the table, thinking about Fox and his plan.

After a moment, Angel continues. “So, about the plan… what would I be doing?”

“You would be with Fox trying to make room for Grape, Joey, and Fido helping Tera onto the front of the stage. When I give the signal, a thumbs up, that’s when you and the others come in to help get her on the stage.”

“Alright. Is that it?”

“I think so…” Suddenly, a new thought came to his mind, begging to be heard. “Did I tell you the story on how Tera and I know each other?”

Angel puts her hand on her muzzle, almost as if she was “The Thinker” statue. “No, I don’t think you’ve told me yet.”

“Do you want to hear it?”

Joey then chimes in, eager to hear the story. “You should. It’s a great story.”

“Alright, sure. I’ll listen.”

“Great!” Sparks enthusiastically replies. “Now, would you like to hear the shorter version or the longer version?”

“I’ll go with the longer one. I have time.”

“Sure. Longer version it is.” Sparks says as he begins telling his tale of how he and Tera came to be.

After about a half hour, the story concludes and a certain Husky is left baffled at the blushing young dog. “I don’t know what to say. Um… I guess I didn’t know that you and Tera were so close. I probably wouldn’t have guessed in a million years. I’m happy that the bonds between the two of you held strong though those years too. How long was it? Two?”

“Yep. It wasn’t until two and a half years before we were reunited again. Oh, and thanks.” He smiles as the red in his face starts to dissipate. “So will you join in on the plan? I know you still have that other project going on, so I understand if you can’t. I’ll just have Fido take your place if that’s the case.”

“It won’t be too much, I’m in.”

“Great! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. So, is that it?”

“Yep. I guess we should get going, I’ve got some preparations to do before the party.” Sparks says as he and Joey get off of the dining room chairs and towards the door. “I’ll see you later Angel!”

Angel yells from the kitchen, still sitting at the table, “See you later guys!”

Sparks and Joey open the door and leave the house, happy now that the plan is now in motion. Well, one of them anyways. Sparks looks at Joey, still looking around nervously. Something’s not right… He’s doing it again… I’ll ask him about it later, right now, it’s time for celebration.

“Hey Joey,” he asks His friends head moves toward his voice, “How about we go to my house and play some Magic: the Gathering or Mario Kart for the Wii?”

Joey sighs as he smiles, “Sure. That sounds like fun.”

Sparks and Joey walk down the street happy, knowing the preparation for the plan was out of the way. The only obstacle left for them today was the six block walk ahead of them to Sparks’ house.


A/N - Hey guys! You should check out FoxRock's little fanfic too! viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2972

I also highly recommend that you take a look at the songs posted in this chapter! They're really good!
Pentatonix is also a really good group as well, so go on YouTube and show them some love! PTXofficial is the channel!


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Been waiting for an update for a while and I'm so glad you delivered! Great job!


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I love it!
:twisted: the plan is already in motion! :twisted:

"It's weird, cuz I thought about Peanut singing fireflies for a practice song, and here it is!

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Updating Chapter Two's preview to include one more part of the story that I finished up. I only have a little bit more then it is complete!

Also, don't you guys love cliffhangers? :lol:


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I wish that we didn't have to wait as long for cliffhangers to be resolved because that just drives me crazy.


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YAY! I'm gonna have to update the pic's of Angel now, I haven't been able to post those yet. So she has the red hair now, but the collar is still blue.

Now i'll sit and wait for the next one!

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FoxRocks Wrote:
YAY! I'm gonna have to update the pic's of Angel now, I haven't been able to post those yet. So she has the red hair now, but the collar is still blue.

Now i'll sit and wait for the next one!

Cool! I can't wait to see her with the red hair!

Also, I guess I can share with you guys what I plan on doing after the Third and final chapter of the origin of Sparks.

-Chapter 3:

I'm going to take a day to plan out what needs to happen, whats going to happen, and what interactions might take place during the duration of the next chapter. Once I have that settled, I'll start working on writing the preview for Ch. 3.


What I plan on doing after Ch. 3 is that I'm going to introduce a few new characters over a period of time that I feel is appropriate as well as doing a few "Short" (If they actually do end up being short) stories on Tera and Sparks as well as developing the new characters. After that... well... I guess we'll wait and see. :D

-Other Things?

I would like to take some time after the final release of Third chapter to jumpstart my mind a bit by taking a VERY small one week break from writing. I can feel my mind starting to slip and I feel like taking this break will help me out a bit so I can get back into the writing mood again.

Again, thanks for reading and I'll see you guys for the Chapter 3 Preview! ^w^/


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Another beautiful promising story that I must catch-up on. The emotion in the first chapter was palpable enough to nearly make me cry (if only I could).

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I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far Dryideabat! Yeah, I have a couple of very powerful moments in the story so far, and I can't wait to continue the story further.

Thanks for reading! :3


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Also, check out Killerbee's thread here. Me and him are officially colaberating (as well as FoxRocks :P) and adding on to the current universe I personally call: "Universe #B30R." I can't wait to see his first update to his thread and look forward to what he has prepared! :D

COMPLETED @ 10/7/14 8:30 P.M.


-Housepets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning-
=Chapter 6 - The Final Step=

“DAD!” Sparks yells from the garage, digging through boxes of his equipment. “WHERE’S THE EXTRA MICROPHONES!”

Isaac walks into the room, still stumbling as he continues to try and wake up from his sleepy state. “Did you check all of the boxes?”

“Yeah I… wait, I forgot one.” Sparks walks over to the unopened box in the corner. “I can’t believe I completely missed this one…”

Sparks opens the box to find the microphones he was looking for, as well as some other equipment that he was going to need later. “So, why do you need these extra microphones again?”

“One of my friends is going to be singing at the party, so I have to have extra microphones on standby if I or my other friend will sing with him.” He says as he picks up the box filled with his things.

“That’s cool…” His father says with his hands behind his back. After walking down the driveway through the opened garage door, his father not far behind, he loads the first box into the van parked at the end of the stretch of pavement. “So, I heard that you want to get your fur dyed.”

“Yep! I’m going with a sky blue on my head fur. It’s not going to be a complete dye, but rather the ends of my head fur, ears, and tail. I also have another thing to go here,” Sparks points to under his eyes, “Remember Kingdom Hearts II?”

“Yeah. I’m the one who showed it to you.”

“You know Axel right?”

“Of course…”

“Well, remember the little purple thing under his eyes?”

“Yeah… *gasp* that would look so cool!”

“I know right! I can’t wait till two o’clock. What time is it now?”

“Umm…” His arm goes up to his face, looking down at the watch on his arm. “12:30.”

“I’ve been working for that long?! Man, time flies…”

“Believe me Sparks, you don’t know the half of it.”

The two pack the car in silence for a minute, Sparks’ mind trying to come up with what to say.

Suddenly, Isaac’s voice could be heard as he puts the last platform in the van. “You know what, you can go get ready, I’ll take this from here.”

“You sure dad?”

“Positive. Wouldn’t want you to be late for your appointment at the salon, right? Besides, Isabelle would kill me if we did.”

“Right. Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Sparks enters the house through the side door of the garage and heads toward the bathroom to get ready to leave. This should only take about 30 minutes to wash up and get ready. IF I’m lucky… Sparks goes up the stairs and to the right and makes it to the closet near the bathroom. He grabs a black and white towel from the linen closet, matching his fur color, and enters into the room.

He puts the towel on the ground and puts his collar on the counter as his eyes gravitate towards the mirror. He took in every detail, every inch of fur, his ears, his bushy tail, everything. In doing so, he keeps picking out the ‘flaws’ in his own image, even the most miniscule of these ‘flaws.’ This is one of Sparks’ biggest problems that he has with himself, and he knows it too.

He took a moment to close his eyes and look away from the mirror, pushing his own thoughts of criticism in the back of him mind. No. Not again. I need to stop talking down on myself… I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks of me. Not even myself… He turns toward the shower and turns the handle to left, causing water to shoot down from the shower head. He pushed out a sigh from his mouth as his head turns back toward the mirror, the thoughts returning, his self-confidence draining.

Why am I so lazy… I could actually gain some muscle if I would actually exercise for once… and maybe if I… NO. STOP IT SPARKS! QUIT TALKING DOWN ON YOURSELF! YOU’RE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE! … Right? His eyes shut as he leans against the counter. His ears seeming to be glued to the top of his head. First one tear rolls down his face, then another, and another as his mind goes awry. The cries and weeps of the dog couldn’t be made out over the sounds of the warm water hitting the metal flooring of the shower as he tries to suppress his sobs.

He turns away from the counter and steps into the shower, closing the curtains behind him, shutting himself out to the world leaving him to his own private thoughts. He collapses onto the floor of the shower, the water hitting every spot of his fur as he quietly sobs to himself. Why… why do I do this to myself… His head goes back to the wall, his eyes closed preventing the water that was hitting his face from going into them. Ever since that… SNOB talked down on me at that one party, you’ve been acting this way, trying to be ‘perfect.’


Sparks walks around the crowded flat, people and pets of all ages conversing with one another. One after another, people bump into the young dog trying to make his way to the living room, his Nintendo DS still tucked into the drawer of the DVD cabinet for when they cleaned earlier. Almost there…

Sparks weaves through the last set of people to find a group of cats and dogs together near the TV. They were right in front of the cabinet, Sparks’ intended destination. They were all wearing these designer collars, ranging from real leather to the most elegant of designs. Well, looks like I’m going to have to actually talk to them… The group laughs about as Sparks takes a step towards the group. Taking one last breath before speaking, he taps on one of the dogs’ shoulders.

“H-hello!” The group, all about four or five years older than him, takes notice of the young dog, staring at him with a blank expression. The dog who Sparks had tapped whispers to his friends and steps forward towards him with a smirk on his face. Sparks thinks nothing of it as the Retriever inches further towards him.

“And who are you little guy? Aren’t you a little young to be at this party, squirt?” Some of his friends behind him let out a slight chuckle, while the brown Australian Shepard that was standing next to him looks at him with uncertainty, his paws clenched.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself… I’m Sparks!” He extends his paw out to him. “Nice to meet you.. uh…”

The Golden Retriever’s arm and paw stays by his side. “Charles. Call me Charles little guy.”

Sparks’ paw comes back down, his expression confused as he continues. “Ok… Nice to meet you, Charles.”

“So, what is a pudgy puppy like you doing here at this time of night? This is an adult party, kid.”

“Charlie…” The Australian Shepard calls out, the Retriever ignoring him.

“Pudgy…” Sparks says, confused by the dogs words, the insult hitting him like a ton of bricks.

“It means that you’re a little over-weight, kid. Probably from too much junk food I’ll bet. What does your family give you? Cake for dinner?” the group laughs a bit more, the Shepard showing more signs of agitation as Sparks’ face turns crimson from embarrassment.

Am… am I really that…Sparks looks down at his stomach, his paw covering it. Sparks knows that he’s been eating more than he should, causing a little bit of weight gain, but he didn’t think it was that bad. “M-my parents are good…” Sparks tries to speak, but is interrupted by Retriever.

“Maybe he even plays video games all day too! What a lazy bum…”

“Charlie! That’s enough! Leave him alone!” The Retriever once again take no notice of his friend.

The first tear starts to roll down Sparks’ face as the comments continue, the groups laughs growing, and Sparks’ mental image of himself growing worse and worse.

Finally, Sparks turns away from the group, now pushing though the crowds of people to the stairway trying to make his way to his room. The DS was now a lost cause. The humiliation was too much for Sparks to handle.

Before Sparks had the chance to make it to the top of the stairs, a slap could be heard clear as day, silencing the whole room. Then, the voice of the Shepard echoes through the crowd, making sure everyone hears. “Charlie, we’re done!”

Sparks closes his door, blocking out the words, his cries being the only audible thing among the silence from the other side. He leans against the closed door slowly dropping towards the ground with his head hanging low. “How could he say that… in front of everyone?” He pauses, wiping the tears from his eyes as he sniffles. His eyes then catch on to something moving before him. It was the mirror, hanging on his closet door. He stands back up, staggering towards the mirror.

As he stands before his reflection, his mind focuses on his belly, slightly puffed out. “Maybe that guy was right… I have gained a little bit of weight…” His paw rests on his stomach. “Maybe if I didn’t eat as much… or barely anything at all, I could probably lose… this…” Sparks thinks about the possibility of this option. He wouldn’t have to stop playing video games, but his food intake will decrease. He sighs, “Yeah… yeah that’s what I’ll do. I’ll probably look better too.”

His eyes then look away from his stomach, now looking at his own reflections face. His reflection sported a frown, flat ears, and wet, teary eyes. Come on… mom wouldn’t want to see me like this… let’s try and put a smile on that face. A weak smile starts to form on Sparks’ face, but changes right back into the same frown from before. Sparks sighs, “It’s no use. I may as well go to bed.” Sparks jumps onto his bed, taking his collar off and putting it on the end table beside him. He takes the covers and lays them over himself, leaving his head and arms exposed. “Maybe tomorrow will be better.”


Sparks remembers the moment when Isabelle and Isaac found out about his weight loss idea. It was only two and a half months after the party that Sparks was the one to actually tell them that he was scared. He only said this because of the fact that he could start to see his bottom rib bone. Isabelle and Isaac then talked with him about how he could stay healthy by eating right and getting a little bit of exercise often. At the end of their talk, Isabelle mentioned a phrase that he will never forget, “You’re perfect the way you are now, don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise.” He will never forget this. Sparks hold his stomach, remembering that whole moment. NEVER again.

After a moment of just hearing the sound of the water hitting the metal ground, the thought of Tarot and what she mentioned crosses his mind. Maybe… maybe I DO worry too much. Maybe I shouldn’t care about what other people might think of me… or myself for that matter… Just… positive thoughts! Yeah! I bet the dye will look SO cool on me… think of the blue on my ears and head fur! And the tip of my tail! SEE? There you go! A smile fills his muzzle as he begins to stand up once more. Was that so hard? A small whisper flooded the room, barely audible, “You have no idea.”

Sparks wipes the water away from his eyes, grabs the bottle of his favorite shampoo, citrus flavored, and starts to get ready as his confidence starts to come back to him, a smile very slowly, but surely, returning to his face.


“Hey look,” Isabelle gleamed, “Another dear! Ten points!”

Sparks got a glimpse of the feral animal as the car continued to roll down the highway towards the city near Babylon Gardens. Whenever they went away somewhere, they would always play games to make the trip more interesting and fun. This time, they were playing a game to find specific things out on the highway.

Sparks continues to look at the forest to his right, trying to spot deer. As he was searching, something catches his eye. Among the brown and green from the forest, there was a shade of blue that could be seen. Sparks’ first thought was wild flora, but it was far too large for any flower or plant that size. As the car inched further, it seemed like time was going in slow motion. Upon further inspection, Sparks realized that this was not a plant he was looking at, but an animal, a very weird looking one at that. This animal had wings, a beak, and… legs? Is that a… Gryphon? Suddenly, a voice could be heard in Sparks’ head. <Hello… Sparks…>

“What?” Sparks says in shock as time began to move normally again, the gryphon disappearing.

“I said, are you excited for your appointment Sparks?” Isabelle asked.

Sparks looks at his mom riding in the passenger seat of the car and sighs. “Yeah! I can’t wait!”

“Well, we’re almost there, so be ready.” Isaac announced.

“I will.” Sparks sat in silence for a bit, giddy with excitement as they pass by countless numbers of trees.

“So Sparks, tell us more about this little plan of yours. I hear it has something to do with Tera.” Isaac and Isabelle chuckle a bit.

“Uh… sure!” Sparks clears his throat, knowing that this could take a while. “So, you know how I sang for Tera in the street, right?”

“Yeah, it was the same song that you did for the talent show.”

“Well, it’s going to be kind of like that, except it’s going to be at the party and I’m singing a different song.”

“What song would that be?” Isabelle asks.

“Since you guys won’t be at the party, I guess I could tell you.” Sparks pulls out his iPod from his collar and taps on the screen. “Or I could show you.” Sparks taps down on the device once more, causing the iPod to play the song as Sparks sings along.

After the song finishes, Isabelle is the first to speak. “That’s a great song sweetie.”

“I agree. You’re not only gonna woo Tera over, I think you may even steal the hearts of everyone else in the neighborhood.” Isaac chuckles.

“You think so?” Sparks smiles as a slight shade of crimson fills his face.

“I’m sure.”

With that, Sparks’ confidence about the plan rose ten-thousand percent. There’s no way that this will fail. “Thanks you guys. Oh! Could you keep this a secret though? I want it to be a surprise!”

“Sure thing sweetie.” Isabelle answers.

The car pulls into a parking lot filled with cars and parks in a parking spot. “We’re here.” Isaac announces.

Isaac turns the key next to the steering wheel and the engine stops running, allowing Isabelle and Sparks to unfasten their seatbelts and step out of the car. The light of the sun blinds Sparks causing him to shield his eyes with his paw, until his eyes adjust to the light. “Sparks,” Isabelle calls out, “Here’s your leash. Do you want me to put it on for you? Or shall I?”

“I got it.” Isabelle hands Sparks the leash and he puts it on. He looks down at the handle of the leash that was wrapped in his paw and gives off a sigh. I’ve always hated these things…

“I know you hate leashes Sparks, we’ll be done before you know it!” Isabelle says, reassuring him.

Sparks chuckles. It’s almost as if she read my mind.

“No, but I can.” Sparks jumps at the voice behind him. He turns his head only to find a black tabby with a white leather collar with a moon shaped tag looking back at him. “Hi! You must be Sparks. I’m Nyx. My mom is going to be your new fur dresser! Her name is Aphrodite.”

“H-hi… How did you…”

“It’s just a thing that I have. People say that I’m psychic. I don’t really know how I got it though… anyways, I guess we should go inside. Wouldn’t want to be late, would we?”

“No we wouldn’t.” Isaac answers.

“Follow me.” Nyx instructs with a smile. The three of them follow the black tabby through the door of the salon, facing the crowd of pets and people waiting to get their appointment started. Pets of all kinds were there, dogs, cats, rabbits, even furrets! “Hey Tony!” Nyx yells to the front desk.

“Yeah Nyx?” A male human with black hair and glasses stands from behind the desk.

“Mark that the Carlson’s are here for their 2 o’clock. Thanks!”

“Sure. No problem.” He then directs his speech towards the family. “Welcome to ‘Fur Central’ guys!”

“If you can follow me, we’ll go and get your appointment started.”

Nyx leads them around the salon, encountering several other stylists performing their art on different kinds of animals. One cat was getting fur dye done from his feet to his head in yellow stripes. His mom did not look happy, but someone beside him looked very happy about it. Sparks and the redish brown cat locked gazes at each other, Sparks smiling and waving his paw at him. The cat smiled and nodded back as Sparks turned the corner.

Around the corner, only one young stylist was present. She had short hair, a cotton candy blue color, and a red turtle neck with black skinny jeans to boot. She also had these black square glasses that made the outfit that she was wearing complete. Very stylish…

The stylist smiles at the family before them, looking eager to get started. “So this must be my two o’clock! The Carlson’s." She walks over towards Sparks. "I presume this is Sparks?” She takes a good look at the dog, then puts her hand out with a smile. “I’m Aphrodite Sarantos. I’m sure you’ve already met Nyx, my assistant and lovely daughter, Nice to meet you.”

Sparks’ paw meets her hand, shaking it up and down. Where have I heard Aphrodite before... hm... OH! She's a god! Greek to be exact. And I thought that watching Clash of the Titans and Hercules was pointless. After he saw Clash of the Titans, Sparks looked into Greek mythology further with interest learning more about the different gods in the culture. So that means... Nyx... must be the goddess of... night! I remember! Wow. It's been almost a year... “Aphrodite? Like the Greek goddess of beauty? And Nyx, the… um… goddess of night!”

The stylist’s eyebrows raise, “Correct young one! You seem very bright for your age. Not like most dogs that I work on. You’re only… three and five months, right?”

“Right… thank you.” Sparks blushes.

“The name suits her.” Isabelle punches Isaacs arm, “Ow! I was just saying!”

“You better be ‘just saying’ bub, or you’re getting the sofa tonight!” Isabelle walks over to her as Sparks and Nyx chuckle, her tone and attitude seem to completely change in an instant. “I’m Isabelle. Jane must have mentioned me already…”

“Oh yeah! Jane was one of my friends in beauty school when we were first learning to do hair and fur! You were her favorite client! You were mentioned as ‘the girl on fire’ once because of your hair. You know, from--”

“Yes, I know the reference. She absolutely loves those books. How is she?”

“She’s doing fine. Oh! She wanted me to give you her number if you ever wanted to chat. And I wanted to tell you that if you want me to do your hair too, just stop by my house and I’ll do it for half the price… and for some gossip.” Aphrodite smiles and hands Jane a piece of paper from her pocket.

“Ooo, gossip… count me in! Thanks.”

“No problem.” Says the stylist. “So,” Aphrodite continues, directed towards the entire family. “What can I do for you today?” She opens a drawer full of files at her station, pulling at a manila folder with Sparks’ name on the front. She opens up the folder, looking at a piece of paper inside. “Looks like I see a… cut and a… oh! A highlight! My specialty! Did you have and particular requests?”

“Yes actually…” Sparks chimes in, stepping over to the large mirror in the back of the room. “I was thinking a little neon blue color on the tips of my head fur, ears to the folding point, and the tip of my tail. I also wanted to have little things under my eyes like this video game character…” He digs into his collar to pull out a picture of the character Axel, giving it to Aphrodite, “Here. His name is Axel.”

She takes a look at the picture and grows a smile. “Oh yeah! Axel! From Kingdom Hearts!”

“You’ve played it?” Sparks asks with excitement.

“Of course! Naminé is my favorite character. And sure, I can do all of that!” She then gives the picture back to Sparks, but rejects it.

“You can keep it. That way you can use it whenever you need it Aphrodite!” He says with a smile.

The stylist smiles, “Please, call me Ms. Sarantos.” She grabs the pen from the counter. “So, besides the dye, is there anything else I should know about? Stuff like tickle spots or sensitive nails?”

“I do some trouble around the stomach. I’m kind of ticklish, but not too much.”

“Good thing to note.” She scribbles something down in her folder, then looks back up. “Alright, is that it?”

“I… think so!” Sparks says.

“Alright then, let’s begin!” She points toward the padded table in front of him. Sparks climbs up and takes a seat getting comfy as Ms. Sarantos explains what she is going to do. “So, I’m going to begin with the highlighting, then putting you under heat so the color sinks in, after that we’ll wash you up and start cutting! Then if you want, we can either sharpen your nails or give them a cut. Which sounds better?”

“I’d rather sharpen my nails.” Sparks replies.

“Ok. Nyx could you mix up the dye for me sweetie?”

“Sure mom!” Nyx says as she bolts to the back of the salon.

“She should be back in a second. You might want to get comfy Mr. and Mrs. Carlson, this is gonna take a while…”


After an immense amount of highlighting, washing, and cutting, it was finally time to see the final results. Sparks hadn’t dared open his eyes or look in a single mirror since the start of his appointment, afraid of what the results might be. Inside, a war was waging in his mind. His self-conscience hanging in the balance. On one side, his mind believes that this was a complete mistake, his appearance looking degrading as ever. His mind on this side believes that many comments of ridicule would come as a result of his poor decision. On the other side, his mind thinks of the brighter side, believing that this change will make Sparks look not only a thousand times better, but a thousand times happier. This war has happened many times before, but not on this scale. The scale was a thousand times bigger, a new neighborhood, new friends, and enemies. In this battle, the dark side was winning.

“Alright Sparks, looks like you’re all done. Why don’t you walk over to the mirror and take a look?”

Sparks jumps from the table, his eyes cast down to the floor afraid of what he was going to see. He gradually strolls over to the mirror, his breathing quickening, his heart racing. Then, out of nowhere, a familiar voice pops into his head. Nyx. <Don’t be afraid. Just look up.> Something could be felt on Sparks’ shoulder. His eyes gravitate toward the direction of the paw, finding none other than the stylist’s assistant. <I felt this battle going on in your mind ever since we started on you. You don’t have to worry. I’m right here.>

Sparks nods his head. His eyes close as his head faces the mirror. He takes a moment to catch his breath and to calm himself down a little. Well… here it goes… His eyes open. He takes a look in the mirror. His jaw drops as a tear forms in his eye. Oh… my… dog…

He steps closer to the mirror, his paw pressing against the glass. Sparks’ free paw comes up to his face, touching the newly colored parts of his fur. Tears make their way down from Sparks’ eyes to the newly created smile now stretching from ear to ear. He turns to see his tail in the reflection, the tip now colored a vibrant shade of blue. I… I look… awesome… Is this… is this really me? Another tear makes its way to the floor of the salon as he turns around, facing everyone behind him. He first looks at Ms. Sarantos with the biggest smile he could conjure, triggering a wave of sobs filled with joy as he runs over towards her. The two bodies collide with each other, Sparks wrapping his arms around her.

As the two of them hug, all Sparks could do was smile. A thought crosses his mind as he sheds one last joyful tear. He needs Nyx’s help though. Nyx, can you hear me?

<As clear as day.>

Good. Could you tell Ms. Sarantos about what I was dealing with all this time? I wouldn’t want her to think that I don’t like her or anything like that. I just need her to understand what exactly I was going through.

<Are you sure?>


<Alright then, I will.>

Thank you.

The two release each other from their hug, allowing Sparks to wipe his teary eyes. “I… I…” Sparks takes a moment to breathe and recollect his thoughts, “Thank you so much. I absolutely love it.”

Aphrodite breathes a sigh of relief. “You’re welcome Sparks.” She walks him back towards the mirror, the now happy reflection of Sparks being shown. She then points towards the newly colored patches of fur, explaining her work. “What I did was only did the tips of the head fur and ears, making kind of an outlining effect, instead of dying the entire patch itself. The tail however was completely different. All I did there was just dye the tip of the tail and nothing else. Finally with the picture that you gave me, I was able to recreate the little splotches under Axel’s eyes on you with minimal effort. The best part about the type of dye that I used is that it’s long lasting so the next appointment after our next one is when we’ll reapply the dye.”

Sparks and Aphrodite then move towards Isaac, Isabelle and Nyx, all waiting together, looking at Sparks with a smile. The stylist then directs her voice towards Isaac and Isabelle, “So, if you two will come with me, we’ll set up the next few appointments and the payment. Sparks can stay here with Nyx if he wants.”

“We’ll see you in a second Sparks. This shouldn’t take that long.”

The three leave, Sparks and Nyx remaining. “So Sparks,” Nyx begins, “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you so worried about yourself?”

“I don’t mind.” Sparks tells the story of the party, explaining the situation with Charles, his inner struggle, and what happened afterwards. When Sparks finally finishes, he let out a sigh. “That’s why I’m so self-conscious about myself. Although, I did learn from my experience and got help from mom and dad. I don’t ever want to want to do that to myself again. We were all scared for me, including myself.”

“So, wait… why did you want to worry yourself over getting your fur done then? Why get it done in the first place?”

Sparks shrugs his shoulders. “I guess I just wanted to change things up. Otherwise I wanted to do this to match my costume for Halloween.”

“Fair enough.” Suddenly, the cat’s ears twitch, as her eyes grow wide, turning a bright shade of purple. Her jaw drops and her paw comes up to her chest. Sparks starts to see her fall backwards towards the chair behind her. Sparks spots this and thinks of his mother, the way that she fell at the old home. He casts this sense of fear and sadness aside as Sparks instinctively comes up behind her, catching her mid-fall. Sparks helps her gently into the chair, her eyes still shining a bright shade of purple. “T-Thanks Sparks.”

“No problem.” He replies. Sparks stands next to her, wondering what in the world she could be doing. Just then, Nyx’s eyes turn from purple back to her normal green eyes as her hand comes up to her head. She’s getting tears in her eyes… What just happened? “Are you okay? What was that?” Sparks questions with concern and sincerity.

She starts to rub the side of her head, then begins to explain. “I… I felt something happen… it was so sudden… I think something may have happened. I couldn’t see the full picture exactly, but I think that… I think that there may have been an accident.”

“What kind of accident?”

Nyx opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. She closes her eyes and lets out a sigh before continuing. “I’m not certain, but I’m not going to presume anything though, because sometimes my visions could be wrong. I’m not certain if this is one of those times. For now, I’ll leave it be then look into it later.” Nyx then winces as her paw comes up to her head yet again.

“Again, are you ok?”

“I’m… I’m fine. It’s just a little headache. It happens every time a vision pops up.” She pauses rubbing the side and back of her head. “If I find out anything more, I’ll contact you through telepathy. I just have to make sure my headache is gone first…”

“Alright, sure. That’s fine, but just take it easy for now, okay?”

“I’ll try. Thanks again Sparks.”

“No problem.”

Isaac, Isabelle, and Aphrodite could be heard talking down the hallway of the salon, the conversation sounding familiar to Sparks. The name of a certain cat filling the room. “And then they kissed in the street. It was so cute!”

“I had no idea that Sparks was so romantic!” Aphrodite smiled.

“MOOOM!” Sparks screamed, his face turning a bright shade of red.

Nyx giggles behind him as Sparks gives her a glare. She stops laughing, only showing a huge grin. “So Sparks has a girlfriend huh?” She questions playfully as Sparks lets out a growl in the cat’s direction. “I meant nothing by it you silly mutt, I just find it very cute at your age.”

It was Sparks turn to let out a sigh, trying to calm down. “You don’t know the half of it. Tera and I go back to when we were only five months old. Before we were separated, we made a promise: No matter where we go, we would never forget each other. Fast forward two and a half years later, my family moves to Babylon. We settle there, I made a few friends, life seemed normal. Then about three days later, something great happened. A new family was moving into the Gardens and Mom decided that they would like to introduce themselves by helping with the move in. When we went outside, we got to see the family come out of their car in the street. Can you guess who was in that car? It was none other than the cat that I first met.”

“Wait, Tera is a cat?” Nyx asks.

“Yeah.” Sparks smiles.

“That’s so cool! I’m so happy for you two.”

“Thanks.” Sparks then again continues to tell his story. “When we saw each other, we both couldn’t believe our eyes. When we finally came to our senses, I rushed over towards her in the street. When we collided, we held each other tight, sobbing so hard. We dropped to the pavement still holding each other, and I sang to her trying to calm us down, then after we… kissed.” His face turns red again, his smile still apparent on his face. “Needless to say, it worked.”

Sparks looks back at Nyx and Aphrodite, in awe at the story. Well, they looked like they definitely enjoyed it…

Isabelle and Isaac smile at him, looking very proud. Isaac then steps forward, beginning to speak. “Well, I think it’s about time we hit the road. We still have to set up Sparks’ things for a Halloween party.”

“Halloween party?” Nyx asks excitedly. “I love parties!”

“Yeah, I’m going to DJ at my neighborhoods party. Everyone’s going to it!”

“Really?” She turns towards Aphrodite, both of her paws coming together as she gives off the best “puppy-dog face” that she can. Wow… I didn’t know cats could really pull off that face so well… then again, there WAS that moment in ‘Shrek 2’ with the character ‘Puss in Boots’… I wonder if she’s probably using telepathy or something to ask…

The stylist gives off an irritated groan, and says her final answer. “Fine. You can go to the party. Gosh, you can be so persistent sometimes!”

“Yes!” Nyx cheers, as she does some sort of happy dance.

“Hold on, I’m not finished.” Nyx stops immediately, her arms dropping to her sides. “You can go, but you can’t stay out late.” She then turns toward the Carlson’s, Isaac and Isabelle’s hands locked together. “Listen, I hate to ask you this, but I need help. I made plans with my boyfriend and we were thinking of going somewhere for the weekend and we don’t want to leave Nyx and Hemera alone for both days. Could you guys be so kind as to look after them Saturday and Sunday?”

“Nyx has a sister?” Sparks asks.

Aphrodite looks at Sparks, astonished. “Yes, but… how did you know she was a girl?”

“Well… if I remember correctly, Hemera is the Greek goddess of day right?”

“Wow, you really are the smartest pup I’ve seen. Nice job.” She grins.

Sparks smiles back, modestly responding, “Thanks, you’re too kind.”

“You’re welcome.” She then looks back at the two humans again. “So, can you look after them for me? Please?”

Sparks then gets a great idea, then directs it towards his parents. “Tera and Grape could help get them to the party too! I can’t escort them myself because I have to do final checks on my equipment before I go on, but I’m sure they would be happy to. After the party we could all hang out at my house as well, so it all works out!”

Isabelle looks at Isaac, shrugging, meaning ‘Eh, why not,’ at the question. She looks back over at the stylist. “Sure. We can take care of Nyx and Hemera.”

“Wonderful! Thank you so much!” She says shaking Isabelle’s hand.

“Don’t mention it.” Isaac says happily. “Hey… uh… I hate to rush, but we really need to get going. It’s almost four and Sparks wanted to visit someone today, if I’m correct.” He gives off a smirk as Sparks playfully punches his father’s side.

“That’s fine.” Ms. Sarantos replies. “It was nice meeting all of you today. Have a fantastic afternoon, and thanks again!”

“It was nice meeting you too. Take care!” Isabelle waves.

Sparks waves as well to the stylist and the cat as he walks with his parents towards the front door. As he was walking back, Sparks looks over at the station where he saw the brownish-red cat getting his fur done, finding no one there. Hmm… he must have gotten out before me… No surprise seeing how its been over an hour and a half since I last saw him…

The family stops in the middle of the hallway, pulling out the black leash out of her purse. Sparks’ head lowers slightly, extending his arm out to grab it. The leash is handed to him and he puts it on, his smile now completely gone from his face. He looks down at the handle of the object, letting out a sigh before looking back up at his parents, waiting for him. He lets out a smile, trying to reassure them that he didn’t mind the leash and they move on. They know that I hate these things, but there’s nothing that I or they can do about it.

The family walk around the corner of the hallway to the main lobby of the salon, nearing the front door. A voice could then be heard from behind the front desk as the three leave, “Bye guys! See you in two weeks!”

“See ya Tony!” Isaac replies.

The door shuts behind the family as they walk towards their car. The cool fall air blows through the parking lot, making Sparks shiver slightly. It’s going to be a cold winter this year… He thinks to himself, trying to take his mind off of the extension to his collar. He walks over to the right side of the car, his paw coming up to the door to the backseat. He waits to hear the sound of the locks of the doors, eager to jump in.

Isabelle walks behind him, her voice filling the air. “Sorry about the leash Sparks.” Isabelle speaks. “Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.”

Sparks looks at her and smiles, knowing that she’s right. *Clink* The car’s locks on the door sound as the family opens the doors. Isabelle and Isaac enter the vehicle and shut their doors, but Sparks hesitates as his ears twitch. He turns around to the street, looking towards the direction of the city. Suddenly, sirens could be heard from the right getting closer and closer. The sound then barrels down the road in the form of an Ambulance and a Fire Truck. Sparks then remembers what Nyx was feeling back in the salon. Could this be for the thing that Nyx was talking about?

The vehicles on the road disappear from view and head down to where the Carlson’s were going. Sparks’ mind continues to wonder about the accident mentioned before. “Sparks?” He jumps as he turns back around to the car. “You coming?”

“Yeah… sorry.”

“It’s fine sweetie.” Sparks enters the vehicle and hops into his car seat, closing the door behind him. “So, I have your costume almost done for your party Sparks! I think it’ll be finished by tonight if I’m lucky.”

“That’s awesome! Thanks mom!” He beams.

“You’re welcome hon.”

Sparks puts on his seat belt as the car begins to move backwards out of the parking space. Sparks then gets himself situated in the car seat, making himself comfortable for the ride home.


Sparks lays back against the soft, material behind him a cats head buries itself in his chest fur. The view before them brought back so many wonderful memories. He knew that this moment would be one that they would treasure for a life time. Sparks then points to the night sky, picking out a constellation among the stars. The two snuggle close together as Sparks looks down at his girlfriend. His eyes close, taking in this wonderful moment.

I’ve never been so happy in my life to be with someone that I love. He sighs. He was about to say something else, but is interrupted by the sound of someone very familiar.

<You must really love her a lot.> Sparks’ vision turns white as everything around him transforms into empty white space, leaving only him and a purple outline of the black tabby. Sparks’ expression turns into sadness, his smile transforming into a frown, his ears lowering. He gets up from his position on the white ground and stands before the figure. <I’m jealous you know, I only wish for the kind of bond you two have.>

He winces. His paws form fists as he speaks to her in the kindest way he could. “Don’t say that. Please don’t.”

<Why would you say that? I’m happy for you guys…>

Sparks tightens his grip. “To get to where we are… we’ve been through SO much. Our hardships brought us together. I’ve been hurt, devastated, bullied, and I’ve lost so much, I just… I just don’t want anyone to experience what I or Tera have. I don’t even wish what we experienced on ANYONE, not even the bullies who pulled me down. I… I…” Sparks sighs, his eyes tearing up on his next sentence. “I saw my own mother pass away before my very eyes. Right in front of me. Please… I just…”

The apparition’s paw comes up to Sparks’ shoulder, her voice soothing and sincere. <It’s ok I understand it’s ok.>

“Thank you.” Sparks weakly says. “Please don’t mention that to anyone please. You’re only the third person to know this, and I’m not ready to talk about this yet, so… please…”

<I won’t. Don’t worry.>

“Thanks.” Sparks takes a moment to recollect his thoughts, pushing away the sadness for another time. “So, why are you here? Does this have to do with what you saw before?”

She lets out a sigh. <Unfortunately, yes. It turns out after a bit of searching, there was indeed an accident.>

“Do you know who it was?”

Nyx hesitates, her ears drooping slightly as her expression turns grim. <See for yourself. All you need to do is wake up.>


Sparks’ eyes open from his sleepy state to hear the gasp of his mother, her hand on her mouth. Seeing this, his mind quickly snaps out of drowsiness, worried about what his mother was seeing.

“Sparks, don’t look! You don’t need to see this.” But it was too late, Sparks’ eyes had moved away from his mother and to the direction that she was looking.

The three way intersection was blocked by Ambulances, Police cars, a Fire Truck, and two cars, one with a huge dent on the driver side door. Broken glass was everywhere around the two cars and the mini-van that had struck the car seemed mangled with its engine caved in. Out of nowhere, another police car came to the scene, stopping in between the parked fire truck and another police car. The dog that was stepping out of the car seems so familiar to Sparks.

Hey look it’s Fido… he doesn’t look to good… Sparks thinks as he sees him and the officer rush towards the mangled car. The car that Sparks is in starts to make the turn towards Babylon, his view of the crash obscured by the Fire truck. When the cars come back into view, he sees Fido and the other dogs pull out what seems to be a cat. Wait a minute… are those… yellow highlights? Oh my dog… it’s that cat from the salon! His heart drops. It was only two hours ago that they saw each other, now Sparks was seeing him being put on a stretcher.

<He’ll be ok. Don’t worry.>

Nyx’s words don’t help Sparks as sadness rushes over him. He takes one final look at the site of the crash before the Carlson’s car pulls away completely, seeing the human of the car being placed on the other stretcher, her body being covered by a white cloth. The last thing that Sparks could see clearly was the officer beside her removing his cap.

Sparks sits back down in his seat, his jaw open, trying to think of something, anything to say, but nothing come out. His mind goes from thought to thought wildly, causing confusion and frustration for himself. He wants to cry, but nothing but a puff of air comes out of his muzzle. Sparks body falls back to the seat behind him, his body relaxing into a comfy position. Although the thoughts of the accident still flood his mind, his eyes begin to close, trying to escape reality as he begins to enter the dream world once more.


His eyes remain closed as he feels his legs come up to his chest, his arms crossed as his body lay on the ground on its side. The cries of the dog was the only thing that could be heard for miles, it almost seemed like it echoed in the place he was in. As the sounds fill the space, the memories of his mother pass through his mind as his own thoughts pierce him like daggers. Why… why do I feel like someone could have prevented this… I could have talked to him, delay them for just a second more… Now…

Tears fall from his face and soak the floor of where he was, unable to imagine what it must be like for the cat now. Sparks knows very well. It’s the same exact feeling that he felt when he was at that shelter, almost three years ago. He recalls the one thing that came of being in the shelter, a realization. It… it was my fault that mom died… she died because of me… could it be that this is my fault too? The thought sits in his mind, lingering. Just as another thought comes to him, a paw touches his shoulder again. Sparks’ eyes open seeing the white space and the apparition of the black cat once more.

<There was nothing you could have done Sparks. Don’t blame yourself.>

Sparks lifts himself into a sitting position on the floor, puffs of air coming from his muzzle as the tears continue to fall from his face. “You’re… you’re right…”

Nyx sighs as he slowly stands up. <I’m glad to hear that.>

Sparks looks up at her, his expression changing, his breathing quickening, his fists tightening. “It’s yours.”

Nyx’s apparition stands in complete shock. <Sparks…>

Sparks continues, enraged still crying as he speaks. “You knew it was going to happen! This is your fault! You could have--”

Nyx’s arms wrap around the pup, his yelling turning into sobs as his head lay against the cat. She begins to pet his back, calming him down. <There was nothing that could be done. Me and a few others in the area are looking into the accident as we speak, and we’re doing the best we can to figure out what exactly is going on. One of the things that we uncovered is that someone had messed with the mini-van.>

Sparks looks up at the cat breaking slowly from the supportive hug. “What…” He says in shock.

<Yes, but that wasn’t the only thing we found. We also discovered that it wasn’t something any mortal could have done, prompting the higher ups to leave me and a few others to investigate the problem. Looks like they are NOT happy right now. I think you already know one of the psychics in our little team, you should know Tarot, right?>


<She can give you further details after you get home if you want. If you don’t know where she lives, ask Peanut. Tarot doesn’t go a day without tell us about him.>

Man… she must really like him… “Will do.”

<Listen, there was nothing that you or I could have done so don’t blame yourself for this, okay?>

Sparks’ head lowers. “Okay.” He says weakly.

<Good. Listen, I have to go now. If you have any more information on this, please let us know.>

“I will.” Just as the apparition starts to fade he remembers something. Wait… the Gryphon… THE GRYPHON! “WAIT!”


“There was something I saw before arriving at the salon.”

<What did you see?>

“It was a blue and brown gryphon. He even spoke to me as well. He said, ‘Hello… Sparks…’ pause and all.” Nyx’s expression changes. Is she… scared?

<Thank you Sparks. This piece of information could help us out greatly. This was surely a wake-up call for all of us. Thanks again, I’ll see you around.>


“Goodbye.” He says as his eyes open, his body now sitting back in the car seat. He looks out the window of the car to find that he was back in Babylon. Home sweet home. He thinks with a frown, the thoughts of the crash still lingering in his mind.

The car then turns and pulls up into the driveway, parking right outside the garage beside the minivan. “We’re home Sparks,” Isabelle says with a smile, “Rise and shine!”

The dog unlatches the seatbelt from himself and opens the car door, his feet planting firmly on the ground as he jumps out of the car. He takes a moment to stretch out, attempting to wake himself up out of his drowsy state. The family walk towards the front door of their home, eager to just relax for the rest of the day. Isaac digs out the house key from the pocket in his leather jacket and puts it into the lock on the door. Wish a twist of his wrist, the door slowly swings open and one by one the family piles into the home. Isaac shuts the door after Sparks and takes the leash from his paw as he moves towards the kitchen, Sparks following not far behind. “So, I guess it’s time we start setting up the stage, right?” Sparks asks as his father puts the leash in the drawer of the china cabinet.

Isaac closes the drawer and turns toward Sparks, “Actually, you can stay here. I’ll set up the platforms and tables alone, it’s not difficult. If I need help I’ll just call Earl from the Sandwich house.” Isaac chuckles. “Besides, you have someone to cuddle with if I’m not mistaken.” Isaac smirks.

Sparks smiles and looks away. “I guess I do… are you sure?”


“Alright then, thanks dad! I’ll be home before dinner! Around seven right?” Sparks asks as he runs towards the front door.

“Yep. I’ll see you later Sparks.”

“See you dad!” Sparks says as he rushes out the front door, eager to meet his girlfriend.


Isaac walks over to the front door seeing Sparks run towards the Stevenson house. He better look both ways at the street… He sees him then stop at the edge of the side walk, allowing a car to pass before he picks up speed towards the house. You know, it’s funny to see him at this age acting so mature… He thinks as he shuts the door. It wasn’t even that long ago that he came home with us. To see him at his age acting the way he is… *chuckle* It’s… funny…


Sparks stops at the front door of the Stevenson house out of breath as his body hunches over and his paws rest on his knees. I… *pant* REALLY *pant* need to get out more and *pant* get some more exercise. He lets out one final breath, as his paw come up to the front door. His paw hits the door in a rhythmic pattern, creating a hard knocking sound with each strike. His paw comes down from the door and back down to his side, waiting for someone to answer the door.

Sparks takes a look at the environment around him, taking in all of the sights, sounds and colors. The tree’s leaves were starting to fall in mass amounts, indicating winter was on its way. The birds flew around, filling the air with chirping sounds as the slightly colder air blew through the area. Dogs and cats were also walking around the streets of Babylon, playing and conversing while the weather was still moderately warm. It seems almost peaceful in the neighborhood…

His thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the door in front of him, revealing the calico from behind it. “Sparky!” She gleams as she comes over to hug him. Their arms wrap around each other as Sparks’ tail wags back and forth swiftly. As they release from their hug, they both enter the house, Tera shutting the door behind them. She then looks at him with a smile. “You got your fur done! The dye looks so cool on you.” She says as she touches the dyed areas.

“Thanks.” Sparks blushes as his eyes lock on to hers, both smiling. Their muzzles inch towards each other, Sparks’ paws now resting on Tera’s face and hip as her arms wrap around him once more. The house starts to fade as both dog and cat shut their eyes, ready for their souls to become one. Their muzzles nearly meet before they are interrupted by someone standing on the stairs next to them.

“Aw, Look at the happy couple.” The old dog smirks as he descends from the staircase.

Both Sparks and Tera freeze, sighing at their ruined moment. Sparks opens his eyes to see Tera’s face completely red, whether it was out of sheer anger or embarrassment, he’ll never know. Sparks couldn’t help but let out chuckle at the moment. Great timing you old coot.

The cat’s voice then fills the room “How long were you standing there…”

“I just got here,” the dog explains, “I figured that I oughta’ say hi to our guest here, it’d be rude if I didn’t.”

“Well Stanley now that you’re here,” she starts as her claws unsheathe from her paws “I can TEAR YOU APART.”

Sparks hold her back, her arms swiping the air in Stanley’s direction. Yep, she’s definitely mad… “Hello Stanley, nice to see you.”

“Like wise.” He reaches the bottom of the steps and turns towards the kitchen. “If you need me I’ll be in the other room. I’ll see you love-birds later.” He waves, still sporting the same smirk.

Tera’s arms stop flailing and Sparks releases her from his arms, her body now facing his with a frown. His paw comes back up to her face, her eyes now looking into his. He smiles at her as the cat’s paw covers his, her frown transforming into a smile. “Let’s go watch some TV, that way we can cuddle together.”

Tera sighs. “I guess. Maybe we’ll be able to catch a movie or something.”

The dog and cat move towards the living room, their paws entwined, both eager to watch a movie and snuggle with each other.


Nyx closes her eyes as she clears her mind, attempting to contact Tarot to see what she’s uncovered. She takes one final breath as her eye’s turn purple, her mind now connected with Tarot’s.

<Hello Nyx> Tarot greets.

<Hey Tarot> She replies. <Any news on the incident?> She feels worry in Tarot, almost fear as her mental connection with the Pomeranian drops suddenly. <Tarot, what’s wrong, what did you find.>

There was a pause between the two of them, the silence starting to make the tabby worry. <I… got in contact with Dragon. She was able to overhear one of the higher ups and get some information. She’s even scared.>

Nyx did not like the sound of this. <What did she find Tarot.> She said as calmly as she could. <Please tell me.>

There was another pause between them What is going on… she thinks as she waits for a response.

<Dragon overheard that one of the deities went rouge. They can’t find him anywhere. We think that he’s the reason for today’s accident.>

Nyx’s heart drops. Messing with someone’s fate… that’s against the rules… <Do they know exactly who it is? Who did this?> Silence. Nyx’s body started to shake, the fear starting to set in. <Please… Tarot, tell me. Please.>

<It’s… Apollo. He’s the one responsible.>

<W…What…> Nyx’s connection stops as she hunches forward, her muzzle pointing to the floor. Her body shakes wildly as the feeling of nausea attacks her stomach, all of the fear and emotion at once, her body couldn’t handle it. With one hurl of her stomach, her dinner came up onto the floor unable to hold it back any longer. Her eyes grow wide, unable to comprehend the information that she just heard. No... It… it can’t be… not him… ANYONE but him…


A/N: I know, I Know. I said that this was going to be the last chapter. I HAD MORE INFORMATION OK. I COULDN'T HELP IT. T.T I'm very happy with the way the chapter turned out and I can't wait to finish Part 4 entirely. Thanks for reading! :D


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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
ER MEH GERD!! awesome!

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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
I just love this so much! I really dig your writing style! I think its a great story.


Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:25 pm
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
Amazee Dayzee Wrote:
I just love this so much! I really dig your writing style! I think its a great story.

Thanks Amaze! Glad you're enjoying it! ^w^

So I updated the Preview a bit! You may or may not need to re-read it if you have already. :P


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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
AWWW sad back story!! :(

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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
FoxRocks Wrote:
AWWW sad back story!! :(

Yeah there was a bit of a sad backstory... Poor Sparks... :(

I'm sorry if you guys thought this was going to be the final update for the story, but don't worry! I'm working hard on it and I plan to update the preview soon! I've just had A LOT of personal stuff and college stuff going on and it's starting to lighten up again, allowing more time for me to write! I'm sorry that it's been taking so long and I wish that I could just finish it up, but I don't wish for it to be rushed and jumbled either, so I'm going to take my time. Thanks for understanding guys and I hope that I can get an update out soon! :D


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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning


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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
Awesome update!

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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
Alright, since I've updated the story for the latest chapter, I want to shed some light on what I have planned for the future of the story!

First, I want to start out by saying that there may be slight spoilers for the future below this line! If you want to look at them, you have been warned! :D

I have A LOT planned for my fan fic series, Housepets! Home Stories, and I can't wait to start on it! But first, there's one thing that I need to finish before I can get the ball rolling to start these stories: The Prologue. Yes, this whole four part series of stories is only the Prologue and mainly focuses on the origin of the main character, Sparks Carlson, as I mentioned before. The whole thing has been an awesome tale to tell, and the ending has been sitting with me since the summer, but I had some interesting things and arcs come to mind before the actual ending resulting in the delay of the conclusion!

But not to worry! The fourth chapter of Part Four: Party Time will be the last of the Prologue (including an Epilogue *wink*) and will be the start of many cool stories to come. In fact, I've set up some arcs and come up with names for them as well! Here's what I have so far (THIS MAY ACTUALLY SPOIL SOME THINGS, I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE THOUGH):

(S, M, and L determines potential length)

(S-M) Newcomers - You can probably tell by the title of what this means.
(M) Set Sail... - No spoilers as of yet.
(M-L) Curiosity (1/3) - No spoilers as of yet. Unsure if the Arc will be spread out, or even split for that matter, across different stories yet.
(M) ...Across the Sea (Sequel to SS) - No spoilers as of yet.
(S) Sleep - It will involve someone in the Stevenson(/Tera's) family.
(M-L) Discovery (2/3) - No spoilers as of yet.
(M) Under the Mistletoe - IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!
(L) Apollo (3/3) - No spoilers as of yet.
(If you can spot what I'm going for with the titles of the three part arc, you're awesome.)

That's all of the arcs that I have as of now! This does not include some of the smaller bits of story that I also have planned and some of the chapters within these arcs! They may change, be moved, or even scraped all together as time goes on, so I will update this list when I can! :D

Call me crazy if you want, but something has got to get my mind off of college so I don't lose the rest of my sanity! Anyways, back to working on the fic! Just so you all know, there will be no preview for the final chapter! :D


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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
All of that seems just very promising! I cannot wait to see where it leads!


Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:59 pm
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Story: Sparks’ Beginning
Hope to see it soon! I haven't been active much here, but I drop in from time to time, so I'll wait for it. :)

Good luck!

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