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Houespets! Home Stories 
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Post Re: Houespets! Home Stories
So this is the final post for Housepets! Home Stories... Wow. I never thought I'd get to this point. Nonetheless, this post will fill you in on what would have happened if I continued this work.

During A Pedal For Your Thoughts, Rose would be adopted by the Carlsons, Sparks would show her around the place eventually bringing her to the GODC. She starts to fall for Fox, and wants to get to know him more.

A jump to winter brings us to the beginnging of what I had planed as the Universe arc. This would make up of three chapters: Curiosity, Discovery, and finally, Apollo. The Cur. part would consist of Sparks beginning to show signs of appearent psychic powers, eventually leading to saving Joey from being run over by an incoming vehicle, unleashing his 'spark' in the form of a shield, protecting him from major harm. He would be taken to the hospital, during the ride he would slip into purgatory and meet Dragon and his mother, asking him to help with this threat of Apollo. His actual mother encourages him and they sya their final goodbyes. He snaps backto reality and finds Tera sitting in the ambulance beside him with Isbelle.

There would be a break in between the two major arcs, sparks reciving treatments from both Tarot and Nyx and the hospital staff, agreeing to train as soon as hes ready, time slipping away from the eventual fight ahead of them. Christmas would roll around and Rose would try and attempt to give a hand-drawn picture to Fox, but finds that he goes to defend and find King, unable to give him the gift she made.

Stanley would pass away in another mini arc during this time, and would relect my own pet (also named Stanley) and would revolve around the song 'Sleep' by Eric Whitacre, the song I played to my dog the day of his passing. It would have been a tribute to him. <3

Next would be Discovery, where Sparks would 'discover' the true strength of his powers, finding that he would weild a pair of katannas (a part of the inspiration for the SAO fic). There was going to be another character set up similarly by Killerbee, but the progress of his character and fic remain unknown, so I'll leave him out of it. When he was ready, the battle would take its true form soon.

There would be a another smaller arc in between this one and the final bit, but I had completely forgotten about it lol.

Lastly comes the final battle. Skipping all of the awesome fighting, it would come down the the wire, ending with both Sparks and Apollo impaling each other with their swords and talons, leaving a circular wound in the middle of sparks' torso. Apollo would fade away into nothingness and Sparks would quickly be healed by Tarot and Sabrina, waiting patiently behind for the battle to end (because Sparks and Nyx challenged him. Nyx lives and helps carry him out btw.) Sparks slips into purg again and meets Kitsune, who thanks him for his work and grants him one wish of his desire. You know what he wished for?


But, he would wait until the time was right (remember that dream sequence? that very one. lol) He has a litter of two named... well... actually, you'll find that out in my other Fan fiction, The Knights of Argus, because these two fics are actually connected!!! So, if you are interested, please read up if you haven't already! Thanks again for reading guys! It's been a blast! <3


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Post Re: Houespets! Home Stories
It's a shame there won't be any more of the story. But it's nice to know how it would happen.
I was gonna start up my story again, but I'm thinking that since the outcome was already explained in this one months ago, there's really no need. XP I'll still use try to use the Angel character for something. :P

Well, it was really good. Great to be a part of it. ^^

See you around.

Fox out!
Angel out!~


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Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:11 am
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