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I should like to mention now that the following fanfic should not, under any circumstances, be taken seriously within context of the main story line. The purpose of this fic is purely light hearted in its attempt to share some enjoyment with fellow Housepets fans. Also, this does play as sort of a sequel to Sinder's "Star-crossed" fanfic, so if you haven't read that yet, for heaven's sake, please do. Its also my way of saying thank you for the the little fics he wrote off some of my fanart pieces and to the fact that I found Housepets because of him. My writing style is a little different from his, but I hope it still does the inspiration justice. Fortunately, since people seem to have tolerated my drawing for so long, I should hope they can do the same with my writing. Haha... I'm laughing on the inside too.

Anyway, hope you guys like it!

Housepets! and all its characters belong to Rick Griffin, illustration or otherwise. Used here without permission. This was not made for profit or to libel.


For Sinder


Housepets: Symphony in Periwinkle, no.1

There was a fresh nip beneath the air in Babylon Gardens. The night had blanketed the neighborhood in a frosty new world; every feature once familiar had now disappeared. Only once a year did this new face of nature shine, to melt away come spring time. It was guest that never stayed too long, but who's absence would be felt. The morning was quiet and deserted. It embellished the effect of the tundra.

Peanut found something especially soothing in these mornings. He would stroll the hills and sidewalks while soaking in the atmosphere. He listened carefully to the air of December, like an artist would to his brush, to eavesdrop on its otherwise silent but swelling song across the canvas. Winds would howl in the distance, ice cracked as the sun approached and the twigs snapped off trees under Jack Frost's heels.

It was also on these mornings that Peanut would spend his time thinking about things that no one would else would think. The world was a now a blank sheet to paint his thoughts on. His lips curled to the sound of snow being crunched beneath his paws as he began to ponder deeply into the abyss...

Almost immediately, the first thought made him blush heavily.

Peanut grinned impishly, this old thought again? He acceded, bringing back everything he could remember from that night at the barn. From the fear he felt from witnessing the true wrath of Grape, to the heartbreak of seeing her tears. The harmony they composed together out of reconcile. Their confessions under the moonlight. The to be more precise.

He chuckled, and continued on with his assorted memories.

It kind of displeased him that he would always forget that event with such relative ease. But indeed, why had such passionate thoughts suddenly come to mind on this fine, gray, snowy morning? She was still here; still aware of his feelings as he was of hers, he reasoned. Peanut began to contemplate on the subject again as he had for the last few days. He could recall the discussion he and Grape shared in secret on the way back from the farm. Grape felt it was absolutely imperative that they establish a plan for their secrecy before they got back. The initial plan came out choppy, but, they had something. What could go wrong? He originally thought; How naive I was.

The first item on their agenda was Grape's date with Max, to which she said she'd personally handle. She would to go along and spend the afternoon with him, and then politely decline him at the end. Simple no? Well it would have been, had things not become... complicated.


Peering through the closet doors, Peanut tried to follow the argument as best he could that was coming from the living room. Grape had instructed him to wait there once she'd dealt with this 'new bit of insanity'- as she claimed, and had made sure Tarot was firmly vacant from the house.

He could only follow snippets of their quarreling; mostly because Grape's evident distraught sort of hindered Tarot's ability of making an audible response. From where he sitting, the back of Grape's head was the only thing visible as she raved on; Peanut made an attempt to imagine what her face must have looked like at the moment. The sheer bold image of her rage was not something you could easily forget; fangs protruding while she snarled in your face, hair standing on end, brows in a perfect V over her blazing eyes which pulsed with unadulterated ire; it wasn't a pretty picture.

The minutes ticked by as they continued to argue. ugh... when will they stop? Peanut wasn't a fan of brawls. In the back of his head the mixed sounds started to blend together till it all became the same noise. Finally, the storm began to settle its violent winds.

"Alright, OUT." Grape spat, "I don't want you hypnotizing Peanut into taking over the world or what ever you're planning!"

That was a little harsh, Peanut could agree there was something a little peculiar about Tarot but he didn't think it fair to brand her as some sort of evil mastermind or anything.

"You have made your decision; your place is with Maxwell now." Tarot replied calmly.

Wait, what? His ears perked.

Tarot went on, "I cannot leave unless you accept Peanut fully, and in order to do that, you would have to break Maxwell's heart."

Peanut could barely hear her over a sudden barrage of stomping coming from Grape's direction. What did she mean "accept Peanut fully?" What was she talking about? Where was Grape going? The questions were filling up in Peanut's head as he stumbled to get up and out of the closet. As he stepped out, he noticed Grape at the front door, her hand on the knob, rolling her eyes as she made her final rebuttal on Tarot's comment.

"Me and Max aren't even a thing;" she hissed.

Peanut was slightly appeased on this note.

She continued, "If it will make you go away I can go now and tell him I don't want it to be serious."

She opened the door; to which, suddenly made all subjects pertaining to their conservation now present.

Max stood hesitantly, hand up as if to knock. His face wet with tears... as well as the rest of his body, from the rain that is. He placed his hand back behind him nervously, his head sank.

"Hey there, um, Dad kinda locked me out of the house again and it's starting to rain... C-can I stay here for tonight?" He spoke timidly, fidgeting where he stood.

Grape was silent, completely taken aback by his abrupt appearance. She did not expect this to happen. Peanut was just as stupefied; in all the years he has lived here, he's never seen Max without his smile or devil-may-care attitude; yet, there he was, exhausted with defeat.

No one spoke.

"...I'm sorry," His eyes trailed to the ground, "I realize I must look awfully pathetic," he sniffed, "Things have been a little hard at home... I-I'll go if I'm bothering yo-"

"No! wait, ah..." Grape suddenly regained focus, "No, please, ah, come on in..." She noticed Peanut and exchanged with him the same worried expression. Peanut shrugged feebly; what else could she do? She couldn't just leave him out there.

"Thanks, I- um, I'll try not to be a pain." Max smiled weakly, stepping in, grateful to be out of the rain.

"...Don't mention it."

As time progressed deeper on into the night the rain finally let up to unveil the brilliant night sky from under the foggy sheet. Once Tarot had left and Max was sound asleep on the spare sofa, Grape went out to sit on the back porch, damp as it was, planting her hands firmly to her side as she studied the pale blue moon. Peanut came out, having put away the blankets and popcorn bowls, and joined Grape as he positioned himself next to her. He placed a hand on top of hers and they both sat, neither of them saying a word.

It was Grape who broke the silence.

"I think," she paused momentarily, "I think its best that we pretend to see others for now."

It took a moment for this to settle in. Once it did the expression on Peanut's face was self explanatory. Pretend to see others? He was dumbfounded.

Grape raised her free hand, continuing hastily, "No, no! Listen, listen it doesn't mean I'm dumping you or anything." She was struggling to find the right words, "Look, Max obviously has a lot problems going on right now and he needs someone to help him." Grape rolled her eyes, "He certainly isn't going to find someone in the alleys to give him any comfort." She sighed, "Just, let me help him get back on his feet Peanut. He needs somebody."Help! Not just anybody!

Peanut wasn't sure what to make of it. Max was a tough guy, he thought, I mean just look at his ear! The cat's been to war! When has he ever needed to be comforted? The situation was careening in a direction he hadn't thought plausible. Peanut tried to put things in perspective. He began to bite his lower lip; it wasn't working.

"I... I don't know." He really didn't. Peanut could understand where she was coming from but this was a bit much for him.

She withdrew her hand from underneath his, and wrapped her arms around her legs as she pulled them up, "It not just about Max either. I've also been thinking..." She rested the side of her head on her knees as she looked at Peanut.

Her eyes had a dazed, concerned look in them, "I think that, given the circumstances, it might to be a good idea to give ourselves a little... incentive not to get too causal with each other in public." She tried her best to sound reassuring while being serious, "I know you Peanut, and if there's one thing I know its that you don't hold your tongue too well. Honestly, sometimes you say the silliest things."

Don't hold my tongue well? Did she think I was just a pup or something? The look on Peanuts face wasn't making it any easier for Grape. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, "I didn't mean it that way, I... please Peanut... I care about you. I just want us to have more time to think things out okay? For our future..."

She was right, "Okay." Peanut smiled faintly.

He trusted Grape. He shouldn't see a reason not too.

"Good." Grape leaned forward, nuzzling affectionately beneath his cheek. "You'll see, everything will be fine."

She gave him a hug, kissed him good night, then slowly got up and walked inside. Out of the corner of his eye, Peanut could see the last flicker of her tail before it disappeared in the darkness. His head was filled with thoughts.


In three and a half months time nothing much has really changed since that night took place. Everything was generally good, if you didn't count the failure on Peanut's part to prevent a catastrophic release of an all powerful cosmic being that could potentially be the end all be all for mankind. He and Grape were still seeing their supposed "significant others" for the time being. Everyone was soundly convinced He and Grape were not even remotely interested in each other, apart from the status quo set in place before their trip to the farm.

Thinking back to the time of selection, he felt it was only natural he incline Tarot, seeing as she did seem to possess good feeling towards him. Grape wasn't at all keen with the idea; she'd practically begged him to consider anyone else, however, there really just weren't that many opinions to start with in the first place. Peanut didn't want to deal with Bino's eternal snobbery should he ask Sasha; and Daisy.... well, on that point there was consensus, albeit slim. So the only one left was Tarot.

He thought back to that night; no one could have predicted Tarot showing up, that much was true. Although, he still wasn't quite sure what the motivation was behind her arrival in the first place. Grape still had it set firm in her head that Tarot was definitely a deranged loony, though, she wasn't the only one with concerns.

Max was an entirely different card all together. His last appearance may have left a wrong impression on his personality, but on any normal occasions his character wasn't really something to be epitomized. To Peanut's knowledge, Max was a street savvy, cynical, tough talking cat who loved to crack jokes at the expense of others.

"On second thought," Peanut frowned, "it's like the guy was made for her." He muttered.

Peanut wasn't too sure of this, but that was the problem. He wasn't sure of anything girls looked for in a guy. Most especially Grape.

Now Peanut wasn't jealous or anything, or so he told himself, its just that the time those two spent together only seemed to be increasing more and more each day. Was she really just that determined to make it seem that convincing to everyone? She'd talk about it constantly with Mom, who thought it just precious to hear her little girl so happy, when ever she thought Peanut was out of ear shot. He rarely saw any private time with Grape anymore and he was becoming worried that perhaps their new found relationship would die out before it really began. The idea of stepping back into an awkward friendship with Grape was almost too unbearable. Grape really had been his only friend, his best friend, and now that they pushed that farther, could they really go back?

He rubbed his temples. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. It wasn't like Peanut to let depression get the better of him.

Usually, when he was feeling down, Tarot would try to recommend to him her special pick-me-up tea, "Made from the finest Black Cedar roots," she said; in order to "Properly cleanse the soul." He was always too scared to drink it, but its the thought that counts.

She constantly lost him on her talk of prophesy and "fate bonding who-knows-what together" chats; the talking in his head thing was still pretty cool. For what it's worth, Peanut did consider her to be very...very....ah....

It dawned on him. How does one describe Tarot? "Hmmmm....Well, she's... " he didn't know how to.

"Lets see," Peanut suddenly realized this was probably the first time he had really given any actual thought to the dynamic characteristics of Tarot. He tapped his chin, hunched in thought; it shouldn't be this difficult.

"She's nice," he stated blankly, "a little odd, but nice."

Pathetic. He coughed, and cleared his throat. He could do better than that.

"Alas!" He commanded, thrusting a fist in the air, and taking caution not to slip on the icy sideways as he posed, "She's an exotic creature of unrestrained voice and opinion who possesses whimsy worldly other powers!"

He narrowed his eyes, "Her glowing eyes does pierce the night sky and hearts of the weak!"

Peanut was on a roll now; the acting lessons from Grape still held firm, "The sky cannot restrain her as she effortlessly glides the winds at her will!"

Now for the kicker, "Every creature, be they large or small," He wiggled his fingers as if he were squishing something, "Will know her name is the the lord! When she lays her vengeance upon them...." His voice trailed off on that final note.

It was almost too difficult for him not to laugh at himself, but an actor must always keep his composure till the very end.

"Who are you talking to?" Came a sudden voice behind him.

"GAH" Peanut whirled around, his face with the complexion of a ripe tomato; every hair strand stood up in shock.

"Oh," Peanut let out a sigh of relief. "its you." This happens to me a little too often, he thought to himself.

Joey stood afront, head cocked at an angle as he observed Peanut. He wore his custom olive green collar and scarf; a single earphone dangled from his ear though, attached to a device he held in his hand.

"Hello to you too." He replied, looking slightly perturbed, "Nice performance by the way." He paused, "Was there... someone you were intending it for?"

"Ahhhhh...." Peanut was hesitant to answer truthfully, "No one. No one at all, I was- ah, just pretending. Is all."

"Really?" Joey didn't seem quite convinced, "Hmm, sure sounded like you were really going on about somebody."

"Ah ha, yeahhhh, its fun to pretend- Hey, what are you listening to?" Peanut was desperate to change the topic. The claw tips at the fronts of his index fingers were beginning to wear out from his constant act of jabbing them together nervously.

Incidentally, It didn't necessarily bother Peanut as much as it should have that he was going along with his fraud commitment to Tarot...okay it did, but, he certainly didn't want to share that with Joey.

"Hmm? Oh you mean this?" He gestured towards the portable music player in his hand. "oh man, this is great." With that he took the other earphone out of his collar and held it out to Peanut, "Would you like to hear it?"

Peanut nodded awkwardly, taking the small piece and fixing it into his ear.

"I think you'll like this one a lot," Joey said eagerly, "just let me set it up real quick, and, there we go."

What followed was a sudden blast of incoherent techno chatting, followed by an orchestra of psychedelic melodies. On first impact it was quite startling to Peanut, but once he had settled into the sounds, he began to sense something appealing in its mixture. It had a dreamlike quality to it that he found relaxing, almost... magical.

After a while Peanut finally asked, "What is this? The name of the song?"

Joey grinned with relish, "Amazing isn't it? Its called "Mediational Field" from the soundtrack of 'Paprika'. One of my friends showed me the album, and I haven't been able to stop listening to it."

Ah, his friends. Peanut assumed that meant it was something foreign or anime related.

"Its an Japanese animated movie," ah ha; his small victory aside, Peanut continued to listen, "base on a premise of entering people's dreams in order to explore new alternatives in treating patients in psychoanalytic therapy."

"Huh," Peanut was genuinely intrigued, "Interesting. Is it any good?"

"Oh I haven't actually seen it yet" Joey said apologetically, "But I hear it's one of the best animated movies made this time around. I definitely plan to see it some time, hopefully with Squeak."

"How is she by the way?" It still fascinated Peanut how Joey could manage such a bizarre relationship.

"Eh, she's been better." Joey's face contorted, "Squeak's a little tense during the Holidays."

He leaned forward, "Bad memories. Her previous boyfriend was eaten by a cat while they were both under the mistletoe."

"Yikes." Peanut was almost sorry he asked.

"Yeeeeah... that's wha- ah, she doesn't date mice anymore... or anyone of the same size either."

Joey's expression went vacant for a moment, but soon brightened up again, "Anyway, I try to make it as comfortable for her as possible during these months. Seeing her so down only breaks my heart. She's the only thing that keeps me going sometimes."

Peanut was silent. Out of all the dogs in the neighborhood, Joey was most likely to be the only one he could really relate to.

He thought of Grape, and the extent to which they both were going to hide their relationship. Joey's relationship, however strange it may be, at least he didn't hide it. So then, why do we? Why do I go out of my way to lie to Tarot, to Mom and Dad, to anyone who even cared so much as to ask about my current affairs? If Peanut truly wanted to know, now was probably the best time to ask.

"I... don't understand it." Peanut said slowly.

"Oh, I didn't think you would, the song is in Japanese after all."

Peanut had forgotten that he was still wearing the earpiece.

"No, not this." He held his hand out, "I mean..." He sighed, "You once considered me to be a catlover right?"

Despite this question being completely out of context, Joey didn't seem that surprised. "Still do," he replied, "you can't fool me Peanut."

"Whatever. Well, as it would turn out..." Peanut hoped he knew what he was doing, "I am."

"Okay," Again, Joey wasn't phased. "Its nothing to be ashamed of."

"I didn't say I was ashamed." Peanut huffed. " Just confused."

Joey raised a brow, "About?"

"About..." Peanut began, "you, you and Squeak."

This time Joey was visibly disconcerted.

"How do you deal with it?" Peanut continued, "All the ridicule and weird looks you get from the other dogs? How do you manage to keep faith to Squeak through it all?"

Peanut feared he might have gone too far, that Joey might have been offended. Oddly enough, Joey seemed quite relieved.

"Oh, that's what you meant." Joey laughed, " I thought you meant-ah, never mind."

He coughed hurriedly, shooing the notion away. Now Peanut was the one perplexed.

"Listen, Peanut." Joey was serious, "none of that matters to me. I've dealt with it all in my life, and really, I just learned to take it with a grain of salt. Its not my problem what others think of me. As long as I'm happy, being who I am, with the people I want to be with," He smiled, "Life's a ball.'

Peanut smiled too. He never thought he'd be agreeing with Joey on something, much less turning to him for moral support, but the simple logic just blew Peanut away. It shouldn't matter what anyone said or thought, if it meant he could be with Grape. As long as no one did anything drastic, it could work.

"Speaking of ball," Joey said, interrupting Peanut's thoughts, "Would you like to come with me to the secret Good Ol' Dogs snowball event? You look like you could use a good pick-me-up."

Peanut grinned, "As long as they aren't serving any tree root tea there, I guess I'm good."



They both chuckled, and began down the sidewalk together. The morning seemed awfully brighter to Peanut, and he felt much happier.

Joey nudged him lightly in the rib, "So, I take it you're seeing someone you shouldn't be seeing?" Joey said enthusiastically, "Perhaps the one were raving about not too long ago?"

"Well, yes and no. I am seeing someone, just not the one I was, ah, talking about earlier."

"Could I venture a guess?" Joey's eyes were lightened with glee. "Is she a cat?"

"...Yes, but I can't tell you her name."

"Is it Grape?"

Peanut suddenly blushed heavily, "W-what makes you think that?"

"Just a thought." Joey laughed again. "I mean, she's the only girl you hang out with. Who happens to be a cat."

"There are plenty of other girl cats around here!" Peanut protested, "There's Sabrina and, ah..." Once again he was at a loss.

"Ok fine, you win." Peanut pouted.

"Relax, you're with a friend," Joey quipped, "Just tell Grape I wish you two the best of luck."

He put his earphone back on and played the same song he had Peanut listen to before, whistling as he did.

Peanut smiled sarcastically, "I'll be sure to let her know."

He joined in and they both walked and whistled down the wet curb.

The only thing on Peanut's mind right now was the sound of music.

I wonder if Grape would like this song...


Symphony in Periwinkle, no.2


This second part does sort of require that you also read Sinder's "Auld Lang Syne." I apologize for the inconvenience.


For GameCobra, Dylan, Alex, and any other GrapexMax fan


*Knock* *knock*

Nobody answered.

"Ugh," Grape looked around the beige complex for any open windows. With Maxwell's house, it became a custom routine that she force her way in by variant tactical methods, seeing as his owner didn't like dealing with people at the door; Jake's been known to yell vehemently, and even deck visitors at one point or another. He means well, but he definitely has some issues to sort out; something Grape didn't want to concern herself with at the moment.

She glided the corners of the house, easily avoiding the falling icicles and chunks of hardened snow while testing the windowsill edges with the tip of her claw. It was a delicate process, one she had an uncanny knack for. Finally, she found the window. She slid the tip of her finger into the grove, searching for a catch, twisting the point until the window budged open by about a quarter inch; it was just enough room to fit the rest of her claws. Grape pried open the window quietly, pushing it up against the frozen sills. The resistance was too strenuous, so she only opened it to a point where she could just squeeze in. The outer wall was deadly cold on her fur as she hugged the surface in order to creep through the window. Gracefully, and perhaps bitterly did she weave her way in, making contact with the maroon carpet.

She stood up, brushing herself as she did, waiting a moment for her feline eyes to adjust to the dimly lit environment. She recognized the room for the large dining table that sit in the middle; last night's dinner was still evident as it sprawled across the surface. She tip toed her way into the adjoining hallway, making note of the photos and portraits that hung off the burnt sienna wall. Most of them were just Bino when he was a pup, and rest were of Max after Jake had adopted him from the pound. Grape never really paid attention to them, but, one in particular caught her attention this time: it was a small picture tucked in the corner, taken in the same hallway she stood in, except with a slightly younger Bino and Maxwell in it. They were both sitting in a box while Max had his arm around Bino's shoulder, tugging at one of his floppy ears; the familiar smile stretched across Max's face while Bino wore his usual scowl.

Grape giggled a bit; the sight of Bino being tormented was always deeply amusing to her. Had it been just that, the picture wouldn't really have meant anything to her, but it was the look on Max's face that actually interested her. She leaned in closer, studying his expression; the smile was there, but, his eyes told a different story. They were cold and distant, as if he wasn't actually looking into the camera. It was same look he had that night at the Yarn Ball after she had told about her past; that look of lost thoughts. She felt a pang of sorrow for the cat in the picture, remembering what he had just gone through at the time...

She shook her head, trying not to think about it. Not now

Down the hallway she crept lightly, looking for any signs of life. It was still pretty early in the morning, so the chances of any person being awake were slim. Cats weren't accustomed to the idea of curfews when it came to sleeping, as they only napped when they needed to. People, on the other hand, had designated their sleep hours strictly for night, something Grape still didn't really quite grasp. Why would they restrict their business for day time only? She thought. After all, She herself got a considerable amount of things done at night, what with the pleasant quiet atmosphere and lack of distractions. Grape rolled her eyes, Humans...

At the end of the hallway, she turned briskly into the foyer to finally find who she had been looking for. Max was resting comfortably in an armchair, head leaning on one arm while the other held a book; his reading glasses sat crooked on his nose, in front of his pensive eyes. The book wasn't even of the Pridelands series. This is new, usually Peanut was only one she would find situated like this. Ignoring the little out of character moment, she ambled across the space between them until she was right in front of him. She was poised, arms on her hips, staring questioningly at him. "I do hope you weren't too busy reading that book to hear my knocking." She inquired.

Without looking up, Max lifted his head off his arm and gestured a finger towards the front entrance, "The door was unlocked you know."

This only provoked her more, "And you didn't let me know while I was out there, why?"

"Because, my dear Grape," He closed the book, setting it aside with his glasses, "As an appreciator of the fine arts and upholder of all things chivalry related," Max put on his best 'snazzy' appearance, "I can not, in good conscience, impede upon a young lady's craft. Even if it be the act of breaking into my own home."

"You're too kind," Grape smirked; she had the faint sneaking suspicion that he was messing with her.

"As a gentlemen should be, my lady." He grinned charismatically, "So to what do I owe this pleasant pilferage?"

"Wellllll, I was planning on stealing you away for a walk this morning, but since you're so wrapped in that novel..." She pretended to look overly guilty, "I would hate to disrupt you." She figured she could stand to join in with this delightful bit of absurd banter.

Max waved his hand, "Nonsense, nonsense. I shall hear none of it. It would be my honor to assist the miss in her crime. Allow me to procure a certain item of my possession and I shall escort thee forthwith!"

"Alright already," Grape was rubbing her eyes, "just cut all the 'forthwith' stuff and get whatever it is you need so we can get out of here. You're starting to get on my nerve." She was lying of course. Seeing Max so happy was actually very comforting for her, as was the reason she was even seeing him in the first place. She watched him rummage around in the closet. As she did her eyes began to follow his outline, focusing on his torso. Huh, he sure is getting slimmer... a lot slimmer in fact. She suddenly became worried, is he eating alright? It didn't seem likely, what with the display she saw in the dining room; No I must be imagining it... She'd have to ask him about that later.

She looked around curiously, "So... I noticed Bino isn't around. Shame, I would have just loved to have had him greet me with his always perky attitude."

Max picked up an undefinable piece of cloth, sniffing it, "I'm sure you would -geez this stinks- but Mr.Sunshine has somehow managed to put himself out of commission."

"Again?" Grape wasn't sure if she should laugh or be baffled, "What did he do now?"

"Hmmmmm," Max paused to think, "I believe Fox stated that he 'accidentally' fell down a flight of stairs...'several times'...still didn't really explain the finger marks around his neck though..." He stared at Grape, seemingly asking the question without actually saying it.

"No." Grape huffed, "At least not yet anyway. As much as I would have liked to have had a hand in it, I wouldn't pretend that I didn't do it."

"No you're right, you've too much pride." Max grabbed something hastily, "Ah ha! Here it is." He laced the object around his neck, strutting towards Grape, "What do you think?"

Grape wasn't sure what to think; it was just a scarf, why was it so spec- "Wait." She looked closer, "Is that... my scarf?"

"Aye, the very one you bestowed upon my face." The grin only seemed to be getting bigger, "So?"

"Sooooo... what? So, now I'm supposed to be concerned for the well being of my belongings?"

Max's face fell, "You don't remember? At the end of the Yard Ball? I tried to get to first base and you said you first had to go make kissy face with someone else and told me to wait? Then you threw the scarf in my face? Granted, I knew you were high as a kite at the time, but come on."

Grape did remember, too well in fact. She just didn't want to give Max the impression that it really had been something troubling her for a while, "I was wondering where my scarf went..." She pretended to be concentrating deeply, "Oh! Now I remember!" She gave herself a fake little bonk to the head, "Sorry, it must have slipped my mind for a moment."

Maxwell was relieved, "Whew, scared me there." He wrapped an arm around her head, rubbing it playfully. "You need to lay off the nip, it'll do things to ya."

"The only thing it will do," She muttered, trying not to laugh at his antics, "is give me a little extra focus while I'm smacking you."

Max let go, pointing at his face, "I am aghast! You wouldn't strike this handsome facade now would you?"

She leaned in, poking a finger beneath his collar, "No, unless you give me a reason to."

Maxwell's eyes fluttered, "Rowr."

With that, he held his arm out; Grape took it and they both headed out into the cold outdoors. The rush of freezing winds make Max leap, nearly taking Grape with him, "Wow it's cold out!" He laughed lightly, "I almost feel bad for leaving you at the door now, ha ha."

Grape stuck her tongue out, "Serves you right."


"So, after all that," Joey breathed for moment, "you're both now pretending to go out with others so that she can help Max sort out his personal issues?"

"Well, she wanted to do it so that we could have more time to plan things out too, you know? But, yeah, that's about it." Both Peanut and Joey have been walking through the snow for about twenty minutes, listening to an incredibly short list of songs on Joey's MP3 player, and the need for conversation became increasingly inevitable. Peanut sighed, "I never would've imagined things turning out like this."

"Tell me about it, and you thought my relationship was dubious." Joey scratched behind one ear, "I mean I've read fanfic's that make more sense than that."
Author's Note: "Oh, the wit..."
"Have you now?" The sarcasm bit heavily in Peanut's response. Have I just been insulted? He tried not to pay too much mind, the slope of the hill they were on was getting treacherous now.

"Absolutely! I'm a huge fan of Prideland fanfiction, especially the ones by Grape."

Peanut stopped for a moment, not quite sure if what he heard was right, "Grape?... well, I guess I sorta knew that already; I've already seen her writing before and that- wait a second, she lets you read them?" Peanut was disheartened, "She's never shown them to me before." *sniff*

Joey patted him on the back, "Oh, don't worry about it Peanut. If it makes you feel any better, I only saw them cause I got for her a lock of hair from that actor who played Petir in the Prideland movie."

"You... you can do that?" Peanut asked reluctantly.

Joey's face suddenly lost all expression, "I know many people," He deadpanned, "Most of whom will do my every bidding."

"Joey," Peanut said very seriously, "Before we go on, I just want to say, for the record, I still think you're the most... frighteningly abnormal person I've ever met... no offense"

Joey smiled, "None taken. Now, here we are! Just beyond those trees!" He pointed out to the forest edge at the top of the hill, "The guys should have the playing field set up by now."

The annual snowball event held every year by the Good Ol' Dogs club could only be described by many as pure mindless enjoyment. Almost every dog walks away wagging their tail, gasping for air shortly after the collapse of adrenaline that was surging through their veins amidst the chaos. Peanut loved going in earlier years, but the initiative to attend sort of died once Bino started having all the dogs gang up on him. Peanut felt fortunate enough that Fido would be leading the festivities this time; perhaps, he could actually have fun for a change with the other dogs without severe consequences.

Once they both stepped past the outer rim of trees, the entire field came into view. Extraordinary; the place was packed with dogs from all over the county. There was a massive scurry shooting from every direction; snowballs were hurling-no, flying of their own will into the faces of onlookers. The scenery was almost awe inspiring; in his head, Peanut could hear the 1812 Overture being played somewhere in the distance.

The outright size of the crowd was beginning to make Peanut nervous. It was the first time he had been around so many dogs for a while. He turned to Joey, "Say Joey, um, do you mind if I step off to the side for a moment? I need to... catch my bearings."

"Sure, hey, are you alright?" Joey looked concerned, "We haven't even started playing yet."

"Oh I'm fine, its just.. you know, its, its just been awhile." Peanut responded, as causally as he could, "I'm prone to crowd sickness if you know what I mean."

"Alright," Joey said apprehensively, "Just, don't get lost or anything okay?"

"I won't."

Peanut headed clumsily into the trees, searching for an quiet empty spot to sit. Through the clearing he spotted a nice freshly cut stump; just as he was about to make his way over there something passed by in the bushes next to him. The figure was just a few feet off from where he was standing and was heading in the same direction. Peanut halted, peering through the branches, trying to see who or what it was. From the bushes emerged a bold black creature, but Peanut still couldn't make out its identity. Its outline was curvy and bounced in a particular manner; an long slinky object flickered to and fro behind it. He wasn't sure, but Peanut was positive it had to be.... "Sabrina?"

He kept his voice down, unsure if he wanted to attract her attention at this given moment. He moved in slowly; should I? There were so many things he wanted to ask her, regarding his relationship situation. He remembered how Grape tried to get her advice, and failed; but he, Peanut, might be able to get the one thing that could potentially secure that solid foundation for them: information. The idea struck him then, But how do I bring up such a touchy subject with someone I hardly even know? He lost sight of his focus on the cat sitting on the stump.

"...Would you like to accompany me?"

Peanut jumped, the second time that day (a new record), from the unsuspecting inquiry. He hadn't made a sound, but, it was as if she could sense his very presence. Even more shocking was the fact that Peanut had never even heard her voice before; he never imagined it would sound so sweet and lyrical in its rhythm. Peanut moved out into the clearing, "Sabrina, I didn't see you there!" He lied, pretending as though he wasn't just caught off guard, "Uh, since you offered, I guess you wouldn't mind then?"

She turned to look directly into his eyes, an enchanting smile upon her face, "Not at all." She plopped a hand on the space beside her, "well?"

He sat, frozen still, beside the black cat. Sabrina continued to look onward into nothing, humming gently in the shade. The first few attempts by Peanut to strike up a conversation were flimsy, stifled by his nervous nature. He wished she would say something. Anything. Just so he could at least build off of it.

"How is she, by the way?" Sabrina asked, softly.

Not what I had in mind. Oh well, I'll take it. "You mean Grape?" Who else could it be?

"Hmhmhm, no silly." She laughed, "I mean Tarot."

Of course she meant Tarot, Peanut thought in spite of himself, Who else would she be talking about?

"She's fine." It cheesed him that he couldn't bring himself to be more specific about Tarot without forcing it, "Dandy, if you will."

"Hmm, that's good to hear." She strummed the air with her fingers, "I don't see her as often these days, now that she's with you, and sometimes I get a little worried."

There, it left an awkward silence between them. Peanut twiddled his thumbs, "Say Sabrina... Can I ask you something?

Sabrina shifted her gaze at him, "Sure, I'd be delighted."

Peanut prepared himself, "Does Tarot ever... mention anything to you? About me?"

"From what I've gathered thus far," Sabrina smiled, "she seems quite fond of you. She's never shown this much interest in anyone else before. Not that she has, anyway."

The guilt was setting in, time to change the subject, "That's nice... ah, could I ask one more question then?

Sabrina beamed, "ask away."

Okay, this is it. I just have to be subtle with my question.

"H-how do you feel aboutttt, oh I don't know... inter-species relationships?"

She'll never suspect...


Symphony in Periwinkle, no.3


They were silent for most of the way, save for those occasional freakish outbursts from Max every time the wind picked up. His fingers curled and he hissed at the stinging cold whips of air. At first, Grape excused this behavior on the assumption that Max simply hadn't adjusted to the change in temperature from his home to the outdoors. However, the amount of time they've been out should have been plenty enough for that by now, but Max still couldn't keep himself from hopping around like a fool.

He wouldn't be so cold if he wasn't so skinn- no, stop it, Grape pressed a fist against her head, trying to suppress her concerns about his weight loss again as they started to seep back in. The last thing she wanted to do was pry directly into his personal life; after all, curiosity did kill the cat. She mused for a moment, But I can afford to curious sometimes, can't I? After all, I do have nine lifes, what do I have to worry... bah, now I'm just being silly. Grape twisted her head, ready to ask her imposing question.

"Say max-" Before she could finish, Max suddenly jerked his head back, his nose wriggled as he pushed Grape away to unleash the force from his troubled sinuses- "Ah, AH- AH CHOO!"

A fine mist of pale snot flew out from his face, some of it sticking to his whiskers in clumps. Not a very attractive look. He wiped his nose bitterly, "Eugh, I hate when that happens." As he tried to clean himself off quickly, he turned to Grape, eyes half lidded, "...Sorry about that." He sniffed, "Ah, were you going to say something?"

"First," She chided, lowering her hand, "please remember to cover your mouth. Second, couldn't you have put something heavier on instead of that old rag of mine?" Grape crossed her arms, "I actually wanted this walk to be kind of enjoyable; and If you can't even handle being outside without throwing a pansy parade than count me out."

"Pansy?!" Max barked. He proceeded to strike a fairly dramatic pose, "I am no pan-ah-Ah- AH CHOO!"

Whatever dexterity and elegance he may have had slipped and crumpled to the ground along with him. He sat up, avoiding eye contact, "I'm not a pansy..."

Grape sighed while kneeling down beside him, "Max, look, you don't need to try to impress me or anything okay? If you're cold just say so. Please don't do this to yourself."

"Who's trying to impress who?" He retorted, getting up from the snow, jabbing a thump towards himself. "I'm just fine."

"Well, I'm not." Grape asserted. It was becoming a hopeless cause, and she didn't want to spoil the rest of their morning; best to let it go. "I mean, never mind, just forget I said anything." She reached over and tightened the scarf round Max's neck, "Just try to stay warm."

Max looked down at the scarf, picking up one end with his hand and feeling its texture, "Huh. You know, even up till now I still have no idea why you gave me this thing," He held it up to Grape, "Kinda weird when you think about it isn't it?"

Grape blew a bit of air, "Well, you said it yourself; I wasn't exactly right in the head that night... so to speak."

"No, I think you were..." Max said slowly, heading off into unknown territory amongst the mixed thoughts in his head, "and that makes me wonder."

"That makes me worry." Grape murmured.

Max grinned, "It probably should." He strolled up beside Grape, poking her with his tail, "May I ask whatever happened to lover boy?"

This puzzled Grape, "I guess you're still here but is that what you call yourself now?" She swatted his tail away.

Max laughed heartily, "Was it really that bad? So bad that you tried to forget it?" He caught himself quickly, afraid he was being too callus, "Oh, forgive me, I don't mean to poke fun. I only meant to ask what happened between you and that, uh, other guy."

Grape blushed, "I already told you Max, nothing happened." She looked nervously away, "I..I was in over my head that's all."

"Awww," Max patted Grape on the shoulder, "Broke your heart did he? I'm sorry."

"No... he was really careful not to hurt my feelings," Grape smiled lightly, Peanut never does anyway. "He's a sweet guy, and I like him for that... but..." Grape would have to continue the lie from this point, "but, he and I saw the... limitations, in our relationship." There was feigned sadness in her eyes, "I guess...he just wasn't the guy for me."

"Humph. If it were me," Max said, looking up at the vast gray sky, "I would have tried to find a way to make it work." He reached for her hand, squeezing it tightly, "No matter what, if it meant being with someone like you."

Grape followed his gaze, feeling a slight pain in her chest. "Thanks...though you never did seem like the lovey-dovey type to me."

"Please. I live for theatrics."


Peanut could have sworn that from the moment he managed to get his question out, the smell of umber fire then became potent in the air. The texture was unlike anything Peanut had ever smelled before; it possessed a quality of... spirit, to it. The strangely arousing blend of laughter and fear mixing down a river of nostalgia filled his nostrils. There was no question now that this odor, this odor of near life, as Peanut realized, was coming from Sabrina.

She wasn't humming anymore, but she didn't seem startled or taken aback by his question. She just stared, fixated on Peanut; to him it felt like she analyzing his soul. After forever, she finally asked, "You... you live with Grape yes?" For some reason, she was very careful to emphasize each of her words.

"Umm, yes. I do." He had a sinking feeling he knew what was coming next, "why?"

Sabrina stood up stiffly, pacing forward about four steps before turning around, "Some time ago, she asked me a similiar question. However, she was a little more crafty in the manner that she delivered it."

Sabrina placed her hands together, feeling back for a cognitive recollection, "She told me she had a friend who was suffering from a lapse of anxiety and panic. Evidently her friend, who's name she couldn't reveal, had fallen in love with someone whom he deeply cared for. 'It touching,' she says, 'like they really were meant for each other,' she says. Only then did she tell me about this 'one problem; neither of them are the same species, and you know how that doesn't really sit well with a majority of pets.' She looked at me and asked, 'How do you feel about all of it? What do you think she should he do?' " Sabrina turned back to Peanut, very calm in her manner of speech, "I told her I wasn't the right person to ask." She lowered her head, "She seemed very disappointed."

She walked back over and sat down again next to Peanut, "But now," she said leisurely, "I can see that perhaps I was being a tad cold hearted, but I wasn't lying...I hope she can forgive me."

Peanut had no idea where she going with this. Was she going to make a point? Or....

"Peanut... how long have you known, about us?"

It was obvious that Sabrina was on to him, but Peanut considered the rationality of continuing to play dumb, "...About who?"

Sabrina crossed her brows, adopting a tone of voice identical to that of a scolding mother, "Peanut, I find it rather difficult to believe that you and Grape, both of whom I know very little about, would suddenly come to me, prompting this question on a peculiar subject matter unless you assumed I knew something about it. How long have you known?"

When she puts it that way it does seem a little suspicious... Peanut sighed, it was no use pretending. "Since Fido got back."

"Since Fi- SINCE FIDO GOT BACK!?" Sabrina was at a lost for words. Was she blushing? It was hard to tell what with her jet black fur.

She gazed, pressing a paw against her lip, contemplating, "I, I see. That long...does anyone else know?"

"No, just me and Grape." Peanut proceeded forward cautiously, "As you might have already guessed, that 'friend' Grape was talking about is actually me. But as much as I l-love her...I can't ignore reality. That's why I need your help." his pale blue puppy eyes swelled, "Please Sabrina, I need to know. You and Fido have been to keep able your status under wraps for so long, so, whatever it is you're doing has to be working." He pleaded.

"Peanut, the mere fact that you're asking for help proves to me that what we've done hasn't been working." Sabrina remarked. The fire in her heart burned fiercer now, quaking the fabric of her fragile nature. It radiated from her in erratic patterns.

"...Oh." It was all Peanut could manage. Sabrina's disappointment was becoming infectious, "I'm sorry."

He had lost track of the time they had spent sitting together out here, it felt like hours. The cacophony of jubilant dogs could still be heard off in the distance.

Sabrina took a deep breath, shuffling in the spot she occupied, "Could I ask you something?"

He didn't respond, instead merely nodding his head.

Sabrina followed suit, "Do you think its wrong for someone to expect their plans go off without a single mishap? That everything will be just right?"

Peanut tilted his head back, thinking it over, "I don't think that's wrong necessarily, just, naive maybe." that felt like an appropriate answer.

"Exactly," She said, "failure is always a very likely possibility." She outstretched her arms over her knees, folding her hands together to rest her head upon, "There's never been a plan or process for what we do, every day is the same: we'd keep to ourselves, in our day to day schedule, amongst friends and family, and when ever possible, he or I might find a little time to pass with the other, and hope that no one else catches us." She shivered, "My worst nightmare, the thing that haunts me the most, is the day they take us away from each other because our efforts just weren't enough..."

Oh my... Peanut thought, that's sounds terrible. If only there was something he could do to help ease the mood.

"sorry to interrupt...but, its just that I've been wondering for a long time and if it's all right- not that you don't have to answer if don't want to, that is," Peanut's terrible habit of rambling was ensuing, "You, and Fido, but he's not a dog- I mean, cat, so..."

"Are you trying to ask me why I chose him over some other cat?" Sabrina finished for him.

"um, yes.." he said apologetically. "That's what I meant."

She thought it over, to which a look of child-like glee began to wash over her eyes, "Its a long story." she said, smiling gently, "Most likely a bit before your time."

"...How old are you exactly?"

"Older than you. Anyway," She settled herself in to tell her tale, "it could be considered your typical lady meets gentleman sort of scenario. You see, I wasn't very social in my earlier years."


"I was dreadfully lonely. So lonely in fact, that I couldn't even bring myself to kill the rodents my parents brought me because they at least kept me some good company." She grimaced slightly, "Some of them. Then there was the day I first glimpsed him trying to settle down a crowd of rambunctious chatting fan girls."

Again, shocking...

Sabrina smiled, "He was so, different, from anyone I'd ever seen before. He was practically a celebrity, but he never let it go to his head. Sweet, charming, and above all very mature. I fell for him from a far, and on several occasions I tried to garner his attention. He didn't notice at first; seeing past the bobbing heads of silly sycophants is nearly impossible you know, but eventually he did see me."

The scent of umber fire had faded from the air, only to be replaced with, *sniff*...strawberries.

"I think the one thing Fido appreciated the most was that I could see eye to eye with him on a conversational level." She said, "I didn't yell, or grab at him, I just wanted to get to know him. We'd talk with each other for hours on end, learning of our likes and dislikes."

"As it turns out, he and I have a real soft spot for Romantic poetry, especially the ones by Poe." She swayed her head a little to the side, "I'll never forget the one night he came by my window and recited the poem of The Raven for me. He had on the black cape and everything; it was so adorable, and there was no lack of effort put into it either. At the end of every appropriate verse, he gestured towards me, and I responded acutely. In my best effort, I would lean down and utter that one word with enough vigor and spite that would make any man cringe." She giggled, "I was his 'raven' you see."

He too, shared in her good spirits, "hmmm, yes, I see." It was almost surreal, seeing Sabrina like this. Just half an hour ago, he knew absolutely nothing about her, yet, after an simple exchange of words he discovered that her outer shell wasn't as abysmal as he thought it was. What a wonder talking can do.

"So as I've said, its a long story." She closed her eyes, "Oh but I do enjoy these old memories... I've never told anyone else about them. It feels... good, to be able to."

The winter winds had weaved through the willows, shaking the branches above them and stirring the snow powder that rested upon them. The serenity complemented Sabrina's essence, or rather, she complemented the serenity. As he took in the surroundings, he suddenly remembered the time and made haste to get back on foot. He apologized, said goodbye, and made a attempt to scurry off befor-


Peanut looked back behind him.

"Before you go, please remember what I've told you! And please tell Grape that I have the utmost confidence in the two of you!"

"Don't worry!" Peanut shouted, waving to her, "I'll add you to the list!"


Somewhere, amidst the Good Ol' Dogs playing field.

"Ack...hey Spo."

"Yeah Fido?"

"You ever get that sensation where your ears feel like their burning?"

"Can't say I have, told ya you shoulda' picked a different pair of muffs, these are just awful. They keep pinching my feet; and maroon is definitely not your color."

*Sigh* "Alright, I get it Spo, thanks..."

"Anytime champ."


Thanks a lot for reading!

The word capacity limit has been over exceeded. Story continues down below.

Author:  ArgentFlame [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:23 am ]
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This is really good, I can't wait for part 2.

Author:  Teh Brawler [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:24 am ]
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It is 1:25 in the morning. I am NOT reading this right now. Otherwise I'll miss all the genius from sleep deprivation. But, as soon as I wake up tomorrow, I will read it.

EDIT: You're going to make me cry, Twig. :cry: :D

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I totally love this! Really interesting and I can't wait for part 2!
and did you draw the pics yourself? They're awesome!

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Two_Twig Wrote:
For Sinder

oh my god I love you
Two_Twig Wrote:
I found Housepets because of him

wow, really?
Grape Wrote:

her lips aren't moving how is she
Joey Wrote:
eaten by a cat while they were both under the mistletoe

what :shock:

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Sinder Wrote:
oh my god I love you

Sinder Wrote:
wow, really?

Yeah, funny, I was strolling through the VGcats forum and I happened to notice the bright link banner in your signature and I clicked it. Crazy huh?
Sinder Wrote:
her lips aren't moving how is she

Sinder Wrote:
what :shock:

He doesn't like to talk about it too much :?

P.S. Thanks guys! I'm glad you're liking it.
I was actually terrified to post it cause I thought it would be too mediocre...

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Mediocre?! This is great! My only advice would be to remember the old "show don't tell" rule. Other than that, I eagerly await the next installment, my good man!

Author:  Two_Twig [ Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:13 pm ]
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caesalson Wrote:
Mediocre?! This is great! My only advice would be to remember the old "show don't tell" rule. Other than that, I eagerly await the next installment, my good man!
Thanks :D I appreciate that, I promise I won't do anything to spoil my own story XP

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When will the next part come out?

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Its hard to say cause I'm not a writer :?, so it may be a few days. I'll try my best to work on it when I can though.

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As long as you had something before next Friday, I'm good.

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I laughed so much when I fist read it.
Like, in a good way. I laughed because I could only imagine what Sinder's reaction would be like!

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Hey, Twig, I just want to make this clear: I LOVE YOU. YOU AND YOUR AMAZING WRITING SKILLS.

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Ebly Wrote:
I laughed so much when I fist read it.
Like, in a good way. I laughed because I could only imagine what Sinder's reaction would be like!
I'm just glad he seems to be okay with it; I actually did ask for his permission before posting this story. Just noticed that Buck entered my fic as the 'unofficial' sequel, and, even though that's true, I wouldn't have liked people to assume I just went ahead and made it without even considering if Sinder would have wanted a lesser sequel forcefully tacked on to his story.

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Stop worrying and keep writing!

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ba da ba ba baaaaaaaaaa!

I'm lovin it!

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The Game Wrote:
ba da ba ba baaaaaaaaaa!

I'm lovin it!

I second that!

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This, my good Two_Twig, is excellent. The characters interact in satisfying and amusing ways. There's great description of the world through their eyes. It's very fun watching this particular story evolve, and the pictures don't hurt either. Keep up the good work, and don't hold back. :D

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I'm going into withdrawal :shock:

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Sinder Wrote:
I'm going into withdrawal :shock:

Edit: Whoops, totally misread that :?

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OMG! update already!

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Need more!!!

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Jack Wrote:
OMG! update already!
I just did today. I don't post each update in a separate post, I just add to the post at the top. Until the word capacity is used up, then I'll update the story in a new post. I'd update more often but I'm up to my neck in art projects right now, not including the ones I do for this fic. Sorry.

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Two_Twig Wrote:
Jack Wrote:
OMG! update already!
I just did today. I don't post each update in a separate post, I just add to the post at the top. Until the word capacity is used up, then I'll update the story in a new post. I'd update more often but I'm up to my neck in art projects right now, not including the ones I do for this fic. Sorry.

i know that you just did but im dying over here!
ok im over it. (abusing my emphasis ability to new extremes!)
but with all seriousness i really enjoy your fanfic so i hope you will post some more soon. :)

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Two_Twig Wrote:
Joey's face suddenly lost all expression, "I know many people," He deadpanned, "Most of whom will do my every bidding."

Would anyone like a nice, hot slice of Xanatos? I hear it goes great with plot twists. :D

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this needs more so bad

so, so bad

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Sinder Wrote:
this needs more

Alright, alright. *Gets off his lazy butt* I kinda thought everyone had forgotten about this.

I'm a little ashamed to have put this off for so long. Honestly though, I have been working on it, but I needed to fix the story cause I didn't like where it was going. Anyway, expect something this weekend, after which, I'll get back on schedule.

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Two_Twig Wrote:
For GameCobra


I liked your fic, by the way. hope to read more in the future. *Also really needs to read more fics*

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Somewhere, amidst the Good Ol' Dogs playing field.

"Ack...hey Spo."

"Yeah Fido?"

"You ever get that sensation where your ears feel like their burning?"

"Can't say I have, told ya you shoulda' picked a different pair of muffs, these are just awful. They keep pinching my feet; and maroon is definitely not your color."

*Sigh* "Alright, I get it Spo, thanks..."

"Anytime champ."

It's sneezing, Twig. Characters sneeze when they're referenced in an aside. Other than that, THANK YOU FOR UPDATING. :D

Author:  Two_Twig [ Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:23 pm ]
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Teh Brawler Wrote:
It's sneezing, Twig. Characters sneeze when they're referenced in an aside.

Their ears can also burn Brawler. They can also burn.

Author:  Teh Brawler [ Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:20 pm ]
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Two_Twig Wrote:
Teh Brawler Wrote:
It's sneezing, Twig. Characters sneeze when they're referenced in an aside.

Their ears can also burn Brawler. They can also burn.

Bleh, I read too much manga, DON'T JUDGE ME.

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Please! pleasepleasepleaseplease hurry up and update!

Author:  Two_Twig [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:15 pm ]
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Symphony in Periwinkle, no.4


Somewhere else, on a fence overlooking the main street of Babylon Gardens Boulevard.

Max outstretched his arm, pointing towards a nearby cat, "Five bucks."

"Ehhhh... Three." Grape wagered.

"Three?! What do you take me for? I ain't doing it unless its at least over four."

The fence they were hanging on was beginning to crack. Max hopped down, rubbing his thumb, "What I do isn't cheap deary, these are quality antics here."

Grape dropped down too, "C'mon Maxie, we've been doing nothing but semi-legal antics for the last hour or so, can't we do something that won't permit you a black eye?"

"It doesn't hurt that much..." Max muttered, rubbing his partly purple swollen eye, "Besides, I think sharing laughs is the ideal way for two people to spend their time together, and truly blossom in this bland, institutionalized melancholy world."

Grape rolled her eyes, "Pfft, you just like taking my money."

"Its true," Max shrugged, "but hey, a cats gotta eat to live, amirite?"

Grape would have made a snide remark on how little he really did appear to be eating, but at that moment, an enormous figure manifested behind Max and swooped him up, swinging him violently back and forth in his arms. Grape shrieked and tried to duck behind the nearest garbage can, tripping instead and falling on her chest. She turned over quickly, covering her head with arms, desperately trying to avoid being crushed by the-

"Heh ho, hey-cut it out, that tickles! Hey, knock it off will ya! You big lug."

Max was struggling to get himself down, his arms and legs were like twigs compared to the other cat's impressive physique. The cat towered over Grape, being a full head taller than she was, with lengthy muscular arms and legs. The shape of his face was triangular with tear stain markings along his eyes and black spots and jagged stripes running down his brownish gold fur. His great big eyes were like saucer plates, with an olive green tinge that glowed. Long black striped ears splayed back across his head, and a smile with teeth the size of Grapes finger's dominated most of his face. A bull shaped tag hung from his brown collar.

"Ha haw! It iss so good to see you friend!" Bellowed the large cat in a low graveled voice, letting Max down from above his head. "I not see you in vhile, ve hang out naow, yes?"

He glanced down at the still prettified cat lying on the ground. "Oh, vhat do ve haff here?"

With one hand, he bent down and lifted Grape up from the snow, "Little cat, you should not be on ground flat on back, you could dishonor our cat brethren." He patted her off before setting her back down. "Who iss this boy Max?"

"Ahem," Max coughed, "she, is my, um, girlfriend, Ivan."

"Girlfriend eh?" Ivan rubbed his eye lids, "Ouf, must be lo'sing eye vision. I am sorry little girl, I mistake you vith that very powerful jaw."

Grape blushed with fury, "Max!" She had about all she could take without passing out or throwing a fist or two.

"Relax Grape, your jaw's just fine, lovely even." He pointed up at the large cat, "As for you Ivan. What have I said about you jumping me in front of others?"

Ivan blushed too, an act that was entirely unfitting for his appearance. "I know, I know, iss bad habit. I am sorry again."

"Alright then," Max walked over to Grape, flicking the last bit of snow off her ear, "You okay?"

Okay, didn't even begin to describe how Grape felt. She was embarrassed, scared, and extremely uncomfortable. She couldn't get her heartbeat to settle down and every moment she was growing increasingly frustrated for making such a fool of herself.

Easy Grape, you can still handle this in a dignified manner...

"Peachy..." She finally responded

"Good! Grape, this is Ivan. Ivan, Grape" He gestured one to the other.

"Iss pleasure to make acquaintance to you." Ivan extended a large paw toward Grape. She lost count of the number of teeth in his smile.

"Nice to meet you too." She lied, taking his hand, which completely engulfed hers.

After all proper greetings were said and done, and Grape had the opportunity, she leaned over to Max, keeping her voice down, "I'm guessing he's not from around here is he? What's he foreign or something?"

Max whispered in kind to her, "No, he only thinks he is." Reading Grape's reaction, he continued, "He kinda gets passed around a lot from owner to owner, poor guy just can't seem to hold down a home. Anyway, whenever he's adopted he, ah, sort of tries to "adopt" his owners nationality. Don't ask me why. First time I met him, the owner he had then was from Britain."

Grape tried to imagine Ivan sitting down with a cup of tea in his hand, wearing a monocle and top hat. The thought didn't get very far.

"Yeah," Max said, "I know."

This could have easily been one of the more stranger friends Grape has ever had to put with from Max had she not already grown accustomed to the multiple hues of mad hattery that proliferated in Babylon Gardens. Especially after having met Tarot... anyone would have seemed normal to her after that. Not to mention Pete.

She leaped at the sudden touch of Ivan's paw on her shoulder.

"Aoww, alvays Max is leaving me out of his talkings. It makes me feel great loneliness." Ivan genuinely sounded like he was upset. He bent down, studying Max's face "Hmm, vhat happen to eye of yours?" He glared at Grape, "Has purple cat been beating Max?"

"No!" Grape protested, "Not yet anyway..."

Max looked disheartened, "Graaape... " He whined. *sigh* "Its all right Ivan, just had a bit of a rough and tumble, if you know what I mean."

Ivan contorted his face, "No... I know not vhat you mean. Oh! By the vay, I did not forgot deal ve haff Max. In last two veeks I haff eaten no meat. Just as ve say, nothing but vater and bread. This, I keep track of, only three days left yes? Haow are yo-"

"Ah- dada da..." Max interrupted, holding his hand up, "Ve- I mean, we, don't discuss those things in fronts of others either Ivan..."

Grape's ears perked, "What's he talking about Max?

"Ivan's on a diet." Max spelled quickly, "No big deal, just a little program I set up for him, is all. Right Ivan?"

Ivan squinted his eyes, "Max." He pinched his fingers together, "Its makes very, very little sense vhat you are saying. We make deal, you forget? Ve go three veeks on traditional European survival quest to instate manliness yes? No meat, yes?"

"Yes, Ivan, I know." Max placed a palm on his forehead, ""Somebody help me, this cat doesn't understand 'discrete."

Max glanced over at Grape. To his surprise, she appeared to be more purple in the face than the rest of the body. Her hands were clenched tightly and shaking. Little did he know she was using every ounce of will power she had not to deck him at that moment.

"Maaaxx" She hissed coldly, "Could I.. talk to you for a moment?" She pointed at Ivan, "alone?"

"Grape, is that really necessar-"



Ivan watched them, "Umm, I vill vait here then? "

She forcefully dragged Max away to the further end of the alley they were in, rounding the corner till they were out of sight. Grape let go, pacing off a few meters before turning around. Her eyes were not filled with ire, but with tears. The rage she possessed was swept away and replaced with bitter sorrow.

Grape was breathing unevenly, trying to calm herself before she began, "...I'm not sure what to say to you Max. I just, can't quite believe it."

"Grape, I don't understand what you're making a huge fuss about, it was just-" Max started, but Grape persisted.

"Max, do you realize what you've been doing? What you're doing to me? You've been essentially starving yourself, and for what?! Masculinity installment?!" She dropped her head, "I was so worried about your weight loss, worried that something was wrong... only to find out you've been doing it on purpose..."

Seconds ticked by. Max waited hesitantly for another lashing, unsure if he would be given the chance to say anything in his defense.

Grape spoke once more, "You know how I feel about this sort of thing." She bit her lip, "I told you about my past, and... I actually felt like you really understood." She was crying now, "None of this is funny to me Max."

"I, I'm sorry, I didn't mean, I only... " Max didn't have the heart to look her in the eyes anymore, his voice barely came out above a whisper, "I just t-thought it would be good for a little thrill..."

"Thrill?!" Grape shrieked, "You think putting your health in jeopardy is some kind of thrill?!" She shook her head, "Starving yourself fo-... for sick kicks?!"

It was too overwhelming for her.

She felt like a failure. She had failed to help Max. Failed to see past the lies and tricks of an evil Griffin. Failed to keep Peanut out of Tarot's hands. She failed to keep things from falling apart, and she just couldn't take it. She began to back away, sprinting into the other direction.

Max yelled for her, "No wait, please Grape! Don't go! Please, just hear me out!"

Grape continued to run, ignoring the cries behind her. She ran pass everything she once considered dear to her; ran pass anyone who called out to her. Continued to run, even after the tears had run out. Nothing seemed in placed anymore. Even as she ran, she couldn't understand why she was running.

After forever, she stopped running. Nobody was following her, but the area around her was unfamiliar, suggesting that she might have gone off into an undisclosed section of the forest.

Grape sat down to catch her breath, attempting to sooth her raging thoughts.

*sigh*...where was somebody to talk to?

...Grape blushed.

Where was Peanut...

A yelp broke the still air. She scrambled up hastily, looking feverishly around her. Where did that sound come from?

From above her the sound came again, Grape looked up. From the side of the cliff next to her, somebody was skidding down at break neck speed. Tumbling and flailing without any control, covered in clusters of snow. She tried to make out who it was, but the sun glared furiously off the side of the hill, preventing her from seeing the person in need of aid. What Grape neglected to realize was that, at some point, this person who she was tracking would eventually reach the bottom of the hill, right where she was standing... and...


The unidentified person made head on collision with Grape, sending them both sliding for another ten feet or so.

The strange figure pushed up off of her, "Oooow...are you all right? I'm so sorrr... ohhhhh my..."

That voice, Grape thought hazily, sounds so familiar...

She wiped the snow from her eyes, blinking to see who it-







In the sanctity of his cozy little kitchen, Earl sat, busily critiquing the latest newspaper articles. He considered himself a man of class, and as such, would not stoop to reading tripe material. Unfortunately for him, the last few months issues have proven to be fruitless with meeting his standards, and today's was no exception. With an air of defeat, Mr.Sandwich laid the now crumpled paper beside his bacon, taking the last heavy swig of his coffee. He glanced out the back porch, making pained expressions at the mountain of snow slowly growing in his backyard. Hmmm...Do they have laws preventing homeowners from using their pets for manual labor? The idea was worth looking in to.

From the living room, Mrs. Sandwich shuffled into the kitchen with an empty dish and cup, grazing along the linoleum floor in her mismatched slippers and faded blue bathrobe. Earl stood up and joined his wife by the sink with his table ware as well, taking up a rag and dying off the wet plates she rinsed before setting them on the rack. Normally, this joint effort went without much discussion, but today Mr. Sandwich had something on his mind.

"I think the papers have finally begun to wear themselves out." Earl sighed in lament, "All those poor monkeys they got cooped in that little room, getting paid below minimum wage to print this indistinguishable rubbish."

*yawn* "Hmm, I've met some of them before," Some of Jane's coworkers at the nursing home worked at the local zoo during the summer, "and they're lemurs, not monkey's dear. The poor things. You know they're doing the best they can honey, times are hard right now."

Mr. Sandwich would agree there were more pressing matters at hand, certainly more than the current state of condition of the local paper, but Earl was old fashioned like that. He would never tell anyone this, but sometimes he felt lost in this new age of technology; and given the fact that he was only in his mid thirties, its probably best he doesn't, least he be ridiculed for his outdated methods. Though, if someone were to ask Mr. Sandwich, he'd tell them his father was the reason to blame. After all, the man raised him in the twentieth century as though it were the 1950's. Most kids back in his day had black and white T.V. or primitive electronics to play with; but all he had, besides his old folk's car to tinker with and the sticks and stones, was the newspaper. He knew it was a dying art, but it annoyed Earl to see it wither so.
There are so many things you can do with newspaper, and you can read it too!
"...They can't even get the funnies right," he murmured. "I take that sort of thing seriously."

Jane eyed her husband with the sort of look that suggested she's heard this rant one too many times, "Well... if you want, maybe you can read this one I found last week on the computer. I think its pretty cute."

"I'm afraid cute doesn't really do for me anymore Jane." Earl frowned, "Why, just two days ago, I happen to walk by a shop with two little hamsters on display behind the window case; both of them were white as snow, all warm and cozy next to each other, settling in for a nap, making the most adowable faces..." The words that could describe what sort of face he was making, or lack there of, are startlingly few, "and I felt nothing Jane... its empty. The tinsmith simply forgot to give me a heart."

"I don't get it." Jane patted her face, "Should I be worried by this?"

Earl grinned devilishly, "Oh, I wouldn't worry at all if I were you."

"Oh stop it." Jane prodded him playfully, "You're an awful tease!"

He shrugged, perhaps he deserved that.

"I just meant that, in the sense, you're more beautiful than cute. "Cute" carries the proverbial concept of eye candy, no fortification, just something nice to look at. Beauty, on the other hand, carries more power and elegance, an ever lasting thing, a true ripe fruit... Do you understand?"

"So, I can't be beautiful and cute?"

"Faid' not."

"Hmm, well then, if that's the case, then I guess you'd have no interest seeing what I found this morning..."

This piqued Mr. Sandwich's curiosity. "Oh?" Naturally, she was playing him on.

"Yes," Jane pulled out of her back pocket a small piece of paper. "because this certainly has no fortification what so ever. What was I thinking? In fact, I might as well just toss it right now. Unless..." she flicked the paper in Earl's direction, "you want to have a say in the matter?"

He took the paper, giving a slight smirk to its beholder. Actually, it was a photo, not a slip of paper, and once he was able to painstakingly decipher the image without his glasses, he was partially taken a back.

"Huh, I remember this little fellow," He brought the image closer, examining it thoroughly, "but who's this one? I don't...recall...wait a tick." After a brief pause Earl's eyes flickered, "Is that... Oh my goodness, it is!" He caught himself laughing all of a sudden, "Ha heh, ahh... whew, I can't believe I forgot about that."

Jane chuckled, "Mmm, I couldn't believe I did either." She was standing beside Earl now, tracing the outline of the photo with her fingers, "Do you think Peanut remembers this?"

"Of course he does," Earl replied , "and I'm sure Grape does too, assuming she wants to that is."

Jane's smile fell reluctantly, "Oh right." She stared at the picture mournfully, "She's been through a lot hasn't she?"

"Yes, but she's a tough girl," Earl said, smiling broadly, "and whats more important, she's had someone to help her through it all."

"She certainly has."

Mrs. Sandwich gave Mr. Sandwich a hug, and he hugged her in turn.

Jane took the picture and held it out one more time, "So whats the final verdict Mr. Fortification? Too cutesy? Enough substance for you?"

He beamed, "Plenty of substance."


Symphony in Periwinkle, no.5


Peanut stared nervously into Grape's eyes, his heart was racing and his arms were shaking. It was that kind of awkwardness he was used to, finding himself lying on top the one person he didn't expect to land on from a perilous journey down the side of a hill. These things happen. Grape wasn't saying anything, and for a second Peanut was frightened that he might have seriously injured her, and that now she might be in shock or something. He had to find out.

Say something. He pleaded with himself, Anything.

"H-hi there." He blurted out.

"Hey..." She replied.

"...Ar- are you okay?"

"I'm fine... you?..."

"Good, good."

Okay, at least she's not hurt. He could put that concern aside.




"Would you, um, would you mind letting me up? Its cold down here..."

"Oh! Sure! Yes, sorry..."

Peanut didn't really 'get up' so much as he just sort of, flopped over beside Grape. The fall had sapped him of his strength, and standing up, he felt, would just add to the overall awkwardness. For now, everyone was equal lying on the ground.

Grape sat up slowly, brushing the crumbs of snow off that had fallen from Peanut's head. She was preparing to get up, but Peanut reached out and grasped her shoulder, "Um, could we stay down here for just a while longer?... I don't think I can really get up just yet."

She compelled, lying back down next to Peanut, sighing heavily as she did so. She scrunched up her scarf, forming a makeshift pillow beneath her head against the cold snow. She placed both her hands on her chest and settled herself in. The both of them lied there together, witnesses to the all-inclusive heavens that slept above them in the clouds.

"...Its beautiful, isn't it? The winter sky?" Peanut asked. He was attempting to make friendly light conversation, to offset any unpleasant reciprocation's from his less than smashing entrance, "Sometimes I like to think of it as a large piece of paper." He outstretched his hand up above his face, "Its big enough to house all my ideas and drawings, and I'd never run out of space..." He turned his head towards her. To his dismay, Grape didn't appear to be listening, or signaling signs of being conscious for that matter.

Peanut lifted his head, "Grape?"

"Huh?" Grape blinked, "Ah, I'm sorry peanut..." She massaged her eyes, wiping small wet traces of tears away, "I wasn't listening..."

Peanut sat up quickly, wincing at the jolts of pain in his torso. Concern was welling in his eyes, "Grape what's wrong, are you okay?"

" I told you I'm fine." She growled, voice lased with angry. She just, continued to stare up at the sky, as the undying bitterness continued to swell within her. A silent stream of tears began to flow, to which Grape only made feeble attempts to subdue. She wiped them away, till she couldn't keep up with them. She tried with all her might, pressing her paws against her eyes, but they wouldn't stop.

It was both baffling and excruciating for Peanut to watch her like this. He wanted to help, wanted to reach out and hold her, to comfort her. He wanted to know what was plaguing her.

Peanut leaned cautiously towards Grape. He gave a start when she sat up unexpectedly. Grape took a deep breath, expelling her inner demons, lifting a shaking arm in the direction of peanuts shoulder, missing and instead grabbing his collar. She shook it lightly, speaking with a soft tone, "Peanut I, *sniff* I really need somebody to talk to right now..."

Peanut nodded, "Of course, anything."

Grape rested her head in the crook of his shoulder as Peanut drew her closer. She sighed, "Its about Max-"

"Max?" Peanut interrupted, drawing his head back in disbelief, "Grape, he hasn't... hurt you, has he?"

"No, no. Listen, listen to me, you never listen," She said, poking his forehead, " Silly dog... Where was I, oh that's right."

Grape continued, "This morning I went to go pick him up so we could go for a walk -I think I mentioned that to you yesterday- and while I was over there, talking with him, I had noticed how skinny he was you see? Like unsightly skinny." She held her hands an inch apart from each other to stress her point, "I was concerned, but I didn't want to bother him about it. After that..."

Peanut listened intently as she went on explain the the events of that morning in explicit detail. She had this funny habit of revealing the main point behind her stories right at the beginning rather than towards the end. Once she did get to the end, she'd repeat the same thing, stop to realize what she'd done, then try to pretend she meant to do that while hiding her embarrassment. Peanut could laugh that sort of thing off, but there was no laughing this time. He sensed pain behind this story.

"...Because of that I found out he had been starving himself on this ridiculous quest with Ivan to prove himself a real man, cat, I don't know." Her ears fell, "I sort of lost myself and ran away. I think Max was yelling something, but I couldn't hear him. Then I found you..." She looked up at Peanut, her face riddled with dread and fear, "What should I do?"

Peanut pondered in silence. For a majority of her telling the story he didn't say anything, not because he didn't understand it, but because it left him just as beclouded as Grape was. Max? Starving himself?...No. There was something else to this, something he wasn't getting. Max, no matter the level of callus disregard he showed for regulation of personal display, would never succumb to this kind of outrageous shenanigans. The only way to know for sure would be to go directly to the source.

Grape waited impatiently for a response. Peanut finally opened his eyes, and said with a heavy heart, "I don't think I'm the right person to ask Grape. Maybe you should go back and talk to Max."

"No, I can't do that..." She said hopelessly, hiding her face in her hands, "I can't face him now, not after..." She shook her head, "This whole 'pretend dating' thing was a stupid idea, I never should have started seeing him." She dragged her hands down her face, staring gloomily up at Peanut, "You must think pretty poorly of me, I wouldn't blame you. I've shoved you aside like trash, sticking my nose in someone else's business on some kind of idiotic self righteous crusade... I would see myself pretty poorly too..."

Peanut could sense how broken Grape felt inside. No matter how tough she acted on occasion, she was very sensitive beneath it all.

He scratched Grape between the ears, smiling with extraordinary depth, "Grape Jelly Sandwich. I think you forget just how good hearted a person you are under all that self proclaimed cynicism. You might not agree, but believe me, you're the most caring person I've ever known. " He lowered his head, nuzzling the side of Grape's face, "You were willing to put your personal feelings aside to help someone in need... I don't know if I would've have done the same."

"But I didn't help him," She said, almost tearing up, "I didn't help anyone. I've only made things worse..."

"That's not true, you don't know that..." Peanut wished he had been blessed with a more poetic lingo. He was sorely tempted to recite a Shakespearean quote, but he bit his tongue and held it in. Now was not the time.

"Yes I do." She fell back on the snow with a *fump*, returning her attention once more to the sky. Peanut sighed and eased himself back down too. When Grape didn't want to talk, the best thing to do was to let it go.

The trees looked so bare this time of the year. Their thin, wispy branches toiled endlessly in the winds.


"Yes Grape?"

Her whiskers quivered, "...Do you think what we're doing is right?"


Wait, maybe I should have phrased that differently...

"I mean, do you believe we'll ever be able to be together, without others calling it wrong?"

Normally, Grape tried to keep these thoughts out of her head, trying to deny the fact that she had no real solutions to these problems. Maintaining a positive attitude was the only way she could cope with the fear of being discovered, and most of all, the fear of what could happen to Peanut. She worried a lot for him because, as she has come to discover from living with him for so long, he never really put too much effort into planning ahead; instead he just relied on this tried-and-true method of "everything will be alright if I believe hard enough.''

Peanut gawked at her, "I'm scared to ask what brought on this thought."

"I wonder sometimes, don't you?" She shrugged, "We're a cat and dog, social norms dictate we shouldn't even have feelings for each other."

Peanut stuck his tongue out, "To fooey with social norms... I'll find a way to make it work, somehow. I don't care what happens to me... I just want to be with you."

Oh Peanut, it's like I know you too well. Grape thought to herself.

"I do too, but it won't be that simple. I mean, a lot of bad could happen to you." A single snowflake fell upon Grapes lip; she blew it off, watching it waft away gently. "Honestly, It might just be in your best interest if you decide to stay with Tarot." She immediately regretted saying those words, knowing all the implications, be they good or bad (mostly bad), that statement could pose.

Peanut certainly did appear puzzled, "What do you mean? Are you saying you don't want to be with me anymore?"

"Peanut, you know that's not what I meant." She began conducting the rest of her speech with the aid of her hands, "I'm just saying, being with her would probably be a much more pleasant experience than being with me." Grape was prepared to count them with her fingers, "You can go on dates, hold hands in public, frolic gaily through fields of flowers, actually be able to show some affection to one another outside your own homes, et cetera."

I'm not trying to be insensitive, she told herself, I'm only stating the obvious.

Grape rolled her eyes, "Heck, why not make a pet name for her, no one would stop you."

"You make it sound like we can't do anything."

She smirked. Only because we can't.

Peanut thought it over for a second, "What if I called yoooou... Jelly Belly?"

Grape furrowed her brows, "I'd rather you didn't." She scuffed, "I don't even like jelly beans."

"Fine, but you brought it up." He chuckled, "But you know what? Even if we can't do those things, I don't care. I relish every minute I can spend with you, in public or not. " He smiled his 'oh-so-peanut-smile.' His cinnamon bronze fur turned a deep shade of firebrick red, "I love you, that's all that matters to me right now."

She could feel her cheeks turning red too, and she giggled. She teased a finger before his nose, "Hmm, I love you too. "

Grape was feeling a lot better now that she was with Peanut. His unassuming nature sometimes had the exceptional ability of making Grape forget just how upset or angry she was. To Grape, this meant a lot to her, and prompted her to seek him out on those occasions when she needed to cool down, but Peanut was none the wiser.

She repositioned herself so that she was lying on her side, facing Peanut. "So enlighten me pooch." She's never called him 'pooch' before, and seeing the reaction it caused on him, it might make her more apt to do it again, "Why me? How'd a sweet dog like you ever end up liking this 'tomboy' in the end?" It might have been a little snooty of her to ask, but that's never stopped her before on previous occasions.

"In what sense?" Peanut asked, "Cause if we're talking 'when', I already liked you before I found out you were a girl. Just, in a 'friend' way, you see, cause I didn't know you were a girl." He waved his hand, "If you mean 'why' then..." He scratched the tuft of fur below his chin, "les' see here."

Peanut retracted himself back a little, folding his legs in to sit up. He formed a frame with his fingers, looking over Grape's figure. She didn't get what he was doing until he finally declared, "Its definitely the ears.''


"The ears," Peanut repeated, "I think that was the reason I became so attached to you in the first place... aaaafter I found you were a girl of course."

"Right, but, just the ears?... Really? Nothing else?" He can't be serious.

"And the tail I suppose. You have a very pretty tail. Plus, you have a beautiful purple coat. Its very soft," He tilted his head back, "I do like soft things."

Grape skewed her brows, "OK lenny, but how about something a bit more intangible, hmm? I don't suppose you're going to say I remind you of a rabbit next or something."

His fingers began poking each other, "Is it wrong if I just happen to like certain features of my girlfriend?" The way he said that sent Grape an awfully weird vibe, "If so, then I apologize George."

*sigh* ...We are both such dorks.

"Apology acceptance pending. Now, why don't you let me try since you can't think of anything."

Peanut crossed his arms, "Fine, tell us both why you decided to accept me, the dog, instead of a ca-dahhh..." Ca-dah? He smacked his head. From what Grape could assume he acted as though he had just remembered something. "I remember now." Point for me "Sorry ummm... I should tell you, I kinda... told two people today about us..."

"What?!" Grape shrieked, all good feelings were lost at that moment.

Peanut raised his hands in defense, "It's okay Grape! I mean, we can totally trust them and everything. I only told Sabrina-"


"...and Joey."


He forced a smile, "They wish us well?" he said, nodding his head "And I assure you they aren't going to tell anyone."

*sigh* "I don't know if I should feel more angry about this Peanut." She packed some snow and tossed it quickly at Peanut's head. For a dog, he has impressive dodging skills. "So impulsive, I told you you couldn't hold that tongue well."

Peanut's head sank, he looked like a puppy that's been kicked a couple times, so dejected and blue. It was starting to make her feel guilty. After all, It was kinda her fault he was even under this pressure to begin with. She knew perfectly well that he didn't handle stress very well, he'd interrupted enough of her naps to learn that by now. She reached over and gently placed a hand on his fuzzy head, "But... I guess that was something I always liked about you."

She could hear his tail wagging behind him. Grape smiled, her teeth glinted in the sunlight, "I shouldn't really be quick to disparage you, when I'm as much at blame here. I'm sorry."

"It's okay....I'm sorry too"

"Are you sure they won't tell?"

"I'm pretty sure they won't"

"What if they do?"

"I don't know... Would we still be together?"

"...Yeah, I think we would be."




*Pant* *Pant* "Gra- Grape!" *Cough* "Graaaape!"

Max called out for her in every direction, each cry more faint than the last. He was on the verge of collapsing, every muscle in his body was screaming in agony. He had been running nonstop all over town looking for Grape, but to no avail.

Max felt sick, not from running so long, but at himself. He clenched his hands around his head, digging his claws in. What was I thinking?! He cursed himself, striking his head with anger.

He stumbled forward, dizzy, and feeling weak in the knees. Ugh, I feel tired. Really tired right now. Max grabbed the nearest bench to hold himself up. All the running was taking a heavy toll on his malnourished body, and now he was suffering the consequences.

Just a little further.... He told himself. He trudged forward though the snow, ignoring the blinding pain in his legs. He was doing this for Grape; he had to explain himself, needed to tell her everything so that at least she knew.

His noble endeavor sought on until he was finally overtaken by the exhaustion.

Such a strange sensation, when your body gives up and stops listening to your head. The entire plain starts turning on its side, and the ground flips up towards you, mocking your unsteady grasp of reality.

Having lost all control, Max simply shut his eyes and waited for impact. Until-

"Vhoa! Max, buddy, hey! Don't vorry, I haff got you."

From the valiant vacant vorld of the vertically inclined, Ivan stood perched above Max, clutching his friend from painfully colliding with the pavement.

"You okay?"

Ivan lifted Max up and onto a bench, poking his forehead, "Hey, you alright Max?" He asked again.

Max was struggling to keep himself awake, "I have to find her Ivan. I, I can't leave it like this."

"Who, the purple cat? Is who you're looking for? One that ran off? Vhat, you say something stupid to her?"

" Kinda... Listen Ivan, the deals off. No more hunger quest."

Ivan looked confused for a moment, "Huh? Vhy?"

"It doesn't matter, just, help me find her Ivan..."

Ivan stared hard into his comrade's face, studying him. "...Feh, okay. I vill help you."

Max smiled, "Heh, I can't move though."

"Ouf, this mean I haff to car'reh you're sorr'e behind?

"Looks that way, doesn't it?"

"Alright, alright. Hold on sec, owf-" Ivan heaved Max over his shoulders, turning him around so that his head rested on his shoulder.

"You're lucky I do this for you."

Thanks buddy. "I think I'll just take a nap. Right here. On your back. You don't mind do you Ivan? I hope you don't mind."

"Is vierd, but vhatever. On condition you don't drool okay?"

"Ahh, don't worry. I don't...drool..."

As Ivan trotted off, Max's eyelids slowly drifted shut, and the world blacked out.


Symphony in Periwinkle, no.6


The snow ball tournament was going well. Really well. That surprised Fido. Because by this point, the toll count would normally have been around ten on the 'severely-but-not-that-severely' injured rate. Every year they tried their best to prevent accidents, and every year they failed. Amazing how much damage snow can do. Even in the best case scenario's, they might have had to carry five or six dogs out, but so far they've only had to carry out two.

Heh, maybe it's just my luck.

He didn't believe in luck, but when things begin stressing him out as they have been lately, sometimes letting his flights of fancy flourish every now and then helped ease any building tensions.

When you're on the force there's a pattern of ups and downs that comes with the occupation, and right now everyone was starting to feel the strain that usually comes around after the holidays; that's when most of their cases popped up. He reminded himself of a discussion he once had with Kevin about finding methods of mitigation for just such occasions. For Kevin, he described his process as "finding the one thing that bothers me the most inside, and then tackling it," but really that was just about Kevin's solution to everything. Fido knew perfectly well he didn't have any internal struggles or repressions, aside from one maybe, and even so, his biggest source of anxiety was anything but internal or even hard to find. In fact, he could readily identify his source of stress: it was about three inches tall, covered in hair, loud, obnoxious,and always straddling the sorest parts on his head, which were always his ears.

"Awww, why'd ya hav'ta leave the game so soon? I was having, like, so much fun." Spo began anxiously pulling on Fido's ear, "Come on, we're probably missing the best part! I want to see the blood!"

"Knock it off Spo, I got to do something right now okay?"

Spo let go of his ears and crossed his arms, "Pfft, and just what is it you need to do out here anyway?"

"You were there Spo. Joey told me Peanut went into the woods a while ago and hasn't came back yet, so he asked me to go look for him."

Fido couldn't see Spo atop his head, his eyes were wide with bewilderment and excitement, "You mean he's been kidnapped!?" He jumped down onto the bridge of Fido's nose, and began tugging hectically at his glasses, "Great- I mean, oh no! Quick, round up all your cop buddies and lets go on a kill hunt for the kidnapper! With gusto muchacho! There's no time to lose!"

"Spo, settle down. No ones been kidnapped." With that he lifted Spo off his nose and placed him back on top of his head, "You're so worked up today, you need to calm down. I'm sure he just got a little sidetracked in these woods, we'll find him soon."

Spo slumped against Fido's ear, disappointment braiding in his eyes, "Uugggh, I really hate being on the adrenaline flop. Seriously, these shindig's are the only times I ever get to feel big in my pitiful existence. Then it's like 'Bam', all the fun and excitement is gone, and I start to feel small again..."

Fido stopped for a moment, "...I'm sorry Spo, but I have to find Peanut first. I promise, once I'm done, I'll take you back okay?"

"Yeah alright."

In all honesty, Spo wasn't as bad as Fido occasionally made him out to be. Sure, he could be annoying, frightfully candid, really annoying, and demanding, but he possessed a fragile heart; plus it just wasn't in Fido to abandon someone who needed him. The little fella had just kinda grown on Fido. Literally, he spends so much of his time on Fido's head he practically lived up there.

They continued to search through the forest; Fido didn't remember it being this dense, the trees were packed so tight together it was nearly impossible to walk straight for ten feet. Broken twigs and leaves littered the forest floor above the snowy white carpet, and snow would continue to drop on Fido's head, which really bothered Spo, but there wasn't much he could do about it. Spo remained silent for the mean time, leaving his co-hort to search while he simply napped in the free wake of time.

A tiny snap could be heard in the distance. Spo picked up his head, glancing behind them. He noticed a black object slipping behind the trees, moving quietly and lithely in and out of sight.

He squinted hard, "...Uuhhhh Fido? I think there's somebody behind us, and I don't think its that dog."

"What are you talking about Spo, there can't someone else out here."

Fido turned around, in time to see the ebony body spring forth through the bristle; Spo yelped and dived behind Fido's head, burying himself into his collar.

"Ack! Spo!"

While he tried to pry Spo out from behind his neck, he took a second to properly observe the unexpected visitor, "Spo, its just Sabrina."

Spo stuck his head out, "Nina?"

As Fido began walking towards her, Spo had climbed his way back up Fido's head and was bouncing up and down eagerly, holding on tightly to his ears to avoid toppling off. He flashed his tiny big grin and waved his arm frantically, "Hiiiii Nina! Hey Nina. Nina, Niiiiina!"

"Spo, quiet--Sabrina! Hey there, I uh, didn't expect to find you out here. How are you?"

"Fair," She nodded, "a tad perturbed but fair. I must agree I did not think I'd see you here either. May I ask what brought you here?"

"Well I-"

"Nina!" Spo chatted over Fido, kicking his enthusiasm back into gear, "Hey Nina can you hear me? I'm up here! Can you seeeeee me?"

"Hello Spo, hehe, yes I can see and hear you just fine." She patted the top of his head delicately with her finger, to which he squeaked with delight, "You've grown so much since I last saw you." She has to be lying "Are you and Fido getting along well?"

Fido really didn't want to waste time like this, "Listen Sabrina, Spo and I are-"

"Oh yeah, me and him, we're like super awesome pals." He thumped his chest, "Yes sire, I'd do anything for this guy. 'Specially when he's havin like, his usual melodramatic breakdowns? And needs a lot of moral support, I'm there for him. Cause that's what I do."

"Spoooo" Fido tilted his head a little, enough to get Spo to stumble back onto his hair. "Sabrina, you didn't happen to see Peanut around here did you?"

She stared at him in befuddlement, "Peanut? Yes, I did see him. Why, is something wrong?"

"He's been out here since he left and unfortunately, he hasn't come back yet, so..."

"Oh dear," Sabrina turned her head in the opposite direction, "I'm sure I saw him heading back, where could he...?"

"I don't know, maybe you could you point me in the direction he went? I'd hate to leave you like this so suddenly, but I need to make sure he's okay."

"I believe he went that way," She gestured down the path going east from her position, "but Fido, there's... there's something you should know."

"What is it Sabrina?"

Sabrina looked worried. She folded her arms together and slowly looked away, "He knows Fido, both he and Grape. They know... about us."

"OH SNAP." said Spo, serving as the vocal translator for Fido's innards

Fido furrowed his brows, standing rigid where he was. He brought one hand up and firmly gripped the point between his eyes. Its just one more thing after another... so much for luck.

"I'm sorry Fido, I know this isn't the right time to bring this up, but, I've been having some mixed feelings about it and... I mean, I do trust them, but- but what if someone else-"

"Sabrina." He interrupted, "W-we'll talk about this later. Right now, I need to find Peanut and then we can sort this out..."

Spo fell forward, dangling himself in front of Fido's specks, "Do you need a hug man? You sound awfully tense."

"Not now Spo."

"I'll do it, I will hug the muffins out of you."

He glanced menacingly at him, "I said, not now."

"Okay, okay. No need to get all stiffy."

Sabrina reached out for him, "Fido?"

He said nothing. Suddenly, Fido drew Sabrina in, hugging her tightly. He held her with passion, breathing heavily into her neck, imprinting the feeling of her soft silk like fur against his own. It felt like instinct, but it was more out of fear; fear that their days together were becoming numbered. Will I be able to hold you again the next time?

"...I have to go." He whispered. He let go and proceeded to hurry off in the direction that Sabrina pointed out.

"Oh sure, you hug her." Spo pouted.


"Yeah what?"

"I don't think we'll be heading back after this."

Spo's head sunk, "Aww man..."


So it was, Fido left Sabrina with in the cover of the forest.

Sabrina felt a lump in her throat, and swallowed hard as she pressed a palm against her beating heart. His scent still lingered in the air; her nose twitched spasmodically, sending her whiskers on a fit of frolic and waltz. He drove her mad on the inside, but she tried hard to disguise that fact, to the best of her ability.

*He does sound awfully tense. Poor soul.* Tarot's voice came echoing clearly within Sabrina's head.

"Eavesdropping? That's not like you."

*I was feeling sneaky today*

"I see. Well, if we're going to make headway into more discussion, would you send your spiritual cast over first?"

*Why? This way's easier.*

"It just feels more natural to me when I can see you while I talk to you that's all."

*Oh, very well then.*

The aura that permeated the air around her became dense, and from the bounds of the unknown mystic regions Tarot manifested herself in the presence of her friend, dispelling soft plumes of smoke. *Fwoosh* Producing a spiritual apparition at a long range distance was not Tarot's forte; Sabrina figured she could use the practice. As the sole remaining practitioner between them of the spectral powers, Tarot had to be kept up to check on her current status level, and that role fell upon Sabrina.

She watched aimlessly as Tarot repositioned herself in midair into a more fitting appearance "Ahem- anyway, what can I do you for?"

Sabrina cleared the smoke from her face, "You mean you don't know? I thought you heard everything we said; the whole sneaking business?"

"I only came in at the part where I think the wee mouse was about to offer a hug to that dog Fido. -I thought that part was cute."

"Actually, those two are part of the reason I asked you to come here. Both he and Spo, the wee mouse, are looking for Peanut in these woods. Do you think you could help Fido find him?"

Tarot's eye twitched at the mention of Peanut, "Oh... Peanut... yes, I already know where he is."

"You do?" Sabrina said disbelievingly, "Well, tell me, where is he then?"


"Say Peanut, you never did tell me how you fell down that cliff." said Grape, as she sat, comparing the length of Peanut's ear to her own.

"You never asked." Peanut responded, trying to stifle a giggle from Grape poking at his ticklish ears.

"I'm asking now."

"Fair enough." He scotched closer to her.

Grape withdrew her hands from his head, fastening her tail around it instead, "I only wonder because you're usually not this klutzy, simply slipping off the side like that."

"But I didn't; oh no, its much scarier than that." He fiddled with his new fuzzy headband, "Like, black voodoo stuff scary."

"As your confidant and object of affection," She fluttered her finger, tracing small circles to the side of her head, "I feel I am inclined to believe you."

"Surely you jest! Thy saccharine lips are stained with sarcasm and you dare to insinuate that I be a loony."

Neither of them ever knew when to expect the other to suddenly stoke the bright passionate flames of eccentric flamboyancy. That was the beauty of it, and to denounce that beauty of poetic justice would make it nothing short of trivial burlesquing.

"Parish the thought you naive poodle."

"I say!" He said.

She narrowed her eyes, smirking jauntily, "Convince me otherwise, and I might relieve my acceptance. Come now, I challenge thee!"

"I accept your challenge foul wicked feline." He stood up, and proceeded to prep himself for his part. He spread his hands far apart, and took a deep breath, "There I was! I stood a gap in the mouth of the grove, and cease my ears beheld me, the fern itself spoke word of me! I traced the voice until I found myself on the steep cold precipice of the mountain's edge. Suddenly..."


"You what?!"

"He's fine if you're wondering -I hope- but yes, I may have... nudged him off a rather lofty mound of earth. Really nice hill too, perfect for sledding. I just imagine all the little human children barreling blindly down its perilous face."

"Tarot this goes far beyond proper conduct! What on earth could have possibly possessed you to do such a thing?!"

She stated quite plainly, "The spirits."

I should have figured... Sabrina was beside herself in dismay, "I was not informed that he was on our agenda today."

Tarot shrugged, "It was sort of a last minute decision on their part, I'm not entirely sure I understand it either."

"You didn't hesitate?" Sabrina asked, "What if by some chance he could be seriously hurt?"

"He's not dead, I would have felt his spirit leaving this world."

"That's comforting." She walked through her colleague and sauntered through the woods, keeping her pace at a weary travel.

Tarot floated close behind her, "Believe you me, I certainly wasn't happy with it, but its not my place to disobey them. I'm not like you, I can't be as idealistic all the time, I must do as I'm told, its part of my-"

"Part of your code I know." Sabrina finished for her, stopping in mid-step. She was familiar with the archaic scripted law, as she too once abided by it with heart and soul, "But you can't just, do that Tarot." She gripped the side of her forehead, "You can't just blindly do what the spirits tell you to all the time."

"But I must."

She dropped her arms to her side, "Then I must say, I fail to see the point in all of it anymore."

Tarot swirled around Sabrina, hovering at eye level with her, "So should I ask you why you continue to force yourself to work with the order?"

She smiled faintly at Tarot, "What? And leave you in the hands of another overseer? I wouldn't dream of it."


"Whoa, whoa, whoa, the trees were talking to you?" Grape tried in earnest not to look too overly amused with Peanut's story, "What were they saying?"

"I don't know, its like they were speaking some crazy other language that I couldn't make out. But that's not even the weirdest part!'

"Heaven forbid." Grape lamented.

Peanut eyes bulged out slightly, "When I got to the edge of the cliff, I noticed this movement going on beside me and the next thing I know I feel this branch this pushing me off the side! It's like the tree was alive! I would have kept my balance had I noticed this little tree stump right next to my foot, which I got caught on and fell over. Everything else after that was a blur till I got up and saw you under me." Peanut paused to let his tale sink in, "Needless to say, it was all pretty freaky."

"Sure sounds like it... You sure you didn't eat anything funny before leaving the house?"


"Tarot dear, forgive me if I seem brash," Said Sabrina with slight unease, "but you are aware that Peanut's secret committed to someone else, aren't you?" She felt hesitate about bringing up this topic, but it's awfully rare to find Tarot ever out of the loop of things, so maybe...

"As a matter of fact I am, and it's my responsibility to ensure that he and Grape's fates stay intertwined."

"Is it? Oh, forgive me I just though, perhaps... maybe you were genuinely interested in him?"

Even in her transparent state, The pinkish hue could still be seen spreading across her face, "I will admit, I do possess some affection for him... but I can't lose sight of my objective. My occupation doesn't allow for romance, otherwise I'd end up like yo... sorry."

"You can say it, I don't mind. I regret nothing about my decision."

"You say that so easily."

"Because I can, Tarot."

"You didn't have to give them up you know, you still could have had them. I don't understand why you did it."

Sabrina let her eyes drift shut, and a tiny smile crested the edge of her lip, "I loved him more." She glanced behind her at the billowing white trail she stood upon with its freshly laid paw prints, "And magic can't replace his good company. All this sorcery business never really amounts to anything more than a one-sided relation." She tossed to the air one hand, "I can make do without. And besides," Tarot could hear her giggling to herself, "love has its own special charm, and one day you'll see that." She nudged her through the shoulder, "Maybe you should let Peanut know how you feel about him."

"Oh what's the point," Tarot's scarlet face glowed a deeper shade of red, "his heart already belongs to someone else. That and my daily celestial star readings pretty much guarantee it will never happen."
You can't argue with stars, they know everything.
"It doesn't mean he shouldn't have the right to know, and you could certainly use the practice."

Tarot chuckled heartily, "Hoo hum, you're a terrible influence."


Thanks a lot for reading!

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Author:  The Game [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Symphony in Periwinkle

Awwww. That picture was well drawn and adorable!!! This story is really good Twiggy!:D

Author:  Sinder [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:40 pm ]
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Author:  Teh Brawler [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:32 pm ]
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Sinder Wrote:

EXACTLY what I was thinking. :lol:

Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:15 pm ]
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I found that last art of yours extremely cute. well done =)

and Egad! It's like everything in this world is the opposite! Sinder is happy!

Author:  Two_Twig [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:36 pm ]
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GameCobra Wrote:
I found that last art of yours extremely cute. well done =)

and Egad! It's like everything in this world is the opposite! Sinder is happy!

Merci! But what happened to the "army of kittens"? I thought that was kinda funny :<
Also, Sinder is happy because this is Sinder's world, based off Sinder's story... that Sinder wrote.

Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:47 pm ]
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Two_Twig Wrote:
But what happened to the "army of kittens"? I thought that was kinda funny :<

They are around. <_< >_> Afterall, an army of kittens can obediently come at the call of the simplest of reasons!

Author:  Sinder [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:15 pm ]
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Sinder is happy because this story rocks!

And it's not my world anyway, it's Rick's, I just write in a small corner of it and try to stay out of his way...

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