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Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Hello And welcome to the revised 'Story of Rook' Fanfic Called 'Checkmate'!

You will see why it is named so as the story develops..

( You smart types might have already Guessed ~ ! )

Well, This story starts in England..


~ Chapter 1 : A Usual Day.. ~

A solitary figure walks along a dusty street, seemingly tiny in the desolate surroundings.. The figure stops in the middle of a crossroad in the center of the village. It cups it's paws around it's muzzle and shouts.


No response was the answer..

The figure then sat down, cross-legged, tiredly. It's tail flickerd in the air, awaiting somthing..

It didn't notice the car coming towards it before it was too late..


Rook woke up with a start, bolt upright in his bed. The Tuxedo cat was in a panic, his black and white fur standing on end. As he rubbed his left eye, which was a tan color which didn't match his fur pattern, he looked around. He then realised he was ok, that it was just that dream again..

"Huh, Why is it just that dream?" he spoke lightly to himself, shaking himself awake. He didn't need to, just a reaction he has..

Rook grabbed his collar from the side table next to his bed and fastend it around his neck. It was a light mint green with an ivory chesspeice as the tag, his name, Rook, and his details written on the bottom.

He plodded down the stairs to be greeted by a large box on the coffee table.

"Mom! I'm up! What's for brekkie?" called Rook, walking up to the box, wondering what's inside; Like you do.. He was just about to touch the box before his Mom entered the room..

"Don't touch that, it's none of your business what's inside, young man.." Told his Mom, with an un-serious tone which she couldn't hide..

"You and what army will stop me? Ms White!?" Challenged Rook, with a playfully evil smile on his face.

"THIS ONE!" Shouted Ms White, jumping for Rook and tickling him.

"Ahhh! Noo! My Weakness!!" Shouted Rook, laughing and rolling around on the floor, pinned down by his Mom.(this goes on a little while ;3)

After the Tickle-fest, laughing and out of breath, Rook and his Mom go into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Ha, that's my excersise for the day.." Panted Ms White, sitting down after preparing bacon & eggs for the two.

"You'll be fine.." Smiled Rook, gouging into the bacon once the plate was placed in front of him. ( The plate was clean before you could say 'Do you want some tomato ketchup?' ~ !)

After eating, Rook puts his plate in the sink and opens the back door.

"I'm going to go Maxine's for a bit, is that ok?" Asked Rook, swishing his tail in an excited fashion.

"Not before you go grab your phone, so I can contact you.." Reminded his Mom, just then the phone rang.. "Hm, Good timing.." She Mused, exiting the kitchen and answering it.

"Helloo ~ ! White Residence!" Ms White answered, the way she always dose..

"Mhm, he's here.. Shall I put him on? ... No? ... Then what's up? ... Right, I'll have to make an apointment.. Yes, I know.. But what's this all about? ... Oh, I'm sorry to hear.. Is there anything I can do? ... Of course, I'll tell him right away.. Bye!"

Rook looks to his mom, puzzled by the conversation..

"That was C.J's Mom, She wants me to make a V.E.T. appointment for you. Apparently, C.J has had fleas the last couple days.. She wants to make sure that they don't spread! Nice of her to tell people.. So! I'll make an appointment for you on.. Thursday? Sound good?" She asked, walking up to Rook and ruffling his headfur.

Rook Sighed. "I guess I have no choice.." Moaned, rolling his eyes with a sarcastic tut.

"You bet! Better safe than sorry eh?" Ms White Smiled, going back to the phone to call the vets..

Rook goes and picks up his phone from the front-door's key-bowl* then exits the house out the back.

He Stretches out in the sunlight, gleaming in the sky. It was a beautifull day for once in Littlewood..

Put yer comments Down below! Any criticisim is good critisicim! (It helps me!)

[14/8/12: Implimented Rook's description into the main story.]

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my Fanfic! MORE TO COME!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

good so far, squiggs. I hesitate to call it a good fic yet because it's just getting started, but it's not bad.

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Thanks Brent! Sadly, it seems not to be drawing many comments..

But that's ok! Here the next part:


~ As Rook was streching, A familiar face poked above the right-side fence.

"Limbering up for today's events, Rook?" Maxine asked, sniggering at Rook's form.

"GAH! MAXIE!!" Screamed Rook, jumping (figuratively) 5 foot in the air.

Maxine giggled, then climbed up and sat on the fence. She was a Persian bobtail, with sleek fluffy cream fur and dark brown accents on her head, feet and end of her tail. Her collar was bright pink, a color she relatively hated, with a diamond as the tag. Heck of a gal, and she seemed to like Rook's company..

"You comin' over or not?" She asked, swishing her tail in the morning air.

"Heh, that's the plan.." Smirked Rook, regaining his composure.

Rook poised then leaped up the fence, clabered up and sat next to Maxine.

"Right, Ladies first.." Motioned Rook with a suave flick of the paw towards Maxine's house.

"Hm, Such the gentleman.." Giggled Maxine, daintly leaping off the fence and landing with perfect form.

"Wow, everytime she dose that, it amazes me.." Rook thought, Smiling lightly to himself.

Rook readied himself to jump off, but lost his balance and fell (face first!) into the garden flowerbed below the fence.

Maxine burst out laughing.

"Heh, Thanks Maxie.." Muttered Rook, picking an unearthed flower off his head.

After they got Rook cleaned up, (gotta hate dirt in your fur..) They headed inside.

"I'll head up and grab my phone.." Said Maxine, heading up the stairs.

"Okay! I'll wait here.." Answered Rook, leaning on the wall in the hallway.

Rook started thinking; "I'll be invited up there some day.. I hope.." He sighed. "Maxie's a great girl, It's amazing that she's even friends with me.." Rook mused, snapping back to reality when Maxine came back downstairs.

"Got it! Let's go.." She Said waving a pink I-phone in her paw then placing it in her collar.

Rook nods and follows her out the front door.

"So" Rook says, after walking down the street a bit. "Where is it we're going today?" He asks, forgetting that Maxine told him yesterday. (Whilst he was on Xbox.. Whoops..!)

"The new shopping center close to town, I wanna check it out! I thought I told you Yesterday.." Told Maxine, turning and walking backwards.

"Ehe, Yeah I think you did.." Answered Rook, rubbing the back of his head.

Maxine gave him a short annoyed look, then turned again and sped up.

"H-Hey! Don't speed up!" Shouted Rook, jogging to keep up.

They carried on up the street like this, took a left turn at the corner-shop at the end of Harrier Street (This is the street that they live on, I'll make a map soon!) and down Mourgate Avenue. They follow this road out of Littlewood
and into Coalchester, the local town..

Hope you enjoyed the second part of Chapter 1!

There is three more parts before Chapter 2, so your in for laughs and adventure!

Y'know where to put them comments!

Author:  Renkun [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Don't be sad so it goes many new writter ;)
And I like your story a bit short but good more infos over the characters were nice^^

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

@Renkun: 'Bit short'? *Ahem*:

~\Rook/~ Wrote:
There is three more parts before Chapter 2, so your in for laughs and adventure!

And there is a large quantity of chapters, so this ain't going to be short!

(If you be meaning the post is short, I made it like this so people get more Intruiged!(Sp?))


Here's the Descrption of Rook ('Cuz I didn't give him one at the start..):

Rook's Description Wrote:
Rook is a Tuxedo, completely covered in black with white overlaping the underbelly, muzzle and his paws. The only thing different is the tan colored patch over his left eye. His collar is mint green with an ivory 'Rook' as the tag. (Written in story)

As you know, His collar was written in, but not his fur pattern. I'll try and impliment it.

The next part shall be written later today! [14/8/12]

Author:  Renkun [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Ok the small part that still 3 parts come have I somehow overlooked :roll:
But I'm looking forward to your next part ;)

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Not your fault, Renkun! it was waaay at the bottom, so..

Anyway, here's the next part! Yaaay ~!

Arriving in Colchester, Maxine and a worn out Rook walk into the Fairlane Shopping Center.

"Wooow! This place is HUGE!" Shouted Maxine, with a happy flick of her tail.

"I'd be amazed too if i wern't so tired.." Moaned Rook, looking almost faint with tiredness.

"Hmph! You need to excersise more.." Tuted Maxine, walking off to the closed clothing store..

"W-why you gotta be like that, Maxie?" Sighed Rook, looking up and realising she walked off again. "H-Heey!" He moaned again, running to catch up..

Soon after roaming three clothing stores, Rook had had enough..

"Can we go to Greggs or somthing? I'm famished.." He groaned, his stomach agreeing with him with a grumble..

"Urgh, fine.. I'm kinda hungry as well.." Stomped Maxine, putting back some white pop-band branded T-shirt with their logo splashed across it.

They exited the store and walked around, trying to find some cafe or somthing..

"Hm, now where was that Costa Coffee I saw Earlier?" Mused Maxine, looking around. "I hope you have enough for somthing good.." She said bluntly.

Rook then rememberd he didn't bring any money.. Oh Darn.. He thought.

"Ehehe, About that.." Rook mentioned, rubbing a paw behind his head.

"WHAT!? YOU DIDN'T BRING ANYTHING!?" Screamed Maxine at the top of her lungs, making passers by jump and stare.

"N-now calm down Maxie.." Soothed Rook, waving his paws in front of him downward in a calming way..

"Are you out of your MIND? First, you forget where we're going, then you don't bring Money!? How could you be so stupid!?" Shouted Maxine, her arms crossed in front of her, facing away from Rook.

"I-Ah.." Whimpered Rook, now kneeled down in a pleading pose. Pleas not here.. he thought.. This kind of thing has happened before, at the park one day..

Rook was playing on the swings, Maxine standing behind him, pushing..

Rook accidentily swung too far back and hit Maxine over, no real damage..

But Maxine went mad, crying and screaming at Rook. If her parents didn't take her home, Rook could've sworn she would've teared his fur out..

"C-come on Maxie, let's go somewhere for a drink.. Maybe somewhere where people aren't staring?" Calmed Rook, holding Maxine's paw and leading her away..

Maxine was still fuming when the got to a quiet cafe in central Coalchester..

"..And why did you have to make a scene there, Maxie? It isn't THAT bad I forgot.." Said Rook, a part of his mind knew he said the wrong thing..

"Come ON Rook! I told you YESTERDAY! What were you doing? Playing that, what?, Gears of war thing? You NEVER listen!" Moaned Maxine, swirling the iced water around in her glass.

"It was Battlefield 3, and yes, I do listen.. most of the time.." he said, fiddling around with a coaster. (Maxie didn't buy him anything..)

"Whatever.." Maxine sighed. "You want somthing or will that coaster do? I'm feeling sorry for you now.." she moaned, placing a paw on Rooks arm, making him stop.

S-she's touching me.. He thought.. She didn't normally, to anyone in fact.. Only when she was either shaking hands, hugging people or somthing like that..

"Er, a pack of pork scrachings, if they have any.." Rook mentioned. "if they don't just some juice.." he added, looking away , lightly blushing.

"Um, Okaay.." Said Maxine, getting up and heading to the counter..

Well, that was awquard.. Rook thought, scratching the back of his neck..

Maxine came back with a small bag with a pig logo on the front, and a short glass of blackberry juice.

"Cool.. Thanks, Maxie.." Smiled Rook. Yum, pork scrachings for breakfast.. he thought, they'd only been out for two hours..

He opened the small packet and ate one of the strips. "Mmm.. Good.." Rook mused, tilting the bag towards Maxine, offering her one.

"No thanks, got somthing coming.." She Anwered, holding a paw up to the bag.

Oh, I get a bag of pork bits and she orders a MEAL? Rook thought. Maybe I shoulda been more greedy..

A waiter came by with a plate, placing it in front of Maxine. It was a simple egg & cress sandwich.

Oh, okay, not a meal at least..

Rook dug out another strip of pork and ate it, then took a sip of his juice.

This day wasn't going to be so bad after all..

The Cafe's windows were open, due to the warmth of the day, Birds sung in a nearby tree just outside..

Yep, not a bad day.. Rook thought..

Suddenly a wheel skid and.. *crash!*

"What the hell?" shouted Maxine.
Suspence for the win!

Remember! leave yer comments!

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Four! X_X I'm such a fool!

Anway, I thought up of a little story. Here it is, as to say sorry for quad-posting >_<
~ Checkmate Mini-Story: Chess ~

Rook & Maxine were lying in Rook's garden, staring at clouds.

"See that one? I think it looks like a turtle.." Said Rook, pointing at the sky.

"A turtle? Nah, it's..." Maxine started. "Actually, yeah.. It kind of dose.."

"See! Isn't this fun?" Exclaimed Rook, thrusting his arms at the sky.

"I guess.." Maxine sighed.

"Come ON! It's better than chess!" Moaned Rook, dropping his arms.

"Chess? Who plays that anymore?" Asked Maxine, turning to look at Rook.

"My dad did, said it was a thinker's game.." Answerd Rook, sitting up from the ground.

"Do you?" Maxine asked. "Play chess, I mean.." she added, sitting up also.

"Not that much nowadays, but I still have a board.." Mused Rook, he then got up and went inside.

Maxine shuffled and crossed her legs, waiting for Rook to come back out.

After a while, Rook came back out holding a small wooden box..

"Is that it?" Asked Maxine, tilting her head.

"Yep." Answered Rook. He put the box down in front of maxine, sat down, then opended the box.

Rook then began to set up the game, putting the board on top of the box and placing the chess-peices on it.

"Wow, you've kept this in good condition.." Mused Maxine, picking up the black queen.

"Yeah.. H-Hey! Carefull!" Exclaimed Rook, taking the peice off of Maxine.

"HEY! I was only looking.." Shouted Maxine, pouting.

"I-Sorry, guess i'm a bit protective of it.." apologised Rook, placing the queen back on the board.

Maxine Nodded, then looked to the board. "So, how do you play?" asked Maxine, poking a pawn.

"Well, Whoever makes their enemies king unable to move without being taken or takes all their peices will win, that's 'Checkmate'.." Said Rook, pointing to the king peices.

"And what's that one?" Asked Maxine, Picking up the white castle.

"That's my namesake, the Rook. Or, castle.. " Asnwered Rook, holding onto his tag.

"Oh, I always wondered where you got your name.." Mused Maxine, fiddling around with the chess-peice...

Such a small thing can mean a lot to you..
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!!

[Edit: Removed fun-facts for Renkun)

Author:  Renkun [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Ok both updates are nice for the first chapter only some misspellings not more :P
I know it's your story but please let the fan fact and so away it is distracting :!:

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

I actually kinda like the fun facts, but only for the mini story there.

and squiggs, I do believe your British is showing. I had to Google to make sure pork scratchings was what I thought it was. (It's pork rinds for those who don't want to Google.) :lol:

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Oops! Next time I'll *stuff accordingly! Sorry there Brent!

Anyway, I'm thinking of structuring my updates.. Whadda you think?

Here's the next part. Keep enjoying!

~ Maxine & Rook are in a cafe, where they heard some kind of crash..

Startled by Maxines outburt, an ammount of customers jumped and stared at her, just like they did at the Shopping center.

"Hey, uh, miss?" Asked one of the customers, raising a pensive finger.

"Ahem! Er, yes?" Maxine said, clearing her throat and blushing slightly from embarasment.

"Would you mind not being so, loud?" Asked the same man, smiling aprehensively.

"Oh, of course.. That crashing sound just startled me, I apologise.." Said Maxine, in an apologetic bow.

After that, The two finished their drinks quickly and exited the cafe hurriedly..

"Well, nice going there, Maxie.. Embarrasing us in TWO places rather than one.." Rook said sarcasticly as they walked down the high-street.

"Huh! At least I had a REASON for the first one!" Retorted Maxine, poking Rook in the shoulder.

"Ow! Heey.." Rook Moaned, rubbing where she poked..

"Ha, weakling.." Teased Maxine, poking him in the same place.

"Maxxie!!" Shouted Rook, trying to protect himself, but to no avail..

This continued until Rook's shoulder was numb and Maxine gave up.

"Great, now i've got a dead arm.." Moaned Rook again, holding his now limp left arm.

"Oh, quit the moaning.. Let's go home and play.. what was it? Residential.. somthing?" Sighed Maxine, annoyed by Rook's constant whining.. (And she though only dogs could whine..)

"Resident Evil 5.. And I thought that game creeped you out too much?" Corrected Rook, making a creepy face at Maxine, trying to get back at her for earlier.

Maxine just shook her head and sighed. "NOW who's embarrasing who?" She moaned.

After getting on the local bus route back to Littlewood, (Rook didn't want to walk again..) They both entered Rook's house.

"Mo-om! I'm back! Maxie's here too!" Called Rook as they entered.

After no answer, he checked around the house, no one was there..

Rook came back downstairs after checking, shrugging his shoulders at Maxine.

"Guess she went out for somthing.." said Rook, beckoning Maxine in as he walked into the livingroom and slumping onto the couch. The box from this morning was teared open and lying at the base of the TV stand.

Darn, now I won't know what it was.. Sighed Rook.

Maxine sat next to Rook on the sofa, yawning as she sat.

"Heh, Shouting all day got you tired? I'll go get the Xbox.." Said Rook, getting up and heading upstairs, coming back down with the console with all the wires on top in his paws.

As Rook set it up to the TV, Maxine shuffled in her seat.

"Rook, I know this a weird time to ask.. But do you.. 'Like' me?" Asked Maxine, crossing her legs uncomfortably.

Rook stopped, Blushing bright red. "W-What?" He said, not turning around.

"Well, do you like me? Y'know, like more than a friend.." Maxine said, rubbing her neck, blushing also.

"I-Uh, Well.." Rook Stuttered. Aw, shoot.. Not now.. Moaned Rook in his head.

"Well, if y'don't, that's fine.. I bet-" Sighed Maxine.
"NOnononono! I uh.." Shouted Rook, butting in.

*shocked silence*

"W-What?" Said Maxine, exactly the same way Rook did.

"W-well.." Rook stuttered again, scratching the back of his head.

C'mon, boy! If you don't tell her now.. Thought Rook, clenching his fists.

Then Rook turned and shouted, eyes closed; "Yes! I do like you Maxine Florell!"
The story continues on Saturday! Read it then! (And this is still Chapter 1!)

[Edit: It was Resident evil 5, not three.. *facepaws*]

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Just posting to gives you an update of some ideas..

I'm thinking of writing my mini-stories on sundays, (after my church thing and stuff) then I could call them Sunday-Stories! Mini-stories will still be posted when I want, but I have so many stories in my head and ideas to produce to keep it to just one story. That's what these mini-stories and the like are for!

Short wall of text above..

So, Becase I want to, here's another Mini-Story!
~ Checkmate Mini-Story: Girls just Wanna..

Maxine's in her room, sitting on her bed with her laptop..

As 'Baby' by Justin Beiber (Ew, I know..) quietly hums from the pink radio-player on the bed-side table, Maxine stopped typing and sighed.

Well, there's all my E-mails checked.. What now? She Thought, clicking off the hotmail tab.

Maxine stares around the room. Books? Nah, read them all.. A DVD? Nope, I watched a few yesterday.. Maybe go see Rook? Or C.J? Nah, I was 'round Rook's last week, And C.J has Fleas.. Again.. Maybe we should stop hanging around those cats up the park.. She sighs again..

..Just then, 'Girls just wanna have fun' by Cindi Lauper came on the radio.

Hey! I haven't heard this in, like, AGES! Maxine thought, turning up the radio's volume.

She started dancing around the room, singing along;

"I come home! in the morning light my mother says when you gonna live you life riight! Oh mother dear we're no the fortunate ones! And girls, they wanna have fu-un! Oh girls just wanna have fuun ~!"

Just then there was a light knock on the bedroom door and it opened..

"Maxie?" Rook Said tentitively as he entered to see Maxine dancing around and singing.

Maxine then notices Rook. " ROOOK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!?" She screams, grabbing and throwing a pillow at him.

Rook just defends from the attack. "Whoah! Sorry.. Your mum let me in.."
He replies, picking up the pillow from the floor.

"W-well why didn't you knock?" Retorts Maxine, turning off the radio then crossing her arms..

"I did.." Murmurs Rook, shuffling his feet.

Maxine sighed "Nevermind.. What d'you want?" She asked.

"Well, I thought we'd go to the park or somthing.." Said Rook, giving Maxine the pillow.

"Allright.." Said Maxine, putting the pillow onto her bed.

She lead Rook out and closed the door behind her..
Just a little fun. (and yes, she dose like those songs.. I do not.)

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

your fictional character likes a song by an artist I don't particularly care for, I'm not reading ever again :evil:

kidding, of course.

Author:  Renkun [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Brent your little joke was really evil.... but I like him

Now to you Rook I like more and more your Mini-story's she are good and somehow too your main story :)

(I hope you understand a little sarcasm Rook but serious your story is good)

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Heh, Well, good to see you two are enjoying the story so far!

So! Here's the final part before chapter 2!
Maxine was astounded, mouth agape..

"R-Rook, I-" Stuttered Maxine, but just then the front door opened and Rook's Mum came in..

"Rook? I'm home! You Back?" Rook's Mum called, entering the livingroom. "Ah, Hello Maxine, staying 'round for dinner?" She Asked, walking through to the kitchen.

Rook & Maxine look to each other, then Rook turns around and carries on setting up the Xbox like nothing happened.. Maxine just shuffles back and crosses her legs in front of her..

She was still in shock.. Rook liked her? She didn't even know if she really liked him, well..

Rook finished setting up and sat next to Maxine, putting a controller on her lap.

"So, uh, what was we going to play? Uh.. Resident Evil.. 5? right?" Asked Maxine, shaking herself out of her thoughts and picking up the controller on her lap.

"Uh, Yeah. That.." Replied Rook, selecting it on the dashboard and waiting for it to load.

Rook thought they should start an new co-oprative game, so he chooses that with no objections from Maxine, still thinking about what he said..

As they started, Rook was Chris and Maxine was Sheva..

After the starting part, walking through a strange african village, they get attacked by crazy infected villagers of some kind. Maxine jumps when one comes out with a chainsaw.

"Ooh! I'm 'gunna have 'im.." She retorted, shooting the chainsaw guy in the face five times.

"Heh, nice shooting.." Smiled Rook, dispatching a few stragglers.

After a while, Maxine accidentily falls into the water at the boating part..

"Y'know, your not supposed to fall in.." Sighs Rook as she gets killed by a large crocodile.

"I KNOW..." Seethed Maxine, ears drooped down in anger.

"O-Okay.." Rook backs down, noting he's hit a nereve somhow..

Maxine Sighs. "I-I'm sorry.. 'Don't know what's wrong with me.." Apologised Maxine, calming down. She puts a tentative paw on his knee..

Rook blushes again.. Maxine leans towards him, starting to blush too..

"You two! Dinner's ready!!" Rook's Mum shouts from the kitchen. She's been in there the whole time..

"C-Coming, Mum.." Replies Rook, turning away and putting his controller on the floor. Maxine takes her paw off his knee as he gets up, she places her controller next to his and follows..
And Dinner will be in Chapter 2...

I don't really know when I'll be putting up the start of chapter 2.. But there will be a 'Sunday story' Tomorrow!

[Edit: I changed the last part to say 5 instead of 3.. I gots them mixed up >_<]

Author:  copper [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Good story so far. I liked it! Seems Maxine is a bit prone to drama... :?

Another chess piece. King has a new contender it seems.

It is spelled Awkward....

You did seem to mix your tenses a bit, switching from present to past tense. Maybe try to reign that in? Also, the asides are a little distracting and upset the flow. Perhaps if you dropped them and made them part of the story instead?

I cannot wait until the next chapter! :D

Author:  Renkun [ Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

I know what you mean Copper his story is good but he is a little to be late with the sunday mini stripe :lol:

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~


Sorry to say, I'm not writing on here anymore..

BUT! I will be focusing my inspiratons on.. DRAWING!

As soon as I draw up my first pictures (which will be portraits of Rook & Maxine) I will post them up here and on my Deviantart. (for those who can't see them here maybe) Hopefully I will finish them by 20th December and if not then, the end of this year.. (what can I say? I work slowly..)

That is all.


Author:  copper [ Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Huh... alright then. Best of luck to you in your writing endeavours! :D

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

These are getting annoying now, right? I know it's only tow, but meh..

I have not yet finished the pictures I promised.. (obvious, I know..) But! I've had many Ideas to add onto my story and a few personality chenges to a few of the cast, even cast that haven't been intoduced! (Gasp!)

The good news is i'm writing again and THIS time i'll be writing it up berfore posting it anywhere!
So, over the christmas hols, I'll be writing up Ideas and stuff ready for next year..

Oh, and as soon as I finish my first chapter (Again, yes this means I'm re-writing, just not moving thread like last time..) I'll be posting it here.

Happy holidays and see you next year!

P.S: Here's a preveiw of what's to come!

..Unkown Chapter: Part 1/1

..Rook sat on the curb outside, kicking stones across the street idly.

"Rook, I.." Maxine started, standing just behind him. "..I'm sorry, y'know.. I mean, I..." She sighed "Why is this so hard to say!?" she shouts at herself, placing her paw on her face. "Rook.. If I knew what to say, I would've said it by now.. So just come inside-" Maxine was cut off by Rook simply raising his hand.. He then got up, and walked down the steet. "Rook? Hey, where are you going? Hey! Don't walk on the road! You're gonna get-" A distant roaring of a car engine stops her, she turns her head toward the opposite direction Rook was heading to see a car rolling over the far hill at the end of the road.. "ROOK!!"..

Author:  copper [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Looks fun. No worries, go ahead and write at your pace. My fic is so old it no longer makes sense! :lol:

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkmate ~ A fanfiction By: ~\Rook/~

Righto, here's an update: I'm still writing..

Well, Christmas got a whole lot busy so not as much writing going on then, and now, actualy.. Been addicted to a videogame I got at chistmas.. *sigh*

Anyway, I'll post somthing up in febuary.. wether it's an update or a chapter.. that's still up for debate..

Catcha then!

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