HousePets!: Falling in Reverse
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Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Hello and thanks for stopping to look at my first ever fan fiction! Well, kind of. I write them all the time but I never post anything. Mostly because I fail as I writer. Anyhow, as you can tell, I' calling this fan fiction "Falling in Reverse." I can't say why because I might ruin the plot of the whole thing. Anyhow, I'll start by saying a few thing first:

Pandemonium is Pete. I figured, his real name was something that Peanut wouldn't have been able to pronounce and this seemed to fit the bill better than Paradox or Pandora. I don't think that this breaks any rules since his still the same character, but using a different name.

The "mortal" doesn't have a name as of yet. Then again his only in chapter 0 as of right now so...

The first chapter I will post is not chapter 1, but chapter 0. In essence, its a chapter that be read or not read to figure out the plot of a story. Mostly, it shows a key point. Think of it like this: "Read me to get a better idea of what might happen later."

I will try to post whenever I can, but my life is, well, chaotic is putting it nicely. I should, mind you, SHOULD be done rereading over it soon, but again, I fail as a writer so please go easy on me. I'm always looking for feedback and suggestions.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:58 pm ]
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I'd think Peanut would be able to pronounce Pandemonium. I figured Pete's real name would be something that even we would have a hard time pronouncing because maybe it has many sounds that don't exist in some languages.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:09 pm ]
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You do have a point, but I really liked the way Pandemonium kind of rolled off the tongue... :oops:

Either way, I felt like the definition of said word if Pete's play style, in my opinion. Of course I could be wrong, mind you.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:24 pm ]
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Okay Chapter Zero is done... I think. Any way, this is rate PG-13 just to be safe. I don't think anything is wrong, but I cannot stress enough that I can't write to save my life. Again, this chapter can be read or skipped, it's really more if you want to know what I have planned for later. If anyone see anything wrong, please tell me. I don't want to make anyone mad or anger the grammar police. Okay, that's all I to say, I guess.

Chapter Zero: Do the ends justify the means?

Absolute darkness was that of the void held between dimensions, a playground for the all-powerful celestial beings that inhabited the world. A place where time and space met in a central point, where the fate of many mortal lives were to be decided by creatures of excessive power that cared not for those lives they held. It was simply “part of the game” as they would often say a test to see whose influence was grander, where good and evil need not apply as the end would justify the means. Standing within this temporal space, where three grand creatures.

One was a golden fox with nine elegant tails; a smug grin accompanied his rose-tinted eyes. The other was a green eastern dragon, possibly female judging simply by composer alone. Her face was gentle yet fierce, as were her emerald eyes. Finally, there stood a blue gryphon with piercing golden eyes, his twisted grin showed a confidence not seen in the others. Their sizes were impossible to tell as with nothing but a table stood between the three in this vast emptiness.

“Ah, looks like I’ve got this all in the bag,” the lion-eagle spoke with glee.

“It appears so…” The dragon held her head low in defeat. She had fallen for such a simple strategy, a fake out tactic none the less, which forced her to deplete her avatars’ remaining mana. It was indeed over.

“Then it looks like Pandemonium has won,” the kitsune spoke, “As prior to our agreement, you get choose the next course of events for one-hundred years.”

The gryphon let out a sly chuckle, “Oh, this will be fun…” He turned away from the two as he began to plan out just what should happen. After all, it was just a game to them; the mortals had no real value to those who were enteral. They were just play things, toys to be played with until they were broken and when they did, were to be replaced. This was the way thing were, had been, and would be. The other two could justify what they did as creating order in a chaotic world, or helping the mortals become more than what they were, but he knew the truth. Only one thing mattered: power.

As he began to think out loud plans for a war of some kind, his thoughts were cut off by strange, unfamiliar noise. It was unlike anything he had heard before. Quickly, he raised his talons to his ears in a futile attempt to block out the sound. As he franticly looked around to find the source, he saw the pained look upon the other two faces.

“Kitsune… Dragon… What is that?” He managed to stutter out the words but they lay upon deafened ears at the moment. Nothing could describe the sound they heard, like the a million souls screaming out in fear. As it got louder and louder the three fell to their knees. Just as it had become too much for any of them to stand, the noise had stopped. As the three looked up, they saw what none of them would ever forget.

What stood there was beyond belief, a figure stood before them clad in armor unlike that of anything ever made, mortal or otherwise. Twisted and as black as the void itself, as the left gauntlet was much larger than the right with strange symbols upon it. The most frightening feature was the helm itself, no trace of the wearer’s face could be seen other than the glowing crimson eyes that seemed to spew out an evil aura the lingered in the atmosphere.

None dared to move as the figure spoke, “Murderers…” His voice was that of two different tones, one soothing and the other full of malice. As he gestured with his left gauntlet, its claws tore through the very fabrics of reality, creating the unspeakable noise from earlier, only this time it was accompanied by a powerful shock wave knocking them backwards several feet until it ended. As the three attempted to stand up once more his voice, “That’s all you are.” Never before had these celestial beings ever felt such terror before. “Now vanish.”

With a flash of blinding light they expected to be dead, but instead saw Bahamut along with several of grand guardians of the Court.

The dark dragon sneered at the armor cladded one, “So you are the mortal who dares to challenge the will of the Gods.”

“What!?” Pandemonium shouted at the top of his lounges, “This- this thing is a mere mortal!?” A simple nod was all the answer Bahamut gave. All were silent, none would believe it.

“You call yourselves Gods?” the mortal chuckled, “This world has no need for Gods… that only take.” He violently lashed out ripping a huge gap in the dimensional plane. The sound was crippling as he reached into tear as all but the grand dragon fell to their knees. Slowly, he pulled put a malevolent blade from the rift made of pure darkness. “Then come false Gods! Stand before your death!”

“Gladly,” the dragon roared as he charged forth brandishing a golden blade, followed by his two guards the moment they recovered. Almost casually, the armored mortal engaged all three with ease, forcing the two guards back, injured by the shockwave of simply hitting his blade as they gasped for air. “It appears I may have underestimated you.”

“You have underestimated all mortals!” He shouted back insanely, “But you are not the first to fall by my blade.” He faded into mist before Bahamut’s eyes. All was quite once again. Suddenly it dawned on him; Bahamut knew what was coming next.

He turned towards the three, “Spirit Dragon! Behind you!” He called out to the green dragon just as the mortal reappeared behind her. Her eyes met his for a brief moment before the kitsune and gryphon pushed her out of the way. Growling, Pandemonium quickly turned and engaged the armored combatant with his silver axes now drawn. Again, the mortal fought as if this was a game, no fear or thought, just wild slashes of unparalleled supremacy. Bahamut rushed forth to aid him as well.

The two gods were just barely holding their ground against this “mere” mortal who toyed with them almost playfully. As the three locked weapons once again, the mortal roared, “Enough games! Now you perish!” his ghostly blade’s aura seemed to upsurge as he pushed rigidly against the two Gods. With a strange twisting motion, he freed himself from the deadlock and delivered a vicious kick to Bahamut’s chest, forcing him to back off to catch his breath. Wildly he attacked the gryphon that was just barely moved fast enough to counter and was losing vigor with every attack, almost as if the evil blade was siphoning his strength with every second. Then with a single clash of weapons, his axes were shattered to dust.

“Am I… really going to die?” These were the thoughts that run through his head as he saw the blade moving towards his neck. Almost a second too late, Bahamut’s blade caught the mortal, saving Pandemonium’s life. With a foul punch to the gryphon’s face, the mortal had rendered the god unconscious and broken his beak as he fell to the ground. Now only the two fought as the Spirit Dragon and the kitsune watched with great dread. Neither of the two were true combatants and both knew it most likely mean their deaths to interfere, but something swelled in the nine tail fox.

“Dragon, stay here.” He began, ‘I… I have to do something…”

“Great Kitsune, no!” the female dragon began, but it was too late as he rushed forth summoning his black and red katana. As this unfolded, the mortal was attacking like a wild beast. As Bahamut parried another assault, the armored one lashed out with his clawed hand. While it missed, Kitsune saw a spark of energy leap from his fingertips to the grand dragon’s eyes. It blinded Bahamut for a moment, but that was all that was needed, as the mortal attacked with numerous stabbing techniques. Bahamut’s strength faded fast under such strain as he did his best to defend against the mortal’s endless assault.

Just as looked like the mortal was to deliver the final blow, Kitsune stepped in blocking it the best he could. As the weapons clashed, Kitsune had no choice but the grab the blade of his own sword just continue to block the mortal’s attack. The strain of just being under the weight of the spectral blade was that of unimaginable pain, as if gravity was one thousand times what it truly was.

Slowly the mortal spoke, “It seems there is honor amongst you…” By sheer force of will the nine tailed fox remained standing, but he know that he wouldn’t be for long as he saw his own blade cracking. The mortal then stated, “I take no pleasure in death, but I must do what is right in my heart.” Then at last, the katana had broken in half. Time seemed to stand still for the two as Kitsune noted the strange sense of regret in the mortal’s eyes. Just as it looked to be the end, Bahamut lunged forth with every ounce of strength in his body, his fist lite up with holy symbols surrounding it
As the Great Kitsune held off the mortal, the grand dragon had regained his strength, enough for one last resort. Has his fist smashed into the chest plate of the mortals, bits and pieces of it shattered as Bahamut shouted to the heavens, “Judgment!” as the mortal fell to his knees, tossing his ghostly blade. A large circle appeared around the three with ancient symbols surrounding the outer ring. Suddenly, countless golden chains shot forth binding the mortal to the ground. Behind them, a large, malevolent gate appeared as if from nowhere made of entirely skulls with but one large cross in the middle of the door. Kitsune knew what is was, but dared not to speak it, it was gateway to the nether world.

“Mortal,” the grand dragon of judgment began, “I hereby condemn you to the world of living nightmares for the act of attempting to kill a higher being.” He approached the chained and bound mortal. “Do you have any last words?”

“You know nothing of nightmares,” he spat back, “of true suffering. Without mortals, you all are NOTHING.” Bahamut anger rose with these words. “You NEED us mortals to feed your power, for without us, you are weak. No, you are not gods, for a true god wouldn’t be so greedy, so selfish, and so… evil.” That was final straw, Bahamut’s rage was beyond it limit as he struck the mortal with all his might, shattering the upper left side of his helm. As he did, the gate slowly opened as the cries of the tortured souls screamed out in pain. As the mortal lifted his head Kitsune saw what he really was, a canine with brown fur with that piercing crimson eye glaring up at the dark dragon.

It was then the unthinkable happened, the mortal had broken free the chain of fate that bund him and grabbed Bahamut by the neck, his single free eye glowing like that of a new sun. The grand dragon could not move he could not look away, his body frozen by some otherworldly command. The canine growled, “I will make you see true suffering! I make you relive all the pain of those lost their lives because of your selfish ways!” Bahamut could not break his gaze as he began to scream out in pain and fear, his own eyes burning with a black aura. As all of this was happened the wicked chains of the nether world shot forth twisting around the mortal, slowly pulling him into the gate along with Bahamut. Kitsune’s mind raced, never before had anything like this ever happened; he had to stop it.

Spirit Dragon watched it all in awe not knowing what to do. It was then she saw it. “Kitsune!” she shouted to her comrade, “The sword!” As the Great Kitsune heard these words, he knew what had to be done. Thinking only on impulse he grabbed the ghostly blade of the mortal of the ground and dashed towards the two, his paws burning from its wicked energy. With a loud cry, Kitsune pierced the chest of canine. The grip on the male dragon’s throat was finally released, but at a cost. The mortal suddenly grabbed the nine tailed one’s throat with his right hand as he was dragged into the gate. At the very last second, he grabbed to edge of the gateway with his free arm.

He brought Kitsune close to his face, “So, you do have honor,” he spoke, “but do the others? Remember this…” He said something to Kitsune that no one could have heard, something that made the nine tailed fox freeze up in fear. With a single push, Kitsune was thrown back into Bahamut as the mortal let go of the gate as he was pulled into the deepest part of the nether realm. Quickly the gate was shut and vanished into a fine mist.

Kitsune looked around him, Pandemonium lay unconscious beaten and bruised, Bahamut lay screaming about making it all stop as he held his eyes closed, Spirit Dragon running over to the two, and two of finest guards lay just barely breathing. He could not believe what had just happened; a mere mortal had almost slain not one, but four gods. If it had not been for Bahamut, none of them would stand here now. With a deep breathe Kitsune only said but one thing before he collapsed, “I am NEVER doing that again.”

--------------------------------------------------------Some time later----------------------------------------------------------------

Kitsune stood before the same game table that the three we currently playing for quite some time now, interlay recalling all that had happen with past few years, “Pande- I mean, Pete is currently banned from the game for stealing a human’s Fate and for changing a human into a pet, I think. This was due to Spirit Dragon making sure that Pete did not claim Grape, a Dream Sunderer type avatar, as his own, however in the process fell in love with a mortal by the name of Peanut and continues to keep her avatar with him so she can be close to him.” He chuckled, “That being said, Peanut is in love with said cat, or so it would appear, but she in love with another feline by the name of Maxwell, or so she says. Now then, the really question: What role does Peanut Butter Putter Sandwich play in all this?”

This question had bothered him straight from the beginning. So many things were connected to this one creature. He knew most of the in game pieces by name and was friends with many of them, he somehow managed to enter Pete’s dreamscape when first contacted Grape, and he seemed to have been a key vocal point in the game itself. Still, what was his part to play in the game? Kitsune knew that any and all mortals could be classified as one type of avatar or another, so why had no one tried to take this canine as theirs? Slowly, the Great Kitsune took out the all the active player cards in the game. After lying each one down, he looked for Peanut’s card.

“I know that it’s against the rules to flip an inactive card up to look at it, but,” the nine tailed fox smiled, “In technicality I have been playing longer on this board than the other two, so I am entitled to look and-slash-or take a new ‘Watcher’ avatar if any inactive card meets the standard of a Watcher class.” He gave himself a mental pat on the back, “It is in the rule book after all.” He stopped to reconsider for a moment as if he did this, which would mean that could not do so again for another thousand years. In the end, curiosity got the best of him.

As he flipped the card over, his heart stopped beating altogether. He stumbled backwards, away from the table; his eyes dilated into noting more than slits. The memories of that mortal from so long ago came rushing back. How could have he forgotten? After that day, Pete’s hatred for the mortals grew, Spirit Dragon began to show respect and even concern for the mortals and to this day Bahamut cannot open his eyes for all he sees in the suffering of all life, the reason he wears the blindfold now.

Fear gripped him as he remembered those words whispered to him that mortal, “I am the blank card that has yet to be written.” As Kitsune stared at Peanut’s card, he prayed that there was something there, but it was not so. The card… was blank.

Stranger still, a bizarre grin suddenly appeared on the face of the Great Kitsune…


The brown furred mutt opened his icy blue eyes with smile that engulfed his entire snout. He had woken up exactly sixty seconds before his alarm clock did, just like every other day. He got up and sat on the end of his little bed, tail wagging as he waited until the very last second to push the button. Fully awake and full of energy, he rushed over to his window and opened it. He saw the clouds were a bit dark for so early in the morning, but smiled anyway.

“I guess that means I get to go puddle jumping today!” He laughed out loud. He didn’t mind the rain at all, as a matter of fact, he loved rainy days. With a skip in his step, asked to himself, “I wonder if Grape wants to come too?” He laughed again, “Then again, it would be a miracle if Grape was awake right now!”

End of chapter zero

Note: I'm sorry that was a huge waste of your time. I'll try to make the next chapter sound better...

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Okay, the real chapter one. If you couldn't guess, I'm a huge fan of Peanut. He's my favorite character in the comic and it shows. So, to recap, Kitsune is up to something and it involves both Peanut and the unnamed canine from eons ago. Oh, and once more, forgive me if I made any errors, as I fail as a writer. Feedback is always nice... Just don't be to hard on me...

Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this chapter for several reasons. A fun dream sequence and a song by Mayday Parade. When I heard this song, I thought of Peanut and Grape's relationship. Also PUDDLE JUMPING! I still do that myself...

Chapter One: Dreams are the essence of life

The ballroom was lighted elegantly, hundreds people and pets dancing around wearing beautiful dresses and perfect suits. Each wore an upper face mask as was the fashion of a masquerade ball. Two individuals stood out more so than the others. Two cats, on purple, the other black. The purple feline was clearly female by the way her flowing dress hugged her modest curves. The other was indeed male, wearing a standard black tuxedo. The two were smiling as they danced around in the middle of the room.

“You clean up pretty nicely, Maxie,” the violet feline mentioned.

“And you quite the sight for sore eyes too, Grape,” the black cat grinned. Grape blushed a bit this comment as they waltzed back and forth. Grape didn’t know how she got to this beautiful place or how someone convinced her to wear a dress at all for that matter, but of that mattered, she was happy even if she was surrounded by strangers. “Though did we really to come here? I feel like a canned tuna in this suit,” well for the most part anyway.

“Oh, come on Max! Would it kill you show a little culture?” she asked him this playfully of course.

With a chuckle he responded, “Well, I’m still standing aren’t I? For how long, I don’t know.” They laughed at his crude joke before Grape continued.

“I just thought maybe it would be fun to do something new, something I wanted to do,” she gave a slight giggle. With a single twirl, something happened. Who caught her wasn’t Maxwell. It was a canine with brown fur wearing a spotless white tux with a white trench coat. The mask he wore did not hide his face very well at all for the moment the feline saw him she called his name out, “Peanut?”

“You know I love doing anything with you Grape, as long as we’re together.” His words were sweet and innocent, just like they always were.

She turned a bright red and blurted out, “Where’s Max?” She turned around to look for him, but did not see him. As Grape turned back to face Peanut, there was Maxwell.

“I’m right here, duh,” Max said as he took Grape by the paws. “What’s with you? You’ve be zoning out a lot tonight.” He questioned her but quickly dismissed it by stating, “Eh, must be the music.” As they continued to dance, her mind kept going back to Peanut, even as Max began to speak again. “So I was thinking maybe we could ditch this place and hit a real club? You know, one like the Yarn Ball?”

He twirled her once more and again she found herself in the arms of her best friend, “Or maybe we can go home, find a good book to read, and curl up for the night with some hot chocolate?” The feline was speechless, she felt so natural dancing with Peanut, “I’ll even put the little marshmallows you like in them, kay?”

She held a childlike smile as she pulled him close, nuzzling against his chest, “I think I would really like that.”

“Great!” The female feline eyes shot up to see Maxwell was now the one embracing her, “Let’s go ahead and blow this place!” Quickly, he took her by the paw and began to lead her towards the door.

“No, that’s not right!” Grape said as she freed herself from his grip.

“Hey what’s up? What do ya mean? ” Max was confused by this, “Was there something else you wanted to do instead?”

“I…I don’t know…” was her only response. She closed her eyes to hold back the tears, it was only then she felt someone hug her. As she looked up, she stared into icy blue eyes of Peanut once more.

“You know I would never make you do anything you didn’t want to do. I just want you to be happy…” A single tear rolled down his face. Grape held him tightly, afraid that she, he’d disappear again. “I love you.” Those three words made her smile. As she moved close to his face as he called her name, “Grape…Grape. Grape!”


“AHHHHHH!” With a violent crash, Grape Jelly Sandwich was awoken by a certain brown furred mutt and the feeling of her head hitting the cold floor of the living room. His hapless smile and wagging tail was a clear indicator that she was indeed awake.

“Do you even TRY to wake me up by alterative means Peanut?” the feline asked half asleep, half annoyed.

“FYI Grape, I did, but you kept saying talking about hot chocolate or something. So I went the old sand-by.” Grape blushed a bit at this and started to get up rather quickly.

“I don’t recall doing such,” she quickly answered. “So you must have a good reason for waking me up so early, right?”

“I sure do!” Peanut began, “It’s gonna rain pretty soon!” Grape began to stretch herself out, trying to not to show her embarrassment from earlier.

With a crude smile she asked, “And?”

“I wanted to know if you want to go puddle jumping with me!” Grape did not look amused by this statement.

“Peanut, did you forget that I’m a c-a-t. I don’t like getting wet and I sure don’t like the idea of it raining on me.” She shot him an irritated glare, one the canine was very accustom to receiving.

“Well that didn’t you when we went to that water park.” The feline flinched, Peanut had a good rebuttal. However, Grape was not defeated yet.

“That was different,” she began, “It was summer, hot and we paid to get wet. That’s the point of going to a water park and I’m not so self-absorbed to go there and think to defy the construct of it all just to not get wet and ruin it for everyone else. Besides, it’s fall now.” Inwardly, she smiled like a child knowing that she had put Peanut in a deadlock. The canine opened his mouth, but no words would come. He let got a sigh of defeat.

“Okay Grape,” Peanut looked up his best friend still smiling, “I just thought maybe we could do something together, just the two of us, like the old days.” Something about his choice of words made her think back to her dream, “’Cause I always liked doing stuff with you, as long as we were together.” Grape looked at mutt before her with face of confusion. Had he heard more than just about the hot chocolate in her dream? No, Peanut wasn’t the type to lie under any circumstances. However, his words hit close to heart.

Peanut turned to head over to the living room coat rack when Grape asked, “Hey, where are you going?”

With a big smile, he turned around, “Puddle jumping!” Grape tried to force a smile, but one would not come. A part of her wanted to Peanut to stay and another wanted him as far away from her as possible right now. As Peanut stood in front of the coat rack, looking for his rain coat, Grape considered telling him about her dream.

“Uh, Peanut,” she called over to him. When turned to face her, she quickly turned away from his gaze, “I had a strange dream last night, b-but I don’t really remember it very well,” she couldn’t tell him. She just too embarrassed.

“Huh,” Peanut began as he at last found his little yellow hooded rain coat, “That’s too bad. You what they say, “Dreams are the essence of life,” you know.” The purple cat looked at him unsure what to say to that. As he put the coat on and started looking for his red rain boots, he continued, “They say dreams are what you think or feel on a level of consciousness above what you’re actually are on.” At long last he found his boots.

Grape sat on the couch thinking about everything said to her just now, trying to understand what Peanut meant by “essence of life” and attempting to figure out why she hadn’t noticed how informed Peanut was on philosophy. He truly was a mystery sometimes. So lost in her thoughts she did not even notice the brown dog had put on the boots and was now about to head outside.

“Well, I’m out,” Peanut said as he opened the front door, waking Grape from her daze, “If I’m not back by noon that means either Tarot has gotten me wrapped up in whatever supernatural thing she’s doing today or I found the world’s largest mud puddle and can’t pull myself away from it!” Just as he closed the door Grape tried to saying, but her words once again would not come. Looking over at the phone on the coffee table, she knew what she could do to help herself feel better. With a smile, she began to dial in Maxwell’s phone number.

Peanut on the other hand had no idea what had gotten into Grape. It was not like her to even want to talk to him about her dreams anymore. That was what Max did for her now, not Peanut. He felt a familiar pinch in his chest as he walked, but quickly tossed the thought aside. The brown canine was not about let this ruin his puddle jumping fun, after all it wasn’t every day it rained in Babylon Gardens. Given it rained there no more or less than anywhere else in the world, but it was fact he planned to do it today. Much to his delight, it appeared that it had already rained some the night before meaning there were plenty of puddles wanting to be jumped. With a smile, he began to jump around to and from puddles singing:

“When you’re alone,
Do you think of me
And my diamond rings
Thrown out to sea?

And when you love,
Do love for me?
Like harmony,
A never ending dream.

Oh well, oh well,
I still hope for the best
Say goodbye and send me off with a kiss farewell.
And I’ll promise be
Just as strong as I can be.
Maybe you could get some sleep…

So here’s your song,
It’s twisting me.
I’d give anything
To make you scream.

And I’ll just smile
And make believe
I don’t feel a thing.
That doesn’t work for me.

Oh well, oh well,
I guess I’ll see you, farewell.
There’s pretty little picture that’s in my head
And I’m starting to dream
Changing colors while I sleep.
Maybe I’m just wasting time…

Sit still and listen to the soundtrack.
I’ll tell you how I
Took one straight through the heart
And it’s not easy to talk about…
So we all scream loud!

And that was it,
I had made it clean
Just across the street
With my new wings.

So I’ll just fly
And hope that I
Remember the good times…
When it’s done!

Oh well, oh well,
I can’t live with myself,
As I’m climbing in your window to get to your bed
And I’ll be what you need,
You can call me anything
Just as long as we’re still friends…

Sit still and listen to the soundtrack.
I’ll tell you how I
Took one straight through the heart
And it’s not easy to talk about…
So we all sing!

When she smiles,
Well that’s got nothing to with me.
I’m not the one who sings her to sleep.
And I’ve been talking to God
Asking for just a little help with you…
But hopeless!

It’s not the first time,
But this one really carved it in.
Tell your new friends
That no one knows you like I do!
It’s over,
I want see you again.
I want to feel it again…

I’ll keep you warm…
Safe in my arms…
‘Til heaven calls…
…Keep holding on…”

As he finished singing, he noticed something that struck him as odd. There was no one outside, no people, no pets, not a living soul. Peanut did consider that it was around seven in the morning, but never the less, it was still strange to him. After another moment pasted him by, he began to jump from puddle to puddle once more, smiling. As he did so, something made him stop in the middle of one of the puddles, a feeling of being watched.

“Mind if I join you?” the brown canine heard someone from behind him say, followed by splashing. Peanut turned to see something he could not have been expecting. Stomping up and down in the puddle was a fox with not one, but nine flowing tails. His fur looked somewhat lightly gold as if bathed in some none existent sunlight and stood just a head taller than the canine. The fox looked down at Peanut and smiled, “I have to hand to you mortals; you sure know how to enjoy the little things in life.” The mutt was silent as he stood starring at the creature before him with a puzzled look. Stopping, the fox gave a slight grin, “Ah, where are my manners? I’m-”

“You a kitsune,” Peanut stated as he pointed at the fox, his expression not changing, “The Japanese fox spirit of mischief and cunning. Also believed to be protector over the dead and even seen as the Lord of all Demons in the Shintoism.” The kitsune was taken aback by his knowledge of the topic.

“My, my, aren’t you well informed?” the nine tailed one said with joy in his tone.

Peanut just smiled at him, “I read a lot of books… and it just so happens that I just got to part were they introduced Demon Lord Nine Tails in Okami.”

Kitsune laughed at his explanation, “I see. Well you don’t seem shocked or anything to see a god standing before you.”

Again, Peanut gave a wide grin, “My girlfriend has a green dragon living in her head and is psychic powers, so it takes a lot to freak me out.”

“Good, then this will be a lot easier,” the kitsune took a slight bow, “I am the Great Kitsune, and I have come for you, Peanut…”

The brown mutt looked at him strangely, not really sure what to make of the situation. “Why?” Peanut inquired. A slow, twisted grin appeared on the face of the nine tailed one once more…

End of chapter one

Note: I like cliffhangers... Sorry about that...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

That was awesome.
awesome action in chapter 0
awesome emotions in chapter 1 (good thing that was just a dream or I'd suggest Grape get her head checked)
awesome song (though a link to it would be appreciated, or at least a mention of the title so it can more easily be found and listened to while reading.)

I look forward to more. and cliffhangers keep the reader... reading.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

You really think so? Thank you! :D I'm usually really worried about how people will react to my stuff.

*Rereads* Yup, she'd be crazy if she thought all stuff really happened. I figured I'd play play up the whole Dream Sunderer thing, as that MIGHT be a key plot point later.

Oh, the song is called "Oh Well, Oh Well," by Mayday Parade and is one of my favorite songs by them right beside "No Heroes Allowed." YouTube should both plus most of their other stuff. How awesome is YouTube when it's not being exploited? :lol:

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I loved the dream sequence, it was really well done. Though, who would wear a trench coat at the dance floor? :roll:

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

someone awesome, that's who.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Thank you so much Evan! That was so much fun to write, I can't began to tell you. ^^

And Brent is 100% correct, only the most awesome of characters wear trench coats. Plus, I like saying trench coat and yes I do say out loud everything I type. ^^

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Okay, chapter 2 is done. To recap, Kitsune meets Peanut for the time after Grape has a really weird dream. This chapter
has a lot going on. A bit of a note here; has anyone noticed that the main characters in most forms books, movies,comics, manga, cartoons, anime, and so on with supernatural powers always fire based magic? Or darkness powers if their an anti hero? Now I know their are quite a few new heroes that use different powers (Aang, Monkey D. Luffy, Hei aka the Black Reaper, Maka and Soul) but I shall try to write a power I've never seen before in this. Can you guess it? Well, here we go. And also... I like bacon...

Chapter Two: A paradox by any other name is just as confusing.

The clouds filled the sky blocking out the sun entirely. A storm was clearly on its way, but two lone figures stood outside. On was a brown mutt by the name of Peanut. The other was the celestial being known as the Great Kitsune. Both stood in a puddle of rain water on the sidewalk, eyes locked in silence. Finally the Great Kitsune spoke.

“I’ve come here because you are far more special that you could have ever possibly known. You are how you would say, unique. No, more than that.” Kitsune looked far too pleased, “You are the blank card that has yet to be written.”

“I’m sorry, but what?” Peanut was quick to question him. He didn’t really care what the magical fox was talking about though. He just wanted him to leave.

“Let me explain,” the Great Kitsune began, “All mortals such as you can be defined as one type of avatar or another. Some like your friend Grape are Dream Sunderers, others like King are Dark Paladins, and some are even Necromancers, much like Sasha.” Peanut was a bit surprised to hear the last one. “Now each mortal's Fate, the very essence of their souls, are locked away within confides of Heaven. Each is contained within watch like item, to represent that mortal lives are with end and when the watch stops, said mortals life comes to an end, whereas creatures such as me have our own Fates with us, so we may never die.” He held a sly grin, “Watch restoration is the first thing they teach you in Heaven.”

“Really,” Peanut asked the nine tailed one, “A watch?”

“I was just surprised as you to find that Heaven had a sense of humor,” he chuckled, “But you see, none of this applies to you at all!” The canine was bit bewildered by this as he asked just what he meant. “Your Fate is undecided, unknown even to the Gods. A “blank card” as it would seem.” Now his earlier statement more sense. “As such, your life, actions, and thoughts are nonexistent to creatures such as me. Not this is a bad thing I mind you. Oh no, quite the opposite in fact,” he said with a laugh, “It means you can act outside the laws of reality, time, space… even bacon.”

“As much as I love bacon, I don’t think that’s a governing structure of the universe,” Peanut stared blankly. Kitsune flinched at this response.

“Have you read the book of universe and what stabilizes the fabric of space and time? No? Then don’t question me,” the Great Kitsune held a somewhat annoyed tone, but quickly dropped it. “The point is, as an avatar, you would be able to do anything. You could traverse reality as if you were one of us.” Peanut looked up at the nine tailed fox with a look of both confusion and dismay. “Right, I’ll cut to the chase. I and my “friends” are currently in the middle of a game and as it stands, I feel like one of them is going to do something very bad, but in order to stop him or her, I have to have an avatar that is stronger than his or hers. So here’s my proposal. I wish to take you as avatar and envoy for the rest of the game.” Peanut expression had not changed from earlier. His mind was, in fact, impossible to read nor could Kitsune influence what he thought for as he tried, he felt a sense of danger from doing so.

With a smile Peanut gave his answer, “Thanks but no thanks. This kind of stuff just isn’t my thing. You could try my girlfriend if you wanted!” Kitsune was flabbergasted by the dog’s reply. Never before had any mortal refused a request of a god before. Just as felt his plan was ruined as Peanut was about to leave, the answer he looked for was before him.

“A paradox by any other name…” the nine tailed one said to himself before speaking up. “Ah yes, Tarot and Spirit Dragon. Such sweet girls, well... most of the time.” Peanut heard him loud and clear as he turned to face the celestial being. “Oh, they never told you? Well you see, Spirit Dragon, Pete and I have been playing this game very similar to D&D. The major difference is this is a game of influence, to see who can better manipulate the will of the mortals. I’m the Game Master, the one who makes sure that those two play by the rules, but I can’t stop everything they do sadly. Such as Pete targeting your friend Grape…” He words cut like a knife to Peanut, “He was going to do a complete possession over that poor girl and Spirit Dragon was no better. She broke the rules as well by manipulating the free will of Grape, Max and Tarot without their consent just to assure that Pete wouldn’t get a better avatar than hers.”

Peanut was couldn’t move, his mind was racing to fast to think logically, “What do you mea- No.” The realization of what was said dawned on him. Max and Grape going on their first date, meeting Tarot just when he needed someone, all of it was set up from the beginning. All for an unspoken game.

“Honestly, I can’t even be sure if Tarot even really loves you or not. After all, it might just be a lie,” Kitsune snickered quietly. He knew very well the truth, but if lying about such things is what was needed to convince him, then so be it. He could tell by looking at Peanut’s face that he was hurting inside. With a smile he stood beside him, placing a paw on his shoulder. “Or I could be wrong. I mean, if you’re my avatar, you MIGHT be able figure out what is true and what’s not. After all, your Fate IS undecided.” Peanut looked up at the kitsune with a multitude of emotions, as if unsure how to feel. He did all he could to hold his anger and tears back.

“But how do I know you’re not one lying?” The canine held his ground, “And why does the Game Master even need an avatar in the first place? I mean, I get that it’s a game of influence, but you’re the Game Master, right? So what would be the point?” Peanut heaved a bit, “What do you stand to gain from any of this?”

Kitsune stared at the mortal with a strange look upon his muzzle. He was in fact surprised by this creature’s rationalization of the situation, even in this state of mind. It was not often he found himself in the presence who could keep their heads about them. The Great Kitsune’s posture seemed to have changed as his smile faded.

“You really want to know? Then I’ll tell you a little story,” he began, “Long ago, I met a mortal who nearly killed four gods simply fueled by his hatred for us. Yet he took no joy in the battle. Why? Because he was doing what he felt was right. After that day, I began to rethink the way I looked at the mortals we played with and I came to a realization. That us just using them as playthings was wrong, that the mortals had well earned the right to their own lives. That we shouldn’t be controlling them just have a desired event take place! It was wrong, it always was…” His voice was low and serious, no longer needing to lie. “That’s why I need a stronger avatar than either could acquire. As Game Master, my avatar’s role is Watcher, someone who merely assures that the other players play by the rules until the end of the game. However, the only way a Game Master can win the game is if all the other players lose. So you see, if I create a situation in which neither can overcome within the rules, I win and if I win, I can do what I’ve wanted to do for quite some time…”

Peanut had said nothing as Kitsune spoke, he listen, but his mind pushed a question forward, “What’s that?”

“Simple, to end the game, once and for all… to allow the mortals to find their own way in life. That is what I want to see happen.” Once more there was silence filled the air. That is, until the brown furred mutt spoke.

“I… I don’t know. This seems a little out of my league. But you really what to stop the game?” a simple nod was suffice enough. “I’ll think about, okay?” A joyful, tooth filled smile appeared upon Kitsune’s face as he clasped his paws together.

“Wonderful,” the nine tailed one once again spoke joyfully, “but I am not a being without consideration.” As he waved his left paw, a strange aura formed around it until taking the solid shape of a blank card. Quickly he extended his arm outward to Peanut. “I will give you a taste of what you’re really capable of. Simply teach out and take this card, it is your card after all. As I said earlier, every mortal can be defined as some type of avatar of some kind or another. Well, all except you that is, so we need to fix that that. When you touch this card I give you a class name as well as a small awaking as to what you can do.” Peanut was very hesitant. “I swear I’m not going steal your soul. Take the card.”

“Okay,” the canine said nervously, “but just so you know, if you do steal my soul it has a no return policy.” As he touch the card ever so gently, he found himself unable to let go as the world around him faded into nothingness to where all that remained was him and celestial fox. As a sharp pain sudden surged up left paw to his left eye, his knees felt weak, making almost impossible to stand up straight. His eyes refused to look away from the Kitsune’s.

“Now then,” the fox began, “what ever shall I call you, Peanut? Someone like you isn’t common after all. Ah, I know…” A wicked grin appeared on his muzzle as his eyes narrowed. “Chrono Destroyer.” With all of his remaining strength, Peanut pulled away as the card faded into a fine mist that now surrounded his own paw. The world around them returned within the same split second as the card vanished. Almost falling over, Peanut attempted to catch himself, thinking they were near a fence or wall, hoping to prevent his fall. He in fact caught something, but not what he had hoped for. After regaining what little balance he had, Peanut looked to see what he had been holding on to all this time and felt a sense of fear unlike any he had known beforehand.

It was not a fence, not a wall, but a tear within the air itself. Almost reflexively he quickly drew his paw back almost screaming. As soon as his paw left the tear, it sealed itself up. The mutt stared were the rip once was, more confused than ever before. Turning, he saw Kitsune smiling like a fool.

“Ah, just as I thought. You can distort space without even thinking about it. And to think, that’s not a fraction of your real power.” His grin was almost overwhelming as he spoke, “Now as considerate as I am, and can also be, well, impatient. These, shall we call them, “gifts” will only last one week. Then I shall return for your answer.” The Great Kitsune gave a small bow. “Until then, Chrono Destroyer…” With a weak chuckle, Kitsune suddenly began to sink into the puddle until he was there no more.

“Hey, wait!” Peanut shouted, “I didn’t agree to that!” Running over to where the celestial fox had stood, he tried to stick his head into the puddle, only to hit his snout against the concrete side walk. Rearing back from the pain, he fell backwards into the puddle. “Ow… Okay, maybe not my best plan ever…” Laying there, Peanut could not help but to stare up at the rain clouds. Dark and dreary, yet too him at least, they looked peaceful. Taking a much needed breath, he did his best to recollect his thoughts.

To him, most of what the Great Kitsune had said to him made little sense. Blank cards, Fates, avatars, and this unnamed “game,” what did any of this have to do with him? Then there was what he said about Tarot and Spirit Dragon, this bothered him the most. Was his meeting Tarot just a part of their game and did she not really care? No answers came to him as he ran it over and over in his mind. He would rather not believe his words on this subject. Then, there was the whole “wanting to end the game for good.” He seemed to have been sincere at least about that part, but was there more to it?

As he held his paw upward to the sky he noticed how long his claws were on his left paw, “When was the last time I trimmed these things?” As he continued to think, he waved his paw downward, “I wish I knew what Grape would do right about now.” It was then Peanut saw that he believed to be another rip forming from the tips of is paw as his moved them. “No flipping way…” Something in his curious nature made him want to see what was beyond this rip. Gently, he held it as he reached for it with his other paw and began to pull it wider. What he saw was unbelievable.

He was looking down at Grape from the ceiling, who sitting on the couch with the phone to her ear, mostly likely talking to Maxwell about her dream. It defied all logic; he was lying down in a puddle of water outside looking up at a whole in the air that showed someone inside a building three blocks away from the ceiling’s point of view. Words could not even begin to explain how the young canine felt. As he let go of the whole, it sealed it up once more.

“That… was…” Peanut did his best to speak, “AWESOME!” Suddenly smiling like a child, Peanut shot up from the puddle, tail wagging. His heart was pounding fiercely against his furry chest. “I wander what else I can do? Aw man, I can’t wait to find out!” He was excited beyond the point of rational thinking, Peanut just wanted to know to how this all worked. Holding his left paw out once more, he tried to think about what his room looked like: the floor, ceiling, his bed, the mess surrounding it all, as he moved his claws down a full body length in the air just a few inches away from him and sure enough, the tear followed although he did note a slight tingle in his arm. Grabbing either side and pulling, he saw his room from just over his bed. Without any hesitation, he stepped through the tear and face planted into his bed due to the fact that the rip was several feet in the air there. Turning over on his bed to where he fell, Peanut saw the rip was gone.

“That is so cool!” Peanut did his best not to shout. In his excitement, he almost didn’t notice the sharp pain in his left arm. It felt strange, like the blood in his veins was freezing. He decided to take a moment to rest for a bit, just in case this was something important. Sitting upright, he smiled, “This is going to be a fun week!” Just as he was finally feeling upbeat, he heard someone coming up the stairs. He panicked.

This was only made worse by increasing loud steps moving towards his door. Peanut was faced with two options: try to think up a good reason why he was in his bedroom when Grape, his mom and dad saw him leave fifteen minutes ago or attempt to rip another whole and hope no one sees him do it and pray his arm doesn't fall off. Time was quickly running out for Peanut, he had to think; run, hide, lie, or face the truth. Honestly, he wanted to hide…

------------------------------------------------------ At the same time---------------------------------------------------------

Grape had spent the last fifteen or so minutes on the phone the Maxie, talking just to talk. Even though a part of her wanted to tell him about her strange dream, she just could not do it. She decided to write it off as one of those “I must have eaten rotten tuna” dreams and decided to leave it at that. After all, it was not like her dreams actually meant anything. Of course, she had also been thinking about what Peanut had said earlier as well. The more Grape thought about it, the more she wished she had said yes to going puddle jumping with him.

“When was the last time Peanut and I did something together?” was one of the many thoughts that ran though her mind as she made her way up the stairs. Grape thought maybe it wasn’t too late to catch up with Peanut outside, but she needed her rain coat, just in case it did actually rain. She knew where it was as well, in Peanut’s room of course. Why? This was due to the fact that Grape’s rain coat went missing a few times in the past, partly due to either Max or Peanut wanting to play a prank on her. So she hid it in the one place neither of the two would ever look: In Peanut’s closet.

With a slight hum, she made her way to Peanut’s room with no effort at all. Grape stopped just before turning the door knob and thought how funny it would be if Peanut was actually on the other side of the door right now. With a slight giggle, she opened the door…

End of chapter two

Okay, did you guess right? I didn't sadly... The ability to distort space. I can't speak for everyone, but I would love to have this power. Now their some rules to this, but I'll explain them later in the story. Although, one should be pretty easy to see right now. He can't just use it all the time. Why? Wait and find out... It's really crazy... Also, would ANY of you take the card? Would ANY of you trust Kitsune?

Author:  Gren [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Wow, your fanfic is so AWESOME!! you have really good skills to narrate a story.

I hope you continued this story sooner, because you have me really intriged. I want to know whats going to happen with Peanut after all of this (he's going to end in hell as it did before or he can change his fate?). The same with Grape's emotions, and how King and Tarot going to take part in this.

And for your question, yes. I would take the card without any hesitation. Why? because life is short, so if you don't have fun then why you live? I don't care if that thing ends up killing me, because at least I have a lot of fun and enjoy the life even if was shorter of what could be. (I really wish I could be Peanut in this moment T_T he's so lucky)

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I guessed he'd have the power to distort bacon.

I want MOAR!!!

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
I want MOAR!!!

What he said.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Wow, thanks for the moral boost you guys! ^^ Brent, I laughed at what you said and Evan too. :lol:

Oh, I will try to add more, so don't worry on that. There will be "MOAR" soon.

Oh, and I have little spoiler if anyone wants to know. Highlight this to see. Remember the "mortal" from the first chapter I said he didn't have a name, well he does. He was known as Azure and he bares a striking resemblance to Peanut. Why? Well... you'll see later... As for the next chapter, Pete's in it! That's all I'm saying though.

And Gren, I think EVERYONE wants to be Peanut in that moment. Time, space, reality and bacon... all within your grasp! And thank you for your kind words. ^^ That really made my day.

Oh and one more thing (dang I say "oh" a lot , is that normal?), I plan to do some fan art soon as well. I can't draw very well, but I figured, why not?

Author:  valerio [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

you can surely give an interesting twist to the relationship of the mortals with the cosmic entities.
I am interested.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Interesting? I hope so... This is my first real attempt at writing a fan fiction. Hopefully other will think so too. :D

Anyway, I glad you liked it. ^^ It means a lot to hear others likes this.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Okay, chapter three is done, kind of. The beginning and end were fun to write. This a little shorter than the others, but I guess I want to get to the good stuff already. Not hat doesn't mean a lot isn't going on. You'll see Pete, King, Tarot, and Spirit Dragon in this chapter. This chapter kind of shows what Pete and Tarot are up to. Recap: Peanut took the card from Kitsune and is his room with Grape on the other side of the door. What will happen? GHOST!

Chapter Three: The bitter sweet taste of irony.

There he was simply standing there, like he was wanting for her. Well, kind of. Peanut stood hunched over with a blanket tossed over him and was making very strange noises, even by his standards. The blanket had to eye holes and even ear holes making it quite clear who it was standing in front of her. After all, that was one of her old Halloween costumes he was wearing. But this did not stop Peanut from trying.


“It’s October,” the violet feline cut him off with smile. He flinched underneath the sheets at this.

“I mean… I AM THE GHOST OF HALLOWEEN PAST. YOU DIDN’T SHARE ENOUGH OF YOU’RE CANDY WITH ME…I mean… PEANUT.” Grape obviously didn’t buy into it as she did her best to not burst out in laughter.

“You done yet?” she asked the “ghost” in front of her crossing her arms. Peanut looked at her confused before sighing out in defeat.

“Yeah, I’m done,” the canine began, “You know in hindsight; this probably wasn’t one of my brighter ideas.” Finally giving in, Peanut removed the blanket. With a somewhat fearful expression on his face, he started to try to explain what he was doing in his room, “Now I know what you’re thinking…”

“Let me guess,” Grape said rolling her eyes, “You locked yourself out –again- and you decided to climb through you window because you thought no one would hear you knock.” Peanut stared at her blankly, not really sure what to say. “Am I right?”

“Uh… Yeah! You’re one hundred percent correct!” Peanut counted his lucky stars as Grape just gave him a perfect excuse. “Hey, wait a minute! What you doing in my room, anyway?”

“Well, if you must know, I came here to get my rain coat,” the purple feline said with coy tone. Peanut began a flood questions as to how she managed to get up here without his knowing, why his room, and how on Earth he never noticed it actually hanging in plain sight in his closet. She merely hummed as she put on the coat, not really paying any mind to what Peanut as said. That is until one question made its way to her ears.

“So why are you getting your rain coat anyway?” This time, the canine’s question was heard.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Grape asked her dear friend. With a shake of the head for no, she sighed, “Well, after much consideration, I’ve decided to take you up on your earlier offer.” Peanut looked a bit confused by this statement as he merely stared. “Puddle jumping?” As if she had said a secret word of some kind, Peanut’s entire facial expression changed to one of absolute joy.

“You mean it? Great!” Peanut without warning ran up began to hug her tightly, “This is going to be so fun!”

“Peanut…” Grape said breathlessly, “Can you please stop trying to break me in two?” Peanut hastily let go of her when saw the fact that Grape was turning blue.

“Heh, heh… Sorry Grape,” Peanut did his best to hide his embarrassment. “Come on, let’s go!” As happy as he was, something made him stop just as two were about leave, “On second thought, you met me down stairs. There’s something I need to check real quick.” Grape was little bewildered by this but agreed none the less.

“Okay Peanut, but you better be quick,” she started, “If we’re going, I want it to be before it starts raining you and me out there.” With that being said she went down stairs. The brown mutt was once again alone in his room and knew just what he wanted to check as well. Stretching his paw out he began to try to cause another tear in space. It slowly formed from his claws, but an overwhelming amout of pain began to swell in his arm as his left eye began to burn. Quickly, he pulled his paw back, trying not to yelp in pain.

“Okay, no more of that for a while…” He held his arm in pain. After a few seconds, the pain was mostly gone. With a bit of hesitation, Peanut made his way out of his room and downstairs, his thoughts lost on topics that should not even be relevant to him. The biggest: What did Kitsune really want? That and why irony was so bitter sweet? Doing his best to block off these thoughts he focused on what he had Gape should after they go puddle jumping.

"Peanut," Grape shouted from downstairs, "Are you coming or what?"

"Here I come!"

------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the darkness, he sat; waiting, plotting, and calculating his next move. The blue gryphon held deep scowl on his beak. None of what the Great Kitsune had done made any sense to him. Why would the Game Master be in direct contact with a mortal? Was he planning to take a new Watcher avatar? And why the mortal known as Peanut? As far has he could tell, this mortal partially had no mana to speak of.

“What could you be planning, Kitsune?” he said to himself, “First, you get me banned from the board and now this?” he slowly stood up as a grin appeared on his face. “Well, it looks like it’s time to make a comeback,” he said as pulled out a silver pocket watch. “Those idiots back in Heaven thought I’d just let myself get caught? As if. Now then, to put my plan in action…” With these words, the darkness that surrounded him changed forming into new shapes. Pastures, farm land, a barn, farm animals, all these things seemed to have been hidden by the darkness that once was.

Pete knew where he was, somewhere not on the current board, somewhere in Kansas. As he made his way silently about, he saw just who he was looking for. The female husky sat on the barn gate with a cell phone to her ear, smiling like pup all the while. Even as the other animals began to hide, she did not notice.

“Yeah I’ve been great, King,” she spoke happily, “though I really miss you. When do you think you can come back up for a visit?” Pete chuckled under his breath, she was oblivious, it was almost too easy. Without even trying, the gryphon slid right up behind her as she spoke. Retrieving the pocket watch once more, he began to chant.

“Tener letalis animus , reverto ut vestri quietus locus quod somnus.” The young canine's bright blue eyes suddenly became dull and lifeless; her voice gave out in mid speech and violently she fell to the ground, unmoving. Pete’s grin widened far more than it ever did before as he watched the essence of the mortal’s soul linger and then sucked into the watch.

“Hello? Hello, Bailey? Are you alright?” Pete smile even more to here King’s panic. Gently removing the phone the husky, he casually placed it to his ear.

“Hello King. Long time no see, eh?” No words came, just as Pete had knew they wouldn’t. “Awe, what’s wrong Kings-ie? Aren’t you glad to hear from me?’

“What did you do to Bailey?! I swear if you hurt her, I kill you!” King nearly barking into phone, he was completely on edge.

“Don’t worry; she’s fine… for now.” Pete taunted him, “But if you want to make sure stays that way, you’re going to have to do whatever I say from now on… Are we clear?” The corgi didn’t want to answer; he didn’t want to believe that was really happening. “I said, are we clear?


“Good boy, King. You might just make a fine after avatar after all.” The lion-eagle snickered. All was going just as he had planned. “Now then you remember where we use to live right? Ah, the good ol’ days. Meet me there tomorrow at noon. And don’t be late~.” King wanted nothing more than to strangle Pete at this point, but was said next made him snap. “Oh, and by the way, she’s a cute one. I might just keep her for myself.” And with that Pete hung up with King shouting every curse in the English language at him.

As King's rage subsided, he almost felt like crying for the first time in a long time. He had to do as Pete said or else Bailey would be the one to pay the price. He could not let that happen, but he knew Pete was up to no good. He had to think of a way out for himself Bailey. He had to save her. Even if it meant serving Pete.

"Pete..." King stared at the phone before suddenly tossing it out the window, "You're not controlling me..."

------------------------------------------------- And somewhere else -----------------------------------------------------------------

Tarot sat on the couch in her home the way she always did when she wasn’t working for Spirit Dragon. Her body was near its limit in terms of mana and physical stamina. Inside, a part of her wanted to see if Peanut was alright or not. Since around seven this morning she hadn’t been able to tell what Peanut was thinking about, as if something was blocking her connection. It felt strange not knowing.

Tarot was not the only one worried about this as Spirit Dragon had pondered this as well. She knew well that only another cosmic being such as herself could have possibly severed the mental link. A bit of fear rose within her the thought of another of the “Nerds” taking Peanut as their avatar. In truth, the thought of her changing Peanut to be her avatar had crossed her mind in the past, but she was unable so sense any mana within him.

“Spirit Dragon,” Tarot’s words awoke her from her daze, “I’m really worried about Peanut.”

“I am too.” Her voice was claiming yet, shaky at the same time. Tarot had never before seen this in Dragon. What could she be afraid of? But she quickly dismissed this thought. Just as the two were almost ready to agree to go find Peanut, the green eastern dragon found herself in a bind.

“Tarot,” she called out to her avatar, “Do you know anything about someone wanting to take a trip to the end of time?” Tarot mentally kicked herself forgetting to make that last call.

“This is going take all day…” the blonde canine sighed. It looked as though finding Peanut would have to wait.

“But if we don’t…”

“I know, I know. Cosmic chaos, right?” Tarot cut Dragon off.

“No, far worse…I might get sued…”

---------------------------------------------------- And somewhere else --------------------------------------------------------------

Kitsune stood in front of the game board, smiling. Everything was just as he predicted down to phone call to Tarot’s disarray about the end of time incident. Everything was just too perfect.

“You fools,” the nine tailed one spoke to the board, “Did you really think I wasn’t aware of what you’re doing all the time? I’m the Game Master after all…” Slowly he began to place pieces on the game board, signifying each player and avatar. “Do you think this is just a game to me, like it is to you two? You’re wrong. I know I can’t win myself, but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. So, what is a fox to do?” A wicked smiled appeared, “You two may have forgotten, but I didn’t. That mortal, Azure… We thought he gained his power alone. HA! I know how he did it now. Or rather, I know who.” As he placed the last piece on the board from his paw, Peanut, he reached down underneath the table.

“The best is YOU TWO are going to all the work for me…”Kitsune gently placed one final piece on the board right beside Peanut. A statue like piece much like the other celestial beings, only this one was of a black jackal…

----------------------------------------------------------- Still in Kansas --------------------------------------------------------------

Pete stood with the cell phone to his ear with a rather dissatisfied look on his face, still at the farm. He was rather angry and was near the point of blowing up the entire state.

“What do you mean “Dragon Astral Travel Service” is the only one available?!” He practically shouted into the phone. “Look, I would rather DIE than use DATS!” There was a moment of silence before he spoke again. “Okay, fine! Just put me through! WHAT!?!? What do you mean their unavailable now?!” As the operator explained the situation to him, he cursed himself. “Dang it! I’m never make it there by tomorrow!” With all rage, he could not frighten the operator and as she hung up, he made one final statement, “I HATE IRONY!”

End of chapter three

Okay, King's in trouble and Pete's got him by the collar. Tarot and Dragon may be going on trail next(not really). Pete can't find a way back to Babylon Gardens (this is true). So, anyone want to take shot in the dark about what might happen next? Pete make it there by tomorrow? And what was up the jackal thing? Also a cookie to anyone who can tell me what Pete chanted. Hint: it's Latin. The next chapter is solely on Peanut and it will be crazy. Like a ADD kid hyped up on his medication... I'm talking about myself by the way.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I have a concern: Is Bailey out cold for the remainder of this fic? because It's not like Pete to draw attention to himself by leaving behind a comatose dog.

also, if your ADD meds hype you up, you're doing something wrong.

Author:  valerio [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I am not entirely convinced on this development, but of course you just started and much hgas to be revealed yet.
I mean, Game or no Game, the cosmic entities are not allowed such direct interference over mortals' lives. Kitsune, as we saw already, is just a gamer, though the GM of this play. The moment Pete started messing up like this, he should've received a visit from Bahamut's (or some other judge) emissaries...
But I'll wait and see...

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Actually... after all this... I really don't think I can write this... I mean, yeah, the over all concept I like in this but, I don't know know... I know I'm not really that good, hell I go as far as to say I suck. I'm not a writer, not an artist, I... I'm sorry. I just don't feel well. I've got a lot on my mind and... I just don't know what to do anymore. I kind of feel... Worthless...

Anyway... Bailey is out not for rest of the fic. In fact, she's the only reason King would listen to Pete... In one mythology I read, the Fate or soul of a living creature's soul can be sealed into a item. This means in the grander scheme of things, a God or Gods wouldn't be able to tell if this person was alright or not, as the soul is still on Earth were should be... It's like operating under the table, so attention really wouldn't be seen on their level. Plus, Kitsune stated that both Pete and Dragon were playing into his trap. So why would he stop it?...

As for Behamut, he as a much bigger problem on his hands... What happens when space is altered? The fabric of reality is distorted as well by effect, allowing a rift in the plane of existence... This in turn is thought to possibly create Null Space where life and matter can't exist. If this is true, reality would be in danger of falling apart from over use of what Peanut is doing... In essence, the end of everything.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but that's what I had written down... It's not very good, I know... I might... not finish this. Or at least do something else for a while... I just... think I'll fade out... Please don't think it's anything anyone said, you guys are great... It's really just me... A failure... But my problems aren't important.

If I post any more here, it'll be about the story... Sorry to waste you're time with this rant...

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

KogaShinigami Wrote:
Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but that's what I had written down... It's not very good, I know... I might... not finish this. Or at least do something else for a while... I just... think I'll fade out... Please don't think it's anything anyone said, you guys are great... It's really just me... A failure... But my problems aren't important.

Don't you dare quit this fic, it's been amazing this far and I'd hate to see it discontinued. If it gives you any confidence, I think it's one of the best I've read with it's potential.

It can be a bit hard to write the celestial beings though, them being all omniscient, but I'd say just go with inherent omniscience - the ability to know anything that one chooses to know and can be known. That way what you wrote Pete going under the table seems perfectly plausible. It's your story and as writer you can shape it just the way you want it.

Author:  valerio [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I agree with Evan here: the worst thing you could do is to quit or even think about that option! Don't let yourself down because of a silly perplexity of mine and keep up the good job! As I already stated, you just started, you have all the time to work out and improve.

Author:  _Stu_ [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

KogaShinigami Wrote:
Actually... after all this... I really don't think I can write this... I mean, yeah, the over all concept I like in this but, I don't know know... I know I'm not really that good, hell I go as far as to say I suck. I'm not a writer, not an artist, I... I'm sorry. I just don't feel well. I've got a lot on my mind and... I just don't know what to do anymore. I kind of feel... Worthless...

Anyway... Bailey is out not for rest of the fic. In fact, she's the only reason King would listen to Pete... In one mythology I read, the Fate or soul of a living creature's soul can be sealed into a item. This means in the grander scheme of things, a God or Gods wouldn't be able to tell if this person was alright or not, as the soul is still on Earth were should be... It's like operating under the table, so attention really wouldn't be seen on their level. Plus, Kitsune stated that both Pete and Dragon were playing into his trap. So why would he stop it?...

As for Behamut, he as a much bigger problem on his hands... What happens when space is altered? The fabric of reality is distorted as well by effect, allowing a rift in the plane of existence... This in turn is thought to possibly create Null Space where life and matter can't exist. If this is true, reality would be in danger of falling apart from over use of what Peanut is doing... In essence, the end of everything.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but that's what I had written down... It's not very good, I know... I might... not finish this. Or at least do something else for a while... I just... think I'll fade out... Please don't think it's anything anyone said, you guys are great... It's really just me... A failure... But my problems aren't important.

If I post any more here, it'll be about the story... Sorry to waste you're time with this rant...

No. Just don't koga.

You can't even know how much lucky you are to have those critics, they're not there to make you feel worthless, but to help you. To improve. And it means that someone is really interested in your fic, think about them and the empty you'll leave if you quit.

At least you don't have trolls. I got one sometime ago on the other site. That was quite annoying, trust me.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

As I said, it's not the people, it's me. You see... I have Dysthymia. It's a type of chronic depression and, well there's no way sugar coat it. I usually fall into fits of feelings of hopelessness, get little to no sleep, low fatigue, low self-esteem, overeating, and poor concentration. People can say its just may out look on life, but it's not. There's a few chemicals in my head that don't work they way they should and it shows. Anyone who's talked to me before hand knows I normally happy because most of time I am. But other times... Like right now, I'm not okay...

You just have to block me out sometimes... The doctors in my youth (meaning from 10 years ago) said it was best way to help. I'm not really just going to stop writing. It's the only thing I can do right now... I don't want to fall into another Double Depression... That was just to horrible to talk about. Anyway, thanks for support and please everyone, don't just assume I don't know how to take critics. I was the outcast all 12 years of me education and I'm still an anti-social freak. You all are really nice and thank you for caring.

I don't know how many of you will read this, but just know I'm not quitting or giving up on this idea... I just need wait out my depression. I should be fine in another 24 hours or so... Just need someone to talk to someone really...

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Again, I want to thank everyone who read this and for just talking to me. ^^

Anyway, I'm about 100% better now and I'm working on the next chapter so please don't worry. As insane as I am, I'm not that crazy. Well, when I say about 100%, in mean around about 90, I'm still having trouble concentrating... so give me some time. Its a little difficult to write happy when you feel sad, but I'm trying.

Sorry for ranting earlier, I really didn't mean to make anyone think anything. Hopefully, you all will still be friends with me... Oh, and the next chapter will attempt to explain some of the stuff from the last few. Namely, a hint to what Kitsune is planing and how souls work based off a few myths I've read in the past. Though really, does anyone have any ideas for what they think should happen? I really need help with fic. I want it sound good so any help or ideas would be great.

Also, does anyone know Latin?

Author:  Karl [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

During depression, most important is to not allow your disease to consume you and block your normal life process. That's why even during a hard time when you feel being worthless, you just have to enforce you to keep going. It's a very hard thing to do, but that's the way to push this aside. Instead of giving up, just try writing, even if you will feel that your update will suck more than the rest and your depression will be clearly seen in it. But that's also a way to clean yourself and shook those feelings off.
But what is worrying me is that your sudden mood change appeared after Brent and Valerio's posts where they pointed out some things to you. I know you wrote that it were not the comments that got you into depression, but actually I can see it clearly that it were posts that triggered it in some way.
During writing, one day or another you will receive comments that will be "uncomfoartable" for you. But you can't let them get too deep into your heart. Remember, you're a beginner and you have full rights to commit mistakes and OOC. Those comments you received are not to push you around and tell you that you should just quit. People are just honest with you and share their thoughts about your work, which is a blessing when it comes to comments. And they want to help you out, so you can gain experience and become better.
Treat writing as fun, not as duty. Focus on the joy that it gives to you. And if you will stick with that, everything will turn out fine for you.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I realize that you're right all accounts Karlos, but let me assure you the comments aren't what triggered it, given they played a small role if any at all. You see, I'm unemployed at the moment so whenever a job listing shows up, I up on it. Sadly, no one seems willing to hire me to do anything as I don't have prior work experience. It's hard. Well, I got a call back thinking I might get hired, but they calling to tell that I didn't get the job. It hit hard, more so since money is tight right now. It didn't really help that the person who talked to me was well beyond rude... So I fell down and cried for three hours straight. Yeah, I'm a pretty sad excuse for a person... Regardless, I cycled into a depression. Luckily, the don't normally last longer than 24 hours most of the time if I talk it out. So in short, I'm just about sane again.^^

Author:  copper [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Well, I do hope you feel better. And please know there are always kind and caring people out there to talk to, who know you, care for you, and are always willing to listen. You are not worhtless, not sad, and I find you fascinating personally. Should be fun talking to you. ;)

As for the fic, my suggestion would be to double and triple check your spelling and word choice. Sounds a bit awkward at times.

I love the story so far though~

Author:  CanadianHero [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Trolls make me mad, but all will be crushed eventually, right? 8) By the way don't be discouraged. It's a dangerous thing in society.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

darn you, Koga. I heard that Mayday Parade song today and was immediately reminded of Grapenut because of your fic.

I hope you feel like updating soon.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Hey everyone. ^^

Well... I still plan on adding more sometime in the near future but... Life, as in IRL, is getting rough. I need to get back on the ball (no pun intended) and do something to keep from losing what little of a mind I have left, which ain't a lot people. ^^ I'm open for ideas, any and all.

Bent: Wait, you heard THAT song?! Where?!

CanadianHero: What you say is true. So much so it's "dangerous." XP Sorry, but yeah, you're right.

Copper: You are far to kind, but believe me be, I'm not really a good friend... Not even to myself these days. Thank you for the advice. ^^ And for your kind words.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

KogaShinigami Wrote:
Bent: Wait, you heard THAT song?! Where?!

apparently MTV has some secondary channels that still play music, cause my school's dining hall has MTV U on its TVs and I heard it there.

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Um, Bent... Just what school do you go to?

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Old Dominion University.

the U in MTV U stands for University.

the TVs are actually sponsored by MTV U, so they play that channel non-stop.

Author:  copper [ Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Hey, I like knowing people and making friends! :evil: :lol: Talk to me any time, really. I like talking.

Anywho, I hope you do write again. You had some good stuff! :)

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

I see Brent, so where is that? XP

Copper, You really are too nice. It's actually nice to see that now days. ^^ But trust me, if you me better... You wouldn't like me... As for talking, I can go on for days about "nothing" (true story) so it's dangerous to get me on an actual topic. XP I do plan on writing again, but since I lost most of my stuff it may take a while as my brain is, well, cut into eighths.

Also, I'll state this now before I forget, I am having computer and internet trouble. So bare with with me...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

KogaShinigami Wrote:
I see Brent, so where is that? XP

I my profile says my location. :/

Author:  KogaShinigami [ Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HousePets!: Falling in Reverse

Ah, I see. Now how does one get to the "invisible, flying volcano over Virginia" Brent? I don't see it on any map... Oh wait...

BTW my zip code is 00000.

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