The Game (Did I Make You Lose?) (Deadfic?)
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Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:43 pm ]
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I forgot to mention, the thing about Jovi, her sisters, and her father being the thunder and lightning, is something I vaguely remember reading a long time ago (I think it was in elementary school). That story I read told of two bulls, one a young male bull who was easily angered and upset and threw great tantrums that became lightning. The thunder that followed were either the shouts of the bull's mother trying to get him to stop or the sounds of the two battling to get him to calm down. I wish I could remember more (How I remember even that much I have no idea. If you have any idea what I'm talking about feel free to bring it up. Maybe I'll Google it later.

And also:
copper Wrote:
So an Alice is a perfect person? Explanation please on your definition of perfect here?

That will either be discussed in a later chapter or if Arlice reappears and feels like explaining it.

Author:  legendario13 [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:30 pm ]
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What a great chapter, and i have a vague idea of what you were talking on the jovi and the lightnings thing, sadly i cant remember either. :lol:

I feel like Pochi is in danger somehow, I hope he's not.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:58 pm ]
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Finally you get the next part out in it's entirety. Now I must wait for the part after this one. Please don't make me wait that long.

Author:  copper [ Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:55 am ]
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Quite a few characters being introduced. Quite a handful, but a lot of fun to read! Cannot wait for the next update.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:08 am ]
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legendario13 Wrote:
What a great chapter, and i have a vague idea of what you were talking on the jovi and the lightnings thing, sadly i cant remember either. :lol:

Well, I guess I'm not completely crazy and made up the idea. I did some Google-ing, and it might be an Austrian legend, but none of the sights I visited went into much detail other than that such and Austrian legend exists.
legendario13 Wrote:
I feel like Pochi is in danger somehow, I hope he's not.

Hmm... Not quite sure where I want to go with Pochi actually, so, for the moment, he's not.
JeffCvt Wrote:
Please don't make me wait that long.

Eh, while I think I should update again this Sunday, I should warn you a bit in advance that the week of the fifteenth, I will be gone all week. (I'm going to college! *Is exited and nervous at the same time*)

And while he's made an appearance in the fanfic now, Thanatos, God of Death, does not actually have a form yet (hence why none was given) and I'm open to suggestions.

Author:  legendario13 [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:03 am ]
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The waiting begins

as for thanatos, i would say that a horse in flames would be cool

Author:  copper [ Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:19 am ]
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Thanatos, as a villain, would be good in shadows for the most part. I do so love cliches. :lol:

Maybe something like a black swan or some other bird?

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:00 am ]
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So, I apologize yet again for a late update. I've had writer's block and a very stressful weak. If I have time, I'll try to hand write parts of the chapter so that I might be able to post when I get back from the college program.

JeffCvt Wrote:
So you should all look forward to this. Once I'm done. Sometime soon. I hope.
Probably sooner than SilentPrincess has her next update anyway. :P (I joke because we are friends in real life and I can probably get away with it.)

You have no idea what I've been through this week Jeff, so meh. :P

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:45 pm ]
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Blargh. Well, first of all I am alive guys. The city the college was a little 'too ghetto' as my roommate put it. But we were all safe for the week. (We did lose a girl at a museum...I don't really know what happened but she made it back okay. :)) I had a great time and worked with charcoal for the first time and really improved my art skills. We worked with models (and not the fashion kind.) I got to make several animations in several styles including stop motion, claymation, and rotoscope, and even a phenokistoscope (though mine didn't work.) One of my animations even has It in it. (For those of you who don't know, It is a character I came up with a few years ago in science class - with Jeff - though he probably won't be appearing in this fanfic due to his strangeness and habit of eating soda cans/rubber ducks. And he has no relation to the clown.) I'll be posting stuff on DeviantArt soon, including not only my artwork from the college program but also some more Housepets style drawings of my characters. I've had them for a while I just haven't put them on DeviantArt yet...

But anyway, for the real reason you're here. You want an update. I wanna make one. But I'm so utterly stuck that I'll type a paragraph and erase it once I'm done. I can't even think of a title for this one. Even though I don't think I have a lot of followers for this (at least not yet, you know the saying "If you write it they will come") I think I'm going to do a poll. I'm going to list the various ideas I have and hope that I get some votes. Depending on which one has the highest amount of votes, I'll write that part of the chapter first and keep going until the chapter is (hopefully) finished. And if I don't get many votes... I guess I'm on my own. So here are the ideas that I had for the chapter that I can think of off of the top of my head.

- A scene with Alice and Arlice involving a discussion about birthdays
- A scene with some more playing of Little King's Story involving Fetcher

- A scene where Pochi, Fetcher, and Prowler attend the GODC meeting
- A scene where Prowler meets Ralph

- A scene with Ramiel and a new character
- A scene involving Medusa, Ramiel, Gaea, Cassiel, Fire, and Ambrosia

- A scene where Angelica and Hades go shopping

That's all that I can think of off of the top of my head as my brain starts dying this late at night... There may or may not be more, though I really don't think so. The ones that are grouped together are related so you may or may not get both parts if you vote for one in a set.

Fingers crossed,

(Oh, btw, I also have writers group to worry about this week *dies*)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:51 pm ]
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Yay! A Vote!!

I vote the Pochi, Fetcher, and Prowler attending a GODC meeting because I would love to see Prowler and Bino get in some kind of fight, verbal or otherwise. And because it has Pochi. In a meeting. With lots of dogs. And Prowler and Bino yelling at each other. Fun.

Author:  legendario13 [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:59 pm ]
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Pochi on the GODC meeting

Author:  copper [ Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:43 pm ]
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Angelica and Hades going shopping for sure.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:49 am ]
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So the vote is currently at (and will probably stay at):
2 votes for Fetcher, Pochi, and Prowler at the GODC meeting, and
1 vote for Angelica and Hades going shopping

As it turns out, the one is Angelica and Hades seems to be quite short (at least it does for the moment as it's in my head) so maybe, just maybe I'll write not only the pair that goes along with Fetcher, Pochi, and Prowler, but also the shopping scene. I should probably stop making false hopes though.

In other news, the Housepets drawings are now on DeviantArt. I'm currently working on getting my DCAD stuff on there and I'm wondering if I'll be able to post the animations on there as well... If not there's always YouTube.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:54 am ]
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Chapter 5: Nothing to fear…
(See Below)

7/29 (F, P, Pr @ GODC) - So, this part's done. Again, it feels rushed at the end. (It always feels rushed.) Those of you that voted for it wanted more Pochi, but it was more Prowler-centric. The parentheses scattered throughout are reminders for myself for where stuff goes. I guess it kinda lets you guys know what stuff happens where. So everything will be updated here so I guess you'll kind have to keep checking for updates on this post. Uh... Let me know if it absolutely sucks.

Edit: I had no idea that Fox was a husky... Who knew? (Apparently copper did...)
Also, I meant to ask how I did with Bino's personality... It just didn't feel right while I was writing it... Let me know what you think.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:45 am ]
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I does not suck.
But I did want to see Bino and Prowler get in a shouting match, oh well.

But I wonder where the scar came from?
And what could have happened to make him be like that when someone touches it?

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:50 am ]
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JeffCvt Wrote:
I does not suck.

Lol. Typo.

JeffCvt Wrote:
But I did want to see Bino and Prowler get in a shouting match, oh well.

But I wonder where the scar came from?
And what could have happened to make him be like that when someone touches it?

Well, they kinda did. Perhaps not quite to the scale that you had hoped.

And yes, those are the questions aren't they?

Author:  copper [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:39 pm ]
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seems fun for now. Cannot wait for the finished update!

Pochi the blue dog... I am sure he will be popular. The perfect match for Daisy! :lol:

Well, seems Prowler and Fox will have a wonderful friendship. And Fox is a husky... and grey.

Author:  legendario13 [ Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:45 pm ]
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Nice short chapter.

I was worring about the parentheses (gotta learn how to write that) good to know they are just remain..remen..reminders :oops:

me no god inglish today

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:53 am ]
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Well, I'm back from a college visit in Arizona (why did I almost type California here?). I didn't have the chance to write because we were busy all week, but I got quite a few drawing done on the plane ride home, including an improved Hades that will be on DeviantArt eventually - first we have to hook up our new printer which has a scanner (WHoo!) and then I have to color it (I have PaintTool SAI now so I'll be posting some recolorings up). Anyway, hopefully I'll have the rest of that update soon, (maybe not too soon considering we got hope at four this morning.)

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:59 pm ]
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Chapter 5: Nothing to fear…

“Y-you’re lying!” She said in harsh denial. Her sword was drawn, and pointed at his chest. Ramiel could barely look into her eyes, they pierced through him far worse than what she could do with the blade.

“Evangeline.” Ramiel said without the slightest hint of emotion in his voice. She faltered as he spoke her name, but quickly composed herself again.

“Tell me that it’s not true! Or else!” She pressed the tip of her sword against his chest, tearing the fabric of his shirt and drawing the tiniest amount of blood. Ramiel would have sighed but was all too conscious of the swords presence and decided against such action.

He wished that he could tell her what she wanted to hear. That it was all a lie – some kind of misunderstanding. But the moment he had such a thought the venom of Medusa that coursed through his veins activated and deterred any disobedience. He would obey or die.

“It is true, Evangeline.” He said calmly.

“Traitor!” She spat and swung the sword. He had expected such a reaction to the information and dodged before the sword could do any serious damage.

“How could you!?” Ramiel looked at her again, and to his surprise, saw that tears ran down her face. “He was my father… How could you?” He drew his own blade in response. Evangeline lowered her blade, looked away from him, and sighed. “You are not the Ramiel that I once knew.” She turned and began to leave.

“I do not know what has brought about this change in you… But if it is my power I will find out and destroy it myself!” She said determinedly. Ramiel resisted the urge to smile. “Until then, you should leave, before the guards find you.” She warned. He himself turned away and started to leave in the opposite direction. He was almost out the door when Evangeline spoke.

“Wait.” Ramiel turned to face her. “My Mistress returns to your domain in a matter of months… Will she be in danger if she returns?” Ramiel stared at her for a while. From behind his scarf he smirked.

Clever Eva…

He clicked his tongue in reply. Before Medusa could read into the response, Ramiel turned, exited the chamber thorough the doorway, and took flight.

Now that that’s over with, I have another task for you before you prove yourself loyal to my causes.

“What is it now?” He asked bitterly.

I need you to bring me Ambrosia.

“And there’s only one place to get that…” Ramiel sighed, and turned to the East, towards the rising sun.


“What are you doing?!” Arlice said with pseudo-anger. The menagerie of animals huddled around the television turned and all had guilty looks on their faces. They stepped away revealing the map screen of Little King’s Story.

“I can’t believe you started without me.” Arlice said, now feigning sadness.

“We just wanted to get to the part where you can go left.” Roo said considerately.

“We got one of those… ehm…. Letters from… Poncho! And we’s figured we’d stop and wait for you.” Harry said. From the dining room, which was conjoined with the living room, Excalibur scoffed at Harry’s atrocious speech as he handed a cup of coffee to Alice, who was reading the morning paper.

“Eat breakfast before you start with games.” Alice said, not looking up from the paper.

“All right Father, Arlice said, wheeling into the kitchen to get cereal. “You guys can prep the army while you wait for me!” She told the animals. They set off doing as she said. Arlice soon wheeled back into the dining room and placed her bowl onto the table.

“So Father…” Arlice began, stirring her cereal around in the bowl before taking a spoonful. “Your birthday is coming up isn’t it?” Arlice smiled, knowing how much he hated the subject.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He stated simply.

“Oh yes you do! And just how old are you turning? Thirty-seven?” She said preposterously. Alice scowled.

“Twenty eight.” He stated, annoyed. “Your birthday is coming up too, and how old will you be? Twelve?”

“Dad!” Arlice whined, even though he knew he was just joking. “I’m turning fourteen!”

“Hm, are you now?”

“You know, a lot of my friends were allowed to start dating when they turned fourteen.” Arlice said with a smile. Alice looked at her to see if she was serious and was happy when a distraction came from the animals.

“Whoops!” Someone exclaimed.

“Arlice! Pochi hit a button and the Ripe Kingdom!” Roo tattled.


“Alright, I’m on my way.” She wheeled back into the kitchen to place her bowl in the sink and returned to the living room where the King of the Ripe Kingdom awaited.

“Onii! Onii! Onii!” Alice heard the TV exclaim. He lowered his newspaper, saw the cake fly toward what he assumed was the ‘army’ mentioned earlier, decided it would be best not to get involved, and went back to reading.

Arlice found herself surrounded by the black creatures called Oniis perched atop cliffs throwing cake and various other snacks at the Little King and his army. Of course, the animals had somehow failed to bring any archers required for taking out said type of Onii. The music picked up, and Fetcher’s ears flew upward.

“I know this song.” He said.

“You’re not going to start dancing too are you?” Roo said. Spunky made as though she were going to hit the mouse, but when Roo glared at her, Spunky backed away.

“Not like that.” Fetcher said. He took a deep breath, and surprised everyone – except Alice – in the room. Fetcher, the calm and reserved Samoyed, began to sing:

Qual piuma al vento,
Muta d'accento — e di pensiero.
Sempre un amabile,
Leggiadro viso,
In pianto o in riso, — è menzognero.
È sempre misero
Chi a lei s'affida,
Chi le confida — mal cauto il cuore!
Pur mai non sentesi
Felice appieno
Chi su quel seno — non liba amore!

Arlice had reached the area just before the boss, but had stopped just to hear Fetcher finish. The other animals stood there speechless. They had not expected such a performance from Fetcher of all dogs.

“You can sing!” Roo exclaimed. “Just like –” Tortolunk and Spunky covered the mouse’s mouth before she could finish. It was too late, Fetcher was already frowning. The room grew awkwardly silent. Arlice was the only one unaware of what was going on.

“Yes, he’s the one who taught me.” Fetcher admitted. A smile – though somewhat sad – spread across his face.

“Pochi!” Pochi exclaimed pointing to the clock on the wall.

“Oh right.” Fetcher said. “We need to get going. Where’s Prowler?”


Prowler was upstairs; standing in front of a large mirror, combing the fur atop his head to just the way he liked it. He found himself humming the tune that he had come from downstairs a few minutes ago.

So he’s a singer and not a dancer, hm? We’ll have to see what we can do about that… He thought as he brushed his tail. He brushed across his chest and right arm but stopped when he reached his left. Prowler moved some of the fur upwards. He looked at the scar that had been hidden beneath it. He froze at the sight of it. Memories flooded back to him. He stood like that for several minutes until a shout from downstairs brought him back to reality.

“Prowler!” Fetcher called from downstairs. “We’re leaving, are you ready?”

“Yes, yes.” Prowler replied. He petted the fur back into place without looking at the scar. He dashed out of his room and down the stairs where Fetcher and Pochi awaited.

“Are you sure about this?” Fetcher asked concern in his eyes.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” Prowler said, calmly and confidently.

“It’s just that this is a meeting for the Good ‘Ol Dogs Club. Something tells me cats aren’t so welcome.” Fetcher reasoned.

“Pochi.” Pochi agreed.

“Oh please, you worry too much. I can handle myself.” Prowler said, as he walked toward the door. Fetcher looked towards Alice and Arlice for some support. Arlice looked concerned but said nothing and Alice did not even look up from his newspaper. Fetcher sighed and followed the red cat with Pochi in tow.


They arrived at the building they had been instructed to arrive at. From the barking and commotion coming from inside, Prowler could tell they were at the right place. Fetcher opened the door and stepped inside and Pochi and Prowler followed close behind. Many dogs immediately noticed the arrival of someone they had never seen before.

“Whoa, who’s that?” Several dogs said, looking up at the large white Samoyed who had just entered the clubhouse. Bino looked up from his podium, saw the new dog in town he had invited and decided he would go and greet him.

“New guy in town?”

“A new member!”

“Pochi!” The blue dog greeted as he emerged from behind Fetcher’s large figure. He received a few strange looks but never stopped smiling or wagging his tail. As soon as Prowler emerged from behind Fetcher, the atmosphere of the clubhouse grew tense.

“Hey no cats allowed!”

“Yeah, no cats!”

Prowler folded his arms as Bino approached the trio, obviously annoyed at the presence of the red cat.

“Maybe I wasn’t clear when I gave you two invitations. There was no invite to pass along to this cat.” Bino said, temper already beginning to flare. At the same time he was having a sense of déjà vu. It had only been a few months ago when another cat had arrived at the GODC during a meeting. Someone had escorted her out but judging by the stance and smile the red cat wore, he wasn’t going to leave without a fight.

“Cat?” Prowler asked, feigning obliviousness. “What cat?”

“Leave now before we have to force you out.” Bino warned.

“Oh, such gentlemen, you’re giving me the option?” Prowler said coolly. On the outside he seemed calm and composed, on the inside he grew nervous as he saw dogs begin to rise from their seats and make their way towards him. Instinctively he withdrew his claws slightly, without meaning to. He tried to hide them so that the dogs wouldn’t think he would make the first move.

“Prowler…” Fetcher said quietly and concerned. He did not like where this was headed. Would Prowler back down or…?

“You won’t have the option for long. We’ll give you three seconds to get out of here.” Bino didn’t bother actually counting down, he just wanted the cat out of the clubhouse so the meeting could begin.

Prowler counted down in his head. He had reached two when he had decided that he would get out of here. He didn’t come for trouble; he just wanted to get the dogs in town flustered. But before he could turn to leave someone grabbed his arm.

“Hey man… You should get out of here.” A white dog wearing dog tags under a yellow bandana around his neck spoke softly. He was the one who had grabbed Prowler’s left arm. It was a friendly and concerned touch, but nonetheless, the dog’s paw had wrapped itself around the scar located on Prowler’s arm.

Harsh instinct took over and screamed for Prowler to defend himself. He withdrew his claws completely. He hissed and swatted at the dog. The dog immediately pulled away and removed his grip on the cat. His paws covered the area Prowler’s claws had struck his face. All the dogs that had been about to attack Prowler had been so surprised they stopped right where they were. The atmosphere became more tense and awkward.

When the dog pulled his paws away from face, three thin red lines were positioned beneath his left eye. He looked at Prowler, he didn’t seem angry, just surprised. Prowler looked around at the astonished faces of the dogs – including Fetcher and Pochi. He soon saw some of the dogs regain their composure and their angry expressions returned, now fuelled even further. Prowler knew he couldn’t – shouldn’t – stick around any longer. He ducked out of the clubhouse and ran.


I can’t believe I just did that…

Prowler was upset, frustrated, and scared out of his mind. He was upset as his action back at the GODC and was sure that every dog in town would soon be making him a target for chasing up trees. He was at home in the trees and could withstand that. He feared worse punishment than that however. He was frustrated that the Husky would even go so far as to touch him there to begin with.

There’s no way he could have known… Prowler reasoned with himself. He had been trying this and playing various tunes in his head for fifteen minutes while walking down the sidewalk in order to calm himself. It wasn’t working. Prowler was a nervous wreck – paranoid to the point he was sure a dog was going to emerge and attack at any moment.

Sure enough, he did see a dog. A large one, German Shepherd perhaps, heading towards the forest located just outside of the community. Prowler had assumed that every dog in town was at the GODC meeting, but here was this one, heading towards the forest.

Now what are you up to? Prowler wondered. He stood still on the sidewalk for some time, contemplating his next course of action. Should he pursue and find out? Or mind his own business? Prowler was the cat to get killed by curiosity, he decided.

At least the forest is my element, should I get into trouble. And so he followed after the dog carefully.


Ralph had skipped out on the GODC meeting to train in the clearing in the woods. He had trained there occasionally before, but after having been beaten by a dog there once, he decided he needed to step up his game. He hadn’t missed a day’s worth of training since.

It takes ten days of training to make up for one day missed. He had heard somewhere.

He reached the clearing and immediately began practicing. He wished that he had someone to train with, but didn’t what to drag any of the other dogs away from the GODC meeting, so he had to settle for punching nothing but the air for now. He felt rather silly doing it, and was glad that at least no one was around to watch.

Or so he thought for quite some time.

He had tried to pull off a move the dog that had defeated him had used, but ended up on his back, looking up at the trees. He started to rise when he caught a glimpse of something. A quick glance of red that passed his vision. It couldn’t have been a leaf… He thought. He looked up at one of the branches of a tree, and surely enough, there was a bright red cat staring down at him. It’s yellow-green eyes cut through the shadowy darkness cast by the tree’s leaves blocking the sunlight. the cat had blended in all this time because the leaves were starting to change color.

Gah..! Ralph was angry at himself for not noticing the cat sooner. He supposed to have been trained for these sort of situations, but he knew that if the cat had been someone that meant him harm, he would have had the advantage and could have easily taken Ralph by surprise.

“Come down from there.” Ralph ordered.

“No, I think I’ll stay up here thank you.” The red cat said, stretching out on the branch into a more comfortable position. Ralph at least now knew that the cat was male.

…I think. Ralph second-guessed himself, which was something he only did when he was really flustered.

“Just who do you think you are?” Ralph demanded.

“Prowler Lucidious-Burshov.” The cat stated proudly. With such a long, and in Ralph’s opinion, ridiculous sounding name he wasn’t sure if the cat was serious. However, there was something more concerning about the cat’s name.

Prowler…? He thought back to the incident a few months ago. It has to be coincidence. And decided to dismiss it as just that. After all, this was just a cat.

“And just – ” The cat swung itself over the branch so that it was upside down, but eye to eye with Ralph. “who are you?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business cat.” Ralph spat, annoyed.

“Alrighty then officer.” Prowler pulled himself back into the tree.

“How did you – ”

“Oh please. Why else would you be out here training. It’s obvious you’re a dog who takes his job very seriously.”

“I do.” Ralph stated.

“Well then don’t mind me. I’ll let you get back to what you were doing.”

“No way. Not with you here.”

“What, afraid of a cute kitten like me?” Prowler teased. Ralph was taken aback by this comment. He just couldn’t get a read on this cat. He regained his composure.

“No way.” He said. The smile vanished from Prowler’s face and he leapt from the tree to the soft grass in front of Ralph.

“You might want to reconsider that.” Prowler took on a fighting stance and withdrew his claws once again. Ralph looked him over and saw that he was serious.

“Alright, bring it.”


Ralph panted heavily and looked at Prowler who was motionless in the grass. Despite this outcome, Ralph knew that he was the one who had lost – several times. The cat had not actually landed a hit on Ralph, instead just sliding his claw across Ralph’s fur, indicating what would have been a hit. Several of them could have done serious damage to Ralph. One of them – which had gone across his throat – would have killed him instantly.

Ralph shuddered at the thought. He was doing this to get better but was he getting worse? He looked at Prowler who was still lying in the grass. He was skilled for a cat. Ralph wondered where he had learned to fight like that. He was almost as good as –

Prowler shuddered and Ralph approached him to make sure he was alright. In frustration, Ralph had accidently flipped him, ending their spar.

“Are you – ” Ralph started but before he came anywhere near finishing, Prowler had leapt back onto his feet. The cat hissed, and there was a crazed look in his eyes. Ralph was afraid, something was definitely not right. For a moment he was unsure what to do until Prowler shook his head and tail and cleared his throat.

“Ahem. Do pardon me.” He said with a smile. Ralph raised an eyebrow but Prowler said nothing more and even started walking away.

“Where are you going? Where did you learn to fight like that? What was that all about?” Ralph blurted out at once. Prowler stopped and turned slightly toward him.

“Let’s save that… For a later chapter.” The red cat winked and walked away.


Yay~ Just spent three hours (maybe more or less) writing this. Some parts of this that were originally here (conclusion with Ramiel, Angelica and Hades shopping) didn't make it in here just because as I was typing this I was thinking, 'this seems long enough for now.' I hope that you all agree, and hopefully those parts will make it into the next chapter. Glad to finally get this one out. (And yes, Prowler broke the fourth wall.)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:35 pm ]
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I feel something good coming up here...

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:55 am ]
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Okay, so let me start of by saying that I think I'm about to die from writing two of these in such a short amount of time. (Consider it an apology for taking the entire summer for getting the last one up.) And secondly because of that and the program I'm using on the Mac to write this, there is probably ALOT of mistakes. ALOT. ALOT ALOT ALOT. Feel free to keep a notepad ready as you read and yell at me for said mistakes (they're probably all really small, stupid things.) So here you go (*dies*):


Chapter 6: On the Line, All or Nothing

Prowler emerged from the forest and flinched as his eyes were met with the harsh sunlight of afternoon. He figured that he had not only missed tea, but that the meeting would be coming to a close soon and dogs would be wandering about the neighborhood in good time. Though Prowler felt confident after emerging (somewhat) victorious from his battle with the German shepherd, he figured he had best get home before any dogs recognized him.

He scurried off trying not to draw any attention to himself. However, for anyone who was walking around town, the found it hard not to notice the red cat walking down the street.

Curse this red fur… Prowler had a love hate relationship with his fur. On one hand, red was the color of passion - which he was quite proud of in fact. On the other, it was also the color of blood. Of course, blood was life, but for most - including himself, he found - it was associated with death.

He sighed and continued on his walk home, staring at the cement beneath his feet, lost in thought until someone shouted from across the street.


Prowler looked up from the ground and stood there motionless for a moment. I haven’t been called that since… He looked across the street and saw a light-furred cat smiling and waving ecstatically.

“Kitty Kat!?” He said, surprised to see a familiar face. The cat across the street looked both ways for any cars before running across to embrace Prowler.

“Omigosh!” She exclaimed, hugging Prowler and jumping up and down.

“My goodness.” Prowler said, trying to get ahold of the cat and calm her down. “Kitty Kat Kyria, just what are you doing here?”

“We moved here a few months ago! What about you?”

“We moved here a few weeks ago.”

“No way! I haven’t seen you since you lived in the trailer park!”

“Yeah, good times. Nice big forest behind the place. Remember we’d always hang out there? Of course, there was no way Alice could stand living in a trailer park for long. Sorry I never actually got the chance to say goodbye before we left.”

“Yeah, what was that about? You just sort of up and left. My parents had to tell me that you had moved when they found out a few weeks later.” Kyria pouted.

“Mm, I’m sorry.” Prowler opened his arms, asking for a hug. Kyria happily complied. Prowler noticed dogs walking on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street and figured that the meeting had ended.

“What about… You know. I was so worried.” Kyria said, very concerned. She looked into Prowler’s eyes in a way that he knew he would not be able to deny her answers.

“Now Kitty Kat, I’m fine. See?” Prowler spun around for her to see. Not buying it Kyria took Prowler’s left hand and slowly moved her own up his arm until she found the scar. She gently touched it.

“Oh Prowler…” She said.

“Don’t worry about it Kyria. It’s all over now and I’m fine. Really.” Prowler noticed the dirty stares that the dogs were not only giving him, but also Kyria. Some of them rolled their eyes at the sight of Kyria hugging the new cat. They knew what a flirt she was.

“You’ve set up a fan club have you?” Prowler teased.

“You seem very popular yourself.” She noticed. “I sorta showed up to one of their meetings a few months ago. I got escorted out.” Prowler shook his head.

“I can’t say they were so nice with me.” He observed.

“Prowler!” Kyria gasped and stepped back in surprise. “I can’t believe that you would do that after - ” She stopped when she saw the look on Prowler’s face. He held up a paw in forgiveness.

“Now I’ve already said this, don’t worry about that. But the real question is, why were you in the meeting?”

“Well… I kinda have a crush on their leader.”

“You have a crush on that dog?” Prowler asked, legitimately surprised.

“Yeah, sorta. But a dog liking a cat isn’t tolerated around here. So I’ve tried to keep my distance… Though I did kiss him in front of the whole town.” Kyria admitted. Prowler couldn’t help himself and burst out laughing.

“You kissed him?! In front of the whole town?!” Prowler said, nearly gasping for air from laughing so hard. He had to remove his glasses, he was worried that they would fall off otherwise.

“Ugh! Shut up!” Kyria playfully punched Prowler’s - right, she made sure - arm. Prowler eventually stopped laughing and caught his breath.

“Alright, alright…” He sighed. “So now the question is… Does he like you back?”

“Maybe but he’s really worried about his reputation.”

“Hmm… Well, I think I have an idea, and it’s the perfect way for me to get revenge.”

“Uh-huh?” Kyria asked curious.

“Let’s make him jealous.”


“Ramiel help!”

“Help us Rami!”

“Okay, okay Medusa enough! I’ll do what you say just leave them alone.” Ramiel heard the Nure-Onna chuckle and the children’s screams subsided. Ramiel sighed with relief. They were safe once again, at least for now.

All he had done was stop for a short break - flying with one wing wasn’t easy after all. He had stopped and seen that the sun was beginning to set. His destination was only a few miles ahead and could clearly be seen. All he had to do was fly over Naeco Nehsij without being noticed by Poseidon. Then of course when he actually reached Gaea’s Forest. Ramiel sighed. He needed a plan, but Medusa wouldn’t even give him the time to do that.

Flying through the forest was going to be harder than maneuvering through the Underworld. Dodging the spontaneous spouts of fire would be easier than having to dodge all of those branches. Especially in the darkness, Ramiel noted.

He flapped his wing until its beat matched the slow, steady pace of his heart. Finally, he was in the air once again and flying over the vast ocean that Poseidon ruled over. He watched the waves carefully, wary of any sign of his avatars - the sirens. Word would spread quickly that a Goddess’s avatar had been killed, the name of his supposed killer would spread even quicker.

It wasn’t me Eva… It was Medusa. I’m so sorry I can’t tell you that. But I have others I have to worry about. Ramiel knew that he had ruined his relationship with the Dark Angel. She would never trust him again, he realized. He had lost his chance at true love and happiness. He felt the presence of several tiny minds offering comfort to him. He had lost all of this, but these minds, beautiful and innocent, were safe. They had a chance to live another day. To live and fall in love themselves. That was enough for Ramiel. He would risk his life for them, it was what he was doing now, stepping into Gaea’s territory.

He reached the forest without issue from the ocean. He was above the trees but knew he needed to fly through the thrice brush sooner or later or risk being caught sooner. At the center of the forest he saw his target. The large tree that provided all life to the surrounding forest. The source of the ambrosia he was required to retrieve for Medusa.

The Gaia Tree.

He dove in to thicket of branches and leaves. Suddenly he had an idea. The perfect distraction to distract the forests guards.

He outstretched his arm and gently touched the leaves as he flew by them.


Cassiel landed in one of the many similar backyards of Babylon Gardens. He approached the doghouse located their and rapped on the space next to the door. A dog emerged and hugged him.

“Hiya Cass!” Sasha greeted.

“Hi, here’s your letter.” Cassiel said with a yawn. He was getting tired and had been flying back and forth between Sasha and Daisy delivering one another’s letters for the past hour. It was a normal routine he had gotten used to, but he really just wanted to go home and get some sleep.

“Yay! Thanks!” Sasha said happily.

“Mmhm…” Cassiel was falling asleep where he stood. He hoped that he could make it all the way back to the forest.

“Alright, alright. I think I’ve tortured you enough for the evening.” Sasha said, having one of those rare moments where she was completely aware of what was going on. “Tell Gaea I said ‘hi’ okay?”

“She can probably hear you.” Cassiel pointed out.

I can hear her.

“Yeah, she can hear you.”

“Oh, well, same time tomorrow?”

“Of course.” Cassiel said with a smile, though he wasn’t exactly looking forward to going back an forth for the friends.

“See ya tomorrow then.” Sasha stepped back inside her doghouse. Cassiel yawned and took flight.

Once he was high above the town, higher than even an airplane dare fly, Gaea returned him to his normal form. He flew over Naeco Nehsij uneventfully. It seemed he rarely encountered the mermaids in the evening. He flew into the forest and maneuvered expertly yet slowly through the trees.

He landed on a branch that was as thick as five humans. It was what he used as a flight platform in the morning when he took off for the day. Right now, the sun had set and the stars were beginning to appear in the sky.

He walked into his tree home (literally the tree was his home) and collapsed onto the bed. He closed his eyes and started to fall asleep. Until he sensed something wasn’t right. He hoisted himself out of bed and looked around. Nothing out of place. But the feeling wouldn’t go away. That’s when he smelled it.


Smoke meant fire.

“Madam Gaea!” Cassiel knew right away by her silence that she was already well aware of the problem.

Don’t worry about it Cassiel, we’ve got it under control.

“A-are you sure? Y-you don’t need any help?”

Cassiel… We can handle it. Don’t worry about anything. Just get some sleep.

“Okay..” He said. But he did worry. He lost one home to fire already. He didn’t want to lose another. He wanted to protect what he cared about.

But I can’t… I… He was shivering uncontrollably, a cold sweat covered his body, and it took every effort to keep tears from rolling down his cheeks. He was afraid. He was terrified of fire. Of what it had taken from him. What it could take away from him again.

I’m sorry I can’t serve you better Madam Gaea…


Ramiel landed in the throne chamber of Hades’s Castle. Or at least, what was left of it. Medusa had been ‘renovating’ the entire castle to suit her own taste. That included a new statue exhibit in the garden.

Ramiel looked up from the floor and saw that the throne was currently empty. Medusa had most likely stepped - or slithered Ramiel smirked - out to take care of her sisters.

He took another step and collapsed on the floor. His vision was blurry and was having trouble breathing. He felt the tiny minds connected to his grow worried and tell him to get up. I’m fine. He thought to try and calm them. They grew quieter but did not fully believe the statement and remained close to his thoughts.

His vision cleared some, and Ramiel noticed that Thanatos was sitting in the exact same spot of the throne room where he always sat. A spot he - for whatever reason - rarely ever moved from. The Black Swan was staring at Ramiel.

“Long day?” The Swan asked, though his mouth did not move. Ramiel then noticed he was speaking telepathically.

“Shut up.” If Ramiel could have rolled over so that he facing away from the bird, he would have.

So, did you get it?” Ramiel reached into his pocket and pulled out the small pink vile containing the Ambrosia. It was a small amount, but then again, a drop was enough to cure any wound and heal any sickness.

To Ramiel’s surprise, Thanatos rose and picked up the vile in his beak and walked - waddled Ramiel could never pass up an opportunity to mock the Gods - over to Hades’s, now Medusa’s, throne and placed the vile on the small table next to it. At least it was small next to Thanatos.

Thanatos then made his way back to Ramiel, picked him up in his beak and sat back down in his spot. Thanatos gently placed Ramiel next to him so that he was leaning against his wing. Ramiel felt somewhat ridiculous. He hadn’t been this close to Thanatos since he was very young.

When my father died. Ramiel realized. How ironic. He added. My father was killed so I went to the God of Death for comfort. As preposterous as it seemed, comfort is exactly what the Swan gave. He didn’t speak to Ramiel, didn’t even look at him, but in doing so he gave him the quiet needed for contemplation that his mother wouldn’t let him have.

“Are they safe?” Ramiel finally asked. Thanatos looked at him, then pointed to a spot on the wall behind the throne.

“You see that?” Thanatos pointed to a long piece of cloth draped across the wall. Ramiel nodded. “They’re in there.” Before Ramiel could ask. The swan flapped a wing and the cloth temporarily blew away, revealing a cage inset into the wall.

Inside were the children, the minds connected to his own, who he was determined to protect. They’d be turned to stone otherwise. They smiled when they saw him. A few waved. Then he noticed a woman with long white hair, chained to one of the bars - a scythe slung across her back.

“Shinigami?” He asked aloud. The cloth fell back down, concealing the cage once more.

“Not just any Shinigami.” Thanatos noted. He sounded lost in thought. “Hades’s avatar.”


The two had entered the shop more than an hour ago. They purchased nothing more than a lollipop and a hand mirror. They paid left the store, and entered the one right across the street. The shopkeeper was confused. He hadn’t encountered anything quite like this before. He wondered if he should call the cops.

He ended up doing so.


“I can’t believe they ended up calling the cops!” Angelica whined.

“That was a nice story you came up with though. ‘Taking care of your sick grandmother.’ Pfft.” Hades said.

“I don’t even know my grandma!” Angelica laughed.

“Lucky you. No offense, your family is strange.”

“None taken.”

They were, once again - or still depending on how you looked at it - in the desert. This time they were huddled around a fire cooking what they managed to buy in town that day. For Angelica it was various kinds of tofu.

“I suddenly really appreciate the fact that you’re a vegan.” Hades said. Angelica giggled.

“Well thanks.”

They ate in silence for quite some time. Each thinking about their own problems. Hades knew something wasn’t right in the Underworld. It was only a matter of weeks before the start of Fall. He worried that if he did not return to the Underworld soon, Persephone would be in danger. He wondered why he couldn’t shake that feeling.

He was lost in these thoughts when he heard Angelica sob. He looked over and saw her crying silently. He flew over to her.

“Angelica, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Will I ever see Papa and Mama again?” She asked. Hades sighed. They had been having similar thoughts it seemed.

“I’m sure you will, Angelica. Don’t give up yet.” He said neutrally. He was no good at this ‘comforting’ thing as it was. Trying to make sure he didn’t promise her anything was another story. Angelica, the clever little girl, caught on quickly to what Hades was up to.

“Promise?” She asked, looking at him with red, puffy eyes. Hades sighed again. But looking at her and knowing his own goal, he knew that there was no way he could lie.

“Yes, I promise.” There was no going back now. “We will return to the Underworld and set things straight. And that,” Hades pointed to the mirror. “Is where we start.”


Arlice had successfully defeated King Shiskebaboo and had started exploring the new area unlocked that day. All of the animals had left the house at some point leaving Arlice with advice from Roo, Spunky, and Tortolunk.

Fetcher, Prowler, and Pochi all left for the GODC meeting She recalled. Excalibur and Harry left to run an errand for father. Prowler came back before Fetcher and Pochi, but left again with a friend of his. Prowler still hadn’t returned she noticed. She wondered if she should worry, but decided that they were far away from any problem that they had had before.

Arlice carefully holstered herself out of her wheelchair and into bed. She looked out the window at the stars. Prettier than London’s but not as nice as home’s. She noted. London…. The sun just went down a few hours ago here, but it’s probably starting to rise there.

They had moved from London only a few weeks ago, but it seemed like years since she had seen him. Memories of her time with him flooded back to her, and she started to tremble unable to cope with it all. She couldn’t take it any longer, she started to sing what she had kept bottled up for so long.

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said ‘I’ll never let you go.’
” She sang softly, hoping that no one would be able to hear.

“[i]When all those shadows almost killed your light…
I remember you said ‘Don’t leave me here alone.’
But all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight…” She couldn’t finish, she had already started to cry.

She reached across her bed to her desk to turn off the light. She stopped when she saw something that hadn’t been there earlier that day. Sitting on her desk was an envelope. Written across it in what could be described as a kindergardener’s handwriting, was her name. She carefully picked it up and opened it.

Inside was a letter written in the same kindergardener scrawl. She read it carefully and smiled. She laughed and tears fell faster when she read the signature at the bottom.



So, a few things to note now that I have been revived from the dead: First of all gasp, Kyria, Jeff's character has made an appearance. I guess you could say that we're doing somewhat of a crossover. So far I only have intentions of using one other character of his and referencing stuff that happens in his fic. Secondly, Shinku, Prowler's nickname means Crimson. Third, the thing with Ramiel and the children actually came from a dream I had a few nights ago. Fourth... ehm... Yeah I don't know. R&R?

Author:  legendario13 [ Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Game (Did I Make You Lose?)

That was a really good long post(s)

This "Peter", had you introduced him before?

I dont really remember... Poor Arlice.

Will be waiting for more.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:56 pm ]
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legendario13 Wrote:
That was a really good long post(s)

Aw, thanks!
legendario13 Wrote:
This "Peter", had you introduced him before?

Not really, his existence was only really hinted at when the letter to Arlice was first brought up.

Author:  legendario13 [ Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:19 pm ]
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SilentPrincess828 Wrote:
Not really, his existence was only really hinted at when the letter to Arlice was first brought up.

I haven't gotten lost.

Author:  copper [ Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:21 pm ]
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Huh... crossover, eh? Of course you two would come up with this, lol.

If Alice is 28 and Arlice 14.... He had her at 14!?!? :shock: Am I forgetting something like they are actually siblings or something?

Prowler's are tough, always it seems. 8-)

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:23 pm ]
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copper Wrote:
Huh... crossover, eh? Of course you two would come up with this, lol.

Yes, but it's not quite the full-on crossover you might be thinking. Just a few things here and there. (For now.:twisted:)

copper Wrote:
If Alice is 28 and Arlice 14.... He had her at 14!?!? :shock: Am I forgetting something like they are actually siblings or something?

No they're not siblings. They are indeed father and daughter. I was waiting for someone to do that math.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:04 pm ]
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Enough of the jibberish here's the update! :D

Chapter (Lucky?) 7:

“This is your plan?” Xer questioned.

Peyton nodded. He took a sip from his tea. It was too hot, but he wasn’t in the mood to really care.

“It’s… interesting.” Xer stated, a little confused as to how his master had devised this scheme.

“We get everyone in one place. Amongst the chaos and confusion she will undoubtedly show herself. That’s our chance.”

“Understood sir. But in order for this to work, you’ll have to go out and make some friends.” Xer smirked. It was what Peyton had been trying to avoid since they arrived. Peyton frowned.

“I’m aware.” Peyton picked up the leash that he had ready in his lap. “Let’s get going then.”


Their new front yard was lucky enough to have a tree. For that, Grizabella was most grateful. Although the autumn season was quickly approaching, the weather decided to stay a rather hot temperature in the afternoon. Add that with a thick coat of dark gray fur, shade is a definite blessing. In the heat, she had actually - for once - removed her orange and purple scarf revealing her green collar beneath it.

Grizabella was busy reading the Pridelands series - for the third time - underneath of the tree. She occasionally glanced up to watch the neighborhood humans, cats, and dogs go by. Or to watch her owner - or ‘Mom’ as the locals referred to their owners - struggle with heavy boxes she unloaded from the moving van.

“You could help out you know!” Jacklyn had said at one point.

“No thank you. I’m comfortable right here.” Was Grizabella’s reply. She loved Jacklyn, but wasn’t above teasing her now and again.

A group of dogs went by. They glanced at her direction, but quickly looked away and kept going. It was obvious they were perturbed by the presence of one more cat. Grizabella smiled. She had a lot of work to do around here.

She had been watching people pass by her for quite some time. Jacklyn had long since finished unloading the boxes and had gone inside for a nap. No one had stopped to say ‘Hello’ yet, and Grizabella was disappointed with her neighbors’ manners.

Lots and lots of work… She thought. She read the last few lines of a chapter - all too familiar too her by this point - inserted her bookmark and closed her book. She was about to get up and go inside herself, but when she looked up she saw two animals - a cat and a dog, the first she had seen paired together all day - pointing in her direction and looking as though they were about to cross the street.

They checked to make sure there were no cars approaching - Grizabella winced, a terrible memory came to mind with that statement - and crossed. They entered Grizabella’s yard and walked up to her.

“Hello.” Greeted the cat, female and purple. Grizabella hadn’t seen a cat with that color fur but never for a moment thought it strange. She had seen far stranger.

“Hiya!” Exclaimed the dog. His brown tail was wagging ecstatically.

“Hello.” Grizabella returned. What a dynamic duo…

“You’re new in town right?” The cat asked.


“Well, I’m Grape and - ”

“I’m Peanut!”

How did I figure? “I am Grizabella.” Grape continued to smile. Peanut frowned for a moment as though he were in thought, then smiled as well as though he had reached a conclusion. Grizabella already knew the words coming out of his mouth.


“Yes.” Grizabella was all too aware of her namesake. She didn’t need someone to repeat it every time she introduced herself.

“Oh…” He trailed off, knowing he had said the wrong thing. “Nice scar by the way!” Grape looked as though she were about to facepalm.

“Peanut!” She whispered-yelled.

“What? It’s awesome!”

Grizabella smiled, but her ears flattened. While this was typically the sign that a cat was angrily provoked, Grizabella liked this dog. She knew that he could be useful.

“Well, um… We saw that you’re reading Pridelands and thought we’d come say hello. We’re big fans ourselves.” Grape said, trying to change the topic.

“Yes. This is my third time reading the series.”

“Oh really, well…”

The conversation that ensued lasted an hour.


The charred bark crumbled beneath Cassiel’s fingers. The damage from the fires had not been as severe as he thought they would. But they happened. And Cassiel was frustrated.

“Who did this Madam Gaea?” He asked aloud, the plant-people around him helping with Restoration paying him no mind.

Someone trying to steal the Ambrosia.” Was her reply. She was equally miffed.

“And did they?” Cassiel wondered. Gaea’s silence said it all.

Cassiel moved a black branch out of the way with his foot. It crumpled to pieces on contact.

“Whoever did this is gonna pay.” Cassiel said, withdrawing his weapon - which he rarely ever withdrew - from his red mail bag. It had been a long time since he had even held the sword. It felt foreign in his hands. Not that he had ever been good in combat anyway.

Well I do know who was responsible…” Gaea started.

“What?! Tell me!”

Is that how you speak to a Goddess?!” Gaea roared. The atmosphere of the forest stiffened. The plant-people stopped what they were doing and stood still. The light of the forest seemed to take on a red tint compared to its normally healthy yellow.

“Um… Sorry Madam Gaea, won’t you please tell me?”

Gaea sighed and the forest calmed. The plant-people resumed what they were doing.

You won’t like it.” Gaea warned.

“Please, just tell me.” Cassiel said.

Ugh, fine. It was Ramiel. Ramiel started the fire and distracted all of us long enough to steal some Ambrosia.

“That guy again!? But why?”

I don’t know Cassiel. But he succeeded once. We need to step up our game so that it doesn’t happen again.

“Right,” Cassiel agreed. Thunder boomed in the distance.

Ugh! Now what?” Cassiel felt Gaea leave his thoughts to focus her attention elsewhere. He flew upward so that he was above the trees. In the distance were storm clouds. Rain was something that was always monitored by Madam Gaea so that the forest always had just the right amount. There were never storms unless sent forth by other Gods or Goddesses as a means of battle and war. Cassiel had no doubt that this was the case.

Zeus? He wondered, then decided that this couldn’t be the case. The clouds were too small and lightly colored that anything he would have summoned. But there was lightning. And if lightning struck the forest, it only meant more fire. Someone had impeccable timing. That’s when he noticed something.

He devised a plan and hoped that he was right.


Snowfire couldn’t believe that there were so many all in one place. She was standing on the roof of her new home. Her ‘owners’ sprawled out next to her.

They were sister and brother - or at least they claimed to be - and they were also avatars from one of Teal’s previous games. They were not participating in this Game of U&U so they kept their human forms to take the role as Snowfire’s owners. Teal was currently away arguing his case to the other players that this wasn’t against the rules. The two were avatars from a game long retired.

That was the thing about being Teal’s avatar. Because of the nature of his power and element. Becoming his avatar meant getting a portion of this power. It often had interesting… side effects.

Snowfire was busy spying on the three neighborhood animals chatting beneath the shade of a tree. They were talking about some book series that had become popular on this world. Completely oblivious. Snowfire thought sadly.

“We have to do something.” Snowfire turned to her ‘owners’ who weren’t focusing on the task at hand.

“All in good time. We have to wait until Teal gives the order. Plus we don’t know what exactly they’re up to. They could be here peacefully.” J.P. suggested. Lisa looked up from her laptop and gave him a look.

“I doubt that…” She mumbled. Lisa noticed J.P. staring through his binoculars. She followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at. She grabbed the binoculars away from him.


“You won’t be getting these back anytime soon!”

Snowfire sighed at the two. She had known them forever - give or take some thousand years - and they had alway been like this. She smiled. Eternity didn’t seems so bad with these two around to keep her company.


Alice looked around and immediately saw that things had not gone the way he had hoped. He had expected it to go poorly. This was far worse. The limbs of his latest creations were scattered across the wooden floor. Fetcher was unconscious at the center of it. Rita was upside-down n her corner in deep thought.

Alice sighed and began picking up the pieces of his dolls. Deep down he knew that Fetcher would respond in such a matter. He had allowed himself to believe that it would be easier this time around. Things like this never got easier.

He laid the pieces down on the desk. On the right side of the desk was what caused the catastrophe. He picked up the gun and placed it back in its case. He closed it before he could pay much attention to the purple rabbit insignia on the handle. He quickly shoved the case into the armoire and turned his attention back to Fetcher.

Alice kneeled down next to the dog. He attempted to wake him, and hoped that Fetcher would not lash out. Alice had already learned the hard way that Fetcher was a strong Samoyed. Fetcher woke with a start but luckily did not lash out.

“Take him to the vet.” Rita suggested. Alice nodded. “And take Pochi too. Who knows where he’s been. Alice smiled. He had been meaning to take Pochi to make sure his vaccines were up to date. Seems now was finally the time to do it.


Alice waited impatiently at the vet’s office. Fetcher’s visit was over, he was waiting with Alice, staring at the lollipop in his hand that was his reward for not squirming. They were just waiting on Pochi. Alice had a feeling that if things were taking this long, Pochi would not be emerging with a reward.

Alice was beginning to think that this was all just going to turn out to be a waste of time. He would still have to confront the other animals for this to work. He was especially not looking forward to talking to Prowler. The damage would be far worse, Alice was sure.

The door opened and the vet emerged with Pochi, neither of which looked pleased. While the door was still open, Alice caught a glimpse of a large black dog in a cage. It looked as though he had several bandages wrapped around his head. Alice felt bad for the dog. His heart went out to him.


Alice did a double take, looking at the dog one last time before the door swung shut. He shook his head. Could it be?

Maybe things would get easier after all.

…Just maybe…


Duhn, duhn, duhhhhhh...
What is going on here? That is a very good question.
Cliffhangers in just about every part, hope that's not tedious.
Normally I would never use the word 'facepalm' in a fanfic (or any sort of writing) but it seemed appropriate.

Still using that writing program for the Mac. Let me know if there are mistakes.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:37 pm ]
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Alright, you've got me interested. (Not that I haven't been, but still)

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:44 pm ]
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...(Fail post. Ignore.)

Author:  legendario13 [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:35 am ]
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Oblivious of what?

...So much suspense

great writting

Author:  copper [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:48 pm ]
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There were a few mistakes, but barely noticeable. It is a great story.

I do have one criticism though. It is your constant addition of characters. I realize you are trying to set up an epic story, but you have added at least three dozen characters in the short time since you started this fic. It is getting confusing now, with barely any getting actual development. You are just dropping them like flies.... :?

And yes, quite the cliffhangers there. The black dog, eh? Sounds interesting indeed.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:52 pm ]
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copper Wrote:
I do have one criticism though. It is your constant addition of characters. I realize you are trying to set up an epic story, but you have added at least three dozen characters in the short time since you started this fic. It is getting confusing now, with barely any getting actual development. You are just dropping them like flies.... :?

Blah! *dies* I know, I know. I am fully aware of this. Many of my friends outside of this forum have criticized me on this (especially Tom, curse you Tom!!! :evil: (jk)), but on the other hand a few have said that it's perfectly fine... I figure excluding the ocassional appearence from gods and goddesses, I have maybe one or two characters left in my head. One I was going to introduce in the next chapter and one that would either be introduced later, be introduced when the time for her was right, or not at all. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking about just dropping the both of them.....

I figure that so long as I develop all of the characters properly and make them interesting enough for the audience to want to know more about them, then who cares how many there are? (Though now I'm having a hard time convincing myself of this.)

Oh well... I suppose you've heard enough out of me since it's not an update...Until then,

EDIT: Then I realized that there's the infamous black dog that copper just mentioned. He's a character too, that will be introduced next time :oops: , though some of you already are familiar with him.

Author:  legendario13 [ Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:15 pm ]
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I like the character dropping, cause later when you barely remember them they appear of out nowhere and surprise you (maybe its just me)

But, indeed, it can get kinda confussing.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:02 pm ]
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Alright, characters officially dropped guys (though I did reference one of them quite nicely if I do say so myself. :lol:).

I started writing the next part and before it seems as though I totally just contradicted myself from my earlier comment (and someone punches me in the face for it) I just want to say that in the new part, new characters are introduced.

The black dog mentioned earlier is one of them (though at this point I don't think he'll actually be appearing in this part).

Along with him, there are two other characters introduced but this is the only time they will appear in this fanfic. They have a small role in this chapter as avatars of two certain goddesses. As I mentioned earlier I won't count gods and goddesses with small appearances as introducing characters, and I'm adding their avatars to that statement. In my mind this seems fine. I mean there are always some minor characters whether we like them or not right?

But to conclude, maybe it's needless to say at this point, these next few updates I have in store for you focus on plot (my goodness it's appearing! :o) and characterization on the characters that I have already introduced. This should hopefully make up for dumping out all these characters and hopefully make them finally memorable.

...I think I talk to much. I'll stop now.

Author:  copper [ Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:43 pm ]
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Cannot wait to see it!

It was just constructive criticism. Your story is good, so is your writing.I hope you know that... :|

I wonder if Pochi ever speaks more than his name.

Author:  SilentPrincess828 [ Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:02 am ]
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I just simply had to update because 1.) Jeff did, and 2.) Pokemon Black and White 2 come out today so writing might not be the first thing on my mind this week!

Chapter (Magick!) 8:

Do you know the reason why Angels are no longer permitted as avatars?” Teal asked Snowfire. She knew he was just stalling, but it wasn’t like Teal to often give…wholesome information.

“No, no I don’t.” She admitted. She at least hoped that he would continue on this topic. Though it would be difficult to hear anything that he said given the background noise of J.P. and Lisa singing. It wasn’t that they were bad, just loud.

It was our faults. ” Teal admitted sadly.

“What do you mean?” Snowfire asked. It wasn’t often that Teal admitted to doing anything wrong.

We gods were greedy. Humans were interesting as avatars for a time, but they were so fragile, so easily taken down. ” Teal paused as though he were waiting for Snowfire to respond. When she didn’t he continued. “They hardly have a lifespan. ” Snowfire rolled her eyes. She was all too familiar with the thought process of gods.

But Angels on the other hand… Angels could live forever — they could be killed yes, but they would not die of age. The gods saw this as an opportunity. Though the Angels were perhaps not as flawed as humans — perhaps that was even more desirable — the gods saw an opportunity for a game.

“And a game they did make?”

Indeed. Each of the gods participating had their own legion of Angels that served them. ” From his tone, Snowfire realized that Teal had not participated in this game. “Avatars were chosen from the best out of these. Villages formed. Wars ensued. You get the picture? ” Snowfire nodded then realized that it was a silly action since they were communicating mentally. Regardless, Teal continued.

All of those villages were destroyed eventually. Most of the Angel population went down with them. The few Light Angels that remain are off limits to gods as avatars.

“But not the Dark Angels?”

No. They are only used by the gods of the Underworld. Their population continues to thrive…” Teal drifted off and Snowfire thought that he had finally, finally entered the state needed for her to continue. But the hope was crushed when he spoke again.

They say the very last avatar of the angels still survives. ” Teal said. Snowfire was confused by the statement. Teal never spoke rumors. “Avatar of Prometheus. ” He said the name so neutrally. Most gods would either say it endearingly or hatefully. “They also say that this avatar was the one supposed to free Prometheus, but failed. As you know, Hercules was the one who ended up performing the task. ” Snowfire, stupidly, nodded again.

They also say that because of such, he was brought to the Underworld where he experiences a punishment perhaps even worse than his contractor… They say he is forced to live through the woes of his deceased kin, and experience what they never got to… And worse.

“Worse?” Snowfire did not like that the word had been used twice in Teal’s last paragraph.

Yes. They say he also experiences the woes of his kin that still live.”


Cassiel wasn’t sure why he had gotten himself in to this. Sure, he wanted to protect the forest, but as he dodged another strike of lightning he was beginning to think there was another, probably smarter, way to go about it.

There was nothing but dark gray clouds around him. The winds shifted in each and every direction, every second, and if he wasn’t careful, Cassiel was sure that they were strong enough to tear off a wing. He was trying to maneuver to the very center of the storm. Gaea had warned him against it up until the very last minute when he entered the maelstrom and lost all connection with her. That proved one theory. It was a god or goddess causing this, and it was their domain. The storm obviously had a projected course, so something had to be guiding it. Cassiel was almost certain that that something had to be at the center of it all.

Cassiel was trying to find gust that would carry him even a little ways closer to the eye, but that was near impossible, everything was going away from the eye of course. When he saw a flash of lightning that for once wasn’t striking right next to him, Cassiel, out of habit, began counting until he heard the thunder roll. He got up to thirty when he realized that something wasn’t right. There was no thunder! He wondered for a moment if he had gone deaf. He decided against it knowing that you’d be able to feel a rumble that close and that powerful.

He dove to avoid a sudden gust of wind that would have done damage to his fully opened wingspan. He was grateful that deep down there was still some instinct left in his veins. After hearing about how his people were often considered the most recent dogs of the gods many — including Cassiel up until that point — would have thought otherwise.

He saw a faint yellow glow among the gray storm clouds. Cassiel knew that he had to be getting close. Whoever or whatever guiding the storm had to be powerful to create an aura of energy that shone through storm clouds that dark. Cassiel decided that in one rash move, he’d just go for it. He’d made it this far. This was the last stretch.

It seemed the Fates were on his side that day. He pierced through the final cloud barrier and entered the calm of the eye with precision and ease. Cassiel would have taken a moment to breathe a sigh of relief but immediately saw what he was after. He started flying towards it.

The person appeared to be no older than Cassiel – of course Cassiel was one thousand, three hundred and eighty-seven years old, but he looked to be sixteen. Cassiel couldn’t discern from his current distance if the person was male or female, but Cassiel wasn’t about to let that stop him from protecting what he cared about. If they did so happen to be a girl, Cassiel knew that he would probably hear about it from Gaea later. But that was later. Now was now.

As Cassiel continued to approach them, he was puzzled as to why he had not gotten the slightest reaction from them. The person was facing him, but made no movement or acknowledgement of Cassiel’s presence. He started to wonder if this could be some kind of trap. That’s when Cassiel took into consideration the person’s ‘method’ of transportation.

They were flying, but without wings. It wasn’t uncommon, Cassiel had seen a few very powerful avatars be able to do it. Usually they were the avatars of very powerful gods or goddesses. Cassiel grew more cautious with this knowledge. But something was off. It was the way they were flying.

The person’s arms were folded behind their head, starfish style, one leg was crossed over the other, and their entire body just seemed to lean backward. Cassiel grew infuriated.

“Sleeping?!” Cassiel roared and charged at the person.

Cassiel knocked into them with such force it sent them both barreling downward. Cassiel kept a firm hold on them however. They had awakened and Cassiel saw that they were not pleased by it. Much of the storm around them had vanished, leaving only a few dark clouds going in different directions. The person’s lightning blue eyes contained just as much fury as Cassiel was feeling. Suddenly they smiled wickedly, and Cassiel didn’t think that that was a good sign. He then realized why.

What he had grabbed on the person was their shoulders, which were adorned with glowing yellow armor. Metal armor. Cassiel was holding onto a human conductor! …Or at least he assumed the person was human at some point. He released them and they flew off, but Cassiel wasn’t about to let them get off the hook that easily.

He chased after them at top speed, which might have been ridiculous considering they could travel as fast as…well, lighting. Cassiel could only keep track of them by their glowing armor, which he noted was very similar to a samurai’s. The person also wasn’t above hurling strikes of lightning at Cassiel, who had a hard time dodging only because he was till trying to figure out if they were male or female.

The person stopped to hurl a noter strike of lightning, which Cassiel barely managed to dodge. He was sure that some of the feathers on the very tip of his right wing were charred. He turned to glare at the person who was still exactly where they were when they fired the strike. They seemed to be frozen with fear. Cassiel should have taken the opportunity to strike, but couldn’t bring himself to do so. What were they afraid of?

A black mass of swirling energy appeared in one of the clouds to Cassiel’s left. It was a portal of some kind, Cassiel recognized. Through it another person clad in samurai person emerged, traveling at speed almost as great as the one Cassiel had been chasing had been going.

The new person was obviously male, and was much larger than the other. His armor was black and glowing as well, but the aura it gave off was green and purple rather than yellow. The man was heading straight for the other person, fist ready to make contact. The one clad in yellow didn’t have time to do anything, for they were still frozen in place. The man’s fist slammed into the circular chest piece of the person’s armor.

Cassiel was dumbfounded. Not by the fact that the person had been sent hurtling down to the world below. That was to be expected. It wasn’t even by the man’s sudden appearance. No. It was the noise that the collision had made. The boom of thunder.

Cassiel saw that one hundred feet below him there was no longer the ocean, but solid land, and that this was where the person in yellow armor had landed. They were trying to crawl away, using the chunks of yellow stones around them to pull themselves forward. Cassiel was confused. They had been flying upward the entirety of their chase, so why was there land — that had obviously been inhabited given that there was a road paved with yellow stones — so close now?

Cassiel looked around and saw that the man with black armor had disappeared. Cassiel decided that he would land and ask the yellow one a few questions. He glided down to them carefully and put a foot on his back so that he couldn’t get away.

That’s when he realized that they had fallen asleep again. Cassiel withdrew his weapon from his bag and held it close to the person’s face, drawing the slightest bit of blood from their cheek. That awakened them.

“What?” They grumbled, not happy to be awakened for the second time that day. From the person’s voice, Cassiel was sixty percent certain that they were male.

“What?! Are you completely oblivious to what you’ve done!? What you could have done?!” Cassiel increased the pressure of his foot against the other’s back. They only yawned.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said. Cassiel just got more frustrated.

“Okay, how about we start with this then?” He poked the other with the sword again, drawing more blood. “Who are you and who sent you to attack our forest with that storm?” The other boy scoffed.

I am… How would you put it again? Oh, right. I am Shigeharu Takenaka. Avatar of, well… her.” He pointed to a bronze statue of a large owl. Cassiel hadn’t realized it before, because he had been so preoccupied with…Shigeharu, but they were in an abandoned plaza. The statue seemed as though it had once been part of a fountain at the center of the plaza. Cassiel wondered what had happened here, but he needed to focus on the samurai.

“Wh-who is that exactly?” Cassiel asked. He realized that Gaea was still not here to help him out. He felt sort of silly asking, he should probably know the goddess, especially since it was obviously within her domain which he currently stood.

“That is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy, and you are currently trampling all over her avatar! Get off of me!” Shigeharu screeched. Cassiel hesitated. He stopped stepping on him quite so hard, but wasn’t about to let him go just yet.

“Well, why was it that she wanted to attack the forest?” Cassiel demanded.

“Ugh! She didn’t. She entrusted me to bring that storm here,” Shigeharu motioned to the area around them. “Hoping that the rain would help begin to restore some of this dead land… But…. I failed.”

“You fell asleep.” Cassiel said.

“Yeah, well, okay. Listen up Chicken Wings, I don’t know how much you know about avatars, but here’s some information.” Cassiel didn’t appreciate being called ‘Chicken Wings’ but he decided to let Shigeharu continue. “Every avatar has some kind of weakness -” Shigeharu paused to yawn. “You know, cause if they were perfect, it would be completely unfair to the other players.”

“And your flaw,” A deep voice came from behind Cassiel. He spun around to see the large man in black armor standing a few feet away. The distraction gave Shigeharu enough to to roll out from underneath Cassiel’s foot, but he remained on the ground as though he didn’t have the energy to get up just yet.

“Your flaw,” The man continued, Cassiel raised his weapon just in case. “Is that even after all these years, your power continues to evade you. All of your energy escapes you when you use the power of Lightning. Even with all of those gifts your goddess gives to you to try and harness it.” The man pointed to Shigeharu’s helmet, which Cassiel noticed was adorned with the horns of a bull. He noticed the man had one also.

Shigeharu stuck out his tongue. “And what about you, Yoshitaka? What is your flaw?”

“Kuroda.” Yoshitaka said in a correcting tone.

Cassiel was losing hold on the situation. Here were two avatars who had unintentionally almost brought mass destruction onto his home. He watched as Yoshitaka walked over to Shigeharu and helped him up. Shigeharu smiled gratefully, and it occurred to Cassiel that these two were actually friends, not enemies. A duo not meant to be separated.

Thunder and Lightning… Cassiel realized.

“Okay, wait a minute. I still have a few questions.” Cassiel said before the two could try and take off. They looked at one another and nodded.

“Well, I did almost destroy your home… I guess we owe you that much.” Shigeharu said. Yoshitaka gave him a look as if to say ‘We?’ but otherwise remained silent.

“Well, just who is he?” Cassiel asked pointing to Yoshitaka.

“Yoshitaka Kuroda.” Shigeharu answered for him.

“Yeah, well I got that. But who is he contracted to? It’s obviously not Athena.”

Shigeharu gave a worried glance toward Yoshitaka. Yoshitaka remained silent a moment, only staring at Cassiel as if trying to make out the situation. He took a deep breath.

“Pandora.” He said eventually. The tone of his voice sounded as though he were trying to cover up shame.

“Oh…” Cassiel managed. He hadn’t been expecting that answer. In fact for a while there he was sure that Yoshitaka wasn’t going to answer at all. There was an awkward pause of silence. Cassiel wasn’t actually sure what to ask next, but he could tell that Shigeharu and Yoshitaka were waiting. Yoshitaka seemed patient while Shigeharu seemed anxious.

“All right, I have one more question.” Cassiel decided. The duo nodded. “What is this place, and why is Athena so interested in bringing life back to it?” Cassiel had thought that this was a reasonable question, especially since he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something familiar about the area. But the looks Yoshitaka and Shigeharu gave him seemed to disagree.

They were looking at him like his skin was green. Like they expected him of all people to know the answer. Something occurred to him when Yoshitaka finally spoke.

“This place was once the home of the Angels that served Athena in any way that they could.”


Alice sighed as he watched his daughter calmly stroke the black fur of their newest addition to the family. Alice scoffed, if you could call it that. He had taken Fetcher to the vet and ended up adopting yet another animal. It was impulse decision. A theory. He hoped it was correct, otherwise he had just brought in another mouth to feed for no reason. Arlice didn’t seem to mind.

She was out in the garden sitting on a picnic blanket with the black dog’s head in her lap. She was petting the dog’s back, too afraid to try and pet its head, for it was still wrapped in bandages. Arlice was cautious with each stroke, her father had already warned her that it had been kept at the vet’s office for a reason: it had tried to attack several pets at the park. It took a lot of persuading to adopt him. Most of which was legal.

Sometimes when she'd pet him, he would flinch and it became obvious that he had not had a good experience with humans before. She knew that there would have to have been a reason to make an animal mean. She was saddened that almost always the cause was humans. She was also a little sad the other animals were currently keeping their distance from her and the dog, but she thought that for the moment it might be for the best. She wondered what Prowler’s reaction would be when he returned from wherever he had gone off to so suddenly.

Alice was watching very closely. He didn’t like that Arlice had insisted on getting so close to the new dog just yet. He was very worried that the dog would bite her at any moment. He would have rather been outside with her to be there if something did happen, but it was Rita who kept him inside.

“Trust her.” She said again. “Trust them both. There’s no healing without trust.” Alice knew he should be listening, but it was hard to trust the dog who occasionally snarled at his daughter’s touch and was only a foot away from her face.

“Come now,” Rita said. “You know that if anyone can do it, Arlice can. After all, she brought Fetcher back.” That was true also. Alice remembered the state that Fetcher had been in when he found him. On several occasions had Alice been attacked by the dog — though that was nothing compared to damage he sustained when he rescued Prowler - and yet one day he had found Arlice cuddled up right next to the Samoyed, who was larger than Arlice at the time, and rubbing his stomach.

Alice finally decided that with Fetcher in the yard Arlice should be safe. He continued his conversation with Rita without leaving his post at the window. He spoke the steps of his plan out loud, though Rita had already had them memorized by this point.

“So you really think this dog….What was his name again?” Rita asked.

“Nox.” Alice said.

“Nox, is your key back?”

“It was a risky theory but…” Alice didn’t know how to finish. Rita smiled, it was actually a good sign that his theory was correct if he couldn’t even describe it.

“So how do you plan to introduce him to all of this?”

“Trust first.” Alice said. “I’ll have to take over for Arlice.” Rita smiled again, another good sign.

“Well, I think it’s officially settled then.” Rita stated proudly. Alice was caught so off guard by the statement he turned around away from the window.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I don’t think it will be long before that world is yet again under the rule of Alice, King of Hearts.”


J.P. and Lisa were on the roof of their home once more, but only because they’d gotten chewed out by a Mr. Sandwich when they were on his roof. J.P. had his binoculars and was carefully observing — not spying — their neighbors.

They’d seen a man with green hair and his large black dog walk by. They stopped at the Sandwich residence to introduce themselves and were actually invited inside. J.P. wasn’t worried about it. Not yet. It was early in their plan, whatever it was. J.P. was good at figuring that sort of thing out. Just not specific details. That was his sister’s specialty.

Lisa tugged on his sleeve. He looked and saw that she was looking through a pair of her own binoculars. She pointed at what she was looking at. He looked through his own in that direction and saw a red cat walking with a lightly colored one. They were holding hands, though the red one looked almost uncomfortable. The light colored one was smiling.

J.P. didn’t know what Lisa was getting at with the two until a dog ran up to them. She was speaking mainly to the light colored cat, a very distraught expression on her face. The light colored cat’s expression grew grim, and the red cat looked worried although it was obvious he didn’t know exactly what was going on. The dog ran off else where, probably to tell someone else the news, and not long afterwards the light cat took off as well leaving the red cat on his own.

He looked a little puzzled then seemed to decide to go home before something stop him. J.P. looked across the street and saw that the large black cat they had been spying on — whoops, observing — earlier was heading indoors. She waved to the red cat and gave a wink. The red cat looked even more uncomfortable and turned his head away. When the black cat disappeared inside he sighed with relief. The cat touched his collar with one of his claws. That’s when J.P. realized what Lisa was getting at. His tag was a spade.

“You know how it goes.” Lisa said, and J.P. nodded. She began reciting a song of old, though some humans of Earth might have heard it on their Internet. She sang the translation of it in English - J.P.’s Japanese was a little rusty after all. She continued to point at the cat as she sang.

The first Alice was a wrathful woman of the Spade
Not righteously she held a sharpened blade within her hand
Never hesitating to slay all in her way
Creating paths of blood that followed her through Wonderland

Deep into the dark forest, Alice walked the line
Captured and imprisoned as embodiment of sin
If it were not for the murderous wake left behind
No one would have suspected that she had every been.

J.P. turned around on the roof to face the street behind their house. With his binoculars he spotted the house the red cat had come from. In the yard was a girl and a black dog, though he was focused on a large white dog tending to the roses in the yard. He pointed and picked up the song.

The second Alice was a fragile man of the Diamond
The broken echo of the lies within demented words
He sang his twisted melodies to all in Wonderland
Creating the image of the sick and the disturbed

Deadly yet so beautiful, a voice just like a rose
Was shot by a madman who silenced him to death
Single rose bloomed in his place with no music composed
With twisted grin, this dying man lay breathing his last breath.

Lisa turned to face that yard as well. She pointed to brown rabbit at first, with confused J.P. at first. He looked more closely and saw that there was a mouse atop the rabbit’s head. It was her turn again.

The third Alice was an innocent young girl of Club
An enchanting, graceful figure in the world of Wonderland
She charmed the people in the land to every beck and call
A peculiar country answering to each command

So she rose into the throne to be the country's queen
Consumed by paranoia of her own impending death
Soon the queen succumbed to a dark and nightmarish dream
Disguised in kindness, loathing fate, she secured her regime.

They sang the last verse together, no longer pointing, but carefully watching the two small animals — a turtle and a hedgehog — that scurried up to the girl.

And as this passed, two children walked in the woods
Partaking in tea underneath the rose trees, they'd never part
They found an invitation to the queen
It was the Ace of Hearts!

The fourth Alice was a duo of curiosity
Both were lost and could not find the boat where they began
And so they ran through countless open doors so recklessly
A brother and a sister running wild through Wonderland

A stubborn older sister
Her witty younger brother
But they had strayed too far into Alice's Wonderland


They were never woken from their terrifying dream
Forever they would wander in this twisted fairytale.

So they had identified some of their targets. J.P. smiled at his sister, he figured it was a good days’ work. She frowned at him.

“What? Did I sing off key?” He asked.

“You’re hopeless.” Lisa said rolling her eyes. She made her way down off the roof and J.P. followed close behind.


By the time J.P. and Lisa had walked back into the house Snowfire had made some progress with Teal. His speech was now incoherent, but occasionally she made out things that he mumbled like ‘The circus goes without any regards to what they feel,’ or ‘The spell wore off at midnight,’ and even advice to avatars other than herself.

Snowfire had even begun humming a tune. It seemed to be working. Then again, it usually did. J.P. looked as though he had been able to speak up and ask her something, but she put a finger to her lips. Thankfully, he for once got the message and walked away silently.

A few minutes later, Teal was snoring. Success. He had finally, finally fallen asleep. This was what she had been waiting for all afternoon. It was a complicated process to explain, but now that he was asleep her powers were at their strongest. She could begin working her magic.

Dream Ambassador Style.

For once, I don't think I really have anything to say at the end of this. Other than I hope you enjoy, and did this seem as long as I felt it was?

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:44 am ]
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SilentPrincess828 Wrote:
and did this seem as long as I felt it was?

Yea, probably. :lol:

But good anyway. There were some mistakes in it, and enough that I would just say read it again and look for them yourself. Nothing major, mostly just things like missing letters or out of order words.

Author:  copper [ Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:52 pm ]
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Yeah, definitely need to reread this to get those pesky errors out. Still, a good story, and nice little song. The four Alices are the four Suits. Nice... :)

Yeah, no. A dog as violent as Nox would fall under the no release category. I work at an Animal Hospital. I have seen dogs a LOT better than Nox be put down as dangers. The sweetest things too....

Author:  Big Fan [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:56 am ]
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copper Wrote:
Yeah, no. A dog as violent as Nox would fall under the no release category. I work at an Animal Hospital. I have seen dogs a LOT better than Nox be put down as dangers. The sweetest things too....

Yes, but one has to take into account the fact that in the Housepets! Universe, dogs and cats can talk, and, one would assume, would be easier to help psychologically.

So, Peter… is his last name Pan?

One thing I noticed, when you wrote "Hades's avatar," it should actually have been "Hades' avatar."

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