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Author:  MapleRatty [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:12 pm ]
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Pumpkin Spice Icecream

Species:orange Sakhalin Husky. multiple-leaf clover tag. Orange collar with yellow lightning bolts. Long eyelashes.

Accesories:One orange stud on his right ear, a pair of orange sunglasses,

Favorite food:candy

Favorite Color:Orange(no duh)

Least favorite food:grape fruit.

likes:yo-yos, card and board games, candy

dislikes:bitter things (he blames it on all the sweets mom gave him as a pup), anything vido games, and Star Trek.


hobbies:climbing trees, Making bets with Mint. Playing with Mints fur.

interesting notes:is more of a cat than Mint. Seems to know Sabrina. He loves soft things.
Mint Chip Icecream

species:green cat (turkish angora).Nyan dog tag. black spiky collar. Two black studs per ear.

accesories:Black wrist band with spiky studs,

favorite food:grapefruit.

Favorite color:black(HUH!?)

least favorite food:candy (she blames it on all the bitter things dad gave her as a kitten.)

likes:anything japanes(well, only manga and anime) and video games, memes, and bitter things.

dislikes:climbing trees, sweet things, stereotypes, Star Wars

hobbies:reading manga and anime.Making bets with Pumpkin. Dressing pumpkin in anime costumes.

interesting notes:dog lover, has a crush on Lester.Used to have white fur.

also, my characters moved to Babylon Gardens 2 months ago.

note:all the characters except Pumpkin and Mint belong to Rick Griffin

CHAPTER 1:Ku_pi_sa n _i_lis_iras

Mint felt wet.She didnt know why untill she opened her eyes,to find herself in the bathtub?!"Hm,this feels..... GOOD.The water's warm,and I was freezing last night so this MUST be heaven."After finishing her bath,she opened the door,and out popped Pumpkin."Well,well,well,what do we have here,oh I know,it's an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with that,she kicked the small,orange lump.

"Owwww.... come ON arent cats supposed to hate wat-"Pumpkin was saying before Mint slapped him."WHAT THE HECK WHAT THAT FOR!!!???WHY THE HECK DID YOU SLAP ME!?he yelled.

"You know I hate stereotypes,you had it coming,moron."she said.

This would be like any ordinary day in the Icecream household,except there was pranking going on instead of arguing,followed by the sound of the parents breaking up whatever the argument was about.If you these two hated each other,you would be wong,they just have a strong sibling rivalry.

"So,did you learn your lesson on pranking people,not counting Bino."she asked smugly.

"Yeah,yeah I hear you....,now if you excuse me,I gotta go to the park to meet up with Fox and Joe- King."he stammered at the last part.

"So,he is Joel,hehehe,I thought so after Joey told me about the watch incedent.But this makes it certain.You know,it would be a shame if FOX were to find out,"she paused to let Pumpkin spaz out a little before continueing,"plus,Joel would NEVER forgive you.However I'm such a nice cat,I'll make you a deal,if you get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness for that bathroom prank AND for me to take all your money,I migt not tell Fox."

Pumpkin coouldnt beleive it,he gave up his best freind's cover,so he would lose him as a freind,plus,Fox would never forgive him for not telling him,he knew what Joel did,and he didnt say anything when he found out.He knew he only had two choices,1:do what she says,or 2:beat her untill she promised not to tell,he went for option 2.After she was done with him,he chose option 1.He got on his knees,folded his hands looked her in the eyes and said,"Please forgive me for dragging your sleeping body into the bathtub and then turnin it on,I was being stu-"he stopped,she fell asleep!After he sneaked out,Mint said,"Have fun Spicer,say hi to Joel for me Im meeting up with Joey later on!!"

"Yeah,yeah,I will....... love ya Chipper.

Pumpkin was late,not only that but now he had to tell King about a certain CAT who he accidently told the secret to.I REALLY hope he's in a good mood,please,please,PLEASE let him be in a good(bleeping)mood he thought on his way there.He knew it was a crazy wish,and he also knew that if he knew Chipper(Pumpkins pet name for Mint),that crazy dog-lover has already called King.CRAAAAAP......

Mint was going to Joey's ,but she was supposed to arrive 2 hours later.hmmm.... so how shall I intertain myself untill then,OH I KNOW! she thought.She still didnt get revenge on Spicer for that bathtub incedent,even if she loves water.So, she called King(on her Lucky Star cell phone,they wrote down his cell phone number on the house phone so she just copied it down)"Hey King,its Mint,yeah Im Pumpkin's sister,yeah Im good.By the way,Pumpkin told me your secret Joel."then she hung up.

Pumpkin finally arrived at the dog park,and he felt extremely guilt-ridden when he saw King and Fox..... well,King.

King was going to (bleepin) kill Pumpkin when he saw him.He had met Mint before,and surpisingly,got along with her(thanks to her,he has a couple of embarissing photos of Pumpkin in case Pumpkin tried blackmailing him,as those two seem to do that often to each other),but he was upset that he acually TOLD someone.Of course.... Pumpkin has a violence streak when he thinks any other option would humiliate him(Bino was living proof,the dog seems a whole lot more.... nicer when Pumpkins around)."Hey King I need to tell you something,"Pumpkin stammered,then looked at Fox,"alone."

Pumpkin felt awful,he had explained what happened to King,how she had tricked him(more or less),he was'nt the least bit surprised that she called him in advanced,plus,he forgave him after a few minutes,but he still felt that he had betrayed King's trust.Not that it showed,Fox tried to press details on what they talked about,but when Pumpkin asked him to stop,he did.Pumpkin hated how easy he got off,he hated himself for not being able to tell Fox the truth,but,for some reason,the,cat he hated the most at the time,was Mint.She was always doing stuff like this.If it wasn't telling one of his freinds that he "told" her about a secret that they trusted him with(in the last toown they were in before they moved to Babylon,he lost 3 freinds this way,one of them being his best freind),it was bullying him to get the t.v. remote,or locking him out of the house in the rain(afterwards,she would activate the electric collar).This was his snapping point;after he was done playing with Fox and King,he told them he had to go home.He got home before Mint and was quietly watching T.V.,waiting for her to return,so he could finally do what he's always wanted to do,punch her dead in the face,then beat her up untill she starts begging him to stop.

Mint was havin a wonderful day,while playing D&D with Joey,Squeek,and Lester she got the ultimate weapon and beat the evil wizard overlord(dont Know anything about D&D),after that she went over to Penut's house and played the new soul calibur game(they beat it easily,story mode is only 3 hours long.)untill it was time to go home,when it was, she said goodbye to Penut,and left for home.Her favorite part of the day was when she beat the evil wizard,Lester got so excited,he KISSED her on the lips,she was so happy.Now it was time to get back home.I hope didnt go to far with telling Joel about me knowing his secret,I was just playing with him,and I would never tell anyone,but something tells me that this is going to come back to haunt me,she was thinkingbut Spicer had it coming,he's always pranking me,if it isnt putting me in a bathtub full of water,its putting honey,marmalde,jelly, or bassically anything sticky on my fur,or...or.....or.... "DYING MY FUR HEAD TO TOE GREEN,AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF,HE GOT AWAY WITH IT!HE'S ALWAYS BULLYING ME AND IM SICK OF IT,I,I,I WISH WE NEVER ADOPTED HIM FROM THE POUND,I HA-"She suddenly stopped,and covered her mouth,thinking about what she had just said.H-h-how could I possibly say that about him,he's always loved me.I guess I was just upset over today's prank,but still, I said something that would never leave his mouth,even if I did something that made him nearly die,he would never hate me.I didnt mean what I said, but the fact that I did proves that I always take things to seriously,I should take a note from Sasha's book,and have a more happy outlook on life.I prank him as much as he pranks me,so I shouldn't take his pranks to personally,or else Im a hypocrite for pranking him.She suddenly felt better,and knew she should apoligize for what she did."I just hope he forgives me."she said sincerely.She was almost at her house,feeling like a brand new animal.Just imagine her surpise when she opened the door,and Pumpkin grabbed her arm,pulled her in the house,closed the door,then pushedher on to the floor,face first.

"Ow.... what was that for Spicer?"she asked,rubbing her forehead in pain.

"That,"Pumpkin was saying,cracking his knuckles,"was for todays prank,the painful beating your about to get,is for making these past years horrible for me with your pranks.I hope this is what you,because in a matter of minutes,your going to be little more than an ugly green smudge!!"


Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:07 pm ]
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It is looking very intresting.
I forsee a lot of fighting between Pumpkin and Mint in the future. And a lot of blackmail.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:34 pm ]
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Thanks,I try :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Author:  Gren [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:48 pm ]
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good fic, I like this intro. Also, I like your characters (and well done for the names, somehow made me laugh, you know, for the coicindence with the central characters of the comic XD) This two guys seems they'll have a similar attitude between them like Peanut and Grape, but with totally opposite personality (the cat is the weird here and the dog is the normal XD)

I'll be waiting for new releases
good work ;)

Author:  valerio [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:52 am ]
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ookay, now you've GOT to have a good reason for King's secret to be known to these two completely new guys. Right?

Author:  MapleRatty [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:25 am ]
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u-u-u-uumm...... Im not gonna lie, Im making this up as I go,for now,its for comedy sake as you'll see later

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:32 am ]
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ah, making it up as you go. a very valid writing process, it's what I do.
looks to be interesting, I'll need a little more.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:35 am ]
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Otaku-Boy Wrote:
u-u-u-uumm...... Im not gonna lie, Im making this up as I go,for now,its for comedy sake as you'll see later

well, that's what I tend to do as well...but try to be careful when dealing with such major issues, or you'll find yourself stuck in a situation you can't get out of.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:58 am ]
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valerio Wrote:
Otaku-Boy Wrote:
u-u-u-uumm...... Im not gonna lie, Im making this up as I go,for now,its for comedy sake as you'll see later

well, that's what I tend to do as well...but try to be careful when dealing with such major issues, or you'll find yourself stuck in a situation you can't get out of.

heheheheh,if I had nickle everytiime I heard that 8-)

Author:  MapleRatty [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:47 am ]
Post subject:  MIni episode


Author:  Kyderra [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:10 am ]
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okay then, interesting

Author:  valerio [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

though within the rating, there's a lot of harsh language. I'd really prefer a dialogue developed without a frequent use of cussing, but that's just me. Sorry.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:58 pm ]
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valerio Wrote:
though within the rating, there's a lot of harsh language. I'd really prefer a dialogue developed without a frequent use of cussing, but that's just me. Sorry.

Sorry,I didnt think what other might,plus,I was only half asleep

Author:  copper [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:35 am ]
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Well, this certainly is an interesting story. The language is a little harsh, but I have a sister, so I know how that goes sometimes. :lol: Just keep it in rating and all will be well.

Hmm, the secret got out fairly easily. At this rate, the whole neighborhood will find out!

I sense a confrontation coming, and fast. :?

Author:  MapleRatty [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:41 pm ]
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Author:  Gren [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:15 pm ]
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wow, this getting better!

What will happen to Mint now? They must clarify their emotions, but I don't think this could be the best way to take the first step. Really Spicer would capable to going too far?

By the way, Mint have a crush with Lester? dog-lover? new shipping? XD

Author:  MapleRatty [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:50 pm ]
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Gren Wrote:
wow, this getting better!

What will happen to Mint now? They must clarify their emotions, but I don't think this could be the best way to take the first step. Really Spicer would capable to going too far?

By the way, Mint have a crush with Lester? dog-lover? new shipping? XD


Oh,they will,TRUST ME(as I said before,Im new,but I like fanfictions with action sooooo....)

OHHH ( :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ) I DID NOT THINK OF IT THAT Way..... no comment on dog-lover

Author:  MapleRatty [ Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:23 pm ]
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Please leave some consructive critisizm.heres the second chapter.who will win the fight!?!?your about to find out.

note:all characters except Mint and Pumpkin belong to Rick Griffin.

CHAPTER 2: _ie_is_iras REQUIEM
I love this melody

"W-what?" Was all Mint could stammer. She knnew Punpkin would be mad, but she didnt think hed be this mad.

"You heard me you stupid Turkish Angora," Pumpkin said coldly, "Im sick of you pranking me, so Im going to beat you up until your uncouncious, then Im sending you to Africa." Theyre parents work 12/7, plus theyre gullible to a fault, so convincing them that Mint ran away will be too easy.

Mint couldnt beleive this was happening, she didnt want to fight him in this situation, but she wasnt okay with being beaten up. I have ne choice, I have to fight him, but Im going to try something first. She ran up to him, grabbed his shoulders, and looked him dead in the eye, and said "Spicer, I dont want to fight you, but I will if I have to, whats your choice."

As a way of answering the question, Pumpkin kneed her in the rib. Then, he grabbed her legs, and flipped her on her back. He then got on top of her, and started punching Mint in the gut. "If you didnt prank me so *grunt* often," he was saying with each punch, "this wouldnt have happened. I probably lost a freind today so YOU HAD THIS COMING!!" He then grabbed her arm, and threw her on the couch. As he headed toward Mint, she suddenly flew into a rage, and pounced on him. Mint then slapped Pumpkin across the face, then grabbed his ears and started banging it across the carpeted floor. She was yelling at him. "What I may have done was wrong, but THIS," she waved her hands around to signilize the scenario, "is going WAY TO FAR! WHENEVER YOU MESS WITH ME, I JUST SHRUG IT OFF, AND THATS BECAUSE I RELIZE I PRANK YOU AS MUCH AS YOU PRANK ME! I DID NOTHING TO DISERVE BEING THROWN ON THE GROUND AND PUNCHED IN THE STOMACHE! ALL I EVER DO IS LOVE AND PLAY WITH YOU AND YOU DO THIS?! YOU STUPID MUTT!!!!!" She then yanked him up by his collar and kicked at him. She.... kinda lost it at this point.

Of course, I go crazy and try to attack Mint, and now the situation is reversed! *sigh* karma and irony, brothers of chaos that walk hand in hand with smiles on their smug faces. Well, looks like to keep her from seriously injuring me, Ill have to knock her out. But first, Ill have to dodge her attacks, starting with this kick. When he dodged the kick, she sent a force palm his way. He grabbed it, and then flung her into the kitchen (its in the same room, its a large room) . The kitchen... that gives me an idea. If it works, Im home free, if it doesnt, maybe I can convince Tarot to let me stay at her house overnight. He ran into the kitchen, saw Mint about to pounce from the ceiling, and ducked. Okay, mental note: dont prank her anymore, dont mess with her as often, and check her collar sometime in the future. Pumpkin grabbed the frying pan turned around and, after seeing Mint running at him, swung.

BAM! It knocked her back a couple inches, but she was still concious. Well, she can endure a lot, certainley more than Bino any way, anywho, time for swing # 2. Mint saw it coming this time, and caught it before it hit her. Ohhhhh....... Im in trouble if I dont get that away from her. Pumpkin really tried to get it out of her hands, but Mint, being a 2 months older, was always stronger than him. D-darn it, shes to strong! Wow, I reeaaaly hope nobody ever finds out I said that. I need to disract her if I want to get that frying pan. What should I do though....... didnt she say she was dog-lover? What,NO!! BAD PUMPKIN! Shes already in love with that dog Lester, plus, I realy dont want do it. I cant, I wont. ......Ill do it, but Im draining my orange soda stash when Im done. Pumpkin closed his eyes, and afteer yelling: "YOUR REAL CUTE WHEN YOUR MAD!!" to give him her attention, with only a moments hesitation to think: this is sssooooooo groooosss!! pressed his lips against Mints. As tongues met, Mint closed her eyes, thinking back to when she and Lester kissed. Eeeew.... I cant beleive Im doing this, well, shes distracted, time to knock her out. "Mint, dont hate me." With that, he knocked the frying pan over Mints head! She fainted almost immeadiately. "Finally its over. now after a quick soap mouth wash, Im going to drink orange soda untill I pass out from the sugar." As Pumpkin ran for the bathroom, he stopped, thinking he saw a black cat, but who would be out at 8:00? (Pumpkin arrived home at 6:30, half an hour after their parents left for work, and the fight started at 7:30.) Blaming it on his head ache he started for the bathroom again. Funny, it looked like Ms. Sabrina.... *sigh* together with my family lives over live, untill my clover leaves run out, then we'll be granted eternal .....

"..... So, those two are Kings freinds?" Sabrina asked. She had a guilty look when she saw Pumpkin.

"Yes." said the pomeranian known as Tarot.

"Do they have any abilities?"

"Aside from being quick to figure things out and being great judges of character, no, the cat normal in every way. The dog is like the cat, but he seems to be like us."

"They knoww about Joel, should we erase their memories of the secret?"

"No, they are trustworthy, and King seems to trust them also."

"Will they be important to Kings decision."

"While they are influencing King to stay a dog, and are showing him how kind people can be as they know his secret yet didnt even doubt he was good now, that matter will not be touched in this fanfiction."

"I think it is time to go. They are no threat to us Tarot."

"Yes, let us go, but before we do, Sabrina, do you know of the orange husky, he has the enchanted tag?"

"............" was all the reaction she got


HOORAY! second chapter finally up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:53 pm ]
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Otaku-Boy Wrote:
I.... really suck at pacing

Don't worry, I do too. You just need to practice.

Other notes.

Otaku-Boy Wrote:
To answer the question,he kneed her in the rib.Then,he went behind her,grabbed her legs and threw her up,causing her to do a a flip and land on her back.

You need to work on your spaces.
You should have a space after each comma and period.
Instead of 'question,he' you should put 'question, he'.
It just gets too crowded otherwise.

And about the writing, it is rather violent. While I don't see anything that breaks the PG-13 rating, just keep it mind.

Now for the good, it's a good story so far. I predicted them kissing eventully, but not as a way to stop Mint from beating Pumpkin up so he could hit her with a frying pan. Good suprise there. Keep it up.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

From now on, chapters will either be told by Mints or Pumpkins P.O.V (point of veiw). Or in some cases, chapters will be in two parts, Pumpkins side and Mints side.

Author:  copper [ Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

Okay, sounds interesting. I hope they don't get too violent in the future. This is quite an exhausting read sometimes. :lol:

Author:  MapleRatty [ Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

I dont know wether to think of that as an insult or a compliment

Author:  justacritic [ Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

Excuse me for asking but what text program are you using to write this fic?

Author:  MapleRatty [ Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

justacritic Wrote:
Excuse me for asking but what text program are you using to write this fic?

.... the .... regular one, the one they give us to write with........ the one your using???? :? :? :?

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

most people write in something like Word before pasting it in to the forums.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

That's what I do. It helps to do it in something like that first.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:58 am ]
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all characters exept the Icecream family belong to Rick griffin. Also, Mint&Pumpkin are shorter than Fox but taller than King. And the title puns are like this:
Mints chapter title:J-pop songs, includes vocloids and Utada.
Pumpkins chapter title:Famous book,poem, or play quotes.

CHAPTER 3: Black cats of Halloween OR, HOW IT ALL BEGAN. (MINTS SIDE)
Life is just a game, and we are winning it untill the very last breath, and even then, if we enjoyed it, we really ARE the winners of the game- Mint Chip Icecream.
Rose of any other name OR, HOW IT ALL BEGAN, PUMPKINS SIDE
In life there is happiness, but if your alone, there would be nothing to be grateful about- Pumpkin Spice Icecream.

Note, I will alternate between sides, Mint first
"MEAW!MEOW!MEOW! we are the black cats of halloween-" I was singing in the car untill I was interrupted by all the other members of the Icecream family.

They decided to interupted my beutiful singing, in a nice way. "AAAAUUUUGGGHH!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THATS PURE AND GOOD IN THIS FILTHY ROCK WE CAL EARTH, MINT, QUIT SINGING OR SO HELP US WE WILL KICK YOU TO BABYLON GARDENS!!! Well... as nice as a super irritated bunch of tone deaf people can be. Pumpkin talked alone this time. "Why cant you just play your 3DS or something, honestly, you have singing every single vocloid song; EVER; since we left Florida. You have more energy than a dog. Cant I play solitaire in peace. PLEASE!!" He seemed rather... upset, as did mom and dad. We were in that car for hours, so I really cant blame them. It was at least 12 hours since we left for Babylon Gardens, "the most pet-freindly place on Earth". I decided to play my 3DS. It was 8 hours later when we arrived at Babylon Gardens. I was woke up 30 minutes ago, but Pumpkin was asleep, so I woke him up. He woke up saying, "Are we there yet?" while yawning. "Yup, we're here Pum-pum." Mom said, still driving. "Could one of you wake up Greg, I think hes starting drool." Greg Andy Icecream, our dad, opened up his eyes. "Oh, I was awake, I was trying to get to sleep though, but Im to much of a light sleeper, sorry about the drool Viola." Viola Wang Iceceam (yes shes Japanese, where do you think I get my love for everything japanese from?), my mom, rolled her eyes, and just kept on driving, muttering something Im not allowed to say. "Whatever, I just hope the neighborhood we're moving into isnt a place all women are expected to only cook and wear skirts and be pretty or stuff like that." Shes kind of a tomboy. "Cause if it is, Im going to-" "Viola sit!!" Dad cried, knowing what she was going to say something bad. He was her soul mate, and they were childhood freinds since 4th grade. "I hate to interupt, but can we stop the car now I think I see our new house." Pumpkin said. "Yeah, I think I see it to, and its snowing!..... And you made fun of me for wearing my Brigade Leader jacket." I said.

"I made fun of you because you wore it when we left Florida, it was 80 degrees, there was no need for a jacket." He said, putting on his black gloves and scarf he kept in the cars compartment. Mom stopped the car, and told us to start unpacking. An hour later, after finishing unpacking. Mom told us we could play, and that she and dad would put everything away. "And you made fun of me for leaving an hour before 1:00PM, now you can meet the new neighbors on the first day of moving." she said gloatfully. Pumpkin took his yo-yo and shades out of a box before meeting me to walk around the neighborhood. "Man, I cant beleive we're moving only after 2 years of you and I leaving in florida." I was lamenting. Pumpkin tried to put the situation in a good light. "Come on Mint, think about it as new adventures, at least your not going to be the only cat in town again. You might even meet a cute cat." Let me explain, I was the youngest of a 12 kitten litter, which , exept for me, were sent to different states, and my mom died after the birth of the litter, making me the only cat in an all dog town. I shrugged, and said "Naw, I like being a "dog-lover", besides, not even the dogs made fun of me for being in an interspeices relationship, besides, this was named 'the most pet freindly place in the world', why should me dating a dog be a problem." That was a lie, not that Spicer would ever find out, I used to be teased daily, but when they found out words werent going to hurt me( plus slapping a few of them silly) they stopped, and fully welcomed me into the dog community.

"Hm... I guess your right." Spicer said thoughtfully. "Of course I am, Im always right." I said teasingly. I crossed the street, but halfway through, Pumpkin looked very worried, and suddenly yelled "MINT,WATCH OUT FOR THE CAR!!" I saw the car, it was right in front of me. Before I could react though, everything went dark.......
"MINT!" I cried, running over to her body. I was close to crying, I mean, who could blame me, my sister was just hit by a car. I was just going to cry over my sisters body, then my rational side kicked in. The person who hit Mint came running out of the car, and a white hound with an orange bendanna came out to. "Oh no..." was all the man could say. The dog was probably going to say something to, but I interupted him. "Dont worry, its okay, everything will be all right in a few moments." I said quietly. I calmly waited for the pain to start, and when it did, I grabbed my stomache. When the pain went away, my tag lost one of its many clover leaves. "I was hoping I would never have to do that, it really hurts!" I said, sratching my head. Mint slowley opened her eyes, "Owww..... w-what happened, was... was I hit by a car?" I looked at the two beings behind me, theyre eyes were wide with either terror or surprise, I didnt really care at the moment. "Hellooooooo, earth to Spicer, mind telling me what happened?" Oh darn, I was a terrible lier, and I cant lie to Mint, she would point it out immeadiately, I needed to come up with a lie fast. "You tripped and fell, hitting your head on the concrete, lucky you, we almost did hit you with our car." The dog with the bananna said.

I shot him an extremely grateful look. Mint seemed to beleive this story. "Huh, well I guess I should be more careful." Shrugging, she got up the ground. "Oh, and thanks for not running me over, that would have sucked!" She exclaimed, laughing. Suddenly, a dog caught her eye (seriously, that girl never rests!). "Ooohh, looks like I found a keeper! See ya Spicer, thanks bandanna dog dude!" And with that, she went after a taller brown dog with a tag in the shape of a card.

Watching her go, I sighed, saying, "Crazy dog lover." Looking over to the band-dog, I said," Thanks for not telling her what really happen! Seriously, Im really grateful. Oh by the way, my names Pumpkin, but my freinds and sister call me Spicer. Whats your name?"

"Im Fox. It was no problem Spicer. But.... 3 questions: 1) Who was that cat you were with? 2) Dog lover? and 3)Exactly WHAT did you do to her?!" He seemed weirded out asking the last question.

That name sounded familiar, but I just decided to just answer the question. "Oookay, to answer the first one, shes my sister Mint Chip Icecream. To answer your second question, she dates dogs, but to be fair, she was the only cat in an otherwise complete dog community, and I dont think shes even seen another cat before, so dont judge her. And to answer question 3, well... thats going to take awhile......." I said. "But before I do that..." I looked over to the human, got out my special camera (I carry that around all the time by the way) and took his picture. Then, before Fox could react, I grabbed his hand and ran onto the sidewalk. The human suddenly looked confused, but after seeing us, smiled and left. Before Fox could ask, I said, "Its an amneshia camera, he forgot what he was doing, saw us and figured we were playing, and then decided to go back home, not remembering where he was going." The confused look gone, Fox listened. "Okay, so heres my story, and before you ask why, its because its the only way I can answer the question."

I told him what happenned, and asked him not to tell anyone... well, if your definition of asking is shaking someone silly while begging them not tell. When he stopped seeing stars, he said "So yoou mean to tell me that cat who hangs out with Tarot helped you?"

I traced a sense of antagonism, but since Fox was a dog, ignored it. Instead, I asked where was he going before.... I "interupted" him.

"Oh, well my dad and I were going to the new neighbors house, but considering that Ive never seen you or your sister before, are you guys right?"

"Yes, we are the new neighbors, and mom and dad are still putting everything away, they also told us to go play and make new freinds. So.... did you have any other plans, and if you did, could I join. You probably do considering its not even 10:00AM yet."

"Actually, after I was done with that, I was going to go get a freind then go to the Good Ol' Dogs Club to prepare for a party. Im sure we can get you to join today in under 10 minutes, so sure, you can join."

While we were headed toward his freinds house, I suddenly relized where I remembered him from. "Hey, were you kidnapped by a group named PETA once?"

The look on his face when I asked that question? Freaking priceless! Like telling asking your parents where do babies come from priceless. I had to muster up all my willpower not to grin. Then, he asked, "How do you know that?"

"I have some of Sabrinas memories, remember, one of those memories include her "freind", a police dog, telling her about a dog named Fox getting kidnapped by a group named PETA."

"Oh, yeah, I was kidnapped by a chubby dude and some guy named Joel." He then proceded to tell me what completely happened. He then asked me not to bring up the subject again. It was silent for a while, then as we got to his freinds house, his phone started to ring.
He said he had to get it, and asked me to get his freind. When I knocked on the door of the 2-story house, a wolf came out, saw Fox, and said the dog, whose name was apparently "King", was upstairs, two doors to the right.

I went up to Kings room, opened the door, and said, "King, time to get up." He was still asleep, so I shook him softly a little bit, saying "Come on King, we gotta set up the party."

I heard a yawn, and the first unidentifiable ball of tri-color fur, soon became reconizable as a Welsh Corgi. "I dont wanna go to the party." Then he saw me and and asked, "Who are you?"

"Im Foxs new freind, Pumpkin Spice Icecream, but you can call me Spicer."

"Well, Spicer, nice to meet you, Im going to go back to sleep." He then proceded to do that.

"Sorry King, but I cant let you do that. Its already over 9:00AM, you need some fresh air in the morning." I then started to poke him.

"I can get fresh air later, let me sleep some more."

"King, I dont want to be the bad guy here, but you have to get up, Fox asked me to, and I wont let him down."

"Well, unless your planing on dragging me out, Im not leaving this bed." He then proceded to yawn.

Alright, time to show this Corgi I dont play. I grabbed his covers, and yanked them off. "King, we can do this the easy way, the dragging you out the door way," crossing my arms, putting on a devious smile, and looking King dead in the eye, I continued, "Or MY WAY! Your decision, either way, you going to set up that party."

His answer was to pull the covers over his head. Poor Corgi, he had no idea who he was dealing with. You had to feel sorry for him, I mean, I did take it as his way of saying he wanted to do it my way.
I stsrted following the cute tall dog, intent on making him mine. Then, after following the dog for some time, I lost his trail because I tripped on something. "Aw man! I lost him! Oh well..... Ill just go home now." When I got home, mom and dad were still putting something away. But some new dog was there. "Hi, Im Mint Chip Icecream! Who are you." I said, shaking his hand. I think he just got here like I did.

"Huh, oh, hi Im Penut Butter Sandwich! Mom and dad mentioned two new pets, a dog and a cat, moving in today, so I came to greet them! Nice to meet you!" He seemed nice. If Spicer were here though, theres a good chance he would simply get irritated with someone so happy and excitable. Kind of makes me wonder why he puts up with me.

"Nice to meet you to! Also, sorry, but my little bro. isnt here at the moment, Penut."

"Huh, hes not? Oh well."

He looked a little sad, but it didnt show a lot. Relizing my schedual was cleared up, I asked him if he was having any other plans, but he didnt have any.

"Well, if you guys dont have any other plans. Mint? We're still putting everything away, so why dont you go to Penuts house to play." Dad said. Mom was all with the idea, saying we would just get in the way anyway. So, we headed to Penuts house, but, funny enough, he had kept some distance from me, like he was scared of being seen in public with me. I decided to ignore it.

We appeared at his house, which was actually just two houses away from our own. When Penut opened the door, he yelled "GRRRAAAAAPPPEEEE!!" A weird looking purple dog came. The dog looked rather irritated for being woken up, I wonder why? He was just stretching in a weird position, definitly a boy from his tone of voice and and way of standing.

"Uuuuhhh..... what do you want Penut?" Suddenly, he looked at me and asked, "And whos she?"

"Shes the new neighbor mom and dad told us about yesterday! Remember?"

Deciding to introduce myself, "Hello Grape, Im Mint Chip Icecream! Nice to meet you! Uhhh.... also, what kind of dog are you, Ive never seen your breed before."

"Thats because Im a cat! Havent you ever seen a cat before, you are one yourself."

Learning he was a cat, I became excited! "Y-your a cat to?! SSOOOO COOOL! Ive never seen another cat before!" I looked at him. "Huh, so THATS what I look like to others, exept I look more like a girl."

I dont know why, but that last comment seem to really upset him. "What do you mean by 'more like a girl'?"

"Huh, what do me-" suddenly, it dawned on me, Grape was a GIRL. "OOoooh...... S-SORRY! I thought you were a guy, could you forgive me?"

SHE let out an exasperated sigh, "Yeah, of course, besides, ts not like you did it to spite me, right?" I dont know why, but she seemed a whole lot more scary.

"No.... I dont think anyone with a wish to live would puposely spite you." I said nervousely, that cat can scare people, but I really shouldnt be talking (yeah thats forshodowing). It sounded a whole more antagonistic then it was meant to, and I think she took it as an insult.

I guess he figured something bad was going to happen, because Penut nervously changed the subject. "Soo..... are you a fan of video games."

A/N:wow I suck at getting Grapes and Penuts personality right.

"Yeah, I love video games! Especcialy anime-themed games, like blazblue, or dragon ball z games. Mostly fighting games." My excitement starting to peak again.

"Cool! YYou wanna play SSBB(if you guys dont get the game title, shame on you)?"


"Cool, its in my room!"

We played Super Smash Bros. Brawl for a couple of hours. The score of who won was a tie. "You are really good at gaming!" I said, impressed.

"Thanks, wanna do something else?"

"Sure, we have playing for hours... hey, whats that binder for." My curiosity got the best of me, and I reached out to grab it.

"Huh, oh those are my Spot the Superdog comics. You wanna read some?"

"Sure!" I started reading some of the first pages, then my eyes fell on a certain character. I needed more proof though, but I saw what was written over the character, it was a little erased, but it kinda legible. It was when I read some more pages that I was certain."Wow.... this is really good. Not my usual taste, but thats because I read mainly manga. But.... I have a question."

"Yeaaah.... what is it." Penuts face went from beaming with joy to scared spitless in a matter of seconds. He probably knew what I was going to ask.

"Your a cat-lover, right? The main character is a lot like you. And from what Ive seen of Grape, she acts like the cat in the comic. I wont judge you if you are, Im just curios to see if you are a cat lover."

Penut started blushing. "K-kinda."

"And judging from the the comic, and THIS picture," I grabbed the edge of what appeared to be a picture and was now looking at it. "your object of affection is Grape, am I right?"

He simply nodded.

"This doesnt look like you though, who is it."

"Ummm..... its a dog named Fido and a cat named Sabrina. I colered it over with gel marker."

"So other people are in interspeices relationships to?"

"Y-y-yes." Penut looked like he was about to cry.

"If your worried Im going to tell everyone, theres no need. I wont tell anyone."

"You wont!" He suddenly pounced on me with joy. "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!

"No no, I wont tell anyone. H-HEY, HAHAHAHA, DONT LICK ME, hehehehhe, Im TICKLISH!!"

He blushed, said he was sorry, then asked, "Why? Why arent you going to tell anyone. Im not complaining or anything, Im just curious."

"Hey, us pets who are in or looking to be in an interspeices realtionship. Before you ask what I meann, I was raised in an all dog community, and before Grape, Ive never even seen another cat before, so I dated dogs. Also, dont get to nervous now that you know, I leave you to Grape." I said. Then I looked at the clock in his room. "Wow, its 7:00 already, good bye Nut!"

"Bye Mint!"

I was going to to Leave the house when I saw Grape. Deciding to help Penut, I went up to her. "Hey Grape, Im sorry we got off on the wrong foot today."

"Its okay, really, no need to appoligize."

"I came here to talk to you about about something else."

"What is it."

"Penut, whether its just a crush or not, really loves you. Im sure you already know that right?"

"Yeah, what of it." She then remembered she was talking to me. "He TOLD you?!"

"I figured it out, asked him on it, and THEN he told me."

"How did you figure out."

"I read his Spot comics and saw the cat character. Then, I saw the picture of a dog and a cat, exept, they were colored to match your guys fur tones."


"Well, I just came here to say that, plus, I saw that picture of you that black cat. You have probably known he was in love with you for a long time. So, before I go, Im going to say this." I went for the door, and lokked at Grape from over my shoulder. "If you truly love Penut, you will leave that cat and fully give your heart to Penut." And with that, I left.

A/N:wooow, I really made Grape an antagonist, an unintetionel antagonist, but an antagonist non the less, sorry guys, sorry for that guys.

I was home in a little while. Pumpkin was on the couch, watching t.v.. Mom and dad were asleep (they were working all day). "Hey Pumpkin."

He saw me and waved. "Hello Mint. How was your day." He handed me some of the canned tuna he was eating. While I was eating, I told him how my day went. "I think you were a little harsh on Grape."

"No I wasnt, she knew Penut loved her yet was dating someone else. I could tell she loved him the same way, she tried not to show it, but I can always tell when someone is in love. Shes probably scared to show her feelings, or shes just too scared of going public with him." I let out a large sigh, then said, "Hey, do you know a dog named Fido."

"Yeah, I met him today, nice dog, nothing like his brother Bino."

"Cool! So you probably already know hes a cat-lover right?"

"Uh-huh. He didnt admit it like that silly dog did, but when I brought up the subject, I kinda figured it out, judging by how nervous he looked." I could have sworn he was lying, but I guess I was just to anxious.

"Well, hes dating a cat named Sabrina."

"Cool." He seemed rather nervous when I mentioned her name, but I ignored it.

"So.... thats how my day went, how about yours."

"Huh, oh, well, heres how my day went."

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

I like how the story is told from both Pumpkin's and Mint's point of view. This could lead to some very intresting situations in the future.

Author:  copper [ Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

Hmm, seems like Pumpkin has had a few run ins with magic. Wonder if he will die when all the clovers disappear. :P

The only cat.... yeesh, that sounds lonely! At least she was able to cope.

I like the changing point of view. Not used too often around here.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

copper Wrote:
Hmm, seems like Pumpkin has had a few run ins with magic. Wonder if he will die when all the clovers disappear. :P

The only cat.... yeesh, that sounds lonely! At least she was able to cope.

I like the changing point of view. Not used too often around here.

Huh, your appearence here gives me an idea. To answer your question, there will be a short (not part of chapter 3) story on it.

Pumpkins not the only one who felt pain when Mint died, theyre parents did to.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  Pumpkins Story

Nobodys adopted me yet. Its been 6 months since I was born, yet nobodys even given me second glance. I wish mom was still here, stupid only adopt one dog rule. Woh came up with tha rule, anyway? Whoever did deserves to be put in a cage of their own. I wish someone would adopt me. Of course, thats what happens when everyones already has a pet in the town, nobody ever gets adopted. Stupid happy people, theyve probably been happy, for no reason. Family, a companion, freindship, dont make me laugh. Most of them probably only have pets to fit in, to afraid to be the "odd one out" not to.

Im really bored. It could be worse though. Some of these old farts have been here so long, theyve lost what used to be known as sanity. Of course, hysterical laughing for no reason is better than actually having a dog threaten you for your food. Especcialy the big ones. I learned the easy way always to give him your food. The dg who learned the hard way........ we dont like to talk about it.

Im also extremely lonely. Being in a cage barely bigger than you around members of either a mental asylum or complete jerks doesnt leave to many oppertunities to make freinds. I dont like being lonely, and sometimes it becomes to much for me and all I can do is cry. Thats what I was doing when it happened, and my life chaged forever.

One night, a mysterious robed cat came to my cage. This was at night, and I was the only one awake.

"Would you like a chance at a life of happiness?" All I could tell about the cat was that it was a girl and she had black fur.

I looked up at her, tears staining my fur. "W-what?"

"Your life is going to end tommorow, your going to be mortally injured then put to sleep. " She said this so calmly, I had to think about what she said.

"I-Im going...... to die tommorrow." I couldnt beleive what I heard. My life was over before it begun. I started to cry again.

"Let me finish, thats whats going to happen to you, if you dont accept this offer." She held out a dog tag, on it, was a clover with multiple leaves. "You see, I learned sometime in the near future, I will die, so I need you to take my place. If you take the tag, you and the family who adopts you will all live together happily, and will be granted eternal heaven together. For a catch, of course. The number of leaves on that clover represents the number of times you can die. Every year you live, one more leaf will be added. If a member of your family dies, you and the members of your family that didnt die will experience the the pain the member who did die felt as they died. The family member who did die will then be brought back to life. Of course, this also makes you lose a leaf. When all the leaves fall off, you and your family will die. Also, you will slowely start to gain psychic powers and my memories. By the time you are 3, you will be able to tell peoples future and speak to people telepathetically." She then closed her mouth, waiting for questions. I didnt ask any, still flabbergasted at what was happening. She continued talking. "So, do you exept this offer."

I thought abou it, and then for the first time in my lif, grinned, saying, "Well, considering my options, I dont have much of a chioce, do I? Sooooo..... yeah, I fully accept your offer. Whats your name anyway?"

"We will meet again so it doesnt matter if I tell you now, my name is Sabrina."

The next day, a white cat and her family adopted me. They asked me my name, but I told them I didnt have a name (which was true, considering my situation, my mom thught I would die in a couple of months and didnt want to become to attached.), they gave me my new name.

My name is Pumpkin Spice Icecream.

Before you ask why Sabrina thought she was going to die, let me remind you this happened over 2 years ago, its possible that Sabrina was a novice back then and mistook a reading, thinking it meant she was going to die. So now you know Pumpkins Story :mrgreen: !

Author:  copper [ Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

And what a story it is! You cleared it all up nicely. Can't wait for the next update. :)

Author:  MapleRatty [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

You dont think I went over the PG-13 rating.... do you? :cry:

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

Why do you think you went over the PG-13 rating?

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

If you had, Copper would have let you know. I actually have been too busy to read most of this, but I will eventually.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

JeffCvt Wrote:
Why do you think you went over the PG-13 rating?

Well, it involved death, and one of its more sadder ways of happening.

Plus, considering the way I made Sabrina say he was.going to die, I was afraid it might have made Sabrina look emotionoless and cruel.

Author:  copper [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

It is okay to have a death as long as you do not overly describe it. Little to no blood mentioning, nothing gory, or too graphic. As long as you aren't focusing on the effects of whatever killed the character, it should be fine. No worries, you are fine as of now.

Author:  Gren [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

WOW! a flashback in a flashback! (remembering present still in the moment when Pumpkin hit Mint with the frying pan)

I love the past of Pumpkin and the way that involves Sabrina (I think you're doing good in this point)

SO he kiss her, haha, was sooner than I thought ¿how this affect Mint now? maybe she'll start a similiar peanut love dilema (I don't know why, but I really wish that she and Peanut ally for something. They are too similar, definitely they have to be very close friends, and I think they can help and advice each other with the inter-species issues..... and who knows? maybe, just maybe, they can arouse jealousy in their forbidden fruits XD)

Author:  MapleRatty [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

Gren Wrote:
WOW! a flashback in a flashback! (remembering present still in the moment when Pumpkin hit Mint with the frying pan)

I love the past of Pumpkin and the way that involves Sabrina (I think you're doing good in this point)

SO he kiss her, haha, was sooner than I thought ¿how this affect Mint now? maybe she'll start a similiar peanut love dilema (I don't know why, but I really wish that she and Peanut ally for something. They are too similar, definitely they have to be very close friends, and I think they can help and advice each other with the inter-species issues..... and who knows? maybe, just maybe, they can arouse jealousy in their forbidden fruits XD)

why does my mind go to the worst place in my "filthy" section of the mind when you said that last paragraph. Oh, and she wont.

One of the most dominant differences in Mint and Penut is that Mint isnt afraid of being open about her feelings. Plus, Pumpkin only did that so she would be distracted. Penut is a close freind of Mints, and they probably WILL do that (if I can borrow the idea), it would more likely be fore Grape and Lester than Grape and Pumpkin.

Mint DID used to have a crush on Pumpkin (and will kiss on the lips, even now, when hes *its not R rated its just funny to make think it is* her *same as first censore*), its more or less just a passing feeling now.

Also, just as a hint to what that censoring is, Noel VS. Makoto and noels winning line.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)

just as a little running gag, because I cant really tell pets apart boys from girls, unless they have some defining trait( like girls having eyelashes, and boys having a more noticable build) and because Pumpkin is still technicly a child and so would not have the build, yet is still rather tall, Pumpkin is going to sometimes be mistaken for a girl.

I truly do like gender-confusion situations, they are always funny.

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