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Author:  sean21 [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:54 pm ]
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i finally have it done

The chapter is titled-PETA good or bad

The next morning Sean, King and Fox are shopping in a crowded mall looking at books, Fox being the nice husky that he is tries helping King to find one and Sean is talks to an employee who works there, her name tag reads ‘hello my name is Michele’, Sean points to King and says “that’s him, the one with brown fur.”

Michele searches through a few books on the shelf then hands a purple one to him and replies “here you are sir.” As Sean takes the book he says “thank you.” pulling a book from its spot Fox shows it to King then says “what about this one.” King looks at Fox then replies “the very hungry caterpillar?” as King goes back to looking he says “that’s a children’s book.” Fox “I liked it.” Fox puts back the book then keeps searching, he continues “you’ve shot down all my suggestion, one’s too long, one doesn’t have enough detail, one doesn’t have pictures, what type of book are you looking for?”

King sighs; shrugs then says “I’m sorry, I’m being so complicated, books don’t really interest me; maybe I should get something else with my five dollars Sean handed us.” Fox replies “well at least wait for me to find something, I want a book.” Sean then comes up from behind them and says “hey guys find anything you like.” “no.” King replies, “almost.” says Fox, Sean “well take your time, we’re in no rush.” King decides to ask for promotion first “Sean, can I get something other than a book?” Sean “of course you can, that money is to do with what you want.”

He thinks for a few minutes then says “in that case I want candy.” Sean “I think there’s one nearby, we can go there once Fox is ready.” King “ok.” As Sean looks around waiting for Fox he notices a picture of a wanted person, he gets closer so that he could read it, ‘Joel, 200 dollar reward, left before his hearing, If you see this man call the police don’t not confront him, he may be armed.’ Sean’s eyebrows then drop making a scolding expression and says “so this is Joel.” Hearing that King looks up to Sean with his mouth open, Sean continues “I’m very disappointed in him, slandering Peta’s name like that, how dare he, the scum bag.” King then hangs his head in shame feeling disgusted with himself, he faintly whispers “I’m sorry.”

Fox places his hand on King’s shoulder then asks “what for?” King looks to Fox like he’s about to cry and thinks “I wish I could tell you.” King wipes his eyes then says “it’s nothing, I was just thinking of the past.” Fox hugs King then says “I worry about you sometimes but as long as you’re ok.” During their hug Fox see’s a book that he doesn’t own, he grabs it and says “perfect.” With Sean still staring at the picture Fox approaches him then pulls on his pants leg and says “ok I’m ready.”

Sean takes the book and reads the cover “how the Grinch stool Christmas, that’s a good one.” Sean then hands it back and says “go pay for it so that we can go to the candy store next.” “ok be right back.” Says Fox as he gets in line, Sean gets down on his knees then asks “what’s wrong King, you look so gloomy?” “it’s nothing.” King replies, Sean “you know you can share anything with me and Fox, we don’t bite… sort of speak.” King doesn’t say anything so Sean says “wanna hug?” King “I’m fine.” Sean smiles and closes his eyes then says “you’re a funny dog.” Coming back with a bag Fox asks “ready to go?”

Sean stands up then says “yep we just have to make one last stop.” they walk through the crowded mall like it was a rock concert, Sean “lots of people today, there must be a sale going on.” Once they get to the candy parlay there’s a sign hanging up that reads ‘no pets allowed.’ King’s ears drop he really wanted something sweet to forget his troubles, with his arms crossed Fox says “that’s just wrong.”

Sean “you two wait here.” Sean walks in and they hear a dinging sound, several minutes had passed when Sean came back out holding two full bags of a variety of candy, bubble gum, jaw breakers, red blue and green lollipops, even dog safe chocolate, he hands a bag to each one and says “there you are boys, now don’t overdo it we haven’t eaten lunch yet.”

They both say “thanks.” King may not admit it but he does enjoy being a dog from time to time, it’s a simple and easy life, while holding up his five dollars King asks “but wait; what about my five dollars?” Sean folds his hand then replies “you hold on to that, save it to buy yourself something nice.” As King put’s it under his collar Fox says “see isn’t he the best.” King thinks “yeah, opposite from my parents.” King becomes depressed again, Sean “I bet you two are tired, let’s go home.”

The way Sean smiled at him and while thinking of his past life with Peta King starts to think “there’s something strangely familiar about Sean, what is it?” he had to remember where he saw Sean, he hadn’t even touched his candy from all the thinking, “where did I meet him before?” King says to himself, within the thick crowd Sean see’s a big muscular hairy mall cop greeting people,

“Miles?” says Sean, he then tries working his way through the crowd accidentally bumping into everyone saying “hey Miles, ops… sorry… my bad… coming through… Miles what are you doing here?” “I work here.” he replies, “Work?” Sean repeats, he hasn’t heard an animal say that before, he continues “I didn’t know animals could do that.”

While they talk King was determined to figure out who Sean was, he think “do I have a connection with him or something?” confused Miles asks “what about the animals you work with?” as Sean rubs the back of his head he replies “well they don’t get paid for their job, rewarded with meals and treats but never money.” Hopping they don’t do that to Miles he says “that doesn’t seem right.” Trying to change the topic Sean grabs a little fridge magnet from one of the busy pawn shops merchandise sellers,

He says with a grin “hey Miles I’m ganna put this in my pocket.” “ok.” he replies, not getting the response he wanted he tries again “and walk out the door with it.” But again he answers “ok.” Third time’s the charm “without paying.” Miles doesn’t say anything this time, almost in a scolding way Sean asks “Miles your ganna let me shop lift?” Miles “dont be ridiculous.”

Sean “then why aren’t you doing anything when I’m pretending to still this?” Miles “because I know you’re not a thief.” Sean shrugs then says “just pretend I am ok, kind of like practice, now what would…” Sean stops when Miles grabbed his walky-talky and said while growling “I have a suspect and I’m taking him down.”

Sean “wait, what, uff.” Sean had the wind knocked right out of his lungs when Miles tackled him, Miles takes out his taser then turns it on and says “you have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you in the mall court of law.”

Sean throws out his hands waving them and saying “wait Miles I said practice.” Miles replies with his normal voice “I am; this is how we practice.” As Miles starts snarling at him again he says “and don’t talk back to me scum bag.”

BUZZZZ, yep he did, but Sean should have know Miles would go that far, with his hair standing up and holding a picture of himself that reads at the top corner commemorative photo, Sean “I have to admit I don’t look half bad; and who would have know they have a ‘be a criminal’ swaray here.” He starts reading the information on the picture “where you can see what it’s like to be on the other side of the law.”

Sean turns to King who is still thinking, Sean finds it cute, he hasn’t seen a dog other then Bino think that hard before, Sean “what are you thinking about so much?” Noticing he hasn’t had any of his candy he replies “um, just which pieces should I save for tomorrow.”

Still stunned he barely heard King but not wanting to be rude he replies “that’s nice, hey King can you do me a favor?” as Sean hands the picture to King he continues “can you bury this in the back yard when we get home.”

King “oh because I’m a dog I like to bury things, well actually I do but that’s not my point.” King stares at the photo then says “there’s something vaguely familiar about this picture.” Sean “oh King you’re so adorable, I want to snuggle you so badly.” King sighs then says “go ahead.” Sean “I would love to but I can’t, you don’t like it.”

Not understanding King looks up to Sean then asks “what does that have to do with anything, I don’t control you?” Sean “true but I believe it’s wrong to force animals to do something they don’t like, unless it’s the vet; that’s a completely different story.” Sean continues speaking but the only thing King could hears was Sean’s words echoing in his ear “I’m very disappointed in him; very disappointed; disappointed.” it doesn’t make sense, he wants to know why and how he knows Sean, he gets an idea, King hands the picture to Fox and says “hold this up for me.” Fox takes the picture and says “ok.”

King backs up while looking at the photo, then pretends to open an imaginary door, he then walks towards Fox, with a smile on his face he shakes someone’s hand, Fox looks at King with concern then asks “King are you ok?” But he doesn’t answer King is lost in thought, mounted on a wall is Sean’s picture with his name underneath it, ‘Sean Smith’ is what it reads, in an office King; in his human form is shaking some fat guys hand who’s wearing a green shirt, the fat man then says “welcome to Peta Joel.”

King’s thought bubble suddenly pops when he realizes Sean is a co-conspirator for Peta, King yells with a whimper “PEEEEEEEeeeeee; zza.” King turns his head to Sean then says in a shrilly voice “I’m in the mood for some pizza.” Sean “I’m sure there’s a pizza palace someone around here, there’s a map, be right back.” Sean leaves and Fox follows him saying “I’ll help you look.”

King begins to panic “oh my dog, oh my dog, he’s the head of Peta, I got to go warn Fox... wait a minute, what he just said doesn’t sound anything like Peta, plus if I did tell Fox he’d ask how I knew and then I’d have to tell him I’m the one who kidnapped him, I can’t do that.”

As a mother and child walk by the kid asks “mommy why is that dog yelling at himself?” The mom replies “just ignore him sweety.” “great now everyone thinks I’m crazy.” says King, he then decides to ignore the fact and join Sean and Fox, he continues while walking “I’ll worry about it later in a privet place.”

Housepets creator-Rick Griffin

That’s it for today or to be continued, sorry I tried rushing this one, I wanted to start my next one, I’ll be introducing 4 new characters; possibly 5, let’s see there’s Orthrus, Jessy, Frank, the owl, the pug, the bloodhound, Professor Snowball and his son Dr. Mittens, its 8 but I will only be keeping 2, Frank is a rat and Jessy is a panther, I’m hoping you’ll love both of them, now; I can’t give too much information, there’s an old saying ‘always leave them wanting more’. Just to clarify things Sean is an ex-Peta member and King is going to have problems trusting him, he’ll also have to watch himself; Sean is getting suspicious of King’s human-like behavior.

Author:  copper [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:12 pm ]
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Well, other than the spelling and grammar issues, it was a nice story. I think you may be making the pets a bit too young though...

Fox is way beyond Dr. Seuss, especially if he is reading things like Dune and Tolstoy. His level of literary comprehension is probably above most adult people in that world! :lol:

So the Miltons are loaning the pack out to the mall. Or maybe they own the mall now! I wouldn't put it passed them. :roll:

Anywho, good story, and I can't wait for the next update! Just don't rush it or cram too much in there. Spacing is a good trait, you know.

Author:  sean21 [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:07 am ]
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yeah; sorry i couldn't think of any other books

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:09 am ]
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so it wasn't that you thought Fox wasn't beyond those books, but you just couldn't go beyond them. :P

Author:  copper [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:30 am ]
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Here is a fair list of Classic Books Fox would probably love.

He has probably read most of them already though... XD

Author:  sean21 [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:49 am ]
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also another reason was the five dollars, i work at Kmart and we sell adult books; most of them are 20 bucks or higher, and that seems like a lot of money to be giving them; especially if their allowance is only 2 bucks a week.

side note-thanks for that list

Author:  Foxstar [ Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:47 am ]
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sean21 Wrote:
also another reason was the five dollars, i work at Kmart and we sell adult books; most of them are 20 bucks or higher, and that seems like a lot of money to be giving them; especially if their allowance is only 2 bucks a week.

side note-thanks for that list

Not all pets get the same amount of spending money. Plus when it comes to books, there's nothing saying that a pet's owners won't buy them some.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:50 am ]
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though in this case, Bill is not there, so he's limited to whatever money he has on hand unless he can get in touch with Bill and arrange a money exchange with Sean.

Author:  copper [ Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:03 am ]
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Barnes and Nobles and Books A million both have paperback versions of classics for less than five dollars. I have many of those myself. it can be easily done on a 5 dollar budget.

Author:  sean21 [ Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:42 pm ]
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well to tell you the truth i was going to have Fox find a book he wanted but didn't have enough money for so i was going to have Sean buy it for him, but then i felt it was unfar to King, why would Fox get a much higher spending limit, it only made things complacated, form the five dollar gift to the candy plus his book and the three pizza's i felt that he'd be buying way too many things, he's not rich like the Milton's, but if you really want i could change the book he purchases.

what do you guys think about 20 thousand leagues under the sea, it's a classic and at a very low price too, not exactly five but i can put it on sale.

Author:  sean21 [ Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:14 am ]
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lol he spent all his money on a new cell phone, i worried for nothing.

Author:  sean21 [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:33 pm ]
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ok here it is, I want to try something that involves higher beings, on a side note I’ve changed my phantom prankster idea, also I go to work here in a few minutes so I won’t be able to reply to your comments.

This chapter is titled-Orthrus’ decision is final

Running with a box underneath his arm a rat with spiked gray fur says “later suckers.” Once he passes the golden gates he jumps off the edge, he falls for quite some time until eventually planet earth in sight, he looks back to say “heh; piece of cake.”

Suddenly a NASA space satellite slowly orbits in front of him in which he bumps right into it knocking the box from his hands, they were now drifting apart and he entered the atmosphere disoriented, it was night out; no one was around to see him fall from the clouds except that same kid again, he points at the rat then says “mommy there’s a rat falling out of the sky.” “that’s nice sweety; just don’t touch it.” Replies the mother,

WHAM; he hits the ground, at first glance he looks like he had been flattened by the pavement but when he lifts up his head there’s an indent of his face and body, Frank “ahh; I’m ganna feel that in the morning.” he stands up, brushing himself off a few feet in front of him a black panther falls from the sky landing on one knee and her fist on the ground, she stands up and the rat asks “hey Jessy what’s cracking, is there something I can help you with?”

In a tough female voice she replies “you can start by getting on the ground!” then two others fall from the sky as well, one is a brown and white horned owl with yellow eyes and the other is a common bloodhound also with brown fur and black eyes, they try forming a triangle surrounding the rat but the bloodhound is new at it and he’s a little off target, “what would be the charges?” says the rat,

She stomps towards him and hisses “don’t act dumb, I know you stole the box of Pro. Snowball, and I want it back, right; now!” the box was separated from him when landing, not even he knows where it is, “box, box, nope doesn’t ring a bell.” he replies, aggravated she wraps her fingers around his scrawny neck slightly choking him and yells “DON’T PLAY GAMES, YOU STOLE IT, HID IT, AND NOW YOUR GOING TO LEAD ME STRAIGHT TO IT!”

Holding on to her arm he says with gargled words “Jessy; baby come on, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She pushes him forwards into a wall and pins him to it with her right arm on his chest then says “I’m serous Frank, that box can be very dangerous in the hands of a mortal.” Frank smiles, leaning into her ear he whisper “then you better start searching, officer!”

She started grinding her teeth, he was getting on her last nerve, she throws him behind her with the owl catching him, “take him to the judge!” says Jessy, the owl slaps hand cuffs on Frank then quickly disappears into the sky, Jessy stands there for a few minutes, she had fury in her eyes almost like their burning with fire, this is the closest she’s ever gotten to stopping Frank thievery, worried she might go on a rampage the bloodhound asks “so what’s so special about this box?” Jessy sighs then says almost with a complaint “rookies.”

She turns around then begins to explain the history of the important box “Professor Snowball’s invention can re-write history as we know it, fearing it was too powerful for anyone to posses it was sealed away; never to be seen again, unfortunately Snowball did not take this lightly, he would rather die with his invention then allow it to riot in the dark, but he underestimated his own invention and failed in his attempt to destroy it, we thought it was over until we learned Snowball had a son who one day vowed vengeance on whoever may be responsible for his father’s death.”

Trying to understand it more he asks “so this Frank guy, he’s Snowball’s son? with his statement Jessy lifts up her left eyebrow and says “What, no; pay attention, Frank is a master thief, Snowball’s son thought if anyone could get their hands on that box it would be him, I’ve tracked Frank for centuries and never once have I found anything that he’s kidnapped, I only pry no mortal learns how to use it, now come on, I wouldn’t want to miss the trial.”

As she disappears into the sky the bloodhound fallows right behind her, resting on someone’s roof the box is wrapped in a cloth, one that blocks out animal senses, the only way of getting it is to know where it is hidden, which mean’s its possible no one will ever find it, in court Jessy is holding on to Frank by the back of his neck, their standing before Orthrus’s who is a two headed dog believed to be Cerberus’s brother,

He has no fur so he wears a black silky robe and is sporting a valve blue fire around their neck representing higher power; they speak simultaneously in a deep soothing voice “Mr. Woods.” “call me Frank!” he interrupts, he continues “you are being accused of stilling Snowball’s invention, how do you plead?” not the slightest bit worried he replies “that’s a stupid question when you already know the answer, but here’s one worth asking, what are you ganna do about it, throw me behind bars, I’ll just wait it out, I’ve got all the time in the universe.”

She got tired of his disrespect and tightening her grip, Orthrus replies “no, I have a much more fitting punishment in store for you, that is unless you’re willing to reveal the location of the box, then this whole thing can be avoided with a simple slap on the wrist.”

Even if he did know where it was Frank has no intention of betraying a client, “read my lips!” says Frank, as his mouth moved you could make out the letters F and U, not acknowledging his insult Orthrus says “very well, you are here by exiled to the mortal realm, where you will continue to live your life as a common; insignificant; house pet, stripped of your dignity as a God.” This news was unappealing to Frank, he despises mortals, “ok I’ll give you that one, but there’s no way I’ll take orders from a human.”

Orthrus waves his finger from side to side and says “oh no; you’re not getting a human, bailiff.” Puzzled with his words Frank watches as the bailiff who is a white haired pug approaches him with a red collar and leash, he attaches the collar around Frank’s neck, the collar has a little hotdog on it to symbol his name, as he hands the leash to Jessy the bailiff walks back to his place, without really showing any emotion Orthrus says “congratulations Jessy; you have just been promoted to parole officer, say hello to your new partner.”

Shocked with his statement Frank leans forwards to yell “WHAT?” Jessy also leans forward to say almost begging “sir you; you can’t be serious.” Ignoring both their reactions he says “court adjourned.” He then hits the hammer on his desk and everything warps to where their standing out on a lawn near their new dark blue house, Jessy is wearing a purple scaled dress with high hells, her hair is short and black, her eyes are emerald green, she appears to be in her 20’s and has a red purse on her right shoulder,

As for Frank he is just a tiny dog with short white fur and a small faint pattern on his stomach yet to be identified, both of them are looking at their new bodies with horrors on their faces, Jessy is the first to say something “I can’t believe I have to suffer this humiliation.” Frank looks at her then asks almost yelling “your humiliation?”

His body bounces as he yells “I’M A FREAKING CHIWAWA.” Teasing him she replies “and you look adorable.” Gazing at her with dinner plate eyes Frank declares “I swear to the almighty dog; I will pee on you.” laughing Jessy says “yeah that’s pretty much all you can do, you’re such a tiny dog.” Trying to mock her back Frank says “and you look like a Barbie doll, nice Botox by the way.”

Jessy gets down on her knee and stares into Franks eyes saying “watch it bub, I can make your life a living hell.” Frank “go for it, in case you haven’t noticed; I’M ALREADY THERE.” as Frank started growling at her; and she starts moaning at him suddenly they both hear someone’s voice “excuse me.” They turn their heads in the direction of the voice and they see Sean holding a plate of store brand M&M cookies, Sean says while stretching out his arms “I’d like to welcome you to our neighborhood.”

Jessy stands up and accepts the plate and says “oh uh, thank you.” Sean “no problem.” Sean looks at Frank then says “you have an interesting dog; I don’t think I’ve seen one that color, what’s his name?” “Frank; as in hotdog.” Jessy replies, “that’s not funny.” Says Frank, Fox sticks out his tongue then says “I thought it was, you have a nice name, there’s no need to be ashamed of it.”

Frank crosses his arms then says “I’m not ashamed of my name, I just don’t like the way Jessy uses it.” Fox’s ears twitch then says “Jessy, you call your owner by name?” Frank “what’s it to you?” trying to defend Fox King speaks up “hey stop being rude!” being from heaven Frank could sense that King was a human, he gets closer to King and starts to examine him then says “what’s this, a human trapped in a dog’s body, how interesting, if you tell me your story I’ll tell you mine.”

King’s eyes grew wide thinking Frank had just exposed his secret, he can only fear the worst case scenario if Fox were to find out that he is Joel, Fox asks “huh, King; what is he talking about?” King couldn’t form a single word, he was too terrified, but thinking King was from human heaven Jessy says “oh don’t mind him; he gets episodes from time to time.” Jessy picks up Frank then continues “come on let’s go take your meds, thanks again for the cookies.” they walk to the door and Frank says softly “I’m not insane, he really is...”

Jessy then quickly covers his mouth and says “there you go again.” King was relieved, he wasn’t ready to tell Fox, not yet, as Fox hits his flat open paw with his fist he says “oh darn I forgot to invite him to our club meeting, well there’s always next time.” Fox turns to King and continues “and you promised me you would come this time despite Bino’s rude behavior.” Rolling his eyes King says “yeah, yeah I’m going, you nag more than my mother.” As they start walking Sean asks “I’ve always been cereus, what do you guys talk about in your club?” “dog things, you wouldn’t be interested.” Fox explains,

Closing the door behind her Jessy says with a scolding tone “what’s wrong with you, he could have been undercover; or serving time, whichever one you can’t just go exposing him, do you know nothing about stealth?” Frank raises his eyebrow, Jessy “let me rephrase that, do you care about anyone else’s stealth?” Frank smiles and says “nope.” Jessy sets Frank down then says “as your parole officer, I forbid you from telling anyone.”

With a chuckle in his throat Frank says “you forbid me, did you forget who I am?” Jessy smirks then as she sets the cookies on the coffee table she says “no but apparently you’ve forgetting who I am; I’m more than certain the other neighborhood dogs would enjoy seeing you in a frilly pink tutu.” Frank nodes his head once and says “touché, I’ll keep his secret, so uh; if you don’t mind me asking what are you supposed to be anyways?”

Confused herself Jessy starts digging into her purse then pulls out a wallet, her ID reads Jessy Perkins; woman law enforcement rank-Lieutenant, age 28, marital status-single, “according to this I’m an officer for the humans.” Says Jessy, “I’ve also got transfer papers to Babylon Gardens police station, I guess I should go visit; and sense you can’t leave my sight your coming with me.”

Frank takes one of the cookies and as he eats it he says “oh sure make my punishment even more unbearable.” Jessy “I intend to, now stay put, I’m ganna go freshen up.” she walks up stairs; swallowing the cookie his mind begins to turn thinking on how he could blackmail her,

Frank silently creeps up stairs, to his surprise the bathroom door was open and he hears Jessy yelling, he thinks "who could she be talking to." he peeks in and he sees Jessy; she’s talking to the mirror, “come on already pick up!” Orthrus answers then says “I’ve very busy, please state your business.” Jessy yells “WHY THE HECK ARE YOU TORCHERING ME LIKE THIS.”

Orthrus “it was not intentional; you’re the only person I trust to do this job correctly.” Calming down she crosses her arms and replies “I take it you have a plan then.” “indeed.” He replies, Jessy “mind filling me in?” Orthrus “not at all, eventually Frank will grow tired of the pet’s life, feeling the need to laborite himself from your grasp he’ll go looking for the box to re-write his sentence; that’s when you seize it from him, simple enough right, I’m counting on you.”

Jessy “I won’t let you down sir, just one more question, what if he tries harming a mortal, how am I supposed to stop him in this form.” Orthrus “I’ve already taken that into consideration, his collar limits his powers, you won’t have to worry.” Hearing that Frank decides to test his powers, as he snaps his fingers a pathetic excuse for a flame floats above his hand, Frank then says softly “ah you son of a female dog.”

Jessy then turns off the communication and walks off screen, with it silent Frank started to worry, he slowly pokes his head through the doorway where he sees Jessy staring at him on the opposite side and she asks “did you get all that?” startling him Frank jumps up to the ceiling hitting his head, he hasn’t adjusted to his new body yet, she catches him and Frank asks while rubbing his head “how did you know I was listening?”

Jessy “your appearance may have changed but your stench sure hasn’t.” Frank “aren’t you worried now that I know your plan?” “Not at all.” she replies, “it’s just a matter of time before you crack, and I’ll be right there waiting.” Frank “if you recall my past; I don’t break so easily.” Jessy “well then let’s make a wager; whoever goes insane first has to shave their fur, for an entire year.” Frank “make it two and it’s a deal.” As they shake hands lighting shots from their eyes colliding with each other.

I’ll stop here, so tell me what you think of my new characters, I designed them to be like cat and mouse; cop and robber... I can’t think of the third one.

Housepets creator-Rick Griffin

Author:  copper [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Well, it certainly is an interesting update, but you should really work on your spelling and grammar.

Frank is a bit of a base character, it seems. Hope Jessy can handle him! :lol:

Hmmm... snowball. Where have I heard that name before? :|

Author:  sean21 [ Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:13 pm ]
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uh i didn't know how to respond to your comment; until now, if your implying that my character Professor Snowball has been used before, like in the comic i would like to see where because it took me a few days to come up with his name.

also i changed a part-Frank silently creeps up stairs.

Author:  sean21 [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:50 pm ]
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i probably should have said this before but i'm saying it now, yes i know my grammer sucks; its because in school i egnored my engalish class, at the time i didn't see any perpose in it, now a days i regreat it, i had to learn grammer all by myself; which you can tell i didn't do so well, i've only been typing for at least 6 to 7 years and if my typing is really that much of a bather you'll be pleased to know i found a website that checks my spelling and grammer then teaches me what i can do to improve it, but it only means my story will now take longer.

i apologize for the inconvenience

Author:  copper [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:21 pm ]
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Don't get upset with us, please. We only want to help. It was never meant to be hurtful. I personally enjoy your fic and hope to see more of it. Um, maybe type a bit slower though? Some of your spelling errors are just typos really... :)

Author:  sean21 [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

i'm not up-set, its actually the opposite i thought all of you were mad at me for being lazy, lol huge misunderstanding.

well today i am a little up-set, everytime i join a forum dice game i find out that everyone else has already giving up on it, its so fustrating, i planned in advance of things for me to say and do, sigh, hopefully i'll be ready when the next one is started.

Author:  sean21 [ Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:02 pm ]
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Sorry for the delay, I wanted more information on the police station but I realized today I didn’t really need it, so here it is

The chapter is titled the man in woman

At the police station Jessy has already started taking over “alright maggots listen up; I’m laying down a few ground rules, number one: if you touch me I will break you in half, number two: weakness will not be tolerated, I will re-train every last one of you if I have to, number three: you will refer to me as Jessy, none of this Mrs. garbage, number four.”

As she continues Bill stares at her like he just discovered his soul mate and says “whoa, she’s my type of women, woof.” Ralph turns to Bill and says “hey I find that offensive.” With her fingers in the air Jessy says “number five…” The chief of police then interrupts “I can see you’re already making friends, everyone this is Jessy; she’ll be joining our squad, I heard she’s a professional.” Mixed with the crowd Frank raises his hand then says “I could vouch for her; she’s been a thorn in my side for centuries.”

Standing next to him Fido asks “don’t you think you’re over exaggerating?” Frank crosses his arms then says “I only wished.” The chief “Fido you’re my best K-9 unit so why don’t you show Jessy where everything is.” With a salute, he replies “I’d be honored sir.” Fallowing right behind Fido; Frank says “that’s just perfect, I get to hang out with a goody two shoes and an in your face control freak, empathies on the freak.”

“I can hear you.” says Jessy, Frank replies “I know; that’s why I said it.” “Why are you being rude to your owner?” asks Fido; Frank replies “oh you think I’m kidding, just you wait.” Frank was right, while on the tour Jessy criticized everything Fido showed her, she’s those types of people/animals who think their way is better, exhausted Fido says “lastly we have the training grounds for new recruits, and I’m pretty sure you have a problem with it too.”

Jessy replies “well yeah, their doing it all wrong.” As she approaches one of the dogs she says “you there dog what’s your name, don’t answer that; I’ll call you Dagger.” That dog replies “but I…” ‘Dagger’ was cut off when Jessy said “there is no room for buts in war solider, you need to tackle that post with everything you got, put those claws to good use and rip that thing to shreds, and don’t be afraid to really sink your teeth in, that’s what the suit is for, now let me here your battle cry, HEAAAAAA.”

Terrified the dog runs inside crying, Jessy tries yelling to him “you’re letting the crook get away, stop whining and toughen up; you’re a dog for peat sake!” “See I told you.” gloats Frank, Fido replies while rubbing his eyes with his fingers “I’m sorry I doubted you.” walking back to Fido Jessy says to herself but out loud “a bunch of wusses; all of them, a little military training drills is what they really need.”

In front of Fido and Frank Jessy says “are we done here?” trying not to show his anger Fido says without looking at her “yes, you can go home now.” End of part 1

Housepets creator-Rick Griffin

you guys were right I made it too long, so now they’re going to be in parts, although it may be a little too short now

Author:  copper [ Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Eh, just try to find the balance and find good stopping points. It was nice, as well as short. Jessy is going to get a lot of change huh? :roll:

Author:  sean21 [ Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

here it is, also sense the first one was too short i added both part 2 and 3

The chapter is titled the Phantom prankster strikes

Walking through the local park to get home Frank sees a pack of angry dogs barking at Max in a nearby tree, he’s taunting them “you can’t get me, you can’t get me, you can’t get me.”

A devilish smile then creeps from ear to ear on Franks face, he just found the perfect opportunity to ruin someone’s life, Frank snaps his fingers and the tree limb that Max was sitting on starts making a whaling sound which causes Max to look around saying “what’s that noise?”

The branch then suddenly lowers and so does his ears, “oh right that’s bark snapping.” He says answering his own question, the branch breaks off, and he tumbles down to the mad-dogs below, disoriented by the fall all the dogs huddle around Max, with a pled smile he says “hey guys, what’s up?”

But they all continued to growl at him, some of them are cracking their knuckles, as they step forward Max says “you wouldn’t hit a cat with contacts; would you?” Rex replies “you don’t wear contacts, you’re a cat.” “I could if I had a problem seeing.” Says Max trying to defend himself,

As they get closer Rex says “we can help you with that.” Max swallows the saliva in the back of his throat and the dogs begin bumbling him, watching and enjoying his misery Frank couldn’t help but laugh manically, once Jessy sees the carnage of a fellow cat being mauled she turns to Frank and says “did you cause that?” Frank, raises his left paw then says with pride “guilty.”

Jessy then says “good, now fix it!” as Frank cuffs his hands together keeping them down near his waist he leans his head towards Jessy and looks up at her he says with an innocent smile “now why would I do that?”

While blinking multiple times Jessy, smiles at him and replies “because I can switch you to a low carb diet.” Frozen without his smile he stares at her almost as if he could read her mind saying “you know I will.” Rolling his head he says “fine.”

As soon as he snaps his fingers a mailman riding on a bicycle passes by and all the dogs stop what they’re doing and scream at the same time “MAILMAN.” They instantly forget about Max and start chasing the mailman, after being brutally attacked Max staggers over to the tree and braces himself up on the trunk,

There he notices termites fleeing from the tree branch, “termites?” he questions, “this tree has always been my partner in crime, how could I have not known it was infested?” back over by Frank; he says with an unpleasant tone “there; happy?” then mumbling the rest “yah stupid feline lover.” “I’m delighted, now come on we’re going home before you cause any more trouble.” replies Jessy,

Suddenly they are cut off by Bill and his motorcycle, he walks up to her with his big thumping boots, he says trying to woo her “good evening ma’am, I noticed you were walking alone in this dangerous neighborhood and a young lady such as yourself shouldn’t roam around town without an escort.”

Finding a good time to torment Jessy Frank says “do I smell romance in the air; I’ll give you two love birds some room.” Realizing what Frank did she’s going to make him regret it later but first she had to deal with Bill, “listen and listen carefully, I don’t see any chance of you and me ever; and I mean ever…”

She stops when she noticed his ride, smiling like a child and pointing at his motorcycle she says “hey is that a Harley V-twin chopper with customized wheels?” “yes ma’am, yes it is.” Bill replies, while approaching it Jessy then says in a womanizing voice “mind if I take it for a spin?” “Not if I get to come with.” says Bill,

She rives the engine twice and says “get your hide up here and hold on tight!” Frank watches with his mouth opened as Jessy pops a wheelie while getting on the road. End of part 2

With this chapter thing I seem to have made it like a book.

The chapter is titled a criminal’s soft side and sorry for the repeat by the way

Frank watches with his mouth opened as Jessy pops a wheelie while getting on the road, Frank says “I don’t believe my eyes.” As Frank starts rubbing his hands together, he says “Jessy just left me unattended, time to wreak some havoc.”

He then laughs evilly; until Fox came up from behind him and says “hey you’re that new dog, Frank right.” Hearing his name he suddenly starts chocking or coughing, trying to help him Fox slaps Frank in the back and says “breathe man breathe!”

Rubbing his back, he replies “what do you want?” Fox replies “we we’re on our way to the movies, and we thought you might want to join us.” Frank “sure I can come with you.” he then continues softly “and bring misfortune along with me nheh; heh; heh.” Fox “what?” Frank “oh I was just wondering what movie we were seeing.”

Pocking Fox in the back King says “uh, Fox we’re going to be late.” Fox “you’ll find out soon enough.” Standing in line Frank reads the name of the movie that’s playing “Avatar; don’t you think we’re a little too old for the last air bender?” “Not that one, the blue alien one.” Fox replies, Frank pops up his shoulders and says “seen it.” “Well it was King’s turn to choose.” Says Fox, he continues “next time you can pick.”

King uses the money Sean gave him yesterday to pay for his ticket, Fox uses his allowance for his, but Frank had no money and he just now realized that “oh right.” Just as he was planning on stilling someone else’s Fox purposed “don’t worry, I can pay for yours too, one more please.” “Really?” questions Frank,

As Fox hands him his ticket Frank responds “ok, well; thanks, I guess.” He didn’t know what but Frank felt different just then, no one has ever treated him so nicely before so he doesn’t know how to react, Fox, Frank and King walk down the aisles looking for a sit, both Fox and King is holding a bag of popcorn, “see King we made it just in time.” Says Fox, King replies “yeah barely.”

They eventually find a sit, there wasn’t very many animals making it difficult for Frank to find a target, he then decided to cause King misery; sense he’s the closest, the theater gets dark indicating the movie will be starting soon,

“now or never.” thinks Frank, as King in slow motion lifts his hand filled with popcorn up to his mouth Frank prepares his fingers, just then as he was about to snap Fox tilts his bag of popcorn towards Frank then asks “you want some?”

Frank lowers his hand then says “Huh?” Fox explains “you can have some if you want.” With a puzzled look on his face Frank says “your; your giving me some of your popcorn?” Fox sticks out his tongue then says “of course, we’re friends now.”

He pinches one, looking at it he says “friends.” He begins weeping as he crunches on it which makes Fox ask “what’s wrong?” Frank replies while wiping his eyes “nothing, I just never realized how good friendship tasted.”

No one has ever shared with Frank before, it’s the reason he feels the need to steal, Frank turns to Fox and says “can I have another?” “You don’t need to ask permission silly, grab a hand full!” Fox says cheerfully,

After the movie they’re walking home together rating it from action packed to heart wrenching, arriving at Fox’s house Frank asks “when can I see you again?” Fox replies “tomorrow at the Good ol’ Dogs Club meeting.”

Frank waits for instructions, “don’t worry about it, me and King will pick you up at 9.” Says Fox, as Frank waves goodbye he says “see you then, oh and thanks again for the book.” Fox replies “no problem, just don’t lose it ok.” Frank whispers “I won’t.”

Frank then folds the book into his arms as he walks alone, once he gets home he is sitting on the couch still holding onto the green book, at this time Jessy bursts through the door giggling, “man that guy sure knows how to have a good time.” says Jessy,

After seeing Frank she continues “oh that’s right I’m supposed to keep an eye on you, I can only image the mayhem you caused.” Staring off into space Frank says “actually I went to the movies with Fox, he’s; my friend, he even lent me this book.” “I didn’t know you could read.” Says Jessy,

Frank explains “I can’t, but to think he would still share it with me.” As Jessy heads to her room she says “ok there’s clearly something wrong with you, tomorrow we’re going to the vet.” “That’s nice.” he replies,

After a few minutes of silence Jessy yells from the other room “Fraaaaank, why is there shaving cream all over my bed?” he looks at us and says “what you didn’t think I would change that much did you?” he then reveals the shaving cream in his hand and covers our eyes with it. End of this chapter.

This was my first attempt in breaking the 4th wall, I hope you enjoyed it.

Housepets creator-Rick Griffin

Author:  copper [ Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Well, it was a little schticky, but a good first try at breaking the fourth wall.

Aww, Frank just got his first friend. I wouldn't be surprised if Fox is a spirit of some kind, with his magical friendship powers! :lol:

Poor King, always the punching bag.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Just read your fic. Intresting story so far, I see many good updates to come.

It's written differently than everything that I usally read, but I like it. It's easy on the eyes. (Well, mine anyway)

Author:  sean21 [ Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

copper Wrote:
I wouldn't be surprised if Fox is a spirit of some kind

no Fox is a mortal and i have plans for that, dont worry Fox is my favorite character.

JeffCvt Wrote:
I see many good updates to come.

oh you have know idea, there's a huge twist in Frank's plot but that you'll just have to wair for

Author:  Foxstar [ Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

A uninteresting read.

Author:  sean21 [ Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

T_T you never have anything nice to say do you, not only do you bag on my fiction but on everyone else's too, i think your expectations are set too high

Author:  Kondog [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Hey, I just took the time to read your Fic, its pretty good. I am not completely sure that breaking the 4th was all that necessary, but it makes for a more interesting read I'd say. the only thing I think this fic needs is a stronger plot Hook, to sell and compel the reader to keep reading. I wouldn't go as far to call it uninteresting( Like a certain mod, who would do well to use little bit of tactfulness and grace when commenting[fat chance tho ;) ~]) anyway good read thus far hope to see more!

Author:  Dissension [ Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Guys, let's not devolve into bickering. It's all right to hold and express different opinions. If you're unhappy with someone's response, you can either approach them and ask for more detailed feedback or ignore it.

Author:  sean21 [ Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

oh my gosh i am a horrible fan, i've been neglecting Housepets and all because of this game i bought called world of warcraft, it is so addictive @.@; i haven't even read Rick's 4/5 new comic stripes.....

eh i'll read them later i'm almost a level 37 :geek:

Author:  sean21 [ Wed May 16, 2012 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

I am truly incredibly sorry for my absents; I think world of warcraft stole my soul. *crackling fire raises up from behind me* what? *turns around and see’s nothing* anyways here’s a short story while you wait for me, I am also sorry to Rick for betraying him… as a fan, and hey I finally got to read all his new comic stripes, funny as always, some part of me feels like I don’t deserve to continue this fiction, also I had this whole drama scene planned where I pretend to kill myself because I don’t deserve Rick’s forgiveness but that seemed a bit overbearing.

This chapter is titled: bath time is fun time, for most

After a hard nights sleep form clapping thunder and pouring rain Sean forces himself to get up at ten am, dressed in his pj’s which was just a white t-shirt and gray boxers Sean drags his feet to the kitchen yawning the whole way,

he pours himself some scolding hot coffee in a mug with letters that read ‘dog's best friend’ representing some kind of joke sense the term is man’s best friend, Sean sits in a chair to enjoy his coffee, while still having his eyes closed Sean takes a sip, then says druggy “it’s a good thing I don’t work today.”

Being a mother Lucretia had woken up early and walks into the same room as Sean, seeing him she smiles and says “good morning, how did you sleep?” “Horrible.” he replies, “didn’t you hear the storm last night?”

Curiously she says “there was a storm?” Sean looks at her with a daze while she continued “I guess that’s why Miles insisted on wearing earplugs.” Suddenly they hear a knock at the door, Lucretia says suspiciously “I wonder who that could be?”

As she walks to the door Sean stands up scooting his chair back and says with a faint yell “if it’s for me, say I’m getting dressed!” Lucretia looks out the little hole on the door and seeing nothing she asks “who is it?” she hears a voice on the other side saying “it’s me; King.”

Lucretia says as she unlocks and opens the door “oh that’s right you were spending the night with Fox.” She blinks several times at him from the sight of mud all of his body, Lucretia asks while constantly tapping her foot “King; why are you all muddy?” twiddling his fingers King replies “well um, me and Fox you see…”

Interrupting; Sean who is fully dressed walks in on their conversation and asks “who was it?” Sean stares at King for a few moments then says smiling “playing with the mud?” With her arms crossed Lucretia says in a strict tone “playing or not I don’t want mud in my house.” King lowers his head knowing he was in trouble,

Sean says cheerfully “I’ll give him a bath.” Sean picks up King under his arms then ventures to the bathroom, Sean closes the door, he then sets King down on the once sparkling clean floor and asks “can you take your collar off for me while I get the bath started.”

Blushing King says with an unsure voice “ok.” This was embarrassing for King, when he was human he bathe himself, now that he’s a dog he has to let some stranger do it, he was uncomfortable about the situation but there was nothing he could do,

Sean gets down on his knees, as he turns the knob for the hot water King removes his collar and sets it in the sink, for some reason he now feels even more naked than before, getting too hot Sean turns on the cold and says “almost done.”

Standing there naked he wanted to say something but couldn’t, once the tub was filled Sean grabs King under his arms again then dips him in, the water suddenly changes color making Sean says with a chuckle “boy you really were dirty.”

Noticing King was uncomfortable Sean asks “what’s wrong, is it not the right temperature?” “No its fine.” King replies, Sean responds with a smile “don’t worry; I do this sort of thing all the time with the zoo animals, how would you like some big foamy bubbles?”

King looks at Sean and says almost begging “yes please.” “Big foamy bubbles coming right up.” says Sean, hiding within the bubbles he felt a little dignity, with King happy it was now time to clean King, Sean pours a little soap onto Kings head and works it into his fur,

Sean then grabs a luffa and globs some soap on it too, he submerses the sponge underwater to scrub King’s back, stomach, paws and everything in between,

During the bath King tried thinking of Sean as his mother when she would give him baths but no matter how hard he tried King felt violated the entire time, he was a grown man being washed like a child, cornered Sean asks “you haven’t said one word, is something troubling you?” “It’s nothing.” King replies,

“Are you sure, I’m a very reasonably guy?” says Sean, but King just sits there waiting for it to end, seeing that King wasn’t in the mood to talk he continued to finish bathing him, cuffing his hands from the sides Sean makes a blow and dips his hands into the water and pours it over King’s head,

He did this a few times until the soup was gone, Sean pops the bath stopper, while the water drained out he lifted King out of the tub, Sean sets him on the sink counter then grabbed a towel, he first dried King’s head,

He then wraps King’s body in it to dry the rest, when he was done Sean stats “there all clean, that wasn’t so bad now was it?” “I guess.” King replies, Sean looks at him pretending to be angry and says “hey Mr. you better change that attitude, I just gave you a bath.”

King lowers his ears and says with a whimper “I mean thank you.” Sean smiles and begins rubbing King’s head then says “I’m only kidding.” Sean finishes by washing King’s collar, he says while reattaching it “there good as new.”

Sean sets King down, he opens the door and as he pats King on the butt he says “now run alone you little scamp.” Yelling from across the hall Lucretia says “Sean, we’ve got another one.” confused Sean looks at King, they both then rush down the hall where she was calling him, and to his surprise Fox was standing outside all muddy,

With a complaint Fox says “Dad wouldn’t wash me.” Sean shrugs then says “alright I’ll give you a bath too.” Sean picks up Fox and proceeds to the bathroom, as Lucretia closes the door she says “two licking in one hour, Sean’s tongue is going to be exhausted.” King slaps himself in the face. The end

Housepets creator-Rick Griffin

Hopeful I can get the others done soon... oh I almost forgot King and Sean are going to be sharing a bed because there’s not enough room, I had thought of that before I was kidnapped by world of warcraft, one more then I wanted my fiction to be accurate but seeing that Pete is going on he’s trail and I already have something planned for his trail I’m going to go with my fiction meaning nothing to the main comic.

Author:  copper [ Wed May 16, 2012 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Nice joke at the end.

Hmm, this seems familiar somehow.

Can't wait to see what your version of the trial will be.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu May 17, 2012 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

You're back!

And with a good little update too. :)

I thought you were gone, glad to see that you're not. (And sorry for the delay in my posting here)

Author:  sean21 [ Thu May 17, 2012 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

JeffCvt Wrote:
You're back!

yes i am, not as much as usual i'm afread but i will try not to spend all my time on that game.

copper Wrote:
Hmm, this seems familiar somehow.

^_^ lol busted, :P i actually got the bath time idea from Karlos but i tried writting it in my own words, i hope nobuddy minds, especially Karlos.

Author:  sean21 [ Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

darn it i'm soo for behind. *sigh* i promise to have it out sometime this month

Author:  sean21 [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

GAAAH i missed my dead line... how on earth does Rick do it, he posts like ever other day...

well i'm nearly done so it should be out during next month or this month, tomorrow is next month, eh whatever

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

the answer is that he only has to write one strip at a time.

Author:  sean21 [ Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Finally I have it done, before I start this chapter here are two important facts you need to know, First off Frank is straight and second guy crushing means a NON-sexual relationship between two men, again this is important to know. also I'm trying something a little different so lets see how it goes, I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 4: guy crushing

Waking up but not wanting to get up King rolls over, feeling the touch of another person King wraps his arms around said person and begins to snuggle with him/her, King thinks “I sure am lucky to have a girl like Bailey.”

But then King realizes something wasn’t quite right, he can feel that Bailey doesn’t have any fur, he opens his eyes and see’s Sean staring back at him, “morning friendly.” Says Sean, King jerks backward screaming “AAAAAAAH!” thud, whipping back too far he falls off the bed,

Sean springs up supporting himself with his arm trying to look over the edge and says “King are you alright?” laying on the floor with his legs suspended in the air pressed up against the mattress he replies “you know; it’s bad enough we have to share a bed, but did you really have to make that joke?”

Sean replies “if it’s funny then yes I do… need help getting up?” King answers “no I’m just ganna lay here for a few minutes.” Sean kicks his feet out of bed, stands up and replies “alright.” while he’s making the bed he says “by that look on your face I assume you though I was someone else, may I ask who?”

King answers “my girlfriend; Bailey.” “Girlfriend? says Sean, “You’ll have to introduce me to her some day.” As Sean leaves the room he thinks to himself “he referees to his mate as a girlfriend, how unusual.” Sean heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, he grabs his blue toothbrush right next to a red one; which makes him ponder who’s it could be, deciding to ignore it for now he smears some paste on his toothbrush and starts brushing from side to side,

Eventually King joins him in the bathroom, Sean watches as King grabs the red toothbrush and globs some paste on it then begins brushing his teeth which makes Sean say “hum, interesting.” “What?” asks King, “you even brush your teeth like a human.” says Sean, but hearing that caused King to spit out all the foam in his mouth covering the mirror,

Looking at King Sean says “gazuntite.” As Sean walks over to the mini closet of towels and grabs one King says “uhhh; thanks but um, what makes you say that?” as Sean starts wiping the mirror he explains “normally a dog would chew a bone to not only clean their teeth but to sharpen them as well.”

King “I do that too, not all the time but I still do it, can we change the subject please.”
Sean “sure, so what are you ganna do today?” while they continue to brush their teeth King says “well Fox is taking me and Frank to the ‘good old dogs club’ so that we can meet everyone, personally I don’t want to, but Fox can be very persuasive, what about you?”

Sean replies “I promised Earl I would play dungeons and dragons with him today, and then after that I’m ganna wrestle with Miles, he still owes me a rematch.” King rinses, spits then says “your ganna get your butt kicked.” joking with King Sean says “gee thanks for the support buddy.” as King lifts his right hand above his head he says “sorry but he’s huge.”

Sean also rinses, spits then says “I’m kidding, I know I don’t stand a chance, but the zoo animals really seem to like taking me down.” Confused King says “you wrestle with them too?”
Sean “yeah it’s some kind of animal instinct that they developed in the wild, but I bet you wouldn’t know anything about that.”

King’s ears droop as he says “what; what are you saying; that I’m not really an animal, don’t be ridiculous.” Sean looks at him confused with his behavior and says “no; I’m saying you’re a house pet, you’ve never been out in the wild.” Relieved King says “oh right, heh; heh well it was nice talking to you, Fox should be here any minute to pick me up.” King leaves the bathroom and Sean says “what a strange dog.” Sean then closes the door,

Across the hall waiting for Fox; King paces from side to side thinking “I need to be more careful around Sean, he’s close to figuring out my secret, why did he have to be an animal expert, what am I ganna do, what can I do?” after several minutes of thinking King can only come to one reasonable answer “I’m not ganna like this but it seem I have no other choice, I need to act more like a dog.”

From all his thinking he almost didn’t noticed the knock at the door, King opens the door and Fox on the other side says “hey King, ready to go?” as King closes the door behind him he replies “yeah; but I’m a little nervous.”
Fox “don’t worry, if Bino acts up I’ll personally introduce him to this news paper.”
King “somehow the thought of that makes me feel better.”
Fox “yeah I thought it would.” At the sidewalk Fox goes right and King goes left, King notices that Fox isn’t following beside him and turns around wondering why, King decides to say something “uhhh; Fox isn’t Frank’s house this way?” Fox replies “yes it is but we need to make a pit stop first; Frank called and told me he was going to the vet this morning, he didn’t say why, I just hope it’s nothing serious.”

[at the vet] the doctor says “you’ll be happy to know that there is nothing wrong with Frank.” “HA in your face.” says Frank then bursts into a dance which can be illustrated as the in-your-face dance, the doctor continues “he merely has a crush.” Hearing that Frank stops and says “say what?”

“It’s perfectly normal for a dog he’s age.” says the doc, Jessy slowly turns her head towards Frank with a huge grin on her face, the doctor continues “now remember I want to see him again in three months.”
Jessy “thank you doctor; that did make me happy.” Frank points at Jessy and says “hey don’t give me that look, I am not gay alright.”

As they head for the door Jessy says “how can you be sure, have you ever been attracted to a woman.” Frank lifts his finger and opens his mouth ready to say something, after a few seconds stuck like that Frank says “you know what shut up!” Jessy replies with mocker in her voice “meaning no.” grinding his teeth and pulling on his ears Frank yells “GRRRH I am not gay!”

Jessy grabs a gray helmet from the basket on her mountain bike that has letters reading ‘you better pray I don’t catch you staring’, as she attaches it she says “you say that now but we’ll see.” Shrugged over Frank says “that’s it, when I get this collar off you are so dead.” As she picks up Frank and places him into the basket Jessy says “fat chance.”

Once she mounts her bike she continues “that collar is specifically bond to your soul, you won’t be able to take it off.” As they ride Frank smiles and says to himself “you’re right I can’t, but I do know someone who can.” End of this part

Housepets creator-Rick Griffin

I hope to have the next part out soon... don't hold your breath

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

King should be more careful. Although I don't see why animals wouldn't brush their teeth in the Housepets universe. But oh well.

Author:  copper [ Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

I would think brushing your teeth is a normal thing in the HP! univers, but it would be strange if King did it when most do not. Seems Sean is slowly coming to a realization. Let us hope King fails miserably at hiding it. :lol:

Author:  CanadianHero [ Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

Wait I have an opinion.... mmm ah! King needs to act like a dog though this can end up in disaster.

I remember when my old neighbor acted like a dog. he chewed the newspaper

Author:  sean21 [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: alpha male

@all: if my memory serves correctly, so far King has been the only one who has brushed his teeth, although i also don't see any real harm in them all doing it

@CanadianHero: i already have that plained, i'm ganna have King do things that he would find humiliating

@copper: i haven't really decided how Sean will react when he finds out that King is Joel, but i do know how he discovers it

spoiler alert: if you want to know unblock this *he finds the watch

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