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The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird 
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Post The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
On normal friday's, King would most likely sleep till noon before begrudgingly leaving the sanctuary of his bed sheets. There simply wasn’t a lot of things he needed to do in mornings that couldn’t get done later in the day. Such is the simple life of a dog.

Simple. Right...

As I’m sure you know, King is not like most dogs. Even ignoring the fact that he used to be human, it seemed like the poor corgi was a magnet for weird stuff. Inter-dimensional games of Dungeons and Dragons, psychic pomeranians, show dogs who came on way too strong (He was still repressing that particular memory).

King’s only respite from the insanity of his life was that it, for the most part, only lasted but a few moments and did not dominate his life 24/7. So every time he has a vision of three gargantuan titans snacking on Mountain Dew and Doritos, he can take comfort in knowing that he will ‘wake-up’ moments later and his ‘simple dog life’ can continue.

Take today for instance: As said, King would find himself still asleep at this time. But the corgi willed himself out of bed at the hour of 7:00 and preceded to go about his daily rituals with just a slight bit more gusto than usual.

Why you may ask? It is because our little corgi has a date.

Whether it be a date with Bailey, the down-to-earth cousin of his best friend Fox, or a date with destiny? I’ll let you decide.

Five minutes past nine, right after King had put on his collar after a refreshing shower (Some human rituals were hard to give up) the doorbell signaled the female husky’s arrival. King opened the door to receive a flying hug from Bailey.

“Hey handsome, you ready to go?” She asked.

King was about to answer when three hyperactive wolf cubs zipped their way to their surrogate older brother’s side.

“Oooooh! King’s got a girlfriend!”
“‘Oh Bailey, my love!’”

Rather than give them the satisfaction of seeing him flustered and red in front of Bailey, King gave a slight smirk to the cubs. “Gee, Lucretia is still wondering where her vases are. I wonder what would happen if I told her they were buried in the back yard.”

With that, the wolf cubs quickly shut their mouths and ran up the stairs.
Bailey simply laughed. “Nicely done.”
King gave a humble shrug. “I’ve had some practice. Shall we?” He said offering his arm to the husky gal which she took without hesitation.

About an hour later, they had already gotten into trading stories over dinner at The Kennel, a dog operated restaurant owned by the Good Ol’ Dogs club (King was still amazed by how organized the pets in this town were. Much more that the pets he had traveled with when he was a boy). It wasn’t much, in fact it was little more than some tables in a dead-end alley and a small band playing light music, but it did its job.

“...So I tell him ‘Yes, you can take the pig if you want it but trust me when I say it’s not going to help.’”
King couldn’t help but snicker at the story. He had to admit, this was... nice. Sitting at a restaurant, eating a nice meal with a girlfriend of all things. An actual-if-a-rather-fluffy girlfriend. It was normal.

He missed normal sometimes.

“I have to say Bailey, I’m really glad you decided to come down for the weekend.” King said, taking Bailey’s hand in his own.

Bailey gave a big toothy grin, blushing slightly. “It’d be hard to keep a relationship if I stayed up in Kansas all the time. Besides, Uncle Bill was more than happy to give me place to crash while I’m here.”

The two continued to eat their food and simply talk. They talked about the various misadventures they each got into (King being sure to leave out the parts that would make him appear to be a complete lunatic) and, eventually, talked about television, movies, music, anything that crossed their minds

It continued like this until Bailey’s train of thought was interrupted by a sudden change in the bands playing. Bailey closed her eyes and smiled. “I love this song.”

At her words, King gave a quick glance to the band and focused on the music. He didn’t think they were playing any song in particular, just a few nice sounding notes for ambiance. At the same time though it gave him an idea. He gave a quick glance to his plate and then hers. Both were clean save for a few scraps so their was really nothing keeping them confined to their table. With that thought in mind, he got up and walked over to his date, presenting his hand to her.

Bailey gave a quick look to the hand before smiling at King, taking his hand as it guided her to the dance floor. They were not the only couple dancing so they were saved from the embarrassment of dancing alone in public. Neither were masters of the art to be sure, and they both definitely stumbled on their feet more than once. But as the music continued, the two became more comfortable in their roles moving this way and that. King smiled at his date, having the time of his life, when something strange caught the corner of his eye.

First off, it was a cat. That itself was strange enough as The Kennel was dogs only. How the cat got past the bouncers was beyond him. Second, the cat seemed to be looking directly at Bailey. Third... Actually there was no third because King didn’t have time to think of one because he was charging at Bailey!

“Look out!” King managed to blurt out before shoving Bailey out of the way of the mad cat’s charge. The cat ran past them towards one the tables in the alley. But instead of slamming into it the cat, never once losing stride, propped his foot on the edge of the table and lifted himself skyward. Twisting himself in the air, he landed back on his feet facing King.

Now King had time to think of a ‘third’: He looked very angry.

King was ready to defend himself if need be... But it became a moot point when Bailey, apparently overcoming the shock of the cat’s attempted assault, made her own charge at her would be assailant.

At this point, the restaurant was in chaos with patrons and staff screaming and scrambling for the exit. Good thing too as the tussle between Bailey and the cat quickly escalated into an all out brawl. King couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Bailey was dodging and blocking every single one of the cat’s blows while landing some heavy hit of her own. Amidst all the chaos, King noticed that she wasn’t just brawling. There was technique and form in the way she moved. Her blows perfectly place to cripple the cat and keep him at a distance. This wasn’t something one could just pick up. Someone taught her how to move as she did.

She was trained to fight like this.

The fight continued to tear up the establishment, the only thing keeping King from joining the fray was the fear of simply getting in the way. Bailey managed to push the cat back giving ample opportunities to deal more and more heavy blows. But the cat noticed from the corner of his eye a simple salt shaker. Seeing little other option, he grabbed it and shook a good deal of salt at his opponents face.

Bailey’s eyes stung from the sneak attack. She willed herself to ignore the pain for now but that moments hesitation was all the cat needed. As Bailey staggered back, tears forming in her eyes, the cat lunged at her grabbing her by the throat and pinning her down on the floor.

The cat squeezed with all of his might, hoping to see the light in her eyes dwindle away. That’s when a leg of one of the restaurant’s chairs, broken off during the fight, smacked him across the face. The sudden impact forced him to release his hold on Bailey allowing her breath again.

King stood facing the cat, brandishing the chair leg like a sword. “Stay away from her!” King screamed, every word laced with venom.

Then the cat screamed back at him.

As the sound hit King’s eardrums, he fell to the ground in writhing pain. The sound this cat, this... creature was making was unlike anything King had ever heard. After too long, the screaming subsided yet King still laid on the ground in pain. He saw the cat standing above him as he unsheathed his claws. The claws kept growing like past the point of normalcy till they were more like narrow daggers. The cat screeched again in a terrible pitch before swinging his claws down towards King’s face. King closed his eyes, bracing himself for the inevitable when... It never came.

He risked himself to open a single eye slightly, the shock of what he saw opened them both as wide as possible. There was the cat with his claws, still unsheathed, hanging limply at his side and a glazed look in his eyes. King’s eyes traveled south towards his chest where the chair leg was jutting out of the very center. There was no blood, only a black gaping hole. The blackness seemed to spread throughout the cat’s entire body until, finally, the blackness completely dispersed into thin air leaving no evidence the cat ever existed. Standing just behind where the cat had been was Bailey, chair leg in hand.

“Freaking vampires.” She spat as if she had just swatted a particularly annoying fly. She looked down at her boyfriends terrified face. “I guess I owe you an explanation.”

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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
This would certainly explain Pete's maniacal laughter.

Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:26 pm
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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
I....am really really enjoying this, can't wait for more!!! 8-)

Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:07 pm
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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird

I guess she does owe him an explanation. I would honestly like to see what it is too.

Great first part, although maybe a little rushed in my opinion.

Jeff "Clavy" Civit

Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:09 pm
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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously! I loved it!

Poor, poor King. He'll never have a "normal" element in his life again.

Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:55 pm

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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
Hey guys, quick question to help me with the fic.
What state is Babylon Gardens in?
Like on the map?

Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:30 pm
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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
Rick has never said and no one really knows.

By the way great ficcie so far.

Yes, I am a furry.

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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
So here's the thing. This is pretty much going to be a PG-13 story so there are going to be things like death and fight scenes but nothing gory or explicit. But if I overstep my bounds, please let me know immediately so i can edit it as soon as possible. (BTW, does anyone know how you can edit the title of a topic so I can put up a proper PG-13 warning?) With that said, enjoy!
Irony - Noun
1)The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
2)A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
3)A literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a character's words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.
4)Believing your date with your girlfriend is going to be nothing but normal but instead it ends with you learning she is a vampire slayer.

King was really starting to hate irony.

As Bailey helped the confused corgi to his feet, never once letting go of the chair leg as though another of those creatures would ambush them at any moment, she checked him from head to toe.

“Good, no bites.” She said before turning to leave. When King didn’t immediately follow, Bailey turned back with confusion on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Th-Th-Th-...” King stuttered. Bailey sighed as if she had to deal with this sort of thing regularly. “Yes yes, that was a vampire. Vampires exist and so do many other monsters, ghouls, creatures and all-around nasties. That thing you thought was under your bed but your mother told you was pretend? It wasn’t under your bed, it was outside your window because why would a monster be under your bed? How would it even get there in the first place?” During her tirade Bailey kept looking this way and that, only keeping eye contact with King for a nanosecond at a time. As if to reassure him she was talking to him.

King finally found enough of his voice to form a coherent sentence. “So you... hunt these things?” Bailey flashed a cocky grin. “Like a regular Buffy.” She said twirling the chair leg in her hand... before she lost her grip on it causing it to fly up and land on her head. “Well, me and Fox anyway. Monster hunting has been in our family for hundreds of years. Biological family that is, not our human family.”

King just sighed, hiding his face in his hands. This was just great. three weeks. three weeks without any psychic prophecies, ancient temples or god-like nerds. And this psychotic monster cat ruined it all in five minutes. Bailey watched her boyfriend refusing to show his face through his hands so she walked over to him and gave him a reassuring hug. “Trust me King, I felt the same way I learned about it. Like nothing would ever be normal again. Right?”

‘Something like that’ King thought to himself. Slowly, he returned the hug and the two stayed that way for a good solid minute. King was the first to break it. “So... Now what?” Bailey took one last look around the deserted alley as if making sure they were alone. “We need to get to Fox. That vampire went straight for me. That means it either knew me or Fox managed to do something to tick him off and he noticed I shared some blood with him.”

“Vampires can sense that kinda stuff?” King asked. Bailey nodded, walking over to one of the restaurant’s, now abandoned, table. “Blood is the only thing that can sustain them, so their scent glands are much more sensitive to anything containing blood. Including being able to determine any similarities between one person’s blood to another, like in the case of family relation.” Bailey explained, picking up a bottle of soy sauce from the table.

King paused for a moment. “But if the vampire is already... er ‘gone’, then why do you sound so worried?” Bailey looked King dead in the eye. “One thing you should know about vampires: They travel in packs.”

And then Bailey splashed soy sauce all over her chest.

“Um... If you’re trying out a new perfume, I can already tell you it’s not going to work.”King said, slightly weirded out. Bailey just continued splashing as though she was about to be served with french fries. “They recognize blood through scent. So one way to keep them of your tail is to mask it with a stronger scent, and this is probably the strongest smelling thing on hand so it will have to do.” King nodded, supposing that made... kind of sense.

“Um... quick question before we go.” King said as Bailey finished basting herself. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about a dragon, fox and griffin playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons in space would you?” Bailey bit her lip in thought. “I once fought a dragon and a griffin in a dungeon but nothing about foxes in space.”
Not good. Not good at all.

Fox fingered the headline. Two dead from intense blood loss. Twin lacerations on the arm for one, the neck for the other. Both in the same house. A married couple.

Police read reports of marital problems concerning the couple that date back to, at most, two years. It is currently believed foul play by one of the parties is the case but investigation into the matter is still ongoing. The couple owned a pet cat named Cheshire (Slate grey fur, green eyes) but no such luck yet in locating him for questioning.

Fox put the paper aside, closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall. Sometimes he wondered if Fido should just tell everyone what was going on. But the more he thought about it, the more that seemed like a terrible idea. Fox was lucky to have someone like Fido in the loop. Someone who could not only keep Fox up to speed with what the police knew but also keep them off his tail during a hunt (to the best of his abilities at least). It also didn’t hurt that he was dating a witch or something so ‘my best friend is a monster hunter’ wasn’t that much of a shock in comparison.

Despite himself, Fox couldn’t help but smile. A few years ago, Fox would have probably bit Fido’s head off for even considering dating a cat, but now? It just seems like such a tiny thing. Plus, being a witch and helping on a hunt or two definitely earned a few brownie points as far as Fox was concerned.

Picking the paper back up, Fox passed his eyes over the obituary, looking for a pattern. He had an idea concerning the vampire (C’mon, it was so obviously a vampire) that killed the couple in the paper but he had to see if...


Fox nearly jumped out of his skin. Composing himself, he made his way to the door and opened to see his best friend and, for some reason really smelly, cousin. “King! Bailey! This is a surprise. What can I...”

“We got fangers.” Bailey interrupted. Fox peeked his head out, looking left and right, before gesturing them inside. He noticed that Bailey was more than a little blunt in describing her problem in front of King so he assumed the worst. “How much does he know.”

“He knows enough to understand what’s going on.” Bailey explained. “So tell me Fox, make any vampires mad recently?” Fox raised a brow in confusion. “What do you mean?” Bailey made herself right at home, dropping her plot down on Fox’s favorite bean bag. “The vampire we ran into went straight for Bailey. She said he recognized her blood.” King said, opting to lean against the wall.

“That means that he either followed me all the way from Kansas or...” Bailey trailed off. Fox was quick to catch her point. “Or he recognized my scent in your blood.” Fox’s brow creased as he suddenly thought of something. “This vampire, was he a slate-grey cat by any chance?” Bailey cocked her head slightly. “No, he was a yellow tabby.”

Fox went over to the coffee table and opened up the laptop that was on there. “Did you manage to get his name?” Bailey scoffed. “Sorry, we didn’t exactly exchange pleasantries while he was trying to kill me.” Fox just nodded. He could work with what he had.

Search: missing cat yellow tabby california babylon gardens male

Whatever it is like in your world when you lose a pet, in certain parts of this world, especially Babylon Gardens, a missing pet was serious business. There was even a website that worked like a hub of missing persons reports. Easy to find out if a certain kitty was playing with some nasty creatures.

As a number of images loaded themselves onto the screen, Fox only had one thing on his mind: God bless the internet. “Do any of these guys look familiar?” He asked the two of them. Bailey and King walked over to see the images. After about a minute of screening, King finally pointed to a cat with a goofy smile and wide happy eyes. “There! That’s him! Only without the happy-go-lucky smile and more of a psychotic monster face.”

Fox looked at the report on the tabby, looking for one detail in particular. “His name is Michael Sari.” With not another word Fox moved back towards the paper. “I thought I could sense a pattern.” Bailey gave an exasperated sigh before closing the window on the computer. “I hate it when he does this. Guy thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes or something.” Fox ‘Aha!’d and pointed to a couple of names in the obituary. “‘Andrew & Molly Sari. Died of intense blood lose. Twin lacerations found on both their necks.’ Your friend Michael was just one such case like this. I’ve ID’d at least three others that follow the same pattern, one with his family already dead. Pet goes missing for a while, comes back. A few days later the pet’s entire family is dead, and the pet goes missing without a trace” Fox said triumphantly as if he just a cracked a hundred year old puzzle.

Bailey, on the other hand, slapped her forehead in annoyance. “Ah crap! Infiltrators!?” King just looked back and forth between Fox and Bailey, horribly out of the loop. “Wait, the corgi is confused. What are infiltrators?”

“Infiltrators are a sort of nickname Bailey and I came up with. You see, vampires can get their food in a variety of methods so Bailey and I sort of categorized them by these methods. Makes them easier to hunt, you see.” King just nodded indicating Fox to go on. “Now, infiltrators are tricky little within the automobile. Instead of immediately going into isolation after turning, as many vampires often do, they sort of ease their way back into their old lives, gaining the trust of their former family and friends before it get’s them all together and chows down.”

Bailey continued. “Infiltrators tend to be pets because, after they eat the family, they turn on the waterworks and hope someone will adopt them into their home so they can do it all over again. The problem with them though is that, because they tend to spend most of their time with their ‘family’. They rarely ever go to where their whole pack is hiding except for big meetings.” Both Bailey and Fox gave a sigh of defeat. They knew who their enemy was but without any idea as to where they were, they couldn’t act on it.

“What if...” King said, Fox and Bailey looking at him expectantly. “What if we tailed the two pets Fox ID’d. There’s a good chance at least one of them’s a vampire. We just stay on them until they have their ‘big meeting’.

Fox stared wide-eyed at his friend. “That’s... That’s actually a really good idea.” Fox went to the kitchen and, moments later, came back with a pair of scissors. He looked through past newspaper articles stacked messily in a pile, looking specifically for stories about pets who ‘miraculously came home after disappearing.’

“Bailey, this is for you.” Fox said, cutting out the article about ‘Cyrus Mason’ and handing it to his cousin. “And this is for me.” He said, taking the article concerning ‘Kaylee Meyers’. “Keep your phone close and keep me updated.” Bailey gave a sharp nod as they both turned to leave the house.

“Wait!” Only to be stopped in their tracks. The two turned to see King with a look of determination on his face. “I’m coming with you.” He said simply. Bailey could have spit-taked had she have been drinking something at the time.

“Absolutely not! It’s too dangerous!”
“Bailey, one of those things almost killed you! I’m not about to let you and Fox go against an army of them!”
“King, I mean this in the nicest possible way: There’s nothing you can do to help us. You have no training and no knowledge of vampires.”
“So what? I’m just supposed to stay here and be helpless?”
“If that’s what it takes to keep you alive.”
“I’m trying to keep YOU alive!”
“King, this isn’t the first time I had to raid a nest. Okay? I’ve been doing this for years now.”
“That doesn’t mean you can’t accept any help.”

“Fox! Talk some sense into him/her!” They both said in unison. Fox, the poor fellow, felt as though he were trapped between a rock and a hard-place. Still, he knew he had to pick a side. If he stuck to middle of this, neither of them would let him hear the end of it. Swallowing his pride, he made his choice. “I think King should go with us.”

‘3 2 1’ Fox counted in his head.

“ARE YOU INSANE!!!” Bailey was practically frothing by now. “What is going on in that head of yours to make you think this is in any way a good idea!” Fox stood his ground to make his case. “You said it yourself, he lacks training. But in what way does a man train for this job except for hands-on experience.” Bailey had nothing to say but lord knows she was trying to find the words. Fox took her silence, however unwanted, as an excuse to continue. “If King wants to hunt with us, he needs this experience.”

Bailey stammered a bit more, paced back and forth across the room and stammered some more before finally sighing in defeat. “Fine. But don’t come crying to me if this whole thing goes south.” Bailey barged past the two boys on her way out the door. “Bailey...” King tried but she was already gone.

Fox sighed, putting his hands on his hips. “Well, that could have gone better.” King looked at his friend. “Thanks for that Fox. You probably put me in the doghouse for a while though. Metaphorically speaking.” Despite the situation, Fox smiled. “That’s your mess to clean up, not mine.” As Fox made his way upstairs to his room, King stared solemnly out the door. “Still, it’s going to take a lot to get back on her good side.” He lamented. His thoughts were shaken by the loud thud made by the load Fox carried back downstairs.

Stakes, vials of what King assumed to be holy water, crosses.

“No garlic?” King asked. Fox gave a laugh. “You watch too many monster movies. And by the way, sunlight won’t kill them either.” King nodded. He figured that when that Michael vampire attacked him and Bailey in broad daylight. “During that attack...” King started “At the restaurant. The vampire managed to pin Bailey down.” Fox looked at King with a raised brow. He motioned for King to continue. “He was choking her. I picked up a chair leg and smashed it against the guy’s head, knocking him off of her.” Fox gave a slight smile. “So that’s what this is about.”

King nodded his head slightly. “I don’t wanna say she would have died if I wasn’t there. And i’m not saying she needs me to protect her. Because neither are true. But at the same time, I was scared. Scared of losing her.” Fox saw that King was shaking and he gave his friend a pat on the shoulder. “You don’t have to explain it to me. I understand.” Fox picked up a stake and held it in front of King. “Now what’s say we start your training?”

King grabbed the stake without hesitation.

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Post Re: The paranormal adventures of King: Magnet for the weird
This is indeed very interesting. I would think Pete and the other Cosmic Nerds would make sure King was protected though, given the circumstances.

Huh, well, Bailey and Fox should be having some fun with King soon. I wonder what favorite HP! character gets turned? :roll:

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