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Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You) 
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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
copper Wrote:
Did you rush through this update? Seems like there are more spelling and grammar issues than normal.

Fox and King show up now, eh? Lime and King will make good friends, I am sure.

Fox just can't tell smaller breeds apart. Poor Lime.

Then would you kindly point out the issues? I can't edit the story if I don't know what the problem areas are.

Also true poor Lime will be forever little.

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Sorry that it has been a while but this next chapter is double in length and I've added some breadcrumbs to thicken the plot 8-)
Things are happening and Avalon Hills will soon have some interesting times...
Now I present to you the next chapter also to review Peanut, Grape, Pete, Fox, King, Dragon, and several other characters are Rick's may he profit in a non-taxable way.

“Come on Lime or we’re going to be late!” Cookie shouted out to his brother.
“Yes, yes I’m coming.” Lime said as he went down the stairs of their house. It was the fourth of July and the main branch of the Good Ol’ Dogs Club in Babylon Gardens was having its annual cookout. The dogs were going to it and Monty was invited over to Dr. Bigglesworth’s. Biscuit, Cookie and Lime were used to these invitations to Monty now. Monty had struck up a friendship with the owner of Avalon Hills. The orange cat was now spending less time cat napping around the house. Both Biscuit and Cookie were actually relieved. In fact they had confessed to Lime that Monty knew hardly any cats and only interacted with dogs. The truth was that Monty was quite friendless but now that their cat brother now had a feline friend of his own took some worry off their minds.
“Let’s go, we do have quite the walk on our paws.” Biscuit said straightening his collar. The three started off the trek to their neighboring community.
In another part of the neighborhood a lone orange cat was walking. Mont Blanc was unsure why his friend had invited him formally the previous day over the phone. It wasn’t like Dr. Bigglesworth and Monty wonder what surprise was in store for him. He could hardly get lost looking for Dr. Bigglesworth’s house even if he didn’t know the way. Biggles’ house was the largest home on the property of Avalon Hills.
After a short hike Monty arrived at Bigglesworth’s home. The lawn was perfectly trimmed, the decorative plants were well watered and pruned, and the house itself was meticulously clean. Monty walked across the smooth driveway up to the double doors that were made of hand-craved mahogany, crystal, and sterling silver. He then pressed the door bell which instead of playing a few tasteful chimes started off a few notes of The Beagles’ song “Carriers of Fire”.
One of the doors opened and a classically dressed butler was standing in the doorway. He looked downwards when he did not see any humans in his sights and saw the orange feline. “Master Mont Blanc, I presume?” The butler said.
“Oh there you are Jenkins, yes it’s just me you don’t have to so formal.” Monty said.
“Sir, I am a gentleman’s gentleman as well, there are standards to be kept.” Jenkins reminded Mont Blanc.
“Fine but what’s this all about?” Monty said, this particular invitation was more different than the previous ones. One it was a formal invitation sent in the mail of all things. Second the language seemed more of a request for a person’s presence for some sort of event than asking a friend to visit. Last it had a RV.S.P. on it and had return postage in it as well. So Monty was dressed in his best collar but had no idea what Dr. Bigglesworth was doing. He walked into the house and was rather shocked.
The statement that there were many pets at the Good Ol’ Dogs Cookout was as ridiculous as saying the sun is big. It was a surprise that anybody could move around but the pets could. Biscuit, Cookie and Lime were enjoying their respective treats. Biscuit munched his grilled hamburger, Cookie a plate of charbroiled steak, and Lime enjoyed his quality bratwurst. Then Biscuit spotted a familiar pair of purple and brown. “Hello, Cousins!” He called out.
Two pets a dog and cat, light brown and purple approached the dog trio. “Biscuit! Cookie! You both came!” The brown dog said, enthusiastically wagging his tail.
“So who’s that behind you?” the purple cat said.
“Oh, let me introduce our new brother.” Biscuit said “Lime these are our cousins the Sandwiches. He’s Peanut Butter Sandwich or Peanut as we call him” Biscuit pointed to the brown dog and Peanut said hello. “She’s Grape Jelly Sandwich and we call her Grape.” Biscuit gestured at the purple cat who said hello in her own special way. “Grape, Peanut this is our brother Key Lime Pie Sweet.” Lime said a faint greeting.
“Hey are you the one responsible for THAT LAST CHRISTMAS GIFT?” Grape said, and Peanut’s cheeks bulged as if he was attempting to hold off laughter one would hear on an old comedy show.
“Yes, did you like it?” Lime said.
Grape walked up to the small dog. “Here’s what I thought about it. SUPLEX!” Grape said.
Lime’s voice came out muffled but what he said was “This is oddly comfortable and humiliating as well.” Lime’s size did not give an easy grip for a suplex and it just ended up with Lime’s face in Grape’s chest fur. She let go at that point and Lime’s ears and tail drooped. “So this means you didn’t like it.” Lime said.
The corgi looked so pathetic and the Periwinkle Princess Play Set wasn’t that horrible of a gift so Grape started to stammer out the time tested “it wasn’t that bad” line but Lime just went on. “I only knew you were a girl and didn’t know anything else and I thought didn’t girls like princesses. And maybe I shouldn’t have brought it when it was 30% off but twenty dollars were all that I could afford on my budget and…” The small corgi went on and on and each word was like a heavy dishpan falling on the head of Grape in a metaphorical kind of way.
“Alright I didn’t hate your gift I just thought you were making fun of me!” Grape grabbed Lime by the shoulders.
“But why would you think that I was making fun of you?” Lime said.
Peanut began giggling. “Because Grape’s name…” was all that Peanut could get out before he was suplexed by Grape.
At this point Monty was dumbstruck with amazement. The entire manor had its décor kicked up to the next level. Now normally the Portal’s manor was tastefully decorated in the style of the intelligent rich which is completely different from the style of the stupidly rich. However what was in the manor now was that taken up to the next level. Mont Blanc was led slack jawed by Jenkins to a room that was the banquet hall. Inside was a feast of heroic proportions being laid out and Dr. Bigglesworth was there on one end of a long table with a human man on the other. “Ah Monty you have arrived, would you please sit next to me?” Dr. Bigglesworth said.
“Biggles what’s all this about?” Monty said as he took a seat next to his friend.
“Well Mont Blanc I wished to spend the Fourth with you and to introduce you to the trustee that has the care of the majority of my estate.” Biggles said. “Monty meet Mr. A Trustee. Mr. Trustee meet my friend Mont Blanc Sweet.”
“Nice to meet you Mont Blanc Sweet.” Mr. Trustee called across the table, he stumbled over the words especially the adjective surname.
“Actually my father is one half Asian.” Monty scratched the back of his head. “So technically my name should be Sweet Mont Blanc if that’s easier for you to say.”
“Oh it’s not that bad compared to me” Mr. Trustee said “One of my great grandfathers was of Puritan descent and long names were a tradition in the family, my full name is really A-Faithful-Trustee-Of-The-Kingdom-Of-The-Lord-Shall-Fear-No-Evil-And-Shall-Not-Give-In-To-The-Tempations-Of-The-Deceiver.” The trustee said. “At least it was difficult to make up insults on the playground with that sort of name. Nothing was short enough to roll off the tongue.”
“Now we have plenty of time to converse on ourselves but first let us dine!” Dr. Bigglesworth clapped his paws and servants came out to serve to the two cats and one human.
Lime had wandered off, Cookie and Peanut were comparing types of comics, Grape was off being a cat in a group of dogs and Biscuit was being his helpful self.
“King! King?” Lime heard the voice of Fox over the voices of the crowd. The small corgi followed the voice until he reached the husky.
“Hello Fox, is King around? I heard you calling out for him.” Lime said.
“Oh hello Lime, I finally got King to attend this cookout but he got drunk and now I’ve lost sight of him.” Fox said.
“Well I’ll help you look for him if you want.” Lime said. Ever since the day Lime met the two in the dog park, he occasionally greeted them whenever he saw them again. However only Fox was the one wanted to talk, King wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Still King was nice in his own grumpy way.
Both Fox and Lime split up to search for the chess piece corgi. Fox went deeper into the canine crowd while Lime went into the forest because King would most likely be pushed by movement of the crowd if he was too drunk to walk properly. While trying to search in the woods near where the cookout was being held, Lime’s fur began to stand up on end. Something felt wrong and he with his sharper canine senses was noticing. Lime still carried that stone with a hole in the middle. He looked through it while the fireworks for the Fourth were being started and saw with the explosions of red, white, and blue a giant blast of green and in the middle… “A Dragon, I don’t believe it an actual dragon now?!” Lime fell down in shock and then the small corgi heard a calm pleasant voice saying “I was afraid it will come to this.”
Dr. Bigglesworth suddenly began to stiffen as he finished the last of the dessert, a full with the works hot not fudge sundae. “Biggles what’s wrong?” Monty said.
Biggles relaxed “It’s nothing Mont Blanc, I just suddenly thought that I acquired a touch of the brain freeze.” Biggles waved his paw in the air to show that he was alright.
“Dr. Bigglesworth” Mr. Trustee said “that is generally the risk of eating ice cream.”
“Yeah, yeah sherbet lover we hear ya.” Monty said placing down the spoon used to eat his banana split. “Really Biggles are you alright?”
“Do not worry my friend” Biggles said “Besides the meal is over and the night has come.”
“You don’t have to go all formal on me Biggles, I know I have to be getting home, you don’t mind if I use the phone to let my parents know to pick me up right?” Monty said and went to make the call when Biggles nodded his head.
“He’s a good friend to you it seems” Mr. Trustee said.
Dr. Bigglesworth did nothing but smile back.
Biscuit and Cookie looked worryingly at their brother between them as they were going home from the cookout. There was something about a corgi being found in the woods unconscious and the two were relieved when they found their brother. The small dog had come out of the forest and looked rather dazed and told his brothers that nothing happened he just was worried about the other corgi named King. However Lime didn’t seem like himself, he looked very deep in thought and only responded with short phrases to questions. When they asked him if there was anything Lime only said that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. They arrived home with Monty already tucked into his basket. Lime sleepily told his brothers good night and went into his room.
“You think something happened again?” Biscuit asked Cookie.
“I don’t think so; I mean he doesn’t seem to be hurt.” Cookie said.
“Well I just hope he’s alright then, good night Cookie” Biscuit yawned and both retired to their rooms.
However in truth while Lime was in bed he was not sleeping. He was thinking about the conversation that he had participated in, just after seeing that dragon appear. Lime tried to recall as many details as possible. It was because it appeared his life was soon to get much stranger than it was right now.

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
A great update! I wonder where that dinner leads...

Seems Lime is getting more and more involved in the Cosmic Gamed. I wonder how the two corgis will team up. They are the only two real wild cards in the game, it seems.

King, the chess piece Corgi..... I like it! :D

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Now more plot rains down, horrible weather I'm having here at home, random changes in temperature, sudden rains and patches of sun. It's playing havoc on my health. Now Pete and Spirit Dragon are also characters that belong to Rick. Here it is the next chapter

Lime thought back to that strange scene back in the forest. A large green dragon had suddenly appeared in the sky! The corgi was shocked and fell down on the ground and suddenly there came a voice from nowhere.
“I was afraid it would come to this” the voice said and Lime looked around. Dragons, a voice from nowhere, Lime was afraid that he was losing his mind. “Nothing as simple as that Lime” the voice went on. The small dog got back to his feet and looked around.
“Where are you? Who are you?” Lime said. The world around him began to swirl around and dissolve. “Okay maybe I shouldn’t have had that bratwurst just a while ago; I mean nothing against meat products…”
“Now, now Lime just calm down” the voice went on as the world melted away and left Lime on what seemed to be a table floating the middle of space with endless stars shining out like motes on a utterly dark sheet. The dog looked behind him for that was where the voice came from. There sitting down was what could only be called in Lime’s limited experience to be an angel. It seemed to be a male dressed in clean cut garments of pure white, and wings sprouted out from his back, yet the dog couldn’t see his face for it was blocked out by the halo of light that surrounded the angel’s head. For the second time that night Lime fell down.”
“TURN OFF THAT LIGHT TABRIS! It attracts insects.” Lime turned his head so quickly it was lucky that he didn’t get whiplash. There sitting opposite of the angel was if Lime’s knowledge of myths was correct was the jackal guide of the dead, Anubis.
“Sorry Anubis its company policy” Tabris said however the angel dimmed down the halo and Lime could see that the angel was a male with an agreeable face framed with blond hair. “Now is everybody here?” Tabris asked.
“Present Tabris” a voice bubbled, and floating in the air was a giant salmon. “What is this all about then?”
“Can’t you see silly?” A giant unicorn giggled and pointed to Lime.
“Well let’s hurry this up we have other things to deal with tonight.” The light suddenly was tinted red. Lime could see that a phoenix had just joined the group of beings around him and everyone was looking at him.
“Well Lime how is life as a small cute pet dog treating you so far, much better than before?” The angel smiled at the corgi with amusement sparkling in his eyes.
“What do you mean better than before? Then I wasn’t going crazy thinking that I should be a human!” Lime said.
“Yes you weren’t crazy thinking that because it was true that you were a human but you’re a dog now so what’s the problem? Aren’t you happy with the life you have now?” Tabris said.
Lime looked down at the table he was standing on. “Yes I do like living as a dog and a pet with people who care about me. But there are people that I left behind as a human right? It’s not right for me to leave them behind like that; I admit that I like the life that I have right now but…” Lime went on “let me be honest I shouldn’t be here in the first place. Even if I like being a dog right now, I am a human and that means I should do the responsible thing. So please change me back.”
Tabris grimaced, and the grimace of an angel is a terrible thing to behold. “Well, to be honest you can’t turn back Lime.”
“What! Why?” Lime said.
The angel sighed “You probably guessed by now that this world isn’t like yours.” Tabris said, and the dog agreed. “Let me see, what’s the last thing that you remember?”
“I was taking a walk in the rain when out of nowhere some bright headlights came out of nowhere and…” Lime paused as the pieces fell together in his head.
“In that particular set of worlds there is a particular rule. Those who have gone can never come back.” Tabris said.
“You mean I’m actually…” Lime looked at his paws “but then why am I here shouldn’t I be you know in the afterlife?”
The angel shifted his gaze to the side “Your life kinda sucked well so did everybody else’s in that world, but yours was rather bad enough that you were thinking some inappropriate thoughts, and one thing led to another and you ended up helping me in the end. Of course technically because of your thoughts and how things turned out you couldn’t go on normally. Luckily some karma was on your side and getting your help to make things better made me owe you. So after a while, this world seemed like a perfect place to allow you a second chance.”
“Oh” Lime said.
“However it seems like we might need your help” Tabris gestured around the table.
“What?” Lime said he pulled himself up to stand again.
“Ah I been amiss in my manners” Tabris smiled again “Lime meet Anubis, the Salmon of Wisdom, Unicorn, and Phoenix.” The angel introduced each being around the table.”
“Tabris what do you mean that we need his help?” Phoenix said.
“As you may have noticed with Spirit Dragon’s rather dramatic entrance, Pete is up to his unsavory playing habits again and you all know what that would lead to.” Tabris said.
“Don’t remind me” Salmon said “It was bad enough in Babylon; I won’t stand for the same thing now.”
“It wasn’t all that bad Salmon” Unicorn said.
“Come on Unicorn you’re only standing up for Pete because of that spat you’ve had with Spirit Dragon over England.” Phoenix said
“No I’m not! Besides I thought we weren’t allowed to meddle in others’ games?” Unicorn said.
Tabris took out a book from under the table and began to skim through it. “Wait, you mean that I’m just part of a giant game for other people’s amusement?” Lime’s limbs slumped at this thought.
“Yes and no” Anubis spoke to the depressed corgi. “You would be doing a great disservice merely labeling the grand edifice of Universes and Unrealities and us just mettling with the lives of mortals for our own amusement.”
The Salmon of Wisdom coughed “Like you’re one to talk Anubis.” The jackal headed deity merely shot a dirty look at the fish.
“It is true however that we do interfere with your lives though most of us try to do so for the better.” Tabris said “Unfortunately there are exceptions. You’ve seen him before flying across the moon, a rather nasty piece of work called Pete.”
“So what does this have to do with me?” Lime said.
The angel pointed to a particular line in a giant book that read Expanded Rules Vol 28 “The way Pete is playing in Babylon Gardens bad things are going to happen. And since Babylon Gardens is one of the few communities of its kind, anything happening there is going to affect Avalon Hills.” Lime started to interrupt but Tabris went on ” In order to keep things fair and arguments and fighting to a minimum gamers aren’t allowed to outright instruct their avatars to interfere with the games of others. So really we can’t do anything or have our avatars act on our behalf. We rather like playing in this world, it’s much better than some of the other universes out there. That’s why I would like you to be an IAC.”
“A what?” everybody except for Tabris said.
“An IAC, an Independent Action Character. It’s a new expansion for U&U, basically it turns you” Tabris pointed to Lime”into an avatar that doesn’t belong to a player and technically doesn’t belong to a particular game. You’ll be able to keep on living as you are now and maybe protect that way of living. However it is your choice whether or not to accept this, if not you’ll just forget this meeting and we’ll find some other plan of action.”
Lime hesitated; this was a whole lot to digest in just the span of a few minutes. “This Pete is what he’s doing going to harm the pets in Babylon Gardens?” Lime said.
“Most likely, and some of them are actually pets you know.” Tabris said.
“Okay, I rather like some of the pets I’ve met in Babylon Gardens, this Pete who ever he is, I’m not going to let him do as he pleases to the people I’ve met, not if I can help it. I admit I am not the strongest person, as a dog or from what little I can remember being human but I have to do something.” Lime said.
“I like the look in your eyes; I’ll fill out the forms and let you know what you’ll have to do later. Good night Lime” Tabris said, and Lime faded out from the table.
“You sure about this Tabris, he doesn’t seem to be very reliable.” Phoenix said.
“I think you’ll be surprised, Phoenix, Lime’s not the same as before and that maybe a good thing.” Tabris said “Now Unicorn what are you doing next turn?”
Lime drifted off to sleep; he didn’t know what the near future would hold, but whatever was going to happen he’ll face it. That was the last clear thing he thought.

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Hmm, an interesting development.

Holy carp, someone who knows of the Salmon of Wisdom? :shock: Dude, props to you! :D

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
copper Wrote:
Holy carp, someone who knows of the Salmon of Wisdom? :shock: Dude, props to you! :D

An interesting piece of trivia, he always has a bowl of nuts for snacks at the gaming table. Make of that as you will.
Now things that happen in the morning when you've been binging on the divine intervention. Fido, King, the ferrets, and the wolves belong to Rick and the Housepets universe.

Daylight broke through the windows of the Sweet family, and in his basket a small corgi stirred. Lime rubbed his eyes and wondered just what had happened last night. Slowly but surely, recollections of the previous night’s events came trickling back to Lime’s memory.
It appeared that there was a game being played with people as the pieces. The purpose was unknown to Lime but now it appeared he was now going to play as well but as himself.
Life could be so complicated in the space of a single moment. Lime had just gone from searching for a friend in the woods… Then he suddenly realized something else.
He needed to pay a visit to the Gardens next door.
In a single point of the near infinite space of a place that was neither here nor there floated or to be specific resting was a table. Sitting near the table was the blond haired angel that some would know as Tabris. On the table was a representation of the world of mortals or on the other hand the representation was so close to reality that one could reasonably state it was the real thing. In his hands was a card, the only one of few that could reasonably fit Lime. “But for him to be this class? This is simply going way too far.” He said to himself. “Then again maybe this is the perfect class for him to be in the first place.” The angel grinned while tapping his fingers on the table. “Yes this would do nicely.”
“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” Lime said to himself. The little corgi was stranded in the middle of Babylon Gardens. The little dog had after waking up excused himself to go see if King was alright. He had walked through the woods that separated the two communities. It was only after the small corgi had wandered around Babylon Garden’s streets that he realized; he had no idea where King or even Fox lived. It went from bad to worse as Lime knew then he was completely lost.
The little corgi wandered the streets, a sight to tug at strings. Lime was the middle of despairing when he felt a slight tap on his shoulder. The shock nearly made the dog jump out of his fur!
“Hello there I haven’t scared you have I?” The person speaking was another dog and from Lime’s short viewpoint this dog was very tall. He was brown, wearing sunglasses and had a green collar with a diamond tag that merely had the letter F.
Tabris was filling out the paperwork that was required, though this wasn’t as hard task a task as one would think it was. Some of the information seemed to be filled in by the paperwork itself. Tabris only had to fill out some parts that required his personal attention. Now all that was needed was the official permission of Lime so that the corgi would become an IAC. Tabris did not think that Lime would refuse, because when he mentioned that some in Babylon Gardens, most likely people that Lime knew, would be seriously harmed if Lime did nothing the little dog’s eyes turned cold with resolve.
The angel smiled when he remembered that moment, it showed that Lime was changing and it was a good kind of change. Sometimes second chances really do help. Tabris then thought about Pete and Spirit Dragon and sighed.
“So this is the house Fido?” Lime pointed towards a house which seemed to be no different from any other house on the street. The small corgi had heard of Fido, mostly from Biscuit. Now while saying that Biscuit constantly was praising Fido with every other word would be an exaggeration, one should be able to get the general idea of how much Biscuit respected Fido. No, in fact Biscuit worshiped Fido; it should have been obvious from the Fido shrine in the back of Biscuit’s closet when Lime was looking for that cute Kitsune plush he got for Christmas. The corgi never mentioned it to the Labrador retriever. Still Fido was regarded highly from what few dogs Lime had spoken to had said. A police dog, upstanding member of the canine community, kind to small animals apparently. Fido was basically what every dog wanted to be, well except for the lady dogs who wanted to be with him.
“Yes, we took King there after we found him in the woods; I think he’s decided to live here.” Fido said.
“What makes you say that? Didn’t he have an owner already?” Lime asked.
“King’s owner has gone missing so he had to live with somebody, that and the fact that he’s being chased by the wolf cubs” Fido said.
“This is where the wolves live?” Lime asked, the corgi had heard mentioned that Babylon Gardens had a pack of wolves that moved in. Still it was a surprise that King was now living here. Fido nodded and said that this was the best place that the ferrets could think of as they both stepped onto the lawn. “Hey King are you alright?” Lime said as he watched King being chased by several adorable wolf cubs.
“I could be better Lime!” King shouted out trying to avoid being caught.
“Hey there’s another corgi” One of the wolf cubs said. “Let’s get him!” Another replied.
“Oh within the automobile” Lime said at the rushing onslaught of wolfish cuteness approaching. This was likely going to be very painful in a few short seconds.
“Ouch I’ll be going home now King and taking a very hot soak as well.” Lime had come out of the wolf cubs’ roughhousing very disheveled. “Take care of yourself and it’s nice to see that you are fine”
“Thanks Lime” King said looking to one side “but you didn’t need to come all the way here or help with the wolf cubs” King was even dirtier than Lime since he had been buried up to his neck.
Lime gave a short laugh and it felt good “Don’t worry; it was nothing I just wanted to make sure you were safe.”
“Why?” King said.
“Why shouldn’t I care? You’re one of the few dogs I actually know. So I’ll be scared if you’re missing, worried if you’re hurt and sad if you go.” Lime said “I probably sound stupid, never was very good on talking about myself see you later maybe King.” The corgi turned to go home.
“Wait Lime” King said “Thanks and we’ll see you later as well. Fox and me I mean.”
“Okay then” Lime said and continued to walk home leaving the corgis with their own thoughts.

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Hello everyone, sorry I've been delayed due to academic disappointment and entering the workforce. Still I've finished this next chapter and boy does it have some plot for everybody. Please as always comment on your thoughts. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this next chapter.

Lime was walking home and trying his best not to get lost. He was entirely focused on finding his way home and didn’t notice that the surroundings were beginning to become indistinct. This went on for a while until the small corgi finally noticed that he wasn’t in Babylon Gardens or Avalon Hills. In fact he was back on that humongous table that he was on the night before. Just like last time there was the smiling angel Tabris sitting down.
“Well now Lime are you ready to know what to do?” Tabris said.
“I suppose” Lime said.
“First things first, the people we call avatars, even independently acting ones, need a class. A focus for the mana the force that can cause miracles, they channel” Tabris waved his hand vaguely. “I’ve found an interesting class for you but first I need to officially ask you. Do you accept this power and the fact that we celestial beings will have permission to mettle in your life more than we usually do?”
“Yes for the sake of the people I’ve met. I accept” Lime said. I won’t allow myself to fail. The corgi thought to himself.
“Then congratulations you are now an avatar and an IAC!” Tabris said and made an extravagant gesture with his hands.
Lime looked around. “Thanks…I think” He had a confused look because he didn’t feel any different from before. “So exactly what class am I?” The corgi took a few steps towards the angel.
“A little class called the Innocent Fool” Tabris said and then Lime stumbled.
Dr. Bigglesworth spun back and forth on his swiveling office chair. It was made of antique brass and leather and one of the things that he had inherited from his owner. Unfortunately this meant that this chair was also way too large for him. This meant that the cat had to sometimes swing his legs several times before he could continue to move.
The cat was working on a problem that could help determine the fate of millions of pets across the country and maybe some ferals as well. Dr. Bigglesworth was working on a new formula for pet food, more specifically for cats. One of the largest difficulties for a pet owning family was to keep within a budget, particularly due to food costs. Now transportation, production, and supply were large parts of the food equation. Some pets were lucky to eat at the same table with their owner, the majority of pets however were not as lucky. The pet food that was out on the market wasn’t bad by any means, and pets were at least thankful they wouldn’t go to bed on an empty stomach. That still wasn’t an excuse to Dr. Bigglesworth though. Just because he could eat three to even twenty plus course meals if he wanted to didn’t mean that he could ignore the fact that others could not. That’s when Dr. Bigglesworth came to the conclusion to work on a new pet food to sell via one of the companies he owned. He needed to do three things, create a cat food that was tasty, nutritious, and cheap.
Dr. Bigglesworth went to work in his laboratory. He experimented, mixing, brewing, cooking, blending, tasting, blasting, channeling, and adding various different raw materials into various combinations always keeping an eye on the cost. Occasionally he would stare out the window giving the impression of the absent-minded professor. However absent-minded professors don’t normally have a slight glow to them while they’re contemplating solutions to their complex problems.
Suddenly Dr. Bigglesworth was struck by a flash of inspiration and the idea was so simple that the cat allowed himself a little chuckle. Then that chuckle began to grow and grow until the entire halls of the manor began to ring with the echoes of joyous maniacal laughter.
“So what does that mean exactly?” Lime said from where he sat on the giant table floating in the middle of space. Something called the Innocent Fool didn’t seem so innocent in the context of what he had just signed up for though it might be considered foolish.
“Well” Tabris steepled his fingers “most avatars are usually selected with a particular goal in mind and a class picked for them to suit that goal. Yet what I want is for you to as the kids today say it ‘shake things up’.” The angel sat back in his chair. “There are classes for combat, healing, support, changing the world, creating wonders, just about anything you can think of. The Innocent Fool was quite interesting and useful for what I wanted you to do.”
“So is there anything I should keep in mind?” Lime asked.
“Well your offensive powers in a word ‘suck’.” Tabris used some finger quotes at the end of that sentence. “You can’t hit worth a damnation from the higher ups. On the other hand you’ll be protected, obscenely so and your life will be very interesting.”
“Okay then” Lime said “Now may I go home? I’d like to get home before dinner and I don’t want to worry my family.” The corgi paused; he had just told the angel that he had considered the Sweets to be his family. When he did start thinking that he was part of the Sweet’s family? It was strange to the corgi especially with the feelings that came with being around the Sweets.
Tabris smiled in an infuriating enigmatic style of those all knowing mentors, the sort that makes one want to deck them in the face. “Well if you do me another favor and close your eyes Lime“
Lime did as Tabris told him to and when he opened his eyes again the dog saw that he was on the front lawn of his house. He looked around and tapped the ground with his foot. It seemed to be the ground of Avalon Hills. The corgi shrugged and went home; he could smell something delicious cooking in the kitchen.

Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:37 pm
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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Ooo, plot. Mr. Bigglesworth is cooking food in his lab, now EVERYTHING makes sense!!! :lol:

I thought class was an inherent trait, not one picked out for them. They just found a specimen of the class they were looking for, and then made them their avatar...

Tabris is going to be an annoying one, I can imagine. Wonder what that means, life will be interesting.

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Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:29 am

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
copper Wrote:
I thought class was an inherent trait, not one picked out for them. They just found a specimen of the class they were looking for, and then made them their avatar...

Tabris is going to be an annoying one, I can imagine. Wonder what that means, life will be interesting.

Well I thought classes are like jobs, there are some you qualify for, and some you have a preference for and some times you take what you got.

Well Tabris is the angel of choices, alternatives, and free will. Note the free will, it allows him a lot more freedom and hi-jinxes than you'll expect.
Now here is the next chapter in the continuing story.

Dr. Bigglesworth was reading the newspaper and Mont Blanc was sitting across from him. The two were in Dr. Bigglesworth’s manor and were going to spend the day together. Monty was lying upside down on one of the opulent sofas in one of the many sitting rooms. Stretching himself out Monty waited until his friend was finished with his daily ritual of keeping himself up to date on the current news. Biggles flipped through several pages until he reached an interesting article. “Mont Blanc, listen to this” Dr. Bigglesworth said “The Milton Ferrets are up their antics, with the release of their new Theme Park Theme Park. Where the theme of the theme park is theme parks.”
“Isn’t that rather redundant?” Monty said righting himself on the sofa and tilted his head. “I mean a theme park that’s designed around theme parks, how would that work?”
“I wouldn’t know” Dr. Bigglesworth answered “I’ve never been to a theme park before, but since the Miltons have money to spare I think they would not be harmed by this venture.”
“Well Biggles don’t you have cash to spare? Why don’t you throw away money on some random project?”
“Like I do every other day?” Biggles said, while Monty looked away as if the wall was more interesting. “Well in terms of available cash the Miltons trump me in that department. I do have to follow a budget; it’s just that some particular investments allow me more leeway in recreational spending. Still I think I know what we’re going to do today Monty.” Biggles said.
Lime tilted his head in what could be called weary resignation. Now that he was a dog, and of a breed that was shorter and thus literally more down to earth he could more easily spot interesting things that were on the ground. Before it was just some coins, interesting rocks like the one with the hole in the middle, or other knick-knacks, but now the things that Lime found had more unusual qualities. He found things such as the mirror that reflected the back of your head, the tiny packet of tissues that never ran out, or the erasable pen that actually erases. Other stranger things had happened; little coincidences that seemed to be normal regular chance but when Lime took the time to think about it seemed to happen way too many times. For example the few times Lime had to go buy something he found that he always had exact change, then the dog found himself beginning to trip sometimes for no reason at all. The straw that broke the camel’s back however was when Lime played several games of concentration with a pack of cards, and for his first move every time the dog uncovered the joker.
In the grand scheme of things, Lime’s life was still normal. Still the little corgi was prepared for any change without warning. He wasn’t sure what might happen that would make his life more interesting than how it was at the moment but he’ll try his best to whatever the occasion arose. Right now he would like to be doing a favorite past time of Monty, taking a nap.
Meanwhile on a large lot a ways away from Avalon Hills, Monty wearing a hard hat was observing construction. “Wow Biggles how were you able to get this all set up in a few hours?” Monty said.
“Let’s see money, connections, and general adorability” Dr. Bigglesworth counted on his paw. “Charging through the ridiculous bureaucracy with those three things gets everything done quicker.”
“Isn’t that rather unethical though Biggles?” Monty tilted his head as some steel girders were being lifted up into place above the orange cat’s head.
“What taking advantage of the appearance that I’ve been blessed with? Humans do such things all the time.” Biggles said. “Anyway this is a non-profit endeavor for the good of the area so I have no crisis of conscious.”
“Really Biggles?” Monty said. “What are we building anyway? You never told me.”
“We’re building a museum Mont Blanc.” Biggles said and Monty asked what the museum would be about. “I’m taking a leaf out of the Miltons’ book, so this museum is going to be about museums. It has its own educational content, it’s foolproof!”
Lime’s ears flicked for some reason and he woke up from his nap to see the eyes of Biscuit standing over him. “Hello Biscuit aren’t you supposed to be on your Dog Watch patrol “Lime said.
“Well we take shifts” Biscuit answered and put his paw behind his head “and just now I noticed that I haven’t spent much time with you in a while.”
“That’s fine; I know you have more important things to do.” Lime said.
“Family is important, and please could you let me be the older brother and play fetch with me?” Biscuit asked holding up one of their rubber balls.
“When you put it that way how could I refuse?” Lime sat up “Come on let’s go. Maybe you’ll teach me to get the hang of catching that ball in the air.”
“You still can’t catch a ball in mid-air?” Biscuit said tossing the ball in the air as they walked to their backyard.
“I’m not exactly the best height to have something thrown at me and being able to catch it in my mouth. Bad angles and all those physics” Lime said.
. “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do it in no time, it can’t be all that hard.” Biscuit said.
And elsewhere in another park with another corgi, a ball went sailing through the air. “I got it! I got it!” The corgi said waving his arms in the air until the ball beaned him on the head. “Ow! Fox we’ve been at this for weeks now and I still can’t catch something in mid-air with my mouth.”
“Keep trying King, you’re getting better at this, besides it can’t be all that hard.” Fox said

Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:57 am
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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
:lol: Funny little ending with King and fox.

Ooo, Biggles sure is inventive.

Finding such strange items.... seems Lime is seeing some affects of being an avatar.

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Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:40 pm

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Sorry schooling issues, why is there no standard system for naming antimicrobiotics?!
Anyway the day continues with the introduction of a new character *cough plot relevant cough* and a shocking appearance of one of Rick's characters. Enjoy and please comment if you will.

Lime woke up refreshed for after some fetch practice with Biscuit he did what he originally set out to do, take a nap. After a yawn to clear out the head he noticed something “Hm where is Monty?”


“You made a scale model of the giant heart which was a blown up model of a heart…” Mont Blanc said. The orange cat stared at the miniature of the original walk through heart exhibit. “And it’s the same size as a regular human heart, what was the point of this?”
“Well it would be important to learn about how people scale representations of an object to a proportion that is also structurally stable and yet accurate.” Biggles said tucking a pen behind his ear and taking out a protractor. “Now how is the exploded model of that life size blue whale replica coming along?”
“Pretty well, at this rate we’ll be ready for the grand opening by dinner!” Monty said. “Though we might want to delay until tomorrow, I mean nobody’s coming that late.”
“Don’t be that sure of that idea; we can have an opening gala to the rich.” Dr. Bigglesworth said, supervising the exhibit about art exhibit security. “We can donate the proceeds” The Siamese cat clapped his paws together “Tax breaks! Lots and lots of tax breaks!”
“Fine, I go set it up on the internet.” Monty said, taking out a laptop that was just near the pair. “It’s a good thing you set up free Wi-Fi in the building just a while ago.”


Lime felt odd; maybe it was just his imagination because he was aware that he had become this thing called an “avatar”. Even worse was that Lime still didn’t know what in the world he was supposed to be doing as an “avatar”. Maybe the little corgi was going mad, but Lime didn’t consider that thought, the last thing he needed was to be proven utterly wrong. He made a decision to go out and walk the streets of Avalon Hills. If whatever was going to happen wasn’t going to him, he would go to whatever was going to happen. A foolish thought but then again, he was an Innocent Fool. “Mom” Lime said “I’m going out for a walk! I’ll be home for dinner” The corgi stepped out ready to be hit by whatever was going to happen.


“You might want to call your mother; I think you’re going to be late for dinner.” Dr. Bigglesworth was dressed in the feline version of a tux, he was assisted by Mr. Trustee, and Jenkins had disappeared off again helping whip the new gentleman’s gentlemen to all of the rich and wealthy people and pets that were arriving. It wasn’t surprising that a variety of the rich had shown up who could fork over the cash. This was an event and for some if you don’t show up for an event, you could fall into the ranks of (gasp) the lower classes. That being said one didn’t need to show up at every event that was being thrown but this was Dr. Bigglesworth, one of the wealthiest pets in the world.
“I already did.” Monty was looking this way and back at his own tux, hoping that nobody would photograph him in it. Mom would probably go off about how cute he was and his brothers would likely never let him live it down.
“Well my friend, ready to thumb your nose at the less rich and famous?” It appeared that Biggles was expecting this from the way he held his paws together. There was glee in the cat’s eyes and it appeared that the night was going to be promising.


Meanwhile Lime was holding his head, for the reason that he had a crash into hello. In front of him also holding his own head was a German shepherd that had the same uniform and equipment of the Neighborhood Dog Watch. “Watch where you’re walking, you could hurt somebody not watching where you’re going.” The German shepherd said.
“I’m sorry Mister?” Lime said the corgi didn’t know who this dog was but he was aware from the accessories that the German shepherd wore that he was one of the Neighborhood Dog Watch.
“Kevin and what’s your name and purpose in being here?” Kevin said looking at the corgi with suspicion.
“I live around here, I’m Lime Sweet.” The corgi said, if Kevin was with the Dog Watch, he should know his brother.
Kevin tilted his head to his left. “You’re related to Biscuit Sweet?” The corgi nodded and Kevin said “I have heard of you from Biscuit.” The German shepherd had calmed down but he was still wary of the little dog. The idea would be rather ridiculous to some people. Who would ever suspect a cute little dog like Lime could be up to anything, really? Still Kevin was satisfied that Lime was a resident of Avalon Hills. “Well anyway you should be watching where you are walking. You can get kidnapped if you don’t pay attention. Better get home, it’s growing late. Say hello to your brother for me.”
“You’re right, thank you very much Kevin. I’ll do so.” The corgi left to go home and the German shepherd noted “Nice kid but a little strange” The German shepherd’s brow wrinkled and he had a far away look in his eyes.


The cat and ferret stared at each other from across their reserved table at the opening museum gala. Two of the richest pets staring like some sort of oldie western showdown. This was not helped with Monty playing the music on an old tinkly music box. “How is making the headlines every six minutes working for you” The Siamese cat said.
“Fine and how is being an international cat of mystery going for you.” Keene said.
“Excellent, I really have not noticed until now but having the name and breed of one of the most popular cats for slightly demented female feline fanatics does have its advantages.” The cat raised a glass filled with orange soda. “I propose a toast, to being filthy rich Keene.” The ferret did so as well and the two drank to the privilege of being old money. “Come on you two!” Monty said “I want to slide down that Louvre museum pyramid replica, it’s been freshly waxed!”

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
Very nice! Monty is definitely a sweet. :lol:

Um, is that shepherd supposed to be the k9 leader of the police force in the HP! strips? Because if so, his name is Sgt. Ralph... the Doberman is Officer Kevin. :?

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Post Re: Gift of Malums (Living Depends on You)
no I think it's a different guy. Keene was the surprise appearance by one of Rick's characters.

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