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Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:03 pm ]
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I think that a place dedacated to King Fan Stories would be a good idea, he has a lot of posibility for some really good stories

Topic formerly known as King Fan Stories JeffCvt's Fan stories

I decided to change the name to JeffCvt's Stories because, thanks to Valerio and Renkun who asked for a second part to the story right under here, and after writing two more parts after that one, I have decided to turn it into a series. However, I did not want the series to focus mainly on King like my first 4 stories, so I decided to include other Housepets characters as well (And some others I made up). For this reason, I could not really keep the name King Fan Stories.

EDIT: Name changed once again. This time to a real name. And I got a cool banner in my signature to go along with it.
This does not mean I am changing the fact that other small stories may be posted here. You still may. (Just remember to send them to me so I can look at them first)

It must be related to at least one main Housepets character from either the comic or my stories. You may make up your own characters if you like, but the focus must be on Rick's or mine.

There are more rules to follow if you post a story.
1. It may not exceed 1 part. No exceptions no matter how small the story is.
2. I am trying to keep a PG rating on my stories, I expect you to do the same for yours.
3. If you have your own fan fiction, the story here should not be related to it in any way. If it is, post it on your own topic.
4. No more than one story every couple months. This is my topic, not yours, if plan more then that, start your own topic.
5. Respect the fact that I am mainly doing this for people who have started writing. Please do not post just because you think you have better writing ability than me or anyone else here.

Before you post a story here, please PM it to me so I can check it. I want to know what people are posting before they post it. I have no set length restriction, but 3,500 words is what I ask you to stick to.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I will gladly answer them. (I will not review your story for mistakes, so don't ask)

I have a few banners for my fic, if you would like to show your support for it, simply copy and paste the code into your signature.


If you have another one that you would like me to do, send me a PM and we can talk about it. I won't mind.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:10 pm ]
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This is a story I just recentley wrote, I'v never done this before so I hope its good.

King was walking down a sidewalk on his street one day. He needed to do some thinking, and the cold combined with the new fallen snow was helping him a lot. He was thinking about Bailey, his best friends cousin that he met over thanksgiving during his trip to Kansas. He knew that he was in love with her, and whether it was because he was a dog or not did not change the fact that he loved her. Because of this, he decided that he was going to make the most out of being a dog while he was one, whether he wanted to be one or not. The truth though, was that he had no idea where to start.
With his mind racing at 100 miles an hour, he almost didn’t see Fido walking up the street. Fido walked up and asked him how he was doing.
King replied “I’m fine, just thinking about some things.”
“Good” Fido said. “What kinds of things?” he asked.
“Just some personal things” King said. “Nothing I feel like talking about.”
King was really nervous, just like he was around any police dog (especially the ones who arrested him as a human), but he decided to try and make some small talk.
“So you have today off I guess.”
“Yea, I couldn’t have picked a better day to take off, I love the snow. What about you, do you like the snow?” Fido asked.
“Yes I do, but I came out for air more than anything.”
“Are you busy at all right now?”
“Not right now”
“Why don’t you come along with me for a little bit, I know something that might help you think.” Fido said.
King, figuring that it would not hurt to spend some time with Fido, and comforted by the fact that he was not on duty at the time, decided to go along. Also, he needed to get over his fear of the police dogs, and Fido seemed like he would be the right dog to help him do that.

King followed Fido into the woods, and started to notice something strange. Finally he realized what it was.
“Hey Fido, where is that mouse that sits on your head all of the time, I haven’t heard him at all.”
Fido replied “Oh, you mean Spo; he stayed home because it was too cold for him, being small as he is the cold could be dangerous for him.”
“Oh, that makes sense.” King never really thought about it, but being a dog, he always had a fur coat, and never needed more than his black scarf that he was wearing.
“Hey Fido, where are we going anyway; I’ve never been in this part of the woods before.” King asked.
“Right here” Fido said as they walked into a clearing about the size of the average yard in Babylon Gardens. It was a beautiful scene, the undisturbed snow, the way it sparkled in the light, the occasional flake or two that still fell from the sky; you could almost hear the beauty in the silence that surrounded the clearing. A place that any other time of year would probably just seem like a clearing in the woods, not capable of this kind of beauty whenever it snows.
Stunned by a kind of beauty that he has never seen before, King didn’t realize that he had been hit with a snowball. In fact, he did not realize he had been hit until the second snowball. King looked around and saw Fido standing at the edge of the clearing holding a third snowball, and realized that Fido did not just bring him here to admire the beauty, he picked up a hand full of snow and made his own snowball.
The snowball fight lasted for a little while, and by the end of it both dogs were tired, and they just lay in the snow for a few minutes, not saying anything.
Then Fido broke the silence saying “This is a favorite spot of mine for snowball fights, that and just thinking about things. This is actually the spot that I decided to become a police dog. I was coming here when I saw you walking down the sidewalk in deep thought, and decided that you might like to see this place, and a snowball fight just seemed right. I have been coming here for years, but I have to say, this is the most beautiful I have ever seen this place.”
Even after the snowball fight, the beauty was still something to see. It seemed that as long as even the smallest amount of snow was there, no matter how new or old, whether it was undisturbed, or it was all turned over, the beauty could never go away. King was sure that they crossed some kind of portal to another world because this kind of beauty could not exist on earth, could it?
Then he thought of Bailey, and how beautiful she looked the first time he saw her, and decided that it could, and they were still on earth.
“I don’t know what you were thinking about, but clearing your mind is good every now and then, and this place does just that.”
“Is that why you brought me here, or is there more to it?” King asked, feeling like Fido had another reason.
“Well, I have noticed that Fox is the only dog that you are really friends with, and I thought this might help you loosen up, show that the rest of us are friendly too.”
Well… that was true before Thanksgiving King thought, but now I have another friend, Bailey, and I almost wish I never heard of her. I mean, she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and smelled, and she did get my watch/freewill thing back when that guy threw it in the lake, but at the same time, I have lost sight of whether I want to become human again or not. This is all way too confusing.
“Hey King, what do you want to do now?”
“What do you want to do; the snowball fight was my idea so let’s do something that you want to do.” Fido said.
King thought for a minute, and then suggested that they build a snow dog in the clearing. Fido agreed, and they started to roll the snow into big piles. Once they got the main body done, they started looking for anything they could use for the face and arms. While looking around the edge of the clearing, King remembered doing this as a kid, and how his pets had helped him. Then they took away the joy in his life for a long time when they kidnapped him.
Why was he thinking about this now? He wanted to stop thinking about it, to forget that it ever happened. Yet it felt that he would never be able to. At that point, he decided to ask Fido about what he thought about the story. Maybe it would help him if Fido felt sorry for him, even a little.
“You were there when the guy who tried to kidnap Fox was caught, is it true that as a kid he was kidnapped by his own pets?” King knew that it was true, of course, but he needed some way to sound like he didn’t know a lot about what happened.
“Well,” Fido said, “He did give tell us that as a kid his parents did not treat his pets right, so they ran away and took him with them because they did not want to leave him with them. But after a while, the pets became feral, and treated him as bad as his parents treated them.”
“Oh, really?” King said
“Yea, it would be a real sad story if it was true, but I think that he just made it up so we would feel sorry for him and he could…..”
“BUT IT IS TRUE!!” King yelled, not letting Fido finish.
Then realizing what he just did, he said “I mean, why would he be lying? If I was in the position of the pets, I would have done the same thing. And I would know better than you having lived with Pete as my owner. He wasn’t as bad as that guys parents from the sound of it, but he was the worst in the town! You have always lived with a nice owner and could never know how those pets felt, I can at least relate having lived with a jerk like Pete.”
“Sorry” Fido said. “I didn’t realize that you felt so strongly about it, and I do agree with you. I have never lived with an owner that was abusive, even one like Pete, and I am thankful for that. But it does mean that I can’t relate to pets that do like you could. And I also agree that if I did live with owners like that and decided to run away, I would probably take the kid with me too, but that’s not the reason that I think he lied to us.”
“It’s not?” King said with a puzzled look in his face.
“No, you see, we caught him when he was running away, and then he told us the story. After he went to jail, he had an appearance in court to decide what would happen to him. Everyone thought he was a victim of what happened to him as a kid, and that he thought he was trying to do a good deed, just got put with the wrong partner. So security at the court wasn’t as tight as it normally was, and he used the chance to escape.”
“To be honest, I think he just made the story up and hoped that the security at the court would turn out the way that it did. To be honest though, I believed the story at first. I thought he really wanted to help pets; he was just doing it the wrong way. Once he got to the court, he would realize what he did was wrong. And of course, he might even help them in the right ways. But he turned out to be just another dirty criminal, only thinking how he could escape.”
“Oh, what about the rest of the police dogs?” King asked.
“The same thing really, all of the police dogs felt sorry for him, until he escaped that is.”
“Including you?” King asked.
“Even me, I can’t believe I was so gullible.”
Oh, King thought, so he did believe the story, and would even feel sorry for me now if Pete never turned me into a dog. He felt strangely relieved that people did feel sorry for him, even if they didn’t now. He felt like a jerk for talking to Fido the way he did.
“Fido, I’m sorry for speaking to you the way I did, I never let you finish, sorry about that.”
“That’s okay, you expressed your opinion, and I don’t blame you for that.”
King had become so involved in the conversation that he didn’t realize that they had finished the snow dog during the entire thing. He stood back and realized that the snow dog looked like him. But it still looked incomplete for some reason, and then he realized that it did not have a scarf. That reminded him of how as a kid living on the streets with his “pets,” he was cold at night, and wished that he had a jacket, or even a scarf just like the one he had on now.
He decided to put his scarf on the snow dog. He had no idea why he did that, he just felt like he needed to.
When the scarf was on, King realized why he put it on the snow dog. It was so he could finally get over what happened all of those years ago. He felt leaving the scarf on the snow dog was like leaving his past with his past life, and even if he becomes a human again, it will still be left in the past, and he will be able to finally get over it.
“Hey King!”
“Huh, oh, sorry Fido, I keep spacing out” King said.
“That’s fine, are you going to be warm enough without your scarf?” Fido gave King a concerned look.
“Yea, I’ll be fine. I just felt like I had... had to put the scarf on him” King said as he looked at the snow dog.
“Ok, I think I understand. I don’t know what is going through your mind, but I think we should go walk around town and talk some.”
“I couldn’t agree more”

They both walk back to the town in silence, after seeing that clearing for the first time, King can’t get it out of his mind. He sees beauty everywhere that he looks in the woods now, and thinks that if he could never see this beauty as a human, he would stay a dog forever.
After arriving back in town, King and Fido start walking down the nearest sidewalk. Although it is starting to get dark, neither feels like they should go home yet. Finally, Fido asks the question that he has been meaning to ask King the entire day, but just never felt like the time was right.
“Hey King?”
“How come Fox is your only friend, you have been here a while and you seem like the kind of person a lot of people could get along with.”
“Well…..” King thinks for a minute, and then says “In all truth, I have never been good at making friends. The only reason me and Fox are friends is because he approached me first. If he did not do that, I probably wouldn’t have any friends right now.”
“I see” Fido said “But hasn’t fox tried to help you make some friends? I know he has, that’s just the kind of guy he is.”
“Yes he has, he invited me to the Good Ol’ Dogs club once, which was the time your brother Bino gave me the catnip present/bomb. Even though I know most of the other dogs are not like your brother and most felt like that was a mean joke to play and stopped talking to him for a long time over it.
“Me included” Fido said “That present was uncalled for.”
“I just never trusted most of them after that. I know that I can, but I still have a hard time with it. The reason I still trusted Fox is because he was already my friend. That, and the fact he was friends with police dogs like you, so I figured he was above that kind of stuff.”
Fido nodded his head slowly, showing that he understood, then asked “But then why did you never become friends with any of the police dogs, I’m the only police dog in the town who is in the club, most of the others don’t have time for it.”
“Well,” King started, he didn’t want to lie, but he didn’t want to tell the truth either. “Well, when I was a puppy, I was always small compared to everyone because of my breed, and the police dogs where I grew up were so big, and had such authority, I was always afraid of them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they were very nice to everyone, including me, but it’s hard to not be afraid of someone who seems ten times your size and has the ability to send you to jail. Every time I see a police dog uniform, I think back to when I was afraid, and just can’t be comfortable near one. The only reason that I was able to spend the day with you is because you’re off duty, so I don’t see a police dog when I look at you right now.”
Fido smiled, and then said “Well I’m glad for that, I don’t want to make you nervous or uncomfortable.”
For King, this brought back memories of Bailey, how nervous he was around her, how she made him feel accepted at the house, how she stood up for him, and how he has fallen in love with her.
Everything he had been thinking of before Fido approached him today came back all at once. At that moment, he decided to try and start answering some of the questions in his head, and decided to ask Fido one of them.
“Hey, Fido?”
Fido turned his head and looked at King “What?”
“You noticed that I have been distracted today, well, I have a question for you that I have been thinking about for a while. Let’s say that you are in love with someone, and you had a choice between two lives. One life is a life that you live with your love forever, but not the life that you want. The other life is the life that you want; however, you can never see your love again. Which one would you choose?”
“You mean like moving away or staying?” Fido asked
“Yes” King said. Turning back into a human is not really like moving, but he could think of nothing else to compare it to that wouldn’t sound weird.
“That’s simple, because there is only one choice” Fido said.
“Only one choice?” King gave Fido a confused look.
“Let me explain, the answer would be the first choice. If you were living with a person that you truly love, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, then that is the life that you want. So in that case, the second answer would never exist. Do you get what I’m saying?”
“Yes I do” King said. And he knew that Fido was right, and that he was in love with Bailey. However, he knew there was a difference between moving away and being turned into a human. He knew that he would always be in love with Bailey while he was a dog, and would miss her if he could never see her again, but what if he was turned back into a human?
Would he still be in love with a dog if he was human again, or would she simply become a memory that he would eventually forget? He wasn’t in love when he was turned into a dog, so he didn’t know what would happen if he was turned back. While he had never heard of a human falling in love with an animal, no one had fallen in love then been turned back into a human as far as he knew.
He now realized that the question was would he be able to live with himself if he made the wrong decision? What if he is in love with Bailey the way Fido described and would be happy to spend the rest of his life with her without regret, but turns into a human and is still in love with her?
And what would happen if he is not truly in love with Bailey, that this is just some hormone driven feeling, if it was, it would not last forever. Pretty soon, he wouldn’t love her, and then he would be stuck as a dog, and have nothing to show for it. And if the choice to turn into a human came too soon, he might not know if it was hormones or not. The only way to know that is time, something he might not have.
The choice was going to be a hard one, the hardest choice in his life, and something in his gut told him if he chose wrong when the time came, he would never be able to change his mind.
“What? Oh sorry Fido, I didn’t hear you.”
“I’ll say, I had to yell to get your attention. I just want to say that I need to go. I’m on duty tomorrow, and it’s starting to get late. I need to get up early tomorrow so I can get there on time.”
“Ok, I understand. I’ll see you around town sometime.”
King thought about what had happened today, how hard Fido had tried to make him fell accepted, and help him with his problems. He even helped him start thinking about some of the right things, as far as being turned back into a human is concerned.
While he still had more to think about, King finally realized where he needs to start in order to make the most out of being a dog, something he wants to do whether he becomes a human again or not.
King calls to Fido and runs to catch up to him.
“Huh, what’s going on?” Fido asks.
“Fido, I want to thank you for today, you helped me put my mind on track, and I just made a decision. I would like to start making more friends, and I would like to start with the police dogs that you work with. I can’t be afraid of them forever, and as long as you or Fox are with me, I think that I will be ok around them now. Do you think that the next time you have the day off, we could go meet them and maybe do something together? I mean if you have no plans already.”
Fido looks at King, smiles, then says “Sounds like a plan, is next Wednesday fine, we should all have off unless a big case comes along, and we have nothing planed.”
“That sounds perfect, see you next Wednesday”


Author:  valerio [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

Hmm, not bad for a start. not bad.
Waiting for more.

Author:  Renkun [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

This could be good will am curious how it further developed ;)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

Oh, I didn't expect people to want more. I wasent really planning more, the point of this topic was for other people to post their King fan stories too, the but I guess I could try if people really want me to.
Let me know if you really want me to write more, I can tell that my story is not told very well compared to some of the stories that I have read, but I will get better (I hope). But no promises on how good it will be, like I said, this was the first story that I wrote.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:59 pm ]
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I'm getting ready to post the second part that I never even thought that I would be writing. But first, I think that I should put some things up.

1. I do not own anything in these stories, Housepets was created by Rick Griffin

2. I give credit to SilentPrincess828 at Deviant Art for reviewing my stories for mistakes, English is my first language but I still make some very simple mistakes when writing.
(Please do not send her your stories for review, I know her in real life and we are friends, that is why I ask her to review them)
(Also, she would probably kill me)

Thats it for now I think

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

This is it, part 2 (by request)

It's not as long as the first part, or even as good I think, but from the time I started putting notes on paper to me finishing typing was about 30 hours, and I think it is good for that.

King walks out of the wolves’ house onto the sidewalk to meet Fido. Just one week ago, they had spent the better part of a day together, and Fido had had helped King start thinking the right way about some personal problems. While Fido had set this up on King’s request, he was still nervous.
“Are you ready to go?” Fido asked.
“Yes, let’s get a move on before I change my mind.”
They start walking down the street, heading to the dog park. King, Fido, Ralph, Kevin, and Fox were all going to meet there and do some things together, hopefully.
All of the sudden, King wanted to go home, to turn around and run as fast as he could and never stop, just get away.
He knew that they had all set up an ambush for him. Fido figured out who he really was a week ago, and now they were going to arrest him. In fact, they have all known from the first day, and waited for the proof before they do anything. Now they know, and he can’t do anything about it.
Stop thinking like that, they don’t know, if they wanted to arrest you, any one of them could outrun you, so why would they even need an ambush? Maybe it was in the book, they had to follow the book and STOP THINKING LIKE THIS!!
All that we are going to do is have a little fun at the dog park, don’t over think this. Besides, I have met Fido’s police dog friends as a dog before, just never really hung out with them.
Before long, the park came into view, and King could see Fox and Ralph talking to each other. Just the fact that Fox was there made him feel so much better.
Just as he was about to say hi to Fox, he heard the words “SUPPRISE TACKLE!”
The last thought that crossed his mind before hitting the ground was “Oh no, they did ambush me.”

They did know
They did ambush me
I can’t move
I can’t breath
I have to call for help
I can’t, my breath ran out
I’m going to pass out

Fido and Fox finally pull Kevin off of King, and Ralph starts to talk to him about tackling people from behind. All of a sudden, King sits straight up, and yells “I’m sorry, I thought I was helping!!”
Then looking around, he realizes that it was not an ambush, just tackle happy Kevin. His first thought was how to explain what he just yelled.
Ralph walks up to him and asks if he is alright.
“I’m fine, more surprised than anything.”
“Sorry about that, Kevin sometimes likes to tackle people instead of sniffing them, usually from behind, we should have warned you.”
“It’s fine, like I said I’m not hurt, just surprised.” King looks down, avoiding eye contact with Ralph.
“You want to know why I’m not asking about you yelling ‘I’m sorry, I thought I was helping?’ don’t you?
King became concerned, and then said “I didn’t mean anything by it. When I was tackled….. I mean……. you see……….”
“Don’t worry about it, people say all kinds of things after taking a hit from Kevin, you were probably just dazed, am I right?”
Ralph just smiled and said “Besides, if you really did have something to hide from us, you wouldn’t be here right now, so don’t worry about it.”
Deep down, King felt like Ralph was right. He had nothing to hide. He tried to kidnap Fox was when he was a human, and now he was a dog. Even if he told everyone that he really was that guy no one would believe him. They might think that he was crazy, but they would never believe him. As a dog, he had nothing to hide.
King stood up, stretched, and asked “So what are we going to do today, someone must have something in mind.”
It was a nice day out, despite the fact that it was the middle of winter. All the snow from last week had melted, and it was actually not too cold for a dog to do outside with nothing on (but still too cold for a mouse, which is why Spo stayed home according to Fido).
“Well, before we do anything, I think that Kevin has something to say to you” Fido said while looking a Kevin.
Kevin looked at King with a face that many other people and dogs must have seen before and said “I’m sorry, I should not tackle people without permission, especially new friends.”
“New friends” King mumbled to himself.
“What?” Kevin asked.
“Oh nothing, as for tackling me, you surprised me more than anything, just warn me next time so I have a chance to dodge it.” King said with a smile on his face showing that he had forgiven Kevin.
“Sorry. Hey I know! Let’s play tackle hide and go seek. That way I won’t get in trouble if I tackle someone.”
“No,” Ralph said “No tackle anything; we all want to be uninjured at the end of the day.”
“Oh..... ok” Kevin said with a disappointed look on his face.
“Too bad all of the snow melted, we could have had a snowball fight” Fox said.
“And then build a snow dog” Fido and King said at the same time, not meaning to.
Everyone chuckled a little bit, and when they finished King suggested that they just sit in the park and talk.
Everyone agreed, and soon they were all talking. Even though King suggested the idea, he didn’t talk too much at first, but as time passed, he eventually joined in as much as everyone else.
They talked about this and that, and the conversation changed as it went. It changed from things like who had marked what tree, to when they get out of the house, then they talked about their owners, then about how they got started in the police academy (mostly the police dogs talked during this part), and pretty soon Ralph told them about a story he had heard.
A guy was arrested about a month ago for yelling “Fire” in a movie theater. When the police arrived, he said that he put the entire fire out himself, and did it so quick that there were no burn marks anywhere in the building.
Everyone laughed at that story, and then Fox said “How could a person make up such a bad story and expect the police to believe it?”
“Oh man, we get those stories all of the time” Fido said “One guy said that the police had hypnotized people to plant the DNA evidence so we would arrest him.”
“Or what about the guy who said that a clown made him do everything, and expected us to go look for the clown and let him go” Kevin said “That guy had a screw loose in his head.”
“Of course some people come up with realistic stories” Ralph told Fox.
“Really?” Fox asked
“Yea, some do” Fido said “The most realistic story that we have been told was buy that guy who tried to kidnap you. We all thought he was telling the truth.”
“Not everyone” Ralph said.
“That’s right” Kevin stated “King wasn’t here yet, so he doesn’t count.”
“That’s not what I meant, I never believed that story.” Ralph had a serious look on his face.
King started to become angry with Ralph. And he had no idea why, he thought he had finally gotten over his past when he was with Fido.
Ralph continues “It may be my training, but I never believed him. He seemed so fake to me, I thought everyone else knew he was lying too. Why I even-”
“AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW!?” King suddenly yelled.
He realized what he was doing, just like when he yelled at Fido, but this time he did not hold back.
“What makes you an expert on lying, being a police dog? Just because someone tells you a story when you put handcuffs on them automatically makes it a lie?”
“King…” Fox said.
“Besides, how would you know how those pets felt? Or maybe that guy really did think he was helping? Did you ever think about that!?”
“Calm down King, please” Fido begged.
“Not until he tells me how he knows that the guy was lying!”
“Well how do you know he wasn’t!?” Ralph yelled back. He wasn’t trying to be smart, just trying to get King to stop for a second.
“Because…..” King was about to say that he was that guy, but stopped himself in time. “Because he was Pete’s cousin!”
Everyone was quiet; they didn’t believe what they had just heard.
Finally Kevin asked “Pete, like your old owner?”
“Yes, Pete my former owner.”
“Pete had told me the stories to scare me with what would happen to me if I ran away. However, one day, the guy came to our house to convince Pete to let me go. (The guy… Pete never even told me his name he was so embarrassed to be associated with him) When Pete refused to listen, he talked to me directly. He told me the story, and even showed me some old newspaper clippings he had brought with him to prove that it was the truth. While I decided that Pete was better than living in the wild, though only by a little bit, I decided to defend him at all costs when Pete spoke ill of him, and I guess I still want to.”
“But….” Ralph was speechless “But how come…..”
“I never told the police here about him?”
“Yes” Ralph said.
“Because I never saw or heard of him again. Like I said, I never even knew his name, Pete refused to tell me. He was embarrassed to be related to him, Pete rarely said anything, I don’t think Pete even knew that he had been arrested until we moved here. That’s why I never told anyone, what good would it do? I knew no more than any other person here. Pete knew even less.”
Ralph was speechless. King waited for someone to say something.
Fido finally said “So that’s why you felt so strongly about it, you knew it was true the whole time.”
“Well, I suspected it was Pete’s cousin from the first day I heard the story, but I became positive when we were talking the other day. I guess that could be another reason I never told anyone.”
Kevin said “You know, we could have looked up his story. If there really were newspaper articles, we could have found them.”
“There were” King said. He remembers seeing them after being rescued; he also remembers that his parents had his name censored.
Ralph finally speaks “I’m sorry, I never thought that pets would go as far as to runaway with someone’s kid”
“Well they did, never underestimate what a mistreated animal might do.”
“I think that it’s time to go home now” Fox said.
Everyone mumbles in agreement, after all the excitement no one felt like talking anymore.

Right when everyone started to leave the park, King decided he needed to talk to Ralph before he went home. King ran to catch up and started to talk to him.
“Hey Ralph, I need to talk to you real quick.”
Ralph just looked at him and nodded, letting King continue.
“When you said earlier that I had nothing to hide because I came here, you were wrong. I thought I had nothing to hide when I came here, but you helped me realize that something doesn’t go away just because your life changes in a drastic way that you can’t comprehend. When I was with Fido a week ago, I thought that I had finally gotten over…. ummmm….. Pete’s cousin, although it was a little more complicated than that. However, today made me realize that I accepted the fact that it happened and that it was in the past, but I never got over it, which is why I broke out at you earlier. There are also some things that I haven’t told you, and one is that the story I told you about Pete’s cousin wasn’t completely true, I changed some things. However, the part about him being kidnapped was true, and I know that for a fact.”
“There are some other things that I would like to tell you, Fox, and maybe Fido too. Some of it is related to Pete, some related to Pete’s cousin, and some related to me. Some is related to all three of us, but I don’t want to tell just yet. Most of these things I still need to think about by myself, and it might take a while before I figure them out. Even when I do, I still might not be ready to tell. I hope you don’t mind me telling you, but you seem like the kind of dog who will keep all of this to yourself. I think I can call you my friend by now, and I hope you feel the same way. When we leave, could you please keep this all to yourself?”
Ralph looked at King nodding his head, and spoke two words.
“I understand”
Then he turned and started to walk home.
King just stayed in the park by himself, thinking about his talk with Fido a week ago, and about the talk he just had with Ralph, wondering what he should do next. He stayed for a few hours, sometimes he was thinking, sometimes just doing nothing. Pretty soon, the sun began to set, so he started to walk home.
On his way home, King figured out where he should start. He needed to answer the most important question that he had yet to answer, the question that might even answer whether he wants to stay a dog or not.
“Do I really love Bailey?”

This time I am planning a part 3 if you want to know.

I give credit to SilentPincss828 at Deviantart for reviewing my story for mistakes.

Last, I created this topic for ANYONE who has king fan stories, not just me, so if you have one and have never posted it (and i am sure that there are people who have written stories but never posted them) or you want to write one, please do so. There are a lot of people who would like to read it(me included)even if you don't think that is good. If you agree with me, please comment so.

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

this part is a nice improvement.
Looks just like King is going to reveal the big secret, sooner or later, he just can't keep it boiling inside...
As for the thread, you know, I don't know about the others, but I am not exactly keen at the idea of a character-related thread. I prefer everyone who wants to contribute his or her own story should do that in his or her own thread. My cents

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

Kings Story Part 3

I have to see her.

I need to find out once and for all.

I can’t stand not knowing.

King was walking down the sidewalk thinking about Bailey, and how he needs to know if he really is in love with her.

Two weeks ago, King decided that he needed to find out if he was really in love with Bailey. Right after a very serious talk with Ralph the police dog that is.

As fate would have it, Fox and his dad Bill were going back to Kansas. It was something about Bill visiting his sick brother. It was nothing serious, but Bill insisted on going.

And now King wanted to go with them. He knew that the only way to find out if he was truly in love with Bailey was to spend at least one day with her. He would never figure it out otherwise.

However, he did not want to just ask if he could just come along, that would be rude. He wanted to respect the fact the trip was to visit a sick relative (even if the relative was not that sick).

As King started to turn around, he saw Fox walking toward him.

“Hey King, how is it going?”


“King, you know that me and dad are going to go to leave tomorrow to go to Kansas right?”

“Yes I do, your uncle is sick right?”

“Yea, I just wanted to ask if you would come along.”

“Huh, why?”

“Well, the last time we went you enjoyed yourself a lot, and this time there won’t be fifty people all trying to play with you at the same time. Plus I figured that you could use a break from the wolves, mainly from the cubs always trying to burry you in the yard. Plus Bailey will be there too.”

“Thank you Fox, I will come along tomorrow. I actually wanted to ask if I could go, but I didn’t want to be rude.”
Fox just laughed and then said “I knew you wanted to come along, that’s why I offered.”

As soon as they arrived at the house, King noticed just how peaceful it was. Then again, there weren’t fifteen other families there like during Thanksgiving, so it would be more peaceful.

As soon as King gets out of the sidecar he sees another dog walking toward him. The dog goes right to King and introduces himself.

“Hi, my name is Stealer.” King notices that he is the same breed as Fox and Bailey.

“Hello, my name is King” King notices that his fur was a little darker than Fox’s, and that he had a dark patch of fur on his back.

“Hey Stealer” Fox called from the sidecar as he got out “Long time no see.”

“I don’t recognize you from Thanksgiving” King said.

“I should hope not, I wasn’t here. My family is just friends with Fox’s; we spend Thanksgiving with our own family up north.”

“Oh, that makes sense, now I don’t feel so bad for not remembering your name.” King said with a relieved look on his face.

“Yea, we came for the same reason that you did, we heard that Mike got sick and just wanted to visit.”

“Right. Hey, do you know where Bailey is? I want to go see her.”

“I think she is in the backyard right now.”

“Thanks!” King yelled as he ran around the house to the back yard.

Right then he saw her for the first time since Thanksgiving, lying down in the grass, and she was still as beautiful as he remembered.
And yet, something didn’t fell like Thanksgiving. King couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was something inside him. He decided to ignore it for now.

“Hey Bailey!” he called to her

Bailey sat up, looking around before she saw King, then stood up and ran toward him.

“King!” she yelled as she hugged him before he could do anything.

“I didn’t think that you would come here with Fox, I’m so glad to see you.”

“Me too Bailey, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. It’s so peaceful out here, and the view is beautiful” he said while looking at her.

“Well don’t just stand there, come inside, you must be hungry.”

“I sure am”

They went inside, and as they did, King realized that his feelings toward Bailey are what were different from Thanksgiving. He didn’t know how, but they just felt different.

I must be imagining things He thought.

Right before they got to the kitchen, the front door opened and Fox and Stealer walked in.

“Oh, hey there Fox” Bailey said as she walked over to give him a hug.

“What, no hug for me?” Stealer asked.

“You got one yesterday when you came here” Bailey said.

“Ok, fine then” he said with a playful smile on his face.

“Oh, sorry King, have you met Stealer yet?”

“Yes, we met out front before I ran to the back to meet you.”

“Good” Bailey said “We were just about to get something to eat, you two want to join?”

“I’m fine” Fox said.

“I’m not, when do we eat?” Stealer had the goofiest smile on his face for some reason, and King didn’t trust it.

The rest of the day went by petty fast for King; Stealer was always talking about something that King could care less about. But other than that, the day was not too bad.

However, one thing kept bothering King. He still had strong feelings for Bailey, but they were different than before. He was glad when he saw her in the backyard, but a different kind of glad then he was expecting.

Different kind of glad, was that related to the different feelings? Maybe he was trying too hard to see how much he loved her? Maybe he wasn’t trying hard enough. He didn’t know, and he wanted to know more than anything in his life.

By the end of the day, King was ready to get some sleep. But his mind was not, it still kept thinking about the feelings and how they were different. He decided to go over what he did know; he still had feelings for Bailey, they were strong, just as strong as the day he met her, BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT!!

He tried to think about something else. When did they start feeling different? Was it at home in Babylon Gardens? No. Was it on the ride over here? No. When was it?

King kept thinking, but he knew the answer before he had started thinking about it.
It was today.

They changed the second he saw her.

King was worried, what did that mean? They changed when he saw her. Does this mean that he loves her more now? That wasn’t it; he already loved her as much as he could. Does he love her less? No, the feeling was different, but still as strong; he still loved her just as much.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” King started screaming to the sky in the backyard (but not loud enough that people might hear him)

“Why can’t I figure this out?!”

King decided that he should lie down. A good night of sleep might help him think in the morning. He fell on his back and just laid in the grass.

“This feels nice” he said to himself “It’s not very cold out; I could probably fall asleep here right now. But I have so much on my mind, how could I fall asleep? Besides, I don’t…. even……… feel……………. ZZZZZZ.”

King was sleeping in a deep, dreamless sleep, his mind taking a rest from trying to figure everything out.

When King woke up he looked around, not recognizing his surroundings. Then he remembered everything that happened yesterday, including his feelings. He was hoping that they would feel normal now, but they still felt different.

King just sighed and went into the house. When he goes into the kitchen he sees Fox eating a bowl of dry dog food.

“Hey King” Fox said “Have fun sleeping in the yard?”

When he thought about it, King realized he had one of the best nights of sleep he has had in a long time.

“Yes I did” King said to Fox, and then he asked “Have you seen Bailey this morning?”

“Yes I have, she went with Stealer to town to get some things at the store. They left an hour or so ago, you slept in quite late. It’s about 11:00 right now.”

“I see. When will they be back?”

“Not until dark, they decided to walk because it was so nice today.”

“I see” King said.

“Don’t worry; we are staying for the week. You’ll have plenty of time to spend with Bailey.”

“Wait, what? No, that’s not what I meant, I just……”

“Relax there lover boy, I know you have a crush on her, remember what happened at the lake? I was there too.” Fox had a sly looking smile in his face.

“Oh, that’s right.”

That wasn’t the reason King wanted to know where Bailey was, he actually wanted to think his feelings over without seeing her for a little bit. It just felt like that was what he needed to do.

King sat down with Fox and had brunch, then went outside for a walk. As he walked around, he started thinking about the feeling that he just couldn’t figure out. Now that he had a clear mind, he was able to figure something out about the feeling. It… felt brighter.

It 'felt brighter.' Whatever that meant. A good start, but not very helpful. He had finally figured out how it was different, but what did 'brighter' mean?

King kept walking for a while. He didn’t know where he was going, but pretty soon he arrived at the lake that Bailey had gotten his watch/freewill thing out of. The water was so calm, so peaceful….

“THAT’S IT!” King yelled. He realized that he felt peaceful inside. Ever since he met Bailey, he has been torn in two halves on the inside. The half that wanted to be human, and the half that wanted to stay a dog. He hasn’t felt inner peace since Thanksgiving, before then he had been sure he wanted to turn back into a human.

Wait, there was one time he forgot about the conflict inside of him.

When he saw the snow-covered clearing with Fido. Even if only for a moment or two, he felt at peace with himself. But, this feeling then was different than that one too.

This time King figured it out almost immediately what it was. Last time, he had forgotten about his troubles for a little bit, but this time he felt like he had made a choice. And he knew what choice he had made. He wanted to stay a dog.

But why would he decide this now? He came to see if he was truly in love with Bailey, not whether or not he wanted to stay a dog. He kept walking, not knowing where he was going, and not caring.

After a while, King figured it was probably about 3:00, and he figured he should head home soon, but not yet. He saw a small hill, and decided to lie down on the slope.

Why did he want to stay a dog? What made him feel like this? Even after a good night’s sleep, he still couldn’t figure the whole thing out. Maybe a small nap would help, he felt tired after all of the walking he did.

Once he fell asleep, he started to have a dream. This dream seemed to be telling him something, something that he knew but he had not realized it yet.

He sees the first time he saw Bailey, and remembered how he felt. Then he sees the conversation he had with Fox this morning. The dream focuses on just one thing that Fox said.

“Relax there lover boy, I know you have a crush on her”

Lover boy


Lover boy




King woke up, it was almost dark. He didn’t care though.

He started running back to the house.

He had just figured out why he felt different.

And it was something he couldn't hold in.

When Fox said that King has a crush on Bailey this morning, he was wrong. King used to have a crush on Bailey.

Now he was completely in love with her.

That was the feeling, the feeling of complete love. King had never realized that it was only a crush he had on her, he thought he was always in love with her.

When he saw her in the backyard, something in his heart knew he was in love with her. That was why his feelings changed. How could he have been so blind up until now?

But that did not matter now. He wanted to spend his life with her, to never leave her side. He had to go tell her as soon as he could. That was why he was running now.

King ran all the way back to the house, and all but broke the door as he rushed inside. The first person (or dog) he saw was Fox, watching some TV.

“Fox! Where is bailey? She should be back by now, and I need to tell her something.”

“Uhhh….. I think that she went to the barn. But-”

King was out the door before Fox could get another word out, running to the barn. The doors were open, he ran to go tell Bailey everything that he had just figured out.

However, King stopped right in the open doorway. Something was not right.

Please, no King thought anything but this, not now, not ever.

Bailey and Stealer were sitting on a bale of hay, watching the sunset through the back of the barn. They were holding hands, and Bailey was leaning her head on Stealer’s shoulder….

I give Silentprincess828 at Deviantart credit for reviewing my story for mistakes.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

I hope this is easier to read, I was told spaceing everything out would make it look better.

Next, the story will be finished with the rest, and then a part 4.....

Last, thumbs up to you if you can figure out what King figured out in his dream.
If you think you know, please post it. I know how I want to end this, but I just want to see what people think.
See how good I was at hiding it.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

aww, that was so cute!

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

I just posted the rest of part 3, hope everyone likes the ending.
(I woulden't know what people were thinking would happen, they never said.)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

I was just wondering, how do all of you think that I can improve my writing?

I am working on part 4, but I'm not moving very fast compared to the rest of my stories. By now I would be typing, or close to it, but I am only 2 pages into my handwriten notes (I have 13 pages for part 3).

One of the reasons that I am going so slow is that I want to do a really good job, and I feel that I should get some of your feedback.

If you have a suggestion, please comment so, I would love to hear it (well, read it).

I want to make this last part on the writing level of people like Valerio, to try and push my writing ability, so please help me out.

I asked my friend SilentPrincess, but she had nothing to say....

Author:  musclecar326 [ Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

There is only a few little things here and there that you could improve on. But you've done a great job so far, i really like the character development of King in this story. I don't know if you'll be able to write like Val. He has several stories and nearly 2-3 years under his belt. You can definitely try, I'm rooting for you.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

Do you think you could tell me what those few little things are? I would like to know.

I say I want to make this last part on the writing level of people like Valerio to challenge myself, my stories would probably be better if I spent more than 2-3 days on each one.....

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

I just finished my hand writen notes, and I hope the story will be typed soon.

I think this looks like my best work yet, I hope that it is as good as I think it is.

Author:  copper [ Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

A nice story Indeed. King has gotten quite a bit covered in here. A good little read really.

As for things to improve upon, you do change your tenses a bit. A rather common mistake, even among the native speakers. I also see a few spelling mistakes here and there, but nothing serious.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

Ok, it is finally done. 9 days, I never thought I would finish. I hope that you all like it (and the ending).

King's Story Part 4

King was lying in the grass, thinking about what he just saw.

How could this happen to me, I just figured out that I am in love with her. King thought But she doesn’t love me, she loves Stealer.

That’s why they went to town together, they wanted some time to be alone. How could I not see that, it is obvious now that I have seen them together.

“Why did this happen to me?” King said out loud to no one but himself.

He kept thinking my life is one bad event after another, will it ever end? What should I do?

Maybe I could win her back? No. If Stealer really is in love with her like I am, I don’t want to break his heart like mine is right now. He had no idea that I loved her, I can’t do that to him for following his heart.

And what about Bailey? Has she always loved him? If she has, then what was that snuggling session during Thanksgiving?

Then King thought about Fox’s words when Bailey dove into the lake to get his watch (freewill) out of the lake.

King: Why does everyone else fight my battles?

Fox: It’s either because you’re so cute, or so helpless.

Was that what that snuggle session was about? I was just cute or helpless -or both- in her eyes? Maybe she was just trying to make me feel more accepted by everyone?

Or maybe she wasn’t in love with Stealer then.

No matter what he thought of, King still felt heartbroken. Even though he had no reason to think so, he knew that he would always feel heartbroken over her, even if he turned into a human. He didn’t know how he knew, he just knew.

This kind of love would never go away.

What am I supposed to do? King thought. Maybe a good night’s sleep will help me think, it did last night.

Despite having taken a nap only a few hours ago, he felt really tired. Perhaps a good night’s sleep outside would help him.

It didn’t work. King tossed and turned all night, he woke up often, and never fell into a deep sleep. He kept seeing the moment when he looked in the barn and saw Stealer and Bailey.

When he woke up, the sun had just risen over the horizon. I wish I could have seen it rise King thought. He felt like he had not had any sleep at all, but decided to get up anyway.

King walked inside of the house to get something to eat. To his surprise, Bailey was in the kitchen finishing her breakfast.

“Good morning King, sleep well outside?”

“Good morning Bailey, I slept great.” He figured dogs didn’t get bags under their eyes when they didn’t sleep well. If he was a human, anyone could probably look at him and tell he had a poor night’s sleep.

“Well that’s good. I wish that we had a chance to spend some time together yesterday, but I had to go to the store.”

“I know, Fox told me.”

“Oh, good. I was hoping that we could spend the day together to make up for yesterday. I want to spend some more time with you then I did during Thanksgiving.”

King didn’t feel like spending much time with Bailey having just learned that Stealer is in love with her, he wouldn’t be able to emotionally handle it.

“Well, I was hoping to spend the day with Fox, maybe we could spend the day together tomorrow or something.”

Bailey had a disappointed look on her face as she said “Ok, tomorrow then.” With that statement she put her dishes in the sink and left the kitchen.

Sorry Bailey, King thought But I just can’t spend the day with you today.

King went and got a bowl and put some dry food in it. As he sat down to eat, he thought about how he should be jumping up and down with happiness from getting to spend the day with Bailey.

She sees me as a friend, she sees Stealer as her boyfriend. That’s why. I just can’t handle that now.

Maybe I should go talk to Fox, he usually has helpful advice and I could use some right now.

King finished eating and went out the front door to go look for Fox, but he didn’t have to go far. Fox was lying in the grass, watching the sunrise.

As King walked over to Fox, he was trying to think of something to say. But Fox looked over and saw King before he could think of anything.

“Hey King, Bailey was looking for you. I think she wanted to spend the day with you or something.”

“Yea, I know. I saw her inside. We’re going to do that tomorrow.”

“Why tomorrow?” Fox asked.

“Well…. I wasn’t feeling too good, so I asked if we could wait until tomorrow.”

“I see.” Fox said “So as a cure you come to talk to me like that might make you feel better?”

“Yea, well…. Ummm…..” King tried to think of something else to bring up. But the only person (dog) on his mind right now was Stealer. He remembered the strange smile that Stealer had on his face the day before yesterday. How he didn’t trust it. Maybe Fox knew something about it. If anything it was a different topic.

“Ummm…. I am kind of worried about Stealer. Something about him seemed off when I met him. It’s been on my mind since yesterday, and I don’t want to do something that could offend him by mistake.”

“Like asking him about it” Fox said.

“Yea, it could be a sensitive topic for him.”

“Well, I guess you could say that it would be. His girlfriend broke up with him right before he came here.”

No wonder he would look to Bailey for comfort. King thought He must hurt on the inside.

“Wow, I had no idea. I feel bad for not saying anything to him.” King really did feel bad about that.

“Yea” Fox said “He’s a good dog as far as I know. I don’t see him that often. But I think that he was dumped for another dog that was his friend. That is what hurt him the most. Some people can be so cruel.”

King managed to smile at Fox. “Maybe I should go talk to him; I have experience with stuff like that.” Recent experience unfortunately.

“That would be a good idea; he might need someone to talk to.”

King started to walk away when Fox called to him. “Hey King! I forgot to ask, what did you want to tell Bailey last night? You were in such a rush to find her.”

“Nothing that can’t wait for now.” King said and then walked away.

Although he did want to talk to Stealer, King decided to walk to the lake Bailey got his watch (freewill) out of.

How can I give her up? She is the only true love in my life, human or dog.

However, Stealer went through a tough break-up only a few days ago. He probably looks to her for comfort. Maybe that’s all it is, maybe they aren’t in love with each other.

Then again, maybe they are. I’ve only met Bailey in person twice, and I am totally in love with her, and Stealer had known her a lot longer than me. He could have always been in love with her.

Or maybe he had feelings for Bailey that he didn’t realize until she gave him the comfort and support he needed after the break-up.

There are too many possibilities for what might be, and there was only one way to find out.

“I have to go ask Stealer himself” King mumbled as he looked at his reflection in the calm water of the lake. Then he started to walk back to the house to look for Stealer.

While he wanted to talk to Stealer, it took King the rest of the morning to find him. No one had seen him since last night, and the one person who probably knew where he would be was Bailey. But King couldn’t talk to her, he felt like he had to talk to Stealer before he could speak to Bailey again.

By the time King was able to find Stealer it was about noon (He had somehow managed to avoid Bailey the entire time). Stealer was in the barn that King had seen him and Bailey in last night. He was looking out the back of the barn, sitting on the same bale of hay that he and Bailey sat on last night.

King wanted to turn around and run, just like he did last night, but he held his ground. He decided that it was now or never.
“Stealer!” King called to him.

Stealer turned around and looked, and when he saw King, he smiled and said “Hey King, why don’t you come and sit?”
King walked over and sat next to him. When he got a closer look at his face, it looked different. It seemed to have a relieved look to it. Then with a smile, Stealer asked King “So what brings you here?”

“Well… I heard from Fox about your girlfriend, and came to see if I could help you in any way. I feel bad for not offering sooner, even though I just found out.”

“It’s ok” Stealer said “I was trying to keep it to myself, but anyone who knew me was able to tell something was wrong. We’ve never met before so I don’t blame you for not noticing.

As for helping me, I think I am fine now. Bailey helped me out a lot yesterday. You know that we went to the store, right?”

“Yes I know, you were gone all day.”

“Oh, right” Stealer said with an embarrassed look on his face. “Well, Bailey noticed that I seemed down that morning. When she asked what was wrong, I started to make up stories and excuses. But she knew I was lying and would not let up until I told her the truth. So I told her the whole story of how I was dumped about ten seconds before we left. How my ex-girlfriend wanted to make sure that I was gone before I recovered from the shock.”

King just looked at him with amazement. “She pretty much dumped you AS you left! Now I really feel bad, that must have been hard to take from someone you thought loved you.”

Stealer’s face looked kind of happy as he said “Yea, but I don’t want to be in love with a person who can do that to someone. I’m kind of glad we broke up. Well, I guess I should say I’m glad she dumped me.”

“You seem to be taking this quite well.” King said.

Stealer just looked at him. “Well I hope I am after talking to Bailey yesterday, she did not let up until I had let it all out. She went out to the store to have a little fun while she was there, but she gave that up to make me feel better. That’s when I realized I had some kind of new feeling for her, but I just couldn’t figure it out.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve had that feeling before.” King said, then thought At the same time you did.

Stealer continued “I kept thinking about this feeling. Even as we were walking home I still thought about it, and I was finally able to figure it out.”

“What was the feeling?” King asked, knowing the answer already, but wanting to here Stealer say it for some reason.

Stealer looked out the back of the barn, staring at the sky while he said “That she is more than a friend to me. And that she will always be more than just a friend to me.” Stealer looked at King and asked him “Do you know what I mean?”

King just looked at the ground and kind of mumbled “Yes, I know what you mean.” Then he thought But I wish I didn’t.

Stealer smiled at him and said “I’m glad.” Then looking back to the sky he said “I want to thank you for checking up on me. You noticed that something was wrong and wanted to help me. I hope we can be friends, even if we don’t see each other often.” Looking back at King once more he said “Maybe one day I can visit you and Fox at Babylon Gardens.”

King forced a smile on his face, looked at Stealer and said “Sure, that would be a lot of fun.”

After he talked to Stealer, King needed to do some more thinking, and decided to walk around the property for a while. He had been walking for several hours.

Do I want to win Bailey back?


Stealer is in love with her, I can’t try to make her love me while he loves her. He is a nice guy, it’s not like he knew I was in love with Bailey and he stole her on purpose. If they want to be a couple, then I will be happy for them.


No matter how many times I tell myself that, I still feel like I want to take Bailey and leave all of this behind. I love her too much myself, but she loves Stealer-


Does she love Stealer? He never said he told Bailey about his feelings, maybe they were just… keeping each other company or something last night. Maybe she does not love him.

I don’t want to break Stealer’s heart, but if she doesn’t love him, maybe I still have a chance. I need to go and talk to her now!

King was a fair distance from the house. He started running there at first, but he became tired quickly. In the end, he walked most of the way back. By the time he got back to the house, the sun was getting ready to set. He knew he had to find Bailey fast, but something had come across his mind while he was looking for her, something that almost stopped him in his tracks.

Even if she does not love Stealer, will she love me instead?

King tried to push the thought out of his mind for now, he needed to find Bailey first.

He found her in the backyard, lying in the grass. He walked up to her, but she looked up and saw him before he could say anything.

“Oh King, weren’t you were going to spend the day with Fox?” Bailey did not look angry or suspicious, but King decided to tell her where he had been.

“I was, but he told me that Stealer was dumped right before he came here. I decided to go check up on him and see if he needed anything. I kind of know how he felt.”

Bailey smiled at King and said “He’s fine now, we talked yesterday and I think he got over it.”

“That’s what he said, and he seems to have gotten over it to me too. I think some of that has to do with a ‘new feeling’ he has for you. Did he tell you about it?”

Still smiling, Bailey said “Yes, he told me about it yesterday when we got back.” Then with a puzzled look on her face she asked “Why do you want to know?”

“Oh, why?” King felt a little embarrassed “Well, I want to know if you feel the same way. He really had a lot to thank you for yesterday, but if you did not share that feeling with him…”

“I see” Bailey said “You don’t want me to hurt him, right?”

“Right…” King still felt a little embarrassed.

“Well you don’t have to worry, I feel the same way.” Bailey was looking at the sun that was getting ready to set. “I think we have both felt like that for a long time.”

King’s heart sank into his stomach. That was it. She loved Stealer. The love of his life loved someone else.

Well, I need to act glad for them. At least she loves Stealer. I don’t know what I would do if she loved someone who did not have a heart like his. As long as Bailey is happy, I will be happy for her.

“I’m glad. Like I said, I kind of know how he felt, so I know how relieved he must feel now.”

Bailey gave King a concerned look. “Speaking of how you feel, how do you feel? You look kind of tired right now, you must have had a busy day.”

King realized just how tired he was. With his lack of sleep last night, and all the walking he did today, he was exhausted.

Bailey continued, “You should get some sleep soon, or you might pass out.”

“Good idea, I will. I think I will sleep out here tonight. It looks like it’s going to be clear again.”

Bailey gave him a funny look. “Why do you like sleeping outside? You haven’t spent the night inside once this visit.”

King didn’t know what to say, he thought for a second and said “Because it just feels good. I don’t know why. The first night was by accident, and I liked it, so I want to keep sleeping outside while I’m here. I like to watch the sunrise in the morning too, so what better place to sleep but in the yard?”

Bailey smiled at him and said “Well have fun with that, I’m going inside now.”

“See you in the morning” King said.

There was really only one reason King slept outside tonight, and once the sun went down and he was sure everyone was in there bed, he did something he had wanted to do all day.

He cried.

Not just the occasional tear either. The ground under him was quickly becoming soaked. He even sobbed as he cried, and he couldn’t stop.

Why am I crying? He thought. I should feel happy for Stealer, not sorry for myself. He got the only girl that I have ever fallen in love with.

At this thought, King cried even harder.

Nothing I tell myself helps, I still want Bailey to fall in love with me. I don’t want to hurt Stealer, but I still want her. Why did this happen to me? Of all of the dogs and people in the world, WHY ME?!

King kept crying until he fell asleep. Even then, you could still see a tear or two fall from his closed eyes as he dreamt of Bailey, and how he would never have her.

Surprisingly enough, he slept ok that night. Not as well as his first night, but ok.

When he woke up, he saw the sun was about to rise. However, something did not feel right. He saw something out of the corner of his eye, and when he turned to look, it was Bailey.

She was awake and looking at the horizon. She looked and saw that King was awake.

“Good morning King, did you sleep well?”

“B-B-Bailey? I-I slept fine I think, what are you doing out here?” King was speechless.

“I saw you crying last night when I looked out of my window, so I came outside to see what the problem was. You must have been tired, because you fell asleep by the time I got here. I didn’t know what to do. You seemed so upset, and I wanted to help, but I decided to let you sleep.”

“S-So why are you still here?” King was still in shock from waking up next to the girl he was in love with.

“I slept right here next to you. I woke up only a minute or two ago myself.”

“But- Why?” It was the only thing he could think to say.

She looked at him and said “Because I’m worried about you. Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”

King decided that he should tell her, she knew something was wrong and he could not hold it in any longer.

“Ok, I’ll tell you. Recently my life was turned upside-down, and I needed to make a choice between two different lives. I thought I knew the answer, but then I met you. Before I knew it, I was unsure what life I wanted. The only way to figure that out was to figure out if I was really in love with you.”

Bailey just nodded.

“Well, I came here to try and finally figure that out, and the day before yesterday I did. I was- no I AM in love with you. This realization
has a bigger impact on my life than you could ever think of, however I also learned something that turned my life upside-down again. You and Stealer love each other.”

King looked at the horizon. The sun would come up any second.

“I had finally figured out what I wanted in my life, but now I don’t know again. I tried to accept that you and Stealer love each other, but I feel like I will never get over you. You are the most-”

“King, look at me.” Bailey said.


King was about to ask Bailey something, but something stopped him.

That something was Bailey kissing him.

As if waiting for this moment, the sun started to rise over the horizon.

All King knew was that Bailey was kissing him, and he was kissing her back. A voice in his head told him to stop and ask her why. But an
even stronger voice from his heart told him to make the moment last as long as possible, forever if possible.

When the kiss ended, Bailey spoke first.

“I’m not in love with Stealer, I never have been. And he is not in love with me. There was a misunderstanding between you two.”

King was speechless, but he tried to speak anyway. “But… How… When…”

“Are you going to sit there sputtering, or are we going to kiss again, because I love you too you know.”

So in the backyard, with the beautiful sunrise behind them, they kissed again.


I give Silentprincess828 at Deviantart credit for reviewing my story for mistakes.

I hope that everyone liked it, and I hope everyone liked the ending.

If you have any comments (good or bad) or questions please post them, I will be more than happy to respond or answer them.

Author:  copper [ Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

Wow, that really was a long kiss!!!! It went from Sunrise to Sunset!!! :lol:

Great little King story! It was very sweet, and really got you into King's frame of mind here.

Can't wait to see more from you.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

oops :oops:
I ment for that to say sunrise, sorry.

I just fixed it, thank you for pointing that out.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: King fan stories

I might post some of my random King fics here... eventually... Good story.

Stealer stole my girl before I knew her.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Ok, the next part in my story. This story will eventully connect with my first one, but I'm not sure when.

Looking at the Babylon Gardens entrance, a mysterious new pet stood on the road.

I hope that it was worth coming here. The mysterious new pet thought. It’s not often I get a call from her, but at least I can have some fun.

Bino was walking along the street, not looking at where he was going. He had too much on his mind.

How could this happen to me? I’m the leader of the Good Ol’ Dogs Club, I shouldn’t feel like this. What will everyone else think? I could be kicked out from the club that I started.

Earlier that day…

“And that is why we CANNOT stop digging in our yards no matter what our owners tell us!”

Another great speech I have just delivered, probably the best one yet Bino thought (The same thought after every speech that he has).

Now that he was done, all of the dogs of the GODC started to mumble among themselves about the speech. No doubt they are talking about how great that speech was Bino thought (It was a good thing that Bino could not hear anyone, they were mostly saying how glad they were that the speech had finally ended).

Speaking up one last time, Bino said “This meeting of the GODC has come to an end, and I will see you all in one week. Dismissed.”

Almost everyone left right away, they had better things to do than listen to Bino talk about nothing for another hour (Like watching paint dry).

On the way out, Bino overheard a few dogs talking about the new neighbors that moved in on Fifth Street.

New neighbors, this is great. Maybe I could go give them a visit. I could introduce myself and invite there dog to the next GODC meeting. This is turning out to be a great week. No King around, I delivered my best speech yet, and a new member of the GODC.

“If only I had known” Bino said to himself as he continued to walk down the street.

About an hour later, Bino arrived at the house. He had gone home quick to tidy himself up a little bit; you need to make a good first impression.

He walked up to the door and knocked. The person who answered looked to be as big and strong as Fox’s dad, Bill.

Bino, not shaken up in the least, looked at him and said “Hello sir. My name is Bino. I heard that you recently moved in, and I came to welcome you to the neighborhood.” No sweat Bino thought I have done this a million times before.

The man just smiled and said “Thank you Bino, my name is Ted, would you like to come in? My wife would love to meet you.”

“Thank you” Bino said as he walked into the house.

Once inside, Bino saw a woman sitting in a chair in the living room.

“Bino, this is my wife, Ann. Ann, this is Bino. He came to welcome us to the neighborhood.”

“Well, aren’t you just cute as can be.” Ann said.

Bino started to blush.

“Well, leave the poor guy alone” Ted told his wife “No need to embarrass him.”

Ted turned to Bino and asked “So Bino, while you’re here, I have a question for you.”

“Shoot” Bino said.

“I heard that there was a club in this town for pets, but I didn’t get much information on it. Do you know about it? I was hoping that Kyria could join it, she is kind of shy around new people, and I think this club might help her.”

“Sir, you could not have asked a better person. I happen to have started the club in question with my brother, and would be more than happy to let Kyria join. Our next meeting is in exactly one week, and everyone will be happy to have a new member.”

Ted’s face lit up with joy at this news. “That’s great. I was afraid that the club might be exclusive to all but a few animals.”

Bino just laughed at that and said “Oh no, as long as they don’t have fleas and live here in Babylon Gardens, anyone can join.”

“Thank you, Kyria is going to love to hear that.”

“Speaking of Kyria, would you like to meet her now, I’m sure she would like to meet you.” Ann said.

“Sure, I don’t see the harm in that.” All Bino was thinking about at this time was adding a new member to the club. (And a new dog he could woo with his good looks)


Bino heard someone call down “Ok, be there in a minute!”

Oh… no. Was the only thing Bino could think when he heard the voice. That voice doesn’t sound like it belongs to a dog, it sounds like it belongs to a- a- a-

Just then, Bino saw a lightly colored housecat walk down the stairs. She was a very light tan color, and had stripes running across her back that were only slightly darker (The colors were so close, that she looked to be a solid color from not too far away).

“Bino, this is our cat Kyria.”

At this moment, Bino had many emotions running through his body, causing havoc.

Disappointment- this was not a new dog that he could charm with his looks.

Anger (at himself) - how could he have assumed that the new pet would be a dog?

Embarrassment- how could he have just invited a cat to the GODC?

Worry- what would the other dogs do to him if they found out he had just invited a cat?

And something else, but he could not figure out this emotion in the few seconds between seeing Kyria and her saying “Hi Bino, I’m Kyria” and putting her paw out for him to shake.

Bino felt like he wanted to turn and run, but something stopped him. Instead he put his paw out and shook hands with her.

He knew that he should have done this because if he turned and ran, Ted would find him and snap him in half like a twig for hurting his cat’s feelings.

That should have been the reason why, but it wasn’t. He shook hands because he wanted to. And he wanted to because…

…because he had a crush on her.

Bino, a dog, just figured out he had a crush on Kyria, a cat.

While shaking hands, Bino managed to sputter out “N- n- nice to meet you.”

“You seem kind of shy.” Kyria said.

“He didn’t seem shy a moment ago.” Ann noticed Bino blushing a little bit.

Right then, someone else knocked on the door.

“Boy, we sure are popular today” Ted said as he went to see who was there.

When he opened the door, Sasha ran in and gave a hug that knocked the wind out of him.

“Oh Teddy, I’m so glad to see you!” Sasha seemed to be doing her best not to squeeze the life out of him, but it was a losing battle.

With the little bit of breath he had left, Ted said “I’m glad to see you too Sasha, it has been a few years hasn’t it?”

Bino was in shock (well, not as much as a few seconds ago when he realized he had a crush on a cat, but still shock). “Sasha, you know this family?”

She finally let go of Ted, turned to Bino and said “Yup. We used to be neighbors before me and daddy moved here. Kyria and me were best friends, even though we only knew each other for a few months. And now we can be bestist friends again!! Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming!”

Ann stood up and said “You’ve known we were going to move here for a month now. I don’t think you’re dreaming.”

Sasha ran over to Ann and gave her a hug, but not quite as strong as the one that Ted got.

“I’m glad to see you’re as happy as ever.” Kyria said.

As Sasha let go of Ann, she started talking to Kyria, trying to catch up on their lost years.

Meanwhile, Bino sat down on the couch. He needed to think for a second.

How can I have a crush on this cat? I have teased cat lovers for as long as I can remember, and now I am one. And what is even worse, my on-off girlfriend is best friends with her. How can I go out with her while I have a crush on her best friend? As much as I don’t care for cats, I don’t want to break up their friendship.

I just need to get out of here for now, get some fresh air.

“Uh, Ted?”

Ted looked over at Bino “Yes?”

“Um, something just came up with the club, I need to go. Do you mind?”

Ted just smiled at him “No, go do what you need to do, I’m sure that I will see you around.”


And here he was, walking down the street, still thinking.

I only have a crush on her, it’s not like I fell in love with her. Maybe I made it up? Was it all in my head?

While walking in deep thought, he didn’t notice Sasha run up to him.

“Hi Bino!!” she yelled almost in his face to get his attention.

“Sasha!? You scared me, weren’t you at Kyria’s house talking to her?”

“Well I was.” Sasha said, “But she said that she needed to go somewhere. She was real secretive about it, but I think she was going to meet someone.”

“So I guess that you came to hang out with me until you can talk to Kyria again? Fine, but don’t get in my way when we are walking.”

“Oh no. I wouldn’t want to get between you and her.” Sasha said with a smile.

Bino was stunned for a second. “…Get between us?”

“You heard me right” Sasha said excitedly “You both looked so cute when I saw you, I just wanted to tell you that now I’m going to date your brother Fido, if I can get him to go out with me that is.”

Bino was still stunned. “You… think that I love Kyria?”

“Oh Biney, anyone could see the way that you were looking at her and tell you have a crush. You silly wily. Not to mention…” Sasha looked around like she was telling him a secret “I think that she likes you too.”

This time Bino was stunned into silence.

“Would you look at the time!” Sasha said “I need to go, bye-bye Biney.”

Bino just stood on the sidewalk in silence while his brain worked through everything he had just heard.

“So you say Bino is now a cat lover because he loves-”


“That’s interesting, how are you handling it?”

“You already know that I love him, so just leave it. Besides, this is good right? Our purpose was to get him to accept cat lovers, but now he is one. Problem solved.”

“Problem not solved.”


“He’s a cat lover now. If any of his friends were to find out, they would make fun of him. To counter this he would deny it, and then make even more fun of anyone he suspects of being a cat lover. We need to protect him from accidently showing he is a cat lover until he is emotionally stable enough to hide it himself.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“I’m always right, you should know that. I will go see him, see how he’s doing.”

Bino was sitting on the far side of the park, leaning on a tree, doing some more thinking.

Sasha saw that I had a crush right away, and even dumped me so she would not get in the way between me and Kyria. How could I be so obvious?

And Kyria has a crush on me too.

All of the sudden, Bino said to himself (kind of loudly) “Why did I have to fall in love with a cat?”

All of the sudden, Bino heard someone above him snicker. It was a voice he knew all too well…

Please. Bino thought. Not him, not now.

Just then, as if he was waiting for that very thought, Max dropped out of the tree.

“Did my ears just hear what I think they just heard?” He had the same grin that he gets every time he hears a bit of juicy gossip.

“No, go away” Bino said defensively.

Max (not surprisingly) didn’t go away. “I don’t believe this, Bino, the leader of the GODC and self proclaimed cat hater, is in love with a cat? I can’t wait to tell the guys about this.”

“N-no. Shut it!”

In the argument that followed, neither of them noticed the new dog walking up.

He was not special in any way judging by his looks. He was a similar size compared to dogs like Bino. His fur was light tan color, and it was solid. No stripes, spots, or anything like that.

He walked up to the fight between Max and Bino and asked “What are you two arguing over? I’m new here and I have heard that this was a friendly place. Were my friends wrong?”

Max just smiled at him and said “Oh, we are just arguing over Bino’s next girlfriend.”

“I see” said the dog. “Is this Bino?” He asked looking at Bino.

“Why yes he is-”

Max was cut off by nothing more than a glimpse into the new dog’s eyes. He could see a lot in the dog’s eyes, all of the things that this dog must have seen. Things that no one should ever have to see. Things so bad, just thinking about them might make a person go blind. But even worse than that was the fire Max swore he could see in the pupil. A fire that came right out of this guy’s heart, the kind of fire only someone who has come close to death SEVERAL times could have. The kind of fire that could look into someone’s soul.

The new dog spoke, never losing eye contact with Max. “I don’t like bullies, Max. And you won’t like what I do to bullies.

If I hear ONE word about Bino’s ‘girlfriend’ and find out that you started the rumor, and trust me, I will find out if you started it, I will hunt you down, I WILL find you, pull every piece of fur off of your body, one by one with my bare hands, then rip that stupid bell off of your collar and force you to eat it. And that is all I will do if I am feeling kind that day. But trust me, I rarely feel kind when dealing with a bully. DO WE UNDERSTAND?”

Even if the new dog was not physically touching him, Max could not move. Those eyes held him in place, and he would not be able to move until they broke contact with his.

Max just weakly said “Yes” and ran away the second eye contact was broken to go cry in some dark, hidden place.

“Thank you.” Bino said. “It’s about time someone put him in his place.”

At that, the new dog grabbed Bino by his collar, lifted him off of his feet, and slammed him into the tree, staring into his eyes at point blank range.

“Now listen here Bino. I know all about you, and how you tease cat lovers. I know all about your little crush on Kyria. I also know that you are the leader of the GODC. Should I here that you teased a cat lover or hurt Kyria’s feelings in anyway, or threaten Max that I will do anything to him for any other reason other than what we just discussed, I will hunt YOU down, I will find you, pull every piece of fur off of YOUR body, one by one with my bare hands, then rip that stupid bell off of Max’s collar and force YOU to eat it. And that is all I will do if I am feeling kind that day. But like I said, I rarely feel kind when dealing with a bully. DO WE UNDERSTAND?”

Looking into the same eyes that Max did just a few seconds ago, Bino just barely able to mutter a weak “Yes.”

“Good.” The new dog let Bino drop. “If you ever want to talk to me in the future, just start asking around about a dog named Prowler, and I will eventually find you.”

Prowler just walked away, leaving Bino where he lay.

Once Prowler was gone, Bino got up, walked to his house, and locked himself up in his room for the rest of the day.


I give Silentprincess828 at Deviantart credit for reviewing my story for mistakes.

There it is. I hope that everyone liked it. I have always wanted to read a story with a charecter like Prowler, but now I'm writing one.
(Also, my Prowler has no relations to Silentprincess828's Prowler on the off chance that one of her friends read this)

I will gladley accept any comments or criticism you have about the story.

Author:  copper [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Well, that is quite a threat there. Prowler does not mess around it seems.

Interesting way to write, but effective. I like the parentheses and Italics.

Bino a cat lover, that whole litter seems to have taken a shine to the feline race. :lol:

Author:  KizerZin [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

this gives me such a headache... This is way too rushed... Bino just accepted it? and Sasha? Really?

it's all a mess... how do you know something you ware not there for?

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

copper Wrote:
Well, that is quite a threat there. Prowler does not mess around it seems.

Interesting way to write, but effective. I like the parentheses and Italics.

Bino a cat lover, that whole litter seems to have taken a shine to the feline race. :lol:

No he does not, I have always wanted to have a character like Prowler. I can't wait for everyone to see what he does in the future.

I'm glad you like the way that I write. I think it helps the reader if they can see exactly what someone is thinking.

Well, Joey loves a mouse, he likes dressing up as a cat.

KizerZin Wrote:
this gives me such a headache... This is way too rushed... Bino just accepted it? and Sasha? Really?

it's all a mess... how do you know something you ware not there for?

Well, Bino has not accepted it. He's in too much shock right now to effectively reject it. Don't forget, he has a crush on a cat, invited her to the GODC, and if either of these get out to the public, he will lose almost every friend he has and will be kicked out of the club for sure. Tomorrow he might regain some of his composure.

Sasha saw it on his face when she saw him in the house shaking Kyria's hand. Sasha may not seem very smart sometimes, but I think she would have the uncanny abiltiy to tell what a person is feeling just by looking at them. Also, Sasha and Kyria talked for a few minutes before Kyria had to leave for her "secret meeting with someone," who knows what they said to each other... ;)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

KizerZin Wrote:
it's all a mess... how do you know something you ware not there for?


I just relized you were probably talking about Prowler when he was threating Bino, sorry.

But, you will have to wait and find out, that is a secret for now.

Author:  KizerZin [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

What I meant wes "How much Bino just accepted it"

me and my broken english

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

The next part in my story.

“Did you have to be so rough with him?”

“I guess not.”

“Our goal is to make him accept cat lovers, not make him leave them alone because he fears you.”

“And in time he will accept them. But fear works just as well for now.”

“The next time you meet him, I’m going with you. We can’t let him fear you for too long you know.”

“Fine, but we will do that another day. I want to go for a walk.”

“Then I will go see him myself, if nothing else just to talk to him.”

I can still see those eyes, those cold, dark eyes. And the fire that was inside of them. The fire was the worst part, how could someone get those eyes without going insane?

Bino had kept himself locked in his house since his encounter with Prowler yesterday. While he has not handled the encounter well, he at least did better than Max. Max had locked himself in his room, not just the house.

Bino had not stopped thinking about Prowler since yesterday. He’s waiting outside for me right now. I know it. Even if he is not, I could still see him on the street, I just can’t risk going outside right now.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

“Bino, can you get that? My hands are full right now.” Jeff yelled from across the house.

Please don’t let it be Prowler. Anyone but Prowler, I just can’t look into those eyes ever again.

He walked towards the door, slowly.

It’s going to be Prowler, I know it. I need to run and never come back. I can sneak out of the back yard if I go now.

But he kept moving toward the door. He reached up and grabbed the doorknob. He started to turn it slowly.

Why am I opening the door?! He thought.

The door swung open and it was not Prowler standing there, but Kyria.

“Bino, I think that we need to talk.”

They both sat in the living room, Bino in the chair and Kyria on the couch. Neither of them wanted to break the silence.

Kyria broke it first. “I have been asking around, and I have a question that I need to ask. I heard that the name of your club is the Good Ol’ Dogs Club.”

Bino didn’t like where this conversation was going (or rather, where it was starting at). “Yes, that is the name.”

“And judging by the name, I guess that cats are not allowed to join?”

“Ummm…” Bino was becoming more and more uncomfortable by the second. “No, they are not.”

“I see, so then why did you invite me to join? My dad said that you would love to have me as a new member to the club.”

“Well…” Bino decided to tell Kyria exactly what had happened. “That conversation took place right before I met you. And I had kind of assumed that you were-” Bino swallowed “-a… dog…”

“I see.” Kyria said. “So I guess that you are going to take back that offer that you gave me to go to the club, right?”

“I… kind of have to.” Bino wished that he would go into a coma right now. It would be so much easier. “Even if I started the club, the other dogs would probably label me a cat lover and kick me out if I don’t.”

“Oh.” Kyria had a disappointed look on her face. “I wouldn’t want that to happen. I was hoping you really did invite me even though I was a cat, but I see it was only a misunderstanding. I just wanted to feel like someone had done something special for me, but I figured you had made a mistake. Sorry to take up your time like this, I’ll just go now.”

She got up and let herself out of the house.

Wow, she really wanted to join. Or at least spend some time at the meetings. I don’t know why she would want to, but I can’t let her feel like no one cares about her. Prowler would kill me if I did that. I can’t believe I’m about to do this.

Bino ran outside to go catch up to Kyria.


What a nice day for a walk Prowler thought. The weather is warming up, couldn’t be a better day to become familiar with the town. Everyone seems to be real friendly. I just hope that coming here wasn’t a bad choice.

Just then, Prowler noticed a brown dog walking into the woods. He had on a green collar and was a solid brown all over except for his ears and tail, which were a darker brown. The dog looked around and Prowler noticed that his right eye had a dark spot the same color as his tail and ears. Prowler hid from view in a nearby bush, this guy was sneaking into the woods for some reason and he was going to find out why.

Let’s see what you are up to Prowler thought.

Prowler followed him as close as he could, but still far enough away that he would not be noticed. This guy kept scanning the area around him while he moved. He did not seem to be suspicious of anything, that was not why he kept looking. It was second nature to him. He had been trained to observe the area around him at all times.

Let’s test him, see how observant he really is Prowler thought as he purposely stepped on a stick.


The dog kept walking, it seemed like he took no notice to snapping stick that he must have heard.

Interesting Prowler thought.


King got out of the sidecar and stretched. He was finally back in Babylon Gardens after the emotional rollercoaster ride he had during his first few days in Kansas. Even if the rest of the week went fine.

After the misunderstanding, Stealer and King became good friends. King had even helped Stealer with his recent break-up.

Fox got out of the sidecar. “So, do you feel any better now that you know that Bailey loves you?”

“Yea.” King said.

“I still can’t believe you thought Stealer was in love with her though.”

King blushed a little out of embarrassment “Don’t make me regret telling you that.”

Fox just laughed and said “I won’t, I understand how you thought that Stealer might be in love after being dumped the way he was.”

Just then, a car pulled in front of Fox’s house and the passenger door opened.

“Speaking of which.” Fox said.


Bino ran to catch up with Kyria.

“Kyria, wait!”

Kyria turned around and saw him standing there. “What?”

“Ummm… Listen.” Bino was nervous, and it showed. “You can’t tell anyone that I said this but… If you wanted to show up at the next GODC meeting without anyone inviting you, I can’t stop you.”

“What?” Kyria was confused.

“If- if you were to walk in after the meeting officially started, no dog is allowed to leave for any reason.”

“I don’t get it.” Kyria was still confused.

“Well, in order to escort you away from the club house, one of the dogs would have to leave for a minute…”

“And they are not allowed to leave for any reason.” Kyria figured out what Bino was saying. “As long as I come in after the meeting started, no one can make me leave because they would have to leave themselves. They would have to wait until it was over, when I would leave anyway.”

“Right.” Bino said. “The fact that you are a girl also helps. Even if some of the dogs don’t like you being there, they can’t grab you and throw you out of the door. Even though that would technically get around the ‘No leaving the meeting for any reason’ rule, there would be a lot of moral issues with that. Some of the dogs might fight a tomcat without second thoughts if he wandered in, but no one would ever touch a girl. And, on the off chance they did, they would be in some serious trouble with the law. And with my brother Fido, no one ever disobeys my brother.”

“Thank you Bino! This is the best day of my life.” Kyria was about to cry with happiness.

“Just remember, you can’t tell anyone what I just told you. Even other cats. If enough learn of this loophole and show up, I would have to propose we fix the rules so they can’t. You understand, right?”

“I understand, thank you for doing this for me. Everyone that I talked to said that you had a heart of stone and that you only looked out for yourself. I’m glad to see that they were wrong.” Kyria smiled at him and walked away.

When she said that, Bino’s heart sank from his chest to somewhere that you would need industrial digging equipment to get it.

He walked back into the house and sat in his room.

You’re wrong Kyria. I did not do that out of the kindness of my heart. If I did not do that, Prowler would kill me for hurting you emotionally. No matter what you think, I was saving my own skin, and that was the only reason I did it. Not because I have a crush on you, not because it was the right thing to do, but to save myself.


I must admit, this guy who is following me is good. He hasn’t made a sound except for the stick that I heard snap. Without that, I might never have realized I was being followed. But this guy is no match for me.

Fido walked into the clearing, stood right in the middle of it, and pretended like he was taking in the beauty of nature.

However, he was really listening for footsteps. This spot in the clearing had a kind of grass that was impossible to step on without making noise. No matter what direction he came from, Fido would hear him.

Once he is close enough, I will sweep my leg around, knocking him off of his feet. Once he is on the ground, I restrain him and ask questions. Easy.

Fido heard one step right behind him.

That came from right behind me. So I was being followed, well this guy is going to go down.

Another step.


Almost there Fido thought. Just one more.

The second he heard the step, Fido started to swing his body around, extending his leg so he could trip the mystery stalker,

“You’re mine!” Fido yelled.


Just then, a car pulled in front of Fox’s house and the passenger door opened.

“Speaking of which,” Fox said. “Here is Stealer now.”

Stealer stepped out of the car, grabbed his bag, closed the door, and it drove away.

“Fox, I can’t thank you enough for convincing your dad to let me stay here for a while.”

Fox smiled and said “No problem, I would want to stay away from where I lived if my girlfriend broke up with me like that too. You can stay as long as you need.”

“Thanks.” Stealer said. I wish that I could tell you the truth why I wanted to come here. I could go home at any time and I would be fine. But I need to find Jiff; if I never ran into him when Bailey and I were out shopping I would never have gotten over my ex-girlfriend.

But I need to know how he KNEW, it was so weird. And what he meant when he said that “Things were going to change.”


The second he heard the step, Fido started to swing his body around, extending his leg so he could trip the mystery stalker,

“You’re mine!” Fido yelled.

But as his head turned, there was no one there.

But- how can this be? I heard his footsteps right behind me. He should be right h-

Just then, Prowler came like a freight train from Fido’s side and tackled him to the ground with every ounce of power he felt safe using.


I give Silentprincess828 at Deviantart credit for reviewing my story for mistakes.

I know that it is kind of rushed, but the second half of this day won't be as rushed when I write it.

Speaking of me writing, now that you have hopefully read this part, what would you like the next update to be about?

1. Stealer when he went shopping with Bailey and met Jiff (flashback style)
2. Why Fido was sneaking into the woods and how Prowler was able avoid his Spinning Trip-Kick move thingy (That is the offical name untill I come up with one that sounds like a real move).

Both parts will have a sub-story in them, and I will chose based on comments from now untill I decide to start writing. (which could be as soon as tonight, so don't wait if you really want me to write one part over the other)

Author:  copper [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Fido probably just wanted to meet Sabrina. let us hear about Stealer!! :lol:

That move just sounds like he turned around and did a basic leg sweep...

Good update!Bino is so going to have to deal with this.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

copper Wrote:
That move just sounds like he turned around and did a basic leg sweep...

I like "Spinning Trip-Kick move thingy," sounds much cooler than "Basic leg sweep" ...even if that is what it was.

copper Wrote:
Fido probably just wanted to meet Sabrina.

Curses, my plan for Fido's secret meeting with his girlfiriend has been ruined. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

...OK, I might have overeacted. That was going to be my plan, but I guess that it was too obvious... But no matter!! I had another thought as to what he could be doing in the clearing, but I dumped it for meeting Sabrina. Now that I think about it, it was really a better idea in the first place, so I probably will go with that when I type that part up.

OK, that means the tally is:

If you want to see Prowler instead of Stealer, better say so soon, I will probably start in less than a day. Once I start, there will be no changing my mind.

Author:  copper [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

If Fido is alone, he is going to meet Sabrina. EVERY fanfic, every time.... Either that or someone blackmailing him about Sabrina. :lol:

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Well sorry to say, now that he is not meeting Sabrina, it is nothing Sabrina related.

If you really want to know... Then you need to vote for seeing Prowler in the next update!! (sorry if you really did want a spoiler, I couldn't help myself)

I don't want my fan-fic to be the same as EVERY fan-fic when it comes to Fido sneaking into the woods in the middle of the day...

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories


I was kind of hoping for more than one vote by the time I started working on the next part, but I am going to start now anyway.

So, by Copper's vote, the next part is going to be Stealer as he recalls his day spent with Bailey and about the strange new dog he met named Jiff, with a sub story about Bino and how he deals with "inviting" Kyria to a GODC meeting.

Maybe I should wait untill more people read my stories before I do this again, I was kind of hoping for two or three votes.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

JeffCvt Wrote:
Maybe I should wait untill more people read my stories before I do this again, I was kind of hoping for two or three votes.

Don't worry, I will read your whole story :) I just need to deal with some duties first.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Yeah like Karlos said. Dont give up keep writing and people will keep reading. A lot of the people who read this have most likely been busy like myself. Also i vote for Stealer sub-story as well. Fantastic job so far! :)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

musclecar326 Wrote:
Dont give up keep writing and people will keep reading.

Oh, I wasen't dissapointed at the lack of votes. I was dissapointed because one vote is one persons opinion, and that the people who viset but never comment might have wanted the other story first.
However, the fact that you asked for the Stealer story (even of it was too late) makes me feel better about starting before more people voted.

musclecar326 Wrote:
Also i vote for Stealer sub-story as well.

Just a note: the main story is about Stealer, the sub-story is Bino. Don't want people to get confused.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Hmm, ideas-wise, nothing to say, this ficcie has a lot of original elements in it.
Problem: there is a striking difference between the development you applied with king's part, and what's happening in babylon gardens.
Unless bino was charmed into this crush, his sudden conversion to the kitty side is way hurried, it's definitely not like him, not all of a sudden.
and sasha too is taking it too lightly. She may be a dizzy, but she loves bino. I couldn't believe she'd just break up with him like that.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

valerio Wrote:
Unless bino was charmed into this crush, his sudden conversion to the kitty side is way hurried

valerio Wrote:
and sasha too is taking it too lightly

I may be inexperienced in the art of writing, but do not underestimate me. Weather or not you (and everyone else) believe me when I say this I won't know. But I have the ending of this story in my head (and boy, do I think it is a good one) and it accounts for both points you brought up, and it did before you brought them up.

Although I will admit that Bino falling in love with a cat just like that may have been a bit rushed, this will not be the "Typical" love story that most people may be expecting. ;)

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

I VOTE PROWLER! always. I just love him.

BTW how do you do that spoiler thing?

Double BTW: Im writing the king fan thingy now. If Im still allowed. I find it hard to finish and satart a story in one posts. I think your excellent. Can it not be related to yours in any way? And does it attually have to have a storyline?

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JeffCvt's stories

Luna werewolf Wrote:
I VOTE PROWLER! always. I just love him.

He's only going to get better...

The information related to posting other stories is located at the top of this page. I put it there when I changed the name.

But to answer your questions anyway
1. You are still allowed
2. It does not have to be related to mine in any way (but it can be if you like)
3. If you start posting multiple stories that have the same storyline to them, create your own topic at the point

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