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On The Run: A Housepets Fan Fiction 
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Post On The Run: A Housepets Fan Fiction
This is a fanfiction and the characters used from the Housepets webcomic belong to Rick Griffin, not me. I hope you enjoy this tale about a homesick Husky and a forgetful wolf.

Chapter 1
Babylon Garden’s New Arrival

“Sergei? Sergei? Wake your brother up, we’re here!”
The brown furred husky gently rubbed his blue and green eyes, and yawned.
“Nicholas? Should you really be calling him my brother?”
“Of course. You are my pets, and I think that you should act as such.”
“Well, according to what you’ve told us time and time again, that’s not the case.”
Nicholas slowed at the stop sign, turning on his turn signal. Their green three door van coughed and sputtered, shaking as it came to a complete stop. The beareded Russian stared out his driver door’s window and sighed. Large beads of water heavily bombarded the roof and window of the car. The weather had brought about rain. The thundering pitter patter of the water was some what of a comfort to him. Through the blur of the fast falling rain his eyes spied a sign which read:
Nicholas smiled. The rumors about this place where true. It really was pet friendly.
Thank God.
He thought that they might have traveled all this way to be turned away again.
“Is it Nicholas?” Sergei asked, snapping Nicholas out of his state of deep thought.
“Sergei, I don’t know how many times I have to apologize. This isn’t something I wanted.”
Sergei laughed, placing a hand on his furry chest.
“Me neither! But, I didn’t exactly get a choice now did I?”
“And neither did Rook! We both didn’t ask for this! But I guess we all can’t get what we want now can we?”
“Enough!” Nicholas bitterly whispered, desperately trying to contain his building anger. After everything he was doing for the both of them, Sergei still couldn’t accept what had happened. He couldn’t blame the poor pup, but he could at least be a little more grateful. All Nicholas ever did since that fateful day at the facility was try to take care of Sergei and Rook. It was probably the overwhelming stress and frustration that solutions to their problems were constantly avoiding them that caused Nicholas to explode.
“How dare you... you... YOU MISERABLE LITTLE MUTT! I HAVE RISKED EVERYTHING TO BRING US HERE! AND NOW, YOU WISH TO PRETEND I’VE DONE NOTHING TO RIGHT MY WRONGS? HOW DARE YOU!” Nicholas screamed, his voice heavy with Russian fury. The husky quickly cowered behind one of the miscellaneous cardboard boxes lying in the back of the van. Rook sat undisturbed, his mp3’s headphones maintaining his sleeping state. The large wolf’s back sat up against one of the larger boxes, his hands folded in his lap. His tail gently swept the floor of the vehicle, the ironically soothing sound of rythemic brushing filled the silent air. Nicholas ran a hand through his graying hair, and sighed.
“Sergei, I’m trying to help you and Rook. That’s why I took you with me when I ran from the others at the facility. I’m trying to find a way to get you back to normal.”
Sergei stayed hidden behind the box, anger and fear shooting through his veins.
“Please Sergei. Trust me, the last thing I would want to do is hurt you and Rook anymore than I have.”
Sergei’s green eye peeked around the corner of the box. Nicholas was right. After the “incident,” Nicholas had done nothing more than try to help them.
He couldn’t forgive Nicholas. At least... not yet.
But, getting them as far as Babylon Gardens was a start.
The husky slowly crawled back from his hiding place and took a seat next to his wolf companion.
Nicholas nodded weakly, and put the van in gear.
Lethargically, the van pulled out and around the corner.
The bearded owner said over his shoulder as he drove, “Sergei, wake your brother up, we’re finally here...”
Peanut sat on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. He counted the number of times the brass beaded pull string on the fan above him kept spinning in a circle.
Suddenly, he got very dizzy, and sat up, looking for Grape.
He was incredibly bored, and he needed a little excitement.
“GRAPE?” Peanut called, his eyes still adjusting to the still world.
No answer.
“Grape? Do you want to play a game?” Peanut asked, standing up from his green sofa.
“Shh! Peanut! Keep it down! Mom and Dad are still sleeping!” Grape whispered with agitation. Peanut put a hand over his mouth and nodded.
“Oop. Sorry. So, what game do you want to play?” Peanut asked, his tail wagging with anticipation. Grape sighed, her eyes sagging from lack of sleep.
“Peanut... it’s four in the morning. The only reason we’re up is because of Tarot’s warning remember?”
Peanut rolled his eyes, frowning. “I know. But, can’t we have at least a little fun while we’re waiting for these “mysterious green eyed strangers” to arrrive?”
“No, we need to focus on the task at hand. We have to wait for these guys to show up. Remember what they look like, and then go to bed!”
Peanut’s shoulders dropped, and he kicked at the carpet beneath him.
“I know. But, I’m just so bored.”
Grape smiled a tired smile.
“If it makes you feel any better, I’m super bored too.”
At Grape’s remark, Peanut perked up a bit.
“Then let’s play a game!” Peanut quietly cried excitedly.
“No! Peanut! No games!” Grape’s voice echoed throughout the house.
Her eyes went wide and her hands went to cover her mouth as her parent’s shouted, “GRAPE! KEEP IT DOWN! WE’RE TRYING TO SLEEP!”
“Sorry!” Grape replied, making sure to keep her voice quiet. She quickly gave Peanut a dirty look, who in turn simply shrugged.
“You don’t have to be so loud Grape, I’m right here.”
Grape frowned, and sat down on the couch.
“Let’s just take turns staying on the look out for these guys okay? You watch for them first, since you seem to have more energy.”
Peanut folded his arms.
“And if I refuse?”
Grape curled up into a ball on the sofa, and replied, “I’ll tell Mom and Dad that it was you who knocked over the fence to the pig pen at Uncle Ruben’s farm.”
Peanut blushed, and watched Grape get comfortable. Defeated, he off marched towards the window.
“I thought we agreed to never speak of that again...” he said under his breath, a hint of sadness in the comment.
Grape giggled, and lulled off to sleep. Peanut took a couple steps towards the window, before quickly shuffling back towards his feline friend. He took a nearby blanket, and gently laid it upon her sleeping friend. It was cold in the house. Ever since the heater broke, which, if Peanut recalled correctly, was Tarrot’s fault, the winter weather had been murder. Even with their newly grown winter coats, Peanut and Grape still froze if they were not securely positioned in their whicker baskets upstairs. Grape took to the blanket, unconsciously taking hold the side closest to her, and pulling it up and tight around her neck. Peanut smiled, and gave her a small kiss on the top of her head.
Sometimes, he wished she would just realize he wanted to be more than just her best friend, but that wasn’t really an option for either of them right now. He still had feelings for Tarrot, and she still had feelings with Max.
Peanut frowned at the thought of the cat’s name.
He believed she deserved better. She needed someone who would stand up for her, and take care of her in sickness and in health. She had to have someone who would be there to catch her when she fell, and help her to her feet. She needed someone that could say, “I love you,” and mean it every single time they said it.
She needed...
Peanut stopped and watched as Grape rolled towards the back of the couch.
“Am I who she needs?” Peanut asked out loud.
“Am I the one?”
Suddenly, the sound of a sputtering car caused Peanut to instantly shift his focus from deep to out the window. A blury green van pulled into the driveway of the house across the street...
the one that was on sale.
Peanut peered out through the window, but the pouring rain made visibility low. He could barely see the lights to the van’s rearview blinkers go out.
“All I need to know is if they have green eyes,” Peanut whispered to himself.
Three figures quickly jumped out from the van and ran off towards the entrance of the house. From what he could see, there was a taller, somewhat average sized man, holding up his rain coat to shelter to dogs, one of which was really big.
He couldn’t see their eyes.
His shoulder’s dropped in frustration.
The three blurly figures retreated into the home, and Peanut sighed.
“Guess we’ll find out in the morning.” Peanut said plainly.

Always love to live, and live to love others.

I ask a lot of questions... I know.

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Post Re: On The Run: A Housepets Fan Fiction
Please feel free to comment and critique! Any constructive criticism and nice compliments welcomed! <^.^>

Always love to live, and live to love others.

I ask a lot of questions... I know.

Rook STR- 9 PER- 3 END- 9 CHA- 7 INT- 3 AGI- 7 LUC- 4
Sergei STR- 7 PER- 4 END- 7 CHA- 4 INT- 8 AGI- 7 LUC- 5

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Post Re: On The Run: A Housepets Fan Fiction
Good intro and nice characters. A few grammar and spelling mistakes, but nothing serious. I like it!

My characters
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Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:16 am
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Post Re: On The Run: A Housepets Fan Fiction
it's nice and simple just like Peanut... may evil forc... "help" you... HA HA HAAaaa!


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Post Re: On The Run: A Housepets Fan Fiction
luv it lots. Sergi is a great name. When I first glanced at it, I thought it said "Hail Peanut", but it doesn't. lol.

......Hail Peanut

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