Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13
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Author:  1boredcanadian [ Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

This is my first fanfic so tell me what you think and tell me if I am doing this correctly.

Back Story
So for a little back story there are two characters that I created for a story and realised they work perfectly with the characters in the Housepets world. As for a timeline this is after Fox finds out King’s secret. However King is still not sure if he wants to stay dog or become human. Its summer, our main characters went to go and see a movie.

Chapter 1

The New Guy

We open on most of the Housepets characters walking out of a theatre, Peanut, Grape, Bino, Rex, Fox, King and others. They stop in front of the theatre. Grape says “How is that even close to based on a true story? A guy being turned into a dog?” Fox and King stay quiet. Peanut says “I thought the story was good. Why did you come to see a movie about a dog anyway?” Grape says “The trailers made it look like a good story.” Peanut says “But the trailers were nothing but fighting and explosions and very little dialog.” Grape smiles “Like I said good story.” Just then a black GT-R stops in front of the movie posters on the front of the building. Two people get out of the car. The driver first, who resembles an MMA fighter, very muscular but also very suave. Then the passenger gets out, a muscular black and white Husky. The Husky says “Why did you choose a Doberman anyway?” The man says “What? You mean for the movie? Because based on a true story works better than this is a true story. We’d be in jail if we gave the true story, you know that.” The Husky sighs and says “Fair enough. Let’s go take a look around the town.” They get back into the car and leave. The group doesn’t think anything of it and head for home. As they get back everyone parts ways except for King and Fox. King says “I’m still not sure why you still hang out with me.” Fox thinks about it and says “I’m not really sure either. I guess that I see you more as a friend and that you didn’t mean to do what you did.” King hugs him “You know Fox you’re the first friend I’ve had in a long, long time.” This makes Fox feel good, he embraces the hug “I’ll always be your friend.”

The next afternoon the residents of Babylon Gardens hear the sound of moving trucks. None of them are unloading furniture they’re all unloading vehicles. They’re at a house that has been empty for over a year, Grape thinks “New neighbours....” Just then there is yelling from behind one of the trucks “You put a mark on that Mustang, I’ll make a mark in your head!” Earl Sandwich is watching them unload from his window and he’s counting the values of the vehicles going in to the garage. He’s been watching them for twenty minutes and is already up to a few million. Grape walks in behind him “Hey dad, you’re a mechanic, why don’t you go and talk to them?” Earl thinks about it and says “No, I’ll wait until they settle in. I just can’t figure out how that many vehicles are in that garage.” After a few hours the trucks leave. It has become dark outside. Grape says to Peanut “I know dad said not to but I think we should check out the new neighbours.” Peanut says “If you really want to.” She nods “Okay.” They walk up to the house and hear something. There is a basement window at the base of the garage. As they get closer they hear yelling “...It’s not my fault!” “It’s never your fault!” They look through the window and see the Husky and man from the theatre. They are standing in an underground garage. The Husky says “Yeah come along cars, money, power, that’s what you said! I left behind everything I’ve ever loved or known for this and now I can never go back! The man says “It’s not that bad.” The Husky says “You weren’t the one that turned into a dog!” Grape and Peanut stare at each other is disbelief. He points to his tag that resembles a tachometer “This used to mean something in my life and now I don’t know what my own life means anymore!” The man thinks about what to say “Then why do you distance yourself from people?” The Husky says “Because...Because I’ve already had to leave everything behind once. I’m not doing it again.” The man says “Diesel why are you so mad? I have an idea! Wait here I’m going to get the swords we’re going to do some fencing.” Diesel says “Where are we fencing Jay?” Jay says “Right here in the garage. Remember I am still your cousin so nothing too crazy today.” After he leaves the room Diesel stares into a mirror in the garage and says “I hate what I’ve become.”

Peanut says “Um, Grape?” Grape thinks for a second “I know what you’re thinking let’s get out of here.” The next morning there is a semi in the driveway of the house. Jay says “So I’ll be gone for a week, try and make friends.” Diesel says “I might.” As soon as he leaves Diesel grabs a book and a pair of sunglasses out of the house and sits under the tree on the front lawn to read. Fox and King are walking when they spot him “Fox you don’t think what Peanut said is true?” Fox says “There’s one way to find out.” They begin to walk towards him, just then they hear Ralph “No Kevin, don’t do it!” Kevin is running toward him and tries to tackle him. Diesel drops the book and jumps up to a branch, Kevin misses him “That’s as good a welcome as any!” He says as he jumps down from the tree. He is half a foot taller than Kevin. Diesel thinks for a second and then stares at Ralph and Kevin “Okay let me guess, you and you are police dogs, right?” Ralph says to him “Yes. How did you do that?” Diesel is not sure what he meant “Well that was a guess and the tree branch thing was something an old friend taught me a long time ago.” Ralph says “That was impressive, anyway my name is Ralph and that was Kevin and we are with the K9 unit it was nice meeting you.” As they both leave he says to Kevin “Maybe you’ll get him next time.” Diesel says “See you later.” But all he can think in his head is “They left in a hurry. Why are the cops always so strange when I show up? If they are anything like the last town this could be fun.” he hears someone behind him talking “Why couldn’t you do that when Kevin charged at you?” Diesel turns around and says “Being bigger than him does help.” Fox says “Hello I’m Fox and this is King.” Diesel says “Hi, I’m Diesel. That’s a nice tag King.” King says “Thanks. We were wondering about a rumour we heard about you.” Diesel says “Ask away.” King says “Did you used to be human?” Diesel without hesitation says “Who told you the dog or the cat?” Fox says “You saw them?” Diesel says “We both saw them about midway through the argument.” Fox says in disbelief “And you kept going?” Diesel says “Of course, I won’t hide who I am from anyone. It’s far past that point. Why would I lie? That just leads to more problems. I’ve learned that from experience.”

If people have enjoyed it I will probably make another chapter. And before anyone asks I know someone with dogs named Diesel and Gauge.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Fri Oct 07, 2011 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sideways, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Interesting another dog that used to be human. i think that king and diesel are going to be great friends! Good story so far but lets see where you take this.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sideways, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

dogs can be named anything, even weird names. there's a restaurant named after a dog named "Raising Cane." compared to that, Diesel isn't a weird name.

I liked it, though it seems you're missing some punctuation in some of the dialogue, making it seem like they're talking fast and not pausing.

Author:  copper [ Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sideways, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Good story so far. I hope you do continue it. I think King might just get irritated with Diesel here...

As for names, until you name a cat Mawga or chi chi, you are good...

This reads kind of like a script. Very interesting way to write it!

Author:  1boredcanadian [ Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sideways, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

My stories flow with the consistency of a drunken mans ramblings.

Chapter 2

Everyone Has a Past

Diesel says “You saw the movie right?” they both nod “Okay, take a seat. Because this is a long story. You see the movie was very fictional, he became human again and I obviously didn’t. It all started about two and a half years ago. We weren’t always at each other’s throats. I had a regular life before all of this. Middle class family, average life, great family and then it all blew apart. It all started when my dad and I split on a lottery ticket. We ended up winning ten million each, and then it all happened. We were in the paper and then from every direction people came out of the woodwork trying to get a piece of it. Family, friends, so called friends, my own brother and sister went to war over who got what. The money ripped our family apart from the inside out. As the chaos was happening I had to get out of there. I cut my losses, took half my money and ran. As I was leaving town in a new white C6RS I saw a car that looked familiar going the opposite direction. A blacked out Audi R8, as we made eye contact he pulled a J-turn and rolled up next to me at a red light. He said we were family, and I didn’t believe him. So we did what all rich people do in expensive cars and we raced between the lights. It reminded me of learning how to drive and the fun that came with it. So after two sets of lights I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I performed a rolling 360 in front of him. So after that we parked in a mall and started to talk and I told him that I still didn’t believe him. He then told me how he was related to me on my father’s side. My great grandfather’s brother’s great grandson. He then pulled a laptop from the passenger seat and revealed a family tree that revealed he had the same last name as me. I asked how he found me. He said he read it in our local paper online after one of his friends told him about it.”

King says “What did you do?” Diesel looks around and notices that more pets have sat down on the lawn and started listening “My first thought was to run but then I thought about something. I asked why he tailed me. He said he was looking for someone talented behind the wheel to take under his wing. When he found out I was family he knew to find me. Stuntmen, truck drivers, wheelmen, race car drivers, those skills are in the bloodline. And for a while everything went smoothly. I went along and found out that he was a multi-billionaire, and had an amazing lifestyle money, cars, power and amazing locations. But, underneath all of the glitter I found out why he needed a driver. Not all of the money for this lifestyle was legal. After a heist went wrong his last driver ran into a car. He went to jail but someone else bailed him out. The bank was protected by a crime syndicate. The only way to get me and him out of it was to participate in a once in a lifetime race. Forty million dollars, from San Francisco to New York. So we built a car and code named it Infamous. It was a Zenvo ST1 with the motor out of a Koenigsegg Agera R, four point harnesses and an endurance fuel cell. Finished in diamond black paint. With silver Volk RE30 rims. Wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports. This thing was a race car first anything else second. So we drove two cars there, he drove a red Boss 302. We drove from Miami to San Francisco. This was my first time driving the car and it was fast. Race tracks and roadways, this thing was dominant.”

“When we got there was when it went bad. There were hundreds of driver’s with different cars. Everything from old Trans Ams to multi-million dollar supercars. Then he told me he wouldn’t be my wingman and I’d be doing it on my own. So I did, they give us all the next location, I found out right then that this wasn’t a normal road rally. People started going down side streets, back alleys, running red lights, speeding through traffic. Then on the radio my cousin said that this was an illegal race and if caught I’d be put in jail. So I saw an Audi R8 and tailed him all the way out of the city. Flying down hills, sliding through intersections, it was a rush. The location was a spot in New York. We were supposed to just drive and find our own way there. I went where the R8 went. So we went south to LA and went west from there. We stayed off the interstate and went through Nevada and that’s where most people opened up their cars and I went by half the field that day and slept in Utah. That’s where I met the driver of the R8. A really nice guy, he told me that his car made eight hundred horsepower to my twelve hundred. His business went down and this was his only option. The next day we both took off but we were in Utah and the first car we both saw was a 458 doing about one hundred and sixty. So I had to leave him behind and make a run for it. Some of the field had caught up to us in the night. So I went by many cars but then we got to Colorado. There were two options, take the low road or take the pass that may or may not be closed but it was much shorter. So I took the pass and everyone thought I was crazy and took the safe route. I got up there in the snow and found that I had a dilemma. The pass was closed, so I stood there for a few minutes contemplating what to do. And then The R8 went past me and blew through the barrier. He made my decision for me and I went in after him. As we careened down the pass we triggered an avalanche. Now this is where the movie flat out lied. The pass became narrow between two rock faces and large rocks began to break off. I was running behind him and then one of the rocks came off and landed on his car. The movie said I went back and saved him before heading down the pass. In reality there was no time to even react and I couldn’t stop because the only way out was a tunnel and it was about to be blocked by the snow. He was buried alive and to this day I regret not going back for him.”

Suddenly one of the pets says “Wait, what was that sound?” Diesel’s ears perk up “That would be a tuned V10....Oh ****. Everyone get down! Now!” There cresting the hill was a black Viper being chased by three Suburban’s. As he runs into the garage he says “What is his problem?” He goes down the ramp into the garage and gets in a Raptor APV and starts it. “Let’s see them get through this!” he roars out of the garage and flies down the driveway. The Viper goes past and he slams into the driver’s side of the first Suburban. The Viper performs a J-turn and doubles back. Diesel gets out of the Raptor and starts yelling towards the Viper “Really?! One night! You make enemies before I can even settle in?! What’s wrong with you?!” As the other two drivers get out of their vehicles. He turns toward them “There are cops living here. So I suggest you get in your cars and leave. Now!” They do so and he pulls the driver out of the one he hit. He says something “Vlad sends his regards.” Jay gets out of his car and gives as concerned stare. Diesel says “Oh really?” and knocks him out temporarily. He then stares at Jay “Put him in the interrogation room. And clean up your mess.” After putting the driver in the room Diesel puts the Raptor back in the garage. Jay puts the Viper in the garage and then they think about what to do with the Suburban. Jay says “Well we could drop it in the lake.” Diesel says “Does it not have satellite tracking?” Jay says “Yes why? What are you thinking?” Diesel says “What if we got rid of the tracker and put it on a thousand dollar clunker and left it in the rail yard? Then we could put this in our garage and take a better look at it. Check the centre console.” Jay opens the passenger door and looks inside. He opens the centre console to reveal a tracker “You were right. And there is no OnStar” Diesel says “Don’t take it out yet. As soon as it’s deactivated he will look for it.” Jay starts dialling a number on his cell phone. Diesel asks “What are you doing?” Jay says “Calling in a favour.” Diesel walks over to where the pets are hiding “It’s fine, relax. Nobody saw that right?” they all shake their heads “Good. Now everyone except Fox and King can leave.” As they all begin to leave he turns back to Jay and says “How long?” he yells back “Fifteen minutes.” He turns back to where Fox and King were standing and they are still there. King says “You look surprised.” Diesel says “I don’t know. I thought you might run off in the chaos.” As Jay walks over he says “Well you might as well tell them now.” Diesel says “They’d find out anyway.” Jay says “So tell them.” Diesel says “Alright fine! So as we continued nothing happened for many miles until we got to Chicago. Everything I had worked for up to that point blew up right in my face. Our only job was to get out of the city but as I slid around a corner I saw something I won’t ever forget. A black attack helicopter hovering twelve feet off the ground with turrets spinning and aimed at me.”

Chapter 3

When All Else Fails

Diesel sits down on the curb and starts talking “So this was the point where I had to figure out if any of this was worth it. But I was not going to be killed in Chicago. So he chased me over most of the city shooting the whole time. We were next to the rail yard when an explosion rang out as he shot a tanker behind me. The explosion knocked me onto the tracks. I heard him fly away and then that chilling sound in the night. A train horn and the car was upside down on the tracks. I closed my eyes and that was the last thing I remembered from that night. When I woke up I was in Nevada and a dog. I looked in the mirror and panicked. I ran and took one of the Rally Fighters and drove next to the interstate. I stopped under one of the overpasses and tried to figure out what was happening. As I was thinking a Raptor pulled in behind me and I took off again. As I came out from under the overpass another Raptor tried to box me in but wasn’t fast enough. There was a crash on the interstate and people were stopped as we went by doing ninety miles an hour. Then I hit a dip and when I came out of the other side I went eight feet in the air with one of them right on my tail. We continued to run parallel to the interstate with people standing and staring. So I decided that if I could stay close enough to the people that the trucks would back off. I ran five feet away from the shoulder. They stayed right on me so I turned around and ran the other way. I then received a phone call from my cousin and I told him to call them off and I’d be back when I was ready. It was like a guy walked in, handed me a grenade and told me to pull the pin to see if it goes off. It couldn’t have been any worse if I went back. So I did and as it turned out I should’ve died that night but I didn’t. It got worse though, the rally was real but the previous driver and crime syndicate was a lie. So I nearly died for no reason and my life was ruined for no reason. Then I was told to sit down and watch the news and then I found out I had nothing to go back to. That crash on the interstate was an Econoline van that lost control during a police chase and ran head on into my parent’s Grand National and killed them both on impact. So that was it the only thing left of my previous life shattered right in front of me.”

Then a flatbed tow truck stopped in front of the house with a clunker on board. Diesel says “That’s perfect.” Jay says “See, favours do come in handy.” It was an old beat up Monte Carlo. Diesel says “Okay so put the tracker in that and leave it in the rail yard. This guy wants to bring a war to our doorstep? We’re going to take it to his. I’m done playing, this ends right now!” Jay says “What are you going to do?” Diesel says “Well I have nothing to go back to, nothing to lose. I thought I might have a tea party.” Jay begins laughing. Diesel says “What do you think? I’m going to kill him! I also need you to call in another favour, that guy with the plane. Once the plan’s in motion you’ll know what to do.” He turns to King and Fox and Jay says “What do we do with them?” Diesel says “I thought they could be an asset. They seem smart and open to the dog used to be human thing.” He says to them “Hey I have something to show you two.” He leads them into the garage and walks down the ramp. Underground was where all the vehicles were. But that wasn’t what he wanted to show them. There was a wall of fifteen monitor’s Diesel say’s “This is it the nerve centre. You see most of the cars have on-board cameras. And I have an ear piece for communication. What’s about to happen you might want to see.” King says “What are these other screens for?” Diesel says “Data and I’ll explain that later. There is something else.” They walk down a row of exotic cars and stop at one which is covered up. Diesel says “There was one thing that was rebuilt from my previous life.” He pulls off the car cover to reveal “Infamous”. Diesel says “The original was destroyed. Aside from painting it a metallic cherry red and smoking out the lights it’s the same car.” So the stage was set the car was placed in the rail yard with the driver in the trunk, Jay was in the plane and King and Fox were in the garage watching the screens. Jay says “So what is the plan?” Diesel says “I’m going to lead him to the dock and you take it from there. Sound good?” King speaks up “What if he doesn’t show?” Jay says “Trust me this guy always wants to be the one that puts him in the ground.” Diesel says “Are you guys getting a good view there?” They both respond “Yes” Suddenly a black helicopter descends upon the rail yard Diesel says “Right on time”

A passenger gets out of the helicopter and walks up to the trunk of the Monte Carlo. There is a sound coming from the truck as he opens it he sees the driver. Suddenly a shot rings out. Diesel says “Good he still has some fight. He won’t when I’m finished.” He slowly rolls up behind the clunker. He honks the horn. The man turns around and says “Hello old friend.” Diesel revs the engine. The man runs to the helicopter as Diesel speeds off in a Cloud of dust and gravel. “Don’t just sit there! Get him!” the man says to the pilot. Diesel has some fun leading them to the docks going down alleys, drifting around corners and speeding through traffic. As he heads for the docks there is an incline, he take it at full speed. It suddenly levels off and he takes to the air as bullets hit the asphalt below him. At the end of the dock there is a row of stacked containers. He pulls the park brake and stops in front of them facing the helicopter. Diesel says “Do it!” There is a low rumbling sound from behind the containers. What rises from behind them is a black F-35. They both hang there for a split second in time. Suddenly the bomb bay doors open and four SAMMs rocket toward the helicopter. Before the pilot can react there is a ground shaking explosion. As the helicopter falls to the ground Diesel says “Four SAMMs was a bit of overkill, no?” Jay says “Is it really over?” Diesel get’s out and walks up to the burning wreckage of what was left of the helicopter. After looking for a minute he says “Yes it’s really over.” Suddenly they hear police sirens. Diesel says “I think everyone just saw that fireworks display. Let’s get out of here and I’ll meet you at the house.” As they both make their way back to the house the police rush to the dock. They meet back at the house without incident. Jay slams the garage door after he drives in. He shuts off the car and slides down in the seat. Jay leans in the window and says “What’s wrong? You did great today. You took down a crime boss and avenged your family.” Diesel says “But that’s just it. My crowning achievement, my moment of glory and where am I? Alone with none of my old friends, no great moment, no immediate family, just silence. I thought I would feel this great sense of victory but all I feel is the sadness from those that I lost along the way.” He clenches his teeth and punches the dashboard in frustration.

He gets out of the car. Jay says “Think about it, you have a chance here for a fresh start.” He looks out of the window and sees pets and there owners interacting and says “Maybe your right. But there is something I need to do first.” He drives the car to its parking space and puts the cover back on it. King and Fox are still there. Diesel sits down and says “Why are you two so comfortable with the fact I used to be human?” King and Fox begin whispering to each other and Fox says “He told us his, so tell him yours.” So then King tells Diesel his story. After he finishes he tells him about all the local pets and their owners. Diesel says “Maybe I’ll introduce myself to some of them. As for where you came from I don’t know what to say. But me, I have no reason to be human again, I don’t have anything to go back to so I may as well go forward. Maybe you should do the same. That’s your choice though I suppose.” They soon leave and Diesel and Jay are left standing in the garage. Diesel says “Let’s go to the shooting range.” They walk through the garage and open a door on the back wall to an underground shooting range. Jay says “You might be a little rusty it’s been a while.” As he is putting on ear protection Diesel picks up a pistol and begins firing down the range. All the bullets except one hit the centre target and the last one hit’s the head. Diesel says “As you were saying?” The next night as Diesel and Jay are looking over the wrecked Suburban there is suddenly a loud banging on the garage door. A voice on the other side says “Diesel!” He rolls out from under the car and grabs a wrench and Jay grabs a tire iron and they each stand on one side of the door. Diesel gives him hand signals in order “On three. One...two...three.” He throws the garage door open and both are ready to attack. However when they open the door it’s King on the other side. He says “Diesel, I need your help.” They both put down their weapons and take King into the garage. Diesel says “What’s wrong?” King says “I don’t know where else to turn. It’s Sasha. She’s gone!”

I give you two chapters for the price of one. And start playing cliff-hanger music now. Those were the longest chapters I’ve ever typed and if anything has lost you just ask.

I've also thought about changing the title to "Relentless" tell me what you think.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Well it's very interesting and very very confusing. For most of diesel's story and the action scene after that I couldn't follow what was happening. If I had to give you any advice I'd have to say that you need to work on not skipping around and more clear details.

Author:  copper [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Very detailed story you have here. So they are reformed illegal street car riders who takedown criminals using A team like maneuvers? Very interesting.

The story did skip around a lot. maybe pace the action a bit more? Seemed a bit rushed.

Author:  1boredcanadian [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Sorry for the wait I’ve been having writers block.

Chapter 4

Nowhere Left to Run

Diesel says “What do you mean she’s gone?” King says “I overheard yelling from the house and then she ran off. I don’t know where she went. I thought I should tell someone but being the guy people don’t know much about. I was the last one to talk to her. Do you know how that looks?” Diesel thinks for a second “So you went to the guy you thought could help?” King nods. Diesel says “What house?” He points to a house a few doors down. Jay says “You stay here me and him will be back. Just go watch some TV or something until then.” King leaves the room and closes the door behind him. Jay says “So, old school interrogation?” Diesel says “Let’s go check out the house first” As they walk over to the house there is an old beat up Ford Ranger in the driveway. Diesel circles around to the side of the house. Jay takes a look inside of the pick-up. Diesel hears drunken mumbling from inside of the house. He looks in through the window and sees the house is a dump with beer bottles and trash all over and a homeless looking man sitting in a chair watching TV. Suddenly Jay says “Umm Diesel?” Diesel says “What?” Jay says “Get over here.” Diesel says “But I...” Jay says “Just get over here!” He walks over to the truck making sure not to be seen. There on the inside of the truck were beer cans and bottles littering the inside of the cabin. Jay says “Think about what you’re about to do.” Diesel says “Go back and get King and come back here.” After waiting a few minutes he comes back with King, bulletproof vests and ski masks. They all sit in front of the garage and Diesel says “So here is the plan. You two will break in through the front door and I will go around back in case he tries to run. The ski masks and bulletproof vests are like an insurance policy. King are you up for this?” King says “I think so.” as they all put on the vests and ski masks. Diesel waits at the back of the house for the signal. He hears the front door crack as it flies open.

The drunken man begins yelling incoherently “Who are you?” he jumps up out of the chair as Diesel waits. He runs toward the half open back door. Diesel kicks it open and knocks him out as it hits his face. When he wakes up he finds himself handcuffed to a chair. He says “Are you cops?” everyone is sitting in different chairs and there is quiet in the room. Diesel says “No we’re your worst nightmare.” Suddenly King says “I can’t do this.” and walks out of the house and sits in front of the garage. Diesel walks out and says “He moves you shoot got it?” Jay nods. Diesel sits down against the garage door with King and says “What did you see?” King says “I left home years ago but that’s my father. Not long after I left my mother left him. This all makes sense though. My original pets left because of how they were treated and now Sasha has done the same. Now he’s alone and deserves it.” Diesel says “Then why did you walk out?” King says “I can’t handle what’s going on. I don’t want to do or say the wrong thing that might give it away.” Diesel says “Me and him have done this a few time before. Don’t worry we’ll find out where she went.” Suddenly there is yelling inside the house “Gun!” Diesel runs into the house and sees Jay and the man with guns pointed at each other. Jay throws a second gun to him. Diesel says “You best plan your next move well old man or it could be your last.” After a few minutes of high tension he slides the gun across the floor. Diesel says “Good.” as Jay leans down to pick up the weapon. Diesel says “Now you’re gonna tell me where Sasha went.” He says “Mangy mutt.” Enraged by this comment Diesel says “Okay now you picked the wrong words and are going to die.” Jay points the gun at him, Diesel smiles and says “Sorry but thanks for playing.” As Jay is about to pull the trigger the man speaks up “No! Wait! She is headed for downtown. Please don’t hurt me!” Diesel says “See just like I thought. The big tough guy picking on weaker people right up until someone tougher than you shows up. The true nature of a coward.” He leans in next to the man’s ear and whispers “Oh, and by the way. The last drunk driver I met in person met the next freight train out of town. I catch you driving drunk the same will happen to you. Remember me...” they begin to walk out the front door and he says “...and I am keeping the gun.” Just then the drunken man realizes something. He says “Hey aren’t you going to un-cuff me?” Diesel thinks for a second and says “Nope, find your own way out!” and closes the door behind him.

As they begin walking King and Jay drop back and King asks “Drunk driver?” Jay says “The driver that killed his parents was drunk at the time.” They walk back to the house and go to the garage. They begin looking at the monitors. Diesel says “You wanted to know what the other ones were for? Watch this.” Suddenly Jay sits down at the base of the screens and they all light up with traffic cameras, satellite images, road maps, weather conditions, road conditions and vehicle statistics. King is blown away by what he is seeing. Diesel says “Like I said, we’ve done this before. So if she took off that long ago she has to be within this radius.” The radius goes outside of Babylon Gardens and covers part of the city. They begin scanning the screens. Diesel says “We could be at this for awhile. I think I’ll grab some sleep. Get me if you see anything okay?” Jay nods and says “Yeah that might be a good idea.” Diesel goes over to a parked 2012 Sanderson Tribute GT500 SS and gets in the passenger side and goes to sleep. King asks “He sleeps in cars?” Jay says “Not any cars, just that one.” King says “What’s so special about that one?” Jay says “That car was built as a dedication to his brother. He lost him racing on the million dollar highway in Colorado. It’s actually been five years since he’s seen any of his family. He did that race the first year and won with the ST1 and lost his brother. The next year we built that and he almost got killed driving it. That’s when the R8 he talks about was lost in the pass. It’s been two years since that happened and it still haunts him. His brother was driving a white 2011 GT500 with black stripes. So he painted that in the opposite color scheme, diamond black with pearl white stripes and metallic green pin striping. Weighs 2,500 pounds and makes 800 horsepower, it’s one of the quickest cars we have. It makes one of the best sounds too. Nobody except for him really knows what happened up there. Some say he ran him off the road, others say he just lost control on a curve. I’ve been told what happened by him and I still don’t believe it.” King says “Why is he the size of a wolf?” Jay says “That’s simple he’s half Malamute Husky and half Arctic Wolf. That’s also why he has no problem getting through snow.”

Chapter 5

No Looking Back

Diesel opens his eyes and finds himself rocketing down the million dollar highway. But as he begins to look around he realizes he is in the passenger seat. He looks to his left and sees that the driver of the car is himself when he was human. He waves his hand in front of the drivers face and there is no response. “Please I don’t want to relive this! Not now!” They begin to wind around the curves. He spots a white GT500 in the mirror. He challenges the ST1 for the lead and they race down the pass with thin guardrails and shear drop-offs. After three different curves avoiding traffic and chasing the ST1 there is a traffic snare on a left hand curve coming up. Two trucks, each going opposite ways. Suddenly the driver of the GT500 makes his move and takes the oncoming shoulder as the driver of the ST1 takes the outside shoulder. Suddenly midway around the curve the back end of the GT500 steps out and the tail gets clipped by the oncoming trucks trailer. As he spins out right in front of the ST1 sliding around the curve just getting by the other truck Diesel sees his brother’s face as the car plunges off the side of the cliff. Everything freezes in time. He gets out of the car and looks over the side of the cliff as his brothers car was hanging in the air. He sits down on the edge of the road and begins to think as he looks down at the car. “Why couldn’t you have just backed off? Because that not what you do. You always have to push everyone to the edge and never think of the consequences of what you’re doing. Now you have to live with what you’ve done. The question is would you take it all back if you could?” He walks back across the road. He looks at the scene, the ST1 sideways, the GT500 falling down the cliff and two other car behind. A blue Noble M15 and an orange R35 GTR. He closes his eyes, when he opens them they have changed from blue to green. He turns and runs toward the edge, jumps and closes his eyes.

As he opens his eyes there is a bright flash of light inside of the car. As he looks around he finds himself back in the garage. He sits back and looks at the mirror and sees he has changed color. He is now slate gray and black with bright green eyes with a tag that resembles the SR3 shield with a green gem filling the inside of the shield. He looks at it and says “That’s new.” He sees his old tag sitting on the driver seat. Jay runs over to the car and says “What was that? Are you okay?” Diesel opens the door and says “Never been better.” As he steps out of the car Jay sees that he is different. He can’t think of anything to say. Diesel says “Is this a prank?” Jay says “No you went and slept in the car and then there was a bright flash from the car. We still haven’t found her.” Diesel says “I have an idea, just watch.” So they both walk back to the monitors and Diesel sits at the base and switches three of the screens from multiple cameras to three different cameras. King sees Diesel and says “What happened? You look different.” Diesel says “Bad dream, bad memories. I feel different to.” Suddenly they see Sasha on the camera and then see a grey van. A man gets out and puts her in the back and takes off. Diesel says “You get that plate?” Jay says “Okay car guy what is that?” Diesel says “1994 GMC Safari” He runs the plate through the database and says “Yes and it’s registered to...” They both look at the screen for a few minutes, him and Diesel look at each other and Diesel says “We’ve gotta go now. Go and get the M5” Jay says “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Diesel says “If we lose him it’s on your head. I’ll stay here and be the eyes and ears. King you have to go with him. If she just got thrown in the back of a van by someone unfamiliar she definitely won’t trust us. She will trust you.””

Then Jay goes and brings out a blue 2012 BMW M5. Diesel says “King you’re riding in the back. Just a suggestion but you might want to hold on tight. The last Bimmer he drove ended up on a wrecker.” He starts laughing. King says “What!?” Jay says “Oh, relax he’s joking.” The M5 leaves the garage and heads for the city. As he is driving they check the camera and communication. Jays says “How’s the audio and video?” after scanning the screens for a second Diesel says “The camera is good and the audio is fine. You tail him if he spots you stop him.” As they enter the city he sees the van and begins following. King says “Go get him.” Jay says “No he wants me to tail him so we’re two car lengths back.” After following him for a few miles he begins to speed up. Diesel thinks for a second and says “He’s made you! Take him down!” Jays speeds up and chases him for a few miles. He goes around a corner and Jay sees his chance. He gets alongside the van and looks at the driver and suddenly backs off. After falling back behind the van he talks to Diesel and says “Don’t lose it but there was a familiar face driving that van.” Diesel says “Oh well, stop him!” So again Jay makes his move and gets alongside the van and passes it. He then pulls the park brake and ends up facing the van and hits the brakes. The driver of the van locks up the brakes and in a cloud of tire smoke stops inches away from the M5. Jay gets out and walks up to the driver side of the van and yells “Get out now!” as the driver emerges Jay is stunned by who he sees. Diesel looks from the cars camera and stops everything. Jays says “Remember what I said.” Suddenly from the earpiece Jay hears the ominous sound of rumbling from the garage followed by squealing tires fading into the distance and panics. Jay says “Open the back doors.” The driver does so and Jay and King see two dogs and Sasha in the back of the van. Jay says “Don’t panic we’re here to help. King take them to the car, we have to leave now.” They get in the car and before leaving Jay says something to the driver “You might want to start running.” As they drive out of the city one of the dogs ask “Why should he start running?” Jays says “You’ll see.”

As they get on a long flat stretch of road Jay hears a low ground shaking rumble combined with a high pitched whine. The pets begin to panic and then Jay sees the Mustang traveling at triple digit speeds in the opposite direction. He says “That guys a dead man.” As he goes past he takes his foot off the gas and flames shoot from the side pipes. One of them says “What was that?!” Jay says “He’s back. Everyone hold on!” Suddenly Jay turns around and follows Diesel. Jay says “Talk to me. What’s your plan?” his question is answered only by radio silence. As diesel slides around a corner he sees the van going the other way. He spins around and goes after him. When he goes around the corner however Jay has stopped in front of him. He then slides in behind the van. He opens the glove box of the car and looks at the plaque with his brother’s name on it. As he gets out Jay says “Try and show a little restraint.” Diesel says “Out of the van! Now!” The driver gets out of the van and asks “What’s going on?” Diesel says “You have some questions to answer. Like why you’re not dead.” Jay says “Diesel you’re gonna cause another issue!” The driver says “Diesel, as in Jason’s dog Diesel?” Diesel says “Glad you remember me John. Now why aren’t you dead? We all saw what happened. I saw it firsthand. Everyone I talked to said you were gone.” John says “You of all people know how many of them are crooked liars. After everyone took off I was airlifted out. I didn’t have a scratch but I was told to take off and not come back or there would be problems.” Diesel says “Why were you working for Vlad? Why didn’t you come to him if you needed money?” John says “I got in deep dept and the only way I could pay him back was to do that race and nobody could find Jason at the time.” They all stand there in a circle and think about what to do next. Jay says “Why are you working for this clown?” John says “He pays good money and its cash.” Diesel says “Sidebar, hang on a minute John.” They walk over to behind the Mustang and start talking. They come back minutes later. Diesel says “After much head scratching we’re going to give you the cash to start over on a few conditions, first no dog catching, second you go back to Canada and never come back.” He thinks about the offer for a few minutes and accepts. They all get back in their vehicles and Diesel pulls alongside the van John says “You do know you’re quite a legend in Miami, eh? Diesel says “No I didn’t maybe we’ll go there soon.” John says “I guess all that’s left of the family is me and Alex.” Diesel says “We will be keeping an eye on you and your brother might be closer then you think.” They both sit there as an awkward silence filled the air and then they part ways. As he is driving back home Jay says “That was really restrained compared to what I thought was going to happen.” Diesel says “I know it’s a lot to ask but for the rest of the drive can we have radio silence?” Jay says “Yeah, I guess so.” Diesel says “good” and then shuts off his radio. King says “He sounded pretty rattled.” Jay says “Wouldn’t you be? Someone that has been dead for over two years all of a sudden pops up that close to home. I don’t know what kind of war I have on my hands now. That might have pushed him over the edge of what his sanity can take.”

File comment: For those that don't know what a 2012 Sanderson Tribute Mustang is
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Author:  copper [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Well, another action packed update! They sure do love their cars, huh?

So King's father is Sasha's owner... interesting.

I like the whole color species change going on. Weird, but interesting.

Author:  1boredcanadian [ Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

Chapter 6

Off The Rails

They both continue to drive into the night. Suddenly Diesel finds himself back in the garage. Then Jay says “I said are you ok?” He thinks “Did I just see the future?” Suddenly there is a familiar voice from the driver seat of the car “Well, are you going to answer him?” he turns to his left and sees the spirit of his brother. He jumps out of the car and says “Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing that!” Jay nods and Diesel says “Okay good...well...not know what I mean.” The ghost is now standing in the garage. Diesel walks around him for a few minutes “It’s definitely him. Why are you here?” His brother responds with “I was not doing anything when I was summoned by you and now I’m here.” Then king walks into the room. Jay says to Diesel “This might be awkward.” He responds with “Shut up and follow my lead.” King stops in his tracks and says “A ghost!” Diesel says “Easy, he’s friendly.” After standing for a few minutes in an awkward silence Diesel decides to break the ice for everyone “King this is my brother John, John this is King.” Jay says “I told him about Colorado.” Diesel says “Good I don’t have to.” After they figure out that each other is friendly they go back to the monitors. Diesel says “Do you have any idea how I got you here?” John says “No clue” Diesel says “So you have no idea why I can see part of the future?” John says “Again I have no clue.” Diesel says “You’re just as helpful as you used to be.” Diesel goes back and gets a red Raptor APV and brings it to the monitors. Suddenly Jay says “We’ve got something.” Diesel gets out and says “Let me guess, is it a 1994 GMC Safari?” Jay says “Yes, how did you know?” Diesel says “No idea. Let’s go get them. Jay you’re driving, King you’re in the back. John just stay here and don’t break anything.” They leave the garage and head for the city. Jay says “So the plan is?” Diesel says “You tail him wherever he’s going. That is the plan.” They see the van and he begins tailing it. After a few minutes he begins to speed up. Jay says “He’s running!” Diesel Says “Don’t stop him just pursue him. King you might want to tighten you belt.” He does and they begin tailing him at high speed. Suddenly Diesel closes his eyes and when he opens them he is floating over the city. “Okay it finally happened, I’ve lost my mind. Good view though.” He looks around and has a view of the whole city and everything has slowed down. Then he spots the Raptor and sees that he is still in the passenger seat. “I suppose this is an out of body experience. Maybe I can pick a car or something to get back.” He tries to get back to the Raptor but misses and ends up in a blue Taurus going the other way.

He stomps on the brake. He then looks in the rear view mirror and sees a reflection that’s not his own. “I’ve become the driver.” From the back seat he hears “What did you say dad?” he turns around and sees Peanut and Grape in the back seat. He says “Um, nothing.” and he begins driving again. Then he thinks “Let’s try this again.” He closes his eyes and has a view of the city again. “Now where did they go?” he spots them going down an ally and gets back to his own body. When he enters the vehicle Jay is talking “...and I’m not seeing the problem. Are you listening or not?” he says “Actually, I didn’t hear a word.” He looks around and Jay is staring back at him. He realises something “Wrong body.” He switch’s back and King says “What just happened?” Diesel says “First off you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Second you don’t want to know.” Jays says “You’ve been acting like a zombie most of this drive.” Diesel looks around and spots a silver unmarked Camaro ZL1 “Whatever’s going on I’m trying it again.” Jays says “What?” Diesel says “I’ll be back.” Jay says “Where are you going?” he takes control of the driver. He looks in the mirror and sees an experienced looking cop “Please let this all be a bad dream.” He waits for them to go past and pull out behind them. But then he hears radio traffic. The dispatcher says “We’ve got a black Trans-Am running south on the interstate. Are you close enough to respond?” He follows the van around anther corner and thinks about it. “It has been a long time since I chased someone down...legally. But I really want to take down this guy.”

He turns on the lights and siren and races past the Raptor. He gets right behind the van but at the last second turns onto another street. “I’m on it!” he says to the dispatcher. He can’t believe what he just said. “I thought I left this life behind.” He races through the city and gets onto the interstate headed north. He sees the Trans-Am being chased by five patrol cars. He sees a turnaround area in the center median. He thinks to himself “Last chance to call it off.” But he just can’t pull himself away from the action. He pulls the park brake and slides though the centre and ends up being the third patrol car in the chase. He stays behind them for a few minutes to access the situation. They are traveling at triple digit speeds, endangering numerous civilians and he is in the quickest car. He thinks “Please tell me this works.” He cues the microphone and says “Permission to take lead of the chase?” The dispatcher responds “Granted I will broadcast to all cars” she broadcasts “Zebra 1 is taking lead position.” over an open frequency. By now three state troopers have joined the chase and the local cops have started to drop back behind them. He passes one of the local cars and sees Ralph in the passenger seat. They wave and he waves back. He gets behind the Tran-Am and bumps him once to intimidate him. He stays behind him but moves over a lane. The driver of the Trans-Am swerves toward him but he doesn’t flinch. One of the cops behind him says “Speeds in excess of one hundred and twenty miles per hour. We need to end this thing before someone gets killed.” He looks down at the speedometer. It says 130mph “Well look at that. It’s time to end this thing.” He lines up beside the rear fender of the Trans-Am. He says “Pit, Pit, Pit.” and hits his target. The Trans-Am is sent spinning. It catches the ditch and the car begins to roll. He brakes as he watches the car tumble through the dirt. It comes to rest feet from the road. All of the police come to a stop and he already has his hands up. As someone is putting him in the back of a patrol car he hears the cop say “Watch your head.” He hits the suspects head on the top of the door. The suspect says “Ouch!” The cop sarcastically says “Sorry about that.” He thinks “That appears to be a good note to leave on.” Suddenly the dispatcher comes over the radio “We’ve received a phone call about numerous animal kidnappings at the old VDR transport building.”

He asks “Animal kidnappings?” Another cop says “They take peoples animals and charge insane amounts of money to get them back or they leave with a new owner.” He gets back in the Camaro and says “We have to go now.” He leaves the cops body and checks what going on at the old warehouse. He sees him and King still sitting in the truck. He finds Jay far up on a catwalk overlooking the warehouse. He looks down and spots row upon row of cages of dogs and cats. He gets back to his own body and says “King no matter what, stay here” King nods and Diesel climbs up to where Jay is standing on the catwalk. Jay whispers “About time you came around. The cops are on their way.” Diesel whispers “Yeah I know. Listen when this is said and done we need to talk.” Jay says “Why? Are you pregnant?” and begins laughing. Diesel says “Oh, Har, Har. I’m serious I think I’m losing my mind!” Someone looks up to the catwalk and they both duck behind the wall. Diesel says “So we wait on the cops?” Jay says “That’s the plan.” Diesel asks “So how have I been acting the past half hour?” Jay says “Well a lot like a zombie. You’ve been very quiet and unresponsive. Like your body’s there but your mind isn’t.” Diesel says “Okay, we have to get back outside when they show up.” They both get out of the building and are halfway down the fire escape when two armed men stop them.

You might think that I’ve completely lost the plot but it will all make sense in the following characters.

So I’m looking for peoples input. One of my parents has been riding me to go to a publisher or some expert of writing because I may have a “hidden talent” but I don’t believe that. I’m 7 chapters in and I’m not sure if I want to go to a publisher. So I’ll let you decide. It would be very similar minus the Housepets characters. Would anyone else read that? :?

Author:  copper [ Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hail the Villain, A Housepets Fanfiction rated PG-13

It is a nice story, but maybe develop your talent a bit on your own, find your style before going to publisher or anything. I say go for it, but not at the moment. Find yourself as a writer first.

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