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Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:20 pm ]
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if you'd said nothing, we probably wouldn't have noticed. You've gone on a pretty flexible update schedule so far, a few extra days wouldn't make a difference.

Author:  Karl [ Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:34 pm ]
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And here I imagined you waiting all those long days for me, biting your nails from tension. Oh well...

But indeed, my update schedule is w/o control and my updating days are random. But when I finish something, I just want to give people the thing they enjoy. Plus, it's always tempting me to post it already. And even my Beta told me to look for replacement for those days. So it was all because I care for you.

But you're right. No harm will be done if we will wait.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:06 pm ]
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If you really want to post it unedited, you can go ahead. I was just reminding you that waiting was an option too.

Author:  Karl [ Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:20 pm ]
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I'll wait :)

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:46 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
I'll wait :)

I finally get back on the bus after a long and cold football game, expecting to turn on my phone and find another update that peaks into the life of Bino and Matt. Something to read and take my mind off of the 2 hour bus ride back to my school, only to find you decided to wait.

*Sigh* Oh well. I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow or the day after then.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:50 pm ]
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I'm sorry I reminded him of this possibility, then 8P

Author:  Karl [ Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:41 pm ]
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After seeing +200 watches from previous posts... and Jeff's dramatic message, I have no choice.

46. But I know better

Leaning against the fence and piercing ground with stern glance, Bino was waiting for his friends to show up. Waiting too long.

They were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago. What’s taking them so long? When he calls them and says where to meet and when exactly, he expects from them to be at the appointed time. Being late was either a proof of one’s sluggishness, or a sign of ignorance towards him.

Fifteen minutes… scandalous! At this point he should just walk back home and do more interesting stuff if they’re treating him this way. That’s why they should be grateful to Bino for his will to graciously have some patience.

But he will tell them what he thinks about such being late. Oh yes, he will for sure.

He needed them. He needed them right now. Since being grounded for what recently happened, he was just sick of sitting in house, which still he wasn’t used to. All what was there was plain boredom, two strange adults and a teen whose companionship was more than just unable to bare every day. He must go outside. Fool around the neighborhood. Do something!

Though he was not sure was going outside such good idea after all. Probably Fido already spread to whole neighborhood about how he arrested his brother and kept him on police station in awful conditions. He may give him that sweet talk about carrying and such, but he was sure that all it was just a game to mask true intentions. He didn’t truly listen to what Fido said to him, all of it was a lie to lull him into false sense of security. And then he would attack unexpectedly, throwing him right into arms of hungry for sensation neighbor dogs who only wait for occasion to make fun of him.

Conspiracy. Everywhere conspiracy targeted for his high position.

Where are they…

Clenching his arms around his torso more tight and kicking the fence with his heel, the impatience in him started to grow stronger as it began to be also influenced by bad thoughts. Where are they? He doesn’t have much time!

Giving his head a good shake, he looked around to see were they already coming from a distance.

They weren’t there. But he saw her.

She was walking across the street, with a purse hanging from her arm. Even from a distance he could see how her movements were unusual. Her hips were swinging with each movement of her leg and her steps were in equal row, foot after foot. At some point, with a swift movement of her hand, she pushed one of her ears behind her and the air blew that long fur before it flopped on her back. So womanlike…

Bino remembers that day when he met her for the first time. It was so cold and he was tired from making those snowdogs whole night. His owner still forbid him from entering house so he had to go to shed to get some sleep.

Surprisingly, the shed was open and when he approached, he saw some dog laying there on the floor. It angered him because no one is supposed to touch the stuff he marked. Without hesitation, he stomped to wake up that dog and told him clearly to get out. Instead of doing what he was told to do immediately, that dog only lifted his head and asked some stupid question. Bino was too tired for any arguments so he only pointed at the entrance and repeated his demand.

There’s no way he can forget what he saw later. That dog got up and… he saw a female he had never seen before. Three colors ideally composing all over her body - white that went up though her chest to her muzzle and brown surrounding it, also covering her arms from fingers to elbows, making an effect like she was wearing some elegant garments. But what was really catching was the major color of her fur that resembled a material made of velvet.

That long hair hanging from some parts of her body. From her arms… from her tail that had a shape of a swan’s neck… from her ears… that hair hanging from her ears was so long that it was resting right on her chest. Two small dots above her long brows. The light blue eyes that contained desire to murder someone. And that big, red bump right above her left eye. Who could harm a being with such wonderful feminine attributes?

She called him a stupid twit and told him to show his head in a furnace. Not just stupid. She added twit to give those words a deeper meaning.

With wide from amazement eyes, Bino observed how she walks away, making the snow crunch under her delicate footpads and trying to keep balance as her brain was still malfunctioning from damage inflicted on her head. With the same eyes now, but with a blush on his cheeks, he was staring at how she’s looking for something in her purse.


Bino flinched as he heard someone’s voice coming from the side. As he turned his head, he saw a familiar tall and slim husky with an open palm in air and a smug smile on his muzzle.

“At long last… where have you been?” Bino said with impatient tone, narrowing his eyes at Fox. “You have any idea how long I’ve been standing here waiting for you? Like…” He reached to his collar and pulled out some small watch. “… eighteen minutes! Beautiful!”

Fox’s eyes widened at such response from Bino.

“Where have I been?” Fox crossed his arms and leaned against the fence. “That question should actually be addressed to you. You were gone for three days!”

This time it was Bino who got caught off guard by Fox’s words.

“What?” He asked from disbelief. “You don’t know anything?”

“Know what?” Fox asked in return.

Bino wasn’t sure was his friend playing dumb or making fun of him. Whole neighborhood should already know in what unpleasant case the Chairdog of GODC was recently involved. Fido should have already make sure of it. Still, he wasn’t able to give any proper answer so he turned his glance off Fox and hung his head.

“Bino, what’s going on?” Fox continued. “You disappear all of a sudden. No one sees you anywhere. You didn’t come for the important meeting at the club house on which you were pressing everydog to be on it. And after three days you call me and tell me that you really must see me and Rex. So… maybe… you know…”

The husky waved his hands in air, like he was trying to find proper word.

“Tell me why you were gone and not gave any vital signals?”

Bino bit his lip. That’s now how conversation with Fox was supposed to look like. He imagined his friend to non stop joke about his bummer with arrest in main role. But when listening to Fox, he was now sure that the husky doesn’t know a single thing about what happened to him and his owner, Matt.

It’s a miracle. If Fox doesn’t know a thing, then everyone else probably either. His reputation is saved!

But… what he’s supposed to tell his best friend now? Indeed, he wasn’t leaving home at all during those three days. How to explain to him why he was gone for so long?

“Well?” Fox said.

Bino puffed his cheeks and exhaled air slowly. He can’t confess to him that he was involved in shoplifting he didn’t want to be part of, got arrested by his won brother and then kept under lock. Fido didn’t spoke a word about all of this so it’s better to keep that maintained. Still, Fox was waiting for his explanation.

Hanging his head lower and raising his shoulders, Bino breathed through his nose for a couple times before opening his lips.

I… got grounded…

He closed his eyes, waiting for Fox’s response.

“Say what?” Fox leaned his ear closer. “You must speak louder.”

His shoulders dropped all of a sudden. Rolling his eyes, he sighed. Then he licked his lips.

I. Got. Grounded.

Fox seemed to be like froze in time. Those blue, gazing eyes locked on the hound and the slight opened jaw made him look like he was seeing or hearing something unexpected. Still, Fox’s stance was somewhat scary for Bino at this case as he kept looking into those staring at him eyes.

“Oh,” Fox came back to life after some moment. The he started to lean back slowly. “Oh. Um… well… I see.”

Leaning back on the fence, Fox turned his glance from Bino and looked somewhere in the distance. The he nodded his head few times and shrugged.

“To be honest with you, after receiving a call from you I thought it was something more… serious? Than that.” He pursed his lips and nodded again.

Bino winced as he heard this. Of course he didn’t expect full sympathy from his friend, but no interest was something he didn’t like. Being grounded is not cool after all. But at least the shop case stays unknown and that was most important at the moment.

Not feeling any need to say something, Bino rested his head back on the fence, making a thud as he did so. His eyesight went on the place he was so focused on before.

She was gone. The object of his interest was not there any more. Without her, the place where she was standing seemed like an empty void, where nothing interesting was going on. Just a regular street being… regular again.

Will he get a chance to see her again?

Unable to reply on this question to himself as he got knocked out from his thoughts again by a nudge on his arm.

“Aww, c’mon. Lighten up!” Fox’s voice gained more vigor. “Now tell your buddy what you perpetrated this time to earn getting grounded.”

Bino turned his head to Fox and saw how the husky is giving him a that sly smile of his which was often used in teasing.

“Oh. And I thought that my current situation at home was not so interesting to you.” Bino responded to Fox, also giving him a side glance of suspiciousness.

Fox shrugged and raised his hand. “What can I say? It’s true that it explains why you were gone for so long, but when you pick up the phone and hear your friend speaking in dramatic like tone, calling you for very urgent meeting and how much my presence really, really, and I mean really means to him, all I can do is to just imagine what could happen to you that you sounded like I was your last hope.”

“Erm…” Bino wasn’t sure what to say. “Well it’s… I mean… It actually is very important to see you. But it’s just… that… argh!” He groaned and put his face in his hand.

“Heh, okay!” Fox chucked by seeing Bino unable to give proper explanation and placed his hand on his shoulder to calm him down. “I figure you got stir crazy and just wanted to see me. But seriously, you don’t have to act like whole world was coming to an end and my presence was ultimate salvation. Thought… it’s not the first time that happens…”

Bino took his hand off his face and looked at Fox with rather painful expression. What could he say to him. He considered him as best friend for a long time. He liked to spend time with him and do interesting things outside. His company at his side was making him feel good… safe.

Oh, and Rex is okay too. Just… not the same.

“I was locked in house all the time so it’s normal I wanted to hang out with you, guys,” He finally explained. “They’re not at home at this moment, don’t know for how long but probably I don’t have much time before they’ll get back. But I had to use this opportunity to get out and just do something. And what can be better than just stick with your best buds for that?”

“That’s nice,” Fox’s grip on Bino’s shoulder got stronger. “That’s what friends are for. But… it’s not like you must spend time with me and Rex.

Pain disappeared all at once from Bino’s face and now there was astonishment… or rather clamor. “Excuse me? What did you said?” He shook Fox’s hand off his shoulder as he turned to him directly. “I’m just risking my skin to meet with you and you’re trying to tell me that it’s not worth to spend the little time I have with you?”

“You understood me wrong,” Fox explained fast, the smile dropping off. “I appreciate that you take the risk to spend some time with us. But what I wanted to says that world does not end on me and Rex. You see, there’s no problem with meeting other people to--“

“Oh, I see where this is going,” Bino suddenly interrupted by poking Fox’s chest with his finger. “Let me guess, it has to do with your meetings with that sorry excuse of a dog who calls himself King?”

“You’re so cut on him,” Fox glared at this moment and he also crossed his arms, clearly not happy of where this conversation was going to. “I said no word about King and you already go all crazy on him.”

“But it’s obvious you were about to mention him!” Bino poked Fox’s chest harder and his glare was getting more tense. “Just by listening to what you said was enough to assume that you were about to give an example how you meet with King and also can have lots of fun if you’re not with me or Rex. Though you recently hang out with him more often than with you best pals these days. As I was standing here and waiting for you, for a moment I wondered did you dump me because you found that it’s better to tag along with King rather than with friend in need.”

“Bino, what I actually wanted to say is that you can meet with your girlfriend!” Fox said with much stronger voice.

“Oh, right! Just as I thought, you’re going to defend him!” Bino crossed his arms and turned away from Fox. “As always you must be on that runt’s side because he’s so mis… wait, what?” And then he turned back to him, staring at him with surprised glance.

“Sasha! I’m talking about Sasha!” Fox waved his hand in front of Bino from annoyance. “She still is your girlfriend, right?”

Bino kept staring at Fox, who seemed to be angry now. He couldn’t understand all of this. Whole conversation seemed to shift from one thing to another, which spin the carousel of emotions, and adds uncertainty.

“But what Sasha has to do with any of this?” Bino said, breaking the silence.

Fox shut his eyes and sighed heavily. When he opened them back, he rolled them and squint.

“Okay. Now listen to me carefully. Carefully,” Fox said, trying to do it with calmer tone. Before continuing, however, he sighed again. “Despite of what is recently happening, I still do respect your friendship and that you like to spend time with me. But if it happens that you’re unable to meet with me, or with Rex, or both of us… there really won’t be a problem, at least for me, if you will have some fun with some other dogs. And you’re in comfortable situation anyways because you have a girlfriend, Sasha. So why not go and spend some time with her? And truth be told, girlfriends do require to devote a lot of time to them. You should know that already.”

Silence was among them after Fox finished his speech. Both of them were looking deeply into each other’s eyes, with this difference that Fox’s glance was chastening and astonishment was in Bino’s.

He was merely sure that in no time the subject about King will appear. He didn’t let finish Fox when he started his talk with meeting with other people, but he already imagined he will tell how he also hangs out with King and that’s okay, which he just can’t stand just by thinking about it. But he never took Sasha into account. It was so surprising to him.

Now, looking into those blue eyes, he realized he launched out. Once again.

Thinking what to say, as his friend was clearly waiting for any answer from him, Bino looked elsewhere and scratched his tummy.

“Sasha… heh…” Bino leaned back on the fence and lowered his head. “True, I can also got to her and spend some time with her. But for now, I don’t feel a need for that so there’s no sense in doing that. When the need will come I will do so. But not now. I have better things to do.”

Fox also leaned back on the fence and murmured.

“You know, I would tell you what I think about this but… your relationship, your business,” Fox said, looking in the distance before turning his head away from Bino. “Also, I think I’ll just leave. I thought it mattered to you to see me, but I guess I was wrong.”

The fence creaked and Bino felt on his back how it trambled a little. Lifting his head, he saw Fox getting ready to go away. He already made one step.

“Fox, wait!” Bino grabbed Fox by his wrist, stopping him this way.

Fox looked through his shoulder, the upset glance still on his face. At this moment Bino regretted they had such nervous talk three minutes ago. Before that, Fox seemed to beam with enthusiasm with that sly smile on his muzzle. Even that teasing was somewhat better than his current stern expression. He wanted his enthusiasm back. Badly. Which was shown by dangling his ears that withdrew.

“It… won’t happen again.” He said with slightly sorrowful voice.

Fox turned back to Bino, his wrist slowly getting free from the hound’s grip. His expression was still stern. Then he lowered his shoulders and let out some air from his lungs.

“Fine. I’ll forget it this time,” He said to Bino. “However, if you really care about our meeting, I don’t want it to be stressful to me in any kind of way. Is that clear?”

Bino lowered his head in front of Fox and gave him a slight nod.

“I want to hear it.”

The hound sighed and looked back at his friend with slight frown, grimacing.

“Yeah, okay…” He mumbled.

The sternness, to Bino’s frustration, was still not leaving Fox’s face. Of course he didn’t tell him sorry directly, but he expressed his regret, right? So what else this husky expects from him? That he will fall to his knees with sobbing? Why he can’t smile to him already?

His anxiety got resolved as finally that smile he was waiting for finally appeared under his nose. The enthusiasm that beamed from Fox returned and it lightened Bino’s heart… without showing that, of course. Now everything was getting to normal.

“Good boy,” Fox said with warm tone and patted Bino’s arm in friendly way. Then he placed both his hands on his hips. “You can do it if you only want to. Now, Rex will come and… oh,” The husky raised his head. “Here he comes.”

Bino turned around to see a tall, well built, grey furred dog comings towards him. Evidently he was trotting as that could be seen by the thick skin hanging from his cheeks, which dangled in air each time he made a step. He was also holding something under his armpit.

Rex stopped in front of Bino and Fox. He was panting slightly, but then he put a smile on his face.

“Hey, guys,” He spoke to them with characteristic to him low tone of speech. “Sorry for being late.”

Fox raised his hand in greeting and smiled to Rex. “Hey, big guy.”

Rex’s breath calmed and his smile became widened just by seeing Fox’s friendly face. But when his glance shifted to Bino, that smile dropped because the hound had his arms on hips and he was tapping the sidewalk with his foot, clearly showing his discontent.

“Wow… finally you decided to show yourself in front of us!” Bino spoke to him in sarcastic manner. “What too you so long? You’re irresponsible or something? Me and Fox were standing here like some stakes, waiting till you finally show that sorry tail of yours! Wanna know how much you’re late?”

Rex opened his mouth to say something, but he got silenced as Bino waved his hand in front of his face.

“Don’t try to guess. I’ll tell you personally how much you’re late!” Bino put his hand into his collar. He tried to take out his electronic watch, but his nose started to twitch as it caught a scent. “*sniff* *sniff*… what the… I smell cinnamon?”

Bino forgot about the watch and withdrew his hand from his collar. His nose was twitching all the time as he was sniffing the scent of cinnamon. Fox, who came to him closer, also was doing the same. And both of their noses stopped when they were close to Rex’s chest.

Rex leaned backwards a bit as both dogs were very close to him with their heads, which was a bit creepy to him. When they looked up at him with questioning looks, he understood what they want. Taking out the plastic package from under his armpit, he shoved it in front of his friends and opened it.

The cinnamon scent grew much stronger. Bino and Fox looked inside, only to find there two small cookies in a shape of teddy bears.

“I didn’t want to be late, honest,” Rex began to say. “But you see, at the time you called me, I had my oven turned on. I couldn’t leave till everything will be baked. So as a way of telling you sorry, I brought some with me. So, what do you think? They’re still warm.” He shoved the package closer.

Both dogs didn’t say anything, just kept staring at two cutely looking teddy cookies.

“I even added some decoration,” Rex pointed his finger at him. “I made eyes, muzzle, buttons and boots from icing. I even made them smile so they can look like they were happy.”

Fox was the first one to raise his head. “Rex, you’re… baking?”

Rex blushed and scratched his nape. “Yeah, I do. And since we’re together, I wanted to give you those cookies, because I like you. Here, take one, Fox.” He gave the box a gentle shake for encouragement.

Rex seemed to be really happy of his achievement, because his pupils were shining. But Fox wasn’t sharing his enthusiasm. On his face was actually a consternation as he was looking at his big friend. He wouldn’t suspect from a dog with a spiky collar and skull as a personal tag to spend time in kitchen. But just by looking at his eyes was enough to make him not want to disappoint Rex. So he put his hand inside the plastic box and took out one cookie.

“Uhh… thanks?”

Holding it close to his muzzle, Fox gazed at the teddy bear that was smiling to him friendlily. Like it was okay to be eaten by a husky. Just in case he sniffed its ear and took a look at it again. Then, opening his jaw, the head of the teddy passed his sharp teeth and rested on his tongue.

Rex looked with delight how Fox bites the cookie’s head off and chews it. At first he was moving his mouth slowly, but in time it started to gain speed. A sign that Fox likes his cookie he baked by himself. Then he shifted his glance to Bino and also offered him to take the other cookie.

Bino looked at the smiling cookie for a moment. Then his muzzle bridge wrinkled and he gave Rex a glare.

“What is this?” he said with dry tone.

Rex blinked. He looked into box, wondering what’s wrong, but the cookie seemed to be alright.

“A… cookie? For you?” He said meekly.

Bino growled, which made Rex anxious. The hound’s hands curled into fists and he showed his teeth, like he was getting ready to explode.

“Your already small brain started to completely malfunction?!” Bino snapped at Rex, making the larger dog to curl. “A guy baking… teddy shaped cookies?!”

Rex curled even more. “B-but I--“

Shut up!” Bino silenced him by pointing his finger at his nose. “Look at yourself! Do you look like a type who runs in pink apron and spins around the kitchen with a cook book?!” Then he moved his face closer to Rex’s muzzle. “Remember this well. Kitchen is not a place for guys. It’s a place for woman. You hear me? A WOMAN!”

“Bino, don’t yell at him!” Fox stepped in and pushed Bino away from Rex. Then he turned his glance (and muzzle with crumps on it) upon the shocked dog. “Listen, Rex… Bino has a point in some way. The idea of cookies being baked by a guy is rather… odd. And that won’t be taken well by others. It’s girl stuff. And you’re certainly not a girl. You understand?”

Bino was glaring with disdain at the dog who looked now like he was about to go for decapitation. He couldn’t believe in this. Such big dog who wears a spiked collar… has a skull tag! How could he even bring him cookies? Just imagining him in a kitchen with an apron was plain disgusting.

“We, boys, do not bake cookies,” Bino spoke again with rather harsh tone. “We do manly stuff, you get it? We play with action figures, read action comics, play computer games, climb on trees--“

But I thought cats climb on trees…” Rex said quietly.

Bino closed his eyes shut and pulled his ears as his body shook violently.

“Don’t… do this ever again…” Bino opened his eyes slowly. “And don’t look at me like a mouse trembling in a corner! You’re a big dog who’s supposed to look dangerous just by his appearance! Act like one!”

His eyes went from Rex to the cookie that was still in front of him. Just by looking at his glace eyes and that friendly smile was enough to twist his innards.

“Take this away from me,” He said spitefully, turning around. “And don’t do this anymore or I’ll stop liking you and you will be left alone. Now let’s go already since we’re all together. We already wasted a lot of time and I already want to do something.”

Rex had open mouth when he was observing how Bino starts to walk away. He thought he was doing something good. All what he wanted was to share with his friends cookies he made by himself. He couldn't understand why Bino was so angry at him. Shifting his gaze to Fox and hoping that at least he will understand him, all what he received was a shrug for him and he also began to walk away.

He looked at the cookie that was supposed to be for Bino. He felt so sad, he worked hard on those, he even make a decoration so they can look more tasty. And he even add cinnamon. He felt so sad.

He felt someone patting his arm and looking up, he saw that Fox was at his side again, with a sly smile on his muzzle.

“But if that will help you, it was tasty.” He said to Rex and gave him a wink. Then he gave him a signal with his head to follow him and begun to walk away again.

It made Rex feel better. He wasn't feeling guilty anymore because at least one of his friends complimented his baking skills after all. He closed the box and placed it under his armpit again. Smiling to himself, he followed Fox and that hound who is so hard to please.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:19 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
After seeing +200 watches from previous posts... and Jeff's dramatic message, I have no choice.

I feel bad now. I didn't mean that you should post it right away, it's just I thought I would have something to read on my way back from the game.

But it was a good first update after the whole "Matt and Bino get arrested" thing. I love how you put Duchess in it. I wasn't expecting that.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Heh, I knew Bino would go bonkers over the cookie thing. Well played, sir

Author:  Karl [ Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

JeffCvt Wrote:
I feel bad now.

Jeff, I was just kidding ;p No need to feel guilty.

Author:  Arjay [ Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

why do i suddenly want to punch Bino in the face?

Great job with the character twists dude, the conflicting emotions that result makes it nearly impossible to wait for new updates :mrgreen:

Author:  MapleRatty [ Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Oh dear Matt's father, PLEASE subject Bino to some VERY well deserved scolding/punishment when he gets home, thank you very much ;)

poor Rex, at least Fox gave him some sympathy, if along with some undesrved judment

Author:  copper [ Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Meh, Bino is yearning for a time that never existed. :lol:

He really needs to extract his head from the stereotype machine and get some sense.

Poor Rex, never understood. He needs to make friends with Peanut! :)

Author:  Karl [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Arjay Wrote:
Great job with the character twists dude, the conflicting emotions that result makes it nearly impossible to wait for new updates :mrgreen:

If health will allow, I will try update as soon as possible. Already made a draft in my head and tomorrow I should start typing.

I want to thank all for commenting on last update. It was a pleasure to read them all :) Soon we will have 2nd anniversary of the beginning of Matt and I wonder how we should celebrate. Perhaps some small event to have a little fun, hmm?

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:08 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
Soon we will have 2nd anniversary of the beginning of Matt and I wonder how we should celebrate. Perhaps some small event to have a little fun, hmm?

OH! I say we have a giant water gun fight!

(For some reason, I'm now hoping to see Bino get hit with a jet of water as payback for what he did to Rex.)

Author:  MapleRatty [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:11 pm ]
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lets have a pool chapter!!!

Author:  copper [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I am going to become a necromancer for you on the 2nd anniversary! :twisted:

Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:41 am ]
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Fanfic mode ON
*starts writing a special where Matt is a good guy*

Author:  Karl [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Interesting things you're saying. It made me giggle.
I think I know what kind of contest we will held in next week. It won't be anything big since it's just a fan fic, just something to make an activity and bring some colors to your lives. But there will be something nice to receive ;)

JeffCvt Wrote:
OH! I say we have a giant water gun fight!

I would actually want a mass battle on a field of mud. But I guess a classic water gun fight won't harm anyone anyways. But question is, who will provide us with water guns since Max's contact (I guess it was Fester) was pushed away from business?

Otaku-Boy Wrote:
lets have a pool chapter!!!

Reading this sentence, I imagined two things. One, I make a pool with ideas for next "arc" and I allow you to choose "direction". Second, pets are having a mass party at the giant pool and author proves how his imagination can go too far.
Oh, and you also gave me idea for future (a long distant one) chapter. And a motivation to finally find my small notepad in which I write ideas.

copper Wrote:
I am going to become a necromancer for you on the 2nd anniversary! :twisted:

Necro, huh? Well, that's actually a good idea. New readers are always welcome. Even if they are... umm... rotten? =3

valerio Wrote:
*starts writing a special where Matt is a good guy*

But you do realize that I will be really scared to read it? :)

Author:  MapleRatty [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:42 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:

Otaku-Boy Wrote:
lets have a pool chapter!!!

Reading this sentence, I imagined two things. One, I make a pool with ideas for next "arc" and I allow you to choose "direction". Second, pets are having a mass party at the giant pool and author proves how his imagination can go too far.
Oh, and you also gave me idea for future (a long distant one) chapter. And a motivation to finally find my small notepad in which I write ideas.
OOHH OOOH! DO THE SECOND DO THE SECOND!!!! I wanna see can imagination can GO!!

...I thought Matt WAS the good guy...oh well :roll:

Author:  copper [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:12 pm ]
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Um, not necro... Necromancer. I will become a necromancer for you on the 2nd anniversary.

Author:  Karl [ Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:06 am ]
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But in MMO's, Necromancers are popularly called Necro by players :)

Author:  copper [ Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:06 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
But in MMO's, Necromancers are popularly called Necro by players :)

:lol: Sorry, not a gamer here... had no idea

Author:  Arjay [ Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:11 am ]
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I don"t mean to interrupt or anything but what celebratory purpose would reanimating the dead hold?
not that I don't think that would be awesome or anything :D

Author:  Karl [ Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:47 pm ]
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Arjay Wrote:
I don"t mean to interrupt or anything but what celebratory purpose would reanimating the dead hold?
not that I don't think that would be awesome or anything :D

I believe Cu will reveal this dark secret at Wednesday.

Author:  copper [ Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:33 pm ]
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It is not what anyone thinks..... :twisted:

Author:  Karl [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:44 pm ]
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47. That unexpected turn of events

It’s been a while since Bino felt that feeling. The one which keeps telling you that things are going the way they should.

His best friend, Fox, right at his side, providing conversation. Rex, the meathead well built dog to who he shows some sympathy, right behind his back, fulfilling his role of personal bodyguard. This formation allowed him to be in center, signalizing to everyone who was in their way who here is the most important from the bunch. Together, they were creating a group that was classified as those considered to be… cool. And the person who belonged to those cool could have respect. Those who didn’t belong to such group was just a regular being, or considered to not be that cool as those who were truly cool.

Bino was well aware of that. With Fox and Rex at his side, he was sure that he could do everything with them. That everyone has to respect him. And his inner satisfaction just couldn’t get bigger each time they met someone on their way and watched how that dog manages to say “hi” before them and steps aside to let the superior trio pass.

Yes. That’s how it should be in the neighborhood. His loyal friends at his side and respect of others who meet them. Who meet him.

It was just awesome.

“So, since you got us out of our houses, what are we gonna do?” A question came from Fox’s side.

Bino didn’t look at Fox. He only tilted his head, floppy ears waved as he did so. “I don’t know yet. If I will know, I will tell you. Now let’s just keep walking fowards.”

Closing his eyes, he placed both of his hands behind his head and leaned back a bit. He missed walking with his friends. It made him feel so good. Doing something was not necessary as a simple walk with Fox and Rex was already enough to make him have positive feelings.

*siiigh* Is it just me or the heat is getting stronger?” He said, slowly opening his eyes and looking up the clear skies. “My fur is already hot. I knew it was gonna be a good day but I did not expect it will be this warm.”

“Yesterday in the weather forecast they said that the temperature will reach its peak by late afternoon. So the real panting with our tongues out is still ahead of us,” Fox said, looking ahead and smiling slightly. "By tomorrow it should start to cloud up so best to use the good weather as we still have it.”

Bino looked at Fox with a surprised glare, which looked more like he was having some pretension. “Seriously, you watch such things?”

“I do,” Fox replied as his eyes went at Bino. “It’s always better to know what awaits you the next day.”

“Pfft! Nonsense… the weather forecast is such boring stuff,” Bino went back to looking at the sky. “It’s just some guy who shows his bleached teeth to the camera and talks about some hectosomething and other similar junk.”

“Hectopascals,” Fox explained to him. “They are used to define pressure in the atmosphere.”

Bino dropped his arms loose and looked at his friend like he was some kind of an alien. At such moments he wondered wasn’t Fox too nerdy for him, despite his appearance which doesn’t indicate it. Also, it was really weird to him.

“Whatever that is and what it’s being used for, it’s still stupid,” Bino waved his hand. “It’s not like I will have any usage of it so what’s the point of mentioning that if everyone who watches a forecast only cares if will it shine or rain the next day. Plus, there are more interesting things to watch on TV than moving suns and clouds across the map.”

Fox didn’t say anything this time. He only lowered his head and gave Bino a smirk.

“Hey, don’t give me such a smile, I know what you’re trying to tell me by that.” Bino winced. “Besides, I prefer to wake up and look through the window to see what’s the weather for today. Surprise and such, you know. Am I right, Rex?”

Bino awaited for answer, which of course, should be positive. Normally he gained it instantly. That’s why silence was something unexpected.

“Hey, Rex! I asked you a question!” Bino said louder, like it was a demand.

On Bino’s face appeared impatience as still no word came from behind. Not liking that, he was forced to look over his shoulder to see why Rex was not giving any answer.

He didn’t look so hot. His floppy cheeks were hanging lower than usual and even his ears were not perked up. His eyes that were piercing the sidewalk seemed to be doleful. And all this time he was holding his plastic box tight under his armpit.

Bino raised his eyebrow as he was watching this. Rex behaved like he was absent. Not like it usually bothers him, but when he asks him something, he expects a reply. He stretched out his hand, moving it close to his face and snapped with his fingers.

The effect was instant. Rex raised his head, his ears stood still and eyes widened. Then he gave a good shake to his cheeks and his gaze went at the hound.

“Huh? What?” Rex blinked few times and then his pupils shrank as by looking at unpleased Bino he realized what was going on. “Oh… Yes. Yes, surprises are always better…” His glance became fishy again and he returned his stare at the ground.

Bino rolled his eyes. It didn’t require any abilities to know why Rex was acting like someone beat him with a rolled newspaper.

“Oh, come on. You’re still doleful because of that stupid cookie?” Bino said with a tone of pretension.

Rex shook his head. “No, of course not. Everything is fine…”

Bino just had to let out a sigh at this moment. Just by looking how this supposedly dangerously bulldog looked so miserable was making him feel weak. That’s not how his bodyguard should behave. It ruins the conception of cool of their gang…

Making one step backward, Bino found himself right next to Rex. Then, stretching out his hand, he placed it on the bulldog’s shoulder and pushed him down so their heads could be at the same level.

“Rex, buddy. It seems we need to explain some things,” Bino said to him, wrapping his arm around Rex’s neck, which make the grey dog flinch. “What I will say now will be something rare, and you will probably hear it only once in your life. You see, I actually like you,” He flashed him a grin, which made poor Rex scared. “You have all requirements I demand from those who want to be around myself. Unquestioningly loyal, quite dangerously looking with your posture, stern glance when needed, available when I call and not being too talkative, if you know what I mean by that.”

Rex was feeling very uncomfortable. Bino was almost hanging on his neck, and that scary grin… his glance went for a moment at Fox, but the husky seemed to pretend to not hear anything.

“It’s nice that you like me, Bino. I guess…” Rex forced a smile as he was still feeling nervous. “But I--“

“Let me finish first,” Bino hissed through his clenched from grinning teeth. “But you see, there’s one important requirement I demand from dogs. I’m a ringleader, the chairdog of the club exclusive only for dogs, and I cannot allow myself to be surrounded by weirdos. Only cool guys are welcome.”

The hand went from shoulder to dangling cheek and now Bino’s nose was very close to Rex’s snout.

“And as you know, weirdos are outcasts of our society. I’ll say more, they are being stomped so they will know where their place is. Not among us, normal behaving dogs, that’s for sure. No one talks to them. No one wants to know them. No one wants to be near them. And that’s why weirdos don’t have friends and are forever alone. You don’t want to be a weirdo and have no friends, do you?”

“I don’t want to be alone!” Rex’s ears dropped and his low voice gained a tone of depress.

“Of course, no one wants to be alone,” Bino gave him a cheerful glance. “And that’s why you have me. You see, despite having proportions of a bully, you’re quite a naive dog. That’s why you need my guidance so you won’t be misguided. So don’t be surprised when I scold you when you do something stupid. It’s for your own good. Just stick with me, do everything as I say and you’ll be fine. You got it? You want to be considered as cool at my side, right?”

Rex scratched his chin as he started to think about what Bino said. When he looked back at the hound, his expression was even more doubtful.

“But… that Peanut guy seems to be cool as well. So why he’s not with us?”

Grrr!” The fur on Bino’s nape stood still and his snout wrinkled as he snarled at now seriously scared bulldog. “You still don’t get it, doofus! I was trying to explain to you from the very beginning about not behaving like a weirdo and what are you doing?! Mention that cat lover! A cat lover!! Like you just couldn’t say anything more stupid! No Rex, Peanut is not cool! Someone who is a dog and likes our mortal enemies cannot be cool, you get it?! Mention me the name of that cat lover again and I’ll seriously tell you get away from my sight and you truly won’t have any friends!”

Now Bino was really mad. To him, Rex had more straw in his head than brains and it was almost impossible to scold him, but he tried a kind approach anyways, hoping that something eventually will get to him. But he was wrong. And what’s worse, he committed a blasphemy by trying to put the cat lover among normal people. He really wanted to keep that painfully meek bulldog saying more harsh words, but at this moment something pulled him away and Bino’s face found itself right next to Fox’s as the husky had his arm wrapped around his shoulder, similar to how he held Rex before.

“Since you’re in a mood of talking about proper behavior, mister cool, how about you tell me again for what you were grounded?” Fox said to Bino, smirking and looking at the hound with eyes so focused on him like he was trying to pin him down just with his sight.

Just when he thought his mood was already ruined by hearing the name of his enemy, Fox had to remind him about the conversation he hoped it won’t be mentioned again. Either he tried to defend Rex without saying that directly, or curiosity over what kind of bad thing his friend did was still holding him with a tight grip.

“What? Bino was grounded?” Rex instantly regained his vital forces by hearing Fox’s words.

Now not only Fox, but also Rex was on his back. Like they just had to pick on that…

Letting out a sigh first, Bino gave Fox a look of irritation. “There’s no way you'll let me go until I will give you that satisfying answer, do you?”

“Of course not,” Fox said with a smug expression. “And judging by how you act so jumpy over it, reason must be… pretty interesting.”

“Oh, come on. You don’t have any other interesting subjects to discuss than--“

“Oh, I know!” Rex came closer to Fox, pointing his finger at him. “Maybe he… you know… in bed…”

By hearing this, Bino’s face started to get red as he couldn’t believe that Rex would come into such absurd assumption.

“You… what kind of stupid things are you trying to tell me here!” He curled his right hand into fist and shot Rex a deadly glare. “Who do you have me for! That’s not even funny!!

That drove Bino to the edge of rage, but gave Fox a reason to let out a chuckle.

“Come on, confess to us,” He shook Bino playfully. “You make a mess?”

The mocking barely started, but Bino already couldn’t listen to such nonsense. It was bruising his pride way too much and he couldn’t allow for such treatment for himself. Freeing himself from Fox’s hold and stepping forward, he turned around and gave both his companions a glare that would instantly incinerate both of them if it could.

Stop making fun of me!!” He yelled at them and gave a good, strong wave with his arms. “It didn’t happen to me for half a year!!

His words work. Fox and Rex dropped their smiles and stopped mocking him. Yet the way how they were gawking at him indicated that something was clearly wrong. The heat he felt on his face drastically increased and he covered his mouth with both hands as his brain informed him what words just escaped his lips. That would explain why his friends were staring at him with their huge eyeballs. Probably they were just kidding, but didn’t expect to receive such answer.

Doing it slowly, Bino turned his back to them so they won’t see his crimson face anymore. Then he slouched and covered his eyes with his fists.


He wanted to not exist right now. That’s not how his walk around the neighborhood was supposed to look like. It should’ve been totally different. Someone else should be humiliated, not him. Standing on the sidewalk, his body started to have convulsions as he heard two laughs bursting out behind him.

The loud hoo-ha’s lasted mercilessly long. At this point he wondered why he’s still not running away to hide from shame. Eventually the laughs began to stop and he flinched as he heard one of his buddies approaching him.

Still giggling, Fox made a movement like he was about to embrace Bino, but his arm moved back as he realized it might actually not be such a good idea. Instead, he clasped his fingers like he was getting ready to pray.

“Heh… heheh… heh…” Fox tried to calm down, eyes wet from laughing. “Let’s pretend this didn’t take place. Though it might be hard.”

Bino lowered his fists, the eyes that went upon Fox were filled with rage.

Yes. Pretend. Or your Dad will be looking for you at the bottom of the lake tomorrow.” He growled through his teeth. Then he turned his head away and began to walk forward, shuffling.

Their stroll barely began and Bino hoped it was the last unpleasant moment he will have today. But how was he supposed to believe in that as he heard another portion of snickers behind him?

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

and now I'm two updates behind. I'll get around to it soon enough.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

so precious.
How to humiliate that bully without using a single fist.
SO precious. :lol:

Author:  MapleRatty [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Next on Person Who (rightly) Humiliates Bino: I hope its MAX! LETS FIND WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! :D

Hopefully, Matts dad will come home to find his son's dog missing :twisted:

Author:  Karl [ Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

My dear readers,

21 XI is the date when everything started. And that's why today we have 2nd anniversary of Matt.
2nd anniversary... I can't believe it's been two years since I'm writing this Housepets! Fan Fiction. Incredible. So many memories.
That wouldn't be achieved without you, my readers. You were with me all the time, reading my story and boosting my abilities to go forward. You're my engine for activity. I'm very thankful to all of you.
I'm also very happy that out anniversary happened at the same day when Mr. Griffin drew a new strip since his hospitalization. I wish to the great artist a lot of health, which he needs a lot of it right now and that he will be able to find the path for perfect design he currently looks for. You're my inspiration, Mr. Griffin, not only for my fan fiction, but as an artist overall. And I hope to be as great as you one day.
(Also my apologiez for not posting earlier, but I had a really crazy, nervous day)

Traditionally, at our anniversary we're going to sum up statistics, reflect upon them and I will say how my life this year looked like. However, this time I decided to held a small event, which I hope all of you will like.

Okay, now let's get the party started:

- 47 chapters
- 495 pages
- 465800 words
- 23365 pageviews

Last year I wrote 30 pages. This time we gained 17. So I can say that my typing condition lowered. I should work harder over that, or I will end up updating once per month, or even two. I cannot let this happen. I know I have school and such, but I must learn not to let myself get distracted. If I write - write, dang it! Not play games or walk around the room for actually nothing.
The word count highly increased, which is a plus. It appears that I started to use more words to describe the story. Though I know I still need to learn more. Now I type "flinch", while earlier I wrote something like "he jumped in one place" or something like that xD
But what's the most positive is how many pageviews this work has. It's a high increase, from 8k to +20k. It's a very, very wonderful surprise.

This year was very hard for me. I got a heavy depression again, which made me almost inoperational, even in my school. Now I understand that the depression I was experiencing is chronic and can strike me at any moment. That worries me a lot, because depression changes your personality when he holds a grip over you. At such moment I become very closed, hostile, unable to do anything. But what I know is that I cannot give up. It's a disease. Like any other. And it must be cured.
But to make matters worse, I had very heavy headaches caused by some goo that is stuck in my nose, which also played part in my normal activity. It took a lot of time to find out why this goo don't want to come out. I had headaches almost every day and it truly was blocking my ability to think. But recently they told me why it was like that. It appeared that this goo I feel deep inside my sinuses is actually swollen skin caused by polyps attacked to it. They also produced quarter litre of pus, which explained why I felt that my head weighed like 1 ton. They will want to fix me with some laser surgery, but I must wait 3 months for that. That's why now I truly understand all those poor people who wait so long for surgeries or transplant. I wait for that surgery like for salvation.
Doesn't mean there weren't good moments in my life.
First one is that during my work in animal shelter, I met a wonderful dog. His only name was a number. So I called him Bruno. He was very wild, but there was something in his eyes which told me that he's totally different than people think. I began to visit him, after some time he allowed to be touched. Then I learned him how to go walkies. He was so frightened. He didn't know the world beside cage.
3 months later my parents agreed for adoption. He lives with me ever since. And wherever I go, he goes along with me. He always walks with me - in home, school, theater, gallery... everywhere! To him, his world does not exist without me.
When I began writing Matt, I had no dog. There must be something in that... because I actually was afraid of dogs.
I also made my diploma. It was so stressful when making it. Time chasing you, inviting guests for snapshot, calculations, prints, failures... but it was worth it. My pixelar, as I call it, photography was considered to be the best from all diplomas. because I managed to use pixels as mosaic.
So yeah, despite of circumstances, I just have to walk forward.

Now about the fic.
I like where this is going. But it goes to sloooooooow. Plot is not developing in tempo I wish. Last year we were at Matt's school and now we just let him out of jail. This must be improved. Plot must be developed faster or our hair will become gray until I will come to final conclusion.
I'm alost trying something new. In my new photographic school, my teacher tries to teach me to take snapshots instinctively. I decided to try that in writing. Normally I used to think a lot before typing some sequence. Now I try to do that instinctively, to see will my typing and what I learned during those years in high school become automatic.
Planned few new characters. I hope to introduce them soon. Yes, they will be pets ;p
Matthew Sternfeld's character will be more developed.
Yes, I will still work over more frequent updating.

I guess that would be everything for now. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask.

Now event :)

EVENT (canceled)

A small contest to make you all involved in a little fun to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Matt. But that's not all. Since I'm a guy who aims to be one of the best photographers, I've decided that this contest will have a prize for winner :)
What are the prizes? Photos, of course! But not simple ones. Forget about prints or other digital junk. You have a chance to win a classically made photo, printed and delevoped in a traditional way in black room.
But you must win first to get it ;p And now be cautious because I'm going to tell what you have to do in this contest.
You have to answer on my question.


In next "arc" of the fan fic, Matt will find himself on the playing field outside school. But something unexpected will happen... question is, what that will be?

Yup, folks. Your goal is to tell me what kind of unexpected event will happen on the playing field. The person who will guess, or will be very close, will win the prize. The traditional photo he will choose from the list.


- Your guess will have to be sent to by PM on the forum. DO NOT post your answer in this topic or you will be disqualified. Optionally you can send me an E-mail, though I don't check that address often.
- In message, you must write one fact about Matt Sternfeld. I must be sure you're a reader of Matt.
- You can write only 1 guess. You don't need to hurry. Think well on your answer, we have time.
- The winner will be announced in (A/N) of chapter where the action on playing field will take place. Do not ask when that chapter will appear.
- The winner will become the one who will guess or be very close to what will happen on the playing field. He then will choose one of the seven optional rewards and I will contact him for his mailing adress, so I can mail him the prize.
- Prize will be probably printed on polyethylene paper since I'm poor, but if circumstances will change, I will use barite. Size 30x40 cm, framed.
- You can request to be anonymous.
- if something won't be clear to you or you will have doubts, you're free to ask me any questions.
- If there won't be much participants, event will be canceled.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

well, here's a toast for standing your ground despite the obstacles thrown at you, Karlos! :D :D :D
You have spent well these 2 years in the forum and never stopped giving us awesome updates, and I'm sure you'll keep up the great job.
Oh, and I know it's not a great consolation, but here in Italy a surgery like yours, on our public welfare, can wait up to 6-7 months, so I'd say you're lucky in this context.
Give your doggie a hug for me and remember: loyal fans will keep loyal!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:36 am ]
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update 46
Karlos Wrote:
I figure you got homesick and just wanted to see me.

I assume you meant to say he got sick of being at home, but homesick means you're away from home and start missing it. I think the phrase you want is "stir crazy"

EDIT: caught up now. keep up the good work for another successful year.

Author:  Karl [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
I assume you meant to say he got sick of being at home, but homesick means you're away from home and start missing it. I think the phrase you want is "stir crazy"

I understand. Thank you, I will correct this when I'll get back home.

Author:  copper [ Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Two years, eh? Too bad work is so horrible right now, or I would have made my plans. I hope you continue and write much more of this very singular and awesome fanfic!

Contest is nice. I might have to try my hand with a Wild guess of my own~ :roll:

Author:  Karl [ Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

48. They’re all the same

“… and when I turned my head to see what was going on, he was already storming through the exit and disappeared in no time.”

With a resigned tone, Bino finally told Fox and Rex what happened in the local grocery store. He didn’t want to talk about it for obvious reasons, but two things forced him to do so.

First, Fox is not a nosy guy and does not care at all if someone tells him something or not. But if something does really catch his attention, there’s no option he will let go and just continue to taunt at any possible occasion until he gets what he wants. Well, that wouldn’t be much of a nuisance since Bino is used to it and probably would wait a day or two until his friend looses interest on the subject, but then comes the number two thing.

The second reason why Bino didn’t remain silent was because of… silence, that fell upon the pack after his youknowwhat. Getting humiliated because of yapping your mouth too much is a shame that lasts for a long time, but walking down the street with two guys in silence, whispering something to each other and snickering from time to time was something that drives his already overstrained close to the line of yelling at & running away miffed reaction.

So what he could do at this case? He hated this idea, since Fox does not know anything about his arrest and talking about it may change that, but sacrifice was necessary to hit two birds with one stone. Fox finally got that satisfying answer and the subject was changed from uncomfortable to not-so less uncomfortable.

Though he didn’t know was it worth it. To him, the whole walk idea got ruined already and all he wanted now was go to his bed and cover himself from the whole world under his blankets.

Fox was holding his chin with his fingers. His glance seemed to be distant and sometimes he was giving a nod, as if he was thinking on something intensively.

“Hmm… so you both entered the shop, picked the stuff you needed, went to the cash register and while you were looking somewhere else, all of a sudden he dashed towards the exit and vanished from sight.” Fox took his fingers off his chin and looked at his upsetting looking friend. “Well, that’s actually not surprising since his clothes already put him into the social stereotypes basket. But that still doesn’t explain why you were grounded.”

Bino did not look at Fox, he just shrugged. “Well, you know humans. If something goes wrong, they blame us for their misery.”

“But they had to give you a reason for doing this,” Fox extended his arms and bowed down, “Because… uh… somehow it’s hard to believe you got punished because that guy stole something. Unless you also had a hand in it. Otherwise it makes no sense.”

The fur on his nape slightly stood up and a cold chill went down his skin as the hound heard the last sentence. Lifting his head, he shot the husky a side glance.

“What are you trying to say?” His voice gained a tone of pretension. “That I helped that brat in stealing?”

For a moment, a sign of surprise appeared on Fox’s face, but then frowned. “Hey, that’s not what I--“

Alright! This stops here!” Bino did not allow Fox to finish his sentence as he covered his lips with his hand, much to husky’s discontent, “I know what you’re going to say. This is the moment where you’re going to give me those questions, waiting till I make a mistake when giving you answer for the umpteenth time and try to prove that I’m lying. Well then, allow me to give you some explanation. First of all, I already keep telling you over and over that I’m the dog of the people. A lot of our friends watch upon me and I must prove to them with my behavior how a real dog should act. And don’t mistake that with Fido who is just doing that for publicity. So you think I would do such dishonor and help Matt in committing the crime? No, Fox, of course I did not help that brat. I would never, ever allow myself to be liked with him and his antics. Just a simple thought about it makes me sick. What he did back there was simply outrageous! Not only did he robbed the shop in the daytime and broke the peace that was that day, but he also left me there in the lurch. Wanna know what I did after? Like a good citizen should, the first thing I did was to go immediately to authorities and tell them what he did! It wasn’t long enough till the got him and threw him right into jail. So no, Fox, I did nothing wrong, but fate as always hates me. You understand what I’m telling to you?”

It was hard to say if Fox understanding anything from Bino’s long speech. His mouth was still covered, but his eyes were telling everything. And they didn’t seem to show endorsement. Rather opposite. Those blue eyes that were focused on the hound were wide open, but it seemed like there was a frown formed above them. It was so strange, yet so scary.

It was also when Bino was looking into those eyes, he noticed they were standing in place, as the background behind Fox’s head was not moving anymore.

On his skin appeared goosebumps and the cold, unfriendly sensation started to let know of itself in regions of his stomach. He lied and he knew that very well, but he put a lot of effort in trying to sound very persuasive, to extinguish the curiosity that was in his friend’s head and put an end to this already, so they can finally talk about something nice. But now it seemed that effect was totally different and what Bino wouldn’t want to was to get his lie exposed.

Fox lifted his hand and freed his muzzle from Bino’s grip. Now by looking at those twisted lips, Bino was very sure that Fox is more than unpleased.

“I’m not lying…” Bino’s eyes grow bigger as a sad voice passed through his lips.

Fox opened his mouth and lifted his finger. Inhaling some air, it was obvious he was about to say something. Bino didn’t want that, but he was ready to hear what will probably be not nice. He waited, but the mouth was still open and finger was still in air. And then at once, Fox exhaled air like a balloon, his already tall body seemed to lower from this process and his back slouched. He moved his raised hand to his nose bridge and his fingers found their way to the corners of his eyes. Then he turned away, still massaging his eyes and just went forward.

Bino followed, and Rex probably too but that did not matter at this time. Fox’s reaction, mainly his facepalm he formed now, made him worry over him more. At this case his speech would be better than this. Playing with his fingers and looking nervously around, he approached closer to the husky’s side.

“But you believe me, right?” He asked innocently.

The reaction was that Fox’s head went askew and through his lips escaped something that resembled a shortened sigh.

Now he felt worse. It was not going well and he didn’t like it. Fox was probably thinking something about him, but judging from his expression, and the askew head with a facepalm on it, those thoughts for sure weren’t nice.

Well, Rex probably… Rex! Turning his head behind his shoulder, Rex was still there, looking somewhere else. At least he was acting normally.

“And you, Rex? You believe me for sure, right buddy?” Bino said to him and a grin appeared on his muzzle.

Rex blinked his eyes in a way like he just woke up all of a sudden and his widened eyes went at the smiling Bino.

“Huh? Oh, sorry, Bino. I wasn’t listening.”

The smile was still under Bino’s nose, but the edges of his lips tensed. He gave the grey dog a nod and as he turned his head away from him, his smile dropped, replaced by wince. The simple “yes” or “of course” would’ve been much appreciated from Rex, but maybe it’s good he wasn’t playing attention to conversation at all or he would say something stupid.

“Okay. I know you would never steal. At this case, apparently, I know you well.” Bino’s eyes twitched and he immediately turned his head to Fox who, to his relief, was not facepalming anymore, but he wasn’t looking at him either. “I don’t know details, won’t ask for them, so I’ll assume they just acted unfair to you. Though I find it kinda strange. That the guy with a mustache seems to be a friendly type. Maybe it’s because of his fat.”

Bino’s eyes went up the sky and his hands found themselves resting on his nape.

“Duh, that’s the entire point,” Bino replied. “They may seem normal on the outside, and pet friendly. But humans like to be impulsive and discharge discontent on something else. Human beings are best for that. When I met him and his wife for the first time, I also thought that maybe it’ll be different. But it didn’t last too long until something went against their mind. So I’m sure there’s gonna be more dealing with their whimsies, but I don’t care at all. I already went through one single human. Most important thing to me is to have food and a place to sleep, that’s all. But dude, seriously, if you could just meet the woman I’m living with. She’s fine with cooking, but the doll smile she’s wearing for almost twenty four hours is just creeping me out. Sometimes I’m thinking that she and Sasha would be great friends.”

Fox’s eyes went at Bino and he raised his eyebrow. “Huh. Dude? Since when do you use that word?”

Bino got surprised. For a moment he touched his lips with fingers. Indeed, he used that word, but he couldn’t explain why. It just… happened.

“See? Those are the effects of putting me in one room with a problematic guy!” Bino answered with a frown, making a wave with his hand. “His evil energy is already penetrating my mind.”

Fox lifted his fist to mouth and let out a chuckle, while Bino tried to force his brain to erase the word “dude” from memory, which he showed that by lolling out his tongue in a way like he swallowed something sour.

Fox’s mood improved a bit, and when he turned his face back to Bino, this time he had a smirk under his breath.

“Since we’re talking about your new family now, how about you tell me about living in the same place as a young anarchist? Tell me please, I’ve wanted to hear about it for days now.”

Bino only waited for this moment. From the beginning of their meeting he planned to complain about Matt. Throw out everything that gathered in him during those days, so he can clean himself. Occasion was perfect, because Fox seemed to be very eager on hearing everything what the hound has to say about the naughty teen. And because he considered Fox as his best friend, he would finally get understood.

“What’s an anarchist?” Rex asked all of a sudden.

Fox turned his head away immediately and began to talk to Rex. Bino’s face became sour and he felt kinda angry at his other friend for asking a stupid question at such moment. So he had to wait a bit until Fox was done with Rex and he will have the husky’s attention again.

Wait a bit turned into wait a while, and wait a while to wait a while longer. Fox answered Rex’s question in detail, but as it to spite, Rex asked him another question, and then another. In some point Fox even scratched his ear as he had difficulties to somehow get out of the conversation, and Bino started to feel how impatience was growing in him.

He wanted to talk about Matt. Right now. But Fox just has to stop talking to Rex finally!

He wondered should he just tell Rex to give Fox peace finally, but this idea died out as Rex nodded his head and smiled to Fox, which was a sign that questioning finally came to an end. Fox finally turned his face to him, with that familiar sly smile.

“Done? Can I talk about Matt now?” Bino said with impatient tone, crossing his arms.

In response, Fox gave him a good nod and adjusted his ears to not let any info slip pass them.

Bino began to prepare to launch his speech.

“And who is this Matt guy?” Rex asked another question.

Bino gave the sidewalk a good stomp with his foot and waved his arms.

“Can’t you just wait?! I’m trying to show Fox my discontent!” Bino yelled at Rex, making the big dog to cover his head with his buffed arm. “Wait till I’m finished and then you can talk!”

As he was done dealing with Rex, Bino’s gaze swiftly went on Fox.

“How is living with Matt?? It’s horrible!!” Bino’s breath blew the fur on Fox’s face. His voice was harsh, mainly because of the anger he felt towards Rex a minute ago, “I must sleep in the same room with a punk who locks the door and make me suffer from lack of air. And every time I approach the window to open it and let some air in, he quickly jumps at me and yells to keep it close, telling me it’s his room and I have no right to do anything without his permission! Clearly he’s planning to suffocate me by using his sweat glands!”

“If it disturbs you that much, why won’t you just leave the room?” Fox asked him.

“You don’t get it,” Bino poked his finger against Fox’s chest, “I know I’m able to do that, but my tormentor will take that as a victory over me. So despite all of my circumstances, and my headaches, I must stay strong if I’m going to fight over dominance. I don’t care if he does not like me being there or not They force me to sleep there, so I will make sure he will understand he must deal with me.”

Fox smirked for a moment. “Okay. And what else?”

“Oh, let me tell you,” Bino raised his chin, “The suffocation attempt is not the only thing. Not far from my bed he has a desktop, on which is his PC. Well that’s fine. But… normally people go to sleep at night, right? Okay, some go to parties, but normally they go to sleep, right? But Matt is not normal. Instead of lying in bed, he just sits in front of his computer, puts headphones on his head and plays games for hours! And I can’t go to sleep after a hard day because all the time the screen is blinking! So not only does he try to suffocate me, but he also wants to cause me a seizure! And to make matters worse, when he finally decides to go to sleep, it’s not long before his alarm clock turns oon. And the stupid thing won’t just turn off until I won’t scrawl out of my basket and do it myself because the sleeping beauty lies on his bed like a boulder.”

Fox’s shoulders began to shake as he was giggling. Rex didn’t know what was so funny, but seeing Fox doing that was enough to follow his footsteps.

“I must wake him every morning. Every. Early. Morning.” Bino covered his face with own hand and lowered his head. “I hated mornings. But now I hate them more. I can’t sleep till noon like I used to. And even if I wake him up, I can’t immediately go to sleep because I need to walk him to bus stop. And he always tries to run away. Always! Like he just can’t go to his school and give me some peace for couple of hours. Gee, they were right on TV that this teen kind can be so wild, but never in my life would I even thought I was gonna end up babysitting one of them.”

Bino felt how he wass being pulled and found himself arm wrapped by Fox, who also placed a finger on his chest.

“Well then, if what you say is true, that officially makes you a watchdog.” Fox said in a joking manner and then let out a sincere laugh.

Bino lowered his hand and looked upon Fox with disapproval. “Will there be one day when you’ll just cut that out?” he said and freed himself from Fox’s embrace.

Fox’s answer on that was a playful show of his tongue.

Bino was not showing that, but hearing Fox and Rex chuckling started to work on his mood. He still had not enough of complaining on Matt, but at least someone understands him. Not in the way he expected, but laughing at his foe was still okay. So all he could do was just carry on.

“Imagine that in one of his drawers he keeps socks. But not just a few pairs. He has a whole, big drawer totally filled with freshly clean socks.” Bino said, gesticulating with his hands how long and deep the said drawer is.

Hearing this, Rex turned his head and looked at Bino with shiny pupils. “Wow, really? A whole drawer filled with socks?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what I just said,” Bino waved his hand at him. “Now keep quiet so I can carry on. So, as I said, he has that drawer. I checked not because I like to peek on things, don’t think like that. I was just searching for something. So when I opened it, I saw those ideally made balls of socks. All black. His mom made them for him, that’s for sure, because this guy is a total-litter lout. He likes to throw--”

“But what about those socks??” Rex asked, his fists close to his muzzle.

Bino rolled his eyes. “Not only was the whole drawer filled with those balls of socks, but the scent of fresh laundry was simply overwhelming. At this point I had no choice and I simply took one pair, unwrapped it and immediately put it in my mouth. Man, it’s been a while since I had one in my mouth.”

Rex listened to all of that with open mouth. The way how Bino was describing Matt’s socks caused him to start leaking saliva. He was so deep into hearing that he shivered when he felt something touch his cheek, which appeared to be Fox offering him a tissue.

“I must admit that his socks are made of good quality wool,” Bino scratched his chin, “They must of had some special fiber because it took me some time before it started to rip. And just when I was just about into it, imagine that he entered the room. Guys, he was yelling like crazy back then, his face was red like a beetroot. He was so mad, arms waving so strong I thought they were gonna rip out of their hinges. He didn’t stop complaining about it till the moon showed up in the sky. I don’t know what his problem was. What a difference it makes if he still had dozens of other pairs that all looked the same. And even if he cares about that particular pair, it’s still not a problem if you can simply mend them. He’s suuuch an egoist,” He raised his arms and as he lowered them, he did it in a way to create a circle. But then he stopped, under his breath appeared a smirk, “But eventually, that turned against him.”

“What? You threw his computer out the window along with cables?” Fox said and quickly covered his lips as he let out a giggle.

“Oh, no. I didn’t do such thing. Though it’s a good idea, but probably he would be completely mad and his parents would never leave me in peace for that,” Bino replied and flashed Fox a sly smirk. Then he raised his finger. “You already saw his clothes. How he tries to play tuff by hiding his weak body behind layers of black clothes and weirdly looking baubles. Now, not long after the sock incident, he was sitting in front of computer, typing something and giving me that talk about animals and blah blah. Now, the door opens and…”

Bino went three steps forward and turned around to face his friends. While they were walking straight and keep listening, the hound was walking backwards.

He placed all his fingers on his cheeks and pushed the skin upward to stretch it, on his face appeared an artifical, creepy smile, “She gave him that doll smile of hers and said in sweet tone: Sweeeety! I bought you something nice!” He gained laughs at this, but at the same moment he dropped the sweet smile and this time he gained a pouty face. “Not even turning away from monitor, he just loosened his arms and said: I told you already, I don’t want any of your stuff!” The creepy smile returned immediately. “But I’m sure you’ll like it, honey. It’s gonna get cold soon and you still don’t have anything warm to sleep in, and when I was out shopping, I saw it on a display and I immediately thought about you. Take a look.[/i] And she went across the room, grabbed the edges of his chair and turned him so he could face her. And before he could say anything, she raised something folded. Aaaand…”

Fox and Rex’s ears turned in position to catch every word that was now going to be said.

“She unfolded it, and to his shock, what he saw in front of his eyes was…”

Both dogs leaned their heads closer and slightly opened their mouths. Bino stepped a bit closer to them, a malicious grin sprawled all over his face, and his eyes half lidded. Leaning forward, he formed his lips to a spout and said with a smooth tone:

“A yellow pajama. So long it covers the whole body from wrists to ankles… with cutely looking ducklings dressed as babies all over it.”

Fox’s cheeks suddenly puffed and he covered his mouth just in time before he completely literally spit out air. He knows what Matt looks like, he saw him in his noisy outfit. In his imagination he threw those clothes aside and when he put the described pajama on that pale boy with unkempt hair…

AHAH!!! WHAAAT?!?” He yelled out and a loud laugh came out of him, followed by thigh spank. Then his head shot up and whatever he still had in his lungs, it all went to the sky.

Rex was also laughing, bending over. Not for the same reason because he actually would like such pajama for his own usage, but seeing how Fox is barely keeping control over himself from laughing, he decided it will be appropriate to join the fun.

Bino’s shoulders were shaking and his teeth were clenched tight. He also would burst out laughing, but he couldn’t yet. There was still more to say.

“Heeh! Heeh! He was so shocked! He was so shocked when he saw what mom got him! He was barely holding himself to not fall from that chair! His eyes were sooo big when he kept looking at it with terror!” He widened his eyelids with his finger, which cause Fox to laugh even harder, “His cheeks turned so bright red, I thought they would catch on fire! And then… and then… she told him to check if it fits… and she threw the pajama on him!! He rapidly approached Fox and made a gesture like he was doing the checking process on him. Poor Fox had to grab Bino’s arms to not fall down.

He screamed!! He screamed like he got burned and he run out so fast he left a trail of dust behind himself!! Like this!!!” Bino freed himself from Fox’s hold and as he turned away from him, he started to wave his arms like he was possessed and pretended to scream.

Fox couldn’t take this anymore. He was unable to stand on histwo legs anymore and he fell on his knees, holding his stomach. Still seeing the pajama Matt in his thoughts and Bino giving a crazy dance on the sidewalk. His laugh started to sound more like a roar, and whoever heard him right now, probably thinks that someone went totally nuts.

Bino still continued the dance of terrified Matt, making all the movements with pure alacrity. He got himself so much into it that at some point he just tripped and landed on the ground on his back. Normally he would get angry at that, but right now, all the laughing he accumulated in himself found it’s way out and the dog had to place both hands on his rhythmically bouncing belly, allowing himself to be taken by the power of his guffaw.

He will remember this day for a very, very, very long time. He can’t recall when he saw a similar humiliation. Of course he enjoyed when something shameful happened to Max, like when local kids caught him and tied foil bags on his hands and feet and then begged anyone to untie the tightly fastened knots because it horribly itches. But to propose to such a big boy something that childish… it’s something he probably had seen for the first time in his life. He kept rolling on the floor, watching how Matt ran out of his room screaming and his mom going right after him with the pajama in her hand. He laughed so hard then. Just like he’s laughing now on that sidewalk.

It took a long time before the three laughers making noise on the whole street slowly started to die down. Something in his belly was giving him pain, but the wide smile was still not leaving his face. Trying to bring control back to his breathing, he looked up, just to see Rex helping the, drying his tears, Fox to stand up.

“Eheh… lift me up.” He stretched his arms towards them.

Fox brushed the dust off his knees and let out a last snort. Then, together with Rex, he approached Bino. Each of them grabbed Bino by his arm and with a sure pull, they helped him to get back on his feet.

Bino found himself between his friends once again, and just as he turned to face the same direction as them, he wrapped each of his arms around their shoulders and pulled them down to the level of his height.

“You know what, guys? I’m having a really good humor now. A really good one,” He rewarded each of his buddies with a grin. “Say, how about we jump to the Pizza Pavilion for pepperoni with double cheese, hmm?”

“Sure! Let’s go there!” The first one to answer was Rex, who took that proposition with huge enthusiasm.

Fox didn’t look as excited as Rex, but he gave Bino a nod. “Okay. I’m not hungry, but I’ll use some rest. But anyways, didn’t you say you can’t be outside too long because you need to return home before your owners will?”

“Nah, I don’t care,” Bino patted Fox on his shoulder. “I will always have some problems with them and nothing will change that. Now let’s not waste time, pepperoni awaits. To the Pizza Pavilion!” He gave each friend a good pat and all three began to walk towards their destination.

Bino did not regret that he went for that walk anymore. He did not expect it would turn out like that. Seeing Fox laughing because of what he said instead of his gaffe was a nice change. And even Rex was laughing. All of this made his mood reach the highest peak of satisfaction. He did not feel so good for such a long time and after the incident at the grocery shop, arrested by his own brother and being grounded, this is the exact thing he needed. Good friends, good laugh and well spent time. That’s what mattered now.

And nothing will get in his way. Nothing.

All the time they talked, and it wasn’t long before they met another turn on their way. This time they had to take it if they plan to reach Pizza Pavilion soon. As they did, the bunch found themselves in an alley, where the path seemed to be thin because of the fences closely facing each other.

Fox was busy with telling something to Bino and both did not care about the surroundings. But Rex looked around and noticed that something about this path was different.

“Hey, guys,” Rex spoke to them, looking at the fences. “There are some posters posted everywhere.”

Bino waved his hand, not even taking a look around himself. “Probably another advertisement of some concert. Maybe this time someone interesting will come. The last guy with a flute carved from zucchini sounded more like a farting pillow than a musician.

But Rex didn’t seem to agree. As they kept passing the posters, that were strangely posted very closely to each one another, he took a closer look.

“But they don’t look like ads,” Rex denied, “It looks more like a picture of two dogs, while one seems to be arresting other.”

Hands slipped from shoulders. Two dogs walked forward, while the one, who was in the middle, stood in one place.

When Fox and Rex noticed that Bino is not hanging on to them anymore, they turned around to see what happened. They saw him there, standing, whose gaze told him he was being absent from reality.

No. The thought pierced through his mind, but it was impossible. It can’t be. What Rex just said is impossible. There’s no way he’s right.

He swallowed hard. On his left or right was answer to his doubts. He turned around. Slowly. And he saw those pictures. They were everywhere. On the whole fence.

He approached the fence. Lifting his hand, he clenched his fingers at the bottom of the picture and tore it off the fence. He brought it closer to his nose and at this moment, Fox and Rex found themselves behind him, peeking through his shoulder.

On the picture was a brown dog who had a green collar and a blue vest, which indicated that he works for the K-9 program. In front of him was a smaller one, who had long ears and a collar in same color as the other one. His hands were cuffed and clearly he was not happy with his situation, because his expression was telling he was yelling and the police dog not only was holding a trip on his hands, but also on his nape, to make sure he won’t break free.

Bino’s heart sank. There was no doubt who was on that picture. His throat became dry and his knees were not far from starting to bow.

So many questions rushed through his head at once. Why? How could this happen? Why right now, when he was sure that everything is okay, that at long last he will get his day. His day! It was all going so well. It was so wonderful? Why did fate have to sucker punch him again.

Someone else beside him and those two behind him, who for sure will ask him a couple of questions, who else saw them? Of course someone must have bumped into him. There were so many pictures here. Everyone who used this road today, before him, must have seen those pictures, and who’s playing the main role on them.

Who could have done this? He thought they were alone. That place is almost dead!

Someone with a camera. Someone who likes to take pictures.

But who? From all those people he knows, who uses a camera?

His hands began to tremble, causing the paper to rustle from their influence. His pulse began to get high and he could already feel how his heart was slamming there in his chest.

There was only one person he knew that uses a camera. He knows him pretty well. He already saw his work and he still remembers how many problems he had thanks to it.

Peanut…Peanut Butter…

His face on the picture got severely distorted as fingers dug into paper. His breath became very heavy. Eyes turned red.

The sound of paper getting shreded, soon followed by a powerful roar addressed towards his greatest enemy.


I promised I will update more frequently. But I didn't know headaches will keep ruining my life to the point where I'll have problems with making anything creative. So until I will have surgery, I'm afraid the update frequency will still stay chaotic. Will keep trying though, but no promises.

I also want to remind all of you that we have a contest, which details you can read scrolling up the page. The reward is one of the photo pictures, which I will print it for you by using the traditional paper developing technique.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

dang it, you always update at a time when I don't have enough time to read it. :/
Oh well, guess it'll wait til tomorrow.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Aaaand Bino gets his day spoiled again.
Take it on the bright side, Biney: no one here FACED your snout. :lol:

Author:  Karl [ Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
dang it, you always update at a time when I don't have enough time to read it. :/

My timezone is UTC +1, Brent. I live in future.
But It's okay. I'll just sit here and wait for your comment.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:28 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
I live in future.

Oh, can you tell me what I'm having tomorrow for lunch then? I'm hoping the school has hamburgers.

But seriously, who would have taken that picture? And then posted it everywhere?

I can't think of anyone who would have motive other than Max or Matt. Unless Sasha found some goofy reason to do so.

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