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Author:  holmebrian [ Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:04 am ]
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this is such an awesome fan fic. plus i love the fact that bino finally got his just deserts. i just cant wait for the next chapter.

it took me 3 days to get from the beginning to current chapter.
was so worth it though.

Author:  Karl [ Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:43 am ]
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holmebrian Wrote:
this is such an awesome fan fic. plus i love the fact that bino finally got his just deserts. i just cant wait for the next chapter.

it took me 3 days to get from the beginning to current chapter.
was so worth it though.

Then I would like to congratulate you for getting on finish... and as a captain of this ship I welcome you on board, new reader :)

Thank you for appreciating my humble work. I'll do my best to keep you entertained.
And you'll get the next chapter soon :)

Author:  copper [ Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:54 am ]
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Well, Bino is finally in a place more suited for his actions... I hope King or Peanut come to snap a photo of this one! :roll:

And as for the long updates, writing and posting are two different things...You can write all of these updates exactly how you do it now, and then reread and find natural breaks, and post them up once a week or set up some update schedule. That way you can space the updates out, have a nice buffer built up, and write as much as you want. I grew up reading novels and extremely long books and am a fast reader myself. I did not even start watching television until about ten. I know the feeling, but like all great authors, control is sometimes needed. I enjoy every update, and the story is great, content wonderful. I just think maybe slightly shorter updates POSTED might be a good idea.

Author:  holmebrian [ Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:08 am ]
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yea shorter updates more often instead of really long updates less so.

makes for better experience as updates would be spread out.

Author:  EveningPen [ Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:28 am ]
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From what I can gather, I can see what kind of Complexs both Matt and Bino have.
Also, I forgot to mention, I'm the new guy here. Please to meet you all :D
As for the complexs, I can see whats going on here. And honestly, I'm impressed.
Bino - Inferiorty Complex to his older brother
Matt - Superiority Complex because of his older brother
And that's what I gather from where I left off.
I'm looking foward to more chapters. To the writer I wish him luck. :D

Author:  Karl [ Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:08 pm ]
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You registered on this forum and you choose my fan fiction to be the place of your first post. I feel honored.
Welcome between us :)

You pointed out some interesting things. You look deep into characters and you judge their personalities. But there are still some things to be revealed yet. Some very surprising, which will give you another reason to look into their personalities. For now, you're circulating close to what I plan.

EveningPen Wrote:
I'm looking foward to more chapters.

Ah yes, the progress on current update...
So I'm currently sitting in my summer house in mountains where I recover myself from all that stuff I had to do and overdo when I was finishing school. Fresh, mountain air surely helps in clearing your thoughts. Also I took with me my dog who I adopted half a year ago from animal shelter so he can have some vacations too. He learns how to spend time on the outside. I regain my strength for my artistic stuff. It's been a while since I felt that good and motivated.
But of course I still have in mind my fan fic. I just had to think a couple of night over dialogues because they will play an important role. Also, because of the recent stuff about length of updates, I'm still thinking over some way for a compromise between me and you, my reader.
A little patience. It won't be till long till you get your Matt. And I assure you that everything is going the right way :)

EveningPen Wrote:
To the writer I wish him luck. :D

Luck always appreciated ;)

Author:  EveningPen [ Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:23 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
You registered on this forum and you choose my fan fiction to be the place of your first post. I feel honored.
Welcome between us :)

You pointed out some interesting things. You look deep into characters and you judge their personalities. But there are still some things to be revealed yet. Some very surprising, which will give you another reason to look into their personalities. For now, you're circulating close to what I plan.

EveningPen Wrote:
I'm looking foward to more chapters.

Ah yes, the progress on current update...
So I'm currently sitting in my summer house in mountains where I recover myself from all that stuff I had to do and overdo when I was finishing school. Fresh, mountain air surely helps in clearing your thoughts. Also I took with me my dog who I adopted half a year ago from animal shelter so he can have some vacations too. He learns how to spend time on the outside. I regain my strength for my artistic stuff. It's been a while since I felt that good and motivated.
But of course I still have in mind my fan fic. I just had to think a couple of night over dialogues because they will play an important role. Also, because of the recent stuff about length of updates, I'm still thinking over some way for a compromise between me and you, my reader.
A little patience. It won't be till long till you get your Matt. And I assure you that everything is going the right way :)

EveningPen Wrote:
To the writer I wish him luck. :D

Luck always appreciated ;)

When reading a story with certain characters in it, I tend to analyze them. Matt's Superiority Complex forms at the mention of his older brother. At first I thought Matt was just some punk with an attitude problem that likes to disrespect his parents, but as the story went on I began to see that there was more to him then I thought. Jealousy of his elder brother and his success and adding the fact that he decided to go in the line of duty to protect him, was what aggrivated him more. So he puts up this bravado to mask his insecurity, hence the part where Bino was calling him stupid and made that one comment forcing him to beg his mother to stop them.

As for Bino, I can relate to him all to well. His inferiority Complex stems from living in his elder brother's Shadow, feeling as if he needs to save face just to be like his brother; powerful, commanding, and athorative. But the feeling of not being good enough is always present, so he has to bring others down just to feel good about himself, and King is main target, solely because of his name makes him feel threatened. He fears being alone and being considered wortless, and not being able to measure up or meet the goals that Fido has passed before leaving to be a K-9 unit. I'm guessing when he was joey's age he was often left alone and Fido was the favorite by their mother, probably the reason why he ignores Joey or doesn't invite him to the GODC. He can be a lovable character when he's not being selfish and such.
That's my in-dept persecption of the main characters.

Author:  Karl [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:00 am ]
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41. You tell me and I tell you

From time to time, during the meeting of GODC, Bino had to mention one thing that is mostly unlikely for their society.

With vigor, passion and big absorption he kept telling all surrounding him dogs about those who are law breakers.

Can there be anything worse than them? Society, or rather hierarchy of dogs bases on rules that must be strictly followed in order to maintain peace and order among everyone. Every dog has his own fire hydrant, cannot mark a zone if it’s already occupied – especially if it belongs to their beloved Chairdog, if he wants to share a chewing toy with someone else he cannot have health problems with their teeth, must have updated shots against rabies if he wants to play in a group, can only chase a cat to the point where the feline climbs up the tree, therefore later he must keep barking until he will feel thirsty… and there are many, many other rules that dog must follow if they want to be a part of the hierarchy.

Of course there must always be some insolent fool who has be anti social and break all of those rules that were so hardly forged by their sapient ancestors. They have to prove to everyone that rules are for breaking them, much to discomfort of those who remain loyal to hierarchy. They believe they can do whatever they want, without looking at the consequences of their inappropriate behavior.

But there were also those who were giving themselves more and more into demoralization of society. Vandalism, blackmailing, stealing are the worst of those signs of civil disobedience. Because honestly, how can someone tolerate spraying on fences nasty words about current leadership of their beloved club? Unacceptable!

And when he was telling that to all of his listeners with clear indignation, his tone was getting louder and his fist was slamming his podium more often as he was getting to his favorite part.

Pointing his finger at everyone, he told loud and clearly to where such dogs belonged in.

Their place was right in jail!

Everyone who ruins the order of society by committing a crime must be put in jail to secure all others from such types. If they cannot live normally among other dogs and they tend to make others suffer by their actions, they must be locked up and isolated as a punishment!

But that was not all. Whoever goes to jail must later live with awareness of being disliked in society. No one will want to talk with them, touch them, look at them, play with them or do anything else that involves interaction. Everyone who meets such creep must treat him like air so they can painfully feel the consequences of their wrongdoings.

Such dogs, which commit crimes and then get throw into jail, must know they are not acceptable among them! They are no one! Zeros!

And when Bino was raising his fists as he was yelling those words to his outraged audience, he felt such power of his speech that it wasn’t too soon until he started to make fun of those anti social freaks, causing the entire clubhouse to laugh with him.

And the best was when he was outside with some of his friends and met such individualist. He then pointed his finger at him and without any mercy publically putting him to shame.

Yes. Bino loved to crush such types at any occasion and he was proud of himself with that influence he had on other dogs.

And because of that, right now he couldn’t stop feeling that familiar taste of foot in his mouth.

Locked in the cell of the local police station, he was laying on the wooden bunk with his slightly angled legs, tail trapped between his knees and curled fists covering his mouth and nose, thinking about his miserable situation.

And he had what to think about. Being put in jail meant lowering himself to the lowest ranks of hierarchy. Is there any bigger shame for a Chairdog of GODC than being put in the same line as criminalists mentioned above?

He could already imagine himself walking down the street and all those pets that he passed pointing their fingers and calling him names. The whole neighborhood talking about him behind his back, mostly cats who always seek to disrespect him and make fun of him; and Max who would never miss such a wonderful opportunity to mock him in the most gruesome ways.

Bino, the great ringleader of the Good Ol’ Dogs Club, the dog who is the rightful ruler of all of others of his kin. The guy who’s supposed to be the example for everyone, in jail. Someone who gets arrested surely does not deserve to earn such title. He’s nothing like his brother who’s totally opposite and he would never stain his honor with such thing like shoplifting.

That’s what they will keep saying. Everyone will look away from him and Fido will be the main attention to everyone once again. He was sure of it.

Everyone will know. He knew that, it always worked this way. His enemies, hiding in the shadows, always used any of his trips to discredit him in front of everyone. And there’s nothing he can do to stop them.

He was scared.

Now he’s here, locked in obscure cell. A place totally not for him. It was cold, almost without any light and the sound of glow-tubes outside the corridor was somewhat annoying when you just sit there doing completely nothing.

And those wooden bunks chained to a wall, there were so hard! There was no blanket to cover and those pillows had a weird smell.

Horrible place. Bino was way too sensitive for this awful environment. His place was on the outside, where there is warm sun, fresh air and Xbox 360. Not here. Without TV, without orange soda, without anything that supported his comfortable life.

So all he could do was to lay on this stupid bunk, with his tail between his legs and thinking about the psychological assaults that await him when he finally gets out of here.

Lying and doing nothing.

And it was boring.

Barely lifting himself up, as his limbs seemed to be stiff from lying in that same position for a long time, he raised his head and let out a long yawn. Then he slowly turned around and rubbed his eyes as he placed his feet on the ground.

How long has he been here? Probably a long time, judging from the cracking sounds of his nape as he was turning his head around.

It was dark, but he could still see what was inside, thanks to the light that was coming from the corridor. That’s why it wasn’t a problem for him to see the silhouette of the main reason of all his trouble, which was lying on a similar bunk on the opposite side.

Standing up, he gave his spine one last good stretch before shuffling on over to the other side.

Looking down, the person who was responsible for all of what happened, was facing the wall and seemed to carefree sleep as he was hugging the weird pillow and snoring quietly.

He jabbed the black mass, causing it to tremble. No reaction. Then he gave two, three and multiple jabs until he was sure that he woke him up.

Gasping, the person’s head moved and his breathing became faster.

Uh, is it morning already?

“I’m bored!” Bino said to him with big pretension.

The person stopped breathing for a moment.

Oh, it’s just you…” Matt said with disappointment and placed his hand on his face.

“I’m tired of sitting here! For how long are we still going to be here? I want to go outside!” Bino kept complaining to him.

Probably until dad will come for both of us…” Matt replied. “Now go back to sleep, pest…

Bino didn’t take that information too well.

“I don’t want to sleep! All what we’re doing here is lying on those hard boards and doing nothing!” Bino waved his arms. “I want to do something at least interesting so time can pass faster!”

Oh? Then you expected that we’re going to draw lines on the floor and play classes? Well, I’m sorry to give you such information but we’re in jail!” Matt put his hand away to state the obvious. “It’s not a place where you’re going to have fun! They lock you here to waste your precious time as punishment!”

“That I know! I watch movies too, you know?” Bino replied sarcastically. “But I was hoping for at least… well… a game of cards?” He scratched his chin. “At least that’s what people do when they’re locked, right?

Matt sighed.

“I don’t have any cards. And even if I did, I would never play with you because I don’t like you. And you're too sensitive for gambling.

“Ugh, at least for once you could be useful!” Bino scoffed. “Since you probably land in jail regularly, you must know some ways to kill boredom while spending time here. Come on, strain yourself.”

Matt sighed again, but this time he clearly sounded like he was loosing his patience. He lifted himself and turned his head to the hound.

“And why do you think I lay here and try to sleep?” Matt said. “There’s nothing interesting to do here, dummy. Look around you. All we have are four walls, two bunks, a creepy toilet and crated window. And that’s all. Cops don’t provide you with MP3’s or comic magazines. All they care is to keep you here in hope it will help you understand why you shouldn’t do this and that. That’s why I prefer to escape into sleep to skip time until dad will come for me and get me out. If he decides to come of course…”

Bino slapped his face with his hand and slid it down.

“But I already told you that I don’t want to sleep…”

“That’s not my problem,” Matt turned his head away and fell on his pillow. “I will sleep anyways. And you should do the same.”

Bino’s fists were curled. He couldn’t tolerate such treatment. Matt behaved like he was on some camping trip instead of being kept in arrest, forgetting that it’s mainly his fault that poor Bino has to share his fate. Right now he was at the edge of grabbing Matt by his clothes, pulling him down and shaking his body violently to unleash roaring strength that was building up in him.

Look, just lay down and try to get some sleep. It’s the best option,” Matt spoke again. “And if you can’t sleep, try to think about something nice. Like, that your chewing a bone or chasing a mailman… whatever. Just go lay down and forget that I exist. I won’t have anything against that.

Bino still held his hands in fists, but eventually he lowered them down and managed to calm himself. Now he realized that there’s no way to get to Matt. He just insisted on sleeping and that was it. So he just waved his hand at him and went back to his bunk.

The chains that kept the bunk in air jingled as Bino lay down on it. As his head was resting on the pillow, he closed his eyes and just as Matt told him, tried to imagine something nice.

There were many nice things to choose. Jumping into pool filled with plush teddies. Chewing a bone that was kept the whole month under his bed so it could become properly rotten. Joking with some friends while walking down the road. Keeping King tied up and hanging above fire, lowering him sometimes to toast his feet. Trapping alley cats in some dead end of the alley and giving them a good cold shower by using a fire hose. Bino tried every one of them.

But somehow, when he was trying to play a scene in his mind, there always happened to appear a figure of someone.

That someone was Fido.

He tried hard to make the thought of his older brother vanish. But to his frustration, he always had to come back and ignore him.

And all returned to him. The moment when Fido was trying to throw him into the cell. How shamefully he begged his brother to spare him. And how he was angry with him as he was behind bars.

Fido. When very needed, nowhere to be found around. But appears when he shouldn’t to spoil his plans.

He was tired of this. Fido always had to treat him like a low order being, showing how far better he is than him, not afraid to show that in public, which mostly resulted in humiliating the younger sibling.

So called defender of the innocent. But did nothing when Fox was chasing after him during that disastrous Christmas party, or when he was putting King into his place after he tried to use Sasha against him. Everyone received help from the great Fido, but not him. Even now when he got wrongfully accused of shoplifting.

But what was worse, Fido was totally right. He pointed out his stupidity, because he has his own mind and he shouldn’t have eaten that stolen chocolate bar, so he can thank only himself for landing here. And that was so frustrating to him.

And now he was haunting his mind, like putting his younger brother down was not enough for him. There was no way to un-think Fido right now.

Because of that, Bino felt a need to talk with someone about his brother. But with who? He’s locked up in arrest. Whoever he could talk to was behind those walls, outside. And even if, to who would he talk about those matters? With Fox? He used to share his problems with his best friend, but somehow he always kept Fido’s side. Sasha is… well, inadequate for that is probably the best description to not harm her. And Rex is best at describing tasteful aromas.

He has nobody to talk about Fido, but will to share his thoughts about him with someone was really too strong? So with whom? Matt?

Oh no. No way. With Matt? That guy seems to not care about anything, including himself.

But on the other hand, he only needs to express his feelings. He doesn’t require sympathy he barely received it ever. So all he has to do is let out that steam and feel better. Just throw out words to clean his mind from Fido.

This time, Bino quickly stood up and walked to Matt’s bunk. Like previously, he gave him a stab with his fingers, but this time Matt woke up faster.

I just had a dream that you got caught by dog catcher and I was able to enjoy freedom in my room once again,” Matt said with irritation. “It better be something very important this time.

“I’ll get straight to the point - I need to confess to someone,” Bino said sternly. “And I need your body for that.”

Even if I’ll rather ignore whatever you’ll be blabbering to me and I’ll just keep sleeping?

“It doesn’t matter. I just need you to lay there still so I can feel a presence of someone. So don’t even try to go anywhere. And I’ll gag you if you’ll try to be snarky.” Bino explained and sat down on Matt’s bunk.

Bino placed both of his hands on the wood and raised his head. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment to find proper words to begin his speech. Then he inhaled a lot of air to his lungs and looked down at his knees.

“Okay. So… um… I have a problem with one guy,” Bino started to speak, playing with his fingers. “And that guy appears to be my brother. He’s older than me, looks way different and he thinks he’s a hub of the universe. No one else would tell that, but I have different opinion about that and I know him better than they do.”

Bino side glanced, but Matt didn’t seem to be touched by those words.

“The worst thing is that he’s a cop dog. He was the one who was putting us here, the dog with a dark brown spot on his right eye, forgot to mention that in the beginning but whatever. Like me, he has a green collar with a diamond shaped tag with a letter F engraved on it, just like I have letter B on mine. That’s because his name is Fido and… and…”

Bino placed his hands on his knees and clenched them tightly.

“Okay! The point is that my stupid brother always has to pick on me!” Bino exclaimed with anger. “He’s older than me and because of that, he always must push me around like some pup at any occasion!”

At this moment he completely forgot where he was and what we was supposed to do. Right now he was too focused on his anger towards his older sibling.

“Always treating me like some brat!” Bino clenched his fists. “He thinks he can do with me whatever he wants because he’s taller, got a K-9 training and fancy sunglasses! Everyone looks at him like he is some kind of a…demigod! Fine, so far he successfully protected everyone from ferals, won a couple of medals on guard dog shows, can write properly with both right and left hand, holds the local record of caught burglars, always plays the role of Hamlet in our local theatre but still it’s just brain washing all who surround him! Everyone is looking at the outside… but they don’t bother about the inside…”

Bino hung his head and gulped hard.

“He’s always available for everyone. Whoever needs his help, he gets it from him without hesitation. He even prefers to help such dogs like that stupid King and I don’t get why. While I… he never was around when I needed him. I’m more like a punching bag for public so he can suck up more fame for himself.”

“Wow dude, what problems you have…” Bino felt a nudge on his back. “And you seriously care that much?”

Bino turned his head, just to see Matt lying on his back, with hands behind his head and legs crossed.

“Of course I do!” Bino said with surprise. “That guy is a pest to me! He won’t allow me to live normally! Whatever I’ll do, he always appears to ruin it and pushes me aside so all the attention can be focused on him.”

“Hmph. Because you allow yourself to be pushed on the ground,” Matt said as he looked at him. “Picking on the young one is something common for those who have a brother. They’re older so they believe they have more to say than you do.”

“Oh yeah? And what do you know about that?” Bino asked with scorn.

“Because it appears that I also have an older brother. Can you imagine that?” Matt replied in same tone.

Bino purely got caught by surprise as he heard this. He would never guess that Matt has a sibling. But then he remembered that in fact Matt has a brother as Mr. Sternfeld mentioned that to him back when he just got adopted.

“And he also works in police. So you can say I kinda understand your stalemate situation.”

“Yeah. It kinda sucks, doesn’t it?” Bino said with soft voice and turned his glance away.

“Not for me,” Matt replied. “I just don’t care too much about that and I do everything to keep him away from me and my personal life.”

“What? Is that even possible?” Bino looked back at Matt and gave him a suspicious look.

“Of course it is,” Matt said, frowning. “Case is simple. He’s adult. He leads his life his own way. I lead it differently than he does. And even if he would try to have influence on it, or even pick on me for being a teen with that so called stupid goth stuff, I simply don’t react on it and just keep living the way I like. Letting it go to your heart will only cause suffering. That’s why as long as I don’t bother about him, all his attempts to mock me will simply fall into emptiness.”

“Okay. I think I start to understand what you mean,” Bino said as he moved himself closer to Matt. “But what if you… umm… you’re a… chairman of all the students in your school? You will have all the power over everyone. And your brother waltzed in and dethrones you from your position, which leads to public humiliation… would you still not care about his actions?”

“That’s a bad example, because I would never take such position,” Matt shook his finger as he replied. “I’m a type of guy who doesn’t like to make too much hype around himself. And I wouldn’t care about problems of others. It’s their thing.”

“But still, we’re talking about my problem and somehow you don’t seem to stop it.” Bino interrupted him.

“Because you keep bugging me and I know you won’t leave me alone until you’ll get bored,” Matt replied with annoyance. “Anyways, so far as I see you take every opinion of others too much to your heart. I don’t know your brother, but if you want to know my opinion, instead of fighting against him, you just allow yourself to be in his shadow and then pity yourself.”

Bino gritted his teeth as he felt offended for being accused for self pity.

“But you don’t understand anything!” Bino said with impatience as he punched his own thigh. “I’m the true leader of all dogs and yet he has to overstep my authority! Like making me was--“

“I’ll ask you other question,” Matt interrupted Bino by placing his finger on his nose. “So far all you’ve done is tell me what advantages he has. But do you have something that he doesn’t?”

Bino’s ears perked up and his eyes became wider.

“Something… I have but he doesn’t?” He repeated as he took Matt’s finger off his snout.

Matt nodded.

Bino wasn’t sure what to say. This question really caught him off guard. He scratched his head as he tried to intensify his brain on thinking.

“Come on, you won’t tell me that you’re a complete dufus do you? Which wouldn’t surprise me.

“Of course not!” Bino looked back with a frown. “I can do many things! I’m just thinking of the best ones.”

“Well then, I’m listening.” Matt said with a slight smirk and relaxed himself on the bunk.

Bino turned his head away again and pulled his floppy ear. He tried to find some feature that only he has and Fido doesn’t. He reached deep in his memories, trying to find differences between him and his older brother. But nothing meaningful appeared.

“For example, I can play on guitar. My brother can’t,” Matt added. “He can’t play any instrument at all. Also I remember dates very well, while my brother has to sign them in calendar so he won’t forget anything important like my mom’s birthday.”

Those arguments somehow worked and clearer thoughts started to appear in Bino’s mind.

“Well… I do remember that Fido was wearing glasses when he was younger,” Bino said, looking down at his clasped hands. “Now he uses eye contacts. I never had to use those things because my vision was always fine.”

Matt nodded his head. “That is something. Anything else?”

“Umm… oh, he also doesn’t have as enchanted tracing as mine!” Bino looked back at Matt with shiny pupils and a smile was sprawled under his nose. “Even in academy our instructors said that. No one is as good at sniffing out things as me in whole neighborhood!”

It worked. Bino found out that indeed there are things where Fido can’t even reach him. He was so proud of himself when he was saying that last sentence about his tracing!

But somehow Matt didn’t seem to share his joy. That caused Bino’s smile to drop and a sign of worry appeared on his face. But when he looked at his eyes, he noticed that Matt is looking at something with annoyance. When he turned his head behind his shoulder to look what it was and he saw his tail brushing the teen’s leather jacket from wagging.

“Sorry,” He said, slight redness on his cheeks as he grabbed his tail to stop it. “Kinda got carried away.”

“See? All what matters is to not let yourself get down because of someone, especially when it’s your brother,” Matt said to him. “And it’s not worth to take to your heart too deep what other people say. It only causes you nerves.”

There was some truth in those words. Just a moment ago he couldn’t throw out Fido’s image from his head. But after revealing his problem to someone, Bino felt like he dropped some weight off his soul, or more like he cleaned it. He never had anyone to talk about Fido and find someone who would understand him. And what was surprising, that person who finally made him felt relieved was Matt.

He would never expect to have such talk with him. He was well aware that Matt hates him and will always show him disrespect. That’s why it was hard to believe that talking with him felt… so good right now.

“I care about opinions of others… because I believe… it tells me what they really think about me and my actions.” Bino exclaimed. “And maybe that’s why Fido was right about my involvement in shoplifting. I hated to admit it and a single thought about it was making me angry. But now I know that if I hadn’t behaved stupid back there and ate that chocolate bar, I wouldn’t be here.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t listen to me. It always ends up like that.”

Bino lifted his head and glanced at Matt, who now turned on his side, facing the wall, and curled up.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” Bino asked him.

He was hoping for answer, but he received none. The only thing Matt did was clench the pillow tighter and that was a sign that something is not going right.

“What do you mean by that?” Bino repeated his question.

Matt sighed.

“By that I mean you shouldn’t listen to what I say sometimes. Now you see what kind of troubles it leads to.” He said, impatience clear in his voice.

“What? What are you talking about,” Bino said indignantly, crossing his arms. “Not so long ago you just told me how my relationship with my brother is supposed to look like. And now all of a sudden you just changed your mind and you don’t want to talk with me anymore??”

“Leave me alone!” Matt said spitefully, covering his face. “You came with your problems to me yourself! You got what you wanted; we don’t have to talk about my activities! I only did that so you could fell better and you can finally leave me alone! Now go away!”

Everything changed about 180 degrees. After such long time, Bino managed to talk with Matt like with a civilized being. But without knowing why, the teen returned to his shell and his hostile attitude he hates so much returned.

He felt so suckered! He was so naive! He opened himself to that brat and expressed his emotional problems! And now he treated him like all what he said had no meaning at all!

“I’m not a good example to follow. You should already know that I mean only troubles,” Matt spoke with softer voice. “It’s better to keep away from me. Don’t bother me; I don’t need any of your interest. I won’t have anything against that. You can even treat me like air. Just keep yourself away from me.”

Bino was still angry and barely listened to what Matt said right now. He wasn’t sure what to do now, yell out loud at him? Take him off the bunk and slap him with the weird pillow? Pull his hair to make him scream?

Matt was disgusting. Only thinking about himself, not caring about anyone. Not even about him.

But his fists unclenched and his breath calmed. After all, he was not supposed to care too much. That also included the rebellious teen. At least this time Matt said something with sense.

Placing both of his hands on the edge of the bunk, he extended his legs and let out a long sigh.

“Whatever. We still didn’t solve the boredom problem…” He said, piercing the ground with a glare.

Instinctively, he raised his right foot and started to knock his left one as he thought what to do. Then he side glanced to look at Matt for the last time.

The boy still was lying in the same defensive position as before. But there was one thing that caught his attention. Stopping his foot playing, he leaned closer to have a better look. Matt’s jacked was unrolled, revealing his almost covered by black shirt sides.

His pupils sparkled as an evil idea popped into his head.

“But on the other hand, I think I found something to entertain myself.” He said with evil grin and touched Matt’s almost bare side with his fingers.

Matt’s body trembled at the touch and the boy raised his head with speed and looked what happened. By seeing Bino’s fingers lying on his side, in terror he realized what is going to happen.


His full of shock yell got interrupted violently as Bino dug his fingers into Matt’s skin, causing his body to arch, followed by a yelp. Not giving him any time to recover himself from sudden shock caused by brutal tickling, Bino placed his other hand above Matt’s hip and now he could freely make the boy squirm like a worm.


Now Bino really had fun and games as he keep tickling Matt by his sides and watch his futile attempts to make him stop. It wasn’t too long till Matt felt down from the bunk from all that squirming, but that didn’t stop the hound from torturing him and making him cry from laughter. And all this time, the maniacal grin hasn’t left his muzzle.

And because of that, the whole corridor was now filled with pleads, threats… and mostly laughs.


That length suits you?

Author:  Daemon [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

No... This is impossible.... Development for Matt and Bino? YES! Hahahahaha!

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Karlos Wrote:
That length suits you?

Well, I don't want to personally answer this because when I was talking about the length before, I figured that it was going to be a lot longer. I gave you my opinion on what I thought about super long updates, but that doesn't mean I won't read them.
One fic I currently read somewhere else is entirely made of those super long updates. I don't want you to feel like you have to stick to a length because of me.

But about the story.
It was really good. I can't help but feel that Matt was out of character when he talked to Bino. But being someone that you made up, I have a feeling that he was just showing a side that we haven't seen before.

And I can't help but think that Bino is going to eventually learn about Fido's relationship with Sabrina. With the talk that Matt and him just had, I feel he is going to look for anything he can that say he does better than Fido.

Author:  Helmetzid [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Bino needs to get it through his head, he DOES care about him, subconsciously anyways, and that's why he's telling him to say away, so matt doesn't drag him down with his bad behavior....for such a jerk, he's decently considerate when you analize it.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

fiction: where everyone's ticklish.

I enjoyed this.

Author:  loomCAT [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

This chapter was brilliant. I love watching these two develop. It's fascinating how two characters who are complete jerks can actually be positive influences on each other.

Author:  copper [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Another wonderful update! As for length, you can do what you like... you asked for an opinion, so people gave it honestly... it was never malicious in its intent karlos... :(

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!! I have been waiting for this moment forever! I am so happy to see a pivotal turning point happen and character insight to take place.

There are a few little things in this update you may want to look at. Nothing terribly wrong, but just things that might help to streamline your fic, give it a better flow...

It was cold, almost without any light and the sound of glow-tubes outside the corridor was somewhat annoying when you just sit there doing completely nothing.

Knowing what you are talking about can replace descriptive words. You could have just said the humming of the halogen bulbs or something like that to make it flow better than the sound of glow tubes...

responsible for all of what happened

You seem to confuse what and that a bit. I am sure it is not meant, just something to look out for and have your beta reader to look out for.

“I don’t want to sleep! All what we’re doing here is lying on those hard boards and doing nothing!

Did you mean beds? Maybe you did mean boards... not sure.

Whoever he could talk to was behind those walls, outside.

You could easily have made that "was outside of these walls" Bino is behind the walls, and the bars, not everyone else.

He doesn’t require sympathy he barely received it ever.

This sounds like it should be two sentences....

Just little things like that. Nothing serious, really. Just cosmetic issues... there are a few, but not many.

I cannot wait for the next update now! This is getting really good! Bino and Matt are beginning to become friends. :D

Author:  Karl [ Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

JeffCvt Wrote:
Well, I don't want to personally answer this because when I was talking about the length before, I figured that it was going to be a lot longer. I gave you my opinion on what I thought about super long updates, but that doesn't mean I won't read them.
One fic I currently read somewhere else is entirely made of those super long updates. I don't want you to feel like you have to stick to a length because of me.

copper Wrote:
As for length, you can do what you like... you asked for an opinion, so people gave it honestly... it was never malicious in its intent karlos... :(

There's one thing I noticed since I started to browse forums. When people see someone posting without emoticons or very short all of a sudden, they think this person is either angry, sad or just being frosty.
There's nothing to be worried about :) I don't feel like your words were malicious or picking. After all, I was the one to give my open hand to you and still, all your opinions matter to me. You accepted that offer, for which I'm really glad. Your freedom to share your honest thoughts with me will always remain.
I don't bite. I'm a person who can communicate with anyone. If you will ever want to tell me something, i will listen.
I have a very loyal fan base. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate that... and all of you help me in getting inspiration to continue my fan fiction. But when the thing with length appeared few times, not only last time, I realized that searching for a compromise was a must. Of course I will still kept writing my way and updates will remain long, but I will keep in mind to not overdo during typing in Word.

copper Wrote:
There are a few little things in this update you may want to look at. Nothing terribly wrong, but just things that might help to streamline your fic, give it a better flow...

I tend to use online dictionary to check some words. That's why there's always a probability that some sentences and meaning can be off. Now let's take a look to your suggestions.

copper Wrote:
Knowing what you are talking about can replace descriptive words. You could have just said the humming of the halogen bulbs or something like that to make it flow better than the sound of glow tubes...

Didn't know the proper word to use. Now I will know what humming is. Will be corrected.

copper Wrote:
You seem to confuse what and that a bit. I am sure it is not meant, just something to look out for and have your beta reader to look out for.

I don't understand too well what do you mean, but I will take a look.

copper Wrote:
Did you mean beds? Maybe you did mean boards... not sure.

You see, the bunks I had in mind were the ones which always appeared in cartoons - made of wood and chained to the wall so it can be in air. But maybe I should've used word desk to be more precisive at this case.
Bunks in this story look similar to this one, except that they hang on chains and they're not that creepy.

copper Wrote:
You could easily have made that "was outside of these walls" Bino is behind the walls, and the bars, not everyone else.

You're right. I set words in inapropriate order. Will fix that.

copper Wrote:
This sounds like it should be two sentences....

I wrote the sentence wrong. Will fix.

copper Wrote:
Just little things like that. Nothing serious, really. Just cosmetic issues... there are a few, but not many.

It's fine :) I'll take care of them.

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
fiction: where everyone's ticklish.

Getting your sides tickled when unexpected. Nightmare of those who attend primary school.

(When I was writing this post, power went down. I thought I'll get really mad. Thank Google for inventing Chrome and auto save for text.)

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

good, good, good, but seriously GOOD update! Better than the others, it takes a screeching turn toward a fine characterization of our heroes! Although I know it won't somehow last, at least i can see there is hope even for Matt.
bravissimo, Karlos!

Author:  holmebrian [ Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

yep the update was a good length.

if you do it longer dont do it too much longer than that. but as others have said it is really up to you.
we really where just suggesting to break up the really long updates in to separate updates instead of one large one.

but really nice update liked this one as much as the rest

Author:  Karl [ Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Ok, folks! need to announce something.

I'm leaving you all today because I'm going on a trip to Slovenia :) I'm gonna take part in international exchange and I was asked to make some photos with my traditional camera. I'm gonna spend 8 days there and though there's gonna be WiFi, I probably won't have time to get on internet... and wouldn't use it anyways to give myself fully into making photos.

However, do not fear! The update is ready, but it still requires revising. That's why my Beta Reader, musclecar326, will post it here for me after he'll be done with checking it. This way you won't have to wait that long until I'll be back from Slovenia. So don't be scared if you see Musclecar posting here an update in this topic :)

Take care all :) Will miss you a lot.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

We will all be missing you, Karlos, but I'm sure you'll have a great time in your trip! :D :D
At least you leave us with a great update! :D

Author:  _Stu_ [ Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

We'll miss you too karlos :) have fun!

Author:  copper [ Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Well thanks for the heads up. Have fun in Slovenia. I hope you get a lot of good photos! :D

Cannot wait for the new update.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

As Karlos said i am posting the next chapter, if you see any mistakes just quote them, and i'll fix it. Thanks, and here it is.

42. He doesn’t like them

Matt always had an attitude to get into serious trouble. That’s why a visit to a police station stopped being something uncommon a long time ago. Because of that, the boy learned to cope with spending some time in local arrest and just wait for his father to get him out.

Of course he was aware of the consequences that await him. As always, his dad will give him a piece of his mind about his bad behavior and arrest and probably this time, the talk will be more harsh due to the fact that his family recently moved to Babylon Gardens and he already found himself behind bars. That’s why for sure his grounding will be more severe than previous ones.

But does he care about it? No. He learned to live with that.

However, there were two things that were totally new to him. And he wasn’t happy about it.

First, he got locked up with a dog. Though it’s weird and Matt does not feel comfortable about it since he hates pets, but still it’s not that bad; if it wouldn’t be for the second thing.

He totally did not expect to be brutally tickled.

Laying on the wooden bunk in fetal position and facing the wall, Matt was still going through the memories about how his sides were being nailed, which caused his convulsive squirms and uncontrollable laugh.

It was such a shame! Being tickled by a dog and desperately trying to stop the horrible sensation, which only ended up with more intense tickling as his weak spots were being exposed! And those tears that were coming out of his eyes as he was laughing out loud…

Shutting his eyes, he tried to erase those memories… to forget about his shameful behavior and that devilish grin on Bino’s face when he kept him pinned on the ground and nailed his sides with his fingers.

For the first time since he started to get arrested regularly, Matt wished for his father to come for him as soon as possible, because there’s no telling what kind of evil plan that green eyed devil can come up with.

And his fears became real when right then he felt a stab in his back, causing him to shield his sides with his hands… just in case.

“Go away.” He said coldly.

“No.” Came an answer.

Matt grunted in response.

“Fine. Say what you want from me,” He said with frustration. “But it better not have anything to do with violating my body.”

Bino sighed as he placed both hands on his hips and looked down at him with serious glance.

“I need to use the toilet.” He said sternly and pointed at the place where the toilet bowl was.

Matt lifted his head and looked behind his shoulder with widened eyes. Then he turned around and looked at his dog with clear astonishment on his face.

“Excuse me?” He asked him with low tone, bringing his face closer to Bino’s snout. “You disturb me only to tell me that… you need to use the sanitary device?”

Bino kept the serious expression and nodded.

Matt still kept looking at his dog like he was seeing him for first time in his life. For a moment he seemed like he was about to spit something out, where he actually flashed a smile. Then he started to turn his head around and scratch his hair, not sure how to respond to this.

“You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?!” Matt glared at Bino and placed his hand on his chest. “You’re that bored to disturb me with such abstract nonsense? And what do you expect me to do, take your hand and walk you there?”

Bino only shook his head in disagreement. Then he lifted his hands

“You don’t get it,” He said and gesticulated at the sanitary place and Matt’s bunk. “Point is that there’s a short distance between you and the place where toilet is.”

“So?” Matt raised his eyebrow.

Bino’s hands slowly went down. He wrinkled his forehead and took a deep breath.

“So… uh… I need you to… cover your ears.” He looked away from embarrassment.

Matt kept looking at Bino with his jaw hanging low. His body started to fall down in slow motion and when his head touched the soft pillow, he rolled his eyes and covered whole face with his hand.

“Sometimes… you… you’re such a…” Matt tried to say something while shaking his head. “I know most dogs have something wrong with their psyche, but there must be total havoc in your head. Sometimes when I just see you opening your jaws I’m already afraid to hear so-- ACK!

Matt yelped from surprise as he felt his pillow being pulled away and his head met with hard wood. Not even getting a chance to rub his aching place, the same pillow covered his face. Grabbing it, Matt tried to take it off but something was pinning it down too strong.

“Oh, just shut up,” Bino said, looking sternly at the wriggling teen. “And don’t take it off till I’m done.”

Matt kept waving his arms in attempt to somehow grab his oppressor and push him away. And though Bino could hear muffle threats addressed to him, he didn’t let go until Matt’s limbs were lying still on the bunk.

Matt felt that Bino let go of the pillow, but decided to not take it off to have peace. So he laid there with his eyes closed and hearing only his heavy breathing.

When he started to feel his face become sweaty, he was hoping though that soon Bino would allow him to take that pillow off. He was running out of oxygen and the pillow itself didn’t smell too nice.

That’s why when he felt the familiar stab, he took the pillow off his face without hesitation and took two good breaths.

“Done?” Matt looked at Bino with a glare. “You won’t have any more weird requests and you will just leave me alone?”

“No,” Bino said, standing above Matt with crossed arms. “I changed my mind. I’m actually thirsty.”

Matt covered his face with the pillow again and clenched the soft material tightly. At this moment he was one straw away from taking Bino down, tying him, and gagging his face to finally make those jaws stop working and throwing him into the corner. Only problem was that he had no rope…

“Now you’re picking on me for real…” Matt said as he slid the pillow down his face and looked at the hound with a cold glare.

“Maybe,” Bino gave him a half smile. “But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m thirsty. So think of something!”

Matt sat up and locked his eyes with Bino’s. “Oh, pardon me, monsieur. I’m gonna run to the shop right away to buy you a precious water so you can cool your tongue. Oh, I forgot! The bad policeman forgot to leave the cell open so I can get out and fulfill your request! Try to think at least for moment you, noob! How am I supposed to find something for you to drink in this blasted cell?!

“I don’t know! That’s why I asked you!” Bino said with irritation and waved his arms. “You already have experience in getting into such places so you should know how to get something!”

Matt slapped his forehead and rested his elbows on his thighs. Then he sighed and massaged his eyelids.

“Then why don’t you just call guards…” Matt said as he looked back at Bino with disdain. “Seriously man, can’t you think by yourself sometimes?”

Bino got caught by surprise. Slouching, he turned his head in the direction where the iron bars were.

“Right. I knew that,” he said as he looked through his arm at Matt with discontent. “I was just testing you.”

Matt didn’t reply this time as he was already punching his pillow to make it comfortable for his head. As he lied down, he muttered something under his breath about Bino’s intelligence quotient.

Bino approached the iron bars and clenched them with both of his hands. He put his snout between them and tried to get a sight of the whole corridor.

“Hello? Guards? Are any of you out there??” He said out loud. “Guards! Hey, I need one guard here right now! I’m thirsty!!”

Bino fell silent for a moment and turned his head to hear if anyone was coming. But instead of any footsteps, all he heard was the humming of fluorescent tubes which were on the ceiling of the corridor.

“Oh, come on…” he hung his head for a moment and then drew it back up. “Hey!! What is this!! Is anyone here actually working here?! Are you on vacation or something?! If I’m calling any of you then you’re supposed to get your lazy tails here!! HEY!!! MY THROAT IS DRY AND I DEMAND TO GET SOMETHING TO DRINK!!! IT IS THE 21ST CENTURY NOW AND IT’S SCADALOUS TO LEAVE THE ARRESTED PARCHED!!!

Bino started to shake the bars from anger since no one came to fulfill his demand. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

“This is some mockery!” He said to himself as he punched the iron bar and made a step back. “For what reason are there detention guards if none of them are here! Or maybe Fido told them to not come when I call. And what am I supposed to do? I’m even more thirsty than before!”

Bino began to scratch his chin as he started to think intensively on a solution. There must be some way to get a guard down here, after all they must keep the police arrestees and it’s visitors secured.

“Hmph. Maybe those goodie-goodies just can’t hear me,” he said and looked at the bars again. “They’re probably just up there stuffing their bellies with glazed donuts. But still how I’m supposed to get them down here if they can’t hear my yells? Unless…”

By looking at the metallic bars, Bino knew what to do, but he needed something else to make his plan work. He stepped further into the cell, looking around for something.

His eyes scanned every place of the cell, sometimes more than once. And when it seemed that there’s nothing useful in here… all of a sudden his constantly moving eyeballs stopped the scanning and focused on one particular object he didn’t notice before. He smirked.

Approaching his bunk, Bino kneeled down to take something that was under it. When he drew his hand back, in his clenched fingers he was holding a crude, metallic mug.

Flipping the mug playfully in his hand, Bino went back to the bars. Shifting his glance from the bars to the mug, he gripped the crude object by its handle. And then, carefully bringing the mug closer to the bar, he tapped the metal with its edge.

Hearing the low jingles, his green irises flashed and evil smirk appeared under his nose. He was ready.

He raised the mug… and hit the iron bars hard with it!


The bars were vibrating and a terrible noise was echoing through the corridor. Each bang was more powerful than the previous as Bino was giving himself fully to his cacophonic concert. Soon the banging became so powerful that even the plaster started to come off.

Even Matt was trembling, from rage. Curled up like a forest critter, he desperately tried to shield his ears and his body literally jumped with each powerful bang.


The loud bonks made by Bino were now almost impossible to bear, but that didn’t stop the hound to have fun. Completely forgetting about the original purpose of thins banging, Bino simply got carried away and just kept hitting without thinking about what he’s doing. To diversify his newly found play, not only did he bang it, but also ran the mug between the bars like it was some kind of cymbal.

Just when he was going to swing the mug again, the action got stopped as something seemed to hold his toy. Then something grabbed him by his chest fur and in a split second he found himself in the gaze of Matt’s blood shot eyes.

STUPID MUTT, STOP DOING THAT!!!” Matt snapped at him, blowing up his ears. “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, MAKE ME GO COMPLETELY NUTS?!?

Hey, what are you doing!!” Bino barked at him and started to pull the mug from Matt’s grip. “Give it back!!

Bino was clearly unhappy that Matt interrupted his fun. Just like some angry child, he tried to get the mug back. But Matt surely didn’t want to let that happen.

Fighting for the mug, both of them started to circle around their cell, Matt pulling his fur and Bino trying to slap his face. Pure hatred toward each other was in their eyes and neither of them were going to give up.

Eventually, Bino felt some hard edge hit his back and soon found himself on the bunk. Matt tried to take the chance and pinned him down by grabbing his throat.

Give… me… that… MUG!!!” He said through his clenched teeth, trying to tare the mug from Bino’s grip.

Bino tried to stand up, but Matt was firmly holding him down. His fingers were still clenched on the mug’s handle, but he could already feel that the item was slowly slipping away. Closing his eyes, he still tried to find some force in him to not let Matt take his toy away from him.

All of a sudden, the pulling stopped and he no longer felt the pressure on his neck. Opening his eyes to see what was going on, Bino saw Matt’s eyes focusing on a tiny, black dot that was coming down on his nose.

It appeared to be a spider, which was sliding down his web and found himself on the edge of Matt’s nose.

AAAHHH!!!” Matt screamed with terror, letting Bino go and covering his face. “SPIDER!!! SPIDER!!! SPIDER ON MY FACE!!!”

This time, Matt was running around the cell alone, screaming loudly and madly slapping his face. He clearly didn’t know where he was running to as he hit the wall a few times.

Though Matt was doing everything to take the spider off his face, it seemed that this little creature was experienced in scaring people as he still kept running across Matt’s face.

Bino watched the scene, totally dumbstruck. He didn’t even notice when the mug slipped from his hand.


Matt’s voice got high pitched and surely he was in a full state of panic. Bino understood that he must do something about this otherwise this show won’t stop. Though he enjoyed it…

Grapping the pillow in his hand, he hopped down from the bunk and chased after the screaming teen. Waving the pillow in the air as he tried to aim for Matt’s face, the boy just happened to evade every strike as he kept slapping his head.

Bino tried his best to deliver a direct hit, but all his efforts were in vain as Matt just kept running around in an awkward way. Finally, he growled as he lost his patience.

“Okay! I understand that it’s not easy to stay calm for you, but can you please just stop acting like some alarmist little girl and just stand still so I can smack your face?!” He yelled with complaint.

Matt seemed to not hear as he still kept panicking.

Bino shook his head and sighed.

“Fine. I’ll just have to aim well…” He said and then made a pose as he prepared for the right moment to deliver the direct hit.

Matt was still slapping his face as he still felt the spider on his face. He tried hard to get rid of the little insect he was so afraid of, but as always when that happened to him, they were too stubborn to leave him in peace.

Finally, the spider hopped down from his face and Matt stopped at once like he was petrified. Trying to calm his breath, he observed with great relief how the little spider quickly ran to the corner and disappeared in the shadows.


The relief he was just experiencing got violently interrupted by something soft hitting his face and Matt found himself on the cold floor.

Looking up to see what just happened, in terror he raised his hand and opened his mouth.


Bino had to use this chance for his advantage! Matt was not running from panic anymore and now he could smack that spider!

Though he had his eyes closed, he was making sure to give enough hits so that spider won’t stand up on his tiny legs and keep terrorizing Matt.

Finally, his arms started to ache, which resulted in the last pillow slap to be really slow. When he opened his eyes to check the results of his smacking, he saw Matt lying on the floor with wide eyes and open mouth, not making any movement. A smile appeared on the dog’s muzzle as he saw that there was no spider on Matt’s face.

“See? All you had to do was to stand still so I could take care of that spider,” he said to Matt, pointing at his own chest with a thumb as he was feeling proud of himself. “I even wonder why you were acting so jumpy. It was just a little spider…”

Matt didn’t seem to share Bino’s enthusiasm as he kept lying lifeless on the floor.

Sighing and flicking the pillow, Bino turned around and walked back to his bunk. As he bent down to put the pillow back on its place… something soft smacked him behind his head!

When he turned around to see what happened, Matt was standing there, with a pillow in his hands.

Smacking me like that while I lay on floor defenseless?! You just wait!!” He said with frustration and swung the pillow.

The pillow was heading towards Bino’s snout and just in time he shielded himself from Matt’s attack. Then he blocked a few more hits and then he understood that the boy was up for a pillow fight.

Blocking a more hits, Bino jumped forward to deliver an attack, but just in time Matt spun in place to make an evasive maneuver. Bino’s back was now clearly open and the dog felt the soft, yet powerful hit behind his head again.

That enraged him and Bino started to furiously shower Matt with attacks. However, the boy seemed to be experienced in pillow fights as he managed to block the whole assault.

“Hahahah! Don’t think that you can defeat me with such miserable attacks!” Matt said with confidence as he felt that he was the one winning. “You’re such a---“


“Less talk, more fight!” Bino replied on Matt’s words with a direct hit on his face. Then he gave him two more hits. “Come on, fight me you slowpoke!”

Why you!!”Matt said, enraged from Bino’s taunt and he fully threw himself into the fray.

The simple pillow fight turned into duel as Matt and Bino were constantly clashing their soft weapons. Both of them were fighting for supremacy and neither of them were showing mercy to his foe.

The battle lasted a long time and soon feathers were flying everywhere. Though their bodies were feeling the effort of their duel, both Bino and Matt just kept smacking each other, not caring anymore if they received a hit or not. All that mattered was fighting for their honor and they weren’t going to stop until one of them falls.


Bino and Matt stopped at once as they heard a yell coming from the entrance of the cell. Looking in this direction, they saw K-9 Officer Fido and K-9 Sergeant Ralph, who were looking at the whole scene with big eyes as the white feathers were landing on their shoulders.

“First we heard a noise like someone was bombarding us!” Sergeant Ralph said sternly to the totally petrified duo and stepped in, Fido right behind him. “Then someone was screaming like he was getting his throat cut! And after running down here, we see both of you smacking each other with property of this police station!”

Bino and Matt side glanced at each other and then the rags that were once pillows found themselves behind their backs.

“Honestly, even in such place like jail both of you can’t act up like a grown--“


Sergeant Ralph jumped in place as he heard a loud, deep voice behind him, but couldn’t look at what was behind him as he and Fido got knocked down by K-9 Officer Kevin who just ran past them.

Carrying four fresh pillows, Kevin threw two of them right at Bino and Matt, while keeping the other two and instantly giving each delinquent a good smack in the kisser.

The duo realized that a new danger had appeared. Picking up the fresh pillows, they started to hit the black, muscled dog that was glad from the accepted challenge.

Ralph massaged his head and was about to give a nasty comment, but at this moment Fido placed his hands on his shoulders.

“It’s no use,” Fido said to his supervising officer as he helped him stand on his feet. “It will be better to let Kevin handle it.”

At first Ralph looked at Fido with surprised expression, but when he turned to see the scene of battle, and he nodded.

“You’re right, officer Fido,” he said as he saw Kevin being slapped with pillow by the team of the teen and his dog, but still a maniacal grin was on the Doberman’s face. “It will be better for both them… and us.”

Not looking behind, they just left the cell. Knowing that Kevin was there, they were sure that peace will soon be maintained.



Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I enjoyed this update. now here's what's wrong. =P
musclecar326 Wrote:
That’s why a visit on police station stopped being something uncommon a long time ago.

I'd say "visit to a police station"

musclecar326 Wrote:

"Get it off" would fit better in this situation.

musclecar326 Wrote:
]The duo realized that na ew danger appeared.

I think this means "a new danger had appeared"

Author:  copper [ Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Nothing horribly wrong, just the usual stuff.

This was a fun update! Pillow fights do not include tackling Kevin!! :o

Arachnophobia is awful. I hate spiders too...

A lot of slapstick going on around here. I hope it continues! :D

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:32 pm ]
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Alright, this was an awesome update. And Kevin coming in at the end was the best part of it all.

Something tells me it will only get better once they get out.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:53 pm ]
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Fixed those things Brent, so now its better. I Can't believe i missed those.

Author:  holmebrian [ Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:44 am ]
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just a suggestion to change the line.
“Honestly, even in such place like jail both of you can’t act up like a grown--“

change to one of these.
"Honestly, even in such a place like jail both of you act like little..." or
"Honestly, even in such a place like jail you both can’t act like grown..."

would be better for that line
makes a little more sense also

also great update!
love the pillow fight

Author:  Karl [ Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:50 pm ]
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Hey, guess who's back :)
I missed you all. I hope all of you were doing well while I was in Slovenia.

It was my first involvement in international youth exchange so I was really nervous how all of this will turn out. Also Slovenia is a country that I knew of its existence, but never knew how it looks like and what kind of people live there. So I can say that I was going for unknown. But I totally don't regret going there. It was just pure awesome.
In the youth exchange took part groups from various countries. Except of Slovenians who were organizers and us Poles, there were people from Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria and one cool guy from Portugal who is a surfer and was there to help. All the time we had to speak English and at first we were kinda scared of each other (most people getting close to their groups), but Slovenians planned special energizers to help us in integration. We even had a lottery that chooses where you had to sleep, so I had mixed roomies. Because of that, I met really awesome people with who I spend a great time, each of them having something interesting to say or show.
Slovenians did everything to allow us spend time with them wonderful. They just took care of every detail. From morning to next morning everything was planned so there was no way to be bored. All the time we were walking, hiking and learn traditional dances. We were even chosen to groups one day and ate breakfast in local's homes. They are such wonderful people that you would just hug them to the point where their eyeballs would start to pop out of their orbits.
We also had workshops - painting, music, theater, media/photo group. I was in photo of course, but to my surprise, because day earlier I was doing photos with my traditional camera and talked about photography with some folks, the guys who were leading the workshop asked me to give some presentations. I just finished school so you can imagine how surprised I was. So I had my first lesson about photography, and also in English! Was so awesome =D
And the landscape... people, I never saw such mountains! It was wonderful! High, green mountains so close to each other.. so many valleys with snake roads. Lots of old and new houses on hill side... and almost everywhere were vineyards, small and big. I've never seen vine plantations, especially on hill side. Green, green everywhere! And they also took us to their highest mountain where we could see everything, even territories where was Croatia, Hungary and Austria.
Took some photos of course, but need to work over them. First, I need to develop all 8 negatives I shoot out there and do contact sheets to see which photos are the best. And that will take me some time since I don't have a black room in my house and recently my old school (new one too) got moved and I need to wait till they finish all rooms in the new building. Also I got some digital pictures as I tried to do panoramic, but I still have to merge and see what will come out of this.
This trip gave me an opportunity to practice taking snapshots with my traditional camera. It's fully mechanic so I have to do everything manual. of course I was taking pictures with it earlier, but I never used it in such circumstances and environment. But it was a good training. It helped me to train fast movement with my hands so the Right Moment I want to perpetuate won't skip. And by developing the negatives, I will see am I heading in right direction and where I should still work over something. But I hope that pictures will come out well.
Maybe I will even upload them, but not truly sure yet how I will do that. I know a lot of time passed, but I'm still not sure should I reveal my true identity to HP! Community. And unfortunately, that's almost impossible to avoid when you take snapshots. But I'll try to give you a sneak peak. After all, I have to prove to you finally that I really am a photographer :)
So yeah, trip to Slovenia was totally awesome and to be honest, it was really hard to leave this place. It's a beautiful country with kind people. I met some many friends there and there were tears when we were leaving. It was one of those rare trips where I didn't miss home because of the enjoyment of staying there and do all the fun things. I wouldn't mind staying there for one more week. But I had to return. To home, my dog who missed me so much that hugged me approximately 23 times... and to my fan fic, where my readers eagerly await for update. So I promised that I will return one day and make a larger scale photo project.
So if you have ability to take a part in some international exchange, do it! I totally approve.

It was the first time where I personally didn't post my update so I was wondering what I will find here when I'll get back. But I see that everything turned out well :)
Special thanks to my Beta Reader, Musclecar, who agreed on taking the responsibility for this one time and publish my update. I knew you could do it, so I was not worried at all by leaving the task in your hands.
I was afraid that update could seem to be rushed. To be honest, I completed it like one and half hour before my departure so I had little time to reread it before sending it to my Beta. Therefore, I'm glad that you like it and you enjoyed the fun :) Wish for more will be fulfilled.
Don't know yet when exactly I will update. Wasn't thinking much about next installment as I was busy with vacations, but some silly ideas appeared in head anyways. So after clearing some stuff I have to do after getting back, I guess I'll start writing in Sunday.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Missed ya a lot. Glad to see you enjoyed your field trip: never been to Slovenia myself, but your descriptions make for some justice!
In the meantime, great update! I wanted to say it before, but I wanted to wait for your return. :lol:

Author:  EveningPen [ Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:58 pm ]
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Welcome back man. Glad you've returned. :)

Author:  Barkeron [ Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:43 am ]
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Its been a while since I review this fic and I say, that's some character development.

Author:  copper [ Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:41 pm ]
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Well, welcome back, Karlos! I am really glad you enjoyed yourself and got to teach others! Cannot wait to see your pics. I am sure they are wonderful.

Author:  Karl [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:05 pm ]
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43. Cap it

The heavy door swung open and Sergeant Ralph stepped in.

“Right this way, sir.” Ralph said and gestured his hand to come in, holding the door at the same time.

The stout man who passed him was clearly discontent of being in this place, which could be noticed by his heavy footsteps. His face had a red hue and his glance was piercing the ground, not to mention that he had a wheezy breath each time he inhaled air through his scurfy nose. The power of his anger could be felt from a distance, but such thing was common for Sergeant Ralph as he lead many fathers to the arrested before.

Mr. Sternfeld walked deep into the corridor, still piercing the ground with his glare. He only snapped back to reality when he heard the door behind him close and he turned to Ralph.

“Alright. Where are they?” He said to him with a dry tone.

Looking deep into his eyes, Ralph could see how strongly Mr. Sternfeld desired to get his hands on those who caused him trouble. Passing the man, the police sergeant gestured with his hand to follow him.

Mr. Sternfeld was a bit surprised when Ralph led him to an open cell. But that curiosity later turned into astonishment as he noticed some strange creature between the entrance of the cell that was crawling in their direction.

The creature’s whole body was covered in white feathers. As it crawled forward, it made a moan or gasp each time it moved any of it's limbs.

When the feathered creature was now under Mr. Sternfeld’s and Ralph’s feet, with a huge effort it rolled onto it's back. Opening it's eyes, the creature looked at both of them with a gaze of a man with a damaged brain. Then it coughed out some feathers.

“Oh... hey dad…” Matt spoke as his coughing stopped, looking back at his father with fishy eyes. “I didn’t know you have a twin sister…”

Mr. Sternfeld’s jaw opened widely and he was about to turn his head to Ralph and ask him something, but he heard some shuffling coming from outside the cell.

This time, he saw another feathered creature, but he had some parts of his body where brown fur was visible. Judging it’s Bino, he observed with even wider opened jaw how he crawled on all fours to Matt, with something pink in his hands.

As he slowly climbed on top of Matt’s belly, Bino hung his head and took a deep breath. Then he looked at Matt’s face with a glare and raised his hand that was clenching the pink rag.

Bino slapped Matt’s face in a slow motion, but the hit was so weak that it looked more like a graze than a slap. Though it was pathetic as he clearly had no strength, he raised his hand again and gave Matt even weaker slap this time.

With a shocked expression, Mr. Sternfeld observed how Bino was preparing himself for a third strike, but as the dog tried to raise his arm, he stopped it in air. Bino gritted his teeth as he tried to lift his arm more, but it looked like something was blocking him from doing that. All of a sudden his limb fell down, his body started to sway and Bino fell on his face right on Matt.

Mr. Sternfeld turned his head to Sergeant Ralph and tried to say something, but only unintelligible baffles came from his mouth. Ralph figured out that Mr. Sternfeld is trying to ask what is that supposed to mean, but he wasn’t sure himself how to explain this.

“Heh… erm… umm...” Feeling nervous, Ralph scratched his head and tried to give the best smile he could afford. “You see sir, the boys got a little… overexcited while being here, so our fellow officer decided to discipline--“


Ralph’s ears perked up and all of his back fur stood still as he heard a powerful roar coming from the cell. When he turned his head to see what was going on, to his horror he saw a black, muscular body of Kevin leaping right on Bino and Matt.

Kevin fell heavily on two bodies and screams filled the whole corridor as he sandwiched them with his huge mass. The Doberman’s body covered them completely, except the human and dog limbs that were sticking out, wiggling like crazy, while Kevin was laying on top and giggling because of the fun he just currently had.

Ralph was completely petrified by the sign of his subordinate squishing civilians like bugs. But the whole dread was added by the fact that Mr. Sternfeld was hiding behind him, clenching his hands on the dog’s shoulders and peeking through his arm with eyes filled with horror. For sure the whole situation smelled like soon gonna be turned into scandal at the police station.

The limbs that belonged to Bino and Matt were not wiggling anymore. Kevin noticed that and stopped laughing, realizing that maybe it’s a good time to stand up, though he wouldn’t mind to lay for a little longer. As he lifted himself, two deep breaths were heard.

“Hahah! Phew! That was so much fun!” Kevin said, brushing himself and looking at the twitching and grunting bodies. “You guys have to drop by more often. It’s not easy to find someone in jail who would like to play with me. But I wonder where Ralph is, he was supposed to--“

Kevin stopped talking as his eyes met with Ralph.

“Ah, there you are!” His eyes lightened up and smiled. “Hey, hey, you know, it’s too bad you weren’t here, you missed all the fun! They were so into it that they kept slapping each other even when our pillows got flat! And they made those funny squeals each time we performed a group hug! And that brown guy tried to curl into tight ball in a corner and plead to have mercy on his delicate psyche! It was so exciting that I wouldn’t mind at all if they were sentenced for rest of their lives. So, when is their dad gonna come for them? I really want to meet him.”

Kevin was smiling all this time to Ralph, ignoring the light moans that were coming from the floor. But that smile started to fade away as Ralph still kept looking at him like we was seeing a monstrosity.

Curious by Ralph’s condition, he approached him and stood right in front of the sergeant. Placing his finger on his chin, Kevin examined Ralph from left to right, up and down, from front to back, and from back to front. And all this time his supervising officer didn’t make a single move.

“Hey, Ralph, are you okay?” Kevin decided to ask from concern. “Don’t take this too harsh to yourself, but you look kinda creepy you know? Like you just had your core temperature checked by a vet or something.”

Ralph’s gaze was still creepy, but his lips eventually twitched.

“Behind my shoulder…”

“Huh? What did ya said?” Kevin asked and brought his ear closer to Ralph’s snout.

Now Ralph’s lips made a form like he was about to spit something out.

“Behind… my… shoulder…”

Kevin leaned back and gave Ralph a questioning look. “Behind your shoulder? And what is there?”

The Doberman scratched his chin, trying to figure out what is supposed to be behind Ralph’s shoulder. Because nothing meaningful came to his mind, he realized it would be better to just take a peek. Leaning closer, he noticed a grey hair and a pair of freakin’ huge eyeballs staring right at him.

“Hey, Ralph… I think there’s someone behind your shoulder.” Kevin said and pointed his finger at Mr. Sternfeld.

At this moment Ralph regained his motor functions and the first thing he did was place his hand on his face.

“So, who are you anyway? And what are you doing here?” Kevin asked the eyes that were gawking at him.

Mr. Sternfeld, who was shaking from fear as the Doberman’s red irises were locked right on him, raised his trembling finger. “I…I… I came for my child…”

Kevin looked behind him to see that Mr. Sternfeld was pointing in direction of where the heavily breathing Bino was laying on top of Matt.

“Oh? But which one of them?” Kevin looked back and pointed behind himself with his thumb. “The brown one or the pale one?”


Kevin was still pointing with his thumb, but after some thinking over what he just heard, his red irises flashed with excitement and his smile gained a size that reached from one ear to another.

“Ooooh! So you’re the guy that was supposed to be brought in by Ralph!” Kevin said, truly excited. “It’s good that you’re here. Now, if you would bring those two back to life, we can go for another round of our game. And we will call Fido, so this time we can form three-person teams. But on the other hand, before we get Fido here, we have to tell him to drop by the storage because we will need fresh pillows since the ones that we--“

Kevin! Kevin! Kevin…” All of a sudden Ralph grabbed Kevin’s head with both of his hands and turned it in his direction so both dogs could face each other. “I want you to go back to the cell, press yourself against the wall and count to thousand. Also, no peeking.”

“Uh, what?” Kevin asked surprised, raising his eyebrow. “And why do I have to do that?”

Kevin was looking directly into Ralph’s grey eyes, but he didn’t hear any answer to his question. However, it was again when his red irises flashed as a thought formed in his head.

“Oh, I get it!” He said with self confidence and snapped his fingers. “So this time we’re gonna play Hide and Seek Pillow Version, and I’ll be the one chasing first!”

Ralph could only nod.

Kevin grinned and turned on his heels to run quickly to the open cell. Jumping above the still immobilized teen and dog, with a swift lope he found himself back in the room where the pillow carnage took place not long ago. Not paying attention to the feathers that were all scattered across the floor, he pressed himself against the wall and shielded his head with his thick arms.

“Okay, I'm starting! One… two… three… four… five… six… seven… eight…”

Ralph couldn’t help but sigh in relief as he got distracted Kevin for a moment. But that moment of peace didn’t last too long as he remembered that two detainees still lay on the floor and there’s Mr. Sternfeld hiding behind him. Turning around, he saw the man who was now looking like a curled up squirrel.

The situation was not pleasant and surely it will be really weird to actually mention all that happened in the report, not like someone would believe it anyway, but somehow he had to stay calm and handle everything.

“Sir, until you will go over to your relatives and check if they have any permanent damages, of course recovering from your shock first, I need to take your son to our office and do some formalities, if you don’t mind.”

No, no, no!!” Ralph turned his head and looked behind his shoulder, just to see how Matt suddenly pushed Bino’s body off him. “I’m not staying here any longer! I want to get out!!

As Bino rolled onto the floor, Matt stood up and tried to make a step forward, but as his foot touched the ground, suddenly he fell down on his knees.

At this moment Mr. Sternfeld ran to him and grabbed his feathered son by his waist. Then he pulled him up and placed his son’s arm on his shoulders for support.

“Please… it’s not like I have something against you, officer…” Mr. Sternfeld side-glanced at the sergeant, nervousness clear on his face. “It’s just… uh… It’s just that… well… I don’t want to be here when he reaches the count.” He mentioned with his head at the place where Kevin currently was.

“…forty-four… forty-five…forty-six…forty-seven…”

Without even waiting for Ralph’s response, Mr. Sternfeld just adjusted Matt’s arm and headed for the exit.

But at this time, Bino’s body trembled and the dog placed his hand on his forehead, letting out a groan. Barely opening his eyes, he began to look around and noticed that Mr. Sternfeld is leaving with Matt. Groaning and panting, he barely lifted himself and got on his fours, though his limbs were wobbling. Clenching the pink rag he still had in his hand, he slowly got up on his feet and turned around. Making two steps forward, Bino swung the rag, as he was about to smack Matt’s back with it.

To his surprise, the rag didn’t go down on Matt. It was then when he realized that something was holding him by his wrist.

“Party’s over, son,” Ralph said as he kept holding Bino’s wrist in the air. “Give me that.”

Ralph pulled the rag from Bino’s grip, much to the hound’s dismay, who growled and then mumbled something about it. Yet that didn’t stop him from falling into the sergeant’s arms and allowing himself to be escorted outside.


Parsonally Personally, I'm truly happy we had an arc about Kevin. He's one and only in his kind =)
I hope to see him again soon.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I truly enjoyed this little update. I would love to be there when Kevin finishes the count and discovers that everyone left.

Thank you for this Karlos. This just made up for my not-so-good week last week.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

JeffCvt Wrote:
Thank you for this Karlos. This just made up for my not-so-good week last week.


Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I enjoyed this muchly.

can't wait for the next installment.

Author:  holmebrian [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

a good end to the pillow fight.

Author:  Karl [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Dear readers,

Today, together we achieved 20010 views!
I must admit that I didn't expect from my humble fan fiction to go that far. Twenty thousand views is very much and I'm just stunned. But that could be achieved only thanks to you, all those who decided to drop by and read my work. Thanks to you, I believe I'm doing something that is really worth doing. You gave me strength to go on and continue with providing you fun and awesomeness that is fan fictional history of megalomaniacal dog Bino and withdrawn teenager Matt. Not only Housepets! itself, but also all of you who read this fan fiction and place a comment are my inspiration.

It wasn't easy to reach another double, to be honest. When 10000 views was achieved, at that moment I had a very heavy depression and I wasn't able to function normally. I was even thinking about closing this fiction and withdrawn myself from forums since whole world seemed to be in greyscale for me. But I had to fight it and return to normally. I had to come back to life, for myself, and for you since a lot of you were waiting for my comeback. I couldn't leave you just like that. Thankfully, I won with depression and returned. Matt avoided fate of being put between discontinued stories and now we can celebrate together 20000 views.

Unfortunately I don't have any picture to post for such wonderful occasion, or even a specially made photography, so I'll just say that you melted my heart and made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I also decided to make a resolution. I know it's a New Year thing, but this occasion is good as well =) I decided to update more frequently and work harder on my writing skills. School or other thing can't always be a excuse since there are people on this planet who manage anyways. Look upon Rick Griffin - he updates his webcomic 3 days a week without any delays, does commissions and writes novels. If he can do that, depsite it probably takes a lot of time, then I must also try to be harder on myself. I also decided to work over my distraction. I get easily disctracted and I cannot allow on that, otherwise it will always affect my artistic work. So I think that's why your suggestion for shorter updates will come in handy.

Once again, I thank all of you for being with me and Matt and for giving me strength to continue writing. Chapter 44 should be done and posted soon =)

Sincerely yours,

Author:  valerio [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

you are welcome, indeed!
Happy happy joy joy, Karlos, hope you reach your 30,000th very soon :D :D :D

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I'm glad to see that you are going to try and update more often. You do a good job with everything that you put out and I would love to have more to read.

But please don't stress over it. It's true that some people may be able to do a lot of stuff in addition to school and work, but other people may not be as good at it.

While I haven't been working much on my fic, I honestly have the time to. But I also have so much stuff going on with work and band camp, that I need the extra time to just not do anything and relax. If I was to try and write right now, I would drive myself crazy. Know your limit, I don't want to see you end this fic because you tried to update it more often.

And now that I have that out of the way...
Congrats on the 20000 views!! Every single one of them is deserved! :D

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