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Author:  valerio [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:24 am ]
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Glad to see your project is ongoing, Karlos.
And noble words you wrote, but there's a little something that is nagging me about them...
I can't find any fault in your ficcie! it's perfect and Bino should bite Matt's butt and I'm happy that Matt is going to get arrested. Sure enough I'm happy Kevin got to tackle him, yay!

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:08 am ]
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Well, I have to say that was a good internal struggle that Bino had with himself over eating the candy bar.

As for your fic, there isn't much fault in it at all. The only thing that I ever felt I might want to bring up is that sometimes Bino seems to act too childish.
I mean, something tells me that he would have a view of the world that would be a little more adult than you give him sometimes. He's the president of the GODC and has lived with Jeff and Max for almost his entire life. I have a feeling that those two factors would lead him to acting a little more like an adult in this situation. Doing something like, walking away and telling someone what happened so he wouldn't get in trouble.

It's just my opinion, but it's something that I've felt for a while.

Also, I remember seeing that you made a mistake somewhere, but I can't find it now...

Author:  Karl [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:30 pm ]
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valerio Wrote:
Glad to see your project is ongoing, Karlos.
And noble words you wrote, but there's a little something that is nagging me about them...
I can't find any fault in your ficcie! it's perfect and Bino should bite Matt's butt and I'm happy that Matt is going to get arrested. Sure enough I'm happy Kevin got to tackle him, yay!

Time for biting butts will come. Be patient.
And you have no idea how much I wanted to show Kevin, even just for a bit... he's so... so... well, just by looking at him and seeing how he acts in a comic just makes you want to be tackled by him (even if it probably would mean bruised body and broken ribs, but hey). Oh, and he has those red eyes.

JeffCvt Wrote:
As for your fic, there isn't much fault in it at all. The only thing that I ever felt I might want to bring up is that sometimes Bino seems to act too childish.
I mean, something tells me that he would have a view of the world that would be a little more adult than you give him sometimes. He's the president of the GODC and has lived with Jeff and Max for almost his entire life. I have a feeling that those two factors would lead him to acting a little more like an adult in this situation. Doing something like, walking away and telling someone what happened so he wouldn't get in trouble.

There are two things of why I show Bino's attitude this way:
1) As you already know, all pets who live in Babylon Gardens refer to their owners as Mom and Dad. So that makes them being closer to a kid definition. Plus, they play with toys and play pretend, but they also date and read books. So pets shown in HP! universe are a silly mixture of children and adults, but they actually go more into kid stuff.
2) Their behavior also depends from their age. For example, it was said that he didn't turn five yet. That explains why he's so hyperactive, ultraenthusiastic, naive and somewhat innocent. Bino is close to Peanut's age, but his childish attitude totally differs. He's actually more of an annoying brat with feautures like greed, egocentism and being envious about almost everything.
Why Bino acts childish often in my opinion is because there were some scenes in a comic that had proven that. For example his deal with so called Game (sorry guys), fuss about a tail that resembled the cat one or even not well known Bino's problem toward King, who he accuses him for attempt to take over his position, which is kinda silly. Brat, that's all.
But there are also pets who act more mature from others, like Fido, Fox and Sabrina.

The entire point of this comedy in my fan fic is Bino's childish, brat attitude that actually meets with mean-spirited teenager's behavior who is in his rebellious period :)

And I'm trying my best to show Bino's personality as it is in the comic, which is not easy since he didn't appear as much as Peanut, Grape and King. So I sometimes need to show some things from my point of view, of course being careful with that. So I kinda have to be a psychologist at this case :)

But that you for sharing your concern with me. I hope my reply uncleared some thing for you. However, if you still have doubts and want to talk about it, feel free to ask :)

JeffCvt Wrote:
Also, I remember seeing that you made a mistake somewhere, but I can't find it now...

Oh no, Jeff... what should I do now? If this mistake exists somewhere and I won't fix it, more people will suffer.
But I forgive you :) Maybe you will remember where it was. And I will correct it asap.

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:57 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
Time for biting butts will come. Be patient.
And you have no idea how much I wanted to show Kevin, even just for a bit... he's so... so... well, just by looking at him and seeing how he acts in a comic just makes you want to be tackled by him (even if it probably would mean bruised body and broken ribs, but hey). Oh, and he has those red eyes.

You find me so much in agreement on this!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:00 am ]
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great job, and good luck with getting your diploma.
I hate Matt more and more each update. when do you switch and give us a reason to feel sorry for him?

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:12 am ]
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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
great job, and good luck with getting your diploma.
I hate Matt more and more each update. when do you switch and give us a reason to feel sorry for him?

that's the magic of this ficcie. Matt can actually be sympathetic on a couple of occasions (like at school) and then *bam* back to the odious brat, while Bino actually is the hero here!
I so LOVE this ficcie!

Author:  Karl [ Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:02 pm ]
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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
when do you switch and give us a reason to feel sorry for him?

If I would tell you, I would probably ruin your fun and curiosity that eats you from inside. And then you would transform yourself into your bat form, fly to my house and punish me by taking my keyboard and smack my head, to not even try to do that ever again :)

valerio Wrote:
...Bino actually is the hero here!

Bino a hero? Hmm... I thought this character is supposed to be a mean-spirited jerk hated by 90% of HP! fanbase, who's only purpose is to make Peanut and King suffer and boost his self centered ego :)
Maybe I should make a correction, don't you think Val? ;)

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:39 pm ]
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NO! No way, absolutely nosir not!
do. not. you. DARE.
Seriously, Bino is every inch what you said, and boy he can be despisable with a side of sympathy when unexpected. But you gave him with Matt such an antagonist, such an uberjerk, that now Bino is the most positive of the duo. His antics to defeat Matt are actually funny, his idea of burying him was the best he had ever had!
So, yes, one of the reasons your ficcie is so great is that Bino shines with glory!

Author:  Karl [ Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:16 pm ]
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Heheh. Thought you would do everything to change my mind, but I wanted to see your reaction anyways :)
Don't worry. I was just teasing you. I have everything planned with all details and for long period. Everything. And since you know me for quite a time, expect to be unexpectedly surprised ;)
Just all I need is some free time. So I eagerly wait for vacations. Then my master plan will move forward. If Bino and Matt won't burn down their house first of course.

Author:  copper [ Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:30 pm ]
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Your ifc is fine, really. The only problems stem from English not being your first language, so tenses and some words are mixed up. Nothing bad really, we all understand what you mean. :D

If I had a gripe, it would be that their is no progression of the characters, nothing gained. I am sure that it is because it is not time yet, and it is just a personal pet peeve I have with stories, but I enjoy character evolution more than stagnation.

I do love this fic, and always look forward to updates. Cannot wait until the next one comes out! Bino is actually the good one in this fic! :roll:

Author:  Karl [ Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:54 am ]
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copper Wrote:
Your ifc is fine, really. The only problems stem from English not being your first language, so tenses and some words are mixed up. Nothing bad really, we all understand what you mean. :D

I must admit that English style of writing stories it totally different :) Mentally I think as I was writing it in Polish, so it will take me a lot of time until I will finally master the English style. Maybe if I lived in Britain or US I would learn faster. Till then you have to forgive me and guide me :)

copper Wrote:
If I had a gripe, it would be that their is no progression of the characters, nothing gained. I am sure that it is because it is not time yet, and it is just a personal pet peeve I have with stories, but I enjoy character evolution more than stagnation.

I have three explanations for this:

1) I always try to not make everything too hasty. So I prefer to stay in one place and expand it until I will go forward with my story. Making everything too fast may cause plot holes and people might get angry for being too distant from characters and their environment. That's my style of writing.

2) Giving to people everything at once would lead this fic into ruin. I must keep my aces in sleeve and reveal them only sometimes, to surprise people and make them want more, which will hook them stronger to storyline.

3) Sadly, probably you have this feeling because I update my fan fiction too slow. But it's not always easy for me to provide you fun faster. School is one thing, but I have this habit that whatever I do I have my own tempo for that. I prefer to take it slow, but with full details so it can be perfect. Also when I write, I sit down, but after some time I must stand up and do something else until I will get back to writing. Sometimes I wanna sit down and just write, but there's always something that keeps me distracting and whole process takes from few hours to 3 days. Not to mention blocks...
Valerio has ability to update his work very fast which gives him a huge advantage. I, unfortunately, don't have this ability and I'm a bit upset over that.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Karlos Wrote:
Valerio has ability to update his work very fast which gives him a huge advantage. I, unfortunately, don't have this ability and I'm a bit upset over that.

I know exactly how you feel.

But look at it like this, he writes his own way and you write your own way. You both have different writing styles, his may be faster, or it could simply be that he has more free time to write.

Every update you have is well written and I don't want to see that sacrificed so you can get more of them out. Just keep going when you feel like it. :D

Author:  Karl [ Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Yes. You're right. At first I thought that my slow progress is a problem. But I think I should start to embrace it and accept that it's just my way of work. A lot of people who talk about my photographic work tells me that so maybe it's just the way I am.

People, we had a very interesting conversation. I must admit that it boosted my morale and now I really want to update. Maybe I'll be able to post after this weekend.
Thank you for recharging me and giving me power :)

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:41 am ]
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Author:  _Stu_ [ Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Don't worry for being too slow Karlos, y'know, your aficionados won't mind about it. If your work is good, there's no reason not to wait ;) take the time you need, we both know school is a bad beast in this period (diploma or exams they are) :lol:

Author:  Karl [ Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Okay, I usually don't do it but this time I feel that I need to explain why it's taking that long to update.(Ye, I know you want to bully me right now because you were hoping to see an update, please forgive me)

I can assure you that new chapter is under development and everything is going okay I think. However, I have a problem. Point is that I don't have a writers block or such. it's just that writing this is already taking em a 5th day and somehow I just can't end it! I write, write and write and there's no ending yet =/

I admit it kinda makes me feel nervous. In five days I wrote 15 pages... and yet it takes that long and I didn't finish yet. How am I even try to start creating my own novel one day if I struggle like that. How Mr. Griffin is doing that, creating a webcomic, writing books and doing art. It's just... I'm just so... tiny compared to him.

Help me

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Don't worry about it, it's just a matter of experience. I can't really say I've had your problem of writing and now knowing where to end, but just keep working through it.

My advice would be to try and find the next chance you have to cut it off and post what you have. Then continue with the rest of it. I personally don't like super-long updates, even if it has been a while since the last one.

Karlos Wrote:
I know you want to bully me right now because you were hoping to see an update, please forgive me

I can see why you would let us know what's going on. While I was expecting an update, I can't say that I'm mad at you.

However, the next time you post something here, it better be an update or else things are going to get ugly here. :twisted:

Author:  loomCAT [ Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

You're not tiny. No need to get depressed. While I'm not a writer myself, I think I may have a small bit of advice for you in this situation.

Read over what you've already written. Take the time to edit what's already there. If, while looking through it, you notice a place where you think "Hey, that's a good stopping point for a chapter," then post that, and save the rest for a later update.

Also, if you're getting to a point in your writing where you think you have too much material, again, I suggest you look at what you've already written, and maybe consider trimming. Are there any jokes or lines that, when rereading, you think are unnecessary? Toss 'em. Are there some subplots you've opened up in your current material that you don't really want to deal with, or you don't think will benefit the main story? Throw that out, too. It's good that you're not suffering from writer's block. In fact, I'd say that's something to be grateful for. But this new problem can be solved in a similar way to how you clear up a block: relax, take a step back, and give yourself time to settle on what you've already done and what the best way is to go from there.

Also, don't mind what Jeff says about how the next thing you post has to be an update. I know he's joking, but don't ever think you have to force yourself to do this. You don't. Heck, I won't be upset if, for whatever reason, you never updated "Matt" again. Don't take that the wrong way! What we already have is amazing, and I am satisfied with what I have read. Just don't think you're under a time limit. This is fanfiction. It's supposed to be fun. You shouldn't let yourself feel small because you're having some trouble. Writing is hard work. You're going to get stuck a few times.

The tl;dr version is this: Relax. I know you can handle this.

Author:  Karl [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Okay. Tried to relax.
I know I overreacted a bit. Sorry about that, but I'm a born weirdo and sometimes I need to find some way to clean my head from worries. Also there's some pressure on me since a lot of people enjoy my work. And by knowing that I have a lot of people who believe me, failing them is not an option.

Jeff, cutting off an update is not an easy thing. Do you remember when we talked about right moment to end a chapter? When idea appears in my head, I won't finish giving it a shape until I will feel that it's the right moment to end the scene. I never think of how long on pages my update must be. Sometimes it can be just 4-5 pages, sometimes it can go above 10. All depends on how you see the story you want to express.
Also, if I would cut the update and post what I already wrote, you would feel dissatisfied and that my work clearly is incomplete. My main trademark is quality and I must keep on that. Cutting is something I prefer to avoid, except if there would be an extreme situation like breaking rules and necessary editing, which so far I gladly didn't broke.
Hmm... you say things will get ugly if my next post won't be the awesome update? Perhaps I shouldn't update to see how desperate you can get ;p :)

loomCAT, I see I finally managed to lurk you out from the shadows ;p I was wondering how have you been and now I know you will always be here with us.
There's no way I can't cut off the jokes you all love. It would be like turning a carnival into grandma's party :) Also I avoid trimming. Everything, but not that.
But I must admit that it was the first time in my life when I was sure I will complete update today, and then think the same on next day, then next one, and next, and next... Just during the update, I knew I had to add something to make whole construction tuff. That's why I panicked, because I didn't know how to behave in such circumstances. And people wait for update xD So either I will find solution on focusing my mind on work harder, or I will just accept that it's my way of working on something.
I know it's fanfiction and I shouldn't worry about it too much. But I'm just a type of guy who if he does something, puts an effort into this. Also, when I know that my fan fic is very influent on other people and it gives new standards, I just can't give up. That's why i asked my readers for help. And I'm glad you answered.

Thank you both for your advices. They surely helped me think over myself.

Also I have a good news: I managed to complete the update!. Currently it's in hands of Musclecar who will check it and when he will send me corrections, I'll post it ASAP. So get ready for 20 pages fun ;)

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Karlos Wrote:
So get ready for 20 pages fun ;)

curse you and your really long updates. *shakes fist*

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Karlos Wrote:
So get ready for 20 pages fun ;)

Twenty pages?
*Repeatedly bangs head against wall*

Oh well, I may not like super long updates, but it is what it is. I may have to just break the reading up or something.

Karlos Wrote:
Jeff, cutting off an update is not an easy thing.

Well, as anyone can tell, I love suspense. I guess that means my definition of the right time to end and yours probably aren't quite the same. And I like shorter chapters, so maybe what I was thinking was that you kept writing after you should have cut it off and didn't notice or something.

Karlos Wrote:
Perhaps I shouldn't update to see how desperate you can get ;p :)

Things are about to get ugly here. Everyone else run away now if you value your life.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

20 pages?!
my, I so LOVE long and yummy updates, when it comes to such a good ficcie! :D

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

don't get me wrong, I like reading them still, I just don't like having to devote so much time to reading it.

Author:  copper [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I enjoy reading these updates immensely, but having to take three hours to read a story is a bit much, especially when it is once every month at least...

Writing is difficult, and it is fun at the same time. As long as you are having fun, your readers will enjoy what you write... do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself, Karlos. There are no assumptions, we just enjoy what you write.

Author:  Karl [ Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

40. But you never listen


Easy! EASY!!

The K-9 police dogs, sergeant Ralph and officer Fido, were having a serious trouble with putting a squirming and struggling teen into cell. Though their arms were strong and they would actually throw him in without a problem, but their police etiquette forbid them to cause any harm against a person who’s under arrest. But right now what will guarantee their safety?

And indeed they had a lot of work now. Judging from shouts, pants and his furious expression, he clearly was dissatisfied of what two police dogs were trying to do with him. His hands were trying to grip or push whatever they touched and his heels were scrapping the floor.

He’ll tear my vest!” Fido yelled as he tried to unclench Matt’s fingers off his uniform.

“Ugh, there’s no time for personal outlooks, officer Fido!” Sergeant Ralph yelled back to his subordinate right after his goggles fell on floor. “Just focus on your job and PUSH!

Bino, who was leaning against the wall with his crossed arms, was looking at the dantesque scene with fear. Fido and Ralph’s struggle actually looked like they were fighting for their lives with a wild beast. Normally he would laugh at the sight of his brother being maltreated and getting his fur ruined, but the thought of outraged Matt breaking free and causing rampage was actually making him hope that this beast will be thrown into the cage and all of them will be safe.

Differently felt the mouse called Spo, who was in a safe distance and was rolling on the ground, laughing with high pinched voice.

They managed to drag Matt close to entrance and when they were about to throw him into cell, the boy placed his hands and feet on metallic bars, making a strong resistance.

And now Fido and Ralph were playing with Matt’s limbs to take them off the bars, which mostly was unsuccessful.


Ralph, after being annoyed of Matt’s resistance and slapped across his face several times, with one swift move he grabbed the teen by his arms and held them still.

“Grab him by his legs! Fast!” Ralph commanded Fido.

Fido didn’t have to be told twice. He nodded and while Matt was surprised with his arms being immobilized, Fido took that chance and grabbed his feet.

Matt was now held in air, and though he was now squirming like a snake and screaming even more mercilessly, this time there was nothing he could to save himself from upcoming porridge… and no tear off fur.

Without hesitation, Ralph and Fido carried Matt inside the cell and threw him on the ground.

“Now get out!” Ralph commanded.

Both of them turned to the entrance and till they had chance, dashed forward.


Fido suddenly stopped and almost fell on the floor as he felt something painfully pulling his tail.

As Ralph got outside of the cell and turned around when he heard a yelp behind him, he saw his subordinate on all fours and trying to free himself, while Matt was lying on ground, pulling Fido’s tail.

Spo was not even just rolling on the ground, but also holding his stomach with both tiny hands and kicking his legs in air at the sight of Matt and Ralph pulling Fido in both ways, much to the poor dog’s displeasure. Even Bino couldn’t help but smirk at this scene. Seeing his rivaling sibling in such hilarious circumstances wasn’t something he could see once in a while and for sure it helped Bino feel much better after all those humiliations he experienced in front of Fido. Now was his time of gloat.

Ralph had more physical strength due to his training, therefore it wasn’t too long before he finally freed Fido from Matt’s grasp. As the poor dog was now in his arms, he turned around, pushed Fido through his entrance and went right after him. As he got out, he quickly turned around and closed the crated doors with a slam, right at the time when Matt jumped at him. when the boy’s hand gripped iron bars, Ralph put the keys into keyhole and locked the cell.

On whole corridor could be heard horrible metallic sounds as Matt, furious and unable to accept his current situation, was yanking violently iron crates. Ralph, untouched by Matt’s behavior, was standing close to the raged brat and looked at him with a stern expression.

YOU STUPID DOG!” Matt yelled right into Ralph’s face, causing his fur on his face to blow. “HOW DARE YOU LOCK ME HERE! JUST WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!

Matt stretched out his hand to grab Ralph, but the police dog made one step backwards to evade it.

“You can only thank yourself for being here,” Ralph replied, placing his fists on his hips. “If you wouldn’t steal groceries from that shop you robbed, there would be no reason to arrest you. But because you behaved bad and committed a crime, you get right where all similar delinquents like you land, in their rightful place - arrest. Because you’re going to spend some time here before we’ll contact your parents, instead of behaving like a screaming child you should use this time to think over what you did and mend your ways.”

The clangs of the bar stopped at once as Matt looked at sergeant Ralph with astonished expression. They keep looking at each other like that for some time, until Matt hung his head and his hair covered his face.

“Heh. Heh. Heh heh. Hah hah ha. Ha ha… HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAH!!!

A loud, terrifying laugh echoed through the corridor. Ralph raised his eyebrow as he couldn’t understand what made Matt laugh like that.

As Matt calmed himself, his eyes went back at sergeant and he looked like he was looking at the dog with pity.

“Funny… I’m being told by a dog how I should behave.” Matt said as he leaned his arms on crated doors.

Ralph looked at him suspiciously. “And what’s so funny in that? I’m a police dog and it’s my duty as a lawman to point you out your wrongdoings.”

Matt leaned closer to crates and a mischievous smile started to appear on his face.

“Why that’s funny? I’ll explain you,” Matt said. “Do you know what’s the difference between my kind and yours? The human kind is currently superior among other kinds. We’re the one who invented all what surrounds you - society, rights, job… and also law, the very thing you’re hiding behind. Yes, it was humans who came up with law so world won’t fall into anarchy and everything will be kept in control. Same law that says that I have to be put into jail because I wrongfully took someone’s property and I must be punished from that. And now… you’re a dog. An animal. Or even it’s worse variety - a pet. You walk on two legs, which makes you bipedal. You also talk, which allows you to communicate verbally. But the difference between us? As pets you’re just a tool from humanity’s egoistical needs. A property who’s being learned to obey and do whatever is demanded from you, either to serve or just provide satisfaction to your owner.”

Ralph was listening to Matt all the time with full attention, but he didn’t seem happy of what he was hearing.

“And your point is?” He asked as he crossed his arms and tapped his foot.

The mischievous smile suddenly vanished and on matt’s face appeared a shadow of unrest.

“My point is that you, pets, are the biggest parasites on this world,” Matt said with cold tone. “For you, the whole world is so carefree. You don’t have to go to work to earn money and buy food to survive. Straw, shelter, toys, all of that you get for free. Without us humans, who keep you and feed you, you would be nothing. And worst thing is that all of this is being used against us.”

“You think so?” Ralph replied and stepped closer to cell. “You’re telling me I’m a parasite. I won’t agree with this. It’s true that my Dad keeps me under his wings and takes care of me. But at one point you’re wrong. I appreciate what he does for me and I also appreciate all that help I get from police officers. That’s why I’m a K-9 Unit member, to replay all that kindness with my hard work by serving people in need. But maybe you don’t understand that because you’re young and yet too arrogant to even think on this for a moment.”

“You seriously think that your so called need to serve people to show your gratitude will convince me?” Matt leaned away from crated, crossed his arms and turned aside, yet keeping his glare at the police dog. “ Since you’re a police dog, you should already know that law you respect deals only with humans, because it was created by us only for us. That’s why you’re free from it. And that’s why you can do whatever you want, without being punished.

Ralph’s eyes slightly widened as he heard this statement. Even his arms were now hanging loose.

A painful expression appeared on Matt’s face and the boy turned his glance away from his interlocutor.

“Because I stole a bottle of coke and some snacks, I got put into jail, just as law demands. But what if a pet does the same? You think he also goes to jail for that? Of course not, because law for pets does not exist. Everyone will blame not the pet who committed a crime, but humans. Because there’s no way that something that cute, cuddly and born pure innocent can do such bad thing like humans do, Isn’t that right? So the one to be blamed are humans because they didn’t take right care of their pet and probably that’s why the poor thing got such a bad idea. A human like me will get his desserts. Pet? Never…”

Matt started to slowly walk away to the place where was a bunk.

“That’s why I hate you pets. Everyone will say that animals, or even ferals, commit crimes not because they wanted that intentionally, but because they got contaminated by civilization created by human mankind. That’s why everyone will show you pity and try to help, not punish. And that gives you a free path to use naivety of your owners, who believe you love them measurelessly. But you don’t have any feelings, only instincts that tell you what to do to survive. All of that is just a game of simulation to achieve your own purposes. A farce…”

“Maybe you think like that because you never even tried to understand us.” Ralph added all of a sudden.

Matt stopped suddenly in one place and his head lowered. Then he looked back at sergeant through his shoulder with a glare cold as ice.

“Believe me, dog… I tried.” He said emotionlessly.

Bino could say that his heart trembled. All this time he was listening to Matt’s monologue with full attention and each word wounded him like a sharp knife. He was aware that Matt is not a pet lover and that was not disturbing him at all since he always counted only on himself, even when he lived with Jeff back then. But he would never guess that Matt’s hate can be fueled with such arguments and it can be that big.

And what was worse, he was now a pet of this boy. And what Matt said about pets earlier is also what he think about him. That he has no feelings. That he is not capable to love…

Matt went forward and when he approached the bunk that was attached to a wall with chains, he sat down first and then lay down. As he grabbed the pillow and positioned it under his head to rest it on it, he folded his legs and covered his eyes with his arm.

Sergeant Ralph was looking at the boy, who was now laying on the bunk, on his face was a very stern expression. Though he heard bitter words many times as he was placing people in arrest, Matt’s words about hate towards animals somehow made him feel cold from the inside. But he also realized that Matt is just a teenager in his rebellious period, and maybe he actually didn’t realize what he’s saying and right now it may be hard to speak to his senses. So he sighed, shook his head with discontent and turned around to Fido.

“Damage report.” Ralph spoke to him.

Fido, who was standing with his head down and gently petting his aching tail, looked up at his supervising officer and grimaced.

“Except that I’ll probably have to get my vest to laundry and for few days I’ll have plain spots on my tail… I’m fine, sir.” Fido replied with complaint and returned to taking care of his tail.

“But on the other hand, you tail probably gained an inch or two,” Said Spo, who was now laying on top of Fido’s head and dig in his ear with his finger. “Oh, by the way, maybe it’s not the right moment to bring this up, but do you still think it was a good idea to take the handcuffs off his hands?”

Fido, touched by his small companion’s words, only clenched his teeth and started to pet his tail more vigorously.

Sergeant Ralph buried his face in his hands.

“Fido… we talked about this many times but I will ask again…” Ralph spoke and slid his hands down his face. Then he looked at Fido reproachfully and pointed his finger at the mouse who was relaxing himself on top of the dog’s head. “What. Is. That. Mouse. Doing. Here?”

Fido finally stopped paying attention to his tail and when he let it go, he looked up at his sergeant and smiled subtly.

“Sorry about that, sir…” Fido explained himself as he scratched back of his head. “I just couldn’t leave him alone in house, or my Dad--“

“Again?!” Ralph increased volume of his voice, but still was pointing at Spo. “You’re telling me that for fifth day in a row!”

This time Fido was not sure what should he answer to his supervising officer. He knew that Ralph is never pleased whenever he comes to police station with this loud speaking little rodent, but since the chase after Fox’s kidnappers, Spo wanted to accompany him on most of his shifts, somehow he just can’t say no to his little friend… and also to not get his sofa scratched if he won’t take him, but that’s a totally different thing. That’s why he was understanding his sergeant’s discontent, and he knew he won’t tolerate it for much longer.

“By the way guys, if I can interfere…” The huge and overpacked Doberman who was standing behind Fido, K-9 officer Kevin, started to say. “My Dad also tells everyone that he doesn’t want to leave me alone at home because the last time he forgot his keys and sneaked through kitchen, I thought it was a burglar and used on him my special tackle variation for intruders, causing him a brain--“

And you!” Ralph’s finger instantly turned to Kevin. “May you explain yourself why you were just standing there and gawking as we fight with an aggressive detainee instead of making yourself useful and giving us a helpful hand??”

Kevin, who actually was observing with excitement the whole action with Matt all the time, was now caught off guard by sergeant’s uncomfortable question. As his red eyes were locked with Ralph’s grey ones, he could see fire in his pupils and he know that his supervisor was struggling hard to keep himself from yelling at his innocently looking subordinate.

“Well… um… you see, sir…” Ralph started to explain himself, looking down to avoid eye contact with Ralph and scrapping the floor with his toes. “I really, really, reeeally wanted to join the fun, and even tackling all three of you, but you see… back then we caught the suspect and his companion, of course first trying to bring him to life after he lost consciousness from all that awesomeness… and tackling… he told me to not even dare to lay a finger on him anymore.” He folded his ears and pointed at Fido. “And believe me sir, I really wanted to help, but I could not because Fido forbid me from that. And I had to stand here and watch as both of you were having fun!”

At this moment Ralph gripped his headfur.

Kevin, can you seriously think by yourself sometimes?!” Ralph yelled at him, causing the large dog to lean off from him a bit.

“I-I can think by myself, sir! Sometimes…” Kevin tried to defend himself. “But you kept telling me so many times to follow orders and… and… it’s Fido’s fault!” He turned his head to Fido and glanced at him with complaint. “If he wouldn’t tell me to not touch him I would help!”

“Hey, it’s not like that, Kevin,” Fido raised his hands and looked at him with clamor. “You’re a good dog, but you must admit that it’s not a good idea to let you handle some things, especially when people get petrified from shock and it’s impossible to make contact with them for at least thirteen minutes.”

“But you do the exciting stuff most of time!” Kevin pushed on him. “You always get to handcuff and give the Miranda, while all I do is tackling and you even pick on me for that!”

“Face it, Fido, you actually can be such a killjoy sometimes,” Spo, who was still relaxing himself on top of Fido’s head, spoke. “People except drama and violence from pursuits, but no, you have to keep everything hush-hush like a goodie-goodie cop from TV show for toddlers. Honestly, make your life less static and more exciting.”

Fido couldn’t handle this anymore. All he could do was slap his forehead with his hand and then slid it down his face to cover it.

Bino also had his hand on his forehead as he was looking with disgust at the police trio that started to argue with each one another. The clamor from their yells hurt his ears and at some point he couldn’t understand anymore what they were actually talking about. He couldn’t believe that those K-9 Unit dogs, who were generally know as elites among dog hierarchy and a great example of proper behavior, could behave like little children in the sandbox right now. Especially sergeant Ralph was disappointing him, because he clearly was unable to take control over this ruckus, and instead was throwing his frustrations upon his subordinate officers. Even Fido, the top dog of whole neighborhood, known from skills of diplomacy as he kept peace between dogs and cats, seemed so pathetic and helpless now. After being kicked from Academy, all this time he hated K-9 dogs and even couldn’t stand watching single one of them, as he was envious from not joining their elite ranks, thought that maybe it was a good thing he didn’t earn the blue vest and attachable to collar radio as clearly Fido’s team was inadequate to his dogs loyalty standards.

But as he kept looking at the now fully enraged sergeant Ralph and Fido trying with Kevin to calm him down, there was one thing he totally forgot about.

All this time, since he got caught with Matt by Fido and Kevin and brought to police station, of course not without his hands being handcuffed which hurt his pride deeply and probably he will have nightmares for a couple of nights about this humiliating moment, no one actually paid any attention to him. As Matt was being put into cell, no one approached him and bothered him.

Could this be that he was here only because his brother caught him with Matt and it was only a coincidence that he got handcuffed as well? Maybe Matt got charged for robbing the groceries shop while they couldn’t find anything on him?

But of course! He didn’t steal anything! He was just a bystander and Matt was the one who robbed the shop. He was absolutely innocent and it wasn’t his fault that he had to run after his owner! He told Matt that there will be consequences for doing such wrongdoing, but that presumptuous brat only laughed at this idea and even tried to convince him that stealing is a good thing! And right now the boy got the desserts he deserved as he was sitting in arrest cell while Bino is free.

Yes! Everything ended so well for him! He thought that his day will be completely ruined by his arrogant owner and his mangy brother who dared to handcuff him. But no, this time fortune was very auspicious for him. It’s the day when he finally won’t get humiliated and everyone will point out their fingers at him, laughing hard. Now it’s his time of glory, because he achieved victory over Matt and his hostile ego, and also because Fido lost his chance of grounding him more further in their family hierarchy. This time, it was Bino’s day and his moment to laugh at someone else’s failure!

Evil, wide grin appeared under Bino’s snout. As he looked at the cell where Matt was being kept, he rubbed his paws with vigor and snickered.

“Well, Matt… have fun while spending time here!” He said to himself. “Meanwhile I’ll go outside and brag around how your great plan to steal stuff failed and then whined when you were getting thrown into cell. Oh, and while you’re going to spend some time here, I’ll use this opportunity and make myself very comfortable in my room I share with you and your stuff, if you know what I mean.” He finished his sentence with a wink.

Bino wasn’t sure if Matt heard anything he just say because he didn’t even bother to come closer to iron bars of Matt’s cell, but it didn’t matter to him at all. What was important to him was that he sting him behind his back, which will draw his maniacal ego to the edge of euphoria. Then he turned his head to see all three K-9 cops still arguing with each other, with Fido actually trying to calm whole situation down.

“Thank you dear officers for bringing my naughty Dad into justice and sorry that he caused you trouble. Take care!” Bino said to them, hoping they won’t hear at all, and when he waved to them for goodbye, he turned to exit.

As he was getting close to red door, he felt a great desire to let out a maniacal laugh at this moment. Watching Matt desperately trying to not get into cell and his brother making an awkward pose as his tail was being pulled… those are things he won’t forget quickly and for sure he will laugh hard each time he will think about it.

For a long time he didn’t have such great mood. And nothing will ruin that today!

Except for the firm grip he felt on his shoulder when he was about to push the door handle, which make him suddenly froze in place.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

Bino’s fur on his back stood still and his arms dropped as he heard a familiar, deep voice behind him. As he turned around a bit, he saw Fido, with a very stern glance, holding him by his shoulder.

“Eh. Heheh. Erm… going home?” Bino replied with a weak voice and gave his brother a meek smile. “By the way, shouldn’t you be arguing senselessly with your friends right now?” Then he pointed his finger at Ralph, who had his hands on Kevin’s collar and was shaking the Doberman’s head violently.

The grip on Bino’s shoulder got painfully stronger and the dog’s heart sank as Fido leaned closer, looking deep into Bino’s filled with fear eyes.

“You’re not going anywhere for now,” Fido said to him. “There’s one thing we need to settle.”

Bino didn’t understand at first what Fido meant, but when a white spaniel with brown dots appeared behind his brother with a plastic bag, he gulped as he saw what is in there.

“Oh… carp…”

“Sorry to bother you, but our lab just finished checking the evidence,” Terrance, the K-9 unit dog who is responsible for forensic, spoke to Fido and raised the plastic bag. “We found a trail of saliva on this bitten white chocolate bar which allowed us to take a DNA sample. We checked that sample in our database to identify the person who ate it and it showed a perfect match with the sample we earlier obtained from the dog who had those rampart zoning issues. By the way, wasn’t it your younger brother who did that?”

Terrance was glancing at Fido, who seemed to not pay any attention to him. This surprised him a bit and he turned his head to see at what Fido was glaring at and noticed a smaller hound who was slouching and looking at him nervously.

“I’ll go back to my businesses.” Terrance said quickly and just as he appeared fast, he disappeared the same way.

Bino could clearly see from Fido’s facial expression that he was ready to punish him by himself any moment now. Because Fido was taller than his younger brother, not to mention he was much more muscular, it was like Bino was at mercy of goliath, and because of that his fur on his nape was standing still and his tail was ducked between his legs.

“Umm… uhh… err… umm… I… I can explain…” Bino finally broke the tense silence with a trembling voice.

Fido didn’t take his glare off his brother even for a moment. “You better have a very good explanation on this.”

Bino was already trembling, curling and unable to take his glance off Fido’s eyes filled with anger, gulped loudly.

Not so long ago he was so proud of himself, so boasted of watching Fido in comedic situation that it made his ego so big, so tuff… but right now that ego was shrink into size of a scrub who begged to not bully him.

“S-so… back then… whe-when we we-we-were on outskirts… he was telling me to… but I said him no… b-but h-he continued… and I tried… but… but… I said him that I don’t want him… b-but he… he… I DIDN’T MEAN TO!!!” All of a sudden Bino throw himself right on his brother, hanging himself on his vest. “I HAD NO INFLUENCE ON WHAT HE WAS DOING AND I KEPT TELLING HIM THAT HE COMMITED A HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!! BUT HE USED THE FACT THAT I WAS HUNGRY AND FORCED ME TO EAT THAT CHOCOLATE BAR!!! I SWEAR, I DIDN’T DO THAT ON PURPOSE, IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT!!!” He pointed at the cell where Matt was being kept. “FIDO I’M YOUR BROTHER AND YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!!!”

Fido, who was caught by surprise because of Bino’s sudden outburst of panic, with shock was looking at his hanging on him brother for some time.

“Okay, okay, okay!” Fido put down Bino’s hand that was pointing at Matt’s cell and grabbed his younger sibling by both of his arms. “We’ll talk about this calmly during interrogation. However, we will have to keep you here for a while until we solve this case.”

Bino seemed to not understand what Fido just told him as he kept staring deeply at his brother with widened eyes. But eventually he unclenched his hand off Fido’s vest in a slow motion. Then he looked aside and started to play with his fingers.

“But you mean… by the meaning that I have to be kept here… you mean that we will go to your desk… and we will take a sit there… and drink something warm eventually--“


Bino’s pulse dropped dramatically. His breath became a lot faster and the whole world started to spin around him. His legs were shaking and he started to make an attempt to walk backward.

He knew what that means. He knew exactly that there’s no way of escape from this uncomfortable situation. And because Fido had an evidence that clearly made Bino a counterpart of the grocery store robbery, there was only one thing that his brother could do right now.

Throw him to Matt’s cell.

“Uh oh. Looks like there’s gonna be a ride where I totally don’t wanna be a rider there.” Spo, who was hiding in Fido’s headfur all this time, spoke and jumped down.

“No. No. No. Just no. Just… no. No. Fido, no. No way. Absolutely not. I can’t accept this. I just can’t,” Bino looked at Fido with a glance of beaten dog as he trying to walk backward to the corner, despite of his arms being gripped. “That’s impossible. I can’t. I just can’t. I just… I mean… please. Please don’t do this. Please, I beg you. I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything wrong, I swear… Please, please, please don’t do this to me, please…”

“Bino, don’t make this any harder as it already--“

NNNOOO!!!” Bino cried out loud and grabbed the handle of the door, clenching it tightly with his hands. “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO JAIL!!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY, I’M TOO DELICATE AND SENSITIVE TO BE LOCKED UP!!! I’M INNOCENT!!! I’M INNOCENT!!!

Fido hung his head for moment as he realized that he’s going to have a repeat of circus that he had earlier with Matt. Then he had to tighten his grip as Bino started to squirm from pure panic.

Stop it, Bino!! Don’t behave like a pup!!” Fido yelled as he tried to unclench Bino’s hands from the door handle. “You were well aware of the consequences!! Now if you just--


The sounds of arguments were no more. Now whole corridor was filled with a horrible hysteria as Bino was desperately trying to hang on the handle and fighting with his brother for his dear life.

That didn’t go unnoticed by sergeant Ralph who, at this moment getting his ribs crushed by Kevin’s Squeeze Of Peace, managed to turn his head and see Fido pulling his whiny brother by his legs.

“Oh, for the mother of dog…” Ralph muttered to himself as he closed his eyes shut. Then he turned his face the very excited Doberman. “Kevin… I’m also glad we found an agreement on some things… but can you let go of me now??”

Kevin, showing with a strength of his squeeze how much he was happy to patch things up with his sergeant, looked at the German Shepherd with surprise.

“Oh, sorry, sir.” He said and let go of his supervising officer.

When Kevin freed Ralph from his hug, the German Shepherd bent down and inhaled a lot of air to his lungs. After he panted few times, he run to the place where drama was going on.

When Bino saw Ralph trying to unclench his fingers, his cries turned into whines like he was getting butchered, which caused the poor sergeant to fold his ears.

Adrenaline and need to survive gave a lot of strength, but Bino’s fingers soon started to ache from the intensity of pressure and soon Ralph started to untangle his fists with ease. Three last fingers couldn’t keep him attached to the door handle and soon Bino felt how he flies in air as Fido pulled him backwards, causing his body to slid across the floor like a broom.

Until he got back to his senses, his body was already pinned down by police dogs. He tried to make any movement, but his arms were already twisted. Only his legs were free and now they were madly kicking the floor.

“You know, it’s too bad you didn’t think about getting a popcorn machine over here.” Spo said as he was leaning to the wall and observing the whole scene from a safe distance.

Pleeeeaaase!!! I beg you!!!” Bino whined with a shaky voice. “Don’t put me into jail!!! I don’t want to go there!!! Anywhere but not there!!! I will be a good dog from now on, I promise!!! I will confess to absolutely everything!!! I will tell you whatever you want just DON’T PLACE ME WITH THAT BRAT IN ONE CELL!!!

Sergeant Ralph listened to Bino’s begs and shook his head.

“It’s actually hard to believe he’s your brother.” Ralph said to Fido.

Fido looked up at Ralph and grimaced.

“Yeah, a lot of people keep telling me that…” He replied.

“But now when I think about it, his voice actually has the same high pinch each time I hear you yell from panic.” Ralph added.

Fido felt his cheeks becoming red.

“With due respect, sir, but do we have to discuss about this now?” Fido replied with complaint.

“Right. On my command we’ll quickly lift him up and try to push him in.” Ralph replied and shifted his gaze back at the dog he kept pinned down. “Ready?”

Fido’s glance went on his squirming and grunting brother and nodded. “Ready.”

Their hold over Bino was very firm, but they could feel anyways how much effort Bino was putting into his struggle. As he kept kicking his legs on the floor and trying to push forward, each time he was making a sound of pant mixed with whimper.


With just a blink of the eye, the police dogs lifted Bino’s and without hesitation started to run to cell.

When Bino felt his body being lifted and then dragged, his whimpers turned into terribly loud cries for mercy, which were accompanied by shrieks as his toe claws were scrapping the floor.

Sergeant Ralph though that dealing with a outraged teen was a tuff job. But right now he realized that Matt was just a pushover compared to a desperate crybaby he was dealing with. Also it was killing his ears.

GO! GO! GO!” He pressed on.

They were almost at the bars and with a swift move, Ralph reached for keys and put them into keyhole. The door clanked and Ralph opened it, making a clear path to throw Bino in.

Ralph and Fido were about to make one final thrust to throw the whiny dog into cell, but at this moment Bino lifted his legs and placed his feet on the bars, blocking himself from entering.

“Rats! He’s stuck!” Fido yelled.

“So I see!” Ralph yelled back. “At such times I think why wouldn’t we ask at the vet how they handle such situations when it comes to giving shots!”

“Because we hate to go there, sir?!”

“No, because there’s no way they would give us such a secret!!”

Ralph and Fido tried to push hard, hoping that Bino will loose all his strength in his legs and eventually they will throw him in and finally take a break after experiencing such madness. But they were horribly long, because Bino realized that getting through those iron bars means loosing his freedom and dignity, therefore fear kept fueling his stubbornness.

“GHH!! T-that’s no use!” Ralph turned his head to Fido. “We’ll just have to do the same as we did with that brat!”

“Huh? No! No way!” Fido looked back at his sergeant with indignation. “No way I’ll let my body get violated again!

Bino couldn’t feel his legs anymore, but he knew he must keep pushing back as he could clearly see that only few inches separate him from the interior of cell. He was panting and grunting, grunting and whining, and though his lungs were working over their capacity, that didn’t stop him from taking shallow, whizzing gasps.

“NNNGHH!! HRRRFFF!! *huff * *huff* wait, wait, wait!!!” Bino said and tilted his head backward, resting it on Fido’s shoulder. “Come on, Fido! Let’s try to come to agreement! What do you want from me, huh?! My dog biscuits?! A new toy?! I got all of that just let me UUUNF!!

The pushes on his back became stronger and Bino had to take few deep gasps before he managed to calm himself.

Okay, okay, okay, okay!!!” Bino continued, his time his voice getting even more paniced. “I agree, our relationship wasn’t too friendly recently but it’s our chance to patch things up, right?! Just let me go and we can talk about this! Fido? Fido?! You listening?! Oh come on, have a heart! Give me chance PLEASE!!”

“In such situations… I regret I don’t have a dictaphone…” Fido replied on this with a slight smirk.

Hey, can you be more quiet over there? I’m trying to sleep…” Matt’s voice came out from the inside of cell.

Everything looked so weird. Bino was curling his toes around the iron bars like a monkey and all the time he was seducing, begging, whining and pleading to Fido’s ear. Fido, however, was putting all his effort into pushing, whilst trying to not laugh as he was listening to what his brother was trying to tell him just to save his skin. Matt was taking everything surprisingly calm, despite of the horror being played out outside. Spo was spitefully commenting on policeman’s morality again and Kevin was standing right behind sergeant Ralph and tapping his shoulder.

“Hey, Ralph, may I bother you for a moment?” Kevin asked his boss.

Ralph had to let out two grunts until he could pay attention to Kevin.

What??” He said with clearly irritated tone.

“Well, you see, I was wondering at one thing,” Kevin started to explain. “Since Fido told me to not touch that kid, I came to conclusion that this doesn’t count for the guy you’re currently trying to squish out his juices. Therefore, I’m not forbidden from touching him and I want to ask can I help you with this one?”

This time two grunts was not enough for Ralph to turn his head back to Kevin.

“And here I thought you’re never going to ask… OF COURSE YES!!!” Ralph spanned at him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of conflict, Bino was still figuring out what kind of plead will work on his brother.

I know I failed you!!! I know I didn’t fulfill your expectations!!! I was a very bad dog!!!” Bino said with a crying tone directly to Fido’s air. “But please, have mercy on me!!! I’ll confess!!! I’ll confess that I wasn’t always a fair Chairdog of your club!!! I gave you nasty looks behind your back when you weren’t watching!!! I tasted that cake with my finger which was prepared for your birthday, leaving a mark on its surface, which was later interpret as a symbol of “S” for “Super”!!! I broke the toilet which was the cause of mass thirst!!! I lied about those pillows being killed by a cat gang, it was me who did that since they all smelled like mailman!!! And also it was me who stole half of the money from our gathering for NNNGH!!![/b]”

There was another hard push and this time Bino’s right foot almost slipped, which caused his heart to slam like a hammer.

Okay!!! Okay!!! It was more than half, I actually took almost everything!!! I’m sorry!!! I’m sorry!!! I won’t dare to lie to you again!!! Please forgive me!!! I’ll get it all back!!! I’ll donate my kidney!!! I’ll play as a clown in hospital to make pups laugh!!! I’ll dress up as a scout and sell cookies!!! I’ll help elders cross the street!!! OH COME ON MAN, YOU JUST CAN’T LET A LEADER OF THE CLUB GO TO JAIL AND VIOLATE MY DIG--



It lasted only two seconds, but both Fido and Ralph could see how Bino’s eyes widened, limbs twisted like twigs of a tree and his whole fur stood still as his body lighten up. For a split second, Fido could’ve sworn that he seen how Bino’s skeleton looks like.

When Bino’s body stopped to glow and the sound similar to hissing was not audible anymore, the dog had the same weird position, keeping his awkwardly twisted hands in air and his ears pointed up. On his face was pure shock and his eyes were extremely huge. Then, his body started to fall backward and soon it felt right into Fido’s arms.

“Now that was shocking!” Spo commented from his place.

Fido and Ralph looked at zapped Bino with terrified expressions and dropped jaws. Next, their horrified glances went on Kevin, who somehow didn’t seem to take situation seriously. Then, their fingers were shifting from Bino to Kevin, then from Kevin to Bino and so on, and their lips were moving, but only strange sounds instead of words were coming out of them.

Kevin’s brain analyzed the strange behavior of his companions and it gave him an answer that probably they’re wondering what just happened and how he was involved in this.

“Soooo, I checked those cop movies you told me to check, sir,” Kevin started to explain himself to his sergeant. “And I wondered do we also have those funny looking things which make people shine like a christmas tree. And guess what! I checked our armory and I found one!”

Kevin, smiling joyfully, lifted his hand and showed to everyone a black device that had a huge red button and two small silver thorns on top.

“The best thing is that lightning which appears when I press this button, see?” Kevin said with big enthusiasm and pressed the button. The device made a buzzing sound and between thorns appeared a blue lightning. “It looks so cool and you just can’t stop staring at it!”

Kevin was very proud of himself when he was presenting his device, but the wide smile suddenly dropped when sergeant Ralph snatched it out of his hand.

KEVIN, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND COMPLETELY?!?” Ralph yelled at him, rage filled in his eyes. “THAT’S NOT A TOY, YOU CAN HURT SOMEONE WITH THAT!!!

Kevin’s ears flattened when sergeant yelled at him. He couldn’t understand what he did something wrong this time.

“B-but sir… you told me to take an example from--“

Kevin got interrupted as Ralph put his arm on his shoulders and was smiling to him. “Kevin, do you know what they delivered to our storage today?”

Kevin was confused. “No?”

Ralph leaned his snout closer to Kevin’s nose, which make the German Shepherd’s smile to look awkward.

“Fresh tennis balls. And all of them are waiting for you to be checked.” He said and started to poke Kevin’s chest. “Every. Single. One.”

Just as Kevin looked like a beaten dog a minute ago, now a bright smile was denying that.

“FOR REAL?! I’M ON MY WAY!!” He shouted with joy and run away to storage for his tennis balls, forgetting that his boss was still leaning on him and allowing him to crash hard on the floor.

Now Fido was looking in shock at sergeant Ralph, who was laying on the floor.

“Sir, are you okay?” He asked worried.

Ralph’s body trembled and soon he started to get on his fours.

“I… I just… need a cold shower. And I’ll be fine…” Ralph replied as he was trying to lift himself up. “Oww, my poor head…”

As Ralph stood, he placed his hand on his back and stretched himself, being followed by a sound of a crack. Then he slouched back.

“Put him in cell and lock it when you’re done.” He said and threw bunch of keys in Fido’s direction.

Fido stretched out his arm and caught keys.

“And when you’ll head upstairs, drop by Wallace and ask him for some aspirin. When you’ll get it, you’ll find me in my office with a wet rag on my forehead…”

Ralph sighed, followed by a moan and went toward exit of the corridor, his legs wobbling and holding his head as he was walking forward.

Fido kept looking at his sergeant who soon disappeared from his view. Then his glance went down and he made a weird expression. He still kept Bino in his arms and his brother was reminding him more of a statue from haunted house than a normal living being.

But at least now he was silent and he could put him into cell without any problem.

Fido lifted Bino and headed towards cell. As he went inside, he looked around. Matt was, very surprisingly, sleeping on his bunk. The other bunk on the other side was free and Fido carried his brother there.

As he placed Bino on the bunk, he grimaced again. Seeing his brother with wide eyes and all his teeth exposed sure was creepy, but his twisted arms, legs and pointed ears were even more awkward. With a little dismay, he bent down and tried to stretch them. When he stood up, Bino still had a weird expression on his face, but now at least he lied on the bunk like he was sleeping… with eyes opened.

“I hoped I would never see you in jail,” Fido said as he kept looking at Bino. “But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at all since everyone was telling you your gonna pay for all those stunts you pulled on others.”

Fido bent down again and petted Bino’s head. Then he gave him one last glance before going out and turned around to get out of the cell.

Bino lay there on the bunk, his eyes focus on the ceiling. His index finger of his left hand started to twitch. Then another. And another. And soon he blinked.

He gasped deeply as he raised up. He remembered that something stung his butt when he was trying to resist Fido and sergeant Ralph’s pushes and then all his view turned into constellation of stars, which later faded into blackness. But why why he can’t remember what happened after… and why his fur is so bushy?

His consideration on what happened got interrupted by a sound of something metallic being locked and when he lifted his head, he saw Fido taking out a key from keyhole and then turning around.

Bino gasped from shock as he realized that Fido was behind iron bars… and outside the corridor…

And he was in the cell!

His feet barely touched the ground as he jumped forward, extending his arms like he was trying to catch Fido. When his hands bet the bars, they clattered.

“Fido, wait!!”

Fido’s ears perked up as he heard a noise behind him and his brother calling out his name, he turned around to see Bino hanging on the bars and looking at him with glassy eyes.

“You really aren’t going to leave me here, are you?” Bino said with sorrowful voice.

Fido shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but I must follow procedures,” Fido replied. “Until we settle why your trail was on the evidence of crime, you have to stay here.

Bino’s eyes widened more.

“But you have to believe me!” He said with pleading tone and shook the crate. “I had no intention to steal that stuff from that clerk store, I swear! It was Matt who done that, I was just in the wrong place at wrong time! Please Fido, you have to believe me! I’m your brother!”

Fido had a sad face when he was looking at his younger sibling. Though he knew that Bino hates him and probably he would laugh out loud and make spiteful comments towards him if their positions were switched, but somehow seeing Bino in such circumstances was actually painful.

“I’m sorry, Bino, but I can’t let you out,” Fido said and turned his head away from his brother. “Believe me, I would really want to believe you. But I can’t.”

Bino kept staring at Fido, sadness and disappointment clearly seen in his eyes. He hung his head and his long ears covered his eyes.

“Of course. That was to be expected. Why would you want to believe me anyways? Why would you even bother to try at least?”

“Huh?” Those words caught Fido by surprise and the dog turned his glance back upon his brother.

The iron bars gritted as Bino tightened his grip on them.

“Why would you let such occasion slip off your hands. After all you always seek any possibility to prove how much more power you got than me. And what better would it be for a cop dog to put a ringleader of whole neighborhood to jail, so all can see who’s the real ruler here…”

“Bino, what are you--“

You planned this from whole beginning!” Bino snapped at Fido as his head went up all of a sudden and looked at his brother with a hateful glare. “All of that is a conspiracy targeted on my authority! You knew that I’ll be with Matt when you were going after him! You used this opportunity to throw me into this filthy jail like some criminals and humiliate me! You’re awful, Fido! Awful to the core! You always have to keep pushing me around like some stupid kind, isn’t that right?!

Fido stepped back and looked at Bino with anger.

“That’s nonsense!” Fido replied back. “What got into your head to make you think I’m doing this for my own pleasure! You have any idea how ashamed of I was when all my colleagues seen how I bring my brother here handcuffed?! There’s nothing worse from that!”

As always, you only think only about yourself!” Bino talked back to Fido. “All what is important is your job and fame! And you’ll even sacrifice me to not let that star of fame of yours get stained! All believe you’re a top dog who is so full of cordiality to everyone, but when it comes to blood relations, it’s all a lie, liar!

Fido put his hands on his shoulders as he observed how Bino was turning into a wild beast who wanted to get out and tear him into pieces.

“But mark my words, sooner or later I will get out from here!” Bino continued his venomous speech. “And when that will happen, I’ll make sure to make you pay for what you’ve done to me!”

Fido could only shake his head in disbelief as he listened to all of this. Earlier he felt real sorry for Bino and his heart was grieving upon the fact that he had to lock him up in arrest. But all of those feelings were gone as he got offended.

“It’s just as always, in your opinion everyone is making mistakes, but only not you!” he snarled and pointed his finger at Bino. “You won’t even think for a moment that you actually did commit a mistake and try to reflect upon it. Honestly, the world is not spinning around you and there are moments where you should think over your behavior before accusing someone!”

Those worlds made Bino silent, but clearly it only fueled his rage as his pupils were now sparkling dangerously.

“On evidence is your saliva. And that is already enough to assume that you took part in this robbery,” Fido said with calmer voice. “I don’t know what happened between you and your new owner back there, but one thing is clear - you ate something that was stolen. And if you ate it, you were well aware of what you put into your mouth!”

Bino snarled and wanted to say something back to Fido, but at this moment his brother turned around.

“I feel ashamed of you,” Fido continued as he looked through his shoulder. “I was hoping that you learned some lesson after all those incidents you committed against Peanut and King which led you to painful punishments. But it seems I was wrong and you fell more and more into bad things. Maybe it’s actually a good thing you landed in jail and maybe after spending some time here you’ll eventually smarten up.”

Now Bino was really mad. He started to shake those bars like he was trying to break free and get Fido into his claws. Snarling and grunting, he stretched out his arm to reach for Fido, but his claws only almost touched his vest as his brother started to walk away.


But Fido seemed to not listen to those yells as he just kept walking away. And before he disappeared from his view, Bino saw how Spo climbs up on his back, gets on top of his head, turns around, pulls down his lower eyelid and stucks out his tiny tongue at him.

Bino, furious because of his imprisonment and the fact that Fido rubbed his face, just kept sitting there and unleashing his wrath upon iron bars of his cell. But he couldn’t keep on like that for long as his arm muscles started to hurt from effort and realized it was all actually worthless and only cost him his nerves. Therefore, his arms fell on floor, he rested his forehead on bars and started to pant heavily, letting out a whimper sometimes.

“Oh, Bino! I see that you decided to join me,” Bino heard Matt’s voice behind him. “That’s really surprising because I could’ve sworn that I heard you were going home and making yourself comfortable in my room. But well, looks like you’re actually going to have get used to our temporary place of residence… with me! Hee hee hee…”

It only took one and half second for Bino to stand up and get next to Matt’s bunk. And when that happened, Bino’s fingers were already squishing Matt’s throat and shaking his head like it belonged to a rag doll.


Matt tried to take Bino’s grasping hands off his neck, but his hands slipped with each shake of his head. And Bino really was putting much effort into this as weird sounds were coming out from matt’s lips.

No way I’m going to sit here with you!!” Bino shouted at Matt as he locked his eyes with his. “I’m getting out of here!!

Before Matt could react on his words, Bino throw hard his head back on pillow and run towards the window.

Though the window was crated, it was not glassed and was placed low enough to allow Bino to climb up and reach for its bars.

As he gripped the bars, he placed both of his legs and started to pull with all the force there was still left in his body. All muscles on his arms tensed, toe claws almost nailing to wall and his cheeks were puffed from whole effort.

He made quick breaks to catch breath and pulled again. Made another break and pulled. On third try he even changed positions of his feet and give another pull.

But no matter how much he pulled and how deep the crimson color of his face was, the bars just stood proudly there where they should.

Bino hung himself on the bars and rested his face on the scurfy wall. As he kept panting, he asked himself in his mind - why was he even doing that? It’s not like he will pull out those bars like in western.

But as he thought about that, another idea appeared in his mind.

Catching one last breath, he climbed up again and moved his snout as close to the window as he could. That allowed him to see the cloudy skies.

“Hello?! Is there anyone outside with a horse?!” He yelled to the opening. “I need it to be tied to those bars so I can make a jail break! Is anyone out there???”

Bino intensified his hearing, but he didn’t hear anyone saying that he has such a horse for such thing.

“Please!! I’m stuck here with a young sociopath who will get trampled by me if I won’t get out of here!!”

The only answer Bino got was a blow of wind.

Bino hung on the wall again as he admitted that his weird attempts to drag attention were futile. Then he hoped down and walked to the center of the cell.

Firstly, he buried his face in his hands. Then, his knees bowed and soon he found himself kneeling. Next, when the feeling of his miserable failure took him completely, he threw himself on the floor, slamming it with fists and feet and yelling like a little child.

Why did this happen to him? Why, when he thought that he’s not going to be arrested, life had to suckerpunch him and make everything other way around. Why this day couldn’t had to end up with his pride being wounded? And why he had to share the same fate with Matt instead of standing outside of this mess and laughing maniacally at him?

“Hey, it’s not like I’m worried about you or something… but in such circumstances it’s better to just hit the sack instead of laying on cold floor and waste energy on beating it.” Matt spoke as he was massaging his neck. “Also, you’re making too much noise and I wanna catch some sleep before I’ll get out of here.”

Bino stopped beating the floor at once and his body lied still on floor, trembling. As he let out few sobs, he slowly began to get on his fours and then he started to crawl right to the place where was a free bunk.

As he got there, the chains that were keeping the bunk above the floor tinkled as Bino climbed on it. Facing the wall, he rested his head on the pillow and brought his knees close to his chest.

“By the way, if you ever try to beg me like you begged those two earlier…” He heard Matt speaking to him again. “I hope to hear an offer for a massage, drinks with umbrellas and--“

Be quiet.” Bino said sternly and then placed his head under pillow, to hide the red shame on his cheeks.


My diploma was a success. It brought a lot of attention and a lot of people were talking about me and my potential to become a great photographer. Though I didn't manage to sell it, I believe it will be my starting point of my career.
What was it exactly? I invented a technique that allows me to make photos look like they were mosaics. With proper illumination in studio and very old digital camera, I was able to create a perfect shape of pixels that allowed to create an image, which could be seen from a good distance. In future, I want to work on that.
What now? Well, I have summer break, which I will use as much as I can. Believe me or not, the past 2 months were very intense. Sitting whole nights in black room, travelling to other town to take one picture to my project, diploma... But all of that suffering was worth it. So now I need a lot of rest, and perhaps do some other projects. Also I will have to think about my future. maybe I will attend to higher ranked photographic school... and after that Uni.
Oh, and I will have more time for my fic. So maybe I will update more frequently of life will allow me : )

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Well, I read it all at once. somehow.

I can't believe how hard Matt fought to stay out of the cell and how he seemed like he could care less once he was in. And I don't want to say poor Bino because he's has this coming, but still...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

okay, still reading, but I don't want to lose track of my thoughts.
DNA tests take longer than that, plus I'm pretty sure they're never used for simple cases of shoplifting. But the fact that Bino ran with Matt from the store connects him to the crime, so he'd have probably been held with Matt anyway.
Karlos Wrote:

reminded me of
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Wrote:
Help! Help! I'm being Repressed!

and now I'm done.
If you do update more frequently... PLEAAAAAAASE don't let them get this long. :(

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

read and appreciated! :D
Karlos, your characterization never ceases to amaze me, my so-called talents are really poor in front of your skills. 8-)

One thing did not convince me, though:
When Matt started blabbering about humans and pets Ralph, instead of standing there and being shocked, could have at least objected on several solid grounds:

1) lack of animal rights leads every day to violence and abuses, and the perpetrators are rarely given more than a fine or a few years instead of being treated as if they had abused a human
2) when an animal is a feral in the city, he is considered even less than a homeless. A feral can be shot, poisoned, killed as if it was some pest and not a living being with a dignity
3) pets can't even be brought to court as witness in case of abuses

and this is only an example

Frankly, Ralph's reaction was too much lame. He could have silenced Matt with some of the above arguments.

And congratulations, kudos, bravissimo on your diploma! I am sure it was totally well-deserved! :D :D :D :D :D

Author:  Daemon [ Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

valerio Wrote:
read and appreciated! :D
Karlos, your characterization never ceases to amaze me, my so-called talents are really poor in front of your skills. 8-)

One thing did not convince me, though:
When Matt started blabbering about humans and pets Ralph, instead of standing there and being shocked, could have at least objected on several solid grounds:

1) lack of animal rights leads every day to violence and abuses, and the perpetrators are rarely given more than a fine or a few years instead of being treated as if they had abused a human
2) when an animal is a feral in the city, he is considered even less than a homeless. A feral can be shot, poisoned, killed as if it was some pest and not a living being with a dignity
3) pets can't even be brought to court as witness in case of abuses

and this is only an example

Frankly, Ralph's reaction was too much lame. He could have silenced Matt with some of the above arguments.

And congratulations, kudos, bravissimo on your diploma! I am sure it was totally well-deserved! :D :D :D :D :D

In Ralph's defense, I'm sure he was just shocked about such a negative individual ranting about his hate for pets. After all, Babylon Garden's is a place where pets are loved, not hated.
Also Jeff Matt's giving up fighting after being thrown in jail actually made sense to me. Matt may be a bad person, but he isn't stupid. He obviously knew that the minute he was thrown in jail it was too late. Why waste more energy for a pointless endavor? That's how Matt is.


Author:  loomCAT [ Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Tasers are always fun. :D

I've been really curious to see what exactly makes Matt so bitter towards animals ever since his conversation with his reflection a while ago. I'm anxious for you to get to that point, though I'd expect it'd take a while.

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

frankly, at this point I couldn't care less. Matt is a psycho: I mean, at least Joel had an excuse to be bitter toward animals. Matt is just hatred. I don't think he was bullied by pets, or traumatized by them -his parents wouldn't have brought him in a neighborhood filled with the creatures, otherwise.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

maybe he was bullied by his pet, but his parents didn't know. maybe the pet made him pretend like nothing happened.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I've decided to wait 2-3 days before saying something to see what do you think about latest update. Also there was a horrible heat in Poland for a couple of days and I couldn't function normal.

I know that some of you are complaining about length of some updates because that's something you don't like. But since you started reading my work, you noticed that updates here are rather large. You kept reading from chapter one to latest chapter, 40. You managed. You're still here. And if you are here so far, you probably must feel that such updates are what defines my work.
Please, I want you to understand one thing. I was raised on books. From those my mother read for me before going to sleep to ones I choose by myself from time to time in a book store. I read at least hundreds of them. And many of them had various lengths of some chapters. It all depended from skills of the writer, but also from what he wanted to express in his story, and in what way.
Whole style of this fan fiction is planned from the beginning. I give a number and title to each update, calling it a chapter. Sometimes I even add (A/N), so you can also learn what type of guy I am and what I experience in my life. I also have my way of expressing each chapter. The whole idea is born in my head and I won't stop taking it on paper before I'll feel that all what I wanted to pass to the reader is ready.
When I write something, I don't focus on how long it should be, that's why I always had a problem about that in school. I focus on what I have to tell. I focus on telling the story. So it's not like I choose how long the chapter must be and try to break the record of length. It all depends on what I see the scene in my head. And summarizing something is a thing I don't know how to do. I just can't do that. And that's also what defines my style of writing, because I mainly focus on quality and letting the reader to experience whole action as close as I can bring him to.

I appreciate every comment. I like when a lot of people read my work and discuss about it in this topic, just like you did recently. But you're also not chained to it. You don't have to comment right after you read it. You also don't have to read it just after it was updated. You can read tomorrow, two days, week later. You don't have to read everything at all, you can just divide on parts if that's comfortable for you. I won't hate you for that. I know that not all people like to read books and other stuff as much as me and they're also not fast readers. I respect that. This fan fiction is here for you and always be here waiting for you.

But there's one thing that makes me a little sad. From what I understand, instead of providing you joy, I actually make you suffer because of the length. That's not how I planned things, because if my story was really entertaining, you would be glued to monitor instead of complaining about length. I guess it's not as entertaining as I was hoping it was. I want to make you laugh, gasp from surprise, feel outrage at some character of cry because some scene touched you. But not make you suffer.

I also see that you discussed. That's a big plus and reading your posts was very entertaining. I hope it will continue like this.

Now technical stuff:

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
DNA tests take longer than that, plus I'm pretty sure they're never used for simple cases of shoplifting. But the fact that Bino ran with Matt from the store connects him to the crime, so he'd have probably been held with Matt anyway.

I know that DNA tests are complicated and used for serious crimes. But since my work is actually a comedy, I looked upon that with a pinch of salt. Also throwing Bino to jail only because he was with Matt wouldn't be that funny. And Terrance wouldn't get himself into awkward situation.

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
Karlos Wrote:

reminded me of
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Wrote:
Help! Help! I'm being Repressed!

I can't say that Monty Python doesn't inspire me :)

valerio Wrote:
One thing did not convince me, though:
When Matt started blabbering about humans and pets Ralph, instead of standing there and being shocked, could have at least objected on several solid grounds:

1) lack of animal rights leads every day to violence and abuses, and the perpetrators are rarely given more than a fine or a few years instead of being treated as if they had abused a human
2) when an animal is a feral in the city, he is considered even less than a homeless. A feral can be shot, poisoned, killed as if it was some pest and not a living being with a dignity
3) pets can't even be brought to court as witness in case of abuses

and this is only an example

Frankly, Ralph's reaction was too much lame. He could have silenced Matt with some of the above arguments.

I'm sure you remember the famous strip I'm Never Going To Understand Humans.
There was some drama which wasn't seen in this comic before. However, this strip if very important because Mr. Griffin shared with us how his style looks like.
Rick Griffin Wrote:
Originally, this comic was going to be about something slightly different, because scrapped it because there was too much drama in it. I told myself I would have (or attempt to have) a joke in every comic, and the way it was? Yeah, no way I could extract one from that, even with Spo’s wisecrackings. Oh that mouse, he’s saved me so much the last few days!

Even if there is some drama, he decided that it cannot be too deep and it must have it's limits. Also, a very important thing - every strip must contain at least 1 panel of something funny, even if there's drama.
Since I said that my fan fiction must stick close to the canon style, that also includes drama and funny thing. The points that you showed to Matt's arguments are strong, but they also go too deep into drama. After all, it's a PG rated comedy and I cannot allow to drift into seriousness too much. Control over drama must be maintained. I can brush some serious things, but I must do that carefully to not break the canon style. And also, just like in Mr. Griffin's strips, if my updates contain drama, there must always be something funny to keep the balance.

valerio Wrote:
And congratulations, kudos, bravissimo on your diploma! I am sure it was totally well-deserved! :D :D :D :D :D

Thank you very much :) I'm very proud of it myself. Too bad no one decided to buy it when it was exhibited, money would help me so much...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

don't misunderstand, I don't suffer, and even if I did it would be on me, not you.
I just don't like devoting a lot of time to one thing, and if your update is long without any clearly defined breaks, that means I need to insert those breaks myself, meaning I can't read your work in one continuous go, and like with chapters in books, I don't want to stop in the middle.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

And don't get me wrong with the length either, I enjoyed every word of it.

It's just, I always finish when I start something like this, and if it gets too long, then it just becomes a chore.
Your update was fine for me the entire time and to be honest, when you said 20 pages, I was expecting more. Maybe 20 of my pages when I write, or... something. It actually was still a little longer than my tastes, but it didn't get to the point that reading was a chore and I just wanted it to be over.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Sorry, brent and jeff, but I'm totally with Karlos on this matter.
I spent a part of my entertainment life on TV, but since discovering novels (namely at the age of 12, yup quite a little late), i never put them down. i read, I read a lot, and I love to read as much as possible.
Karlos is well-literate, and this means he can write an update with many details and such a good characterization. If you guys can't read it in one shot, I guess that's OK, everyone got its rhythms, we're not clones. But I can read it in a short time and enjoy it. does that make me an alien? I'd say no.
Forgive me for my tone, but one thing that is NOT constructive for an author is to tell him 'geez, try to write less on an update so i can enjoy it better'. it sends the wrong message!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

see, I never told him to stop writing long updates (though this one was unusually long even for him) I would never tell anyone how long to make their updates. and just because I don't like the length doesn't mean it makes me unable to appreciate the work and skill behind it. I judge the length and content separately, and the content is all that really matters.
I complain about the length, but If it really bugged me I'd stop reading. but I don't, because the content is great.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Don't get me wrong Valerio, I like reading too. Mainly Stephan King.

And I'm a fast reader too, it didn't take me very long to read this. Karlos does a very good job with whatever he writes too. It's just that, in my personal opinion, I prefer shorter updates. More like the ones you have.

That's not to say I don't like it or that I'm going to stop reading because the update was long or anything. And like I said, I was actually expecting it to be longer than this. For the way Karlos likes to write, this was actually the length I would expect from something like this. Right now, I just can't find anything else to say anything about.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

in this case, my apologies to both. I must have severely misread what you tried to say

Author:  Karl [ Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
(though this one was unusually long even for him)

Yea, I know. It surprised me too, that's why I freaked out back then. I think I also broke a record in length, last one was 17 pages. But I don't think that I will break it again soon. I don't aim for that.

I'm glad we could all discuss about length of chapters and you shared your thoughts with me about it. I was afraid at first when I read your reactions on 20 pages, but now I'm sure that everything is okay. Remember, I might be just a random internet guy who writes a fan fic based on a webcomic, but I care about all of you ;p

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