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Author:  Karl [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:44 pm ]
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You made interesting points about some moments from my fan fic, Kuga :) It's really nice to read them.

kuga tenreu Wrote:
i like the bath one, it makes him look like a child, which is what Rick wanted good job, also if your still feeling sick i hope you get better.

That's what I like in Mr. Griffin's comic. His characters are animals that sometimes deal with adult situations, but they're childish. It makes it all comedic and heartwarming.
But I also think it's because each of us has this little child in his heart and Mr. Griffin exposes that in his own style.

I was feeling sick and there was moment when I had heavy crisis, but I feel better now. Though it's still not over and I need to watch to not let it strike me heavily again, I believe every day that one day I will defeat whatever tries to mess with my life.
Thank you for your concern :)

kuga tenreu Wrote:
when all the dog's ageknolaged King i thought for sure Bino was going to over react.

Their rivalry is pretty interesting, but because I base on canon storyline of the comic, it's hard for me to write it right in fic. I tried that only once for now. But Bino and King will face each other again someday...

copper Wrote:
I liked that little Marvin and Tiger exchange.

Yes, you liked that. But I'm afraid that poor Marvin didn't.

copper Wrote:
Could that possibly foreshadowing, or is it just a nice little joke?

That will be my little secret ;)

copper Wrote:
That school is a little zany, but it is the kind of crazy I wish I were a part of!

If you wish to be a part of it, I can tell you how to become of it. Lay on your bed, close your eyes and... just imagine ;) That's how I go there.

Author:  Immortel Shadow [ Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:53 pm ]
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I just read through your stories once more (Well read it all again cause it's just that good ^^) I love it! You're downright amazing at all of it. Your idea's are simply ingenious and the situations you put all the characters in are simply.. I can't even explain it. Love it keep up the great work ^^ and good luck with your last semester of school ^^

Author:  Karl [ Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:09 am ]
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Immortel Shadow Wrote:
I just read through your stories once more (Well read it all again cause it's just that good ^^) I love it! You're downright amazing at all of it. Your idea's are simply ingenious and the situations you put all the characters in are simply.. I can't even explain it. Love it keep up the great work ^^

Ah, Immortel Shadow. I was wondering where were you gone and why you were inactive on forum :) Good to see you back.
I'm very glad that you enjoy my humble work so much. And I must admit that my heart started to pump faster after reading that you read it all over again. It made me blush.

Now how to not write when you have such kind and friendly readers?

Immortel Shadow Wrote:
and good luck with your last semester of school ^^

I appreciate it :) Luck will be needed a lot.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:06 am ]
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37. Buh…

Since Bino now lives in the same room with his new owner, Matt, he started to experience a new feeling. Lack of sleep.

Bino was used to sleeping till at least noon, because he had no particular commitments, he could sleep as long as he pleased. No one ever forced him to get up early. After all, he’s a dog.

But appearance of Matt Sternfeld in his life changed that for 180 degrees. Day after day, the alarm clock that was placed on Matt’s nightstand always had to mercilessly ring early morning, forcing the poor dog to wake up. And the alarm won’t turn off itself because the person who was sleeping near it somehow didn’t hear it’s horrible noise, which to Bino seemed incredible. So it was up to the hound to take the warm blankets off his body, scramble out from his basket and walk across the whole room to turn off the alarm clock, trembling as he felt on his skin the morning chill. Of course all of this was making him frustrated so his discontent always landed on his young Dad as an act of vengeance for perturbing his lifestyle.

But waking up Matt was not enough as Bino had to walk him to the bus stop and make sure that this boy won’t try to do anything funny on the way there.

Normally, Bino wouldn’t care. However, there were two things that were motivating him in making sure that Matt would go to school. First, he sensed that his owner is afraid of this place and there wouldn’t be anything more pleasant from sending him there to make him suffer. Second, Bino knew that Mr. Sternfeld is very concerned about Matt’s stay in school and because he knew some facts about humans, sooner or later he will gain something from this.

But still, it didn’t compensate him the lack of sleep.

Not long after he walked Matt to the bus stop, Mr. and Mrs. Sternfeld also left house to go to work and Bino was left home alone. Because he was feeling the need for sleep all the time and his body demanded comfort of the soft blankets, first thing what he always tried to do was to go back to his room and get back to bed to catch some more sleep for at least an hour or two. But no matter what position he choose and how much he tried to cuddle his pillow, time was passing and sleep never came, despite him wanting so.

So it sucked.

That’s why he was glad that today Fox called him to come to local park. Otherwise he would have to sit home alone and be angry over his insomnia.

As he was walking across the sidewalk, everything seemed so… different. There were a lot of pets on the street, some of them that he didn’t see for a long time. There were sounds of birds singing which he never heard before. Even sunlight and air seemed to be different. It was like there was more life now.

And though he was looking around with amazement, tiredness was still reminding as he felt that the world was slightly spinning around him and he didn’t even realize how often he yawned.

As he got to the local park, he passed through the entrance and looked around. His glance went on open field where Fox was standing with some black dog and was waving to him.

Bino barely waved back to Fox, his eyes half lidded. Then he scratched his back and walked towards his friend.

When he got closer, suddenly Bino opened his mouth wide and yawned loudly, not even covering it with his hand.

As Fox saw Bino stretching his mouth widely from yawning, he couldn’t help but snicker. Mobius, the black dog who was wearing a dark green collar decorated with chain, who was standing at his side, only smirked at this sight.

“Well, well, it’s such a rare sigh to see you at this time, Bino.” Fox said to Bino jokingly and then let out a chuckle.

Bino looked at him with annoyance.

“Ha, ha…” Bino said with sarcasm and rubbed his eyelids. “You would look the same if you lived with a punk under one rooftop…”

“It’s all because you earlier slept till noon and your body is not adapted to waking up regularly,” Fox said and looked at Bino with pity. “If you wouldn’t be lazy and wake up earlier like other people do, you wouldn’t suffer now.”

“And what’s so wrong in sleeping as long as I want?” Bino replied reproachfully. “I think I have rights to lay in comfy bed and enjoy warmth. I’m a dog after all.”

“Well, at least look at the bright side,” Fox said with sly smile. “Days will become longer for you and you finally won’t miss anything. Like Secret Santa Hat…” He nudged Bino’s arm.

Bino only crossed his arms from annoyance and looked aside.

“Whatever. Why did you call me here anyways?” He barked as he sat on the grass and brought his knees to his chest.

Fox and the black dog also sat down, taking places at Bino’s both sides.

“We’re going to play a game.” Fox explained with excitement.

Bino turned his head to Fox and looked at his friend with astonishment.

“Game? What game?” He asked and then noticed that Fox holds in his hands a colorful ball.

Fox smiled slyly to Bino.

“I can’t tell you yet, but I can say that it surely will wake you up, sleepyhead.” Fox winked. “We just have to wait for few more dogs I invited and we can play.”

Bino looked whole puzzled. He wasn’t sure what to think about this. Since Fox didn’t want to say exactly what this game is supposed to look like, he only hoped that he won’t have to do anything too much, because he was totally not for it since he felt tired.

“Fine. Just wake me up when someone will show up.” Bino replied and laid down on the grass, covering his eyes with his arm.

Fox started to talk with Mobius about something, but Bino didn’t bother about what. All that was important to him now was to rest at least few minutes.

Time passed and the talk above his head turned into unintelligible gibberish and it seemed to slowly fade away. It was becoming quieter and quieter, until it completely vanished.

Birds became silent. The rustle of leaves and grass stopped. There was no breeze anymore and warmth of sunbeams on his fur was gone. Only a black void was in front of him.

And then, something colorful started to appear in front of his eyes. A red spot that started to grow and change shapes. And when the red color spread across entire blackness, a black spot appeared in it’s center, doing the same. Then was green, white, blue and then again red… and so on.

Colors were changing non stop, making different shapes and even mixing with each other. Now there were two, three, four colors together, creating a wonderful spectacle of illusion.

“Bino, wake up!”

He felt a yank and all colors disappeared at once. The noise of surroundings returned to him at once, but when he took his arm off his face opened his eyes, he seemed to not know yet where is he as everything was blurry and some strange, small spots were flying around in front of his eyes.

When he looked around, some colorful, tall shapes were surrounding him. One of it, a grey one, seemed to move and Bino heard a chuckle, followed then by other similar laughs.

“Come on, Bino, get up,” Bino heard Fox,s friendly voice. “Okay guys, let’s move over there and all stand in circle.”

The blurry shapes started to move in one direction and Bino sat up, following them with his glance. In time, his sigh started to gain sharpness and he could see the backs of six dogs.

Fox stopped and showed the group with his hand to form a circle. When all moved took their places, he turned his head to see Bino still sitting on grass, who was looking at him with sleepy eyes.

“Bino, are you coming or not?” Fox asked, this time with slight impatience in his voice.

Bino realized what happened. He probably was one foot in land of dreams, but Fox had to wake him just when he was just getting there.

Why he had to wake him up, he wondered. Why he couldn’t just let him sleep?

Bino shook his head and glared at Fox.

“I’m coming, I’m coming…” He grumbled as he begin to stand up. “Don’t haste me.”

As Bino was standing up, his body seemed to be stiff and not obey him. From effort, he had to place his hand on his back and try to keep balance.

Shuffling, he approached the group. As he got closer, his mouth opened from yawning again, but this time he made sure to cover it.

Bino took place in circle and looked at the whole group with lazy glance. However, his eyes became livelier as he noticed something.

“Interesting. You didn’t invite that short friend of yours, King?” Bino said arrogantly as he turned his head to Fox.

Fox looked at Bino surprised.

“I was planning to invite King,” Fox said. “Unfortunately he had to stay at home because of some family event with wolves he has to participate in.”

“Hmph,” Bino crossed his arms. “Very good then. I don’t want that Fancy Prancy to show up here anyways.”

“Don’t say that.” Fox looked at Bino with discontent. “Everyone has right to play with us and your inexplicable hatred towards him shouldn’t forbid that.”

“Whatever. I just don’t want that little crybaby to play with us, or something will happen to him again and will make a big deal about it.” Bino turned his head. “He disgusts me each time I just see him.”

Fox glared at Bino as he heard this. For a moment, he wanted to tell Bino to just go away, but he managed to restrain himself as he remembered that day just begun and he didn’t want it to be ruined already.

“Alright. I’ll explain to you what we’re going to play. Some of you may know this game already,” Fox said as he showed the colorful ball and bounced it on the grass. “ This game is called Monkey in the Middle. Rules are very simple. We form a circle and one of the players stands in center. Each of us tosses the ball to another player, while Monkey’s job is to try to catch it. When the player will catch the ball, he tosses it to someone else and it goes on. However, if the Monkey will intercept the ball, the player who was destined to catch the ball must switch places with him and he becomes the Monkey. Got it?”

Everyone who was surrounding Fox nodded in confirmation.

Well, almost everyone. Bino was piercing the ground with strange gaze and a drop of saliva was forming on the edge of his lips.

Fox approached him and waved his hand in front of his face.

“Uh! Yes, yes, I understood!” Bino said with frustration as he noticed a hand waving in front of his nose. “Have to toss the ball and not let the guy catch it. I get it.”

Fox only smiled, rolled his eyes and shook his head. Bino’s fight against tiredness was looking comedic.

“But who’s gonna be the Monkey first?” One of the dogs asked.

“Oh, I have a right solution for this,” Fox turned his head to the dog and raised his finger. “We will perform counting.”

Fox stepped back to the centre of circle and pointed his finger on one of the dogs. He took a breath and started counting:

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full…

Fox started to recite the song as his finger moved from one player to another as he spelled words.

Each time Fox pointed his finger at Bino, the dog’s feet lightly trembled. Deep in his mind he hoped he won’t have to be the first Monkey in the Middle and run after the ball like crazy. Anyone else, just not him!

One for my master,
And one for my dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down…

Bino froze. Fox pointed his finger at him and didn’t move. Could it be? Not only he is tired but he has to play the role of Monkey in the Middle, which word monkey already wounding his pride?

…the lane!

The finger suddenly went on the other player, a brown and white colored dog, who was standing at Bino’s side and by accenting the last phrase, Fox announced the player who got numbered for Stupid Hansel.

Bino sighed from relief. For a moment he thought he’s going to be a Monkey as Fox pointed his finger directly at him. His friend sure knew how to make stupid jokes.

The dog who got chosen stepped out and stood in front of Fox.

“You’re okay with that?” Fox asked him

The dog only shrugged. “Fine by me.”

Fox smiled to him and placed the ball on the ground.

“Alright everyone! Spread!” Fox commanded as he raised his hands and gestured to make a bigger circle.

Everyone started to step back and the circle was getting wider.

“More!” Fox yelled.

The dogs started to move faster as Fox hasted them.

“Okay, stop!” Fox stopped waving his hands and hold them still in air.

All dogs stopped at once and looked around. Everyone was now in quite distance from each other, but also not too far to make chances for both Players and Monkey equal.

Fox lowered his hands and checked the surrounding him circle of dogs again, just to make sure that everything is fine. Then he picked up the ball and joined the circle, leaving the Hansel alone in it’s center.

“So… all ready?” Fox asked with a sly smile.


Fox raised his hand and tossed the ball in air.

Monkey raised his head and observed how the ball flies above him. Just as it started to go down, he dashed after it.

It appeared that the ball was flying in direction where the dog with chained collar was standing. As the dog noticed it and also Hansel who already was after it, he stepped out to grab it.

The ball was getting lower and lower and Hansel was almost touching it with his fingers…

“Got it!”

Hansel almost ran into Mobius, but managed to dodge just in time. Then he turned around to see the dog with the ball in his arms, smiling proudly.

“Well don’t just stand there.” Mobius said with a grin and raised his hand to toss the ball forward.

Bino tried to understand what’s going on around him, but his sight was getting blurry all the time and he had problems with keeping his eyelids open. Even laughs he heard seemed to be in far distance.

And then he saw some strange spot that was getting bigger and bigger… and it got so big that it covered his view and he felt something punching him right in his nose!

Bino shook his head and started to look around with surprised gaze, not understanding what just happened. Then he noticed the brown-white dog running right in his direction.

Bino gasped. It was Monkey who was running to him!

But if he was running to him then where’s the ball??

Bino was close to panic. Hansel was getting closer and he couldn’t find the ball!

Just as he was looking around with wide eyes, his glance caught something colorful on the ground. When he looked down, he saw the ball not too far away from him.

And he also saw Hansel who was already jumping for it!

Without any time to loose, Bino stretched out his arms and threw himself forward.

His body hit the floor and as he felt something nailing right into his back, he let out a cry and curled into tight ball from self defense.

Bino had his eyes closed shut and was trying to curl up his limbs as tight as possible, scraping his legs on grass. He didn’t know what just happened, but he decided to not make any move for now and wait what will happen next.

“Oh, shucks! I was so close…” He heard a voice from above.

Bino took a deep breath. When he loosened his limbs a bit and opened his eyes, he saw that he was hugging tightly the colorful ball.

And then he understand what happened. The ball must have hit him in face and when he jumped after it, it was probably too late for Monkey to withdraw his hands and his fingers nailed right into his skin.

Bino slowly got on his knees and still looked with amazement at the ball he was holding in his hands.

He did it. Monkey didn’t got the ball and he won!

HA! I GOT IT!” Bino yelled with triumph, raising the ball high and shaking it. “I GOT THE BALL! AHAHAH!!!

Bino quickly got on his feet, dancing with the ball from happiness and yelling ’I GOT THE BALL’ all the time. An enormous joy was filling his heart right now, almost ripping it apart and his legs just couldn’t stop from bouncing. It was his glory and he had to express it.

Everyone were giggling or chuckling and Fox was looking at this scene with amazement. He couldn’t believe that such simple thing would make Bino so incredibly happy.

“Heheh. Okay, Bino, now throw the ball to someone else so we can continue our game.” Fox said, standing with his hands on his hips and smiling widely.

Bino stopped dancing in one place and returned on his place, but wide grin didn’t leave his face. His green eyes were shining brightly and the dog didn’t even notice how his tail was swinging strongly behind him.

“Alright then. From now on, I’m not going to let you beat me.” He said with sly grin and bright eyes, pointing his thumb and his chest. “Mark my words, I will catch every ball you’ll send me. Now let’s start!”

Bino tossed the ball and the game was on again. The Monkey, who just returned to the centre of circle, had to run after the ball.

The ball started to go down and Hansel could already see the player in front of him who was now stretching his hands for it. And just when it was about to land right into his arms, Monkey jumped, stretched his body as much as he could and snatched the ball with one hand, right in front of his foe’s face.

The poor dog couldn’t believe in this. He glanced at his empty hands with disappointment, while Monkey was showing the ball to everyone.

“Alright, switch!” Fox commanded.

And the roles have changed. Monkey joined the circle while the player who didn’t catch the ball walked to the center to take his predecessor’s place.

Time was passing and laughs and barks could be heard all the time in the local park as whole group of dogs was still playing the Monkey in the Middle game on the grass field. The ball was constantly flying from one dog to another and each time when it landed in someone’s hands, weather it was the Player or the Hansel, it always brought a couple of laughs.

Fox was proud of himself. Everyone were playing for some quite time and they didn’t seem to be tired. Instead, everyone were in really good humors and nobody was thinking about making a break.

But what really was making him happy was the sight of Bino who was really enjoying this fun. It was always hard to find a game where Bino wouldn’t complain or make a fuss if he lost, that’s why Fox couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear as he just saw Bino tackling the ball like crazy and his dark brown tail wagging fast.

And Bino was honestly having a blast right now. For a long time he hasn’t had so much fun just by playing such simple game. His tiredness was now long and lost forgotten and all that he wanted was to catch the ball to not let the Hansel win over him. Each time he catch it into his furred hands, he jumped highly and announced his victory.

There was what to be proud of. Since the game began, Bino didn’t become the Monkey in the Middle even once! And he was going to do everything to keep his good streak.

It was his day. His moment. And for sure nothing is going to ruin it. Even Matt who will probably arrive home soon or any other goof.

“Watch it, I’m throwing!!” Fox yelled on top of his lungs as he was getting ready to toss the ball.

Bino could see that Fox was going to throw the ball in his direction so he made a proper stance, licked his muzzle and rubbed his hands with vigor. Another ball for his successful catch and another triumph over the Monkey.

“Hi guys!”

Just when Fox was about to throw the ball, he stopped and looked in direction from where the voice came.

Bino also looked who it was and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was Peanut Butter Sandwich, his neighbor dog who he hated so much.

Why that stupid mutt had to come right now, he wondered. Why when he’s having a wonderful time with his friends right now?

“What do you want, Peanut?” Bino said to him with disdain. “You don’t have anything else to do right now but to bother us?”

Peanut turned his head to him and smiled.

“I was walking in the park and I heard laughs so I wanted to check what’s going on.” Peanut replied. “And I found you.”

“Hello to you too, Peanut,” Fox said friendlily to him. “We’re just playing a game of Monkey in the Middle.”

“Wow, really?” Peanut said to Fox with big enthusiasm, clenching his fists from joy and shifting his tail to overdrive. “I like that game a lot! Can I join?”

“What? No!” Bino said in protest, crossing his arms and giving Peanut a glare. “You can’t play with us! Such weirdos like you are not welcome here! Not to mention you’re a cat lover and we wouldn’t want anyone to see us with you… so just leave us alone and go away!”

“I don’t see any problem with Peanut joining us, Bino.” The hound suddenly heard Fox’s voice.

Bino turned his head to Fox and looked at him fully surprised.

“What are you talking about?” Bino asked him outraged. “Fox, he’s a cat lover, remember?? We don’t play with such freaks!

On Bino’s outrage, Fox placed his hand on his hip and glared.

“He only wants to play with us,” Fox defended Peanut. “It’s not like he will pull out yarns all of a sudden and throw them at us to bind us. I think we should give him chance to prove himself. And stop behaving like some paranoid.”

Bino couldn’t believe in what he just heard. Fox wants to let a dog play with them who openly expresses his liking of cats and also is a social weirdo?

No, that just can’t be happening. He had such wonderful time and now that cat lover had to show up to ruin his mood. Yes, he was sure that Peanut planned this all along…

“But Fox--“

“Does anyone else have a problem with Peanut joining us?” Fox asked the group as he raised his head to look at every dog.

The dogs who were observing this situation just started to scratch their heads or look elsewhere.

“Well… I guess not…” One of the dogs said.

“Fine by me.” The other added.

With those two responses, the rest three dogs gained courage and started to nod for agreement.

Bino’s arms were hanging low now. Did anyone heard what he just said about Peanut?

“Okay, voted. You’re welcome to join us, Peanut.” Fox said with smile as he gestured with his open hand to Peanut to come to the circle.

“Yay! Thanks, Fox!” Peanut said loudly with joy and got into the circle, hopping with each step he made.

Bino’s fists were shaking as he was glaring at Peanut who just stood near him now. Presence of this dog was already enough to make his blood boil.

He was angry at Peanut and at Fox. At Peanut because he dared to come here and join them. And at Fox for betraying their ideals and allowing this cat lover to play with them.

If he would’ve been in charge here, such situation would never take place. He would just order others to not let that dog join them and send Peanut home.

But vote is a vote and even as a Chair-dog of GODC, he had to swallow it somehow and accept the group’s decision, much to his discontent.

“Alright. This time you’re allowed to play with us,” Bino said to Peanut with anger. “But don’t get too used to it because it’s the first and last time.”

Peanut didn’t seem to mind about Bino’s threats as he just stood there and was looking around with big interest. It only pushed Bino’s limits further as he felt that Peanut didn’t care about his words.

“Okay. Is everyone ready?” Fox’s voice came.

Bino turned his head and noticed that Fox was already prepared to throw the ball and like before, he was sure it’s going to be send right to his direction.

READY!” All dogs yelled.

“Ready here too!” Peanut added.

Bino turned his head back to Peanut and smiled to him slyly.

“Heh. Now watch and learn bow a real pro does it.” He said to his rival with self confidence.


Fox swung his arm and the ball found itself in air once again.

However, it looked like Fox threw it wrong as the ball seemed to fall right on the Monkey's head.

The dog who was the Monkey only smiled and stretched his arms for an easy catch.

And just when the ball was really close and Monkey was almost touching it with his fingers, all of a sudden a furred hand appeared above his head and snatched it with swift move.

Hansel turned around with shocked expression just to see Bino standing proudly with the ball in his right hand.

Bino was really proud of what he just did. Seeing the shocked face of Monkey sure proved him that he just did an outstanding job. To show his another successful triumph over Monkey, he raised his right hand and made a pose of athlete.

“See? This is how I do it my way.” Bino said as he turned to Peanut and tensed his muscles in front of him. “You will never be as good as me, wimp.”

Peanut seemed to be a little astonished as he was watching Bino performing a show off in front of him. Only thing he did later was raise his eyebrow and scratch his temple as Bino turned around and slowly walked back on his place, making one long swing of his tail.

Just when he got back to his place and turned around, he quickly threw the ball to another dog, giving Monkey no chance to catch it.

The dog who caught the ball waited a moment, giving the Hansel time to prepare himself for another attempt in retrieving it. Then the dog raised his arm and swung it, throwing the ball at… Peanut.

Peanut got a little freaked out as he noticed that the ball is heading right at him, but then he licked his lips and got his fingers ready for the catch.

Monkey stretched his arms as much as he could to catch the ball as it was flying above him, but his fingers only barely touched it, changing it’s trajectory only a little bit.

Peanut knew that he has to use this chance. Just when the ball was getting closer to the ground, he made one step forward and with open hands he wanted for the colorful item.

But just when the ball touched his palms and Peanut tried to clench them for firm hold, the ball slicked out from his grip and it bounced on the grass.

Peanut was surprised of what just happened, but he tried to grab the ball that was now laying on the ground. But just as he was getting closer, another pair of hands appeared above the ball and grabbed it.

Bino covered his eyes with his hand and laughed over Peanut’s clumsiness.

“My, did you see what that dog just did?” Bino said loudly, pointing his finger at Peanut. “How can someone be such a duffer? His hands must be made of butter!”

Peanut straightened up and smiled innocently, scratching his neck. “Oh, silly me. Guess I should be more careful next time.”

Peanut then walked to the Monkey and exchanged places with him. Just when he stood in center, he rubbed his hands and adjusted right pose, glancing at the ball with caution.

Bino got his good humor back. At first, he was really upset that Peanut joined them. But now, after seeing how he lost the ball, he was sure that he going to have a lot of laughs just watching another of his failures. Perhaps it wasn’t a bad idea to invite him after all…

And it seemed he was right as the player threw the ball and Peanut didn’t even move because it was too fast for him. At second attempt, he even threw himself in air to catch it, but he didn’t make it and landed hard on the grass.

Time passed and Peanut was unable to catch the ball for eight time now. The poor dog was trying his best to catch it, but either it was too fast for him, or he was not able to jump highly enough to reach it. But for sure he wasn’t going to give up as determination could be clearly seen in his blue eyes.

The ball went into air again and Bino could already see that it was heading straight to him. It was his chance to prove his superiority over Peanut in front of everyone so he just smirked and got ready for another of his successful catch.

Just when it was getting closer, Bino just stretched out his arms to catch it. Because the ball was flying to him with speed, he was sure that Peanut won’t even barely touch it, so he just waited for easy catch.

The ball was now very close and Bino’s fingers already started to clench, but all of a sudden on the ball’s surface appeared a pair of brown furred hands and it quickly went backwards.

Bino was looking with wide eyes open at the empty space where the ball was just mere seconds ago and his glance shifted to his hands that were almost clasping. Then he looked up and saw the ball in air, with a pair of fluffy ears behind them.

The ball went up and Bino saw Peanut’s happy face.

“I got it!” Peanut said with a huge smile, then turned to Fox. “I got the ball!”

Everyone, except Bino, started to clap from admiration.

“Good work, Peanut,” Fox commended him. “Looks like you’re the first person who caught the ball before Bino.”

Bino couldn’t believe in all of this. He just kept standing there and gawked at Peanut who was smiling like a child and was showing the ball he caught to everyone. How it was possible that such clumsy dog like Peanut was able to beat him? How could this happen at all, after many successful catches?

As Peanut finished praising his capture, he approached Bino.

“Switch time!” He said with a happy tone to him.

But Bino didn’t even move. He kept just standing there, with puzzled expression and gazing into Peanut’s eyes. Then his lips started to move, but no words were formed.

“B-but I…” He babbled out

“What?” Peanut asked him astonished.

Bino started to breath deeper and nervously looked around.

“But I can’t…”

“What’s going on over there?” Both Bino and Peanut heard Fox’s voice.

Peanut moved aside to reveal Fox who was looking at them.

“I can’t be the a Monkey in the Middle!” Bino finally managed to say, his glance going on Peanut and on Fox. “Isn’t there another way?”

Fox slid his fingers across his head fur.

“No, Bino, Peanut caught the ball before you and now you must switch places with him,” Fox said as he looked at Bino sternly. “Those are the rules.”

“But I don’t wanna…” Bino said with grief tone, slouching.

“Bino, you follow the rules, or you don’t play with us. Is that clear?” Fox said with impatience.

From the way how Fox was looking at him, Bino realized that there’s no place for buts. Slowly, he clenched his already trembling hand and looked at Peanut with pure anger.

“Don’t be so happy about it, because you won’t be on my place for too long…” Bino said to Peanut and pointed his finger right at his black nose, making the dog to lean back a bit. Then he passed him and walked to the center with heavy footsteps.

Just when Bino stopped and looked at everyone with a glare, Peanut was already standing on his place and was getting ready to throw the ball.

Bino looked with full attention at Peanut, getting ready to catch the ball at any moment now. He was sure that Peanut just got lucky with this catch and surely he will fail at sending the ball to other players now. All he has to do is to catch it and he will return to his rightful place. And if he does so, he will make sure to turn Peanut into Monkey in the Middle again and keep him in that position for a long time.

“Here it goes!” Peanut yelled and swung his arm.

Bino could see the ball but only for a split second. It was so fast that when it passed him above his head, it winded up his floppy ears and Bino could hear a “oof!” behind him.

“Whoops! Sorry about that.” Peanut said a little concerned. “Guess I put a little too much into it.”

Now that was way too far for Bino. Not only Peanut dared to catch the ball before him, but he also had to throw it right above his head with force. The hound brought his fists closer to his chest and started to gnash his teeth as he gave Peanut a deadly glare.

But then, the ball flew above him. And again, and again.

“Come on, Bino, don’t sleep,” Fox, who was now holding the ball, said to him jokingly. “You don’t want to stand there forever, do you?” Just as he finished, he threw the ball.

Bino tried to catch it, but the ball was too high for him and he fell on the ground. Just when he got on his feet, the ball was in air again, but he only could desperately stretch his arm as it was already behind him.

The hound tried his best to catch the ball, but either it was too fast for him or too high for his arms to reach. He jumped and fell on the grass many times and it always resulted in a couple of laughs from the group.

Time was passing and Bino was still not able to catch the ball to free himself from the position of Monkey in the Middle. He kept trying, but he was already feeling tired from this constant running and jumping, and anger that was slowly increasing in him was not helping either.

But after many attempts, Bino finally saw his chance. One of the players threw the ball weakly and he could already see landing right into his hands. Just when the ball was coming down to him, above his appeared grey furred hands which intercepted the item.

“No one said it’s going to be easy.” Fox teased him and threw the ball.

Poor Bino didn’t even react as he only watched the ball falling right into Peanut’s hands.

“I got it again!” Peanut said as he raised the ball to show to everyone. Then he threw the ball to another player.

The ball was flying all the time above Bino, but the dog was not moving anymore. After so many attempts, he lost his will to chase after it like crazy. He just stood in center of the circle, with his head down and his shoulders trembling.

No one seemed to noticed Bino’s increasing rage as everyone were sending the ball to each other. And because they had a lot of fun, they were laughing all the time.

For Bino, the volumes of those laughs seemed to increase. He was sure that everyone was laughing at him and his inability to catch the ball, especially Peanut. Just as he raised his head, he could see how he was laughing and having a good time.

At this moment, the ball flew right at the side of Bino’s head, touching his ear. When he covered it and looked at everyone with surprised glance, everyone just burst out laughing and pointed his fingers at him.

And that was it. Bino’s body began to shake as all limits of his patience were now broken. As he saw the person who was currently holding the ball, he approached it, snatched the ball from his hands and just threw it somewhere far. Just when the poor dog observed how the ball was flying away and then looked back at Bino surprised, he just got pushed away with force and the hound began to walk away.

BINO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Fox yelled after him as he observed in disbelief what was just happening.

Everyone gathered at Fox and observed how Bino was walking away to a huge, old tree that was in distance. When the dog was now under it’s shade, he sat down, slamming his fists on the ground and then hiding his head in his thighs.

Sure, get offended in the entire world and just sit there your miffed highness!!!” Fox yelled to him loudly, his voice slightly echoing across entire park. “Don’t show up here until you’ll learn what fun is!!!

Fox was sure that Bino heard him but he could see how his friend just sits there and pretends that nothing that he yelled got to him.

Peanut, who ran earlier after the ball, stood at Fox’s side and with rest of the group he observed with puzzled expression how Bino sits miffed under the tree.

“So what now?” Peanut asked Fox.

Fox turned his head to Peanut and then let out a heavy sigh.

“Nothing. We’ll just continue our game.” Fox replied to Peanut as he took the ball from his hands.

- - - - - - - - - -

The sun was now shining from a different angle and the local park was filled with various barks and meows as a lot of pets showed up there to have some fun with their friends in afternoon or just to seek some place for relaxation.

Peanut’s ears were perking up all the time as this bustling was reaching him from various directions. However, his eyes were now fully focused on the ball that was flying right to him.

He stretched his arms and the ball landed softly right into his hands.

“I got it!” Peanut said happily and raised the ball. “I got it ag--“

Peanut got interrupted as Mobius run right into him and he had to catch him in his arms to prevent him from falling.

Mobius placed his hands on Peanut’s shoulders and leaned away from him.

“Sorry about that,” He explained himself. “I couldn’t stop in time.”

“It’s okay. It happens.” Peanut replied to him, giving him a friendly smile.

Just as Mobius returned the smile and walked back to the center of their group circle, Peanut threw the ball forward. Just when he moved his head fur from his eye view, he saw something in corner of his eye that caught his attention.

Peanut looked there and saw Bino who was still sitting under the tree with his head on his knees and covered by his arms.

It seemed that since Bino stormed off after failing attempts of catching the ball as Monkey in the Middle, he was sitting under this tree all this time.

“Fox?” Peanut asked as he turned his head to him. “Why Bino is sitting over there? He doesn’t want to play with us anymore?”

Fox, who was about to throw the ball he caught earlier, looked at first at Peanut with surprise and then turned his head in direction where Bino was. Then his expression became stern.

“Don’t worry about Bino. He just doesn’t know how to loose,” Fox explained as he turned his head back to Peanut. “It’s better to leave him there alone so he can deal with himself. Then it will be his decision to join us, which I actually doubt knowing him, or just leave and pretend another day that nothing happened.”

Peanut only placed his finger on his lips and raised his eyebrow. Then he turned his head again to where Bino was sitting.

Fox looked at the surface of the colorful ball and smiled slyly. Because he got this ball from Peanut, he decided to give it back to him to surprise both him and Monkey. His glance went up and he threw the ball with a swift move.

Mobius was now sure that this time he will catch the ball. When it went behind him, he quickly turned on his heels and dashed forward. This time Peanut won’t be faster from him.

And he was right. In a split second, the ball was already in his hands. Mobius looked with joy at the ball and then raised his head to see Peanut’s reaction on this.

But to his big surprise, Peanut wasn’t there.

Now everyone noticed that Peanut was gone. They vigorously began to look around for him, looking in various directions.

Fox also wondered where is Peanut who was just here a minute ago. As he increased his sight to look for him, he saw his figure in distance, walking towards… the place where Bino was sitting.

At this sight, Fox could only sigh and hope that eventual shouts won’t reach his ears.

- - - - - - - - - -

Bino was really upset.

This day was already a total disaster to him. Everything just went wrong. First he couldn’t sleep as long as he wanted because of Matt. And just when it seemed that everything would actually turn out alright for him, Peanut had to show up and ruined his fun.


Peanut Butter.

It was all his fault. Since he showed up and joined their game, he just had to bring him misfortune. If it wouldn’t be because of this dog, Bino would still keep his streak of luck and capture a lot more balls and constantly win with Monkey in the Middle. But no, he just had to show himself and with that trickery of his, turn everything against him and make him the main target of jokes.

Bino became Monkey in the Middle and because he didn’t want to, everyone noticed that and used this fact against him.

That’s what he believed.
Now he was sitting under the tree, with his legs close to his torso and his muzzle buried between his knees. He could hear how other people were playing various games around him, but he didn’t want to watch. He didn’t want to see how other people are having fun while he suffers from his humiliation. But what exactly he didn’t want to see was the group of dogs with whom he played with earlier.

And he didn’t want to even look at Peanut who is probably already replacing him well in game of Monkey in the Middle. That’s what he aimed for. For his rightful position in this group.

Peanut. Peanut. It was all Peanut’s fault!

If he could only get his hands on him right now…


Bino’s body shivered as all of a sudden he heard someone calling out his name. When he got his muzzle up, he saw the person who he was just imagining his soon to be torments.

“Why are you sitting here alone?” Peanut asked him with concern, placing his hands on his knees and leaning closer.

Bino couldn’t believe that Peanut could just come here and ask him such stupid question. He only glared at him and snorted.

“Why do you bother? Just leave me alone…” Bino muttered to him and turned his head away.

“Well, I think it’s always better when everyone is happy. And you look like you were sad when I saw you sitting under a tree, like something bad happened to you,” Peanut told him. “Wouldn’t it be better if you return to us so we can all have a fun time and you’ll be happy again?”

Bino turned his head back to Peanut, with clear anger on his face.

“Are you deaf or what?! You didn’t hear what I just told you, fathead?!” Bino barked at him. “I do whatever I want and you have no right to tell me otherwise!! If I’m sitting here it is because I want so, now go away!!!” As he finished, he buried his muzzle between his knees again and embraced his legs with his arms, trying to hug them closer to his body.

Bino was already feeling sick. He wished strongly in his thoughts that Peanut would just listen to him and walk away. As long as he will kept standing there above him and keep talking those stupid things, his suffering won’t end.

“Well… if you say so… but if you ever change your mind, you’re always welcome to join us back.”

Bino stopped breathing and his body was not shivering from anger anymore. Carefully, he peeked through his arm to see how Peanut was already walking away, heading right where the game of Stupid Hansel was held.

Just as he kept looking at him, Bino felt a strange sensation. He couldn’t see his face right now, but something was telling him that Peanut was smiling, because why would his tail wag after what he just told him?

- - - - - - - - - -

“Yes, got it again!”

Peanut felt like he started to have luck now. It was his fifteenth successful catch in a row. And like before, he raised the ball to show it to everyone, smiling widely and wagging his tail.

But somehow everyone seemed to not be too enthusiastic about it anymore as some dogs were now panting or resting their hands on their knees.

“Peanut… how can you have so much energy in you?” Fox asked him as he was sitting on the grass.

“I guess it comes with practice.” Peanut said as he rubbed his black nose with his finger.

Fox chuckled as he heard Peanut’s response and then got up on his feet.

“Alright everyone. A little more and I think we can have a break.” He said as he stretched his back.

All other players got back at their positions. Peanut nodded and raised the ball behind his head, getting ready to send it to another player and not allow Hansel to catch it.

“Okay, here it comes!” He said loudly and his hand started to move.

But Peanut almost dropped the ball on the ground as to his surprise, he noticed that everyone were now staring at him awkwardly.

“What?” Peanut asked everyone. “Did I do something wrong?”

Peanut looked at them closer and noticed that their stares were actually more at his right side. He looked behind his shoulder and realized why they were so surprised.

Bino was standing behind him, with his eyes downcast and his hands clasped behind his back.

“Is there… still place for me?” Bino asked shyly, still downcast and rubbing his right foot against his left leg.

Shock was still among the group as everyone stared at the dog who they would never suspect to come back. Even Fox was scratching himself behind his ear and was gawking at Bino like he was seeing him for the first time in his life.

The only dog who did anything was Peanut, who smiled warmly to Bino and moved aside, showing him with his hand to step in.


Okay, let me explain myself. I know I didn’t update for a long time, but I had misfortune recently. Last week was very busy for me. I had to do a lot of projects for school and it was impossible for me to sit down and get to work on a new update. So I had to wait with anticipation for the weekend. However when that happened, on Friday there was a really big change of pressure in atmosphere. It was such an impact that me, my relative and even my dog were suffering from tiredness and headaches for 3 days.
And that’s not all. Day after everything stabilized, I caught a flu. I was working on the update then, but I had to do it slow since my throat was sore, nose full of goo and had to spend my free time in bed. So you can say that I wrote this chapter under influence of aspirin =P
I apologize to everyone for delay in delivery.

28 II 2012: Fixed name of game.
29 II 2012: Due to reader's request, the black dog with chained collar who had cameo appearance in arc 41 have been named. Also fixed mistakes pointed out.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

1) You don't have to apologize.
2) The aspirin of awesomeness is strong in your update
3) and again you worked a characterization miracle, what with keeping Bino a sympathetic character despite his flaws. grande!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

no need to apologize until you leave it without update for over a month without an explanation.

I know that game by a different name. I prefer Monkey in the Middle. and by the rules I usually played with, it was the thrower who was the monkey if the monkey caught the ball, since who the ball was intended for could be debated, but not who threw it.

and darn you, portraying Bino as a sympathetic character. *shakes fist*
at least he's still a self-centered, immature, sympathetic character.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

valerio Wrote:
1) You don't have to apologize.
2) The aspirin of awesomeness is strong in your update

For now I don't want to take aspirin. I prefer to be healthy xD
But at least I'm glad that my ilness had no negative influence on my style of writing.

valerio Wrote:
3) and again you worked a characterization miracle, what with keeping Bino a sympathetic character despite his flaws. grande!

Grazie :) I'm trying my best for all of you.
And to be honest, I really wanted to write something about Bino after story about Matt's day in school. I missed that dog :)

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
no need to apologize until you leave it without update for over a month without an explanation

I can tell you that I will never leave you w/o any warning. I care about you people and I would never do such thing :)
But it's been some time since I updated and I was kinda worrying about it. I know I'm not updating fast, but when I read that people are really enjoying my story, I want to give them that joy as often as I can.
But you're right, and Valerio too. I shouldn't be worrying about it too much, because I know that readers will never leave me. Guess it's the way I am.

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
I know that game by a different name. I prefer Monkey in the Middle. and by the rules I usually played with, it was the thrower who was the monkey if the monkey caught the ball, since who the ball was intended for could be debated, but not who threw it.

In country where I live, we call this game Stupid Hansel. I tried to find it's English equivalent, but unfortunately I wasn't able to. That's why I stayed with this name. However I wasn't sure how American people will react on this. If you want, I can edit the name of this game.
We also played by different rules, opposite to those you wrote. Guess this depends from where you live :)

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
and darn you, portraying Bino as a sympathetic character. *shakes fist*
at least he's still a self-centered, immature, sympathetic character.

Like I said earlier, I like to surprise people :) A little this and a little that... who knows what will be next?
But I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Brent :)

Author:  sean21 [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

sorry i haven't reed any of your latest posts, i've been preoccupied with my own fan fiction.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

'competition'? :?
Is there something I am missing, here?

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

fan fiction is not a competition, it's a showcase. One fiction's quality doesn't adversely affect one's enjoyment of another.

and no need to change the name unless you want to, Karlos. Though a Google search of "Monkey in the Middle" returns a result while one for "Stupid Hansel" does not, just so you know.
also, Wikipedia says that the way I was playing is a variation. the intended recipient becomes the player in the middle.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I don't want to compete with anyone. I just write because it gives me joy and I like to share with other people what my imagination created. I'm a friendly fan fiction writer who likes to talk and discuss with others.

sean21 Wrote:
sorry i haven't reed any of your latest posts, i've been preoccupied with my own fan fiction.

No problem. Read it whenever you have time. Story won't run away.

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
and no need to change the name unless you want to, Karlos. Though a Google search of "Monkey in the Middle" returns a result while one for "Stupid Hansel" does not, just so you know

At this case I think it will be better to make a name edition. I will do this when I'll stand up morning. This also teaches me to check more clearly for equivalent in other language.
Than you, Brent :)

Author:  copper [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Wonderful as always Karlos! The only ficcer out there to make Bino a decent guy at heart! Congrats. :D

As always, Bino needs to quite being so pig headed, Peanut is awesome, and Fox is the reasonable Dog in it all.

I am a bit surprised you did not make your own name for that dog with the chain collar. You could just go back and edit it later if he is named, which I doubt.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

or he could borrow a name from another fic.

Author:  copper [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

*sighs* Guys, please read the Fan Project rules..... no advertising your fic on another one. There for a reason....

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Sorry, Forgot it said "without permission" and not "for no reason"
I did remember it was there, mixed up the wording.
will fix.

Author:  Karl [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

copper Wrote:
Wonderful as always Karlos! The only ficcer out there to make Bino a decent guy at heart! Congrats. :D

Bino fans, unite with me! ;D

copper Wrote:
I am a bit surprised you did not make your own name for that dog with the chain collar. You could just go back and edit it later if he is named, which I doubt.

Well, since he's actually just a Neighbor Dog, I decided it will be better to not give him any name so people can imagine their own for him when reading.
Similar thing I was doing was with Mrs. Sandwich, but later I edited since her name was later revealed.
Of course if Mr. Griffin will decide to name that random character one day, I will edit :)

Author:  valerio [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Why not call him Mobius? It would fit with his collar tag.

Author:  Karl [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Well, guess I won't have a choice at this case but to give him that name xD

Author:  JeffCvt [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Karlos Wrote:
However, it looked like Fox threw it wrong as the ball seemed to fall right on the Monkey's head.

The dog who was the Hansel only smiled and stretched his arms for an easy catch

I don't mean to point out mistakes like this, but you forgot to change Hansel to monkey.

Just wanted to let you know.

Author:  Karl [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Okay. So named the black dog Mobius and fixed other mistakes.

JeffCvt Wrote:
I don't mean to point out mistakes like this, but you forgot to change Hansel to monkey.

Just wanted to let you know.

It's okay. Thanks to you I saw other leftovers. Now it's fixed.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt


Author:  sean21 [ Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

i finally got to read your story and i find it to be ok.

personaly i don't like monkey in the middle, but other then that its still a nice story; Bino is such a drama queen.

side note-i agree with everyone you don't need to apologize, thats not something you can contol.

Author:  Karl [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Just wanted to say that update will be delayed few days more because currently I have few projects to do (like making a photo whole day, each 15 minutes) and they drain a lot of my time. So there's nothing to be worried about.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

that's all right, Karlos. It's alays worth the wait :D I'm sure you'll do a great job with your project ;)

Author:  copper [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Eh, what's a few days? We can wait for as long as it takes.

Author:  Karl [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I know it's been a month now since last update, but unfortunately I'm still heavily loaded with projects I need to make and I totally don't have time for anything, even browsing forum. So I wanted to tell you that I'm still alive, but I can't update yet and you need to wait a little longer.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

We'll wait.

Your writing is worth waiting untill you have time.

Author:  copper [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Oh that's fine, Karlos. We will still be here when you have time, and we can wait an eternity if need be..... just hope it doesn't take that long. :roll:

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

I look forward to an update whenever you can provide one. ^_^

Author:  valerio [ Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

so what? You never fail to entertain us with quality with each update, so get your priorities sorted, we'll be here waiting.

Author:  _Stu_ [ Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Just take the time you need Karlos, we will wait with no probs. Life'n health > everything else :)

Author:  Karl [ Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Thank you all for understanding :) I'm fully loaded till this week ends, but my next week is fully free so I should finally sit down and finish my work on newest update. And believe me, there's nothing more nasty than having a will to write but you're not able to do so.
And I'll make sure that next update will be interesting ;)

Author:  copper [ Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

That sounds like a lot of fun. I can't wait to read it! :lol:

Author:  Karl [ Tue May 08, 2012 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

38. You will buy this

Whoever was outside today, could say it was the best day for a walk. The warm sun was shining brightly upon the streets of Babylon Gardens that were mostly crowded by pets who seized the opportunity to have fun. Temperature was reaching quite high degrees, but it wasn’t a burden since a cool breeze was blowing from time to time, taking off the heat from warmed body, or fur.

Yes. It was a perfect day and everyone who was living in Babylon Gardens was happy. Pets because they could go outside and meet with their friends to do something to spend their time well. And their parents because their pets were inhaling fresh air and flex their muscles instead of sitting indoors, turning themselves into couch potatoes. Also they had some free time from their kids, but no one would ever dare to say that loud.

There was no one who wouldn’t enjoy that day. Except of one person who right now was walking down the street with his hands in pockets.


Piercing the asphalt with his cold glare, stomping loudly like a soldier and slouching so much that every gymnastics trainer would pull off his hair at this sight, Matt clearly seemed to be unhappy because of something. Grimacing and sometimes looking around himself, he observed with disgust how pets were running around and having fun. He seemed like an alien among them since all pets were laughing and showing their joy, while he looked like walking outside when the sun is shining brightly is more a punishment than reward.

Some pets who he passed looked at him and when Matt glared at them through his long bangs of hair, their smiles dropped immediately and shuddered like a cold wind passed through their fur.

And Matt was glad when that happened. It always bothered him when someone looked at him with interest, since most people always see him as a freak of society because of his meretricious appearance. So as self defense from gawks, he glared.

However, as Matt was walking forward and glared at whoever was in his way, his already pouted face got even more twisted as he heard familiar dog footsteps behind him.

“Where are you going?” Bino asked him as he was now walking at Matt’s side.

Matt pretended that he haven’t heard anything and just continued to walk with a long face.

“Hey, you deaf? I asked where are you going!” Bino asked again with slight annoyance and pulled Matt’s arm.

Just when Matt felt Bino’s furred hand on his arm, he torn it off from his grip like it burned.

STOP IT!!!” Matt turned on his heels and yelled directly into Bino’s face. “STOP AFFLICTING ME, DOG!!!

Matt wasn’t just a miffed brat anymore. Right now he looked like someone who could perform mass slaughter right here and now. His pale face was now crimson red, his irises sparkling dangerously and his shoulders were moving up and down as he was panting heavily.

All the time you have to treat me with a psychological torment!!” Matt said outraged and moved his face closer to Bino’s muzzle. “Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute I can’t live normally because you have to show up and make my life miserable! No matter where I am - my own room, kitchen, cellar, garden and… bathroom, you just have to follow me like some bur attached to a dog’s tail and do something nasty to me!

Bino’s dangling ears were now slightly perked up but he didn’t seem to be scared of Matt’s appearance. Instead, his stern expression remained.

“Stop exaggerating,” Bino replied to him like nothing was happening at all. “I just wanted to ask where’re your going, that’s all…”

Bino didn’t even feel how Matt’s hands found themselves on his arms and squeezed them.

“That’s the entire point…” Matt dragged Bino closer to himself, still looking deeply into his eyes. “You follow me. And you talk to me. Talk way too much. Talk and talk, and not shutting that constantly moving jaw all the time. And when you open that mouth of yours, it’s always something that will boost your small ego and make me suffer, or humiliate me in front of others in the worse case.”

Bino, who was now not touching the ground with his feet just crossed his arms and turned his head away.

“All I wanted is to ask where you’re going and you--“


Matt’s shouting was so strong that even Bino’s ears were dangling and the dog instinctively gripped the boy’s shoulders as he was getting shook. But no matter how much effort Matt put into his shouting and shaking, it was all in vain actually as he stopped and Bino’s mood didn’t seem to get affected by it. Instead, the dog glared at his owner like he committed an offence towards him and turned his muzzle.

“You don’t have to shout at me!” Bino said with discontent at first, but then a smirk appeared on his muzzle. “Besides, people are watching us…”

When Matt heard this, he stopped breathing at once and his eyes widened from astonishment as he heard what Bino said to him. Then his head begun to turn around and he could see that in fact some people and pets were watching them. And their gawks were creepy to him.

Matt knew what those gawks mean. If he will continue behaving like some animal abuser in front of those people (and pets), for sure someone will approach him and ask him what on earth he’s doing to that poor dog. And if one person will approach him, it won’t be long until others will join him.

Matt hung his head and sighed deeply. Then he slowly started to put Bino back on ground.

“Okay. Okay…” Matt said as he placed his fingers on his temples and raised his head. “We’ll try to settle this in a peaceful way.”

Bino crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow.

“Look. I'm in a really bad mood today and I’m totally not up for any of your games,” Matt continued as he looked down at his pet. “Now please--“

“So you will finally tell me where you’re going or not?” Bino interrupted him from impatience.

Just…” Matt closed his eyes shut and his fingers clenched, but in a moment he calmed down and looked back at Bino. “Just listen to what I have to say. I told you before that I totally don’t care about you. And because of that, you don’t have to care about me either. I understand that you want to accompany me because you’re a dog and that’s in your instincts. However, like I said, you don’t have to care about me and you can do whatever you want, without even asking for my approval. Feel free. I don’t know, go dig holes in someone’s garden, steal sausages from butcher’s, bully young pups and steal their money, burn a house, whatever. You can even go explore entire world and I won’t have anything against it. But please, just please… leave me alone this time so I can have some time only for myself.”

Bino was listening to this with attention, but in time his stern expression seemed to soften and even his crossed arms loosened a little.

“So, will you leave me so I can have some free time to be alone?” Matt asked and forced out a smile.


WHY?!?” And anger that Matt was trying to hold some badly broke out and the boy was all furious again, showing that by making a single swing with his arms.

Bino sighed and rubbed his eyes with his fingers.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He looked at Matt reproachfully. “You think I would honestly tag with you instead of doing something more interesting? Try to guess why I have to be with you.”

And how I’m supposed to know that?!” Matt asked honestly, still angry.

Bino rolled his eyes.

Think.” He said and looked at Matt sternly.

Matt wasn’t sure what to do as he was standing there, grab Bino by his neck and show him how upset he was right now or just run away and hide from his tormentor. But as time was passing Matt’s breath calmed down as he started to think what interest would Bino have in following him.

And there was only one thing that could be responsible for all of this… or rather someone.

Matt closed his eyes and swallowed slowly.

“Dad is responsible for this, isn’t he?” Matt said emotionless, opening his eyes and glaring at Bino.

“Wow, finally you managed to ignite your brain,” Bino said sarcastically. “Of course dad told me to keep an eye on you. That’s why I can’t do anything else. But why I’m asking you where you’re going is because when he asked me to assist you, he seemed angry. So now will you kindly tell me where are you going, numbskull?”

Matt didn’t seem to hear what Bino said to him. He just kept standing, breathing deeply and looking in a distance with a glare. Then his eyeballs started to turn nervously and he slowly turned around. As he muttered something under his breath and made a strange movement with his arms, he started to go forward.

Bino took Matt’s behavior as an acceptance of situation. He shrugged and just followed his owner.

They kept walking in silence for some time, being passed by pets or children all the time. Laughs and squeals were heard around them. Only between them was a dead silence. And sounds of their footsteps.

But Matt knew that this silence wouldn’t last for long. Sooner or later, Bino will ask him again where exactly he’s planning to go and he won’t stop until he will get a proper answer.

“Dad found out that I skipped lessons at my first day in school,” Matt broke the silence and finally filling Bino’s curiosity. “We had a talk about it, that’s why you saw him angry and I have a bad mood. And because I had to be punished for this, he gave me a list of tools he needs and sent me to the tool shop. But how am I supposed to find such shop in this blasted place?” He asked himself and raised his hands, clenching them.

“Beats me.” Bino said to Matt, not even looking at him.

“Oh. And here I thought you could help me out for once since you know this neighborhood. But it looks like that even at this matter you seem to be useless.” Matt said with disappointment.

“You know, there are maps,” Bino riposted. “One is hung on bulletin board. Oh, and there’s also internet if you’re that lazy.”

“I’ll just wander around,” Matt said with slight anxiousness. “If I won’t find a tool shop or something similar to it, I’ll go back home and tell dad that I really tried hard to fulfill his request but unfortunately there are no shops in Pet Friendly Neighborhood that can provide us with any tools and he will have to drive to town to get them. And in the meantime…” Matt turned to Bino and pointed his finger at him. “… I don’t want you to talk to me, touch me or even breath in my direction. You have to follow me? Fine. Just don’t bother me.”

Bino only rolled his eyes.

“What-ever,” He replied and placed his hands behind his head. “Just do it fast because I want to go play with my friends already.”

And that’s how it was. Both of them were walking down the street in search of tool shop without talking to each other, nor even throwing a single glance. The only thing among them was the atmosphere of unrest while the whole world around them was enjoying the good weather.

“And why do you bother fulfilling dad’s request?” Bino broke the silence, much to Matt’s displeasure. “I thought you don’t care about anything.”

Matt didn’t say a word and Bino thought that probably he’s pretending to not hear.

“If your allowance was at stake, you wouldn’t have a choice either,” Matt spoke after a while. “Now be quiet.”

And silence fell upon them once again.

A lot of time passed and Matt didn’t find yet what he was looking for. All this time they were just walking down the road, sometimes turning to another street. Still, they were unable to find the shop where they could buy tools for dad.

It was impossible for Bino to not notice what was happening on neighborhood streets. All dogs who were outside and were running around them were having a lot of fun. With jealousy, but also with small sadness, he observed how they were tossing tennis balls for fetch, forming groups and drawing some pictures on the asphalt by using color chalks or playing with the garden hose to dance on the street as drops of cool water were falling on their bodies.

He wished he could drop what he was doing right now and join them, but he was unable to since Mr. Sternfeld ordered him clearly to watch over Matt and he wouldn’t want to risk consequences of his disobedience. After all, he became a member of a new family and he wanted to make a good impression instead of making the same mistake as was his tense relationship with his previous owner, Jeff. So he had to be stuck with Matt.

And Matt was no fun. All this time he was walking grumpy, slouchy and glaring wherever he could and at whoever they met. His appearance was enough to feel like it was actually raining heavy than feeling the heat of the sun.

The cool breeze that was taking the heat away was now gone and the temperature could be really felt now. The hot sun was so intense that it wasn’t long till Bino’s brown fur got very warm, forcing the hound to loll out his tongue and pant.

However, as Bino continued to walk and wonder for how long they’re going to walk around in this heat, he felt that something that was at his side was missing. As he turned his head, Matt was gone.

Bino started to turn his head around in search of the boy. It didn’t last long until he looked behind himself and saw Matt, who was shielding his eyes from sunrays with his palm and was looking at something intensively.

As Bino approached him, he also looked there and saw a small grocery store that was not too far from them.

“Good. At least they have a normal shop in this place.” Matt said to himself and adjusted the collar of his jacket. “Tools can wait, I need to get something to drink or I will wither from thirst here.”

The world “drink” and “thirst” was enough to make Bino pant heavier and feel the effect of the sun more intensively.

Matt turned to Bino and looked at him sternly.

“You’re staying here and you wait for me here,” He said as he bent down and pointed his finger at his dog. “I won’t take long.”

As he said that, Matt turned away from Bino and walked forward to the small shop.

Bino observed with big eyes how Matt was going away, leaving him to stay fully exposed on the sun. His long tongue was now hanging low and because of the intense panting in order to cool himself, the pink flesh was now fully dry and it demanded to be damp immediately.

And a picture of a bottle that was on sign of top of the building, from which bubbles were coming out of it’s opening, was totally not helping.

“For once he got a good idea,” Bino said between his panting. “He will buy me a drink too.” He finished and followed Matt.

Just as Matt got close to door of the shop and placed his hand on handling to open them, he heard a familiar panting behind him. As he turned his head, he noticed that Bino was now at his side.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me outside?” He said to his dog annoyed.

Bino looked up.

“It’s hot. And for sure in the shop it's air conditioned.” He replied.

Matt was about to say something, but he just shook his head, waved his hand and pushed the door.

A bell ringed and the door only opened slightly, but both Matt and Bino felt a chill blow come from the inside. As they got inside, it was like they changed places because the difference of temperature between outside and interior of the small shop was huge. Much to their satisfaction.

As Matt was wiping sweat from his forehead, he saw a fat man behind the check-out counter, who was cleaning an empty bottle with handkerchief but paused his work to see who came.

“Good afternoon,” The cashier greeted them and continued to clean his bottle. “Quite hot outside today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Matt replied to him and threw a quick glance at the shelves. “Where will I find beverages and snacks?”

“Third line, in the corner.” The seller answered Matt’s question and his glance went back on bottle he was holding in his hands.

Matt nodded in response. Then he took one of the plastic baskets and went to the place pointed by cashier. With Bino following him.

In the corner of the store were five fridges that contained various types of beverages, each to provide customer coolness he seek. Matt examined every bottle, looking for one that interested him most. His eyes met the one that contained a dark liquid.

As he opened the fridge, a white mist came out of it. Matt reached for the plastic bottle and as he took it into his hand, he could feel how wonderfully cool it was, despite that he was wearing gloves. He smiled as he playfully tossed it up and then placed it in his basket.

But Matt didn’t even get a chance to close the fridge as he felt that his basket became slightly heavier.

The boy looked at his basket and with astonishment he noticed that near the bottle he just choose is another one that contained apple juice. Then his eyes went up and his glance met with Bino’s stern expression.

“What is this?” Matt asked him, pointing at the apple juice.

“A bottle of apple juice.” Bino replied him honestly.

“Yes, but what is it doing here?” Matt’s tone became slightly irritated as he pointed at the bottle again.

“I’m thirsty. And you’re going to buy it for me.” Bino explained.

“Hah! And what else,” Matt said as he lifted the bottle that Bino put into the basket. “I don’t have to buy you anything. I’m doing shopping for myself only.”

Matt wanted to place the bottle of apple juice back to the fridge from where Bino took it, but the hound snatched it from his grip and placed it back to the basket.

“You’re my Dad and you’re obliged to take care of my needs,” Bino looked at him angrily. “I’m thirsty and I want you to buy it for me!”

Everything went quiet and the only sound that could be heard were the buzzes of fridges. Matt and Bino were looking at each other like they were ready to jump into fight.

“I told you this before, but it seems I will have to keep saying that until it will finally get into your empty head…” Matt said coldly and reached into the basket for the apple juice again. “I don’t care about you. I don’t care what your needs are. And I don’t care if your thirsty or not. I have my own money and I spend it only for myself.”

Matt took out the bottle and approached the fridge. He opened it with force and just when he put it back on the shelf, he slammed the doors and looked back at Bino with a scornful look.

“If you have your own money, feel free to buy it. But I will not waste my allowance on you. Call me an egoist if you want, I won’t care. So stop asking me for anything because you won’t get it…”

As Matt finished, he passed Bino and approached the shelves where were various snacks and started to check what’s there.

When the boy was looking for something interesting, Bino was standing behind him, with his fists clenched tightly and shaking from anger. His glare was so intense that it seemed like he was trying to incinerate his owner.

He couldn’t go play outside because he had to keep an eye on Matt. His owner was all the time unfriendly to him. He was very thirsty and all he wanted was to get a single bottle of a fresh and cool apple juice and he was prohibited even from a single thing. Yes, Bino surely was reaching his limits and it wouldn’t take too long before he would explode.

You will buy this…” Bino hissed through his clenched fangs. “I’ll make sure of it…

Matt was holding a pack of crisps in his hands and was checking what flavored they are. After he read that they have a taste of crisped chicken and they are thickly cut, he made his decision and decided to take those.

“Hey, Matt!”

Matt grumbled.

“What is it this time…” he said with annoyance as he threw the pack into his basket.

Just as Matt turned his head to look at Bino, his eyes suddenly shot wide as he saw what his dog is doing.

Bino was hanging on one of the shelves and was dragging a couple of jars from there with his hand.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Matt said loudly in panic as he observed how Bino was about to drop the jars on the floor.

Bino was not listening to him. The jars containing various sausages got dangerously close to the edge of the shelf and they began to fall.

Matt dropped the basket at once and desperately threw himself forward, extending his arms.

The jars were about to land on the floor and crash into many pieces, leaving a mess all around. But luckily, matt was able to catch them all in his arms and prevent the disaster from happening. Now, he was laying on his back and breathing fastly, looking at the ceiling with his wide eyes.

Are you insane…” Matt said weakly as he turned his head to Bino, who was now coming down from the shelves. “You have any idea what would happen to us if those broke…

Bino stepped down and instead of looking at Matt, he just went to the opposite shelves where were also standing fragile products.

“Strange, did you say something?” Bino said as he placed his hand on the shelf. “Nah, I must have misheard. After all, you told me to not care about you so that’s what I’m doing right now!”

With a swift move of his hand, everything that was on the shelf started to fall down.

It seemed that this time there’s no way to prevent the accident from happening, but somehow Matt managed to find some strength in him and threw himself once again. Because his arms were occupied already, he had to use his legs.

That boy sure is talented.

Matt’s body slid across the floor and barely managed to catch everything between his legs, from his ankles to his thighs. Though his sacrifice was successful and Matt was having difficulties to keep all the stuff in air, his body hit the shelf stand, causing it to lean forward.

Matt whined and raised his legs a little higher to stop the stand from falling. It rested on Matt’s right leg but the boy could feel how the stand was pressing on it.

“Is everything alright over there?” A voice of the cashier came from the other side of room.

“Uhh… Yes! All is fine!” Matt managed to say, but he had to do it right to not express his difficulty with his tone of speech.

But nothing was fine at all. Matt was laying on the floor, huffing shortly and sweating from extreme circumstances he was currently experiencing. His whole body was sore as it could be seen by his red face and blood veins that appeared on it. In his arms were jars, between his legs various products and he also had to fight with the shelf stand to push it back up.

He didn’t have such gymnastics for a very long time. One false movement and all his effort will go in vain.

“Hey, on this bottle it’s signed that it has over two hundred years!”

Matt stopped breathing as he heard this and leaned his head back. Whole world turned upside down for him, but yet he could see how Bino was playing with something that costs a lot of money.

“No! Don’t touch this!” Matt yelled with fear. “You have no idea what you’re doing!”

Bino, who was now standing in front of a place for beverage he shouldn’t drink, was touching the fancy shaped bottle with his fingers. When he heard matt’s cries, he turned his head to him and looked at the boy with pity.

The sight of Bino touching something he should keep his hands away from it was enough to make Matt squirm nervously, despite of the weight that was on his body and the stand that could fall on him any moment.

Despite that his legs started to feel numb, somehow Matt managed to find a little more strength to push on the stand.

As a shriek came from between the shelves and products on them wobbled, the stand went back and leaned on the wall.

But danger was not over yet. Matt could see with panic in his eyes how Bino whistles and slowly starts to pull the bottle of the shelf. And at this sight, his limbs started to tremble even more.

Moaning and gasping, Matt began to crawl on his back toward the shelves where Bino was having fun. His movement was nervous, yet slow due to weight he was carrying.

But no matter what, Matt knew he had to stop Bino from doing something that he might painfully pay for it later.

“Huff! Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!” Matt said with trembling voice, desperately trying to crawl to Bino. “Dad will hang us both if you break that bottle!”

The bottle was almost of the edge, but Bino stopped it with his finger. Matt stopped crawling like a caterpillar on his back, and after a moment, a smile of relief appeared on his face.

Bino sighed and after some moment, gave Matt a cautious side-glance.

“Oh no. I don’t think so,” Bino said and slowly a smirk started to form on his muzzle. “After all, you’re the person who’s responsible for what I’m doing. So whatever happens, you’ll be the one to blame.”

The smile disappeared from Matt’s face and fear for his own skin returned.


“You know what? All of that would be avoided if not your egoism,” Bino continued as he started to slid fingers of his other hand down the bottle’s surface. “I started to accept that my owner is someone who’s not a pet type guy. I started to accept that I won’t be able to count on you and with most of things, that I will have to deal with by myself, as always anyways but that’s a different story. However, I only wanted one thing. An apple juice that is in a small, plastic bottle. No toys, no sweets, nothing. Only one little bottle of an apple juice. And yet you had to show me how powerful you’re over me.”

Matt’s legs started to lower and his arms started to loosen. At this rate, he won’t be able to hold on much longer and he already started to think about possible failure and thus his day being ruined even more. So for now, all he could do was to lay with all stuff on floor and wait idly for what will happen.

Bino took fingers off the bottle and his glance went back on it.

“So at this point, since it’s not a first case when something similar happens to me, all I will say is whoops my finger slipped in a sliding off motion!

And that was it. As Bino’s finger slid down the bottle’s neck and let go of the glass, the gravity did the rest of the work.


It was too late to stop the bottle from falling on the ground and shattering to pieces, spilling the two hundred year old liquid everywhere. The time seemed to slow down and Bino observed with shining pupils how the bottle was heading down to its tragical destination. With each inch it was getting closer to floor, the more sinister Bino’s smile was becoming.


But Bino didn’t expect this to happen. Somehow, the bottle luckily landed on it’s base, right between Matt’s eyebrows.

The hound’s mouth opened slightly and he almost let out a gasp as he observed this sight with amazement. Such thing he had seen for first time in his life, a bottle that lands whole and safely on someone’s face.

Bino approached Matt and when he looked down on him, he could see how his body was trembling like a jelly, causing all products he held to make noises, and his torso raising and drooping quickly. He kneeled down and brought his lips close to his ear.

“So, I understand that you’re about to change your mind and decide to take that apple juice for me after all.

Huffs and moans came from below the bottle.

F-fine… you got… the high ground…” Matt said between his gasps. “Just… take… these things off me, or… or… I’ll get sourdoughs…

- - - - - - - - - -

Matt placed the last jar back on it’s place and when he turned aside, in front of him was Bino, who was smirking proudly and was offering his young carer a bottle of apple juice.

The boy looked at his hound with a very stern expression. Then he snatched the bottle from Bino’s hand and threw it into the basket.

“Let’s go.” Matt said abruptly.

Matt passed Bino, but he had to stop as he felt a pull.

“Wait, I want this candy bar too.” Bino said as he pulled Matt back and showed him a candy bar, a special edition made of white chocolate.

Matt turned and opened his lips to say something, but the sight of Bino placing his hand on the shelf made him change his decision. This time, he snatched the candy bar swiftly from Bino’s grip and threw it into the basket like he wanted to make a hole in it.

Little blackmailer…” He whispered under his breath and went quickly to the place where was cashier.

As Matt and Bino emerged from the corner, the cashier was already awaiting them. Judging by his raised eyebrow it could be guessed that he was wondering what took them so long.

Matt placed the basket on the counter and the cashier took the first product out of it. As he was holding the bottle of apple juice, he lifted the scanner and a beeping sound came out of it as he scanned the bar code. Cashier placed the bottle on counter, but right then Bino took it quickly into his hands, opened it and poured all content right into his mouth, gulping loudly as juice was violently going down his throat. When he finished, he wiped his lips with his hand, let out a sigh of relief and placed the empty bottle back on counter.

“Stupid, you’re not supposed to drink it before you pay for it!” Matt scolded him.

Bino actually forgot about it and when Matt reminded him of that, he covered his mouth and looked at the cashier with slight fear.

“Oh, It’s fine. Looks like the little fellow had to be very thirsty.” The man replied with a smile and continued scanning rest of products.

Bino’s cheeks became red.

“I’m not little…” he said as he lowered his head.

The cashier scanned rest of products and then packed them elegantly into a brown bag.

“That’s gonna be 3 dollars and 45 cents.” He said as he looked at his cash register and pushed the bag slightly toward Matt.

Matt made a long face as he heard this, but he reached for his pocket to pull out his wallet.

The boy opened his wallet and started to check it’s content. As his search for right amount was going on, in meanwhile Bino decided to look what kind of bubble gums were near the counter.

Time was passing and Matt was still rummaging in his wallet intensively.

“Umm… I got a lot of small change and it might take me some time to count…” Matt said as he started to check another pocket of his wallet.

The cashier nodded and moved aside to check something behind his counter.

Bino checked all bubble gums three times and decided that he should find something else to look on until Matt will finally pay the money. But just as he turned, he saw Matt grabbing the bag and running toward exit.

The cashier heard a rustle and raised his head. He gasped as he saw his customer opening the door.


The bell ringed and Matt literally jumped outside, turned right and vanished.

Bino was totally stunned. He still didn’t realize what just happened. It were just mere seconds of how Matt escape with a bag of stuff he didn’t pay for.

“I’m calling for police…” The cashier said to himself and quickly ran to his back-up.

Bino’s pulse increased dramatically and the poor dog started to look around himself, not sure what to do. He was telling himself in his mind all the time that Matt robbed a shop right before his eyes. And he abandoned him.

What should he do? Run as well? Hide? Wait for police? And will he get punished too?

Matt stole something… and abandoned him. Leaving him here totally besotted and scared.


Bino shuddered and curled up a little as he heard someone’s voice. When he looked for the source, he found Matt standing in front of the entrance, still with the stolen bag in his arm.

“What are you waiting for, stupid! Scram!” Matt told him and gesticulated with his hand to get out, then disappearing once again.

Everything was so confusing to Bino. All of this happened too fast and he was unprepared for something like this. Because of the fear of uncertainty he was currently experiencing, his mind wasn’t working as it should. However, his instincts triggered and he decided to follow them.

Bino ran out of the shop…

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue May 08, 2012 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

good to see you back.

Matt is going to pay for this.

He should have just paid. 4 not particularly small items for less than $4 is already a steal in my experience. I'd expect the total to be at least $6.

Bino was being spoiled. Matt isn't the original source of the income, his dad is. Matt shouldn't be expected to spend his own meager allowance on Bino unless Mr. Sternfeld gave him a little extra specifically to be spent on him. and we already know Bino has his own money to spend, he should just spend it and see if Mr. Sternfeld would reimburse him when they get home.

Author:  valerio [ Tue May 08, 2012 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

These are the moments in which I LOVE Bino! Woot! :D
Matt is not being hateful, he's just a typical teenager moronoid, one who deserves every inch of the belt that should repeatedly land on his butt :evil:
Karlos, you do know how to entertain us! Can't wait to see what will happen should Bino decide to sic the GOD Club against the brat!

Author:  copper [ Tue May 08, 2012 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Well, Bino is a real jerk. I still say Matt needs to wise up and just rip Bino's collar up in front of him. Bino would learn his lesson then! :twisted:

Matt is quite agile. I wonder if he took gymnastics as a child.

That poor store clerk. he wants to be a bartender so bad... :(

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed May 09, 2012 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

And you are finally back!!

And with a great update too!!

I thought for sure that Bino would take out his own money and pay for everything, then get even with Matt later.

Author:  Karl [ Wed May 09, 2012 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
good to see you back.

JeffCvt Wrote:
And you are finally back!!

I'm glad to be back too, and I hope that I'll be able to update more frequently again. However, I still have a lot of projects to make and they eat a lot of my free time. So still you might be forced to wait.

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
He should have just paid. 4 not particularly small items for less than $4 is already a steal in my experience. I'd expect the total to be at least $6.

Well, I'll confess that I have troubles when it comes to prices in story. I don't live in US and I have to guess what would something costs in dollars :) This time I tried to check suggestions in internet (found out that a chocolate bar may cost between 75 cents to 1 dollar), but seems it wasn't good enough. So I came up that next time I'll just ask my Beta Reader for possible cost of something :)

valerio Wrote:
These are the moments in which I LOVE Bino! Woot!


valerio Wrote:

What does that mean?

valerio Wrote:
Karlos, you do know how to entertain us! Can't wait to see what will happen should Bino decide to sic the GOD Club against the brat!

Monster... how I'll be able to sleep now, knowing that you're eagerly waiting for another update??

copper Wrote:
Well, Bino is a real jerk. I still say Matt needs to wise up and just rip Bino's collar up in front of him. Bino would learn his lesson then! :twisted:

I'm not sure would other readers had enough strengh to deal with something that powerful. They need to be prepared first until the right time will come :twisted:

copper Wrote:
That poor store clerk. he wants to be a bartender so bad... :(


JeffCvt Wrote:
I thought for sure that Bino would take out his own money and pay for everything, then get even with Matt later.

Greedy people always leech on others.
Greedy dogs too.

Author:  Karl [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

39. I told you

His heart was pumping fast, his lungs barely handling the extreme ventilation and his lolled out tongue was waving like a sail as he kept running.

He didn’t even know where he was actually running. Whole world around him was too blurry and it was impossible to notice what he was passing. The only thing he could see clearly was the back of the person who was responsible for their running.

His legs started to hurt, but there was one thing that kept him fueling.


Just a few minutes ago he was savoring himself with victory over stubborn Matt and waiting for his stuff to be paid for. But it required only a second to change everything upside down. And he knew that nothing good would come out of it.

He was told so many times how stealing was wrong and to what it led. But he never witnessed such thing on his own eyes, or worse, be part of this wrongdoing. So he felt fear against consequences, but also because he got thrown on deep waters in just a matter of seconds.

And because of that, the only thing Bino could do for now was to run right behind Matt, hoping that later some solution will appear and everything will eventually go back to normal as it was before Matt decided to steal groceries from shop.


Bino’s face met with something soft and he landed on the ground on his butt.

As he lied there for a moment and rubbed his slightly aching snout, he looked up to see Matt bending down with his hands on his knees and panting hard.

“Phew… heheheh… can’t believe it could go so easy.” Matt said to himself as he stretched himself up and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

As Bino watched with wide eyes how Matt slid his fingers across his head, all effort he just put into his run started to catch up. His chest started to move rhythmically from panting and he supported himself with his elbows as his head went slightly back. He also stretched his legs as he started to feel his aching calfs.

Matt looked around and noticed that near them was a fence. He walked there and sat down. As he rested his back on the fence, he closed his eyes and exhaled air from relief he just felt. Then he lifted the stolen bag with groceries that was still in his tightly clenched hand and placed it on his lap.

“Too bad I couldn’t see the face of that fat guy,” Matt said to himself with a grin and started to open the bag. “A face of a suckered guy must have been priceless. Too bad though, he seemed to be nice. For a seller.”

Bino’s chest was still going up and down and his lungs still couldn’t get enough air, but all this time he didn’t take his eyes off from Matt, who was just sitting there and smiling to himself, like nothing happened at all. As the boy was now rummaging in paper bag, he started to crawl in his direction.

As Bino got closer, Matt took out a black bottle from the bag and started to open it.


A sound of quiet hiss came out from the bottle as Matt turned the cap, but stopped in halfway and looked up to see Bino gawking at him with wide eyes.

“What ‘why’?” Matt asked as he looked at Bino astonished. “And why are you staring at me like that? It gives me the creeps.”

“Why did you do that?” Bino corrected his question, still staring deeply into Matt’s eyes.

“What? Stealing this bag?” Matt answered and lifted the bag. “I had an occasion so… well…” he summed with a smirk and placed the bag back on his lap.

“What’s so funny?” Bino’s stare slowly turned into frown as he noticed Matt’s smirk. “Do you realize what you’ve just done?”

“No, I’m darn stupid and I don’t know what’s happening around me! Of course I know what I’ve just done!” Matt looked back at Bino angrily. “It’s not the first time I’ve done this. Now let me take a drink, I’m thirsty…”

Bino blinked and moved his head closer to Matt’s face.

“Not… not the first time?” Bino said, unbelieving in what he just heard.

Matt rolled his eyes and placed his hand on top of the bottle.

“Yes. Not the first time since I stole something,” Matt said with impatience. “Back there where I lived I stole a couple of things from various shops. Groceries, vinyls, wallets, sometimes even money that was left unsecured. Well, if there was occasion, then why not. Of course my first attempts ended with landing in arrest, but I kept doing that and I got experience. By this, I learned when I should steal and how to do it without being caught. Not an easy thing, but by this, I got stuff I would have to pay a lot of money to get.”

Bino was feeling more and more grounded as he kept listening to Matt. Now he learned that this boy is not just a teen who just likes to run around and cause fuss around himself. He deals with someone who commits serious crimes. It’s frightening to even think what other wrongdoings this boy commits. And what’s worse, he is stuck with this person…

Bino’s ears went back and he looked away as he tried to register all what he just hear. But in corner of his eye he saw how Matt raises the bottle to his lips.

“Wait! You can’t do that!” Bino grabbed Matt by his arm to stop him. “It’s not yours!”

“Well, now it is!” Matt glared at Bino and tore himself from his grip. “I stole it, so what? If that fat guy didn’t turn away back there, maybe it wouldn’t have happened. So it’s his fault for not paying attention so his loss is my gain.”

Bino wanted to say something more, but he locked his lips as Matt brought the tip of the bottle to his lips and all it’s content started to go down his throat.

The dog lowered his head and gripped the green grass with both of his hands.

“What have you done…” He said as he started to slowly shake his head. “You’ll get both of us in serious trouble…”

Matt finished drinking and threw the empty bottle behind the fence.

“First of all, I told you to wait for me outside the shop,” Matt said, pointing his finger at Bino. “Maybe you wouldn’t have to run with me then, so blame yourself for disobeying orders and coming with me. And second… the reason why I stole those groceries is because I didn’t have enough amount of money in my wallet. Well, maybe I would if I weren’t forced to get something extra…” He looked at Bino with narrowed eyes. “So… you’re up to blame again.”

“I… I didn’t steal anything!” Bino lifted his head and gave Matt a glare full of rage. “Don’t get me into this! It was you who took that bag and ran out, leaving me there… alone.”

“Then why did you decide to run away with me anyways,” Matt asked. “You could have stayed there.”

Bino looked away from disgust and closed his eyes.

“Because you told me so… and… and… and what other choice did I have?” He looked back at Matt. “ If I had stayed there, whole rage on you would fall on me. And… uh…”

“But by escaping with me, in their eyes you proved that you co-worked with me. So want it or not, now we’re partners in crime.” Matt smiled and gave Bino a wink.

Bino just couldn’t continue this conversation as he was getting dragged into this mess further and further. He was pretty sure that he was innocent and the only one who did something bad here was Matt. Yet the boy seemed to play with his mind and the poor dog had no idea how to keep defending himself from being mixed into this crime.

He tried to not take Matt’s words seriously, but somehow he started to feel guilty.

Bino started to slowly crawl to the fence. As he got to it, he rest his back on it, and hid his face in his hands.

He was sure he would get into serious trouble because of Matt. Probably Fido is already at the shop and is looking for any evidence and it will be just a matter of time when he and his fellows will start to track them down. And when he gets caught by his own brother, his popularity will drastically decrease. He will be labeled a criminalist and for sure he will loose his position as a Chairdog in GODC, while Fido’s high popularity will only increase and all dogs, and cats even, will look more into a dog who serves righteousness than a thief.

And Bino shuddered at the thought of being arrested by his far more successful and superior brother.

What he should do right now? He’s in a situation without any exit. There’s no chance to walk out from this unhurt and without his popularity violated. He hated to admit it, but the possibility of being punished for something he didn’t do was starting to get serious.

All he had to do was to keep an eye on Matt. And it looked like he failed.

Bino felt that something landed on his lap. When he took off his hands of his face, he saw the white chocolate bar he earlier choose at the shop.

“There. Maybe this will help you take that long face off.” He heard Matt’s voice.

Bino kept looking at the bar for some time. Because of what he just experienced, he completely forgot about it. Back in the shop, the white chocolate bar seemed to be just a tasty threat, one of many. But now, after what happened, the bar looked like some kind of forbidden item that should totally not found itself on his lap.

And though it somehow looked disgusting now just by watching it, Bino’s stomach grumbled…

“What are you waiting for? You wanted it after all. Now it’s yours.” Matt said to him and put his hand into the bag again.

Bino turned his head away. “I don’t want it.”

Matt took out a packet vanilla filled croissant and was ready to open it.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you won’t eat it because it’s stolen.” He said as he started to unwrap the croissant.

“Because it is stolen and I won’t touch that thing now to stain my honor.” Bino replied sternly.

“Hahah! So now we play a noble dog, eh?” Matt smiled from ear to ear and raised his croissant to his eye level. “Somehow you weren’t that bold when you decided to bury me alive. I almost suffocated back there.”

“To your information, I’m the leader of all dogs in this neighborhood,” Bino turned his head to Matt and pointed his finger at him. “Because of my position, by my own righteous attitude, I show every dog in this neighborhood how a good dog should behave. You have no idea what a burden I must carry when everyone is looking at you like at some picture and you have to show them a good example. So I will never, ever steal like you do, and even use any stolen items for my own purpose, otherwise all my work will go in vain and everyone will think it’s a right thing to do that.”

Bino sounded serious, but his words actually made Matt chuckle.

“I can imagine that… everyone following your example…” Matt said to himself and then he had to cover his mouth to suppress his laughter.

Bino at first couldn’t understand what was going on as he saw Matt’s shoulders jerking up from suppressing his laughter.

“Hey, and what’s so funny?!” Bino said with complaint. “At least I’m doing the right thing around here while you commit crimes!”

Matt’s body trembled a little more until the boy managed to stop laughing.

“If what you say is true, which is hard to believe… all I can do is to feel sorry for all those owners who’s dogs follow your… example. Matt said and turned his head back to Bino. Giving the dog a smirk.

Bino’s face started to gain red color. Matt was making fun of him and he took it as an offense toward him. So he snorted, turned his head away and crossed his arms.

“Anyways, like I said, there’s nothing to be worried about. No one will find us here,” Matt continued as his glance went back on the croissant. “So relax dude and eat that bar. It’s yours and I really mean it.”

No.” A cold and strongly accented reply came.

Matt chuckled and started to unwrap the packed croissant.

“As you wish…” He said with a smirk and took the croissant from the colorful foil.

Bino sighed and closed his eyes. He couldn’t listen to Matt anymore. He didn’t even want to be with him here on the first place. Every minute that passed increased possibility to be captured and Bino would absolutely not want to do anything with the guy who was sitting next to him and enjoying the meal he stole.

But if he didn’t want to be captured along with Matt and judged to be part of this wrongdoing, why instead of just running away and leaving this nasty teen behind him was still sitting here.

Bino didn’t have a chance to answer to himself on this question as his thought got interrupted by another grumble of his stomach, stronger one this time.

And after second, came another. Then another. And another one.

He embraced his tummy as he attempted to stop those grumbles somehow and tried to not pay any attention to this. But grumbles turned into strong rumblings and soon Bino started to feel how something at the bottom of his stomach started to suck.

Though he was not looking, in corner of his eye he saw how Matt was biting off a piece of his croissant. Then, an aroma of bread and vanilla hit his nostrils and that was enough to make his stomach more uneasy.

Bino tightened his embrace and he even bend in half, but his tummy was still going wild. And he knew that if he doesn’t fill it, those displeasures will just continue.

But how to do that? He doesn’t have anything to eat. Except the white chocolate bar that…

No. He just can’t do that. He just can’t. He already told Matt what he thinks about stealing. So there’s no way he will forsake his ideals to eat something that absolutely shouldn’t be since it wasn’t paid for and show Matt that his talk was worth nothing.

Maybe the reason was because somehow Matt’s words got into his head and they mixed there something deep inside to seduce him to do something wrong. And the reason why his stomach grumbles is because right now Matt eats and it’s natural that he got hungry through observing someone.

Bino closed his eyes again and decided it will be better to breath though mouth since his very sensible nose will detect even a weak scent of food. And he also tried his best to get rid of any thoughts about food.

So he kept sitting, trying to think about other things than food. In his imagination appeared a vision of dogs who were waiting for his speech at the clubhouse. All of them were eager to hear what their leader will tell this time. And Bino started to create his speech through this imagination. Sometimes he altered it, or repeat the scene where he gets emotional and everyone is influenced by it, almost dropping their croissants filled with vanilla cream.

Bino gripped his headfur as he intensified his brain to get rid of what he just saw. But all turned in vain as everyone were gone and now everywhere around him was food.

He decided to change the scenery. In his imagination appeared Fox’s room. They were both there, sitting on his bed. Fox had a book in his hands and he was showing something to him with enthusiasm. Probably something boring as always. Then Fox leaned closer to his night stand, opened a drawer and started to champ loudly as he took out a gigantic bunch of bananas…

Bino looked at Matt once again as he heard how he champs, hoping to see that he’s almost done with eating. But to his disappointment, Matt wasn’t even halfway done as he was taking small bites, like he was trying to extend his consumption as much as it was possible.

Yet that didn’t explain how the white chocolate bar found itself between his own furred fingers.

A simple bar. A product used to kill small hunger in time when it appears unexpected, or when you just want to eat something sweet. And everything would be fine if that bar was purchased in a shop.

But it wasn’t. It was stolen and Bino knew very well that he should absolutely not eat it since it didn’t belong to him.

And when somehow his black claws started to work on wrapper, there was another voice in his mind that started to tell him what to do.

It’s stolen anyways. It’s too late to do anything. And you’re hungry. So why not eat it? Nothing will happen.

Nothing? Since you were a pup, Dad keep telling you how bad stealing is. You know very well of consequences.

But Dad is not here and he’s not a dad anymore. Your new dad sits next to you and he enjoys the meal he just stole. So why shouldn’t you fill your tummy?

But what will others think? How they will react if everyone will find out that you stole a chocolate bar and ate it.

Why do you bother about others? They’re not here and they don’t have to know what you’ve done. Besides, it was Matt who stole this bar, not you.

Fido will get mad if he finds out. He won’t let me live.

Forget about Fido. He’s not here either and why do you even bother about what he may think of this? Like he ever cared about what you do.

But I shouldn’t do this…

Why not? You can commit a little harmless sin once a while.

I can’t eat something that was stolen…

You’re hungry and if you don’t feed your tummy soon, it will get only worse.

I can’t do this.

Come on, at least a little bit… can you feel that smell already?

I. Can’t. Do. This.

You can…

I can’t.

Do it.

But I can’t.

You can!






Sharp fangs sank deep into the white bar and soon a piece of it found itself in his mouth.

It barely landed on his tongue and he could already feel how sweet it was. His lips closed and his jaws started to chew. His teeth got through the layer of white chocolate, giving him access to other treasures that were in this piece - delicate, cream mousse and the sticky caramel.

The chocolate bar tasted as it should, sweet and nicely for his palate. But still, his jaws were working slowly on chewing, like it was actually tasteless.

After some chewing, Bino gulped loudly and food went down his throat. It was just a small piece, but when it got into his stomach, he felt an enormous relief.

But that lasted only for a moment. He still could feel the piece he swallowed, right at the bottom of his stomach. And it felt more like he swallowed something heavy. Something forbidden.

The guilt hit him as he rubbed his tummy with a sad face. The sweetness of the bar was gone now and what he tasted now was bitterness.

Bino looked at the bar he was still holding in his clenched hand. Just looking at it was enough to make him feel more bitter and regret his mistake even more. He squished the treat and threw it away, not wanting to see that thing anymore.

The dog’s behavior didn’t go unnoticed by Matt, who was looking at him all the time.

“First time doing that, huh?” He asked.

Bino didn’t give him any response. He only wrapped his belly and lowered his head.

“First time always feels like this,” Matt continued. “When you eat something that you’ve stolen, it feels horrible. But in time, you get used to it.”

I did this for my first and my last time…” Bino whispered quietly.

Matt heard this and chuckled. Then his back slid down the fence and he put his hand behind his head.

“Don’t think so. There will be more actions like this. That’s who I am. So expect to steal with me more often.”

Bino quickly lifted his head and looked at Matt with astonished expression. His lips were moving, but no words came out from them. He looked aside and even smiled for a moment, but he shook his head and looked back at Matt.

“Oh no. No no no no,” Bino shook his finger at Matt and stood up. “Don’t think I’ll be part of this. I’ll never help you in doing that. You hear me? You’ll never force me to steal!”

Bino turned around, but looked at Matt through his arm.

“Anyways, I’m out of here. I can’t stand your attitude… how light-hearted you talk about this… eating this like… like… nothing happened at all. And that smile. You’re disgusting. Do whatever you want, I don’t care what dad will tell me later. Just… just don’t drag me into this and don’t play with my mind.”

And as Bino finished, he started to walk away, hoping to get away from that boy as fast as possible.

Matt looked at Bino with astonishment and sat up.

“Oh, spare me…” He said and slapped the grass with his hand.

Bino stopped as he heard a low knock and turned around to see Matt standing up.

“Seriously dude, what’s your problem?” Matt said with pretension. “I already told you that nothing will happen to us, and yet you act like some damsel in distress! For how long have you lived in this neighborhood? How long have you know those who live here? Since the time being here you ever wondered about your surrounding?”

Bino didn’t understand what Matt was talking about, expressing that by raising his eyebrow.

Matt turned away and scratched his head. Then he made few steps forward.

“I mean… who would even bother about a guy who stole something in this stupid place?” Matt said as he made a wide gesture with his hand at everything that was in front. “People seem to be here so careless, so busy with their so called happiness of living in a peaceful and friendly neighborhood. They’re so… stressless about their life! And only thing they see in front of them are flowers and butterflies!”

Then he turned back at Bino and gave his dog a slight glare.

“So seriously, who will bother to go after me in this boring neighborhood? That huge piece of meat in a Robocop styled helmet? Or that stupid mutt in sunglasses who plays Inspector Rex?”


A low, terrifying voice came out of nowhere. Matt and Bino were startled and both of them instinctively started to look around for the source of this voice.

And then, a black mass bolted right in front of Bino’s eyes, almost knocking him down. There was a loud scream and a sound of body heavily falling on the ground.

Bino pulled his ears and yelled from fear. Matt was gone and on his place was that huge black mass.


Bino stopped yelling at once and with his jaws open, his widened eyes slowly went aside, just to see his older brother in a blue K-9 vest who was covering his whole face with his hand.

Two pointed ears emerged from the black mass and soon it lifted it’s head.

“What?” Kevin looked at Fido surprised. “What? I did as you said, warn first and then tackle!”


You’re probably wondering how I’m doing and how’s my work over diploma going.
I must say that making a diploma is not an easy thing, especially when you invented a specific technique of photographing. I found out how to make a portrait as a mosaic. All I needed for that was a… cellphone. So yeah, something like an anti-photo session.
So I tried to invite famous people to school to make portraits. It wasn’t easy since such kind of people are not easy to achieve, but I managed to find some. Thus I created a triptych.
But that’s not over yet. To keep the effect of mosaic, I printed my portraits in 70x100 cm format ( 28x39”), keeping the same color effect and artifacts. Then I had to make tests. Since portraits were made with black background, I couldn’t use glass for my frames because it reflected light, making details to vanish. So the only thing I can do is to paste my work on borderfoam and work on and try to set up falling light in gallery. I’m worried about pasting because it must be done gently, otherwise it will get wrinkled and whole work will get ruined. And believe me, printing 70x100 on a good paper costs a lot.
But overally, my work got high notes during check up and there’s a lot of interest in it. But I will feel fully completed after I’ll see how my work will look on the wall in gallery, where are diplomas will be exhibited.
Yes, school and diploma takes a lot of my time. That’s why I’m unable to update fast and browse forum too much. But there’s also another reason why I don’t comment other fan fictions.
You see, I recently made a log comment on someone’s work and put some criticism into it. However, I forgot that the author didn’t ask for any criticism. So I broke a rule. I had a talk with moderator about this and he was right that I committed a mistake. Therefore, I’ve decided to remain silent on other works for some time until I’ll learn how to choose my words carefully. And that’s not easy for me since I’m a photographer who talks about various works with honest. Therefore I can only help someone by PM’s if he will really want to.
Therefore, because of the rule about criticism, I want to make one statement: whoever reads this fan fiction is allowed to give his full criticism. You can say totally everything what you think about my work, what bothers you, what angers you, where you see plot holes, what kind of mistakes I’m committing in narration, dialogues, and so on. I won’t get mad at you or upset. By giving me a full criticism, you help yourself, but also me to improve over my writing.

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