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That last update almost makes me feel sorry for Bino. Almost.

I will happily wait for a fanfic this good Karlos. Have fun at school!

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Dear readers, there is something I would like to say.

I was recently browsing DeviantART, at to my surprise, I found a HP fanfic that has the same title as mine.
To avoid any confusion, I want to say - the story that is there is not the same. It's totally different and it is not written by me. My fanfic is published only on those forums, in this topic. You won't find it anywhere else.


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14. Unnecessary things that are important

“And you were saying that I only like to keep unnecessary stuff…”

Those words were Matt’s reaction on the pile of stuff that was in front of his house.

It was morning and Mr. Sternfeld already brought Bino’s personal stuff. It wasn’t easy. He would never guess that a dog can have so many things. He had to bring everything by himself.

Of course, it would be easier if someone would help him. But Bino did not want to come to his old house and see his old dad. And he couldn’t count on Matt for obvious reasons.

And there it was, a huge pile of various stuff. Squeaky toys, ragged tennis balls, comic magazines, headphones, documents, old newspapers, action figures, hockey sticks, board games with covers already getting flimsy, VHS tapes, DVD’s, and much, much, much, MUCH more of stuff that Bino gathered during his young life.

Matt and his father were looking on the high pile with their arms crossed.

“There’s no way there will be any room for all of this in our house.” Mr. Sternfeld said.

“Makes me wonder how he stuffed all of this in his room.” Matt said with the same tone as his father.

Mr. Sternfeld eyed at him.

“Honestly?” He said with sarcasm. “I thought otherwise.”

Matt glared at his father. He realized that his dad had on his mind the artistic disorder that was in his room.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that I have such small wardrobe.” Matt tried to defend himself. “Besides, I keep only those things that are important to me. I don’t collect junk like… him.”

Mr. Sternfeld rolled his eyes. When he glanced at the pile again, he scratched his hair.

“So what we’re going to do with this?” He asked after some moments of thinking.

“I doubt I will have any space in my room, not to mention that I don’t want his stuff at all…” Matt replied. “And our attic is already occupied.”

Mr. Sternfeld titled his head from side to side and exhaled air few times.

“I haven’t prepared for this.” Mr. Sternfeld confessed. “I thought Bino will have only few toys…”

Matt looked around. There was no sign of Bino’s presence. He placed his fingers on his lips and gazed at the pile, thinking intensively.

“Where is he by the way?” Matt asked.

“I think he’s in home.” Mr. Sternfeld replied. “Propably sniffing everything around.”

Matt scratched his nose, not turning his gaze away from the pile. His thinking became more intensive.

“I see…” He said after few moments. “Since he’s not here, there’s only one solution…”

Mr. Sternfeld turned his glance to Matt and raised his eyebrows.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked.

“It’s simple.” Matt replied. “We need to get rid of all of this until he shows up here. Burn it, perhaps.”

“Matt, we can’t do this.” Mr. Sternfeld said with disagreement. “How would you feel if I took your copies of Thorgal and threw them into the oven?”

I would run away to the monastery and become a monk because of my grief…” Matt muttered. “But we don’t have a choice. Sometimes sacrifices must be made if we want to achieve compromise. However, if he will ask what happened with his stuff, we will tell him that the Vampire Ninjas took everything.”

“Vampire what??” Mr. Sternfeld’s eyes were wide open.

“Vampire Ninjas.” Matt repeated. “They arrived, ninja’d us and took everything. He will buy it for sure.”

Mr. Sternfeld was showing no reaction. He was simply standing there, gawking at his son with big eyes and jaw wide opened. He was not even blinking, neither breathing.

Matt hung his head and sighed.

“Okay. Creepy zone. I know.” He said with his hands lifted. “Just forget what I said and don’t mention it.”

Mr. Sternfeld regained control over his body. He blinked few times and moved his hand across his hair.

“I still think it’s too drastic.” Mr. Sternfeld started to explain, gesticulating with his hands. “Bino is already having a hard time. He switched families and he needs to acclimatize with his new surrounding. If we will do something with his property, we might upset him and he will see enemies in us instead of family members.”

“Alright, alright…” Matt said with resignation. “Then let’s dig a huge hole in our backyard and bury everything.”

“And how is that supposed to help?” Mr. Sternfeld crossed his arms.

“Well… dogs are diggers, no?” Matt tried to explain, scratching his hair. “If he will need something from his stuff, he can always dredge it up and bury it back.”

“This is without logic…”

“Who cares about logic in those times?” Matt replied, slowly moving forward to the pile of Bino’s stuff. “Most important is that it’s practical in usage. Besides, dogs like to hide their things as far as I remember from TV. Just look, he has squeaky bones.” He pointed his finger at the white squeaky bones that had marks from fangs. “Dogs bury them all the time. Or like that… awesome stereo…”

Matt’s eyes quickly caught the black box that was lying between items.

It was a very old stereo. It was big, with wide membranes, surrounded with silver circles. It had big buttons and long AM/FM antenna.

Matt realized what kind of stereo it was. A real rarity in those times. It is old, but is made from fine materials.

The stereo was from era when people had right to be young and stupid. Era, where companies that were producing them were thinking about quality, not about selling demand. That’s why people all around the world were looking for them, despite of the technology that advanced since they were produced.

It was a precious gem.

An epic stereo.

Matt couldn’t believe that just few minutes ago he wanted to turn the pile of Bino’s stuff into huge torch. It would be such a pity if this jim dandy would perish from this world. If he was able to link it with his amplifier, he would rule the entire cosmos and no one would defy his superiority.

He removed the black glove from his hand, moving it slowly toward the stereo. He wanted to touch it. Slid his fingers along the edges and feel the surface…


Matt nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard the terrifying voice. He turned his head and saw Bino, who was running towards him. There was desperation in his green eyes.

Bino placed his hands on his stereo and took it out from the pile. He put it against his chest and embraced it tightly, like a mother that wants to defend her child from danger.

“Don’t even dare to ever put your hands on my stereo! It’s mine, only I can use it! No one else! Even Santa must stay away from it! If I will see you getting close to it again, I will make you suffer!

Matt did not say anything. He was frozen, his hand was stretched out and his fingers were still bent. He was blinking from time to time.

When Bino finished his scolding, he turned around and quickly run back to the house, slamming the door behind him.

It took Matt few seconds to realize what just happened. He bit his lip and frowned.

“I’ll be right back…” He said coldly to his father, who was staring at him.

- - - - - - - - - -

“Hey! Stop!”

Bino turned around. Matt approached him. He was mad.

“I think I’ve told you yesterday to not talk to me like that in front of my dad!” He said with angry tone.

Bino embraced his stereo to his chest tighter and glared.

“First of all, you wanted to touch my stuff without my permission.” Bino begun his speech. “Second, if you are not allowed to touch my stuff, it means you can’t touch my stereo either. Only I have rights to use it because it’s mine.”

“Well, if this is your stuff, then it would be really nice from your side to give a care about it and help us.” Matt replied sarcastically.

“Oh yeah?” Bino didn’t want to give up. “Someone asked you to bring it?”

Matt snarled. His fist was shaking. He didn’t like Bino’s arrogant reply.

“Even Max couldn’t touch it.” Bino continued. “You have your stuff. Play with it. Do whatever you want. But keep your hands away from everything that is mine. Especially from my stereo.” He tapped the stereo with his hand, still glaring at Matt.

When he finished, he turned around and wanted to go away. He felt satisfied because Matt was not able to find a good riposte for their match.

“Wait.” He heard behind his back.

He turned around again with a lazy expression on his face. Matt came closer.

“From where you have it?” Matt asked.

“Not your business.” Bino replied arrogantly.

Matt’s eyebrow twitched. But he decided to stay calm.

“I ask because you have something valuable in your hands. And you don’t realize it.” Matt continued. “But that can be changed.”

Bino felt intrigued. He put his hand on his hip and was listening to what Matt was telling him.

“I have an offer.” Matt explained. “Your stereo is a very interesting item. It is a real rarity to get such precious gem this days because of awesomeness that this babe can generate. However, I know how to even make it more awesome.”

“Seriously?” Bino asked, his expression changed from laziness to curiosity.

“Think about it. If we will combine your stereo with my amplifier, we would be able to do everything. We can get the power that others can only dream to acquire it. Join forces with me, and I will show you the true meaning of strong beats. So what will you say?” Matt gesticulated with his hand, trying to convince Bino to join his side.

Matt’s proposition was really interesting for Bino. If what he said is true, his awesome stereo can become even more awesome, resulting in getting even more awesome music that the stereo is already providing him. Such thought was tempting.

However, Bino still remembers what Matt told him yesterday before they went to sleep. He can’t forget him how he told him to stay out of his way, or that he hates him and he does not care about him. So maybe Matt is lying? He pretends to be nice, and at the end, he will trick him and steal his beloved stereo. Or maybe even worse.

“I don’t believe you.” Bino replied after thinking on Matt’s proposition. “You’re doing that only because you want my stereo. That’s why you try to play on my mind and manipulate me, so you can get what you want and dump me at the end. But you are wrong. I’ve smelled your trap and I won’t fell for it. I’m not that naive as you think. So my answer is: no.”

Matt gnashed his teeth. He was willing to go on compromise, despite that he hated Bino. And the dog dares to not accept this?!

“Fool! Don’t you realize I’m willing to go on compromise with you, and you turn away from my clemency? I’m doing this so we can both have a benefit from it! And you dare to defy my words?!

“I don’t need you for any benefits.” Bino said. “My stereo is awesome enough already. I don’t need your stuff to make it better. My stereo is fine as it is. Besides, you told me to walk on my own path and to not step on yours. Sorry, but I haven’t found a sign ‘unite with jerk’ so far.”

Matt was becoming angry. He wanted to add something, but he heard his father’s voice from outside:

Matt, I need your help over here.

Matt gave Bino a cold glare.

“You will pay for your blind arrogance.” He said coldly, pointing his finger at Bino. “You had your chance. But you’ve wasted it. Now care for yourself.” He then turned around and proceeded to walk outside, annoyed because he haven’t achieved his goal.

Bino smirked mischievously.

“Narah narah naa naa!” He stuck out his tongue and blew it.

When he heard a slam of the doors, he turned around and directed himself to the backyard.


Music is the only way to obtain the ultimate power.

Sorry if this chapter is kinda flat, but I was so tired when I was writing it xo

Author:  Coatl_Ruu [ Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:03 pm ]
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Heh. Matt seems to be channeling Darth Vader in this one. "Join me, Luke Bino, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son drive the neighbors mad with our obnoxiously loud music!"

As usual, grammar and writing quality are good and still improving. :D

One thing I wanted to point out from an older entry, though:
...sitting in your room and riding your computer all day...

I think this might just be a wonky translation thing. It would be fine to say both "I am on the horse" and "I am riding the horse." However, only "I am on the computer" would work. "On" in that sense means "Using". Saying "I am riding the computer" basically means you've slapped a saddle onto it and are riding it off into the sunset, which I know isn't what you meant. :P

But I'm nitpicking again. Keep up the good work. :D

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I'm totally with Bino on this! How could even *think* to trust Matt, after all the treatment he got...and especially the way he was spoken to last night?
Another fine chapter! Vampire Ninja FTW! :mrgreen:

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Coatl_Ruu Wrote:
"Join me, Luke Bino, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son drive the neighbors mad with our obnoxiously loud music!"

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Coatl_Ruu Wrote:
As usual, grammar and writing quality are good and still improving. :D

I was recently having a problem with writing. I have troubles with concentration. Don't know why, but it's troublesome. Took me like 3 hours to write two pages : / But I hope it's temporary.
So you say that I'm improving? Then I'm glad to hear that :) Seems I'm on the right path. And I promise to keep improving ;)

Coatl_Ruu Wrote:
One thing I wanted to point out from an older entry, though:
...sitting in your room and riding your computer all day...

I think this might just be a wonky translation thing. It would be fine to say both "I am on the horse" and "I am riding the horse." However, only "I am on the computer" would work. "On" in that sense means "Using". Saying "I am riding the computer" basically means you've slapped a saddle onto it and are riding it off into the sunset, which I know isn't what you meant. :P

Actually, It's all my dad's fault I wrote this xD When I was younger and I was playing a lot on my computer, he was comparing it to a horse - the wheelchair was the saddle, and the keyboard was supposed to be the reins. That's why I wanted to compare Matt's computer to a horse, riding on it whole day and screaming 'YEEHAH!' xD
But you're right. Seems I haven't translated this sentence properly. I'll try to think on the right fix.

Coatl_Ruu Wrote:
But I'm nitpicking again. Keep up the good work. :D

Oh, you're not :)
And I will ;)

valerio Wrote:
I'm totally with Bino on this! How could even *think* to trust Matt, after all the treatment he got...and especially the way he was spoken to last night?
Another fine chapter! Vampire Ninja FTW! :mrgreen:

They also have those awesome vampiric samurai swords that generate the red lightnings,making them to look epic. They also have the ability to drain the energy from foes during combat. And man, if you only could see their masks! :D

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It just keeps getting better and better. Really, Matt should know better. Bino learned, so why can't he? :lol:

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copper Wrote:
It just keeps getting better and better. Really, Matt should know better. Bino learned, so why can't he? :lol:

Well, Matt is being Matt ;D

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Uhh KArlos...... by writing this evil filled chapter....... Kizer is going to come with the Evil Alliance...... RUN!

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*jumps out of the floor like a great white shark and shallows EmoPreanut hole*

nice work Karlos, Another wickedly despicable chapter!

I have so much love for so much hate~

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15. Walkies in a friendly atmosphere

Bino was brushing dirt off his hands. He was smiling from pride as he was looking on the place where was now a trace of buried hole.

His stereo was now safe in the backyard. Covered in old blankets, it was laying deep in the ground and will wait there until its owner will be sure that evil Matt won’t place his filthy hands on it.

When Bino was done with brushing the dirt off his hands, he took the pieces of grass and placed them on the trace of his hiding place. He had to do it right, to make sure that the pieces will fit. Just like in the puzzle.

And it was done. The pieces have merged with the rest of the grass and the trace has vanished. Now, no one will know where is the stereo. Especially not a human being who lacks on enchanted smell.

“Yeah. Perfect.” Bino thought to himself, with his paws resting on his hips and grinning. “Now he won’t lay a finger on it. Bah, I bet he won’t even think that I can dig holes and bury my stuff in the ground. He’s too stupid to know that.”

Bino was looking for a moment on the place where he buried his stereo. Then, he turned around and proceeded to the house. He wanted to go to his bed and take a nap.

Just before he reached the entrance, Mr. Sternfeld leaned out from the door frame of the postern doors.

”Ah, there you are.” He said with a smile. “Your friend came to see you and he is waiting at the front doors.”

“Really? Who is it?” Bino asked with curiosity.

“He said his name is Fox. Kind off strange name for a husky.” Mr. Sternfeld replied. “I told him you will come soon.”

Bino frowned. How did Fox know where he lives now? And what is he doing here?

“Okay. I’m coming.” Bino replied without any emotion. He entered the house and proceeded to the anteroom.

Bino did not actually want to see Fox. He was still offended at him after their conversation in the local park two weeks ago. He still remembers how Fox rejected his offer to wander around the neighborhood, saying that he already has some plans with King, and how, in his opinion, he accused him for making matters worse. Of course, he was willing to forgive him, believing that Fox is being fed by King’s lies. But first, he had to show him what he thinks about all of this.

When Bino was getting close to anteroom, Matt passed him. He had some box that contained Bino’s stuff in his hands. He didn’t even look on the dog. He simply passed him, muttering something under his nose.

Bino did not want to talk to him either. He not only made him upset before going to sleep. He also wanted to steal his stereo. He would probably use it for his dark magic. The same that he tried to use on Bino thirty minutes ago. And that was too far.

Bino was almost in the anteroom, but he could already see Fox. He was standing there, leaning against the door frame, with his arms and legs crossed.

“What’s up?” Fox said as Bino came closer to the entrance.

“What are you doing here?” Bino asked him, with his eyes narrowed.

“To see how are you doing recently.” Fox replied relaxed, neglecting Bino’s grumpy expression.

“How have you found out that I live here?” Bino asked next question, not changing his tone and expression.

Fox sighed, making a silly face.

“Your dad told me where I can find you.” Fox said as his glance went back on Bino. “Or your old dad, however to call this neologism.”

They weren’t saying anything for some moment, just exchanging their looks. Fox was standing in front of Bino, totally relaxed and smirking from ear to ear. Bino, on the other hand, was looking like he was trying to hold his paranoia under control.

“So what do you want?” Bino have broken the silence. He was still holding the same expression as in his previous questions.

Fox smiled warmly.

“I was worried about you.” Fox replied friendly. “Since our talk at the park, you weren’t outside ever since. So I was thinking - have you run from your dad and became feral or you isolated yourself in your house. Since I know you would never become a feral because you love Nickelodeon too much, I’ve decided to go pay you a visit. And to my surprise, your dad told me that you have been already given to other family. It made me worried, but your dad said that you still live in Babylon Gardens and he gave me your new address. And…” Fox raised his arms and leaned closer to Bino. “… here I am.”

When Fox finished his explanation, Bino was staring at him for some moment.

“Worried…” Bino was slowly nodding. He supported himself on the wall with his stretched arm. “Yeah. You were worried. And I’m supposed to believe that?”

Fox raised his eyebrows. His expression changed from happy to surprised.

“You know, you could have came earlier, but you appeared after two weeks.” Bino said, gesticulating with his hand. “And I have no doubt that you were spending all this time with King while I was absent. You both had a lot of fun for sure while I was sitting in my room, worrying about my future. Do you have any idea how I was feared for my skin?!” And then, Bino couldn’t hold his paranoia any longer. He had to let it out. “What if I was sold to someone who keeps sheep on some green field?! Even a single thought about it gives me goose bumps! Or if I was purchased by a guy who has a mumbo-jumbo over this weird game that has two capital letters and that weird letter-“

“An ampersand.” Fox interrupted. “It describes word ‘and’ ”.

“Hey, I knew that ok?” Bino was ticked off by Fox’s interruption. “I just forgot how was that called.”

Fox only rolled his eyes and smirked. He knew that Bino was lying.

“Ok, so getting back on topic.” Bino continued. “I was surrounded by four walls in my room and I was fearing for my precious life! But that’s nothing for you. You were simply enjoying those warm days with King, not even thinking about me. I bet hanging out with King and playing games with him were more entertaining than worrying about your best friend. Anything else you would like to ask?”

“Yeah, there is one thing.” Fox replied calmly, not taking everything seriously what Bino just said. “How about we go for a walk around neighborhood? I wanna have a talk with you. Oh, and Rex is here too.”

Fox was right. When Bino looked over his shoulder, he saw Rex. He was standing near the mailbox. He had his arms crossed and was looking around suspiciously.

Bino didn’t know for how long he can keep being miffed on Fox. Despite what he was thinking about their conversation in the park, he actually missed him. Some part of him was telling him to go. But other was still insisting on keeping the serious attitude.

“And what makes you think that I will go?” Bino asked with arrogance in his voice.

“Well, your tail seems to be very enthusiastic about this idea.”

Bino blinked few times. Then, he looked behind himself. His tail was wagging from right to left and from left to right.

“It’s wagging because of the sunrays that are warming my fur!” He said, blushing lightly from embarassment and trying to hold his tail with his hand.

Fox chuckled.

“Oh, come on Bino.” Fox tried to convince him. “No use to sit in a house when the weather is so nice today. Besides, you seriously want to deal with this?” He pointed at the pile of Bino’s stuff that was standing in front of the house.

Fox had a point. It was all his stuff, but it would be so boring to do something with it. Plus, today he has a disease known as lazyness.

“Hmm, I don’t know…” Bino raised his head and begun to scratch his chin. Then, he looked on Fox who was trying to convince him by nodding his head and raising his eyebrows. He sighed. “Ah, fine…” He said with resignation. “I will go out with you and Rex. But only because I was about to go for a walk anyways.”

Fox stuck out his tongue from satisfaction.

“Your parents will allow you?” Fox asked.

“Let me ask first.” Bino turned to inside. “Can I go out with Fox?!” He asked loudly, hoping that someone will hear him.

After few seconds, a brutal reply came:

“You have to be kidding me! You think I will move all of this garbage by myself?!

It wasn’t long before Matt appeared near Bino. He was glaring at him from anger.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Matt said. “I won’t take care of your stuff all by myself. It’s yours, so you should give a care about it and sort it. Got it?”

It was the first time when Fox saw Matt. And the first impression was nothing nice. Not only because of his attitude, but also because of his meretricious clothing.

Bino did not bother about Matt’s opinion. This time, he formulated his question differently.

“Dad, can I go out?!” He said even louder than previously.

Yes, you can go out.” The reply came from the depths of the house. “But don’t be out too long. Remember that we have a special meeting today in afternoon.

Matt couldn’t believe it. He gasped for air, turned around and was raising his hands. He tried to say something, but he was unable too. When he turned back to Bino, he noticed that his dog was already outside, holding the doors and with Fox at his side.

“So long, sucker!” He said with a grin on his face and slammed the door, right before Matt’s face.

When Bino and Fox were moving forward to the street, Fox asked:

“Who was that? And why he wears such clothes?”

Bino sighed heavily.

“Matt.” He replied shortly.

When they approached Rex, the trio moved forward to dilly-dally around Babylon Gardens.

- - - - - - - - - -

Bino, Fox and Rex were walking audaciously on the sidewalk. The sun was warming their bodies, and they felt like the entire neighborhood belonged to them.

Bino and Fox were walking freely. Rex was behind them. He had a stoned face and his arms were crossed. His eyes were moving all the time to look for anything that would be suspicious.

“So tell me, how are your new parents like?” Fox started the conversation, smiling friendly.

“Ehh, nothing special.” Bino replied. “I live with a fat man, witch that wants to eat me, and with a stupid jerk who believes that he can tell others what to do.”

“Aren’t you overreacting?” Fox raised his eyebrow. “I understand that they’re new to you, but already calling them like that?”

“But duh, I am telling you the truth!” He turned to Fox and raised his hands. “Dad is as fat as a barrel, my ex-dad is an anorectic compared to him! And mom acts just like that witch from this fairy tale about a girl and a boy who find a house made from candy. She calls me a sweetie all the time! There’s no doubt that she plans to eat me. She’s just waiting for a perfect moment to do this.”

Fox was trying his best to not burst out laughing. But he was also waiting for the next description on the third person mentioned by Bino. What kind of monster will the guy be in his opinion?

“But the worst from them all is Matt.” Bino clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “Can you believe that he dares to keep me on a leash against my will? Like he thinks I’m some kind of slave. And his headfur… total lack of gusto.”

Fox remember how he saw a young guy that appeared next to Bino. Indeed, his hair was looking really weird, despite that he had no idea about human haircuts. His style of clothing was also leaving much to desire.

“How can he even force me to stay at home?” Bino continued his complaint. “He thinks that he can control me? Hah! It will never happen! I’m the leader of this neighborhood, and no one will be telling me what I should do!”

“Hmm, but how can he give you orders?” Fox asked, considering on Bino’s words. “You said that in your home is mom and dad.”

“Well, it’s strange for me too.” Bino said. “They told me that Matt is my dad now. But that’s technically impossible! Matt told me that he has a dad. So how can he be my dad if he has a dad?”

“Ah, I see.” Fox placed his fingers on his lips. “From what I know, when humans have their own offspring, they give them us, pets, to make them happy. But what I also heard, there were many accidents because of their behavior. Many human children like to squeeze pets too strong and pull ears and whiskers with force. But you shouldn’t worry about it. It seems that your dad is too big to do such things. But check does he make pentagrams on the floor just in case.”

“Well, that would be kinda cool I guess if he would be doing that. But I doubt he does.” Bino replied. “But he likes to keep a horrible mess in our room. And it’s almost impossible to breath there! But that’s just temporary. I’ll make sure to make proper order there. He’ll just wait…” He rubbed his paws against each other as he was saying his last sentence. “Anyways, since we are out here, how did it happen that you came with Rex to me instead to your new best friend? I die from curiosity.”

Fox rolled his eyes. Bino was really picky on topic about King.

“I help King to socialize, but it doesn’t mean that I forget about rest of my friends. And I’m trying to explain this to you all the time…” He narrowed his eyes.

“Why do you care about him anyways?” Bino fumed. “What do you see in him? He is short, has chubby legs, freaky big ears and is a loud mouth. You like him more than me? He will replace me as your new best friend?”

“Are you jealous?” Fox shot him a quick question, leaning his head closer to him and grinning.

“I am not!” Bino said loud as he raised his chin and crossed his arms. “Such thing like jealousy is unknown to me. I never get jealous.”

Fox rolled his eyes.

“Since we are speaking about King, I think I made some progress so far.” Fox continued the conversation. “I’ve convinced him to come to our next Good Ol’ Dogs Club meeting. It wasn’t easy, but I’m sure he won’t regret it. It’s time for him to meet new faces and make friends.”

“Ghh, wonderful…” Bino barely swallowed Fox’s words. “Now I will see this shrimp in my club. Thanks to you and to my brother who does not even bother asking my opinion.”

“Have you even tried to talk to him?” Fox raised his hands from the emotions. “What has he ever done to you? You talk about him like he was some antagonist to us all but you barely know him!”

“Hah! I don’t even have to know him to realize what’s he up to!” Bino replied arrogantly. “I see by the way he moves, speaks, glances at others… and what is most important, his name is King! And king means ruler. So it’s obvious that someone who has such name will try to overthrow me and take my place to rule us all! But I won’t let that happen. No one will ever take my position!”

“I like him.” A dreary voice of Rex came from behind.

“Rex, we all know that you are naive.” Bino retorted without even looking back. “Don’t believe in everything what King tells you. He will try to turn you against me.”

Then, Bino felt Fox’s paw on his shoulder. He suddenly stopped.

“Bino, do you trust me?” Fox asked him with a serious tone.

Fox’s question totally surprised Bino. The tone and honesty of the question have frozen his brain, resulting in impossibility of giving the answer.

“I…I…” Was all that Bino was able to say.

Fox’s eyes weren’t helping either. Bino could see there pure purity, innocence and the desire for an honest answer.

Fox is his friend for a very long time. They know each other since they were pups and were hanging around to play some games. He was the dog that was his closest friend and he could trust him the most.

But they were talking about King here. About his rival. He was scared that King will turn everyone against him. And he was especially scared about Fox.

Since King showed up in Babylon Gardens, Fox was spending most of time with him. Helping the new dog to socialize, as Fox said. But Bino was afraid that one day, Fox will stop being his friend, and he will hang only with King.

What answer he should give to Fox?

“I…” Bino was directly looking into Fox’s eyes. “I… of course I trust you!” He frowned as his brain became operational again. “How can you even ask me such question! But what guarantee I have that he won’t try to ruin our fun in the club?”

“I promise with my right paw on my heart that everything will be fine.” Fox said with a calm voice and warm smile. His paw was resting on his chest.

Bino bit his lip. His breathing was audible. He was fighting with himself at this moment.

“Fffiiiine…” Bino said with grumpy voice and lowered his head, surrendering to Fox. “But I’m doing this only because of your puppy eyes.”

Fox chuckled and patted Bino on his shoulders.

“See? It wasn’t that bad to say yes.” Fox said with a cheerful voice. “And I think it will be a good opportunity for you to know King better. Remember about the dog brotherhood. I’m sure you will like him if you will try.”

“I will try too.” Rex said with the same dreary voice as before.

“Yeah, yeah…” Bino said with his head still lowered. Then, he turned slowly and the trio proceeded forward again.

Fox was happy that Bino accepted the situation. He didn’t want any troubles in King’s first participation in GODC meeting. He still remember what happened last time when he invited King for the Christmas Eve. The poor guy went out on cold with his face covered in dirt and with tears in his eyes. And Bino had an accident, after Fox chased him and he slipped when he stepped on the soap. Why there was a soap on the floor anyways?

Perhaps now, if he will work on it properly, Bino and King will befriend with each other. And he will be able to tag along with both of them.

If they will stop hating each other first. And that will be really hard to do, Fox thought to himself.

“Ok, since we are now on the topic about the club, I want to know now what was going on when I was gone.” Bino interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh, well…” Fox scratched his neck and smiled silly. “Nothing much, really?”

“What do you mean nothing much”. Bino gave him a suspicious look. “There’s always a lot of important things to do in our club.”

“But we… did not had a meeting since your last speech and…”

Bino was shocked. He couldn’t believe in what he was hearing right now.

WHAT?!” He yelled. “You skipped the meetings?!

Fox could only smile nervously.

“I can’t believe this!” Bino hit his hand with his fist. “I’m absent for few days and everyone are skipping their duties. This is unacceptable! But now, I am back. And I will bring back the order to the club and everything will work as it should!”

“But Bino, we were just-“ Fox’s words were interrupted by Bino’s finger that landed on his lips.

“Shhh. I’m telling here very important things right now, and I need your full attention so you can understand what I want to say.” Fox rolled his eyes in response. Then, Bino took his finger of his friend’s lips and continued his speech. “Our meeting are scheduled. Every club member must be present and must be punctual. No one can skip meetings, otherwise he will be punished. During our meeting, we will discuss things that need our attention first. After we are done with that, there will be time for fun and games. Not earlier. First duties, then joys. Everything will be planned precisely. I will write a schedule plan when I will get back home. It will be copied and everyone will be obligated to keep it and to conform to it. Fox!” He turned his head to the husky. “You will call everyone and tell them that next meeting will occur in three days. And tell that shrimp to not better be late. Otherwise, he will meet with consequences.”

Fox had his arms crossed and he was biting his lips. His gaze was piercing into the gray sidewalk.

“Fine, I’ll do it. Good to see you being yourself again…” He said sarcastically.

“I will bake cookies.” Rex said, with the dreary tone again.

“Rex, cookies are girl stuff…” Bino said, rolling his eyes.

“But I like to bake them.” Rex’s tone was still dreary, but this time, it had a bit of grief in it.

Bino moved his paw across his face.

“Listen to me, Rex.” Bino started to lecture him. “I understand that you have some hobbies, but if you continue to do such things, the other dogs will be telling that…”

Bino wasn’t able to finish his sentence as he saw a figure coming their way.

It was a dog. His fur was light brown, but there was a cream colored fur going from his muzzle to his belly. His ears were perked up and his tail was wagging slightly. He had a red collar and he was holding something in his hands.

Bino knew exactly who was that dog. It was making him feel sick each time he saw him. Not only because he was a cat lover, but also because of his happy attitude that was always companioning him.

“Peanut Butter Sandwich.” Those three words barely came through Bino’s sharp fangs, each of them being accented.

Bino turned his head to Fox and grinned mischievously.

“I agreed on your proposition to give King a chance.” He said to him. “Now, how about we go pick on Peanut to have some fun.”

Fox look in the direction where Peanut was. He made a worried expression for a moment. Then, his glance returned to Bino.

“Alright. But I’m doing that only because he is a cat lover, not because I like to pick on him without any reason.”

“Perfect!” Bino rubbed his paws. Then, his gaze went on Peanut and grinned evilly. “Ready or not, cat lover, but we are coming for you…”


You probably asked yourself - why I have updated earlier?
The reason is because I will be away till Sunday, and I won’t be able to update in Sathurday. So you have the story earlier this time : )
Also, I must confess that I had some troubles recently. But good people backed me up. I would like to thank you for your support. You gave me an answer I was looking for. Now I know what I should do. And if you will also have any problems, feel free to PM me. I will try to help you.

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Angry at KIzer: god dang sharks and holes..... ANOTHER EVIL FILLED CHAPTER? Come on, Karlos, Kizer will torture me now! Why is your chapters so evil these days? Are you trying to get me killed.... but it was a good chapter.

Don't KILL ME KIZER, I HaVE one of your henchman that will be killed by EmoPeanut, my avatar. He kills under my orders.... so don't even think about attacking me!

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Another great chapter, Karlos. Can't wait for the next one!

Bino just can't get over himself, Fox is gained a conscious, and Rex is diligently playing his role as bodyguard. Everything is right in the universe. Until Peanut came along. He just had to walk down the road at that moment. Poor guy, luck is not his friend, is it? :lol:

It sounds like the only one who wants to keep the GODC going is Bino, huh?

Author:  valerio [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:17 am ]
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You know, Karlos, Fox being a jerk is still very upsetting. At least, this chapter helped me put Bino back in the proper perspective.
Heck, I'm actually starting hoping that Matt gives Bino a heck of a time!

Author:  Private Elliot [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:21 am ]
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I have to agree with Val. Fox isn't really a jerk. Do we ever see him insult Peanut?

...After the Cat Tail (or something) story arc anyway.

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I think Fox and Peanut are becoming friends. He let's Peanut borrow his things and speaks with him amiably now.

Author:  KizerZin [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:48 pm ]
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Bino, Fox and Rex... Super Evil Team up! HA HA HAaaaa!

Author:  Karl [ Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:50 pm ]
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Private Elliot Wrote:
I have to agree with Val. Fox isn't really a jerk. Do we ever see him insult Peanut?

...After the Cat Tail (or something) story arc anyway.

You will have to find out ;)

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I'm really sorry guys, but I won't be able to update today D= . I'm having some problems today, including health. Also, I am invited to TV station to see how they work there with cameras and soap poeras and I need to stand up earlier, which makes me unable to stay longer. So I will update tomorrow after I will come back from TV station and my outdoor to take some photos.
I really apologize for this. I hope you won't mind waiting a little longer.

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Don't mind at all, Karlos. Just make sure that you take care of what you need to first. Your story is worth waiting for!

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16. Zoom lens

Since the weather was really nice and there was nothing to do at home, a very friendly and hyper-enthusiastic dog named Peanut had decided to grab his nDS and go outside.

A light breeze blew through his fur. His tail was wagging slightly and his ears were perked up high. A sign that he’s in a good mood. The air was warm because of the sun that was getting higher each day as the spring was blooming and birds were flying everywhere.

Nearby on the street, a group of dogs was having fun with a provisional fountain that was linked to a fire hydrant. Their barks and laughs were a sign that spring had domesticated itself in Babylon Gardens, chasing out the cold winter for a long time.

However, Peanut was not paying attention to the surrounding. He was too focused on the events that were taking place on the screen of his nDS.

At this moment, Peanut Butter Sandwich was now Megaman and he was fighting troublesome viruses on the EM Wave Road above AMAKEN headquarters. He has to fight his way through them if he wants to save people that are trapped in the space simulator by evil FM alien known as Cygnus Wing. He must hurry!

It wasn’t easy. The viruses were very powerful and Peanut must be very careful to not take any damage. Thanks to his well organized battle card folder, he is able to defeat them with well planned moves.

The time is running. All people are counting on him! He must save them!

Nothing can stop him!

“Hey… Peanut!

Well, something can actually.

The voice made Peanut to take his glance from the flashing screen to the person that called him.

In front of him was standing Bino, with his paw on his hip. He had a mischievous smirk on his face. At his side was standing Fox. He had the same pose as Bino, but he had a serious expression and was glaring. Rex was behind them, with his arms crossed and his face was stoned.

Peanut’s tail started to wag with vigor and he smiled cheerfully.

“Oh, hey Bino.” He said happily. “How are you doing?”

Bino hated when Peanut has a happy attitude each time they meet, rather than being worried or scared. Now matter how many times he was picking on this dog or how much he was making fun of him, Peanut always had with a smile on his face. It was making him angry.

But Bino have hidden his anger and he kept his smirk.

“So, how is your life going on, cat lover.” Bino continued his picking on Peanut. “Switched to cat snacks? Or you take a bath in a cat way now?”

Peanut scratched himself near his ear. His brain was analyzing the acquired sound data. When the process was complete, he smiled again.

“I haven’t tried cat snacks yet.” Peanut replied. “But since Grape likes to eat my dog biscuits, I guess it won’t hurt to try.”

Bino and Fox exchanged their looks. They raised their eyebrows and blinked few times.

“And I don’t think I would take a bath like a cat.” Peanut continued. ”I’ve already seen how Grape acts when she’s in a tub filled with water and mom washes her. I wouldn’t want to hiss and try to attack everything with claws that is nearby. I actually love to bath! Especially when mom makes a lot of bubbles!”

When Peanut finished what he said, he was smiling like a little child and was looking on the trio with innocent eyes. His tail was wagging as he was waiting for a response.

Bino and Fox were shocked. For few seconds, they were staring at Peanut like he was some kind of a radioactive ghost. Only Rex was not amused.

Bino shook his head lightly, breaking his shock. Then, he clenched his fists.

Do you listen to what you’re just saying?!” Bino burst out. “I’m making fun of you and you’re supposed to defend yourself! Not letting yourself more grounded!

Peanut’s expression changed. Now, there was uncertainty and incomprehension.

“But you asked me how I’m doing!” Peanut replied with serious expression. “So I told you the honest truth-“

*sound of lost game*

“Aww!” Peanut’s glance went back on his game that he was holding in his paws. His expression has changed once again, showing nuisance this time. “I got deleted! And I forgot to save before I entered the wave hole…”

Bino’s eyes grew big. He though that Peanut couldn’t get any weirder. But he was wrong.

After Peanut pressed the button few times, he noticed that Bino was looking on him with a strange gaze.

“I play Megaman Starforce.” Peanut explained, smiling joyfully. “Dad bought me this game when he was in town because I was a very good boy and I helped him to do some cleaning in the garage. It’s a really awesome game! I control a guy who transforms into a blue guy with an alien that replaces his hand and he can fire green beams from his mouth. And they can talk with eachother! And there is this thing that is called EM Wave Road and when I transform, I can walk there and fight viruses! There are also those things like battle cards and I can use them to-“

As Peanut kept going with his speech, Bino was still staring at him with big eyes, not blinking even once. He was totally not understanding what Peanut was talking about. And it was a really weird stuff in his opinion.

Fox was also having similar thoughts like Bino. He was never a fan of video games. He preferred to grab a book and escape to the depths of interesting plot, rather than killing his eyes and melting his brain in front of a flashy screen. What Peanut was talking about right now was like using a CD for record player.

“- and my satellite is Pegasus. It comes with the version of the game. If you also have it, we can make a Brotherband.”

“That sounds really cool.” Rex has spoken, his dreary tone mixed with interest.

“Sounds stupid to me.” Bino finally said something. “Also weird. And what got you into playing on nDS. Everyone know that PSP is way better.”

“Oh, but that’s not true.” Peanut tried to defend himself. He raised his paw, holding his nDS and pointed his finger at it. “You can use a special stick for it that looks like a pen. You can touch the screen instead of pressing buttons. And you can draw on it too! Plus, it has a second input for next cartridge and if you will-“

But Peanut was not able to finish his sentence because Bino rapidly snatched the device from his paw.

“Oh, really Peanut?” Bino smiled mischievously and waved the nDS in front of Peanut. “You wanna bet?”

“Hey!” Peanut tried to get back his toy. “Give it back!”

But Peanut wasn’t able to reach for his device as Bino was swinging his paw.

“So what you’re gonna do now, Peanut?” Bino was having fun now, seeing as Peanut was trying to get back the nDS. “What you’re gonna do to get it back, hmm?”

“Give it back!” Peanut was still trying to get his toy, but Bino was doing everything to not let that happen.

Fox didn’t like what was happening. He agreed to pick on Peanut because Bino agreed on inviting King to the club. But snatching Peanut’s toy from his hands and mocking him was too much.

He really felt sorry for Peanut. He was a polite and friendly dog. Seeing him in such circumstances was upsetting him.

He wanted to snatch the gaming device from Bino’s paw and give it back to Peanut. But he also realized that doing this may cause even more problems. Bino can make a fuss out of it and cause drama.

Perhaps if he will say something, Bino will quit mocking Peanut and he will give him back the electronic toy.

“Honestly Peanut, I don’t get how can you waste your time on this thing.” Fox tried to sound like he was picking on Peanut. He made a serious expression like a teacher who scolds his pupil. But it was hard for him to do it since he really didn’t want to. “You should spend your time by browsing literature. Not playing video games that brainwashes you. I’m really disappointed.”

Fox was hoping that now Bino will say something to make fun of Peanut and he will give him back his nDS. However, something else happened.

When Peanut heard Fox’s words, he stopped fighting with Bino for his toy and he turned to him. He was glancing at him for few seconds. Then, he smiled.

“That reminds me.” He said with a friendly voice. “I’ve finished yesterday reading your collection of Agatha Christie’s books that you have lent me. I will give them back to you when my mom will give me back the cart. And I will lend you those books you wanted to read.”

Fox was completely speechless. He haven’t expected such reaction from Peanut.

“And I’m really happy that you invited me to spend the night in your house.” Peanut continued. “I love sleepovers! We will spend all night having a marathon of books and debating about symbolism of the romanticism. I will bring popcorn in packages so we can put them to microwave and make some. And I hope you will show me what toys you have in your room.”

“Sounds awesome.” Rex’s voice came from behind.

Fox was now in very uncomfortable situation. He really likes to talk with Peanut about books. It didn’t matter to him what kind and type they were. Was it a novel of sensation, volume of poems, belles-lettres or science fiction. If it was about books, Peanut was the only one who really understands him. That’s why he decided to invite him for a sleepover at his house, to know him better and maybe become friends.

All of this wouldn’t be a problem if they were alone. But right now, he is outside with his pack and at his side stands a dog who is madly jealous about everything. He knew that nothing good will come out of this.

“Peanut…” It was the only thing Fox could say at this moment.

Peanut placed his paws on Fox’s shoulders.

“And you shouldn’t dislike games.” He said to him with a wide smile. “If you will have some free time, you can come to my house and I can introduce you to some awesome video games. I’m sure you’ll love it!”

“Ahahah, yeah that’s… nice really.” Fox smiled nervously and he placed his paw on Peanut’s shoulder. He was feeling like his body was all filled with ice cubes inside. “We will… have a meeting at the club soon and… you will give me back my collection, heh… and we will see each other at Friday.” He finished, hoping that this embarrassment will end.

“Okay.” Peanut replied and he let go of Fox. “I’ll be going now. Can I get back my nDS? Thanks.” He said happily as he took his device out of Bino’s limp paw. “It was nice to see you guys. Bye!” He passed the trio and waved to them for goodbye.

“Bye!” Rex waved back to Peanut with a smile.

Fox was watching as Peanut was walking away. He could see how he pressed something in his device and he was back in virtual world, continuing his fight against evil.

He was afraid now to look at his side. He knew that he will see there something very unpleasant.

But his curiosity was stronger. He dared to look.

And he regretted it.

Bino was looking on him with a cold glare. His pupils were very narrow and deep in his eyes was a desire for murder.

“Heehee…” Fox gave Bino a nervous grin.

But Bino was still staring at him with the same glare for a long moment. He haven’t blinked even once. Fox could feel a chill going down his spine.

Bino slowly turned around and started to walk away, slouching. Fox and Rex exchanged their looks. Then, they followed Bino.

- - - - - - - - - -

The trio was walking in silence all the time. They were now on the outskirts of Babylon Gardens. The houses were far away and there were only empty parcels, all covered in mud that was made after the rain.

Fox was glad that Peanut got his toy back. He didn’t like how Bino behaved back then. In his opinion, Bino shouldn’t do such things to him.

Bino was pretending like Fox wasn’t even there. He was keeping a distance from him. He was feeling offended.

Finally, Fox couldn’t take it any longer. He was sick of Bino’s attitude.

“Your attitude back there was reprehensible!” He broke the silence, scolding Bino.

Bino turned his head for a moment and gave Fox a cold glare. Then, he turned his head away and continue to neglect Fox’s presence.

“What was that supposed to be?!” Fox continued his scolding. “You think it’s nice to mock on others by taking their stuff from them and then make fun of them? How would you feel if someone suddenly grabbed your toy and mock you like that? Would it feel nice?”

But Bino was not caring about Fox’s words. He couldn’t forgive him that he invited Peanut to his house for a sleepover. Envy was burning him deeply.

Fox had enough of this. He grabbed Bino by his arm and pulled it to stop him.

“Look on me when I speak to you! Don’t behave towards me like that!”

The trio have stopped. Bino turned to Fox.

“I behave bad?” Bino said to him, then he pointed his finger at Fox’s chest. “It’s you who behaves bad towards me! I already can’t stand how you prefer to spend time with King rather than with me! But... but to choose a cat lover over me… that’s way too much!”

“You shouldn’t be so jealous about everything!” Fox replied back. “I am your friend, but it doesn’t mean that I have no right to be friends with others! Besides, Peanut is a good dog. There’s really no point to pick on him, despite that he likes cats. He even reminds me of you when you were younger.”

“Don’t compare me to him! It offends me!” Bino tried to protest. “I am not a cat lover like him! And I will never be! Peanut is weird and you shouldn’t be his friend!”

The atmosphere was getting nervous. Bino was as stubborn as a mule and it seemed that Fox wasn’t able to knock any sense into him. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

“You can’t continue on hating others like that.” Fox tried to explain. “You should try to make friends just like I do. That’s what I try to learn King. Otherwise, if you will keep such attitude, all dogs will-“

“Hate me.” Bino finished Fox’s sentence. He could feel like he was trembling from the inside. “I don’t care am I hated or not.” Then, he turned away from Fox and crossed his arms. “All I want is your complete and unquestioning loyalty! Is that too much to ask?”

“That’s not how it works, Bino.” Fox said. “You cannot force anyone to respect you if you will be foisting your will on others. It’s false and it will only cause pain. It’s better to befriend someone and be friendly to others, not demanding loyalty and expect that everyone will blindly follow you. This won’t lead you anywhere.”

Bino hung his head. He was close to cry. And he didn’t like how Fox was teaching him. It was annoying him.

Now Bino was really scared that he will loose his friend. King was a competition already. But now, Peanut had entered and Bino was in danger. He was feeling jealous. And his envy was causing his anger.

He was feeling helpless. It was two on one now. A napoleon and a cat lover, united together against him.

“And since we’re talking about being friendly…” He heard Fox’s voice from his back.

Before he could react, he felt something touching his shoulder lightly.

Tag! You’re it!”

Bino quickly turned around. He could see how Fox and Rex were running away. They were on the empty parcel and their feet were splashing against the mud.

“Well, what are you waiting for, you snail!” Fox shouted, teasing him. He was smiling and waving to him. “Catch us!

Bino shook his fists. He couldn’t believe that Fox simply tricked him like that.

“Hey, that’s cheating!” He shouted back. “I didn’t even had a chance for reaction! Just wait till I get you two! You won’t escape from me!”

Bino dashed and tried to catch Fox and Rex. There were a lot of sounds of laughs, barks and splashing…


You honestly haven’t believed that Bino will succeed on picking on Peanut : )
And if you have a problem with someone who overreacts and is jealous, play the ol’ fashioned game of tag with him.

I have read your comments about Fox’s character in the previous chapter. I haven’t given you a clear answer because I wanted to reveal this chapter first. If you still have doubts about his character or something is confusing, feel free to ask.
Also, I have lend Bino’s line about loyalty from the Cast Page. I did it because it sounded right in my opinion at this situation : ) But if there will be any problems, I will edit.

Author:  copper [ Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:12 pm ]
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Another awesome update. Peanut has such a disarming charm, even Bino cant resist! :lol:

Yay! Fox and Peanut are becoming fast friends it seems. Bino is getting the same treatment from Matt that he gives toward others. Poetic Justice, anyone?

Great viewpoint on Fox's character. I thought you were almost right on the money.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:40 pm ]
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copper Wrote:
Great viewpoint on Fox's character. I thought you were almost right on the money.

I don't know what this sentence means xD Can you explain please? :)

Author:  Obbl [ Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:17 pm ]
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Karlos Wrote:
copper Wrote:
Great viewpoint on Fox's character. I thought you were almost right on the money.

I don't know what this sentence means xD Can you explain please? :)

"Right on the Money" means "exactly correct". According to Google it comes from archery where they would place a coin at the center of the target, and the archer whose arrow struck closest to the coin won it. So if they were right on the money, it meant the hit the coin perfectly. :D Learn something new every day!

Author:  copper [ Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:20 pm ]
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Darn, Obbl beat me to it! I hope it wasn't too confusing for you. I tend to use a lot of expressions in my speech, soo if anything confuses you don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to put things in a clearer way next time.

Author:  Karl [ Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:44 pm ]
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Obbl Wrote:
"Right on the Money" means "exactly correct". According to Google it comes from archery where they would place a coin at the center of the target, and the archer whose arrow struck closest to the coin won it. So if they were right on the money, it meant the hit the coin perfectly. :D Learn something new every day!

At first, I thought it was something about payment xD
Now I understand everything. It sounds interesting too. Thanks :)

copper Wrote:
Darn, Obbl beat me to it! I hope it wasn't too confusing for you. I tend to use a lot of expressions in my speech, soo if anything confuses you don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to put things in a clearer way next time.

No, it wasn't too confusing :) Just didn't know what that means. I don't mind when people use metaphores, they sound interesting. Like Obbl said: nice to learn something new everyday xD

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Well guys, I'm not able to update on time again :/ . I thought I will do it, but the next chapter have turned out to be longer than I have expected xD And I need to stand at morning, so I can't sit at night and finished it.
Sorry for this. I know that I was supposed to stick with the deadline, and I'm delaying the update again. But it's because I have a misfortune this time.
To make you feel better, I will say that my next update will put a smile on your faces :)

So update will be in sunday.

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No problem, Karlos. Take your time with it. A longer update sounds great!

And you've already put a smile on my face! :lol:

Author:  valerio [ Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:40 am ]
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Worry not, Karlos! it will be worth the wait :D :D

Author:  Brian [ Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:14 pm ]
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Dude, you did an outstanding job in creating the characters personalities. They were very believable... and.... stuff. :?
I'm not good with words, dude. But you sure are.

Author:  Karl [ Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:50 pm ]
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17. Quack!

Matt wiped off the sweat from his forehead. He was sitting on the sofa, resting.

It took him a lot of time to move Bino’s stuff to the cellar and sort them all. When he thinks about this huge pile that was outside, he can’t believe that all of this somehow had fit in there.

But he also couldn’t stand that Bino simply left the house to hang out with some guys, instead of helping him. Especially that it was his stuff. He promised himself that he will lock Bino in this cellar when he will come back.

And who was to blame? Dad. He allowed Bino to go outside.

Mr. Sternfeld flopped on the armchair, breathing heavily. After some time, he took out a white tissue and started to wipe the sweat from his face.

“I would never expect that a dog can have so many toys.” He said to Matt with a smile as he turned his face to his direction. “His owner must have been really loaded. Or Bino is good in persuasion…”

Matt turned his head to his father. He was frowning and his eyes were sparking.

“Speaking off, may I know why you allowed him to go outside?” Matt said. “I thought you said that I’m his owner. So I think I decide what he can and what he cannot do.”

Mr. Sternfeld sighed and moved his tissue across his face.

“Although you’re responsible for him, remember that you’re still under our education.” Mr. Sternfeld replied. “And since I’m the head of this family, the last word belongs to me.”

Matt did not like his father’s words. He tied him to Bino and forces him to take care of this dog. But still, he acts like he was the true owner. It was confusing him. So Matt is Bino’s owner or not?

“It would be still nice if he would help us with his stuff.” Matt replied back. “It was his stuff afterall, I won’t be his servant that will bounce all around him and do everything for him.”

“Let it. He needs to adjust.” Mr. Sternfeld explained. “Besides, he went out with his friends. If you only had friends too…”

“Such thing like friends are for those who are weak.” Matt said with arrogance in his voice. “I can depend on myself. I don’t need anyone. And I don’t need a dog too.

When Matt finished his sentence, there was a sound of pushed handle and the creek of the doors.

“Speaking about…” Matt rolled his eyes. Then, he got up from the sofa and walked in the direction where the anteroom was. “May I know where have you been? I was sorting all of your garbage and instead of helping me, you’ve decided to go out with some-“

Matt was not able to finish. When he got into the anteroom, in front of him was standing something that was shaped like a dog. Mud was dripping off his body and all of his fur was glued in it. The pair of green eyes were gawking at the teen with interest.

“Who are you…” Matt said slowly, after some time.

“Charlie from ‘All dogs go to Heaven’ “ Bino replied as he crossed his arms, making a slimy noise as he was doing this. “It’s me! And don’t look at me like I was some alien! Now let me in!”

The conversation between Matt and Bino dragged Mr. Sternfeld’s attention. He raised himself a bit to see what’s going on in anteroom and his eyes grew wide.

“Bino!” Mr. Sternfeld said, shocked. “What happened to you?”

“Nothing.” Bino gave a short reply to Mr. Sternfeld, passing Matt and walking into to the living room. “Fox tricked me and tagged me. But it wasn’t long before I got him.” He smirked. “We were chasing eachother on the muddy field until we all started to hyperventilate and collapsed on the ground. And we had a mud fight too!”

Bino was walking to the place where stairs were beginning. He wanted to go to Matt’s room. He was tired and wanted to get some rest.

Mr. Sternfeld gasped as he saw that Bino is leaving footprints on the carpet. He quickly stood up and blocked his way, right before stairs.

“Bino, what are you doing?!” Mr. Sternfeld scolded him. The carpet was brand new and it already got dirty because of him.

“Uh, wanted to go take a nap. Why?” Bino crossed his arms. He didn’t know what’s Mr. Sternfeld’s problem was.

“You can’t walk around in our house like this!” Mr. Sternfeld waved his hand in front of him. “You’re filthy and you’re leaving mud everywhere!”

Bino looked at himself. His whole body was covered in mud. His feet, tail, armpits, ears - all were muddy and sticky.

“Then… what I’m supposed to do?” Bino glanced at Mr. Sternfeld reproachfully.

Matt was still standing in anteroom. When he heard Bino’s words, he sighed.

He knew what will happen now. When a dirty dog comes to your house, there was only one thing to do. Now, Matt was waiting for those words that will come out from his dad’s lips, like a convict that stand in front of a guillotine.

Mr. Sternfeld’s glance went on Matt.

“Matt, take Bino to the bathroom and give him a bath.” He said to his son. Then, he raised his hand and looked on the watch. “Our guests will be here soon, so hurry up.”

Bino froze all of a sudden. His mouth was open and he stopped breathing. He felt like the temperature inside suddenly lowered. Word bath was echoing in his head.



BATH !!!

Matt approached Bino. He put his hand on his shoulder with a disgust on his face.

“I really have to do this?” He said with grief in his voice.

Bino started to feel a strange sensation inside of his body. It was like his innards shrink and his bones were trembling. His legs were like from jelly. He slouched and curled his tail between his legs.

The panic started to flow into his mind. He wanted to run. As far as it was possible. But how? By reaching the frontal doors? Or by jumping through the window?

He started to imagine the horrors that await him. The nasty liquid that burns your eyes. The soap that likes to enter into your nose and ears. And the brush that almost tears out your fur from your skin.

There was no time. Matt will drag him into the bathroom in any moment! He had to think fast. He quickly turned around and took Matt’s hand off his shoulder with force.

He wanted to run to the frontal doors. But Matt had fast reflex. He grabbed Bino by his collar and pulled him.

“Ack!” Bino stuck out his tongue as he felt his collar pressing against his throat. He almost collapsed on the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Matt asked with astonishment. He didn’t know what’s going on.

At this moment, Bino was all panicked. He started to swing his arms in air, as he tried to free himself from Matt’s grasp. He was feeling like he was fighting for his life.

The situation became dramatic. Matt grabbed Bino into his arms and lifted him, but the dog was still squirming and breathing fast. Despite Matt’s firm grip, Bino managed to free his hand and slapped his oppressor, leaving a trail of mud on his face.

“AUGH!” Matt yelled as he felt the slap. When he recovered himself, he caught Bino’s paw that was swinging widely and squeezed him hard again.

But despite Matt’s strong grip, Bino was not giving up. He couldn’t move his arms, but he was still able to kick Matt’s legs.

NOOOO!!!” Bino was screaming from fear. “PLEASE NO!!! I DON’T WANT A BATH!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Mr. Sternfeld was terrified. He run away and hide himself behind the armchair, covering his head with his arms.

Take him to the bathroom!” He yelled with fear in his voice. “Fast!!

Like you think it’s easy!!!” Matt yelled back.

He was right. For Matt, holding panicked Bino was like riding a wild bull. He could feel how he tried to break free from his grasp with all his force.

Matt proceeded to the bathroom. It wasn’t a short distance since the bathroom was near the kitchen.

But the short distance turned into a really long way. Matt’s muscles were tense all the time and he was barely walking because Bino was kicking his legs all the time.

Stop squirming!” Matt was shouting to him. “You’re not helping me!

But Bino was not listening to him. He was fighting for his dear life now. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, begging for help and naively believing that someone will hear him and will come to save him.

When they were passing the kitchen, Mrs. Sternfeld showed herself at the entrance, wearing a pink apron and holding a green rag in her hand. When she saw what’s happening, she smiled.

“You can do it, sonny!” she waved the rag in air, acting like a cheerleader.

Matt turned his head to his mom and could only make a expression of embarrasment before he returned to his fight.

The doors that were leading to the bathroom were really close. Matt knew that behind those doors, everything will end. Just have to pass them…

But Bino was not going to give up. He placed his feet on the door jamb and used all of his strength to not get inside.

Matt was pushing as hard as he could to force Bino to get inside.

Stop being ridiculous!” Matt said, huffing.

Matt tried to pull Bino back and attempted to push him into the bathroom once more. But each time he tried to do this, Bino was placing his feet on the door jamb again and was successfully blocking the way.

DON’T DO THIS TO ME!!!” Bino tried to beg, using all of his strength in his legs to not get pushed inside by Matt. ”I’LL BE A GOOD DOG, I PROMISE!!! BUT DON’T GIVE ME A BATH!!!

Matt was becoming red on his face and was panting heavily. Trying to push Bino inside the bathroom was like pulling a stubborn donkey out of the way.

After some minutes of wresting, suddenly Bino’s foot slipped off the door jamb and Matt pushed him inside.

“Now I’ve got you!” Matt said, pleased that his attempt to push Bino into the bathroom was successful. Then, he made one step forward. “We’ll fill the tub with water and-“


“AAAH!” Matt covered his face after the door had hit him, landing on the ground with a loud thud.

When he was massaging his pulsing nose and trying to regain his orientation, he heard a sound of doors being locked.

Matt got up on his feet and approached the doors, with one hand on his nose and second on his back. When he stopped rubbing his nose, he started to beat them.

“Open the door!” He was yelling, hitting the door with his fist. “Open or I will make you suffer!”

Matt was hitting those doors like he wanted to break them. The entire space around him was filled with noise of rumbles.

But after some minutes of beating the door, he realized that his method was helpless. Bino locked himself in for good. And the doors were too hard. It was like beating a head against a stone wall.

When Matt hit the door with his fist for the last time, he placed his forehead against them and let out a long sigh. He was all covered in sweat after wrestling with Bino, and he could feel how his arm muscles are strained. He would never guess that such a dog can cause him so much trouble.

After he gasped for air few times and calmed himself, he looked on his jacked.

The black leather jacked was now a total mess. It was all covered in mud and there were prints of Bino’s paws.

Same thing goes with his gloves and trousers. Even his spiked bracelets. All muddy. Now, Matt was no different from Bino.

“Just great!” Matt commented on his clothing. “My favorite jacket! Will take me ages to clean it…”

Matt glanced at the door again and frowned. He came closer to them and sat down. There was a light coming from the slit. He lowered his head to it.

“Okay. Let’s negotiate.” Matt said shortly.

No reply came. Matt thought that maybe Bino feels offended towards him and he won’t want to talk.

“What do you want?” Matt insisted. “Biscuits? Ice cream? Or maybe some toy?”

When Matt started to believe that Bino will remind silent forever, soon he heard his voice:

You cannot bribe me!” Bino’s muffled voice came from the other side. “You want to buy my trust so you can trick me. And then, you will throw me into the water and spill some nasty goo on my head!

“It’s called shampoo…” Matt replied with his eyes narrowed.

I don’t care how it’s called!” Bino replied. “It’s sticky and yucky! It glues my fur and it tweaks when it gets into my eyes!

“Geez, you’re such a wuss.” Matt commented on Bino’s behavior with arrogant tone. “Big deal. Jump into the tub and wash yourself. Is it really that complicated?”


”I promise it won’t hurt.”

Lies!” A muffled reply came. “I don’t believe you!

“Oh, come on! Let’s help eachother.” Matt started to beg. “I’m not pleased with this situation too. I’ll just give you a quick bath and we both will be free.”

Bino remained silent.

Matt started to loose his patience. His negotiations end up with a failure. And Bino was complicating everything.

“That’s it!” Matt punched the door from anger. “If you want to stay there then stay!

When Matt finished his sentence, he got up and left, pulling his hair.

- - - - - - - - - -

However, Matt couldn’t let Bino to be locked in the bathroom for two reasons. First: dad will be picking on him for not fulfilling his duty as an owner. Second: he cannot allow Bino to win.

That’s why he came up with a plan.

The bathroom can be locked only from the inside. However, it is possible to open the lock from outside, because one of the elements has a shape of a screw and it is possible to turn it if you have a screwdriver.

“Just wait till I get you…” Matt muttered to himself as he was leaned to door and was using the screwdriver to open it. “I will give you a bath of your life…”

After rotating the screwdriver in his hand few times, Matt heard a *click*. The doors have been unlocked.

Matt grinned. Now nothing can stop him!

He pushed the door handle and slowly began to open the door. He peek inside…


Matt felt something wiry on his face. When he tilted his head back, he saw an orange towel that was swinging wildly in front of him.

Bino was not going to give up easily. Although the door has been breached, the towel was his last resort to stop Matt from entering.

Matt was having a hard time. The towel was twisting in Bino’s hand like a fan and it was slapping him each time he tried to get closer.

After some time of fighting with wild towel, Matt was able to catch it into his firm grip and pull it, taking it out from Bino’s hand.

Matt wasted no time. He slip quickly into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. He rested his hands on the door, panting.

At last, Matt got inside.

Matt slowly turned his head. He saw Bino standing behind him.

Bino was all trembling and his hands were clasped. He was looking at Matt with big, shiny eyes.

Matt smiled mischievously, like a predator who cornered his prey. He slowly turned around and walked towards Bino.

“Aha!” He said, placing his hands on his hips and looking down at Bino. “Now I’ve got you! And you can’t escape…”

Bino was doomed. There’s no hope for him now. He was doing his best to defend himself. But he failed. Now, Matt will give him a bath. He will be forced to get into the tube, filled with hot water. And then, Matt will cover him in soap that will get into his eyes, nose and ears.

He made the last, desperate dash to the door, but Matt grabbed him by his collar and stopped him.

While holding the squirming Bino by his green collar, Matt came to the tub and turned the tap. A clean water started to pour from the faucet and the tub was slowly being filled.

Bino’s ears perked as he heard the sound of the tub being filled by water. His suffering was getting closer.

“Wait, wait!” Bino tried to beg, smiling nervously. “So what you were telling about those, uh, sweets and toys? I rethink your offer and we can make a deal!”

Matt placed his hands on Bino’s arms and moved the dog, so he was now in front of him. Now, Bino was between his owner and the tub. And there was no hope for escape.

“You had your chance.” Matt said to him with gloomy tone. “It’s too late. Now I will give you a bath. And you better not try to resist. I want to finish this as fast as possible so I can get some rest. Now take your collar off your neck.” Matt stretched out his hand to Bino.

Bino looked on Matt’s empty hand for a moment and touched his collar.

“I really have to?” Bino asked with weak voice.

“Why you ask?” Matt raised his eyebrow.

“Because… you’re still a stranger to me and… I will be naked if I’ll do so.” Bino replied, moving his fingers across his collar and looking at Matt with unsure glance.

Matt slapped his forehead. It was the most ridiculous reply he ever heard in his life.

“Dumbhead, you’re already naked!” Matt said with annoyance. “What difference it will make if you’ll take it off!”

Matt did not understand why Bino was making such a fuss out of this. But for Bino, it was embarrassing. When he had his collar on his neck, everything was okay. But when he removed it, he was feeling naked.

Despite that Matt was his owner now, Bino was feeling embarrassed and he did not want to take off his collar in front of him.

But he also knew that Matt will not take any excuses. He has no choice. He gulped and begun to unbutton his collar. When he took it off, he gave it to Matt.

“I want it back.” Bino said with unsure voice, frowning.

Matt did not reply. He just took Bino’s collar without any sign of amusement on his face.

He examined the collar. It was soft in touch, but it had traces of mud everywhere. He played with the diamond shaped symbol with his fingers for a moment. Then, he placed the collar near the washbowl.

Bino was feeling awkward. He placed his paws on his neck, like he tried to cover it. He was blushing from embarrassment.

He didn’t like it. When he took his collar off, he felt like he was standing naked on scene and a huge crowd is gawking at him. And what was most embarrassing, he was standing in front of Matt.

But Matt’s expression haven’t changed. For him, Bino was still looking the same. The only difference was that he haven’t his collar on his neck. And he was still dirty.

“Well, was it that bad?” Matt said to him, with his hands on his hips. “No drama happened.”

Bino had different opinion about this. Matt was not understanding him. He was not wearing a collar for most of his life.

The tub was almost filled. Matt leaned to it and turned off the water.

“Okay. Get in.” Matt ordered Bino, pointing at the tub.

Bino had forgotten about his uncomfortable situation and returned to reality. He turned around and glanced at the tub.

He started to tremble again. He could see his reflection in clean water. There was fear in his eyes. Fear against hot water and nasty liquid that will later be poured into it and it will make his eyes burn.

He turned to Matt and clasped his hands.

“Promise me that it won’t tweak in my eyes!” He said with glassy eyes to him.

“I’ll try.” Matt replied shortly.

Bino turned his head to the tub and gazed at it for a moment. Then, he turned to Matt again.

“And… I want a lot of bubbles.” He said.

Bubbles were the only thing that Bino liked in bathing. They were big, shiny and when there was a lot of them, it was possible to take them in paws and blow them into air.

Matt gritted his teeth. This was getting longer and longer.

“Okay…” Matt hissed, still gritting his teeth.

Bino turned around and placed his paws at the edge of the tub. He looked directly into the water.

Now he noticed how dirty he was. He couldn’t recognize himself. Mud was everywhere. It was on his muzzle, cheeks and his fur was all sticky.

He took deep breaths. There was no turning back now. He slowly began to raise his leg.

But then, he stopped. He placed his foot back on the ground and turned to Matt once again.

“Can I ask for one more thing?” He asked shyly.

Matt growled. He was starting to loose his patience.

“What this time?!” He asked strongly, with crossed arms.

Bino lowered his head and blushed.

“I… I want…” He begun to say quietly, not even looking at Matt, “I want a ducky.”

Matt’s expression has changed. The red color that was on his cheeks from anger has vanished. His eyes were now wide open.

“Wut?” Was all he could say.

Bino lowered his head further and his blush was now more red. He begun to play with his fingers.

“A ducky.” He said a little louder, feeling embarrassed. “Small, yellow ducky that flows on the surface and squeaks each time you squeeze it. I really need it…”

Some time had to pass before Matt was able to show any sign of reaction. He was just standing there, gawking at Bino with weird gaze. When his brain started to function again, blood veins appeared on his eyeballs and he frowned. He came closer to the cabinet and opened it. After some searching, he took out a small, yellow ducky and closed the cabinet loudly. Then, he approached Bino and put the ducky into his paws.

Here, have it!” He said to Bino with anger, barely keeping control over himself. “Now get into the tub finally!

Bino turned around. He couldn’t delay bathing for eternity. He has to do it.

He glanced at the ducky he was holding in his paws. It was looking at him with big, cyaneous eyes and its beak was shaped like it was smiling to him.

Bino smiled and squeezed the ducky lightly. It let out a squeak, which caused his ears to perk up.

He felt better. With such ducky, bathing can’t be bad.

He raised his leg to get into the tub. When his toe touched the water, he moved it back a bit. The water was really hot. He started to dip his leg into the water again, slowly. He could feel how it was getting hot with every inch he made.

He made it. One leg was already immersed. He could feel the difference in temperature. Now, he has to do the same with his other leg.

The procedure was the same. He touched the water first with his toe. And then, he begun to slowly dip it…



Matt had enough of this show. He pushed Bino and the dog fell into the water.

For some seconds, there was only a tail and some bubbles on the surface. Then, Bino emerged, waving his hands and splashing the water everywhere.

HEEELP!!!” He was screaming, splashing his paws against the water. “HEEELP!!! I’M DROWNING!!! I’M TOO YOUNG AND HANDSOME TO DROWN!!! AAAHH!!! HEEE-

Bino stopped splashing the water around him. He realized that he’s not drowning. He was actually sitting on the bottom of the tub, and the water was not even reaching his shoulders.

When he was looking at Matt, he was still lightly splashing the water with his paws.

The entire floor was wet. So as Matt. Water was dripping from his hair, nose and coat. His arms were hanging low and he was looking at Bino with his eyes narrowed.

Bino could only make a silly smile.

“Hehe. Oops.” He said, stopping the splashing. “It was so suddenly that I thought I felt from a boat.”

Matt only rolled his eyes. Then, he begun to take his jacket and gloves off.

Bino began to move his arms in the water. He was observing how his fur on them was changing shape. When he was moving them, it was like a mane of a horse that runs at full speed. When he stopped, his fur was floating chaotically. He was repeating this, having a joy from his new found fun.

Then, he noticed his ducky that was floating on the surface. He moved his hands and pushed the water, creating a wave that moved towards it.

The ducky floated through the wave. Bino made few waves more. The ducky raised and droop each time a wave lifted it. Bino’s tail started to wag. He took the ducky into his paws, brought it close to his black nose and started to give it few squeezes. When his toy was giving a squeak, Bino wanted to bounce from happiness.

Matt kneeled down in front of the tub. He opened the shampoo and started to pour the green liquid into the water. Bino took his glance off his ducky and looked at what Matt was doing. He started to feel the scent of nettle.

When the green consistency was slowly sinking, Matt put his hand into the water and he started to do circles. The green fluid was turning into white foam. Soon, a lot of bubbles were on surface.

Bino was looking at bubbles with amazement. They were big, shiny, colorful and there was a huge amount of them.

One bubble flew towards him. When it touched his nose, it popped. Bino giggled. He liked that. He then started to grab bubbles into his paws and blew them, making them to fly round the bathroom.

Bino stopped playing with bubbles when he felt something being poured on his head. The strange feeling caused him to shiver.

When Matt poured some amount of shampoo on top of Bino’s head, he started to rub it with his fingers. Soon, a pile of foam was formed, covering Bino’s headfur.

Bino grimaced. It was so fun before Matt started to wash him with shampoo. He was only hoping that it won’t get into his ears.

Suddenly, Bino felt a tickle on his forehead. It was a drop of shampoo that was going down to his eye.

He started to tremble and he was about to panic. If this drop will get into his eye, it will burn.

“It’s going down!” Bino said in panicked voice. “It’s going down across my forehead!”

Bino wanted to wipe it with his hands. But they were all covered in foam. If he will try to wipe his eyes, it will only make matters worse. He started to breath rapidly.

What to do? The drop was getting closer! It was near his eye! It will get into it and it will burn!

But what’s that?

Matt wiped Bino’s forehead with his hand. It was not tickling anymore. The drop vanished. His eye was saved.

Bino placed his paw on his chest and calmed his breath. If that drop would get into his eye, the black scenario would’ve been fulfilled and his bath would end up as a catastrophe.

“A scaremonger, aren’t you…” Matt said to him.

Matt grabbed a sponge and started to wash his dog.

Bino was observing how the sponge was removing the mud off his fur. Matt brushed his muzzle first, so Bino won’t start panic again if he will feel another drop going down to his eye. Then, he proceeded to his shoulders.

Bino started to feel relaxed as he felt the sponge going down his spine. This area of his body was hard for him to reach and when someone was scratching him there, it was giving him a lot of pleasure. He closed his eyes and his tail started to wag, in a slow motion because of water.

He felt that something touched his arm. When he looked down, he saw his ducky. It was looking at him with cute eyes and was smiling to him. When he took it into his paws, he begun to squeeze it again. Just to hear those squeaks that were giving him so much joy.

As Bino was playing with ducky, Matt begun to wash his arms. Slowly, the once clean water was becoming brown and Bino started to look like his old self.

“And feet too.” Bino said to him with a grin, raising his leg and moving his toes playfully.

“Grrr.” Matt growled at him. He disliked that Bino started to treat him like he was some kind of servant.

Maybe Bino was enjoying his bath. But not him. He had to fight with him to get him in here. His favorite jacked was ruined. He got slapped few times by a towel. And then, he got all wet because Bino had to splash water all over the bathroom.

When the sponge brushed across Bino’s foot, the dog started to giggle.

“Ahh! It tickles!” Bino said, giggling and kicking his legs.

“Quit squirming!” Matt said to him loud, trying to fight with Bino’s legs. “You’re not helping!”

It took some time before Matt was able to finish washing Bino’s feet.

The last thing that was left to clean was Bino’s chest and belly. Matt leaned closer and begun to brush him with sponge.

Because Matt’s head was above water now, a silly idea appeared in Bino’s head.

“Submarine!” He grabbed his head with both his paws and rapidly dipped it.

Bino was laughing as a lot of bubbles were forming in place where he dipped Matt’s head.

When Bino let go of Matt, the boy raised his head with speed and covered his face.

AAHHH!! MY EYES!!!” Matt shouted as he was feeling tweaking in his eyes.

“See? I told you!” Bino said to Matt with proud in his voice, pointing his finger at him. “But you didn’t want to listen! Now you’ve felt it on your own skin!”

Matt managed to grab a nearby towel and he started to dry himself.

“Okay, enough of this!” Matt said with a glare to Bino. His eyes were red because of shampoo that got into his eyes.

He grabbed Bino by his armpits and lifted him. Then, he put him on washing machine that had a soft material on top. Before Bino could do anything, a towel landed on him from nowhere and everything became dark.

Matt started to dry him with vigor. Bino was feeling weird. He couldn’t see anything and he was hearing strange sounds.

When Matt finished, he took the towel off Bino. The dog glanced at him and he saw that Matt was smirking.

“What?” Bino asked suspiciously. “Why are you smirking like that?”

“Look in the mirror.” Matt replied, pointing at the mirror that was behind him.

Bino tilted his head to look behind Matt. There was a washbowl and above it was hanging a mirror. On its sides were cabinets.

Bino’s eyes grew wide as he saw his reflection in mirror. His entire fur was standing still and he looked like a Persian cat (oh…). He didn’t know how to react on this. He was simply gawking at himself, with his mouth opened.

Matt put a brush into his paw.

“Okay. I gave you a bath.” Matt said to him, wiping his forehead. “I hope I won’t have to do that soon again, because it’s really extreme. Now brush your fur and clean your collar. I need to deal with my jacket…”

When Matt finished his sentence, he approached the tub and pulled out the plug. There was a sound of water being flushed. After that, he grabbed his leather jacket and his gloves. He examined them with a sad glance and let out a sigh. Then, he left the bathroom.

Bino was still sitting on top of the washing machine. He played with hair brush in his hands for a moment. Then, his glance went on the tub. The yellow ducky was inside, looking at him with its cute eyes. He smiled.

Bath is not that bad at all as he thought.

If he will have some free time, he will force Matt to buy him warships. And next time, he will perform a naval battle.


Recent chapters were serious. So this time, I wanted something that will warm your hearts : )
I’m not sure how this went out. I hope you like it.

And why such delay. I got sick again and I’m not feeling well :/ My throat is all sore and my nose is full of goo. Now I understand how Mr. Griffin was feeling when he got sick and he wasn’t able to update his comic.
Well, (A/N) ends here. I need some sleep : )

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Brian Wrote:
Dude, you did an outstanding job in creating the characters personalities. They were very believable... and.... stuff. :?

I'm glad :) I was recently worried about personalities. I do my best to make them be as they should be.
And welcome aboard, new reader :)
But... why a confused emoticon? xo

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Excellent little vignette, Karlos! Very funny. Almost makes me wish Bino was my pet. So cute in this update.

Matt will need a bath after all of that drama. :roll:

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! I literally LoL'd. Great job, I loved the part of the rubber duck, what a classic... :D :lol:

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Karlos, fiend, how do you DARE to paint Bino in such cuteness?!? Now i can't wish him harm anymore, argh!

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copper Wrote:
Matt will need a bath after all of that drama. :roll:

I'm afraid that Matt will end up bald at young age.
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Russiarules1 Wrote:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! I literally LoL'd. Great job, I loved the part of the rubber duck, what a classic... :D :lol:

I always loved when a rubber duck appeared in old cartoons. So old, but it always gives so much fun. So I couldn't resist to put a ducky in this story xD

valerio Wrote:
Karlos, fiend, how do you DARE to paint Bino in such cuteness?!? Now i can't wish him harm anymore, argh!

What? I thought you love cuteness xo
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Now you can't unsee it, Valerio. From now on, each time you will see Bino in a comic strip, you will always remember how he played with shiny bubbles and was queashing the ducky to make it squeak.
(And I was really enjoying writing this chapter. So I will do some more in future ;) )

Author:  valerio [ Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

AAARGH! Oh, the cruel!
But I love it: I like the idea of exploring Bino's hidden side.

Author:  Immortel Shadow [ Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Karlos, I have just read your fanfic, and all I can say is that I am baffled by what you have writtin so far, I mean I am utterly speechless about it. I simply love what you have written, and hope to be seeing some more from you.
You have done a wonderful job, and frankly it is one of the best i've read.
Stay happy and wondered everyone, for you start this life being naive only once, and the rest is when you are no longer what you use to be, only something better.

Good Luck Karlos. ;)

Author:  Karl [ Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

Immortel Shadow Wrote:
Karlos, I have just read your fanfic, and all I can say is that I am baffled by what you have writtin so far, I mean I am utterly speechless about it. I simply love what you have written, and hope to be seeing some more from you.
You have done a wonderful job, and frankly it is one of the best i've read.
Stay happy and wondered everyone, for you start this life being naive only once, and the rest is when you are no longer what you use to be, only something better.

Good Luck Karlos. ;)

I'm happy that you enjoy my fic :) I'll do my best to continue delivering the entertainment.

Author:  Karl [ Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Matt

12 III 2011: I was thinking about it and it seems I'm not able to keep current deadline system for few reasons. I have school, I need to study, something happened and I need to go to town, do photos and other things. Also, I am unable to write during week because I spend a lot of time in my photographic school. I can do that only in weekend. So deadline is changing. From now on, new chapter will appear now in saturday, but overally in weekend. So it means it will be up on saturday or sunday. May happen that it can be monday if I will be really busy. But to make you feel a little better, I can tell you that soon, from time to time, I will be posting fillers - short and silly stories that I will post if I will get some idea all of a sudden and I will have some spare time.

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