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Romeo and Juliet: A Winter Deeters Story (Pet Friendly FF) 
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Post Romeo and Juliet: A Winter Deeters Story (Pet Friendly FF)
I had to write a PF fanfic, or I was going to explode.
There will be references to my other characters, mainly Wonder for this story, but Winter is the main character. There will be references to random people, and pets, most that I won't be going into detail about.
Don't forget to comment (flames will be ignored with super happy thoughts).
Let's begin!!
Given up and Left Alone

A lot of you know Winter Deeters as the happy, oblivious, fun-loving older sister of Wonder, but you don't know what makes her happy.
A lot of you know about her good side, but you don't know what her bad side looks like.

But this story should fix that.

We'll start at the corner of a street in New York City, in the house owned by Richard and Tawnya Lilac, and their rebel daughter Katie.
Richard was a wealthy business man, kind but stern, loving but stiff. Tawnya was full of life, ready to have fun, and always glamorous. But Katie, she was their insecure, goth, I-hate-you teenage daughter. She cared about no one but herself, and her parents feared she'd stay in this state of her life forever, but a little Chocolate Lab found on their doorstep in the middle of July changed that.
They named this Lab, Cherry, and Katie and her were inseparable. Cherry changed Katie's life, and Katie began to enjoy the sunshine, family vacations, and wearing something other then black.

The Lilacs were on a cruise ship to the Caribbean, and Katie took Cherry to the railing so they could look out at sea.
"Isn't this wonderful Cher! The sky and sea are both so blue! And look, there are some dolphins over there!" Katie pointed excitedly at the dolphins jumping out of the water and diving in again. Cherry smiled in amazement. "This is so amazing Katie! Thank you so much for talking your parents into letting me come along."
Katie crouched to her friends eye level and smiled at her.
"Going somewhere without you would've been too hard."
Cherry smiled back at her, and they hugged tightly.

Many months later, in December, Cherry had puppies, and Katie knew they wouldn't be able to keep all of them.

"Katie. I...i need to tell you something." Katie looked up, seeing the tension all over Cherry' face. "Cher, what's wrong?" She got up from the love seat in her room, and put a hand on Cherry's shoulder. "Katie....I...well...I'm having puppies." Katie's mouth made an 'O' of surprise. " idea how to react to that." Cherry snickered, and Katie giggled. The they both burst into a random fit of laughter, relieving the peanut butter thick tension in the air.

So after they were old enough, she put all seven of them in a box, and she and Cherry walked to the nearest pet store, Cherry sobbing the whole way.
"Cherry, please stop crying. This store has 5 stars, and I know they'll keep your puppies safe." Katie tried to soothe her friend. Cherry sniffed. "I understand that Katie, but they're mine, and I love them. So this will be hard for me. I'm glad I have you to help me through it." She squeezed Katie's hand and tried to smile.
"And I'm glad you said that....oh, we're here."
Cherry broke into sobs again.
Still crying, Cherry opened the door for Katie, and they both welcomed the warm air of the store. Cherry wiped her eyes and saw all kinds of animals, and puppies too, waiting to be adopted. She was beginning to feel like her puppies would be safe here, when one of them, the only brown one, like herself, in the litter.
"Mommy I'm hungry. When will breakfast be? Wait, Mommy, what is this place? I like it here, it's warm, but i like the cold and white stuff outside better. But why are we in a box?"
Cherry burst into sobs, and the young puppy began crying too. "Why are we crying Mommy? Mommy, you're crying is making my crying! I don't like crying, it makes me all sad feeling." The other puppy's began their chorus of cries and whines, all of them sobbing like the brown one. Cherry hugged all of them individually, kissed their heads, and wiped her eyes. "You all be good for Mommy okay? Mommy will back."
"...You''re leaving us? You don't love us?"
Katie rubbed Cherry's shoulders when she began to cry again. The black puppy next to her, the oldest, cried out. "Mommy! Don't leave us! Please! Mommy!"
Cherry couldn't stop crying, and Katie could no longer console her. She peered in the box. "I'm so sorry you guys, but Mommy has to go. She'll be back though."
" I promise."
"Thank woo nice lady. What's your name? What's my name? What's my brothers and sisters' names?"
Katie rubbed the back of her neck, thinking. "I'm Kathryn Lilac, but you can call me Katie. But your mom, Cherry, hasn't really picked your names yet."
The brown puppy nuzzled her hand. "Could you pick our names Ka-tter-in?" the others nodded in agreement.
"Okay...sure. Since you were born a month ago, in December, and seem to like the winter months, you'll be Winter." she scratched Winter underneath her chin. "I like that name! Winter! It sounds cool! Thank you Ka-tter-in!" she puffed out her chest and boasted proudly to her siblings. "I have a name! Do you?" The oldest frowned and shook his head. "I'm the oldest, I should haves a name tooooo!!! I wants a name! What's my name Ka-tter-in?"
" can be....Frost. And you can be Berry, and you can be...." she named all of them, while Cherry cried and cried.
"It's time for me to go. Goodbye all of you!"
"By Ka-tter-in! Thanks for our names! Bye Mommy, see you soon!" Winter called, tail wagging, as Cherry and Katie exited the shop. Winter settled down and waited for Cherry of Katie to return, but they didn't. She soon grew tired, and convinced herself that after she woke up Cherry would be smiling down at her, ready to take her back home. So she slept with a smile on her face, snuggled against her siblings.

All of them thought Cherry was coming back. And every last one of them was wrong.
Not So Alone Anymore

The days in the pet shop went by much faster then Winter had thought they would. Her normal schedule consisted of waking up, playing her sibling, eating, playing, trying to get adopted, and sleeping again. The routine held true--leaving Winter content and happy-- until one unusual day.

One cold February morning, over a year since Winter had arrived at the pet shop, Winter woke up to the faimiliar DING! of the front door opening. A tall blonde, fake looking woman in ridiculously high heels (and was that a mink coat!?) strolled into the shop. Behind her, a short, chubby, little boy wandered in, tapping furiously on a hand-held device that yelled GAME OVER! every ten seconds.

"Hello, hello!" The woman announced as she click-clacked up to the front desk. The shop owner seemed rather...stunned by her appearance.

"Howdy! Wh-what --ahem-- what can I do yah for, ma'am?" The owner, Mr. Radner, a tall broad man from Alabama questioned as he uncomfortably loosened his tie.

"I'm looking for the best dog you have for my little Billy-Dilly here," the woman replied, happily pinching the little boys' cheeks. He grunted, swatted her hand away, and groaned as the toy said GAME OVER!.

"Well I'm we can find the little rascal somthin' nice," Mr. Radner replied. He wiggled out from behind the front desk and patted Billy on the head as he walked by him. "Come here boy, let's find you one pup you'll ain't never quit lovin'."

After a short, one-sided struggle, the woman wrestled the toy out of the boys' hands and nudged him along. A furious pout now disfigured the lower half of Billy's face.

"What kinda dog are y'all lookin' for?"

The woman waved her hand irritably. "The best, and only the best."

Mr. Radner rolled his eyes, but waved the mother and son toward the Puppy Room. In a large, comfortable setting, all of Winter's litter and a few random puppies tumbled over each other, eager to nibble the fingertips of the new visitors.

Billy's face brightened as he ran into the middle of the puppies, and he laughed out loud as they tripped over themselves to run to him. Tongues lolling out of their mouths, the puppies jumped all over him. Billy got to knees and they attacked his face.

"Hi! I'm Frost what's your name-"

"Hiya! I'm Berry-"

"Hey, hey! I'm Spot but you can call me Superdog-"

All their introductions faded into a cacophony as they talked at once. Billy looked up at his mom and Mr. Radner with a look of pure delight.

"Can i have all of them?" he giggled as the puppies picked up a game of tug-of-war with him.

The woman raised an eyebrow and glanced at Mr. Radner. "No, no honey-bear. Only one."

Still smiling, Billy looked around at all the puppies around him. "I think....I'll take..." he was so happy with each puppy, he wasn't able to choose.

Frost, looking confident, leaped into the boy's lap and looked up at him hopefully. "I think you should take me. We could be best friends!"

Without hesitation, Billy scooped up Frost in his arms and stood up. "I think so too!" Turning to his mom, he held up the little dog for her to see. "I'm gonna take this one Mom!" Frost smiled at the woman, waving an excited paw.

The woman smiled, happy with her son's choice, and waved Mr. Radner to the counter to pay. Billy and Frost talked and played with each other the whole time, having the most happy day of their lives.

But their were the only ones.

Winter, Berry, Spot-- all the puppies left behind, watched in shock as their brother was waltzed out of the shop. Just like that. Not even a goodbye. Silence rang throughout the store, until a cry pierced it.

"Frost? He...he left us!?" Winter asked, still sounding more surprised then sad. The realization of no longer having her older brother by her side hadn't really hit her...yet.

"No way, he didn't leave. I'm sure he'll be back soon," Berry assured her sister. Winter nodded, though not entirely believing. While the other puppies resumed their play, she patiently watched the door, hoping it would open and Frost would come bounding in. Hours later when the door did open, Frost wasn't the one bounding in.

A young couple holding hands walked in instead. The man was taller then Mr. Radner, the tallest person Winter knew, and had a strong build. The woman was shorter, though not short, with brown hair and what Winter thought was a very pretty smile. The two were both dressed heavily in winter clothes, which they loosened as they approached Mr. Radner.

"Hello, sir. We're looking for...a puppy," the woman said. Her smile grew brighter and she squeezed the man's hand.

"Y'all aren't the only folks who've been pup-huntin' today. Lucky you, I still got some eager little rascals just waitin' to be adopted." The shop owner gave a warm smile at the couple as he waved them toward the Puppy Room. "So how long ago did you young'uns say the ole 'I do's?" he asked conversationally.

"3 years. Not too long ago, but not too recently either," the man replied.

"I remember it like it was yesterday..." the woman sighed dreamily.

"Don't git into a flashback on me," Mr. Radner chuckled. "But anywho, here's all the pups I've got."

Once again, all the puppies ran towards the new visitors, except for one.


She stayed in her seat, staring intently at the door. Frost had to come back, he just had to. Winter could feel tears springing in her eyes as the realization slowly became reality.

"Are you okay?"

Winter's head snapped up to see the woman smiling down a her. Now that she was closer, her smile looked even prettier and warmer. "Are you crying?"

Winter looked back, rubbing her eyes. "N-no," she responded. More tears replaced the ones she'd brushed away, making her already big eyes look bigger. "I mean, I'm okay."

The woman got to her knees, and petted Winter gently on the head. Despite herself, Winter could feel the smile growing and the tears stopping.

"What's your name?" The woman asked, still smiling.


"That's such a pretty name! Winter, how would you like to be adopted?"

The word 'adopted' went above Winter's head. She looked up at the woman curiously. "What does ad-opp-ed mean?"

"It means," the woman lifted Winter's chin, so they could look each other in the eye. "Would you like to become part of our family?"

Happiness left Winter at a loss for words. "Yes! I'd really really love that!" she sang, squeezing the womans' fingers. With a tear or two in her eyes, the woman scooped Winter up and the puppy hugged her tightly.


The man looked up from the midst of puppies he'd been playing with. The puppies turned their heads as well, eyes bugging out when they saw Winter cradled in the womans' arms.

"I think we found one."

Smiling, the man stood up. He waved goodbye and made a silly face at all the pups, getting a giggle out of them. He turned to go, with his wife right behind him...when Winter started wiggling. She would stop until she was nearly dropped, but being on the ground was what she'd wanted. The little dog took off into a beeline for her sibling and friends and hugged them each tightly. "Bye-bye!" she said with each hug. "Bye-bye!" After each shocked friend had gotten a goodbye hug, Winter ran back back to the woman. "Sorry. I had to say goodbye to my old family."

"It's quite alright. And no matter what, they're still your family; not old or new," the woman replied. Winter hugged onto her leg as she was paid for and scooped into the man's arms. He quickly draped his sarf around her; it was still very cold outside.

"Bye-bye, Mr. Wadner!" she called over his shoulder, waving happily. Mr. Radner waved back. Winter had always made the pet shop lively. Things would be quiet without a ray of sunshine like her.

"So, what's this cutie's name?" the man asked, once outside. A blast of cold wind reminded him it was still winter, and that he would have to reach the car fast..

"I'm Winter! What's your name?"

The couple again exchanged a glance as they climbed into the car. "Before we were Charlie and Nyssa..." the woman started.

"But now, we're Mom and Dad."

"Mom and Dad? Woww..." Winter sat, amazed in the man's-- Dad's lap. Before, Cherry had been Mommy and that was it. But now she had a dad too! The fact seemed to blow the little puppies head away. "I had a Mommy before...I don't want you to leave me like she did."

The car started, causing Winter to jump; she'd never ridden in a car before. Chuckling, the man rubbed lightly behind her ear. "Don't worry Winter. We never will."
To Leave or not to Leave

The saying was true; time flies when you're having fun. It didn't take long for Winter, the newest Deeters, to grow older and more comfortable with her parents. The traveling authors took the pup all over the states; from New York to California, to Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and finally Washington.

Currently their home was Seattle, in a cozy apartment on the outskirts of the city. But on the memorable cloudy Wednesday in the middle of September, the Deeters weren't there.

They were at the pound.

Winter clutched her father's hand as she walked by rows upon rows of cages. Mean looking cats and dog glared at her, some daring to shout insults about being a spoiled pet. With each step, Winter became more and more frightened. "I don't like the pound," she whispered, dodging spit from a nearby dog.

Mrs. Deeters lips were in a thin line. She radiated disapproval, even stopping to glare at the offenders. "We're almost there," she said soothingly to Winter.

The staff member they'd been following finally came to a stop. "Alright, here we have the Nobodies." She looked increasingly bored with the tour, not trying to stop strays from insulting Winter.

Mr. Deeters cleared his throat, sounding irritated. "What do you mean by 'Nobodies'?"

The lady sighed. "Nobodies is a term we use for strays nobody wants adopt. If they aren't found a home soon, they'll be put to-"

Mrs. Deeters cut her off with a wild cough, pointing at Winter. The lady nodded her understanding. "They'll be sent away," she finished.

The lady and both Deeters parents discussed terms that bored Winter. She took the time to look around, daring to let go of her dad's hand.

She walked around slowly, seeing the side expressions of the strays. They made her want to cry-- especially an unusually small gray kitten with wide green eyes that looked like she'd been crying.

"Hi," Winter said quietly to the kitten. Her small head jerked upwards, confused.

"H-hello," she said quietly.

Winter sat in front of the cage, still watching the kitten. Something about her made the Lab want to stop and talk. "My name's Winter. What's yours?"

The kitten shrugged. "I d-don't really k-know," she stuttered, unable to meet Winter's eye.

"I didn't have a name once. It felt weird after I got one," Winter babbled. The kitten, unsure of how to reply, merely nodded. "You're kinda quiet," the puppy noted.

The kitten flinched, as if Winter's words had physically hit her. "I-I'm sorry."

"Don't be! It's who you are-- you shouldn't be sorry about that!"

The kitten nodded once more, letting Winter's words sink in. She didn't reply, just looked at Winter as if she were afraid.

Winter sighed and decided the cat wasn't going to say anything more. She stood up and continued walking, though none of the other Nobodies were half as interesting as the gray kitten.

Her parents had finally finished their discussion, and were now headed towards Winter. "Time to go, hun."

"Why? We didn't get to adopt anyone!"

"I don't think we'll be adopting from this pound," Mr. Deeters replied carefully. "Maybe another one." And with that, he began nudging Winter towards the door. Winter obeyed and began walking herself, but stopped. From behind her, she could hear the faintest of voices...

"W-wait!" It was the kitten. She was crying, reaching through the bars of her cage, trying to grab the pup. "D-don't leave m-me!"

Her sudden outburst was followed by sobs; sobs that made even the coldest heart melt. Winter ran towards the kitten, and began frantically trying to open the cage.

There was no way she was leaving the kitten behind.

Finally, the cage door swung open. The kitten curled herself into the furthest corner, afraid to come out. "It's okay. Really, I promise," Winter coaxed. She stuck out a paw for the kitten to take.

Seconds went by as the kitten tried to make a decision. Finally, she gently put her paw in Winter's. The puppy smiled and carefully pulled her out of the cage.

Glaring defiantly at her parents, Winter clutched the kitten's paw. "I'm not leaving without her."

Mr. and Mrs. Deeters exchanged uneasy looks. "Winter, honey--"

"You promised you would never leave me! Now I'm promising the same to her!" She put her arm protectively around the kitten, who yelped in surprise. She looked at Winter with awe and gratitude, and then at the Deeters with fear.

"I don't...I-I can't st-stay..." she whispered so quietly it was almost inaudible. "Pl-please."

Keeping her arm around the shoulders of the kitten, Winter started walking towards the exit. She didn't turn to see if her parents were following her; she really couldn't care less. All she knew was that kitten was coming home with her, no matter what.

"I think we're adopting a kitten," Mrs. Deeters said, looking a little surprised.

"Good. She's been here too long, and would've been one of the first Nobodies to go," the lady said nonchalantly. "And by the way, her name is Wonderland. Now if you'll come here to sign these documents...."

Winter barely caught this, but turned to the kitten with a warm smile. "You have a name, Wonder." She shortened the name immediately. Wonderland was long and formal, and didn't seem to match the kitten right.

Wonder was unsure how to reply. Finally, she feebly hugged Winter, unable to squeeze tightly. "Th-thank you."

Winter hugged back, taking great care in not hurting the weak cat. "Don't thank me. And anyway, you're going to love being part of the family..." she went on, babbling about the many different places she went. But the kitten didn't hear any of it; only one word.

Never Let Me Go

"I'm going to kill you, you little furball!" Winter screamed as she chased the cat around the house. Time had passed, to fast to measure. Both girls had grown up into respectful, charming ladies. Though they still couldn't be trusted in France...

"Why? This is mine!" Wonder yelled back. She continued to sprint; swerving and racing up the stairs. "You stole it from me last month!"

"I did no such thing, you big fat liar!"

Wonder skidded to a stop. She was cornered between a wall and a locked dorr. This rented house was so annoying; she still hadn't found her way around. "Fine! Stop! Take the CD player. I don't want it anymore." The angry cat thrust a pink CD player at her sister, who grunted before snatching it away.




"Says the girl who chased me up three flights of stairs for a CD player!"

Winter made an annoyed squeal before stomping off. "You can borrow it later. I just need it now."

Wonder's face relaxed. She didn't smile, but she nodded. "Thank you," sniffed. Winter rolled her eyes then walked back down the stairs. She was halfway down before she, and the cat, started to laugh."You shoulda seen your face when i saw you! That was priceless!"

"You have no idea what you looked like when I ran away! Too funny!"

They grinned at each other, before going their separate ways. "Bienvenido a EspaƱa, la hermana," Wonder mused, before walking down the stairs herself.


Spain was beautiful. No one on Earth could deny it. Barcelona was just amazing. Winter clutched her mother's hand tighter and took a deep breath. The air was sweet with spices and music. "It's so pretty! I hope we stay here forever!" The stone road beneath her feet wasn't like any other road she'd ever walked on.

"I know what you mean," Wonder replied, holding her other paw. "I just want to walk down this street forever--"

Winter suddenly let out a shriek. She jumped behind a nearby tree, face reddening, looking like she'd seen a ghost.

Mr. Deeters, confused, looked around wildly. "You okay, hun?

"No! I mean, yes, but-- look ahead! To the left! your other left! Fine the right! It's him!" Winter replied, wild eyed. Her heart was hammering and she was very aware that she was blushing. A few feet ahead was the dog of her dreams, Felipe Diaz. His father was a family friend, one they'd known since Winter was adopted, but that absolutely gorgeous Majorca Shepherd was new. And from the time the family met yesterday, Winter felt her heart race and words catch in her throat. She was falling for this dog, and she was sure he knew it.

Mrs. Deeters smiled and waved to Mr. Diaz. He saw her waved back, then took Felipe's paw and rushed him forward.

"OMG he's coming this way! Do I look okay? Is my headfur messed up?" Winter began to frantically push her newly curled fur around, even though it looked fine either way.

Wonder, on the other hand, was too nervous to move. "N-no, it's fine."

"Nyssa! Charlie! It's so very, very nice to see you again, amigos!" Mr. Diaz exclaimed as he neared them. He and the parents made small talk, while Winter tried to catch Felipe's eyes.

The dark dog squinted at her, then gasped. "Winter? Winter Deeters?" He rolled the Rs, making Winter blush. "Is that you beneath those beautiful curls?"

Winter, finding her voice, nodded and batted her eyelashes. "yes, it is. And you're the dog we met yesterday? Diaz?"

Felipe smiled at her. Winter momentarily forgot where she was. "Felipe. Please, call me Felipe." His gaze left Winter and looked at Wonder. For a moment, a creepy smile flashed on his face, but it was gone as soon as it came. "And this is Ponder?"

Wonder squeaked. She was speechless, but not for the same reason at Winter. She was so used to being invisible, to having attractive males ignore her to talk to Winter, i was surprising that he noticed her. "it's W-W-W..."

Winter put her arm around her sister's stiff shoulders. "Her name is Wonder. You were just one letter off." She giggled.

Felipe smacked his forehead, smiling. "How rude! Forgive me, Wonder." He took the cat's paw and kissed it; smiling that pretty smile of his.

Wonder flushed, embarrassed, and speechless. "I-it's alright." She lowered her head, blushing. Felipe dropped her paw, then fixed his eyes on Winter again.

"Winter, I believe we will be walking together. And, we will be seeing a lot of each other on your visit to my country." He offered the crook of his elbow. "Shall we get to know each other?"

Winter nodded, keeping her cool. She accepted Felipe's arm, linking her own in it, and smiled. "That would be perfect."

Together, they walked forward. For the first time since being a Nobody, Wonder was alone. Sadly, this wouldn't be the first time Winter left her alone.

End of Update 4.

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Post Re: Romeo and Juliet: A Winter Deeters Story
I like it. As I said in similar occasion, at least IMO, any Pet Friendly FF should be more descriptive, since non-RPGers couldn't understand things or facts that are given for granted by the RPGers.
Suggestion: Please rename the topic by adding 'A PF FF' ;)


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Post Re: Romeo and Juliet: A Winter Deeters Story
Awwwwww :)

Awwwwww :(


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Look at what I can accomplish when I have a snow day!

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YAY FOR EPIC UPDATE!!!! *melts with cuteness* Welcome back, Game, we sorely missed you in this subforum! :D


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Well, I'm not actually into roleplays on this forum, but your fic cought my interest :)

I like your point of view on the adoption in pet store. How young pets feel when someone comes to choose one of them. And what they think about their surrounding.

You only have to update more often. 5 months is a little long xD

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It wasn't five months this time!

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Post Re: Romeo and Juliet: A Winter Deeters Story (Pet Friendly F

Finally! I'm getting to the good part!

I had to skip somethings, but I will return to them in later chapters.

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Post Re: Romeo and Juliet: A Winter Deeters Story (Pet Friendly F
You could melt the pole with this sweet cuteness!


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