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U&U: Valadirian Conquest 
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Post U&U: Valadirian Conquest
I don't have a chapter up yet but i do have a bunch of art to post onto it so enjoy snippets of what's to come for this fic

Cover was inspired by the song we are ignited by natewantstobattle
It's the only way to fast travel!
that generic anime segment where they explain all the things
SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TO BLAME, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME! *begins playing facemelter guitar solo*
"Support, Healer keep your aggro down!"
"Decoy switch out and get within healer's range! I'm coming in hot!"
"Null Initiate sealing ritual!"
This one was inspired by Heroes Never Die by Natewantstobattle

Hi there I'm Krytus, let me spin you a tale of one of my dreams

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Post Re: U&U: Valadirian Conquest
These are looking good, and some kinda funny.

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Post Re: U&U: Valadirian Conquest
I'm with D-rick, these are nice. Looking like a group of friends enjoying a good game, but we know things are not gonna stay that way >:P

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Post Re: U&U: Valadirian Conquest
On my first story (HPXKH ~ Hearts of the selfless) I was more focused on developing characters, and plot lines, which is why it has Kingdom Hearts thrown into the mix. I didn't need to establish the world around my characters since the creators of each world they visited already made the information for me. This fic's main focus is to help me with my world building skills in addition to the ones mentioned before, and since its free for interpretation I decided to go for it.

Another elephant in the room is this fic's placement in time, while this fic happens in the same timeline as HPXKH it doesn't require that you do read it first. That being said I will try to sprinkle in a few easter eggs or foreshadowing moments so that if the person reading this decided to read HPKH they will see the connection. If you want to point a few things out that may be considered spoilers for HPXKH do use the spoiler tags

So, for this story i decided to delve deep into the world of gaming for a lot of the mechanics that will show up, as well as some of the powers, etc. Including but not limited to, Overwatch, Guild Wars 2, Log Horizon, Magic the gathering, Kingdom Hearts, and the list goes on.

This chapter was inspired by Log Horizon's Main Them and It's battle theme

Chapter 01
Game On

I let my legs dangle precariously off the side of the cliff. The atmosphere was calm. A slight breeze flowing through the air combed through my golden fur while i had my eyes shut the entire time. I knew what was around me by heart it’s always been like this and that’s what I’ve enjoyed about this place.

Lush, green and healthy trees were abundant and spread as far as the eye could see. Light from the distant moon seemed to paint the clear water from the distant lake as sparkling sapphires. Highlighted by the same light was a mountain range that only came so close to the mountain I was currently on. It was a masterpiece only mother nature could paint, but I chose to enjoy more than the view.

I listened for the gentle sound of the leaves rustling behind me. The whisperings of the wind in my highly trained ears. Even the distant rumbling of thunder added to the atmosphere I surrounded himself in. However the one that caught my ears the most was the sound of a bell ringing.

Hearing this i snapped my eyes wide open while an excited smile formed on my muzzle. I loosened the grip I had on my right hand to reveal a black diamond shaped locket with a strange stone that shifted colors often in a hypnotic fashion. To excited to be distracted by the locket’s shifting colors, I unlinked the chain so that I could put it around my neck.

Once the locket was fastened in place, the beautiful scenery I chose to listen to melted away. In the place of nature’s blend of greens, blues and whites the scenery melted into nothing but inky black darkness, with four exceptions. Surrounding me was four doors each decorated in their own fashion.

The one in front of me was decorated with a shield and had the following inscription “Be it sword or spell do you choose to protect those around you?”

The one on my left was decorated with an open palm and had the following call to arms “Through desperate and hopeless times do you choose to make others stand tall instead of yourself?”

The one on my right was decorated with a cross inside of a circle and bore the following mantra “When cries for help are sounded, do you choose to answer that call?”

The one behind me was decorated with a sword and bore the following motto “No matter the most dire of circumstances, or riskiest of chances do you chose to draw your weapon?”

I didn’t need to think, I already knew what i wanted, so I headed straight for the door marked with the sword and stood proudly before it as the words shifted for me to read aloud “I, Kitsune, choose to draw my sword, no matter the most dire of circumstances, or the riskiest of chances.”

Once I made my choice the other three doors faded away into the darkness making it painfully obvious there was no turning back now. Inside the my door of choice was a plain white shirt and a pair of rawhide pants with a sword resting on top of the articles of clothing.

I then donned the clothing to find it was a perfect fit. Not too tight to restrict my movements and not too loose that it would fall off. The next thing the Fox tested was the weight of his new sword. It was light enough that I could hold onto it with one hand but the handle was long enough to accommodate both hands for a two handed swing.

“So, you chose the offense category huh?” Behind me stood a tall white dragon with piercing red eyes

The dragon was almost two heads taller than me and fully equipped in battle worn armor in addition to his sturdy scales. Two proud wings emphasized the warrior’s stature he seemed to have complete with a few scars here or there that showed just how much experience this dragon had in terms of combat.

“Greetings I am Tyr, and I will be one of your Game Masters.” he lowered himself to a humble bow “Now i assume you’ve already read the rule book.”

“Nope.” I said nonchalantly with a matching grin

At this the dragon flinched before giving me a blank stare “Seriously? Did anyone bother read this? It was issued a hundred years ago, literally.”

“I was busy alright, and besides i only got it yesterday.” I argued with the book in question already in my hand

“You know what, nevermind.” Tyr sighed in frustration “I’m having this exact same conversation with thirty five other players, let’s just skip the argument and get right down to what you need to know for now.”

Tyr clapped his hands together and when he pulled them apart nine different spheres came into being slowly expanding to their full size “Welcome to the world of Valadir. Known for its overflowing mana source as well as being the sturdiest of worlds. This unique sturdiness comes from its nine intertwining worlds, and allows celestials more leeway when using their abilities without destroying the entire plane of existence.”

“However thinking that it will never break is arrogant, so to remedy this we gave you those.” Tyr then pointed to the diamond shaped locket around my neck “They’re called limiters, and as the name implies will limit your abilities. Over time as more mana is exposed to it the limiter’s restrictions will lessen and you will be able to do more. Think of it like your level, for now you are level one so you aren’t capable of doing much. Not only will this ensure the worst case scenario happens, it should also help balance the game and keep everyone from being too overpowered right off the bat.”

“As it is blatantly obvious this version of the game is vastly different, and allows you to play on the battlefield rather than from a distance. However you cannot win this game alone, as such all players are randomly assigned a pantheon they must work with.” I noticed the back of my left palm starting to glow and on it was inscribed three triangles intersecting at the center “Your goal, is to conquer all of Valadir.”

Even if I only heard only a glimpse of how the game works I already couldn’t contain my excitement “Okay sounds simple enough, work together with a bunch of celestials to beat down other celestials. When does the game start?”

“Oh about that,” Tyr grew a slight grin on his face “this was actually a last minute decision but before the game can really begin everyone must first complete a trial.”

“A trial?” I repeated

“Each world is appointed a guardian, and you must defeat that guardian in order to claim a world. Your pantheon has two hours to do this, those who fail, will be barred from continuing the game. To make things a little more fair once a pantheon has already claimed a world they can’t occupy a second one yet.”

“Okay what about classes, or mortals, or avatars, or the crafting system?”

“I already explained the basics of the basics. Should you pass the trial, more will be revealed to you. Until then, good luck.”

I was about to continue my argument but Tyr beat me to the punch and snapped his fingers. All of a sudden the darkness that surrounded me vanished along with Tyr and in its place was the intense heat coupled with the constant groaning of metal. Once my eyes finally adjusted to the sudden shift in lighting I was greeted with the sight of an active volcano. Everywhere I turned magma was flowing in and out of elaborate tunnels. Adding to the complexity of the scenery before him was an equally elaborate rail cart system that was still active carrying ore and coal to and from destinations.

“Game start!” My attention was drawn to my locket that now sported a timer counting down from two hours

No more than a second after I heard my locket sound off the start of the countdown explosions farr off in the distance could be heard followed by loud metallic hissing and roaring. Under normal circumstances most folk would walk away from the threatening monster noises off in the distance, I on the other hand went directly for it.

After navigating through the treacherous pools of lava, the increasingly complicated railway system and the rocky terrain, I finally caught sight of the appointed guardian. At first I didn’t know what I was looking at. The boss in question didn’t look like it was actually a boss in the first place. It was a round looking object stuck to the ceiling of a large cave with scorching hot flames escaping its center from various exhaust ports. Once the flames died down molten steel began to spill from the exhaust ports and pool down beneath it. The molten steel then began to move on its own slowly shaping itself into a living metal snake. The metal snake then began prowling around the cavern as if acting like a guard to the living forge.

Underneath the forge I already caught sight of various other celestials already engaged in combat with various metal monsters. All of them wielding different weapons but equipped in the same white shirt and rawhide pants I was. Any one of the celestials below could be a member of my pantheon, but from where I was, it would be impossible to tell. The only solution was to go down there myself and try to sneak a peek at their hands while trying to battle the boss at the same time.

Once I was finally within range of the living forge I was blocked by a squadron of metal tigers. Rather than slow down to a halt I increased my speed to meet the tigers head on. As soon as I was in range of one of the tiger’s claws I lowered my center of gravity and allowed myself to slide under the tiger’s open stance. Quickly after, I picked myself up and mounted a counter attack.

Even if my blade was a starter weapon it was more than enough to cut through some of the metal tiger’s hides. It was a completely different story for the leader of the pack as I lifted my sword up and with both hands tried to hack away at the tiger’s metal skin. However my sword didn’t go in deep enough to dispatch the metal monster and forced me to retreat. Unfortunately for me, the tiger wasn’t about to forget the blow that was dealt to him and gave chase.

Through the chaos of the battle field I ducked and dodged other celestials but the tiger was still on my four tails. Wherever i went the beast followed, especially determined to chase me down. Eventually the tiger managed to corner me at a drop off, and beneath it was a lake of red hot lava. With nothing else to do and nowhere else to run I held my sword up to face the tiger one on one.

“I’ll save you!” suddenly a blue blur slammed right into the tiger and managed to hit it with enough force to knock it over the edge and into the lava lake

Said blue blur was a woman with black hair armed with a sword and a shield kept afloat by her four blue feathered wings “Tsukuyomi?” I couldn’t believe my luck “Tsukuyomi! Thanks for the save!”

“Kitsune!” She waved back “You were invited too? What faction do you belong to?”

“Wait, you saved me before you knew which side i belonged to?” I asked with a raised brow

After this point was made to her she chuckled as she scratched the back of her head “Oh, right, i guess the excitement just got to me.”

I was so dumbstruck by her carefree attitude in the middle of combat that i didn’t notice a metal snake make its way behind us. Tsukuyomi, distracted with her conversation with me didn’t have enough time to get out of the way and met the snake’s attack with her shield. Her shield held, the only problem was that her footing didn’t, which lead to her and the snake plummeting down to the laval pool. Try as she might to flap her four wings but the weight of the metal snake was too much for her to carry leaving her to drown in the pool of lava.

“That’s gotta hurt.” I winced at the sight

“Yeah no kidding.” coughed Tsukuyomi causing me to reel back from shock

“How are you here!?” I screamed “I saw you go down?”

Tsukuyomi gestured to the tomb stone at her feet “My guess is this is how the death system works for this game.”

Now that I had a closer look Tsukuyomi was somewhat transparent while a halo floated above her head. Above her halo it said “Respawn in: 00:07:00” in bold black letters while her tombstone had the caption “Didn’t pay enough attention in battle.”

Instead of focusing on it too much I diverted my attention back to the living forge that was still spewing metallic creatures. By that point the battlefield was almost devoid of celestials or their tombstones. This meant I had little competition left to deal with when contesting for the current world, but it also probably meant that some of the celestials already claimed a world for their own and I was just lagging behind. Regardless I had a trial to complete and most of the metallic monsters were already gone and taken care off all that was left now was the living forge.

As I cautiously entered the cavern that shielded the forge I noticed the absolute lack of metallic creatures. I found it unnerving, judging from the way it was acting the forge was the type of boss that only spawned minions to fight. So if there weren’t any minions left it might have shifted into another mode of attack.

Catching me completely of guard was the living forge crashing straight into the ground before me. Everywhere you looked on the forge, there was several punctures and supports torn clean off. Standing triumphantly atop the forge was a three headed navy blue dog, sporting the standard gear like I was, pulling out her sword from what remained of the boss’ body.

“Please tell me we’re on the same team.” I sighed in frustration

The three headed dog raised her right hand up to show a flaming hammer on the back of her wrist “I’m afraid not, sorry little fox.” her left head said merrily once she noticed the mark on the back of my hand “Bye bye,” her right most head waved before blowing me a kiss

All of a sudden I was sent flying backwards by an unknown force as the scene began to shift around me. Before the scenery could complete its change I felt my back impact a thick rocky wall. As I recovered, the only thing i could do was gingerly massage my back while studying my new surroundings. I found myself in a garden overlooking a forest view, the harsh and strict sounds of the forge were instantly replaced by the pitter-patter of raindrops slowly making their way towards the ground.

Curious I pulled out my locket only to find the counter was almost to the one hour mark. Not wanting to waste a single second of the time I had left I went to work on finding where this realm’s boss might be hiding. Before I could fully break out into a run I stopped once I noticed a white wolf on his knees not too far from where i was.

The wolf had the same white shirt and rawhide pants I did except on his back was a quiver fully loaded in arrows with a two stringed bow wasn’t too far away from where the wolf was. Because of the wolf’s clothing I instantly knew that he was a celestial, the only question was if this particular celestial was friend or foe.

“You do realize that there’s only an hour left right?” I stated nonchalantly, making the wolf flinch “I get that it’s frustrating to lose a world but, I mean, you’re just sitting here and we don’t even know where the boss is.”

The wolf rubbed his eyes before standing up to greet the fox properly “Uh, wait you’re in on the game too?” the wolf reached out to me with his left hand to shake

“Uh what does it look like?” I reached out with my left hand and shook “So, are you Friend or Foe?”

“Uh, I’m with, my~” The wolf stopped himself “I’m with this team.” He raised the back of his right hand to reveal the same mark I had

“Finally an ally, so what, you’re support I guess?” I said gesturing to the bow in his hands

“I guess you could say that.” he said shly

“Awesome, not a lot of celestials opt for support, but you’ll definitely come in handy. I’m Kitsune by the way.”

“I’m Vidar, it’s nice to meet you.”

Cutting our conversation short was a loud and thunderous boom. I felt my ears swivel to the source but the sound seemed to echo all around us. Cautious i already had my sword out and Vidar had his bow drawn, for all we knew it could’ve been the realm boss we’ve been looking for.

Much to our complete surprise however, we instead were crushed under the weight of two other beings. Due to their mysterious entry as well as being able to withstand a fall from such a height I knew right away that they were celestials.

“Ugh, that could’ve gone better.” The two celestials said in unison as they still sat on top of me and Vidar

“PETE!?” Called one of them

“DRAGON!?” called the second one

“What are you doing here!?” Dragon, I’m assuming since she was, well, a dragon, stood up while dusting herself off and stowing her staff on her back

Pete stood up as well this time sheathing his sword and shield “Playing the game, what does it look like?”

Dragon rolled her eyes “That’s not what i meant,” her face then slowly took on a more horrified look “Please don’t tell me.” she then grabbed Pete’s left hand and compared it to hers and found that their symbols matched mine and Vidar’s

“RANDOMLY ASSIGNED MY TAIL! Of all the other thirty five players I could’ve been stuck with I get you!?” Pete fumed while he kicked a tree to no avail

“Guys,” I chimed in but was completely ignored by Pete and Dragon.

“Hey, its no walk in the park for me either!” Dragon argued back “You’re so unbearable in this game.”

“GUYS!” I yelled this time getting their attention “Get a grip! We don’t have the time to waste on petty squabbles like this! Like it or not we’re a team now and we have to pull together” I then held out my locket and presented it to Pete and Dragon “We’re down to less than an hour!”

“Oh yeah genius, where’s the boss then?” Pete huffed arrogantly

“I might have an idea,” Vidar said before pointing to the mountain’s peak “I think it could be there.”

“How can you tell?” Dragon asked a little skeptically

Vidar then pointed to the clouds “I mean just look at it, doesn’t it look like that’s where a boss would be?”

“Of course it’s there.” I facepalmed as he motioned towards it “C’mon as I’ve repeated multiple times we don’t have much time to waste.”

Of course it had to be this mountain the exact same one i happened to be on it not too long ago. I guess i could count myself lucky the boss happened to be on this mountain and that we happened to spawn two thirds of the way to the top. That leaves us with forty minutes to fight and finish off the boss. Using that boss fight with the living forge as a reference point, the fight should take ten minutes at the very least. Our team was well rounded out, I’m on offense, Pete’s got defense, Vidar has support and Dragon’s on healing duty. Theoretically we can take on the boss of this world no problem, provided the others know what they’re doing.

After trudging through the clear cut path to the top where i once waited for this game to start we finally came to a stop. Aside from the familiar tree, there was nothing waiting for us, only the now downgraded view from two hours ago. Still, there was no telling what kind of boss we were up against, so i had my sword drawn and my senses raised to high alert.

As expected, once all of us were at the peak the ground beneath us began to shake. Loud banging thuds could be heard snaking around us, as if someone was playing the drums of war. It got louder and louder till eventually the monster that made such a noise raised its head from the cliff. Overall, it looked like it had an alligator like appearance but as it continued to climb onto the peak it revealed an extra pair of limbs. Its entire body glowed in a ghostly pale light and was somewhat transparent. Amidsts its terrifying features of fangs, and multiple eyes, i noticed a still pinned to its skull while a scar dragged over one of its multiple eyes.

“SIERRA STALKER!” I yelled once i noticed its tail twitching slightly “SPREAD OUT, DON’T LET IT KNOCK YOU OFF THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN!”

As i screamed out my command the Stalker flicked its tail directly at us. Since i was able to spread out a warning ahead of time everyone was able to avoid the attack. Once the creature failed to hit its mark it crawled over the side of the mountain circling us while we were disoriented. If we weren’t careful it could pick us off one by one.

I made my way to the center while keeping my ears trained for the Stalker’s movement “Everyone form up! It likes to toy with its prey!”

“How do you know all this?” Vidar asked as he joined me

“Now’s not the time!” I argued as a tail lashed out from the edge and slapped down

Luckily it didn’t hit anybody but it was incredibly close. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to move around, and because of its superior mobility with the landscape, taking it down was going to be a challenge. Something was off, Game Masters wouldn’t put such a hard boss fight at the beginning of a game. There had to be a way to take it down with the time we had left, but every time it attacks, it only uses its tail, and avoids coming back onto the platform.

Then it suddenly hit me, I almost slapped myself for not noticing it earlier. The white glow it seemed to give off, the battle scars it had, the sword pinned to its skull. This creature was already long dead, but it was being controlled like a puppet. That sword must be the center of it all, and to take the boss down, we had to remove the sword. Sneaking a peek at my locket i found that we were down to twenty minutes. It would be cutting it close, but it was certainly better than nothing.

“Guys!” I announced “Our target is the sword on its head! Defense, keep its attention focused on you. Support, try as hard as you can to knock the sword loose with one of your arrows. Healer make sure everyone is good to go on health.”

“Who died and made you boss!?” Pete argued while he still held position

Giving off a frustrated huff, Dragon kicked Pete into action “Just do it ya big baby! You’re on defense to protect us, not so that you could avoid being one shotted!”

Once again i strained my ears for the clawing of the Stalker on the cliff side. This time however instead of using that knowledge to predict where it’s tail would hit I ran full speed towards the sound. Shutting out all survival instincts i had I leaped off the cliff before the tail could strike and sure enough the Stalker we just beneath me.

Since i was too close for its tail to hit I managed to latch onto the fur on its torso and hang on tight. My presence on its back seemed to send it into a panic as its once simple movements began to shift into more erratic ones. It tried desperately to shake me off, but because it was hanging onto the side of the cliff it was too dangerous and it could lose its footing. This forced the Stalker to climb back onto the platform where my team was already in waiting.

The moment it was already back on the top of the mountain i started making my way towards the sword on its head. As i climbed i heard a whistling buzz past in my ears before a second came, and a third. The fourth one managed to scathe my arm, a red mark could be found where the arrow made its cut, but then it soon faded back to its normal hue.

“VIDAR WATCH WHERE YOU’RE AIMING!” I yelled as i continued to struggle my way to the top “YOU ALREADY HIT ME!”

“Sorry!” He yelled, lessening the rate of arrows coming my way

As i climbed i could tell the monster was beginning to slow down, but the same could be said for me. Having to constantly switch hand holds while the monster kept a steady pace of shaking and attacking Pete, was already beginning to drain me. Even as i continued to trudge to the top I could feel my hands slipping from their grip, it was only a matter of time before i slipped up.

Making matters worse was another arrow sailing through the air; its trajectory was perfectly line up with my head. Everything began to slow as the arrow approached me, and the only thing i could do was either to accept my fate and allow the arrow to hit me, or let go and be throw off the side of the cliff. Either way I was a goner, so rather than prolong i accepted my fate.

To my complete surprise however, instead of sending me to death spectate my team as they failed their objective, the arrow dispersed into a blue mist that splattered against my face. All of a sudden i felt revitalized and once again had the strength to continue my climb.

“SORRY!” Vidar yelled again

“No wait that was a good thing!” I replied “What did you do!?”

“I HAVE NO IDEA!” he shouted back

Rather than question it, I used the new burst of energy in one final push to reach for the sword’s hilt. The moment i had two hands on the handle i heaved with all i could. It took a few heaves but after my fourth attempt, i was able to dislodge the sword from the monster’s skull. The effect was almost instantaneous. The white glow it emitted died down taking with it the physical form that gave us trouble. All that was left was the bones of the monster, and even then they were slowly being turned into dust to be blown away by the winds.

However, in exchange for pulling the sword i had to sacrifice my one grip on the monster and i was already on a pathway towards the cliff. Though, in the long run i was just going to respawn anyway, so it was completely worth it.

“I GOTCHA!” Vidar yelled as my momentum was suddenly cut short

I looked up to see the white wolf struggling to hold me up from where he was but didn’t look like he was about to let go any time soon “You do realize i would just respawn right?”

“It just wouldn’t feel right to celebrate without our leader.” Vidar smiled through the strain of holding me up

With a shrug I allowed the wolf archer to pull me back up the ledge where Pete and Dragon were already waiting for us, nonchalantly. Sure there were scuffs and scratches here or there, but the team pulled through, and that’s all that matters. I pulled out the locket from underneath my shirt and instead of a countdown what i saw was the word success written in bright golden letters.

“Hey, it looks like the rain’s stopped.” Vidar held out his hand to check if it really did stop

“So?’ Pete asked

“So,” I pointed to the tree that miraculously survived the battle “you guys gotta see this.”

Again the others followed me to the tree as we watched the sun slowly rise from the horizon. The clouds of rain were dispersing to make room the barrage of colors daybreak brought with it. The blues, the oranges, the greens, all of it came together to form a picture only mother nature could paint, and in my opinion the best reward for completing the quest. Though, this was only the first step, and there was plenty more to do.


End of Chapter 1

PRO TIPS WITH KITSUNE! Today's topic: Death Mechanics

Any good game has some form of penalty for being taken out in the match, mission or basically whatever. With U&U Vaadirian Coonquest edition Celestials are, for the first time ever, allowed to play. In order to remedy the situation the Game Masters decided to link our Hit points to our Limiters. The Limiters take into account, level, class, Category and mana output when calculating hit points and put it all into a shield that surrounds the entirety of a player's body. Once the HP runs out the limiter then teleports the player back to their spawn point, leaving behind a tombstone with a certain phrasing that sound blatantly obvious when reading it out loud. While the shield recharges a mental projection is put wherever the tombstone landed showing how long they have till they respawn.

Of course since the Game Masters are opening the respawn to celestials Avatars are allowed to be defeated in battle but respawn without any strings attached. However should an avatar die in a natural manner there is nothing the limiter can do. Incidents include, getting sick naturally, old age, carelessness outside of the game's borders etc.

That's all for today, see ya next time!


Wolves were pack creatures, as much as possible they would surrounded themselves with their own kind and stick to them no matter the situation. It was in their blood as well as their instincts. So it was strange to see one lone wolf trudging through the murky marshes far from any one of his kind. He was never one to group up with them anyway. It wasn't only that they didn't want him around, He didn't want to be around them either.

Runt, they'd call him, Omega, they'd say straight to his face. The only refuge he had was a garden hidden amongst the murky marshes. it took a lot of handwork, it was his treasure and pride, and here no one would call him names.

Hi there I'm Krytus, let me spin you a tale of one of my dreams

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Post Re: U&U: Valadirian Conquest
A little tougher than expected for the first mission, but better than a boring tutorial mission for sure!

So, multiple game masters? That's a bad idea on my book (personal experience), but let's see how that work for the celestials.

Nice read of the settings, pretty descriptive =)

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