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Author:  valerio [ Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:12 pm ]
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That was some introduction to the course! This is going to be interrrresting

Author:  Dissension [ Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:02 am ]
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I've got a feeling I should be reading this.

Author:  dalonewolf25 [ Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:07 am ]
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Dissension Wrote:

I've got a feeling I should be reading this.

Why not? It's a great story, guys, but remember, eye on the prize...

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:56 am ]
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Yay, two new readers! :mrgreen:

Author:  copper [ Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:17 am ]
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dalonewolf25 Wrote:
Why not? It's a great story, guys, but remember, eye on the prize...

What prize would that be? This is A great story, but I had no idea that there was a prize involved.

Author:  Private Elliot [ Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:21 am ]
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dalonewolf25 Wrote:
Dissension Wrote:

I've got a feeling I should be reading this.

Why not? It's a great story, guys, but remember, eye on the prize...

Sense. This maed none.

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:36 pm ]
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I put a lot of thought into this Lucky Charm Grove Security Detail, as seen by this image:


Characters pictured are not any characters that are on the security team...just models to display how the security personnel uniforms look.

Other notes

LCGSD personnel are:
- ...not permitted to 'shoot-to-kill' animals for any reason. They do work for Martin's company, after all.
- ...highly trained in various styles of Kung Fu according to their build and experience.
- ...trained to operate any type of vehicle the shelter has at its disposal...including the helicopter.
- ...trained in weapons use and handling, including firearms (humans) and knife (human/canine) fighting styles.
- ...partnered at all times with their respective human/canine counterpart.
- ...canines and humans... Cats are not out of the question, if they can complete the training.
- peak physical and mental condition.
- ...not indestructible, but won't be phased by a few gunshot wounds.
- ...are trained in law... -_-; just because Martin said so.

>> To the Intermission...: viewtopic.php?p=164651#p164651
<< Back to Conclusion of LCGSD Arc: viewtopic.php?p=154941#p154941

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:15 pm ]
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Author:  valerio [ Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:07 am ]
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Ahh, i so LOVE a good Security detail!
You have my greatest admiration for turning my ideas into iages, 'Wolf. *bows*

Author:  copper [ Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:36 pm ]
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Well, that was thorough. It was a little boring, but I guess its necessary. A well thought addition to your story, indeed....

Sorry, it was just unexpected. :roll:

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Sat Dec 25, 2010 5:01 am ]
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copper Wrote:
Well, that was thorough. It was a little boring, but I guess its necessary. A well thought addition to your story, indeed....

Sorry, it was just unexpected. :roll:

Yeah, I just thought I'd give a little information regarding the preparation they'd have in a short summary rather than writing out all the training they did... I'm a bit short on time before I finally sync up my story with Valerio's current storyline which will happen around mid January of the Terrace High story setting. Not much has happened to the newly hired group other than what Valerio has mentioned in his stories since the LCGSD has been implemented.

EDIT: Since the Terrace High arc won't be happening...assume it to be during the early part of Valerio's Season 3 arc?

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:39 pm ]
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Since I didn't want everyone to have to wait too long, here's a little something...
Elliot RPed by Private Elliot; Elias RPed by Tha Housedog; Light RPed by Lightwolf21


Christmas Eve, 2010

Light and his two friends are chatting on Skype (he has a life outside of his work for LCGSD, you know. -_-; )
…his two friends named:

Elliot Banister, screen name: BaconLoverElly, a Golden Retriever that Light had met and become friends with during the time when he and Keith had gone around Babylon Gardens and met the residents.
and, Elias DiLero, screen name: TGunnerElias, a mixed breed that recently became a resident of the shelter through an unfortunate happening to his ‘dad’, that Light befriended while working there.

Light was at home with Keith, who was spending a few hours visiting with his newly discovered half-sister, Miyugi at his home in Babylon Gardens before heading back to the shelter for his security shift.
The sudden change in the conversation had confused Elias and Elliot.


[9:18:12 PM] LightWolf21: ...メリークリスマス!
[9:18:19 PM] BaconLoverElly: So it is.
[9:18:31 PM] TGunnerElias: I'm sorry, I don't understand "Asian"
[9:18:33 PM] LightWolf21: 何ですか?
[9:18:49 PM] LightWolf21: それは日本だ!
[9:18:53 PM] BaconLoverElly: Merry Christmas to you too Light.
[9:18:59 PM] LightWolf21: Arigato.
[9:19:10 PM] TGunnerElias: Hello.
[9:19:18 PM] LightWolf21: Konnichiwa.
[9:19:22 PM] TGunnerElias: Goodbye
[9:19:26 PM] LightWolf21: Dozo.
[9:19:31 PM] TGunnerElias: I am not!
[9:20:01 PM] TGunnerElias: Or is that "Boko"?
[9:20:14 PM] TGunnerElias: Ugh, I can't remember...
[9:20:19 PM] BaconLoverElly: Bka
[9:20:20 PM] BaconLoverElly: Baka
[9:20:22 PM] LightWolf21: ばかは、日本語を知っていない -_-;
[9:20:36 PM] LightWolf21: Hai.
[9:20:42 PM] TGunnerElias: I don't understand your crazy talk.
[9:20:48 PM] TGunnerElias: *TGunnerElias kills himself*
[9:21:00 PM | Edited 9:21:20 PM] LightWolf21: Seppuku...honorable *bows*
[9:21:30 PM] LightWolf21: anyway...yeah... -_-;
[9:21:34 PM] TGunnerElias: He must be talking to Elliot.
[9:21:36 PM] LightWolf21: sorry about that...Tsuki's visiting...
[9:21:45 PM] LightWolf21: ...for the holidays...
[9:21:51 PM] TGunnerElias: Because an honorable man does not kill himself
[9:24:02 PM | Edited 9:24:16 PM] LightWolf21: 'Aunt' Miyugi and 'cousin' Tsuki are visiting for Christmas eve.
[9:24:17 PM] BaconLoverElly: Ah, that's why you were talking like that.
[9:24:25 PM] TGunnerElias: Mmhmm.
[9:24:48 PM] LightWolf21: Yeah... she thought it would be funny...I'm still trying to get her to understand American humor.
[9:25:06 PM] TGunnerElias: ...I don't see what's so funny -_-'
[9:25:21 PM] TGunnerElias: ...WHich is the point you're trying to make
[9:25:28 PM] TGunnerElias: ...Right?
[9:25:37 PM] LightWolf21: yeah... -_-;
[9:27:15 PM] LightWolf21: Sorry we had to leave the shelter early today, Elias.
[9:27:41 PM] BaconLoverElly: *Is busy looking around*
[9:27:42 PM] TGunnerElias: problem
[9:27:44 PM] LightWolf21: Aunt Miyugi and Keith made an awesome spiral cut ham.
[9:28:06 PM] LightWolf21: Elliot, I understand your family is moving to Terrace High soon?
[9:28:25 PM] TGunnerElias: Man, that sucks, too.
[9:28:29 PM] BaconLoverElly: Uh, Yeah; Babylon is getting sort of boring...
[9:28:41 PM] TGunnerElias: I'm stuck here.
[9:28:55 PM] TGunnerElias: Being a shelter dog and all, I can't exactly 'leave'
[9:28:56 PM] BaconLoverElly: Not like I have much of a choise.
[9:29:04 PM] LightWolf21: We'll be back tomorrow Elias.
[9:29:13 PM] LightWolf21: ...and I'll bring you some of the ham. ;3
[9:29:15 PM] BaconLoverElly: Besides, we DO have teh interwebz
[9:29:17 PM] TGunnerElias: ...
[9:29:43 PM] TGunnerElias: True...I guess those iPads'll hve to do for talking.
[9:29:52 PM] TGunnerElias: And all ham is good.
[9:30:03 PM] LightWolf21: aite, cool.
[9:30:11 PM] LightWolf21: When were you going to be moving, Elliot?
[9:30:29 PM] BaconLoverElly: Anytime now; I'm still packing.
[9:30:47 PM | Edited 9:31:03 PM] LightWolf21: I hope you make lots of Tegan's family going too?
[9:30:49 PM | Edited 9:31:01 PM] TGunnerElias: Lucky dog...I so wanna get out of here...have a family again.
[9:31:13 PM | Edited 9:32:10 PM] LightWolf21: You'll find someone Elias.
[9:31:16 PM] BaconLoverElly: Yep, her family is going as well. Both of our owners found new and better work there.
[9:31:21 PM] LightWolf21: ...or someone'll find you.
[9:31:24 PM] BaconLoverElly: Oh and what Light said.
[9:31:43 PM] TGunnerElias: who?
[9:31:44 PM] LightWolf21: That's cool. Make sure to keep in touch, okay?
[9:31:56 PM] BaconLoverElly: I'll be sure of that, don't worry.
[9:32:00 PM] TGunnerElias: Yeah...I'll pretty much always be on Skype
[9:32:01 PM | Edited 9:32:25 PM] LightWolf21: I wouldn't know, Elias.
[9:32:30 PM] TGunnerElias:'s the waiting that sucks.
[9:32:54 PM] LightWolf21: Just be patient, people are most likely looking for a calmer pet.
[9:33:04 PM] TGunnerElias: ...
[9:33:09 PM] TGunnerElias: *Sighs*
[9:33:09 PM] BaconLoverElly: Zing!
[9:33:17 PM] BaconLoverElly: I mean, hey that was uncalled for.
[9:33:29 PM] LightWolf21: Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it...hang on brb.
[9:33:45 PM] TGunnerElias: Hah...what would you know, Elliot?
[9:33:57 PM] TGunnerElias: You're not a shelter're not stuck here.
[9:34:18 PM] LightWolf21: Okay, I'm back...
[9:34:24 PM] BaconLoverElly: Well, I was born into a family... so...
[9:34:35 PM] TGunnerElias: I have to wear a collar under this bandanna that tracks my whereabouts at all time. I can't even use the BATHROOM without them knowing.
[9:34:44 PM] LightWolf21: Hey guys, let's not do this right's Christmas, alright...
[9:34:53 PM] TGunnerElias: Yeah, you're right.
[9:34:54 PM] LightWolf21: Tidings of joy and all that...
[9:34:57 PM] BaconLoverElly: It's only for your own safety...
[9:35:03 PM] TGunnerElias: Yeah, I know.
[9:35:14 PM] LightWolf21: ...anyway, I have a surprise for you guys.
[9:35:16 PM] TGunnerElias: I just think it's a bit 'over-protective'
[9:35:22 PM] TGunnerElias: Oh?
[9:35:36 PM] BaconLoverElly: WHATISITWHATISIT
[9:36:00 PM] LightWolf21: before that, I agree with what Elias just's seems that way.
[9:36:29 PM | Edited 9:36:35 PM] LightWolf21: Anyway, I got special permission from Keith to give you a direct line to my phone through its secure system.
[9:36:43 PM] TGunnerElias: Oh yeah?
[9:36:47 PM] BaconLoverElly: Ah, that's cool.
[9:36:59 PM] TGunnerElias: Definitely.
[9:37:17 PM | Edited 9:37:43 PM] LightWolf21: Yeah, so this way...even if the cell phones aren't getting reception, you should be able to contact me on govt. antenna installations.
[9:37:44 PM] TGunnerElias: There's gotta be some string attached...
[9:38:02 PM] BaconLoverElly: There has to be.
[9:39:40 PM | Edited 9:39:54 PM] LightWolf21: ...Keith thought you might have said that. There is some special paperwork that he has to fill out... *mutters* which means I'll have to do it...anyway, whatever is said in the conversation becomes govt. property, so only use it in an emergency okay.
[9:39:55 PM] TGunnerElias: I thought so.
[9:40:01 PM] TGunnerElias: I'll take it!
[9:40:17 PM] BaconLoverElly: Alright, even though I might never use it...
[9:40:21 PM] TGunnerElias: I'm already government property, anyway.
[9:40:36 PM] LightWolf21: *gives them phonenumber*
[9:41:14 PM] LightWolf21: It's so difficult to send data securely these days...
[9:41:21 PM] TGunnerElias: No kidding.
[9:41:37 PM] BaconLoverElly: Blame... evil people.
[9:41:50 PM] TGunnerElias: Blame the government and the evil people.
[9:42:00 PM] LightWolf21: Well, we're about to play jenga...whatever that is...
[9:42:05 PM] TGunnerElias: Without one, neither has their way.
[9:42:18 PM | Edited 9:42:27 PM] TGunnerElias: Oh, that game? Heh.
[9:42:30 PM] LightWolf21: Is it fun?
[9:42:54 PM] LightWolf21: Keith said it's been around forever...
[9:43:05 PM] LightWolf21: ...but I don't believe'd think I would have heard of it...
[9:43:16 PM] TGunnerElias: You stack blocks on top of each other to see who can stack it the highest. the person the tower falls over for after placing their block loses.
[9:43:25 PM] LightWolf21: ...
[9:43:43 PM] BaconLoverElly: Well Light, you aren't that cultered; you are in internet memes though.
[9:43:52 PM] BaconLoverElly: I am quiet.
[9:43:56 PM] TGunnerElias: He knows more than enough of those. -_-'
[9:44:25 PM] LightWolf21: After Keith showed me the internet and got me a smart phone I became addicted...imagine, all that information available to someone with a computer...
[9:44:45 PM] TGunnerElias: ...Some of it's false information, you know
[9:44:49 PM] LightWolf21: ...I really should share it with my clan...if I knew where to find them...or if they're even still alive...
[9:44:54 PM] BaconLoverElly: And the internet can be a bad place...
[9:44:59 PM] BaconLoverElly: But enough about th at.
[9:45:06 PM] LightWolf21: ...well, even wolves lie sometimes...I don't expect too much from humans.
[9:45:08 PM] TGunnerElias: Let's not even go into 'certain' areas of it
[9:45:32 PM] LightWolf21: Oh, I've already been there... -_-; can't unsee DX
[9:45:41 PM] TGunnerElias: Yeah. That's the problem.
[9:45:53 PM] BaconLoverElly: No sleep eh?
[9:46:02 PM] TGunnerElias: Eh, sure. That's what I mean.
[9:46:18 PM | Edited 9:46:24 PM] BaconLoverElly: I mean that's the direct effect of i t.
[9:46:30 PM] LightWolf21: Tsuki is watching me type, I think she's getting bored.
[9:46:34 PM] TGunnerElias: Pretty much, yeah.
[9:46:46 PM] LightWolf21: Uh oh...
[9:46:58 PM] TGunnerElias: Heh.
[9:47:06 PM] LightWolf21: Great...someone must have told her about mistletoe. -_-;
[9:47:15 PM] TGunnerElias: Oh. Haha
[9:47:17 PM] BaconLoverElly: Oh Lordy.
[9:47:18 PM] LightWolf21: hang on...
[9:47:18 PM] BaconLoverElly: :P
[9:47:48 PM] BaconLoverElly: There's a reason why I avoid mistletoe.
[9:47:53 PM] LightWolf21: okay...human traditions are weird... -_-;
[9:48:00 PM] BaconLoverElly: We ALL know that.
[9:48:04 PM] BaconLoverElly: And that is the reason.
[9:48:11 PM] LightWolf21: I think she appreciated the kiss though...
[9:48:20 PM] LightWolf21: ...I'd feel better if we weren't non-relatives though.
[9:48:28 PM] LightWolf21: ...or you know...
[9:48:37 PM] TGunnerElias: Close enough
[9:48:41 PM] BaconLoverElly: Uh..
[9:48:43 PM] BaconLoverElly: So...
[9:48:53 PM] BaconLoverElly: On that image...
[9:49:04 PM] BaconLoverElly: Let us talk about something else shall we?
[9:49:04 PM] LightWolf21: was just a little kiss on the cheek...
[9:49:16 PM] TGunnerElias: AUGH.
[9:49:21 PM] LightWolf21: ...don't be so prudish...although, I'm one to talk aren't I -_-;
[9:49:45 PM] TGunnerElias: MNGH.
[9:49:47 PM | Edited 9:49:55 PM] LightWolf21: I had no choice, Keith and Miyugi were watching...I had to humor them...
[9:50:28 PM | Edited 9:50:34 PM] TGunnerElias: Heh, Light an' Tsuki...
[9:50:33 PM] LightWolf21: I told them to let me finish this conversation real quick...jeez, they like to tease me. -_-;
[9:50:39 PM] BaconLoverElly: Don't go there.
[9:50:54 PM] TGunnerElias: Hahaha...
[9:50:58 PM | Edited 9:51:03 PM] BaconLoverElly: That's what they like to do to ALL of us
[9:51:10 PM] TGunnerElias: Not ALL of us. ;3
[9:51:47 PM | Edited 9:51:57 PM] LightWolf21: It seemed strange for Tsuki to try something like that, I bet Aunt Miyugi put her up to it for her and Keith's amusement...
[9:51:57 PM] TGunnerElias: Or maybe...
[9:52:30 PM] LightWolf21: ...I don't think so. -_-;
[9:52:37 PM] TGunnerElias: Haha.
[9:52:38 PM] BaconLoverElly: Bacon
[9:53:00 PM] LightWolf21: Elliot, must you always derail our conversations...?
[9:53:05 PM] BaconLoverElly: It's my job.
[9:53:13 PM] BaconLoverElly: I lurk and then I say something to derail.
[9:53:20 PM | Edited 9:53:37 PM] LightWolf21: Well, I do love bacon...who would have thought cured meat would taste so good?
[9:53:26 PM] BaconLoverElly: nomnomnom
[9:53:51 PM] LightWolf21: At least humans are good for something.
[9:54:37 PM] TGunnerElias: Ugh.
[9:54:49 PM] LightWolf21: What's up Elias?
[9:54:58 PM] TGunnerElias: Head hurts. It's fine.
[9:55:21 PM | Edited 9:55:32 PM] LightWolf21: Well, have you gone to the Grove Clinic?
[9:55:45 PM] TGunnerElias: ...
[9:56:01 PM] TGunnerElias: It's just a headache
[9:56:24 PM] TGunnerElias: *Falls over*
[9:56:31 PM] TGunnerElias: *Catches self*
[9:56:57 PM] LightWolf21: *sigh* I can't force you, but please take it easy and if it gets worse have it taken care of.
[9:57:03 PM] LightWolf21: Promise me.
[9:57:07 PM] TGunnerElias: ...
[9:57:12 PM] TGunnerElias: I don't...
[9:57:28 PM] TGunnerElias: *Sigh* F-fine.
[9:57:41 PM] LightWolf21: Thanks.
[9:58:09 PM] LightWolf21: Well, I gotta get back to the festivities...Keith and I will be back at the shelter in a few hours...
[9:58:11 PM] BaconLoverElly: Elliot is being quiet
[9:58:32 PM] TGunnerElias: Oh...I'll see you later, then, Light...
[9:58:35 PM] Lightwolf21: okay.
[9:58:58 PM] TGunnerElias: *faints*
[9:59:07 PM | Edited 9:59:19 PM] LightWolf21: ...and Elliot, in case I'm busy the next few days, I hope you enjoy your new home at Terrace High.
[9:59:46 PM] BaconLoverElly: Let's hope I don't get thrown into freezing water or something for a reason that I cannot explain.
[10:00:11 PM] LightWolf21: lolz, anyway laterz you two.
**LightWolf21 has left the chat**

Author:  valerio [ Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Projectiles of Protection (PG-13)

this was so cute! And Tsuki kissing Light under the mistletoe... DAAWWWW!!

Author:  copper [ Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Projectiles of Protection (PG-13)

Di-Did you say aite instead of alright in their!? :?

nice little conversation, though. And the thing about the mistletoe? What valerio said.

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Projectiles of Protection (PG-13)

copper Wrote:
Di-Did you say aite instead of alright in their!? :?

nice little conversation, though. And the thing about the mistletoe? What valerio said.

Thanks. X3 ...and Light doesn't say "aite" but he has been known to type it occasionally...something he picked up from Keith...

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

Houspets: Projectiles of Protection (PoP) - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

Since it has been a while since I've placed a disclaimer...

This story series can, at some times, be militaristic in nature focusing on sniping and therefore WILL include weapons used mainly for training purposes(yeah, OK, I lied initially), hand-to-hand combat, a little blood (upped the rating, ended up with more blood than initially planned, but still not too graphic), and semi-harsh language (I’ve kept the language censored or PG, darn, heck, etc.). Reader discretion is advised.

Having said that, please enjoy.



*Feh* Prologues? Who needs’em? Okay fine… -_- … so this takes place in early January probably January 18th 2011, Tuesday. Keith, Light and the 16 additional members of the LCGSD comprised of Human/Canine Units (HCUs) were hired, and thus began the story of Keith and Light’s adventures in guarding the Lucky Charm Grove, Babylon Gardens, and their residents…including Martin, their employer. With nine highly trained and specialized HCU protectors of the Grove, security was better than ever. Keith and Light were sometimes free to escort Martin places, and participate in major events. As it happened, perhaps the security was getting complacent in their ways…but one thing was certain…January 18th, 2011 was going to take a turn for the worst.

Chapter 1

The day had started just like any other, except for the annoyingly slow day the person in charge of watching the security monitors was having. At this point of the day there would have been at least an incident of a rat running by in the sewers, but today, nothing. The snow had been falling heavily that winter. Luckily, Mother Nature was kind enough to give a reprieve and the skies were clear, causing the rising sun to shine brightly on the fresh snow.

Keith and Light were starting their day with yoga, as usual. After that they’d eaten breakfast and were making their rounds, as they did every day. But, something about that day was going to change their lives forever.

A black wolf was contrasting sharply with the pure white snow. But, what really drew the eye to it was the blood near its feet. Light caught the sight out of the corner of his eye. “Keith, do you see that?” He said, pointing to the wolf in the distance, near the forest outside the gates of the shelter.

Keith got out his binoculars and looked at the wolf, watching it stumble and fall. “Call the medical team, let’s get down there.” He said, as he put the binoculars away and started down the stairway of the building. Light followed shortly, after having called in the request on his radio collar.


Keith and Light arrived at the wolf, just as some of the shelter’s medical personnel were beginning to tend to it. The black wolf was well built, just like Light, and appeared to be unconscious as they placed him on a stretcher. As they began carrying him past Keith and Light, his eyes opened suddenly and he grabbed Light’s arm with a sudden burst of energy, causing the carriers to stop. “Light.” he cried out, then slowly dropped back into unconsciousness as they resumed carrying him to the infirmary.

Keith and Light looked after the wolf being carried away, their mouths and eyes open in surprise. “How did he know your name?” Keith asked Light.

“I…haven’t the slightest clue.” Light responded.

“One of your fans?” Keith asked smiling

“No, but there’s something familiar about him,” Light responded, not smiling.

“Well, let’s ask him about it, when he recovers.” Keith said, mirroring Light’s expression.

“If he recovers, you mean.” Light replied loudly. “Look at this blood, it’s everywhere.” A gust of wind blew Light’s fur like a meadow being blown by the breeze. *Brrrr* “I’m going back inside. Living with you humans and your ‘climate control’ has caused me to dislike the cold.” Light began walking back towards the shelter, while Keith followed the trail of blood into the woods.

“Ok, I’ll catch up with you in a minute.” Keith called over his shoulder to Light. Something isn’t quite right with this picture. He eventually came across the cause of the black wolf’s wound leaning carefully against a tree. It was not your average knife, either. It was a military combat knife…Keith knew just from glancing at it. This doesn’t belong, this doesn’t belong at all. The only prints in the snow were wolf prints. Keith cleaned and pocketed the knife, turned and began walking back to the shelter. He had a few questions for this wolf.


A new chapter in the lives of Keith and Light begin... such, expect my previous experience with writing to evolve as I explore a more complex and riveting story experience. Hope you enjoy the ride. ;3

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Projectiles of Protection (PG-13)

Projectiles - The Second Try

Ah, who am I kidding? This was wonderful.

Author:  Private Elliot [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Projectiles of Protection (PG-13)

But more to the point, Who's that pokem-- wolf?

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

TU-TUMMMM!!! Another shard from Light's past emerges? Is this friend...or foe?
this starts very good, Lightwolf! Can't wait for the rest!

Author:  copper [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

It was funny. Not haha funny, but interesting funny. I hope it gets better, even though I doubt that that's possible!

It would be weird if this turned out to be a brother thing.Black and White wolves....hmmmm. Yin-yang, anyone? :lol:

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:03 am ]
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Chapter 2

Keith and Light were waiting outside the door to the infirmary room that held its newest patient. Keith showed Light the knife and explained what it was and where he’d found it. “It’s almost as if he wounded himself.” Keith whispered to Light. “No other footprints, the blood trail led straight to it. It’s almost 100% certain, the question is why?”

Natasha and Diego were just arriving. They had been called in by the ex-marine to help identify the knife. Keith handed it to the beautiful, yet dangerous Russian woman. Natasha looked at the knife for about a second. “A Kizlyar Voron-3 knife…the chosen knife of the Russian Spetsnaz special forces…it seems to be the latest model,” She responded in her Russian accent, shaking her head and looking at Keith as she handed the knife to Diego. “I have no doubt, Lieutenant.”

Diego ran a claw along the edge of the knife. “It is brand new, nearly…” he said in his Spanish accent, as he turned the blade over and looked at the other side. “Yet…it has sustained heavy damage, for being so new.” He handed the knife to Light.

“Thank you Natasha, Diego, you’ve been most helpful.” Keith said, nodding sharply. “You can go back to your post.” The woman and her dog walked away down the hallway. Keith was watching her walk away…of course.

Light turned the knife over in his hands. Russian military forces knife? … No Russian accent? Black wolf? … knows who I am?...bacon. He suddenly became hungry. He felt he knew something about this wolf, but he couldn’t put his paw on it. He set the knife down and rubbed his temples with his paw-knuckles.

Just then Dr. Stanwick came out of the room. “The patient will be just fine. He seemed pretty friendly and I didn’t have to put in too many stitches. I’ve never seen another wolf with a collar, though. Besides you, of course, Light.

“It’s a bit strange, right?” Keith responded.

“I suppose. Anyway, I understood you wanted to ask him some questions?... I’m sure he’s feeling up to that now. I’ll clear the room. He said he wanted to see you, Light.” He went back inside and a moment later the doctor and the others in the room had left for other patients.

Keith and Light entered. “Light! I’m so glad I found you.” The black wolf responded from the bed. “I was told not to move around too much…but what the heck.” He stood up and walked over to Light and gave him a hug. Light just stared at the stranger. The black wolf backed off. *ahem* “Sorry, did you want to sniff first?" he said offering his backside.

“OK, that’s enough of that!” Light said, putting up his hands in front of him. The black wolf took a seat on the bed.

Keith was smiling. Then he quickly became serious. “We have some questions to ask you.” Keith said, bringing out the knife. “Do you recognize this object?”
“Oh, that’s my knife. I thought I’d lost it. Thanks.” The black wolf answered, putting his paw out to receive it, with his tail wagging.

Keith pocketed it. “Sorry, but guests are not allowed weapons here. If you so choose, we can return the knife to your possession as you leave the grounds. But until then, consider it confiscated.”

Finally, Light spoke up. “Who are you? How do you know my name? Why did you stab yourself with your knife?

“What are you talking about? I didn’t stab myself. Keith and Light looked at each other skeptically. Ah, but those first two are easy questions to answer. My name is Temno, (Tām•nō), and how could one forget their own brother?” he replied, with a sly smile.

Light looked shocked, but not for the same reason Keith also looked shocked. Keith quickly regained his composure. “What he meant, was-“ Keith started to say “…excuse us a second.” He grabbed Light and took him outside the room with him. The wolf was still smiling and lay down on the bed.

Outside the room Keith and Light were arguing. “You have a brother? Why didn’t you mention this before?”

“I…I don’t know. I don’t remember having a brother?” his tail was slightly wagging. A brother? Family?!

“That’s not something you forget.” Keith said. Then he realized something. “Light, why don’t you get acquainted with your brother, Temno. If you get bored, take him on a tour of the Grove, okay? I just remembered I need to make some phone calls. We need to have unregistered guests in this part of the building escorted at all times. Do you have your knife?”

Light looked at Keith with a slightly confused look, “Yea-.”

“Good. Be careful and stay vigilant, I’ll be right back.” Keith left and Light proceeded back through the door to the room with Temno.

“It sounds like your partner, there, doesn’t trust me.” Temno said, as Light entered the room, a sad look on his face.

“Oh,” Light didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t remember any of his family and now his alleged brother was right in front of him. “Keith is just being Keith. He’s always very careful. I can’t say I blame him, though. How would you feel if you were in my position? All of a sudden, a brother I didn’t even know I had shows up right outside our doorstep. I don’t suppose you have any proof you’re my brother?”

“Do they give blood tests here?”

Light snapped his fingers and turned to Temno. “You know what? They do.” Hang on a second.
Light activated his collar radio and attempted to contact Keith, but Keith wasn’t responding. Light figured he was still busy on the phone so he picked up the phone on the wall and dialed Dr. Stanwick’s extension. After a few rings Stanwick picked up. “Dr. Stanwick. How may I help you?”

“Dr. Stanwick, it’s Light. Can we get a blood-sample DNA test set up for our guest and myself? We’d like to confirm something?”

“Of course. I’d never let down a former patient.”

Light blushed at the memory of almost ripping the hand off of the doctor that had saved his life a long time ago. “Heh heh, thanks. “

A few moments later, Stanwick and a couple of the medical personnel entered the room and set up for the blood test. When they were finished they took Light’s and Temno’s blood-samples with them for testing. “We should have the results back in 5 days.”

“Make it four.” Light said, pointing at the doctor. Temno chuckled.

“You’re almost as bad as Martin,” Stanwick said, frowning, as the door was closing in front of him.
Keith came in before it shut. “What was that about?” Keith asked Light while looking over his shoulder at the doctor.

“We’re getting a blood test to confirm we really are brothers.” Temno responded.
Keith looked at Temno, then back at Light. He had to admit to himself, the story was convincing. He’d made some calls in order to try to figure out was going on, and now all he could do now was wait for a response.

“Please forgive my rudeness.” Temno spoke up after the pause. “I don’t much care for humans, so I should be getting back home. I just had to come see for myself…” he chuckled to himself looking at Light. “I can come back in a few days after the test results come in. Excuse me.” He proceeded to get off the bed and walked between Keith and Light to the door across the room.

“Hold on. I’ll escort you out,” Light called out taking the knife from Keith so he could give it to Temno once he’d left the grounds. He walked through the door with him.

Keith got a call on his phone. “Any news?” he asked into the receiver.

“Turn to channel 4.” a distorted voice on the other end of the call, said.

Keith picked up the remote from the hospital bed and turned on the television. What he saw had just confirmed his suspicions? He watched the news reporter in disbelief.

Earlier this morning, a call came in to BG police regarding a badly damaged military transport vehicle, outside Babylon Gardens. The vehicle was apparently destroyed by gunfire and explosives and the military personnel that were manning the vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. There have been eyewitness reports stating they saw what appeared to be a black wolf fleeing the scene…” by that time the television was broadcasting to an empty room.


Keith turned to the right upon exiting the room and saw Temno and Light at the end of the T-section Hallway. He noticed Temno’s muzzle speaking something to Light. Things were going from bad to worse, when Keith immediately recognized what the black wolf was saying. He started walking quickly towards them with his HK416 at eye level aiming it towards the two wolves. Liiiiiiight!
Light looked towards Keith, suddenly realizing what was happening. Before he could react, Temno grabbed his knife from Light’s belt and ducked behind the corner just as a few bullets sprayed the wall behind him…slightly off target.

Temno smiled. Is he trying to miss? he asked himself, amused.

Keith knew Martin would never forgive him for killing an animal in his shelter, unless the animal meant harm to others, but the ex-marine needed to confirm why this intruder had come here, of all places. He tossed a flashbang after the black wolf ducked behind the corner of the wall. He wasn’t taking any chances. He was aiming to hit both wolves with the effects of the flashbang.

Light in the meantime had ducked behind the corner opposite where Temno was, since the bullets were hitting the wall between the two wolves. He heard a loud bang and got an eyeful of bright light. He suddenly couldn’t hear or see, at least for several seconds. The next thing he saw was Keith mouthing ‘Are you okay?’ to him. Light shook his head quickly to try clearing the effects and answered. “Yeah, I think so. Ugh what happened?” His hearing started to come back. He tried moving his hand, but noticed it had Temno’s knife lodged in it. “Holy-“ he grimaced and grabbed his wrist as he noticed the pain.

Keith turned on his radio. “We have a code red. Silent alarm only. All security personnel, be on the lookout for a black wolf. Possibly armed, and extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to engage alone, I repeat, do not engage alone. Capture him alive at all costs.” Keith knew this last part was risky, but he needed something from the wolf, something he now knew the wolf had…information. “Light! Get to Doctor Stanwick. I’ll be in contact by radio. I’m going after this sonuva*&^%@.” He slammed a new magazine into his assault rifle and slung it over his shoulder, running down the hallway after the black wolf.

Light walked back to the doctor’s office. He was determined to get back with Keith and hunt down this wolf, even if there was a possibility he was his brother. He quickly opened the door, startling Stanwick.
“I need a quick patch-up, Doc!”


What's this...? O_o Light has a brother?

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:09 am ]
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Why did I see this coming? Because every hero has an evil twin, Of course! :lol:

Awesome job lightwolf! I can't wait for the next update!

I have a feeling that this Tenmo fellow is going under cover as Light. White paint!

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white-furred hero
black-furred villain
Ah, brotherly drama! This is intense and very! A long-lost brother Light didn't know about?!
Also, LW, remember that Martin DID kill a dog with his hands, literally, in order to spare the lives of the pets in Babylon Gardens. In case of dire necessity, the orders for the Security can be switched to 'kill' Temno -especially considering he's firing rounds inside the shelter's premises|

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:23 pm ]
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valerio Wrote:
white-furred hero
black-furred villain
Ah, brotherly drama! This is intense and very! A long-lost brother Light didn't know about?!
Also, LW, remember that Martin DID kill a dog with his hands, literally, in order to spare the lives of the pets in Babylon Gardens. In case of dire necessity, the orders for the Security can be switched to 'kill' Temno -especially considering he's firing rounds inside the shelter's premises|


"Keith knew Martin would never forgive him for killing an animal in his shelter, unless the animal meant harm to others, but the ex-marine needed to confirm why this intruder had come here, of all places. He tossed a flashbang after the black wolf ducked behind the corner of the wall. He wasn’t taking any chances. He was aiming to hit both wolves with the effects of the flashbang."

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:57 pm ]
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Chapter 3

Keith came across an open door to the gym and looked inside. He saw the grating on the floor of the showers had been removed and tossed to the side. He spoke into his radio “I’ve tracked the wolf to the gym showers. ETA? “

We can be there in one minute,” someone replied on the radio. It sounded like Josh.

“Affirmative. I’m going after the suspect. Stand-by in the gym, I’ll call if I need backup.” Keith ordered.

But, I thought you said-“ Keith shut off his radio and quickly proceeded through the sewers below the Grove.


Most of the LCG Security Detail waited anxiously in the gym showers, as per his orders. They were looking at each other, worried. It had been a while since they’d hear from Keith. Light was especially distressed. Keith had been down there for several minutes and the behavior he was exhibiting ever since they came across Temno, was strange…even for Keith. Suddenly, Keith was heard over everyone’s earpiece, speaking calmly. “Well, looks like I made the right call. I need everyone to meet in the security office.

“What do you mean?” Light asked, worried. “What’s happening?”

Don’t come down here! Just do as I say. Who’s on security monitor duty?

“Cherie.” Josh replied into the radio.

Hello~.” Cherie replied cheerfully, over the radio.

Cherie, I need you to reboot the cctv security system,” Keith replied, “I think there may be a problem.


The young Vietnamese woman stood up and went to the computer system that monitored the security feed for the cameras. Her HC unit partner, Spring, a Pit-bull/Dalmatian mix followed her worriedly. “I’ve never heard Keith speak like this. It’s unsettling.”

“I know what you mean,” Cherie responded. Ever since she’d first met him, she had looked at him with admiration. “He always seems so focused, whether he’s clowning around or being serious.”

A few minutes later, the monitors had reset and where there was nothing before, Keith suddenly appeared on the video monitor for the feed to one of the sewer cams. He had his back to the camera and in front of him was a large, mysterious object that could only be described as a threat to the shelter. Cherie fell to her knees, in shock, eyes and mouth wide open in horror. Spring repeated the action. “My God…” they responded, together.


A few minutes later, everyone was gathered in the security offices, in front of the wall filled with camera feeds from all over the shelter. Keith was explaining the situation over the video monitor, using his radio as an audio feed. “This is a terrorist IED…the likes of which none of us have ever seen. I screwed up big this time…royally. There was an IR grid around it and I set it off. According to the audio clip that was played from the device, if anyone sets enters or exits the grid a second time, it will detonate so DO NOT, try to come down here. The only thing everyone can do at this time is help out in evacuating the shelter. I’ve checked the device over with a radio frequency meter, and it doesn’t have a receiver. They won’t be able to detonate it remotely. Now, for the bad news.

They watched him dial on his phone. Light answered his phone and turned on video conference. They watched Keith put the phone over the control panel. The control console showed up on Light’s screen with the number 2:45:10, with the 10 ticking down with the seconds. Everyone started looking at each other worried, before looking to Keith on the screen for commands.

Keith finally spoke, “Take whatever you need to keep in video and radio contact and move out the mobile command. I need that wolf captured, alive. He may be the only one that can disarm this bomb… Light, since you’re a wolf, I want you to assist in the evacuation.

Light spoke over his earpiece. “Keith, what about Temno, I have a score-“

Light!” Keith replied. He sounded unusually frustrated. “that’s an order.

“Yes sir,” Light responded, visibly disappointed.

We’re going to need to let Martin know.” Keith said. “I want units two through five, and Light to assist with the evacuation. six through nine, I want on the ground and in the air searching for this wolf. I’m pretty sure he’s responsible. Let’s go to work people…and may God watch over us.
Soon after that, the Communications Room was empty, except for Cherie and Spring. After she’d contacted Martin, and told him the situation, he allowed the go-ahead for the evacuation of the shelter. She watched the monitors for signs of the enemy and coordinated the forces on the ‘wolf hunt’. Spring began coordinating the evacuation.

Keith could do nothing but sit-tight, in this situation. He gritted his teeth. He couldn’t see where the IR grid was… or even if there was one, but he wasn’t going to take the chance, so he sat in front of the explosive device, leaning back against it and waited patiently.


Uh, oh... DX
Looks like our hero one of our heroes has gotten himself in some very hot water...what will happen next?

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This does not bode well :shock:

EDIT - fixed typo

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Chapter 4

“Hello,” Martin answered his hands free while driving the car. He had been informed of the situation and left for the shelter immediately. He was on his way to the Grove, or rather, on his way to the mobile command post the security forces had positioned outside the anticipated blast zone. He was pulling up to it, just as Light had called. Half of residents had been evacuated along with the staff, who was trying to keep them comfortable and calm.

Sir,” Light replied from the other end of the call. “We’ve started looking into disarming the device. EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) will be arriving soon. Let’s just say, I’m confident our chances of success have increased significantly. Suddenly, his voice became softer and more worried. “Have you heard anything from Keith?” Martin sighed. “I spoke with him several minutes ago. He’s confirmed his last will and testament with his attorney, as well as set up a position for you as a guest of the Grove. ”


Light listened to this last statement, with a fake smile, but his eyes wouldn’t have fooled anybody. “Heh, that’s just like him, huh? … prepared for everything. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”
Yes, let’s hope.” Martin replied from the other end. Light hung up the phone and looked at the monitor. Keith didn’t look too worried, but Light knew better. He knew Keith better than anyone, and he knew Keith, as head of security, wouldn’t let anyone see him waiver. Not because of them, but because they looked up to him, saw him as an example…someone to aspire to be. Keith knew this, and wouldn’t let anyone panic, because he wouldn’t be panicking. Light banged his fisted paw against the desk in front of the monitor. Darn it, Keith He thought to himself. Idiot.


Fifteen minutes had passed by the time news had come in from the security forces. The wolf was unable to be found. Keith wasn’t surprised by the news. With the level of training that wolf had shown, he wouldn’t be found unless he wanted to be... Was that it? Did he want to be found by someone at the shelter? Light?…or was it me? It had become clear to him that the black wolf, Temno, was obviously a military wolf…much like Light, in fact too much like Light. Did they replace him? Is Temno really Light’s brother? There were still too many unanswered questions for Keith to figure it out, to plan something . ..the organization?

Keith finally made a bold decision. He radioed to the rest of the security forces. “Finish the evacuation, forget the wolf…he’s long gone by now.” Several ‘affirmatives’ came through. It was up to him to disarm the device now.


Kept you waiting for the most recent chapter, didn’t I…? ;3 Sorry. I just wanted to take some time to maybe explain some things regarding the story. I feel like I haven't been including enough of the Housespets! comic individuals. It seems to be hurting my ratings... T_T ...but my story isn't really the main fanfic that I, at least, think should be reading for that sort of thing. Valerio's fan-fic series is what this series is a parallel story to. Here, on this thread, is the best location to write the style and genre I want. Sorry the latest chapter update was so short...that's just how they turn out sometimes. Although, I'm sure the next chapter won't be an inappropriate length for entertainment purposes. XD Some of this sounds redundant... -_-

Light was originally going to be considered a small spin-off side story that went along with Keith as snipers, leading the training for the Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals and ending it, but as I started developing the characters, I found myself wanting to write more and more...from this series, I've written a few independent, stand alone fan-fic stories and even co-wrote one of them with Tha Housedog which, along with Elliot and my other fans, I'd like to thank for being my fans, and Valerio for inspiring me to start writing. ;3

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Yay for update! This is getting more and more interesting and exciting! :D :D

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This is interesting. And short isn't always a bad thing, Lightwolf! You did the best update yet!

On an unrelated note, valerio, the expression is bode well, not bide good. I don't mean to sound rude, I amjust trying to be helpful! :) Please don't kill me! :?

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copper Wrote:
This is interesting. And short isn't always a bad thing, Lightwolf! You did the best update yet!

On an unrelated note, valerio, the expression is bode well, not bide good. I don't mean to sound rude, I amjust trying to be helpful! :) Please don't kill me! :?

Oh, no, I always appreciate some grammarnaziness: it helps me correcting (that's why I don't write my stories in english, ew!).
Gonna correct at once, thank you Cop!

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Chapter 5

The explosives experts pulled up in a SWAT van, got out, and walked into the Mobile Command Center. Many of the residents at the Grove had seen uniformed people like this, and thanked them, for having saved them from horrible living conditions. Inside the Comm. Center, the security personnel looked at the entrance as the EOD unit came in. A gruff looking man of about 45 with graying hair and mustache, but still in good physical shape walked over to a console without pausing. He saw Keith on the monitor and picked up a headset, speaking into it. “What’s the situation?”

Keith explained who he was, and what had happened in a calm voice that surprised even the EOD unit leader. Afterwards he asked into it. “With whom, am I speaking? Is this EOD?

“My name is Alton Hall. I’m the superior officer of the county’s EOD program. We got here as soon as we could. We know about the Lucky Charm Grove from some of our people having adopted from there. On the way here…we were briefed by someone named, Light?”

“That would be me, sir?” Light responded, raising a paw, with one still behind his back.
Officer Hall looked over his shoulder at Light. A wolf? He tried not to look surprised. He had a history with wolves, and it wasn’t a good one. But in this situation, especially this situation, he didn’t need his personal matters to get in the way of his job. “Um…good job, Light.”

Light nodded in acknowledgement, without smiling; no emotion showing on his face. He could smell fear on Hall but knowing he was a bomb disposal expert, it couldn’t have been about that. He figured it must have been because of him. Some humans feared wolves, and he had learned to understand that.

Hall looked back towards the monitor. He called over to one of the EOD officers accompanying him. “Have you seen anything like this?” he gestured towards the monitor. The three other people with him walked over and looked closely at the monitor and some of the photographs Keith had taken with his Smartphone from other angles.

One of them spoke. “I’ve seen presentations on disarming this type, and it isn’t an easy task. They don’t really know who came up with the design, but it’s believed to be Russian in origin.” Russian? Like the knife… Light thought to himself. “Like Lt. Greyfield said, it has an IR grid to prevent anyone that approaches it from escaping.”

Hall put his hands in his pockets and looked at him, “Can the laser grid be deactivated?”

“That’s the first thing they covered in the presentation.”

Hall turned back at the monitor. “Okay, Greyfield, we’re going to walk you through deactivating the grid so we can get down there and disarm it. How much time is remaining, on the device?

About 2 hours 10 minutes.” Keith responded.

“We should have enough time. Stand by.” Hall switched off the radio. He pointed to the man that said he’d seen the model of bomb before. “Al, take the comm.”

Allen sat down and took a headset. He acted calm in giving the walkthrough; he didn’t want Keith to make any hasty mistakes. “Hey Keith, how are you?”

Besides the fact that I’m disarming a bomb?…fantastic.” he responded. “Let’s get on with it.

Chapter 6

Keith got out his multi-tool, listening to the instructions from Allen. He held a flashlight in his mouth and unscrewed the panel from below the console carefully removing it. A snake jumped out and bit him on the wrist, causing him to drop the flashlight. “Ow! What the-?” Keith shook the snake off and took out his 9-milimeter, firing a few rounds at it as it slithered through the shallow water in the darkness of the sewer. He heard the snake laughing as it went around a corner and got away.

Keith, are you alright? Did that snake bite you?


“Did anyone happen to see what species it was?” Keith asked into the radio. They’d all seen the snake, but they couldn’t tell the species from the quick glance they got. “The lighting is pretty bad down here, but I think we can assume it’s venomous. It was laughing as it got away. I’m sure it was waiting to bite whoever tried to disarm the bomb.” Keith forced himself to remain calm. The venom would spread more quickly if his heart rate increased. “We don’t have a lot of time, he said as he felt his throat become slightly dry.”


Martin watched the events unfold as he entered the room. He had been outside attending to the animals in the busses, which were guarded by security. He nodded to Arietta and Daniel. Seeing him had helped keep them calm. They saw him as a savior, and for many, his shelter was. He felt powerless at this point. His shelter was the dream and hope of many abandoned animals, and his dream as well. He trusted Keith, there was no one he would rather have down there. Keith was ready to give his life for the shelter, Martin now knew that. “Get a medical team down there, right away. Have them stay as close to the bomb as possible. Once it’s safe to have them move in, have them do it!” Martin looked very serious.

“Unless we know what type of snake it is, we won’t know what antivenin to use.” Josh spoke up.
Light was resting his muzzle on his folded hands. “We need to get security down there and find that snake.”

Light, you stay put, have the rest of the security team handle it. That’s an order.” On the monitor Keith was looking through the console opening with his flashlight. Light was upset at this point. Several times today, Keith had ordered him to not do something that would have helped the situation, and he wasn’t giving explanations for those decisions. He growled into the radio. “No Keith, I’ll tell you what. I’m sick of you ordering me around with these useless…orders. It’s like… you’re a coach, taking one of your best players out of the game for no reason…”

Light!”Keith interrupted sharply, over the radio. Everyone quickly took their headphones off, because of the sudden volume. Everyone, except Light.

Keith had never snapped like that before towards him, and he had never acted like this towards Keith, either. The pressure of the day, had finally gotten to Light. Everything that had happened that morning, finding out he has a brother that’s a potential enemy, Keith getting into this situation…and he was powerless to stop it, there was nothing he could do, even Keith seemed to hate him…

I have my reasons...” Keith spoke to Light over the radio. He didn’t sound angry or disappointed, he sounded almost…sad.

Light looked up at the monitor, he saw only the parts of Keith that wasn’t blocked by the device. The security team quickly left the room for the shelter’s sewers to search for the snake. Light sat in a chair beside the monitor and just watched Keith. He didn’t feel sadness, but he certainly felt a deep regret. He thought that it would be a terrible conversation to have with your best friend, and have it be the last thing you said to one another. “I’m sorry, Keith” he said quietly, almost discernable.

Chapter 7

Keith was following the instructions from Allen, while broadcasting his point of view to the Comm. Center with his Smartphone. It’s a good thing Martin set up Wi-Fi down here. “I’ll never make fun of his crazy ideas again?”

Did you say something Keith?” Allen asked from the other end of the line.
Keith realized his vision was starting to blur. “Did I say that out loud?” he asked into the phone. He really didn’t know that he did.

Yeah, it sounded like you said you’ll never make fun of his crazy ideas again?”

“$#!%. I’m getting some side effects from the venom, I mean…besides dying.” We’re going to need to finish this quickly…I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stay conscious.

We’re almost done Keith, stick with it. ” Allen replied.
“Is Light there? Tell him to get on the radio.”

A moment later, Light replied. “I’m here Keith, what do you want?” he sounded sad and disappointed.

Keith was sweating and breathing more heavily. “Okay, Light…I just wanted to apologize for snapping at you…back there.”

I’m…sorry, too. I’m sorry I…it’s just been a bad day.” Light replied.

Keith nodded in agreement. “Okay Allen, let’s finish this up before…well, I don’t even want to think about it.”


Another five minutes and Keith had deactivated the IR grid. He’d given a thumbs-up to the camera and slowly brought his head out of the console. He was leaning on it and trying to relax. He looked pretty ill on the camera.

“Yeah!” Light, Cherie, Spring, and the EOD Unit cheered in victory. “Okay, it should be safe for the medical team to move in and treat our ‘hero’.” Hall told Cherie. She immediately put in the order to the medical team that was standing-by, in the sewers.

Officer Alton motioned to his crew. “Okay guys, easy part’s done, we have about one hour and 50 minutes to disarm it. Let’s not waste time.” They jogged to the SWAT van and even before shutting the door they started getting the gear ready. The van started up and quickly drove off towards the Grove.


Keith was leaning against the IED, he wasn’t sure if he was asleep or awake. He thought he heard the splashing of footsteps echoing off the walls in the sewers, but he wasn’t sure. His eyes started to close as he felt himself falling.

Martin was running behind the medical team that had been waiting for the IR grid to be disabled. They reached Keith and immediately went to work at attempting to stabilize him. They weren’t getting a response. They checked his pulse, it was there but getting weaker. Martin took out his Smartphone and called Doctor Stanwick.

The doctor had evacuated with the others and was making sure the guests at the temporary holding location near the mobile command center were being cared for properly. He replied from the other end. “Yes, Mr. Foster; how is Keith?

“Do we have antivenom, for snake bites, in the cabinets at the shelter?”

Yes. We have antivenin for all the local venomous species. The vials are located in the main medical room in the cabinet to the far right.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Martin replied as he hung up. He turned to the medical personnel that had lifted Keith onto the stretcher they’d brought with them. “You two…” he pointed at the two of them “…wait for me at the ambulance. In the off-chance the security detail finds the snake, we may have the antivenom for it in stock, we can administer it quickly.” He said this last part as he started running back to the ladder leading up to the gym.

Chapter 8

The Lucky Charm Grove Security Detail team was well equipped for any situation. Their training had included firearms, hand-to-hand combat, law, piloting of nearly every vehicle, and mental focus. Their team-leader’s life hung in the balance. Over time, they’d come to trust him with their lives, and now they needed to save his. They had thermal and night-vision goggles, the enhanced senses of the canine-half of each unit, high-powered flashlights to search for the snake. The thermals wouldn’t work very well on the cold-blooded creature, and the canines’ noses were hindered by the smells of the sewer, but the night-vision helped a lot.

They had been searching for over 20 minutes, but with no luck. Light was watching the security monitor with Spring and Cherie, trying to find signs of the snake. They saw members of the security detail pass by the cameras once in a while, but no sign of the snake, even on the thermals. “C’mon, c’mon,” Light said quietly to himself. His eyes were darting from monitor to monitor, frantically searching for a sign of the snake…of the key to Keith’s survival. Keith had been removed from the area by the medical team and Martin had followed them. The bomb technicians were about to start working on the bomb, with the security team still down there. Light put a claw on his earpiece and spoke to the security team. He sounded very distressed… “I admire everyone’s dedication, but they’re about to start disarming the IED, recommend you get the #&^! out of there.”

We’ll keep looking,” Josh replied.

“That’s a negative… our job is to protect the shelter’s residents, at the cost of our lives. Kei…Keith knows that better than anyone. Right now the residents are here at Mobile Command…that’s…that’s where we should be.” Light removed the claw tip from his earpiece. “Understood…” came several replies.
Spring placed a paw on Light’s shoulder. She didn’t know how else to comfort him. He was always so aloof, and serious. The wolf began sobbing pretty heavily. He got out his cell phone and texted Tsuki-san and Miyugi-san. He didn’t want them to worry more, by letting them hear how bad the situation was, from his sobbing. Keith taken 2 Haichicko, situ. crit.


The ambulance ride with Keith to Haichicko Mercy, the Animal/Human Clinic located in Babylon Gardens, was a memorable one for Martin Foster. He’d never imagined something like this could have happened to the shelter. He felt conflicted. If anyone other than Keith had gotten into that situation, the shelter would have probably been destroyed, so he was glad it was Keith, but at the same time… he was not glad, he was going to…No, he couldn’t think like that…he could lose his head of security. Martin took out his phone and dialed a number. After a few rings someone picked up. Martin spoke into the receiver. “Bill, please drive Light to Haichicko Memorial.”

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)


(In a good way)

Author:  copper [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

Nice update. Very heart wrenching.


Author:  valerio [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:18 am ]
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Aww, MAN!!!
Martin's so gonna chew someone's faces after this :twisted:

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

Chapter 9

On the way to the Hospital, to say Light was depressed would have been an understatement. Bill had just gotten off the phone with Cherie who had given him the news that the bomb had been safely disarmed. As the recently appointed CEO of the shelter, Bill felt he should have been there to oversee moving the guests back in…but he’d gotten the order from Martin. He had to escort this wolf to the hospital. Bill was still wary about wolves ever since he’d met the Wolves in the societal reintroduction program set up by the Milton ferrets. He’d gotten a little more relaxed with the refined behavior shown by Miles. But this wolf, even though he was on the security team, he hadn’t known him for very long. “So…Light? The bomb’s been disarmed…seems like Keith came through again, huh?”

Light was sitting in the front seat of the car, staring at the floor. Barely moving…just staring. Was this a dream…a nightmare? He couldn’t be sure. He couldn’t even hear Bill’s voice. Everything seemed so distant. Not even the news that the bomb had been safely disarmed seemed to faze him.

Why am I so worried? It’s Keith, he’ll pull through…he always does. Every time he tried to psych himself up, a small part of his subconscious was eating at him…Why didn’t you save him?...You owe him your life.

The car pulled up to the hospital. It had been over an hour since Keith had been bitten. Light ran as quickly as he could to the front counter, without leaving his escort behind. He was very anxious by now, he hadn’t seen Keith for quite a while and he was more worried than he’d ever been. Suddenly, a body bag on a gurney was being wheeled right past him. Light caught a glance of the writing on the chart hanging on the side. He read something that ran his blood cold, “Keith Greyfield - DECEASED-


Light’s legs gave way, and he doubled over onto his knees. He couldn’t believe it. No… his eyes were wide open with shock, staring at the floor. Noo… He was face down crying into the floor. NOOOOOO! He screamed, furiously starting to pound the floor with the bottom of his fists. He went berserk against it. Bill started to worry. A scene by a wolf in a public place…and a hospital, at that…could spell trouble. A hospital security guard started heading towards the wolf. He was stopped by the arm of Light’s escort; Bill shook his head at the guard and whistled sharply at Light, startling him. Light quickly stopped and looked at Bill. Bill was shaking his head and gesturing towards the hospital security guard standing beside him. Light slumped back to the floor face down and sobbed.

A young Japanese woman walked through the doors of the hospital, followed by her Shiba Inu, Tsuki. Miyugi Akuo, Keith’s half-sister from Okinawa, had gotten the text message from Light, and headed for the hospital straight from their current residence, Terrace High, in the city. They saw the white wolf on the floor, sobbing. “Light-San?” Tsuki called out.

Light started laughing in his sob, a little bit at first, but it became more noticeable, and loud…and insane. Light sat up and turned his head towards them. His face was covered with tears and his paws were bleeding. He had a crazed look in his eyes and…a smile?; despite his years of discipline and military training, he’d finally cracked. “A dream!” he shouted. “That’s it! It’s all a dream.” Akuo and Tsuki looked at each other and then back at Light. For Light to have been acting this way, there could be only one cause…Keith must not have made it. However, the immediate matter at hand seemed more urgent than mourning the loss of her brother. The expressions on Miyugi’s and Tsuki’s faces showed worry. Light leapt over the lobby counter and grabbed a letter opener.

The hospital security guard drew his weapon and aimed it at the wolf. He was ready to drop the wolf if he came at anyone with the sharp, pointed object. Bill could do nothing…this wasn’t his jurisdiction. He could only hope Light didn’t do anything stupid.

Light placed his paw on the table, and brought the letter opener above his head, point down. Time to wake up. He was about to jam it into the back of his already injured paw, when suddenly Tsuki, leapt over the counter, grabbed Light’s neck and swung around him, getting him into an arm lock as they spun together and fell behind the desk. As they were falling, she tweaked her legs, dislocating his shoulder with an audible popping sound.

Once they were on the ground, Light snapped out of it as he noticed the overwhelming pain. “Aahhhhrrrgh!” Light screamed.

The people that had witnessed the spectacle came over as Tsuki stood up and looked down at Light. She appeared furious. It was a scary, ugly sight from her usual calm appearance…as she berated him. “You disgust me, Light-san! You dishonor the memory of your master in such a manner!?“

Light’s head was swimming, he felt an unbelievable amount of pain in his shoulder…but it was nothing compared to the pain of losing Keith. For the first time in his life, Light realized how much he’d cared for him…for that human. And it was too late…to tell him. How did this even start? Light thought to himself. He was staring at the ceiling, tears in his eyes.

Chapter 10

After Light’s fiasco, it took Bill quite an explanation and credential display to convince the security guard everything was okay, but soon everything had calmed down. A doctor had set Light’s shoulder and Martin had finally met up with them at the front counter. He too looked very sad…and it was disturbing seeing him with an expression other than his usual bright smile.

Martin put his hand on Light’s shoulder. “So…I take it you heard the news? I wanted to prevent you from seeing this, in case this might happen…but well…I’m sorry, Light. I thought you might have felt this way about Keith…from the way you two acted around each other. I’ve seen few bonds between owners and pets, as strong as what you and Keith had.” He spoke to Light while guiding the group towards the morgue, followed by Bill, Miyugi and Tsuki.

Light was still quietly sobbing. He was having trouble focusing, but he began to understand. The bond that Martin was talking about had developed into something more than the life debt it originally was. Remembering the life debt caused the demons inside him to rise again. You didn’t save him…didn’t save him. Light tried to control his breathing and rubbed his temples with his knuckles.
With Keith’s death, his life debt would be void…

“Martin?” Light asked softly.

Martin grasped Light’s shoulder in a comforting manner. “Yes?”

They had stopped before the doors to the morgue. The rest of the group continued through the doorway to see Keith’s body before his autopsy, the results of which were already known by Light …no doubt it was death by heart failure due to neurotoxin.

“I don’t need to see him…I don’t think I can handle it…right now.” Light was looking at the ground…he spoke softly, his usual confidence was drained. He found it difficult to maintain eye contact with anyone at this moment. He tried to ask Martin. “Did…did Keith say anything to you…like, anything about me?”

Martin shook his head. “He was unconscious when we found him…and he never woke up. We had him stabilized for a while in the ambulance…but without knowing what type of snake...” he noticed Light looking more and more guilty. It was Light that had called off the search for the snake in order to call the security forces back to protecting the shelter residents. “Hey!” he called out suddenly while shaking Light’s shoulder with his hand. “Look at me, Light.” Light looked him in the eyes. “…you made the right call.” Martin was intense in his seriousness at this moment. “Don’t ever second-guess yourself.”

Light gave a weak smile; Martin always knew what to say. He gave Martin a hug, while Martin returned the embrace.

Light was now the property of the shelter. His master, mentor, savior, and best friend had been murdered in cold blood…and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Martin felt it would take a long time for him to recover from this…if he could recover from it. For some reason he felt the strong, independent wolf in his arms had lost a large part of himself that day…as if his will to fight had vanished. It troubled Martin…The only thing he could was making sure Light lived comfortably at the Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals.

Miyugi, Tsuki, and Bill had come out of the morgue and joined up with Martin and Light as they left the hospital for their respective homes/responsibilities.


On the outskirts of the city a silhouette was matted against the red glow of sunset. The shadow was waiting along the tree line. Its head was resting on its folded hands, leaning back against a tree. A snake slithered up beside him. “Is it done?” The large canine-esque silhouette asked, as the snake approached.

“Sssir, the target hasss been terminated. I confirmed the hossspital recordsss and sssaw the body myssself. Wisssh you could sssay the sssame about your target, hmm?”

“Doesn’t matter.” the canine answered. “With Keith eliminated, Light is no longer a threat. He’s lost his will to fight and he’s confined to the shelter now that he doesn’t have an owner.” He smiled as he said this. “…and he won’t be adopted. Not with the dejected attitude he’ll have, now that his spirit’s been broken.” The large canine figure stood and grinned. “All-in-all, a good job I’d say.”

The street lamp beside the dirt path that intersected with a set of railroad tracks near the tree line came on as the sun had set. It lit up the dark figure with its eerie green glow. The black wolf Light and Keith had met for the first time earlier that day stood confidently. He stretched his arm out and motioned as if grabbing the streetlight, curling his fingers around the imaginary object. “Hmph.” He smirked.

The snake rolled his eyes. It was the first time he’d been partnered with this wolf, and he felt he was a strange one. “Temno? What are you doing?”

“Oh, just visualizing, Steve.”

“Visssualizing what, exssactly?”

“You know…you should really work on that speech impediment.” He brought his hand down to his side and looked at the snake, a little annoyed.

“What ssspeech impe-“

The wolf held up a paw to the snake, stopping him mid sentence. He heard a train travelling slowly along the tracks. It was heading towards them from the south. “Just in time.” He said as took out an iPhone and dialed a number. It rang twice before someone answered it. He was walking back into the forest beside the tracks and motioned for the snake to follow him.

“Yes sir.” The wolf answered into the phone.

The snake couldn’t hear the conversation over the phone.

“No, sir. I didn’t find it necessary to…”

“With Keith out of the way, Light won’t do anything. He seems to have lost his memory, sir.”

“No sir, I don’t know how it happened. Do you want me to investigate further? It won’t be easy getting close to the shelter now that they’re looking for me.”

“I understand sir.”

As the phone conversation was coming to a close, the snake thought he heard something from the other end of the line, but he couldn’t be sure…the freight train was slowly but loudly starting to pass by them at this point. He thought he’d heard, “…kill the…“

Temno had his back turned to the snake. He hung up the phone and placed it inside his collar. He turned to the snake. “Sorry friend.” He said, without remorse.

The snake was furious. How dare they toss him away after he did most of the leg-work? so to speak. He lunged at the wolf as Temno quickly stepped to the side and grabbed the back of its head, pinning it to the ground.

“Let’s play a game.” Temno calmly said, in reply to the snake’s outburst. He picked up the snake, grasping it firmly behind the head and walked towards the freight train that was passing by. At this point the snake had an idea of what this game entailed and he started to panic. Temno continued, “How many milliliters of your venom does it take to kill a wolf?”

"Ah… a t-trick quessstion. W-wolvesss are immune t-to my venom,” the snake quickly answered in a near panic.

Temno took the very tip of the snake’s tail and placed it on the rail as one of the train’s wheels crushed it.

The snake cried out in pain. “P-pleassse don’t, Temno!”

“This game bores me.” The wolf said, tossing the snake to the ground…away from the train.

“I d-don’t underssstand. I th-thought you were t-told to kill me.”

“OH! The phone conversation?! Nah, that was our next assignment. I was just saying sorry because I was hoping to get you some free time…but, ya’know, duty calls.” The wolf looked at the snake with a friendly smile. “I was wondering why you were acting all weird, and attacking me like that.”

“R-really?” The snake thought about it…there wasn’t really a reason for them to kill him. “Then what wasss all that about a game? Why didn’t you asssk why I attacked you inssstead of crussshing my tail?”

“Just to remind you.” Temno replied with a friendly facial expression.

“Remind me of what?”

“Not to double-cross me.” Temno said, with the same smile…that sadistic, psychopathic, friendly smile.

The snake felt creeped-out to his core.

The wolf picked up the snake and jumped onto one of the boxcars that were open. He set the snake down and walked towards the center of the boxcar, away from the door. He found a hay bale to sit on and he lay down. He softly hummed himself to sleep. Steve crawled into some hay trying to find warmth. Imagine a snake trying to crawl all that way…through snow. He was exhausted and was also soon asleep.

The End. Hope you enjoyed reading this series...

 far...yep I do plan on continuing it...since there are many questions left unanswered and I wouldn't do that to you guys. ;3

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

Keith. Is. WHAT?!
No way in Hell!
*Pulls a Light* I'm asleep. I must be. lightwolf21 would never kill off Keith!

Author:  copper [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

Well, that's the end of a beautiful friendship. Poor Light.

What will our hero do now?

Author:  Private Elliot [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

What the eff.

There Brendy, I posted. Now let me play my game in peace...

*goes to play the game, can't*

Stupid sadness... I can't do anything when sad moments are still in my mind!

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Houspets: PoP - A Lost Hope (PG-13)

You never thinks that things like this could happen...Not to best people such as Keith.
Masterfully executed, LW! Can't wait to see where this will lead 8-)

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