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Admiral's new base 
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I wasn't sure where to put this but meh, I figured it'd go here more then anywhere else.

Admiral was in a fine mood, which meant he was furious. his old base had been fumigated due to lice and none of his lackeys had managed to find a new base of opperations for him. being forced to do things on his own wasn't what he liked but if he only did what he liked he'd have given up the world domination business a long time ago.

stalking up and down the streets of the neighborhood Admiral only kept his top three goons with him as he scoured the area. it was hard going as most buildings were occupied by humans, some by humans and pets alike. what few abandoned homes or "stray" establishments would require considerable fighting and muscling in order for him to take over and then would require a good deal of cleaning in order to get rid of any remaining pests or oders as were common to such places.

and then he stopped

"there" Admiral said "it's perfect"

"there?!" said Thistle, a dog who, although large was known for being cowardly and unambitious and, therefore, the perfect second in command "but that's Loveless Manor! it's haunted, Sir."

"bah!" Admiral said "utter nonsense Number Two, it is totally abandoned, a few of our boys going in and staking it out will prove that AND that it's not haunted."

"fat chance getting any of them to go in there though." said Troy, a Bull dog, stocky and with a toothy grin, although well built his lack of balance made him stick more to intimidation tactics then to actual fighting. a perfect show dog for those wanting to look tough "especially if you ain't willing to go in there first, they'll think you're sending em off into the abys or something."

"are you calling me scared?!" Admiral said

"no" Troy said "only that, er, unless we did go in we wouldn't be able to... crap"

"then lets go!" Admiral said, leading the way across the street and into the house.

Sugar, meanwhile, was having yet another battle with his old nemesis, the sidewalk. he was sure that he'd be able to get a tooth or two under it from the edge and lift up a section of it eventually but after half a minute of trying that he thought he saw something move in the grass and he stopped. rigid and stock still Sugar stalked whatever it was he'd seen move, he wasn't sure what it was, it was hiding too well in the grass but he could make out it moving every now and again. he followed the occasional motion which, if he'd been paying attention, was being caused by the wind, across the yard and up to the dark building in front of him.

"sir," said Lackey, "sir I have a bad feeling about this"

the house was large, looming before them like a mountain, waiting to fall upon them.

"sir" said Thistle "I seriously don't like this, they say a rich family used to live here but they eventually lost all their money in Vegas and had to move, but they couldn't take their cat with them so she stayed behind, haunting the house even after she died wondering where everybody went."

"that's the worst ghost story I've ever heard" Troy said "and seriously, she just died in the mansion then? why didn't she get out and find a new owner or something?"

"she was waiting for them to get back." Thistle said "she waited and waited and..."

"still the worse story I ever heard." Troy said "lets just get this over with."

"I have a bad feeling about this" Lackey said

Sugar, finding the thing in the grass had eluded him thus far, set up a silent vigil on the back porch of the dark building overlooking the lawn to see if he couldn't spot it anymore. still rigid and tense Sugar saw movement out of the corner of his eye as a cobweb just inside the back door caught a small air current

"MINE!!!" Sugar shouted as he leapt for the old dusty cobweb.

"sir?!" said Thistle, hearing the muffled shout from somewhere within the depths of Loveless Manor.

"it's nothing Two, nothing" Admiral said "there's a reason for everything, this is probably just a loose board reacting with a change in air pressure."

"a change in air pressure?" Troy asked skepticaly "are you serious?"

"never argue air pressure with an avian!" Admiral said loudly

Sugar, much to his dismay found the cobwebs all but melted at his touch, some seemed looser and more flimsy then dust, but there was a lot of dust and it soon gathered his attention as he kept up his attempt to find a target and catch it all around the kitchen, knocking over old objects and bumping against chairs and stuff.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Lackey said

"will you shut up?!" Admiral said "look, we went in, now we should."

Sugar found the laundry elevator with a rope. the rope was frayed and soon gathered his attention as well. Sugar caught the rope and pulled on it, only to lift the cage the rope was in upwards into the second floor.

"well, whatever it was, it seems to be gone now" Troy said

"I'm telling you," Thistle said "there's something wrong with this house."

"nonsense." Admiral said, his voice betraying the courage he'd regained since the noise inside the house had died down. "I want to take a look around my new base."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Lacky said, his name had long ago given him a series of complexes and now he typically stuck to one phrase that he kept saying all day long. typically he selected which phrase to use based on whenever he found the need to say something. despite his relative psychosis, Lackey had one strength, he usually did what he was told, especially if he was told to stay put.

the second floor was full of cobwebs and an old bed with tons of loose threads along it's edges. Sugar's heart rate kicked it up a few gears at the sight of all those targets.

now Admiral had to admit, things were getting wierd. there was a definite ruckus coming from somewhere in the building but he had no idea where it was coming from and he was having doubts about whether he even wanted to find out.

"lets pack it up and get out." Troy said, getting nervous.

that was it, Admiral was fine with getting out but he couldn't do it if it sounded like it was someone else's idea, he had to be in charge and make the decision

"guess who just volunteered to search further into the house on their own?" Admiral said, glaring at Troy

sugar was having so much fun he hadn't noticed the wardrobe he'd managed to knock over onto the bed until it came crashing down, the combined weight was too much for the floor beneath and both went toppling through the floor, colliding with the floor below with a loud impact and a residual groan as the first floor strained to hold the mess up and above the basement below.

Sugar, aware he'd done something wrong, surveyed the scene from the second floor. His initial guilt washed away though when he realized that he was in the old haunted house and that nobody would likely care very much. then he saw the dust rising from the wreckag and he jumped down onto the bed below, sending residual dust scattering all over. looking sideways, Sugar managed to see a curious looking hole in the wall caused by the crash, his ears perked up as he thought he heard voices on the other side.

Stunned and scared by the sound of the crash, Admiral's men pleaded with him to re-concider.

"her name was Melody." Thistle said "she was old and caring until she starved to death"

"there's something here sir!" Troy pleaded

"I have a bad feeling about this." Lackey said

"EHOUGH!" Admiral said "I have had enough with ghosts and spirits and such nonsense..."

Sugar crawled under a local couch, at first he wanted to know where the voices were coming from, then he got bored and merely wondered what was on the other side of the underside of the couch he was crawling through, then he saw it. a dangly feather that had come loose from Admiral's leg was hanging limply around his clawed foot. Sugar couldn't help himself and lovingly leapt from under the couch at his new play-thing.

"I will have order! I will have disciplin! I will have men that obey my orders! and when I am done taking over this base I will have the rest of you taking over the whole neighborhood! I will have the whole place! I will have the world if I can have it! and I willl have TEETH!" Admiral's voice rose a few octives at that "LOTS AND LOTS OF SHARP AND TINY TEETH!"

Admiral's men were confused and looked at him, though a bird typically lacked in teeth yet it was very unusual to find one coveting such things as their beaks usually sufficed.

"TEETH!" Admiral said, lifting his leg and spreading his wings to keep his balance. Sugar, not willing to lose the feather, held on.

To Sugar's point of view, there was something moving the leather wrapped wooden rod he'd bitten into and he wasn't about to let go.

To Admiral's point of view, the thing latched onto his leg was dusty and almost completely covered in old cobwebs.

to Admiral's men, the Admiral had just changed his voice to an unnatural octive, had positioned himself in a very awkward manner, and some kind of a thing covered in smoke and reeking of the house itself rose from the ground next to their leader. convinced that the thing was the ghost they'd heard about they panicked and ran.

"it's the ghost of Loveless Manor!" thistle said

"shut up and run!" Troy said, picking up Lackey and carrying him

"I told you I had a bad feeling about this!" Lackey said

with his men being of no help Admiral eventually kicked off the thing latched to his leg and ran after them.

Sugar was flying through the air towards a window, he twisted and landed against it on all fours, using his legs to soften the impact and prevent the window from breaking, Sugar licked it once before bouncing down to the floor.

the voices were gone, Sugar was left alone in the dust settling in the wake of the four departing.

"they never stay long" said a serene voice to Sugar's left. Sugar turned and saw through a tall but old looking cat.

Sugar was unsure about when or how he had left the Mansion but he was sure he couldn't have stayed there any longer then half a second, ignoring the pain in his chest Sugar turned and watched as the Admiral's men clambored through the front yard with the Admiral in hot persuit, apparently Sugar had beaten them outside. trying to calm down from what he'd seen Sugar leaned against the telephone pole watching Admiral chase his men down the street, until the Sidewalk caught his attention again and he once again proceeded trying to maul it.

the end

if anyone were to ask about Melody as a fan-character I'll say she was old and died in her sleep due to rising dust levels and her own age enduced asthma.

I know, badly written and the punctuation is attrocious but meh, I've had that idea for a while and I loved the idea of sharing it with everyone so there it is.

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Post Re: Admiral's new base
Bravo, Bravo. :ugeek:

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