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Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger 
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Post Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger
Housepets, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes are all owned by Rick Griffin, Toei Company, Saban Brands, and Ishimori Productions. Everything else is owned by their respective owners. Please support the official release.

Author's note before we begin: Decided to make this Kingkaiger a universe like that of the Housepets comic, completely seperate to Chromium Idiot Box. Which means no Blueberry Bailey in this fic but still keeping Signalwoman and the various things established in what can be considered the basics to the concept. And the movie's going to this.
The Super Sentai, Kamen Riders, Metal Heroes, Power Rangers. These are the techicolored heroes are what defended the world. However, their powers were kept guarded by the Three Guardians.

We join Dragon listening to Rook as his wish is that his family would be Power Rangers. Since the fiendishly naughty Pete the Griffin is trying his darnedest to take control of the universe, she made the whole family Gokaigers with all the Ranger Keys with Riders, and Metal Heroes added on with more to come.

Bailey and King are loving Corgi and Husky couple who loved each other and their kids Ace, Olive and Rook. To defend the earth, that is now their objective.

This will be coming to your stations soon. Be ready for it!

Cue the opening Kingkaiger Sequence based off of the Gokaiger opening.


Forward! lets hoist up the flag of courage
Dashing through across the seven seas
Sink or Swim, The invincible wind will guide you all the way...
Your goal isn't on any sort of map
It's no illusion that is playing those tricks
Everyone is searching for their very own treasure in this scavenger that we call life!

I want to check and make sure that everyone is not the same at all
Just do what you want, when it comes to your goals
It's all life or death, when you want something done then do it straight away... without regrets!

Let's Go! Let's Go Kingkaigers!
Go! Go! Let's Go! Let's take the lead of the fight!
Forward these uncharted routes in the vast seas of the entire world from coast to coast!
Let's Go! Let's Go Kingkaigers!
Go! Go! Let's Go! Let's sail through the storms
Your persistent recklessness, your mighty battles will be the ones that will change the world!
Big dreams are ones that are endless
Pirate Squadron Kingkaiger!

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Post Re: Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger
I’d laugh super hard if the 6th ranger or special ranger is the missing fourth pup everyone was going crazy over in King and Bailey’s date arc

Hi there I'm Krytus, let me spin you a tale of one of my dreams

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Post Re: Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger
I have a few plans I will share with all of you. As you well know the Kingkaiger Movie will be made in 2075, just in time for Thanksgiving and the 100th anniversary season of Super Sentai.

These plans may be subject to change but all will be Gokaiger Plus Source Materals of the season.

the first season will be adapted off of Power Rangers Turbo and Zeo (With the Ticking Time Bomb schemes for All Turbo episodes just so that Pete will be bored of it by the end of the season,) The second will be an adaptation of Goseiger, the third your choice of Shout Factory Sentai, Fourth season would be Carranger and so on and so forth...

...And then in 2075 will have the full-throttle Gokaiger adaptation with the movie finishing the epic with a super climatic battle with the very enemy Pete summoned from King's very Past... The Hyper Psycho Joel! Pete's intention with his pet creation is copy King's data to create him and use his Hyper Psycho Joel to erase King and his family from existence.

After movie content, I will be writing until either I drop dead or they stop making Tokusatsus. I might finish this by 2111, the 100th anniversary of Gokaiger

Also, I am working on a TV Movie Pilot based off of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie at the time of writing.

Furthermore, think of this fic as a animated adaptation of Tokusatsus, with Super Sentai and Gokaiger being the dominating series for all of it.

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Post Re: Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger
Housepets, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes are all owned by Rick Griffin, Toei Company, Saban Brands, and Ishimori Productions. Everything else is owned by their respective owners. Please support the official release.

Note before beginning this "E3 Expo teaser": I decided to whip this up to tide you over while working on the TV Movie Pilot. It is beta footage from the episode "Kingkaiger are on the scene!" the first proper episode after the TV Movie Pilot.

Also realized Kitsune is male and so made him "Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek" from GoGoFive with various elements of "Signalman" from Carranger. The Kingkaiger have the "Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger" GoGoFive Ranger Key in place of Zeek since Kitsune has Zeek's powers after the last owner gave them up.

Also, the Kings mutated into Adult human ranger size from the Ranger Powers as well as gain Five digit hands from them. Four Fingers and a Thumb for each hand.

Furthermore, Rook is about a Human year old out of Two Years for In Universe Animal Anthro to age when he made the wish, hence despite them being little kids, they mutated with their parents, gaining their intellgence. This is Beta Footage from the first proper episode.

Anyways, enjoy and tell me what you think. If you don't know something Ranger, Rider, Metal Hero or Tokusatsu wise, Look it up on the Wikis such as RangerWiki, Kamen Rider Wiki, Metal Heroes Wiki, just do whatever you can to find out.

Also, pardon me if I go into the gory details of all the characters fights. Also assume that the cartoonists draw the Kingkaiger's eyes outlines through the visors, telling you their emotions.


After the disclaimer, we begin the Beta footage

"...This ought to be good!" Pitah said to his team of Putty Patrol Combatmen "Come on Mutt!" he challenges Ace with a racist slur.

"SHIFT INTO GOKAI!" Ace shouts out as her Mobirate appears in her 5 digit paw. The Putty Patrol are biting their nails in fear with Pitah shouting out orders as Ace proceeds to do the Carranger Morphing Handshake motion before putting her Ranger Key in it's slot and turning the key in one smooth continuous motion.

"GokaiYellow, Zyuranger TigerRanger! ON! THE! SCENE!" Ace shouts as her desired female variant Ranger Form appears on her body and her helmet forms over her head.

Ace is on one of the catacombs of the Babylon Garden Power Plant as she strikes a pose like Blue Racer towards the camera as she knocks back Putty #009 before blocking attacks from another Putty known as #011. He tries an overhead punch, then when that's blocked, a right jab. Blocked as well as he is kicked in the stomach after Putty #001's kicked back before she kicks him.

Ace kicks back Putty #019 after evading one that's headed right towards her. She grabs its arm as she pushes that one back before jabbing Putty #025 in the chest, before toppling Putty #019 over the rails with a neck chop and a throw.

Meanwhile... "GET THEM!" Pete the Griffin commands his Gormin Soldier Combatmen to attack the three of the five members of the King Family who just attended a Graduation of K-9 Police. (King, Bailey, Ace, Olive, and Rook graduated as the forces' Power Rangers after 3 Months of grueling classes, making the three puppies the youngest in the force.)

Rook, Olive and Bailey braces for battle as Gormin Soldiers are headed their way with Pete laughing evily.

The three begins to fight the wave, with Bailey in center striking Gormin #007. She then proceeds to strike Gormin #001 in the face as she blocks his strike to her right hip.

Rook strikes Gormin #010 with a kicking attack to the solar plexus on the side of the car, after blocking a strike to the head. After the strike, the Gormin falls flat on his face.

Gormin #006 is ready to strike Olive, but she grabs him by the wrist and flips him down like it's aint no thing.

Another blocked Gormin punch, another strike to a Gormin chest, Bailey is is on a roll as she sweep kicks Gormin #002, and dodges Gormin #004 with a spin.

Rook grabs Gormin #008 as the shmuck goon attempts strike him, then Rook strikes him in the shin then in the left calf with a kick. He then evades a clothesline strike from Gormin #012 as he blocks a punch from Gormin #005 before striking him in the ribs, moving onto the next one.

Olive blocks a Gormin Kick with her elbow before kicking him, said Gormin blocking her kick before she kicks again onto Gormin #006's abdomen, then Gormin #007's solar plexus with a back kick.

Bailey proceeds to tech a roundhouse grab by Gormin #003, kicking him in the knee as he attempted to throw her over as she techs the throw. She then proceeds to roundhouse kick Gormin #003 in the back, before blocking Gormin #004's strikes, which then gets her grabbed on the chest by the said Gormin.

Rook is striking Gormin #005 with an elbow strike when Bailey tells them "You two go on ahead and help your sister Ace!" as she's trying to break the grab. "Are you sure mom?!" "Positive!" as Bailey breaks the grab with a double kick jump and a double spin roundhouse on another Gormin.

"SHIFT INTO GOKAI!" Olive shouts as her and Rook's Mobirates appear in their 5 digit paws. They proceed to do the Carranger Morphing Handshake before inserting their Ranger Key into the slot and turning the key in one smooth continuous motion.

"GokaiPink, Go-Onger Go-On Black! ON! THE! SCENE!" Olive shouts as her desired female variant ranger suit appears on her body and her helmet forms over her head.

"GokaiGreen, ToQger ToQ YonGou Green! ON! THE! SCENE!" Rook shouts as his desired male variant ranger suit appears on his body and his helmet forms over his head.

We then cut to the Babylon Gardens Power Plant as the two flips through the air again and again as they're moving forward. When they land, Rock sweep kicks Putty #025 as Olive flips over Putty #011, with Ace fighting more Putties in the background as Pitah flexes his now bulging biceps. "Ace, We're here!"

Back to Bailey, she is sent tumbling towards Pete the Griffin as he picks her up by her chest. "ON YOUR FEET! YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!" as he pushes her towards the Gormins, where one kicks her in the abdomen, Pete laughing evily.

"SHIFT INTO GOKAI!" Bailey shouts as her Mobirate appear in her 5 digit paw. As the Gormins appear to be distracted while Pete's shouting out orders, she does the Carranger Morphing Handshake before inserting her Ranger Key into the slot and turning the key in one smooth contiunous motion.

"GokaiBlue, Maskman BlueMask! ON! THE! SCENE!" Bailey shouts as her desired female variant ranger suit appears over her body and her helmet forms over her head.

Bailey jump kicks Gormin #005 as she poses like Green Racer to the camera, kicking back a Gormin, and punches another Gormin away.

Jumpcut to King as he just got out of the police station with his Police badge and identification. "Oh no!" King's sixth sense is tingling "Bailey and the Pups' in trouble! Something evil's going on." he thinks to himself.

"SHIFT INTO GOKAI!" King shouts as his Mobirate appear in his 5 digit paw. Kitsune (Who too is ranger mutated complete with 5 digit paws on each arm) simply shouts "GOOD LUCK!" to him as if he too is aware of the challenge ahead. King does the Carranger Morphing Handshake before inserting his Ranger Key into the slot and and turning the key in one smooth contiunous motion.

"GokaiRed, Ninninger AkaNinger! ON! THE! SCENE!" King shouts as his desired male variant ranger suit appears over his body and his helmet forms over his head.

And just in time too! Bailey is sucker punched on her left solar plexus as she leans on a car, clutching her chest. King is super speeding onto the scene, armed with the Karakuri Hengen in Claw mode as he's taking out Gormin after Gormin until they're all knocked down. "Heard you could use a hand Honey. Are you okay?" "Yeah, thanks!"

"All Right! Then let's make this Showy and put 'em away!" Bailey equips her Masky Tonfas as husband and wife are ready to take down Pete's wave. As they are trying to finish them quickly, Pete can be seen and heard dodging and weaving in the mists of the chaos telling his troops "HAH! GET 'EM! GET 'EM! GET THOSE POWER RANGERS! FINISH THEM OFF!"

King proceeds to do a Shoryuken attack on a Gormin with his Karakuri Hengen in Sword mode, kicking down and slashing what's left for his batch of the wave. Bailey is blocking some attacks that a Gormin is attempting, procceding to throw him up, over, and gone.

The Gormins realizes that they're fighting a losing fight, so some of them run off in cowardice. "Yeah! We love to stay and finish you off..." "...But we have to help our pups!"

Pete is shoving the remaining Gormins around as he is a sore loser to the infinite power. "GO AHEAD KINGKAIGERS! HELP YOUR OFFSPRINGS IN THE POWER PLANT... IF IT'S STILL THERE!" He then proceeds to make a dramatic exit with the remaining Gormins, teleporting away.

We then cut to the Babylon Gardens Power Plant as the other three Kingkaigers are fighting Putties in the background, with Rook fighting a huge muscular Pitah with the Tunnel Ax. King is blocking and striking the Putty on his level with his Transformation Ninja Sword Ninja Ichibantou.

Bailey grabs a Putty to knee it in the abdomen, only for said putty to force her head onto a steel barricade in a stranglehold. She breaks free and throws the putty up and over the steel barricade.

"See ya! Happy Landings!" Bailey salutes mockingly ala Freakazoid as the putty falls to the concrete. (The cartoonists even gave her the same expression you could see on the visor being the same as when Freakazoid is saluting his foes mockingly.)

The Putty lands on it's back as it sits up afterwards, dazed as all get out. King is Deflecting and countering the putties.

And heck, Ace, Olive and Rook proceeds to deal out massive damage on Pitah with a set of Energy slashes from Ace's Saber Daggers, Olive's charge shots from her Cowl Laser, with Rook finishing it off with a very powerful strike from his Tunnel Ax. Sparks fly from Pitah as a Gokaiger Emblem scar forms on his chest.

"YOU LITTLE BRATS! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!!!" Pitah vows revenge on the Pups. "ALL RIGHT PITAH! YOU'RE FINISHED!" King screamed heroically to Pitah "Yeah, my work here is done!" "What is Pete doing to the Power Plant?!" "That's for me to know and you to NOT know!" Pitah proceeds to make a vanishing egyptian themed exit, taking his Putty Patrol with with him.

"I got this Gokai Police Navigator when I obtained my Babylon Gardens K-9 Power Ranger unit badge and indentification." King noted to his family. "This will help us find what Pete's sinister plan for the day is!" The family shouted "RIGHT!" in agreement.

"...All right, it's really close!" the family is getting red hot to the Detonator. "That must be the Detonator" King noted "It's ticking and we don't have long before it goes off!" Ace deduced as the timer's going.

Cue sparks flying as a Human Commander of pete finds them. "That my pint-sized friend is a monumental understatment!" "Well, if it isn't my eternal nightmare!" King quipped. "What are you doing here as if I couldn't tell from your Crimers."

"Oh you know, JUST DESTROYING THE KINGKAIGERS! ATTACK!" Cue Joel Nightmare's Crimers rushing towards the Kingkaigers as King deflect the Crimer's punches, grabbing the Detonator firmly in a dodge. "We gotta get this outta here!" "Is there a switch to turn it off?" Olive asks.

King scans carefully in a second "No. Nothing."Olive shoots a Crimer with her Cowl Laser. "We gotta get rid of this thing!" King states the obvious. Olive and King dodge another Crimer as Olive tells her plan "We'll hold them off, you'll get it out of here!" "RIGHT!"

King is running with the time flow in general slowed down, the camera cutting to action shots with the first one being on the Detonator's timer. Time flow is back to normal as he dodges crimers with his family covering him. "Fox! We need to get the detonator somewhere to where it can do the least damage possible!" as Rook kicks a crimer teeth in, telling him to go.

"We're sending in the Giga Formula Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer or "Giga Formula R.A.M." for short! It should be arriving to your coordinates in an instant King!" King looks to the direction opposite to the straight and clear path. "THERE IT IS!" A Vehicular Unit that houses the Carrangers' weapons comes riding in.

As King lodges the Detonator in place, the timer speeds up, the family looks tense and fenzied. "IT'S GONNA BLOW!" Ace Screams in a close up on her Zyuranger TigerRanger helmet "HURRY!" Olive Screams in a close up on her Go-Onger Go-OnBlack Helmet "HONEY!" Bailey Screams in a close up of her Maskman BlueMask helmet "DO IT NOW!" Rook Screams in a close up of his ToQger ToQYonGouGreen helmet.

"GET GOING!" Ninninger RedNinger King commands to the Giga Formula as it speeds off with the detonator, going off when the timer hits zero, the Kingkaigers shielding themselves from the blast.

Cue the kingkaigers celebrating their victory with praise to each other and high fives.

Fade to black.


"HOW WOULD YOU REFER TO THEM AS?" Cue action scenes cutting into the sell "IT NOT MEGAFORCE!" More action footage "IT'S NOT SUPER MEGAFORCE!" Even more action footage. "IT'S NOT EVEN A NINJA STEAL!" Cue the GokaiOh Megazord doing the Radical Racing Spin Dash to finish "LAVAGRIFFIN" off. "IT'S "KAIZOKU SENTAI: POWER RANGERS KINGKAIGERS"/"PIRATE SQUADRON: POWER RANGERS KINGKAIGERS!"

After the explosive demise of LavaGriffin, Cut to a black screen with red text in front of the Gokaiger Emblem.


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Post Re: Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger
Suspense !!!

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