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Housepets and the Wild Pack (Experimental Fan Fiction) 
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Post Housepets and the Wild Pack (Experimental Fan Fiction)
Like all art, there is a time when boundaries are broken and creativity is pushed to the limit (like a hipster art gallery). I want to try an experiment where there is a prologue of a story and anyone can add on to it. Basically it works like this, I start the story then someone else picks it up where I leave off by adding ANYTHING they want as long as it is believable and justifialbe (don't add fairies and elves for no good reason). You want to add your own character to the mix or lead the story into a different direction, that's fine. BUT be warned anything that is done can be undone by the next post. If you blow up the world give a reason how and why it was blown up and when it is restored give a reason how and why even if it was only a dream.

The rules are simple.
If you need to edit a post even after a new part of the story is posted make sure that there are no big changes. This way the next post keeps the flow of the story going without causing any disruptions or confusion.
Keep it literate and in story format. This is supposed to be a fan fiction piece and one continuous story.
Remember that ANYTHING goes so if someone kills your character (try to avoid it as much as possible), do not get upset, just write it back in but make it believable. It all depends on everyone's creativity and corporation.
Keep the language simple and similar so to avoid confusion. Slang and specific jargon should be limited.
Try to avoid a lot of new characters because that makes this more complicated then it needs to be. Remember this is supposed to be simple and easy to read and contribute too.
I'll be the one who decides when a chapter ends.
Follow the regular Fan Fiction rules and Forum rules. (That goes without saying).

Remember this is supposed to be fun so be friendly to one another. I want this to work and not have the mods come down on me.

If you have any questions ask them before posting so when the story gets rolling it will not be interrupted.

Summary: The story is about the Pets meeting with two feral animals, a wolf named Atlas and his unstable rabbit companion, Herald. Atlas's home has been taken over by a dangerous foe named Lycaon (more on his later). Atlas has come to Babylon Gardens looking for a savior to help him defeat Lycaon but instead finds the pets so he gets them to help him against his better judgement.

There were nights when the air would be completely still, when you could hear the voices of the lost souls still wander through the woods searching for what was taken from them. These were Atlas's favorite nights. He felt one with the wild, his home. When he closed his eyes, his ears could pick up on the slightest sounds. A mouse darting through the underbrush with a seed under its arm. The flap of a bird's wing as it flew across the starry sky.

The smells were strange to him. From where he stood, he could smell the scent of humans and domestics. The fur stood up on the back of his neck as he drew in every scent, trying to determine the one he needed to find. Growing up, he heard stories of the great Gray Wolf. The one who stood above all others, whose wisdom was unmatched by any other creature of the forest, and loyalty was forever enduring. That legend was the only thing that kept him going for so long.

Atlas reached up and touched the long-jagged scar at ran over his left eye. The pets he spoke to during his long journey told him that he looked like Scar from "The Lion King," whatever that meant. His eyes were special. One blue, one brown. A gift, his mother called it. She told him that he could see things others couldn't. That never made sense to him. He saw the same things as the other wolves in his pack. Even when he left, he never saw anything that was different from anyone else.

The wind blew behind him, ruffling his dark black fur. With it came a familiar scent. Atlas did not bother to turn to look as the steady footsteps approached him. Even when the footsteps stopped beside him, Atlas stayed focus.

"So, this is it?" the rabbit asked. "Doesn't look that impressive. From what I heard this place is supposed to be a utopia for animals and a harbinger of chaos."

Arms crossed, Atlas never took his eyes off the sea of lights spread out before him. When he spoke, his voice was edged with tension. The chill of the winter was beginning to get to him. It would snow soon, he thought. Out loud he said, "I never understood how a place could be both a utopia and chaotic."

"Have you ever read a teen dystopia novel?" The rabbit elbowed him in the ribs. "Hey, look over there."

In the back of his mind, Atlas wondered why a feral rabbit would be reading teen fiction but kept it to himself. He followed the direction his companion was pointing too. In the distance he could see a small shape moving down the small street. It was too small to be human, a dog maybe? One of the domestic's, Atlas assumed. What was one doing out this late?

"Should he introduce ourselves?" The rabbit tugged at the long handmade spear strapped to his back, inching to use it. Atlas rolled his eyes, Herald was a nutcase but Atlas’s only friend at the moment and helped him get this far from his home. He would never admit it to anyone, but he could have never made it without the rabbit's help. His fighting skills were unmatched by any of his kind and his knowledge of the area was remarkable. He spoke often of one they called "The Opener of Ways" which he assured Atlas was nothing, but a delusion created by the less intelligent ferals.

"We will wait until dawn. The last thing we need is to startle the domestics." He turned his head slightly, so his damaged eye was looking directly at the high spun rabbit. Herald was a strange creature, even for his kind. He was much taller which made him an outcast his entire life. Add that with his enthusiasm for violence and you had a ticking bomb ready to explode. His fur was a mix of dark brown and gray which made him look like he rolled around in a mud puddle and never washed off. The strangest thing was that he wore a eyepatch even though he didn't need one. Made him look more intimidating he told Atlas. The wolf never saw Herald as intimidating as much as a liability. The last thing Atlas needed was for someone to mess up his mission. The fate of his home and family rested solely on his shoulders. It was a burden that only he was strong enough to carry. With fang and claw he would ensure that he would succeed.

Herald let go of his spear and let his arm drop to his side. Disappoint was clearly visible on his face even in the darkness. "So, we wait until dawn, then what?" he asked.

That was a good question, one Atlas did not have a clear answer for. The one they seek was supposed to be living here but the idea of a wolf living among humans was such a strange concept for Atlas. The wild was the home of the wolf, a place where they ruled and any challengers, they came across would be crushed under their claws. Either way it did not matter how or why the Great Gray would come to live in such a strange place.

Atlas bent down and picked up his crimson jacket that sat beside him. On his travels he found that he was less threatening looking if he dressed like humans. Made him look more like a domestic. He liked the jacket well enough and it served another purpose. Reaching into the front pocket, he pulled out a folded piece of paper before pulling the jacket over his massive shoulders. Instantly the cool chill of the November air faded. Carefully he unfolded the paper and held it out so he could read the bright bold words written at the top with the help of the moon. "Find Your New Home in Beautiful Babylon Gardens"

Next Chapter 1

Housepets! Fan Fiction By Fenrir Black M.A.
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Post Re: Housepets and the Wild Pack (Experimental Fan Fiction)
Hm. This seems like it could really be a cool thing to try. I hope that it works out nicely!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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