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Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings) 
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Post Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
A short story written by Simplethings.

Posted for the Housepets! community on behalf of my friend. We don’t know where you went, but you will always be remembered-

Please enjoy this finely written piece.


Peanut and The Tree Spirit


Chapter one:

A trip down memory lane.

It was much more vivid than before, but maybe that was because I was starting to
grow up. My mind was getting older, and vegetables actually started to taste good.
You know what kids are always like, they’re hyper and jumping around here and
there, and driving their parents wild. Just the normal traits of any young child. But
there’s something we don’t understand at such a young age. Something that our
minds don’t exactly grasp the concept of… And that’s the love of friendship.
Vivid was an understatement, I could see everything as if it was the same way all those years ago. Yes it was old, even back then, but time has a way of making
something old, turn ancient. My nostrils filled with the sweet scent in the cool air, as my fingers pressed into the cold but strong stone pillars that were beside me, connecting to form an arch above.
I closed my eyes and listened. Birds sang from the iridescent treetops above, along
with crickets, chirping in the cool and soft grass beneath. I began to make my way
down the icy cracked stairs, my toes gently scraping against the concrete as I kept
my paws close to my body. I didn’t remember it being this cold, but it was always
like that when I was up the mountain side. Away from the sun’s warmth.

Soon I began to come closer to the lake that surrounded the area; water gently
churned and bubbled beneath the vibrant water lilies, which danced on the surface. I
knelt down and scooped my paw under the water lily, and brought it up to my
nose. The sweet scent that filled the air resonated from these pink flowers; the
smell was much stronger and reminded me of the smell of perfume, almost.

I began to come to a spacious clearing of lush land, where a large oak tree grew on the far left of the valley. Flowers of all kinds surrounded the tree, and I felt my chest begin to tingle. I guess I was always like that whenever I got here, I could never get used to it I suppose…
“Hello Peanut.” A familiar voice called out behind me. It was at this point that my
dream would end, and I would always wake up. But this time I didn’t get to see

Peanut gently murmured and turned in his sleep, his pillow clutched in his paws as
he turned. Suddenly then, a loud incessant beeping blared from the sleeping canine’s
side table. He then pried his eyes open and closed them back again from the
excessive amount of light that shone on his face. “Darn it, mom must have left the
blinds open again…” The sleepy canine stammered, yawning as he began to sit upright
in his bed and stretched out. He rubbed his eyes with the sides of his palms for a
few moments, before he reached over to the noisy device, and tapped the button on
the top. A look of relief came over the brown dog when the screeching noise came
to a halt.

He proceeded to get out of his bed, his feet knocking over a few bottles and cans of soda, and energy drinks. Peanut’s room was spacious, but small enough so that he was comfortable. The canine would need a room of his own, after getting older.
Around the male’s room, pictures of his parents and Grape, hung on his walls, and sat on his desk. Pictures of when he was younger. When they all were.

He yawned again, before he proceeded to clean up, make his bed, open his front
bedroom door, and come down stairs, to have something for breakfast. “You know,
you can always ask for help if you’re looking for something.” Peanut spoke with a
chuckle. His deep voice suddenly startling the purple feline as he reached into the

pantry at the left of the kitchen, and pulled out a box of lucky-charms, as well as a carton of milk, and a bowl and spoon.
“Yeah, well, I need to make sure I have everything before I get going” Grape replied with a smirk, tucking in a small digital camera into a rather stuffed bag that she held in her right paw.
“What do you mean…you?” Peanut responded with a raised eyebrow. Taking another spoonful of his cereal into his mouth and chewing slowly.
“Oh…right I forgot to tell you.” Grape began. “I decided to go to Disney world with
Maxwell this summer, instead of spending it at the vacation house with you, mom,
and dad.” She finished with a smirk, awkwardly breaking eye contact from Peanut.
Normally the canine would have been quite surprised about something like this, but
he knew Grape was old enough to make her own choices, and that he was old enough
not to argue about how ‘unfair’ it is. But in the canine’s eyes, it was perfectly
“Well then, make sure you have everything with you, Grape.” The dog said to her, quickly finishing his cereal and putting his dishes in the sink.

“Where are mom and dad?” Peanut asked turning to leave the room.
“Oh, they’re still sleeping I guess. It’s funny how we’re the ones to be getting up
earlier than they do now.” Grape said with a laugh, smiling and slowly shaking her
“Yeah, I guess so.” He said back. Smirking as he left the kitchen, and proceeded back to his room.

The morning went on as it usually did, although slightly more hectic considering that everyone was rushing about the home, trying to find their belongings for the long road trips ahead. Peanut quickly washed away the foamed toothpaste that was on his lower lip, before he heard a knock at the front door.

“I got it mom!” the canine called out, grabbing the towel that hanged on a rack
beside himself, and using it to dry his paws. Peanut hurried to the front door and swung it open. A black cat with a suave smile stood at the door. His looks much
more rugged and defined, showing that he had aged quite nicely. But the missing bit of ear was all too obvious.
“Hello Max, it’s good to see you.” Peanut said with a smile, pulling his friend into a gentle hug, and then letting him go.
“It’s great to see you too, dog. How’s Grape, is she home?” The cat asked, smiling to the brown dog yet again. Peanut nodded his head and stepped aside, allowing the dark furred feline to enter the home.
“Hey handsome.” Grape said, slipping off the counter and wrapping her arms around
Max. The felines shared a kiss, and Peanut smirked and looked away. “You guys
couldn’t wait till you got into Jeff’s car?” He asked, laughing as he walked back into
his room.

It had been around a half hour, and Peanut had just finished packing up his
belongings for the trip. The canine reached to the back of his closet and pulled out a can of deodorant, some bathroom robes, towels, an emergency change of clothes, and some pyjamas. He also reached around to the other end of his closet and pulled out an object wrapped in soft white linen. He made sure he had packed everything
carefully in his bag, and zipped up the front.
“Okay guys, I have everything I need.” Peanut yelled out across the hall, hearing several grunts and thuds coming from down the hall. The canine lugged his bags to the front door, and set everything down accordingly. “Dad, I told you to let me help you.” Peanut’s deep voice echoed down the hall. And the much older Earl just shot him a *I know what I’m doing* look.
“I don’t need your help, son.” Earl replied, continuing his feeble technique to pull all the heavy bags down the hall. Jane shook her head and smiled to Peanut as she
came out the room.

“Honey, will you help your old man, he’s biting off more than he can chew, again.” Jane’s said with a chuckle, returning to her and Earl’s shared bedroom, to gather the rest of her belongings. Peanut walked to Earl’s side and with much ease, pulled all the bags over his strong shoulder, and placed them at the front door.

“I told you I had it, you know.” The old man said, patting the canine’s back.
“That’s what you’ve said every year dad…for the past five years actually.” Peanut replied with a grin.
“When’d you get so old?” Earl said, smirking back.” “It’s not that old, dad…” Peanut replied.

“Really, is that I grey patch of fur I see on your head?”
“What?!” Peanut shouted back, his eyes widening slightly, before Earl began to laugh and slap Peanut’s back again.

“I’m only kidding kiddo.”
“Yeah, real funny, old man.” Suddenly Peanut and Earl felt a warm hand on their
“If you boys are ready to go now, we can make it before sundown. Jane said, smiling as she passed the two and proceeded to hug and greet Maxwell.

“Alright then bud, let’s get going.” Earl said, grabbing his keys from the side
counter, and joining the felines and his wife at the door. Peanut opened a drawer and reached in; pulling out a piece of laminated paper from within its confines, and placed it into his bag. He then walked to the group at the door.
“Well guys, this is us then.” Grape said, smiling and hugging Jane and Earl. She stepped past Max and hugged Peanut.
“Are you going to be okay there? It’s pretty boring you know.” “I’ll be just fine, Grape. You have fun at Disney.”
“I will, Peanut.” Grape replied.

“Alright, I’ll see you, then.” Peanut said, hugging the girl back and letting her go.

A carn horn went off from outside, and Jane smiled and waved. “You keep them safe, Jeff!” She called out, to see the man behind the wheel give an OK sign with his thumb and forefinger. The felines stepped into the car, and lowered their side windows. They waved goodbye to Peanut and the parents. “We’ll give you a call when we get there!” She yelled, before smiling and waving again, as the small car began to drive away, down the road, and soon out of sight.
“Well c’mon then, let’s get going too. We can stop by a station and grab something
to eat on the way.” Earl said, proceeding out of the home, to the familiar family
car. He unlocked the door with his key, and sat down into the driver’s seat. Peanut
made sure to firmly lock the front door and pack all the bags in the trunk of the
car. Paying extra care to his own bag. He then joined his parents in the car. He
enjoyed it when he had the full back seat to himself, he was able to sit happily and
stretch out a bit.

“We got everything sweetie?” Jane asked Peanut.
“Yeah mom, we got everything now. And the house is locked up.” Peanut reassured the woman.

“Alright Earl, let’s get going then.” Jane spoke.

And with that, the car pulled out the drive way, and took off down the road. Houses of Peanut’s best friends passed, but nobody seemed to be home.
“Hey mom, I take it everyone’s left now?” The hound asked, raising and eyebrow. As he buckled up, and folded his arms behind his head.
“Yeah they have hon, I think Bino is still home, but you know how he is, he never liked going on vacation. And he’s old enough to look after himself anyway.” Jane replied with a giggle.
The neighbourhood flew past, and Peanut noticed a familiar house that went by.
“Hey dad, what did Officer Bill say?” Peanut asked, shifting slightly in his seat.

“Well he went to a vacation house in San Diego with Fox. You know Fox, and he
wanted you to go with them. He said he would have loved to have you there” Earl spoke with a shrug of his shoulders, as his hands kept firmly on the wheel.

“Why did you choose to come with us for all these years?” Jane said, turning around to face Peanut from the front seat.
“I like going to the vacation house we have, it’s nice there…” Peanut said, smiling to Jane. The woman turned back into her seat and began to talk with Earl, flipping her hair back and chucking every now and then.
Peanut continued to smile, as he got comfortable in the seat. He knew it would be a while, so he thought it might be better he took a small nap. He crossed his legs and rested his head on the side of the window, using his arms as a makeshift pillow, watching as the world began to pass him by.

Children played in the parks, canine and feline together, laughing. Babylon was a
wonderful place to live; there was no doubt about it. And Peanut had grown up into a fine young gentle dog.
Soon the car had reached the end of the roads for Babylon, and they began to drive out to the highway. These were the roads where truckers and loggers would drive along. And the road just stretched along to infinity.
The canine closed his eyes and breathed easy. Jane’s and Earl’s voices soon becoming muffled out as he began to relax more and more. His mind slowly drifting away to a peaceful place, and his body settling in.

I can perfectly remember how I met him…


Chapter two:

Back to the start

The first time I had ever met him, was when I was a young pup. Many years ago I
was with the family up at the vacation house, located near the forest of the lost. I
had gone to explore the vast area, knowing how curious I was as a small pup, I
would run everywhere, seeing everything I could, and getting my paws on anything
that excited me.
It was a cool summer’s day, and I had been exploring the forest on my own. Mom
didn’t know that I had snuck away at that time. I wasn’t really afraid of anything
back then.

But then I had gotten lost, and after many hours of running about the forest, I
was so tired, I couldn’t move anymore. I had sat down with my knees huddled up to my chest, and I began to cry. I didn’t think that I would ever find my way out the forest, and I was starting to wish I had never gone in.
But to my luck, someone had seen me crying, someone that was to be of the greatest importance to my life…

“Hey, little guy!” A voice suddenly called from the forest surroundings. Peanut lifted his head up, and perked up his floppy ears. He looked around his surroundings, before he suddenly noticed a person standing behind a tree. He seemed to be wearing a
mask of some kind.
“A…you…A person! I’m saved!” Peanut stuttered, before he quickly got up on his small feet and ran as fast as he could to the stranger behind the tree. The Person quickly moved to the side, and the small puppy then crashed into the soft grass of the forest ground, and lay flat on his face. Peanut shook his head quickly and looked up at the mysterious person.

To Peanut’s surprise, it was not a human, but a canine. He had an orange coat of fur, and wore light brown Khaki shorts, with a red T-shirt, and a white open over shirt with a floral design. He also wore blue flip flops as a foot-ware.
“Uh…sorry about that” the canine spoke through the cat mask he wore on his face, placing his paws by his sides. “You’re a…canine pup, right?” the teenager asked,
rubbing the back of his head. “If a canine touches me, I’ll disappear.” The orange hound said, as his words very slightly muffled through the mask.
“If a canine?” Peanut said back, clenching his eyes slightly. “You’re not a pet like me?” the child asked, as he got back up onto his small feet carefully.
“Well…I’m something that lives in this forest I guess.” The teen said back, smirking through the mask.

“So then…you’re one of the spirits!?” The pup asked, his excitement easily
stimulated as his eyes grew wide. “What do you mean disappear?” he asked, staring
at the dressed canine before him. Peanut giggled and moved closer to touch the
orange furred male, but fell back to his knees as the dog quickly moved out the way.

Peanut got back up on his feet and continued to try to touch the older dog, and
made somewhat of a game trying to see if he could grab him. The young dog giggled as he waddled along trying to catch the stranger. He then suddenly felt something large smack into his head. And the strike made him fall to the ground.
The pup felt tears gather in his eyes as he grunted in pain and placed his paws over his forehead.
“You…hit me! You’re r-really not a canine a-after all…no dog would hit a child l-l-
like that!” Peanut stuttered, holding his throbbing head.
“To…disappear means to be obliterated…” The orange furred dog spoke back. “That’s the spell that the goddess placed upon me.” He continued, before looking down to see Peanut still holding his head in pain.

“I’m really sorry about hitting you like that.”

“I’m sorry too” the pup said, still holding his head and smiling to the teen.

The orange dog lowered the other end of the stick to Peanut. “Here, little guy,
take the other end. You’re lost aren’t you? I can lead you out of the forest.” He
spoke through the mask again, looking down to Peanut. The pup’s eyes lit up and he
nodded his head quickly, smiling brightly as he took the end of the stick with his
right paw.
The two walked in toe, side by side. The only thing separating them was the stick
they each held onto. They walked past the river, through the forest’s meadow, and
back into the main lands. As the canine and pup came up to the old cement stairs
that led down to the vacation home, Peanut knew he would have some trouble going
back down them.

“You’re okay; just take it slow, I’ve got you.” The teen said, looking down to
Peanut. The pup nodded his head and the two slowly began to make their way down the stairs. Peanut’s dimpled cheeks stretching out with his smile, as they had
almost made it to the bottom.
“It’s just like going out on a date.” The pup spoke, panting slightly as he made his way down.

“Not a very romantic one” The older canine spoke back, chuckling.
As the two almost finished making it down the steps, the orange canine gripped his end of the stick slightly harder. “So…you’re not afraid then?” he asked, staring straight ahead, as he walked down the steps.
“Afraid of what?” Peanut asked, as the two finished making it down the stairs and back onto the soft grass.

“Never mind.” The teen replied, smiling peacefully behind the mask. Peanut ran
ahead and scanned the area, he was where he had originally left, and he was almost ecstatic to feel the familiar grass beneath his feet.
“Now, if you go straight ahead, you’ll make it onto the mountain path, and then you’ll be able to find your way back home…”


The small puppy looked back to the canine behind the mask; he had sat down on the stone steps that led down to the town. And stared straight ahead.
“Are you always going to be here?” Peanut asked. His cheeks bright and rosy as his
tail wagged quickly. “If I come back here, can we meet again?” the small pup
continued to ask, tilting his head slightly to the left. The teen said nothing and
continued to stare ahead, his chest moving as each gentle breath left him.
“These are the lands of the forgotten, where the mountain goddess and her children live. If you come back here and go in again, you’ll lose your way and be lost
forever.” The teen spoke through the mask, snickering lightly. He stopped snickering and cleared his voice.
“You…shouldn’t come here.” He said, watching as Peanut’s cheery smile faded into a look of sadness. “That’s what the town’s people say, right?”
Peanut’s cheeks stretched into a smile when his ears picked up the slight laughter of the older male.
“I’m Peanut butter sandwich. What about you?” he said, smiling brightly. The orange canine came to a complete silence when he heard the question. A chilling breeze blowing through his fur, and gently scraping against his nose. He sat as he was, somewhat frozen as he thought about the question.
Peanut scrunched his brow slightly, before smirking to the teen. “Well…I’ll come back with a thank-you present tomorrow then!” The young pup said, smiling and waving as he began to quickly run back onto the path to the vacation home.
“It’s Mako.” The teen’s voice sounded, before Peanut stopped in his tracks, and turned around. But the canine was nowhere to be seen.
Soon the sun began to set, and everything was a deep shade of orange. The dew on the grass and flowers surrounding Peanut, glistened in the light, as he hummed a
tune and walked along the path back to home. He then spotted a young woman
running up the path with a frantic look in her eyes. She spotted the young pup and called out his name. Peanut smiled brightly and yelled back, breaking out into a run with his arms out ready for a hug.

Jane had reached peanut and knelt down to him.
“You were out in the forest this whole time?! What if you got lost, or hurt, you don’t think about these things do you!” she said, roughly tapping on the pups head to tell him it was a bad thing.

Peanut felt the dulled pain of the previous strike from the teen, rekindle, as he
backed away slightly and whined, placing his paws over his head. He felt tears begin to stream down his cheeks and began to cry loudly, running forward and hugging Jane tightly. Jane was surprised as she tightly held Peanut in her arms.
“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry!” She said, kissing his forehead and rubbing it over. “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you! Earl told me it might have been the only way to get the message across to you.” The woman spoke with worry, holding the pups paw in her hand as they began to walk back to the home.

“Mom?” Peanut spoke.

“Yes honey?”
“Is it true there are spirits in this forest?” the pup asked, looking up to Jane with wide blue eyes.
“Well sweetie, your father used to come here with his friends when he was younger, that’s why we decided to have the vacation home built here. He did say he would always sneak out with his troublesome friends into the forest, to see if they could meet the spirits. And one time they did end up seeing something happen. They say they saw lit lanterns and the smell of cooked food coming from the forest. They didn’t see anything else, but Earl told me he would always see something move from the corner of his eye, but I’m sure he was just exaggerating.” Jane explained to the young hound, and he just watched with wide and shining eyes.
“Now c’mon hon, I’ll make you something special for dinner, and some snacks for you
tomorrow.” The woman said, picking Peanut up from the ground and cradling him in
her arms.


The end of that day was peaceful, the sun set and night came quickly. Peanut laid, curled up in his little bed and watched as the small rocket ship toy gently went around in circles above him.
‘These are the lands of the forgotten, where the mountain goddess and her children
live. If you come back here and go in again, you’ll lose your way and be lost forever.’
Mako’s voice echoed through the pup’s mind as he stared up to the toy, it brought him some comfort knowing that he was there, but not that he couldn’t go and see him again. But Peanut knew he must have been joking, he could hear him snicker at a point. The hound smiled in his bed and closed his eyes, looking forward to the next day. It truly was a peaceful night.


“You came.” Mako said, smiling through the mask as he sat comfortably on the concrete steps. “I didn’t think you would come back…”
Peanut’s eye shone with happiness as he quickly ran towards Mako with his arms out. He was then quickly greeted with another strike to his head from the stick, which caused him to fall back onto the ground. He held his paws over his head and held himself together before looking up with a sheepish grin.

“You just don’t learn do you…” Mako said, placing the stick by his side.

“I’m sorry, I was just so happy you are here.” He said, standing back up and smiling.
“What’s that you got there?” the teen asked, looking over the green bag Peanut held in his paws.
“My mom made some lemon bars; I thought you might like some.” The pup said, wriggling his toes in his light up shoes as he held the green bag in his paws. His cheeks lighting up a rosy red as he looked up to Mako’s mask.

“Well, that was very kind of you to share.” The orange canine spoke, smiling and
proceeding to stand up and stretch out, he knelt down to his side and picked up the

stick, stretching out the other end of it to the pup. “Here, let’s get going then, it’s a bit cold, maybe we can find somewhere a bit warmer. Peanut nodded his head with enthusiasm as he took the other end of the stick in his paws, and began to walk up the stone steps with Mako.
“Hey, you’re doing pretty well this time” The teen said, smiling through the mask again as Peanut was making his way up the stairs with little effort.
“My shoes dad got me are springy; they help me when I walk.” The pup responded,
panting slightly. He then suddenly stopped and released the end of the stick. Mako
turned around and tilted his head to the side. “Everything okay, Peanut?” he asked,
watching the pup.
“Well…you said…that if I go back in there, I’ll get lost and never find my way back.” He said with a tone of worry, whining slightly and looking up to Mako.
“Well, yeah I said that. But you’re with me; I’ll see it you get out safely.” The
teen said, stretching out his arm with the end of the stick to the pup. Peanut
smiled and nodded his head, any fear of getting lost was pushed aside as his little
paw gripped the end of it, and they continued to walk back up the stairs.
They passed the outer forest, walked through the field of flowers, and walked along the small red bridge, that led to the inner forest. Peanut had never felt so content before, especially with someone he had just met.
They came up to a path that stretched out to the meadows ahead, and Peanut looked around with excitement and wonder. Something shifted and slithered along the tall grass of the path; causing the young dog to stop moving, and perk his floppy ears up, looking around.
There, behind a tree in the distance, black ooze began to form into a large round blob, and soon, the blob formed into a creature with two red glowing eyes.

“Mako…” The creature spoke. “Is that a canine pup?”
“Can I eat it?!” His monstrous voice boomed through the woods, causing a flock of birds to leave the near vicinity.

Peanut shook in fear as he went to quickly, but carefully move behind his teen
“No. He’s my friend.” Mako spoke in a calm voice, watching as the creature blinked slowly and slithered its serpents tongue across its lips.

“Very well then.” Its voice echoed through the woods once more.
“Little pup, do not touch Mako’s fur. Because if you do…” The creature came into view slightly more

“I’ll eat you up!” he said, smiling and showing his monstrous teeth.
Mako clapped his paws together, causing an echo back to the beast. It suddenly then shrieked in fear and transformed into a small fox. The small red fox then began to hop away on each tree, suddenly disappearing in a haze of silver smoke.

“What was that, Mako?” Peanut asked, coming away from the older male.
“It was one of the spirits that lives in this forest; he turns into a monstrous beast
as he does, to scare people. But he’s all bark and no bite.” Mako said, chuckling and
looking down to Peanut. The young pup’s eyes widened for the moment, before he
threw his small arms up into the air and squealed with joy. “That was amazing! I
can’t believe that I got to see a real spirit!” Peanut began. “Amazing, wonderful,
spe… spect-“ “Spectacular, you mean.” Mako cut the canine off, before he shook his
head slowly. “Yeah, that’s what I mean.” The pup replied, as he smiled up to the
chuckling orange dog.
“What did you think I was then?” Mako asked, as he began to move along the path,
as the branches above stopped shaking about. “Well, you always wear a silly mask,
and that guy had a huge tongue!” Peanut spoke excitedly, as he moved to join his
teen friend by his side, as the two moved along the path. “Is…there any reason you
wear a mask, anyway?” The small dog continued to ask questions, as he felt his
curiosity grow.
“Not really, no particular reason at all.” Mako replied, as he slipped his paws into the pockets of his pants.

“Never mind me, why don’t you tell me about yourself?” The orange dog spoke, as
he smiled brightly through his mask. Peanut was suddenly curios, as he tightened the
bag in his grip. “Are you curios?” the pup asked, as he tilted his head to the right

“That’s why I waited for you.” Mako replied, before he pulled his paws out of his
pockets and scratched the back of his head with his free paw. Peanut smiled brightly
as he instinctively reached to take Mako’s paw into his own. He stopped quickly and
pulled back, as he swallowed hard. “Sorry.” The pup spoke, looking up. “It’s alright.”
The teen replied, as Peanut smiled again and ran ahead to the opening they were
near, spinning around and frolicking through the soft grass that flowed in the


The next day…and the day after that, I went back to the forest, and saw Mako. I remembered how I would feel every time I would see him. My heart would begin to beat quickly and I would become very excited. Of course, that would be normal of me as a small pup. You think I’d be scared, seeing a full grown hound wearing a mask, standing in a field waiting…

But I had never felt more welcomed in my life... Not even till this day.


Chapter three: As the years pass…

As the car drove along the seemingly never ending highway, a small smile was placed upon Peanut’s lips. He shifted in his seat slightly, breathing slowly. Earl yawned and continued to steer the wheel of the car with one hand, while he reached back to gently rub Peanut’s leg.

“Hey pal, we’re making a stop to get a snack, do you want anything?” He asked
sweetly, as he returned his free hand back to the wheel. The canine’s eyes opened
and he replied with a “sure thing, dad.” As the sedan began to pull into a spot near
a gas station. Earl turned off the engine and opened his door. He stepped out and
closed the door behind himself, as he left to move to the inside of the station.
“It won’t be much longer till we’re there honey.” Jane spoke, as she simultaneously texted and fixed her hair in the rear-view mirror. “Right, mom.” The hazel dog
spoke, as he rested his head back, and looked up to the roof of the car. He was
shocked slightly when he had opened his eyes, taking in the fact that he was much older now, away from the time in the past, where he would always dream of this
time of the year. “Do you ever miss being young, mom?” The dog spoke softly, as he continued to lay his head back.
“Sometimes, Peanut. But I know that I’m the happiest woman in the world. I have you and Grape, and Earl. Even though you and Grape have gotten older, I know you two will always be my babies, hmm?” The woman spoke, as she smiled in the mirror to Peanut. “Always ma.” He spoke, before the door to the driver’s seat opened, and Earl sat back in, and closed the door.

“Here kiddo, I got canine safe gummy worms for you.”
“Thanks dad.” Peanut said with a smile, watching as Earl passed a few treats to

He took the pack into his paw, and opened it, smiling wider at the sweet scent that

resonated from the contents of the pack. He took a green worm between the pads of his fingers and slipped it into his maw, enjoying the sweet apple green flavour that came from the treat. Peanut sighed as he rested his head back again, and
closed his eyes, chewing slowly, as the car began to make its way out of the parking lot, and back onto the highway.


Those summer days, I would play all around the mountain side with Mako…

We would walk through fields, pick flowers, and build small houses from the small
stone pillars that lay around the area. We would also swing from vines together. Of course he made sure that if I fell, I would fall onto a soft pile of leaves. He was very protective of me at times, that is something I really appreciated. We would make boats of leaves; lay back watching the clouds together sometimes. Even more childish games, like playing hide and seek.
If my hat would be blown away in the breeze, he would run right after it. Or if there was something that could hurt me; he wouldn’t let me pass by it. I guess anyone would be like that for a child. But he was always alert…

And then one day after playing together, Mako and I had gone back to the main
field, where the home tree was. He was laying back against the soft grass, and I was picking flowers from the area around the tree. It was always like that in flourishing grounds, flowers of all colours would grow there…


“Hey, Mako I got flowers!” The small pup called out, as he was moving his paws along the assortment of colourful flowers before him. After a few short minutes, the pup had a pawful of different coloured flowers, and slowly jogged back to the resting orange canine.

“Huh…he’s sleeping?” Peanut spoke with a smirk, as he placed the flowers down
next to the male. The hazel dog knelt down behind Mako’s head, and looked down
to his mask. The eyes of the mask stared right back to Peanut as the curios pup
watched silently. A cold breeze blew through the land as he tilted his head to the
side slowly.
“He said…I can’t touch him.” He continued to think, as he leaned back and lifted his
small paws up. “It’s alright if I touch his mask…right?” Peanut thought once more,
before he reached down slowly, and held his paws above the cheeks of the mask. He
swallowed hard for a moment, before he lightly placed his paws onto the wooden
mask firmly, and began to lift slowly. He was curious, the picture of the canine
always had been the mask he wore, but soon that image in the pup’s mind would
As the mask rose up further and further, the pup kept his eyes closed, till he placed
the mask next to the collected flowers. Peanut finally opened his eyes to see what
Mako’s face looked like. To his surprise, Mako had no scars, no marks, nothing that
really would stand out on his face. He simply had a white muzzle, followed by a
charcoal black nose, and when his eyes opened, silver eyes with a hint of blue.

Peanut’s own eyes widened in shock when he saw Mako awaken, he quickly took the
mask in his grasp, and roughly placed the mask back onto the teens’ face with a
quick “sorry!”
Mako grunted in pain for the moment, before he sat upright and rested his chin on
his paw.

“Attacking people in their sleep? You sure are a scary little guy.”
“I’m sorry about that… but. You were pretending to sleep…weren’t you?” The pup responded.

“I look pretty normal, don’t i?” The teen asked, chuckling slightly.
Peanut continued to look into the black cat eyes of the mask, before he crossed his small arms. “Why do you wear that thing?” He asked.

“If I don’t wear this mask. I don’t look like a spirit, do I?” The orange canine spoke, continuing to chuckle.

“You’re so strange.” Peanut spoke with a smile, as he allowed his arms to dangle by his sides. Mako broke out into a laugh as he picked up the flowers that lay next to him. “Did you pick these for me?” He asked with a smirk behind his mask.

“I did…”


The two had spent most of the day laying back, and watching the clouds go by.
Peanut was happy that he was able to see what Mako looked like, and now he didn’t feel as intimidated as he used to be by the teen. A feeling of sadness welled slowly in the pups mind as he and Mako made their way back down the stone steps
together. Back to the arch.

“Uh…Mako?” The pup let out.

“Yeah?” The teen spoke back in response.
“I won’t be able to c-come back here tomorrow…” At this, the orange canine let out a low whine.
“I’m just staying with my family at the vacation home near here, for the summer.
Tomorrow I have to go back home.” At this point, Mako had stopped walking, and
stood still on a step. “You’re doing well now; you don’t need my help to walk down

The young pup responded with a smile and nod.
“Will you…be able to come back next year then?” The canine asked sincerely, as he lifted up his mask to show Peanut a smile.

“Yeah!” The small dog let out, as his tail wagged quickly.

“I’m going to miss you, you know.” Mako spoke, as he continued to walk down the steps with Peanut.

“I’ll miss you too, mister Mako…”


This is how summer became something that I always looked forward to. That year I
left the vacation home with mom and dad and Grape. There was something off
about me, they knew for sure. I looked so sad most of the time. But they promised
me lots of treats and toys when I would get back home…and slowly they took my
mind off of Mako…

As time went on, it was yet again, another summer. This time, Grape was a small girl scout, and she wanted to sell most of the cookies in the town near the home. She was so noisy when she was younger, but when she got what she wanted, she was usually content.
We made it back to the home; I was ten years old in my time. So I had gotten a little taller. Dad had bought me new light up shoes, and of course, I asked mom to make more of the lemon bars she had made last year. There was only one thing on my mind at that moment, and I simply could not wait to get to it.
Eventually we had settled back into the vacation house, and everything was unpacked
for the time we would be spending there. I remember I was always looking out the
window, and walking along the grass that surrounded the home, hoping to catch a

glimpse of Mako.

And then, I was given the chance to go out. Mom and dad were taking Grape out to the town, as they had promised her. I told them I would wait inside the home and be safe. Of course, I lied. And once they were gone, I raced out that house faster than I had ever done in the past…


As the young pup ran through the grass fields, he soon came up to the old stone pillars the met into an arch. He quickly went up the stairs, right up to the top, not giving himself a chance to catch his breath. Once he was at the top, he scanned the area quickly. He continued to run along the grass pathway, passing the meadow, and the bridge, till finally he had made it back to the home tree.

Peanut looked around quickly yet again, till finally he had spotted the familiar floral shirt he had waited to see for so long.
“M-Mako!” The pup called out, as he sprinted to the dog. As he was about to jump onto the orange teen, he quickly stopped and stood still. “I just remembered, I
can’t touch you can i?”
“Yeah…” The orange teen let out, as he knelt down, and placed his fishing rod by his foot. “How are you, Peanut?” Mako asked.
“I’m good mister Mako. It’s good to see you again.” Peanut replied, as he sat down by the water, and slipped his paws into the cool water.

“It’s so cold this time!” He laughed as he rapidly splashed his paws about.
“I was fishing you know.” Mako said with a chuckle, as he pulled out his line from the water, and left it by a tree.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see the line there…” Peanut spoke with a sad look.

“It’s fine, shall we take a walk then?” The teen asked, as he watched Peanut nod his head, and stand up.

The two began to take a stroll by inside the forest, talking about what they had
both done in the time they were away from each other. Peanut mostly spoke about
his friends back in Babylon, and how he had dreamed of joining the good ol dog’s

“Bino is such a dummy sometimes. He won’t let me join his new club.” Peanut spoke with a pout, as he crossed his arms tightly.
“It sounds like that Bino guy isn’t very nice.” Mako spoke as he continued to walk. “Oh, well he’s cool. He just gets a bit bossy sometimes.”
As Peanut had replied, the tree they passed suddenly shook. Causing leaves to fall to
the ground. A long branch suddenly came out of the tree, but around the front of
the branch, other sticks sprouted out, and connected into joints, as if they acted as
fingers. The branch then grabbed onto Mako, and a deep loud voice was suddenly
“Mako. Be careful. That is a canine pup, it’s dangerous.” The voice sounded, as
Peanut backed away slowly, shaking as he held his paws up to his chest. “If he
touches, you, you’ll disappear.” The voice sounded yet again, as Peanut stopped
backing away. It was like an amusement park animatronic. But it was real.
“It’s alright, I’m fine.” The teen said calmly, as the hand slowly released its grip on his body, and pulled back into the tree.
“Young child. Please do not touch him…” It spoke one last time, before Peanut nodded his head, and swallowed hard.
As Peanut and Mako continued to walk along, voices from all around the forest
whispered in the breeze, as if they were calling out to the orange furred canine.
“Be careful.” “You must be careful.” The voices called out, as Peanut kept close to his teen friend.

“The spirits can touch him…right?” The young dog thought with curiosity, as he walked alongside Mako…
Peanut was a brave pup, what would usually scare someone his age, he took on as a mystery, something to smile at, rather than cower to.


Summers past as quickly as weeks it seemed back then. Soon…two summers had

And then three…

“Peanut! Where are you?” The orange canine called out, as he strolled through the soft grassy land.

“Hey Peanut, I’m gonna find you!” The orange canine spoke in a silly manner, as he
tucked his paws into his back pockets, and walked silently along the tall grassy
“Oh Pea-“ “Roar!” Peanut let out, as the boy hung himself upside-down from a tree branch of an old oak tree in the area. Mako froze for a moment, before he chuckled and stared at the hanging dog through his mask.

“What are you doing, pal?” He asked, as he looked up to the dog.

Peanut pulled up from his spot, and sat down on the branch, looking down to his orange furred friend.
“Well…I wanted to see your startled face, but I guess not…since you’re wearing your
mask…” he spoke, before the young male sighed and held his paw to his chin. A few
low cracks could be heard from the trees’ branch. Peanut glared down to Mako for a
moment. “At least when I’m around you, could you take off your mask?” He asked
kindly, as he swung his legs back over the branch, and sat with his back to the main
body of the tree.
The orange canine complied with a chuckle, and a lift of his mask, revealing his face
to Peanut once more. “Sure, I can do that. But is there a specific reason?” He
asked back, and watched as the young pup pushed away from the tree slightly.

“Well, not exa-“ The branch of the tree teetered slightly, before much louder
cracking from the tree could be heard, and the branch began to break off from the
“No!” Mako yelled out, as he lifted his arms up, and ran towards Peanut. The expression on his face that of pure horror as the pup fell from the tree.
Peanut took in a sharp gasp, and curled into a ball, away from Mako’s reaching arms. He lay across the fallen branch with a lightly scratched muzzle.

“Peanut! Peanut! Are you okay?” Mako spoke with a shocked voice, as he knelt
down to the pup, and kept his prying eyes dashing all over his smaller friends body, to check for any damage.
“Y-yeah, I’m okay. Just a little scratch on my nose.” Peanut replied, as he pushed up from the fallen branch, and sat down on the ground with his knees crossed, and his paws in his lap. “Mako…come here for a second.” The brown dog spoke with a slightly rasping voice.
“Okay.” Mako replied, as he knelt down in front of the young dog, and kept his paws between his legs.


“Mako…no matter what happens…” The pup began. “Don’t…ever touch me…”

The teen was taken aback slightly, but nodded his head ever so slowly when Peanut said. “okay?”
A gentle breeze blew through the grass, and caused the trees above to shake and move. Giving the area a much more calming feel.

“Okay…Mako?” The brown pup spoke once more, before his lower lip quivered, and he raised his paws to his face, as he began to sob.

“It was the first time Mako had seen Peanut cry as he did. It made the teen feel
horrible. His head pounded, and his stomach had a welling feeling. If only he could
reach out to console the crying pup. But all he could do was sit…and watch…


But no matter the accidents. I had many accidents with Mako as a small pup, it was inevitable to happen. But as this happened, they slowly stopped as I grew older, and eventually, came to a complete end. So for the next summer, and the summer after that…I went back again. And visited the forest.


“I’m leaving, mom!” The now older canine called out, as he slipped on his favourite

“Be careful, Peanut. And make sure you’re back home in time, okay lovey?” Jane
called back, as she stood on the couch in the living-room of the home, fixing a
painting. “I know mom, I’ll see you soon!” Peanut called out, as he ran out to the
front porch, and pulled on a pair of jogging shoes, and began to make his way out to
the cool forest as he did every year. The canine was older now, around thirteen.
Some of his developing features as a young adult could be seen. His developing hips,
and broad shoulder length was for starters. But the more obvious change about the
canine was his darker shade of fur.
“Mako!” I’m back again for another summer!” Peanut curled his paws around his maw, and yelled out, watching as a flock of birds flew swiftly away from the tree they were in. Yet it didn’t startle the young canine, it excited him.
Soon, after a short run up the familiar steps, he found Mako sitting on top of the
tall pillar above. “Hey you, I’m here for another summer. And check it out!” He
spoke, as he twiddled the tag that was on his collar between the pads of his fingers.
“It’s good to see you again, Peanut.” Mako spoke, as he jumped down from the pillar, and landed with a heavy thud. “And what might that be?”

“It’s my tag and membership for the good-old dogs club. I’m an official member
now.” He said, shining a cocky grin, as he continued to twiddle the small metal tag between his fingers.
“Good job buddy, I knew you’d make it.” Peanut laughed.
“How have you been, by the way? It’s been a while since I saw you.” He asked with a low whine.

“Same as always.” Mako replied with a smirk, as he shrugged his shoulders. He
wasn’t kidding either; Mako looked exactly the same still. Still dressed in his clothing that Peanut always knew him to be dressed in.

“I can see that I suppose…” He said with a grin.

“You know Peanut…somehow. You’re starting to look like a man.” Mako spoke with a soft tone, as he tucked his paws into the back of his pant-pockets.
“That’s because I am a man! The manliest of men!” The excited hound replied, as he
flexed his arms, but didn’t show too much muscle. His cocky nature causing Mako to
laugh heartily.

“Shall we get going then?” He spoke, as his laughter died down. He began to walk
along the path that led into the forest, and Peanut nodded his head, following along with the teen. The two walked along the river side peacefully, as the sound of
bubbling water could be heard, along with a few splashing fishes.
“Hmm…” Peanut let out, as he looked over to Mako. The teen noticed and looked back, smiling, and tilting his head.

“Yes?” He let out with a low chuckle.
“N-nothing. It’s just that, well most of the guys I grew up with, are in the club with me now. So it’s not like I ever left any of them, you know what I mean?” Peanut explained, as he continued to move along with his friend.

“And man! Fox is awesome with books too; he can like…find anything!” The happy hound spoke, as he moved up to jump onto a long- stretched log, and walked along it, pushing out his arms and balancing on it, as Mako walked along-side him, and replied with a nod of his head.

‘Mako ages much more slowly than I do…’


“Like this?”
“Yeah! Hold it up, and when I say let go, let it fly out from your hands!” Peanut spoke, as he held onto a small reel of string.
The canine began to run backwards wobbling for a few moments, before he let out an excited cheer, as Mako released the kite, and it flew up high into the sky. Then, the orange dog joined Peanut’s side.

The brown dog held the reel in his paws, enjoying the cooling breeze that blew
through his fur. The two said nothing, as the kite remained high in the air. Peanut turned his head to Mako, and raised his paws up, giving his friend a bright smile as he passed the reel to him.
“Nothing like flying kites.” Mako spoke with a smirk, as the two enjoyed the

‘As the years go by, my appearance changes…’

“That was cool; I didn’t think we’d ever get the kite back down from the tree after it got stuck like that.” The brown mutt said with a laugh, as he held the wrapped toy in his right paw, and dangled his left by his side.

‘But Mako is almost the same as the first day we met…’

The setting sun illuminated the valley in a deep orange tinted light, as it was
beginning to set. The two walked along, having spent a fulfilling first day of the summer together. Peanut had gotten to talk lots about his friends, and the club. He felt refreshed now that he got to see Mako.
As the two continued to walk along into the sunset, Mako suddenly stopped moving,
and Peanut continued to move forward, before stopping a few moments later, and
turning around. His orange furred friend had a butterfly that landed on his masks
nose. The orange hound lifted his mask up to see the white insect flutter away in
the cool breeze. It was more peaceful than Peanut had ever felt in the past
summers, as he watched Mako stand in the setting light, with butterflies flying all
around him.

The brown dog said nothing, as he sighed gently, and watched on…

‘Someday I’ll be older than him…’

That year, time passed faster than it ever had in the past. And another summer had gone by yet again…

Peanut stood before Mako with a red scarf that was wrapped in a plastic bag. “Use it in the winter; it’ll get really cold up in the mountain side.” He explained, as
Mako looked over the scarf with a close eye. “Mhm, right. Thank you” He replied, before Peanut continued to stand where he did. He didn’t say anything else, as he looked up to Mako with a look of sadness.

“You know… this is the worst part of my visits here…” “At the end…”
The hound spoke with a sad tone, as he fought back the urge to tear up. “But I guess, I’ll see you next year, like always, huh?” He spoke with a quivering smile, as he closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath.
“I know, Peanut, I don’t like to see you go either. But you’re right, there will
always be next year, and we’ll have fun like always.” Mako spoke with an upbeat

“Of course.” The brown canine replied, before he rubbed his nose, and cleared his
throat. “Till next year then, Mako. Stay safe.” Peanut spoke rather breathlessly, as he began to walk down the stone steps of the shrine, turning back around to wave to his friend one last time, before he was completely out of sight. “I hate to leave. Maybe one day I can stay here always.” Peanut whispered to himself, as he made his way back to the vacation home.

‘I’ll never leave him…’


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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)

Chapter four:

As restlessness settles in

“And so, every dog of the good ol dogs club will need to report any sightings of cat
infiltrators!” Bino spoke with his nose pointed in the air, and a small wooden ruler
clutched in his free paw. “Any questions?” He asked, and nodded his head when no
one put their paw up. “Right then, this meeting is dismissed now.” He ended, as
the many pets of the club began to talk about, and began to leave the small
A certain brown canine had a pensive look on his face. His head was turned to face the window of the clubhouse, and his paws lay against his lap. Bino tilted his head to a side for the moment, before he gave the dog a small smile. “You know it’s going to snow tomorrow, it’ll be pretty fun, you should come down with all of us….” He spoke, before he sighed and gave Peanut a sad look.

“Hey is everything okay dude? For the past couple of meetings, you don’t really
seem to say much.” Bino spoke in a kind tone, as he approached the sitting canine, and knelt down to his level, only to snap him out of his concentration.
“Oh… I’m sorry, I just uhm, no I-I uh...” Peanut took a deep breath and closed his

“I don’t know Bino…” He replied in a low tone.
“You know…it’s okay; you don’t have to be here…if you really don’t want to…” Bino said with a smirk, as he patted Peanut’s back with his paw.

Peanut looked down, and said nothing, as Bino patted his back.

“Peanut…hey if someone’s giving you a hard time, I can talk to my dad dude…he can
have a word with th-“ “No…no no, It’s alright, Bino.” Peanut cut canine off, as he
stood up from his spot, and helped Bino up with him. “I think I should go home

maybe…” He spoke to Bino with a blank face. Somewhere, behind Peanut’s face, Bino
could tell that he was hurting, for whatever reason it was, he would never know.
“Yeah, okay. I’m just gonna be here fixing up a few things, and then I’ll lock the clubhouse up.” Bino replied, as Peanut looked around, to see that the place was completely empty.

“Okay Bino.” Peanut said, as he turned around, and began to walk for the door,
before he swallowed hard, and turned back around to see Bino beginning to put up a few signs on the walls.
“Bino…wait.” The hazel dog spoke, as he stepped back inside the clubhouse. Bino turned around and set down the laminated bit of paper in his paws.

“Yeah?” He replied with a smile.
“I uhm, I want to ask you something..” The brown dog spoke, as he held his paws together tightly.

“What’s wrong?” Bino asked with a sad face.
“What…do you do…when you need to see someone…but you can’t see them, till a certain time?” Peanut began. “But you…really want to see them?” He finished his question, with a soft sniffle of his nose.
“Oh…” Bino spoke, as he stepped down from the raised ledge of the clubhouse, and
came down to where Peanut stood. “Well, I’d try and send them a letter perhaps,
or maybe see if they could pay a visit here.” He spoke kindly, with a bright smile.
“Right.” Peanut said with a soft sigh, and an extended paw. “Thank you, Bino.” The canine said, as he was returned with a shake of Bino’s paw.

“It’s okay. I still do hope you’ll be coming down with all of us tomorrow. We’re
going to build snow men and Fox’s dad is making hotdogs. Pansy.” Bino spoke. Before he playfully punched Peanut’s arm. He was reassured an answer with a “Yes.” From Peanut, and an enthusiastic head shake.
“I’ll see you here tomorrow with the others around twelve in the afternoon then.” The green collared male finished, and smiled again.

Peanut left the club house feeling empty. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to send
letters to Mako, because he didn’t live anywhere specific. His eyes felt heavy, and
his head pounded as he walked along the pathway home. He was greeted with lots of
smiling friends, the neighbourhood still bustling with playing pets. But soon, the
atmosphere died down, as Peanut returned back home, and stepped through the
door. He closed the door behind himself, to be greeted by a delicious scent in the
air. He shook his head slowly, as he continued to move through the halls, to the
“Heya Peanut.” The familiar purple cat called out to the dog, as he turned to see Grape standing with an apron on.

“Hah, that looks really nice. Are you helping mom cook?”
Grape nodded her head, and smiled to the canine once more. “Are you going to join us?” Suddenly Jane’s voice called out to the girl.

“Maybe a little later, Grape. Mom needs you.” He spoke, as he waved to the girl.
“Okay, I’ll see you later then.” She spoke, as she hurried back to the kitchen. Peanut continued to move to the bathroom, closing the door behind him, as he turned the faucet of the sink on, and began to wash his face over.
Peanut had no appetite whatsoever that night. He simply washed his face, and
moved back to the kitchen. He apologized to his family, stating that he was not hungry. Grape was a little let down, as she had specifically helped their mom to prepare something special for Peanut that night, because she was worried that he was feeling a little down.
The canine lay in his bed, holding his covers over his muzzle, as he breathed silently. The light of cars’ headlights shining past his window, and reflecting on the ceiling as they passed. The canine continued to stare up to his ceiling, before he closed his eyes slowly. And with much effort, eventually fell asleep…

The next day, Peanut had kept to his promise; he awoke a bit later on than he
wanted to, but it was early enough so that he had enough time to get to Bino and the others.

Once Peanut was there, he smiled brightly as the icy flakes of snow drifted down from the cool grey sky above.
“C’mon Peanut, we’ll bury Fox in the snow!” Bino called out to the brown dog, as he took his paw into his own, and pulled him along. For the moment, Peanut felt happy. Everyone around him was either throwing snow at each other, or building snowmen. Peanut’s mind was at ease for that moment, as Bino’s paw tightened down onto his own. His voice soon fading away, bit by bit…

‘I wish I could see Mako sooner…’

‘I wish I could touch him.’

A sudden small jolt in the road had awoken Peanut, as he took a few deep breaths,
to see the candy pack next to him, had fallen onto the floor. “Oh whoops.” He said
with a smirk across his lips, as he proceeded to pick up the pack, and put it back
next to him. “Ah right then, we’ll be pretty close by now, huh dad?” Peanut spoke
calmly, taking another treat from the pack, and slipping it into his maw.

“Yeah, almost there buddy.” Earl said back with a gruff, as the familiar area opened up to Peanut. “Almost there I guess.” He said with a smile, as he rested back in his seat, and folded his arms behind his head, closing his eyes yet again.

“Almost there…”


“Mako.” A deep voice sounded, as a few rustling tree branches could be heard. Out from which, stepped Peanut.
“Peanut, it’s good to see you again.” The familiar voice spoke back. As Mako pulled off his mask, and stared with a face of disbelief.
“My god, look at you, huh?” The orange hound spoke, as he stood up from his spot
on the pillar, and jumped down. Peanut was just about as tall as he was. His body
was much more developed, as some real muscle could be seen under his fur. The
brown canine sported a wide set of shoulders, his ears much more reinforced than
before, as his teeth were a longer sharper set. “It’s good to see you too, Mako.”
The hound spoke back in a much deeper voice, as he smiled and waved smugly, tying
the plastic bag of lemon bars tighter in his free paws’ grip. “How old are you now?
You almost look like you’re an adult…” The orange dog spoke, as he looked over the
hound in disbelief yet again.
“I’m seventeen now.” Peanut spoke back with a laugh, as he bit his lower lip, and looked Mako over yet again.
“I’m as old as you now…” Peanut spoke with wide eyes, as he smiled yet again, and shook his head slowly. The two didn’t have to say another word, as they began to move along the grassy fields, finding a spot to sit down, and enjoy the treat Peanut had brought with him.
“My goodness how time flies huh, you’re…already as old as me…” Mako spoke, as he lifted his mask, and bit into lemon-bar piece, and looked over to the canine next to him. “I know, it’s so strange…” Peanut responded.

“You don’t come running at me anymore.” He spoke with a smirk.
“Hey, I learnt my lesson after all those beatings!” The hound spoke with a loud

There was a short moment of laughter between the two, before they stopped to
look out to the scenery in front. A particular babbling brook was one bit of scenery that calmed Peanut down the most, as he flumped onto his back and looked up to the sky above.

“I’m…looking forward to it you know.” Peanut spoke in a deep voice.
“In a few more years from now, I’m going to join the K-nine squad with Fido. We’ll be getting training nearby in this area, so it works for me just fine. I’ll be able to see you much more often…” Peanut drifted off, as he remembered many times in the past that he wished he could see Mako more often.

Peanut closed his eyes, as he imagined the scenarios in his mind.
“In autumn…winter…spring…” He led off, as he opened his eyes again, and turned his head to Mako.
“Always. Right?” He finished with a wide smile. The brown dog rested his arms on his knees and continued to smile Mako’s way.
There was another short silence yet again, as Mako sat quietly, then looked out to the shining waters ahead.

“Peanut… let me tell you about myself.” The hound spoke, as he readjusted himself on the grassy land.
“I’m not a spirit… but. I’m no longer a canine either.” The orange dog attempted to explain as best he could to his good friend.

“Right.” Peanut replied in a gentle tone, listening.
“It seems like I once was a canine. But when I was a pup…I was abandoned in this forest. I was…just abandoned…so I cried out.” Mako continued to explain.
The spirits of this forest saw that I was crying helplessly, but, they could not touch
me. Like me, they would have disappeared too, if they had touched me. But they
did not wish for me to die, they wouldn’t let it happen.” He took a shallow breath.

“They say my cries touched the spirits hearts. So the goddess and her children
placed a spell on me. By placing a mask on my face.” He spoke. Peanut didn’t say anything; he simply sat and listened to Mako talk.
“I should have died then, but the spell allowed me to continue living. So that…I never move on.” He finally finished, and looked at Peanut with a fading smile. His silver eyes watered over slightly.
“I’m like a ghost in some ways…” He added, before he crossed his legs and continued
to sit.

“Peanut…you know…”

“It’s okay if you forget about me…” He spoke. Peanut felt as a pang of sadness
welled in his stomach. He would have spoken at that point, but all he could do was simply watch.

“A body that is connected together, by a source of magic, is very weak. If it
touches a real canine, the spell will break, and the body will cease to exist.” The hound spoke.
“It’s such a fragile thing…” Mako continued to speak, as he raised his paw into the air, and looked it over.

At this point, Peanut felt his chest begin to beat heavily.
“To have something like that…it’s like snow isn’t it?” He spoke, trying to alleviate the sad feeling around the two.

“Mako…you know I thought about you always. Even when I would leave, I’d wish that I could get out of the car, and run back to you.” Peanut spoke.
“I thought about you during winter…and summer, and spring and autumn too…” Peanut replied in his deeper voice.
“Mako, don’t forget about me either. Time just may separate us one day. But…even still, until that day. Let’s stay together.”

“Let’s stay together, always.”

The two had finished the snack together, and now, decided they would try fishing for the remainder of the day.

“A spirit festival?” Peanut asked with a raised brow, as he gently tugged his rod back and forth in the water.
“No, no, a summer festival. By the gods, it’s completely different.” Mako spoke back with a laugh, as he set his mask aside on the soft grass next to him.
“When you were little, I thought you might get scared, so I didn’t invite you.” The hound continued to explain, as the water bubbled silently.
“But tonight, can you sneak out of your house?” The orange canine asked, as he looked Peanuts way with a chuckle. “I’ve wanted to go with you for a really long time.” Mako spoke sincerely.
“I’m sure I’ll be able to, I’d love to go with you.” Peanut replied with an excited voice, as he stood up from his spot. “Meet me at eight, at our usual place then.” Mako replied, taking the same action as Peanut.
“But a festival surrounded with spirits sounds a little…strange. And on top of that…it’s at night.” The brown dog added.
“Don’t worry, on the outside, it’s not very different from a human festival. It’s supposed to be very similar to a human festival, after all. And I’ll be with you.” Mako reassured the hound.

The brown dog watched with a happy expression.

“Tonight then.” ‘Tonight.’

‘To be the best moments, of my life…’

Chapter Five:

I’ll always love you, Mako-

Night couldn’t have come sooner for Peanut. He had wondered what he would wear
to such an outing. As he had never been to a festival, such as this before. But with
a few choices, and some alterations, the canine had found the perfect clothes for
the festival. He wore a green oversized t-shirt, and a pair of blue jeans, with a pair
of gion slippers.

The scenery was quite exquisite; the dark waters danced and bubbled with the
glowing lights of the festival that reflected off of it. The night sky held a full moon,
which glowed brightly, giving the pure ambience of both, combined together. Balls of
blue flames connected into makeshift lines, which lined all around the mountain side,
helping the spirits find the entrances all around the festival grounds. More lights
were strung and hooked around the wooden arches above, giving light down onto the
bridge that led from across the lake, to the main grounds were the festival would
take place.
Mako was better dressed for the occasion. He was dressed in a blue kimono gown,
and wore a pair of flip-flops, unlike Peanut. “You’re looking pretty good, Mako. I
feel underdressed.” Peanut said with a pout, and he wringed his paws together.
“Nonsense, you look just fine.” The canine spoke, as he and Peanut began to walk
towards the dark alluring forest. They said nothing, soon, the lights of the festival
was becoming more and more into view, the closer the two had gotten to the
Soon, they crossed the large bridge that led to the grounds, as canines and felines
dressed up in costumes soon were surrounding Peanut and Mako. All around the
grounds, stands of food places and carnival games could be seen. They would be
padded with bright and colourful material tenting over the tops of the stands, and
with a dressed individual at the counter. As well as other stands, that would sell

masks, and collectables. The blue balls of fire dance above the festival grounds, finishing off the bright and colourful look of the area.

“It’s true; it’s just like a human festival, like the one my mom took me to back home.” Peanut spoke, as the bright lights of the festival grounds reflected brightly in the canine’s eyes. “Are they all disguised as humans?” Peanut asked, as he took in the sweet scent of flowers nearby.
“That’s right. Impressive, isn’t it?” Mako replied with a chuckle. “I’ve heard that
sometimes, even humans mix in.” He spoke through his mask with a scratch of his
Peanut looked around a little more, till he began to walk ahead, brushing by a few other people, dressed up in costumes.

“Peanut.” Mako spoke, and pulled out a bit of fabric from inside his extended
sleeve. “Here, tie this around your wrist, that way, we won’t get lost.” He spoke, as the orange canine tied his end of the fabric around his wrist.
“It’s just like a date.” Peanut spoke with a smirk, before Mako’s eyes widened
“Not…a very romantic one.” He spoke back with a wide smile, as the two began to walk along the grassy track of the grounds, passing by many dressed and colourful spirits along the way.


The time was amazing, Peanut came across many attractive sights of the festival,
seeing and feeling many different toys, and getting to take one with him. It was a
plastic windmill, which, when in the wind, flowed with many colours, and had the
appearance of blue fire. The canine thanked his orange furred friend, before the two
moved along to other stands, and played a few of the festival games that the
festival had on offer.

They proceeded to get a treat, a stick of cotton candy, which, when Peanut
received, flowed off of the stick, and flew up into the air like a cloud. Peanut
laughed as he saw many other balls of cotton candy up in the air. He shook his head for a moment, and continued to laugh, pulling Mako along with him.
Soon, Mako began to tug on the fabric between the two, and led them both to a large crowd.

“What’s happening here?” Peanut asked with a bright smile.
Mako said nothing, as he returned the smile, and pointed up to a large collection of
hay. At the top of the collection of hay, a tube with many packs on the end could
be seen. The packs contained collections of fireworks. The crowd then stood back
quite a bit, as the hay stack was then lit on fire, and the fire collected at the top
of the stack

A few short moments after, the packs exploded from the heat, and sent the
fireworks up into the night sky, scaring away a few birds, as many colours exploded in different shapes and styles. Peanut’s paw clutched onto the fabric around his wrist tightly, as the colours excited him beyond no end. In that moment, Peanut looked to his right, and smiled warmly to Mako.

He had never been happier with his friend, than he had ever felt in the past.

“That was so strange, but it was incredible.” Peanut spoke, as he and Mako began
to make their way out of the festival, having spent quite a while there, together.
“Everyone went all out on their disguises, didn’t they?” He continued to speak, as
the two were beginning to get further and further away from the bright lights and
blue flames of the festival grounds. The familiar feel of the forest returning to the
both of them, as they approached the path that would lead them to the main

“Is it like that every year, Mako?” Peanut asked, as blades of grass brushed against his lower foot every now and then.

“Yeah, every year basically.” The teen spoke back with a smirk.
For a few moments, the two did not say anything to each other. They walked in the glimmering moonlight, and relaxed more and more from the cool air that blew through the area.

“Peanut…” Mako spoke, breaking the minute or two of silence.
“I…don’t want to wait for summer to come around, anymore…” He spoke in a low tone, as chirping crickets could now be heard.

The hazel dog looked up to Mako with a sad expression.
“I don’t like waiting either. I mean you’re my best friend. But I did it anyway, for all these years.” He spoke truthfully, looking at Mako with sincerity.
“When I’m away from you…even though I’m not around crowds. I wish I’d just be able to see you.” The orange furred canine spoke with sad tone, as the two
continued walking.

Peanut’s head was spinning slightly at that point, as his paw reached across to
Mako’s free paw, but he stopped himself before he touched him. Biting his lower lip
for a moment, as he closed his eyes tightly and sucked in a breath, as to cover his
possible sob.
Mako stopped walking completely, as he raised his paw to his face, and pulled off his old mask. The canine reached across with his mask, and firmly fitted it to Peanut’s face. He said nothing more, as the orange canine moved to place his lips on the
forehead section of the mask. Peanut’s heart was pounding harder and harder in his chest, as tears bean to well in his eyes. His throat having the heavy sensation he would normally feel when he was sad.

Mako moved ahead slightly, and smiled to Peanut.

“That mask…”

“Have it.” He spoke with a soft tone. As Peanut’s tears flew down his cheeks. His lower lip quivering harder and harder as he stood where he was.

‘There was no way…I would take off that mask. There was no way I would let him see me as I was. I couldn’t let him. Yet my tears continued to flow freely as we walked together down the grassy path.’

‘He probably wouldn’t come to that place next summer.’ Peanut continued to think. As an image of the shrine where they would always meet, flashed before his mind, as the hazel dog swallowed hard.

‘This will probably be our last……’

The sound of laughing children could suddenly be heard, as a pair of young canine pups ran by Mako and Peanut. For the moment, Peanut saw himself running by Mako, as he did all those years ago. But something different happened. Something he only wished he could have had…

“Watch out!” The orange furred teen called out, as he quickly reached with his paw to grab the pup’s arm, so that he wouldn’t fall into the water.
“Thanks mister!” The young pup said back, as he and the other pup ran forward, and soon, the two were out of sight. “Wait…” Peanut let out, as he blinked in confusion for a few moments.

Peanut felt uneasy. But a few moments later, at that moment, Mako began to glow a bright blue colour. His paws becoming a transparent texture, as they began to fade away slowly, as he became brighter and brighter.
“Mako…” Peanut spoke, as his words began to build up in his throat, edging on the heavy feeling.

His friend said nothing as paws were slowly beginning to fade and fade.
“Oh god… That was a canine pup?!” Peanut suddenly jolted into a state of panic. It shook his body so hard, he almost lost his footing. Peanut’s breathing became a
faster pace. Almost as if he was panting.
Mako held his paw before his face, still speechless. He watched with a look of shock.
He turned to face Peanut for the moment, as Peanut pulled off the mask on his
face red and wet face, watching with wide flowing eyes. A look of horror easily seen.

“Mako.” He spoke with a shaky voice.

Mako felt as tears formed in his eyes, and began to flow down his cheeks. But there was something strange. He was smiling brighter than ever before. The canine opened his arms, and spoke in a soft voice. “Peanut…come. I can finally touch you.”
Every moment that Peanut had ever wanted to touch Mako, was finally rewarded. It was a moment of shock for the brown dog. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The feeling that resonated from Mako was warm. Peaceful. Inviting. It was beautiful, the canine was speechless as to comprehend what he saw. The brown dog dashed
forward, springing out his arms, and wrapping them around the orange male’s neck, as he held onto the slowly fading dog.
“Please! God please don’t go. Don’t leave me!” Peanut shouted, as his face was drenched with tears. He pulled back for the moment, to glide his fingers across Mako’s glowing face.
“Y-y-you c-a-can’t leave me.” Peanut chocked on his words. “You can’t go PLEASE I love you- please-please don’t go!” Peanut squeaked his last few words.

Mako held Peanut’s head softly between his paws, and laid his lips to his forehead one last time, before he spoke.

“I’ll always be with you. I’ll love you for eternity.”

Peanut wrapped his arms around Mako’s form one last time.

The clothes Mako wore suddenly flopped into Peanut’s arms, as he fell to the floor.
Peanut’s mind felt heavy. As a sudden blank white field appeared. There, he saw himself as a small pup, holding onto a stick, with Mako in his normal clothes. Gripping at the other end. The two walking along side by side. The orange dogs’ voice heard one last time.

“I love you. Peanut.” Mako spoke.


“I love you too, Mako.” Peanut’s voice echoed back out.

There, Peanut said nothing, as his jaw remained open, and his eyes clenched tight. Peanut cried and cried, his sobs could be heard all around the forest. As balls of green light floated around him.

It seemed like it was forever, till Peanut stopped crying. He opened his eyes, and
felt his ears flick as the sound of chirping crickets could be heard yet again. Peanuts’ shaky paws pushed onto the ground. He lost his balance in trying to get up for a moment, and fell back down onto his chest. The canine pushed on his paws again, and pushed up from the ground, as he stood on shaky legs now.
“Oh my god…” Peanut whispered breathlessly, as he looked around the area, with sore red eyes.

Peanut couldn’t walk. He simply stood where he was, and took in a few deep breaths, feeling as his eyes stung from the fresh air that hit them.
‘I’m lost forever...’ He thought to himself, Tears slowly streaming down his face, as he bit his lower lip yet again. The green balls of light shifted around the canine, dancing along the trees, and blowing over the brown dogs head.

“Peanut. Thank you.” A gruff voice called out from the woods, before a creature
with one eye could be seen yet again. The very same creature he saw all those years
“We wanted to be with Mako forever. But Mako wanted to touch a canine.” A female’s voice sounded, as statues appeared all across the trees.
“He finally got to be hugged by one.” Another voice called out, as a long tree branch, that looked like an arm, extended, and wrapped around a tree.
All around Peanut, voices spoke to him. For some reason, they calmed him, eased him. And made his heart beat slightly less harder.

The canine waved his paw out to the spirits, but in his mind. Spoke quietly.

‘I probably won’t be able to…look forward to summer for a long time.’
The canine stepped forward to collect Mako’s Kimono, and to carefully pick up his mask and flip-flops.
The brown dog held the mask close to his chest, as he walked slowly out of the forest area, leaving behind the spirits.

‘I can never look at this place the same way again.

‘But this blessing in my hands, and all the summer memories I had, will live on in my heart. Forever…’

‘I’ll be with him someday…’


“Forever…” A sleepy canine mumbled, before he felt a soft paw on his leg. “Hey
bud. We’re here.” Earl called out. As Peanut’s eyes snapped open. The corners of his eyes pricked with tears, as he stretched and yawned. “Awesome dad.” Peanut spoke, as Earl moved to park the family car in the main lot for the vacation home.

“Hey mom, you made the lemon bars right?” Peanut asked.

“Of course my boy.” The woman replied, as Earl turned off the engine, and
unbuckled his seatbelt, pulling it off, and stepping out of the car. “Thank you so much mom…” Peanut spoke with a soft smile, as he unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of the car.
It wasn’t a very long process; Earl had taken all of the bags from the trunk, and proceeded to open the front door of the vacation home. The familiar musky scent filling his nose. “Here we are gang.” He spoke with a cool tone, as the three
stepped into the clean home.
After a few short moments, Earl and Jane had settled into the home quite nicely. Unpacking their clothes, and spreading out their belongings.
Peanut had prepared a few of the lemon bars in a container. He took a thermos filled with a cool beverage, before he sealed the container with a lid, so that the treats would not fall anywhere.
“I’ll be back soon guys.” Peanut yelled out. Earl and Jane responded with a unified
“Okay.” Before the canine had taken the snack set, and moved out the door. It was
a sunny afternoon, which was slowly leading into the evening. The sunlight poured
onto the ancient stone statues, and grass land. As Peanut’s feet slowly brushed
against the grass with every step. He continued to walk along, taking in a deep
breath, as the cool air hit his nostrils, and the sweet smell of flowers lingered in the

Soon, Peanut made a stop at the old stone steps. He took a moment to look the steps over, kneeling down, and running his paw over a single step, as he sighed
softly. “How many times I walked down these steps…every summer.” He spoke in a deep voice, as he smiled, and shook his head slowly. The canine pushed back up onto his feet, and continued to make his way back up the steps, almost having the image of his younger self walking down the steps towards himself.
Soon, Peanut was at the top. His lips curled into a soft smile, as he waked through the shrine area. “It honestly feels like we met here yesterday.” He spoke in a
whisper, as a soft breeze blew through the older gentleman’s fur. The canine walked past the cold stone archway. Moving into the meadow ahead.
He took a short stroll. Moving through the grassy lands, smiling again at the large formations of clouds, this floated in the sky. He continued to move along, till he met the old bridge. The canine took a glance down the pathway, remembering the first time he had stepped through.
After a short walk down the bridge, and through the pathway, Peanut was back into the familiar mainland. He continued walking, as the sound of his young laughter
echoed with the wind that howled into his ears.
The canine approached the large old oak tree, which was situated to the left of the valley area. He ran his paw over the old bark, before he smiled again, and turned around. Taking in the full scenery before him.
Nearly every spot of the valley, he could see himself as a small pup, running, hiding,
and playing with his lost friend. Peanut sat down, and rested his back on the tree.
The canine set down, and lifted the lid off of the pack of lemon bars, and took one
into his paw, whilst he used the other, to take Mako’s mask into. He continued to
look around, and enjoy the cool breeze, as he took a bite of the treat. The hound
looked down to the mask in his paws, and gently dragged his fingers across it.
“I’m back for another summer Mako. I brought enough treats this time.” Peanut spoke with a soft chuckle, as he held onto the mask slightly tighter, and leaned back, relaxing completely now. And taking another bite of the lemon bar.

“No matter where I may go.”

“Or what may happen.”

“I’ll always remember and love you.”


The end.

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Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:31 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
This is such a touching story. It's got so many levels of emotional depth, and I really made a connection to Peanut getting older. Thank you for posting this. I greatly appreciate reading it.
And thanks Simple Things for writing it


Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:38 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
*starts clapping* That was amazing D-Singer. You and Simplethings have done a fantastic job.


Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:00 am
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Well. Can't say I expected anything else but loss. Except I expected it to be the other way around until I read Peanuts age. That was a really god story. Dear god my eyes.

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Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:46 am
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
I only wish I could post his other work.
Prior to this one, he wrote another short story centered around Peanut, but unfortunately it involved a few too many graphic chapters to be considered safe for the forum.

Albeit it was an equally well written and emotionally moving piece.

Simplethings was amazingly dedicated to his fiction. he also took time out to make an OST for each story he wrote.

I may look into getting those posted up here sometime.

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Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:27 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Is this freely available or is this a personal thing between then and you?

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Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:35 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
It was just between us. Just as friends.

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Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:43 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Thank you. He never shared those soundtracks with me, so knowing them would be interesting.

To the uninitiated, Simple Things was a close friend of ours who disappeared suddenly 18 months ago. Many people miss him dearly.

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Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:52 am
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
SO *sob* MANY FEELS. *Sniffle*

Such a great story! *sob*

The ending got me.
*Sings 'You'll Be in my Heart' from Tarzan'*


Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:10 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Dissension Wrote:
To the uninitiated, Simple Things was a close friend of ours who disappeared suddenly 18 months ago. Many people miss him dearly.

I still feel like these fictions he wrote may have meant something else.

Both feature friendship and loss as major components of the story.

It's just coincidence the author befriended the people he did, then vanished without so much as final goodbye.

The stories are emotionally touching enough as they are.....

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Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:12 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
I'm sorry that I don't have much more to say than I'm sorry. He sounded like a pretty cool guy.

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Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:34 am
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Wow. This story is so emotional... I love it on how he was able to convey love, without it being the Romantic type that most people think of, rather the family type. It's just so touchig...

It's a shame Simple Things is gone, I would have liked to congratulate him for this work. I also like his name, it fits his stories perfectly, cause they are anything but simple...

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Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:20 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Wow. I was initially put off by the length, but am so glad that I finished it in the end. The writer sure does know how to convey every emotion out there. Mad respect.

SuperStar Wrote:
able to convey love, without it being the Romantic type that most people think of, rather the family type.

I wholeheartedly agree. This love goes far beyond philia (love between friends) and into storge (familial affection) domain.

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Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:52 am
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Another fic by Simplethings, eh? No one wrote quite like him except him. I always wondered what happened to our friend and why he left, but as long as he is happier, all is well... just as his fic showed, friendship can last far beyond the point where the talking stops.

So they met at a place of eternal sunshine, the summer between youth and old age, where the dog is fated to stay until he dies. They kept up friendships, had all the fun they could and never could touch until the very last moment, where a gentle kiss was their final goodbye. A great story full of emotion as always, yet thinly veiled and unsurprising that he wrote it to be posted here...

Heh, I can't help but smile at the way ST always wrote... it is like a fingerprint. He always writes it as an all human cast with weird names and changes terms and adds a bit here and there to make things more HP! Universe. Always was kind of funny to me.

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Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:37 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and The Tree Spirit (Short story by Simplethings)
Very touching story. It really is well-written and brought me to tears. Great job.

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Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:30 pm
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