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HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Character Japanese 
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Post HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Character Japanese
I just asked Kurowolfe his precious support to create a Japanese name list of most of the animal and the main humans.
Of course those who had read his precious job know how the classic cast is pronounced by now, so enjoy this experience with...the rest of the cast. (*is not good with speeches*)

It's such a good work, that I believe it deserves its own thread. Cheers for Kurowolfe!

'Lil’ Abner Gottschalk --> ‘チビ’ 神奴 父光 (‘Chibi’ Kamiyakko Fukou)
• Lil’ (English |‘little’) --> Chibi (little)
• Abner (Hebrew |’father of light’) --> Fu (father) + Kou (light)
• Gottschalk (German |’God’s servant’) --> Kamiyakko (God’s servant/retainer)

Abraham Zapruder ‘Zap' Erskine --> 高崖‘火花’父民 (Takakishi ‘Hibana’ Fumin)
• Abraham (Hebrew |’father of many’) --> Fu (father) + Min (people)
• ‘Zap’(English) --> ‘Hibana’ (spark)
• Erskine (Scottish, Gaelic |’high cliff’) -->Takakishi (high cliff)
Extra: (a) Zapruder (Ukrainian, Yiddish |-unknown-) --> 悲劇(Higeki. tragedy)

Alandra 'Ali' Garcia --> 西熊‘もり’ 守子 (Seiyuu ‘Mori’ Moriko)
• Alandra (Spanish) --> Alexandra (Greek |’defender’) --> Mori (defend) + Ko (child)
• ‘Ali’ --> ‘Mori’
• Garcia (several sources, possibly derived from) --> Hartz (Basque |’bear’) --> Sei (Spain) + Yuu (bear)
Extra: (a) Seiyuu also means voice actor.

Alcor Foster --> 林 廃星 (Hayashi Haisei)
• Alcor (name of a star) --> Al-Jaun (Arabic |’the black horse’) --> As-Suha (Arabic |’the neglected one’) --> Hai (neglected) + Sei (star)
• Foster (Old English |’forest’) --> Hayashi (forest)
(a) Alcor and Mizar are part of stellar system in the Ursa Major constellation. Alcor is the fainter companion star to the brighter Mizar.
(b) Arabian astrologers used the name as-Suha to refer to Alcor, as they believed that the star is hard to see in Mizar's presense.
(c) In Japanese mythology, Alcor is known as the lifespan star, and a myth states that if one were to see the star, he will die by the end of the year.

Allegra --> 歓喜 (Kanki)
• Allegra (Italian |’joy, lively’) --> Kanki (delight, great joy)

Alvaro --> 楅 (Fuku)
• Alvaro (-several sources-) --> Alvaro (Old Germanic |’all guard’) --> Fuku (guard)

Anatoly Darkolm --> 黒島 朝陽 (Kuroshima Asahi)
• Anatoly (Russian) --> Anatolius (Greek |’sunrise’) --> Asahi (sunrise)
• Darkolm (unknown) --> Dark (English) + Holmr (Old Norse |’small island’) --> Kuro (dark, black) + Shima (island)

Antares Foster --> 林 抗火星 (Hayashi Koukasei)
• Antares (Ancient Greek |’anti-Mars’) --> Kou (anti-) + Kasei (Mars)
• Foster (Old English |’forest’) --> Hayashi (forest)
Extra: (a) Antares is a red supergiant star with a colour has been compared with the reddish hue of the planet Mars by ancient astrologers, hence the name.
(b) It is one of the brightest stars in the nighttime sky.

Aldebaran Foster --> 林 厮 (Hayashi Komono)
• Aldebaran (name of a star) --> Al-Dabaran (Arabic |’the follower’) --> Komono (follower)
• Foster (Old English |’forest’) --> Hayashi (forest)
Extra: (a) Aldebaran is called ‘the follower’ by Arabian astrologers because they had observed that this supergiant star appears to follow the Pleiades, a star cluster.
(b) It is one of the brightest stars in the nighttime sky.

Archer Ike Pope --> 法王 射手 (Houoh Ite)
• Archer (English) --> Ite (archer)
• Pope (English) --> Pappas (Greek |’Father’) --> Houoh (pope)
Extra: (a) Ike (Hebrew |’he will laugh’) --> 笑 (Warai, laughter)

Asesino Cruz --> 十字 凶手 (Jyuuji Kyoushu)
• Asesino (Spanish |’murderer’) --> Kyoushu (assassin)
• Cruz (Spanish |’cross’) --> Jyuuji (cross)

Athena Buffer --> 離隔 毘舎利 (Rikaku Bishari)
• Athena (Greek | Goddess of wisdom and heroic endeavours) --> Bisha (-see extra a) + Ri (profit)
• Buffer (English) --> Rikaku (separation)
Extra: (a) Bisha is taken from Bishamonten, the god of warriors and justice and is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japanese mythology. Bishamonten is based on the Buddhist god Vaisravana. This is to draw an analogy to Athena.

Awesome Sandwich --> 三戸 凄 (Sando Sugoi)
• Awesome (English) --> Sugoi (amazing, awesome)
• Sandwich (English) --> Sando (three doors)
Extra: (a) Sando is what the Japanese usually call sandwich. The proper term is sandoitchi (サンドイッチ).

Azarael --> 一助 (Ichijou)
• Azarael --> Azrael/Izrail (Hebrew/Arabic | ‘he who God helps’) --> Ichijou (help, assistance)

Brajeres --> 旅主 (Ryoshuu)
• Brajeres (unknown) --> Brajesh (Hindi, Sanskrit |’king of Vraj’) --> Vraja (Sanskrit |’traveller’) + Isha (Sanskrit |’master, lord’) --> Ryo (travel) + Shuu (Lord)
Extra: (a) Brajesh is one of the many names of Lord Krishna, a Hindu deity. It is also the name of a place near the city of Agra in India, where Lord Krishna is stated to have resided in during His childhood.

Bruja Pena --> 哀惜 魔女 (Aiseki Majou)
• Bruja (Spanish |’witch’) --> Majou (witch)
• Pena (several) --> Pena (Spanish |’grief, suffering’) --> Aiseki (grief, sorrow)

Laika Sandwich --> 三戸 吠子 (Sando Hoeko)
• Laika (Russian |’barker’) --> Hoe (bark) + Ko (child)
• Sandwich (English) --> Sando (three doors)

Sasha Alexander --> 守人 楯 (Morihito Tate)
• Alexander (Greek |’defender’) --> Mori (defend) + Hito (person)
• Sasha (Russian |-short form of-) --> Alexander (Greek |’defender’) --> Tate (shield, escutchoen)


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Character Japa
It should be noted that Mizar is ミザール (Mizāru) and Alcor is アルコル (Arukoru) in Japanese. Alcor is also traditionally known as 寿命星 (Jumyōboshi), as the "death omen star". Antares (アンタレス; Anteresu) and Aldebaran (アルデバラン; Arudebaran) are also transliterated as Japanese borrow words.

Since their names represent the stars, they should probably have the Japanese names for the stars.

These were cross-referenced in Wikipedia. :3


Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:20 am
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