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Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild 
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Post Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild
Hello, all! GameCobra here with a fic in mind for this year!

I been meaning to do this for quite sometime now and I believe I have finally gotten sometime to do at least one of the chapters for this fic for now and plan on finishing this fic sometime this year for a total of 5 chapters. For now, though, I figured I share in the excitement of this fic and post the first Chapter for it now as I build the anticipation for the other 4 sometime this year. I hope you guys enjoy it :)

without further ado: I present to you ~ Litters Gone Wild.

Chapter 1 - "Imaginate the children!"

Location: The Sandwich backyard.
Time: 10:00 AM
Temperatures: Sunny all day.

Tales of treasure, blood and plunder are spilt on this garden everyday as the years went by. The once peaceful background of an innocent family comprised of a husband, wife and their pet dog and cat have gone beyond what they could have predicted and have been set forth by life's unseen predicament. The universe cringes on what goes on here on a daily basis and it's a wonder if anyone would ever put a stop to it. I think the universe is showing signs of 'please let these pets stop embarassing the universe for once? We could really use the normal'.

"Man the optic cannons, kiddo. Them sun rays aren't going to last twenty four seven and the cloaked enemy is somewhere around here." Says the captain on our 'ship'. Before we get into the details of the game we are playing, our captain tells us the specs of this ship of ours and we are suppose to be on par with a battleship that could destroy an entire fleet. It's not everyday you man a ship with cannons that can shoot the power of the sun out of it that can melt ships on the sea, but who am i to argue? We're on a lawn. We're suppose to be seeking out the enemy ship, which we already hit four times already thanks to their captain's carelessness. the notion that our captain is both awesome and embarassing. up until now they have been embarassing enough to hide myself in my box all day and forget about being related to the captain of this ship.

However... she is the most experienced. Those four shots we got off on the enemy were not just fluke shots. Their captain tried to outgun us out in the open with his volley and mortar-like fire, but didn't count on us relying on the wind to knock his shots out of the air. When using beach balls for shots outside, you can't rely on them being accurate. It made me glee everytime I saw the shots suddenly veer off in another direction entirely.

"Captain." Says the soft spoken and neatly groomed white pomerian with one of those egyptian-like veils on her collar. "Yes, Officer Cornerius?"
Before speaking, the Pomerian crosses her arms behind her back and stands firm while looking at the captain. "Our information indicate the enemy maybe waiting for us inside the human zone. I suggest we chase them in there and head for the human zone's main planet"

The captain speaks in a shocked tone. To me, getting shocked over this just wanted me to facepalm at this point. Who gets shocked over this kind of information? To me, the only enjoyment I was getting is there might actually be a battle for once.

"You don't mean..."
"Yes, Captain. I'm talking about the human home planet."

'Cornerius' points inside the house. the back door had a clear opening to the living room, and from here, that finger of hers was clearly pointing towards the couch.

"Planet Earth..." Says the captain, Her glare now being serious all of a sudden. "He wants to have a showdown? We'll give him one."

Even though this was all a play from something you would only see in a Star Trek film, Cornerius was eating it right up. Of course, Cornerius is the name given to her through this whole act we're doing. Although you couldn't tell with the look she was giving off: the attentive stare, the hands behind the back and the still march, this is about as expressionate these days that 'Cornerius' can give into this act. I've known her since childhood and she has always been a ball to play with. I just didn't like how she always was dead-on hogged to the parents, always doing what they tell her to do and be polite and courtious in every form. I don't mind that kind of dedication, but I just feel for a personal level that Coronya ~ I mean, Cornerius, might end up growing up to be strict. She has so much potential and I enjoy playing with her.

As we move into the kitchen, the 'ship' that the three of us were using was moved towards the counter by the fridge. A neat place for cover, I might add. Now for the fun part: Yes, we are literally using a battleship as a ship to move from one room to another. That is, from the boardgame. According to the rules setup by our parents, the game was simple: Only the captains can move the pieces around, and you throw stuff at it as a cheesy attempt to sink it. 5 hits on your ship and it's game over. Of course, to prevent cheating, you can't shoot the pieces if the captain is holding the game piece. only after they lay it down does it count.

When i first heard the rules of this game, i admit these sounded awesome. For me, the fun of knocking over the other team's battleship was extremely amusing. I was thinking couch wars, homemade boats, floatation devices in a pool, but... battleship pieces? Parents playing with us? This is the kind of thing that bothered me. Our parents are playing with us...

"No sign of them in the kitchen" Says our trusty scout. "Perfect. It looks like we are going to meet glory in the living room. Prepare the ammunition!"
"That be the beach balls and the expendable crew... of light?"
"We're giving them the chance for glorious combat, Number 52! We must not miss this chance!"

subsiding my curiosity for the number given to Cornerius, we moved onto the living room. while moving around, we collectively agreed to put the battleship in the next location that would be hard to hit ~ the lightswitch.

"You know the plan, team." she says as we began sweeping the room for the other team's battleship. What bothered me about this whole plan is that we were relying on our captain's instincts that the enemy team is waiting for us in this room. Although I should note that both Captains have known each other since...well... birth, i believe. I never bothered to ask our Captain how long she has known their Captain, but considering they live in the same family, it's pretty obvious that they have known each other since forever. As I think about the relation between the two of them more, I start to recall about one of the reasons I respected them so much.

My thoughts trailed off though for a moment as I recall that the game wasn't over. As much as I was enjoying the competition between us and how we were winning, searching for their battleship was the whole point of all of this. I remember while searching the room that I couldn't look up high enough like the captain could as she scanned the room, but when I looked at the book shelf, something caught my attention for a moment. I began thinking "What if they hid the ship behind the books so we wouldn't knock over anything? Would their captain do that?"

Just as i began figuring something, our captain suddenly began pointing underneath the couch.
That small couch opening? The one your fingers can't reach under?

As i took a peak, I suddenly looked under... and sure enough, the captain was right. Lo and behold ~ The enemy battleship was sitting there, vulnerable... but we couldn't hit it with anything. the underneath of the couch was standing on about 5 centimeters off the floor with it's legs. They had to have lift it to hide it in there when we wern't in the room. It's a clever tactic, i admit. The captains agreed earlier that as long as it can be shot at, it counted. The only question is ~ with what?

"Man the torpedoes, First Officer Raspberry." the Captain said to me. She smiled as she suddenly pointed towards something that I could never identify at first. "Dad lets us use his Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black' one when we need to play with it since it's ruined."

As i chuckled at the idea of using it, a bouncing noise was heard and sure enough, the lights went out. It was then we realized: our ship was hit. We heard the piece hit the floor, and as soon as that was heard; Our Captain suddenly jumps into the air and lands her back on the floor, complete with an 'oof!' sound followed after; acting like she was inside the ship. Cornerius was behind the couch, but you could tell she did the same thing as well. Except she sounded more agitated and shocked as she hit the floor as opposed to our captain, who acted more like she was in a state of disbelief and... serious? That was what bothered me at the timet. She acted so serious about it...

"I do believe... I do believe we were hit." She says calmly, looking at me in the dark with a smile on her face.
"Where did they come from?"
"I don't know... but we got this. Just one shot is all we need and it's over. I 'll let you do the honors."

Before I could question it, she suddenly looks over the couch. "I want to see where that crazy mutt fired from."

Without question, I went and jumped up on the shelf and picked up the record disc and landed on my feet towards the couch, but then i saw something funny happening: I saw folded up dark socks being fired towards the light switch from the air, but what was funny was the direction they were coming from... not worrying about it anymore, i take the record cd and slide it under the couch like a hockey puck on ice underneath the couch.

The ship comes out of the other end of the couch and into the kitchen, with the piece visibly seen by everyone, along with the sound of it dancing across it lightly like a penny on a table.

"Ack!" We heard, coming from the corner of the room. the captain goes over and turns the light on and ~ sure enough, we find the culprit.

"I didn't think it was you." She says, picking up one of the black socks folded up. It was then you could see him in full view, playing dead, holding his chest with one hand and a tongue hung out. This black cat had a paper bag on his head with the symbol of a cannon. It then dawned on me when i saw it. Although he was dressed up like this earlier, we assumed he was the captain's weapons expert, but he might've actually, literally been the cannon to their ship. In order to make the game rules more interesting, we only decided what the captains could be... not the other players. I didn't think my own dad would literally be a cannon. It was just funny thinking about it. I always pictured him as tough as one, but I never got to actually see him in action yet. Maybe someday...

The captain pulls him up and chuckles as he takes the bag off of his head. You could clearly see the grin on his face as if he just had the satisfactory of winning, despite us being the winners. "Did Peanut put you up to this, I wonder?" The captain says, with the black cat waving his finger infront of the captain.
"Well, the battleship under the couch was his idea. The cannon from the corner of the room was mine."

"Uh-huh..." She says, looking obviously unconvinced. "So where did he go hide in the meantime?"

Now this was a golden moment. The moment she said these words, you could tell just like I did that there was anticipation in the air. A moment of justice that needed to be done here. At the time of writing this story, I can never properly put into words about one of the things I enjoyed the most about playing with my parents. The reason being entirely in the satisfaction that was about to happen to my dear mother.

Yes, the captain of our crew was indeed my mom. Full name: Grape Jelly Sandwich. If there was a thing about my mother I believed everyone had about her it was not just because she was a sure shooter ~ She just commanded respect. I was still young, i might add, but everytime she did something, the aloof attention that you normally see when being with her is suddenly on a more serious nature. It could be very well because she always has her mind set on something and follows it through with little to no error, but enjoys sitting back like another day has just gone by with nothing wrong, you know? I heard from Uncle Peanut; Which I might add isn't really my uncle, but I decided to call him that because that's what he reminded me of, that mom isn't always perfect about her choices, but he also admitted to me the same thing about her sure sightedness.

Now ~ As i was saying about the anticipation earlier, the reason I wanted you to know that is because Uncle Peanut, believe it or not, was behind her. 'Cornerius', whose real name I should add by now is Coronya, was watching Uncle Peanut carefully as he came up behind Grape with his hands like he was going to clap his hands together to do something. At first, I figured he was going to pull off a lame "Peek-a-boo" tactic on her, but then... I noticed he was forming his hands around his house. Yup. He was going to give her something that wasn't lame... but corny.

"GRAPE!" He says, loud and fast, into his hands behind her ears, jumping her to the point that she landed ontop of the couch, despite being behind it.

"Yes, Grape?" He says innocently towards her.
"You know I love you,right?"
"Yes, Grape." He replies again, innocently.
"And you also know that our kids are watching us right now,right?"
"Yes, Grape." He replies again, still with the same innocent tone. And still confident as usual. It's at this point that everyone was watching mom. her face, her eyes, and her ears and tail. It became an awkward pause after a couple of short seconds, where everyone was waiting for her to say something, but it kept on becoming more amusing as both Uncle Peanut and Coronya were watching to see what she would do. As for the Black cat... A rare treat I enjoyed watching was watching him watch mom come up with an answer. He started to, essentially, push his feet bacn and forth as he waited for an answer.

It was after about 30 seconds or so of silence that mom finally jumps down and pats Peanut on the shoulder, her eyes closed with confidence. "You are a good kid there, Peanut. A good kid."

It was just like that that everything ended. The game came to an end. I choose to skip these details at this point because after the game was over, my parents and Uncle Peanut start to discuss about how cute and cuddly it was to play with their own kids. Me and Coronya have always done this with our parents from time to time, but what i didn't go over in the details here is that while it's alwaysbeen an honor playing with them, I didn't want to admit that at times the games bothered me. Infact, the games bothered me the more I think about them.

"Feel embarassed again?" Coronya says. You can always expect a quick, correct response from her. Probably doens't help t hat her mom is psychic. I still don't believe it's real, by the way.
"I dunno... I do feel embarassed about it, but for more different reasons."

As we continued to walk, Coronya just kept it as it was and walked with me, as the norm. Me and her get along tight. We're practically the same age and live in the same household, afterall, so it was inevitable. Whether people make that call for our tight relationship is something I don't believe in. Take it from me ~ I'm sure it makes a huge difference, but for me, Coronya and me? Our relationship was more of a tight bond forged from mutual interests than some family love. As i got to know her and she got to know me, I always had that feeling with her, like we were meant to be together, but somehow... I always felt it was more deep than even the one my Uncle and mom had. It could be love, I dunno, but I never seen it like that.

we eventually come across Viola's place. The place these days is living up to it's reputation as usual, what with all the fancy musical decorations going on here and the money the cats are making these days, but you probably wouldn't know that with the way things are handled here at this household. Musical cats are a dime a dozen. musical cats that work their butt off to get into high society is another story. Viola was the youngest one in the neighbourhood, and as you can guess, she was the daughter of Fiddler and Keys. Don't ask me who is the Mother and Father because we tried many times only to come across the situation as totally awkward. Heck, even as i write this we still don't know who is who!

"I see. Club time?" Coronya says to me.
"Yup. It's club time."

3 words - Liquid Metal Fur

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Post Re: Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild
So is Raspberry our narrator's name, or was that just the play name they were using (like "Cornerius")?

What an interesting group :lol:
I like the family dynamic here, lots of personality in both the little ones. I'll be here waiting for more :D


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Post Re: Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild
Surely Grape would give her son a make-believe name too,right? heh-heh ... Right?!? *Sweats*

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Post Re: Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild
I like it! It holds a lot of promise and seems to be quite a fun tale indeed.

So... do you mind constructive criticism, or just getting the story out?

Seems that kitten is really growing up fast, yeesh...

My characters
Everybody has a story to tell. What's yours?

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Post Re: Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild
I don't mind constructive criticism! Good or bad, I like knowing what my audience thinks, even if it is a fic =)

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Post Re: Housepets Presents: Litters Gone Wild
Hey, guys. Just an update on this ~ I haven't stopped writing this lovely story. =P

Problem is that I made some bad moves lately regarding how I write this story. The deal is, I got into the habit of writing Housepets material at work, which is the perfect place I find these days to write. The issue? a combination of shift changes and some recent policy changes at work. Due to these changes, it's very difficult for me to take writing material outside of my work station until these policies die down. Have no idea when this will change, and my company is known for being sticklers on these situations, so it's hard to predict when i'll have my next chapter ready. Heck, at this rate, i'll have all 5 chapters done =P

With that being said, sorry about the impressions I was giving at first. I honestly thought posting my work early would help get me into the motivation of finishing the whole story, but instead it kinda worked backwards. X3

EDIT: Don't want to bump this topic so I figured I edit this in here. Due to the nature of my job right now I'm uncertain what the schedule for this project will be finished, but at least now I know when I'm done, i'll have all the chapters ready. I almost have it done at work, but now due to policy changes and busy scheduling until January, I'm entirely uncertain when this will be done. there is even risk of the story being wiped from work and starting from scratch, which would suck big time. I hope I can get this taken care of. Until then, please hope for the best =)

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