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Looking Back: A Housepets! Fanfic 
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Post Looking Back: A Housepets! Fanfic
Hello there forumers :D
This is my first stab at making a Housepets! fanfic (or any fanfic for that matter). Constructive criticism is welcomed (please) >_<
I want to thank all the fanfictioners out there in the Forums for their work that inspired me to try at making my own fanfic.
And I want to thank the talented Rick Griffin for the universe this story is in.
So I guess without further adieu, here it is!
Looking Back: A Housepets! Fanfic

I'd give anything to change...
...wanna come with?
I think I'll call you…
...looking out for number one.
Hey, you’re awake.
...killed her!
If you stick with me kid…
...can’t do this anymore.
And here I am...
Just, listen!

It's... kind of a long story.
Just give me a second to

Chapter 1: Kid Logic

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there stood a kingdom. Its majestic walls spanning for miles and miles over rolling hills and valleys. The kingdom was filled with an assortment of buildings from stores to-
“Was there a castle?”
Well yes, at the center of the kingdom stood a castle.
“It was big wasn’t it. With a moat and a tower and a really really big cannon.”
*sigh. Yes. The castle in the middle of the kingdom was in fact, very large. It had a moat around it filled with crocodiles and other dangerous reptiles. Propped at the top of its front gates was a monstrously large cannon. Though it took an hour to hoist the behemoth of a cannonball up to its high vantage point, and thirty more minutes to load and pack enough gunpowder to fire the thing, with a dozen or four men manning the cannon it could decimate whole divisions of invaders in a matter of hours. Along with an arsenal of archers, a squadron of soldiers and a wave of wizards, its safe to say that this castle was very protected from any vandals, barbarians or mongrels that wanted to raid it.
And inside the castle lived-

“I bet there was a princess. There’s ALLLWAYS a princess.”
*cough. Yes, and if you are all very quiet, I will get to that.
Now, inside the castle lived the royal family, along with all its royal knights, and royal servants.
They all lived happily under one roof until…
“A terminator from the future appears out of nowhere with a mission to kill Sarah Connor?”
“A zombie apocalypse breaks out?”
“The fabled flying spaghetti mon-”
No… Just, listen!
Their days of peace end when a dragon kidnaps the King and Queen.
“And the Prince has to go and kill the dragon?”
N- well, yeah.
“Aw, man. I saw this episode already.”
“Hey, spoilers!”
Luckily before anything got too out of hand, the bell rang
I groan as I hop off the red cushioned couch, watching through narrow eyes as children filter through the door of the classroom and out into the world.
“I sympathize with their parents and caretakers.” I say dryly.
“Its not that bad. And besides they're not always like this, only when they think something’s interesting.” A woman in a dark green sweater and jeans walks over to stand next to me. Her delicate hand runs through the fur on my head before she begins to scritch-scratch it.
“Thanks for helping me with story time, they were getting tired of me reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”
I give a simple harumph and lean slightly up into the palm.
“Kids theses days… When did six year olds start watching Schwarzenegger movies and paying attention to internet memes?” She chuckles
“These kids are older than you.”
“Technically yes, mentally, no.”
She laughs again, ruffling my headfur.
“I gotta watch them while they wait for their parents. You wanna come with me or wait here?”
I glance around the cluttered room. Crayons sprinkled here and there across the floor, small chairs in disarray around just as small tables. Your typical first-grade classroom “I think I’ll stay in here. Try to get at least some semblance of order in this place.” She just shakes her head and smiles.
“Alright, I’ll be back in a few minute.”
I watched her leave before beginning to work at putting some chairs back in place.
My first day was just like any other day. Though my biological mother would probably argue my first day was the day I was born, this, was the first day I remember clearly, and the first day of the rest of my life.
I was picked out a tumbling pile of feet, tails, and fur. The farmers had us in this pin like they always do on Saturdays, out by the opening of the barn that was facing the street. It was cold that day, though the wrestling and rolling helped warm me and my siblings up. Our Mom sat on a short stool nearby, keeping her watchful eyes on us. She was a border collie, with splotches of brown, black, and white fur across her whole body. I don’t remember much about her, and she took good care of us, she always felt… distant. Maybe it’s because she knew days like this would come, like it had so many times before.
My dad was a german shepherd. He didn’t live on the same farm as us, though he came to visit sometimes. He was a muscular and tall dog, with sharp blue eyes, the same color as mine. He played with us a lot, often times winding up under a mass of playful puppies. Though he didn’t show it much, my Dad always had a hint of adversity whenever he left, and he’d hug us and affectionately lick our foreheads before he returned to his own household, maybe he knew days like this would come too.
My first owners were a young couple, who I would soon learn lived in an apartment complex in the suburbs of New York. The woman hoisted me up by the scruff, away from the yips and barks of my siblings.
“How about this one?” She asked.
“Pick of the litter.” The farmer commented, all of us were, when it came to selling us. He was a lanky and tall man, which I guess compensates for his stout and short wife, a nice lady who’d let us sleep inside the house by the fire if it got too chilly outside (we usually slept in the barn).
“How much to take him off your hands?” The man asked, taking out his wallet. And to that the farmer smiled.
After the price had been negotiated and paid I was set down for a brief moment to say my farewells. Me being only ten weeks of age didn’t have the sense yet to perceive what was occurring, and if I had known that those few seconds was the last I was going to spend with my actual parents, I probably would have said something more sentimental as my Mom and Dad were giving me hugs and kisses.
After that I was whisked into the passenger seat of a gray truck. I snuggled into the arms of the woman that held me, letting the rumble of the car and bumps on the road lull me to sleep. Life was simple back then, and I was as innocent as a child on her first airplane ride, asking the passenger next to her as they take off “When do we start getting smaller?”.

"Sleep is due to me... And I have a dream to live."

Book Log: Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
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Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:18 pm
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Post Re: Looking Back: A Housepets! Fanfic
So the puppy is female?

First owner, eh? Wonder how many times the poor pup was passed around.

The different colored texts can be jarring. The first part could just be summed up in a sentence...

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Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:53 pm
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Post Re: Looking Back: A Housepets! Fanfic
Less colors, check >_<
And err, the pup's a boy. Guess I should make that more clear.

"Sleep is due to me... And I have a dream to live."

Book Log: Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
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Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:22 am
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Post Re: Looking Back: A Housepets! Fanfic
I'm liking this fic so far. :)


Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:24 pm
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