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Author:  Legotron123 [ Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:41 pm ]
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Exactly what the name says, doesn't have to be a pet can be anything that would work in housepets or any of its fanfic. If it would only work in a fanfic please state which kind. Please use the provided format which I will demonstrate.

Name: Luke arrio
Species: dog
Appearance: Luke's head is mostly blue with black spots in his ear and black stripes on his forehead and on the sides which all meat at the nose. The ones on the sides extend out onto 2 thin lengths of hair which go out 5 inches. Has red eyes.
His torso is mostly a very pail butterscotch with a silver spot on the center and black stripes on his shoulders and crotch.
His arms are mostly blue with black fur on his fist which slightly extend onto his lower arms in a point. He has silver spots on the back of his hands.
His thighs are blues while his lower legs are black with pink spots on the back of them.
His tail is blue
Personality: Luke is friendly to everyone, but he absolutely loathes bino and always insults him when he's near. Binos tried to send his goons to beat him up, but they are always found in his shed, knocked out and muttering something about blue balls of light in his fists and when they wake up they can't remember anything about the one-sided fight.
Whenever he's around king he acts like he knows some secret about him, but if he does he's not tell, and is actually very defensive of him. Loves Legos, transformers, power rangers, pokemon, and minecraft.

If you plan on using one of these characters in a fic please ask the creator and give them credit

Author:  lasthunter [ Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:50 pm ]
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this might be fun.

name: Eli

species: dog.

breed: Australian shepherd

age: 5

appearance: Eli is a light red merle with the typical spots of white and copper, Eli is of regular height and build with black eyes with a blue collar and tag. he has a scar on his arm and back that he doesn't speak about and keeps a silver locket on his collar.

personality: Eli is a good guy to hang around with (most of time) and is most often seen talking to Fido and Fox.but the others sense something about him that just doesn't add up like the scar on his arm and back, but the one thing everyone is dieing to know is what is inside that locket...(even tarot cant even find out!!!) the only bad part on Eli is his emotional issues, at times he will lash out in anger at Bino and the next minute run out of the room only to come back later and act like nothing has happened.

house: Nobody knows where he lives. he just walked in one day and decided to stay(although some say they see him enter and exit the forest.)

back story: It seems to the others that Eli was a abused pet that ran away.( which drew Fido and Fox to him in the first place.) What the others don't know is that Eli is haunted by his dark past and is consistently looking at his locket with a sad faraway look in his eye's.

relatives: he keeps referring to someone called Lilly.

Author:  Silly Zealot [ Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:50 pm ]
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Welcome to the forums, lasthunter!!! Visit the welcome thread to make new aquaitances!

As for my character:
Name: Doomsayer Dimarco (Real name: Martin Frederick Dimarco).
Species: Human (at least he looks the part, at any rate).
Gender: Male (DHave you ever heard of a woman named Martin Frederick?).
Age: 24 and something.
Appereance: This strange individual, although displaying dark brown hair, tanned white skin, light brown eyes and, on occasion, an odor that reminds people of the brown color, he is almost always seen on old, dirt-covered clothes, long old black boots and, most prominently, a silver painted helmet that is a replica of an 11th century crusader helmet. When asked where, how and why he aquired such a unusual piece of head protection, he tends to say he got it from a medieval antique shop as a gift for helping recover stolen merchandise, though he also sometimes claims he inherited it from his long line family of renassaince fair managers. He says he uses it all the time (except when working as newspaper delivery boy) because it makes him look "just like Bobba Fett!"
Home: On a precarious shack right outside the outskirts of babylon gardens, which he sometimes visit.
Personality: Extroverted, clownish, excentric and almost eternally blissful, this guy is always going from neighbourhood to neighbourhood yelling about the dangers of too many sunbaths, break dancing, and of the "soon to be day when pidgeons will desecrate all the statues carved by man, to give them the shape of giant toilets, so that they may perch confortably and read a newspaper while defiling them!" among other bizarre comments and predictions. He is so theatrical in his preaching, that not a single person is completely sure of wheter he is just trying to entretain people, or if he is trully outright delusional, or both! The sole reasons the police has not detained him is for his friendly and helpful demeanor towards the people (and also specially pets) that are in need of a favor or extra hand, his eternally nomadic nature and the fact that the local pets and animals tend to cause more average daily mischief.
Supersticious to the core, Dimarco is afraid of all things magical or related. Every times he sees Tarot and/or Sabrina, whose tendencies for magic are a secret to none, he runs away screaming things like "AAAAH! The pomeranian of perdition!" or "AAAAH! The coloured cat of calamity!"
He works every morning delivering newspapers while yelling "The news shall open your eyes!" or "Gaze upon the...uh... giraffe gazzette and be enlightened!" which, apparently, makes the newspaper companies he delivers newspapers for slightly more demanded.
He often goes to visit the mysterious man who speaks in limericks for tea and chatting. When confronted on the reason for spending time with him so often, Dimarco clams that "his rymhes are way too funny!"

Author:  Argent [ Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:01 pm ]
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Name: Puss
Species: Brushtail Possum
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Puss is on his third family now. And his third continent.

He was born in Australia, but caught (kidnapped, really) as an infant and smuggled to Paraguay as an "exotic pet" where his first owner named him, with great originality "Possum". Not "Zarigüeya", in Spanish, but "Possum". His buyer was an elderly woman who thought the English word exotic. He only lasted a year and a half with her, because she was looking for a surrogate child and was quite incapable of taking care of him and once he started talking and growing sharp teeth and long claws and a habit of climbing. She by turns locked him in the cellar and let him roam free, so it wasn't long before he was recognized as an illegal import, jailed, auctioned to pay his owner's fines, and sold to an American tourist.

The process of legally importing him into the United States turned out to be sufficiently arduous that his new "Dad" ended up sneaking him in disguised as a cat, and he ended up being registered with the hardly less original name of "Puss"... which was close enough to the one he was used to that the young creature was able to accept it.

He lived with his "Dad" for the next thirty years, traveling around the US with him on his sales route until the human, who was none too young when he adopted Puss, passed away in his sleep in a cheap motel leaving Puss a few hundred dollars in the bank and a suitcase full of costume jewelry on commission. Puss, now homeless and no longer feeling so young himself, ended up in an animal rescue shelter.

Puss is a bit of a salesman himself, with a tendency to slip into a staccato patter and try and sell you whatever knicknacks and trinkets he's picked up from ebay to supplement his lifestyle. He sports a long black and white striped tie for a collar, and affects a ratty straw boater with worn holes for his pointy little ears.

Author:  Mickey the Luxray [ Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:18 pm ]
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Name: Pinwheel
Species: Mole
Appearance: Chocolate brown coat, beady black eyes.
Personality: Prefers to stay above ground, unlike the other moles. Talkative, but suffers from foot-in-mouth disorder, often saying things that other pets might find to be stupid and/or offensive. Unowned, and he intends to keep it that way. Lives in a rusted-out old pickup a mile or so into the forest. Visits Babylon Gardens on rare occasions.

Also, he is known to brandish a gun at those who come too close to his home.
Where he got it, or if he knows how to use it, nobody knows.

Author:  Legotron123 [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:24 am ]
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Hmmmmmm. I was hoping for more replies. I suppose they'll come eventually. Also great characters guys. I especially like Martin. He reminds me of myself.

Yes I'm that crazy.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:41 am ]
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NAME: Nessie 'S44' Shore

SPECIES: Cat, female

APPEARANCE: Pure black fur with bluish reflexes, rare grey cold eyes. She is one of the first bio-engineered cats: A DNA implant makes her glow in the dark.
Her collar is very thin, made of black metal, with a tiny silver star. So yes, she looks naked

HISTORY: Nessie was created as part of a project to improve the use of rescue animals in dark places, allowing them to be more easily located by the victims and guide them without risking of losing the way. Unfortunately, for now that project is dead and Nessie is one of the few animals with this 'power' and sentenced to a domestic, nonprofessional life.

PERSONALITY: Nessie is quite sensible on her appearances. She feels disoriented that a nocturnal creature can't properly hide in the shadows -although, it must be noted, it takes several minutes in the absolute darkness to 'activate' her 'glowgenes'.
Nessie is quite abrasive at first, she has learnt not to trust the others after many humiliations for her characteristics. Despite that, she's not aggressive, she's just grumpy and cinical. But give her time, and she'll be more loyal than your faithful dog!
She is also quite obsessed with hygiene, and that adds to her reputation of 'snob'.

ABILITIES: Nessie is quite proficient in climbing with rope, spelunking and moving in dangerous environment, thanks to an intensive training for the 'Search & Rescue' program -before the funds were cut off, that is. She knows the basics in first aid and how to deal with claustrophobia victims.

Author:  Legotron123 [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:51 am ]
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valerio Wrote:
NAME: Nessie 'S44' Shore

SPECIES: Cat, female

APPEARANCE: Pure black fur with bluish reflexes, rare grey cold eyes. She is one of the first bio-engineered cats: A DNA implant makes her glow in the dark.

HOSTORY: Nessie was created as part of a project to improve the use of rescue animals in dark places, allowing them to be more easily located by the victims and guide them without risking of losing the way. Unfortunately, for now that project is dead and Nessie is one of the few animals with this 'power' and sentenced to a domestic, nonprofessional life.

PERSONALITY: Nessie is quite sensible on her appearances. She feels disoriented that a nocturnal creature can't properly hide in the shadows -although, it must be noted, it takes several minutes in the absolute darkness to 'activate' her 'glowgenes'.
Nessie is quite abrasive at first, she has learnt not to trust the others after many humiliations for her characteristics. Despite that, she's not aggressive, she's just grumpy and cinical. But give her time, and she'll be more loyal than your faithful dog!
She is also quite obsessed with hygiene, and that adds to her reputation of 'snob'.

ABILITIES: Nessie is quite proficient in climbing with rope, spelunking and moving in dangerous environment, thanks to an intensive training for the 'Search & Rescue' program -before the funds were cut off, that is. She knows the basics in first aid and how to deal with claustrophobia victims.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh :D one of my favorite fanficers posted on 1 of my threads! sqquuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:19 am ]
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Mu duty and pleasure, kind fan o' mine :D :D :D

EDIT - Edited her appearance.

Author:  kavviyenta [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:15 am ]
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I once posted a "free OCs" thread before. Here is one of them.

Name: Penrose Smaltz

Species: Cat, Hemingway

Age: 16 human years

Symptom: Polydactyl, five fingers and four toes, ironic isn’t it?

Appearance: Base color is silver. Has black on back of ears with brown tips. Wavy black and brown lines down his side. A black tomoe-shaped marking on his left hand. Tail is a little shorter than normal. His silky medium-length coat, distinctive hair tuft, and visible eyelashes give him a feminine appearance. His five-fingered hands are considered just as normal as human hands. He has four digital pads on each sole of his feet. His eyes are a golden brown color. He wears an orange collar with red diamond markings and a bluebell-shaped tag. He has a circular gold earring on his right ear.

Personality: Flamboyant and carefree is what he is. He does know how to socialize in a noble society without any display of snobbishness. He is aware of his own disposition, and shows no restraint in his action but is capable of being boisterous.

Background: Not much to say, he was the fourth generations in his feline kinfolk owned by the semi-upper class family who owned a medium-sized automobile factory. While the oldest of the Smaltz children will inherit the fortune, the second child, a young woman, wished for a more humble life and was allowed permission to take Penrose and reside in Babylon Gardens.

-Know cooking and domestic housework, and also like to play sport mainly basketball
-Skilled at playing a Buffet-style bassoon. Usually play solo, but can join in a musical ensemble regardless of style
-Wears a gold bow over his collar in some occasion
-Hold a shoulder sling bag when he volunteers to hold important materials

Basically, he's the opposite of Grape.

Author:  Argent [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:48 am ]
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Author:  GeckoZY [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:06 pm ]
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Argent Wrote:

I think he means original character. XD

Author:  GameCobra [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:12 pm ]
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I'm such a sucker for this character. I might consider investing time into drawing this character someday. :3

Name: Raspberry Sandwich
Age: 2 years
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bright red fur with a white chest coat coming from the face down to his tummy. Green collar with a cat paw for his collar.

BIO: Grape and Max's son. Smart, snarky, if naieve at times. loves to organize parties and hang out with everyone, dog or cat alike. Shares a thing for authority and likes to torment Max while buttering up to Grape. Also shares a thing for writing, but doesn't dabble with fiction whatsoever and rather write about people and news. Really doesn't get along with the mystical whims that goes along Babylon, but he does have an exception...

Author:  Argent [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

OK, well, if anyone wants to use "Puss", they're welcome to him. I had the Richmond Acres RP in mind when I thought him up.

Have another.

Name: Harry "Houdini" Andrews
Species: Ferret
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (equivalent to a human 30-ish)

He's rather burly for a ferret, having been used for testing steroids for his first decade of life. He's got a torn ear and two sets of tags: one that carries the name "Harry Andrews", and the other just a scratched blank where a number used to be.

Harry picked his own name after escaping from a research center in West Texas... three times. The first two tries he was recaptured but he learned from each attempt and finally got under the fence and out into the open prairie. He hung out with a couple of coyotes for a few months, trading his skills with locks and fences for a share of stolen chickens.

The whole big sky "Home on the Range" lifestyle wasn't Harry's thing, though, not to mention that he really didn't care for being a thief, so when a raid went bad and his short legs let him down when the swifter coyotes escaped he told Gerry Andrews, the owner of the Ranch, that he was a domesticated ferret kidnapped by those crooked coyotes and forced to use his weaselly skills for them against his will.

Gerry never told him that he knew he was a fugitive, but instead got him registered with new tags and now Harry lives with him, working on the ranch for his room and board and Internet access, styling himself a "security consultant" as he hikes the fence-lines looking for holes dug by prairie dogs, badgers, coyotes, and his wild black-footed cousins.

Author:  Mickey the Luxray [ Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:23 pm ]
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Name: Ikari (怒り, translates to "anger")
Species: Dog (Akita Inu breed)
Gender: Male
Personality: Ikari spends much of his time brooding over anything that he percieves as negative or detrimental to him. He lacks basic social skills, often blowing up for seemingly no reason in the middle of a conversation or threatening those who attempt to open up to him with physical harm. Was expelled from three training schools due to "raucous and dangerous behavior." Has no interest for making friends, for he believes that they will all turn their back on him one day. Rumored to have done "bad things" to his family.
Appearance: Typical of the Akita Inu breed- thick white coat, with a large gold "burn" on his back, like a piece of toast that had only one side cooked. Dark grey eyes. Takes pride in his particularly sharp teeth, using them as his most common method of "persuasion."

Author:  Tiger [ Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

(This is a charecter for a fan-comic I am writing)

Name: Oliver

Species: Dog (Cocker Spaniel)

Apearance: He has pure black fur, green eyes and a black nose. He has a plump belly and an avaraged size tail for a cocker spaniel. He has a few tufts on his head, making a moheakan-like fur-style. He has grey coloured paw pads. (Sorry for the short description)

Personality: He is very friendly and playful. He has a problem, he seems to eat to much (Like Tiger) but that doesn't matter him to much. He likes to explore diferent places and meet new friends. He can be a bit flirty with girls. (Sorry for the short personality)

Author:  Poncho the wolf [ Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Name: Harold "Harry" Felix Arbelt the third

Species: Cat

Age: 10

Appearance: he has slightly blue fur, and has white furred front. he has pointed ears that are white inside and pink paw pads. he also has heterochromia, so one eye blue while the other is green. his design is similar to Marvin's. his collar is purple and has an H on it.

Personality: he is a bit shy and timid, but is very friendly and curious. he likes movies, mainly action and James Bond, and video games such as metal gear solid. he is a quick thinker and can sort out a problem in an instant.

Background: he was born in England (which is the reason he likes James Bond) but was taken in by the Arbelts at the age of 6 when his mother died. Marvin is his biological cousin. he is very good friends with Grape, Fox and Poncho. he gets along well with Marvin, Tiger and Zack and is currently the youngest out of the four.

Author:  Saturn381 [ Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Thought I'd bring back this old thread.

Name: Alexander "Alex" Borowski

Species: Dog (Samoyed)

Gender: Male

Age: 4

Appearance: His fur is pure white from top to bottom. His eye color is Baby Blue. His collar is Indigo with a ice cream bar symbol for a tag.

Personality: He's nice when he needs to be, but most of the time he is a worry wart. Always worrying when something bad happens (even if it doesn't involve him) and speaks in his Russian language when he starts panicking.

Background: He was born and raised in Russia, but his mother decided for them to move to Babylon Gardens where she works as a soda jerk. While unpacking, he meets Grape and Peanut who both decided to give him the nickname Alex. He's currently friends with Grape and Peanut along with Fido, Sabrina, Zach, and Tarot (though her psychic abilities weird him out most of the time) and he usually likes to hang out with the Milton wolves.

Author:  Cloud [ Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Hey guys!

Name: Cloud (Seems obvious I know XD)

Species: Seppala Siberian Sleddog

Appearance: Light brown and white fur. Very slim but not overly slim. Bright blue eyes. Brown collar with small white cloud dangler.

Personality: Despite being a sleddog breed, he is incredibly slow, and sometimes gets out of breath just going down a flight of stairs. This is unless something scares him. Kind, funny, but can still be taken seriously. Likes particularly nerdy things like old Nintendo games and animes. Has a wacky but sometimes dry sense of humor, and gets in a real sulk when upset. Also likes EDM and Radiohead (if it's possible to have such a band in the Housepets universe).

Background: Spent most time as a pup drawing and playing video games. Was pretty much the one of the only creative creature in the family. Has no siblings. Likes to sing and play keyboard too but usually doesn't in public. Was brought up on sci-fi films and 80's bands.

Author:  JohnWillow [ Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:52 am ]
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Name - Maya

Species - Black and White King Charles Spaniel

Age - 10 months

Personality - A curious pup who has a hard time paying attention and puts a lot of things in her mouth including empty plastic plant tubs. she loves to lick other pets in the eye to introduce herself and using a different voice with every different pet she meets as she has a talent for making voices. her ambition is to mark her territory on the top of every mountain in her home country of Scotland. A feat never done by any other dog. She has a fondness for collecting porcelin figurines of dressed up animals. She is afraid of nothing except needles, things made of papier mache and that lampshade with all the holes in it that looks like an alien craft when its turned on

Author:  GameCobra [ Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Been in the mood for this lately, but since Pets aren't known for having just one kid, I figured I try my hands on what would it be like if they had litters? Here was some ideas:

Name: Chester Sandwich
Age: 2 years
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark red fur with a darkened white chest coat coming from the neck down. Yellow collar with a cheese-hole made fish for it's tag.

BIO: Grape and Max's second son. Tallest of the three, but is noticeably more into playing sports and making quick snacks of whatever he finds. Painfully aware of what his name means, but is happy that everyone is cool with it and don't bother him about it.

Name: Luna "The Tuna" Sandwich
Age: 2 years
Species : Cat
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark purple fur that retains a bright white chest coat coming from the nose down. Wears a Blue collar with a picture of a cresent moon that's shaped like a fish.

BIO: Youngest of the bunch. Luna is a big-time sleeper that enjoys waking up just to eat, see what's going on and then heading back to her nap. Loves fish just as much as Maxwell likes catnip.

Author:  G'aunt_The_Overlord [ Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

This looks like fun! :D

Name: Omega Rhoe
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years (youngest of the siblings)
Appearance: Omega is a about Joey's height and dark gray except for the small gold omega letter on his right cheek below his light blue eyes.
Personality: Omega was the runt of the litter and very unusual to most other pets (Including his siblings, no wonder he is such good friends with Joey). Omega is usually very calm and laid back and speaks very little, but when he does speak it is usually some form of message. The only time he does not talk like this is when he is yelling at someone or with extremely close friends.
Relatives: Alpha (Mother), Beta (Father), Sigma (Brother), Mu (Sister), and Kappa (brother). They are all older than him.
Location: The Rhoe Household With Sindy and Paul Rhoe
Back story: Omega and his family were strays in Greece When the stowed away on a boat to (Where ever Babylon Gardens is). All of the Rhoe family of cats has A Golden Letter of the Ancient Greek letter they were named after somewhere on their body. Unknown to everyone else Omega is the Avatar of the supernatural being G'aunt.
Collar: He wears a violet collar with his name attached to the end of a gold-colored tag.

Edit: I have another character to add.

Name: Sigma Rhoe
Species: Cat
Age: 5 (but is the oldest of the siblings)
Appearance: Sigma is the tallest of the group and has dark grey fur with green eyes. He has a small golden Sigma letter on his forehead.
Personality: Sigma is very muscular and not he friendliest person. Sigma is very much like Bino and will hangout with him (Bino only allows this because of his height and strength which he fears.) from time to time. Sigma is very aggressive to anypet who violates the social norms (?), sadly this includes his youngest brother Omega.
Relatives: Alpha (Mother), Beta (Father), Sigma (Brother), Mu (Sister), and Kappa (brother).
Location: The Rhoe Household With Sindy and Paul Rhoe
Collar: He wears a violet collar with his name attached to the end of a gold-colored tag.

Author:  zephyrtobiaswolf [ Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Valerio's fic managed to inspire me to get up off my butt and writing again, so here's one of my OC's I'll be working with. Will probably edit more into this later xp

Name: Zephyr (Formerly Tempest)
Species: Wolf-Dog (Wolf/Husky/German Shepard Mix)
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years
Appearance: A fairly large pet on par with the Milton wolves, the mutt spots an almost pure black coat, the exception being a streak of white fur which runs from the middle of his back to the top of his head which has been styled into a faux-hawk of sorts. Other than his size the most notable thing about his though are his bright green eyes which bear flecks of blue closer to the pupil.
Personality: Quiet. Reserved. Leave me alone before I throw you into the next century. All these phrases and more have been used to describe the male, but in truth the boy just doesn't know how to interact with others outside of his brothers. Hence he takes a fairly aloof stance on most other pets, although it should be noted that he has a soft spot in his heart for puppies and kittens, and will always play with them and teach when approached.
Relatives: Sul (Litter-mate), TJ Williams (Owner? Dad? Big Brother? Who knows xp)
Location: Babylon Gardens Pet Relaxation Center
Back story: Zephyr doesn't talk about his past, and very, very few people or pets in BG know where he or his family came from. Zephyr and his brother weren't so much born as they were engineered, a genetic and social experiment to create the perfect assassins. With the idea that they would be the perfect infiltrators, a group known only as "The Coalition" used a mixture of training, torture, and brainwashing to mold the young puppy into a deadly tool who could be deployed anywhere to eliminate any threats to their plans. Luckily for Zephyr and Sul they were eventually rescued a rehabilitated by TJ, a former asset of The Coalition himself. Currently he spends his time practicing acupuncture and learning how to control his darker side from Tarot. From time to time he'll also practice martial arts in the park, holding unofficial clinics for pets who want to learn. He doesn't say much during these clinics, simply runs pets through the various forms. Zephyr bears many scars from his previous life, especially due to his determination to protect his brother from what the coalition wanted them to become. Woe to anyone who attempts to harm his family.
Collar: Zephyr wears a white collar with a light blue tag shaped in the form of the Chinese character for peace with his name written down the center line.
Abilities: Due to his training Zephyr is an excellent hand to hand combatant, although his real martial skill lies in his ability to throw senbon needles and throwing darts with uncanny accuracy, able to use then to temporarily paralyze or cause extreme pain. Zephyr is also an apprentice magician, having once fractured his own soul in order to protect his brother and having an aptitude for manipulating wind. Unfortunately due to his inexperience the male is also highly susceptible to possession by unfriendly entities, hence his training with Tarot.

Author:  rodgil [ Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Name: Rodgil V. Berette
Species: Sergal (genetcally spliced wolf shark)
Breed: Northern
Weight 300 lbs.
Age: 5 (dog years)
Personality: If engaged in battle he is deadly serious, caculating and strategic. If not engaged, he is a caring kind hearted character that can turn sassy at a pin drop. while trying to make others laugh.
Appearance: Loves to dress in human clothes, gender specific clothes non-existent though prefers a blood red fish-net shirt, and low riding tight black jeans all under a brownish white duster cloak and his left shoulder armor for an added touch, two earrings in the left ear, a collar, and not needed but for looks glasses, black top fur white under fur, emerald green marble patterned eyes.
Home: Typically in a large tree house made from his own paws, or abandoned houses fixing them up with free time.

Author:  rodgil [ Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Ch. Name: Reaper
Type: Main #2
Species: tiger
Age: 8 HY ~ 28 PY
Neighbourhood: any
Appearance: Standing tall at 5' with an intimidating look, wearing an open dark electric yellow vest & tight fitting blue jeans, & finaly a necklace around his fuzzy neck, his first gift from his mate, a typical coloration & emerald green eyes, a scare across the right.
Personality: Though Short tempered & scary at times can calm easily around Kavick, He respects authority & amazingly actively hates pred/prey segregation & fears, he'll be more sarcastic & mellow with time of meeting & may apologise for his coldness after a bit
Other notes: Born in meadow reaper was taken from his home by "poachers" for a bit only to be saved & thrown into a rehab, growing up alone, trapped, due to his over-aggression, being made fun of like a sideshow, untill he met kavick, who broke him free due to heavy law suites, thankful he helped around as he got to his feet, learning what he needed including his love for Kavick

Author:  deep winter [ Wed May 11, 2016 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Name: Earnest
Species: Canine, Dog

Breed: Pembroke welsh corgi

Gender: Male

DoB: June 6, 2007

Appearance: tricolor corgi with external canine hearing aid on left side of head, docked tail, brown eye color, titanium canines(installed non medical reason)

Relatives: Mother(Dead), Father(Dead), multiple siblings(Unknown),Friends(Dead or unknown)

Owners:Lost valley school district(gone ), Heartland (Dead), Mr. Wood(dead), Mr. Kraft (killed),Mrs. Langley (killed),Mr. Langley/ grandpa (Dead), Shelter Red Collar (Current )

Location: Shelter Red Collar Mary weather county

Back story: Born the sixth of June, 2007 in lost valley, california. Raised by his biological mother on a school district farm. Father died before he was born, mother dies in 2011, when he was age three. Then At age four he get adopted by an Ag teacher named Ms. Heartland who Died in car crash, the day she was to pick him up. Ernest is sent to a shelter after the school district folded. Then he is adopted there by a mr. Wood moved to the state of [UNKNOWN] to greywall, two months later. However Mr. wood died tragicly.

It was back to the shelter, then came the next owner, mr. Kraft, was the ‘general’ of the greywall malita. Gets assighed to his son as a non- para-military friend. Later he learns how to use furearms and other paramilitary skills. Later Mr. Killed in a BFI raid two and a half months later he was tasked with protecting his son that day, but he fails as the [REDACTED]killed him with a single [REDACTED] to the [REDACTED]. Which was later justified by the court that the officer was acting a cording to the rules of engagement when [REDACTED] fire a shotgun, which caused Ernest to lose the majority of his hearing in his left ear.

Stuned by the death of young kraft, broken in porpose he walks to the greywall shelter where he's adopted Mrs. Langley, died three months later in a gang related attack, he was lone Survivor. Finaly we have granddad Langley who died later from natural casues. And now is in the red collar animal shelter.

Personaly: [Developing]

Collar: none for now

Author:  22xander [ Fri May 20, 2016 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Name: Fiver
Age: Two years
Species: Lop-bunny
Gender: Male(ish)
Appearance: Somewhat tall for a bunny, but still a little short, Fiver is brown and black with a white tummy. He wears a spiked black and silver collar, with the tag that has what looks like a trio of arrows in a bunch, being the alchemical symbol for silver. His ears reach far down and down his back when he manages to keep them their, about to his tail. His eyes are red, though he never mentions whether or not their really that color.

Bio: Adopted by an avid collector of magical and odd artifacts, he would have been caught up in the game had he been a cat or a dog. He lived in a house with his owner, who treats him well... but he will do whatever they say, and the owner often calls him slave. He smiles alot when he's out, and has his own magical powers... if only mild ones. He often fails at spells and tries to do them despite this, and they rarely actually work at all.
He's also obsessed with explosives and roleplaying games like fallout and the elder scrolls series. He makes his own mild explosives in the backyard, as well as other tricks that make him virtually dangerous. He's often mistaken for a girl, and doesn't correct anyone on it, so he often doesn't care. He'll kiss anyone who approaches him, smiling with a twinkle in his eyes, but drives most people away with his odd mindset and aura.

Author:  Bullet [ Mon May 23, 2016 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Name: Bullet (formerly Alexander Grant)

Species: Dutch Shepherd Long Hair (formerly Human)

Gender: Male

Age: 7 (formerly 27)

Appearance: Bullet has black fur with a light silver shine, Blue Eyes and always wears a Dark Blue jacket which covers his whole back.

Collar/Tag: A Black and White Checkered Collar with a AK47 Bullet as tag.

Personality: He is a fun guy to hang around and play games with. He is friendly to everyone and gives them all a chance before he judges them. He sometimes act like a dork, but he will not hesitate to put himself in dangers way to protect another one. He appreciates loyalty and friendship above anything else and will always be there for his friends.

Backstory: Bullet was once an Avatar for Kitsune in U&U. He was brought from his dimension and turned into a dog. He's class was M.M.A.F. (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) but he lost to his opponent. The problem was, according to his contract with Kitsune, he couldn't return home and had to live in this new world as a Pet. At least, he could keep most of the Martial Arts skills from being an Avatar for Kitsune.

He was a stray for the first few weeks in this new world until he saved a little kitty from a burning building and got himself serious burns on his back as he shielded the kitty from the flames before he fell unconscious. He awoke later in a Hospital with the Kitty curled up beside him.

He then learned he was found by Fido and brought to the Hospital for treatment. The kitty refused to left his side the whole time.

As the Hospital wanted to take them to a shelter and separate them, they both decided to run away. But they were soon captured again. Kitsune, who had kept an eye on Bullet, decided to help him. And so, as Dragon and Pete had to become mortal, Kitsune gave them the task to look after them.

But since neither of them know how to do things as mortals (they normally just snipped their finger or something to do chores) it's mostly Bullet explaining and teaching them the mortal life.

The Kitty started later to call Bullet "dad" as she sees him as a father figure. He teaches her Martial Arts and the Kitty can even hold up against him and other dogs who are bigger as her, pretty good.

They moved to Babylon Gardens and life now in Pete and King's old house.

He likes: Martial Arts, Star (the Kitty), Tinkering, Cooking, Card-/Videogames, Reading, Singing (in private or when doing chores)

He don't like: Bino, Pete, Vegetables, Cleaning his room, People who think they are better as others.

His "daughter" Star

Name: Star

Species: Brown Tabby Spotted

Gender: Female

Age: 4 Month

Appearance: Star is a kitty with Orange/Yellow fur and black Spots and Stripes over her Body.

Collar/Tag: A simple blue one with a Scissor Tag.

Personality: Star is a very serious Kitty and likes to hang out with her "dad" even when she sometimes think she is more grown up as him. She took a liking to Martial Arts like him and loves to have a good match with him from time to time. She is calm and collected and not easy to get angry. But you better run when you made her angry...

Backstory: She lived with her mother in an abandoned house. As she was 4 month old, someone started a fire in the house and she and her mother couldn't escape. Her mother was trapped under a pile of woods and couldn't move.

She was saved as Bullet stormed into the house and carried her outside. She stayed by his side as Officer Fido brought them both to the Hospital and Bullet got his burns treated.

She likes: Bullet (her dad), Sweets, Martial Arts, Pen & Paper Roleplaying, Video Games

She don't like: Bino, Pete, fire in the size of a campfire, Bullies, Chores

I play with the thought of writing a fanfic about how they meet the first time and moved to Babylon Gardens.

Author:  The-J-Man [ Mon May 23, 2016 11:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Make a character

Name: Purity

Species: Canine, Dog

Breed: Husky

Gender: Female

Appearance: A particularly lean husky with a white and greyish/silver colored fur pattern

BIO: Purity is a wandering stray who never seems capable of being picked up by someone willing to take her in, she calls it a curse, but it's really her midnight eating habits. For some reason, she sleep-walks when she's running on an empty stomach, doing all manner of ridiculous and random things while she's blissfully unaware. She has kept a few momento's of her family, including her mother's gold collar, and her dad's star shaped tag.

Personality: loving and caring of anyone she can form a bond with, but she's developed a habit of thinking with her stomach. She is very freindly if you treat her right, otherwise she would be willing to defend herself through brute-force

Collar: A gold collar with a polished silver star as the tag

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