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Dimensional Cracks 
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Post Dimensional Cracks
This is my first attempt at a story, and it may not come quickly. I hope you enjoy reading what is posted. If this is a copy of another title, sorry. I am setting this after the last part of the 'Save the Date, part 2' arc.

Part 1: Prelude:

Frank Westford is an 3 foot tall, 23 year-old man who is lost in the woods. He has almost given up hope when he sees a very big stump. Hoping to get a better view of his surroundings, Frank climbed up the tree only to trip and fall into a glowing hole on the tree. After he falls through the glowing hole, he sees that there is suddenly road beneath him and falls unconscious when he hits it, as he fell from the height of the second story of a building.

When Earl Sandwich came across the unconscious Frank on his way home from work several minutes later, Earl called the hospital and explained the scene that he came across. After waiting for an ambulance for the short man, Earl went home to his family and explained what happened.

"I am going to the hospital tomorrow to see how he is." Earl said after his explanation.

The next day, Frank, feeling both relieved and confused, woke up in the hospital. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises, Frank had no injuries. a few moments later a nurse came in and informed him that he had passed out from fright; that he was free to leave; and that someone was waiting for him. Curious to see who it was, Frank went to see who the person was.

"Hello there little guy." Earl said to Frank as he approached. "How old are you?"

"I am 23 years old." Frank replied. "Are you the person who wanted to see me?"

"I am," Earl said while transitioning to a slightly more formal stance. "But I thought you were younger because of your height."

"I get that quite often." Frank calmly responded. "I am Frank Westford. What is your name?"

"I am Earl Sandwich." Earl stated. "Where do you live?"

"I don't have a home." Frank answered "I was evicted several hours before I had passed out." While he wasn't lying he knew it wasn't the complete truth.

"What happened?" Earl asked.

"I didn't even have a tenth of a payment," Frank responded. "And I had been job searching for months."

Earl sighed. "I'll let you stay over at my place until you get back on your feet, come on."

"No thanks," Frank said denying the offer. "I don't want to be a burden, and I should probably start looking for jobs right about now."

"Okay then." Earl replied.

The two went their separate ways.

Part 1 End

It should get more interesting as I continue, as I have some plans to make it more interesting.

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Post Re: Dimensional Cracks
Here is some more of the story.

Part 2: Weird Magician

In an alternate universe

"Hey Jeremy." Winston said.

"What is it?" Jeremy asked.

"What do you think it is like elsewhere?" Winston asked.

Jeremy started speaking "Well, the south is probably nice and warm whil-"

"No, not like that." Winston interrupted. "I am talking about how you would think it would be like in alternate universes."

Jeremy thought for a moment. "Well, depending on how the rules work there, we might become powerless. At least Billy wouldn't be as big of a problem in those universes, which would probably be good since all he does is turn people into animals."


Billy was slowly starting to panic. He knew his powers were slowly draining, but after he overused his powers last night, he knew he could only cast one more spell before his magic ran out, and his brother would decide he wasn't useful anymore. He needed somewhere to go, but he knew his brother was well versed with tracking magic. He decided find out if the weird thing in the basement could help him, but when he opened the door he saw what he could only decide was a rift. With hope it would lead somewhere where he would be safe he entered the rift.

When he emerged he was in a back alley with the portal rift behind him. He quickly hid to avoid detection but then he saw something he hadn't seen in his universe. He watched to cats walk into the alley and talk, but the two things that amazed him were that they walked on their hind legs and that they could speak.

"Max, why are we in a back alley?" Grape asked.

"A weirdly short man has been following us and I am trying to lose him." Max responded.

"Max, you are more likely to get lost in the woods twenty times than getting shipped to Antarctica." Grape said with a sigh.

"How do you know that he isn't trying to ship me to Antarctica?" Max questioned.

"Max, you are being over paranoid." Grape said. "You are only acting that way because the past fifty times you have slept you have had the nightmare where you freeze to death in Antarctica. We are heading back."

"Fine." Max said.

While they were leaving, the short man that Max thought was following them, Frank, went into the back alley, unfortunately for Frank, Billy happened to be leaving his hiding spot as Frank was entering the alley. When Frank and Billy noticed each other, correctly assuming Frank was the man Max incorrectly thought was following him and Grape, Billy managed to use the last of his magic to turn the speechless Frank into a dog that was the same breed as Peanut with a black body, a white underbelly, and tan ears and tail. The new height of the spell's target was now one head shorter than Peanut. After casting the spell, Billy quickly left and tried to blend in with the crowd.

Part 2 End

I am not the cleanest artist when it comes to lines and color, so the not so good descriptions will be the closest you will get to a picture unless someone decides to create art. Also, while I said parts might not come quickly, I didn't say they would come slowly.

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Post Re: Dimensional Cracks
Well, that was sudden.

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Post Re: Dimensional Cracks
The tan color should be lighter.

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