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HousePets! Are not always pets! 
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Post HousePets! Are not always pets!
I'm going to post my fan-fiction as a "writing-editing-on-the-run", feel free to give your opinion and point my mistakes.

I had some problems trying to keep track of Mile's family...but here is what I believe to be right:

Daryl's (Mile's brothers)
Deadeye (Mile's uncle)
Rodney (Deadeye's son)
Natalie (Deadeye's daughter)
Snow (Rodney's mate)
Lucretia (Mile's mate)
Deathaxe, Darth Vader Sanchez and Rockstar Hawk (Mile's cubs)
Elaine (Lucretia's sister)
Jack (Elaine's mate)
Poncho (Jack's brother)

HousePets! Are not always pets!


"I'm married cubs, you have to stop doing this" King complained
"Bailey went out with our mother" Deathaxe just grinned back. "And Miles said we shouldn't bother you two...when you're alone its fair play"
King just gasped as the four cubs started to discuss what they should play next. He loved the kids, he really did, but sometimes it was just too much. At least, his kids would behave best, not being wild wolf cubs that it is. “They would be common dogs right?” A image of Bailey screaming at him with a human baby in the arms appeared in his mind. It was hard to think what the most terrifying thing in the picture was. "I do hate my brain"

"Excuse me, this is Miles's House?" a human asked looking over the fence.
"Yes, and he is a wolf" King answered. "So you can talk to me as I'm not going anywhere right now"
"That's great" the man smiled, and King felt a weird chill. "But, hum...Do you need any help getting out?"

"Yes..." King starred at the man dumb-struck.
This human wasn't treating him as a pet; he was treating him like another human being. Sometimes the other pets could not notice, but for someone who had been human it was easy to see.
"Will, it’s a wolf's house, come over here" the man called someone and jumped the fence. "Name is Matthew, how about you?"

Matthew was in his late-20's, tall and lean, he had black hair and eyes. Strangely, it was a little like the first time he had met Fox, it had been so long he had met another human under those terms that this felt like a first time. Matthew saw Mile's shovel sitting in the corner, and picking it up he started to dig him out.

"Nice to meet you King" the human said. "That is my ah...friend Will"
King turned to face Matthew's friend and once again was surprised. A wolf had just jumped the fence, he looked a little bit like Rodney but with a darker fur, he also looked a little stronger. Honestly he could have been scary, but he was looking around and laying low like one of the cubs trying to do something wrong behind Miles back.

"Hello..." the dark wolf said and the cubs rushed inside the house "...He will help us?"

King wondered what had brought the two strangers together. A wolf and a human, long ago he had heard about some people keeping wolfs as pets. Perhaps this could be the case. Feeling the earth loose around him, he climbed out of the hole. Sometimes his small body could be helpful, for instance digging him out was pretty quickly.
"What do you guys need help with?"
"Can I borrow a pair of shorts?" Will said approaching and standing close to the human.
"Wrong question" Matthew said tapping on the wolf's shoulder. "We're new here...he can wear shorts?"

That was going even further in the weird zone. Miles decide to show up right then, opening the door, his frown and aggressive stance relaxed into his more easy-going mood when he heard the human's question.

"Sure he can" Miles said approaching and giving hand-shakes to both of them "It's nice to see another wolf willing to live in society"
"Eh...thanks" the other wolf replied. "Can I get my shorts now?"
"Bro, I'm the only wearing pants here, so relax" Matthew pointed out. "You're Miles, I suppose?"

As they traded introductions King watched getting a weird vibe from Will. Only humans cared about wearing pants, and luckily Pete had taken that away from his mind or else he would have suffered from the same concern. Then he realized what it could mean, could it be? He was going watch closely…

"...hey King" Matthew broke his flow of thought "Is that a wedding ring?"
"Yeah...married three months ago" King said.
In the meanwhile Miles was going through his entire repertoire to convince the other wolf of living the human way of life. Will, on the other hand looked a little bashed by all that information.
"Congratulations, you will like it" the human tapped King’s shoulder and showed his own wedding ring "Listen to experience"

"So, how have a human and a wolf became friends?" Miles asked dropping his salesman pitch.
"We grew together in the back-country...We lived a little off the civilization" Matthew picked the conversation as he friend looked a little troubled with his situation.
"Your fool! Why haven't you told me you have been living with humans before" Miles slapped the other wolf shoulders. "We hold no grudge against domestic animals"
"...Shorts, please?" Will said.

Both Miles and Matthew laughed at him. But King just became more curious and nervous. Could they be in that heaven's game thing too? He hoped not, it would be good if the wolf was a common human just like him. With Miles and Matthew talking and laughing they walked inside the house.

Matthew told most of their history by himself as we went to find some shorts, which Daryl for unknown questions had and agreed to lend. On the way, King tried to pick mistakes in their story, but so far it was believable. The two of them had come to the city looking for an old uncle who didn't lived there anymore, their bags had been shipped to the wrong place, and their wallets had been stolen some point in the way. Okay, putting it in that way it really looked suspicious, but the way they told it was hard not to believe.

"So, you both are looking for a place to spend the night?" Miles asked once they made themselves comfortable in the living room.
"Yeah...If that is not a problem..." the new wolf said looking comfortable on the orange shorts.
"Of course it’s not!" said Miles. "We never had a chance to host a human before...It will be a nice experience"
"Thanks" both of them looked very glad

They kept on talking for a while comparing the different kinds of lifestyles they had lived. How it was hard and tedious to live in the woods, how living far away from the rest of the world wasn't much different and how live in the city, even if better still had its problems. King mostly watched and made a few comments on Miles's misconceptions about human culture. It was curious to see another human join such discussion with enthusiasm.

"Look at the time, I'm almost late for work..." said Miles checking the clock. "King can make the arrangements for both of you..."

Calling Daryl and taking their vests, the two siblings left leaving King alone with the new guests and the cubs, if these were still in the house. King was getting used to that kind of thing, sometimes the wolves could not be bothered in doing some chores and even if it wasn't fun, it remembered him of his past as a human. Giving a small cleaning to the other guest room he changed the sheets and picked up some towels from his own bathroom. It was a good thing that the ferrets had planned for the house to host much more than Miles's family and pack.

"You guys will use this room" King closed the door once the three of them were inside. "But I need to make a question first"
For one second tension grew on the room. King saw that both man and wolf were ready to run or fight, what made him even more tense. There had to be something wrong with them, and if it was not what he thought it could be even worse.
"Will, were you a human turned into wolf?"
"Yes" the wolf said breathing more easily. "This kind of thing happens around here too?"
King could not speak. Another human like him living his life as a "pet". Someone who could really understand and share his concerns, someone to whom he would be able to tell the truth and talk all he was holding back for so long.
"King, are you fine?" Matthew asked

"YES!" cheered King excited.
Jumping in the wolf's chest, King grabbed his fur and shaking the wolf he tried to get some answers.
"How and when did it happen to you? How have you been dealing with it? Have you ever met a she-wolf?"
"Calm down boy" Will said.
Pulling King away and holding him in the air before him, the wolf looked seriously at the little corgi.
"Why don't you tell me how those things went with you and then I tell you my side?"

King wanted to hit himself, with all his excitement he had given away that he too was a human. Even so, he was so happy to meet someone like him, that it hardly mattered. Breathing slowly he asked to be let down, and the black wolf did so gently. Sitting on the bed he breathed slowly trying to calm down.
"I never told anyone this and it must be our secret okay?" King said and the two guests made themselves comfortable. "Many years ago I joined the PETA..."

After a bunch of minutes King finished telling his story, every moment that related back to his human life, all he had been holding back for years. Even the truth about Pete, Tarot and all that craziness he had shared. He felt so relieved and happy, that he only wished he could share it with Fox and Bailey. His two listener too had helped a lot, they only moved to exchange a glance with each other or to motivate King in telling his story.

Seeing that with the marriage over and his decision to stay a dog the story was over, without saying anything, Matthew got up and embraced King in a hug. King just blushed and accepted the spontaneous gesture, after all he longed for acceptance of his human side.
“Easy Matthew” the wolf said. “He is not your son…”
“Sorry…” said the human putting King down. “I got a little carried away”
“It’s okay” the small corgi said “I told you my story, now it’s your turn…”

The dark wolf and the tall human just faced each other for some seconds and exchanged a few nods. King had never seen that kind of discussion going on between human and animal, it was just like those fights between best friends were arguments weren’t needed. In the end with a final nod, Matthew won the discussion and Will started to tell their tale:
“Okay…to be quite honest…”

Hon! I’m home!” they heard Bailey calling from downstairs. “Where are you?”

King’s heart rushed in his chest. As much as he wanted to hear that story, it still little mattered close to his love for Bailey. Even if never had another chance to listen to that, he knew that any second with Bailey was worth it, she was the reason why he decide to forget his whole life and past.
I’m upstairs!” King called, and then turned to his guests. ”Just answer me quickly…What I’m doing is right?”
“Yes” both wolf and human answered.
She would arrive soon, and he only curious about one thing. “When it happened to you?”
“Around ten years ago” Will answered, but Matthew said almost at the same time: “Around 20 years”

None of the two even flinched with the conflict of answers.
“That’s how you’re going to fool with me?” King asked bitterly. “After I told you all my life, opened myself, you…”
“Wait, it’s true, we said that because…” interrupted the wolf, but the doorknob turned and the door started to open.

The time stopped for King for one second. In his mind he saw Bailey finding out that he was a human from other person, how much it would hurt her and how it would hurt him to see her that way. In that moment he realized, that if it ever needed to come to that, he would be the one to tell. But until then, he would do anything to prevent the pain and confusion of such revelation. Jumping toward the wolf, King reached with his hands trying to shut the wolf’s mouth.

“…we were kidding, we didn't mean to offend you…” Will said holding King in the air, his voice sounding really sorry.
“King! What are you doing?” Bailey said entering the room. “You need to control yourself…”
“It’s our fault madam…” Matthew said “We were picking on him too hard”

Will placed King down and gave him a “we talk more later” stare. Bailey then proceed to exchanged greeting and apologies with the guests, but all King could do was think. As usual he had exploded once he believed something was really wrong, but helping the wolf had given King reason to believe in him. But how could that question have two answers? King could think in a few theories. But would the world be so messy like that? If that was true...

King felt Bailey reassuring hand on his back and relaxed. This was her way of saying that she was there for him, that she always would be. That she trusted him and would not make pressure, that she loved him despite of all his failures. King closed his eyes for one second and held her hand tightly, wishing to never let it go.

”Let’s go downstairs, Fox and daddy are here for dinner” Bailey said.
The two guests went out first leaving the couple alone.

“I’ll try to be better” King said embracing her. “I promise”
“I know”

Chapter 2

Arriving at the Milton’s Manor, Daryl tipped his cap to show Jack and Poncho that their shift was over. Miles just waved to them, as the other two brothers walked away.

“Who were those guys back home?” Daryl asked once they started patrolling.
“Will and Mathew…” Miles said “I don’t know why they are lying but they are nice guys”
“A wolf has to have his secrets…I will keep on saying” Daryl replied.
“I have to agree on that” Miles said taking one burglar from the bushes and throwing it over, “Our pack would fall apart if everyone knew everything”

“It’s not so bad, I think it’s just like human social lies” Daryl watched the security team finish his brother’s job.
“So, what do you think Uncle Deadeye or Cousin Rodney would think about your secret?” Miles said
“What are you talking about?” Daryl jumped and picked up Rock Milton who came flying from some place unknown.
“That shaving kit of yours and all the time you spend online…” Miles pushed it further.

He wasn’t very happy about it, but he needed help to guide the pack. Soon, Elaine and Bailey would be having cubs too. King helped with house and human issues, but dealing with the pack was getting harder all the time with more people joining or cubs being born. He needed his brother to step up and really help.

“You don’t have any concrete proofs about that…” Daryl growled back.
“See that…I’m saying that I know and understand and you’re attacking me” Miles said
“I’m sorry Miles…” Daryl tail stood down in a show of respect.
“Lucretia and I are doing our best but things are getting worse” Miles explained

“How come no one else is seeing that?” Daryl asked.
“Because that is the leaders’s job…the other Daryl is your brother, has your name, but you don’t even know the true reason why he stays fat” Miles said in a cold tone.

If Miles had guessed things would turn out like this, perhaps he would have come alone with Lucretia to the city. His pack was turning into a human drama and the only ones trying to prevent that were the two of them. Not even Uncle Deadeye who had been the leader before him was doing much more to help.

Daryl looked surprised and afraid at his brother. But before he could say anything, Miles gave him the signal for silence and turned to face an incoming human.

“Excuse me Mr. Miles” said Jeevees coming closer, “…Mr.Milton waits for you in his office”
“I will be going soon…” Miles dispatched the butler
“Keep the perimeter and try not to worry for now…” he said before leaving Daryl alone with his thoughts.

Chapter 3

Fox stood back as his dad talked with Miles’s wife while Bailey had went upstairs to fetch King. Honestly it was a little strange since he always considered the wolves as equals, but with his dad there he had to behave better.

“Thanks for having us over Lucretia” officer Bill said, “No one prepares a stake like you”
“Thanks Officer Bill” she answered
“You can call me only Bill” he said and took his dark glasses off.
“Hello Ms. Lucretia” Fox approached.
“You can drop that Miss, Fox” she said petting his head.” You and your dad are family now”

Fox could not hold the smile back. Now that King and Bailey had married, his best friend had actually turned part of his family. Sometimes it was weird to be the third wheel, but he couldn’t help to be happy about it. And to fix that, all he had to do was to find his own girl.
“To tell the truth I still find this a little unreal” said Bill, walking to the table and taking a seat. “Bailey, my pet, has married and is living with a fella’ I hardly know”
“I told you all about King dad…” Fox reminded him.
“And since when kids follow our instructions?” Lucretia asked looking around. “I don’t even know where my cubs are…”
“Well, my kids and pets know well who deal the cards…” Bill stared at Fox. “But if you’re worried about your cubs we can go looking for them”
“The damage is already done…I just hope they haven’t destroyed anything” Lucretia sighed. “Would you like a beer?”

As his father accepted the beer, Fox noticed a wolf and a human coming downstairs. He didn’t know who they are or why the wolf is wearing shorts. Under other circumstances he would have asked or even gone to sniff the new wolf, but with his dad around was better to be polite and wait to be introduced.
“What are you doing in my house?” Lucretia asked with a frown and Fox saw his father get ready for trouble.
“We are sorry…Miles said we could stay for the night…” the big dark wolf said.
“…and Bailey called us to dinner…” completed the human sniffing the air. “Is that stake?”

Lucretia and Bill both relaxed with the answers. Fox thought it was hard to worry both of them, but the wolf was really big and the human looked like someone who could handle a fight. Fox, on the other hand knew that Deadeye should be home and wouldn't allow any real problem to go on under his watch.
“Someday Miles will get you guys in trouble with his habits…” Bill said slapping his tight and giving Fox a scratch behind the ear. “But anyone who enjoys Lucretia cooking ain't bad in my opinion…”

Bill could pretend to be the real macho every second of his waking life. But Fox knew the farm boy that lived underneath the jacket leather. It was the boy went to him looking for comfort. The same boy that had to be impressed when the wolves showed up and invited him for a barbecue. That was the reason he had to make friends with the likes of Bino and King, just like Bill they held something better inside.

Shortly after Bailey and King too came downstairs, and after a quick round of introductions, everyone sat down around the table joining in light mood conversations. Well, it was a light mood conversation for a while...

"So, King... have you and Bailey started working on puppies yet?" Bill asked.
"Dad!" Bailey said blushing. "What kind of talk is this?"
"Sorry darling" replied don't sounding sorry at all "I was just trying to start a talk with my son-in-law"
"It's okay hon..." King said "Our love-life is going very well thank you... how about you officer? any girlfriends?"
"Don't got the time for that" Bill said. "I have my sweethearts, but work never ends..."

"So, you come from the country huh?" Lucretia said to the dark wolf. "Would you call yourself a little feral?"
"Yes ma'am..." Will answered looking a little nervous.
"Would a wolf like you be single these days?" she asked.
"No ma'am...." the dark wolf cringed on his chair. "I would never...I'm not...I have..."
Lucretia laughed heart-fully at him.

"All dinners are weird like this one?" Matthew asked Fox
"This one seems to be a little worse..." Fox tried to keep his attention on his dad and King.
"With King I guess you have to deal a lot with it"
"Yeah...King doesn't behave like a common dog most of the time" Fox commented.
"I'm still confused about how a dog was supposed to behave..."

Fox was caught off guard when he realized he had been talking to a human. Except for his dad's family and that jerk who tried to kidnap him, he usually was left alone by other humans. Recomposing quickly he tried to keep the conversation going on.

"You told us that in the place you came from pets were unusual..." Fox remembered the short story he had told.
"Yeah, I don't get what actually is the difference when dealing with pets"
"There isn't much to tell the truth" Fox explained. "Between human and pets, we behave a little like adult and child"
"I see..."

"You got it wrong Will" Lucretia said. "I'm asking because of Natalie... a relative of ours who is looking for a mate"
"Phew..." Will seemed to relax. "Well, I'm single, but we are not sure how long we gonna be around"
"Just give it a try" Lucretia got up "There is no other available wolf around and she is quite lonely..."
"I'm not sure if it's a good idea" Will said. "But I will talk to her"
"Okay, thanks..." she walked towards the kitchen. "I think the dinner is ready..."

"That's a shame" King said. "Fox deserves a mother and you should have your girl"
As to make a point, Bailey leaned on him looking proud. Bill didn't react in any visible way, but Fox stared surprised at his friend. Bill was used to being looked up to, and Fox could only imagine what meant for him to receive advice from a pet.
"Thanks boy" Bill said "Bailey made a good choice after all..."
"Thanks" King whispered back.

"The dinner is ready!" Lucretia called out loud for the other pack members.

In the same instant, other five wolfs were magically downstairs making quick introduction to the guests and stealing glances from the kitchen where Lucretia was cutting the meat. With so many people around, Fox was finding it was hard to listen to the other conversations around. And just to make it worse, summoned by the magic words the cubs erupted in the living room carrying Peanut over their heads.

"Mom!" they called for attention "Peanut can have dinner with us?"
"Hello guys" Peanut greeted everybody
"We asked" said Rockstar
"At least kinda..." Darth Vader told.
"They didn't say no..." Deathaxe completed.
Lucretia looked at them and at Peanuts wondering what she should do.
"Grape will tell them that I'm here" Peanut said "I just wanted to play more with the cubs..."
"That's fine them, someone will take you home later" Lucretia accepted hoping that this, was all her cubs had done.

As food was being served, the wolfs spread out in the room finding each own his own spot to eat. Conversations went by filling the whole living room with talk and munching sounds. Peanut and the cubs played board games in a corner, eating while it was not their turn.

"This look like the holidays at the farm, doesn't it?" Bailey said turning to her dad and Fox.
"Yeah, their family is as large as ours" Fox commented.
"...But the stake is even better" Bill said going for seconds at the same time as the other Daryl.
"...oh my...ith taaastis..." Matthew tried to speak with his mouth full. " Heavaaan"

The dogs exchanged glances noticing that they were the ones less impressed with the food. Okay, it was delicious, but they could not come close to the eagerness the wolves and humans had with their meal. But unnoticed to many, two wolves were not that interested in the food, Natalie stared the new guest with interest while this one returned her glance with curiosity.

Chapter 4

"Hello Miles" said Keene behind his desk, his shades reflecting the screen of his computer.
"Hey Keene..." Miles said approaching the ferret "What are the news?"
"Big news for your wolves Miles" Keene said with a smile. "Rock came up with an idea you guys gonna love!"
Close to his hand was another orange soda can. Someday, Miles would try to talk the young ferret out of his bad habits, but for now he was more worried about what kind of scheme they had in mind for him and his pack. It couldn't be good, even more with Rock involved.

To be continued....

A little better now... And yes, Peanut is going to get a few lines as well as some other wolves in chapter 5 I guess... And I found some pseudo-inconsistencies and I lost almost a whole chapter, but I drew a picture so I have that going for me which is nice.

Will, the dark wolf (with orange shorts that look like pants)


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Post Re: HousePets! Are not always pets!
Great start for a story! I love the concept, and the story is pretty well written. There are a few things tht I would like to comment on:

First of all, I noticed that there were a few grammatical errors in the writing. That's completely fine, but try to keep them at a minimum. I do love the concept, as I said, and I would love to see where this story goes. Great job on the writing! ;)

~ Colors are good. ~
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Post Re: HousePets! Are not always pets!
Ooh, interesting start
Can't wait to see where this goes :D


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Post Re: HousePets! Are not always pets!
Thanks guys, I'm already working on continuation...
First, unfortunately I'm doing this "just for my amusement", so I'll not be strict with my proofreading and revising.
Second, I'm not sure how long this is going to run, since I started writing just because I wanted to throw my OC's in the scenario.
I have just one more plot in mind for now, but that might change very fast as it goes...
(If you want to help with revising or proofreading just let me know...also if you want to see more of something, just throw a comment and I might deliver)


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Post Re: HousePets! Are not always pets!
Updated again!
I will keep editing my first post until I reach the max. word count
I stopped at the beginning of chapter 4.
And just to know, what have you thought about the characters? I'm stepping too further away?


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Post Re: HousePets! Are not always pets!
Stepping away from the characters a little bit isn't a problem. You'd never be able to match Rick's exact characters, so find something that works in your story. I think they are working pretty well so far :D


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