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Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era 
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Honorable Intentions Wrote:
Indeed I am a sucker for theme naming. :lol: Sometimes I reach a little too far out there but good to see another Game of Thrones fan on the site.

It's a good series. Just started to read the books now after watched the whole series in a one go. Best television entertainment since the X-files.


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Housepets: The New Era

Unbearable Circumstances

“Come on it'll be fun!” Said Sabrina. “You promised you'd take it easy these next couple of days.”

Fido felt he looked, in his mind, quite silly. There he was standing in front of the mirror with a tacky bow-tie that clipped to his collar. That tuft of fur on his head manicured and curled to the left to give the illusion of styled hair.

“I dunno Sab, I look stupid.” Fido grimaced a little as he shook his head.

“You look sharp. Come on, we're going to a formal fling.” Sabrina walked by, helping adjust the clip on bow-tie.

“It's a couple of cats in an attic, I don't see what's so formal about that.” Fido sighed and pawed at his bow-tie.

“Just humor Max will you? This is his last chance to have a party in that old attic of his.” Said Sabrina.

The news that the old attic hangout was being bought out had spread across the neighborhood like wildfire. Well to the cats it did. To the dogs it meant nothing. Not to mention the fact that Fido never cared much for his girlfriend's ex, the two knew each other because they both knew Sabrina and that's about as far as it got. Sometimes he would hangout with her friends and they would run into each other during little get-togethers between them.

But he did care about Sabrina and her feelings.

So he would go and attend this formal attic affair. At least for her sake. “You sure Snow will be fine being stuck with a bunch of dogs all night while we're gone?”

“I'm positive, in fact it was more her idea to stay with the dogs than mine.”

“That's...odd.” Fido looked at Sabrina, a skeptical expression on his face.

“Odd yes, but it also made me excited.” She said as she adjusted his bow-tie and nodded. “I mean what if it is finally starting to sink in. That she's getting used to the other neighborhood pets, including dogs.”

“Well things are going to be easier for us aren't they?” Fido said with a wink.

“I sure hope so.” Said Sabrina. Her ear twitched a little, she heard a small sound. A faint one that the untrained ear would not possibly pick up. She hushed her voice and smiled a little. “I think Snow is waiting for us to leave.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Just a hunch.”

Snow watched the couple from around the corner and sighed a little. That whole afternoon had left her feeling a little more guilty than she would have liked. Now Sabrina was not making it any better. Worse yet, she was talking about it with her dumb dog boyfriend. The kitten was most certainly not getting used to dogs. That much was certain. Her entire life she had been reared to not trust them. Out there they would chase her and taunt her.

Treat her worse than any other cat out there because she was “special.”

Then again, the cats out there did not treat her very much better. In all her life she never really thought about such a thing. They were mean in their own way, sure it was not chasing nor taunting. But cats out there on the streets would exclude her. Keep her away from their roaming gangs and their piles of food.

Sabrina was the first cat that was not out to exclude her. Because she knew why she was different. In fact they were both the same kind of different. That's why they made fast friends. Well Snow called it friends. Sabrina tried very hard to be the mother that was never there for Snow.

Though Snow knew not why. At least not until she found out she was in a relationship that would produce no children.

Snow always wanted to say. “Just get together with a cat. That will fix everything. Why bother with this dog and cat lover stuff. It's against nature.”

But she never would say that to Sabrina. Not to someone she cared about. Not to someone that cared about her. Not the first someone ever to really care about her.

Why was it just dogs she hated then? Such a strange question that never crossed her mind. Though the answers that came to mind made her feel depressed. She was not a stupid kitten, nor was she childish in her thoughts. The answers were quite clear to her.

Something out there needed to get hurt, because who else could a little kitten hurt? Why not dogs? They could be blamed. They were something tangible. Every dog out there needed to hurt because she did. Especially the annoying little puppies that were so happy, that had families or places to go home. The ones that went to shelters and were swept into loving and protective arms. Especially little puppies like Jon.

Cats were parasites, feed them once and they never stop coming to the back porch. Dogs were loyal companions that promised never to leave one's side. Cats were confined to the barn to hunt the rats. Dogs got the warm rug in front of the fire.

But dogs never did that sort of thing on purpose. It was just their nature, and the nature of humans only made things worse. Dogs were man's best friend, so what were cats? Snow shook her head and squeezed the brown paper bag in her hands. Jon's little gift inside.

She was just a spiteful little kitten and she knew it. She wanted something or someone to blame for her problems. That was the easy way out and that was something she had always done. But could she hate Sabrina? No certainly not!

She thought she could hate Jon, but inside she really did enjoy the pup's company. It was nice to have someone her age to talk to. Even if he was kind of hyper and annoying at times. Hating him was only her way of trying to be an alley cat again. It was all she knew how to do.

Maybe she could fix things, set things right. If Babylon Gardens was to be her home, then she would need to have at least one friend outside of the house. She nodded to herself and played with the paperbag present in her paws.

From that day on she might try a little harder to tolerate. She did not need any more people, especially not Jon, to hate her. As far as she knew he did not hate anything except her at that very moment.

“Hey Snow, we'll be heading out soon. Are you ready?” Sabrina said. Snow stifled a gasp, never had she been so shaken from her thoughts.

“Y-yeah let's go.” The kitten nodded. She followed Sabrina and Fido out the door, keeping close to them.

“So why do you suddenly want to go to the Sandwich house?” Sabrina asked. Fido kept to himself, acknowledging the girl chat. Better yet, the cat chat.

“Oh! Uh...” Snow did not want to say because she upset Jon. “I guess I was bored.”

“Okay, just curious.” Sabrina shrugged. “What's in the bag?”

“A surprise.” Snow said.

“Really? For who.”

“No one.”

Sabrina glanced over at Fido with a knowing look in her eyes. Fido smiled a little and shrugged. Snow felt the heat rise to her cheeks as she realized what exactly those two were thinking.

“N-no it's not like that at all.” Snow choked out. “Please don't get the wrong idea, everyone out there wants to pair me with that little pup! It's not like that, he's just a friend and I feel bad for saying something to him earlier today.”

“Hey I didn't say anything about pairing you with him.” Sabrina held her paws up defensively. “Wait, what did you do to him?”

Now she had let her little reason to go to the Sandwich house slip. It was like Sabrina was planning that all along. Snow took a deep breath, collecting her thoughts on what she should say next.

“A lot of things, I just feel bad for being mean to him. Since he was never that mean to me, not until today at least.”

Sabrina nodded. “I'm sure whatever happened did not cut too deep, nothing phases him or his father.”

“What about his mom?” Snow asked.

“Ah...yes she gets phased and then she fights.” Fido jumped into the conversation. “She smacked my brother with a frying pan once.”


“Fido!” Sabrina glared at the dog. “I'm sure Jon isn't nearly as violent as she can be. Besides Bino had it coming.”

“I was just answering the question.” Said Fido. He rolled his eyes and continued walking.

Snow certainly hoped she was not about to be greeted by a frying pan when she saw Jon again.

The trio found themselves on the porch of the Sandwich household in no time at all. Already the sun was about ready to set. Snow held her breath as Fido knocked on the door.

“Hang on a sec!” Peanut's voice said, muffled behind the door. The knob turned as it pushed open. “Hey there guys, sorry about that. I was juggling around some of the snacks we were bringing for the party.”

Fido peeked inside and saw bowls and bowls of various snacking treats. It was anything ranging from potato chips to assorted animal treats. A decent looking selection by his standards. “No problem, oh by the way Snow wanted to see if Jon was home.”

Peanut shook his head. “Nah he called me and said he was at the wolf house already.”

“Dang, and if we head that way right now I think we'll be late for the party.” Fido said with mock concern. “Not that it tears me up too much.”

“Tell you what, Snow can hang out here for a bit and I'll call up the wolves and ask them to send up a small 'squad' to pick her up. Best to move in packs, otherwise that bear'll get you.” Peanut warned.

“Yeah, I know.” Snow nodded. She wished she had believed Jon the other day. “But...sure that sounds fine.”

“I don't see any problems with it.” Sabrina shrugged.

“And I don't either, sounds like a plan Peanut.” Fido nodded.

Peanut wasted no time grabbing at his cellphone and punching in a few numbers. He held it to his ear and let the tone ring for a moment before someone picked up on the other line. The three others on the porch waited patiently for him to finish his conversation. At first he was quite talkative and energetic, as he always was.

“...yeah we're still going to the party...no Jon said he was at your house.” Peanut's tone shifted so fast it spooked Fido. “He's not there? He didn't even show up at all? Okay thanks Lucretia, tell the others I said hi.”

They looked at each other. Peanut set the phone aside, the panic visible in his eyes. Jon was not one to lie. He knew that much. Alana was dealt with and she was not on the loose. But there was that bear that was working for her.

But it didn't make any sense. He gave the dumb bear the laptop! He would leave his family alone. “I don't think I'm going to the party...”

“What happened Peanut?”

“I think Jon's in trouble. Call it a hunch, but he's not at the wolf house. I wouldn't be all that worried, except he lied to me and said he was there. Lucretia said she hasn't seen him at all today.”

“Hey guys I'm ready.” Grape said as she ran into the room. “Sorry!”

“Hon we're not going.” Peanut said as he picked up his phone, ready to dial 911. “Jon's in trouble.”

“...wait what?” Grape's eyes widened. Her worst fears were coming true.

“He's missing.” Peanut said, becoming more and more panicked with each word. Fido looked at Sabrina and sighed.

“Duty calls.” He muttered to himself. “Here I'll call of my dogs on duty and get a tracking squad out there to find him. He might just be at Heathcliff's or something. Like another certain dog with girl troubles went.”

Peanut rolled his eyes. “Well I'm coming with then.”

“I have no qualms with that.” Fido nodded as he grabbed at the small radio hooked on his collar. He would never leave home without it.

“We're coming too.” Sabrina stepped in.

“No hon, I'm sure it's nothing to get too worked up about.” Fido said. “Everyone keep their cool. Last thing we need is to lose our heads.”

“And what if he's in real trouble? You'll need my help.” Sabrina folded her arms.

“I...can't fault you on that.” Fido nodded and looked down at Snow. “I'm assuming you want to come with as well...”

Snow now felt truly guilty. It never hit her that the dog would run away like that. Stupid little pup! He was doing this on purpose just to spite her. She knew it. Worst of all it was working. She felt terrible. “Yes I'm coming...it's my fault he's gone....”

“No don't say that.”

“I upset him! I was mean to him and he ran away from me and wouldn't come back.” Snow looked down. She felt all of the older pets stares on her. “I'm so sorry I didn't think he would do this though...I was going to say sorry tonight. I even got him a present! I...I...”

“Shh, just calm down there. We'll get him back don't worry.” Fido smiled and looked her in the eyes. “I got you out of that horrible place on Alabaster, I can find Jon.”

She nodded and looked over at Grape. Hoping the cat was not going to hurt her for hurting his son. Though she seemed too worried about her son to care about her. Fido held the radio to his mouth. Ready to call in the search parties.


“Let me go!” Jon kicked his legs and swung his paws around, but it was no use. He was dangling a staggering ten feet from the ground. A pair of black eyes stared into his.

“You think I won't get you back for that stunt you pulled the other day?” Boris laughed as he watched the pup dangling by the scruff of his neck. “Nobody makes a fool out of me and gets away with it.”

“B-but I didn't want to get eaten...” Jon looked at the bear with his pleading puppy dog eyes. Hoping that would attack the bear's heart.

“You idiot, I was not going to eat you. I just needed to stop you from getting in the way of Miss Alana.” The bear snapped. “But that is no matter now, because you are going to help me get her back.”

“...I am?” Jon gulped.

“Oh indeed you are my little friend. We have to get the corgi first, before all of those stupid psychics and police find us.” Boris grinned, a frightening row of sharp teeth now exposed for all the world to see. He gave Jon a stiff poke on the chest with one of his claws. “Cooperate and I do not gut you like a salmon. Understand?”

Jon nodded so fast he felt his head would fall right of his neck.

“Good dog, good dog.” Boris chuckled again as he threw Jon onto his back and began to tread on all fours. “Like I said, cooperate, and I won't gut you. Running away is not cooperating by the way.”

Jon nodded again and did not budge from his spot on the bear's back. Now he wished more than anything he was carrying books and taking verbal abuse from Snow. At least he could go home after that. He felt himself rock side to side with the bear's lumbering for legged gait. The trees all looked the same from where he was sitting, but the bear knew exactly where he was going.


King sat on the back porch of the Lindberg house, his thoughts once again assailing him. He knew Bailey was going to ask her dad that very night. King would have to have an answer prepared. Though he knew not why his answer was still hidden behind walls of indecision.

Come on King, you need a break from all of this psychic stuff and the wolves. Go be a real dog for once.

“But I'm not a real dog.” King whispered to himself.

Of course you are. How can you be a dog for ten years and not call yourself a real dog?

“You make a fine point...me” King said out loud to himself. Knowing full well anyone watching would find him a loon.

You love her, and you care about her. Keep this up Joel and you'll lose her.

King knew that was the truth. He would lose her if he said no. That would be the straw that broke the camel's back in their relationship. They had been apart for so long that any longer would ruin it. Then again he knew that if he cared about someone enough he would lose track of all common sense.

Against all reasoning that he could come up with, he was going to do it. He did not want to see her leave him. After everything he had been through in his life. She was his light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. His way of redemption and escape.


The corgi turned a little and saw Bailey walk onto the front porch.

“Hey there beautiful.” He smiled.

“What are you doing out here all by yourself? I need someone to help me beat my dad at scrabble.”

“I was just...thinking I guess.” King shrugged. Bailey was quiet for a moment before sitting down next to him.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I'm fine, was just reflecting on my life is all.” King replied. “I might tell you the full story one day.”

“Whenever you're comfortable.” Bailey kissed him on the cheek. “How do you really feel about moving to my place?”

King kept his mouth shut for a moment. This was the question he was really trying to answer. He opened his mouth to speak, the sound of twigs snapping caught his attention. He turned his head and saw gigantic bear looking down at him. Bailey gasped and turned to run, but the bear spoke.

“You had better not do that.” Boris shook his head and pulled Jon up for them both to see. “Make any wrong moves and this sweet innocent puppy gets it.”

Bailey stopped and gasped a little. She recognized the pup, he was the one at the vet with King. He was friends with that little cat.

“Jon?” King said. Jon was silent, he did not dare raise his voice and attract any unwanted attention. The bear looked like he meant business.

“Think long and hard about running to tell anyone. I have the puppy, and you have Alana. I want her back, you get the puppy back. But to get her back, you need to come with me.” Boris pointed at King.

The corgi turned Bailey and frowned. She looked at him and shook her head. “No King don't go with him.” She said in a hushed whisper.

“The clock is ticking, should I just gut the puppy and call it a day?”

“I have to go.” King whispered back.

“What if he's bluffing and will hurt you both anyways?” Bailey tried to hold her voice back.

“What if he's not and he really hurts the pup?” King replied as he started walking towards Boris. “Alright I'm coming.”

“Good, I knew you'd listen to reason.” Boris nodded and kept his eye on Bailey. “If you want him back in one piece, I suggest you keep quiet.”

Bailey said not a word as King followed the large bear into the darkness of the night. The very moment the bear had disappeared she dashed inside to call for help.


One after another they entered. Though instead of clambering through the front window as they always did, now they entered from the front entrance into the newly renovated living room. Well as renovated as any normal cat could do. Max had spent that entire week organizing and cleaning the house for pets to use, in hopes of making the snazziest joint on the block.

Of course fate frowned upon him and the property was to be purchased.

Then to salt the wound none of his friends had even showed up to the party. So now he was there by his lonesome drowning his sorrows in gallons of milk.

“Hey we've got like three hundred bucks in the jar, and the party is only beginning!” Jay grabbed a large jar filled with various dollar bills.

“Do you know how much a house costs?” Max asked. Jay shook his head. “Tell you what we can buy with that jar, maybe, just maybe, we can buy a few of the floor boards.”

“well...then let's fill up more jars people.” Jay shouted running through the house.

Max shook his head, his cousin was a cat in denial for certain. The house was done and over, and unfortunate as it was, but he would have to enjoy it while it lasted. At least everyone was having fun. He could count on that. They might even remember who he was after that day. Might be handy for a future in running pet owned businesses.

Or that would just be his five minutes of fame. And that would be it. With a sigh he downed his glass and set it aside. Still they had not shown up either, he had no one to bother about his problems. What a crummy night.

Then, he saw it.

A small tuft of white in the crowd. Weaving around. He could instantly recognize it. In a few mere moments he sprinted towards the dog in the crowd and stopped.

“Jon! What are you doing here, are your parents here?” Max said.

“Oh! Uh...they're...on their way.” Jon said backing up a little, his head shifting left to right.

“That's good, very good.” Max said and looked around, trying to figure out what Jon was looking at. “Is something wrong.”

“No, no, nothing's wrong. Just looking at all the people. It's crazy that all of these pets decided to show up. No offense.” Jon replied.

“None taken, I'm just as surprised as you.” Max said looking around the room with a longing stare. “This could have been a normal thing you know? Every weekend could look like this.”

“Well why can't it?” Jon asked, still looking around the room.

“Because some lady bought this plot of land and I'm pretty much evicted.” Max sighed. “But nothing good comes for free I suppose.”

“Yeah, very true.” Jon said, half paying attention to Max. “Well have fun Uncle Max! Someone over there is calling me.”

And with that Jon darted off. Leaving a rather confused and lonesome Max behind. The cat nodded and rolled his eyes as he went back to the bar to commence his depressed wallowing. Novembers were always the worst months, and he figured this one would be no different. Even with the whole pet rights thing about to happen.

Then, the phone rang. Max jumped to his feet and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hey Max, it's Grape.” Coming to tell him that she was no longer coming to his party now doubt.

“Ah! What can I do for you, you guys still coming?” Max replied as he leaned back in a chair and put his feet up on the bar.

“No...but I need your help. Have you seen or heard from Jon at all today?”

“Why yes I have, not but two minutes ago I just talked to him. He's here at the party. He said you would be coming soon though.”

“He's what?” Grape snapped, Max winced a little and held the phone away from his ear.

“He said you would be coming?” Max said and rubbed his ear.

“No, no, he's actually there?”

“Yes he is, I talked to him but he just wandered off.”

“Go stop him, oh my goodness that little puppy is in so much trouble.” Grape fumed. Max was about to reply when he heard a loud slam on the other end and a ring tone buzz in his ears. At least she would be coming to the party now.

Meanwhile, Jon was weaving through the crowds of pets looking for a description of the location Boris had given him. He needed to find the room just beyond the painting of the turtledove. The unfortunate problem was that whomever owned the house prior had an obscene obsession with turtledove paintings. There were about five or six on the first floor alone.

So Jon was frantic in checking them all. Each room seemed to be occupied, he hoped whatever he was looking for was not in an occupied room. One room stank of smoke and catnip, and he did not even dare try to enter there. Finally he found an empty room and prayed that it was the one he needed to find.

He checked underneath a table in the room, pulled up a few sheets covering dusty old couches. Stubbed his toe on an ancient desk, which sent him reeling on to the floor stifling his yelps of pain. Then he saw it.

On the wall was a gigantic set of claw marks. One that perhaps a bear could make. He ran over to the wall and looked around that area. Hoping that these were Boris' claw marks. He checked the floorboards, but they wouldn't budge. The wall was sturdy, no openings or holes anywhere. He kicked the wall in frustration and sat down, rubbing his temples. Then something caught his eye, there on the ground.

Scratch marks on the wooden floor. Someone had rearranged the furniture. He followed the marks until he came across a large wardrobe he had no hopes of moving. With a loud groan and got the other side and pushed all of his weight into the wardrobe. It was no use, his little puppy body was not going to budge it at all.

He was going to have to get violent with it.

Jon reached behind it, and using the wall for leverage, attempted to push the wardrobe on its face. Eventually physics did the rest of the work as the wardrobe began to lurch forward. A terrible creaking sound filled the air as the old nails and wood in the wardrobe awoke from its slumber. In one loud boom, the wardrobe crashed onto its face, splintering and cracking several spots in the frame. Someone was bound to heard that, and he had no time if they did.

To his relief, there was a hidden doorway behind the wardrobe. He walked inside of the room, it appeared to be an old closet. Judging from the fact that it smelled of the craft section at the store mixed with mildew, it must have once been full of fabrics and other crafty type things. Better yet, the thing he was looking for was right there on a pile of blankets.

She looked like she was sleeping, her breath even and her face calm. No one would ever have guessed her body was just an empty shell. The rest of her sealed away in the corgi's head. Jon sighed and ran over to the cat, he was going to have to carry her out.

Such a task proved a little more difficult than he thought.

He was just a pup and she a normal sized cat. She was rather heavier than him and a whole head taller. The pup had to drag her out of the room, which was hard enough. He could not imagine getting her through the entire house. With a grunt, he threw open the door and dragged her out.

A few dogs and cats had gathered around the room, muttering in confusion. Jon's eyes widened in panic a little as he looked around. His thoughts racing as to what he could say.

“She uh...passed out.” Jon said glancing down at Alana's unconscious body. “Can we get her some fresh air here? Anyone want to help me get her outside?”

A full grown dog ran to his side and scooped up the cat to carry her out. That was a relief. Someone there to help him.

“Thank you so much.” Jon nodded as he followed the dog.

“Might I ask what you were doing in there with an unconscious cat all by yourself?” The dog looked down at Jon.

“She was...hyped up on so much soda. I tried to get her away from people before she hurt herself. Then she just kinda...passed out.” Jon lied through his teeth.

“I see...” The dog narrowed his eyes, but did not question him further.

Jon looked around, hoping Max would not find him again. Things would only get even more awkward. Little by little they got closer to the front door. The pup was getting anxious, if he did not get out soon he might explode. There was no sign of Max out in the crowd at all. A few steps closer, he was going to make it.


That was Max's voice somewhere in the crowd. He pushed further towards the door and ran outside. The other dog confused as to why the pup was so jumpy. Just across the room, Max had just missed the pup running into the front yard. Though now he had a unique problem concerning the large wardrobe in one of the guest rooms.

Jon sat on the porch, thankful to be out of there in one piece. The dog set Alana next to him and walked inside. No doubt full of questions, but he knew he would never get a straight answer. Now all he had to do was get Alana into the woods close to the house, he was almost done. He would just rest a moment. Catch his breath, and keep his thoughts together.

Of course that was the worst idea he could possible conjure.

“Jon Turkey Sandwich, what on earth was going through your mind today?”

Jon's eyes widened. That was his mother's voice. And she did not sound happy.

“Mom! Oh my gosh I'm so glad to see you...I think.” Jon stood up to run to her, but decided not to approach. He could see the fire burning in her eyes. His dad was not too far behind her and he looked quite stern, but more like he was ready to restrain Grape.

“You are in so much trouble. Do you know how scared I was today?” Grape snapped.

“...very?” Jon looked down.

“Yes! Why did you think it was a good idea to just go wandering off on your own like that? With all those kidnappings and that stupid bear...and evil spirit psychic freaks out there.”

“I...I can explain mom I really can.” Jon felt like he was about ready to cry. He was getting in trouble and really it wasn't all his fault.

Right that very moment, Boris decided he had seen enough. With a lumbering couple of steps he walked over to Jon, tossed Grape aside and picked Jon up by the nape of his neck. Jon, in a moment of weakness, nearly peed himself. All pets present backed away a few steps, shocked by by fact that the rumors were true.

“I think I should do the explaining here.” Boris said as he dropped King before him and held up Jon for all to see.
A/N: Hooray another update. Sorry this one was a little later than usual. Busy week meant a little less writing time for me. However with this chapter we are well on our way to the end of the story! I predict we will have about two more updates to go. And I might actually post those earlier than we are all used to.

With that said, thanks for reading and commenting this far. You guys are awesome!

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That Boris guy is good, I give him that, for being able to sneak his way into the neighborhood so far.
His demise must be painful, promise! :twisted:


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only two more updates? :cry:
please tell me you'll write more after this is done.

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Housepets: The New Era


Max's party found itself reaching new heights. The sudden appearance of the large neighborhood intruder had drawn anxious excitement from the guests. Their faces plastered against windows trying to get a good look at the bear, none were so brave as to venture outside.

“What's all the fuss about? Come on guys the party's over here!” Jay ran over to the pets, waving around his cash jar. No one answered him. Not that he needed an answer once he glimpsed the bear dangling a puppy in the air. “Hey hold on a sec, Jon's out there. Oh shoot, Jon's out there. Someone call the police!”

Max was already on the phone trying to contact animal control or the police. Whoever he could get a hold of faster. For one that bear had his best friend's son, and two, it was crashing his party. Finally a voice answered his call.

“Animal control, we've got a bear. Great you've been trying to track down a bear? Well come on down we've got a bit of a problem.” Max said into the phone as Jay pleaded with the crowd. Trying to get them to do something, anything but just watch.

Just outside, Boris knew he was in serious trouble. He had all of the pieces he needed, save for one. The most vital one of all.

“You get the corgi, and the pup back, if one of your little psychic friends can get Alana out of his head.” Boris pointed at King, who lay still and unconscious on the ground. “Any objections and I promise this pup will not walk.”

The whole group turned to look at Sabrina. She shrank back at the sudden pressure. Let Alana out, the person who had kidnapped her and so many others. The one who helped put Pete in power. Letting her out would be begging for more trouble than it was worth.

“Sabrina, I say this as your friend. If my son does not come home in one piece tonight then you won't.” Grape said. Her voice was even but her eyes betrayed her true panic.

“It's not that easy...you have to remember I'm letting out an incredibly dangerous psychic. Do you want her running around trying to kill King or kidnapping innocent pets?”

“We can deal with that when it comes.” Grape snapped. “King and Jon are in danger, and if something does not happen soon we're going to lose them both.”


Grape shook her head and stormed off. Peanut ran to try and grab her but she had slipped away much too fast. There was a moment of stillness among the pets standing before Boris. His black eyes staring each and everyone of them down.

“Come on, you're all making this much too difficult on yourselves.” Boris growled as he held a claw to Jon's belly. “Let me have what I want and you can all go back to living your miserable little pet lives.”

No one answered. All of the pets were frozen in place. Snow watched in horror as the bear pressed his claw into Jon's stomach. Hard enough to make the poor pup yelp. This was like some sort of guilt trip conga for her. Just one thing after another. Worse yet she did not know if she could get Alana out of King's head. She helped in her capture, but could it be that hard getting her out. What if Alana didn't want to leave? Could she force Alana out? Was she strong enough?

So many questions not enough time to think.

“If I have to wait another ten seconds I swear you will regret it.” Boris snapped. He looked around at the dumbfounded pets. Peanut took a step forward, taking a deep breath and standing tall.

“You went back on the deal.” Peanut said to the bear.

“E-excuse me?” Boris chuckled a little. “What do you mean?”

“When you stole the laptop, you promised to leave my family alone.” Peanut glared daggers. Trying to act intimidating. To the bear he only came off as suicidal.

“I never promised such a thing. You just put words into my mouth.” Boris laughed. Peanut shook his head and looked up into a nearby tree. A smile crossed his lips.

“You know what. I'll give you one last chance. Give me my son back and we'll call it even.” Peanut said. Glancing up into the trees ever so often.

“What makes you think you have any room to negotiate, you pathetic little mongrel.” Boris spit at Peanut. Taking his claw and drawing it along Jon's stomach. Peanut's eyes widened as Jon yelped and squirmed.

“Don't say I didn't warn you.” Peanut snarled. Everyone that knew him was shocked by happy-go-lucky Peanut and his shift in behavior. Snow gulped a little, wondering what he was up to.

A loud, ear splitting crack filled the air. Everyone looked up and saw a large tree limb had become dislodged from above and came cascading down onto Boris. The bear roared in pain when the limb struck him on the head, his paw slipping and dropping his hostage. Peanut snatched his son out of the air and held him close as he ran away from the ensuing fight.

Perched on the branch was a very upset ball of purple fur and claws. The crowd inside the house cheered as Grape broke off a thick part of the limb and struck the bear on the nose. Boris swung his paws around with blind rage, teeth bared and claws tearing the wooden limb that struck him apart.

Grape yowled as she tumbled to the ground and hit her head. Dazed but awake, pure adrenaline keeping her from passing out, she stood back up and jumped away from the bear's claws. Taking a swipe of her own when given the opportunity. However Boris was much too big and her ambition much too high.

“I...have had...enough!” Boris roared and smacked Grape aside. Her body tumbled away like a rag doll and landed on her back. Her body stunned from the wind being knocked out of her. Boris charged over to Grape and picked her up. Just as he had done to Jon.

“Mom!” Jon whined and tried to run to her but Peanut held him back.

“If we're going to do it this way, then fine by me...” Boris held a claw to her face. She dig her claws into Boris' paw, but to no avail. The bear was fueled by rage and rage alone.

“Hey ugly!”

Boris paused for a moment and looked around. “Excuse me?”


Boris did not have enough to time to stop the cinder block that smashed into his head. The bear, disoriented by the suddenness and strength of the attack, stumbled a little and dropped Grape. She scrambled away as the bear collapsed on the ground. Peanut looked up towards the attic window and sighed with relief.

“Uncle Max!” Jon cheered. The cat's white Cheshire grin was the only thing visible against the darkness.

“Consider us even for the whole gator thing.” Max slid down from the attic, and with nimble finesse, stuck his landing. Grape ran up to him and tackled him into the ground, locking him in a tight embrace. “Oof...I think you're crushing my lungs.”

Unfortunately for him, Peanut and Jon ran over and joined in the crushing group hug.

“I don't think I've ever been so glad to see you Max!” Peanut gave the cat a firm pat on the back.

“Let's make sure you're never this glad to see me again.” Max groaned as he stepped away from the Sandwich family, rubbing his sore back. “Is everyone okay?”

“I think so...a little shaken up.” Grape replied. She knew that once the adrenaline was gone she would be feeling the bruises.

“I've got a bit of a cut...” Jon whimpered as he gestured to his stomach. “But it's nothing too bad.”

“...and I need a drink. This week has been insane.” Peanut grumbled as he rubbed his temples.

“Well you've come to the right place. If you'll just come inside and get situated, the party can commence once again.” Max gave a bow and flourished his tail. “I've already alerted the authorities, they should be here any moment to deal with the bear.”

At the moment Max turned, he found himself standing before the gigantic bear. Boris glared down at him and roared, the black cat froze in place. His eyes wide as a scared kittens. Boris swiped at Max, but Grape snatched him away.

“Come on snap out of it.” Grape slapped Max back into his senses.

“....ow what did you do that for?” Max rubbed his cheek.

“Had to think of something.”

“I'm sorry I was too busy getting over the fact that we are dealing with a bear not of this earth.” The black cat spat.

“Mooom! Watch out.”

Grape jumped back as the bear swiped again. She glanced into his eyes, the only thing present now was blistering hatred. With a gulp, she took a few steps back, feeling her confidence sapped.

“I have had it...with all of you impudent little pets!” Boris threw Grape down and pressed his paw to her chest. She squirmed and yowled as she dug her claws into Boris' hand. To no avail. He was going to crush her, and no one could stop him.

“I'll get the dang cat back!”

Boris paused for a moment. Everyone turned their heads. Snow had pushed herself towards the front of the crowd and shouted at the top of her lungs. Sabrina just behind her, trying to stop her.

“I put her in, I can get her out.” Snow said to the bear as she walked up to in. “Just...just let her go.”

The bear glared down at Grape, then back at Snow. “As you wish.”

Boris eased his paw off of Grape, who grabbed at her chest and gasped for air. Max and Peanut ran to her side. Both trying to help her up. The bear snorted in their direction and led the small kitten towards where King now lay. Sabrina had half a mind to jump in and grab Snow, to stop her, but she was far too late. Get any closer to the bear and she would put Snow in serious danger, in fact it would put everyone in serious danger.

The kitten got down on her knees and looked at the unconscious corgi. A small lump on the side of his head, Boris had been a little rough on him it seemed. She took a deep breath and pressed her hands to King's forehead, praying that she would not fail.



The corgi heard a voice from the darkness. A very familiar one. One eye opened. Sensation returned, little by little. He could feel his head on smooth ground. His skin reacting with strange indifference to the texture and temperature. Like the very ground itself was neutral.

“Oh jeez, not this again.” King jumped to his feet and looked around him. Once again he was stuck in the midst of impermeable darkness.

“Calm down, we don't have much time and I'm not sure if I can do this...” Snow's voice echoed.

“Am I trapped again?”

“No, but we need to let Alana out.”

“What?” King snapped. His voice echoing into the vast nothing. “No way am I letting that psycho out.”

“We have to, or someone is going to get hurt.” Snow said. King jumped a little as a door appeared in the darkness. “You know what to do.”

He sighed and stared at the door for a moment. His brain told him to reject the offer. That letting out Alana was the last thing he wanted to do. What if she tried to fry his brain? Then again, it was Jon out there. The bear sent Jon into the house to recover Alana's unconscious body. That was the last thing he remembered before the bear said something about keeping the corgi from running off. One thump on the head later, and now here he was.

Now Jon was his hostage and his life was on the line. King could not find it himself to doom the pup. Jon was just a kid after all.

“For the record, Jon is okay.” Snow said. “Everyone is, for now.”

“Good to know.” King said as he opened the door and stepped inside. Once again he was in that strange dreamscape. Any thought he had would manifest into a physical form, anything he wanted could happen in that room, for example the glass case that had captured and sealed Alana.

Situated on the far side of the dreamscape, Alana appeared to be meditating within her box. He took a deep breath and approached her. Nervous, but determined, King tapped the glass of the box to grab her attention. One eye had opened, a frown curled on her lips. He took a moment to envision a lock on the box, he blinked and there it was. As if it had been there all along.

King pointed to the lock and held up a key. Now Alana was interested. Looking left and right he imagined there was some sort of intercom that allowed him to communicate inside of the box. Once again he blinked, and there it was.

“Can you hear me?” King asked into the speaker. Alana nodded, slow and cautious-like. “I'd like to make a deal with you.”

“And just what might that be, Joel?” Alana smiled a little.

“Your pet bear is wrecking havoc, and he wants you back.” King replied, folding his arms. “If I let you out he'll stop, if I don't, someone will get hurt.”

“Good old Boris, knew I could count on him.” Alana clapped her hands. “So what, you just let me out and that's that?”

“On two conditions.” King held up a finger. “Leave me and my friends alone, two...” He paused for a moment.

“Yes, I'm listening?”

“Tell Pete, or someone important, that...I want to be a dog.” King sighed.

“Oh really now Joel? Is this a good time to be talking about this?” She laughed out loud. “And dang it took you that long to come up with that? You're adorable.”

“Stop patronizing me, or do you forget who has the key?” King said, he was not at all amused.

“Your wish is my command...” She bowed her head a little and gave him a mischievous smile, “King.”

King nodded a little and put the key in the lock. He turned it and undid it. The top of the box flew open, with Alana shooting out. Her laugh resounding through the darkness as she blasted off out of sight. King took a few steps back. His work was done, he hoped.

“Ready to go?” Snow asked as a door appeared. “I can't believe she just left that easily...it makes me nervous.

“Yeah...me too.” King said as he stepped on through.


Boris paced back and forth, watching the unconscious corgi with hawk like focus. Snow was still there, her hands to his forehead. He could not fathom what was taking so long. Though it had only been a little more than five minutes. Five minutes he could have spent running.

Suddenly, a small sound caught his attention.

Alana's body had regained consciousness and was now sitting up. Her eyes weary with heavy sleep. She yawned a little and stood to her feet, stretching and walking over to Boris. The cat smiled and winked at Sabrina.

“Miss Alana!” Boris sounded rather pleased.

“Good work Boris, I knew I could count on you.” Alana gave him a nod. “And...I am a cat of my word. Come Boris, we're leaving.”

She walked towards some trees that led into the woods just beyond Babylon Gardens. Everyone watched her, some with spite, some with indifference. Many party goers gazed at her with gawked confusion. Boris' mood had much improved at this point as he followed behind.

But, Sabrina was about to have the last laugh. Alana felt her ears twitch a little, something was wrong. There was a small Thwip sound, and in a few moments Boris grabbed the back of his neck. He recognized that feeling. With a panicked roar he dove in front of Alana to shield her from darts that were flying her way.

Alana dashed off into the night, looking back at Boris. “I'll get you back I swear on it!” She shouted as she disappeared.

Fido shoved through the crowd with a dart rifle in hand. A brigade of K-9 troops and animal control units ran in. The animal control had already made it to Boris, who was passing out on the ground. Two K-9 units were sniffing the direction Alana had bolted off to and chased after in pursuit.

“You know I've always wanted to do something like that.” Fido said, his eyes shifted towards Sabrina.

“You're late.” Sabrina walked to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Fashionably so.” Fido sighed as he looked in the direction Alana had run. “I hope our sniffers can catch her scent. I don't like the idea of her being at large.”

“If she ever decides to show her face around here again, I doubt she'll have a warm welcome.” Sabrina replied. Fido nodded and looked towards all of the bruised and weary looking animals before him. “Was I really that late?”

“Nah, Snow saved the day.” Sabrina smiled and looked at Snow. But Snow was not smiling back.

“Why didn't you help?” Snow asked as she ran to Sabrina. Now all eyes were on Sabrina. With a sigh she looked down at the kitten.

“I will admit...I'm not proud of what happened.” Sabrina said. “I was worried what would happen if we let Alana out...”

“You let Jon and his mom get hurt though!” Snow snapped. “Sabrina I'm sorry but...that's...that's...” Words had escaped the kitten.

“Snow...please calm down. I understand why she didn't help.” Jon walked over to the cats, his tail between his legs. “She wanted what was best for everyone. And things worked out...so let's just be happy about that.”

She turned a little and sighed. “Fine, fine, I'll humor you pup.”

There was an awkward silence shared between the two as the crowd came back to life. Max was leading people towards the party. K-9 officers were happy to get drinks, as was Peanut. Grape had escaped with only bruises, to which the on scene vet from the animal control squad was attending. Sabrina sighed and looked at Fido, guilt on her face.

“Take the kid's advice, he's right.” Fido said. “Be happy, we're all okay. Now I don't know about you, but I could use a break.”

The two smiled at each other and walked towards the rest of the party goers.

“What's in the bag?” Jon asked. Snow blushed a little and lifted up the paper bag.

“It's...a gift.” Snow said. “Before all of this happened, I felt bad for making you upset at me like that. So I decided to get you a gift to say sorry.” She handed Jon the paper bag, who sniffed at it and looked back up at her. His tail wagging like crazy. She was right about dogs liking surprises. “Come on, open it before I change my mind.”

Jon opened it and looked inside. The action figure staring back at him with its plastic eyes. Pulled it out and held it in the light. “Yes! I've always wanted this, how'd you get ahold of it?”

“Trade secret.” Snow replied.

“Thank you so much! Uh...” He reached to hug her but restrained himself. “Sorry.”

“Oh jeez you dumb dog, you're doing this on purpose.” She rolled her eyes and hugged him. “Don't get the wrong idea about this, and if you tell the wolves I will gut you.”

Jon smiled at her and nodded. “Our little secret.”


“Truce.” Jon nodded as he let go. “Wanna go party? My dad brought some pretty good snacks.”

“That sounds...wonderful right now.”


Arcana never was fond of animal shelters. The smell was one thing, but the caged animals always made her depressed. It was like Pete knew this and decided he had a special kind of torture involved for her. Men in suits drove halfway across town to the nearest animal shelter, checked her in, had her thrown in a cage far in the back, and drove off.

His last words to her were: “Checkmate.”

The air was cold, and the thin blanket provided was scant coverage against the nighttime chill. She had no idea where Tarot was, her captors would not tell her what they did with her. She watched the results of the election from all across the country, each state's results being projected on the television. Peter Hooke was leading and had a prospected win.

Loneliness did not begin describe how she felt at the moment. She had lost, after so much effort. She had lost. For once in her life, the dragon wanted to cry. Pete had beat her and now the uncertain future for all pets lay in the horizon. It could be sheer terror or something less. Whatever the case, with Pete in charge, there was no good to come of it.

Her head turned a little as she heard the door to the room open. A few figures walked in, scanning along the cages. She wanted to pray that it was someone to help her, but who would she pray to if not herself? With a sigh she lay on her back and stared at the ceiling.

“Nope, that's not the one.” A voice said. “Are you sure she's out here?”

“I'm certain! Pete wanted us both in separate shelters.” That was Tarot's voice. Arcana sat up and ran to the front cage.


A fox wearing an expensive looking jacket turned towards her and smiled. “Ah! Look what the cat dragged in.”


A/N: To answer Brent's question, yes I am still going to keep writing. :3 This is too much fun to stop entirely. Think of it as the end of book one, in a series of I don't know how many. Next update will wrap things up and we'll get to see the epilogue too! Hope you guys had as much fun reading this as I did writing. Been a wild ride and I bit off way more than I could chew with this story. :lol: But I don't mean to get ahead of myself, there's still one more chapter! Until then, happy reading.

At the end of the day I often think about what I have done for the world. What I have changed, perhaps made better or worse. I then sit at a computer for hours and look at pictures of cats.

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Honorable Intentions Wrote:
To answer Brent's question, yes I am still going to keep writing.

*does a happy dance*

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Housepets: The New Era

"Perhaps we will take it all back. Win those rights. Fix everything that was wronged to you animals. I cannot promise you all of this today, but I can promise you we can start this change. I can promise you that we will usher in the new era of pets rights."

-Peter Hooke

The Fox and The Dragon

The penthouse suite gazed over the entire city, the sunrise casting its glow along the monuments towering above the skyline. Cars and people alike appeared as ants from the stately view. I could see it, the white house was there in the distance. Pete had succeeded in his “siege.” Now come February, these streets would fill with parading men and women, ushering in their new leader. It would be almost like the kings of old. Such spectacles these mortals conjured for the men that led them.

“...and so the Hijinx Hare decides he wants to quit!” Kitsune rambled on as he chewed away his breakfast. “Thinks he's more suited for more professional acting stints. I tell you, that haughty little hare is going to be broken. He left a cash cow of an industry, I never would've dreamed this much money could be made as a cereal mascot and spokesperson...”

I turned my attention to the excited looking fox. An old friend from a time that seemed so long gone. It was such an odd chance, finding him there in Washington. Then again, as an immortal I did not believe much in mere chance. “I remember when you first got 'punished,' you said you were going to be miserable. You don't seem so bad off.”

The chatty fox paused for a moment and nodded. “Yes, that is true. At first I despised this whole mortal thing.” He adjusted his sunglasses as he spoke. “I thought I might enjoy being a hermit out in the woods. Distance myself from the pitiful little mortals that populate our little games.”

“What changed your mind?” I said, taking a small sip of orange juice. The tangy flavor tickled my tongue.

“I got lonely.” Kitsune shrugged. “Forest animals are fun and all, but nothing quite like someone who can hold very intelligent conversation. Like yourself Dragon, even Pete sometimes!”

“And you just up and moved?”

“Yup, never looked back since. Like I was saying, that dumb hare dropping his cereal gig was the best thing to ever happen to me. I mean look at me now, five star meals at five star hotels. I tell you, these mortals know how to spice things up.”

“That they do.” I said with a smile, I could not deny my soft spot for those mortals. “By the way, I never caught the reason why you were here.”

“Ah, well I knew Pete was in Washington, and I called him up. Asked him if we could have a little reunion, I even bought Dungeons and Dragons so we could play for old times sake.” Kitsune replied, gesturing to a box sitting in the corner of the balcony. “But he snubbed me, much too important for his friends I suppose. I asked about you though, and he said you would be turning up in washington fairly soon. So I made the journey here. All the way from the crystal California coast, when I get this weird little prompting in my head.”

At that moment Tarot walked onto the balcony, a glass of sparkling mineral water in her paws. “I felt his presence and called him.”

“Indeed she did. I got an emergency call and had my boys drive me all around town searching shelters for you guys.” Kitsune replied. “Took us the better part of an hour to get you, but I do say it was worth the trouble. Celebrities can get full of themselves and I've been itching for some of my own kind.”

“Well...glad to hear it. You showing up was the first good thing that happened to me since I showed up in Washington.”

“Ah, well I can surely remedy that further.” The fox gave a humble nod. “But enough about me, I'veer jabbered on too long. Tell me about your mortality.”

“It's been...fun. I guess.” I shrugged.

“You guess? Why Dragon you were the only one of us who was quite happy about this whole mortality thing.” Said Kitsune, a look of concern in his eyes.

“I've enjoyed the time off. I will say that. But Pete has been a big problem. This whole politician thing and then he gets all of my friends involved, I tried to stop him and failed...”

The air between the us animals became silent for a good while. Kitsune gathered his thoughts, braving the words he was about to speak. “You know Dragon, you and Pete take our game way too seriously.”


“The first time in a millenia you get some time off, and you do what with it? You spend it fighting with Pete. I mean how long have you been at this now?”

“...since Pete made a move on me and my friends.” I said while folding my arms. “I say that's a call to action. He kidnapped Sabrina, hurt so many pets and...”

“And he's going to regret it.” The fox replied. “What he does not realize is that he has one of the hardest jobs in the world now. He hurt people to get on top, but that does not mean what he did goes away. It's all out there somewhere. But you know, he's also going to regret all this time he has wasted to rest.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but stopped. My head bowed a little.

“You're going to regret it too if you don't wise up. If you spend all this time battling Pete over this, you're going to push away all of the people you care about. Those silly little mortals you love so much will stop loving you if you aren't careful.”

I looked back up at the Kitsune and nodded a little. “I think I understand...but Pete...”

“But nothing, just look out for your own and no more. Don't turn this into some all out war. Pete will learn my advice the hard way soon enough. You still have a chance. Go home, enjoy life. For once in your existence stop playing our game!”

The two of us stared at each other for a moment. It was the first time since we had met again that Kitsune had become stern in his demeanor.

“You're right...” I nodded.

“Aren't I always?”

“Don't push it.” I stuck my tongue out at the fox. He smiled a little at me and sipped away his drink.

“You'll thank me later. Trust me.” Said Kitsune.

I took a moment to think. I had to admit, I was going a little crazy over the game. Pete hurt people, and I had tried to stop him. That was what forced my hand in the first place. At least at first it was. Pete would pay for his crimes someday, but inside I knew that my little crusade was doomed from the start. Sure I could save the pets, ruin Peter Hooke. But all of those animals wanted change.

A strange air of rebellion had seized the world. It seems I was just used to being the one overseeing it, but now I sit, just a spectator.



“How about we pull out Dungeons and Dragons. Play a little bit, for old times sake.” I said. “Tarot could jump in and play too.”

“Now that's what I like to hear! I call Game Master by the way.” Kitsune said as he trotted over to the box.

“And I'll go get Tarot.”

Maybe I could try this relaxing thing. Maybe for just awhile.

Imaginates With Wolves

That morning began like any other. Me asleep in front of the television, chatter from the morning talking heads on the news filled the air. Though this time I had not stayed up the entire night. When I got home the other night I felt all of the adrenaline just crash. It was like getting hit with a train.

Now it was all over and done. What scary night it was too! But honestly, I don't think that night could have gone any better. Snow sure was nice. Getting me that present and all. She even jumped in to save me. What surprised me most was the hug.

Maybe someday she'll even try harder when we play imaginate! But I could be asking for too much.

Downstairs I could hear my dad calling me, the wolves were probably on my front porch, ready to whisk me away to their “get back with nature” camping trip. The trip I had dreaded all week. With a sigh I walked over to my dresser to grab my collar. I had no idea why I might need that on the trip, but after seeing what Duke McGurdle did with his on the show, it could not hurt.

There sitting on the desk were two identical action figures. Both brought a smile to my face. One of which Snow had brought to me the other night. One I had gotten for my birthday. Both of which, the exact same thing. Still, it's the thought that counts.

“Jon! Get down here before I tell my dad you chickened out.”

I gulped and ran out the door. That was Lupa, at least that's what I called her. There she was, along with all of her siblings, standing in my living room. All prepared for a weekend in the wild. And by prepared, I really do mean that they had no camping gear with them whatsoever.

“You know I might have to try that trick one of these days.” Said dad, he chuckled a little and smiled at me. “Take care of him you guys.”

“I'm sure he can take care of himself. We heard about the bear.” Rudy chimed in.

“Oh that was all...” I wanted to say it was all my parents, uncle max, but not me.

“Yeah he was a brave dog. You should have been there, he's even got a battle scar.” My dad interrupted me and winked, pointing at the visible scratch on my stomach.

“Whoa!” The wolves gathered around. A blush rising to my face.

“Have fun kiddo.” Dad laughed as he left us alone in the room.

“Well come on, we're burning daylight.” Alexander said, gesturing for us all to follow. I trotted a little behind them, but I was stopped at the door.

“Are you really going to wear that?” Lupa stopped me.

“Wear what?”

“That collar.” Lupa poked the collar on my neck.

“I don't see why not.”

“Oh come on Jon, you're going out into the wild.” Alexander stuck his tongue at me. “Hey! You can imaginate as a feral the whole weekend.”

If I was not blushing before, I certainly was now. With a gulp I looked at my collar. While most other beings out there in the world found us pets strange, I saw it as a piece of myself. My identity! Without it I felt naked. Here they were asking me to run around nude!

“Come on, we don't ever wear collars.” Lupa smiled and poked my neck. Oh they were good at this peer pressure thing people talked about on TV.

With a sigh I undid the collar and set it aside. “There, better?”

“It's a look befitting an honorary wolf to be.” Rudy said as he walked out the front door. One by one we followed out. Waiting on the sidewalk was a whole pack of wolves, the sheer amount of them was shocking.

It struck me that moment, was that what I was to them? That did not sound like a bad title at all. I bet I could rub the Good Old Dogs club's noses in that. I smiled a little and joined up with the pack. Feeling very small, very out of place. It was terrifying standing among them. I almost wanted to run back to mom and dad, forget about the whole wolf thing.

“Hey, relax. I'm sure a big brave dog like you will get along fine here.” Lupa winked at me and smiled.

I watched her walk a little further ahead. My eyes did not shift away from her as I watched her walk off. I did not care if she meant what she said, or if she was being sarcastic. The way she said it made me feel great. My chest felt a little warm for a moment as I kept walking.

She had a weird way of making me feel good. Her brothers would always tease me, just the way we guys do it sometimes, and she'd always back up my case. Even when she joined in on the teasing, they ended up sounding more like compliments. Like the big brave dog thing from earlier. In fact I kind of liked the way she looked too! Big tough she-wolf who could rough it out with the rest of the guys. And she did smell nice too, that feral scent mixed with the sweet styling of a home.

“Jon are you okay?” She broke my thoughts like a sledgehammer to a window.

“Oh...oh yeah I'm fine.” What was wrong with me? A hot blush rushed to my face. It reminded me of a talk I had with my dad. He told me that he was about my age when he started feeling attracted to mom, I responded with the ever so confident “pfft that won't be me!”

“Why are you blushing?”

“N-no reason! None at all.” I said as I hid my face. She just shrugged and kept walking.

Oh boy did I have an interesting weekend ahead of me.


A King and his Castle

My palms were sweaty, my gut ached and wrenched. My lips were dried, my tongue did not want to move. Inside I was praying, over and over again. Hoping just to get this over with.

“Bailey, I've been thinking.” I said to her, her eyes filled with concern. “You know this whole...this whole moving thing. It didn't sit well with me.”

She nodded, I saw her eyes expecting the worst.

“It didn't sit well with me at first.” I added. “After what happened last night, let's just say, I had a big change of heart...a really big one.”

“Go on?” Her eyes starting to brim with excitement.

“Bailey I want to go with you. I'm just as tired as you are about this whole long distance thing.” The words came to mind much quicker each time I spoke. My confidence was building. “But...there's one thing I also wanted to tell you.”

We shared a moment of silence. There I was sitting in an empty park. A pile of leaves as my cushion. No one was there that early in the morning. I'm sure everyone was too tired after a big run of election night parties. Darn do these pets love their parties.


“I said I'd tell you more about me when I was ready...well I'm not sure if I'm ready but if I keep telling myself that, then I don't think I'll ever be ready. But you have to promise you won't call me crazy or freak out, or call the cops or...or...”

“King, just say it.” She laid her hand on my cheek.

“I...I...” Come on Joel you can say it. “You remember on the news, a long time ago. About the guy from PETA. The one that disappeared mysteriously?”

“The one that kidnapped Fox, I remember him.” She nodded, the frown on her face shooting daggers into my heart. Could I say it?

“The reason he disappeared...promise me you won't freak out...”

“I won't King, just say it.”

“I'm that man.” There, I said it. It hurt so much to say it, but it felt so good after all those years keeping it locked away inside that I could say it to someone. Anyone out there. “I was, I should say, I was Joel Robinson.”

I braced for her to scream, to go and call the animal control. Tell them the lock away this insane little corgi claiming he was a man. Instead I was greeted with a bit of a surprised chuckle. I looked at her and tilted my head.


“You're not screaming, or...or running away. Calling me a loon.” I shook my head.

“King just shut up for a second and let me talk.” She held her finger to my lips and smiled at me. “If this is true you've been a dog for a very long time then.”

I nodded, my ears went down.

“If I was a person turned into a dog, I bet I wouldn't remember what it was like at all to be a human.” She said as she kissed my cheek. “Now King, if it makes you happy, yes, I'll call you insane. But you know what. You were a weird guy anyways, and I think that's part of your charm.”

“My charm?”

“Sure. The way you act is so...odd sometimes. Like a little person. Which makes sense I guess.” Bailey shrugged. “But beneath it all you're sweet. You mean well and you've been with me this long. Treated me as well as any boyfriend should. I don't care if you turned out to be a purple giraffe in disguise, I think I'd still love you.”

I smiled a little. The stress of the situation had passed. Her words comforted me, even if they were a bit odd. “That's...relieving. Because I have another confession to make...”

“You know I was kidding about the purple giraffe thing right?” She laughed a little. I sighed and blushed, pulling out a small charm to add to her collar.

“I'm not sure how you feel about this whole pet marriage thing, I mean some people find it kinda silly...I didn't want to go all out because I'd be afraid I'd scare you off...” I was rambling again. I tried to stop but my mouth would not listen. “I didn't want to waste the money getting a ring, just to scare you away...”

“King, of course I will.” She smiled a little and stroked my cheek. I handed her the charm, my mouth finally stopped moving.

I think I woke the dead that day when I cheered.

Maxwell and the Mysterious Stranger

Curse my rotten luck, that she show up on my door that day. I thought we were all done with her. Besides she had no place here. Not in my, well, what was my, hangout. Any day now that ugly woman would show her face around here and take away all I held dear.

“Come on Max let her stay. Didn't you hear what she said?” Jay begged me, then leaned in and whispered. “'sides, she's smokin hot.”

“I said no. She is bad news.” And that was my final answer.

The calico cat standing in the main hall of the small manor house was grinning like a fiend. “You can take the money, or I can leave you with a bad luck curse. Befitting of two black cats such yourselves.”

My eyes narrowed, but Jay was still panting like a dog. “Come on man, how could we leave this lovely lady hanging. It's being rude.”

“See, that's called being a gentlecat.” She winked at him. “Your friend her could learn a thing or two about how to treat a lady cat.”

I did not put the bad luck curse past her, in fact that seemed rather terrible. But she was bad news none the less. I was not about to let her use this attic, whatever the reason may be. “I know what you did to all of those pets, and if you think you're going to turn this house into one of those...weird torture barns. Then count me out. Bad luck curse or not.”

“I just need someplace to lay low for awhile. And I need to make sure Boris makes it out safe and sound.” Alana said as she walked up to me. She grabbed my forehead and stared into my eyes.

I saw her face contort into a terrifying cat creature. Eyes like piercing voids, breath like acid. It's tongue a long sinewy snake. I wanted to scream but my voice had run far away. She then released me and took a few steps back, it was like nothing ever happened. I looked at Jay, who gave me a look like I was speaking in tongues.

“Now I can do that again, but much worse, or you can say yes. And keep your dinky little manor house.” The cat said, a sick smile on her lips.

“Y-yes.” Did I just say that? I could not control my lips. I just did not want to see that face again.

“Good now here's someone I'd like you to meet.” She said, grabbing my arm and dragging me away. Jay looking at me with an intense jealousy burning in his eyes.

She dragged me to a random bathroom, one that was relatively cleaner than the rest. This one I had paid special care in fixing up for the party. The mirror I had wiped down until it sparkled. Now there she was tapping on it with her claws.

“Hey, watch it, you'll scratch it.” I snapped, almost on sheer reflex.

“Please don't be rude, I'm trying to call someone.” Alana muttered as she stared at the mirror. “There it goes.”

In an instant, a face appeared in the mirror. I felt my hair stand on end, my body wishing to run the opposite direction. But she held me in place.

“What is it?” The voice spoke, the annoyance in its town was unshakeable.

“It's me, Alana.”

“Ah so you got yourself out of the corgi? Good for you.”

“Petey, can I ask a favor?” She said.

“No Alana, you've exhausted your favors. What with your little stunt on King.” The man in the mirror spoke.

“Ah, but your forget Petey. Who has got all the dirt on you?” Alana folded her arms.

“You wouldn't dare...”

“I would! If you don't buy this here house for my friend Max here, you will get knocked out of office faster than you can say inauguration day.”

The man on the other side was silent. Max watched as he went to work on a piece of paper. Reaching over to a phone. “Consider it done...”

“Thanks Petey, you're a sweetheart.” Alana smiled. The figure mirror faded a little as she stepped down. “From now on I call the shots, but you're going to be my front man. So no one suspects a thing...capisce?”

“Yes...” I said. She led me out of the bathroom. And ran to the stairs.

“Now if you'll excuse me boys, I'm going to go take a nap. If anyone asks for me, I'm not here.” She jogged up the stairs.

“Dang it dude why do all the girls like you?” Jay grumbled as he walked back to the bar.

“Cheer up, we get to keep the house...”

Though I wish someone had bought it sooner now.


Sunshine On My Shoulders

Well look who's back. Been awhile since you last heard from me huh? Things really have changed since we last talked. I mean Jon was just straight out of the shelter that last time we had a chat. Goodness now I have a job, a brand new little house is being built in the back yard. Courtesy of my dad.

And life still keeps going on.

Which reminds me. It was after Jon left that morning that I decided to surprise Grape. I had told dad of her desire to adopt again. Since she picked last time, we both deemed it fair that I get to choose this one. Poor Grape was all asleep and bruised on the bed, I figured she needed a little something to boost her spirits.

Then there was part two of the gift, but we'll get to that in time.

I felt my heart race when the car took off from the driveway. Here I was, going to adopt another child for the Sandwich clan. After so many nights of indecision, I had given in to her demands. Though each moment we drove I felt a certain amount of regret in not letting Grape decide. Really because pet adoption really was like waiting for a child to be born. What would I name it? Would it be a boy or a girl? Even the species was up for grabs.

Though I knew my heart was settled on getting a cat. I was missing the old one cat per dog ratio in my home. Besides Jon liked cats better, and cats liked him back.

When we arrived, memories of the last time I was there came flooding back. This was the exact same shelter Grape was adopted from. We got Jon here, and now our next child would come straight from the shelter. There would be a key difference in this transaction, however.

I stepped through the door and greeted the teenager working the desk. He nodded and gave us a warm smile. Shelter employees were always happy to see prospective adopters. It meant someone was getting home that day. Of course it had nothing to do with the money saved on food and supplies, ah but who am I kidding?

Dad then nodded at me, and let me go in. By myself might I add. The tension was nerve wracking. So many animals and they were all waiting for a mom or dad of their own to come take them to a nice safe place. I could only choose one. There were so many younger ones, the occasional older one. I decided to not freak out Jon and get him a younger sibling.

If I was him I would have hated to become the younger sibling by adoption.

They all gave me strange looks. Wondering what a dog wanted to do with a bunch of cats. If only they knew. Some glared, others smiled and waved. Then I saw it, a rather familiar cage. I was not sure how I recognized it. In fact this time around it was quite a bit smaller than I remember it. Grape's old cage now housed another kitten. I found an immediate attachment to this kitten. Due to the fact that grasped in his hands, was a comic book. That was a kid I could get along with. I bet Jon could too.

I took a few steps closer, towards the cage, and leaned against it. “So, how's it going?”

He paused for a moment and looked up from his comic book. He looked a little shocked for a moment, but calmed himself before speaking. “Fine...”

These shelter kittens were always so soft spoken at first. “Just asking, trying to get to know you a little bit is all.”

He nodded, his eyes did not break contact with mine. “Why do you want to know me?”

“Well so I know if you want to be adopted!” I replied. The kitten shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

“You, want to adopt, a cat?” He said. “Is that even legal?”

“As of a few days ago, congress made it legal for pets to own children.” I said as I leaned against the cage.

“Are you lonely or something?”

“Nah, I have a wife and a little pup, he's just a year or two older than I think.”

“What do you want with a cat for a son?” He said, ever so cautious.

“Promise not to laugh, but, my wife is in fact a cat.” I waited for the shock to register on his face. It took a short three seconds for his eyes to grow wide.


“Yes really.” I pulled out a picture of her and myself that was sitting in the pouch of my collar. “We've been together for quite some time now, and we thought it might be best to get Jon a friend.”

The kitten was silent for a moment. He looked back at his comic book and sighed. “I dunno if I'm a good...friend...kind of cat. Especially for a dog.”

“Jon acts more like a cat than a dog anyways. He spends way too much time with his mom.” That seemed to put the kitten more at ease.

“Why me?”

“Because you seem like a Sandwich to me.”

“Excuse me?” He frowned.

“My last name is Sandwich, Peanut Butter Sandwich is my full name, but if you want, you can call me dad.” I said with a smile. The kitten smiled back, though it was reserved and shy.

“Okay...dad...” He replied. He relished the word on his tongue for a moment. I could tell he was starting to warm up to this whole adoption thing.

I had him picked from his cage and taken to the front desk. My dad beaming, proud of his son taking on the responsibility of another child. He walked close to my legs, much like Jon did for Grape when we first met him. His eyes darted around, such a cautious little kitten. Jon could probably use a few pointers from him.

“So it's a new policy around here, as you've probably heard, that you get to name and sign the adoption papers.” The teenager said as he pulled out the appropriate paperwork and set it in front of me. “But first, what's his new name gonna be?”

This time I was going to name him. I'm sure all these years I could come up with a decent Sandwich pun. I did have a great role model in that regard. I stroked my chin, and snapped my fingers. A light going off in my head.

“Denver, that's your name. Denver Omelet Sandwich.” I nodded. “What do you think dad?”

“I'm impressed, so now you have Jon and Denver.” He gave a light applause. The kitten looked up at me, the confusion on his face was just adorable.

“You got adopted into a very punny family, but you'll get used to it.” I said to my newest son. He shrugged and glanced up at me while I signed the paper work. Denver was now officially and legally my son. In fact dad had stepped in and fixed the paperwork for Jon as well.

What a wonderful feeling that was! My boys were actually my boys. But we had just one more thing to take care of when we got home.

Denver clung to his comic book, much more reserved than a pup. Even when we stepped in the house he was still quite calm. But still he had such a curious demeanor. His whiskers twitched while his eyes darted around. He was taking in his new surroundings. Understanding his brand new home.

“Come on, let's go surprise mom.” I said as winked at the young kitten.

“...okay.” He said, clinging to my leg once again. I did not blame him, for I would be scared if I was about to meet my new mom too.

“He sweetheart.” I called to her as I opened the door. She groaned a little and winced as she sat up in her bed.

“Peanut?” She yawned.

“The one and only. I brought you somethings to help you feel better.”

“Hm? What is it.” She asked, a smile curling on her lips.

“This first one is a very special gift you asked for a little while ago.”


“His name is Denver, he's a little kitten and the best part of all. He and Jon are legally our boys.” I said as I gently prodded the young kitten forward.

Grape gasped a little as she saw him. She crawled to the end of our bed, her pain had subsided for now. The kitten looked up at her and smiled a bit. “Hey there Denver.” She said. “Nice to meet you.”

“...nice to meet you too.” He said. I walked behind him and gave him a pat on the back.

“Jon's at a camping trip all weekend, so you won't see him for a bit, but I bet he'll enjoy the surprise.” I said as I sat down next to Grape.

“Make yourself at home! If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask. After all, from this day on we're family.” Grape said to young Denver. The kitten looked at her with wide eyes.

“Thank you so much.” He looked overwhelmed.

“You okay there?” I chuckled a little.

“Yeah, yeah I'm fine.” He said as he walked out of the room. “If the kittens at the shelter could see me now, man. Do...do you guys have internet access around here?”

“That we do, and a laptop just down stairs on the desk if you want to use it.” Kids these days, I tell you. Getting into this technology stuff faster and faster.

Grape and I looked at each other. Our lips curled into grins. “He's adorable Peanut.”

“I'm sure he'll love it here.” I said. I planted a kiss on her cheek and stood from the bed. “That was part one of your gift.”

“Oh? What's part two?”

“The part I'm sure you'll appreciate very much.” I said. I reached into a drawer and pulled a small object out. Grape tried to peek around to see what it was, but I hid it quite well from sight.

I cleared my throat and got down on my knees. “Grape Jelly Sandwich, you ready to have a real marriage?” I opened the box. It was a real diamond ring that dad had helped me purchase the other day. Some of my funds had gone into it, but dad covered a big chunk of the bill. He said I owed him in lawn chores, which I would gladly do any day for such a gift. The next thing I remember, Grape tackled me to the ground and smothered me with kisses.

And while I sat there on the ground, locked in the loving embrace of my lover. I could not help but feel like the end of this harrowing election season really was just the beginning. But as always, I was going to hope for a bright future. The sun would rise again, I had a wonderful family.

I was going to need to get a new scrapbook.

The End


Well there we go. The New Era is done! But what lies in the future? I dunno but we'll figure it out someday. Right now I think I need to take a little break from writing. This story was exhausting! :lol: This was a lot of fun to write and a lot of ideas got started here. I to intend to finish them out someday. Hopefully this is enough closure for now. This little epilogue chapter was fun to write, since I got to play around with all of the different characters. Trying to figure out their voices. Peanut of course was my favorite to try again.

Thanks again everyone for reading, you've been a lovely audience. Patient for my wall of text updates and all that fun stuff. See you guys next time. This is Honorable Intentions signing out. 8-)

At the end of the day I often think about what I have done for the world. What I have changed, perhaps made better or worse. I then sit at a computer for hours and look at pictures of cats.

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Post Re: The New Era
OK, I definitely need to arrange a new and more organized crossover here :D
H.I., you really wrapped this up with fireworks and shining colors! The only thing that bugged me was that Alana got off so cheap -in fact, considering she's dealing with a demigod, it's suspicious that she didn't end up turned into a tapeworm or something...
But this was another great hit all the same. Can't wait to see what future holds for your fans!


Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:52 pm
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Post Re: The New Era
Wow. That's really all I can say, because this fanfic is really good.

Also, two questions.

1. Are you planning on making Fido, Sabrina, and Snow a family?

2. This could be stupid of me for asking this one, but what does Jon, Snow, and Denver look like?


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Post Re: The New Era
To answer your first question, yes I do. I think I am saving that as a plot point for what I am writing next. :3

Your next question is not stupid at all. As a matter of fact it is a very good question because I have not actually described those 3 characters in full detail as of yet. I suppose I never saw a good place to put the descriptions. So for your benefit (and the possible benefit of others) I think I shall post it here.

Jon's appearance is heavily based upon this dog here. He's a bit of a runt, though not as bad as when he was a new born. I would say he is a little under a head taller than Snow during the events of this story. He has a blue collar with tag shaped like a peace sign, kind of a reflection of his generally mellow mood.

Snow is based on an American Curl Cat (My aunt had one, which is why I know this breed exists). The image should sum up her appearance. She's about average size for a cat her age, give or take and inch or two. As the picture shows she kind of has curled back ears, hence American "curl" cat. She has a black collar with a pentagram shaped tag (one of Sabrina's older ones.)

Denver is brand new in my head, but I do imagine a brown cat. Much like the Havana Brown breed (a rare breed it is indeed.) He's about Jon's height here in the story, though he's about two years younger. He's a little chubby as well, at least for a cat. He has an orange collar with star shaped tag.

And there you have it, I hope this answered you questions.

valerio Wrote:
OK, I definitely need to arrange a new and more organized crossover here :D
H.I., you really wrapped this up with fireworks and shining colors! The only thing that bugged me was that Alana got off so cheap -in fact, considering she's dealing with a demigod, it's suspicious that she didn't end up turned into a tapeworm or something...

Indeed I would enjoy a cross over. :D Your last one with me was pretty good!

I do apologize about Alana. :lol: I intend on using her again, so I did not want to get rid of her entirely. Why Pete did not do anything about her will be touched upon the next time I try to write something.

At the end of the day I often think about what I have done for the world. What I have changed, perhaps made better or worse. I then sit at a computer for hours and look at pictures of cats.

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Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:11 am
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Post Re: The New Era
Yes it did.

Thank you so much.


Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:53 am
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Post Re: The New Era
aww, the Jon Lupa ship is sinking my Jon Snow ship :cry:

Oh well. Preparing to board the Denver Snow ship :lol:

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Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:59 am
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Post Re: The New Era
Yes! Brent expressed my thoughts exactly!

Its also nice to see images of what jon, snow, and denver look like for the most part. Thank you.

This is an Amazing story! That keeps me on the edge of my seat, barely breathing while reading your updates. Your a fantastic writer that should continue your fan fictions for a long time just like Val. You have the same amount of talent if not more than Valerio (sorry Val) and if you keep writing your ficcie you will have just as many readers and watchers as his fic.

Keep up the beautiful, action packed, drama filled stories. Honorable

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Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:32 pm
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Post Re: The New Era
are you kidding? He's WAY more talented than me! It's a honor to have Honorable Intentions in the forum! :D :D :D


Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:30 am
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Post Re: The New Era
Aww glad you guys like the story, you're too kind. :D

At the end of the day I often think about what I have done for the world. What I have changed, perhaps made better or worse. I then sit at a computer for hours and look at pictures of cats.

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Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:51 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era
Ugh, holidays prevented me from reading this passed the third update. Caught up just now. Good fic! I liked it.

Yeah, I dislike long updates personally. I am okay with long, but novel length? Heh, it is well worth the wall of text though.

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Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:19 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era
It's not my case at least. When something is well written, the longer the better. Because even if it's long seems too short when you are so focused in the story.


Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:38 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era
copper Wrote:
Ugh, holidays prevented me from reading this passed the third update. Caught up just now. Good fic! I liked it.

Yeah, I dislike long updates personally. I am okay with long, but novel length? Heh, it is well worth the wall of text though.

Sorry, I really didn't mean for it to get this long, I got a little too ambitious. Once I start writing it snowballs into a big wall of text. :lol: Glad you still enjoyed it though Copper.

And glad longer means better for you Gren. :D Because my stuff always ends up being long, even if I don't mean it to. Like I said before, it just snowballs.

At the end of the day I often think about what I have done for the world. What I have changed, perhaps made better or worse. I then sit at a computer for hours and look at pictures of cats.

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Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:35 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era
another great chapter keep it up i love it :)

Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:25 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era
Sooo, I may or may not have put off my homework to read CbtS 2...

This story is too good to pass up. H.I, your writing is pretty awesome and I love Denver, Snow, and Jon. Although, Pete's more of a jerk in this story than anything. Everything he's done makes me want to hit him, well, Sparks (If I were in the HP universe at least :P) wants to hit him at least. I can't wait to read part 3 tomorrow. FOR REAL THIS TIME.

I don't know if you'll see these replies seeing that the last post was from '13 (I'm a little late I guess. XP), but I just wanted to say that this fic is the bomb. :)


Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:45 am
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Post Re: Housepets! Changing by the Seasons: 2. The New Era
HI, what a delight to discover and read your second "Seasons" story! Like your other fans, I don't know if you ever return to this site but I certainly hope you know somehow how much your storytelling is missed and appreciated. Regards.

Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:27 pm
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