Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)
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Author:  CanadianHero [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

My name is Darren, an average 15 year old guy... on September 10, 2011 my life was forever changed. I was a fairly normal kid, my parents are working on their stuff, same old same old, life was starting to suck though, as I realize my childhood is gone with no real memories to go by, I often founded myself wandering absent-minded, walking, running.... waiting for school to start... I has some friends though they were more adsorbed in their business, I was very lonely, walking down the old walkway that led to a forest, no goes there anymore, I just bring out my iPod, and listen to the music and doze off as usual... I waked up suddenly to find a statue that was glowing green and yellow, it was a griffin, the closer I got the less reality was holding me to this world, I felt liked I was being sucked into the statue, I tried to resist but my body just slacked off, my brain was turning into ice, my conscience disappeared, a voice came, " Lonely, Afraid? I can make your life different" I saw that griffin, it had yellow arms, blue feathers, and a god-like feeling to it, random emotions I never felted before flowed through my mind, the voice was in my head saying " It begins here, you are my partner, agreed?" I just wanted to leave, leave this place of nothingness, suddenly I saw a dog, it looked like a Yorkie, I got closer, then I touched it..... Then I woke up in a park, it wasn't my neighborhood, I saw that the cats and dogs walked and they talked I found a fountain and looking into at the water was a dog, but it was directly where I was.... I was a dog.

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Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:11 pm ]
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Intresting. Looks like the start of a really good story.

Author:  copper [ Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:39 pm ]
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Sounds interesting! Grammar is off, but that's not a big deal.

Hmm, so Pete is getting a new avatar. What is his deal with smaller dogs? :lol:

Author:  MapleRatty [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:14 pm ]
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This is going to be good

Author:  CanadianHero [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Housepets! The 5 days of Life Part 2 (PG-13)

To be honest, I never really liked dogs, at least the normal ones that didn't walk or talk, but this was totally different from any thing I ever imagined, I saw the other dogs and cats, enjoying life, nothing too out of the ordinary, but somehow I felt like I wasn't the first to be transformed, I wanted at least one other person to understand me.

As it was certainly more than 80 degrees outside, the long fur coat wasn't exactly helping me relax. As I was staring into the water someone said "heads up!" I looked behind me and before I knew it happened a Frisbee hit me directly into my snout, as I wasn't used to being half my height I fell down hit the concrete directly below me, and after what seemed like pain was everywhere, cold water hit my face after being in the dark. A husky and a mutt was standing over me, " Hey are you okay? " said the husky, I was a little afraid not being used to talking animals, " I'm okay, I guess..." I said, " Good, sorry about hitting your head, didn't mean to. " said the mutt, " what's your name? " I attempted to say Darren, but strangely it came out Cody, " My name is Cody, I mean Cody!" I said, the two dogs looked a little confused, but they said " My name is Fox and this is Fido " he handed his hand, I shook his hand, although he again looked confused like before, " uhhh, okay" said Fox, do you want to play Frisbee with us, I was still curious as to how I got here, but I decided to go with it as smoothly as I could, " Sure " I said.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:17 pm ]
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you should have posted this in the same thread as your first chapter. Some grammar mistakes, and kinda short. But pretty good so far.

Author:  CanadianHero [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Housepets! The 5 days of Life Part 3 (PG-13)

While playing with Fox and Fido with a Frisbee, I notice that a strange looking man across the trees, he called my name, stupidly I forgot about not talking to strangers especially ones that are the ones are larger and dresses like a Dickensian, the mysterious person said, "Do you know me?", I replied, "no, and why are you dressed like that?". "My name is Pete, although I'm in my "Gaspar" outfit right now, when he removed his hat, it revealed a Griffin's head, the same one from my dream.

"I need you to do something for me." said Pete, "What?" I asked curiously, "You see that husky reading that book?" as he pointed towards Fox, "Yes." I said, "He's about to be kidnapped by two humans" said Pete, " What?!" I said alarmed. "Yes, one of the humans who is going to kidnapped, I am going to need him." said Pete. "How come?" I said, " Because, he needs to be taught a lesson." said Pete. "And what am I supposed to do exactly?" I said wondering about Fox being dog-napped. "Simple, see the police officer?" as he pointed towards the big officer, "report to him that's he missing" said Pete.

Having to do a task for a being like him was weird enough, but why would he exactly need him? I turned to ask him what exactly this is but he disappeared, I looked at Fox worried about what will happen to him. Suddenly,two people grabbed Fox and knocked him out with chloroform, just like what Pete said, I immediately looked for the officer, " Officer!" I screamed at him, "What's the problem?" he asked, "I just saw two people kidnapped Fox!" I said quickly "They took him in a white van!", "What?! Where exactly?" he said, " Over there, at the parking lot!" I pointed at the van going away. As he left the park with his motorcycle, Pete suddenly popped in out of nowhere, " Very good, Cody." he said, "I need you to go follow the van." "What!, how, the van is going 40 mph, I can't run that fast!" I said, " Simple" he snapped his fingers and I was instantly teleported to the van, "Go make sure the van doesn't start."

"Why me?" I asked, but he simply disappeared into thin air. It was lucky I knew how to disable a van, I simply went under it and the extreme heat from the engine was making it very hard for me to reach the plugs, as soon as I removed them from the engine I ran as fast as could to the tree behind, I saw the person tried to start the van but failed to start just like I planned, and watched as he was arrested. But I also saw the fat guy try to run away, and the other person ran away too , I decided to follow the human escaping. Suddenly, he stopped and a few seconds later a large doberman run up to him saying " Police! Get on the ground!" " KEVIN, warn then tackle!" said Fido, I was surprised that he was a K-9 and that a mouse was on his head, making snide comments. I later heard the story about the human's childhood life, I suddenly felt very guilty for letting him be arrested. Pete came up to me and said "Sad? Isn't it?" I watched him being led into the cop car. Fox! I suddenly remember him being dog-napped, I started to become extremely worried, although if I didn't warn the cop, I think that Fox would have been gone forever. Pete said " Don't worry about Fox, he's safe."

I simply started out and saw the sign "Welcome to Babylon Gardens"

Part 4 tomorrow :arrow:

Author:  copper [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:52 pm ]
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Hmm, a bit off canon, but it sounds good so far. In the comic, Fido warns about Fox missing, and remembers the van, and the Van drives off with Fox. I guess this is an offshoot reality. Should be fun to see!

Also, please remember to post in this topic from now on. No need to keep making new topics. :)

Author:  CanadianHero [ Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:37 pm ]
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copper Wrote:
Hmm, a bit off canon, but it sounds good so far. In the comic, Fido warns about Fox missing, and remembers the van, and the Van drives off with Fox. I guess this is an offshoot reality. Should be fun to see!

Also, please remember to post in this topic from now on. No need to keep making new topics. :)

Yes, I was forced to change the story a little to fit Cody into the story better, so some things may have changed, but in this story Cody goes behind the scenes seeing some of the events, and my add-on events, OH King and Cody will be connected in my way, as you can see Cody was the one (again my version) who set up some of King's events.

Author:  CanadianHero [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:31 pm ]
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Ahem, from now on all the parts will be integrated into one story, and there still will be parts but no longer seperated :) And my writing style changed too.

Day 2

"You okay?" said Fox, I was still drowsy from waking up, I then realized I slept in the field last night.

"Yeah" I replied, I wasn't cold thanks to my long fur coat, "Hey, do you still remember the people who kidnapped you?" I asked.

"Well, one had a green shirt, yellow tie, and brown hair." said Fox, "I barely remember the fat one though." I wanted to tell him about the kidnapping but my mind told me to keep my mouth shut about this.

"Uh, I guess we should leave now, my back is killing me." I said, It was fairly cold outside, and dew was on the ground, I saw that Fox was easily a foot taller than me, and certainly more muscular, someone not to mess with.

"Look." he said, "Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself". I thought "Well, if it wasn't me who told the cop, then you would have died." I left Fox a little later that day, I was thinking that if Pete was the one who brought me here, then maybe he would bring me back to my world.

"Pete!" I said, "Pete?, "Where are you?", I walked around the neighborhood, suddenly I started to feel light-headed, and then I blacked out, a voice popped in my head, "Do you need something?" It was Pete.

"Pete, I need to know, can I go back?" I said, "Go where?" he asked, "My home, the place you took me from." I said. "Well, I will let you know if I would take you back or not." he replied.

"I am still going to need you later." he said, "So wait until then." I suddenly woke up again in a lawn, a mutt and purple cat came out, the purple cat said "What are you doing?" "What?" I asked. "Why were you sleeping in our yard?" "Get out of here now!" "GRAPE!" said the mutt, "Maybe he's lost", "Then why would he be on our yard?" said Grape.

While they were arguing about me being here, I saw Fox with two other dogs, "Fox!" I said. He came over to me, "What are you doing here?" he asked, "Uh." I didn't want to tell him a griffin talked to me in my sleep, "Um, I was talking to these guys." I said, Grape said "Peanut said that you could come over to our house, but I still am keeping a eye on you." I was confused, why would Peanut want me to come to their house?

I later followed them to the house after saying goodbye to Fox, inside the house were two humans, they introduced themselves as the Sandwiches, I thought "Peanut Butter Sandwich?" "Grape Jelly Sandwich?" I thought they were kind of weird names, "You want to meet Tarot?" asked Peanut, "Tarot?" I said, he later introduced me to a Pomeranian, strangely I sensed something about her that wasn't right, "Hi!" Tarot said, "What's your name?", "my name is Cody." I said.

Part 2 Day 2

I realized that birthday was in two weeks, I will be 16, but as a dog apparently that's still 4 years old, that means I'm still a puppy, but then most of the dogs I met were puppy age, Peanut said that later he's going to Good Ol' Dogs Club, I was interested that a group of dogs, with Grape organized a club.

"Do you want to come with us?" said Peanut, I was sorta of excited to go, not a human feeling, but a feeling from being a dog, "Ok!" We left several hours later and arrived at Fido's house where there was a party going on, strangely some of the dogs were intoxicated, feeling uneasy because of that I suddenly to regret coming,"Cody!" Fox came over,"Hi, Fox!","You hungry?" he said.

I suddenly remembered that I haven't ate since I left my house two daysago and my stomach crumpled, as calmly as I could I said "starving". We went to the backyard, and I smelled all the food, it smelled so good, I actually to feel sick from the delicious smells, I then quickly ran to the meat, and gobbled up as much as I could, soon after I was thirsty.

There was a large selection of drinks, but strangely no alcoholic drinks, so how did they get drunk? I decided on the grape soda, and soon as I drank it tasted funny, it still tasted like grape soda but something was making it taste almost too sweet.

After consuming several cans I started feel very light-headed, then I realized it was the soda's that was making the dogs drunk, I suddenly started feel violently sick in my stomach and as soon as I threw up I blacked out, all I heard were distant shouting from the other dogs.

Day 2 Part 3

I woke up in a place with nothing but white, then it hit me. I died from intoxication. I started to freak out, I yelled "Pete!", no one answered, I started to cry, I didn't know that soda was like alcohol to dogs, and then I saw a dog, it was Tarot, she said "I saw you at the party, not a careful are you?" I sat down on the floor, "Yeah, I was thirsty, lame excuse huh?" I said sadly, she walked around me "don't worry." "Just be a little more careful next okay?".

Her eyes glowed green and all of a sudden I felt like I was falling into nothing, and then a soft swoosh sound came to my ears, I woke up to find myself in Fox's house where Fox, Fido, Peanut and Grape were sitting next to me. "Cody!" said Fox, "you're alive!" as he putted a bag of cold water over my head. "We thought we lost you." said Fido, "Shouldn't have drank that much soda, your not a big dog." said Fox, I tried to say something but my lungs were still hurting making it impossible for me to talk. So I merely just smiled weakly and barely wave at them.

Then Tarot came in the room, "Cody you alright?" said asked. I nodded. Peanut and Grape handed me something, it was a small box, in it was a watch, I felt really happy knowing that they have bothered to put me on the bed because I died in front them. Then I thought "Why didn't Pete come for me, why did she do it?"

I shed a few tears, and then fell back to sleep. A dream came, with Pete in it. "You took quite a spill." I said to him "Why didn't you stop me?" He replied with a snide, "You are responsible for yourself, got that?" I merely just waved at him to make him go away.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:37 pm ]
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Well, this is intresting so far.

Author:  CanadianHero [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:13 pm ]
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Day 3 Part 1

I left at 5 in the morning after I recovered from my fatal overdose of soda, it was still night out and even with my long fur coat I was very cold, I decided that hauling it all the back to the park with probably be bad for my health which was already damaged, the thought of being alone in the dark was very eerie because a kidnapper could easily take me with very little problem. As I walked down the street I saw a mansion and outside a brown ferret who was clearly in a hangover, I went up to him.

"Hey, are you okay?" I said, the ferret replied drunkenly "*hrk* UHhh, I HaD wORse hanGOverS." the ferret came to my chest, "DId yoU seE ThaT?" as he pointed to the limo, "DrIVe iT OutsidE *hrk*, anD take iT to ThE GaRAge." I was barely any taller than him, even in his drunkenness state he was out of his mind, "Uh look at me." I said. "I am a Yorkie puppy, I can't drive."

To be honest it was only partly true, in my human form I driven many times, but I was half my height, and I'm was pretty sure it was illegal for a any animal to drive. "LoOK, iT's pRetTY eaSY." he said as he stumbled backwards, "JuST drivE the LiMO down thE DrIVeWay,ok?" I notice he lived in a large mansion. Obviously he was wealthy enough to have a full staff awaiting his every command.

"Should I just ask one of the butlers about driving it back to the garage?" I asked. "NoNONonoNo!" he said. "YoU DriVE!" he replied angrily. "Ok! geeze..." I walked over to the limo that was near a pool with chocolate mousse, it was unlocked with the keys in the ignition. "Clearly, he wants to kill me" I thought.

I turned on the limo, put the seat as close and high as I could, and drove as carefully as I could, this proved extremely difficult as I had to reach the pedals and pop my head over the dashboard just to see. "This is insane!" I thought. The ferret was in the back of the limo sleeping from being drunk.

Day 3 Part 2

The limo was going around 10 mph and I doing everything I could to control without crashing into anything, I was very worried getting myself into messes that could kill me. After what felt 5 minutes of the scariest thing in my life I finally reached the end of the driveway, I parked the limo where he wanted it, woke the ferret and dragged him to the room next to the hallway.

"HeY, yoUr A gooD KiD, hErE, thEre's fifTY buCks." he handed me the money and after a butler named Jeeves dragged him down into his home I headed back into the park where I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later and there was several dogs that were in the park looking at me, they came up to me and the light brown mutt said "Get out of here I marked this spot!" I recognized him as Bino from the party, I can see though he was trying act tough, not a strong dog, unlike Fox.

"What gives the right to say this your property, this is the town's, not your's." I said sharply. Bino started to get really angry at me, "Oh Hoho, tough guy,huh?" he said. "Say, I saw you at the party, you passed out from all that soda, nothing but a squirt." A old trait from my human days was that I was good fighter, and the adrenaline pumping from my small dog physique wasn't really helping, strangely a new feeling, one that told my mind to fight him.

"A squirt, eh?" I said sleekly, "Big talk from the dog also got drunk and publicly cussed off that one girl at the party." That one sentence blew his lid, "That's it, I don't need this." He went to punch me at the snout , but I was the faster one here. I grabbed his arm, twisted it, turned him around and punched in the back as hard as I could, I let go of his arm as soon that my arm impacted him and he was sent flying off. Even if haven't fought anyone in years I still know how to fight bigger people, Bino was extremely angry at me, the other dogs backed off.

As I ran towards to fight while he was regaining ground on him, a dog came out of nowhere and the blocked my kick towards Bino. It was Fox.

Day 3 Part 3

I never saw anyone so mixed of emotions, it was almost bi-polar in how Fox reacted. Fox at first looked like he wanted to fight as well, with Bino by him this would have been very difficult fight off two dogs that larger than me, but a few moments later Fox because disappointed at me. "Fox?" I said, "Where are you doing here?" Fox looked at me angrily, "Stopping you, this is a bad idea, Cody!" said Fox. I then realize he was right if word spread about Bino being injured by me the whole community of dogs I will be ousted of the neighborhood.

Bino had tears in his eyes, but he was still very angry at me. Knowing these kind of people he will go tell every dog that I attacked him for no reason, and the whole neighborhood would berated as a monster. I felt something swirling in my soul, a feeling of anger. "No" I thought, "this isn't me."

I ran as fast as I could away Fox, Bino, and other dogs. I felt guilty about trying to injure Bino, "even if he's a jerk." I thought. "That wasn't me." As ran into the forest nearby, a light came up by my side, Tarot came to me.

"Cody." Tarot said, "What?" I replied sadly, I felt like I didn't belong here and it was the truth. "I never belonged here." I said, "Don't blame yourself." said Tarot, "It's a side effect from switching universes." switching universes? I knew that I never truly belonged here but even so I felt a mixed of emotions, angry, sad, confused, but most of all, scared.

"Please, tell me." I said, "What does Pete want?". She then showed a vision of a human and Pete in a room, "Good Morning, Joel." said Pete. "Your not my lawyer..." said Joel. "It's him!", I thought, "That's the guy who kidnapped Fox." Pete later said "I have been watching you, Joel, and you have been a naughty boy." "You blame animals for your problems. You take out your hurt feelings on them, despite all the pain it's caused you in return. The cycle must stop." Pete snapped his fingers, and Joel became a Welsh Corgi.

Day 3 Part 4

"What the hell was that?" I still had the image of Joel turning a Welsh Corgi in my head, puncturing it like a bullet. "Pete wanted Joel." Tarot said. "Pete wanted Joel?" I thought, "Why did he need me, though?" Tarot could read my mind I knew because she said, "Pete is going to offer something to you." "What?" I said, "To keep you as a dog for the rest of your life." My mind gave out two possibilities, one was that it had something to do with Joel as King, or something even more important.

But my friends, family, my old life. Gone. To continue helping Pete? This tore my mind apart, deep down I wanted to leave this place, but my mind started to think more out there stuff, like gaining powers, immorality, even a better life. "My life was good over there when I think about it." I thought carefully. "Was it greed that was telling me to stay here, or is it rationality?" I need more information. "Tarot." I said with caution, "Don't pick the wrong words." I thought. "If I join Pete, what will happen?" I said, Tarot looked at me with slight disbelief. "What do you mean?" she said, "Don't you want to leave?" To be honest. I didn't know. "Can you call Pete?" I asked, "I will have to see."
King just got back from the vet along with Pete, his butt was aching, and he was tired from walking in deep snow. "Is this it?" he thought, "Is this my life is going to be from now on?" he felt liked crying, but he couldn't. "Not in front of Pete." As he walked inside into the living room he heard Pete on the glowing ball, "Cody, I can say that if you do help me, it will be worth your while." "Who's Cody?" King thought.

"Cody, trust me, if you join your life will changed for the better." said Pete. King was wondering who in the world would Cody could be, he imagined another dog. "But how can he communicate with a being like Pete?" King thought, then he start imagining a being who wanted to join Pete. He then heard Pete say goodbye to Cody, as he ran outside he saw a white husky approaching him, "Hey there new dog!" said the husky, "Wanna fight over a squeaky bone?"

Author:  copper [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:37 pm ]
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Hmm.. interesting indeed. Seems that being a small dog gave him the small dog mentality. :roll:

And it is not fatal unless you die... it was near fatal.

There go the Milton ferrets being themselves again.

Author:  CanadianHero [ Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:38 pm ]
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Day 4

I dreamt that I was in a car on a freeway, I saw myself driving to Los Angeles, next to me was Fox as himself, he said "Cody, are you sure about this?" I wasn't even sure what this about, but I nodded at him. Fox whined quietly, I continued driving down the I-5, it was nighttime and there were hardly any cars around, Fox looked at me with that look of "I trust you."

After what felt like a hour we arrived at a gas station, it was closed although Fox and I got out of the car, we walked up a old trail and got to the top of a hill overlooking LA, I said to him, "Fox, I am sorry." Fox whined and sat down on the ground, his eyes glowed a lazy haze of red, he said darkly "End it." I saw a gun next to me, despite all objections I held the gun to me side, then pointed at him, I started to cry, "No." I thought, "why am I even doing this?" The world around grew darker and hazier, a voice said "release him." I winced at that sentence, "No!" I thought, ""It doesn't have to end like this" Fox started to twitch, "End it now!" he cried.

I squeezed the trigger, a loud BANG! happened, I woke up in a cold sweat screaming "NO!", I saw Peanut and Grape looking at me looking almost shocked. Peanut asked me, "Are you alright?" I thought that my dream didn't make any sense, I then realized "Oh right, I am sleeping over at Peanut and Grape's." I had some relief but the nightmare I had still was in my mind, Grape said "We found you squirming and sweating on the couch, we knew that you were having a bad dream." She and Peanut came to comfort me, but I refused their hug, "I'm okay." I said drowsily.

I went back to sleep after having some warm milk, this dream was a normal one unlike the nightmare I had to my relief. I woke up pretty late in the morning, but apparently for dogs this didn't matter because Peanut was still soundly asleep, "At least Peanut is having better dreams than me." I thought, after stretching for a little while, I joined Grape at breakfast. "What happened?" asked Grape concerned about my state of sleep. "Huh? Oh nothing." I lied. Grape looked concern at me for a few seconds before returning to her food.

I went to the bathroom after eating to be able to talk to Tarot without anybody disturbing me, "Tarot?" I called for her, "Tarot!", "she must be still sleeping" I thought, but then a voice came to my head, "Hello? Who is this?" It wasn't Tarot, "Can I talk to Tarot, please?" I asked the voice, it said "Tarot is away right now, but I can give her a message, who I am talking to?" "Cody." I said, "Cody? So your that dog with the strange aura." "Aura?" I asked bluntly, "Yes, Tarot explained to me that if you stay too long here without resolution, that darkness with start to consume your soul." "So, when I attacked Bino that was the darkness?" I said "Or was it just my small dog mind telling me to do that?" "To be honest it was both, combined the darkness consuming your soul, along with you small dog instincts..." the voice said.

That shocked me, "Does Pete know about this?!" I said furiously, the voice said "Pete doesn't know a lot of things to be sure." I forgot that I was still in the bathroom, "WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THIS?!" I boomed, I was so angry that Pete neglected to make sure. So according to Sabrina, if I stay too long without deciding on being dog or human, I was screwed. "Brilliant." I said, "Just great." I needed to talk to Pete as fast I could, but where could he be?

I opened the bathroom door forcefully and accidentally hit Peanut in the snout, he was bleeding everywhere and I was right there, "Grape's going to literally kill me!" I thought, "Peanut are you okay?" I asked, he was crying and the blood was getting everywhere, I led him into the bathroom, got as many toilet paper as I could, and told Peanut everything was going to be okay. Because I didn't know about how dogs worked inside, I did it the human way, I tilted Peanut's head up, and told him to hold it shut with hands. I try to comfort Peanut, but then Grape came up here, "What happened?" she asked, I couldn't lie to her, "I opened the door without knowing was Peanut was there, I hit him in the face by accident, I'm sorry!" I started to feel guilty about hitting Peanut in the face.

"Shouldn't we take him to the vet?" Grape asked, "Oh yeah, Mr. Sandwich! We gotta to take Peanut to the vet." He got all three of us in the car and drove to the vet, "Peanut's going to be fine." he said calmly, I felt relief, I was told to stay here in the waiting room. I felt so mad at myself, "why did I open that door so hard?" I then remembered, "Oh no, it's the darkness." He felt his very soul shift at that. "I gotta to leave." I ran out the door while I started to cry, "Please, help me." I cried.

Apparently the dark elemental stuff is kicking in, oh well :roll:

Please Comment on this Story :D Also what's a crepe :?

Author:  copper [ Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:58 pm ]
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Ooo, dark elemental stuff is always nice! Let us see the battle within himself. :)

Well, Peanut must have had a bad day. Hope he gets better!

Weird dream. Hope it is not a premonition :?

Author:  CanadianHero [ Tue May 01, 2012 7:09 pm ]
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Day 4 Part 2

I stopped running from the vet's office, my heart was filled with searing pain. I heard a unusual voice that sounded almost grainy, "Oh me, oh my, what did you say?" "Hold your horses, I'm on my way!" It was still morning, as I see people walking with their dogs and cats, I saw a chocolate lab running towards and tackled me to the ground, "Hi!" she said excitedly , "Get off me!" I cried as she was crushing my chest, "oops, sorry!" she got out a small carrier bag and reached in something.

"This is for you." She handed a blue watch. I was confused, "What is this?" I asked, "here." she said as she put the watch on my wrist. It says on the back, "Keep this with you, should keep your darkness under control for now -Kitsune." As soon as the watch glow everything changed, I felt more energetic, more upbeat, even happy. "Whoa, what is this?" I asked, "It's to help you with your little problem, as long as your watch is with you, until you decide this should keep you in check." I felt much happier, I nearly forgotten about injuring Peanut.

"Oh, Peanut!" I said quickly. "I nearly forgotten about him!" I said thank to the mysterious dog, and ran back to the vet just as the three came out, "Hey guys!" I said, "Sorry, about your nose." "It's okay my snout is much better now." As though it hit me out of nowhere I remembered I still had the 50 dollars in my collar from driving Keene, "Let's go get ice cream!" I said elatedly, both Peanut and Grape got very excited, "Ice Cream, Ice Cream!" "Heh." I thought, "I guess their still kids."

After we received our ice cream with went outside to the park nearby, we saw that the dogs were having a barbecue, "Awesome, Dad can we go?" Peanut asked, "Sure, don't be long." he said, "We won't" said Grape, she and Peanut dragged me into the barbecue. I saw most of the dogs I met earlier, and some new ones as well, I met Tiger, Joey, Sasha, Daisy, Grape's boyfriend Max, and a few others, even the ferrets came with a cake truck. There was a Welsh Corgi that Fox introduced me to that was strange in how he acted, he seemed almost desperate to leave.

"What's wrong, buddy?" I asked with glee, I actually tried to sniff him, which was weird considering I never do that, I guess it was the watch's effect along with me being a puppy, it was almost too strong on me. "Wow Cody." Fox said, "You changed a lot since I first met you." It was true, the watch changed my personality too strongly, it made me turn from a almost anti-social person, to a upbeat, happy little puppy. Which to the dogs was normal, but if I was human my folks would put tranquilizers on me to calm me down.

The hyper Yorkie came up to me quickly, "What's your name?" he asked, I wanted to leave this barbecue, "King." I said quietly, "King? cool name." he said, "My name's Cody." He put out his hand to sniff, I refused, somehow there was something about him that wasn't right. "Hey, Fox!" I said, he came over to me. "What's up?" he said, "Can we go somewhere else?" I said. "Why?" he looked concerned at me.

"I just want to." I whispered to him, "Cody's not really leaving me alone." Fox looked at me like if was I crazy, "He just wants to talk." He pushed me towards Cody as he was eating a plate food raucously, he put his plate on the table quickly and began to chase me around the park , which was ridiculous considering that I'm larger than him.

"No!" I said as I ran as fast as I could but it was no use, he tackled me into the ground, "What the @*#$!" I shouted at him, "Why are you doing this?" his ears drooped down, and then walked away looking back at me several times to see if I wanted to play him, he then swore once as Peanut and Grape talked to him. "What a wild puppy" I thought, I then turned to see Fox looking at saying "What was that?" he looked serious, "Uh-oh" I thought.

Reverse Cerberus Syndrome activate! *cues transformation music* :lol:
Don't worry my pretties, darkness will find it's way through bwahahaha *cues cheesy evil music*

Author:  MapleRatty [ Tue May 01, 2012 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Ddddaaaaaaarrrrrrrnnnnnnn!!! I really want to know qhat happened! Update soon please! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Author:  copper [ Tue May 01, 2012 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Hmm... if only KizerZin heard you, he would have thought he found his equal in Evil. :lol:

Good update. That watch does more harm than good if you ask me.

I wonder why Cody did not recognize King from the image he saw of Pete talking to Joel.

Author:  CanadianHero [ Tue May 01, 2012 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Hey guys, I have some bad news, my 4runner broke down so I will be at the mechanic's tomorrow all day, so the comic will be delayed until Thursday but don't worry if my truck breaks down again I will burn it on the side of the road so that it can't bother me :lol: :lol:

CanadianHero out :arrow:

copper Wrote:
Hmm... if only KizerZin heard you, he would have thought he found his equal in Evil. :lol:

Good update. That watch does more harm than good if you ask me.

I wonder why Cody did not recognize King from the image he saw of Pete talking to Joel.

Cody is super hyper from the watch and is acting like a even more hyper Peanut, he doesn't even remotely connect King with Joel :?

If you see him while visiting please knock him out :D

Author:  Wanderer [ Tue May 01, 2012 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Very interesting so far. Enjoyed it!

Author:  CanadianHero [ Wed May 02, 2012 6:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Hey guys! My truck needed just a simple fix and it took only a few hours so here my comic :D

Day 4 Part 3

A 14-year old girl named Amy ran to the trail, desperate to find her lost brother. "Darren! Where are you." She was worried sick since her brother left 4 days and never came back, she later found her brother's iPod on the floor, she saw something glowing nearby, "Darren?" She saw it glowing light red, and something was written on it. "The Great Kitsune." As she gotten closer the world started to blur and then haze around her, suddenly it became dark.

A great pressure fell on her, she felt like she was being crushed being forced down into the ground, "You!" said a mysterious voice, "ughh, who's there?" said Amy, "You have a similar aura to the dog that came here earlier." A dog with multiple tails came to view, "My name is Kitsune." he said, "Who are you little girl?" She struggled to look up, "A...Amy." The being held out his hand, "I need to know." Amy felt very cold, "What?" She vision suddenly blurred, and she felt her body change, it was a horrible sensation as she felt like she was being forced into a smaller size.

A mirror popped in front of her, she saw a kitten with bright hazel eyes, gray fur, black tips on her ears, fingers, and toes. The kitten followed her every move, "No...." she thought. She couldn't talk, only think. "What is this?" looking horrified at herself, Kitsune came behind her, "There someone I need you to watch for me, Yuna." "Yuna?" I thought.

The mirror dissipated instantly and it became dark again, "Why did this happen to me." "Darren...." I heard barking, music, and then smell came to me I smelt, "food?" I woke up to find myself under a tree, I saw a barbecue nearby with anthropomorphic animals eating and playing with each other and few other humans enjoying themselves as well. "No!" I heard close by, a corgi was being chased by a really hyper Yorkie, "what the !%##!" said the corgi, the Yorkie's ears droop, "aw, poor guy." She decided to follow him while seeing the Corgi being told off by a gray husky, "Why was he mean to me?" said the Yorkie, the purple cat went to the corgi and she beat the snot out of corgi to my amusement. I then heard Kitsune "Darren's that Yorkie over there." I saw him drunk on soda, "Oh boy." I thought.

Few things, yes I named her after the girl from Final Fantasy X, and I also think that this is getting ridiculous *whips my editor* :twisted:

Author:  copper [ Wed May 02, 2012 10:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Good news on your truck!

So Darren's little sister is now in the game. Interesting...

A cat sister for a doggy brother. how cute! :D

Author:  CanadianHero [ Thu May 03, 2012 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Day 4 part 4


I felt like a idiot for what I did over there, "Was that me?" I thought, "Or is it the watch?" I looked up to see a gray kitten looking at me, "Are you alright?" she asked, "I'm fine." I replied, it was a strange feeling, it was as though I knew this cat almost in a sister-brother way. "That Corgi is a grumpy one isn't he." she said as she laughed, "Yeah, I guess so." I said as I joined her.

"Who are you?" I asked, she looked at me like if I said something stupid, "It's me, stupid." I then realized, "Wait, are you?" She smiled, "Amy!" I wagged my tail as I hugged her, I felt relieved knowing my sister is here. "Let go, were dog and cat, remember?" she said happily, "How did you get here?" I said, she walked around little, "well, I found this sculpture of a multi-tailed dog, Kitsune." she said as she ate Cody's plate of food, "He brought me here as a cat." I was shocked that they brought my sister along here.

She hugged me, "Please don't leave me alone again." I started to tear up, "Don't worry, we will find a way back." He thought about Pete bringing him back, but what about his sister? Peanut came up to us, "Who's this?" he said, Amy came up to him and held out her hand, "Yuna." Peanut sniffed and then said hi, Grape later came to us and also said hi. We talked about what we have been doing since I came here, but then trouble.

"Hey!" said Bino, "What are you doing, squirt?" He looked at me though ready to attack, but for me I simply didn't care, "I am talking to Yuna." I said, Bino looked ready to hit me on the snout, but I knew with Fox and Grape he couldn't do anything, "Heh, cat-lover." He left the table, "Don't listen to him." Peanut said, "Good Riddens." Yuna said, I returned to look for King to apologize, I saw him enter the forest, me and Yuna followed him to talk to him.

I found King talking to Pete, "Ugh, want do you want?" King said, Pete put a leash on King, "We are going for a walk." he smirked and took King deeper into the forest, we never lost him thanks to my enhanced sense of smell, we follow his scent down a trail, and we finally stopped to see King sleeping on a rock, "come on" I said, we found that King wasn't sleeping, we was knocked out, he tried waking him up. Then a voice came up, "Leave this place at once." then a dog that was impossibly fast came up to us, his eyes glowed a soft golden color, and was much taller than us.

"You do not belong here." said the dog, "Because...." he transformed into a multi-tailed dog being, "you're in danger." I was about to talk, but then he took off my watch, all of a sudden everyone darkened and my senses gain new strength, I was in intense pain, "No...." I saw Amy looking horrified before I fainted.

Heh, told you the darkness will come back *walks down the hall whistling* 8-)

Author:  copper [ Fri May 04, 2012 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

So he blacks out when the darkness comes, eh? Interesting...

Wonder why the Kitsune did that to him. Or was it Pete in disguise? Can the Cosmic Nerds even imitate each other's appearance? :?

Is it okay to give constructive criticism?

Author:  CanadianHero [ Fri May 04, 2012 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Day 4 part 5

Amy looked down on his dying brother, he was twitching on occasion, and his eyes began glowing an intense blue, "Cody?" she said, "No, please don't die." she turned to King as he was awakening from his sleep, "Who are you?" he asked, he looked sad, "Yuna." she said, King noticed that Cody was dying, he could see his soul evaporating from his body, "Cody, snap out it!" he slapped him on the face to wake him up, but nothing was working, then Pete came up to view in his Gaspar outfit.

"Pity, looks like he's succumbing to the darkness." said Pete darkly, he smirked at King and Yuna, "Better leave while you can." King looked at Cody as his fur was slowly turning pure white, his body structure change from Yorkie to something else, "Why is he turning like this?" he tried to get near Cody but something was blocking him, "Cody is turning into a dark version of him." Pete observed Cody, "you can say he's going to be a little (nah, there's no word that can describe how bad that is.) Yuna looked at Cody, his remaining dark fur staying at his paws with some mark on his head, she can feel the darkness inside him.

Cody woke up and stared at them, "Hello." he said in a silent murderous tone, he began to walk towards them, he was easily a half a foot taller than before, and his almost glowing white fur seemed soft. All of the sudden Pete transformed into his griffin state and began to attack Cody, he tried to punch him, but Cody blocked his punch with no effort, his eyes glowed a mixture of yellow and red and returned the punch's energy into Pete sending him flying across a large distance, he summoned a glowing blue sword out of thin air and began to chase him.

Both Amy and King knew that staying near him is suicidal enough, both attempting to reason with him is instant death, they began to back away from him, then broke out to running away from him. "What are we going to do?" said King as he panted, "I don't know, but we got to leave this forest at once." Kitsune came up to them, transformed into the white dog and carried them at almost blinding speed out of the forest. "Why, did you take off the watch?" yelled King, "The watch wasn't going to last forever, the earlier the watch came off, the better." King looked up at him, he began to feel sympathetic for Cody, having to face this himself.

"Dragon and Pete will take care of him, we need to keep him in the forest to protect the rest of the people from him." Kitsune said as they finally reached the end of the forest, it was late afternoon and the party was still going strong. "Stay here until we come back, you hear me?" Amy and King nodded. He ran back to the forest leaving Amy and King in the barbecue.

"Where were you?" said Fox, King came up to him quickly, "Uh, can we leave?" Fox looked at him, "I told you already, no." he dragged King to the party, Amy followed him to the party, "Cody...." she said as she to started to tear.

Bit of a warning, the next part reminds you why it's PG-13 so uh, yeah.... BYE! *runs away*
don't worry it's not that violent, just a little bloody that's it.

Author:  copper [ Fri May 04, 2012 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Mind the blood now. :)

Hmm, so he actually transforms physically as well. Seems interesting enough. Quite powerful too.

So King and Amy will soon become friends here, I think, That should make Bino angry. :lol:

Poor Cody. Guy just can't catch a break.

Author:  CanadianHero [ Sat May 05, 2012 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Day 4 part 6


Cody was trapped in darkness, he was hardly aware of what was happening, all he heard was voices in his head. "Hey, HEY!" I saw Tarot, but she wasn't her. "I need help, please Tarot." She simply looked at me, "I am going to help you." she snapped her fingers, all of a sudden my I felt a relaxing sensation through my body, I saw that my paws turned into hands, my clothes were back, and most important I was human again. "We need to awaken your inner light."

I felt like I was being pulled out of my own body, then I woke up to see Cody and Pete fighting each other, I found a large puddle of water and looked down, I was human again. But something was off. I felt different, a feeling I never felt before. Pete recognized me as my human self, he snapped his fingers, and then I transformed into a light version of myself, my hair became a amber color, my eyes turned a light green, and my clothes became much brighter than before.

I felt more powerful than before, I flicked my hand and summoned a gunblade(yet another Final Fantasy reference), it was glowing a reddish color. "Go." said Pete, he left me and Cody to do battle, he looked at me then ran incredibly fast around me. But the light heightened my senses, I could sense his every move through the forest, I chased him at a blinding pace. I stopped at a opening, and just according to plan he came behind, we crossed swords, he smirked at me and jumped backwards at a tree, I shot a few bullets at him, one grazed his arm and he yelped.

I saw blood on the tree from his arm, I moved in on him, he said "Darren, my opponent, I will destroy you!" He swung his sword at me several times. I closed my eyes and dodged every one of the swings, "This will end, I will assure of it." I threw several blizzard spells at him, one of them froze a tree then cracked it. I smashed it with my gunblade on it and broke it to several pieces, one of them impaled his left leg, he yelped loudly and then threw fire into my left arm, I winced at the pain but continued to fight.

"There's got to be something that will end this." then a voice came up in my head. "Summon". "Of course, Spirit Dragon!" I threw a crystal in the air and slashed it. Spirit Dragon came out of it, "need your help!" I yelled as I blocked one of Cody's dark spells. She closed her eyes and summoned a huge wind spell at Cody knocking him out off his feet. This was my chance.

"This is it." I snapped my fingers and time slowed, (this is a one time spell) I sped towards Cody and performed a (sweet!) series of slashes and shots, "And for the final touch, FLY AWAY!" Time resumed at normal pace, and I found Cody staggering backwards, "Pete!" I shouted. He came into view, "This was certainly a interesting battle." He performed a spell that absorbed the darkness into a bag, "this little thing is going to heaven for proper disposing." He threw it up into the sky and it disappeared from view.

Cody transformed back into his Yorkie self before he fell into the ground. "Don't worry." Kitsune said as he returned, "He's alive, just tired, I guess." He said that he is taking him to the vet saying he got hurt over here. I then reached into my heart and took out the excess light Tarot gave me. "I believe this belonged to you." I said as I handed it over to the dragon, "thank you." she said before she disappeared. I felt so tired from fighting, "thank you, Pete." I said shaking his large hand, "No problem." he smirked, he then put me on his back, "Let's go!" I yelled happily, along the way I fell asleep tired from the battle.

Amy was worried sick about what happened about her brother, King comforted her as said "I hope he's alright." King smiled at her warmly, "don't worry, he's going to be fine." Amy returned his hug, but was cut off when Bino came towards them, "Hey guys look, King's a cat-lover!" as he pointed at them, nobody looked at him except King was angry at him. "Shut up, Bino." he said as continued to hug Amy, "Oh-ho I guess you are a tou- OW!" King punched Bino in the stomach, and Amy finished it by kicking him in the (censored by Britney).

Bino collapsed on the ground crying as Amy and King high-five each other. "Look, it's Pete!" Pete was holding Darren on his back, "Heavy kid, ain't he?" King and Amy took over carrying him. "Looks like he's been busy." Amy said as she smiled. King laughed a little, "heh, guess he was." They took him to Pete's house, where Darren stay asleep all night after that. King later called the Sandwiches to let them know that Cody is at his house to their relief, "Well, guess we should go to sleep too." said King as Pete made food for them, Amy yawned "After dessert."

Tarot later came to their house to check up on Darren, "his heart is back to normal, no more danger from him." she turned to Amy who was a little worried, "Don't worry, Kitsune made sure to contain your darkness, it's normal like everyone else." Amy felt relief, "Glad to know." Pete came to them, "Want to watch Harry Potter, my treat." King and Amy said yes. They later felt asleep midway through the movie.

How was it? I feel a little relief knowing this is almost over. :lol:

Author:  copper [ Sat May 05, 2012 11:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

It could use a little work, but the story is good. Have you been playing a lot of FF lately? ;)

Epic battle. A little short, but nice.

Pete likes to cut corners. Glad to see not every Cosmic Being is so careless. :roll:

Author:  CanadianHero [ Sun May 06, 2012 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Day 5


I woke up at around mid morning, Amy and King were already awake eating downstairs. "Hey, how's going?" King looked at me a little confused, "So wait, you're Cody?" I nodded to him, "How?" he asked curiously, "Well would liked to have told you, but you will figure it out later." I told him smiling. As I joined them for breakfast, Pete came up to me. "So have you decided?" he asked, "Oh! no..." I said as I ate my bacon. "Here's a little reassurance, if you do decide to stay, you will remain human." he said. To be honest, I was tempted to stay but what about Amy?

"Don't worry, Amy will stay if she wants to." He said as he petted Amy, "If he's staying, I'm staying." she smiled towards me, I hugged her, "As my human sister, right?" she nodded at the question, "What about over there at my world?" Pete took off his top hat showing his griffin head. "Don't worry, memories of you being there will be erased." he eyes glowed slightly, "It will be as though you were never there." he smiled at us. I wanted to go back, but then I saw all this new opportunity at seeing the animal's side of life now that they talked. "You know what? I'll stay." Amy smiled at me.

"Done." Pete snapped his fingers, all of a sudden Amy turned back into a human, her soft strawberry blond hair, and fairly tan skin returned to her. "Yay!" her perky, happy personality returned as soon she returned back. King was a little surprised at the transformation, "Can I turn back too?" Pete smiled at him, "Not for now." he put on his hat returned his head into a human's. I looked at King and scratched him on the back of the ear, he felt really good from that. "Well, I guess were going." I said, "To where?" Amy asked, "We are going to travel, I always wanted to travel the United States." Amy looked a little confused, but then smiled at him, "first, let's reacquaint with the neighborhood.

"Might as well bring Cody with us." I said, he remembered about Cody being at the vet, "He going to need someone to take care of him." Amy nodded at him, "Let's go." Amy and I said goodbye to King and Pete, "We going to be gone for a little while, until then." he smiled at King. He then felt something in his pocket, it was his iPod. "Here." I said as I threw it towards King, he looked a little confused. "Just something to remember us by." King looked very happy, "thanks!" We waved goodbye. While walked around the neighborhood.

"I never got to see a proper look-over the talking animals around, reminds me of the Disney movies we watch." I said to Amy, "Let's go find Cody, he's waiting for us, I'm sure of that." I nodded towards her and we set out for the vet's office, I teared up a little at the thought of leaving King, Peanut, and Grape. "We will see them soon, I know of it." said Amy. I felt happy at the idea.

We arrived at the vet's office, we came to the counter claiming we are Cody's owners, the nurse let us signed a few papers, we later saw Cody at the waiting room out back, "Cody?" I said, he walked over to us. "Who are you?" he asked, "We are your new owners." Cody was excited at the idea of us being his owners. "Can I call you mom and dad?" I felt a little awkward at the idea at first but then I felt good at that idea. "Sure." I said happily, I put on him on my shoulders as we walked out of the vet's office.

THE END :D :D :D Well, that's it I guess...wait! (reads letter) OH yeah, epilogue is tomorrow. til then *waves at audience* ;)

Author:  copper [ Sun May 06, 2012 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Ah, so a nice happy ending for all.... except King, of course. :lol:

Author:  CanadianHero [ Mon May 07, 2012 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Epilogue (six months later)

Cody looked up at the bright sky, they were in a park near San Francisco. "It's been six months since we left." as he thought about Babylon Gardens and King, Peanut, Grape, and Fox. He wanted to come back there ever since he heard Darren's stories about being there. Darren did said that someday they would live there, Cody enjoyed the breezy air, and sunlight coming down on him, even his long fur coat didn't bother much.

He smiled at Darren who came up with hot dogs, "Do you like it here, Cody?" Cody nodded happily at him. Darren scratched Cody behind his ears, "Dad, my birthday's tomorrow." Darren looked a little surprised, "Four already?" Cody nodded. "Wow, your growing so fast." Cody giggled a little, he started to eat his hot dog, "Where's mom?" Darren looked at him, "She went to travel to Pasadena, in our world that's our home."

Cody looked at the Oakland Bay Bridge, he then looked down to see a Welsh Corgi playing with his owner, "How do think you King's doing?" Darren thought about King, "I don't know, I'm sure he's fine." Cody started to wag his tail, "Maybe we could go to Babylon Gardens to see him again." Darren wasn't sure that King would be there anymore, he probably moved on. "Maybe." he said as he ate his hot dog.

Cody hugged Darren, "We should go there." Darren thought that it would take a while to get there. "Maybe one of these days." "Wait, where's my ball?" said Cody as he looked, his ears drooped. "It's gone." Just as he looked up a female chihuahua came to him, "Is this your ball?" Cody heart sank and his paws started to sweat a little, "U-Uh, yes?" the chihuahua looked a little concerned, "Are you okay?" Cody started to blush and he looked down at himself, the chihuahua sat on a bench, "What's your name?" Cody stuttered a little, "C-Cody." "My name is Tanya." she smiled at him. "She likes me!" Cody thought.

"Cody!" said Darren, "huh, oh!" Cody looked at Darren, "Coming!" he yelled, "I got to go." he said to Tanya, "See you later!" she said as she hugged him goodbye. "Hey, Cody ready to go?" Cody nodded then he looked back to see Tanya waving, "Meet someone?" Darren said, "Uh, yeah, guess I did." Cody said he waved back. Darren smiled as he knew about Cody's new love interest, "Come on, lover-boy." Cody was surprised, "Hey!" he said as he pushed Darren. Darren laughed as they got in the car, "We can come back, if you want." he said, Cody was happier, "Really?" Darren smiled and nodded. "Yay!" Cody went as they left the park.

Well that's the end of my first fan fiction *sniff* well uh, *sniff* that's it for this story OH BRITNEY *grabs cat and cries* :cry: :cry: UGH, my owner's such a drama queen, okay guys thanks for the support and we will see you later, bye!

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon May 07, 2012 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Well, Good little story there.

Hope to see more on your other one.

Author:  MapleRatty [ Mon May 07, 2012 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

awww... such a nice fanfic.

cant wait to see more of your other one!

Author:  copper [ Mon May 07, 2012 11:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets! The 5 days of Life (PG-13)

Good epilogue to a sweet story. Hope to see more from you! :D

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