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Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother (PG-13) 
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Post Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother (PG-13)
Chapter 1:

is a Portuguese and Galician word for a feeling of nostalgic longing for something that one was fond of and which is lost.

Time stops and moments fade yet our memories remain crystal and more solid than it's time of birth. The weigh within us. And as more events take place, we begin to pain as we long for their return.

A young cat of twelve years stood at his front lawn, staring onto the walkway. He looked from the front door to the path leading onto the fence exit as if affixed to two people at once. Confused and pained, he felt the scars of the past come to him. His body shivered as the cold wind from then and today came rushing through his body.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as his heart beckoned for an answer. "Why?" He thought. The droplets dampened his purple fur as his muzzle filled. His nose, snorting, holding back the sobs as his stomach churned. His pelt, moist at the base of his chest.

"Shaun?" He heard his name. The light of the front porch lit making visible the newly furnished wooden lounge chair. "Mom? Mom!?" He called out.

A cat of the same fur color emerged from the front door. Turning to her son, only in his teal pajama pants, squinted her eyes as her feline night-vision began to settle. Startled, she ran to her son with worry in her eyes. She grabbed onto his cheeks to look into his eyes. "No, not again!" His pupils were a shade of deep Grey, almost making his eyes blend perfectly with that of his cornea. And his fur, moist with tears and sweat. She held him tight as his eyes began to dilate then return to it's regular yellow color. He inhaled deeply then relaxed his lungs as he returned to normal. He held his heart, no longer suffering.

"Mom?" He looked up to her. Relief, he felt, as he embraced her, tightening his grip as if he was holding on for dear life. "Mom!" He felt scared. "Don't worry. Mommy's here." She rubbed his back side, comforting her one and only child. "Come on, let's head back inside."

His feet were apparently numb and had just regained feeling. As his feet brushed against the grass dew, a cold feeling ran up his feet to his spine. His body shivered and weakened as he tightened his grip. The feeling mixed with his already vexed emotions. He felt as if he had just witnessed the Great Fall his mother encountered.

He kept his arms around her as they reentered the Sandwich household. The door shut behind them as the outside world lost sight of them.

"Shaun, go into the living room wait for me there." She handed him his green blanket that hung on the coat hanger.

With a silent nod, littered with pants as he inhaled and exhaled at a pace, he went into the living room with the blanket dragged on the carpeted floor.

He sat on the living room sofa where his grandfather used to sit. Grape entered the room with a cup of hot cocoa in her hands. He looked at her as he hugged his knees under his blanket draped over his body. She gave him his drink as she knelt, leaning on the arm of the chair. He took it, his paws heated by the mug. He gazed upon the drink as the steam emitted from it's mouth. "What's happening to me, mom?"

Concern, obvious in her eyes, looked upon the mug and recalled it's past owner. "Peanut..." She whispered. They made eye contact as she held his cheek with a paw. Her gaze was intent on him, a straight face gracing her features. He felt the discomfort she did. "What did you see?" Taken aback by her sudden change of expression, he began to wonder if he had ever done this before.

He took a sip from the cup leaving a mark of brown on his upper lip. He licked off the chocolate and fiddled with his fingers, entwined with his mug. "I saw uncle Peanut... and uncle Max."

Grape bit her lip. She turned to the fireplace, away from him. She'd had needed to hear this story. Although, her heart beckoned her not to go through this. Gripping her bosom, squeezing the fur above her heart, she sighed. Her attention was to her son's again. She knelt and held his hand. "Tell me everything."


Peanut brought Grape into their parent's room. Sitting her on a stool, he walked over to a supply of combs and perfumes. "I don't know how you talked me into letting you freshen me up for my date." Grabbing the only plain comb their father never uses and a pair of scissors, he headed over to her taking the hand mirror he noticed sitting in with the rest of the brushes and combs. "Oh hush, I want you to be happy, so I thought I'd put all those hours of pet makeover on TLC to use."

He settled down the mirror to the bed at his side and brimmed with perfect confidence about what he was doing. Peanut combed the tips of her eyelashes. Her eyelids seemed to retreat in her sockets as his combed brushed upon the thin, sensitive skin. Swallowing his hopes, he curved them to the sides of her eyes, pointing, unveiling a new side of her persona: a molly in full color.

She opened her eyes. It seemed it was over.

Peanut took a photograph from his collar that he took of her before they went in. He let her a have a glance of it. "Okay, this is you before..." A sarcastic expression embodied her face. "Thanks for the impromptu photo shoot, by the way."

He imitated her expression with slight irritation. Yet worry bellowed in his heart. He took the mirror from the bed, leaving the photo in it's place. "...and this is you now!"

She gasped. That hint of approval took itself upon him as smile ventured into his cheeks for a moment. "Wait, did you just comb my eyelashes out?" He giggled under his breathe. "You'd be surprised what a difference it makes."

She giggled. "Thanks Peanut."

The door bell rang. "Oh! That must be him." The smile on her face was shining as her date was about to begin. Excitement in her eyes coupled with a now sinister grin grimaced her face.

She walked out to the door. "Thanks again, Peanut!" Shooting a smile to him before the door shut.

He sighed. His heart still beats for her. The ivory door before him seemed to grow in size. His world was shifting a his emotions played in his personal torment. A tear would have ventured fourth on the floor if he hadn't wiped it away. "I can't do this." He turned to the picture on the bed. Seeing her in a "casual" state. A half smile swept across a cheek. "I at least have to see her off."

He gets up and opens the door.

Heading down the stairs, he could hear the conversation of the two. "Woah, I guess you weren't kidding about the girl part!" Peanut felt the pride of accomplishment root into his cheeks, hoping to stay there for a while. "Don't get used to it, this is only for tonight. Consider it a little gift." He felt a bit of disappointment in himself. He laughed it off with a slight chuckle. Though he skillfully payed no mind to that last part.

She stood at the open door. Walking outside then grabbing onto his arm. He could hear a bit more but shrugged it off. He stood at the front door as they walked away. "Hey, Max, be sure to bring her back by midnight this time!" He called out. "No promises!" A friendly reply, he gave.

For a moment he was calm but as they exited the property and onto the walkway, a tear escaped his eye. Flowing down onto the cement step, it echoed into his ears as it made contact with the floor.


"After that, I heard the TV turn on. I could hear some drama playing in there along with some crying and..." He stopped as his mother seemed disheartened. Her eyes were sheltered by the fur on her forehead as she looked down.

"Mom? What's going on?" He returned to his heartfelt worry.

"I don't know..." Her heart cringed a bit by her half lie. "But I'll talk to Arrow tomorrow about this okay?" She gave him a reassuring smile. "Now, go back to bed. You have school tomorrow." He smiled back. Giving her a kiss on the cheek, he settled down his half empty cup in her hand. "Night mom!" he ran out of the room, flicking a switch on the way, then up the stairs.

She stood. Directing her attention to the crackling fire, she broke the silence that embellished the room. "He's a strong kid..." She smiled. Her focus now on the slowly spinning ceiling fan as she slowly closed her eyes. The rotation come to an end as her yellow eyes adjusted to the fire. "Just like his father."

Chapter 2:

Is a greek word referring to a friend, an associate, or he who associates familiarly with one, a companion.

Exemplifying is the heart as it's many directions daze and confuse. At times we wish to stop at that cross road, and hope, that eventually, the paths collide. Though we halt our lives. Restless and unmoving, we do not grow any further as we suffer from the wait.

A fresh new air engulfed the neighborhood as the sun arose from the horizon. Pointed ears perked up and jolted out of bed as the day began. The once silent streets buzzed to life as the residents and early birds began to exit their homes and reenter the world. Many men walked out of their front doors, fixing their ties with a suit case in the other hand. They started the cars as they drove off into the day. Children burst forth and met with each other. As the groups formed into the corners, the bus stopped at the sign as the folding door pulled open, colliding upon itself as the driver called them in.

Many other children, however, were still at home. Lazy in bed groaning "Just five more minutes..." while others surrendered to the alarm clock the United Mothers Association had placed at the other side of the room.

Shaun, apparently, was not among them. He lay in bed with eyes wide open, staring onto the ceiling as he awaited for a call.

His pajamas were scattered around the room. His pants on the floor with his shirt tossed against the wall, he wasn't usually such a messy tomcat. His mother taught him better. He simply rebelled against the idea of clothing.

His thoughts lingered to the night before. He slept with a hint of distraught beneath his sheltered eyes. Something like that doesn't just go away.

"What's going on?" He thought to himself. His mother had always been so secretive. He'd usually shrug it off and let his mother do what she does. Though, this time it really got him curious.

"Shaun, Breakfast's ready!" He jumped out of bed, leaving his thoughts behind. He gave off a mischievous grin. Surely his rebellious act would be obvious. Subconsciously, he wanted to draw her attention to make her react to his demonstration.


Grape held a gold, heart-shaped locket in her paws, rubbing her thumb upon it's smooth surface. Her left hand joined the other in the texture of the locket. Her finger followed the tiny designs etching the corners of the heart. It trailed off into the button on top tracing the waves that circulated it.

It's chain, a unique silver, swung underneath her hand, brushing the side of her index finger.

The locket glowed in her soft eyes as she let it swing from the chain. Mesmerizing and hypnotizing her. She felt entranced in the accessory as it brought upon a state of bliss. Her heart beat rapidly, replicating the pace of when she first got it. She recalled that late December, the day she cherished the most.

As the egg timer dinged, the egg began to heat further. She didn't care much about anything so trivial at the moment. Her focus was fully upon the trinket.

"I missed you..." She whispers. A smile crept upon her cheeks. "All too much."

Shaun's bare feet stomped onto the steps as he hastily made his way downward.

Grape heard the quick movement. She would have panicked if it weren't for her wit. The stomping ended as Shaun ran upon the mat in the living room.

He raced across the dining room to her. Grape leaned down as he kissed his mother on the cheek. "Morning, mom!"

"Morning, baby." She kissed him on the forehead.

Grape switched off the heat as she grabbed the pan by it's handle. Sliding off the eggs with a spatula, positioning a small, readily placed plate, in the path of the egg.

He lept into his seat opposite from her. He took his spoon and fork, letting his tongue dangle as his eyes directed upon his meal.

His mother slid the eggs to him. He took the eggs that seemed just a bit brown at the edge, and joined it with his prepared bacon.

Grape grabbed the, formerly known as "Coco Crunch", cereal. She poured the Coco Koala into her bowl joined with organic milk she got from her last visit to the farm not so long ago. "Why'd they have to change the name..." She commented, pushing around the crunches with her spoon to mix with the milk. She swallowed a spoon full of her cereal crunching down the chocolates.

Shaun had already finished, however.

"I'm goin' now, mom!" She smiled as he grabbed his backpack from the counter in the kitchen behind her. Zooming by her, she noticed his bare back...and body. Raising an eyebrow, she settled down her spoon.

Shaun was fast approaching his goal. If he made it through that door, he would have been home free. He made his turn from the living room, only to find that his mother was already there.

"Forgetting something?" She smirked.

"I don't think so." A proud grin graced his features.

"You forgot to give mom a hug." A slight pout upon her face confused the young cat. Feeling a bit odd, he made cautious, steady steps toward her. He embraced her with a bit of confusion in his eyes.

He walked out the front door, still maintaining his expression.

He felt a slight weight. He felt something odd in the air as he walked down the walkway to the white, wooden gate.

"Bye, Shaun! Have fun!" She called out.

He looked around to see his mother and her loving gaze like any mother should. He returned the favor with a young, sparkling smile.

He exited the property as his attention diverted to a bunch of brown fur in the distance. A bright young girl of eleven years old ran toward him in a steady pace. A glad expression filled his face.

Her name was Jill. Daughter of Fido, the city police chief and war veteran from the Great Fall, and Sabrina, the head of the United Mother's Association and secretary of Apollo Inc., a highly acclaimed and versatile company. She was a hybrid and you can tell by her feline body and short tail. To be honest, he's always found this rather cute.

Shaun shuttered at the fact that the interspecies thing was taboo before the Fall. It must've been hard for them, he imagined. Fido and him talked about the war whenever they had the chance, rather than the old standards that graced society.

"Hi, Shaun!" She gave him the regular, energetic smile. He couldn't help but return the favor. Typically, they would have gone into a competition as to who can smile the biggest but he Jill seemed to have been distracted.

A look of surprise plastered upon her face."Umm...I thought you were going nude to protest against clothing. Did you give up or something?"

Shaun was about to correct, raising his finger, about to point out his "obviously" exposed fur with pride, till he realized the minor weight upon his shoulders of his sleeves. He began to pat vigorously upon his chest and stomach, with wide and unbelieving eyes, feeling the fabric of clothing without allowing his eyes the suffering sight of defeat. Slowly, he began adjusting his agonizing gaze upon his blue jeans and red, short-sleeved shirt. He began to imagine his mother laughing manically in victory.

"Ooh! Ooh! I know! It must be your mom's birthday, right? No wonder you gave up." He tried to speak but she cut him off. "Does this mean it'll be a hiatus or did your mom convince you otherwise?" Shaun felt slightly irritated. This was one of her moments when she'd burst out into a talkative frenzy.

"Um... Jill?" She didn't seem to have heard him. "Oh shoot! I have to get your mom a present! What do I do!? What do I get!?" His eye began twitching, intensified by his already pressing defeat.


Grape looked outside to window, peering at her son as he slowly walked away with his talkative companion. "Hmhmm. So naive." She looked at the locket in her hand. It glowed as the sun beamed down upon it. "Just like me..." She stole another glance at him as they disappeared around the corner.

She headed into the dining room to finish her meal.

Noting that the locket was still in her hand as her paw slid it's chain around her wrist, she lifted it to her eyes. "I should keep you hidden till I'm done with today." She headed up the stairs and into the attic. Opening a small box in the corner of the room, she settled it in. "You'll be safe there." She smiled as she retreated to her bowl.


It was noon time when she finally exited to bask in the glory of the new day. She looked into the sky and missed the birds. How they sang and brought about the memory of a simplistic life a great distance away from the complications that battered society with innecessity. Nowadays these birds are with them, on the surface. Flightless yet still tend to the skies as they did in the days of old.

Their traits, however, have not gone south. They are still a loving family species. Ever graceful but are nowhere near as majestic as their forefathers who conquered the skies indefinitely.

She traced a plane as it flew by, saluting the avians who still master the skies. She could only imagine the feeling of weightlessness as you carry yourself up from the ground and into the skies with your own ability.

Grape felt a calming wind brush across her features. "I shouldn't stand around." She turns to her home.

"There's not much to see here anyway." She sighed.

She remembers her parents. How her mother's embrace would seem to drain all the pain away and into herself as the agony fell with an unearthly rapidity. The way she cooked the early morning meals with the scent that filled the building. She was an angel, a God sent creature who was much too kind for mankind to have ever fathomed. How she would laugh with her father whenever he commented on the status of society. A man with a great taste and the heart of a saint, who could see the light in everything. How he was the defender, a guardian of his family that he loved without question nor hesitation.

Though, in truth, they were far from perfect. They have had their sins. Their father had showed his own rebellion against the gas station attendant. He had, as well, followed blindly into battle as his country waged war, tossing away his tire iron for the rifle. Her mother was no better letting him go.

She spoke highly of them for they were not only good people, but, as well, her family. The American dream embodied in their very existence. Nationalists and a stable family, they were an ideal couple, something she had wished to imitate in her life.

She misses them.

After the Fall, the building was rebuilt. Trying to replicate as much of the old home as it did before and using most of the old wood. Grape could still see Peanut working on the ceiling tiles as she giggled as to how cute he looked with the suspenders on backwards, the "v" shape choking his neck till she took it upon herself to remove it and set it on normally, and the nails lodged between his teeth as he bit them down, she told him not to do that. She couldn't stop laughing when he opened his mouth to nail the tile in when all of the nails fell down the face of the building.

She chuckled a bit at her playful memory.

She directs her attention to the streets. Not so long ago, some of these streets were shattered. Recently, the community had it's way with the aftermath in Babylon Gardens. Sure, the neighborhood was the first of the resurrection projects but it was also amongst the last.

She recalled having run around the neighborhood trying to find Max despite the danger. It was war and she needed to see him at least once before she would shelter herself. The tears she shed when she finally saw him within a toppled car still burnt like acid whenever her thoughts would race there. It was then that she realized just how much he mattered to her. "He was more than just a friend..." The disheartening feel of loss lingered within her mind.

A calming static flowed through her as she looked onto the driveway of her garage. She saw the young black cat that retained great energy whenever they met. His smile, his joy, the sensation of his touch, rushed through her veins.

That's where they first met. Max was sleeping on top of her dad's car. He would usually just scream or shew it away but when it became much too constant, he sent out Grape. They talked idly about many things but their conversations were always so short lived.

She would have to admit, she had a crush on him then.

The overwhelming relief and tears filled her eyes the same way it did when she found him there, alive, all those years ago.

Wiping them away, she opened the door of her blue car. Hopping in, she backed up the car then drove into the distance, leaving Babylon Gardens behind.


Grape settled in a parking lot beside where Asheville Middle School used to lie. The building, now known as Alvin State Middle School, was amongst the few still being rebuilt after the Fall. It had no gymnasium and majority of it's classrooms were lacking of paint, windows and educational posters.

She got out of the car and headed towards the double doors. It was a light red in color, proving it was new and recently put up.

Before she pushed them open, she stole a glance at the playground at the side of the building. Waving to a few young, and familiar faces. It was being re-sized, starting with the monkey bars, to suit the feral residents.

She longed to hear the laughter of human young, but those hopes are dashed by the crushing truth. Man was gone, that was why they, the domesticated wild, took the mantle. Prepared or not.

They had with them the earth in their hands, but the stories of mankind bore many, many layers - rough, and smooth, indecisiveness, and calm moments - Thus it was heavy, and on the first few steps, they had almost allowed it to fall. They were tasked to continue these stories for earth to live on. Care for the world in a way humanity had failed to do so. They were doing fine so far.

The door slowly opened a crack as Grape peeked in. No one in the halls but the janitor. She opened the door fully, looking left to right, trying to see if anyone was around.

She ventured through the halls, trying to find Shaun's class.

The lockers were the usual green. Filling the walls and taking up a considerate amount of space. Some of the lockers were new and the sheen of them made it obvious.

Grape had no trouble finally finding his room. Shaun's classroom was the only one with one door. The others had either none or both.

She spied Zach from the front door. He was sitting down with his book, watching his students carefully - unnoticed - trying to catch a cheater or two.

The bell rang suddenly, frightening the purple feline.

"Okay, everyone, pass your papers before you get out." She heard him announce. "Oh, and Shaun, please come here."

Grape entered the door after the students poured out. "Your mother's here." Zach pointed. His arms were crossed as he leaned onto his desk.

"Mom?" He turned to the path that was meant to behold a door. "Mom! Hey, what are you doing here?" He was surprised to see her but loved the sight of his mother whenever she came to visit.

"Just dropped by to see you and Zach before I went off into town." She tussled his hair for a quick second, trying to avoid embarrassing him in front his friends.

"I'm gonna see you at three, k, Hun?" She smiled.

"Okay, mom, I'll you see then!" He ran off, meeting with Jill at the doorway. Jill hid herself at the sight of the mature cat.

Grape chuckled. She turned to Zachery who had gotten off his seat and stood at the open window. He seemed miserable. "So, how's parole?"

He sighs. "Fine, really, I'm just watched like a hawk. But at least I have my privacy." He watches the children as they play. "I miss mom and dad..."

"We all miss our parents Zach..." She rested a hand to his shoulder. "But it's about time we moved on, and make them proud." Zach could sense just how much that implied on herself rather than him. "We were given a clean slate to work on, and so we did our best and are on our way to making the world a better place."

She walks over to the window beside him and looks into the sky. "We may suffer from the sins of our past but it is how we handle them that proves that we have learned, grown." Astounded by her words, Zach finally rewarded her with a smile that had seemed lost in time.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Zach heads to the doorway. "C'mon." His eyes brighten as his chipper expression returned.


"So what have you been up to?" Zach asked as he leaned against the wall. They were outside next to the front door, opposite of the parking lot.

"Shaun, basically." She watches the empty playground as the swings moved to the wind.

"Yeah, about that, if you're the mother, then who's..." She cut him off. "Sorry, Zach, I can't tell you."

"Well, I know my place." He surrendered.

She was taken aback. Usually, people would push on. "Your amazingly easy to convince."

"Being rehabilitated does that to ya'." Zach remembers the months he spent there under confinement. His thoughts drifted to the past.

Zach did nothing wrong.

He was sick. He could dismantle any organized body from it's foundation by simply touching them. His manipulative ability was solely mental and could extend. He could control it now, but he was still afraid. It was a much feared virus.

It was purely chaotic. He could easily lose himself and go mad!

He could still feel the many injections that pierced his skin throughout his many regions. His hands became clammy. Though he was under medication and the direction of good doctors, he was always afraid.

He couldn't forget the many tests he was subjected to. Yet, he knew, for the sake of those he cared about, he needed to go through it.

"Have you met with Marvin and Tiger lately?" He snapped out of it.

"Yeah. While I was in there, they met me everyday." He looked up, lost in a touching memory. "I don't feel alone anymore." His gaze turning to her. "Thanks."

She embraced him. "I'll see you at the Exhibit tomorrow." Releasing, Zach nodded as he headed up the few steps to the building.

Grape walked to her car then drove off into the city.


The blue car swiftly made it's way through the streets. The wheels spun against the puddles of the previous rain. The dampened streets reminded her of the guttered path of Peanut's art academy that he attended - Lencelot, was it? - The road was usually peaceful with the lush landscape decorating the area naturally. Yet the many damp tunnels were a let down.

The afternoons were always cold in March. The thin haze that seemed to fill the air was irritating.

Grape felt the faint irony that overtook when she made that halt at the stoplight. Dad taught her how to drive when he brought her along to the auto shop. She never anticipated actually driving someday, let alone be good at it. She was a cat after all. Expecting to drive, or even thinking about it was absurd. Nowadays, that was normal.

She held the steering wheel tightly. Almost nervous about her handling. "10 and 2..." A voice whispered in her head. "Thanks dad..." She replied.

She could feel a vibration on her waist. Ringing and stopping, then repeating. She pulled out the cell from her brown pants. Flipping it open, she kept her eyes on the road as she answered the caller. "Hello?"

"Afternoon, Grape." A jolly voice came across the speaker.

"Rufus? Hey, it's been so long that I almost didn't recognize you." She said, almost joking in tone. "Why the sudden call?"

"Well... I'm plannin' on quittin' the community..." She gasped. Rufus was a member of the community, the replacement of the government. Seeing as politics was nothing to be proud of, corruption and war having already done enough, the world decided to work with communities. It was like large fund raiser. No taxes, no leaders, just representatives and Rufus was representing the country side of North Carolina. It became a symbol of a fresh new start. People could come and go as they please, it wasn't even policy to have representatives for everything, just people willing to help out the country. It was the only thing keeping the city in order.

"But why?" She seemed to panic.

"A lot o' workin' to do on the farm. Ma', Pa', and the kids are gone, leavin' me an' them cats." He paused for a moment. A small sigh escaped his lips. "Believe me, I don't mind havin' them work on things. But they ain't used to my work." He seemed worried.

"What? You can't depend on the three of them to do what you do?" She scolded.

"No, nothin' like that, friend. It' just, you haven't seem them with the hammers. Scares the heck outta me." It was easy to feel his concern. He cared about them. They were all he had left besides the farm.

"Why don't I go talk to them tomorrow?" He could sense the desperation in her tone. "Just...please, stay there. We need people like you on that seat."

He was quiet for a moment. She bit her lip, almost feeling as if he had already hung up. "Alright...but I'm comin' with you. I wanna see for myself if they can handle it." At that, they bid farewell.

The car was silent with nothing but the humming of the engine and the silent rumbling of dad's toolbox in the trunk.

After nearly half an hour, she spoke. "Too quiet." Her vein pumped in irritation. She twisted the knob of her radio, browsing through the many stations. She chuckled at the voice of a crying Italian, talking about a moist pepperoni.

As she turned it slightly to the right, one of the few music stations came up.

It was Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls. She loved Taylor Swift who was featured in it but she felt unease as the song went on.

The smooth music engulfed the vehicle, surrounding her. "You came into my life and I thought 'Hey, you know, it could be something...'" She remembered Max. The day they first met as kittens. She held her heart, almost loosing her control on the car.

"...'Cause everything you do and words you say, you know that it all takes my breath away, and now I'm left with nothing..." Peanut appeared in a flash. She could barely hold her composure now.

Due to the lack of stations, many of the frequencies were the same. As she turned it in an attempt to change the station, she ended up on the same one.

It was Taylor's turn. "...I remember every look upon your face. The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste. You make it hard for breathing..."

"'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away I think of you and everything's okay. I'm finally now believing..." She shut it off as tears rolled down her mane. Her chest suddenly felt smaller as her heart was closed in.

The tint on the windows shielded sight of her as she drove off in tears to the nearest bridge.

The Wil-Cox bridge was meager in comparison to most but stood proudly as among few of the arch bridges left in North Carolina.

She drove onto it, stopping in midsection. She stumbled out with the radio in hand. She tossed out into a watery grave as she knelt in defeat on the hard cement. Holding herself, trying to comfort her crumbling heart.


An hour passed as her tears ended their relentless flow.

Her fur, soaked to the nose by the rainfall that ended not so long ago, dripped with her tears and rain drops; aptly moistening her sleeveless dark-violet shirt and brown pants.

Colliding with the ground, she could only remember how deftly painful her tears were to Peanut.

Her eyes, affixed on the ground yet focused on her former days. When her heart would sing to the tune of Max's purr against her chest. How his touch melted her form as his lips thrust upon hers, hungrily. She attempted to stem the loss of life within her, the comforting whispers she so longed to regain were probably miles away.

She stood, heading into the open vehicle that long awaited her.

Sheltering the unpleasant air was the ivory mist that descended upon her; covering her with a veil of white. She drove slowly in the blind path as her hands settled in an uneasy position on the steering wheel.

Her thoughts now drifted to a certain brown dog and his joyous bright smile. Though dawned with a crest fallen expression, she was met with a slight smirk that arose from the depths of these harsh ashes.

"He was always there..." she thought. "Even if I refused..." Her hands loosened at the wheel. "Even when he needed me more then I needed him." As depressing as her words may have seemed, for some reason, her smile had not averted that upward curve. In fact, she began to giggle. Beneath her incoherent smile, she beheld a moment in time when she felt renewed.

Reentering the city, she drove to a large black gate. Cameras scanning the area at the sides of the gate.

Lining the block were cement walls that stood about eight feet tall. Spikes marking the top of them to keep off intruders.

She rolled down the window and let the camera catch a glimpse of her chipper face. The automatic gate opened before her.

As she passed the guard house, she waved to Tiger through the windowpane as he buttoned his uniform. He waved back, midway.

She leaned out of her car. "What are you doing?"

"Shaun told me you were on with the whole clothing thing." He said, emphasizing the cloth-related word with irritation. "Why is that?"

"I don't know, I guess it just feels... liberating." She joked. They were pets, it just felt good to be in control. Despite the basis that distinguished the tip of the food chain. She really didn't mind.

"Doesn't that context go the other way around?" He retorted.

"Hm. Whatever you say." She pulled a switch, her window tract back up, as she drove onward.

"Hey, wait!" She stopped. Her window midway. "Why are you even here?" He walked up the car as he exited the small guard house.

"Isn't it obvious? I wanted to see Peanut." She almost laughed under breath.

"But he won't be back until next week." He looked to the a large black building at the end of the block. "There's no one in here but Joey."

"Then I guess I'm here to see Joey." She drove off with a hint of disappointment.

She parks nearby at the parking lot that took most of the left side of the gate.

She headed out of the car then pulled out her beeper. She pushed the button and the car beeped twice as it locked. She doesn't prefer taking the easy way to lock her car but she was damp and needed to change before she caught something.

Within the confines of the mysterious block lay three major buildings:

To the east was the "Edisco Discere Didici" which means to learn about; understand. It was the tallest among the three which stood an impressive three stories; five if you count the point of the tower. The tower was dome-like and leveled with the rest of the top floor but stood a bit higher. Inside was the staircase that led to the roof. It's design was similar to that of British cement mansions or the White House. Four pillars stood, at the end of two sets of steps, that decorated the entrance.

It acted as an academy that doubled as a research center. It was not as scientific as to possess a telescope but retained many archives on all forms of art aside from the Tele-media. It housed numerous computers as well with internet connection inside the mass library.

The point was a symbol of architectural mastery, yet it's creator still remained anonymous. At exactly six o'clock in the morning, when the sun would rise in the horizon, the light would reflect onto the many prisms inside and thrust a design around the fountain in the center. Though the fountain could stand in the way of the light to complete it's cross-like pattern, the tip of it had it's own collection of mirrors to complete the design to the west. The location was at the corner of the city, nearing the country side, so the light was uninterrupted by other sources.

Grape had only seen it once before. It was a pointed cross with the fountain at it's belly. It's vine like pattern was coupled with the perfect points it made. It was four pronged.

Peanut showed it to her. He said it nearly shocked the day lights out of him when he came early morning to work.

It was easy to see why. It was breathtaking.

She granted a kiss on the cheek for it. Grape touched her lips and giggled at the thought of his blush. The deep searing red that looked all too cute on him.

To the west was the "Absol Feducia eb Emendatio" which means Self-confidence, courage, and improvement. Though lacking in height, standing only two stories tall, it more than made up for it with it's great width which spanned half it's side of the block. It was a facility for the practical arts dealing with dancing, cooking, etiquette, house keeping, and theatrics. It also acted as the cafeteria as well as a head quarters for botanists who grace the block with the flora it needed. This was where Rex works as a professor in his cooking class, as well as experiment with different combinations.

In the center of the block was a fountain. It had a three bowl design for the water to flow in perfect semi-domes. Underneath it lay a large working compass that pointed to the Exhibit, swaying it's hands occasionally.

To the north was the most significant building in the area. Though much meeker and darker compared to the other two as it beheld a simplistic name, it housed the working station and exhibition of the professionals. This was where Joey and Peanut create their artwork - sculptures and paintings. The massive silver sign, reading "Exhibit", just above the dark concrete awning that nearly stretched throughout the entire front of the building. It stood three stories high with hardly any windows. What had sufficed was small shielded portholes that were almost eight feet apart on the upper floors.

It took up a sixth of the block with the appearance of a shady office building. It's glass entrance followed suit with the awning, lining the entrance with an insight to what was inside.

She walked with long, almost quickening, strides toward the building.

With a grey, and almost silver, sling at her side, she pulled out her cellphone, checking it's condition. It was slightly damp yet remained almost unharmed. She chuckled at the thought that most of it might be her tears. Morbid as that thought was, she needed to entertain herself.

Entering the foyer, she greeted Daisy who worked as the secretary. Her dry, black, buttoned up shirt sparked humorous envy within her. Ready to comment on the comparison, she halted the thought when she noticed the glasses that rested upon her canine snout. "I'm impressed. I didn't know you loved books."

"Huh? No, I don't." Dumbfounded was almost the perfect word to describe her. "What made you think that, sir?" She seemed be only attempting to keep up a respectful tone.

"Sir?" Skepticism rose an eyebrow. "It's me, Grape. Don't you recognize me?" She felt somewhat hurt and very irritated. She thought her new wardrobe fit her just fine as a molly.

"Oh, Grape?" She takes the meek spectacles from place. "Oh, Sorry! I can't see well with these glasses on."

She felt relieved, and at the same time, very curious. "Why are you wearing glasses? You seem to see fine without them."

"Doesn't it look good on me?" She had to admit, the small rectangular glasses did firmly match her uniform.

"You could have at least gotten one with plastic or glass that allows some vision."

"No way! Those didn't look cute." She retorted as she put back the glasses.

She slapped her forehead. That sudden force to her head jutted her memory, she needed to change, fast! "I'll just be going." She headed through one of the double doors on the left.

"Okay." She grabbed a file to busy herself.


Heading into main entrance, she was met with a minor collaboration of the building's primed and proud. Paintings hung on the walls of landscapes and people. In the center of the small rectangular room, were sculptures. On all four walls, held at least one door.

Majority of the paintings in this room was owned by a Mister Baron Godard. He was a German Pinscher who only did detailed real world paintings. He was the third best artist in building. He was much rarely seen here as his works were delivered and not worked on site.

He was usually seen in off places - Bars, grade schools, and parks - all so he could take that one unique person, who stood out in his eyes, and paint their every detail in the right light. His works had ranged from a young janitor to a retired principal, from aged professors to middle-aged hobos.

A hand full of these paintings and majority of the statues were owned by their very own Joey. His works were mainly of a fictional world that branched deep within his mind. He had many epiphanies of his desires of feline personification and fictional realm that usually strung his imagination. Because of this, his first few days working as a Rookie, he became the second most highly acclaimed as his first work sparked the interest of the elite and modern crowds.

It was that of a cat on a throne drenched in ill fitting royal garments cupping the earth in his meek hands tightly, afraid to let go yet baring the desire to unleash the wait elsewhere. It was the first piece of artwork of a former pet, at the time, that dawned an animal in clothing. It was his representation of the shifting of power in the new world. Yet it was much less shifting as it was an unwanted passing of the mantle. Neither side wanted this to happen.

Finally, there was Peanut's skilled illustrations. Surreal and majestic, his artwork had dealt with nearly every emotion. His was a combination of the two: detailed and, mostly, fictional yet mainly featured a lush plain or anything natural. Every painting he made, every sculpture he set up, beheld a story. An entire world he either dreamed to reach or had already encountered.

Peanut was, too, a rare sight in the building but would appear on almost any special occasion. He was either hard work in his personal workspace on the the third floor or dealing with

His vision of the world was crystal clear, being able to view it from any angle and on any side. He saw the light in many situations and often portrayed it. He had even painted a fireman handing over a child to her parents. In the ashes of malice and hatred remained a hope for a better future.

Grape approached the statues.

Of these clay figures was of a dog sitting on a pile of brick while his arms rested upon his forelegs as his hands draped between his separated legs. His nose twitched at a butterfly clenched onto his muzzle. It was entitled "Euphoric", amongst the first of Peanut's sculptures. Grape was not very well read on these kinds of art, so Peanut explained the title. Though it may have seemed, he said, that the dog was irritated by the grasp, he actually enjoyed the sight and feel of the beautiful creature, his friend, as it reveled in the pleasure of his false annoyance.

She walked to the other side of the statues to meet with her most favored creation here. Peanut had taken it upon himself to sculpt their parents. The two humans stood with comforting, soft eyes that they were so familiar with. She inwardly laughed at her father's beard that tickled when you kissed him in the cheek.

She headed for the door on the left. Passing by a picture of a bird basketball player sitting on a bench and an apple with a bite on it atop a bridge railing. She entered the only other door through there in the hall that was decorated with more work.

She began to change with no hurry.

She watched her fur in full view. She had missed this sight for a while now, being able to see it only in her bathroom.

"Still not fat." She commented, playful in her tone.


Returning to the main entrance, she headed towards the double doors that stood opposite of the entry point.

Peeking in, she saw light brown form of Joey, molding out what looks like two cats. One of the cats had his hand resting on the other's waistline. The female cat rested herself upon him. He was standing on a folding staircase while he used a yellow scalpel to fix the facial features of the male cat.

"Joey!" She called out, startling the silent artist.

"Gyah!" He shouted as he nearly fell off. He held onto the staircase as it shook slightly. "What are trying to do!? Ki-" His anger faded as he saw the giggling purple cat enter the door. "Grape!" He gleefully shouted as he leaped from the staircase onto the ground.

His cheerful expression simply brimming with ecstasy. She snickered lightly. "So, what are you working on?" She seemed a bit worried. She thought his initial cat fetish faded away after all his years here.

He turns to the reformed lump clay. "You still remember Fiddler and Keys, right?"

"Of course, I was at their wedding." Recognition dawned upon her as she watched the all too familiar faces of the pair as well as their collars. Fiddler and her violin and Keys with his, well, keys. He marked it down to detail with their musical notes at the bast of the collars.

"Well, next month is their anniversary, and I'm fixing this up as a gift." He stands proudly as he faces the result of his many sleepless nights.

"He doesn't know?" She thought as her ears drooped. "But their leaving next week to get a head start on their celebration."

A half smile pulled his cheek. "That's why I'm doing it down here instead of my studio upstairs."

He seemed happy, so was she. "You sure Peanut would agree with you working in the theater?" Hinting a threat in her voice.

"Nope, which is why I'm doing it while he's gone." His childish grin grew back. Mischief in his tone.

"Hmhm. Sneaky dog you are." She ruffled his hair. "So what about this masterpiece he'd been working on?"

"Oh, that? Well, I do know he left to Toronto to get something for it but that's all he mentioned." His smile faded.

"Have you seen any of it yet?" Her curiosity engulfed her.

He sighed. "No, luck. I haven't seen it."

Her eyes widened "Really? But I saw the drape, the thing was nearly two stories tall!"

"I know, which is why I'm so stumped. I don't know how he managed to hide it." He sat at the folding staircase with his chin buried in his palm.

"Why don't we double check?" She planted a hand on his shoulder.

He got up, giving her an consenting face. "Look, I'm his colleague and you're his best friend, and he hasn't gone as far as mentioning the title to either of us. We're just gonna have to wait till he's done."

She sighed in defeat, "I guess you're right." Sitting herself in the staircase step.

The doors opened and two ferrets emerged with urban clothing. One was female with a light shade of brown for her head. Her chest down was a darker, yet still light shade of brown and her limbs, as well as her tail, were given a slightly darker color then the chest. She was wearing a red sleeveless tank top with a pink sleeveless jacket along with pair of cargo shorts, and crimson beret. The other ferret, whose arm she promptly wrapped herself around, was dark brown in color with light brown on his scalp and muzzle.

"Hey, Lana, Keene, what's the occasion?" Joey spoke out with his positive vibe resonating once more.

"Just dropping by, Joey." Keene said. He looks to the familiar cat next to him. "Grape, was it?"

"Yeah, I'm surprised you knew my name." They shook hands. "Are any of the other ferrets with you?"

Lana loosened her grip to straighten her back and made eye contact. "We actually came here with Rock. He's down at Edisco doing some research." She remembers the light grey ferret. Their color patterns were so unique it fascinated her.

"We may have a lot of money and tons of stuff but we don't have the Archives." He gave off an air of business in his words. "In fact, we've been trying to buy it off."

Joey lightly chuckled. "I'm sorry, guys, but the Archives are Peanut's, all that was of Saint Lambert Academy, and you know how much he loves that place. You're gonna have to ask him, but I doubt he'll give it up. Besides, you can just come here whenever you want."

"That wouldn't be as convenient for Rock." Lana said.

Grape arose from her seat and headed to the dog. "Hey, Joey, I'm gonna get going." She turns to the ferrets. "It was nice meeting you again."

"You too." Lana said as Keene simply smiled.

Grape left the building. The disappointment she carried since she entered the block drifted away as she resisted. She focused on Shaun, she wanted to help her son.

THE STORY HAS CONTINUED IN ANOTHER POST ON THIS FORUM. I seem to have exceeded the 60,000 characters limit.

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.


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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Sinder Wrote:
I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.

I would run now, if I were you.


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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Teh Brawler Wrote:
Sinder Wrote:
I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.

I would run now, if I were you.

I don't think that would be necessary. I love Sinder's work. And it's a great feeling to actually have him gawk at my fiction. :)

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Dean Wrote:
"I saw uncle Peanut... and uncle Max."

I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.

I was going to make a joke but then I did.

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Ebly Wrote:
Dean Wrote:
"I saw uncle Peanut... and uncle Max."

I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.

There's a reason for that. No one but Grape knows who the father is. Even Shaun doesn't know. It's either of them, obviously, but I'll leave it to the story to reveal.

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Dean Wrote:
Ebly Wrote:
Dean Wrote:
"I saw uncle Peanut... and uncle Max."

I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.

There's a reason for that. No one but Grape knows who the father is. Even Shaun doesn't know. It's either of them, obviously, but I'll leave it to the story to reveal.

Oh, I'm just referring to implied PeanutxMax. Apologies if I gave off a different impression. :B

I was going to make a joke but then I did.

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Ebly Wrote:
Oh, I'm just referring to implied PeanutxMax. Apologies if I gave off a different impression. :B

O_O Ebly, u scare me sometimes.


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Ebly Wrote:
Oh, I'm just referring to implied PeanutxMax. Apologies if I gave off a different impression. :B[/size]

S'okay. :P Besides, I just thought I confused a reader with a hint in the story.

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Teh Brawler Wrote:
Ebly Wrote:
Oh, I'm just referring to implied PeanutxMax. Apologies if I gave off a different impression. :B

O_O Ebly, u scare me sometimes.

Brawlyboy, stop faking. You know me. :B

I was going to make a joke but then I did.

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Ebly Wrote:
Teh Brawler Wrote:
Ebly Wrote:
Oh, I'm just referring to implied PeanutxMax. Apologies if I gave off a different impression. :B

O_O Ebly, u scare me sometimes.

Brawlyboy, stop faking. You know me. :B

Oh yeah? Well.......yeah, you're right.


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Guys, guys, you're going off-topic! Don't do that.

Anyway, I just CAN'T WAIT for you to finish this fanfic! It was an awesome read so far. I actually share Sinder's opinion.
EDIT: I don't even know what newsground is, I found that nice little clip via google.... But whatever, I removed the link.

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Alex Wrote:
Guys, guys, you're going off-topic! Don't do that.

Hey! PG forum! No newgrounds links!


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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Alex Wrote:
Guys, guys, you're going off-topic! Don't do that.

Anyway, I just CAN'T WAIT for you to finish this fanfic! It was an awesome read so far. I actually share Sinder's opinion.
EDIT: I don't even know what newsground is, I found that nice little clip via google.... But whatever, I removed the link.

Thanks. :) I'm glad people enjoy this thing. I'll have it updated by the end of today. :)

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Alex Wrote:
EDIT: I don't even know what newsground is, I found that nice little clip via google.... But whatever, I removed the link.

I was joking.

EDIT: Ok, I actually watched the video, now that I'm home, and I think I'm going to have nightmares now.

I don't want to have to push my intestines back into my ribcage........


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Dean Wrote:
Peanut taking down an armed driver in his car

Only if Peanut does this


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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Sinder Wrote:
Dean Wrote:
Peanut taking down an armed driver in his car

Only if Peanut does this

:lol: THAT was cool. I mean, that was CRAZY awesome! :D

But I was thinking about smashing the front of the car with his fist as he fell down but if you think the limitations of the characters should be more typical (or highly skilled) rather than superheroic then I guess I should adjust some more.

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Sinder Wrote:
I don't know who you are, but I think I love you.

I didn't realize you were capable of love.

I kid, really. :):):):):):):)


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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
I couldn't read all of it but i really, really love this story!!!!!
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The Game Wrote:
I couldn't read all of it but i really, really love this story!!!!!
Grape and a son pure geniousity!!!<<My word, don't steal it

Thanks, I really appreciate it. :)

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Hey, wait, what? I haven't commented on this yet?

*adds to facfic section in info thread*

I think that's enough said. A very good read so far. Keep it up!

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
I think I need to smack myself for not looking into this earlier. Its a terrific read, good sir! I wait impatiently for more to come.

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Chapter 2:

Driving up to a quiet, and seemingly empty, location Grape parked in front of the National Innovation Research Center. A tall eight story building driven to lead the world into the future.

It stood with a large bulky frame to prevent any mishaps. It's few square balconies on the highest floor, barely visible. It's frame seemed dull as the building mainly consisted of rough cement.

It's only decoration was it's architecture. It was like a large box with small outer lines that traced the rooms from the outdoors. It's entrance consisted of four sets of glass doors. In front of the building was a rotating polygon of a sphere with the large letters "NIRC" extended from it as water poured down the circular object and into the pool below with continuous flow.

In the past, the building had accumulated many accidents. It associated with the fire department constantly.

It was the sight for fires galore. The smell of ashes and brimstone was still acute in certain portions. The fires were so constant that almost everyone in the state has seen it even to extent of becoming natural.

No one has yet to die from these incidents but many have been hurt. The accident rate was so high here that it's amount of employees were greatly lessened. The few who had remained either had nowhere else to go or were very loyal. Whichever way, they are well received as brave souls by the head of the building, a somewhat discomforting praise.

Because of their top scientist, who only worked during the day, the building, and the area around it, was at a loss of life. In fact, he was the only one in the building, and when the sun goes down, he leaves and his employees enter.

Although, it did have many contributions with today's living. With the creation of numerous new processing systems for computers, a flash fryer for cooking, and even an advanced, versatile fuel for any vehicle! It's most recent creation was the development of the Apollo power cell which had been shipped all over the world, bought by other communities. It's name was derived from the research center's most powerful sponsor, Apollo Inc.

Grape enjoyed this place. As she was, she had loved the silence. Though she did miss the occasional rude awakening by a certain brown dog.

She took her cellphone. It was two o'clock. Not much time left.

A good friend of Peanut's, Professor Arrow, worked here only during the day. He was the intellectual C.E.O. who developed majority of the companies creations. Arrow made sure that no one else was in the building when he worked. Not that he was the cause of the accidents, it's just that all his prototypes are delicate and easily messed up. He points out that majority of these accidents were out of carelessness, laziness and irresponsibility, usually spawned from young interns and assistants.

Nowadays, Arrow would have his workers get him the information he needs and build most of the machine, sometimes under his supervision. Yet, he would be the only one dealing with the more sensitive material.

So they would work throughout the night. They don't mind, really. Most of them don't enjoy the nightlife anyway.

Entering the lobby, she would see an empty counter along with many security cameras. There were two halls one next to the counter that led to the storage areas, restrooms, archives, and especially the elevator and the staircase.

She did not bother with any of the equipment. She just headed into the hall.

For security purposes, the floor was metallic. The reason was that Arrow's defense system consists shock panels beneath that would strike the conductor, the metal, on the camera's recognition of intruders. Luckily, Grape was a registered visitor.

She felt the cold floor upon her bare feet. Her lower paws felt a freezing cold overcome them. She felt a panic in her heart. What if it goes off? Surely they were only set to stun, right? She quickened pace to her destination, the steel elevator.

She began to grow an uneasy feeling toward all the metal. It all just felt so... sinister.

The elevator doors instantly flung open at the press of the button.

As Grape stepped in, she glanced at the elevator buttons for a while. "Now, which floor was he in...?" Finally pressing the number four on the pad, she clutched onto her sling.

Her thoughts whirled about Shaun. What he might be doing, how things are with him and Jill, if he's having a flashback while she's busy out.

Though these ideas may have spun about whenever she thought of him, her thoughts would always wander to that one little kink. That tiny little dent in her masking of the identity of the father. The one quality he possessed that would unveil his father indefinitely. The only thing she didn't already possess. "Shaun..."


Grape peeked through a sliding door as she saw Arrow at the end of a small observation room overlooking the testing area.

"Arrow?" She called out.

No reply.

She walked up to him, taking a pair of goggles from a nearby table; hearing the sound of crackling electricity and seeing flashes of light emit from the room below. The eagle, with his goggles strapped tight over his glasses and large headphones gripping at the sides of head, stood skeptical about a power cell below. Pressing a red button, the tube with a bright teal would emit large amounts of energy that spread across the room. Powering on many common appliances; big and small, simple and complex.

He looked to the panel with many buttons and switches. His attention was on a counter near the activation button. It read "57" in a bright yellow calculator font.

"No, no. They would never accept this... It needs to be all of them..." He whispered fiddling with his beak in contemplation.

She rose an eyebrow. "Maybe they would but you won't." She sighed. You can never convince Arrow of a more than satisfactory work. He was a very determined perfectionist, and once he gives himself a goal - like all two hundred appliances - he wouldn't be able to sleep at night until he manages to reach it, one way or another.

"Arrow..." She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Gyah!" He screamed.

She giggled. This bothering people while they work was actually pretty much growing on her. She wasn't much into pestering others, however. Yet, admittedly, it was entertaining.

He looked to her. He sighed with a sign of irritation in his eyes as he calmed his heart.

She looked onto the power cell. It was much bigger than the miniature one they shipped last year. It acted as a home generator. It seemed he was going for a powering a neighborhood this time. "So, what have you been working on?"

He sighs. "Just trying to improve the power cell." Frustration plastered upon his features. "It has greater potential than just one household. It's just so hard to achieve it."

For a moment there was silence. That isn't what she wanted to talk about, but, for some reason, felt a cringe of avoidance. "You know, I've actually always been jealous about you birds. I've always wondered what it was like to fly." She broke the silence.

"Then I give it that Pete helped you understand?"

"I don't want to talk about Pete right now." She wanted to take back those words. Sometimes she feels it would have been better to not have interfered with Pete but she personally scolds herself for having felt that way.

"Why? because he opened your eyes... about him?" Arrow gave a her a neutral expression aside from his questioning eyes.

"Arrow, you know it's nothing like that. I love Peanut too but...I also love Max." Indecisiveness simply brimming from her face. Her heart began to beat rapidly as her emotions began to play an unsettling air about them.

Arrow felt her remorse on the topic. His eyes softened, she could see. "If you don't want to talk about it then, fine. I don't want you feeling bad. But being direct, why are you here?"

"I just came by to visit. Is there anything wrong with that?" She accused.

"Come now, Grape." He laughed a bit under his voice as he wiped his glasses with his white jacket. "You and I both know that you never come here for small talk."

Before she could return his words, Arrow spoke up. "When you want talk about Max, you talk to Sabrina, when you want to talk about Peanut, you talk to Fido, when you want to talk about Shaun, you talk to me." He gives her an attentive gaze. "Now, what's wrong with the boy?"

She sat down next to him. Ready to tell her story. Her eyes, serious and forthcoming. He could tell this was no small ordeal. "It all started in his infancy..."


Down at the skate park, Shaun was sitting with Jill on their way back home.

Shaun had spent the last half hour convincing her that it wasn't his mom's birthday. Just that she skillfully put on his clothes without him noticing.

Grape prides herself with her slight of hand. She used to use it to play magic tricks to the young Shaun when he could hardly speak. He had loved it, of course, and he even aspired to be a magician in his early days. Shaun loved being with his super mom, this was only one of few reasons as to why.

Jill was looking into the distance as Shaun looked about at the professional performances of the skaters. "Dad may love talking about his adventures in the war but you can easily tell that there are just some things he tries to hide about it." Jill sighed.

"I don't get that kind of feeling from uncle Fido. Are you sure that isn't just you?" His skepticism coming forth.

"Yeah, I mean, I am his daughter. Besides, he's probably hiding it from you. Seeing as you never had a dad." She wasn't harsh in her words; and even if she was, Shaun would remain unaffected. At least not in the crippling emotional away.

"I did have a dad." He retorted. "I just... don't know who he is." He looks away. He wasn't depressed, nothing but the sting of confusion busying his mind.

"It's okay, Shaun." She puts a hand on his shoulder, giving indirect comfort. "So what if the stork got to your mom when it was only her."

His eyes grew. "Stork? You still believe in that stuff?" He scratched the back his head. Though he had to take in consideration that though, she may have been a preteen, she was also very naive.

"What do you mean, Shaun?" He doesn't answer. "Shaun?" She turns to him as his eyes remained affixed on the road side. His eyes were dilated and had a hue of light grey on his pupils.

"Yoohoo! Shauny?" She waved her hand in front of him.

"Shh!" He silenced her in the wrong direction. She keeps quiet trying to listen in on whatever he was listening to.

He listened intently as his mouth gaped slightly, lost in a trance.

Through his eyes he could see Peanut kneeling down in front Tarot, the brown Pomeranian in her sleeveless grey shirt and brown shorts, as she sat on a cement bench. He was in his black attire, dark pants and long sleeved shirt, that he usually wore at work and was his uniform at the academy.

He pulled out a small box and held it out to her. Her eyes, filled with shock as he opened it. "Will you marry me?" A ring, which he could not estimate it's value, protruded from the soft pillow inside.

She cupped her mouth. "Of course I will!" She wrapped her arms around him in glee. As she let go, he placed it on her finger.

His cell rang. He pulled it out. "Ugh! Work..." He looked at her, expecting a look of disappointment. Instead, she was very understanding. "We'll talk about the details later." She kissed him in the cheek as he ran off into his car.

Shaun walked up to her side. He held his heart. As heartwarming as it may have seemed, for some reason he felt pain. Just which one of them didn't want this?

He groaned in frustration, gripping the fur of his head.

"Hello, Shaun." Tarot spoke out.

Shocked in fright, he turned to the dog beside him. "You can talk to me!?" He whispered.

"Of course I can." She pats the side of the bench she sat on. He looks around, realizing that he was still in the flashback. He settles down with her, a bit of discomfort in him. "Call me Aunt Tarot."


Chapter 3:

A Korean word that means a yearning for anything that has left a deep impression in the heart - a memory, a place, a person.

A solitary soul would wander aimlessly, finding that there is no real destination. It walks on into the distance, and as it passes you by, you wish you could have stood and said hello.

Grape walked onto the walkway. The path was still presenting an irritating and unruly air to her sensitive nose. Staying here too long would bother even her.

As her long footsteps made their way, she could hear the echo of her feet colliding with the ground. It was so quiet that any other person would be scared. Grape wasn't like them, however. She had been able to take care of herself and Shaun after all this time.

She walked by the large "NIRC" sign and giving it one last glance. She actually was there when it was being put up. Max was there to help while Peanut was finishing up with their house.

Max kept glancing at her when he was welding the metal sign together. She would pretend not to notice to tease him. He kept blushing when she'd turn to him. She giggled when he accidentally cut the "C" in half when his eyes wandered much too long.

Grape took out her cell. "Two-thirty!?" Frustration painting her quiet words.

She sighed.

She began to calm herself as she looked into the bright sky. "It's okay." She smiled. "I still have some time before I get home to see Shaun."

A discomforting feeling rushed throughout her body as she entered her car. She had finished her talk with Arrow, not so long ago, and felt what he said was worth a try.

She could still recall their talk.

"It seems that he is recurring memories of people he is involved with." He reasoned.

"Involved with?" She almost shivered with her words. The air conditioning well froze her fur and the fact that almost everything, along with her seat, was metallic didn't help either.

"Yes, blood relations cannot only be the limitation..." He began to contemplate.

She couldn't understand how calm he could stay through this. "Don't do this!" She scolded herself. Grape shook it off, she can't focus on something as medial as the temperature.

"You do remember that day you all joined in celebrating the shipping of the power cell, right?" His thoughts raced to that night.

"Yeah...?" She did not follow. Nothing about that day was too significant on the topic.

"Well, I had a disgruntled employee who committed suicide on that day." He cringed. He seemed distressed about it. "Shaun was on the balcony where he jumped."

"His eyes were light in color and filled with tears so he must've felt and seen the situation." His gaze upon her was intent.

Hers was consenting.

She remembers caring for the weeping toddler that day. She had not known of the cause till now. "A rather traumatizing theory, yes, but very plausible." His attention was now on the testing area. His eyes, hidden within the sheen of the glasses.

"In that case, I think I know who might be involved."

She returns to the real world as her engine started. Her thoughts race to her destination. Mixed emotions of both and anger and frustration shook her frame. "No, not now!" She held tightly on the wheel. She loosened her grip as she drove off in sight of the public.

Though it would mean an emotional heart-to-heart girl talk with the possibility of a cat fight, it was still something she'd been meaning to do. Besides, it's been a long time since she's talked to Tarot.


It was difficult to render this situation anything less than awkward. Shaun sat with the strange woman at his side, twiddling his fingers with a hint of anxiety dropped into his gut. She was someone who was never mentioned before yet his mother's best friend had just proposed to her. Was she of any significance? How does she know him? How is it that they can interact? A thousand questions, and none would be answered if he stayed so shy.

She giggles, an unnerving smile imposing her features. "You know, it's amazing how much things can change in day." Her smile fades as the birds pass in a graceful descent.

He was still silent. "Your mother always loved the birds."

"How does she know who mom is?" He thought.

He was rudely quiet. He would not answer nor place a single reply.

"You know, I can tell you anything you want to know if you'd just ask." She smirked.

He slowly averted his gaze from the sidewalk under his feet to the woman at his side. "Umm..." He looked away again.

"What is it? Cat got your tongue?" She laughed at the obvious feline pun. She was oddly calm, that only rose his discomfort, yet he felt something in him, a sharp pain that seemed to slide through his heart like a sword on butter.

He urged himself to speak, anything that formed at least a sign of a sentence. He began to contemplate on his words. He thought them over and over again, trying to let it come out right as his voice seemed to fail him for a while. "Who are you? I m-mean, I know your name but I don't who you are. So..." He was cut off.

She laughed. "Hmmhmm. You don't really need to explain. But knowing about me isn't what you're here for."

His expression was muddled with no hint of the aching heart. "What do you mean? There's a reason why I'm here?"

"You should really try asking what you need to know, first." She wasn't avoiding the question, for sure. She was focusing moreover on the necessity. He could see that.

"What happened with you and uncle Peanut?" He said as he leaned in, making sure to hear her clear but there was no need. She was entirely willing to hide no secrets and share all thoughts.

She glanced at the young child, with his eyes vigorous with determination. Vibrant and strong, yet baring the deep concussions and scars of the shattered, unforgotten past. Would he really chance at unraveling the air of mystery that his mother had laid so thick?

On the surface was a smile, yet that was a mask. She held her heart, subconsciously. Was he truly ready to face her pain? If so, then it is inevitable. Little by little, he will wander in the right direction through this haze and, eventually, uncover it's well hidden mystery.

She cringed inwardly as she looked upon the distant road. Shaun had not noticed before but the birds that had so skillfully dived down had stopped. In fact, the life in the area had seemed to have frozen in time.

He watched her stand, as another form of her still sat. One stood with an afflicted expression, yet the other sat, with the same unwavering smile. There was two of them, though the one that stood, distress is the form of her facial features, was younger, notable by height, drenched in the same clothing.

"If you really want to know," As time continued from her freezing, one Tarot walked on into the streets. "Then follow me."

Shaun took a while to get from place. His indecisiveness, familiar in Tarot's eyes. She knows that face, the dubious signs decorating his exterior. That purple cat seems almost too similar to his mother.

He ran toward the younger Tarot. "Thanks!" He acknowledged as he ran off.

Back in the present, Jill watched Shaun run off, thanking the mature dog that sat. "Shaun!? Ugh!" She fumed as her ears began to flop in disappointment.

"Is everything okay, hun?" Sabrina startled Jill at her silent approach. She looked onto the cement seat that beheld an easily recognizable woman. "Tarot?"

Tarot stood and approached the black molly, whom was gowned in a fitting red shirt and light brown pants. "It's good to see you again, Sabrina."

"Umm... you too." A friendly smile, she gave.

Jill looked down, ears still drooped, as she lay in her mother's arms. Tarot knelt to meet the young hybrid face-to-face. "If you want to follow him, then go."

Jill's ears perked up as Tarot stood. "I'll be going."

"Okay." Sabrina let go of her daughter as she began to call out. "You should come over sometime, we'd love to catch up!"

"Sure, I'll just call first!" She hollered as she exited through the corner.

Sabrina sighed. It was good to see an old friend again.

Fido came along with his regular uniform, complete with his vest and glasses. "Hey." He kissed her in the cheek. "So, where's Jill? I thought you said you saw her here."

"Oh, she's right..." Discovering her hands were empty, Sabrina began to panic. "Jill?" She watched her daughter run off into the direction of Shaun.

She ran off, calling her name as Fido followed.

Jill followed the tranced purple cat as he ran through the block. He fell to the ground as his eyes dilated and returned to normal in a long steady breath. He blinked as his eyes readjusted to the present. He groaned as he pushed himself up. "That hurt."

Jill helped him as he grabbed onto his stomach. "What's wrong with you!? You left me behind!" She scolded.

"I'm sorry, Jill. But... I need to find out something." He reasoned as he looked at the cafe on the next block. "She was heading there..." He whispered to himself.

Jill was silent as she followed him in his quick pace, her parents still a good distance behind.

He crossed the street with Jill close behind, scanning the area, hardly minding the empty street.

She was worried about her best friend. He was intent on something but she couldn't tell what.

He looked around, trying to find the right position. He gained the attention of the wandering eyes of a few civilians.

"Shaun?" She rested a gentle on his shoulder. She could hear him imitate the same single breathe. As she turned him around, she could see his light colored eyes again. "Saint Michaels...?" He said to himself.

He looked onto the street, with a paining eye; a tear escaping it. "I have to go." He ran into a crowd, leaving her behind.

Jill's parents came by and spotted the young, short-tailed cat. She began to cry as she fell in her mother's arms. She kept asking herself: Why am I crying?

Sabrina held her close as Fido rubbed her back. "What's wrong, sweetie?" Sabrina caressed her daughter's back.

"I don't know..." She managed to utter. "B-but Shaun ran off..." She looked away.

"What!? Where?" Fido spoke out as he attempted to catch at least a glimpse of the tomcat in the crowds.

She wiped a tear from her face, snorting, choking back her last tears, finally regaining composure. "H-he said something about Saint Michaels."

"St. Michaels? That's a church..." He scratched his head. "But why would he be there?"

Sabrina gasped. "The same one of that wedding!"

Fido tugged on his family. "Let's go, we'll catch up with the car."


Parking in front a meek, two story building Grape headed through the walkway with empty hands. Everything but her keys and cell were in the car.

Her silent ambition was clenched in loose palms. The air was unsettling as dark clouds chilled the air to a seemingly negative degree. The stone path seemed cold and damp. The grass her feet occasionally met with dampened her pants, much to her irritation. She shook her feet as she got on the porch, letting the droplets flow out onto the wood.

She took her Motorola and checked the time. "Almost three..." She looked to her car. She wanted to go back and rest in the bliss of her loving son but she knew she couldn't. She needed to do this.

She knocked onto the door lightly. Finding no reply, she knocked a bit harder. Still nothing. She turned to the door bell. "Oh, duh." She rang it. After a few minutes, she rang it twice, then thrice.

In frustration, she began to frantically and forcefully turn the door knob, but a click caught her senses. "It's not locked?" Shrugging it off, she walked in.

A sigh of relief, she wasn't home.

The place was unsuspecting for a girl like Tarot. It was plain and much like the rest of the neighborhood's houses.

Light color finish on the walls. Neat ornaments with a few beaded drapes for the doorways. One staircase with a living room next to it and visible at the top of the stairs. Lights on the walls. A few small tables with pictures, usually of Tarot and her parents but with the occasional few with the some neighborhood pets.

The living room pretty much stood out on it's own. It had a lot of bean bags with no TV nor a sofa. A book stood at red bean bag with a short pedestal beside it.

Grape approached the small book with strange text on it that was neatly sitting on the bag. She noticed the small candle, with a short stand, that was still lit and glowing in the dimly lit room.

She took the book and sat in it's place. She saw a date on the top of every page. She realized it was diary and was about to put it down until a white folded letter fell out. As she took it, she discovered it was written on a nicely made napkin. "I'm sorry." It read.

She placed it in the page that it originated. She couldn't resist after reading the date. October 1st

"The wedding..."


Shadows overcame the brisk, bright, early afternoon as the preparations for the night's big event were in progress.

The clouds began to clutter the area but according to the weather report, it would clear up by tonight and not fall all throughout. Hopes were high for the wedding as the hard working friends of the bride and groom mustered hours under the cold air.

Underneath the darkly woven sky was the Saint Michaels Church. Nearby it was the Veiara Inn, the main focus of the man hours for the moment, as the reception was currently undergoing construction.

The workers were abundant here, with Max, Fido, and Joey, to name a few. Many of Babylon Garden's wolves arrived to assist with the heavy lifting; not excluding the females. Though the mainstay of these myriad supporters was the silent, young Sabrina as she coordinated the entire endeavor.

"A little higher, it's too low!" Sabrina called out to Keys as he rose the chandelier. Tugging onto the heavy culmination of glass, his face turned red, gritting his teeth as his back almost gave. A unique shade of crimson lined his face as his partner, Fiddler, held his hands as they tugged at once.

Tying it up, the piano-fancying tomcat began to flirt with the intending molly. "A little too close don't you think?" He smirked.

She followed suit. "I'm sorry, am I invading your personal space? I thought we agreed to share everything." Fiddler pouted as she laced her arms around him, pulling in, slowly. "Hmhmm. You got me there." He whispered as they closed the gap.

Sabrina, witnessing the intimate scene, began to glance at her private lover, Fido, who lifted a few tables with the assistance of Fox outside. The thick teal drapes did little to shield her sight from the dog as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

She sighed. Turning away, she noticed that the moment had not ended with the felines. "C'mon, you two! You'll have a lot more time to do that later on!" She called out.

He let go of her as she headed into the back of the stage across the room. He seemed reluctant to return to work now. Keeping his eyes on her, he headed toward the black cat that instructed and promptly falling off the stage.

Sabrina slapped her forehead. "I need a break..." She groaned as she sat onto one of the few seats in the ballroom.

"How 'bout I take over for ya'?" Rufus offered as he sat himself across from the troubled cat.

Rufus wore a cowboy outfit, save for the boots and but not missing out on the fancy brown hat and red scarf tied to his neck.

She propped her head up with her cheek resting in her palm. "I admire your enthusiasm but the boys outside need you out there more than we need you in here." She groaned as she pushed herself up from her seat. "Don't worry, I can handle this." She shot him a smile, though weak, it was still real.

"Alright, friend, but give me a holler if you need any o' them sweaty backs in here." He joked as he tipped his hat.

She giggled. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

Keeping positive, she headed toward the stage with the same smile that seemed plastered and held with much effort. A disgruntled heart, present along with a cluttered mind. Just where was she even focusing at now?

The large white ballroom was being refitted to suit the theme, Teal. Although, majority of the room was white and the most notable of the teal was the table covers for the exceptionally large, round tables that lay scattered throughout the room, the table runner for the large rectangular seat for the main friends and couple, and the drapes that hung on one the side of the walls.

It was simple and yet pricey, but nothing Peanut couldn't afford. The expenses were large, not even counting the food shipped from throughout the world or even the many glass decorations. Though many of the decor was borrowed from friends and quite a few came from the new Heathcliff's Restaurant whose owners partnered with the community.

Peanut had stacked hours upon hours preparing for this event with a long prepared Anniversary present which was now a wedding gift that stood in the corner of the room. It was underneath a neatly stitched cloth that bore three layers. It was soft yet surprisingly heavy.

She watched the many working areas as the food was brought in. Numerous workers began to drool and moisten their lips at the sight of the food. She grabbed the megaphone that Keys had just taken out from the back. "Foam at the mouth later, everyone!" She was calm but they wouldn't listen. With a pulsing vein, she decided to be more assertive. "Hey, focus!" At that, they returned to work with a new found respect for the formerly quiet cat.

"Woo! Girl power!" Exclaimed a young black dog as she emerged from backstage.

Returning her smile, she directed her attention to the eager canine. "Oh, hey, Daisy. How's the dress coming along?"

"Great! The bride's a bit frisky with all that fur but we can manage." She grinned with her front teeth fully exposed. It was a familiar sight. She was once very unintelligent, though she can't hold her own in a conversation with Arrow, she has found a well pitched passion that required enough intellect and much more creativity to keep her mind at work, designing.

"Okay, I'm counting on you." Sabrina's emotions were going through an absurd roller coaster. She needed to stay optimistic.

To much of her dismay, a light brown and pink dog ran inside through the large double doors. Seeing the black cat on stage, she headed towards her. "Hey, have you seen Bino... or King?"

To her surprise, she was not looking for a certain police chief. "Umm... You're not looking for Fido?"

"Oh, I'm over him! Besides, I don't think I can handle a depressed guy now." She sighed. "So, have you seen them?"

"Depressed?" Her thoughts lingering to another world.

"Sabrina? Yoohoo! Earth to cat." Sasha's concern was similar to hers. The same facial expression that seemed to place an unusual scene for the two. They were hardly ever like this.

Sasha got up on stage, keeping her hands to herself, careful of her movements as she approached the cat with a comforting hand. "Hey, what's wrong?"

She was startled, suddenly realizing what she was doing. "Oh, n-nothing!" Her heart racing, she decided to comply quickly. "King and Bino are outside, they're helping out with the lifting."

"Oh, umm... thanks." Uneager to step back, Sasha let go, though feeling that there was more she could do. As she fell of stage, she turned to the troubled cat. Before taking her leave, she called her attention. "Hey, you know, it's not right hide your feelings. You should be honest, with yourself and everyone else." And thus the wisdom of her love life came forth, sharing it with a needing soul. Sasha still wasn't very smart, so Sabrina was properly surprised, yet she was wise on certain aspects, as is the gift of maturity.

Sasha made her way outside with a heavy heart, knowing full well that she can't do anymore. Though she turned in glee when Sabrina spoke out.

She gave out a call, which was born in the depths of her private hopes. "Everyone, can I have your attention, please?" She cleared her throat as her body began to quake in fear yet pertained the strong illusion of much confidence. Though her love was superior, easily conquering her common thinking.

Sasha's words came rushing back as she inhaled, recalling how she's lived her love life till now, she was ready, hence her courage was derived from the great frustration and distress with the utmost frivolity. "I love Fido Bryon!" A few seemed shocked and jaw dropped as others betrayed their agreement with her with a few imitative masks. Though her act may have seemed foolish - others may have even agreed yet no one would stand out to support her - one did bravely lay his applause.

The slow clapping of Peanut's palms echoed throughout the large room as he stood at the entrance.

Those who agreed had followed in his acknowledgment as those who did not began to open their eyes as they followed suit.

Fido walked in, hearing the applause. "What's going on?"

Peanut smirked. "Let's just say, your relationship is no longer a secret."

As Sabrina tossed away her megaphone she leaped from the stage and ran to the burly dog who stood at the door frame. He ran to her with his arms open and welcome to her. She rested her head in his chest. "Sorry, it kind of... slipped." She teased.

"Too bad though." He smiled.

"What do you mean? You think this isn't time?" She felt hurt, standing back, still locked onto him.

A light chuckle. "Not at all, you just beat me to it." He smirked.

"Don't scare me like that." She forcefully banged her head against his chin in a playfully, seeing as she couldn't get around to punching his shoulder.

"Can't I'm on a roll here." He pulled a silver ring from his pocket with four small diamonds glistening in her eyes. "What do you say you plan your own wedding next time?"

"Fido..." Unable to speak anymore, their lips met in a forceful push.

Peanut watched with a heartfelt sigh.

Shaun watched the scene but felt a faint pain fill him. But why?

He headed toward the chapel itself, hoping to find out more as his eyes returned to their typical state.


Tarot sat in her room within the chapel. Daisy and Fiddler were finishing up with her handcrafted veil. "Are you gonna make any of these for Sabrina?" Fiddler said.

"Of course I am. Just as long as they ask, I'll be more than willing." She seemed excited. Her zeal, filling the small room.

Daisy sighed. "I just hope things go well with the whole interspecies thing." She commented.

"Right..." The cat felt troubled. "But I'm sure everyone will eventually agree, right, Tarot?" She smiled.

"Positive." Tarot was confident with her words. More so than they had thought.

"Umm... can I have a moment alone? I want to think a few things over." She looked to the mirror.

The pair seemed confused.

"Oh, I get it." Daisy got up and took the molly with her.

"We'll see you down aisle!" Fiddler called out.

She turned to the dog as she let go of her wrist. "What's going on?"

"She's probably wondering about how she'll look when she's carrying his pups." She winked.

"Oh..." The two took off into the next room to meet with the everyone else.

Although the theory was thoroughly convincing to Fiddler and Daisy, it was far from the truth.

Tarot stood and walked before the large mirror. She was gowned in an elegant white dress that hung over her legs and feet entirely. It was sleeveless and fully revealed her arms and shoulders. Her back was exposed, slightly covered by a large, silk, maroon blue cloth that was wrapped around her and tied uniquely at her back. The blue cloth was folded at the back to trail off to the floor, meeting with her hind legs that was shielded by her dress.

Nestled beneath her chest lay a troubled heart. Coursing unease throughout her system.

A tear escaped her eye. Taking a napkin that Daisy left behind, she wiped it off.

How her conscience battled with her love, an unlikely match.

She took a pen from the drawer and began to write.

Minutes later Peanut knocked on the door, startling his bride to be. "I'm coming in."

Peanut walked in a properly fitted, ivory suit with a grey vest underneath. "I just wanted to see you before I left."

"Impatient aren't we?" She giggled.

He kissed her cheek. His soft lips felt longing for a while upon her sensitive fur. Goosebumps ran throughout her body. "Hmhmm. You better get going, it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding."

"I'll see you at the altar." He shut the door behind him.

She felt somewhat relieved, but as she exited that room and watched the man she loved, standing at that altar, oblivious to his fate, her heart began to cringe and weaken as to how much she knows she could never share.

Spo ran in, panting, nearly without breathe. "Oh... hey!... It's... the bride!" Spo exclaimed, between gasps of air. He was about to collapse.

She knelt down and gave him the napkin. "Oh, thanks." He began to vigorously wipe out his sweat within the cold napkin.

"Please, give that to him..." She whispered, holding back her tears as she ran out.

Shaun didn't cry. No, cause at that point, knowing her pain, he did not feel hers. In fact, as he followed Spo toward the altar, the pain gradually increased. And as Peanut read it, the pain began to lessen and grow. Mixed and troubled emotions filled the young unprepared child as tears began to flow down.

Shaun then collapsed and fell to the ground. The purple cat now drenched in his own tears lay unconscious on the empty church floor.


She bared in mind her duty. How it weighed within her as her heart beat along with the discomforting mixture in her stomach. Her heart, fragile and longing, begets her common thinking and her seemingly unbreakable dedication to the spirits. Though, this time, it was not the spirits who made the choice. In fact, they fully supported this uniting, desiring it to grace him with the joy he well deserved. Tarot had made this decision, to walk away, suffer from her fear and desire for his happiness. Some days, she would look back, wondering where she would be if she had chosen to go.

For the longest time, she's known that his heart belongs to another. How it beats in unison with that person. Though she knows, full well, that he wouldn't be the happiest he could be if it were her.

Grape closed the diary, leaving it in it's proper place.

A tear met with the bean bag.

For a while, she had hoped that Tarot would come back. So they may marry and allow her with only one choice instead of being torn for two sides. Though, even then, she felt she would still be troubled.

Her love life was complicated and seemed to have shattered her foundations. Life began to churn an unruly mixture within her weakened frame as she felt death rise upon her. How the sweet ignorance could have served her well, yet she knew, no matter how hard she tried, she could not escape the truth. One was the father, yet, in the end, she did not choose him.

Her pain came flowing back as she felt the harsh defeat of her composure. More tears met with the floor. Her muzzle, soaked to the nose as she reprieved soft sobs. Her body, frozen and weak as the floor began to comfort her in it's lone stance. Her tears, a spate upon the hard wood floor. Her heart, aching in the desolance of what was greatly lost.


Fido drove upon the upward hill as the church came in sight. The drive was somewhat difficult as the shifted land seemed to slope the road severely. Fido remembered the mass amount of panic he expelled when he drove the moving trucks packed with tables and chairs to the top. He nearly slid off, twice. The frosted road only increased the ever loathsome difficulty.

Every feature of the aged chapel was unnervingly recognizable. The long, thin windows that held the colored glass in place as the sun thrusts the colorful reflection into the building. The large, intimidating form of the church standing proudly, shadowing over the road before it. The impressive double doors, based with hard and heavy mahogany, lined with iron and massive steel bolts.

It's grand surroundings remained unrestrained and wild, only cut short when it disturbs the perfect harmony. Large trees stood in their stiff stance against the wind that rushed upwards in the mid afternoon. The thick bushes that cluttered with each other and seemed to imprison whatever may enter into it's deep, thorny void. The smooth grass that seemed to brush upon your bare feet with it's sensitive touch as it halts you to feel the powerful wind against your features, allowing you to feel the sweet nostalgia of nature's kiss.

Majority of the chapel was rebuilt after the war and Fido was one of the many workers on site. The many sacks of cement that lay it's relentless weight upon his back felt discomfortingly easy to recall. The pain was not intense as his years of practice enabled him to withstand the vast majority of the sacks yet the consistency of his continuous carriage truly tested his durability.

The shadows of the past began to distill his calm appearance as the grim forefront of the church under the dim light seemed to beckon him with a single flickering candle, standing lone as it swayed. His grip upon the wheel tightened as he tried to forget what happened that day. How his arms began to freeze in conditioned air that flowed throughout the vehicle as his composure held tight for itself at it's base.

The skies were as dark as they were the day of the wedding. How that day had ended was unbearable as it began to return to it's former haunt upon him, a feeling that was once thought lost. The unsettling air that seemed to cluster the area was thickening as the church was in full view. His disclosure of that day returned, ever more graceless, in a rough, hardened emotion as he stepped out into the unwelcome breeze.

The vehicle was silent as Sabrina held her daughter close in the back seat while Fido entered the church.

Jill's tears had just stopped in their flow and now she sat in her mothers arms. Her thoughts race to when Shaun took his leave. How abandoned she felt as the crowds engulfed him, holding her in her lonesome as his venture took place, leaving her in the dust.

It began to rain. Pouring down relentlessly upon the old police car as the path began to moisten in it's already frozen status.

Fido had no trouble in finding the young feline as Shaun was balled in a fetal position upon the red carpeted floor before the altar. He, too, had ended his tears.

Shaun's perception upon life began toward a downward spiral as the seemingly unending feel of a harsh touch caressed his weak, young heart. How dim was his hope as the lights began to fade while the momentum of emotional pain began to tear at his feeble mind.

His deep, opposed yearning of days of former yore lay encrypted in obvious patterns throughout his body. How his hairs lay slumped over each other in a rough, ungroomed spread. His limbs, quaking throughout as the cold air encased his comfort defied body.

The unsightly scene gripped at Fido's heart as he ran to his side. "Shaun? Shaun!?" He panicked.

There was no response.

He rolled the young tomcat to meet with his face. He could see he was hyperventilating in his weak clutch.

He held him close. "Don't worry. I'm here."

Fido began to shed his own tears as he held the unresponsive shell in his arms. The unprecedented facade of leadership and strength in example quickly shed as the child lay still in his arms with only a meager heartbeat and much quivering. The powerful war veteran softened as his strict foundations crumbled.

"U-uncle...F-Fido?" He muttered under his breath.

"Shaun?" He opened his eyes. "Yes, Shaun, I'm here!" A dim shred of hope began to arise.

"I'm c-cold...Please..." He could not see his face but he was replying.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

He took the kitten outside, sheltering him from the rain with his back as he rushed to the car. Once inside, he sat him in the passenger seat and began the vehicle.

Though only catching a glimpse of his saddened appearance, Jill jumped, nearly breaking into a fresh set of tears. "What happened?"

"Don't worry, he's fine." Fido stated, trying to comfort her but beckoning a sign self assurance.

An hour into the drive, Shaun began to unfurl in his position. Jill, who has had her eye locked on him for last several minutes was the first to notice. "Shaun?" She lay her hand on his shoulder, attempting to catch a even a glimpse of a response.

He nestled his hand over hers. "Don't worry." He shot her a weak smile.

Relief began to fill the vehicle as hearts stopped racing. "Thank, God. Shaun, are you okay?" Sabrina said, trying to assure his condition.

"I'm fine, mostly. I'm just... tired, I guess." He began to groan slightly as his head began to ache. He felt a lot worse then he had stated but he did not want to cause anymore trouble.

"Well, we're already in Babylon Gardens so you'll be home soon." Fido was ready to put this day behind and let the demons release their grasp upon his exposed stature.

Shaun became silent once again, returning the deafening silence in it's ill fitting place. He could feel the heavy eyes in the back row. He needed to quench their thirst for his well being. A question that spun in his mind that he's been meaning ask. "Umm... Uncle Fido?"

"Yeah?" He was happy, one the outside at least. His former shock was still visible in his quaking arms.

He looked to the road that zoomed by as they drove. His expression was plastered and serious. "What caused the Fall?"

Jill began to lean in, wanting to clearly hear the conversation that intrigued her.

He sighed.

Fido began to reminisce of the cruel days spent upon the open battle field. "Humans could never agree on everything... There were just differences they just couldn't get past..." As he gazed upon the horizon that flashed the memory of a mushroom cloud. "...And we were drawn into believing that there was no other resolve."

It was not much of an answer but bore a hint of the heavy heart he carried as his endeavors took place.

The downfall of man was a cruel event in their lives. The memories that felt they would last forever was vivid and distilled in the harsh pools of war. How the fear, born from the long term sheltering, became their only focus as the battle waged on. Somewhere in the events that took place, they stowed away, and survived.

In the end, there was an unsettling peace in the silent wind. How their owners had simply disappeared on that bright morning made them feel as if the world had forgotten the loving parents that raised them through infancy and into maturity.

As they emerged from hiding, the mantle was passed down to them, the unwilling, the unprepared.

Their ability to reason is what kept them, and the rest of the world, alive. To be like human, to have been able to be amongst them so frequently was both a privilege and a curse for they were the spear heads of the new foundation.

The amount of pressure was laid upon the poor creatures as even the much larger lions, the much stronger wolves, the much smarter apes, looked upon them as they were fluent in man's art and tongue.

As they attempted to imitate the species that had descended from their throne, new world orders grew with no intention of corruption. It was still a rough road but a path worked on with cooperation.

Humans had built the path, all they must do is follow.

He grips Shaun's shoulder. "Don't worry, we're fine now." They share a smile as the rain begins to settle.


As Fido pulled in front of Sandwich household, Shaun began to feel a kink in his heart. Then it gradually began to beat faster.

The inkling scent of hard choice began to overcome the young cat. Shaun thanked them as he ran into the building. He slammed the door behind him as he heard something.

"I trust you..." A soft, comforting, womanly whisper flowed throughout the room, yet he could feel something from upstairs. He ran up the steps as his eyes began to dilate into a cold memory.

"I understand now..." He could hear as he turned the corner, seeing a hall with window as a pair, Peanut and Grape, stood at the frosted window. "I finally realize what she's been trying to tell me..." He felt an encroaching fear run about him, but from who?

"What is it then?" She asked. Shaun saw his mother keep her hands to herself, trying not to make a scene.

Peanut smiled with soft eyes as he watched the rain. "I can't hide it anymore. And she's been telling me not to run away..." He turns to her. "She was right." He takes her hands in his. She blushed as he began to shy away, not making eye contact as their hands stayed locked. "I know you may not accept me, I know may not seem like the most logical choice..."

"Peanut... I..." She interrupted, halfheartedly.

"Please..." She nodded, gazing into his soft, teal eyes as her golden ones locked onto his.

"I'm not perfect, and there are probably better choices out there but..." At this point, it was obvious to anyone as to what he was trying to say yet she attempted to ignore the truth. "I'm not giving up without a fight for you."

"I guess what I'm trying to say is..." His grasp tightens yet she mimic his actions, urging his voice to complete his sentence. "I love you." Those three words struck her as a wave of emotion embellished her body and the world around them disappeared.

He still felt unease, she had not responded. He was prepared for any answer she would give him, though it may have seemed unlikely under his blush.

She giggled lightly. Her heart was singing volumes upon volumes of epiphany and euphoria. At that moment she wanted to fall into his arms and listen to his heart beat as she nuzzled against his chest yet reality rang on her door.

The doorbell rang a second time as her thoughts raced to the only person who would come to her in the rain. "Max..." She thought.

"Max..." He said. "You should probably go." The pain was obvious in his half lidded eyes as he released her.

"Peanut, it's not that I don't... It's just..." She stuttered. She was confused, indecisive, and that drew his heart to a downfall.

She wanted to hold him, tell him that everything will be alright and that she'll be back, but what if she leads him into a lie? What if she doesn't come back? Would she chance at hurting him further? "I'll talk to you later." That was all she said as she headed down with a heavy heart, not knowing just what she was doing.

"Go back..." Shaun said. "Go back!" He began to shed his tears and stumble down the stairs as he watched his broken mother run to the door, kneeling in front of it as she halted. Would she choose to open it and go to Max or go back up and return to Peanut?

She began to puzzle herself with the choices that lay before her. She took time to think under her tears as the choice beckoned an immediate answer.

The door clicked as she turned the nob.

Shaun ran up the the stairs and saw Peanut, watching his heart shatter.

Something thrust forth from within. He grit and held his heart as it ached within an unfathomable mixture of indiscretion, disbelief, anger, love, dedication, and loss. Both Peanut and Shaun felt these unforgiving emotions break away in their youths.

Grape walked in, looking for her son.

She could hear him upstairs. He began to writhe in place as he attempted to comfort himself.

"Shaun?" She whispered as she approached him.

As he turned to see her, his eyes were filled with disgust as he seemed to gaze upon the form of a stranger; no, worse, a monster. She was taken aback by his retreat then he stumbled backwards and ran into the hall, escaping into his room.

Shocked and silenced she moved slowly before the decorated door of street signs.

She pushed the door open, calling out his name. "Shaun? Are you okay?" She can hear the painful whimpers of her beloved child as she stood at the door in the dimly lit room.

She flicked the lights on.

Finding her son cradled in bed, groaning in pain. "Mom..." He cried.

She sat at his side and took him in her arms. "Shaun, it's okay, I'm here." She let him go, feeling his forehead to sense his temperature that felt as if it would steam at any moment. He seemed deprived of energy and was still wrought in pain. "What's wrong?"

"My head hurts..." Shaun slowly began to squint as his vein was visibly pulsating at his temples. Blood came rolling down his nose.

"I'll go get a doctor." Grape took her cell and began to make her call.


In the hospital hallway, the area was filled with an unnerving feeling that spread throughout the near empty path.

"I hope he's okay..." Grape thought as she rested against the wall.

Max came out from the corner and spotted the distorted purple cat. "Grape!" He called out.

He was wearing a dark blue, unbuttoned shirt with a plain white underneath with pants of the same hue of his over shirt along with his ebony shoes.

She ran to him. They embraced. "What's wrong?"

"Shaun... he's..." She began to mutter in the pitched agony that created an unsettling aura. Her worry, a trifle of her aching heart, overflowing by her already granular plight.

"Shh... It's okay." He let her meet with his eyes as she tried to drift away into his voice. "He's a strong kid."

"...Just like his father." Her own voice echoed in her thoughts. She pulled away. "I'm sorry. I can't..."

An aged Terrier came out drenched in a white coat. He turned to the purple cat that stood anxiously in wait. His footsteps, seemed to call a deafening echo in her heart. "Are you Misses Grape-?"

"How is he? Is he okay!?" She interrupted as she panicked, heart beating rapidly as hopes were held high..

"I'm sorry, but..." He fixed his glasses as he sighed. He was confronting one of the hardest parts of his occupation. How failing to fulfill his duty brought upon a large weight in his heart. He looked upon them, her hopeful eyes, and began to cringe in his heart as the sound of good news seemed to beckon, yet he could not answer to that call. "Shaun has a severe brain tumor... He won't be able to make it for more than two weeks."

"No..." A familiar voice whispered behind them. "You're lying... You're lying!" A heavy, forceful cry emitted from a familiar brown dog who stood in the hall. Tears rolling down his cheeks, the pain he had hoped to dissipate and shatter until it drifted into only a memory had returned without warning, leaving a furious, heart broken shell.


THE NEXT CHAPTER IS IN ANOTHER POST ON THIS FORUM. I exceeded the 60,000 characters limit...again

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
i didn't read it Completely but Great Job so far :D

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Wow. wow. wOw. woW. WOw.
This is so epically awesome!!!!!!!!

EDIT:Wait. if that's a flashback...

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The Game Wrote:
Wait. if that's a flashback...

I'll update soon on this so you'll find out. Like I said, I've mapped out what's in the next chapter so it wouldn't take too long on updating.

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Dean Wrote:
The Game Wrote:
Wait. if that's a flashback...

I'll update soon on this so you'll find out. Like I said, I've mapped out what's in the next chapter so it wouldn't take too long on updating.

Ok yay!!!
I can't wait!!

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Dean Wrote:
I'll update soon on this so you'll find out. Like I said, I've mapped out what's in the next chapter so it wouldn't take too long on updating.

Dude, you are good at this! I love the post-apocalyptic setting! Btw, just wondering, are you planning on explaining what the "Fall" is, or is that left up for interpretation?


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Teh Brawler Wrote:
Btw, just wondering, are you planning on explaining what the "Fall" is, or is that left up for interpretation?

I'll be explaining it eventually through Fido and possibly Peanut or Max. I might consider having Shaun gain a flashback about it but we'll just have to see.

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Please write more! I really really reallly want to know what happens next!!

ps-what the heck is 'The Fall'???

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
My guess is that "The Fall" is when all the humans disappeared/died.

also, this story is great, I can't wait to see what happens next

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This is epiclly awesome!!!!
Keep writing!

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I just got through reading it, and I think it's brilliant.

I love all the details, especially describing the scenery. Very well done. I look forward to reading more.


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you should get a round of applause dude.


EDIT: Did Tarot die or something???

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You know, there are few storylines that have ever significantly held my attention and would not let go, especially among fanfiction. This is one of them.
I love this story; a truly original idea with just enough suspense and "Woah..." moments to keep readers on the edge of their seats. And that's where I'll be until the next and final? installment.
Great work, keep it up!


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Your writing skills are so good that it's scary. Your writing is so scary good that it fills me with fear to go near it. In other words, I love your story except for the scary part.


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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
The Game Wrote:
Did Tarot die or something???

Pssh! Course not. :) Her abilities on how she's able to connect with Shaun is an entirely different story like Zach's sickness or Fido and Sabrina's love life. It's just one of those things this story leaves at the side, an easter egg in the plot line. I won't go through explaining it now but I might consider making a side-story of it. :)

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Dean Wrote:
The Game Wrote:
Did Tarot die or something???

Pssh! Course not. :) Her abilities on how she's able to connect with Shaun is an entirely different story like Zach's sickness or Fido and Sabrina's love life. It's just one of those things this story leaves at the side, an easter egg in the plot line. I won't go through explaining it now but I might consider making a side-story of it. :)

oh ok good. I was scared for a second....

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Post Re: Dayshaun - Memories of the Mother
Chapter 4:

An Arabic word which means a state of transparent sadness caused by the memory of a loved one who is not near. It is a mixed emotion of sadness for the loss, and happiness for having had loved that person.

Hearts beckon and resonate when they begin to beat so close as if you were one, longing for the other in the pitched silence that tasted so sweet. As you reach out, attempt to capture those blissful moments of renewal yet again, you feel incomplete as they slowly slip away, no longer in your arms, but forever in your heart, yet you selfishly feel that that is not enough.

The wall clock ticked in a deafening echo that seemed to embellish the waiting room in it's pitched silence. A time of thought, epiphany, began to dawn upon them as the hands moved inch by inch.

The indiscretion of the cold wind brushed upon them roughly as they began to grit in their place, trying to hold back the pain.

They began to drone as the hours passed in an unnervingly quick pace. Time was of the essence, but action could not, yet, be taken for the mother needed to be with her son. It was her time, her child.

Lowly groans escaped their lips as the crestfallen expressions remained of them as they drained themselves of their tears over the hours. Nothing seemed too pleasant in this atmosphere as the justified truth played in their minds: Shaun will soon be no longer with them.

Max sat with a heavy heart, trying to see where things went wrong. He began to ask himself where he could have done something. He then questioned himself of his ability to care for Shaun in his distance with his music that payed for his tuition then began to build into his college funding. He began to grip his head in frustration attempting to foresee what he had missed. A collection of thoughts that had troubled him to no end in the past, thoughts he had tried to suppress.

Peanut and Grape were not among them, however. They were elsewhere in the wake of this catastrophe, lost in their conceit, linking the forgotten puzzle that dwelled in the past.

Peanut stood at the balcony, awaiting Arrow to come by. He had called earlier, wanting to speak to the young artist as he returned early with his frame. He now understands why the meeting place was a hospital rather then their usual coffee shop.

His thoughts recalled the recurring events to this day. How every moment he spent working seemed crucial to keeping Shaun's livelihood proper. If he had not decided to provide for him his home would have never been built, there would have not been any food on the table. But he tried to convince himself these truths yet the fact remained that he could have at least come and visit.

"Max was always on tour, he had an excuse..." His heart began to take it's tole on him.

He bore heavy regret for his leaving that fateful night. As he gripped his chest, where a precious object used to be, he began to recall the night as Grape left. Tarot had arrived to ease his pain and loosen his suffering, but in the end, he felt the same sense of loss.

He surrendered to the possibility that he was meant to be alone. How he was fated to be a lone soul, destined to only watch over Shaun, destined to love Grape from afar.

He sighed. "Maybe..." He began to rethink, yet understanding his place quickly. "Maybe it just wasn't meant to be..."

He could see Arrow's car pull up from the front of the hospital. That shade of distasteful green stood out from any vehicle. He reentered the waiting room, about to make his way down.

Inside, the disheartening air took place in their forms as the night dawned over the hospital. A day was about to be done and in the next sunrise, the clock ticks ever closer to Shaun's end.

Peanut walked across the room to exit, catching a glance at Max who sat, crestfallen, much like himself.

They were not enemies, Peanut and Max, they never were. Their eyes locked, seeing the same concern, mirrored upon them. There was no hate, just mutual confusion and granular self loathing. Though they were not to blame, though they could not see that, thus they blamed themselves.

They had made the agreement, the two of them. One would keep them sheltered and fed while the other gave Shaun a future. Peanut and Max were good hearted people, that's probably the reason why she was so indecisive.


Grape sat beside her son, holding his hand as he rests. His settled body seemed at ease as the slow, silent breathing was the only sound in the room. It felt ever peaceful there as she beckoned the silence to stay.

"Shaun..." She brushes a hand over his forehead, feeling his soft skin. He began to smile in his slumber, he could feel his mother close to him, loving him to no end as she always has.

A shadow casts over him as the sun settles in the horizon. Why would it leave them, the overseer of the bright day, in their time of need? How heartless it seemed when it left to pursue others, forsaking them of the calming light.

Grape returned to grasp his hand as it rested beside him. As she took his hand, and began to reflect on her choices in life, he grips her hand as he begins to turn. "Shaun?"

Eyes slowly open as he attempts to catch sight of his mother in his blurred vision. "Mom?"

She embraces her son, holding him tight, kissing his forehead. "How are you feeling?"

"I think I'm okay. My head doesn't hurt as much." He began to hang his head as it felt heavy in it's place.

She holds him again. Grape blames herself for Shaun's pain. How this was all caused by her heart's indecision. How it was torn to the sides until she finally gave up. "Don't worry, I'll fix this. Everything's going to be okay."

He felt somewhat reassured as his mother began to smile again. "Mom..." He held tight as she began to caress the back of his head.

"Misses Grape?" The doctor from before called, standing at the door frame.

She got up, kissing Shaun one last time on the forehead. Heading to the doctor, she began to feel unease as she watched the doctor's worried gaze upon her son.

Shaun beckoned for comfort in his place as he lay back, wondering where Jill was.

The terrier took her out of the room. "What is it, doctor?"

He sighed as he watched her glance away and onto the door behind her. He wasted no time in taking back her full attention. "I recommend that you let him last few days to the fullest."

She was taken aback at his words. "Are you telling me to give up?" She questioned.

"I know it may seem difficult for you but you can't save him. It's too late." He was trying to convince her though she bore the great density that sprung from her grip on what she felt was all she had left.

"Too late?" She thought. "It's never too late..." She spoke in a hushed tone, keeping her head down. She walked off, not speaking to the doctor any further.

She wasn't going to give up.

"Grape!" Max called as he ran to her, passing the doctor. "I found a doctor who might help, but he's not here in NC. We have to hurry." He spoke amazingly in a single breath. He took her hand and brought her to the elevator as she willfully followed.

"I'm counting on you..." Peanut's voice repeated in his head. He began to grit his teeth, but he was doing this, not for Peanut, not for Grape, but for Shaun and only Shaun.


The ascension of the sun was a comforting sight compared to the ever unsettling truth that played out like a broken record sitting on a leisurely coffee table as you sat in a cage across the room, reaching out, trying to shut it off.

Max was somewhat stiff in the car as he drove on. Though, to his relief, Grape did not notice. Her eyes were affixed to the side mirror that caught sight of the city behind them. How the large foundations of the new world seemed to call her back to it as it began to distance from her sight. It beckoned her return as she began to whisper to the one thing that she had hoped to return to. "I'll be back, Shaun. Don't worry..."

The countryside was as lush and vast as usual, standing as the forgotten entrails of man's true strive for self reliance and hard work. How the land lay stretched as the green pastures decorated it in an unfathomable mixture of pure, natural color.

They passed an old cotton field that seemed to survive on it's own as it remained seemingly untamed in it's vast growth. The few farmers who owned the land began cutting away, collecting the fruits of their labor.

Grape wanted to say hi, but she restrained too long. They were already long gone in the speed they were going. She felt that it was another one of those times where you feel the weight of a missed opportunity, no matter how small.

Grape began in her restlessness as she began to feel a great urge to run. The unraveling escapade to the outskirts of the city began to feel like selfish ploy to take advantage of her. She mentally slapped herself for even thinking that, Max was not that kind of person.

As she turned to him, expecting to see strength in those familiar blue-green eyes, all she saw was a mixture of uncertainty and difficulty. "Umm... Max?" His whiskers stiffened as he almost lost control of the wheel. "Did she notice already!? Ugh! I should've corrected this while I still had the chance!" He screamed in his head.

"Are you sure you can drive? I can do it if it makes you more comfortable." She rested a hand on his shoulder, giving him that reassuring smile that seemed long forgotten. "I-I..." He seemed lost in her eyes.

He snapped out of it. "No, no, it's okay! I can do it." He smiled back, hiding the overbearing embarrassment he felt at his jump.

"So, where are we going, exactly?" She questioned.

"Atlanta." He began to churn in his gut skillfully masking his self disgust underneath his lie. "Not too far if we keep up the pace. We'll probably be there by tomorrow." He felt a nervous shiver run down his spine. "Get a hold of yourself!" He mentally scolded.

"We haven't made much distance yet, though." She said as she watched the third bus stop she'd seen so far.

His hands began to sweat. "I know, but, we'll make it. Don't worry." He reassured.

"Please stop talking..." He begged in his thoughts. He's never done anything like this before. He knows that this will only end in disappointment, one way or another.

She tried to imitate the smile he shot her, not even noticing how weak it was, but her heart wouldn't let her. The culmination of her worry mixed with her imagination, wildly exaggerating in her current, helpless state.

As a mother, she had the right to worry for her child but she felt treacherous to her duty. Her, so far away from her loving child when she could be holding him close. What if this doctor is unable to do it? Would she forgive herself for wasting this time? She was battered with these thoughts, keeping her occupied.

An hour had passed as noon took it's place as it stood above, lone in the cloudless sky. Grape kept looking back, asking herself if the trip was even worth it. She sighed.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked.

She rested her head in her palm as she leaned on the small space of the door. "I'm sorry, Max, it's just...the further I go, the worse this feels and..." She paused, turning back in the direction of the city that she long lost sight of. "Maybe I should just go back. You can go the rest of the trip, right?"

"Umm..." He began to recall Peanut's instructions. "Do what you can to hold her off for as long as you can." He attempted to utter a proper sentence to avoid suspicion.

He could not bare to lie to her any further, yet he knew the consequences of the latter. He felt gutless, but he couldn't keep up this charade. He needed to end it before she found out. "Okay, I'll just drop you off at the next bus stop."

"Thanks, Max." She pecks him on the cheek. "I really appreciate you going the distance on this." She smiled again, though the sickening feeling in his stomach only worsened. His only consent was that he had done enough for Shaun.

The next stop was painfully close, already in sight.

"There!" She said. She got out then he drove away, bidding her goodbye. Max made a good distance between them, enough to keep out of sight, as he parked on the dirt alongside the road.

He rested back and settled in his thoughts which were graciously drenched upon the eccentric chain of events that led to this very day. It felt ludicrous, almost laughable, of all the choices he's made upon this roller coaster of life. How he could have chosen to stay, worked to her heart, as Peanut did the providing. But he was better than that, it wouldn't have been fair, but wouldn't it have prevented this?

He smacked his forehead. He was beginning to think ill. This isn't like him, this isn't like him at all.

He looked to the seat she occupied.

Touching memories flowed back. He remembered the first time he kissed her here. How soft her lips were as they brushed upon his own in a gentle tug. How the delicate taste made his heart sing as they began to bite lip. How easily she could shift the tide of his emotions. He wanted to be by her again.

Deafening was the silence. How the pitched allegations of what could have been done in his time with her might have held her on just a bit longer.

He turned back, wondering how close she is now. How the distance could still be closed as long as she went the right way. He took a ridiculously long detour, it was likely she'd make it there soon.

"I hope this was long enough..."


The professional doctor sat in the hall with his head buried in his hands. He had just arrived for work and hadn't been busy with anything. He began to groan in self loathe as the professional facade shed in the spiteful mood.

He had not forgotten the former day that dreaded him and tore away at his confidence. He felt the weight of her words lay upon him as he felt useless, unable to save a mere child. Shaun meant so much to her yet there he stood, before her with the grim news only existent due to his own inability.

Resignation seemed inevitable at this point. He took his ID, gripping at its base with a stiffened fist that wished to shatter the laminated plastic. His full name, etched just beneath his photo, seemed to taunt him with the relentless reminder of disgrace. "I'm sorry dad... I couldn't do it."

"I'm sure Nicolai would have been very proud." He looked upwards to see Arrow with consent in his eyes.

He scoffed. "What do you know?" His etiquette had fallen along with the rest of his father's teachings. All came down in the unsettling downward spiral.

He raised an eyebrow, skeptical of his reaction. "So you've just decided to give up instead of attempting to face the challenge?" He questioned.

He was taken aback, this was unexpected. "What are you saying?"

"I'm just agreeing with you." He inwardly chuckled. "I guess you really are a pathetic doctor, a disgrace to the Iseli family name, nothing but a mere..."

His elongated speech began to thrive in his irritation. "Now you listen here! I have saved countless lives through my career, and have been renowned in this hospital for years! I performed miracles everyday and have gone as far as using my own blood to save my patients! I have yet to lose a life!"

The rough, impromptu burst was as expected for the young innovator as the fire was rekindled in the doctor's eyes. "Good."

As he glared upon the scientist, expecting to see a look of pride prepped for debate, he was only met with an approving smirk that seemed primed to applaud.

As his fumes drained, quickly dispelling his former tension, he began to chuckle lightly. "You know, you have an odd way of cheering people up."

"Meh." He shrugged "Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

"In any case, thanks. Now I know what I have to do." Confidence brimmed throughout the doctor as he began to call a meek nurse with glasses who stood in waiting. "You there!"

"Y-yes, sir!?" She stuttered, almost dropping the clipboard with the doctor's patients.

"Collect my colleagues for an operation." He ordered as he grabbed her arm. "B-but, the other patients!" She spoke under her slight panic.

"They can wait. Now c'mon, we have a child to save!" He ran off with her in a rush.

Arrow began to walk off with a hint of success in his little smile. Then the sudden realization dawned upon the young scientist as he strode victorious in his walk. "Oh shoot." He took his cell and quickly speed dialed Peanut. "We have a problem."


Shadows overcame the city as the night became apparent upon the dawning area. The buildings overcast their forms onto the streets before them as the sun began to set in the opposite direction. It was late, an exceedingly undesirable time.

Grape walked throughout the silent streets, her footsteps echoing throughout the block. "Since when did I become so loud?" She thought. She had always understood that cats were light on their feet, that was a fact. "I guess I'm just nervous..." She attempted to conceit herself. "Nervous about what? Meeting the doctor? Toughen up! I'm sure he's fine." She scolded, almost losing her empowering facade, yet the footsteps grew louder. "What's wrong with me!?" She screamed in her head, feeling somewhat quaking feeling in her. Just what was that feeling?

She takes out her cell. "It's almost six..." She groans, it seems that today was without reward. If she didn't save Shaun now, she'd never forgive herself.

The lifeless twilight seemed unsettling as the streets remained empty. No hide nor tail amidst these streets. In fact, now that she's realized it, she was completely unfamiliar with this path. Just a few moments ago she was an all to familiar bus stop with an old friend driving, and now here she is, baffled by her location. "Where am I?"

She takes a few turns around, trying to find something the least bit familiar. "I thought I knew this city." She felt a comical disappointment in herself.

She notes a small shop along the path as she sights a dangling sign that reads: "Tarot's" She takes steady steps towards it, maybe she read it wrong. Up close, there was no doubt about it.

Tarot was a name used only during the pet age. In today's society, human names are used. The likeliness of it being some other Tarot in the same city was very low, almost zero to none, but she still held on to that chance. Why? Because she had just entered the building with a nervous voltage coursing through her.

The little room that held few shelves of oddities and unique trinkets was comforting in the atmosphere though appeared to have no windows. The place lit in a sense that it felt like sunlight as the room seemed lit only by a single light that was reflected upon the many mirrors and cast it's visible beams upon the shelves, counter, and floor.

She took a marble from a small basket upon the shelf. It was a unique shade of blue but was opaque in it's glow. She took another out that was translucent in comparison but was no where near as shiny but much more attractive due to it's cat's eye typicality as a marble.

One marble stood out from the rest as it rested underneath a few others. It was a unique shade of pink that beckoned her. She withdrew a but fought her indecision that troubled her over the years. It can't be that bad.

She pushed the the shining orbs away and pulled out the pink one. To her displeasure, it was that of a perfectly crafted crystalline heart that glowed elegantly in the light. She began to clench it in her fist as she vigorously held back her emotion. "Why..." She raised her fist with the ball caged in. "Why won't you disappear!" She screamed as she threw the small object onto the ground, bouncing once upon the mat that stood lone before the shelf.

No tears escaped her, though she wished they did.

She began to calm herself. Now wasn't the time to stimulate the past.

Next to the basket was an odd snow globe which seemed to have fallen into a personal blizzard. The tiny clips of white, that flowed endlessly throughout it, seemed to permanently block what lay behind the flakes that danced vividly in her line of sight.

She took the glass globe in her hands and began to feel it's smooth surface. It was so smooth that she felt she could drop it any minute now and her hands began to shake as she began to set it back. She looked closely before laying it on the shelf, trying to catch a glimpse of what was inside. Seeing as she could only catch a glimpse of purple inside and nothing more, she looked at the label upon it's stand that read "Adam, Eve, Abel."

Hidden within the shadows the light did not sight upon, thick dark red curtains opened, catching the purple molly off guard. "Grape?" A certain, brown gypsy-gowned Pomeranian stood between beaded drapes that lay hidden behind the dark crimson curtain. Her eyes were glowing green then faded back to it's original yellow shade.

Tarot looked to the clock and began to panic. "You're not supposed to be here!" She pushed her toward the door.

"Hey, hey! Stop!" Grape moved ahead, making eye contact with the young woman. "All you had to do was ask."

"I'm sorry, but you really must be going." She seemed distressed.

"But why?" She asked, feeling a hint of worry for her friend.

She looked to the clock again. "Shaun..." Tarot whispered.

"What?" She asked with a mass of panic in her heart, building into her. Before she could even begin to expect an answer, she was shoved out the door and into a familiar black cat as the door shut behind her.

"What was that for?" She said to no one in particular as she sat up.

An irritated voice began to speak underneath her. "I don't know, but would you mind getting off me?"

"Oh, sorry..." She apologized.

She got up and pulled Max to his feet. "Max? What are you doing here? I though you were going to help Shaun!?" She began to fume.

"Woah, woah! Calm down. My band's in Atlanta. I told them to bring him here. So no worries, kay?" He reassured, making sure he didn't look offended.

"Oh, okay... Sorry..." She felt quite embarrassed, and he could see that. The meek little fluster upon her cheeks and the hands clutched upon each other in an innocent manner, and all without intention. This caused him to burn his own shade of red upon his cheeks.

For a moment, he felt lost, unable to react, though, as he stayed silent, she felt that cringe of disappointment. "Don't be. It's not like you didn't have a good reason to react that way." He turned to his car that sat ready at the corner. "C'mon, I'll-" He paused, remembering his instructions. "I'll walk you back."

"Hm? What about your car?" She was still as intelligent as ever, nothing seems to escape her nowadays. It used to be a whole lot simpler. "And to think it took her that long to find out how Peanut felt." He thought.

"Oh, right! This way." He brought her around the corner to his car. Few people passed by them as the sun began to set in the distance. "Gotta try a different approach..."

The area was more familiar now. She recalled driving through here to the Wil-Cox bridge just yesterday. Had all this really happened in two, soon to be three, days? There didn't seem to be enough time to deal with everything at once. "I hope Shaun's okay..." She says as she sat herself upon the passenger seat. Max sat before the wheel. "I'm sure he is, don't worry."

As she rested back on the seat, he began to drive through the city. The buildings stood tall above them as if declaring sovereignty. The top of the buildings began to take cover under the black void of the night sky.

The local denizens began their night shifts as others simply joined the nightlife as the streets finally filled again, but only to an extent. There was hardly anyone out.

Grape began to reminisce on her times on every street she passed, and every block in the distance. All the hours spent on doing what she enjoyed seemed to fall back in the background as she desired to rid herself of her emotions which she attempted to hid under the veil of the dark, starlit sky. And here she was, with Max yet again, far away from the troubles of today's society as if they were teens.

Though those were days long forgotten. How simplicity in life began to fade as the broadened horizon of maturity ever neared. Pieces of the past that shattered the ever empowering feeling of loose responsibilities. These moments, nowadays, seem impossible to reach. "Remember The Yarn Ball?"

"Yeah. It was a pretty popular night club last time I was here. What happened to it?" Max didn't want to bring up anything about them in the past. He didn't want to steal any glances at her unless it was utterly necessary.

"It still is!" She began to register just what he was implying. "Wait, you mean things are going downhill there?"

"I guess. Hardly anyone was there, just folks drinking. Even started to look like a bar. I thought I was in the wrong place until I took another look at the sign." He had visited the place to see Grape. He may be in town, but he was still on business. He was to perform in his hometown with his band but he flew ahead to meet with everyone again. "You don't go there anymore?"

"No, I've been busy." Max was surprised, to say the least. He thought she was still as vibrant as ever, even after their break up. To his surprise she was no longer the young party-goer that was his ex-girlfriend, just a mother. Wise, cautious, dependent and caring, like a mother should. She had changed for the better, he did have to admit, but now he wonders what they still had in common.

"Remember when Joey came in?" He began to joke. A light chuckle escaped them.

Joey was in the suit, it seemed so comedic when no one noticed his disguise. Even she didn't know until Peanut found out through Joey himself. "Yeah, I-"

"Do you love me?" Max felt disheartened, as was she. He couldn't stand smiling when he felt there was no real reason to. He wanted to clear his thoughts but that seemed impossible.

His mind remained scarred, this obvious in his eyes.

He looked to her, with a look indifference. He was ill prepared for the break up all those years ago. She should have hinted it more on that day, but he was too in love with her to notice, neigh, to even think about what she wanted to say.

"Max, I don't think now is the time to-"

"Then when is!?" He interrupted, unable to stand her indecision that affected herself, him, and Peanut so negatively. "C'mon Grape, you know I'm almost never here. And I am not the type to have this conversation over the phone."

He had a point, she never really gave herself the chance to explain. She ran in tears, fearful to meet his reaction. She had felt same way when Peanut was with her that fateful night. After all these years she had hoped that those memories of their time together would simply fade away, but true love never dies so easily.

"I do..." She speaks in a hushed tone. Max did not react "But I love Peanut too..." Because that was expected.

The drive was silent. Grape could not see Max's expression as she sat in place, turning away from him, wondering just how he was taking this. Though Max was taking it well, somewhat. At least she still loved him.

"I love you too..." She heard him. "And I'll wait as long as I have to." A half smile, he gave, letting her know he was okay. In his eyes, she could see he meant it.

The street lights lit the road as the sun finally fell in entirety of the other side of the world. The drive was somewhat leisurely, but now Shaun was on full focus by them.

"I wanna be friends. Can you do that for me?"



Shaun sat meekly in place as he swayed his feet on the high bed in the examination room. He began to hum to a tune in his head; a lullaby sung to him by his mother whilst in his infancy. The song filled the room's silence as he patiently awaited the enthusiastic doctor who excitedly pulled him here along with the young nurse who was also tightly in his grip.

He was drenched in his regular clothing, the same ones he wore when he came by.

His thoughts remained simplistic at best as he began to dwell about the little things in life, attempting to distract himself from the many troubling possibilities that varied in this atmosphere. Nothing was directly explained and he decided to maintain his oblivious state as much as possible.

To him, it was completely obvious that they were trying to hide something. For his own sake, he did not dare to ask, yet remained exceedingly curious. His imagination was not as vivid and compelling as his mothers or as varied and positive as either of his possible fathers yet it still bothered him to no end as he forced effort upon his mind as his thoughts began to continuously block the sounding grim feeling that blared it's horn loudly in an irritating chorus.

He began to bite his lip. There really wasn't much that to interest him in this silence, thus resulting in his consciousness to wander back to an undesirable place; a train of thought that set unease upon his form. The short, one-sided conversations began to bore him to no end as he began to lay back, only to pull back up in the discomforting position that troubled his back.

"Now what do I do?" He began to feel trapped in the little room that seemed muted, in avoidance of even the slow ticking of the wall clock.

He looked to the window that seemed promptly sealed and locked. The many civilians below, as he looked downward, went about without worry; feeling as if he was being mocked in his prison as they went on with their freedom.

"This place is so boring!" He shouted as he slid down from the thick window against his back. His head, buried in his knees as he felt the great urge to escape. He breathed deeply, feeling somewhat shocked awake.

"What do you mean by that?" He heard a somewhat familiar voice.

He looked up, though unable to see anyone, he proceeded to pull himself up to catch sight of the voices origin.

His eyes widened in shock. Before him stood a tall human being with an equally tall man at the bed which he sat. They were huge! He knew humans were tall but he never imagined just how tall.

"I'm so sorry Lance, but your legs won't heal enough to let you walk." The doctor seemed distressed behind those square spectacles.

"How can this have happened?" The man asked as he rested his forehead in his palm, still in shock. "I can't run anymore..."

Shaun felt his dismay. The all too familiar notion of shattered hopes and dreams came rushing through him, though not enough to earn a tear.

Shaun had always wanted a father, and had attempted to look for one in Fido, but he wasn't even candidate. He had a family and she his mother was friends with him but they were never close.

Shaun could not fathom the full brunt of pain yet he held it entirely either way. His unwilling heart, mind still several steps back in processing, kept him off balance as he attempted to regain composure.

It wasn't too bad, however. Compared to the many discomforting scenes that set his puerile heart at unease, this was upon more stable ground, enough for him to withhold himself. Though, it's hard to say whether that was a good thing or not.

"What now, Nich?" Lance sighs.

"I don't know, but you'll figure it out." He gives him a weak smile.

Lance began to slump lazily in place. "The only thing I can think of is college. But I doubt they'll accept me in the facility since last I was there." Disappointment plastered upon his cheek.

"Then don't. If they won't accept you, then use what you taught yourself. You don't need a degree to start your career." He reasoned.

Lance took his eyes to set upon the doctor who had supported him through his every endeavor. He returned a friendly smile that beaconed his rising hopes.

Shaun began to feel a warm sensation of uplift. The overwhelming feeling of granular support filled him. Yet before it could reach it's peek his eyes dilated and reformed into it's grey exterior.

Yet another scene of the past played before him as a young pup sat before the terrier who sent him here.

The doctor took a small hammer and tapped the pup's knee. It kicked. She giggled. She seemed astonished by her own little reflex, perplexed about it's passive movement. "How did you do that?"

"Magic, Lizzie." He smiled.

She looked to him with excited eyes. "Can I try?"

"Oh, sure." He hands her the little object that seemed to weight lightly in her hands.

He crouched, glaring attentively upon the hammer in her grip.

She laughed lightly at him. "No, silly, on you."

He laughed along with her. "Oh, how stupid of me. Of course." He sat down as she got in front of him.

She pulled back a bit, trying to aim properly. She whacked his knee, trying not to hurt him. To her surprise, he didn't react.

"Huh?" She was heavily irritated. She hit it again, yet there was still no reaction.

The doctor began to chuckle under his breath. One leg kicked, finally, but it was the wrong leg.

Lizzie hit his knee again, but the other leg kicked. She repeated the process twice more with the same result, switching from either leg and adjusting her force. After a minute or so, he began to kick both legs continuously. She giggled.

She sat next to him and embrace him tightly.

A female terrier entered the room, watching the two. "C'mon, Liz, you can hang out with uncle Leon later."

"Okay, mom!" She leapt from place and ran to her side. "Bye uncle Leon!" As they exited the room, the doctor went to the window that stood wide open.

All the while that this was happening, Shaun felt a strange cringe in his stomach. An odd yet unnervingly familiar sense of confusion that seemed to ravage at his heart. Mixed, indecisive emotions began to unwind as the doctor stood with a straight face staring into nothing in particular.

"Liz..." He whispered.

Before Shaun could decipher the mixture that bellowed in his gut, the he began to inhale deeply and exhale with the same force as the scene changed with a more familiar host of people.

His mother sat, twiddling her fingers, though it was obvious that she was in her mid teens and not his mother of today.

She was in the room with the same doctor. He stood with his glasses in place, trying to shade his eyes.

She began to breathe slowly as if trying to calm down under the uniform patient's cloth. "So it's true..." She looks downward, attention fully upon her own dismay. "I'm pregnant..."

The doctor nods. "Everything proves positive for it." He takes the clipboard upon the meager desk behind him and breezes through the text. "Do you know who the father is?"

"No... well, maybe..." She plainly replies. Shaun felt her indecision fade away as she rubbed her belly slowly, caressing her unborn child. She seemed almost happy.

"It's still in a very early stage but you still have to take things easy for now, Misses..." He reads on. "...Grape." He takes his eyes off the clipboard and watches her. Her attention fully upon her own child.

"Then, now I know for sure." Indecision kept her from keeping her smile, but could not render her to frown either. She seemed content, even. "I'll be going now. Thank you, doctor." She gets up and walks towards the door, stopping before it and turns to the doctor. "Oh, and for future reference, please don't refer to me as Misses. I would like to keep my marriage private." She was serious but bore a friendly smile yet her eyes seemed to beg for compliance.

"Very well, Miss Grape." He emphasized as they shared light laughter.

She exited as Shaun's began to breathe deeply, finally returning to the present with his eyes back to it's yellow color.

He walked over the small bed and laid back. He began to rest his body, too much was going on with this. The ever elusive stability he had hoped to regain was, however, far from reach as Jill entered the room.

He sat up with a questioning look at the young girl who slowly closed the door behind her.

Her eyes seemed ready to overflow with tears as she neared him. She seemed meek as her hands remained upon each other. She kept her head down, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

"Jill? What are you doing here?" He was worried, this was most obvious in his eyes.

"I-I-I couldn't-I couldn't take it anymore..." She looked to him. Eyes, ready to release it's flood gates, arms, ready to embrace him. She grabbed onto him, releasing her tears. He did not question why. He held her, unwilling to release. An almost selfish comfort engulfed him, and, in truth, her as well.

Shaun went off the bed as he took her in his arms.

His emotions, hard pressed at the back of his mind where it began to fill him uncontrollably but remained elusive for him to pinpoint. He felt indecisive at the moment, unable to react properly as she let out her tears upon his chest.

The small room began to shrink as her soft fur that laid so elegantly upon his shoulder as she slowly breathed. He could hear her heart beat. She was more nervous than saddening.

He pulled back. "Jill, what's going on?"

She looked away. "I don't want to say it." Her heart cringed at the very thought of his death. "I just want this moment to last... please." Her eyes beckoned for comfort which he graciously presented to her. Taking the moment that seemed so odd inside without second thought as they embraced.

He pulled away. No words were spared when their eyes met. Her tears had ended their flow yet her expression remained reminiscent of her former plight. His concerning glare caused her to fluster, clutching her chest as she shied away.

What caught Shaun off guard was not the soft fur the pressed against his chest, nor the arms that wrapped so warmly about his neck, neigh the dry lips that thrust upon his own, but the joyous giggles that were muffled by the closed gap that granted him the sight of the smile that seemed distant amidst the recent events.

The feeling was blissful enough to keep them going as they attempted to imitate the many movies they had watched together.

As they pulled away, though reluctant at the retreat, her giggling continued. She took her eyes off him, biting her lip meekly.

She wanted to make this as romantic as possible, almost as much as he did. She began to recollect many romance novels she had read in an attempt to find the perfect scene to suit their position.

A fantasy seemed to have been born into reality as she took his hand. Her first kiss with her best friend, it all seemed too good to be true.

Shaun felt a rush of air go through his throat. As he looked up, he could not find her. He could not feel the warmth of her sweating palm, in it's place was the heat that dessicated the area.

The window and the wall around it that stood behind him was collapsing with a steep gaping hole. As he approached it he looked to the city in flames. Massive buildings he used to pass by as he marveled at the overpowering height now collapsed before his eyes upon the ground beneath it. Yet, as he stood there in the midst of this chaos, the city was engulfed in an eerie mute. Nothing but the sound of crackling fire and the smell of burnt wood along with the occasional sound of crumbling cement.

The room was almost entirely in flames. The tables, bed, and cupboards were either toppled or joined in the process of incineration. The floor was littered with melted rubber gloves. The wall paint began it's own descent into ash.

He felt an unsettling notion of familiarity. His imagination had depicted such obscure chaos in the past. How the fell crests of society began to collapse upon the overbearing weight that was chaos upon the earth. How the many vivid descriptions of a shattered world had seemed to mold, more or less, the man Fido was today. The strong and struggling upon the vast fields of all terrains had lost morale in the clutches of malice and hatred for the other.

After all the stories Fido had told him, it was obvious where he was.

The world began to shatter around him as the flames of war began to engulf the building. The city began to crumble, yet none but him could see or hear it. The outside world seemed either baron or nearing the point of extinguished life. In this absence no one can hear you scream.

He was afraid, yes, but to panic would only lead to further problems.

The silence was deafening. No voices, no cries, just him and the heat of the past. No emotions to mimic, no heart to feel for. Shaun was alone in the desolance that filled the area. "What's going on here?"

Suddenly realizing the absence of a certain naive girl he began to panic as he frantically called out for her. "Jill? Jill!?" No reply, something must've gone wrong, and he can't do anything about it!

He settled quickly, now was not the time to panic. "Okay, okay, think! What should I do?"

Shaun took slow steady steps upon the creaking floor as it seemed fragile and thin beneath his feet. It seemed that the most logical thing to do at this point was to get out of that room, but the process had to be taken slowly and calmly, less he panic and defeat his chances within the inferno that blazed through the city.

His feet met with the heated rubber, causing him to jump forth toward the door, aptly knocking it over as he held his foot. "Ow! Ow!"

Stumbling into the hall way, Shaun takes his attention to take either left or the right. Thinking hard, he recalls he was brought in from the right. The ceiling in that direction begins to collapse before his eyes as he attempts to settle the panic in his heart that seemed to beat at the speed of light! "That shouldn't discourage me." He thought as he braced himself for further debris.

He ran. Ran as fast as he could through the hall. Blindly dashing through with his eyes closed shut, almost about to water at the smoke that engulfed the area.

His heart beat as he bit his lip. He felt the resonance and friction about him; the compelling notion of inadequacy in comfort. He even began to tremble but held back with a tight grit.

His arms collided with his face as he fell off a small set of steps. He ignored the pain as he took he pulled himself up. He held his chest in pain. "I think I sprained something..." He wasn't used to so much exercise but couldn't hold back, not now. He attempted to rest for a few seconds, at least.

He steadied his breathing until it was in a proper pace. He was justly out of shape on these terms. "When I... get out of this... I need... to start... working out..." He said in between large inhalations.

He wanted to rest a bit longer but the situation forbade. The tiles began to fall around him as the floor's foundations seemed to be nearing it's limit. They no longer seem to be capable of going on any longer. Every moment those pillars still stood was an excerpt of a miracle.

Shaun took this as a warning sign as he hurried again in the direction.

He found a set of stairs that he hurriedly ran downward, keeping distance from the metallic railing that seemed give off the untamed heat that so rapidly destroyed the building. The cement staircase seemed hazardous as it began to reveal more and more cracks upon itself. He tried to keep light footing as every cat did.

He had gone down only three floors down, meeting with a massive gap between him and a ledge. "I'm not taking that chance." He hurried back and through the nearest door. As he shut the door behind him, the staircase began to collapse. "Wow! That was way too lucky." He stepped back, hoping that chance would find it's way in his favor yet again.

He dashed through the hall that lay at the face of the building. The smoke and fire was scattered about upon the miscellaneous furniture and remains of the ceiling boards. He felt a slight joy in him as his progress seemed successive thus far.

A barrier of fire stood along the path. He leapt over it with his jacket catching on fire. "Gah!" He pulled it off and stomped continuously on the orange piece of clothing. "That really hurt!" He puts it back on.

"Wait a minute..." he thought. "That... hurt." He pulled up his sleeve, finding a small burn. "What's happening?"

He heard rumbling from the ceiling above him. He continued his run with much greater will. He quickened his pace, hastening to the other side of the hall.

Only halfway to his destination debris fell before him, entirely blocking his path. He nearly slipped as he flipped his footing around to avoid the burning hindrance. A few steps into the opposite direction, he then found himself trapped as the floor above collapsed in front of him. He turned to his side, seeing no door. There was no other way out from what he could see. "This is bad."

Panicking he began to look around, hoping to find any means of escape. None but the window that framed the chaos outside these walls. He looked through the large glass wall that was sectioned and aligned with many others along the wall.

He began scanning the area. He saw little in the chaos and smoke, yet he cast his sight upon a fire escape only a few feet away.

He steps back smacks the window with his forearms. "That's not coming down easy." Under slight panic, he began to kick the window, edging it off it's place from the wall. For a while he settled to test his other leg then switched back due to inefficiency. After a few kicks, it gave way.

Shaun kept his distance off the absolute edge as he leaned in to watch the height. Five stories down was all too hazardous for his comfort. He felt the granular mistrust for his own feline balance. His body, shaking at the foundations.

He settled down again as he fell back. "Okay... okay..." He began to take slow deep breathes. Straightening his features and tensing himself. Biting his lip, trying to keep himself

"I can't do this. I can do this!" Shaun sped toward the ledge and leapt from the very edge. For a moment, the world had stopped. The sound of his heartbeat was all he could hear as he fell to the black, metallic, rails of the fire escape.

Gravity seemed to envy his flight as he fell further than expected, landing his gut onto the railing below. Shaun felt the excruciating pain as he felt his stomach seep into his back. He began to cough, almost vomiting, as he pulled himself up.

Just as he did, the fire escape began to rumble. To his horror, the bolts that so vigorously held them upon the building began to give way as the walls weakened upon the collapse.

Shaun ran down the steps as quickly as he could but that had forced him off. He held onto the railing as it tilted down slowly. He got up and slowly made his way down.

He finally set his feet upon stable ground. As the hospital finally fell into rubble and brimstone, he could only watch and hope that Jill was okay.

Shaun walked away from the scene as he explored the world of the Fall.

The world of man was no beauty to behold. The magnificent buildings that stood tall proud in the past were decrepit and hollow, no longer baring the mark of power bestowed upon them by the architects who had molded them from a single thought to a massive, solid creation.

Disheartening was the air as the almost mute atmosphere only seemed to fill by his footsteps and the flames in the distance behind him. A deep, conceitless void began to beckon for satisfaction. There was none to seek for comfort, nor he to return.

He ventured about the city without a destination in mind. All he wanted was to find another solitary soul. Another being to interact with, yet his hopes were dashed in these baron paths of a war torn era.

The symphonies of war began to play, much to his irritation, as the artillery could be heard firing in the great distance. He did not flinch nor pay mind to the arsenal that boomed throughout the city, no, all his mind could focus upon was home.

He wished to reach Babylon Gardens and return to his bed with his mother singing him the lullaby he still loves to hear.

Shaun spotted a large open park where the walls had almost entirely crumbled. It was odd for it's location as he recalled the park being several blocks more down the road. Regardless, he entered it.

He walked upon the cold grass that still felt moist with the dew. The trees were in tact for the majority as the fires did not seem to reach here.

Shaun followed the path as he had always done in the park. It did not seem to bother him too much anymore that the location and time was not appropriate for such a casual stroll about the park.

Upon a meek wooden bridge, just above a lake's thin section, lay a small doll laid upon the railing.

Approaching it, he allowed his hand to trace the wooden railing that seemed unchanged over the years. As he stood at the midsection, he took the doll that seemed lone in it's place. In his his hand, it seemed to tell a story of the young who used to wield it. The story of it's owner could be told by the little shoe that was left behind, just underneath his feet.

He settled it back in it's place as he continued his walk.

As he stepped off the bridge, he saw the long path that circled about the lake. He and a few of the males in Alvin State Middle School used to run around here, just to see who could finish first.

Shaun got in his running position and took off in a haste. He ran as fast as he could, reminiscent of the days before all this ensuing chaos that seemed to rub rough against him.

He ran through the curves, flashing the memories of the many passersby they disturbed. Shaun was so distracted by his own thoughts that he failed to see the stone in the path.

He tripped and fell behind a bench. "Ouch! Now I remember why I decided to find someone like Jill."

Shaun felt a cringe in his heart as he began to hear an infant's cry. He looked about as he still knelt upon the floor, finding no one in sight.

He crouched back down to sight if it may be in front of the bench. To his surprise, he had found something entirely different. A golden locket shined beneath the seat.

Shaun took it from it's place. He was dazzled by the smooth surface, the tiny texture that personified great skill and craftsmanship.

"What's this?" He heard his mother.

He turned to find Grape taking the locket from underneath the bench with him, as an infant, in her arms. He could see that his eyes were grey as his kitten form continued it's flow of tears.

Tears began to roll down his cheeks as well, as Grape pushed the smooth button on the top of the locket. It flipped open, revealing it's content to her eyes, but not his. He felt the mixture of sheer joy but along side it was the pitched agony of ambivalence.

He began to forebode the ever disheartening past upon his nervous features. The cold chill of fear ran through him. He attempted to hold his composure but to no avail. He was still young, though bore the weight of a mature, indecisive past. He could no longer bare this weight but there was no shoulder to cry on.

Shaun began to feel a warmth about him as he leaned in to something. He felt cautious hands wrap around him as he felt the comfort he had longed for finally come to his aid.

"Don't worry, I'm here." A comforting voice from a familiar brown dog began to whisper as Shaun inhaled and exhaled as his nightmare of a vision faded.


THE STORY HAS CONTINUED IN ANOTHER POST ON THIS FORUM. :P If only the limit was just a little bit higher.

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Holy...when did you add chapter 4?!?!? We've been waiting for you to keep adding!

Yay! Of course we're still reading. There just wasn't any thread bump, so we didn't know you had added to it.

Keep going. I'll keep reading.

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