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Random short! 
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Post Random short!
Scene show the fair where a crowd of cats and dogs watched the stage. There was muttering at the stage such as Fox saying to hold the onion because it is bad for dog and one of Joey’s creepy friends stating Sasha shouldn’t participate because everyone know she’s too overqualified for this. Finally, Lana held the microphone.

Lana: Thank you for waiting. Now for today’s event, we are hosting a pizza-eating contest for dogs! Here are the contestants!

She gestured to the tables consisting of six participants: Tiger, Bino, Rex, Lester, Kevin, and Tarot.

Tarot: Hello.

Lester: I feel like Kobayashi!

Tiger: I’m so gonna enjoy this! I like pizza. It’s my character.

Bino: Yeah, right. Know that pizza is my favorite. Think about that, pussycat!

The orange pitbull picked up his plate.

Tiger: How about I think about sla-

Kevin: Halt! Don’t make me tackle you! If you want to beat Bino, do it by outranking him.

Lana: Alright, the challenge is the hand-tossed pepperoni pizza from Jenga’s!

The human chefs started moving the trays stacked with the Italian cuisine. Both Tiger and Bino are drooling at that with eagerness.

Lana: Time limit is 12 minutes! Ready?

She pointed in the air as the pizzas are set on the plates.


Everyone started munching on the food. Bino, Tiger, Lester, and Tarot started eating them slice by slice. Rex and Kevin doesn’t even bother separating theirs, thus eating from the whole. Bino was the first to finish the whole.

Lana: Bino’s off to a good start!

Bino: Next!

Tiger: Me too!

Lester: Me three!

Lana: Everyone sure is keeping their own pace.

As Rex and Kevin start stuffing their next plate whole, Tiger noticed and copied them. Bino did the same. Only Lester and Tarot keep their style.

Lana: 5 minutes left!

Suddenly, the bulldog fell off the chair. He was green with sickness.

Rex: Can’t…eat…anymore

Lana: Downed after 22 slices!

Lester started beating his chest.

Lester: Ate too fast. Still must down another.

He slowly brought the slice to his mouth before he finally fell face flat into the pizza.

Lana: Downed after 24!

Bino: More!

Lana: Alright one minute to go!

Kevin was brought on a stretcher holding his bulging stomach and groaning.

Bino: Heh, he can’t even handle 28! Alright, my thirtieth slice!

Tiger: I’m finished.

Bino: Huh?!

Tiger has eaten thirty-two slices.

Lana: Time up!

Tiger: At least I got what I wanted and your face is enough to satisfy me.

Bino groaned dejected.

Lana: The winner of this contest is…Tarot!

Bino and Tiger: WHAT?!

Tarot: Thank you for the meal.

She has eaten a total of forty-three slices.

Lana: Here’s your prize. A big bag of money!

Tarot, despite her bulging stomach, took the bag and passed by the dumbfounded Tiger and Bino as she stepped down through the murmuring crowd.

Peanut: Wow, Tarot. Who would have thought?

Tarot: Fasting with nothing but water and lettuce help.

Grape: I know you’re unusual, but this is unpredicted. No pun intended. So what are you going to do now?

Tarot: Take an antacid and drink some tree root tea.

Grape: Figures.

May post some more

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Post Re: Random short!
Cool idea, i like how its just a short story thats only one chapter long. If you do more of these chapter stories it would be nice to read something funny and short. Keep up the good work and i hope to see more of these random shorts! :mrgreen:

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Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:36 am
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Post Re: Random short!
I liked it. good work.

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Post Re: Random short!
Very good debut work. Nice, short and funny. An excellent read! :lol:

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Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:36 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
Hahaha :lol: that was hilarious! I absoluty love these shorts! Keep writing these because their incredible!! :D

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Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:53 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
Very entertaininng stuff. can't wait to see more of these. A wonderful change of pace from the longer stories.

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Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:59 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
Here's an imaginate short! No questions to how other pets who normally don't play pretend got involved and why they're playing an R-rated film! Elpis and Wolfgang are my OCs. Enjoy!

Stage Play: Keel Bino

Panel 1:

Peanut (Narrating): Kill Bill, an action-thriller starting the bride, a woman or dog or whichever, who left her psycho-for-hire group to live a humble life only to be denied this luxury! We also recruited a puppy from Jerry's aunt since neither the ferrets nor the wolf cubs can do their part...That is all.

Scene show Sasha was laying down wearing the wedding veil and headpiece over her eyes and covered in ketchup.

Bino as Bill looked down at her and is holding an egg.

Bino: I could fry this on you but that wouldn’t be tempting…what I’m telling you is this is me at my most masochistic.

Sasha as Bride: How about our...

Bino pulled out a pop gun and she was hit with a rubber dart at the temple and “died” with her tongue sticking out.

Panel 2:

Scene show Sasha asleep in a hospital bed. She is wearing a paper bag saying the Bride with the rubber dart minus the stick still stuck to her temple as Elpis as Elle wearing a paper bag with a red cross looked over at her.

Elpis: Well, I’m supposed to put you to sleep for real but boss say it is not worth it…That’s all I have to say.

He leaned closer to her face.

Elpis: So don’t wake up.

Sign says “four years later.”

Sasha is inside a car wriggling her toe.

Sasha: Come on little piggy, you need to go to the market!

Panel 3:

Scene show Bino relaxing in his chair as he wears a paper bag saying Bill.

Bino: Ah, nothing like being on top of the world.

One of the dogs wearing a paper bag saying mook came in.

Mook: Boss, the Bride has returned from her not-so-peaceful sleep.

Bino: Figures. I supposed she’s after me by aiming for the horses?

Mook: Well, about that.

Scene shows Sasha sipping tea as she present a unicorn to Daisy as Vernita wearing a paper bag stating the name.

Sasha: It’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack but not rationality plus you get this for your little girl.

Panel 4:

Sasha walked out of the house and as she faced the doorway and waved.

Sasha: If you still feel raw about it, I’ll be waiting. Adios!

She took out a notepad.

Sasha: Alright! Cross this second one out. Now for his bro! (Budd)

Sign says “What happened to the first one? We go back one year earlier.”

Show Tarot, Grape, Wolfgang and Rex. Tarot, Grape, and Wolfgang wear a paper bag saying O-ren, Gogo, and Sofie. Rex wears a black blindfold with Johnny written on it.

Wolfgang: Something wrong, boss?

Tarot: I sensed a disturbance in the environment that my clan will soon face the music as it is too late to make amends.

Scene changed to Sasha and Lester as Hanzo wearing a chef hat. Sasha is holding a broom and doing a batter up position as Lester hold a baseball.

Lester: You like samurai swords…I like baseball.

Panel 5:

Sasha is wearing a yellow suit and is holding onto Wolfgang. She is facing Tarot wearing a white kimono and sandal with ridiculously high stilt making her as tall as Sasha.

Sasha: You and I have to face the music.

Tarot: You mean Symphony for If you ruin my humble life, you’ll stick my tongue to a frozen pole in G minor?

Sasha: Correct! But we still have unfinished business.

She pulled a fake arm off Wolfgang before facing her.

Sasha and Tarot: Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Tarot walked away as Grape spin a yarn ball over her head. Sasha bats it away causing the ball to bop Grape on the head and fall down “dead.” Music played as she boogied with the cats and dogs mooks also holding broom, mops, ruler, etc. Body piled up as the next thing has Sasha knock the stick out of the last mook’s grip. She slapped the mook who happened to be Peanut.

Sasha: Go home and be a good boy!

Peanut run away as Sasha whispered “sorry, about that.” Next, Rex combats Sasha with double hockey sticks. Sasha gently bopped Rex’s leg causing him to fall down defeated. Tarot enters the scene holding a broom.

Tarot: Sword never gets tired, unless it’s empathic which it not. I hope you save your energy.

Sasha: I do, I ate five servings of…

Tarot: Stay focused.

Sasha: Sorry!

Tarot: You may not be able to fight like a samurai...but you can at least die like a samurai.

They did skilled broom clashing before Sasha laid the final blow as Tarot fell down. Sasha picked up a Mickey Mouse hat meant to serve as O-ren’s scalp.

Sasha: Shake it, Annette.

Scene changed to Wolfgang sitting down armless as Fox as an elite mook faced him.

Wolfgang: And that’s what happened and your boss will be next.

Fox: Somehow I’m not surprised, it’s like a forest. Easy to lose your way, to get lost, and to forget where you came in.

Wolfgang: Well, about that.

Fox: Don’t go there.


Panel 6:

Sasha walked out of the car with a picture of a cat on it. She held her broom as crawled along the ground toward the trailer. She hid behind a cactus mimicking its shape, tiptoed to hide behind the trough, and did several flips till she hid behind a dried shrub that doesn’t even hide her figure. She reached the trailer and stood still on the wall as Joey wearing a paper bag with the name Budd on it went to the window and shut it. Sasha remained unmoving unaware of the multiple arrows painted on the wall all pointing at her. She reached the door...and kicked it open with her broom held high.

Sasha: Surprise sneak attack!

She was shot back by a stream of water by Joey holding a water gun.

Joey: Sneak attacks don’t work if you yell it out loud.

Panel 7:

Signs say “We changed to when the Bride meets the 150 years old master. We will translate everything to English.”

Maxwell wears a fake old man beard and a paper bag saying Pai Mei as he sat down on a king’s chair with his chin on his paw facing Sasha who kneeled before him.

Sasha: I am unworthy to learn your skill, Master.

Maxwell: Is that so? This isn’t obedience school where I tell you to sit!...Though it amuse me.

Sasha remained silent as Max stood up.

Maxwell: What wrong? Cat got your tongue?

Sasha: That’s not even funny.

Maxwell: AhAhAh! No backtalk! Let's see your style.

Censored screen says “Violent Scene.”

Sasha is seen sitting down as if nothing happened to her. As Maxwell holds a stick looking as if he’s gonna beat her.

Maxwell: This is the beginning, your arm is mine and I want it strong…like this!

He pointed with his stick to a chalkboard showing a drawing of a muscular arm. You see another drawing looking like a stick figure jabbing at another stick figure.

Panel 8:

Elpis is wearing a paper bag with the name Elle on it.

Elpis: Whatcha do to her?

Joey: The usual…bury the prey in the lawn. No worry, the sod isn’t that expensive to replace.

Elpis: Very well, here’s your money.

Present a suitcase full of fake dollar as Joey hand in the broom.

Joey: I must ask. Are you feeling relief or regret?

Elpis: A little bit of both.

Joey: heh.

Joey starts to take the money and was struck by a jester head popping out of the suitcase and fell down “dead” with his legs sticking up.

Elpis: But I feel regret that Beatrix Kiddo had to face your pragmatism.

Scene 9:

Elpis and Sasha, covered in dirt, clashed broom to broom.

Sasha: What did you do to master to earn his ire?

Elpis: I called him out for his bad pun…twice.

Sasha: Ouch.

Elpis: And I killed him.

Sasha: What?!

Scene changed to Maxwell lying down “dead” holding an opened present that exploded anise on his face. Back to the two.

Elpis: Curiosity killed the cat, heh.

Sasha suddenly pulled a glass eye behind Elpis.

Sasha: Yoink.

Elpis threw back in “pain.”


Sasha held the glass eye forward.


Clattering is heard as Sasha still held the eye in trance.

Sasha: Ah! So this is where he (Bino) resides!

Elpis: WHERE ARE YA?! Since you had the beauty of a shallow grave, Ima DOUBLE-KILL you!

Sasha threw away the glass eye and walked out.

Elpis: Oh suck, I got a splinter.

Panel 10:

Sasha: Alright! Prepare to face the music!

Bino: I already did…and you’ll never get the better of me!

Pap wearing a paper bag saying B.B. came in. Sasha gaped at the puppy.

Pap: Daddy!

Bino: Not now, daddy’s in the middle of a dispute.

Pap: I can’t sleep! Can you read me a story?

Bino: Sure why not? By the way, say hi to mommy.

Pap hugged Sasha.

Pap: Hi, mommy! I’ve been waiting for you! I’ll be in bed!

Pap went away.

Signs changed to “10 minutes later.”

Sasha: And then they found out the praying mantis was the purpose of the UFO incident. The End.

She closed the book as Pap lies asleep in bed. She kissed him and walked to where Bino is as she sat opposite of the table.

Bino: We're going to go out there and have at it, aren't we?

Sasha: Yeah, we should think of having our puppies.

Bino: Stick to the play!...Alright, we have unfinished business correct?

Sasha nods.

Bino: You were a terrific person…until you left me with the puppy.

Sasha: I know. I just didn’t want the kid to follow our old life.

Bino: I see. And you broke my heart…of a killer and yet you didn’t know that was coming.

Sasha: That’s it?

Bino: Surprised? I’m sorry. And you know what’s coming?

Sasha: Yes.

They clashed with their broom without leaving their seat. Both brooms flew out of their hand and Sasha quickly jabbed Bino’s chest with her finger.

Bino: Master taught you the Death Touch?

Sasha: Yes, sorry not to tell you. I’m a bad doggie.

Bino: No, you’re a magnificent one. I’ll see you then.

He walked away. Five steps later, a thud is heard.

Scenes changed to Sasha and Pap playing Frisbee.

Peanut (Narrating): With the list finally finished, the Bride has reached a humble life with her puppy. Lesson, a luxury is something you can’t afford until you work hard for it…And NO, revenge don’t count.

Peanut: Whew, I never thought we could actually structure such an even longer play! I don’t know why I had to be the last mook to be sent to mommy.

Grape: At least, you had the role of a narrator. I didn’t even get a single line nor action!

Wolfgang: Said the cat who complained the Macbeth play was long and brutal.

Maxwell: You have to admit that was splendid. And I get to sit in the king’s chair twice.

Bino: Look, I may like being the boss. But I didn’t like how I have to act like a daddy and get an anticlimactic fight!

Pap: Yeah, despite your role, I say you make a good sacrificial lamb for the lioness and her cub.

Bino groaned since he can’t get back at the puppy who’s still playing with Sasha.

Fox: Don’t worry about it. Sasha really did well since her participation in the canine cibble video. Though I find it hard to believe she didn’t think twice about the fact that she was playing a cold-blooded killer with a vengeance.

Sasha: Wait, that’s what I been playing the whole time? I thought I was the pixie who needs to spread her magic for righteousness!

Collective groan from everyone.

Elpis: I knew she was naïve through the whole play, but this is too much. I rather not ask about that.

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Post Re: Random short!
Wow... those plays really got big!! So many characters involved now.

Sasha as the hero. Nice! :lol:

Max must make a nice Pai Mei character. He is certainly conceited enough for it.

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Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:00 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
Bino: Okay, how did I end up in this situation again?

He was sitting with Peanut, Grape, Maxwell, Zachary, Fox, and Urfo around a circle with an empty bottle in the middle.

Grape: Let’s see…you were walking with Fox discussing about the so-called fire hydrant zone campaign when Peanut, Max, and I met up with you and Zachary, who decided to take a walk while Tiger let off some steam, came in too. Then we just stand there until Urfo saw us as “hanging out” together so she invited us to her house.

Bino: Right, and now we’re playing Truth or dare together only because Urfo asked us to and we including me, without thinking twice, approved. I would have appreciated that if it weren’t that I didn’t expect such a random group.

Urfo: No worry! Ever since I admitted the rules I held in my youth were too extreme, I decided to limit it to only a set of questions and actions you’re allowed to use.

She handed each of them a paper stating the rules for the parlor game. Everyone carefully read each list.

Fox: That’s new. I didn’t even think you had a way of postulating the selections so that there would be no uprising over a game.

Maxwell: Fair or not, I was hoping I could dare Bino into doing that, only I can’t this time.

Urfo: Done reading? Wolfgang will be delivering the props to use in our dare.

As promised, the bronze cat dragged in a tray full of stuff with his tail.

Wolfgang: Here you go. Knock yourself out.

Peanut: You’re not gonna watch?

Wolfgang: As unique as it could be, I rather not be involved in an upcoming quarrel where I may be the scapegoat for no particular reason.

He walked away to his room.

Urfo: Don’t worry about him. Alright then, I’ll spin the bottle. The targeted player will start and spin the bottle toward another player to ask or dare. If the bottle ended up pointing back to the user, the previous player is allowed to participate again.

She spun the bottle. It landed toward Peanut.

Peanut: Goodie!

He spun the bottle. It landed toward Bino.

Bino (thinking): Great, I hope it doesn’t involve cat-related stuff.

Bino chose truth.

Peanut: Which brother do you like better and why? Fido or Joey…or Maxwell?

Bino: Nevermind. I choose dare.

Peanut: Okay, how about…

The next thing Bino knew, he was juggling eggs and he seems to be good at it…until well, this. Everything laughing at the resulting mess as the hound wipes himself with a towel.

Bino: Yeah, enjoy it while you can. Because, it’s MY turn.

He spun it and it landed toward Maxwell.

Bino: Score. I dare you to kiss Peanut.

Unsurprisingly, everyone except Urfo was alarmed.

Maxwell: What?! No way, isn’t that against the rule?

Bino: I know, it said no lips, except you can use your tongue.

Maxwell: I rather choose truth.

Bino: Chicken. Who was your first crush?

Maxwell apparently did not want to mention to anyone beside Grape, who knew, he had a crush on Sabrina. So he decided to suck it up and licked the hound on the cheek. Peanut was embarrassed while everyone save Bino tried to hide their amusement.

Maxwell: Ew, taste like dog…my turn, then!

The spun bottle land toward…


What wacky hijinks are there to come? Urfo is my OC.

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Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:13 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
Well, this is an interesting idea. I am sure it will turn out well enough for everyone.

Bino will get his comeuppance! :lol:

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Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:47 pm
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Post Re: Random short!

Maxwell: Hmm, tough. I like pranking dog, but a rabbit is something else. Let’s see, what do you choose?

Zachary: Err, truth?

Maxwell: How about…what is the worst thing about being a rabbit?

Zachary swallowed.

Zachary: Well, there is the fact that I’m always portrayed as being lucky and having good fortune due to having two feet.

Urfo: I know you were praised against your will by woodland fanatics which actually worsen the situation. But putting that aside, how exactly is that a bad thing?

Zachary: Think about how this would go with all the feral rabbits when they have children.

Everyone shuddered at that before the rabbit was urged to play his turn.

The bottle landed toward Fox.

Fox chose truth.

Zachary: Hmm, do you have a reading buddy? And who?

Fox looked nervous at that.

Fox: Maybe, I should go for dare.

Grape: What’s wrong with the question? I don’t see a big deal out of that. Even I know what you’re thinking.

She was side-glancing at Peanut who didn’t take notice.

Fox: Ok, I do have a reading buddy. It’s not Peanut since I didn’t acknowledge his reading skill until recently. It was Allegra.

Maxwell: Wait! Allegra is a cat, so does that mean what I think it mean?

Fox: I’m not obliged to answer that question.

Bino put up a fixed stare on Fox. The hound hoped this husky wasn’t inclined to have more than just a reading association.

Fox: Okay, Bino. Truth or dare?

Bino snapped to attention as he realized Fox had already spun the bottle and it was facing him.

Bino: Um, Dare?

Fox: Why don’t you try to…imitate Tiger?

Bino: That’s it? Well, that’s easy.

He stood and mimicked Tiger’s voice and usual stance albeit melodramatically.

Bino: What a miserable day, I think I’ll stay home and watch the paint peel while eating cookie.

Peanut: I’m sure it’s a lovely day today.

Bino responded without changing his mood and stance.

Bino: What a lovely day, I think I’ll stay home and watch the paint peel while eating cookie.

Bino smirked when he noticed that everyone was actually trying to hide their laughter.

Maxwell: Never thought, you could actually make it funny without adding any cat joke.

Bino: That’s how it goes. My turn again!

He spun the bottle. It landed toward Grape. Bino smirked once more.

Grape: I choose truth. Do your worse.

Bino: If you won two tickets to the Pridelands festival, who would you take? Peanut or Maxwell?

Grape facepalmed realizing how difficult such a question is.

Grape: Alright, dare.

Bino walked to the prop cart to pull out a greeting card and…

Bino: I want you to wear this frilly dress and read this poem aloud in front of Wolfgang.

Grape’s eyes widened as everyone gasped. They knew the purple cat does not get along with Wolfgang, the only cat who doesn’t like Pridelands and she can’t beat him in a fight despite him being armless. Grape gritted her teeth as she snatched the dress to wear before taking the card. She walked up to Wolfgang’s room as the other followed. Knocking on the sliding door, the Egyptian Mau opened to see such a sight.

Grape: Roses are red. Violet are blue. We should get along now, kitty-poo.

Bino laughed while everyone was weirded out by this. Wolfgang was unfazed.

Wolfgang: Ok, maybe later.

He shut the door as Grape immediately tore off the dress as everyone returned to their spot. Angrily, the cat spun the bottle so hard it nearly went off-course before it landed toward…


Don't worry, Bino will definitely get his comeuppance. The name Allegra belongs to Christopher Jackal.

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Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:53 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
Ooh another great installment of truth or dare. Bino had better get whats coming to him for doing such a bad dare on grape!

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Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:51 am
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Post Re: Random short!
Very nice chapter. I loved it! Grape did indeed have quite the dare to pull off.

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Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:27 pm
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Post Re: Random short!

The hound gulped as Grape gave her usual cat smile.

Grape: So Bino, truth or dare?

Bino: …Truth

Grape: Had you ever admire a cat before?

Bino was not comfortable with this question. Being proud of his reputation as the founder of the Good Ol’ Dog club, he rather die than admit that. He can tell Grape know when he’s lying or not.

Bino: Dare, then.

Grape: Ok, in response to the last dare, I want you to…

She went to the prop cart to pull out…

Grape: Wear this cat suit and sing the meow mix song four times!

Bino wished Joey was here so he can switch place with him. This was more suited for his brother than himself.

Bino: Can’t it get any better?

Grape: I would ask you to remove your collar but that’s against the rule. At least according to that, you don’t have to do it in public nor will we allow recording.

Bino: Not that Max and Urfo would even keep that a secret. All right, you want it. I’ll give you…truth! I did admire a cat. I better wash my mouth after that.

Everyone: Oooh!

Grape: Really? Who?

Bino: Nuh uh! You already had your answer! You’re not allowed to ask again! Now it’s my turn!

He spun the bottle and it landed…back to Bino, much to the latter’s dismay.

Grape: That’s how it goes. My turn again! So do you want to answer to who you admire or this?

She held the cat suit in front of him. Bino paused unsure what to do.

Urfo: Don’t stress yourself out. If you don’t want to do either, you can call it quit.

Though the hound knew it was just a game, this was not something he would tarnish his status by bailing out of cowardice. So he made up his mind.

Bino: I like chicken, I like liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver!

Everyone burst out laughing, even Fox and Zachary. He was able to get away with imitating Tiger, and now this. Singing in a cat suit. Once that was done, he threw out the suit.

Bino: Done! You know what? Now I’ll call it quit! I ended up being targeted four times in less than 10 minutes!

Fox: You only been humiliated twice, not counting the admiring part. Plus it’s your turn now.

Peanut: Yeah, come on. I’m sorry for making fun of you. We can make it up to you I’ll promise!

Bino: Fine. I’ll try again just this once.

He spun the bottle and it landed toward Urfo, the only one beside Peanut, involved in being licked by the black cat, who was not challenged.

Bino: Hmm. Let’s see. Truth or dare?

Urfo: Truth.

Bino: Since you mentioned that you held extreme rules in your past games, I’ll ask you this. What is the stupidest thing you've done because someone dared you to?

The wheelchair-bound border collie blushed at this.

Urfo: If you want to know, that would be when I was told to be the delivery dog to send mails to all the dog and cat around the rural area. The mail just state about an invitation to the barn on the hill to celebrate about me. I was thinking “So they came to admire me for my quality as a leader!”

Zachary: And?

Urfo: And it turn out, it the invitation was a party to play “Throw pie at the Noble Wolf!” that is me. And I deserved it for being…as you say worse than Bino.

Everyone sat there in silence for a moment.

Maxwell: Well, that was…gee.

Grape: Didn’t think you used to be that extreme.

Peanut: I may not understand how bad you were, but I feel sorry for ya.

Urfo: No worry, it’s just a game. So what then?

The rest of the six: We continue.

Urfo: I reckon ya would, sugars! It was fun.

She spun the bottle.


Yeah, that's it. Oh well. Bonus point for anyone who get the Noble Wolf part.

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Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:17 pm
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Post Re: Random short!
I am loving this thing! Bino is getting his comeuppance for sure. :lol:

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Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:50 pm
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