Burning embers
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Author:  Luna werewolf [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Burning embers

Burning embers

My story is set in the housepets! Universe, so it contains some of the housepets! Characters, with a few added from my own imagination. I’m doing this for fun, not for profit.

I will update every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Enjoy!

The tiny figure leapt over the mud stairway. He zapped a large-necked green Dinosaur that exploded in a large ‘poof’ of purple smoke. The figure leapt again, and again, finally landing on a large stretch of grass. He ran, leapt over a tiny blue squirrel. The grey castle was in his sights. He almost forgot to shoot a Purple Dinosaur with wings, but shot just in time. He took out his sword as ninjas swarmed on him. The ninja’s were the fabled Ninja Crew of the Castle Doom. He slashed at one.

“Peanut? Time to go, honey!” Mrs. Sandwich said.

“Yeah, let’s go Peanut,” Grape called.

Of course! Peanut thought, the holiday! Peanut turned off the Wii, and ran to get his bag from his room. He rushed downstairs. Peanut leapt into the car.

Two hours later, Peanut and Grape got out of the car again. The flights had been cancelled. There was no Sunny Florida for the sandwiches. Grape sighed. She had promised Max a novelty key ring. Peanut didn’t look any happier. He was down in the dumps.

The next day

“GRRAAAAAPPEE!!!!!” Peanut yelled. His face was red, and you could see right down his throat.

“WWHHHAATT!!!!!!???” Grape screamed. She was in a very bad mood. Peanut cringed. He looked at Grape with cute, puppy eyes. Grape’s hard face didn’t soften like it usually did. They were meant to be in sunny, blue-skied Florida, but because the flights had been cancelled, they were stuck in Babylon gardens. Peanut looked disappointed. Grape gave Peanut a hard stair with steely eyes. Peanut, not used to this treatment, crept out of the room and closed the door behind him. Grape muttered something darkly under her breath, and pulled the blanket over her head. Peanut padded downstairs. Telly, thought peanut, that’s what I need. He switched it on, and sat down. He flicked between Shawn the sheep, Oops TV, Scooby doo, shopping channels, and finally stopped on the news.

“Welcome back to Babylon News. The headlines again, The Babylon singing contest begins in a week on Friday. Sasha is expected to win again, for the fifth year running, since no one else enters apart from Bino one year, who lost, and broke up with Sasha for it.” The new-reader read, “And then got back together with Sasha a week later” Peanut switched the TV off. Maybe I should play some video games, Peanut thought. He shuffled through the piles and piles of them. None of them seemed the right game he fancied. Peanut picked one of them at random. Mario cart. Peanut didn’t feel like it. He got up and went to the door. Perhaps a walk would clear his head.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:31 am ]
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Heh. Short's become a trend :lol:
But this one was really cute. Keep it going!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:03 pm ]
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I like the short update trend.
that news reader seems to be delving into the personal lives of pets more than i would expect. :lol:

also, it's spelled Mario Kart. no big deal, though. good fic.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:11 pm ]
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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
that news reader seems to be delving into the personal lives of pets more than i would expect.

Well, I don't think much else happens in Babylon gardens, that isn't to do with pets. I dunno... there might be.

Author:  copper [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:37 pm ]
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Well, nothing that would interest us, right? Maybe it was a special "pet news" program, since babylon gardens is pet-friendly.

I think grape would stare at Peanut, not stair... :lol:

Great first update. Short and sweet. Can't wait for the next one

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:18 pm ]
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Hey, coz' im nice, I'm goina illustrate my updates. Here is the one for the first update thing that I didn't put on. Oops :? Here it is.

GRRRRR.png [ 41.17 KiB | Viewed 15932 times ]

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:28 pm ]
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Well, attually, that's just a re-coloration, with words added, but most of them will be illustrations. I've already done the next drawing in advance, but I can't post it untill the next update, coz' I'm no spoiler.

Author:  copper [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:00 pm ]
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Awesome stuff. Can't wait to see them!

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:57 am ]
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Well, here’s the next update. Hope ya like it.

UNCLE KIIIIIIINNGG!!!” Deathaxe yelled at the top of his lungs, from the end of king’s bed.

“Wha-a? Oh, Deathaxe, don’t yell from the end of my bed to wake me up! What is it?” King said, bleary eyed, sitting up in his bed.

“This husky dude is waiting for you at the door" Deathaxe said. King got up and yawned. He looked at the clock. 8:30. Why was Fox at the door this early in the morning? King went downstairs at to the door.

“Yes, Fox?” King asked, grouchy as ever.

“Oh, King, you haven’t seen Peanut this morning?” Fox asked.

“Fox, I’ve just got out of bed, plus I barely ever seen him, because we’re not really friends,” King said, “Why do you ask anyway?”

“Oh, just Grape couldn’t find him. She’s getting worried” Fox said.

“Probably nothing, most likely Grape is over reacting, I’ll just go back to bed...” King said, and tried to shut the door.

“No you don’t! It probably is just Peanut’s wanderings, but you need the exercise!” Fox said, grabbing King’s arm. King moaned as Fox dragged him across the road, but Fox took no notice.
Peanut wandered aimlessly through the park. He was bored. He could see no other animals in the park and it looked like it was going to rain. The sky was a dull grey. Peanut watched a crisp packet float across the path. Grape is angry at me, thought Peanut, why Grape. For as long as Peanut remembered, Grape had been nice to him, not angry. Now she wasn’t, Peanut was lost in a world with no friends. Sure, there was Joey, but he was not really his friend. He had squeak. There was Fox, who was sort of nice to him, but that was just Fox being Fox, nice to everyone. Only Grape... Peanut noticed a flame red cat that Peanut hadn’t seen before, sitting on the bench next to a huge cherry with blossom. Peanut made his way toward the cat.

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Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:40 pm ]
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poor Peanut. all he did was what he always does and now he feels abandoned by his best friend. good update.

Author:  Helmetzid [ Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:18 pm ]
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agreed, i like how this is going

Author:  copper [ Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:30 am ]
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Great update. I like the drawing

Peanut is so sad. I hope the new kitty can help make him feel better.

King is such a great character. So much fun to play around with!! :lol:

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:51 am ]
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Because I always do small updates, I’ll try to do longer ones from now on. I will try.

The flame red cat was sitting on the bench, its tail twitching. It was staring at the tree.

“Hi. Who are you?” Peanut asked.

“I dunno” The cat said. Peanut was stunned.

“Um... ok. Who’s your owner?” Peanut asked.

“I dunno,” The cat said. The cat was starting to feel dumb.

“What does it say on your tag?” Peanut asked. The cat flipped over his tag and read the bottom:

Nickname: ----------
Name: Ember
Owner: ----------
Address: ----------

“My name is Ember” The cat said, “That’s a nice name. I like it!” Ember grinned.

“Hey, have you met Grape?” Peanut said.

“Grape?” Ember asked.

“She’s my sister.”

“Is she nice?”

“Yes, but I annoyed her and... well I’m just going for a walk,”

“Did you tell her?”

“No. Knowing Grape, she’ll worry about me,”

“How did you annoy her?”

“I woke her up, and she got grouchy”

“If she’s nice at all, she’ll forgive you”

“Yeah. She’s nice. I shouldn’t of run off like that, So I’ll go back before she starts to worry,”

“Well, bye then” Ember said.

“Bye Ember” Peanut said. Peanut turned and ran off.
Ember sighed and leaned back on his chair. He reached inside a pocket in his collar. Ember pulled out an old, folded photo of him with a bubbly, cute, blonde dog with a green collar, with an eye-of-Ra bouncing on her chest. They were at a disco. He wondered who the dog was. Ember suddenly noticed an orange cat with stern green eyes staring into the camera, standing in the corner, looking very out of place in a disco. The cats piercing, lamp-like eyes sent shivers down Ember’s back. The cat’s little tag was a blue diamond and Ember could make out a ‘J’ on the front.

Ember’s mind seemed to be full of dust, clouding up his memories. He sighed and looked back at the photo. He yawned, stretching his arms out. Someone yanked the photo out of his hand. Ember spun around to see a mean faced brown dog with a green collar and a diamond-shaped tag with a ‘B’ on it.

“You cat lovers disgust me! Who is this, your Girlfriend?” The dog snarled, “Who is she, anyway?”

“I don’t know” Ember said. Bino looked stunned, but quickly regained his mean expression.

“Forgotten already?” Bino hissed.

“Give. It. Back.” Ember hissed. He wasn’t about to let his only memory be stolen by a foul mutt. Bino held the photo out of Ember’s reach.

“Sorry mutt,” Ember said.

“Why are you saying sorry, you”- Ember hit Bino, hard on the nose, - “Ouch!! You’ll pay for that, Mangy-- OWWW!!”- Ember stamped on Bino’s paw, and grabbed the photo –“Do that again, and I’ll beat you to a pulp!” Bino hissed.

“As if you could!” Ember hissed.

“You’ll pay for that, Feline!” Bino howled. Ember couldn’t help but slyly smile. “Don’t you grin at me, you Filthy fur-ball!!” Bino screamed, “You’ll pay, you’ll pay good ‘n’ proper!!” But Ember was already walking away. Bino muttered under his breath. That cat would pay.

The park was getting darker, thought Ember. Indeed, the park was growing darker, the birds were fluttering down to their nests, and even Bino seemed to be going to bed. He decided to go up the tree for sleep. He scrambled up the tree. Ember found a comfortable spot and was soon asleep.
Bino entered the clearing. Around a fire in the centre, a group of ferals were sitting.

“Who dares enter the clearing of the Opener of the ways?” A gruff-looking bunny, growled, crouching on the nearest Bino.

“I have news! Someone is going to attempt to kill the opener!” Bino said. A stunned silence filled the clearing, as thick as smoke. A tiny squirrel whimpered, and grabbed its fluffy tail.

“Who would do such a thing?!” The squirrel squawked, looking distressed.

“A cat, a flame red cat!” Bino said, dramatically. All the Ferals stared at Bino blankly.

“There isn’t a flame red cat in Babylon gardens” The gruff bunny growled.

“What do you mean there’s no flame red cat?! I saw one! In the park!!” Bino screamed. The squirrel turned to the wolf beside him and made the ‘cuckoo’ sign with his paws. The gruff bunny ignored the squirrel.

“We’ll see if there’s a cat of which you speak in the park. We’ll go now, better to catch the fiend! Forces, move out!” The gruff bunny said. No-one moved.

“Who are the forces?” the squirrel asked. The gruff bunny sighed.

“Fine. Opener of the ways fan club, move out!” The gruff bunny yelled. The ferals got up.

The opener of the ways fan club.png
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Author:  Helmetzid [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

XD "who are the forces?" that was good, and that thing with tarot makes this interesting, guess we know why he dont remember anything

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:29 pm ]
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Helmetzid Wrote:
XD "who are the forces?" that was good,

XD thanks.

that thing with tarot makes this interesting, guess we know why he dont remember anything

Mmmm. Not quite. If tarot did her job properly, there would be no photo. No. Ur wrong :o.

Author:  Helmetzid [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

also i posted a new chapter in gotta get back in time, if you havent read yet

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Helmetzid Wrote:
also i posted a new chapter in gotta get back in time, if you havent read yet


Author:  KizerZin [ Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:58 pm ]
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Bino know how the game is played... HA HA Haaaaa!

Author:  copper [ Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:14 pm ]
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Well, I guess Bino will never learn his lesson. He's forever the villain. He makes such a nice bad guy, too.

So the fan club of Zach has a wolf? Nice. Wonder if he knows Miles.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

copper Wrote:
So the fan club of Zach has a wolf? Nice.

the whole forest is in the fan club, so why no wolfves?

Wonder if he knows Miles.

Miles is friends with everyone who would be friends with anyone, so obviously not Bino. So, yeah, he's his friend.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:16 am ]
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The next updates may come a day late because I'm on holiday next week.

Ember was in the park. All his memories were floating around his head like butterflies. Ember tried to snatch one, but it darted away too quickly. Ember couldn’t catch them. He tried to grab one again. They were fluttering just out of reach.

Ember woke, sweating. He shook himself. Just a nightmare. I must go to the vet, thought Ember. He breathed out deeply. Ember yawned.

“Look, cat, I’m sorry,” Bino called from below, putting on his fake guilty voice, “To make it up to you, I’ve got you a present!” Now, to any cat/dog/rabbit/mouse/bird that had been in Babylon gardens for at least a week wouldn’t have fallen for this trick. But Ember was a forgiving type.

“Ok. I’ll come down” Ember said, and climbed to the ground. The group of ferals leapt at Ember, and caught him off guard. The wolf punched Ember in the side of the face. Ember kicked out. It was like natural, Ember kicked, punched and clawed in time, beating everyone very quickly. It was like a dream. Or second nature. In a matter of minutes, Ember was standing with all his opponents either out cold or had fled. Bino had already run away. Ember growled. Now then, Ember thought, What should I do now? Sleep. That’s what I’ll do!


King hopped from one paw to another, trying to keep them warm. He rubbed his shoulders, trying to get warm again. It was alright for Fox, who stood next to him, he was a Husky, and he had a thick sheep-skin coat.

“F-f-fox, It’s f-f-freezing!” King moaned, teeth chattering.

“Hear, have my coat. I don’t need it much anyway” Fox told King handing him his brown sheep-skin coat. King put it on gratefully. It came down to his knees. But his paws were freezing.

“I w-w-wish p-p-peanut w-w-would hurry up” King chattered. Fox patted King’s head.

“Hi guys” Peanut said, after walking through the park’s hedge. King glanced at Peanut, recognized him, and ran over to him. King hugged him around the middle.

“T-t-thank you, p-peanut!” King said, letting go of him. He tore off Fox’s coat and shoved in Fox’s arms and ran off. Peanut looked at Fox who shrugged, and Peanut went home. As he was walking home he glanced at the sky. It was almost morning. Peanut began to run. He reached the Sandwich house quickly and ran into the sitting room. Grape was sitting on the sofa, max next to her, eyes streaming.

“It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have been angry!” Grape sobbed. She turned and saw Peanut in the doorway.

“PEANUT!!!!” Grape screamed and ran up to him, and hugged him, very hard. Peanut felt his shoulder getting wetter with tears.

“Sorry for running off” Peanut mumbled.

“Sorry for getting all angry at you” Grape said, letting go of peanut and grabbing a tissue.

“I haven’t slept a wink. I never knew it was that far from the park to here!” Peanut yawned, and headed upstairs.
Ember yawned. It was morning now. He swung down from the tree and noticed a small bag that looked like a crisp packet. Ember looked at it closely, he was starving, salted hazelnuts. Yuck. Ember tossed it in his tree for later. He’d have to hunt for food.

The trees closed over Ember, as he walked into the woods. Dappled sunlight filtered through the leaves. Something moved in the bushes and Ember pounced. Something small and furry wriggled in his hands. Ember saw a small, furry squirrel head look at him with small, frightened green eyes. Ember could feel every rib on the squirrel’s side. One of the squirrel’s ears had a bight mark on it. Ember dangled it by the tail over his mouth, and the squirrel whimpered. Something stopped Ember from letting go of the squirrel’s tail. Ember dropped the squirrel. On the flour.

“C’mon, I’ve got some nuts in my tree” Ember said. The squirrel followed Ember, whimpering. “You don’t have to whimper. I’m not going to eat you!”

“I-I d-didn’t know c-cats lived in t-trees” The squirrel whispered.

“I do. Most cats live with humans” Ember said. They reached Ember’s tree and Ember carried the squirrel in. Ember passed the squirrel the bag of hazelnuts. The squirrel looked at it blankly. Ember opened it for him. The squirrel started scoffing them.

“I’m Ember. What’s your name?” Ember asked.

“I haven’t got a name. No ferals have ever had names” The squirrel said, stuffing a nut in her mouth.

“Hmm... I’m going to give you a name, squirt” Ember announced, patting the squirrel’s head.

“Yay! Squirt’s an awesome name!” The squirrel said, excitedly, chewing a hazelnut. Ember’s tummy grumbled. “Do you want one?” Squirt asked, offering him a hazelnut. Ember shook his head.

“Do ya have any family?” Ember said.

“No. You?” Squirt asked. Ember shook his head.

“Hey, I know where we could get some food” Ember said, a thought striking him.

Peanut lay on the sofa. He felt rested. Grape was sitting on the other sofa, chewing a packet of crisps. Peanut picked up his lemonade and sipped.

“So, you said you met a cat in the park...” Grape asked.

“Mmhmm” Peanut said. DING DONG, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” Peanut said, and leapt up. Ember was at the door, squirt sitting on his shoulder.

“Umm... Peanut, can I have something to eat? I’m starving!” Ember asked.

“Wow, is that a squirrel?” Peanut asked.

“Yeah, can I have some food?” Ember asked. As if in plea his tummy rumbled loudly.

“Oh, sure. Can I introduce you to Grape after?” Peanut asked. Ember nodded. He went inside and strait to the kitchen. Squirt leapt off his shoulder and let Peanut pick her up and cuddle her. Peanut wandered back into the living room. Ember ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He picked out a peach, and from the side of the table he picked two packets of crisps; one for now, one for later. Ember then ate one and the peach. Mmm. Ember walked into the living room.


Ember and squirt.png
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Author:  copper [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:36 pm ]
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Well, nice long update Luna! I like Squirt. Sounds adorable.

Peanut always playing the nice guy, I see. He is very trusting.

So Ember can fight! Very nice to see one of Bino's plans go sour.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

This is quite a short Coz' I'm on holiday at the mo. also the place Im staying has no photo copier, so the pics from the intanet. But hopefully the surprise in this will make up for it.

------Three weeks later------

Exactly three weeks ago, Mrs. Sandwich had agreed to let Ember stay for as long as it took to find Ember a home. Peanut had introduced him to every cat and dog in Babylon gardens. Now though, Ember was in the park, again, and Squirt was sitting on his shoulder. He was half asleep. Bino and King were arguing nearby.

“Why do you keep trying to steal my girlfriend?!” Bino screamed.

“Why do you care, you don’t even love her! There’s no room for love in your icy, black heart!” King yelled.

“She dose love me, she hates you! She talks behind your back, she says you’re a horrible, vile, lazy dog who she wouldn’t go out with in a million years!! She hates you!!” Bino screamed. That remark hit home. King’s anger flared up, like fire given petrol.

“Shut up, you paranoid, selfish, stuck-up, Twit, No-one likes you, Fido looks down on you, so does Fox, even Sasha hates your guts!!!” King yelled. Bino kicked King in the stomach, and smashed his fist into his nose. He knocked King out and kept punching. Suddenly an arrow of red fur tackled Bino, and sent him smashing into the floor. Bino recognised Ember, who was standing almost on top of him and fled. Ember sighed and went to King, who was lying crumpled on the ground. He carefully picked King off the ground and walked into the town square, Squirt running after him. Sasha was leaning against her house, and ran over when she saw King.

“What happened?” Sasha exclaimed.

“Never mind, where’s King’s house?!” Ember said, panting. Sasha pointed to a nearby house, and followed Ember and Squirt in.

Pete opened the door and took King in his arms. King was often getting into fights, but he’d never come home unconscious before. Pete laid him carefully on the sofa and let Sasha tend to his wounds. Pete stretched and glanced at the red cat that’d carried King in. He suddenly recognised him.

“Umm... Ember, can I have a word in the yard please?” Pete asked. Ember nodded and followed him into the yard. Pete sat on the bench, and Ember sat on the opposite side. Pete pulled one glass lemonade from thin air and handed it to Ember. Pete read Ember’s mind.

“You have amnesia” Pete mused, “Do you want me to tell me about your past?” Ember nodded. Squirt was listening from the front doorway.

“Your farther, Bandit Jones, and your uncle, Callum Jones, both wanted to be my avatar, knowing about the three mega-beings from their cousin, Gill Jones, who was the spirit dragon’s avatar. I chose your farther for my avatar because your uncle could be dangerous if not given what he wanted,” Pete started, pulling and orange soda for himself out of thin air, “Callum was jealous, but he kept his grudge to himself for years. When you were born, he helped choose your name, co-operating normally, as if there was no grudge at all. You played with Sabrina and Tarot as pups and kittens. Then your father died in a fire, as well as Gill, at a school in spirit world 1277385. Callum thought that this was his chance, but when I chose you to be my avatar, he was angry and jealous. He tampered with the machine that made pets avatars, and died from an electric shock” Pete sipped his orange soda, and breathed out deeply.

“That’s why I stay on this world,” Pete explained, “The orange soda is epic. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, I remember. You were put in and the avatar machine was turned on. The machine was meant to give me lots of power, and some to you. But it was broken. It sent all of its power on to you. We stopped the machine at once. We thought you were going to die. We transported you to the park, so you wouldn’t wake up to see a huge blue griffon, a green dragon and a nine-tailed white fox. Now here you are. Sabrina will be happy to know you aren’t dead, so will Tarot,” Pete sighed, and stretched.

“Wow, what powers does Ember have?!” Squirt blurted out, leaping on the bench.

“We really don’t know. Anything from little sparks to transforming” Pete said, drinking the rest of his orange soda and making it disappear, “Think of a crow, it’s shinny black wings, it’s beady eyes, it’s sharp beak.” Ember thought. He imagined a deep black crow, with beady eyes, and a razor sharp beak sitting on the bench. He opened his eyes when Pete and Squirt. He was a crow. He wandered onto the edge of the bench, and flapped his wings, and took off. Ember circled the bench and picked Squirt off the ground. Squirt squirmed.

“This is awesome!” Ember squawked, flapping over houses and trees.

“Lemme go!” Squirt yelled. She opened her eyes. The view was epic. Box houses with ant people wandering around the pavements. “Yes, I agree, great view, LET ME DOWN” Squirt screamed. Ember dived down and landed on the bench perfectly. Pete clapped. Ember trotted over to his collar and thought of himself. Thirty minutes later, Ember had fastened his collar back on, and was, once again a handsome red cat.

King groggily opened his eyes to see Sasha’s kind face looking down at him.

“King, I just want to say, thank you” Sasha said, dabbing one of king’s wounds.

“What for?” King asked, rubbing his head.

“For defending me” Sasha said, tightening one of the bandages on King’s leg.

“It was nothing...” King said, blushing red. His cheeks turn scarlet when Sasha leaned in and kissed him.

“I love you, King” Sasha said. She said it as if it were something ordinary, like “Hello” or “Bye” or “Hi, I’m daisy”, except not the last one.

“I love you too” King said, kissing back.

Note 1) DDDDDDDAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note 2) There is space for any reader to make a character in the story. there are three slots. PM me with the profile. Here is the template:

Name: The character's name, if you do not make a second name, I'll make one.
Gender: male or female?
Describtion: Basicly, what colour, markings, e.c.t.
Species: Rabbit, cat, dog, or alien are excepted, but if you do alien, do not give it tentacales, three eyes or such weirdness. You can do special powere.
Personality: What the character is like. I.e., Bino: Horrid, selfish, annoying, e.c.t.

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Author:  KizerZin [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Wow... really? ok then... let's the Go... Bad Times roll~

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

good update. so I guess this takes place before the Dog Days of Summer arc, since Pete's still around.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Yeah. it does. I had too, since Pete has a big part in this, I can't have him elsewhere.

Also: Be quick, few slots of fan characters are left. I'm going to let one or two more.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

WARNING: not all fan characters that I’ve chosen are included in this update!

It had been a day since Ember had moved into King’s house. King didn’t trust Ember at first, but he soon ignored him like he ignored everyone else. Except Sasha. He grinned goofily when she passed, and almost dropped anything he was carrying. Suddenly the world seemed brighter, the flowers smelled sweeter, and he didn’t care that he had to poop outside, or eat kibble, Even the fact he was naked all of the time, except his stupid collar. He was happier. Even Bino’s remarks and smirk didn’t darken his day, like they usually did. Fox was surprised when he smiled at him.

“Why are ya so happy today?” Fox asked.

“I can’t be moody all of the time!” King said, cheerfully. Fox didn’t reply, but continued looking at King with a perplexed expression.

Then something happened that brightened King’s day even more. Sasha dumped Bino. King didn’t see it, but Bino came stomping up to King and put his nose about an inch from King’s and growled, “I hope your happy twit, I hope you and that two-timer Sasha live happily ever after! Tell Sasha if she ever comes running back to me, I... I won’t let her be my girlfriend in a million years!” Bino’s voice was wobbly. He turned and stormed off, but as he went, King could’ve sworn he heard a snivel, as if Bino was crying. King grinned at Fox.

“Did you hear that?” King asked.

“What?” Fox asked, putting his paws in his jacket pocket.

“I thought I hear a snivel, as if Bino were crying” King said.

“But didn’t the narrator say that?” Fox- hey, guys, you’re not meant to hear what I’m typing, that’s not the point!

“Sorry” King and Fox said, in unison. Suddenly Sasha burst through one of the alley ways.

“Hi Guys. I finally dumped Bino! Do ya wanna go shopping to celebrate?” Sasha said brightly.

“No” Said Fox, and looked at “Hey, King, didn’t the narrator say we had to say it in unison?”

“Huh? Wha? Oh, ya. Never mind” King said, head flipping up as if he’d fallen asleep on his feet. Fox sighed, rolling his eyes. Fox’s wrist watch suddenly started playing music, a metallic version of the DOG SQUAD theme tune. Fox looked at it.

“Oh, 5 ‘o clock, gotta go!” Fox said, rushing off in the direction of his house.

“King, do ya wanna look at shoes?” Sasha asked.

“Umm... not really...” King said.

“P-p-p-please?” Sasha said, blinking heavily.

“Fine” Sighed King, and let himself be dragged towards the mall.


The white bunny leaned back in his chair, stroking his long, strait whiskers. His red eyes looked coolly at the long, polished brown table. He pulled a mirror from one of the tidy filing cabinets, and looked at his long, yellow fangs. He put the mirror back and straitened the gold plaque with the words, ENEMY engraved on it. There was a knock on the shinny brown door.

“Enter” Enemy said, his voice cold and harsh.

The door handle turned and swung open. A thin, dirty grey rat scampered in, it’s claws a dirty yellow, and it was stooped, as if it’s back were broken.

“My lord!” The rat squeaked, rushing to the bunny’s long thin back paws, “I wish only the best for your lordship’s well being! I’ve heard rumours that your lordship was unwell! I had to-” the rat started, but was interrupted by the bunny’s cool voice.

“Oh, try to remember to grovel on the mat I got for you! You make my feet dirty!” Enemy said, and the rat scampered to the mat, “You know what I want to know! What news do you bring, mangy rat!”

“Y-your lordship! There is no news!” The rat squeaked.

“LIES!” Enemy hissed, leaning closer to the rat “Tell me, you snivelling little rodent! Or I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

“T-t-the n-news is that t-the tiny w-warriors a-are ready,” the rat squeak, visibly shaking now.

“Good,” Enemy said, leaning back in his chair, and began sharpening his claws, “You may go,” The rat nodded and left quickly through the door.


King could barely see over the huge pile of bags and boxes in his arms. “You said look at shoes! Why do you even need shoes?! You’re a dog!”

“Every girl needs lots of shoes, human or not!” Sasha said. Sasha noticed that King was panting heavily under the weight, so she said, “King, why don’t you sit down there?” She pointed to an empty bench in the middle of the mall. King sat down gratefully, and carefully place all the boxes next to him. He sighed, feeling better.

“Sasha! I... I... What are you doing!?” an angry voice called from the other side of the Mall. Sasha and King turned to see a light brown dog with dark brown ears, and green collar with a B on a diamond dangling from it. “This is the last straw! No longer will I stand for your flirting with King! I’m dumping you! Goodbye forever, Sasha!” Bino yelled, before turning and storming off. Usually when this happened, Sasha would cry for hours on end, and King would comfort her until Bino got back together with her. But now, Sasha just grinned and King.

“Wow. King, I know it’s soon after... Bino... but do you want to go out with me?” Sasha asked.

“Y-yes,” King said.

“My place, at 4, be there!” Sasha said, taking all the boxes off King and walking away. King leaned back on the bench. King smiled.


Ember walked out of Tarot’s house, followed by Sabrina and Tarot herself. Ember un fastened his collar, that was covered in green goo.

“Eewww!” Tarot said, “Unlucky! Look, I’ll clean it for you” Tarot said, taking Ember’s collar, off him and going indoors. Ember nodded and started in the direction of home. Squirt followed him. He spotted a black and white cat he hadn’t seen before leaning against a fence.

“Hi, I’m Ember” Ember said. The cat spun around. He had unusually long hair and purple eye colour.

“I’m Jaxon Night, but everyone calls me Jax. I’ve gotta go now, Marx will be waiting for me,” Jax said, “See ya around!” Jax walked off. Ember sighed. Suddenly a cage slammed over Ember.

“Hello kitty, you a stray?” a burly officer with a blue uniform said, picking up the cage.

“No! I have an owner... sorta” Ember said.

“Huh? Well, then, why don’t you have a collar?!” The officer said, and without waiting for a reply, shoved the cage in the back of the van and slammed the door.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

4th wall? what's that? :roll:

good update. how will Ember get out of this one?

Author:  musclecar326 [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

I was a little confused right away until i read it again, but great update. Finally King gets his girl! i know that Ember will get out of this one because pete is her 'owner'.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

musclecar326 Wrote:
Ember will get out of this one because pete is her 'owner'.

Ember's a guy, isn't he?

Author:  KizerZin [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

A Rat army? very creative! and nice work with Enemy there...

and Ember is in trouble with the law... I would so love to see the K-9s hunt him down like the stray he is~ HA HA Haaaa!

Author:  Helmetzid [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Wow, never expected jax to hang around tarot's house, considering he hates the spirits, but great update none the less

Author:  copper [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Well, that was quite the 4th wall break! Good job. I like the update.

Well, Sasha seems strong. But I am confused. If Sasha broke up with Bino, How is he breaking up with her now? Was it to save face or something?

Well, Ember either got caught by the dog catcher or PETA. Wonder if he will shapeshift out of it...

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

@Copper: Bino was very surprised when Sasha broke up with him, and was embarissed, so he tried to make it look like he broke up with Sasha, to seem the ‘tough dog’.

The huge van bounced along towards the animal home. The burly officer turned on the radio and tapped the steering wheel to the tune of the lively song that came on. In the back, Ember was crouched in his cage, trying not to be travel sick. He decided to have a look around. The dusty van was packed with Crates and cages with all sorts of pets, from Tabby cats to labradoodles, from albino rats, to brown rabbits. A ragged looking cat with a torn ear and dirty brown fur hissed at Ember. It wasn’t long though, before the burly officer parked the car and took the cages out. Ember, being the one nearest the officer, was taken first. The officer carried Ember into the reception area, where a bright lady carefully took him to the vet’s waiting room. Ember watched an angry rat being taken into the vet’s room was waving his fist and screaming, “I think you’ll find I’m in the peak of health!”

Soon the rat was taken out of the Vet’s room, looking even angrier, yelling “What do you mean I have temper problems!?”

“Next” a tired voice called from the room. Ember’s turn. Five minutes later, Ember came out again.

“He’s a very healthy cat. Well behaved too. You could put him with the nervous cats or dogs if they come in,” The vet said, handing Ember back to the lady. The lady nodded, and walked along a corridor, and through a door with a cartoon cat on it.

“Now then,” the lady said, as if Ember were an idiot, “This is your new home, until we can find you a new owner!” She had a sickly-sweet, annoying voice. She lifted Ember into a very big glass crate.

Morning came slowly, because of Ember’s grinding boredom. Ember ate some kibble and walked around the edge of his glass cage, deathly bored. Visitors came and left, not paying much attention to Ember at all. At about three o’clock, a man came up to Ember’s cage, carrying what looked like a big white ball of fur. He carefully opened the door and put the ball in Ember’s cage. The ball- who was obviously a cat or dog, because it moved –shuffled and let out what sounded like a pitiful meow. The man closed the door and walked off.

“You ok?” Ember asked. It moved its cat head off its paws, and the first thing Ember noticed was shining blue eyes, like an endless ocean. It was a few minutes before Ember noticed he was gazing into the cat’s eyes, and blushed.

“I’m fine... just... sad,” the cat said, sitting up.

“Why are you sad?” Ember asked.

“I thought my mom loved me,” She said, “But I was wrong. She just left me, by the side of the road!” The cat said, suddenly angry for a few minutes, before bursting into tears. Ember didn’t know why, but he gave the cat a hug, comforting her. “S-sorry,” she said, “me bursting into tears like a kitten.”

“You’re nothing like a kitten” Ember said, reassuring her.

“I’m Iris” The cat said, looking up into Ember’s eyes.

“Ember” Ember said. Iris smiled, wiping her eyes. The day pasted much more quickly since Iris came, for Ember. He even told Iris all about everything that had happened, from the photo (Which Ember showed her), to changing into a Crow, right up to where he was now.


Ember woke. It was almost midnight. The first thing he noticed was how bright it was. The second was the fire. It leapt up the walls, licking at the novelty drawings of dogs and cats. The smoke filled the room, rising higher and higher. The fire spat sparks, crackling.

“IRIS! WAKE UP!” Ember yelled. Iris woke, blinking.

“Wah-ah?” Iris said, as Ember yanked her wrist, pulling her through the corridor, and out the door, to the black night, with twinkling stars and clean air. Ember breathed out loudly.

Something moved in the corner of his eye. There was a cat, struggling through the door. He tried to carry on, but fell over. Without thinking, Ember leapt over a broken light that’d fallen to the ground, and raced to the cat. The cat was motionless. Ember picked the cat up and carried the cat back to the huddled group of cats, dogs and people. He gave the cat to a worried looking man, who hurried the cat to a table. Ember went over to Iris. “Now’s our time to escape” he whispered. Iris nodded. They slipped away into the darkness.


Ember knocked on Pete’s door. King opened it.

“Hi Ember! Who’s that?” King asked.

“This is Iris” Ember said, “Iris, meet King, King, meet Iris.” Iris nodded, and so did King. King left.

“PETE!!” Ember yelled. Pete poked his head around the door.

“Yes?” Pete asked.

“This is Iris!” Ember said.

“Huh.” Pete said, and after a pause continued, “Welcome home, Ember,” Ember nodded, and lead Iris into the house, up the stairs and into the spare room. He left Iris to unpack on the other bed. He needed to breath, outdoors. He went down stairs and outside. A dark blue cat with white strips that start at her belly was leaning against a fence talking to Jax.

“Hi, Shock” Ember called. The cat nodded at Ember and carried on talking.

“Hey, Ember, where were you, for like, the last day or so?” Jax asked.

“The cat/dog catchers got me, but I got out again” Ember said. Jaxon nodded. Shock began the conversation again, and Ember walked past them. Where should I go next? Ember thought. I could go to Peanut’s, but I don’t feel like video games, thought Ember, How about the forest? Yea. The woodland critters wouldn’t bother him. Ember wandered towards the woods.

The woods were alive with squeaks and rustles. Dappled sunlight covered the dead leaves and bushes. Ember strolled along. Something purple, small, and fast zipped towards Ember, and before he could react, the dart hit his leg. It took second to knock Ember unconscious.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

this is just not Ember's week. :lol:
good update.

Author:  KizerZin [ Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

out of the frying pan and into the fire~ HA HA Haaaa!

Author:  musclecar326 [ Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Awwww, sweet you used my character in a little bit of that story. Shock is my character, and that was cool how ember got out off there. Also what was going on during the escape? How did ember get out of his cage? help me, answer my questions.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Awwww, sweet you used my character in a little bit of that story

I originally wasn't going to use Shock, but I changed the story line.

Also what was going on during the escape? How did ember get out of his cage? help me, answer my questions.

The dog catcher, being in Babylon gardens, by law have to have to have the locks connected to the smoke sencers, so when it smells smoke, the locks are unlocked. Plot hole fixed.

Author:  Luna werewolf [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

Here's the next update!

Ember’s peaceful unconsciousness was ended when Ember’s forehead connected with the side of his cage. Ember shook his head, and opened his eyes. He was in a cage, with Iron bars that crisscrossed, making the side of the cage. He was in a van with a floppy canvas roof, and on the wooden benches that was on every side except the back, had a group of rats sitting on them. Ember noticed his paws were shackled together.

“Where am I?” Ember demanded.

“You are being taken to Mr. Enemy,” A greying rat at the end of one of the benches squeaked.

“I’m telling him you didn’t call him sir!” A young brown rat squeaked.

“Don’t grass on him, Milo! If Sir Enemy agrees he was wrong, they get sent to the pit monster!” A huge, old rat in the middle of the bench hissed.

“Guys, we’re there!” A high voice from the front on the Van yelled. The rat called Milo ran and unfolded the stairs and the rest picked up Ember’s cage and carried it outside. The streets were empty, dirty and all the houses were boarded up. They carried it through one of the tatty doors and through a corridor and into an office. On a black chair a white bunny with strait whiskers, red eyes, with long yellow fangs.

“Hello,” Ember said, sounding braver than he felt.

“Hello, Ember. I am Enemy,” Enemy said, “I brought you here to give you a choice. Either come with me, and have a lovely time being evil. These rat minions can get you any food or friends, and I’m quite nice when you get to know me. Or you could face the monster of the pit, and die an “honourable” idiot. Your choice.” Ember grimaced.

“I’ll never be an evil dude,” Ember said, his voice cracking.

“As you wish” Enemy said, and pulled a leaver, and the trapdoor beneath Ember’s feet opened, plunging him into the pit.

The pit was very dimly lit, and smelt like a mix between old socks and mouldy cheese. Bones of what looked like rats littered the floor. They were shinny, and when Ember looked closer, he noticed that they were fake. Ember got to his paws and looked around. There wasn’t much to see. Something, like a shadow moved towards Ember, green eyes glinting. Ember backed off, but came to a wall. The ‘something’ was shaped almost like a dog, but its muzzle was more pointed. It stopped advancing and raised a paw.

“Hi,” It said, in a friendly, smooth voice. Ember squinted in the gloom. The ‘something’ was actually a young fox.

“Oh! I thought you were the ‘pit monster’!” Ember said.

“Pfffh! That’s just Enemy brain washing the rat minions into submission. I bet he must have been so convince, he convinced himself, is that why your here,” The fox said.

“Yea.” Ember said, “I’m Ember, what’s your name?”

“Jinx.” the fox said “so, ya wanna escape?” Jinx suddenly looked excited.

“Defiantly,” Ember said. Jinx walked a little way away, and beckoned Ember to follow him. They walked over fake bones, until they came to a huge, wall. Right at the top was a thin gap between wall and ceiling.

“Right. This is the only escape, and I’m too short on my own,” Jinx said, and handed Ember a rope that’d been propped up against the wall. Ember put it around his next and climbed onto Jinx’s shoulder and onto the top of the wall. He lowered himself onto the ground on the other side. Ember through the rope over an end and tied the other end around his waist.

“Ok, you can come over!” Ember called. Jinx climbed over quickly and they both raced through a corridor and to a huge, old door. Ember through it open and they raced out onto a dirty road.

“Where now?” Jinx asked.

“We... catch a bus!” Ember suggested.

Half an hour later, Ember and Jinx were sitting on a broken down buss. The seats were old, and Jinx and Ember had had to spend ages looking for two seats that wasn’t ‘OUT OF ORDER’ Ember sat still, half-listening to Jinx’s friendly waffle, talking about who-knows-what. He was thinking about Iris; her snowy white fur; her brightest blue eyes like diamonds; her physique, so slender and gentle.

“Ember? Ember! We’re here!” Jinx said, breaking through Ember’s thoughts.

“Yea” Ember said, getting up, and following Ember out into the town square. There he took Ember to Pete and King’s house. Pete was on the kitchen, drawing something that looked like some sort of symbols on brown scrolls.

“Hi Pete, this is Jinx” Ember said.

“Great. He can’t stay here, Iris is taking up the last spare room” Pete said, not looking up, but dipping his long, white eagle feather quill in a pot of black ink.

“Oh” Ember said, “Come on Jinx, I’ll ask my mates if you can stay at their house” Ember said.

Shock was leaning against a fence, again. It was a favourite pass time of hers. Shock licked her paw and flicked an ear towards approaching paw steps. Her sharp eyes spotted Ember and Jinx walking towards her.

“Hey, Shock, can Jinx stay at yours for a night or two?” Ember asked, as nicely as she could.

“Um...” Shock began. She remembered Apple was staying in that room, and she wanted to keep quite about her girlfriend to avoid any rude remarks. “No, sorry” Shock said. Ember looked worried.

“He could stay at mine” Jaxon said, appearing from a telliphone box.

“Great!” Ember said.

Author:  KizerZin [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Burning embers

What... I know how the Digimon emperer feels... it's a nicly made update

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