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Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD 
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Post Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
Uncensored souls
Home Sweet Home

This fanfic have its own song link; open the link WHEN THE SONGS BEGINS. The translation is the first that i made alone so please be pacient
The dog was drying his hair and adjusting his collar, Joey left the towel in the bathroom and went to the room living room, and he looked around it.

- Rose?-
- In the kitchen - Her voice was heard.

Rose showed her head out from the kitchen.

- I am making the dinner; I don’t know what do you like, so… I did something sweet*-She said

*Note: I know that it’s supposed, that the pets shouldn’t eat sweet things, especially if they have food thought specifically for them, but it's my imagination, that is why this it’s a fanfic.

- Thank you, but I’m not hungry. - He said
-What are you talking about? I am starving-

The smell of butter was filling the entire environment.

- You can look TV, if you wanted-
- No, thanks - Joey answered.

Then he sat down in the sofa, he was feeling much better after that talk with Rose: The desperation in his mind had gone away, for now… when it will come back again? When he was resting…


- Are you alright? What happened?-
- Everything is good, don’t worry-

The dog was disposing to help her ….

-DON'T COME HERE!!, I mean, don’t stand up, I am good, you just continue resting -
- Stupid of me - She whispered

Surprised, Joey obeyed and sat down; then he decided, to see the photos that were in the table: In the first one Rose, was in what looks like a photographic cabin hugging to a little honey color dog, both were smiling. In the second one Rose was in the beach, with a bikini and a hat posing for the camera.

- What a vain- Thought playfully And then he looked at the third photography …

- WHAATT???!!! - He thought

His heart almost stopped, he couldn’t believe it; he took the photograph and look it near of his face with the opened mouth.

-Yeeeeessss? - She answered imitating Joey.
- From where do you know Sabrina?-


A din full the entire house, it sound like glasses and plates breaking, immediately Joey stand up and ran to the kitchen.

- Are you alright?-

He didn’t need a response, when he reach the kitchen, saw Rose fallen in the kitchen floor, with pieces of dishes and glasses around her… and on her, and with her face full of flour.

1 exhaustive kitchen cleaning … and Rose after.

- Thank you for helping with that-
-It was nothing-

Rose cuts the cake that she had prepared.

- This one is for you - Rose said giving him a piece of cake in a dish.

Rose then takes her piece and began to eat, she seemed very distracted.

- So …-
- Don’t ask, don’t ask, do… - Rose Thought. - From where do you know her? - He asked her

She shocked, only think about Sabrina makes her sad.

-Mmm … she is one … old friend - said eating another piece of cake.
- Seriously?!Cool, then when you accompany me to my house we can go to visit her!-

The comment make Rose cough sharply for not choke.

- do you live IN THE SAME PLACE THAT SHE DOES???!!! - Screamed Rose.
- Yes … she is something like my neighbor - Joey said scared for the cat reaction.
- We can’t do that-
- Why not? - He asked curiously.
- BECAUSE … I don’t know if she has forgiven me yet-

The silence filled the room.

- What? - Asked Joey
- Nothing, forget that-
- What happened?-

Rose thought it; it was fair to trust in Joey, like he had trusted in her.

- The thing is…that….she and I… used to be best friends-

Joey didn’t know what to say.

- We were living in this neighborhood a lot of time ago … everything it was a dream, always we were together, were sharing everything … everything. * Throat knot* until I made her something terrible.
-Rose, I …-
-After that, we become apart, already we didn’t speak like before, and she didn’t want to see me… until after some time … She moved … she didn’t come to say goodbye even- she said with the low head.

Joey reacted very slowly, he didn’t finish of understanding what was happening.

- I am going to sleep, in the afternoon we will go to your home.-

Then the cat stands up, entered to her room and closed her door. Joey only could think about that… maybe he and Rose were caught in the same situation.


Later this dawn, Rose raise of her bed and started to search in her things, his eyes with dry tears were marking his face. She takes a little wood box, inside a photograph.

- Sabrina-

From the box she takes a white CD case, with a label "Our song ". She opened it, extracted a CD and putted into the CD player; she waited a bit, she doubted very much … But she decide and push "play" to the only song from the disc; and with the night like the only witness … she cried.


Will be continued....

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Post Re: Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
You have a way with words, my friend. Considering this is your first translation, you did really well. I mean really well.

I liked this story, very moving. And the songs you add in are great as well. I can't wait for the next part! :D

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Post Re: Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
Uncensored souls
Chapter 4
Home Sweet Home
Part 2

Joey was making his bed (actually sofa), he cleaned the living room and adjusted his pillow, he didn’t know if he would return to this place sometime in the future, but he wanted to leave a good impression.

- Ready? – The radiant Rose asked him

- Yes-

- Let’s go-

After several minutes both pets were walking silently along the street, as two strangers again.

- Ok! What if we play something? - Rose said in an attempt of breaking the ice.
-Mmm … what?
- The road it will become shorter, if we distract ourselves with something, don’t you think?-
- I think… (Dubious) … what do you have in mind?-
- Truth or dare! - She said playfully

Joey remembered that the last time that played it, Bino let him shamed with a pink skirt, a girl's shirt and a long pink wig in front of the K-9 unit … was horrible … But, probably Rose wasn’t be so mean.

- Ok-
- Very well, ladies first. Truth or dare?-
- Dare - determined Joey said.

5 minutes after

- This IS NOT FUNNY! - Joey Said while it was adjusting his “I do this for food " sign that was hanging of his neck, and it was lifting Rose in his shoulders, while she was leading him.
-Hey! From here I can see the movies-

1 minute after.

- My turn - said annoying Joey
- Ok-
- Truth or dare?-
- Truth-
-Ok, why we don’t take the bus instead of walking?-
- Because … (Rose had not thought it) I wanted to walk today –The dubious cat said.

Both pets looked and laughed

- Truth or dare? - Rose Asked
- Truth-
- I hope you don’t get mad at me, but what was her name? … You know … - I ask ashamed Rose … but curious.
- She?-
- Yes-

Joey remembered Squeak, but for some reason, his sadness and pain weren’t be so hard like before, there had remained engraved in his mind for another moment.

- Squeak - Answered the dog
- Oh... She was Squeak? The person who you was singing for, that night in the alley? ... *thinking*I think … that I could have supposed that before *laughs *, it is a strange name for a dog.-
-That it’s because she is a mouse-
-WHAAATTTTT?? - Shouted Rose.

Joey gets frozen, he had forgotten it.

- I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I HAVE SAID It- Shouted himself in his mind.
-Aghhhhh!!! I didn’t want to say that!!!!!-
- A mouse and a dog???!!!!-
- LET ME EXPLAIN IT TO YOU - Scared he answered.
-Cool!! - Rose said walking and smiling as if nothing had happened.

Ashamed and confused Joey just looked at the cat walking, he was without speech.

- Your turn - playful Rose said.
- Don’t you gonna to ask…?-
- No-
-Ok … truth or dare? - Asked the dog.
- Dare-
- Well… *giggling* I dare you to … to visit Sabrina when we arrive to Babylon Gardens-

Rose reacted immediately.

- That isn’t fair!-
- It’s a dare; you have to accomplish it-
- NO! You can’t force me … - Rose Said capriciously.
- Well, that’s what do you want; however I will ask Sabrina everything about you, because she and I are so close friends! And we count each other everything (jaja what a lie!!!).-Answered the dog.
- You are mean.-
- You have to do it-
-Ahhhhhhhhhh … alright, I will do it- Rose said
- But not for the dare, but only because I have to speak with her … Sabrina - Whispered Rose
- Your turn - Joey said.
-Ok, truth or dare?-

The pets keep playing, asking question, after question, after question, after dare, after question, etc. several minutes... Their problems were vanishing slowly.

- …. And that’s its anime – Excited Joey Said
- Ok… you are weird *giggles* - Rose said.
- Dare - moved Joey said.
-Ok! Ok … mm. I challenge you to … TO SING WITH ME! - Rose commented with a smile in her face.
- Sing? (Ashamed) sing right here? But … there are so much people- said Joey looking around him.
- And why is it important for you whatever says the people that do you don’t know? Only do it if you like it, do it!-
- I like singing!!! ...-Said the dog while he was looking at the sky.

Joey thought about it

- Alright!-
-Ok, I choose the song!!! - She said.

Then she took her cell phone, and began to search between the songs, when finally she found it, pushed “play” and putted the volume on maximum.

While the song began, Joey recognized it immediately, he had sung so many times before alone in his bedroom …

Colors code:
Blue: Joey Sing
Red: Rose Sing
Purple: Both Sing!XD

You know I'm a dreamer
When Rose started to sing, Joey saw her, she looks so happy.

But my heart's of gold
I had to run away high

So I wouldn't come home low
The cat saw him, waiting for him, he had to do it, and he felt it.

Just when things went right
He was singing! In public, for the entire world, he was singing!!

Doesn't mean they were always wrong
Just take this song and you'll never feel

Left all alone
Everyone was seeing them, whispering, Rose and Joey just kept singing, they don’t care the others, they just continued, only them and nothing more.

Take me to your heart
Feel me in your bones

Just one more night
And I'm comin' off this
Long & winding road

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home
Tonight, tonight
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home

You know that I've seen
Too many romantic dreams
Up in lights, fallin' off the silver screen

My heart's like an open book
For the whole world to read

Sometimes nothing keeps me together at the seams-Her voice is awesome-Thought the dog

I'm on my way
I'm on my way

Home sweet home
Both of them look each other while they were singing and smiling, always smiling.

Tonight, tonight
I'm on my way

Just set me free
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

In the guitar solo, Joey can’t handle it, he just was so happy, he climbed the poles and bunches, he took the Rose’s hand and took her running for the street, he was so excited!, he was running and jumping.

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home Sweet Home

I'm on my way
Just set me free
Home Sweet Home


Joey looked at Rose to the eyes, his smile was pure and sincere, and she had saved him.

- Thank you - he said.

Rose wasn‘t be surprised, she saw him, she saw his satisfaction.

-No, thanks to you-
-JOEY!!!!!!! –was heard.

Joey looked around, but he only could see the world being shaken and waved, someone had knocked down him.

- THERE YOU ARE!!!! - Sasha shouted on him.
-Oh you silly dummy little dog!! You scared us, you kept us so worried - he said with an embraced hug to the knocked dog.
-Sasha! GET OFF from him!! - Shouted bothered Bino

Running Bino and Fox came, Sasha raised and Fox helped Joey to get up.

- Well, we need to tell everybody that we could find him - Bino sarcastic said.

Joey stands up while he was looking the sign of "Babylon Gardens" in the highs.

- It’s good to be in home - he thought.
-You worried to everyone, WHERE YOU WERE??- Asked Fox
- I was…I was … with somebody.-
- With who? - Asked curious Sasha.
-Ah … I will introduce Rose … … … Rose?-

The cat had gone away.


Toc Toc Toc.
Someone was knocking to the door.

Sabrina stops the tape and blow of the last candle; and she went to the door, and opened it …She gets shocked.

-Hi-Said Rose shyly

Comment and critic pelase!!!

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Post Re: Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
Comment: Awsome uppdate fast want to read more

Critic: Update not up yet... what It was all I could think out.

"I'm going to love and tolerate you so hard 20 years from now your descendants will clutch their chests and wonder why they feel so warm and fuzzy all of a sudden." -Anonymous

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Post Re: Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
Pretty good update, TBCE. Great cliffhanger at the end with Rose and Sabrina. Good song as always.

Translation was okay too. Didn't interrupt the story at all.

And I think Joey's in love. Dawww!!!

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Post Re: Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
WELL, thanks first!
Second: This chapter becomes the most hard and long that everyone that i did before (but now the last one ;) ), so thanks to understand and i try to get updated sooner time that i can!! and yeah i think that i choose good songs, next: it's secret :lol:

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Post Re: Uncensored souls Chapter 4 XD
Good story but a wrong song
I Recommend this song for your story

Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:16 pm
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