Housepets: Wet Blanket
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Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:57 pm ]
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My main reason for writing this is a few reasons:

A) To get Maxwell some spotlight since i notice he's obviously being overshadowed alot by the forum people by Peanut. Not that i don't mind Peanut, and he's one of the main characters, but Maxwell is on the same level as Bino, and i think he should be noticed more

B) Give Maxwell some more support for a possible Max/Grape pairing. Max is a cool cat, and Grape oughta get to know him more in my opinion.

C) Sinder. >_>

D) I'm actually working on being a Novelist someday where i work, and don't get much time to try this. I like to, at the time being, try this fanfic out just to test out some of my writing. i'm a fan of character insight, and i like people to comment on my character critique if at all possible.

Last minute notice: Due to complications with my computer life, i decided instead that i should instead follow a update sort of policy with my fic at the moment on a 'hopefully' weekly basis every tuesday until i finally conclude this fic. Thank god for Edit buttons!


Anything in this Fic that has a name or is otherwise described to only exist in the comic's universe are of the property of Rick Griffin, Host of Any sort of actions commited inside of this Fanfic are entirely non-canonical and therefore hold no merit of any involvement of the main storyline hosted at and should by no means be considered related by any means other than a form of fanservice.

HOUSEPETS! ~ Wet Blanket

"There's alot of things i consider myself" Says Maxwell to himself in his mind, as he suddenly realizes something is up after he gets a call from Grape from the Farm while he sits down on his usual self, lazily watching television and enjoying what seems to be Bino taking with him a charisma test against another movie that seems to make him cry. In this case, that movie happens to be "The Fox and the Hound", though scary enough; as Maxwell tells himself, as one would expect most people to cry at in this movie, it seems to Maxwell as he closely observes this battle of the 'man' that Bino puts himself through with this movie, it's not the scene that most people cry at. But then he realizes, his mind is trailing off again and he remembers there's something more important than that at the moment.

"There's alot of things i consider myself" Says Maxwell to himself in his mind once again, clearly intending to tell himself what he has known for so long and got him all shook up about it. "... but i don't consider myself good with girls."

Maxwell was known for being moreso a neighbourhood night cat, he thought to himself. he was more upbeat, active, and talkative to the community of cats these days. the cats known Maxwell for being the most daring type at night, and even Maxwell finds these days he has the wounds to tell the story, but compared to the community as a whole, he never really communicated to them like the way he just recently started knowing Grape. The cats were mostly loyal to Maxwell, and he was happy to have that recognition. but Grape? She was, afterall, the opposite pretty much of what he was. She was a housecat, and a real shut-in type he thought to himself. she was starting to get herself more to open door kind of territory. Although they still knew each other...

Maxwell just couldn't think of it until now, but this is a chance he never thought would have happened. most of what he has done up until now would only seem like such a minor thing. Grape to Maxwell's eyes was that of a smart cat. she knew what she was doing & got the neighbourhood to know her alot more friendlier than him. Everything else after that is not known much to him. he never got to know the Purple feline at that point more than he could bargain for. as for asking him out so suddenly, he knew what these reasons were. She was starting to come out of the house more, meet more cats...

She may even find a nice boyfriend, he also thought...

Come to think of it, who could be a nice boyfriend? Considering the circumstances of Grape coming to him for the question, it never occurred to him what qualities that Grape would look for in a feline like him. Sure, he knew the neighbourhood like the back of his collar. His tail would be another option if he could get there to begin with, but even the tail has it's limits. which brings him back to his regular question once again about the neighbourhood. Marcus? He wasn't so sure about Marcus. Marcus tended to be the follower and not the leader type. wouldn't mind hooking them two up, but Grape would more than likely get old with what Max would think is the 'yes man' attitude. but then again, Marcus was a good person deep down, and that he knew was a good quality as it is, but still... Maxwell at this point began worrying. the Grape he started to get to know was much more interesting in terms of your average female cat. Sabrina for example as Maxwell recalls was a shut-in, and it was something that he felt was unusual for a cat these days. She does put her head out in the open at times as Maxwell seen her a few times and, Sabrina? Well, she was quite the cat. if Sabrina was easier to get to these days, he would probably love to get to know her more.

Now Maxwell suddenly noticed he was thinking about Sabrina all of a sudden. which was another thing that worried him. the fact that Sabrina isn't Grape is what worried him, and his feelings suddenly sunk to a feeling of putty. It's not that he harbored any feelings for Sabrina or anything, but he finds both Sabrina and Grape are practically the only two females in Babylon he recalls that actually fit his interest at the moment. Naturally, Maxwell started comparing this overhead view of the girls towards other cats as well. surely he ain't the only cat that can get to know Grape, but Maxwell also knows that Grape and him are friends, and that's where the scenario is standing now. He feels like he's the batter and Grape is throwing the ball. Grape in his head is the the one making the pitches and he's the one making the swings. cats and baseball? As if, unless someone happens to somehow make a park for pets to play on, or at least shows the pets how to play at the very least.

"Oh, how funny THAT would be" He said to himself.

but if there's anything he recalls from Jeff is that girls and baseball go well together in a dating scenario, and ironic to Maxwell as well, it seems to work for him too. Maxwell at the current moment though eliminated the idea of sports and other human activities from his head and started thinking once more about Sabrina and the other cats.Marcus and the other cats. To Maxwell, he wasn't so sure who to nominate at the moment whom would be the best male cat in town for her. there were alot of choices. Marcus was one, but wasn't so sure about his self-esteem. now Fiddler and Key? They were good cats, but they had the unfortunate luck of having too much time on their hands. if they were to date Grape, and of course, he wasn't so sure if both of them could date the cat at first, but if they COULD... would it work out? and considering the two cats, who would work out better for Grape?

Maxwell wasn't so sure at this point, but was this the THIRD time he found himself correcting himself? or rather, he second guessed himself alot as he sat on the couch and thought about it, and it started to worry him. could be Bino's fault too though. He hasn't even gotten to the scene with Chief and the train yet. But Maxwell at this point started to think at this point it maybe time to change the pace around. As much fun would it be to egg Bino on about Chief, he decided it was time he started to do some planning. "Grape is a great girl" he told himself, as ideas of Grape and him ring back in his head. the Yarn Ball was one of the more blissful nights as he remembers being with Grape. how he enjoyed dancing with her... she went home with such a happy face too, and surely he felt great to give her the satisfaction of hanging around with him and the neighbourhood cats as well.

"What am i thinking?!?" He finally said in his head with a much more louder voice than usual. "I'm about to go on a date with Grape! How can i BLOW this?!?"

Maxwell then marched out the door, and left Bino to weep. his thoughts of a present are what came to mind the moment he stepped outside. Ideas started swimming in his head as much as a bowl of frantic fish waiting to be eaten. "It's got to be something special though for when she returns though... a real 'alley cat' gift. to show her she's one of us."

Though it's uncertain when the Sandwich family will return, and it was getting dark soon, he felt this was the perfect opportunity to go out for the night and try his luck on finding something for her. Though despite how clever and knowledgable of the neighbourhood Maxwell might be, Maxwell doesn't want to take a chance and miss out a golden opportunity. So the first thing he started doing was looking for someone he knew he could trust to go around town with...

Someone that he knew doesn't talk much...
Someone that could help him not miss a opportunity when he sees one...
Someone like...

"Jasper" Maxwell quoted, as he remembers while walking around the town at night, looking up any odd curves and corners he might've expected to see the blue cat at. Jasper to Maxwell's best knowledge was a TV cat. more of a shy guy that was always waiting to say something witty anytime he saw the opportunity present itself to him. Maxwell wasn't so sure how the cat lived inside his home these days. he would assume that the cat apparantly watches television all day. What kind of shows interest Jasper at the moment, Maxwell wasn't sure about, but he was certain from how Jasper acted these days he must've at least known some things about romance. Whether he was good at it or not was yet to be seen, but he could count on Jasper in keeping 'hush hush' in his opinion about the situation.

Maxwell at this point jumps onto a nearby fence and starts to observe the house that Jasper stays in. From outside, the house had two floors, with the living room on the far left side and away from the front door, but close to the fence. Looking inside the living room window for any signs of activity. noticing the television on, he's unsure however if Jasper is watching it or not. However at the current moment, he was interested in trying out some usual methods of getting the cat's attention, but currently that lead to one of his true and mighty methods of attention seeking ways: The Pebble.

Jumping down towards the sidewalk concrete, he picks up a tiny pebble the size of his claw nail and tosses it to get an idea of how noisy it is. it was unfortunately ineffective, but Maxwell from outside could hear at least the slight sound of the window giving off a rather weak ricochet sound... this called for MANY pebbles.and before you know it, Maxwell had two handful of pebbles, arched over his back head, as if ready to catapult them all at the window. A quicker glampse of the pebbles though shows that all of them however are equally sized, and were handpicked at least. surely the streets are far more cleaner than what you would expect with the lack of rocks these days, but now these pebbles are being put to creative use ~ That's Maxwell's impression of this situation at least, but will it work?

He chucked all the pebbles at the window. only the dancing noises of pebbles ricocheting from the window will put his curiosity to rest; And he did, indeed, net a response. but not the way he was expecting once he saw the front door open to Jasper's house. Although Jasper came out, so do did his owner... carrying a spray bottle.

"Ack! Water!" The first thought crossed his mind. he knew what this meant, and it was time for a hasty retreat at this point, but not before Jasper's Owner gets a clean shot into Maxwell's face, stomach and about 3 more shots in the back. This would clearly leave a mark...

It was going to take time for Maxwell at this point to dry off, but he had time. he knew at this point that Jasper was coming, and by that time, he could get his fur fixed from all the squirting punishment he received from his owner. reminds him alot of what happens when rooting through the trash in his younger days as well. it wasn't as much as he was rooting through the trash because he was starving though; it was moreso a curiosity check as he could call it. you would expect there to be left-over food in trash, but you instead find some more interesting fabrics in them such as curtains. who would throw away good curtains? not even a scratch and they throw them out. unbelievable you would think. and how about blow dryers? the perfect solution to a cat's dry fur. if Maxwell had the chance, even he wouldn't mind a good blowdrying to clean that fur off right about now! more items continue to allude Maxwell at this point, mostly items of minor household importance that anyone outside certain families woudln't mind trying. to the pet community, now... now there's profit to be made.

It's at this point he notices Jasper coming towards him from the backyard. and just on queue as well, his fur just happens to dry up at this point, hiding what shame he has awhile ago. "Hey Jasper!" Maxwell says, waving at the blue scarfed cat. Not wasting anytime for his response, he then opens up his plans to him. "I need your help looking for a gift for Grape when she returns from her trip. any chance you can help me with this?" ~ The initial response he got from Jasper was a look that looked more devious than he would recall from Jasper. he looked like he was plotting something, tapping his fingers together quiet eagerly and drawing his eyesight away from Maxwell for a moment before returning his eyesight towards Maxwell and giving him a nod of satisfaction. Maxwell originally himself was a little jittery from the response as well, with a natural uneasy feeling on his back fur that wanted to know; though for the brief moment, what Jasper was up to. however, Maxwell from his knowledge never recalled Jasper knowing anyone, or even Grape for that matter. Jasper was a quiet person, and was more of a show-off depicted in Maxwell's point of view, but a good natured one at that. he never really saw any motivation from Jasper that could hint that he wanted to date Grape or even sabotage Maxwell's chances. now that he thinks about it, the jesture was probably Jasper's way of 'acting'. "Boy, it sure works well" He said to himself. if cats were actors, Jasper could literally fit that role very well. "So you're in?" Maxwell repeated, and even offering to shake his hand just so he doesn't have to force an answer from Jasper, which Jasper happily shook afterwards. it's during this time that Maxwell's worries were put to bitter rest at the very least. "Alright, let's head around town to see what we can find."

When you think of Grape, you probably expect her to be the boss type. Grape has been known to be a problem solver. able to fix things that drive her crazy. Peanut to her though is like a broken Nintendo that keeps coming back and needs blowing on to fix though, but one that she no doubts is a natural way of life. Peanut is, to her, an important part of her life just like any family member is. The two are no doubt not related by blood, but it would help if Peanut wouldn't always wake her up from her sleep and getting his nose into trouble, otherwise she would find him a perfect brother. but life's not perfect as they say, and neither is Peanut, but she loves him. "more than anyone thinks" She says to herself, sitting ontop of the trees in the nearby woods and watching the barn. never had she felt such a relief to be upon a tree that's NOT her neighbourhood trees. She felt more wild, more advanced, more... louder than anything. If she was double dared right now, she would dare declare herself on the tree right now that she's finally safe! Safe from Peanut's constant yelling for her help. But she knew better. she can't sink herself to this kind of level and keep Peanut down there on the ground, waiting for her all day. But while she was up here, she had another question... "I wonder what Maxwell is cooking up at this moment?" She pondered.

She's always had this idea that Maxwell would probably be out there bragging to all the other cats about her deal to him to be his date. this is something no doubt that got on her mind recently. Maxwell is sociable, and shares the same cat-like senses to feed one's curiosity. though whether she realizes this is to be debated, but she's certainly worried that Maxwell has told the whole town by this time, and more specifically, the cats and dogs all over, that she's going out with him. During her conversation with him on the phone, she can't help but wonder if this was one of the questions that was driving through her mind at the time that made her also nervous. she knew Maxwell alot, but she feels like she should have waited and told him in person. But, she wasn't going to worry about that anymore. Currently she decided it would be best just to enjoy her time at the farm. She started looking all over the farm for Peanut as well from the high trees, but she suddenly never noticed that until recently after talking to Max that he wasn't around recently either. Wonder where he could be?

slumping under a tree during his most recent revealation with Grape and Maxwell going on a date, Peanut hasn't really been doing much for the day. Peanut's situation this week has been mixed with much confusion between him, cats and Grape. "Maybe it is for the best" He would ask himself, holding onto a sunflower and wondering about things. He couldn't help it anymore at the time, but Peanut was growing to like cats alot more, and he ain't just thinking about Tails and Ears either. As the recent antics of certain cats have hinted to him, Peanut began to feel like his true calling was, infact, cats all along. Grape, however, he had his attention on her the most. To live and know Grape meant he knew he could trust her, and although he knew she wasn't the type to like dogs like he liked cats, it was time to put his eggs in a basket and give Grape a shot before someone came and swept her off of her feet.

Seems However she did the sweeping, and not Maxwell.

This hinted to Peanut some deeper roots to the relationship between cats and dogs. He was beginning to feel sad about the way people treated cats and dogs these days, and he began thinking about Fido and Sabrina as he looked at the sunflower. surely cats and dogs can co-exist with one another, and he began thinking it was ok then that Peanut and Grape could potentially become an item as well, but... the other question is now, should he intrude?

"Intrude?" He said to himself. "...Why... i mean... errr..." He suddenly blushed about the idea, but was also growing extremely nervous. Peanut didn't like the way he was thinking from that moment on. The thought of him intruding on Grape's decision with Maxwell HAD crossed his mind, but it was becoming something that even Peanut know he would deeply regret. But it HAD crossed his mind. He suddenly started growing teary eyed and held his tears back with his paws, worried about what he was thinking about. "This isn't right... i gotta do something about this..."

Maybe it was time to talk to Rufus again...

Rufus, A Bluish Brown Austrailian Shepard with a piece of grass weed, the dog on the barn that offered Peanut what was sensibly the best advice he could for a girl in Peanut's opinion, was on his herding runs with his favourite steed, Made of Win. He was humming a tune with a that sounded country-folk style, but the tune seemed more like a personal song than anything with a hint of hastiness, showing hints of anxiousness. "You seem happy today, Rufus. what's up?" Says Made of Win. The brown-colored stallion of a horse turned towards him while she walks around the fields, checking for anything that looks suspicious and making sure none of the animals got loose. "I be reckon'in that there all city dawg be coming back here with more than just himse~"

"Before we go any FURTHER at this point, can you stop with the charades? And what do you mean more than just himself?" She hinted back at him, now wondering what the dog was up to. It almost to her sounded like he was trying to hook up with someone, and already saw the hint coming a mile away, but while waiting for a response, she instead turns towards the heading ahead and sees Peanut, racing towards the two of them in a hurry. "Oh, well" She thought. "Guess i'll get my answer here instead. Hey, Peanut! Where have you~"

"Rufus! I need your help! Bad!" Peanut suddenly retorts, almost forgetting about Made of Win. "And i been trying to talk to Grape! But she...she..."
"Whoa, slow down there" Says Rufus "What's the prob?"
"Well, you see..."

"No?" Says Maxwell, holding up a near-broken vase from the nearby trash can towards Jasper, who simply shakes his lead left and right, giving him a 'no' answer. probably someone that was careful enough not to include something like a broken vase in the trash. but then again, who would throw away a vase to begin with? Maxwell thought it was a nice Vase himself, decorated with blue lines going down it's white exterior, but he figured Jasper knew better. maybe it was the cracks... "Well, how about this?" He remarked, as he takes out a book. surprisingly, the book doesn't look like it's damaged at all, but it is covered with dust. he flips through the pages on it extremely quick, checking the page numbers and finds all the page numbers on it before blowing the dust off on the book to read the title of it. "How to Serve Man" Maxwell reads off, laughing at the idea of the book. Not sure what to make of it, he shows Jasper it. "What do you think?" As he says to JAsper, curious for a response. from the look of his face, Jasper was having a perplex time answering it, as it looked like he was having a hard time answering the question. probably has something to do with the book, with the way he's been eying it. He takes the book and loks at it, with Maxwell wondering what he's thinking in the meantime. "What do you think?" He repeats himself. continuing to wonder what the cat is thinking. Jasper shuts the book up and shrugs about it. "Alright. let's keep going then. might think about some fish for Grape as well." Jasper gave Maxwell a headshake again, this time going up and down with agreement. As Maxwell walks away, Jasper takes another look at the book and opens the pages. he notices it's seemingly well-put together content is oddly enough giving off alot of hints about cats. pepper... salt... a pot of tomato sauce... heat until cooked? he took another look at the cover and blew off more dust. "How to Serve Man...Cats"

Jasper didn't take the book seriously, but he couldn't help but roll the thought form the top of his head... "It's a cookbook..." Jasper murmured for a moment... "A COOKBOOK!" He murmured louder, but not loud enough for Maxwell to hear. he decided to hide the book back in the trash for later, not wanting for Maxwell to hand over what he thinks his new girlfriend a cookbook about how to cook cats. He then proceeds to follow Maxwell towards the woods nearby, walking around the edges of the woods to try to find a small pond or lake or river of that sorts. despite how Jasper knew Maxwell was with the town, he never seen Maxwell take a path like this outside the city before... and especially late at night. What if they came across something outside the woods? or even better, what if they were mistaken for something? They could be accidentally considered Feral animals for going out this far into the neck of the woods.

But as Maxwell suddenly hears a river nearby, his appreciation for the sound makes him suddenly dash right in towards the river and watches for something in the water. Jasper was relieved to finally find a river as well, as it meant they wern't going any further. "Here, Jasper. help me find a fish."

Maxwell at this point kept what attention he had on any fish in the river, eagerly shaking his tail anytime his senses came into contact with a fish he saw. but he wanted a large one. one that he hoped he would have trouble dragging home if he had to. He was sure this would be a great gift for Grape at this point, travelling all the way out into the wilderness for some fish to bring home. there's rarely any fish back at their neighbourhood, but noone really bothered to go fishing except on weekends most of the time, but he still thought in his opinion what he was doing was a nice way to treat Grape to some home hardy 'cat instinct' food. and what better way he thought with his own bare paws!

He takes a swipe, but lands one not even the size of his nose. a Minnow... "Bah." He said. "Another one." He then continued to crouch down, watching for another fish to come by, his tail once again shaking in anticipation.

However, while Maxwell kept his attention on the fish, Jasper was, too, doing the same thing down by the river end farthest away from the forest. although the creek was getting very small... small to the point that Jasper couldnt catch anything. He sighed as he went closer to the woods, almost as close as Maxwell. He too, spots a fish and immediately swipes it, grabbing... another Minnow. however, unlike Maxwell, he takes delight as he uses it for a snack.

This causes Maxwell to suddenly get his tummy growling. maybe he shoudln't of thrown away his Minnow...

Maxwell decides to go deeper into the woods now to see if his luck would change. almost too deep. Jasper suddenly worries that this maybe too much, and immediately starts to turn towards the river, trying to instead scourge up something really quick to keep Maxwell's attention. He quickly turns to the river and swipes at it out of random. however, his random acts of fishing proved to have no luck, and Maxwell was definitely going too far into the woods. Even Jasper looked frantic...

"HEY!!! MAX!!!" He shouts loudly at him, stopping Maxwell in his tracks all of a sudden, even scaring Maxwell to the point where lands in the river. Luckily though, Maxwell only floated down a little far, and he jumped out quickly afterwards. "...Sorry." He apologized to Jasper, knowing now he probably was going too deep into the woods. He takes a moment to sigh and watch the river for awhile again, and Jasper gives off a laugh as he goes back to helping Maxwell with his prize for Grape. although in his opinion, it was more shocking to him too. He felt relieved he yelled at Maxwell. Felt like he did something... Smart and Heroic. Maxwell on the otherhand was feeling a bit ashamed, thinking about how far he was going to go with this. not that he didn't care about Grape, but he felt he was, indeed, taking it a little too far to look for a gift for her, despite how obvious he wants this chance of a good impression on her, but he shouldn't also hurt himself over it. Does he want Grape to see him with more marks than a cat could bare? or worse, worry about him for going too far? "Not cool" said Maxwell to himself. and he sighed to himself as he suddenly makes a blind slap into the river~

~and pulls on a blanket...

"...swell." He says with a half-hearted attitude, as if catching a blanket meant his chances tonight of getting a gift for Grape wern't sinking any further. However, something struck him curious. Why was a blanket doing in here anyway? He begins to pull the blanket out of the river though, but the blanket, being wet and, unexpectedly very long, surprised Maxwell. He suddenly needed Jasper's help for this. "Hey, Jasper! Help me out here for a second."

Jasper was confused as to why Maxwell needed help pulling a blanket, or even why he was pulling one out for that matter. certainly it stinked, it was probably loaded with who knows what, and more importantly, shredded and useless. however, he decided to pull it out with Maxwell's help, and the two even had trouble pulling it out with their combined strength. "Alright. on three. one. two..." and at the count of three, they pull the blanket out together, but surprisingly pulled out a rather large fish with it as well whilch was dragged along with the blanket on the last pull. The fish was not noticable, as it turns out the bottom end of the blanket was conceiling the fish that was hung to a part of the unfortunately ripped blanket. the fish was large enough that Maxwell was able to recognize it the size of his entire body! "Whoa...Whoa...Whoa...that's a big one..."

Maxwell and Jasper suddenly look at one another with glee as they suddenly caught themselves a rather large fish. Jasper no doubt began nodding that the fish was a great present for Grape, and gave Maxwell a thumbs up for it. He only wish he has a working camera in his collar to try showing off Maxwell's sportsmanship. he didn't mind letting Maxwell hog the credit for this time only either. Not only did he felt rewarded already tonight, but he felt he already got something worth while back at home from earlier, and he wanted to try it out as soon as he could to it.

"We should wrap it up and take it back to my place as soon as possible" Maxwell happily suggests, wrapping the fish up with the blanket. however, due to the sheer size of the fish, Maxwell and Jasper end up having to take turns returning the fish back to Maxwell's place...

"...I see."

Rufus had a look of total concern on his face, as did the stallion, Made of Win. the two of them looked at Peanut, and words escaped them what they wanted to tell him about his feelings for Grape. "Well, Peanut. It's hard to say... Forbidden love is never a stranger to us down at the farm either."

After hearing that statement, Peanut felt alot more relieved than anything. it was surely a feeling that gave him hope when he heard it. Maybe Grape and him DID have a chance afterall. Things were starting to look up for him.

"However..." Rufus stated afterwards "From the sound of it, it's not taken lightly back at home, i take it. It's not a road i think a good kid like yourself should walk down upon just yet."
Rufus then turns his attention towards MAde of Win.
"Care to tell the lad?"

Peanut looks at Made of Win. the look on her face as she looked down on Peanut was, if any face PEanut saw, was going to be a honest face. At first he was nervous. he knew what was coming to him. "Bad Dog","Cat Lovers don't exist","You should be ashamed of yourself" ...or maybe even something harsher that not even Bino could come up with. But he knew what was coming.

"Peanut, Honey... There's nothing wrong with what you're doing."
Peanut's ears suddenly jerked up, full of attention. He felt much more relieved to hear this though.

"It's true for the most parts that these relationships are frowned upon, but most can't accept the way things happen in life, especially when it comes to liking someone. Your situation is no different from any normal love life." She says with a smile for a moment, then returns to a serious tone. "However, Peanut my dear. you are a dog looking for a cat. It's in these times that such relations are the most diffulcult to deal with, i must admit. Cats and Dogs have a common history outside of pet owners of fighting with one another. Since you two live in the same household, it would seem the chances for you two to spark up a relationship is very likely..."
"Well, they were afterall raised in the same house, afterall. a male and female in the same household that's not related by blood can do that to some pets. Why, i remember~" "And you're not helping" She says to Rufus, cutting him off before he bites off more than he can chew and then returns to Peanut. "Sorry. but what i'm trying to say here, Peanut. it's sweet what you think of your feline friend. there's never anything wrong with that. I think you two would make a great couple. But i honestly don't think it's going to work out the way it is right now with the way your neighbourhood is treated."

Peanut felt a little denied there, but he was thinking of bringing up the whole Fido and Sabrina relationship at this point. The two got along together well enough and noone noticed them yet. He was thinking of something maybe similar that he and Grape could do. be quiet about their relationship. he was even thinking instead, that he and Grape could go on trips to the farm if they could ever get some moments to play around like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend could. His parents would no doubt find it ok, seeing to him and Grape that there's no harm in dating. He might even ask Fido for support in breaking this out to the neighbourhood somehow. But then the responsibility started to sink in. He, unfortunately, knew this was becoming more than he bargained for. Peanut began wondering if it somehow worked out, what would he have to sacrifice for it to work like this? He knew Grape more than anyone. He knew at this point that Grape also was enjoying life as it is and wouldn't have it any better. as much as it was beginning to pain Peanut,he questioned not whether Grape would accept him, but rather, would she be happy with him in the long run?

The pain suddenly felt deep. his thinking started to turn differently at this point. His heart ached with sadness as he knew that after all of this time with Grape, he might've had to let her go. Maxwell, afterall, was a cat. Grape also liked Maxwell that way too, obviously.

" ok?"
"...Yeah, i'm fine." Peanut says, standing up slowly. the look PEanut was giving off at this point was obvious, and Rufus and his maiden horse whisper to each other for a moment.

"...Let me ask you something, dear Peanut. Does the girl have anyone interesting in mind?"
"Hmm? Oh, errr... Max. He's a nice guy though."
"You think the two of them would be a great couple?"
"Well, yeah, actually. i think they could have no troubles. they have quite alot in common."
"Is that so...?"

Rufus and Made of Win suddenly smiled. they had the kind of smile that would hint that they had a trick up their sleeves, but also looked like they found the answer to everyone's problems. "Peanut, my dear... we should talk about this Max kid for the moment."

The two cats, after exhausting most of their strength lifting the fish, finally arrive at the backyard of Maxwell's house. for the most part, the two were finally happy to have take the fish down and lay it to examine, along with the blanket that they carried it with. "Such a waste" said Maxwell, as he unfolds the blanket. he looks at the drenched, wool-ridden blanket with cuts coming out of almost every corner. it was notably a well colored blanket for the most part too, having numerous colors on it ~ mainly red, green, blue, yellow, and each of them by design appeared to have been in the shape of a checkerboard style. the original colors however were dulled by the brownishness of the mud and dirt that gotten ahold of it while it was wet and for the most part, looked impossible to recover; most of it streaking diagonally up to what use to be the corner of the heavy blanket. Maxwell takes a moment though to lift the blanket up and takes a much more better look at it for a second before turning towards the fish. "Might be a good idea to get something to stitch this up with later on." He commented towards Jasper, who was looking towards the nearby neighbourhood where he left his book at. It never left his mind, and it certainly was pertaining his interest at this moment, knowing fully aware that MAxwell had finished what he seeked. "Alright, Jasper. you can go on ahead now." He Says to him, watching Jasper suddenly leap with great haste outside the yard and retrieves his book from the trash and immediately dashes towards his home.

"A Fish and a Blanket... A good old fish is what the girl ordered." He says, now inside the kitchen and throwing the fish into the freezer to keep it from rotting from the high heat. he was thinking the fridge, but he didn't want to take any chances and see someone eat his beloved present for Grape. He was also in no mood for any mistakes tonight after all the trouble, and began going back up to his room.

Time began to pass at this point though as Maxwell started to think about sleeping and his date with Grape. He was thinking about how the plan at this point would go: He would leave the fish on the front step inside the blanket and make sure to watch noone steals it when they arrive. He was certain it was going to be tomorrow they returned, so he figured it was best to plant it on the front step tomorrow morning so he has more time to wait. it was only natural though at this point though that he would use the blanket he thought as a wrapping of sorts for the fish. Afterall, one man's trash is another man's treasure... or in this case, a cat's. He also felt a little saddened that such a blanket would be put to such waste so easily.

"I think it's time to stitch this up. I got time to kill." He calmly says to himself. He goes down to the kitchen and happens to pick up some mostly used string needle from the random junk drawer in the kitchen that happened to be there. Noone these days happens to look for anything useful in there, but strings, nails, bent scissors and maybe some broken pencils and pens are what make up the old trash dresser these days. After acquiring the string, he quickly heads back up into his room and begins in his mind the 'operation'. And what better way to start the operation with his own trusty 'cat nails'.

During this time of piecing together the lost parts of the blanket, he can't help but continue to feel the usefulness of such material equipment these days. He remembers his street days as a young kitten, not knowing anyone to rely on, carefully avoiding being the meal of the bigger animals. Kittens luckily back then were lucky to have the luxury of sleep and care in many smaller areas, and that's how Maxwell made most of his living: he couldn't use the more convenient places such as cardboard boxes or even a discarded pillow. they were always too dangerous to touch at such a young age. It was better back then to hide and sleep instead in the middle of the open pipe drains and, luckily without being moved, rubber tires. surely a blanket would be something he would recall that would definitely make it the more pleasurable, but like he tells himself as he sows the blanket, it was just not meant to be until he got older. and even when he got older, he remembers, it was still tough for a grown cat like himself to fight for a better place to sleep. he was lucky for the most part that the town had very few tough residents to compete with back then about pillows and blankets, and when he got his fight with a nice place to sleep on the streets... "well, let's just say~" He murmurs to himself, twitching his half-bitten ear. "It was never a easy road to begin with."

It never occurred to him at this point, but the blanket was almost finished. he left a small opening as to restuff the blanket and decided it was time for the finishing touch. He never thought of anything to put inside, and there's no worn-out matresses or anything nearby tonight as he recalled. it looked like the blanket's final curtain had to have met here. "Hate to leave it half-finished..." He murmured...

The following day passed and the Sandwich famiy was well on it's way to returning back home. the drive home was something of a quiet run, something that made Grape pleasantly happy. It gave her time to pull out her trusty scribbler and finish up her fanfic on Petir. "Oh, Petir" she mumured to herself "If only you were real."

Peanut in the meantime was thinking about alot of things. His history with long thought-out plans were something he knew were more of a cat thing, and he was no cat. he, however, knew that it was one of those times where he had to start thinking about a very long-term choice, and one that was encouraged by Rufus and Made of Win. as time went by, the choices he was made with reminded him of that last minute feeling he had with Grape back at the kitchen. This time, however, the build-up wasn't so hard. He felt it one already, afterall. the only thing that was wrong, however, is that this time he was right there with Grape, side-by-side, parents in the front seat driving. Once they got home, he was going to at this point let Max sort this thing out. "Max is definitely a good guy" He murmurred to himself, trying to convince himself. Grape and Maxwell did indeed get along just fine. but...

"You look a little down. what's up?"

He never noticed, but Grape stopped writing in her book and was looking at him as if she read the look on his face all along. Peanut couldn't help but blush for a moment at the sudden look she gave him.

"Oh, err...N-N-No, that's not it at all... errr..."
"Well, something's up. Come on, you bonehead. you don't have to hide it. it's not like you were good at hiding anything to begin with. and what's with the look on your face?" Grape suddenly smirks "You met a girl at the farm, didn't you?" She says with a sly tone, as if she figured him out and wanted to tease him about it. For a brief moment there, he even felt like he needed to agree with her to put this all behind him.

"Well, err... no, not exactly."
"You suuuuure?" She continues, still thinking she's right about this.

It's at this point of the conversation that Peanut was getting overwhelmed with the ideas again. Somethings he just wished to confess to her, and hope it would all be over at this point. 'Happily Ever AFter...' ~ afterall is what Peanut always wanted. It was just a few words away he would ask himself.

Him and Grape now, although dog and cat, wouldn't be the first couple to be doing this. Fido and Sabrina would always run through his head when this kind of talk ever came across him. If they can manage it, so could they. Just a little talk with their parents, maybe a date or two and, well, he recalls he has no chicken this time, so the next thing would be his "Grape, i love you and i can't stand to be without you!" line.

surely this will all work though...

And before you know it... He was on her lap with his head to the driver side.

The shock from Grape was heard from the front of the car for a moment. "Everything alright back there?"

"Yeah,mom. I'm just a little tired."
"OH. we're almost home also, sweetie. just about another hour or two. get some rest."

Peanut lets out a loud sigh of relief as he feels against Grape's lap. The bewildering look on Grape's face and the sudden treatment scared her for a moment before an angry look came across her face.

"You... What's gotten into you? Get off of my~"
"...i'm sorry."

All of a sudden a silence hit the car for a few minutes. Grape felt something coming from Peanut that almost ringed a tone of urgency. sure, he was laying his head on her lap, but she couldn't bring herself to hurt Peanut over it. He was like a brother to her. The feeling she got from this awkward moment was moreso a feeling she felt that he needed her response from though, and she can't help but at the moment feel like she was missing out on something critical to this moment. Maybe he wanted to tell her something? or maybe it was the opposite... it didn't really matter for long though. Grape was beginning to feel sorry for her remark to him before he called her name. maybe she should try something to comfort him a little bit.

"...thanks, Grape."

She began rubbing the top of his head between his ears, rubbing it slowly and sharply at times with her nails to give it a good rub behind the ears. She felt this was the best she could do about Peanut's odd reaction just now, but she began smiling as she thought about it. the trip was something to her more of an exhausting trip than anything, and she felt she learned quite a bit about what she wanted to do with her life for now. to her, Peanut was important and didn't want to forget that, and felt like she hoped that after her date that this woudln't affect her relationship with him one bit.

As Peanut enjoyed the rub he was getting, he felt content about his decision. At first, it was going to be to confess to Grape, but thinking about it now as he laid down on her lap, it was beginning to feel alot more reasonable that he not go through with his idea afterall. It was a pretty picture at first, but that pretty picture, as much as it hurted Peanut, wasn't going to be a pretty picture anytime soon. He also never felt this much comfort from Grape before in his life now that he thinks about it. when did he get such an amusing rub? was it something he did? laying on her lap certainly helps, but... well, now he's not sure what to think about now. is she trying to make him happy? 'it's certainly rubbing off very well' he says to himself. All the early tension he was thinking of earlier was starting to go away, and Peanut just couldn't think about letting her know anymore. "Grape... you're so awesome"

Suddenly, Peanut without knowing it woke up with Grape getting out of the car and into the house. His sudden reaction was left with puzzlement as to how long he slept. it couldn't of been two hours already? He slowly left the car and noticed everyone was already in the house by the time he got out of the car and the door left open for him. Just as he was heading into the door, he suddenly noticed Maxwell on the fence.

"Hey, Peanut!" He shouts to him before hopping down. "How you all been?"
"Oh! Hi, Max!" He says, smiling with a pleasant smile all of a sudden.
"How is everyone? Busy?"
"Alright, cool. no rush. I just need some help to give her something really quick. you're a strong pup,right?"

Grape was immediately in the living room near her bed. the thoughts of the date were replaced with thoughts of sleep. "I'll have to worry about the date tomorrow. i'm just not in the mood right now. i'm sure Max will understand." she murmured to herself. however, the time to sleep in her own bed was not now when she had the whole couch to herself. she quickly leaps up and curls up to an amusing sleep-a-thon that she would hopefully find herself not being woken up on.

Time passes as night fall hits though, the light shining through the window from the moon and Grape began to slowly wake up without any sign of Peanut. A trait that's not common to find in the household these days. "...Peanut?" She said to herself as she looks around the room at night. For a brief moment, her eyes gaze around the room as she looks for her missing brother-in-a-sense dog. "Now why did i wake up all of a sudden?" She says to herself, suddenly getting a whiff of the smell of fish. "...And where did the smell of Frozen Fish come from?" She says to herself, turning towards her bed as her nose guides her towards the direction of where the said smell is coming from. AS she gets closer to the smell, she can't help but notice that it's leading her towards her bed. As she arrives at the bed, there's a rainbow covered stitched up blanket lumped up in the center with the smell of fish coming from it. "Now what is Peanut up to?" She thought, opening the blanket and expecting fish to be wrapped up in there. as she opened it up though, the size of the fish was large enough to cause her to go into a shock herself and jump back, claws drawn from the sight of it and standing on her feet in a prone position, almost as if she was going to pounce it. "W-whoa... that's... a big fish..." She assures herself, going up to it and slowly rubbing it to check to see if it's alive. the fish as she examines it shows to have been refrigerated for a good long time as she can feel the cold, moist skin and some of the wetness on the blanket itself. the smell even dampered the blanket as she noticed, so it's no doubt been refrigerated as she told herself. "Now why would Peanut do this all of a sudden? Now i really need to have a talk with him tomorrow..."

She takes her time devouring the massive fish, grabbing a fork and a knife from the kitchen along with a plate to eat it with, reminding her even though she would have loved to devour it with her hands at first sight, she didn't think it was appropriate for tonight. "I figured Peanut would've left it in the kitchen. why here?" she pondered.

After leaving it with just it's bones left behind for her to dwindle with and ponder the fate of her unfortunate fish victim, Grape gives out a sigh of relief. the fish definitely stuffed her up for tonight, that's for sure, but she almost felt like it was more than she could handle. She rubs her stomach gently for a moment before suddenly coming to the realization that something was about to give. "Eep!" She murmurs to herself, holding her mouth with both hands and forcing a belch to come out quietly. "Whew. I should've saved some for tomorrow."

She takes her time going over to her bed, feeling like she really needed a more wide-open space for her body to lay in. she doubt she could curl up on that couch tonight after the snack she had and instead goes over to the bed. but before she does so, she notes the blanket she was given as well. the smell of it certainly was aromic to her, and it was a heavy thickness she could sure use to pay back on and eventually takes the blanket and throws it ontop of her bed before laying down ontop of it.

"hmmm..." She murmurs, laying back into the blanket with her back being pressed into the somewhat damp blanket. "a cold blanket... i like that." she says to herself, before stretching out and leaning into the blanket more, eventually leaning her legs and arms outside the edges of her bed to relax in. she begins though to note though while she lays in this lacky position that her back is beginning to adjust to this blanket alot more than she bargained for. something about the coldness that this blanket was giving off was alot more relaxing than she normally would've noticed. Curiously, she rubs her back around the cold area of the blanket, searching for and pondering if there's probably something colder to lay herself on. She, however, finds a damp spot on the blanket, and feels the dampness sinking into her back as well. "Ah,nuts." She frowns on, flattening her ears. She knew her curiosity got the best of her here, and now...

"huh... That's weird."

Grape noticed after sinking her back into a damp spot on the blanket that, unusually, it wasn't what she was expected. the blanket at first appeared to be wet from the fish, but the dampness she was feeling was more of a beach-water feeling. or rather, natural water. She takes this second to reassure herself that her senses wern't playing tricks on her and rolls around and takes a careful sniff from the blanket. surely enough, it was sea water. "...ok, now i REALLY need to question Peanut tomorrow." She says to herself once again, rolling back on her old position and pondering "what was the purpose of the fish and blanket tonight? Why did Peanut go through all of this trouble for her?"

She questions these as she lays back. At the moment, the dampness on the blanket however instead was giving her a pleasant spot to rest in. the dampness in a matter of minutes slowly went away, and instead provided to her a comfy resting spot to rest on that was cold enough for her to have a nice sleep. she eventually drifts off, showing off a content and relaxing smile as she rests.

As the next morning hit, the first thing Grape does upon waking up is go straight to Peanut about last night.

"M-Me?" Peanut says to himself, blushing from the idea.
"Yes, you. Why did you do something as weird as last night? You know, i can't help but think you been acting really weird recently since the car trip home too. mind telling me what this is all about?

The question was embarassing Peanut beyond anything at this moment. he was blushing so red it nearly left him speechless. It certainly would've been nice to explain to Grape the reasons behind it all, but...

"Maxwell got me to put those in the room yesterday while you were sleeping."

The blushing on Peanut's face slowly started to go away, finally relieved to confess the truth about it.
However, now the blushing seemed to have hit Grape's face instead.


It's at this current moment that Grape herself was blushing as much as an apple. she first assumed it was all Peanut's doing, but it never occurred to her that Maxwell could've possibly been the one to set this all up. infact, she even felt like she forgotten about her date with him last night after all the thinking she was going through with the fish and the blanket.

"...I...I see...that's quite a surprise." She says to Peanut. "...Peanut, i need to go. i'll catch up with you in a moment." She says to him before going over to Maxwell's place. Peanut gives out what was presumably the biggest sigh of relief he's ever had, sighing enough that he felt he could burn something with his breath alone before turning towards the edge of the fence. He then watches to see what Grape was going to say, some part of him telling him he shouldn't watch. "Oh, boy. should i watch?" He whispers to himself, slowly backing away from the fence.

"Excuse me, Maxwell?"

Hearing those words immediately bolted him back to the fence, watching intently. The only thing he says to himself is that he ultra-promises to himself never to do this again.

"OH, hi Grape! How was your trip?"
"Fantastic. wish you were there."
"Awesome. So, what brings you here? Is it about the date?"
"...Actually... i'm here not just about the date."

Grape smiles to him. She taps the bell under his collar gently with her finger, which gets Maxwell blushing.

"You were the one that got that fish and blanket yesterday?"
"W-Well...yeah. I did. i thought they were great gifts honestly."
"I liked the blanket the best."
"...Oh?" Maxwell replies, trying to give off a straight smirk, but is having trouble doing so, heading into a smile instead at times.
"Is there any chance we can go on that date now?"
"Yes. Now."

Maxwell shuts his mouth, not wanting to waste any time and instead steps outside the door and shuts it behind him.

"... no grooming or anything? just like this?"
"Seems very... i don't know, unprepared, don't you think?"
"Who called who on this date?"

Maxwell suddenly laughs, and begins holding Grape's paw.

"Well, it's your call. though you definitely caught me off-guard there. i'm just lucky i was able to at least clean myself before we went on this date."
"so you were prepared?"
"Not %100, but i assure you, i was preparing."
"Ah." Grape wraps her tail around Maxwel's waist, now putting her arm around his as she hugs it. "You sound like quite the planner."
"When you lived off the streets like i have, you get use to this kind of thing."
"Is that so? So then, do you have plans on showing me a good place to hang out with cats yet?"
"I have. But just between you and me, have you ever gone through the alleys yet? It's where most cats go to chat."
"Sounds like a hang-out to me..."
Maxwell puts his tail around Grape's waist at this point as well.
"If you know the right people, Grape, you'll have no trouble at all!"
"So i thought. I figured you knew alot of people."
"Hey, i was born on these streets, ya know? Before Jake pulled me off."
"Is that so... do tell me more about yourself."

The two of them begin walking off at this point, with Peanut eagerly watching. He gives off a sigh of relief as to see Grape feel content with Maxwell. As for the feelings he had for Grape in the past, he still felt they were there, but he felt for the most part he was not going to say anything at the moment. HE also felt a heavy burden lifted off of him after seeing those two leave. "It is starting to feel better" He said to himself, as he enjoys watching the two walk off.

Author:  Sinder [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

GameCobra Wrote:
C) Sinder. >_>


Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Sinder Wrote:
GameCobra Wrote:
C) Sinder. >_>



Author:  Sinder [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you


Author:  Ebly [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Is this going to be a thing guys seriously
there are more girls than grape in the comic
ripe for fan-fictioning

Author:  Slippery-Q [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Ahahahahaha! I don't know what any of this means, but those pictures are funny!

Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Ebly Wrote:
Is this going to be a thing guys seriously
there are more girls than grape in the comic
ripe for fan-fictioning

Sure there is! I'm moreso a fan of the cat community in this comic though, and i love the way the dogs are in this comic as well, but i've always loved cats more than anything. I blame my parents and their ideas of raising cats =P

If i ever get the time someday to try it out, i might try some Peanut ones too, or some more comical Sasha ones just to try it out. I like the way they are drawn and their personalities and i would like to try a Peanut one someday too.

Author:  Ebly [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

GameCobra Wrote:
Ebly Wrote:
Is this going to be a thing guys seriously
there are more girls than grape in the comic
ripe for fan-fictioning

Sure there is! I'm moreso a fan of the cat community in this comic though, and i love the way the dogs are in this comic as well, but i've always loved cats more than anything. I blame my parents and their ideas of raising cats =P

If i ever get the time someday to try it out, i might try some Peanut ones too, or some more comical Sasha ones just to try it out. I like the way they are drawn and their personalities and i would like to try a Peanut one someday too.

Peanut is a girl?

Author:  Sinder [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Ebly Wrote:
Peanut is a girl?


Author:  Ebly [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Sinder Wrote:
Ebly Wrote:
Peanut is a girl?



Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Ebly Wrote:
Peanut is a girl?


Author:  Anonymous_Pyro [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Ebly Wrote:
Peanut is a girl?


Author:  Toboe [ Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

Ebly Wrote:
Peanut is a girl?


Author:  Slippery-Q [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Maxwell and you

I'm still laughing at these pictures.

Author:  GameCobra [ Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Wet Blanket

Updated the Fanfic!

I decided to change the name of the title since it reflected too much what this comic was suppose to be about and this title reflects more what the comic is going to be about, and more humorous =)

This weekend i have alot of free time to finish my Fic, so you should expect a big update this Tuesday. :D

Author:  GameCobra [ Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Wet Blanket

Huzzah. my Tuesday update.

Although i tried finishing it, it was, unfortunately, delayed due to Harry Potter and pool time this weekend. i'm almost done now though, so hopefully next week or the week after will finish it :)

Author:  GameCobra [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:18 am ]
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Another update! This is probably going to be the last one until the finale. can't wait to finish this now, so i'm pretty sure next week will be the final one.

Author:  GameCobra [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Wet Blanket

I finally ended up finishing the Fanfic.

I admit that the ending feels a little rushed due to the way things were working in life and i was beginning to feel slow, but at least next time i write a fic i'm making sure i do it on a vacation and not when i have work =P

After finishing this fic, i came up with two other possible fics for the future as well, but i think i'll wait until i have a vacation or something before doing them next time since i don't want to feel another last-minute rush kind of feeling again =P

Also... i'm the only one posting here now! ;_;

Author:  Alex [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:06 pm ]
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I didn't post in here yet just because I waited for it to be finished. Honestly, I liked it. The story has a good flow for the most part.

Author:  GameCobra [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Wet Blanket


And yes, i admit that's what i get for trying to try a update-style fic. >.>

Author:  Teh Brawler [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Wet Blanket


And yes, i admit that's what i get for trying to try a update-style fic. >.>

Well, it worked. And I hope it'll work for me.

Author:  GameCobra [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Housepets: Wet Blanket

I didn't mind it this one time since i was pretty much forced into it thanks to my PC at the time, but it wasn't a favored method at the current moment thanks to my random lifestyle. i was hoping to have it all written up and presented :lol:

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