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Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2 
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Post Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2
WEll... this is the second part from the last topic, This topic was rename from "My AHV (Alternative Housepets! Version) to "Uncensored souls". This chapter is shorter, and i think that the translation is a little better (still working in that), I expect that you like it and enjoy it, for me it's a great chapter, and it's beautiful (for me), and please enjoey it!!!

Uncensored souls
Chapter II
Valentine’s Night

-Come in, make yourself at home, well….in fact this is my home, but you know how it is …. - the cat did not finish her speech; she was staring at the pitiful Joey coming inside her home.

-Thanks. - Joey whispered.

She closed the door, and made close again the three locks, Joey stood up in front of the messy living room, and he crossed his arms. He was downcast.

-Take a sit. You can sit whatever you want or whatever you can.-She said.

Joey sat down in a small part of the sofa, a small part which wasn’t cover with clothes. Since he got inside the house he hasn’t look at the cat´s eyes. Then Rose sat down beside him.

-All right….hello, my name is Rose, what is your name?-

Then Joey looked at her and he could see that Rose was wearing and brilliant obsidian around her neck. When Rose realized that Joey was staring at her tag, she took it in her hands and she said:

-My mother gave me a pink rose, but I thought it was too childish, I prefer this one-

Rose laugh, and suddenly she notes that Joey´s eyes were wet.

-Are you crying?-She asked him.

He dried his eyes, and he answered her:

- No, what are you talking about? I wasn´t….
-Why are you crying?-
-I am not crying.-

Rose took Joey´s hands and she asked him:

-What happened to you?

Joey was embarrassed.

-Nothing, everything is all right.

Joey really was feeling really uncomfortable, with his hands in Rose’s hands; but for Rose it wasn’t important, in fact she didn’t really care about what Joey could feel or think about it.

-Did your parents forsake you? - She asked.
-No, they didn’t.
-But somebody actually did it, right? So…..- She was acting a little bit mischievous.

With her words, Rose was hurting Joey, therefore he took back his hands.

-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you; I didn’t know…..-Rose apologized.
-Don´t worry-
-What is wrong?

Joey didn’t want to tell her anything, but something inside him asked him to do it.

-Well… girlfriend dumped me.

Rose shuddered; she knew she has enabled a painful conversation. She wanted to go back in time, but she knew she couldn’t do it, she was wishing she hadn’t have made that question. But, it was too late.

-I…- Rose exclaimed.
-She left and she didn’t tell me why, she only wrote this note. – He whispered, while he showed the letter to Rose.

Rose began to read the letter.

Joey was wondering what did he do wrong that Squeak leave him alone.
Silence covered the room, inside and outside the room everything was silence. Both pets were giving a moment of silence to life.

-Squeak, please come back, I can change, I know I can, I would do everything for you! Absolutely everything!-Joey thought.

While Rose was reading the letter over and over again, Joey started to feel wounds on his heart. Joey was feeling down in the dumps one more time.

-Rose, I….-He didn’t finish his speech.

Rose abruptly interrupted him before he could say a word, and she hugged him effusively. Joey was astonished, his heart was beating very quickly, a hug, a simple present, just a hug, nevertheless it had been the best present he could have ever received. He couldn’t contain his emotion and he held Rose back, he smiled while his wet eyes were shedding tears, little tears of hope.

He didn’t know Rose, she was a stranger, he didn´t know if she could die that night, there were no reasons to trust her, but he wanted to do it.
Then, his watch rang, it was 12:00 a.m., and his shoulder was a little wet.

-Rose? Are you crying? - Joey Asked
-Don´t laugh, ok?
-I would never do it
- Joey?
-Tell me….
-Do you feel better?
-Yes, I do.
-Happy Valentine´s Day Joey…
- Happy Valentine´s Day Rose

Both pets still hugging each other, while the night offers them, a special moment.

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Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:33 am
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Post Re: Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2
Wow...I didn't expect for Joey to get Rose that quickly! It was a great chapter, TBCE!


Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:37 am
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Post Re: Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2
Tha Housedog Wrote:
Wow...I didn't expect for Joey to get Rose that quickly! It was a great chapter, TBCE!

He is just crushed for his feelings to Squeak, doesn't mean that they are going to be "more that friends", he just wanted a little of calm, peace, attention, love... just a little. jajaja
Preparing the third chapter!!!!

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Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:44 am
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Post Re: Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2
Daww, poor Joey. I iz happy that he found a comprehensive shoulder to cry on.


Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:28 am
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Post Re: Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2
Very good update. I'm glad Joey has a sympathetic shoulder to cry on now.

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Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:44 am
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Post Re: Uncensored Souls: Chapter 2
They became friends really quickly :) I wonder what will be her reaction when Joey will tell her about D&D and his liking for anime.

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Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:24 am
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