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[PG-15] "The House of Pets!" a Housepets! Doujin 
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Post [PG-15] "The House of Pets!" a Housepets! Doujin
Hi everyone, my name's Dorian Ruiz (Douga Ryutzke) and i'm working on a Housepets! doujin (fan manga, if you didn't knew :3) called "The House of Pets!"; and the story takes place on an alternative Housepets' present (starting from "that one scene" from "Heaven is not enough")

There'll be 6 arcs with 10, or less, chapters each.
The first arc begins when Fox arrives to the wolf's house to see King (who, as u can notice, is still a corgi), King tries to explain Fox of what happened with Bailey and all that cosmic game stuff, when Sabrina arrives and notice King, who, as you all know, shouldn't be a corgi anymore. She drags them out and proceed to explain King that he's still a corgi becouse the time-space continuum has stopped, making some events not happen as they should, and that they need to fix it as quick as posible, for that, they need the "time-space gate's key" -that is conveniently placed on a Babylon Garden's Mountain-, but things goes wrong when Bailey shows up
wich can only mean that the "Game" has stopped somehow.
Meanwhile, in the... dessert.....? Pete and Dragon are having their "epic battle", when they noticed something terrible, an old and powerfull enemy named Dess (or "Destroya") BondRotten, who is suposed to be on jail, has somehow escaped, and is seeking revenge from those who put him in there for billions of years: Pete and Dragon.
Now back to Earth, Tarot tells Sabrina the news, and things goes from bad to terrible when she tells her that now they need to reactive the time-space continuum in only 22 hrs. or the universe will be destroyed, and that Dess sended someone to stop them from reactivate it no matter what, even if he has to kill them; unfortunelly, Tarot can't join them, since she has a mission on her own, given by Dragon.
Once they're inside the mountain, they found their enemy: Spades BondRotten, who will make their lives a living hell, with the help of some strange creatures called "the Blooders".
Also, it seems that, as King, Spades was also a human before (his real name is William Sam Springfield) and that he also knew Joel, but from where? and what kind of relationship did they both have?... find out reading the comic ;v.

And that's pretty much all I have for now, this is my first serious comic, and I know i still have a lot of things to learn about making a comic, but i'll learn ^^ eventually...
The comic is rated PG-15 since it has a lot of Mature Content, such as adult jokes and situations and Gore -tho, the gore will be censored (I also upload uncensored versions ;3), the jokes will be double-meaning jokes, and the adult situations will mostly be missunderstoodment-

If you would like to see it, you can do it on my DA: RyutzkeDouga
I would really appreciate any kind of support :).

Original Characters and others (from the first arc):
These are all the OC characters and some transformations from the first arc (cuz, as u all know, it wouldn't be a manga if it didn't had any kind of weird transformations x3)

Special Appearences.
Yup, the comic will also have special appearences, on an special arc where, by a mistake made by myslef -Douga-, all the Karishads from the others HP! dimensions comes to the "Creators Chamber", and also unites with the real Karishad to create a complete chaos.
There's also Spike, From Housepets! 1X, who i'm planing to put on the second THOP arc. The thing is that I haven't choosed if I should put him like a cameo, or like a hero (why? becouse I haven't watched all HP1X to know what he can do :v... but i really like his desing and I find really interesting his backstory and all that :3) (btw, those quotes are from the arc)

Welp, that's all for now, see ya ^w^.

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Post Re: [PG-15] "The House of Pets!" a Housepets! Doujin
Great job Doug! :D


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Post Re: [PG-15] "The House of Pets!" a Housepets! Doujin
This looks really cool! Can't wait to see more! :D

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Post Re: [PG-15] "The House of Pets!" a Housepets! Doujin
Gosh this is GREAT! Must read it asap!

And dude, i was sleeping fo real till a second ago! *chuckles*

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