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is it too dark?? 
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Post is it too dark??
// Hi there this is my first fanfic and my first try to write something.. I knew housepets! Since 2009 an this is the first time I try to think with my imagination.. this supposed to be pg-13 but I will try to keep it low.. have fun~~~

“….” = this means that the person is talking
‘…..’ = this means that person is thingking

Chapter 0
‘ How did this happened…?,’ he keep repeating that question many times now…
‘ i didn’t even knew that this could happened, it supposed to be a nomal day, no sadness, no tears, no regret.. nothing … just normal. ‘
There’s stood a male brown dog silently looking down trough his window, a female purple cat with fish tag that keep crying for forgiveness, a female black cat with Ankh tag that keep reassuring the other cat, a female small dog with horus eye’s tag looking the scene with confused expression.

He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to handle this situation, he supposed to be the happiest dog in the Babylon neighborhood, but now he didn’t feel anything, with dead eye’s looking from his window the purple cat still crying for forgiveness, once again he supposed to run from his room and be there for his friend, best friend, more than friend his family….. yet now…. He still stand there, not a single movement, he’s comfused, why didn’t he do something…

Oh yeah…….. he feels nothing..

it started when he finnaly face the reality.. such a cruel reality…. He didn’t even want to know… he just wanted to be ignorance.. to be carefree… to be….. loved…

well…. It sucks…. This is the reality…

that time…. The temple….. the break up…. The misunderstanding…. And now this….

Can it get worse from this ?…. He clearly remembered that it was fine… it was fine… it’s not her fault she didn’t know…. She just happened to be there at the wrong time

‘ it just a big misunderstanding.. it’s okay.. it’s fine… so please just stop.. it’s okay.. it’s not your fault… ’

But in his heart… IT WAS NOT FINE

‘ Oh god….. someone just please make it stop…. Just stop…. JUST…… MAKE…… HER…… STOP…!!!!!!!!!! ‘

/// hey…. How was it… is it bad?? Please give me some advice.. if this is too dark I’m going to stop right here… thank you..

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Post Re: is it too dark??
As were not really given much of a clue towards context (most I can think of is Max breaking up with Grape), I'm going to have to withhold any judgement. Though you at least got my curiosity piqued, so I'm hoping the next update will bring answers.

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Post Re: is it too dark??
The opening is intense and abrupt and needs context. Maybe in the next iteration, you could have the narrator reflect on some back story. That would slow things down a bit and lay the ground for further development.

Also, you might think about using italic font for thinking....
Moe said nothing. "I'm not sure how I feel about that" went through his brain.

It's certainly not a cheery start but it grabs attention. Some fanfics do have pretty grim strands so that needn't stop you.


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Post Re: is it too dark??
The pacing is much much too fast for my liking, we have no context for anything, and the grammar is all over the place.

Dark isn't an issue when I don't even know what's going on.

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Post Re: is it too dark??
thank you so much for the reply... i will try my best to correct some and not to put much of the spacing.. thank you again.... :D

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Post Re: is it too dark??
Hey guys thank you so much for the suggestion you all giving me.. so this is what i did
For someone thinking i’m using italic.. thank you NHWestoN
when pacing i tried not to fast this time.. ( i hope ) thank you Buster
and i’m very sorry about my grammar because english is not my native language i’m form indonesian so “ satu kata dari english menjadi 3 arti dalam bahasa kami “ so very sorry you guys..

Chapter 1
It was just an ordinary day, the sound of canines chasing around with another, the bird are singing, the sound of grape sleeping on the couch after last night date with max, but someone can’t sleep, not only last night but many night before, it make him feel anxious, it make him feel vulnerable, because every night it’s always that dreams, a nightmares to be precise. Peanut a brown male dog feel a little bit cranky because of that, a nightmares that always repeat everytime he asleep, a despair, a hollow, an emptiness. he died, Falling down from a pit trap from the adventure to the temple with max,grape,and res. Not only that.. oh.. it get worse he saw something that making him woke up with scream every night... all of his friends lifeless body.. at first in that dream he yelled for help asking someone or anyone to help them, but he’s replied was emptyness he walk slowly trough his friends lifeless body until he met a certain cat. A purple cat.... grape.... just sprawled againts the dirt.. his body tremble for what his saw.. then when he look at her face, he met an empty eyes... her yellow eyes that usually give him safety, a warm place, the eyes that he loved now empty.... and that when he reached his limit.... he screams.... until he woke up in the middle of the night... that was the third nighmare... grape could hear his scream from her room so like what friend... beast friend... more than friend can do, be there for him.. she asked what happend but his replied was nothing.. just nothing... this is the first and the last time grape heard his scream because everynight max always take her out for a date.. at first she declined beacuse her friend needed her, but from there something that peanut never do... one thing that he can never do to grape....lied .... he heard she declined the date because of him so he just tell her that he was fine... it was only a bad dream it only happend one time.... oh.. what a sweet lie... he didn’t tell the first and the second dream he had... but because of his first lied.. grape noticed it with a bad feeling she agreed with the date.... of course that was one week ago... the dreams keep repeating it self... his dead... lifeless body... and then last night the monster.....
“dear god is it going to stop ?” he asked himself...
but because of that he realize something.. something that can change around him.... but... he doesn’t want to change... he just want to be happy... just live a normal life like an ordinary dog... but this time he can’t think any of that... suddenly he heard a knock on his door.
“ peanut... are you awake ? ” his mom (owner) asked
“ eh... Oh yeah i’m awake mom be there in a sec “ he stands up from his bed and look at the mirror, his had dark spot under his eyes. “ ughh... i can’t let them see this, well i just need to come up with an excuse like playing games until late night or something like that “ then he came down to the dining room, in there he meet his mom, jill sandwich.
“ peanut what happend ? why there’s a dark spot under your eyes ? “ she asked him
“ oh.. no mom i just played a game until late night and didn’t see the time.. “ he lied to her
Suddenly there’s a reply beside the dining table, “ well if that’s what keeping you awake i can confiscated them and i bet that will make you sleep.” There a man reading a newspaper with a coffe beside him, his dad, earl sandwich.
“ ehm... i think there’s no need for that.. i can just put them somewhere but not in my room dad “ peanut nervous replied, if his game confiscated he can’t keep making excuse for what really happend.
“ well please keep in mind that you need to sleep so that you can play for the rest of this beautifull day.. now.. please go and wake up grape the breakfast will be here in 5 minutes “ his mom replied
“ okay mom.... beautifull day ? i wish i could enjoy that “ with that he go to the living room and started to wake up the beast...
“ hey grape.. wake up... breakfast is going to be ready.. “ with his hand touching her shoulder she woke up
“ oh... morning peanut... are you okay ? “ grape looked at him with a question look
“ morning grape... what do you mean grape ? “ he asked
“ you have a dark spot under your eyes.. usually you wake me up with a scream.. and now you only wake me up with your hand touching my shoulder and with normal voice.. something definitely wrong.. so tell what’s wrong ? “ she asked him with worried eyes, he knows that he can’t keep lying to her.. it will definitely can’t get pass trough her.
“ i may or may not have another bad dream “ he sheepishly replied
“ again ? how many times have you got a bad dreams ? “ she worriedly asked him
“ it’s my second dream grape.. honest.. it’s okay it was about a game full of zombie that i played yesterday... the walking dead always gives me a creep “ he sweetly lie trough her, well not completly a lie.
“ then don’t play that game, just play a classic mario or something “ she answered him
“ okay grape i promise.. oh yeah after this i need to go to tarot house “ he remembered something from this morning
“ oh for what ? asking her for another pararel universe date ? “ she grinned at him
“ uhm... something like that “ he replied
“ well, be careful i don’t want you to end up like last time “ she clearly remembered the event when she and max go to double date with peanut and tarot, that didn’t go to well
“ okay grape i’ll be carefull “, oh peanut is going to tarot house but not for a date but something is going to change whether he likes it or not
Ehm.. yeah this is what i got.. so any opinion with this case? I’ll try to improvise more and more so that i can make you all understand what is happening in this story.. thank you have a nice day...

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Post Re: is it too dark??
If you can't do the editing yourself because of a language barrier, you could always ask for help.

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Post Re: is it too dark??
Is it okay for me to do that?? I don't want to burden someone because of my selfishness

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Post Re: is it too dark??
Selfish? Even among fanfic communities there are as many writers with editors as without, and if you need one you need one.

No harm in asking for help. Just be polite about it and if they say no, drop it don't push.

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Post Re: is it too dark??
hey guys so…. In this past days I got help from my teacher to help me with the grammar but could you guys kindly fix witch sentence or part that needed to be fix ? thank you

Chapter 2
D'Angelo house ---
“ Sabrina.? ” a Pomeranian dog called her apprentice as she emerged from her room.
“ What is it, Tarot ? “ the black cat answered while she was focusing on her meditation
“ Could you open the door for Peanut later? I need to go to other interdimensional mirror, the spirit told me that they sensed a disturbing channel around there. “ as Tarot was getting ready for her travel, she noticed her apprentice expression. “ What is it Sabrina, is something on your mind? “.
Sabrina hesitated to ask this question but it really bothered her, “ Tarot, this may seem a weird question, but, what is Peanut to you ? ”.
The question surprised Tarot. “ Wha... of course he’s my boyfriend what else? “
Sabrina began to doubt that. “ Are you sure? “
Tarot was looking at her with a questioning look. “ What are you talking about? “
Sabrina explained “ Tarot, this may seem weird but when was the last time you went to another dimension with Peanut or at least talk about it? “
Tarot began to think. “When you put it that way... “
Sabrina continued “ Tarot... when we went to that temple stopping Keene from getting the mana, we left Peanut without a second thought, it bothered him so greatly that he didn’t listen to your warning, after you said sorry you left him again, and I remembered you said some excuses to him but he said that you always said the same excuse, so I will ask you again Tarot do you really have feeling for him ? “
Tarot just looked at her with bewildered expression “ I... I don’t... I really don't know when me and dragon became his girlfriend the one that has a crush is mostly dragon, i though when i’m going to start dating him i will feel something like dragon, i do but is not strong enough, i really want this to work between me and Peanut but how can you focus on that feeling when the world is at stake ? i don’t want to choose between saving the world or him. “
Sabrina only looked at her then she asked “ Tarot what happens if you must make that choice? What will you do? “
Tarot only kept silent until she opened a portal “ I don’t want to think about that but I hope nothing will change between me and Peanut “ and then she jumped trough the portal
Sabrina started to get up from her position and startes making preparations for the upcoming guest “ I hope too Tarot... I really do “

Celestial Plains—
He felt something, something was very wrong. Kitsune, a nine tail Celestials fox, felt something was definitely wrong. It bothered him so much that it changed his playful and sly faces to a serious dead-looking one. If Pete and Dragon saw this they would have cold sweats. One thing that you could notice from Kitsune that every time the situation got worse, he always brushed it off with his playfulness. But now something was coming, something big, maybe. He looked at the table, the board game, the board that could control a living being whenever the three of them wanted to play. Now that Dragon and Pete had been reincarnated, the board now seemed useless. It was not that he didn’t enjoy playing this game, but he always thought a way to end the game. Now with the help from former human ‘Joel’ who turned into a dog ‘king’, the games finally reached its ends. Sometimes he missed Dragon and Pete with their wits against each other but a game always needed to put into an end. Suddenly a soft female voice could be heard across the table.
“ non tam Salve iterum Kitsune sit noscere “ a beautiful female white wolf came to the other side of Kitsune, this clearly surprised Kitsune.

“ Well, it is nice to meet you too Luna or should I say Goddes of the moon “ the white wolf only smiled at that, with her clear blue eyes like ocean looked straight into Kitsune eyes. It made Kitsune slightly tremble.

Kitsune started to ask “ May I ask why the goddess of wolves came to see this humble fox ? “ the wolf started to speak but was interrupted again by Kitsune “ May the goddess speak in this language so that I can cooperate fully? “

Luna started to giggle “ Oh my, I’m so sorry Kitsune. It’s been a while since the last time I spoke in this language “ then she walked to Kitsune and started to explain “ I’m so sorry for my unannounced arrival but I have an urgent news for you and the other demigods but where are the others ? Usually, you and the two of them, the dragon and the gryphon, play together “ she looked the other side of table but didn’t sense the presence of those two.

Kitsune responded “ I’m sorry Luna but the other two have been reincarnated for losing to this game, but what urgent news may I ask? “

Luna looked kinda surprised “ Oh my.. So the game is already ended? Thank god for that. Oh Yeah... Kitsune this may seem odd but please be careful I have a feeling that my ex-mate is starting to move but I can’t seem to figured out what he is planning to do “

With that, Kitsune face started to become pale “ What do you mean Luna ? Do you mean that he wants to do something ? What does he want ? What does that monster want? “

Luna glared at him and he started to trembled “ JUST BECAUSE HE’S THE SON OF LOKI THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL HIM THAT.. DON’T BE SUCH A HYPOCRITE. DO YOU EVEN SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SO- CALLED THE BOARD GAMES ?“ the sound of Luna’s anger made Kitsune knees become limp. “ REMEMBER THIS DEMI GOD JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A POWER THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE MORE POWER OVER ALL THE IMMORTAL BEING, SO HEED MY WARNING AND SPREAD THE WORD THAT THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION IS ON THE MOVE “ with that the white wolf disappeared, and the only things on Kitsune’s mind was that he had to speak with Bahamut.

Babylon garden ---
Peanut just arrived in front of D’angelo house. Before he could knock the front door, Sabrina opened the door for him. “ Hey Peanut, if you need to see Tarot, you just missed her. So, if you want, you can come inside and wait for her “ Peanut only nodded his head and went inside the house. After he went inside, Sabrina ask him “ Do you want some tea while you are waiting for her, Peanut? “
Peanut only shook his head and answered “ No, thank you Sabrina. I just want to ask something from her. I just wait until she returns “, Sabrina led him to living room. When she and Peanut sat on the sofa she curiously asked “ What question do you want to ask, Peanut? “
Peanut only grimaced at that question, he started to rub his head “ I’m sorry Sabrina but this is kinda private, but don’t worry it’s not important “ he just grinned at that. Sabrina looked kinda worried about that. She just shrugged that feeling and just started chatting with him.
“ So, Peanut can I ask you something ? “ Peanut just nodded his head. “ How do you feel after we went through the temple? “ The only thing Peanut can think about that event was “ it’s horrible, thinking about that makes me sick like I want to puke every time I remember that place “, with a straight face Peanut only answered “ Actually, I kinda forget what really happened back there “ Sabrina face became alarmed when he said that. “ Are you okay Peanut ? Is there any head injury ? or maybe internal bleeding ? should we go see a doctor ? “ Sabrina started to panic, “Whoa.. whoa… whoa it’s okay Sabrina. I’m fine. I feel normal but I remembered that I came out from that place with no harm. I only forgot what happened inside the temple, really. So, take it easy “ with that, her body become relaxed “ So you forgot completely what happened inside the temple ? “ Peanut just shake his head “ Not at all. I only remembered just a piece, like we can change into something when we used a hat, I remembered rufus.. only like that “, With a worried sound Sabrina asked a question “ Do you remember what happened after we had saved you from the pit trap ? “.
That question made him remember, made him feel something that he didn’t like. Something that he usually never showed; anger. Suddenly, the air started to feel heavy, Sabrina started to sweat from her forehead as she saw something from Peanut. Something she didn’t think he even had, a dark aura started to emit around Peanut. His round blue eyes started to change. They shaped almost look like he was feral, with a sound almost like growling “ Yeah, I remember, I remember how you ditched us “ Sabrina started to tremble “ Peanut.. “ he continued “ Oh, I remember how you just left us with nothing but a piece of note.. “ Sabrina tried to say something “ Peanut, calm down. I know we should just tell you what happened but we were in a hurry and the world was at stake Peanut “ It only made Peanut furious “ Yeah the world was at stake and when you cannot share anything with us ,you can share it with fox. Someone who didn’t even understand what happened ” Sabrina tried to call his name but he ignored her “ Why? Why would you even involve some pet who didn’t even know what happened ? Were we just a tool for you guys to use huh? Maybe you guys never see us as a friend, but only a tool only to use and to dispose later “ Sabrina wanted to say something “ SO TELL ME WHAT ARE WE…. WHAT ARE WE TO YOU… ANSWER ME!!!!“ sabrina yelled “ PEANUT!!!!” suddenly the heavy air vanished. Only the sound of a heavy breathing that can be heard.
After a while, Sabrina asked him “ Peanut… are you okay now? “,
“I don’t know anymore” Peanut answered “ Yeah… yeah I’m okay. Sorry about that “ suddenly she realized something “ Peanut are you going to ask Tarot.. “ suddenly she was interrupted by someone “ Hey Peanut, sorry I’m late “ Tarot came from another room “ I foresee that you need me? “ Peanut stared at her “ Yeah I need to ask some questions, Sabrina, can Tarot and I have a private chat ?” with that, Sabrina left the room and hoped that everything was going to be fine.

yeahhh... that's all ehm... any more advice??

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Post Re: is it too dark??
That's a major thing for Sabrina to just walk away from, especially when coming from Peanut. If I had to hazard a guess, Fenrir is taking over Peanut.

Regardless, there are still sentence structure issues, though markedly improved from previous entries, so good job on that. Have you been able to find a proofreader or editor yet?

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Post Re: is it too dark??
uhm.... i'm sorry but what do you mean?? well, actually i use an apps called grammarly? i think that's what it called but i don't think it's a very good apps..
thank you i hope in the next update i can improvise more...

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Post Re: is it too dark??
chapter 3
“ what do you want to ask hon ? “ as soon as Sabrina get out of the room tarot sit beside peanut and ask him, peanut face looked very paled after a chat with Sabrina, “ are you okay hon? what happened just now ? ” tarot asks worriedly. The thing is peanut wanted to ask about his dream, then what happened just now between him and Sabrina but now, it seems that those question is not very important for him right now, there’s one question that has been bugging him since the accident on the temple.
“ who am I to you ? “ that question shock tarot more than anything, “wha.. of course your my boyfriend what else peanut ? “ she looks straight into his eyes ‘ something is definitely wrong ‘, she really wanted to know what happened to him, before she can ask peanut interrupted “ tarot, could you be more honest with me ? “, now she looks very confused “ what are you talking about peanut? “, he only look at her, suddenly she relies on something. “ wait a sec.. are you still mad back at the.. “ peanut only replied is disturbed face. “ hon i already apologise why are you still angry with me ? “ peanut only glared at her.
“ tarot, yeah maybe i’m angry but what I feel now is disappointment..” tarot whine at that but peanut continued “ tarot why did you take fox with you? I mean why not king who has experience with this ? “ tarot begin to explained “ peanut did you forgot that you, king and fox went to heaven ?” peanut only shake his head. “ peanut, did you know rufus is dead?” peanut ears begin to drop “ yeah I know that tarot, the floating ring on his head kinda dead give away “ tarot begin to move slowly where peanut sit “ peanut, he’s your guardian angel for you and grape, he help you so that you survive inside the temple just like fox have two guardian angel, I know you didn’t like it when we bring fox and mungo but we didn’t have a choice, the time is very short for us to make decision”, suddenly peanut realize something “ tarot I know this next answer is unfair to you but please I beg you to answer this with the bottom of your heart “ tarot keep silent for a few second and noded “ tarot if you choose beetwen saving the world or me who will you choose? “. He’s right that question is unfair to tarot, she begins to think very deeply but there’s only one answer for that question “ I’m sorry peanut but I’m going to say saving the world “.
Peanut only look at her then he smiled with his goofy grin “ thank you tarot for your honest answer “ he began to stand and walk to the door, tarot stands up very quickly and grab his hand “ peanut, where are you going? I’m sorry that I choose that answer but you said that I need to answer with the bottom of my heart” peanut only smiled at her and pat her head and softly spoke “ it’s okay tarot but I think we need to take a break don’t you think? “ tarot look at him with wide eyes “ tarot, maybe it’s going to change with our relationship but you are still my friend and I know that it’s very selfish of me to always make you choose between me and your mission and I’m very sorry for that, so now you can focus on your mission, I’m very happy the time we spend together, don’t forget that and thank you for showing me every amazing place that you have taken me, so goodbye tarot and I hope you keep yourself safe “ with that peanut went outside and tarot only look at him with sad face.
On the way home peanut looked at the sky, he knew his heart is breaking again, this is his second time he feels like this but he knew that this is for the best, he began to think what happened when he got angry. He rarely feels that emotion, but this is most extreme emotion that he had, he remember that he got angry with grape when he plays pretends but it never took that far, when he started to deep thinking about it he didn’t realize that a van is trailing behind him, then someone get out of the van and took out a handkerchief and put it on peanut mouth to prevent him from screaming. Peanut tried to fight but got dizzy after taking a breath with the handkerchief on his muzzle, when his body started to limp the stranger dragged him to the van.
Heaven gate
‘Another job well done’ Cerberus came to the gate of heaven after she sent the lost kitten soul to another life, ‘ poor kit, i wonder what would happened if the van didn’t hit her ? ’. ceberus just got a task to bring a soul to another life from an accident, on a late night a kitten went on a hunt for a mice suddenly went she wanted to cross the road a white van came out of nowhere and ram the poor kitten, ‘ her owner cry every night after the accident, i hope they knew that her soul went to a better life’, when ceberus almost reach to open the gate something ram her from the back but she didn’t flinch. She looked behind her and saw kitsune sprawl on the ground.
“kitsune, why are you on a rush?” ceberus lend her hand to help kitsune up, after kitsune regain his balance he looked at her “ CEBY WHERE’S BAHAMUT I NEED TO TALK TO HIM!” ceberus suprised at his outburst “ calm down what happend “ kitsune began rambling “ just tell me where bahamut is, i need to tell him something, he’s coming please we need to..” ceberus became worried because she knew eventhough something is very important kitsune never act so serioius ‘what happend to him?’ ceberus look at him and place both hand on his shoulder “ kitsune please i don’t understand what your saying tell me what happend maybe i could help but please you need to take a breath!” with that kitsune took a deep breath and started to explained “ just now i met luna “ ceberus eyes became widden but kitsune continued “ she told me that he’s coming..” he started to shaken, ceberus looked at him with a scarred face the with a trembling voice she asked “ wh... who... who’s coming?’. Kitusne looked at her eyes and said a forbidden name “FENRIR”.
Back to the earth --
Peanut started to wake up, he slowly opened his eyes. After a few minute he regains consciousness he looked at his surrounding and he realised that he’s in a car, ’a van i think, but what happens?' he tried to move but he felt something restraining his body. He realised that a rope tied to his body, luckily his leg is free so he sat up, he realised that the van isn’t moving ‘ am i being kidnapped ? was it PETA again?’ he heard a sound, someone is talking, he looked at the driver seat and saw two people, a bald fat man and a thin man, peanut couldn;t see their face but he could hear what were they talking about. “tell me again why we kidnapped this dumb mutt?” the thin man asked “you stupid mold i told you we could trade this mutt with money, don't you see people in here love their pet almost like a family” the fat man talk almost like shout at the thin man “ well then why did you ran over the cat when you said that we can trade them with money?” the fat man replied “ HAH... that’s only for fun that’s her own fault she didn’t even see the van so BAM i hit her, what’s the matter you feeling sorry? they’re just animal a dumb one they meant nothing to me hahahahaha” the fat man and the thin man laughed at what they’ve done, peanut only looked at them with disbelief ‘how could they done such horrible thing And laugh at that? Unforgivable!’ peanut start to feel something like before, anger. ‘ human such a horrible creature is it not?’ peanut started to fist hist paw ’they are not to be trusted they only destroyed, every beautiful thing they step on it like a dirt’ the sound started to echoed in peanut head ‘ we do not need them they just waste of space’. Peanut begun to tramble from the anger his holding, his eyes started to change from a round to sharp feral eyes ‘we need to rid all of them’ peanut open him paws and retract his claws , ‘ yes we need to eliminate all of them’ peanut slowly got up and he started to growl “ yes human is a waste of space “ the two human startled and look behind them only to find peanut glaring at them ‘yes we need to do something’ “we must not trust them” ‘we need no human’ with the last sound before peanut lunged at them “we neED TO DEVOUR THEM” suddenly there’s a voice outside the van “THIS IS THE POLICE PUT YOUR HAND UP WHERE WE CAN SEE YOU” peanut stop his movement and suddenly the driver door is forced opened, the door suddenly broke only to find a black great dane? Lift the door “oh no i’m sorry i didn’t know the door is very fragile” someone shouted beside him “ officer’s keep your apologies for later we need to lock this I love you now!” officer bill came and forced them out and put them on the ground. Then the back door of the van is opened by someone a husky came and shouted “is someone injured?” peanut only look at him “peanut is that you? Are you okay?“ ‘don’t trust them’ peanut growled at him, “peanut it’s me, fox” suddenly someone came beside him “fox, what happened” fido suddenly came beside him “ fido, it’s peanut, something wrong with him” fido looked at peanut only to find peanut growling at both of them “peanut, it’s me fido are you okay? please calm down everything is fine” fido slowly aproach him and when his paw wanted to touch him peanut bite him, with a loud sound of snap fido almost didn;t dodge the bite “GAH... peanut why do you do that?” fido take good looked at him, what he saw almost scared him his eyes is split like a feral, his claws looked almost like a very sharp knife, his teeth bared like an animal tried to tear out his enemy, then someone came along “officers what take you so long?” officer ralph started to walk to both at them, “sir is one of our friend he started growling and almost bite officer fido paw” ralph look at peanut, when he saw him he didn’t see a beast but an animal terrified of his sarrounding, with a calm look he get inside the van “sir be carefull he’s not..” ralph silenced them and walk through when he neared peanut he opened his arm, before peanut lunged at him ralph hugged him, peanut tried to escaped, he strugle to be free, ralph whispered at him “it’s okay verything is fine” ‘don’t let him touch you’ peanut continued to struggle “ it’s okay nobody is hurting you” 'DON’T TRUST HIM’ “it’s okay to be scared but please trust me your safe, i promise you nobody will harm you, i’ll keep you safe, please, trust me” after a few minutes become rigid ‘please be carefull pup...’ the sound started to fade away, peanut body started to relaxed, ralph started to untied him and the soothed him, peanut started to smelled him ‘ he smells like a grass and dirt but it feels nice, he feels nice’ peanut started to growl but not in anger but pleasure ‘he’s warm he’s very kind’ peanut started to rub his muzzle around ralph neck 'i don’t know him but why did he make me fells so...... safe’ with that ralph started to lift him bridal style and get out of the van.
Sandwich’s house –
“soooo….. borrrrreeeeedddd” after peanut left grape still sleep on the sofa after a while she got bored, she tried playing games but it’s not fun when peanut is not around, she tried to called max but he’s busy. ‘please make it interesting today’, “grape? I thought you were going out with peanut “ jill sandwich came from the laundry room, “no mom, he said that he’s going to ask tarot for another date that’s why I don’t want to disturb them” jill came sit next to grape and started to pet her “ well why don’t you go play outside ? “ grape started to purr but with lazy sound she said “ it’s too hoooot today….” Suddenly the phone rang, jill got up and started to walk to the phone “ hello? “, grape tried to listen, “ what?!.. When?!.. How?!... Is he okay?!... I’ll be there in a sec!!” grape look at her mom and what she saw is the woman face started to pale and her eyes glimmering holding back her tears “ EARL WE NEED TO GO !” grape become scared “ mom what happened? ” earl ran from lawn “ what happened honey? “ jill take the car key and yelled “ IT’S PEANUT WE NEED TO GO NOW!! ”, grape face started to pale, she wished for an interesting day but this is beyond the measure, she didn’t want anything happened to peanut “ please God I beg you let him be okay “ with that the sandwich went to the car and drive to where peanut have been kidnapped.
“ does anyone disagree using this new section of the rule that says ‘ anyone who used the mortal being without their consent will be strip from immortal being to be reincarnated as mortal being‘? “, bahamut looked around the courtroom as other celestial being shakes their head as they agree to this new section of the rule. This rule has been made after pete and dragon lost the board game, they knew if this continued the peace on the heaven will be ruined that’s why the ‘guardian angel’ has been sent to help the mortal if something went wrong in their world. “if anyone didn’t have any argument then this section shall be.. “ suddenly the door had been open with such full force ” BAHAMUT! ” bahamut look at the one who opened the door “ KITSUNE YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR INTERUPTED THIS TRIAL OR GOD HELP ME I WILL... “ kitsune interupted “ HE”S COMING “ bahamut looked worried, kitsune never bother to interupted any trial “ who’s coming?” kitusne looked around the court “ THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION ‘FENRIR’ “ everybody looked shocked suddenly one of the celestial stand up “ THIS IS OUTRAGES THERE’S NO WAY THAT CREATURE CAME BACK FROM THE ‘DEEPEST OF THE ABYSS” WE TRAPPED HIM THERE, WHERE DO YOU EVEN HEARD THIS INFORMATION KITSUNE?” the one who shouted is an anubis the one who brings the lost soul to be judge, kitsune looked at him “ if you want more information his ex-mate will gladly answer your call” anubis looked shaken “th.. the... the luna? How? Why now?” all of the celestial begun to argue one another after hearing this information suddenly bahamut shouted “ENOUGH!!” the room went silent “ why are you scared of this creature ? we already defeated him once then we can defeated him again this creature is not unbeatable “ everybody became relief after he said that “kitsune after this i need you to gather all the celestial being spread them we need more information regarding this situation “ kitsuine only looked at him “ what are you planning bahamut?” bahamut only replied “easy, we sealed him once, we sealed him again”. Kitsune only nodded his head then he flew away to gather the other celestial being

dear lord, i didn't know that making a story will be this hard URRRHGGGHHHHH..... well i at least i hope you guys enjot that...
ps.. i know some of the grammar is still missplaced and the structure is a mess... i'm still trying to learn how to make good writer so at least you guys could enjoy that T_T.... UGGGHHHH.... now to the EXAM WE GOOOOO..

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hmm.... after the end of the final arc temple crashers i'm really confused on how should i do next.. should i use my present plot or making another plot.. welp... at least i tried...

Chapter 4
“ WHOA...down boy “ one of the paramedics almost got bitten by peanut, the paramedic tried to give a tranquillizer shot after they saw what happened to him, before peanut can bite the one who gives the shot ralph hold him and put him on his lap trying to calm him down, “ peanut, is fine they only want to give you some medicine is okay nobody going to hurt you “, peanut only growl at them. Most of the k9 force look at them with disbelieve look, not because what happened to peanut but the way their leader tried to calm him down, fido tried to start the conversation “ i can’t believe what i’m seeing here “, mungo looked at the pair “ poor guy.. I hope he’s going to be fine “, fox looked at mungo “he’s not talking about what happened to peanut”. Mungo looked at fox with questioning look, everyone only thinking one thing ‘you’re too innocent mungo’. “GRRRRR…..” everybody began to looked at peanut again, nobody has ever seen some pet like this because most of the kidnapped one always have a trauma or an anger management issue but this is very new for them. They looked at peanut the way he act, almost like feral he didn’t knew his surrounding, he didn’t knew his friends, and most of the time he’s only growled, ralph looked at the other k9 “has anyone contact his family?” terrance answered “yes sir his family is on the way here”, ralph only nodded his head, he begun to stroke peanut head and his answer was peanut tail begun wagging and tried to snuggle closer but his eyes still aware of the surrounding, “aww… they’re so cute” officer bill looked at them, fido and fox only looked at them with mouth agape “officer fido, officer fox you said that this is your friend, so why he didn’t recognize you two?” ralph question the two of them, “we didn’t know sir, peanut is the nicest dog in the neighborhood he never bite anyone, heck I never saw him angry at someone too” fido answered “peanut never get angry sir, there’s one time he draw a picture of a dog with cat tail and show it to me and bino..” ralph interrupted “ who’s bino?” fido answered “he’s my brother sir” fox continued “we bully him and kick him out of the GODC but I never saw any anger in his eyes only later when fido invited him again at the club he even gives bino a present” ralph looked scowling at him “you bullied him?” fox face became shamefull his tail beetwen his leg “yes sir but not psychically” ralph looked at him in the eyes “have you said sorry to this pup?” fox looked at him with wide eyes “of course sir peanut is too ignorance and innocent, he even never bite a mailman” ralph only answered “good” he begun stroking peanut head again.
Suddenly there’s a roar sound of an engine everyone looked at the source, the sandwich’s just came to the crime scene once the car stopped they got out and ran to peanut, “MY BOY WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?” jill tried to run through the crime scene only to be blocked by bill, “jill, calm down everything is fine your boy is safe” jill begun to calmed down “please, tell me what happened?” while bill tried to explained what happened, grape walked pass by and search for peanut “GRAPE WAIT DON”T GO NEAR THE CRIME SCENE” fox tried to reached her “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TRIED TO PREVENT ME SEEING MY BEST FRIEND WHO MAYBE GOT A TRAUMA ?” fox tried to explained “grape, I know you want to see him but please wait a moment he’s..” grape interrupted “but what fox?”. “GRRR….. BARK,BARK” the sound of peanut barking caught by grape and his parents, “PEANUT?!” grape run to him and her parents follow him, what they saw terrified them, peanut growled at like a savage animal biting everyone if they at his ranged, what keeping him is the leader of k9 officers. “peanut…” grape make a small sound almost like wailing, then with a shock looked peanut looked at the source sound, when she saw each other she looked shocked because his eyes are now sharp shape. Earl came to him “hey buddy it’s me you know me it’s your old man..” peanut looked at him, his face intrigued him, earl continued “it’s okay I won’t let anyone hurt you” earl reached him gently when peanut tried to sniff his hand he stopped and let him smelled ‘this man smells like a coffe, should I know who’s this man is?’ then jill came beside earl “hey dear it’s okay momy here it’s safe now” now peanut curiosity it’s at peek like he wants to know who these human are, why they so gentle, why they so nice, why they make him trust them so fast so he slowly get out of ralph lap and walk on four slowly to them, then grape came she gently stroke his head “hey dumb dumb it’s me grape your best friend you know me right?” suddenly something trigger his memory, the sound of her yelling at him ‘PEANUT, we are not ‘just friend” we were never ‘just friend’ you are my BEST FRIEND in the whole wide world..’ then he gently grab her hand and put it on his cheek, he tried to smelled her ‘I know this smell, I know this softly lavender smell, I know her it’s her’ then he only said one word “mine” everybody looked at him with shocking face, grape face become crimson red after he said that word, grape tried to speak “p..pea..peanut what are you…” but peanut interrupted again “this belongs to me, all of it” everybody went silent “this is mine to protect,mine to love..” grape body begun to tremble “mine to cherish.. my home, my safe… my family” he took his time to feel her warm hand, it feels so nice for him, grape looked at him with the happiest face it clears that he still remembered her and that’s makes her smiled at him ‘silly dog’, his eyes slowly closed but one of the paramedic awaken from his shocked state and told them “he need to take this shot so that he won’t harm his own body” jill came to the paramedic and take the shot “I will give it to him” jill walk behind peanut “dear, I will give you something it’s okay it will only make you sleepy but everyone will stay by your side” peanut looked at her then he continued to feel grape paws on his cheek, it almost like he given her permission so jill put the shot on his arm, his body started to feel limp before he could fall ralph rush to him and catch him, grape looked questioned at him, ralph only answered “I’ll explained later” that’s only make her confused. Ralph picked peanut bridal style again and put him on ambulance. One of the paramedic question the sandwich “which one of you will accompany him?” grape started to asked “mom,dad can I accompany peanut?” jill only stroke her head “go ahead dear we will follow you guys with the car” grape get in and sit beside the bed that peanut take, with the sound of ambulance called they drive to the nearest hospital.

Selûne ---

This is a place where the almost forgotten god or goddess is resting, a realm where once the subject or their children once forgotten their god or goddess, once if this god or goddess completely forgotten their existence will be deceased. not many god or goddess stay in this place because many have already gone, only some of them still remains in this place, this place is almost like a fallen kingdom. A portal have been open in this realm, a white wolf came from the portal, “recipiet Luna, quae tibi data est novi? (welcome back luna, have you given the news?)” from behind the fallen pillar a tentacle move slowly from the shadow showing the creature who welcome the wolf, a kraken “Gratias tibi ago, domine maris, i, quod iam mittit verba,(thank you, lord of the sea, why yes i already sent the news)” the white wolf smiled at the kraken, “quid est quod vulpes bene esse? (how is that fox well being?)”, another shadow came from the shadow, a monkey “Si amicum tuum quare non visere cura teipsum hanuman? (if you care for your old friend why don't go and see for yourself, hanuman?)“ the wolf answered sharply, the monkey only laughed “hahahahaha.... vulpes, et futura tempora oblivione sit senex est (hahahaha...that fox may already forgotten this old man)” the wolf make a pout face at that “Non enim tua natus hanuman (your not that old hanuman)”. The monkey only laughed harder, the kraken tired to calm them down “satis hanuman, luna modo venerunt ad reliquam partem non dimiserunt eam vobis? (enough hanuman, luna just came back let her rest for a bit won't you?)”. the wolf stomp her feet and grumble, the she enetered the ruins followed by the two gods. Inside the ruin there are another four gods awaited them… white tiger, blue dragon, green turtle, and the last phoenix.. once the rest of the gods taken a sit the white tiger asked something “Itaque Luna unde venis?(so,where have you been Luna?)”, the white wolf answered “sed amici illati byakko(only meeting with an old friend baykko)” the green turtle interrupted “nunc ergo ut negotio fratrem nostrum, non quaesivit quia quod est lunae sicut scitis (now,now brother is not our business to asked something like that to luna you know) “ the white tiger looked at the white wolf “i paenitet luna necesse est interrogare (I’m sorry luna for unnecessary question)” the white wolf only giggled “denique quod suus 'a magnus paciscor suus' non byakko (it’s fine byakko it’s not a big deal for me)” the blue dragon asked out of curiosity “ita ut non sit senex hanuman venistis amici? (so does that mean you visited hanuman old friend?)” the monkey only snickered “hehehehe…. Sic fecit (hehehe… yes she did)” the phoenix laughed “hahahahah…. Scio quia petistis vobis parvulo vellet facere (hahahaha… you only asked that because you wanted to know your little one is doing)” the blue dragon become annoyed “ohe! ego semper rogavit primus, qui propter hoc facite quotienscumque non probaverunt (hey! I asked that because that brat always do whenever she liked)” the phoenix begun teasing “ yeah… non desunt vestrae erunt d.d (deedee) (yeah… your little d.d (deedee) must bee missing you )” everyone laughed at that. Suddenly a sound can be heard “ you guys knew many language yet you guys still use that old language” a figured came from the entrance of the ruin, all the gods looked at the figured, the phoenix only answered with a bored face “oh… it’s you”

Babylon Hospital ---

At one of the room lay a dog unconscious, after the ambulance arrived at the hospital they rushed him inside the lab to check what exactly happened to him, now it’s waiting game until he regains conscious. Peanut started to have a similar nightmare, but this time he walked past his fallen friend until he met a familiar purple cat. ‘this dream again’ his body trembled as he kneeled in front of the cat and started to cried ‘I don’t want to see this again’ he sobbed as he pleaded ‘please I beg you…. Stop this…’ suddenly a footstep can be heard ”really? Are you going to cry over this nightmare?” the sound of footstep become closer and closer until a canine shadowy figure standing in front of peanut. Peanut heard the sound but he didn’t pay any attention his only mind is in front of his eyes the purple cat. “hmm…. She really is important to you”, peanut still didn’t pay any attention “brat… look at me” peanut looked at the figured “pathetic.. look at you crying over something that isn’t there” the figured saw his face, the tears that stream on his face, the ears that fell on top of his head, the eyes that only seen as a sorrowful. “who are you?” peanut asked, the figure didn’t answered him, the figure walked in front of the fallen cat. Suddenly it raised his foot and step at the cat until it blew and smoke cover peanut and the figure, peanut eyes become wide as he screamed in terror “ WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!! “ the figure only looked at him , peanut tried to stand now his body tremble with anger “Y..Yo...YOU MONSTER!!!!”, peanut tried to lunge at the figure but it snap it’s fingered and all around them fanished leaving the two of them and the darkness. “brat.... don’t test my patience”, peanut looked shocked at what happened until he heard a cracking noise, the figure is reashaping, the figured now crouched down on four it’s legs had a claws sharper than a knife, it’s fur is jet black, his long muzzle showed it teeth that could tear someone neck, it’s eyes shown the colour of a crimson blood. Now the figures looked like a wolf but bigger with it’s lean body it moves toward where peanut stand, peanut body stood like a stone because how shock he is, “now brat.... you're looking at something that can end your world”.

D’Angelo house ---

“tarot... have you eaten something?” after peanut left the house tarot is skulking inside her room, sabrina tried to enter her room to comfort her but the door won’t budge, she tried asking, she tried making a distraction but none of it make tarot feels good, ‘dear lord please let this work’ so now sabrina bring a bowl of kibbles to ease tarot heart “tarot.. i know your hungry please come out for a sec.. i have kibbles!!” she waited for e few minutes but the answered she got is silenced.’muffins and cookies it... now what do i do?’ suddenly she heard a click sound, the door now is opened revealing a sad face of pomeranian dog. “thank you sabrina, i am a little hungry” tarot tried to take the bowl but sabrina lift her hand, “tarot, would you mind i come into your room?”, tarot begun to sighed then she move to the side and open the door more wider, “come in sabrina” sabrina enter tarot room, inside the room it’s almost like a library the shelves contains many books that put on order from down to up, in the middle of the room there’s a star insignia, a mirror is hanging in front of the insignia while her bed is on the corner of the room. Sabrina and tarot move to the bed, after sitting down tarot begun to eat the kibbles while sabrina only looked at her, the room filled with the sound of tarot eating, after a while she put the bowl down and turn to sabrina. “well... are you going to ask something?” tarot asked her teh only answered she got “do i?” tarot looked questioning at her “don’t you wish to know what happend?” sabrina only shake her head “do you want to talk about it?” tarot became silenced “tarot, i don't want to push you if you don’t want to talk about it what i only want is to comfort you now” sabrina give her a sad smile, tarot begin to smile too “thank you sabrina i’m really happy to have met you” sabrina begun to tease her “what?! You only happy after you met me?” she’s grinning while showing her full teeth, tarot looked annoyed “OH!? You know what i mean” she looked at the other side and make a huff sound, a few minutes silenced the both of the girl begun to giggle and then they laughed with a happy face. After a while tarot stop laughing “sabrina i will said it again, thank you and i’ really happy to have met you” sabrina only smiled at that “your welcome tarot” suddenly they heard a crash sound, they looked at the source and found th mirror now is in pieces. Sabrina looked confused when she looked at tarot she became shocked, tarot face became paled “tarot, what happened?” tarot looked at her “i don't know, but i think someone is in trouble” sabrina ask her again “who?” tarot “peanut...”.

now this is the power of google translate..... i don't know many language... :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Chapter 5
“ so.. let me get this straight....” in the middle of the room stood one of the god trusted angels, Michael, surrounded by many demi god, because many of the demi god form are a beast, Michael turn his form into a canine form, golden retriever, with his golden fur and his pure white wings he stood straight in the middle of the courtroom “ you guys summon me to wish that, father, can grand you a blessing to imprison one.... let me say that again ONE demi god, that were have been prison many centuries ago, now tell me why should i do that? “ one of the demi god yelled “ PLEASE I BEG OF YOU SONS OF THE GOD YOU NOW HOW TERRIBLE HIS POWER ARE... WE NEED HIS BLESSING SO WE COULD AT LEAST IMPRISON HIM AGAIN “ Michael looked around the court room then with a sigh “ all of you said that he already escaped, but when is that? “ all of them became silent then paled looked from all of their face confirm that they did not know when. “ from the look at all your face, you guys didn;t know at all, then let this question process your mind, when he already escaped why didn’t he let just say destroy or maybe attack all of you? “ with that Bahamut stood and questioned the angel “ what are you implying sons of God? “ Michael looked around him “ the day Fenrir got imprison is the day my brother cast away from heaven “ all of the demi gods inside the court looked shocked at hearing that statement, Bahamut stutter “w...wha...what are you... “ before he could finish Michael interrupted him “ don’t judge him... that’s what i can tell you, he has a reason for rampaging, let your mind process why did he rampaging, what could he get from destroying the place and for who? that’s all i could say “ with that he turns around and starts walking out, before he could exit the place kitsune yelled “ WAIT... WHAT DO YOU MEAN FOR WHO? “ Michael glanced behind him “ let just say he has a reason.. that reason only father and his other sons know it if you want to know more asks father “ with that he flew out the room leaving a confused state of many demi god.
Babylon Hospital ---
“ so can you explain to me why my best friend seems so attached to you? “ grape asked ralph, after they arrived the paramedics put peanut on a bed and pushed it into the lab room, while grape wanted to follow him the paramedics told her to stay in the waiting room. She wanted to protest but a paw went to her shoulder she looked behind her and saw ralph shake his head, he told her that it will be best if they stay out of the way and let the paramedics treat peanut, she silently grumble and stomp her way to the waiting room, their parent talked to one of the doctors and the doctor reassured them that peanut will be alright so with that they follow grape to the waiting room after that ralph join in. Grape thought it was a good time to ask what happened back there. “ aren’t you going to ask what happened to your brother first? “ ralph looked away in hope she changed the topic, but grape have none of that “ i’m going to ask that after you tell me why you that rarely see peanut or at least talk to him could make him so attached to you? “, for a few second ralph didn’t make a move then jill begin to talk “ officer... i know that it’s making you uncomfortable but we need to know what really happend please “ ralph finally looked at sandwich’s family, still doubting then earl speak up “ look i know it’s weird when a male suddenly attach to you and .... “ ralph interupted “ wait wait wait.. sir it’s not like that “ grape then join in “ i know it’s not very comfortable but.. “ ralph suddenly yelled “ PLEASE IT’S NOT LIKE THAT! “ then a nurse came in and begin scolded the familly and the officer “ please remain to be quiet... this is hospital not a mall “ jill begun apologizing “ i’m verry sorry we’ll be quiet “ then the nurse walk out leaving all of them in akward situation, then earl speak up again “ then what is it? “ ralph sigh and begin to talk well tried to “ my instinct is overprotective of him “ grape didn’t hear that “ wait could you repeat that “ ralph mumble again then grape become annoyed “ dear lord just speak already “ ralph then talk a little louder “ My Instict Is OverProtective of him “ suddenly one of the nurse shush them leaving grape jaw slacked open jill and earl eyes become wide. After for a few second earl cough and jill regain her composure but grape still shocked hearing ralph statement, jill decided to break the tension “ ehm.. could you explain that ? “ ralph face become reddened “ it’s not like that... when i see him my first thought is not an uncontrollable dog but a scared pup fighting for its life my only first instinct is to calm him and protect him... just cradle him until regain his sense “ grape regain her mind and shocked her head “ uhm... so... did it bother you when he become attached to you like nuzzling you or.. “ Ralph quickly interject “ no no actually it’s kinda comforting “ they almost missed what he was saying and they become shocked again leaving the german shepard flustered, grape face become red and without proper explanation she thought something different from what ralph is saying. Then they heard someone running towards them and the nurse yelled “ DON’T RUN “ a pomeranian dog and a black cat, grape looked towards them “ tarot ? sabrina ? what are you doing here ? “ tarot and sabrina catch a breath, after they could breath normal “ i... i.. ‘huff... huff’ ... is peanut alright? “ grape looked shocked and the she realised “ oh yeah your psychic.. yeah he’s okay for now.. but.. “ tarot looked alarmed “ but what ?!” grape tried to explained “ well i don’t know the full story but when i got there he’s not himself.. “ tarot looked confused “ what do you mean? “ grape looked uncomfortable “ he growled at everyone he just bark he didn’t yelled it almost like he went.. “ sabrina interupted “ like he’s a feral.. “ grape and tarot looked at sabrina at the same time “ yeah, but how did you know.. “ sabrina interupted again “ tell me grape does he eyes turn sharp? ” grape eyes become wide “ did you know? “ sabrina hand rubs her other arm she looked disturbed “ well, peanut came to our house looking for tarot but she had to do something, i tried casually talk to him but it led him answering something he didn’t want to shared, he become furious it makes me tremble for thinking about that “ after hearing that statement they become silent, tarot then break the silenced “ how long did the doctor put him there ? can we see him ? can we.... ‘sniff..sniff’ “ tarot smelled something familiar it came from ralph “ grape.. why officer ralph stay here? “ grape the noticed “ oh yeah... he’s the one that help peanut stay safe “ tarot glared at ralph “ so could you explain why peanut scent is all over your body? “ ralph take a sharp breath, sabrina gasp at tarot accusation, then sabrina tried to calm tarot “ wait! tarot maybe your nose smell something different “ tarot become angry “ NO! I know this scent.. i always knew this cinnamon smell, it belongs to peanut “ there was silent for a minute then ralph take a large breath then “ who are you to him? “ tarot become shocked “ i....i..i’m.. “ ralph interupted “ don’t accused someone like they did something bad... if you really wanted to know why i have that scent it’s because when peanut on feral mode he didn’t trust anyone.. he would attack anyone that approach him... i’m the only one that he trust... for the scent he hide and nuzzled me for comfort.. for everyone he looked like a beast that wanted to rip off their limb.... for me.... it looks like a pup that scared at everything... in my eyes he eyes full of fears and hatred... he just got himself kidnapped, the kidnappers maybe have done something to him. “ after tarot heared ralph expalination she whimpered “ miss... i don,t know what you relationship with him but just so you know my instict is on everprotective mode... believe me i just wanted to bite the face of his kidnappers just to satisfied my instict... but i don’t want to leave him... i just wanted to see him if he is fine then i will be on my way “ with that ralph walk out from the waiting room, before he exit the room something grab his hand “ officer i’m sorry.... for my beahaviour it just that he is important to me but now... “ grape got curious “ tarot.. what happend when peanut went to your house? “ tarot face become sad “ he... “ before she could finish they heard anguish scream, the scream is making their face paled as white as sheet,ralph suddenly run at the source sound until the other realised the scream belongs to one dog “PEANUT!!!”.
Selûne ---
“ so what are you doing here oh so called “ God Of Destruction “ “ inside the ruin stood 7 forgotten god, phoenix born from the ashes of sun, byakko the powefull white tiger, genbu an armor living turtle, seiryu the dragon king of east sea, Hanuman a mischief white monkey, kraken the king of high sea, luna the mother of all wolves, and then before them stood a black wolf, bigger than the powerful white tiger, his blue eyes intimidated all the god inside the ruin, his strong body that can tear anyone apart, none other than the creature that befits the title of the god of destruction 'Fenrir'. “ oh come on~ can an old friend visit all of you ? “ phoenix annoyed at that, Luna huff at that statement “ ‘old friend’ ? i didn’t know that when i live with you for centuries ago we only see as friend “ fenrir just grin “ oh~~ come on.. you know what i mean “ genbu begun to speak “ hmm.... this bring back old memories... before you go rampaging all the heaven realm “ fenrir smiled at that “ welp that’s what happened if you messed with my life “ luna then question the black wolf “ so have you found your mate my ‘ex-mate’ ? ” then fenrir went silent “ luna...” luna interrupted “ fenrir don’t pity me.. i'm the one who wanted the rejection so please i’m not jealous it’s just a joke... i really like your new mate so that’s why i asked if you already found him ? “ fenrir giver her a sad smile “ i know... i’m sorry luna but to answer your question no i haven’t “ seiryu then asked him “ so... do you want to asked for helping you search your mate? “ fenrir shake his head “ no... actually i need a favour “ hanuman then join the conversation “ oh~~ the mighty pup asking a favour hehehehe “ fenrir glared at him “ shut up old man “ the monkey only laughed, seiryu interupted “ so.. what favour? “ fenrir face now looked serious “ i need you guys to find my ‘sister’ “ all of the forgotten god face looked shocked, before anyone can raise their voice fenrir making a stop sign “ all of you guys even the god and his sons now what really happened those centuries ago “ of course they know, the one that the demi god judge to imprison is the false one and the one that needed to imprison is still out there. Fenrir then continued “ i need to find her before the other demi god found me “ the other went silent until the luna face came to realization “ fenrir maybe i know where she is “ fenrir looked at her “ where ? “ luna answered “ this is just a speculation but i need to investigate first “ kraken then interrupted “ i’m going with you luna you need another being that have experienced fighting with another god, not that i have against you going alone but we need to be careful around her “ fenrir then nod his head “ thank you both of you then until then i will keep going to search my mate “ with that fenrir make a dimension hole and leap into it, byakko then raised his voice “ luna, kraken, you are going to find someone that can even manipulate him, you guys are going to search someone that even stronger than the god of destruction itself “ luna and kraken nod their head and start walking out of the ruin.

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Chapter 6
Peanut dream--

The figure’s that almost looked like a wolf stood highly in front of peanut, with the different height of normal wolves it can be considered much bigger. “now brat.... your looking at something that can end your world”.
Peanut face become white paled, he wanted to scream but he can’t it’s like something is stuck inside his throat, he trembled at the sight of the monster who looked like ready to devour him leaving nothing without bones. “oh? Where’s your so called bravery when i stepped on your stupid feline?”,
something snapped inside peanut, the face that scared of this monster change into hatefull glared. “stupid rouge”
the face that the monster show is suprised “what did you say?”
peanut slowly repeat his word “you.... STUPID ROUGE!!” peanut scream, he’s angry because the monster mocked his best friend, his family.
Then he felt a little earthquake, the beast... that thing is laughing, it laughter booming so loudly that almost hurt his ears, he quickly covers his ear and struggling for the pain, when everything stops the beast still giggling like mad, “hehehe... i like your guts brat “.
peanut regain his composure, he looked at the beast now he can see that thing is a female “ who or what are you? ”
she smiled and walk closer to him “ i is what all the wolves and demi god feared as you can see from my title called “ THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION “ “.
she grinned widely, but peanut looked at her with confused face “ are you lying? “
her eyes become wide but she still grinned at him “oh? And what makes you say that?”
peanut only answered, “shouldn't you be called goddess of destruction?”
she laughs again “oh not only you can put a brave face you also a smart brat“ peanut only looked at her with a disapproving face. Then she suddenly change her size into a normal wolves “now i much prefer this body” as her body change into more lean and beautiful in the eyes of every wolf, then she moves closer to peanut her paw move to touch his face “now tell me who told you the words “rouge”?“
many canines will fall into her charm with this touch but peanut is unaffected, he slaps her hand away “my neighbour wolf, their alpha his name is miles”
she steps back a little and checking his figures to top and bottom " do you know what's that word mean? "
" a wolf who lost his or her mind and destroy everything in their path " peanut glared at her
she smiled at him "and do you know what the cause of that?"
peanut started to think " aren't they already lost their mind?"
she grinned "not exactly~~~", peanut looked confused, then she continued "they are born when someone lost their loved ones"
peanut looked shocked at the information "just think about it... when the one who lost someone they loved their mind started to break that all of their hopes died along the one they love and the only thing they can see is despair"
after hearing that he become saddened "now i feel bad calling you rouge" she looked confused, then peanut face become hard "you are much worse than them"
she looked shocked “you are so much like him”
peanut looked questioningly “who?”
she answered “my brother”
peanut asked again “is he the one with the title?”
she smiled again “you are very sharp and to answer your question is yes he is the one and the only creature that almost killed another god”
peanut interrupted “the one who rampage on the heavenly realm?”
she grinned “ you are well informed “
peanut shocked his head “ i just like reading, and... what do you mean i’m very much like him?”
she smiled but this smiled is very sweet peanut looked shocked when he saw this “before he got that title he is a free spirit who like going on one realm to another realm, he always grinned like a dofus and chase around some creature, but if you messed with his family, friend or even his love one... make sure you checked your head if it still intact”
peanut make a gulp sound and unconsciously grab his neck “so.. i got angry when you mock my friend but that doesn’t mean i am the same as him”
she then move and held his cheek with both of her paws “your eyes... the same blue sky... it almost like you are his reincarnation... i sensed darkness in your soul almost much like him... but that’s impossible.. he still alive and... there is something else inside your soul” peanut face looked perplexed “so bright and warm, so pure.. so innocent that i need to take a look” suddenly peanut felt that his body has been restrained he tried to struggle but it’s no use “ now... little brat let see what kind of soul you have “. Her two index fingers slowly touch his head, then the fingers slowly enter his head like a finger touch the surface of the water. Then he slowly feels immense pain.
Babylon Hospital--
“ what happened !? “ one of the doctors ran when he heard the commotion,
one of the nurses that hold peanut answered “ i don’t know, after he was stable we let him sleep then suddenly he started screaming “, peanut struggle for the immense pain, his body wanted nothing but to curl up and screaming for the pain to stop but the nurses hold his body so that it won’t harm himself.
“nonononononono it hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Please, i beg you stop! Stop! Stop!” peanut pleaded and begged for the pain to stop while he holds the pain, it almost like his body repeatedly stabs by one hundred needles, his body struggles to be moved that one of the nurses almost lost his grip on him.
“dear lord how strong is this pup !?” the nurse keeps holding him down.
The doctor reacted quickly “ give some pain injection !!” the other nurse run and grab some needle and start refil the injection.
“ keep him steady !” the one who brought the injection came closer
“ i can’t!! What kind of food his owner give him !!? “ the one who hold peanut strugle to keep him steady. Then suddenly peanut pushed everyone who holds him,
“oh god, oh god, it hurts, it hurts please ‘sob’ stop ‘sob’” he pleaded but the pain it’s too intense that he tried to claw himself so that he thinks it could make him better.
“ what are you doing keep holding him !?” the doctor yelled on of ther nurse grab him again but he bit his hand, it makes the nurse pull his hand
“ agh! muffins and cookies it “ his hand is bleeding but he’s not going to stop, he tried again and with the help of the other nurse they tried to hold peanut. Suddenly ralph came into the room
“ what are you doing this is an emergency no outsider allowed “ the doctor tried to prevent him to enter. As the nurses still tried to hold him
“let me help i can calm him !” ralph tried to get near peanut
“ don’t he’s to uncontrolled !“ the doctor holding ralph to prevent him to near peanut.
“ trust me i'm the only one that can calm him... please!” ralph pleaded
The doctor looked at him for a second then he release ralph “ suit yourself, but don’t blame me when he bites you “ ralph just nodded and ran to peanut
Peanut dream--
Peanut scream in agony while the one who inflicted the pain searching something that she wanted to know “just a little more and we will find out what kind of soul you have..” then she felt it peanut soul that lies within him. “there we go! Now let’s see..” she touched his soul.
She can feel his soul it almost matched like her brother the one who always played with her when they still a cub, the darkness, betrayal, hatefull, but.. the soul that wanted to protect the one that it’s cherised, then she felt it, the other part of peanut soul the bright soul that warm when it’s touch so innocent, so pure then she relised something “wait... this soul belongs to..” before she could finish her sentence something tried to push her hand out of peanut body. “what the!?”
Babylon Hospital--
Grape and the other huriedly tried to enter the room “ Oh GOD PEANUT !?” grape treid to push trough but she had been held by the doctor
“ you will not go there unless he became stable !” the doctor tried to hold her but she strugle, while her family and friend stop in front of the door
“ LET ME GO !! HE NEEDS ME.. PEANUT!!!” the doctor still prevent her from entering
“ doctor please what’s my baby condition, “ jill asked while her tears slowly ran trough her cheek, while the doctor finally able to hold grape
“ i’m not going to lie but i really don;t know what is happening, at first his condition is normal then suddenly he started screaming and thrasing around but at least someone able to hold him “ the doctor looked behind him and the other looked at his direction, there on the bed ralph is hugging peanut while holding him so that he won’t harm himself
“it’s okay calm down..” he soothes him but peanut still struggling, but it looked like ralph is much stronger. “calm down it’s okay nobody going to hurt you... we’re here to help you” he continued.
The pains came again that it makes peanut suddenly went to struggle again until he can't hold it he opened his jaw and bit ralph shoulder. Ralph hold the pain while keeping peanut steady everyone in the room looked horrified at the scene,
“don't worry it's okay.. bite me if it makes you better don't hold back let me help you peanut” ralph still hold him and peanut still hold his jaw on ralph shoulder, but now one of the nurses quickly inject the drug on peanut neck

Peanut dream--
“oh... so that’s why you can push me out from your soul...” she then stepped back, after that the pain peanut feels it’s gone and he felt relieved that his body went limp on the floor after he holds the pain. “you are one interesting brat” she tried to reach him again until she felt something
“SACRED ARROW!” she dodges the incoming arrow that almost hit her neck, she jumps back and prepares for another incoming attack
A white wolf apear beside peanut, while peanut is unconscious the white wolf grab him and put him on a great distance between the black wolf. “isn’t this a litlle childish of you to pick on a little pup hel ?”
The black wolf on laughed “well,well what do we have here... my ex-sister in law came to visit me”. Her shadow slightly turns into some tentacle-like shape that surrounds her body keeping her from any harm.
Luna then sneered at her “ i knew something is wrong when i looked into the kitsune board game, one of his characters make an unpleasant aura”
Hel then grinned “oh that chunning brat how is he? Still alive i presume? Hehehee” she then tried to take a step but luna preapred to shoot her
“take another step and i will shoot you!” she aims hel chest and prepared to release the arrow
“oh come you don't stand a chance against me if in the past i agree your power match me but now with you alone?... i don't think so~~~” hel grinned wickedly then she takes another step
“Starstorm!” she shoots her arrow in the air than many star shape arrows fallen from the sky like a Starfall, hel able to dodge this but “ i know i can’t match you right now but who said i’m alone?”.
Hel looked at her feet there's a trail mark she leaves behind while she dodges luna arrow then she looked where the first spot he dodge luna arrow, she spotted a big X mark “darn it”
Suddenly she blinks into the X mark unwillingly “WATER TORRENT!” beneath her feet some waster started gathering bellow her then the water rise and blow her away.
“DARK PACT” the tentacle shape surround her and explode, she escaped from the impact, she takes a huge step back and makes a crouch stand, she looked around and found the one who summons the water “ looks like you bring the king with you “
A human shape came beside luna an old man with black beard with his admiral suit he stands tall. “you still can run away after that hit you witch!”
Hel look at the two of them “looks like i'm at disadvantage.. but i got what i needed” she then slowly sink into her shadow
“ i won't let you get away “ luna tried to take an aim but she felt something holding her, she looked at her shadow and found a tentacle shape is holding her hand and neck
“if you still have the string of a mates you can beat me with the king but with your condition now it’s unlikely posible to defeat me.. so with that good bye ex-sister in law” hel laughed and dissapear into her shadow
“darn it she got away” luna become frustated, then she felt a hand on her shoulder
“don't let her provoke you it is best that she is retreating i don't know what will happen if she continued to fight us” kraken then move aside and looked at peanut body that unconsciously on the ground. “what does she want with this pup?”.
Luna only shooked her head “ i don't know but i felt better knowing this child is safe”
Kraken laugh “ you always have a soft spot on children”
Luna smiled at that “ i still can't get used with this form of yours “
Kraken shook his head “believe me if we started a fight i have a better chance at this form than my giant one”
Luna nodded “for now let’s leave him, he started to regain concious”
Kraken “right behind you lass”
Babylon hospital--
He felt something, a metalic taste rolled on his tounge and his teeth is biting something, when his mind resurfaced he smelled something, the same smelled that relaxed him but there’s something else,it’s so strong, he felt something on his neck but he only focused on the smelled, until he realised he bit someone, his body started to tremble he quickly tried to retract his jaw but he felt a paw behind his head, “it’s okay... calm down... your safe”. Ralph still hold him and reasured him at the same time.
He looked in front of him, 'grape,mom,dad' he can see tarot and sabrina too but on the other hand 'then who is this?'. He slowly opens his jaw.he harm this person, and it pains him that he wanted to cry, tears slowly gathered on his eyes as he looked at the one he bites.
“are you okay now?” ralph asked him, peanut looked surprised the one that he bites is non-other the leader of k9 force. tears slowly flow beside his cheek.. ralph face frowned and he becomes more worried “ why are you crying? Are you hurt!?” his hand wipe the tears on peanut face
“ lay him down, let him rest” the doctor ordered him, ralph slowly put his body on the bed. The doctor walks near them and check peanut condition. While the nurse check ralph shoulder, grape quickly gets beside the bed.
“you dum dum.. you make us worried you know” grape cried in relived after peanut calms down, jill cried silently on earl shoulder, tarot and sabrina looked worried at him.
“he’s going to be okay looks like his body didn’t get any injured when he struggles” the doctor done checking him. “ now let’s treat that shoulder shall we?” the doctor looked disapprovingly at ralph, while the dog only smiled sheepishly.
“hey ralph” grape called him, ralph looked at her. “thank you” she smiled greatfully at him.
“your welcome” he smiled back, getting down from the bed.
Before getting down peanut quickly grab his paw, ralph looked quetionly at him. peanut tried to talk but he looked strugle to say a word “ i....i...i a...m ..” ralph smiled at him and rub his head
“it’s okay pup it’s just a scratch” ralph smiled at him, but it only make peanut cry harder, he tried to speak again but only in whispered “i’m sorry, i’m sorry” he repeatedly say those word while the tears keep flowing out in his eyes.
Ralph grinned “ i’ll check on you again later pup” he walks out from the room but before he could get out peanut whispered again and it makes ralph smiled happily “ thank you...”
Heaven courtroom
Once the gathering is done stood one demigod that still hadn’t left the room, “ what’s does he mean “ the same day his brother cast away “ “
after the angel left bahamut still thinking what the angel is saying . Then kitsune enter the throne room “ Bahamut.. i finished with the task “
bahamut looked at him “ thank you kitsune, sorry for giving it so suddenly “
kitsune just shook his head “ it’s alright one of my scouts told me that he’s in the place when he first when berserk “
bahamut nodded “ and the other task ? ”.
kitsune then step aside from the door “ as you can see they already accepted the request “
then the two figured of a wolf shaped enter the room, one has a muscular body and the other has lean figured. a male and a female wolf, “ well... if that is the request i have no reason to decline “ the female said,
“ but i didn’t know that this request need this ice queen, “ the male said,
“ shut up you meathead if the request only needs me you can just go home and work out that over tight muscle “ the female mocked.
“ that’s really a cold word dear sister, “ the male said.
“ i still need to bring my title my dear brother “
then bahamut step in “ enough!, i know this has been a long time for you guys to see each other, but can i have your cooperation? “,
the wolves looked at him “ of course, but i hope you still hold the end of the deal won;t you? “ the male said
“ of course if the deal is broken then you know what will happen right ? “ the female said, then the two of them leaked a dark aura that almost make kitsune and bahamut trembled.
“ i will keep the deal if you keep our deal, “ said bahamut .
They nodded “ well with that, let’s meet him, shall we? “
the male said “ to our father favourite place “ the female continued. Then the both of them turn around exiting the room and the other two followed them, “ TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN “.

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Chapter 7
Babylon hospital
After the commotion peanut finally went back to slumber after the drugs take effect, while peanut asleep jill and earl went outside to find some food for grape and the others. The room felt quite, too quiet the only sound that can be heard is peanut whining and whimper, ‘cute.. still sleeping like a pup’ is what grape thinking right now until she finally asked “ are you and peanut broke up?”
tarot looked shocked at the question “wha.. ye..s ...i mean.. n..o i mean maybe... i....” tarot become panic her body tremble as she tries to find the right answer
“ tarot calm down! I’m only asking don’t panic” grape said, sabrina grab tarot paw to calm her down
Tarot takes a deep breath and finally, she tried to answer “ i.. i really don’t know... but i.. i mean he thinks we already broke up but..” tarot went silent but grape tried to urge her to continued “ but? “ tarot looked at her “ i don’t want that “ tarot whimpered, sabrina looked at her mentor and felt pity
Sabrina finally said something “ grape, i think we need to change the subject, tarot has a lot of minds right now “ grape only nodded “ so... what happened to peanut?” sabrina asked
Grape looked confused “ i thought you guys know what happened to him?” sabrina and tarot looked confused at her, “ did you even see what is happening him? his abnormal strength when the nurse holding him? his in pain while none of his body seems to be injured?”
Tarot finally took the hint “ are you saying ‘The spirits’ did this? ” sabrina face looked shocked “ but ‘the spirits’ cannot harm us it’s in the rule” tarot explained
Grape looked annoyed “ well the big stupid bird and your dragon seems to have a different mind “
Tarot shooked her head “ they are the demigod and no they can not interfere with mortal fate “
“what’s that supposed to mean? “ grape asked
Tarot tried to explain “ ‘the spirits’ are our guides.. they can’t harm us.. not directly but they won’t.. there are rules for those who harm the living being.. but for the demigod, they are called trials”
Grape becomes more confused “ wha... what do you mean by trials? “
Sabrina interfered “ it’s the same like when we went to the temple... after so many traps.. hardship.. etc... there is a price for those who succeed the trial ”
Grape looked serious “ and the price is..??”
Tarot explained again “ it depends... sometimes a bless, a miracle or a fortune but sometimes those trial can lead to something more devious ways... the temple that we visited belongs to Pete the big stupid bird you were just said while demigod can’t touch us mortal directly but they can manipulate them... sometimes to test the worth of a mortal or they own amusent.. for pete... well you can guess when we back at the temple”
Grape began to-shivered “ yeah... we almost called a satan in that temple “ grape shocked her body “ but the remaining mystery is what happened to peanut.. are you telling me he’s hiding something after we went to the temple?”
Tarot looked uncomfortable “ not ‘hiding’ but maybe he didn't know what really happened”
Grape shooked her head and she takes a seat near peanut bed “ well... we won’t know unless he tells us directly “
Sabrine looked at her and find herself a place to sit while tarot looked at grape with questioning looked “ grape... i.. want to ask something “
Grape looked at her “ what is it? ”
Tarot eyes become hard “ tell me the truth.. what is the relationship between officer ralph and peanut? “
Grape looked at her ‘is she jealous?’ “ nothing.. that’s what i can tell you, you have to ask that to himself.. peanut never hang around with the k9 unit except for sabrina boyfriend “Sabrina face become flustered “ but now i think officer ralph is kinda like peanut saviour? Maybe.. i think?”
Tarot looked annoyed “ that doesn’t mean you can nuzzle him just because you save him “ sabrina and grape looked at her and thinking ‘ she definitely jealous ‘
Sabrina corrected her “ ralph is not the one who nuzzle peanut it the other way around “
Tarot become more annoyed “ I KNOW BUT THAT’S MAKES ME MORE ANNOYED!! “
One of the nurses came inside “ if you guys still talk loudly i will gladly kick all of you out “
They apologized at the nurse, after the nurse left they went back to the topic. Sabrina began to talk “ tarot.. maybe we should talk to peanut first before we make another accusation right?”
Tarot just sighed and nodded her head, so they wait until peanut wakes up.
The ??? Realm
No one knows what’s this realm even the most powerful demigod can’t enter or search this realm, some said that the one that ever been in this realm or can enter is the first human, the god sons, and the devil himself. Michael enters the realm while all of his brothers waiting for his return his appearance change again into a beautiful human that have white wings on his back, even his brother is beautiful that no one can describe the beauty of the angel. “ welcome back brother “ one of his brother called Azrael welcoming him.
“ i’m back brothers.. and ‘father’ “ Michael said as he walked closer to where his brothers stand. Then he proceeds to bow before his father.
“ hello my child welcome back “ his ‘father’ welcome him, his appearance only a light of entity. He feels that something is bothering Michael and so he ask “ my child it seems something is bothering you, would you kindly tell me what is it that bothers you? “
Michael body become stiffen he didn’t even know where to start “ i’m sorry father.. i didn’t know where to start but forgive me for assuming you but i think you already know everything that bothering me from the start “
His father only answer “ yes.. i know everything i know what’s bothering you but i wanted you to tell me... i wanted you to tell me directly so that the weight you carry can be lighter “
Michael smiled “ thank you, father... it’s about lucifer” when he said that name all of his brothers become tense “ our brother always in my mind... the day you banish him is the day i question myself “ Michael stood and looked at his father “ why did he do it? Why he chose him? why did he agree? Why.... “ Michael body begun to tremble “ why didn't i do anything? “
His brothers feel sadness on him, father only said “ you feel guilty “ as he looked at his children “ the question is why do you feel guilty? “ he question Michael
“ he’s the most innocence angel if i said so myself.. he always follows your order without question... he believes us.. and yet... “ Michael eyes become hard “ when he found him... “ all of them know what’s he talking about as he becomes furious. “ WHY did he just HAVE to..... have.. to “ his body started to relax as the tears stream on his face “ why did he have to fall in love“.
Silenced, his brothers wanted to comfort him but they didn’t dare sympathy is all they can give to him, his father started to talk “ i never forbade you to love someone “
Michael started to cried “ that’s the thing! I should have explained or helped him when he feels this emotion, because of it he chooses him and get himself in trouble, after you give him your punishment i only stood there and watch as he slowly falls from heaven...” his tears drop below him “ i should stand by his side and help him explained himself and yet... “ all of his brothers started to cry on by one as he feels his emotion
Father started to talk again “ are you angry at me for banishing your brother ?”
Michael shooked himself “NO... of course not father.. it’s just i wish you give him a chance to redeem himself rather than banish him... i only wish that we can start from beginning again when all of us even lucifer served you”
Father answered him “ i never said that he could not come back “
Michael and his brothers become shocked “ wait.. wha..!?”
Father calmly to ask his children “my children since when did i said that lucifer can not go back to heaven? “
One of his brother Gabriel started to answered “ i’m sorry father but when you said banished we thought he could not came back “
Father started to question again “ and all of you just assumed ?”
All of his children nodded, Michael then started to ask “ but if he can come back why did you make us assume that he could not come back?”
Their father warmly laugh “ha ha ha.. my child i give you all freedom to chose i never interfered of what you choosen.. but only i can judge and give punishment “
Michael then looked at his father with determination eyes “ father may i request something? “
His father calmly answered “ my children i told you that you have freedom choose you do not need my permission “
Michael explained “ at least it will calm my heart when i have your permission “
Father only laughed “ ha ha ha.. alright than.. what is your request?”
Michael calmly said “ to looked for our brother “ all of his brothers become surprised when he said that. Then Gabriel suddenly yelled “ father! Please let me help brother Michael to find our brother too “ Michael looked shocked as he never thought that his brothers would want to help him.
Father calmly answered “ alright i give you two my permission.. but you will come when i give you a duty “
Both Michael and Gabriel answered “ yes father “ they started to walk away until they heard their brothers yelled “ Michael, Gabriel please bring our brother back “
Michael and Gabriel smiled and they looked each other and nodded, their wings spread out and they started to fly away from the realm. In the middle of their journey, Gabriel started to asked “ brother Michael where do we find our brother? “
Michael started to think “ we need someone with a strong bond to help us search him, and the only one who can find him is..”
Then Gabriel interrupted him “ the one he falls in love “
Michael nodded “ we need to find that wolf
Peanut dream
Darkness.. it’s all peanut can see.. he feels his body floating, his body felt lighter.. he didn’t care anymore.. no one here.. no one can harm him anymore.. but... he felt lonely, then he felt a warm air surrounding him, a light started to shine brightly.. then he can hear a voice.. multiple voices..
" when my father created me he told me that i could do anything but he said that my job is a protector “ the sound come from the light orb that approaches peanut, then another voice can be heard
” the one that created me told me that my whole life is only to be a weapon “ the sound comes from the dark orb as it approaches peanut. The two orbs started circling peanut.
“ when father order me to protect our family i’m happily served him with all my brothers “ the light orb continued “ my creator wanted me to kill along with my brother and sister “ it looked like the two orbs telling him something.
“ father told me he always proud all the creation that he made “
“ even though i served my creator.. he betrayed me “
“ i feel warm, happiness, trust “
“ i feel anger, sadness, betrayal “
“ i never question my father decision “
“ i will never trust my creator “
“ one day my father ordered me to protect a place “
“ after i run from the cage that locked me “
the two orbs then said the same thing “ I met him.. “
“ a dark lonely and sad creature“
“ a bright warm and happiness “
“ at first he tried to attack me “
“ i tried to attack him “
“ my job is to protect the place, he didn’t try to ruin this place so i never fight back “
“ i tried to as he dodged every attack, he never fights back it makes me curious “
“ as he stopped i tried to talk “
“ he talk to me... as we talk i let my guard down “
“ we talk.. we didn’t care how long we talk “
“ i felt happy.. “
“ alas i need to return home “
“ he wanted to go.. i become panic “
“ i promised him that i will come back “
“ he promises me... and he comes back”
“ i went back doing my duty and talk with him “
“ i felt warm.. feeling that long forgotten “
“every time i talked to him my heart starts beating fast “
“ i don’t want to look at anyone else except him “
“ i felt longing every time i need to go back “
“ i felt lonely every time he went back “
“ until i learned what’s my feeling called “
“ i never thought that me the living weapon will have this feeling “
the two orbs slowly change shape.. “LOVE”
“ please, help me !”
“ i wanted to search him! “
“ my home to return to “
“ my happiness and warm place “
“ the only one that can complete me “
“ the only one that understands me "
Then two different paw grab peanut cheeks “ MY SOULMATE”

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Chapter 8
Babylon Hospital~~
After all the ruckus ralph lie down on the bed while the doctor tried to patch his shoulder,“ there… all patch up “ said the doctor, “ i hope your not doing anything like that again !” the doctor eyes become stern, ralph only smile sheepishly as he nods his head
“ don’t worry doctor is not going to happen next time” ralph said as he tried to stand up, the doctor glared at him “ next time?! “
ralph become panicked as he stumbled his word “ well... i.. mean... i ... well... it’s... “ the doctor raised his hand in front of ralph face to stop him from speaking “ just... just don’t pull a stunt like that again “
ralph only shooked his head “ i can’t promise that “ the doctor help him to stand as they walked out together, the walk beside each other, until one of them raised a question “ i’m sorry but you never mention your name doctor.. ? “ as ralph asked the question
the doctor become surprised “ oh do i? Sorry about that my names erick “ ralph looked curiously at this doctor, his short black hair, his black eyes, his average height and how he interacts with ralph, he could tell that this doctor is still young and have a lot of experience with patience.
“ nice too meet you doctor erick, my names ralph “ ralph keep walking beside erick, he wanted to ask something but it might be rude
“ you wanted to asked if i'm new here correct? “ erick glanced at him, ralph looked at him and he nodded his head “ you are correct only been here about a month? I forgot”
“ when did you move here ?” ralph keep his pace with erick, erick looked at ralph body language and he can predict that ralph is anxious
“ are you really asking that out of curiosity or you just wanted to change subject ? “ erick asked, ralph looked at another direction “ both... i think “. Erick only grinned at that
“ the pup is fine there are no injuries that could harm him “ erick stopped at the front desk, ralph sighed in relief “ his name is peanut “, erick is talking with a female nurse as he tried to ask something.
Then he looked at ralph “ oh i knew that.. “ the nurse give him an envelope he takes it and walked away, ralph followed him “ how do you know what i’m going to asked? “ erick open the envelope and see what inside of it
“ after that scene... is hard not to noticed how your behaviour towards him “ ralph blushed a little “ and you already now that i’m going to his room that’s why you are following me “ ralph looked anywhere besides erick
Erick closed the envelope as he went inside the lift, ralph followed him too “ what’s in that envelope? “ ralph went beside him, erick looked at him “ it supposed to be doctor-patient confidential but i’ll make some exception for you “ ercik grinned again, ralph looked curious
“ this is the pup health record “ he raised the enveloped as he tried to explain “ i wanted to know his record before going in his room again “
Ralph become confused “ why? “ erick glared at him “ do i need to check your head too? Have you seen his strength? My THREE nurse can’t even hold him, but you.... “ he pointed his finger at ralph “ you could easily hold him even with the cost of your shoulder “ the doctor suddenly pushed the emergency stop button, the lift light become dim and the lift suddenly stop “ so would you like to explain what is happening ? even in his record there is no behaviour like that “
Ralph only looked as erick breath become heavy, ralph is in deep thinking, of course, he knew that something is wrong with peanut but his instinct just denied the difference, ‘what’s exactly is happening?’ until ralph realised something “ you.... you have seen something like this didn;t you?”
Erick took a deep breath “ the last time i see something like that was after the riot in russian “ ralph listened carefully as he absorbed this information “ i only just begin my job as a surgeon, most of the time the people that came is missing part of their body, some pets too, until i saw two bulldogs came in, the female carried the wounded male “ the doctor slide down as he takes a sit ralph joining him “ i rushed with other nurses to carried the wounded inside the surgery room, the female yelled something we ignored that until it’s too late “ both of erick hand went to cover his face “ the male is rampaging costing one of the nurses lived “
Ralph asked “ what happened?” erick glanced at him “ the male knock her, making her flew across the room, until she got impaled in one of the glass windows “ erick stop for a minute ralph patiently wait him “ i tried to save her but.... she already bleeding out.. the male still in rampage and many of the guard couldn’t stop him.. until the female came rushing in.. i yelled her to stop but as she went in front of him he stops... he just looked at her and stop “
Ralph looked at the doctor, “ your not angry at him, your angry of something else” the doctor looked at him “ after three days i asked one of the translators come to aid me for some questioning with the female... than i found out something horrible “ erick gripped his hand “ that dog is one of the lab test to make a living weapon.. accepting order without question.. “erick face become red “THEY MAKE A LIVING BEING TO BECOME A WEAPON” erick then calm down “ but... there’s something else they need something or someone that can make them sane.. a suppressor...”
Ralph thought for a second “ what do they call? “ erick face become grim “ NOVICHOK “ ralph body shuddered after hearing that name “ are you saying peanut might be one of them? “ erick glanced at ralph “ i thought you knew? “ ralph only shooked his head
Erick sighed then pushed the button once more the lift light back on and the lift start again “ this becomes more complex than just random kidnapping “ ralph scratch his head, erick just nod “ we need to investigate the answer “
Ralph glared at him “ you mean the police will investigate the answer “ erick glared back “ it’s my duty to help the patient “ ralph than argued “ and it’s the policed duty to arrest and secure “ both of them glared each other, until erick back down “ fine... at least you guys need me “ the lift make a sound, the door open and erick went out followed by ralph
“ temporarily..” ralph corrected, erick looked at ralph body language again, Ralph body tremble and erick heard his growl “ don’t make a scene in here” ralph keeping his pace “ i can't help it “ erick stop in front of the room “ if it's not him you might not be that furious “ ralph looked beside him “ what do you mean ?” erick knocked the door “ you are a k9 you are not supposed to be this dense” then both of them enter the room
Selûne ---
“ it seems your hunch is correct isn’t luna? “ Phoenix said as he welcomes luna and Kraken, “it seems that the two of you have something to say” luna and Kraken stepped in the middle of the ruin as the other forgotten god circled them.
“ that witch resides on a mortal “ kraken said as he body transform back into a big tentacle one “ i never have gotten used of that body, “ Kraken said.

“ what do you mean? “ Seiryu asked as he surprised at what he hearing
“ she is inside on a mortal but we already push her out before the host lost his mind “ luna mood seems to worsen, hanuman noticed this
“ now, now... what’s really happened? Hanuman asked as Luna glared at him, the monkey is sweating as his eyes lock with her, “erm... luna ... why are you getting angry at me?” hanuman become restless as he tried to step back.
“ she’s mad because the host is still a pup in her eyes “ Kraken explained, Luna seems to disagree
“ HE IS A PUP!! “ Luna yelled, the others now understand. Luna the mother of all wolves, of course, she’s furious when a pup is been mistreated.
“ he is a dog “ Kraken stated, Luna then glared at him
“ SO WHAT? HE’S STILL A PUP “ Luna growl, Kraken slowly back up then Byakko stand beside him and whispered, “ do not anger the mother...” Kraken gulped and nod his head “ you don’t need to tell me twice “ but it seems Luna heard they're whispered
“EXCUSE ME!!” Luna marched at them, the two of them quickly hide behind Genbu
“ guys...even though my shell is powerful i don’t think it can withstand her anger ” Genbu said as he tried to shake two of them.
“ ENOUGH.... luna please calm down... we need to get back on the main topic “ phoenix yelled luna just huff and went back to the centre followed by Kraken
“ ehem.. so as i said.. that witch reside on a do...” Luna glared at the Kraken “ emm.. i mean a pup.. but we don’t know what she’s looking for “
“ does she hurt the pup ?” Phoenix asked, Kraken wanted to answer but Luna already beat him to it
“ YES... I MEAN I KNOW SHE IS A LUNATIC BUT WHEN SHE ALMOST TRIED TO RIP THE PUP SOUL..” Hanuman tried to stop her “ whoa whoa whoa.... what do you mean? “
Luna sighed “ she touched the pup soul... it deep enough to make the pup suffer.. we stop her before she touches his core “
Everybody went silent until Genbu asked “ why did she reside in the pup in the first place? “
“whatever it is i don’t like it “ Luna said, Seiryu asked “ should we tell Fenrir? “ Luna disapproved
“ and what? So that he can interrogate the pup and make him scared for life? “ Luna looked sharp as he looked at Seiryu
“ well we need someone to watch over the pup i have a feeling the witch is still targeting that pup “ Kraken suggest, Luna then wagged her tail “ I VOLUNTEERED “ she raised her hand
“ okay.. we need another volunteer “ Phoenix said, everyone looked each other until someone raised his voice
“ i will go “ Seiryu said, everybody went shocked when he said that
“ are you sure Seiryu?” Phoenix asked, Seiryu just nod his head. “ well i hope you two have a safe trip “ then Phoenix sent a mindlink at seiryu ‘brother what are you planning’ they looked each other
‘ i have a bad feeling about this brother that’s why i wish to followed luna ‘ Seiryu said, they looked at Luna at the same time making her confused
“ why are you guys looking at me like that ?” Luna asked, Seiryuu approach her “ don’t worry, we need to get going “ luna wagged her tail and run outside leaving Seiryu behind
“ well there goes her mother instinct “ hanuman chuckled. Seiryu started to followed luna while the others discuss another topic whether they tell Fenrir or they face the wrath of Luna. When they think about it maybe facing Fenrir is much safer than her.
Garden of Eden~~
Eden the place where the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, were created by God and lived until they fell and were expelled, a paradise with a tree that full of delicious fruits also the tree that produces the forbidden fruits, The tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Under that tree stood a lone wolf that reminisces the past, the place where they first met. Fenrir stood there watching the scenery, “ where are you... mate “.
He heard a footstep, many footsteps. “ so this is where you are father “ he looked behind him as he saw something that moves his heart, his son and daughter “Sköll ...Hati “ they started to approach him
“ father... “Sköll started to say something
“ we... “ Hati continued
“ Miss you... “ they said together as they leap and hug him, he laughed as he embraced them
Until he heard someone else “ this.... is not what i expected when i saw the GOD OF DESTRUCTION “ kitsune started to approach them followed by Bahamut
well... what you look at that... my pups finally making a friend Fenrir joke, his children started to get irritated
“ they are not our friends “ they said together, Fenrir just laughed
“ well what do i owe a pleasure meeting you King of Judgement? “ Fenrir asked as he approached the two of them
“ we did not seek a fight... we just wanted to talked “ Kitsune said, Fenrir become confused “ well that’s a first “ they knew what he meant, in the past everyone that meeting him always asking for a fights
“ we recently just confirm that maybe we ... no, I misjudge you “ Bahamut said as he looked straight at Fenrir, “ so even though you still have grudge against us i understand but i am indeed felt regret for that i apologize, “ Bahamut said as he lowers his head at Fenrir.
Fenrir just looked at him with a bored face “ i accept... but.... i still have some grudge against some of youFenrir release a terrifying aura, Kitsune tremble as he felt his leg couldn’t support his body
Fenrir supressed his aura Bahamut and Kitsune sighed in relieved but for his children, they felt longing.
Kitsune took a long breath “ sir... uhm... “ Kitsune fidgeted, Bahamut knew that feeling even the cunning fox can’t handle that wolf.
Fenrir scratched his head “ just call my name and be done with it “ as he looked annoyed
Kitsune jumped a little “ we just wanted to ask if you could come with us? ” he felt that Fenrir glared at him
“Father. “Sköll began to talk
“ we made a deal.. “ Hati continued
Sköll “ that they shall not Bring you as Prisoner “
Hati “ but as a guest, if they broke the deal “
Sköll and Hati said together “we will have their HEAD “
Fenrir looked at his Children, they looked or maybe beg at him that he should just follow them, it looked like he has a different mind
even though that’s tempting.. i can’t his children looked surprised “ I’m looking for someone...
Kitsune and Bahamut looked at each other “ is it your sister? “ his children looked shocked both of them said “ aunt Hel?”
Fenrir just shooked his head “ no..... “ his children felt his sadness until they realised who’s he talking about
Sköll “ oh... it’s him “ he glared bellow him, his sister looked at him but she knew how he felt even though they haven’t met for a long time
Hati “Sköll ..... “ she looked at him with a pity, Fenrir face become grim he couldn't blame his son the last time he saw his children was the time when he went mad because Sköll knew what really happened.
I’m sorry Sköll ...Fenrir apologize, Sköll face become hardened as he tears away from his father
“ why?... after all these years “ Sköll gritted his teeth, Fenrir fells sad.
“ after what he has done to you... “Sköll face become furious
after he saved me?Fenrir said
“ WHAT KIND OF MATE SAVE HIS BELOVED AND MAKE THEM SEE HOW HE DIED ON FRONT OF THEM “ Sköll face become red as wrath clouded his mind.
Sköll... he’s not dead,Fenrir said
“ what? You think just because he’s been banished he’s not perished? “Sköll argued
Fenrir eyes become wide “ what are you talking about Sköll his body trembled
Bahamut interrupted them “ wait.... did you guys talked about... “
Sköll huffed “ who else... ‘Lucifer’ “, Kitsune and Bahamut face become shocked they didn't knew that Fenrir the God of Destruction mate is the fallen angel itself.
Fenrir shouted “ WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT Sköll... “ his face couldn't handle what his son said
Sköll face become looked guilty as he said “ the day that he banished i saw him falling down from the heaven..” all of them become silent as they hear his story
“ the next thing i know his body consumed by fire and split into two “ Fenrir couldn’t handle the truth as he knee gave up and he falls down to the ground crying his heart out.
Hati just stood there shocked at what she heard, Kitsune and Bahamut gaped as they couldn’t handle the information. Sköll looked at his father, the only one that saw after Lucifer was banished was only him while the other tried to subdued his father until they heard a flapping sound
Impudent child..... how dare you to assume our father killed our brother ” before they stood a buck and a lynx as their white wings spread out behind them.
you shall share your knowledge of what you have seen “ the buck said
After they see this Bahamut only said one name “ Michael....”

8 chapters... and i still haven’t improved my grammar -_- ... well, what do you guys think? Could you give me an opinion or maybe which one is my mistake?... thank you..

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Well other than the grammar, I think that this chapter and the previous ones you wrote came out really awesome!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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why thank you Dayzee.... but i never though that i would make this story more complex than the one that i wanted it to happend (-_-")

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Is it alright for you to do what?

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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well.... if i stick on my original plot the story become weirder than this... :? :?

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If you stick around to know me long enough, you will know that I'm weird.

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Chapter 9

Garden of Eden~~
“Well? What are you waiting?” Michael asked as he glared down at Sköll. All of them surprised as the sons of the god came, except Fenrir, he cried on his knee as he couldn’t accept what his son trying to tell him. Gabriel tried to looked at the situation and surprised at what he saw.
“ brother.... is that Fenrir? “ Michael looked at what his brother looked at and suddenly he realised that the one who held the title of ‘Destruction’ cried in sorrow, who wouldn’t? As someone told you the one who you loved perished without a traced.
“ Bahamut what are they doing in here? “ whispered Kitsune as Bahamut shooked his head
“ i don’t know... but it looks like things are becoming more complicated “ as Bahamut Explained
“ oh look at that... the goody goody angel come to visit us” mocked Sköll as he snarled at them, Gabriel hissed back
“ you don’t have to worry little ‘pup’ me and my brother just wanted to meet your father “ Gabriel and Sköll stared at each other and ready to bite each other throat. But Bahamut interfered
“ Michael what are you doing in here? “ as Bahamut asked Michael
“ At first we wanted to ask our fallen brother beloved one if he does know where our brother is, but it looked like he doesn’t know “ Michael looked down at Fenrir as he couldn’t believe what he saw “even though he has ‘that’ title he can still feel sadness” as the buck looked at him with pity
“ but now it looks like this ‘pup’ knew what happened to our beloved brother “ as the Lynx tried to provoke Sköll and it worked
“ OH I SHOW YOU WHO ‘PUP’ OLD MAN “ as Sköll lunged toward Gabriel, but someone intercepts him
“ stay down you lug don’t get provoked are you becoming more stupid after we went to our hunt?” as Hati growled at him
“ i’m sorry little one my head is limited “ the lynx grinned, Bahamut tried to help Hati to blocked the canine and feline, Kitsune tried to help too. Until they heard a snapped
“ ENOUGH “ as Michael and Fenrir shout at them, Michael looked dissaproved at his brother while Fenrir still on his knee as his paws dug out the ground below him, he looked angry.. no, the right word is furious. Both of them released an intimidating aura as the other freeze on the spot.
“brother, stop provoking him “ the buck couldn’t believe what his brother doing as he shook his head ” Sköll i’m sorry for my brother but we may need your help “Sköll looked run a marathon.
“ and why should i? “ as he asked the buck
” Sköll !! “ Fenrir shout, Sköll eyes become wide as he saw his father
“ i have enough of this childish game you will tell ‘ME’ what happened to Lucifer... “ as Fenrir furiously looked at Sköll.
Sköll and Hati whimpered as they saw their father, Fenrir looked hurt at what he saw but this is not the time.
Hati tried to talk “ fa.. father.. please...”, Bahamut and Kitsune face become pure white, even Gabriel looked uncomfortable, Fenrir sighed and he looked at Michael as he raised a brow
Then the intimidating aura from both of them disappeared. Sköll still whimpering and it hurts Fenrir more.
Fenrir talk slowly “Sköll please.... tell me what happened to him... “ as he couldn’t help feeling more sorrow, Sköll looked at his father as his ear fell down on his head then he looked at both of the angels.
“so.... what do you want to know?”
Grocery store~~
While Grape and the others bickering in the hospital two humans went to find a meal for their children, while the woman felt anxious, the man keeping composed,
“ jill... calm down.. “ earl tried to calm his wife while he’s taking some of the pet food
“ calm down??? CALM DOWN!!?? “ Jill started to freak out, “ HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT AFTER SEEING OUR BOY!!??? “ she yelled at her husband gaining attention the other shopper
“ ‘sigh’ jill..... “ earl shook his head, he wanted to calm her but she interrupted
“ JILL!! “ earl shouted, she becomes shocked when her husband yelled at her, of all her life when she married her husband never has he ever shouted at her. She looked at his face, the face that hides the pain. Now she knew that this incident affects her husband more than she knew.
“ i...i...i’m....” tears gathered around her eyes as he looked at her husband, the pain when she looked at her child, her son, struggled for unknown pain, it feels like her heart has been stab by a knife. Earl face finally break as he looked at her with the eyes full of pain, he gently brought her to his chest and there she finally cried in his chest. The others shoppers looked at them with a pity and started to walked away one by one to leave them alone
“ i know it pains you as much as it pains me to see him like this... but we need to calm ourself... he needs us... no.... peanut and grape need us.. “ earl tried to reassure his wife, “ he’s fine... the doctor said that he’s going to be alright and that's good right? “ he asked her
She nods her head and started to wipe her tears, “ i know that... but, i can’t help it.. it’s.... it’s... “ she scrambled her words
Her husband raised an eye, “ IT”S MOTHER INSTINCT OKAY....” she explained, well... tried to.
His husband grinned “ really? Mother instinct? “ she started to blush as she slapped his shoulder
“ you know what i meant.. “ she glared at him as he rubs his shoulder where jill hit him
“ you spoiled him too much “ he chuckled
“ ‘humpf’... who grant their wish went we went to the zoo? “ she looked away from him, he started grinning at her wife and he pulls her to him, jills surprised at this
“ what are you doing... no... don’t hahaha “ she started to laugh as tickle sensation she felt when her husband kissed her neck as she struggled to get free, the others shoppers looked at them again as they smiled at the married couple.
He let her go as she turns around and snakes her hand around her husband neck “ now i take it you felt happy again? “ Earl asked her, she giggled and kissed her husband
“ don’t you ever do that again... “ she smiled lovingly at her husband, she let her arms go “ c’mon dear, peanut and the others might be starving when he wakes up “ Jill started to drag her husband as the other giggled at the silly couple
Babylon Hospital~~
A knocking sound making grape and the other looked at the door, Erick came inside followed by Ralph, as they enter Tarot glared at Ralph
“ what are you doing here again? “ as tarot growled at Ralph
sabrina slap her nose “ BAD GIRL! “ Tarot became shocked as she rubs her nose
“ but...but.... “ tarot whine at her, and Sabrina just glared at her
“ we talked about this ... “ she said, Ralph and Erick looked at each other not knowing what to do
Grape just shooked her head as she asked the doctor “ doc what happened? Is he alright? Does something happened? “ grape just wished that this day could just end.
Erick just shooked his head “ no no no... i’m just looking at his condition nothing to worry princess “
Grape shocked at the doctor said and she becomes annoyed “ where did you hear that name? “ as she glared at the doctor
Erick put his hand up “ wow... what do you mean? Did i say something wrong? “ ‘welp this girl is scary’
Grape just looked annoyed “ nothing... just forget what i said “
Erick scratched his head “ seriously though.. i’m sorry if i offended you “ as he grinned at her
Grape just looked at him “ don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong “
Erick nods his head “ so..... just last question.... is it because i called you ‘princess’?”
Grape sighed “ well not really... it just.. “ suddenly they heard someone groaning
“uuuhhh.... it’s because that’s her first name.. “ peanut groaned as he slowly rises from the bed. Grape quickly hold him and push him to the bed
“ don’t move... you still hurt “ she smile sadly at him, then she slap his shoulder
“ ouch.... what did i do “ peanut felt the sting and rub his shoulder
“ that’s for worrying me and the others... and don’t you dare told them my name “ grape glared at him, peanut answered only rolling his tongue out.
“ well as much that amused me i hope you didn’t hurt my patient again miss “ Erick interrupted, “ how are you holding up there pup? “ erick ask peanut
‘huh he’s very friendly’ grape thought as he looked at erick
“ my shoulder hurt i got a headache my feet sore and my tummy is grumbling “ he put his hand on his stomach while making a puppy face at them
The others awed at him while Ralph tried to hid his crimson red face ‘ that face shouldn’t be legal ‘
Grape giggled at him “ awwed... don’t worry you lug mom and dad just went to the store to grab us a meal “ as she rub his head making his tail beat the bed
“ really!? Oh boy i wish they bring me that doggy cereal “ he smiled showing his toothy-grinned at her, tarot looked at him with a sad smile and Sabrina only looked at tarot with a pity.
“ now now... you mustn't eat anything hard just for today or you are going to upset your stomach, “ Erick said as he writes peanut condition on his board
“ aww.... i wanna eat that cereal “ making peanut whine, Erick just chuckled at his reaction
“ are you really alright peanut? “ Ralph slowly walked towards peanut making tarot uncomfortable
Peanut looked at Ralph the first thing he noticed is the bandage around his shoulder “ yeah...... i’m okay... “ his ears fell down on his head and his eyes slowly looked away.
Ralph noticed this and moved beside him while his hand slowly reaching peanut head “ hey i’m fine it’s not your fault you know “ he smiled at peanut, grape and the others confused for a second until they looked at what peanut saw and they understand.
Peanut whine “ but.... i bit you “ he looked at Ralph as tears slowly gathered around his eyes
Ralph smiled at him “ maybe a hug will make me feel better? “ Ralph open his arms waiting for peanut to come for him
All of them became shocked at what he’s saying especially peanut, he slowly rise form the bed with the help of grape and move his head to Ralph chest as he hugs peanut.
Peanut tail wagged a little as he sniffed something ‘ smells like grass and dirt but... it’s nice “ peanut growled a little as he feels satisfied
While peanut still in his chest ralph slowly sniffed his head ‘cinnamon smelled... it’s smelled nice’ as he tightened his hold making him and peanut comfortable.
While both of them enjoy each other until Erick coughed while tarot growled making them startled and separated quickly “ could you kindly move away from my ‘boyfriend’? “ tarot glared at Ralph
Until she realised what just she said as looked at peanut, the face that she saw in him is sadness “ tarot.... “ tarot didn’t want to see that face as she looked away from him.
Erick looked at both of them as he trying to figure out what to do ‘ and they said only humans have this kind of drama ‘, “ehem... i figured you feel well enough to answer some of my questions? “
Tarot feels gratitude for the doctor for changing the subject, grape and tarot looked at each other as they felt an awkward atmosphere.
“ ehm... yeah i think i can “ peanut said as he recovered from the awkwardness, Erick started to say something but ralph realised what the doctor wanted to ask.
“ you will not ask that question “ as Ralph growled furiously at the doctor while his body tried to hide peanut behind his back
Erick glared at ralph “ i haven’t asked any question “ everyone looked shocked at the both of them, grape tried to raised her hand but ralph cut her off
“ you can ask any question but not ‘that’ question “ everyone confused about what Ralph saying, Erick become annoyed at Ralph
“ i have the right to ask the question ‘k9 officer’ “ Erick and Ralph looked murderously at each other, as the tension grows heavier only one dog brave enough to meddle with this
uhm..... ra...ralph “ peanut called him as ralph whipped his head behind him, surprised that peanut called him, “ uhm... i mean.... officer.. ralph could you stop it? Your making us scared “ peanut use his puppy face at ralph making him whimpered
‘ that face should be illegal’ as Ralph blushed furiously and hide his face with his paw, Erick looked at peanut with gratitude, peanut just smiled back to him.
The way peanut ask Ralph making Erick doubt to even asked him ‘that’ question so he casually changed the question “ so, besides hungry, soreness, and headache does anything out of ordinary? “
Ralph looked surprised when Erick ask the question, Erick just looked at Ralph with knowing looked saying ‘ you better be grateful with this you hot-headed dog ‘ Ralph just nod his head.
Grape looked at the both of them and realised something is not right ‘ i better ask officer Ralph later on what’s going on ‘ as Erick still asking another question at peanut
“ really? Do you have any illness or any allergy that should we know? “ Erick looked at peanut, but peanut just shook his head ‘ that’s odd ‘ Erick started to think of something
Suddenly the door fly open “ hey kids we brought food!! “ Jill said as she kicks the door open making Erick and the other looking at her with a shocked face
Jill suddenly realised that Erick is there making her embarrassed herself, while someone holding his laughter behind her. She looked behind her and saw earl holding his stomach while holding his laughter “ YOU KNEW “ Jill yelled as she accused earl that the doctor already inside
Earl chuckled while recovering his laughter “ he he he... the way you came inside... ha ha ha ha this is why i married you “ Earl continued his laugh while his wife looking at him with death glared
Erick just grinned at the couple “ as impressive as that was i would recommend that you just open the door normally Mrs.sandwich “ making jill become furiously red
Peanut suddenly wagged his tail “ MOM DAD...” he wanted to lunge at them but someone block his way,
“ stay! “ Ralph ordered peanut making him stop his movement and stay in bed, Ralph looked sharply at him “ you better stay in this bed pup, “ Ralph said as peanut just nodded his head making Ralph smiled “ good pup “ Ralph then rub peanut head making his tail wagged even faster
Tarot felt jealous at them and looked away as she couldn’t handle the painful she felt. Sabrina looked pity at tarot and put her paw on tarot shoulder for support, tarot looked at Sabrina with gratitude
After jill recovered the embarrassing moment she looked at two canines, ralph unconsciously rub peanut head with affection while peanut looked happy at the praised he got. Jill smiled knowingly at them but decided to be silent
Earl then came in and asked Erick something “ is there anything wrong with peanut doc.. “ earl looked worried at Erick as Erick just shake his head
“ just call me erick mr sandwich but no this little pup is healthy enough to go home but we need him to stay just one more day to recheck if we could find anything wrong with him “ earl felt glad with that and shook erick hand saying gratitude at him
“ alright then time to eat everyone “ jill said as she give the pets their food but erick interrupted
“ ah! Mrs.sandwich please don’t give peanut a hard food “ stopping jill as peanut whine at them
“ don’t worry erick this is only soup, oh! Called me jill and that stupid husband of mine is earl “ she could here her husband disapproval ‘hey!’
Erick just chuckled at that, the others said their gratitude at jill for bringing them food, Ralph declined at first but peanut ask him with puppy eyes “ you don’t want to eat?” making ralph whimper and take the food as he said his gratitude towards jill.
“do you want some too erick? We have plenty more “ as jill tried to give erick
“ah! Don’t worry jill it’s almost my break time i just... “ suddenly erick got an alert sound from his phone, he checks it and felt satisfied at the message
“well looks like they sent someone to assist peanut for a while “ making them looked confused at him
“ what do you mean doc? “ grape asked the erick
“ ah i just ask someone to keep an eye on peanut “ erick explained, peanut just whine at that making all of them laugh at his antics
“ don’t worry you’ll like her pup” Erick said to peanut
“ what kind of person is this Erick? “ jill asked
“ well.... it’s not a person actually... “ Erick answered as he scratched his head
“ what do you mean ?” Earl asked
“ you’ll see..” as Erick answered there was a knocked on the door “ ah! Right in time “ as the door open all of them become shocked
A pure white wolf came inside the room as he smiled at everyone especially At peanut “ hello everyone nice too meet you my name is ‘Luna’ “

Selûne ---
Phoenix shuddered as he felt something doesn’t fell right, “ are you okay phoenix you looked unwell? “ Genbu asked
“ i felt that my brother get more than he bargain for when he wanted to follow luna “ Phoenix explained as the other suddenly felt pity towards seiyuu
‘ welp that’s what he got for following luna ‘ hanuman thought at that
‘ i’m glad is not me ‘ Kraken felt relieved at that
‘ that woman is frightening anyway ‘ byakko tremble
‘ good luck brother seiyuu ‘ genbu pray for his brother
‘ one thing for sure, i know my brother regret following her “ Phoenix thought
Then everyone sighed and hoped for the best at seiyuu...

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Post Re: is it too dark??
I really like how this chapter has turned out! Great job!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

Avatar drawn by dryideabat.

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Post Re: is it too dark??
Chapter 10
Babylon Hospital~~
Hello everyone my name is ‘luna’ “ everyone jaw slacked open as the white wolf introduces herself as erick just hide his face and silently laughing at their face, luna become confused it’s like they never seen a white wolf. “ uhm... am i interrupting something? “ Luna worriedly asked
Earl the first one to recover “ uhm... no no ... i meant... we are very sorry if we make you uncomfortable it’s just that we have never seen a wolf working for a hospital so... “ as the others followed him to regain control.
Luna just smiled “ ah.. i see it is alright sir there is no harm done “ as she giggled knowingly what to do now, erick slowly composing himself as he tried not to laugh
“ snerk....pfft.... ehm... yeah this is luna.. she will accompany peanut for a couple days, and don’t worry it’s just a protocol after the accident “ erick grinning widely as he satisfied at the result jill looking sharply at erick as erick just raised his hand to surrender
“ so does this mean she going to follow us until peanut recovery? “ grape asked, luna looked at the cat as she nods her head
yes until peanut is recover i will follow him for the time being... speaking of him where is the pup ?” luna asked, grape eyes turned to peanut as luna follow her gazed and find the pup still stuck in the bed, luna taill waged as she felt excitement seeing the pup, until she got a mid linked from someone ‘ you better remember what we need to do luna ‘ she just nod her head ‘ you don’t need to remind me seiryuu
“ wow.... you are pretty “ peanut spoke, ralph face whiplash at peanut as he looked shocked at what peanut said, erick smiled smugly at ralph as he saw ralph reaction. Luna blushed at the compliment as she giggled, she stepped forward standing beside peanut bed
tibi gratias ago pro delenimentum paulo cub “ luna looked closely at peanut, as she saw excitement in his eyes
“ wow what language is that? Is it greek ? can you say another word? Can you teach me went we get home? Maybe.. “ peanut asked repeatedly until grape cover his mouth to prevent him to ask again
“ peanut how can you expect her to answered all of that? “ grape scolded peanut, peanut ears fell down as he looked at Luna and asked forgiveness at her, Luna tremble as couldn’t hold her excitement as she lunged at peanut and hugged him
awww..... you are so cute don’t worry pup i will follow you and we can play all the time and maybe i can teach you how to speak that language “ luna wagged her tail as peanut face become crimson red, suddenly Ralph pulled peanut away from luna, peanut back against ralph chest as ralph arm snake around peanut stomach and growled above peanut head.
“ would you kindly step back? he’s still hurt miss “ Ralph glared at Luna as luna step back slowly, she looked closely at the male german shepherd and she smelled something lingering at this dog as she realised that the smelled has been mixed with the Canadian pointer pup.
are you this little one mate? “ luna asked, ralph and peanut face become furiously red suddenly seiryuu asked in her head ‘ the little pup already had a mate? ‘ luna just shooked her head ‘i didn’t see their ‘string’ ‘ what luna meant is the mate string, everyone is destined to be with their other half it just a matter of time, if you haven’t found one that means your other half already passed away or maybe haven’t been born, every time someone met the other half, a string will latch at each other forming a straight line between each other heart. The one who can see this was the luna herself as not only the mother of all wolves she is the one who helped them to find their other half.
Ralph released peanut slowly and put him to bed “ ahem... no miss we are not mates it’s just that peanut is not feeling that well i’m just worried “ as peanut just cover his face at being embarrassed
“ you did not need to do that right ‘officer’? “ as tarot glared at Ralph, grape just shooked her head and rub peanut head
“ tarot is right but, tarot, you didn’t need to be rude you know “ grape said as she still rubs peanut head making his tail wagged but he still covering his crimson red face
this is interesting ‘ luna thought
‘ what is it luna ?‘ seiryuu interrupted
it’s not that i can see his string it’s because the string didn’t form yet
‘ what do you mean? ‘
the pup didn’t have one string he has three strings ‘ as luna explained
Seiryuu become shocked ‘ wait what? How? Never have i heard 3 soul mate ‘
Luna just nod her head ‘ it’s possible but the thing is.. two of them it almost went snap while the last one still holding strongly his other half
Seiryuu become confused ‘ can you tell who his other halves? ‘
Luna looked at the string destination and found where it leads to ‘ the lavender cat, the pomerian dog and the jealous police dog
‘that pup is going trough a lot of hardship in the future ‘ seiryuu said in a pity
Luna on deep thinking and she didn’t realise someone is calling her “luna... luna? Hello... earth to the wolfy? “ erick wave his hand in front of luna as she finally noticed him
ah.. i’m sorry erick i just thought of something what did you say? “ luna smile innocently at him while erick give her a disapprove face
“ i just said that i need to tend the other patient you can start watching the pup now.. oh and make him drink the medicine please “ peanut face went
as erick said medicine, erick said farewell at the others and went out the door
well now that he’s gone it’s time to drink your medicine pup “ luna said, but peanut gave her a puppy face and his ear fell down
“ but i don’t wanna drink it.. “ peanut looked at her as she couldn’t handle the pressure ‘ gah! i can’t looked at that face ‘ but ralph interfere as he walked and grabbed the medicine near the table
“ c’mon pup drink it “ ralph said as peanut glared at the medicine hoping it catches fire, then he makes a puppy face at ralph
“ i dunno wanna “ peanut said as ralph chalenge him face to face, peanut tried his harder but ralph just stood there giving a stoic face
“ not gonna work the third times pup c’mon drink it” as ralph paw give a pills and the other one a glass of water, peanut frowned as he whispered ‘ i hate you ‘ but ralph whispered back ‘ no your not’ peanut blushed at that and with a sigh he took the pills and gulped it down then quickly drink the water making a bitter face
“ ewww... i hate the taste, “ peanut said as his tounge rolled out and making ralph grinned, ralph rub his head making tarot felt jealous again as she glared down at them, while grape and sabrina shooked their head, luna just wagged her tail as she wanted to hug peanut again for making cute face
Suddenly ralph radio make a static voice “ [*]oi.. lover boy we need you back here “ it sounds like officer bill linberg is on the radio
“ sir with due respect this is an exclusive channel please talk professionally “ making ralph irritated and blushed as bill called him a ‘lover boy’, peanut gigled while covering his mouth making ralph glared at him
“[*] don’t worry this is private chat only me and the k9’s could here this hahaha “ ralph facepalm at that comment
“ sir i will meet you and the other at the station “ peanut barked ‘hi’ making bill heard from the radio “[*] is that peanut? Tell him and his family i said hi “ ralph just sighed
“ they can hear you sir “ suddenly many voices can be heard at the radio
“ [*]hey ralph is peanut already wake up ? “ the voice belongs to kevin as ralph begun feeling more stressful
“ i’m going to cut the voice “ before ralph begin to cut kevin suddenly yelled out
“ [*]tell him that we have a party at Friday maybe we can celebrate his recovery “ peanut and grape grinned at each other feeling excited as they wanted to go to the party
“ he’s still underage kevin and we are not going to you girlfriend bar, “ ralph said, peanut mumbled ‘but i’m not a pup anymore’ as he pouts
“ [*]aww c’mon ralph relax a little maybe if we bring the little guy he can ease up your stress if you know what i mean “ the radio went loud as they laugh at ralph, ralph and peanut blushed as ralph can see from the radio that kevin making a smug grinned face and he really wanted to slap that face
“ no he’s not going “ making peanut felt disappointed suddenly grape yanked the radio out of ralph paw
“ yo... big dog me and peanut totally going there “ grape said as ralph glared at her, earl and jill just sighed at their daughter behaviour
“ they are not going “ ralph said in stern, grape just rolled her eyes
“ tell fido we are going to bring sabrina and tarot too “ suddenly they can hear a loud yelp from the other line
“[*] REALLY!? “ fido asked as they could feel his excitement, sabrina giggled and sighed at her boyfriend, ralph yanked back the radio from grape
“ i’m going to cut the voice “ fido yelled ‘[*]wait...’ but the radio then went off, ralph looked at both grape and peanut “ you guys are not going to the party and i bet your parents won’t allow it “
Earl suddenly raised his hand “ uhm... actually i going to give them a permission “
Ralph face become shocked and jill is not making it better “ well they can go if they behave themselves “ ralph couldn’t believe this what kind of parent let underage kids to a party?
Luna then interfered “ oohh.. a party i can take care of them in there “ luna wagged her tail as she felt excitement at the party, making ralph more stressful
“ ugghhh.... i’m going to have a headache “ ralph said as he slowly rub his head
“ please... can we go officer ralph we promise not making trouble “ peanut said and making a puppy face, ralph challenge him again but this is different, his lip pouted his eyes starting to tears and he’s making a whimpering noise making ralph hard to say no, after 10 second he can’t take it anymore
“ GAH! FINE YOU CAN GO “ grape and peanut yelled victory and their parent just giggled, “ but you have to stay beside me all the time got it! “ ralph said to peanut as peanut grin and nodded his head
“ thank you officer ralph “ he smiled innocently while in ralph vision his smile and face become sparkling it makes his heart beat faster as he blushed at peanut. Luna just grinned at him ‘ aww.. looked at that the string shine brightly ‘
it’s ralph “ ralph whisper making peanut confused
“ i’m sorry what? “ peanut asked curiously
“ called me ralph “ as ralph said rubbing peanut head making him smiled and wagged his tail
“ okay .. “ peanut smiled but there’s a small blushed forming on his cheek, while the two of them in their own world, tarot cannot see this and her heart slowly breaking apart
“ i’m sorry but i need to go “ tarot said quickly and run out of the room, peanut realised what happened before he could get up sabrina put her paw in front of his chest
“ peanut don’t.. it’s not your fault.. she just need time... let me handle it okay “ sabrina said, as peanut just nod his head. Jill and earl looked at each other as they figured something and grape looked at tarot went as she felt pity for the dog, sabrina said farewell and started to follow tarot out.
Peanut mood went down after seeing that, grape and ralph wanted to help him but they don’t know how to, until someone spoke “ what are you thinking of little pup ?” luna asked
Peanut looked sad at her “ it just that i think that i broke up a long relationship with someone “ as peanut said ,
luna looked at the strings and one of the light started to become dim she looked back at the pup “ do you think that it’s the best ?
peanut only nod his head “ i think it’s for the best, i meant at first she just found me and we started to hang out but after i knew what she does i started to feel a burden to her, it’s like she choose me because she was told rather than to her liking i guess..”
luna looked at him “ then it is for the best, that means you choose her happiness, you sacrifice your long relationship so that she can move on and find her own happiness, you knew if this continued it will end up hurting both of you, just as the black cat said it’s not your fault, when the times come you can talk to her and the both of you will find happiness even though not beside each other
peanut looked at luna and his face slowly forming a smiled “ thank you luna “ luna just smiled as she smiled peanut can looked at her face it almost reflect like a mother
“ then i think i need to go before they called me through the radio again “ ralph said he stood up and looked at peanut “ see you at Friday pup “ he said as he waved goodbye and out of the room
oh yeah i forgot to pick your other medicine for later let me get that first “ luna said as she followed ralph out
Inside the room only the sandwich family grape started to asked “ peanut? “ peanut looked at her “ could you tell me what happens when you get kidnapped? “ Peanut face looked uncomfortable “ hey... it’s fine if you don’t want to talk but let me tell you this... i’m always there for you “
Peanut heart become warm, earl finally talk “ you are strong peanut, don’t let this accident become your downfall “ as earl rub peanut head, jill went beside peanut and give him a kiss on the forehead “ we all here for you peanut and we will never abandon you “
Peanut couldn’t take it anymore as the tears finally fell down from his eyes as he cried out in relief “ waaaaaa....... i’m so scared....” he cried out as he hugged grape “ they killed someone *sob* i’m terrified *sob* i’m angry *sob* and then... and then “ grape hug him back as she shushed him jill and earl came to group hug them as the felt their bonds is stronger than ever, even though this children is not their flesh and blood they still are their children, their adorable little children.
you have a good family pup ‘ a sound resonate in his head ‘ your family truly do love you ‘ another sound came ‘ but you no need to fear ‘ ‘we too will protect you’ ‘ even in your sadness ‘ ‘ or in your happiness’ ‘ we will protect you ‘ ‘ we will protect your family ‘ ‘ protect your loved one ‘ ‘ protect everyone that you cherished ‘ ‘ as we are you ‘ ‘ and you are we ‘ the sound become stronger and stronger as peanut slowly realised that he is indeed loved by everyone ‘ thank you ‘ as peanut said his gratitude.
Dark dweller ~~~
“Are you still thinking about that kid ?” a white pure cat enter the throne, this realm showed a fallen castle as it surrounded by a dark fog, the fallen bridge, the tower has been cracked and the throne room has a dark burn spot all over it. In the middle of the room a black wolf sitting while her head looked up as she been pondering about something or some dog.
“you finished with your task virgil? “ as the wolf looked behind her, the cat stand as he looked at her, his sharp horn looked ready to ram you, his teeth ready to tear your throat and his eyes pure black with white slit.
“ i did as you still thinking at the pup “ virgil smirked at her, she only give him a stoic face then she slowly descended inside her shadow and loomed at him face to face
don’t mock me little kitty “ as she showed her full teeth at him, he just smiled back full of teeth at her
“ aww... don’t take it to hard, it just really amused me when you found something that makes you think so hard “ virgil grinned at her, she went back at her stoic face as she slowly went to the middle room “ hel “ virgil called her, “ you know you have to face your brother someday right? “
She only looked at him “ i know “ she went back pondering about the dog that she resides on
“ i think you are going to meet him shortly “ virgil begin walking to her “ do you think the pup could help us ? “ he asked beside her
“ you better hope he can “ she slowly lower her head on the ground she slowly closed her eyes as she started to slumber, virgil stay beside her as he hope that the ‘pup’ could save them
Sköll (flashback)~~
“ that worthless angel “ i started to sprint as i tried to find away to get to that ‘place’ again “ how could he.... he said that he loved father but... “ my eyes started to water, my breath started to become ragged “ please.... please father.. stop “ my legs become weak as i slowly fall to my knee ‘ why ? ‘ he wondered ‘ i know he wanted to save father ‘ he wiped his tears and feel frustrated ‘ he already save him from execution but what else does he want? ‘ i looked right and left ‘how do you get to that place? The place that they called “the sacred heaven”?’ i started to stress out ‘ if only father didn’t go rampage... if only i’m strong enough to hold my position’ i begun to rest as my back pressed against a tree ‘ what a joke...the son of fenrir fall from the sacred place because of his father loud scream ‘ i cover my face with my paws and take a deep breath ‘ okay Sköll this is not the time to feel sorry for yourself, father need you and you will find a way to get back ‘ i started to sit up until i saw something that makes me pale as the coloured drained from my face, someone is falling, that ‘angel’ is falling “ wha....” my body couldn’t move as my face only revealed one reaction ‘despair’ does this mean the one who replaced my father execution is... “ LUCIFER” i scream as i run with all my might so that i could catch him, if someone could make father sane is lucifer himself, i jump high enough to reach him “ WAKE UP LUCIFER GRAB MY HAND “ as i tried to reach him suddenly he looked at me, he already woke up, he only smiled and whisper at me. Time stopped as i tried to understand what he’s saying then he becomes bright and split into two, my body become shocked at what happened , i tried to reach one of him but i didn’t make it, then his soul move fast enough from my sight as my body slowly fallen from the sky and i couldn't keep my eyes open “ idiot if you wanted to say that, say it to my father you coward “ as the last thing i thought is his last whisper ‘ forgive me my beloved ‘alpha’ ‘.
Babylon hospital ~~
‘ i never imagine that you working in this hospital ‘ seiryuu said in luna mind, luna smile as she skipping to peanut room after grabbing his medicine, seiryuu just sighed as he becomes stressed out with luna behaviour.
After they arrive in this mortal plane the first thing they do is to find peanut, luna walked with her four leg and tried to find peanut using her sense of smelled, while seiryuu fly above her making sure that he goes unnoticed. After they find his location in babylon hospital luna just wagged her tail and walked in with ease, until seiryuu suddenly pulled her scarf as he fly her to the nearest tree as he hid her behind the tree. Luna becomes annoyed and told seiryuu to not hold a female like that while seiryuu scolded luna for walking in that place with ease as she should have been more careful. Luna stared at him like an idiot then she just drop down the tree and continued to walk in,seiryuu wanted nothing but to strangle the stubborn wolf as he put an invisibility spell as she followed luna but something shocked him the most is that almost all the human in the hospital greet luna like an old friend making his eyes go bulge as he couldn’t believe what he sees. Luna just grin and make a face that mocked seiryuu as he wanted to asked what happend, at first he thought mind manipulation but the one who has that skill is from the dark attribute such as the fenrir it self but luna is lught attribute so it is weird, luna just simply said that she worked in this place for 3 years, 3 years without them noticed that she has been going from one plane to another plane dimension. So the next thing in his mind to put a collar tracker in this wolf so that maybe he could prevent something like this.
you should thank me we got in easy and we can secure the pup more direct approach “ luna grin as she couldn’t wait to play with that sweet and cute pup, seiryuu just sighed as he couldn’t do anything, after they arrive on peanut door luna open it and find that only peanut was inside the room, “ where are your family pup? “ luna asked
“ oh they went home to change clothes but grape just went to the toilet miss “ peanut said politely
oh don’t call me miss just called me luna it makes me old went you said that “ luna smile as he walked to peanut
“ oh okay luna “ peanut said, luna smiled and sit next to peanut bed “ luna ‘the moon goddess’ “ peanut said in stoic face making luna and seiryuu face become bulge as they couldn’t believe this little pup just said.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! MAY YOUR HOLIDAY BE MERRY AND BRIGHT !! (i hope my words is right heheheh)

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Post Re: is it too dark??
I like how this chapter has come out! Wonderful job!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

Avatar drawn by dryideabat.

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