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[FanFic] Making the wrong choice (V.2) 
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Post [FanFic] Making the wrong choice (V.2)
as I mentioned in the original fic's thread, i'm starting over with this. the original was repeatedly getting stuck due to mistakes i made in planning it out, and it's much easier to just let the mods lock and archive it than go through and replace every single post that contains stuff from the old version of the story. Okay yes I guess I'm being a bit lazy there, but were this a story archive, I would have been able to just delete the entire story and resubmit the edited version. Can't do that here.

going to try to do one of these every weekend.

As King's paw touched the floating object everything went black. Please be the right one... he thought to himself.

"Huh. I honestly didn't think you would pick that one... Whoops." Kitsune's voice came from everywhere and nowhere, instilling in king a feeling of dread. "Were my hints too subtle? Oh well, too late now, I can't exactly undo your choices. Free will and all. If it's any consolation though, I really did want you to get that happy ending of yours. But maybe you can make this one work out..."

The infernal klaxon of a cheap digital alarm clock jostled Joel from his sleep. He was in a dark room, the numbers 4:00 blinking at him from the corner of his vision. Praying he was wrong, he hesitated a moment before reaching for Bailey's side of the bed. Nothing His hand hit the wall, not paw, hand. No fur or pad softened the thump of his palm against the gyprock. Nothing was there, there was no 'other side' to the bed, it was smaller... too small to fit anyone beyond just himself. His eyes finally adjusting to the gloom the room was soon enough familiar. And all the more unwanted for it. Faint blue gray light filtered in through the frost covered window, giving the entire place a cold, abandoned look. It was small, efficient, and carried none of the familiar scents of home. In fact it barely had a scent at all, nothing did. Like that sense was gone... On one of the shelves, in amongst the DVDs, books, and model kits was a familiar lantern, faintly glowing yet somehow lighting nothing around it as if it were not true light.

He wanted to deny it, but he knew where he was. It was his apartment in the city, and from the time his alarm had been set to, there was only one day he would be getting up this early in the winter...

Sixteen hours from now he was going to be in a jail cell.

The day was a blur, get up, get breakfast, go to work early, pack up the order vfor after work, take care of the 'residents'. His mind wasn't really on the task at hand.
"Joel!" he heard his name barked, as he headed down the hall, stopping and turning to the source just in time to miss being hit by a delivery cart. one of his coworkers rushing to get everything put away before they left.

"Are you okay?" The voice asked, finally drawing Joel's focus to it's source, One of the shelter's residents, a rather diminutive dog. the black and grey portions of his coat standing out quite well against the cream coloured plastic of his pen.

"Yeah." Joel mumbled, his mind elswhere. as he glanced back at the hall intersecting his. That hit me last time... wait, I can change things? he wondered before something else caught his eye. He didn't remember that dog from last time. "Wait... I haven't seen you before... you're new? how do you know my name?"

"You're wearing a name tag." The corgi deadpanned, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, Right... uh, well thanks... uh..."
"Right, well thanks, Bishop." Joel said before heading off. he had to find Chris.

It didn't take long to track him down, as usual he was finishing with the cats before their shift ended.

"Hey Joel, so, we still on for tonight?"

"No... I'm not going. I have a bad feeling about this. You sure you can trust her?"

"Uh yeah. Nothing's going to go wrong, you're worried about nothing." Chris commented snickering, "What happened, I thought you said you 'needed' the money. What about loosing your apartment?"

"I... I'll figure something else out, I still have ten days. I shouldn't have let you talk me into this at all." Joel just grumbled, turning "If this goes bad I'm screwed, I can't risk it." walking away, not caring that Chris knew where the bag was hidden. His coworker just Scowled mumbling 'coward' and headed the other direction.

For the first time that day, Joel found himself looking at that night with hope.


It was 11:00 when the phone rang, "Hello?" Joel asked somewhat distractedly.

"You were right, I shouldn't have tried. Tell my brother I’m at central okay? He's not answering his phone." Chris' voice came from the other end, sounding a bit rough.

"Sure." Joel answered before the other end went dead. One quick dial later, and sure enough Bobby wasn't answering. I'll call him tomorrow. Joel decided before heading to bed.

He was out before his head hit the pillow.
The corgi bounded around a familiar neighborhood just enjoying the day and having fun before he came across a strange scene that had incorporated itself into the dream.

"I never should have listened to you!" one human shouted angrily at another, inside a small cinder-block room with a single barred window.

"Oh shut up! How was I supposed to know she was a Narc?! It was just easy money for some expired supplies. They were going to throw em out anyway."

"You're an idiot Chris!" The shorter of the two shouted, loosing his temper and driving his fist into the other's face. knocking him back, before he rebounded. Soon enough officers appeared to separate them.

King just watched as the scene dissolved, replaced by a far less interesting scene of one of the men on a couch watching tv.

As Joel started to wake, he couldn't quite remember why he had been so certain everything would go wrong the previous day.

I wonder if I can get up that tree without waking him...
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Post Re: [FanFic] Making the wrong choice (V.2)
I am really looking forward to the reboot! I hope you post more soon!

The Winds of Change. A continuing fanfic by me and dryideabat.

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Post Re: [FanFic] Making the wrong choice (V.2)
Wow, so now it's Joel not having a criminal record. I'm guessing he has a better chance being helpful with the ASPCA now. Looking forward to it!

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Post Re: [FanFic] Making the wrong choice (V.2)
Great job, Buster. :)


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