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Non-HPU: Pokémon: Explorers of the Veil 
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Post Non-HPU: Pokémon: Explorers of the Veil
Welcome to the world of Pokémon!
You are a Pokémon, one of the fantastic creatures that wanders this land searching for adventure, and in this world, there are plenty of adventures to have! Here, you will help put together a town, a home for yourself and the guild. This is where you will return to after each of your assignments.
As peaceful as this land is, a lot of Pokémon need your help, and it’s your job to help them. Whether it’s someone looking for their lost heirloom or a Magikarp that needs evacuation from Pidgeot Path, it’s the job of the guild teams to help them in any way they can.
Meanwhile, darkness looms over the tranquil region. Ultra Wormholes of unknown origin threaten to bring worlds crashing together, and the shadow plague spreads like a virus. As the newest branch of the explorer’s guild, and the newest members of the branch, it is up to you to stop to these forces to protect your friends, your families, and everything you’ve worked for.
While the guild members get started with their work of exploring the largely uncharted territory, some Pokémon must stay behind and help build the town. Joining the guild is not a requirement, and if you prefer, you can simply live the life of the locals. Work to keep the town running and post your own jobs for the guild members to accept. If you wish, then live the simple life as one of the locals.

Starting Level Limit: Players are permitted to have their character start out at a level no higher than Level 30. This leaves room to grow and prevents players from starting out too overpowered.
Moves: Player Characters are permitted to use any move available to their Pokémon based on level and species. Player Characters may also start out with additional moves if they received them through breeding, however these moves must be specified in the character sheet. TM moves and Tutor moves are not allowed at the start of the game because some of them can get rather OP.
PP: Power Points, or PP, are not kept track of in this game. However, more powerful moves should result in a physical or mental drain that can result in the character temporarily weakening.
Stats: Dynamic stats, which can be calculated here (, are as symbolic as the Static stats in that they aren’t used for actual calculations, but give a general idea of different things in combat such as how much damage one does and how much they take. These stats replace Strength, Endurance, and Agility. Health needs to be included as a symbolic representation of the amount of damage the character can take, even though precise damage is not calculated. As a result of there only being four Static stats, you have 24 points to use between them.

Main GM: Gameb9oy
Co-GMs: GrimD@rk8290, CyberDragon

The template to follow for character creation is as follows:

Character Name: Guildmaster Hagane

Color: Blue

Type: NPC

Species: Lucario

Age: 38

RP: Pokemon

Appearance: Guildmaster Hagane is a Lucario of basic coloration with a couple of notable differences. While most Lucario have black on their faces and hands, Hagane also has black ears and arms. The spikes on the Guildmaster’s hands are worn and dulled slightly from his years of fighting with his rather intense and high impact fighting style.

Personality: Serious. Hagane is very much no-nonsense when it comes to his leadership and lifestyle. He is actively involved in guild affairs. While he wants guild members to enjoy their work, unlike most guildmasters he puts a great deal of emphasis on duty and responsibility rather than fun. When fighting, Hagane is highly aggressive, striking first and striking hard with such moves as Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere, and Bullet Punch.

Other notes: Hagane unusual coloration and additional moves have to do with his father being a Pangoro. He and his former teammates lead the guild with fairly equal authority, but his authoritative and active approach to leadership lead to him being given the title of Guildmaster. Hagane wears a pendent around his neck that his mother gave him when he evolved. The pendent is fitted with round orange stone with a red and blue swirl running through it.

Ability: Inner Focus (He will always remain focused, never flinching in battle, never distracted when working.)

Special Moves: (moves that result from breeding and non-natural moves learned in-game)
Bullet Punch
Circle Throw
Sky Uppercut

Dynamic stats (use this to calculate ->, changes with experience):
Level: 70 (PCs start no higher than 30)
HP: 199
Attack: 180
Defense: 124
Special Attack: 187
Special Defense: 124
Speed: 152

Static stats (24 points):
Perception: 8
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 6
Luck: 5


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Post Re: Non-HPU: Pokémon: Explorers of the Veil
Character Name: Atum (the Sleepy Second)

Color: Black

Type: NPC

Species: Umbreon

Age: 32

RP: Pokemon

Appearance: Mostly similar to other Umbreon, aside from possessing rings of orange coloration instead of the usual yellow or blue color of shiny pokemon. Wears a gold anklet on one of his legs.

Personality: Relaxed. Atum prefers sleeping most of the time, often making it clear anything keeping him awake annoys him to some extent. He is a fairly lazy but highly capable pokemon, devising most of the systems used by the guild, making them as useful as possible to limit how often guild members have to wake him. He possesses strong loyalty to Hagane and the guild in general, and does his best to make this clear to new recruits. He has no tolerance for people who waste his time, especially in battle.

Other notes:
-Atum partially chose to evolve into an umbreon due to them having a naturally longer sleep cycle compared to other eeveelutions.
-Is in charge of the duties of data reconnaissance, town development dealings, and orientation for rookie guild members as second in command.
-Is a fan of spicy food. Guild members can request favors of him if they bring him enough tomato berries

Ability: Synchronize (Status effects are transferred to opponents. Away from battle, allows him to imitate the actions of a partner, so long as body shape doesn't make it impossible)

Special Moves: (moves that result from breeding and non-natural moves learned in-game)
Shadow ball
Foul Play
Dark Pulse

Dynamic stats (use this to calculate ->, changes with experience):
Level: 70 (PCs start no higher than 30)
HP: 234
Attack: 117
Defense: 198
Special Attack: 110
Special Defense: 208
Speed: 105

Static stats (24 points):
Perception: 8
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 9
Luck: 3

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Post Re: Non-HPU: Pokémon: Explorers of the Veil
Name: Baja
Color: BF0000
Type: Main
Species: Liepard
Gender: Female
Age: 17
RP: Pokemon

Coloring: Shiny

A typical Liepard and spitting image of her mother, save for having a lighter more reddish coat, Baja is slightly taller than average for her breed and in good shape. she doesn't wear any accessories at the moment.

Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Impetuous and silly

Baja is setting out on her own in search of fun... accompanied by her party-pooper of a little sister...
her goal in life is to start a prank war so epic it winds up in a legitimate history book.

that said... she's kind of an idiot.

"This, is going to be... AWESOME!"

------Skills & Stats------
Special Ability: Limber (can not be Paralyzed)
Hidden Ability: Prankster (Gives priority to a status move)

Special Moves:
Feint Attack - Dark
Charm - Fairy
Slash - Normal

Lvl 20
S. Atk.....41
S. Def.....31

Perception: 5
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 3
Luck: 8
Name: Rose
Color: 400080
Type: Main
Species: Glameow
Gender: Female
Age: 15
RP: Pokemon

Coloring: Basic

Rose takes far more after their father (a purugly if you're wondering) in terms of coloration and breed. slightly shorter than average, she wears a silver bell hanging from a loose fitting loop of red-dyed caterpie silk, that a friend made for her.

Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Highly persistent

with an even if stubborn temperament, and despite being the younger of the two sisters, she's far calmer.
Tagging along to keep Baja out of too much trouble and frequently exasperated by her antics, Rose just wants her big sister to stop making such a mess...

she's also learned more of their parent's moves because she actually pays attention...

observant and clever when she's not being sarcastic, she's convinced she's cursed as she frequently shoulders the blame for the problems her sister causes.

"Ugh... Did your egg get cracked before it hatched or something? what is wrong with you?!"

------Skills & Stats------
Special Ability: Own Tempo (Can't be confused)
Hidden Ability: ?????

Special Moves:
Assurance - Dark
Sand Attack - Ground
Fury Swipes - Normal
Assist - Normal
Slash - Normal

Lvl 13
S. Atk.....19
S. Def.....18

Perception: 9
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 8
Luck: 2


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