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Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Out of the depths of space, a light emerges from the darkness. Many lights shine in the universe, but this one is different. This light is the harbinger of life, and banisher of fear. Within it, hope springs eternal.

Welcome to
The Beacon of Hope

The Beacon of Hope is a massive spacecraft; 500 miles (~804 km) long and designed to accomplish any task set before it. It is a colony ship, a trading ship, a supercarrier, and more. Chief among the Beacon’s many purposes, though, is its job as the home base of the Cosmic Champions, a group of intergalactic and even inter-universal superheroes. These people range from unusually skilled, to superhuman heavyweights with demigod like powers. The group contains heroes from many planets and of all kinds of races and (sentient) species across the multiverse. The Beacon is always open to take in new recruits for the Champions, or anyone else who might want to travel with them. Recently however, the captain, Solomon Cohen, has upped the intake of new recruits to try to regain the strength they lost when his brother, Justus Cohen, left the group. Basic food, housing, and medical care are provided by the ship itself and lucrative job opportunities and activities are available, even to the non-powered.
Word is out that the dark dragon Odium is building power once again. As a result, the Beacon has been getting word of more and more worlds in need of saving. Expect some major superheroics, soft sci-fi space battles, alien invasions, and anything else you might find in a super hero story (as long as it doesn’t violate the forum or RP rules).

Ship Layout:
The ship is 500 miles long, 200 miles wide and 200 miles tall. It was made from materials purchased and gathered from many different planets. It uses a mix of solar sails, rocket propulsion, and portal generation to move between the stars. The bridge is located at the front of the ship. Along the outer hull, there are hangers, cargo bays, and defensive turrets with control and maintenance rooms attached. On the interior, and majority, of the ship is the commercial, recreational, and residential section. These are split into many “districts” that often function as towns and cities. Many districts will be designed to accommodate the often specific needs of the residents. Travel between sections of the ship is accomplished with stations for the maglev for short range transport and portal stations for long range transport. It takes little time to travel between sections of the ship despite how large it is.


Species restrictions: Almost none*. While anthropomorphic animals are not a natural occurrence on this version of earth, there are so many ways past this that I’m not even going to ask you to explain. If you want to play an anthropomorphic wolf, play one. Want to play a cat? Play a cat. Want to play something exotic, like a dragon or a griffin, be my guest. If you want to play a member of a species with rat tails, lion heads, bat wings, a chinchilla body and unicorn launchers for hands… then stop stealing my ideas. *goes to file for a patent*
Anyway, what I am saying here is let your imagination soar! This is the chance to be as creative as you want and to bring your creations to life (if you so choose)! Though if you do make an alien species, try to explain some things about said species in the character sheet.

What isn’t allowed: I’m going to disallow PC villains. You can have an antihero (as long as it remains forum appropriate), but the ship won’t let villains on board. Also, super fights can get chaotic, so it’s best to simplify things by having the RP be more cooperative, and having villains be notable NPCs. If you have a villain idea though, tell me and we can talk about making them an NPC in an arc.

Character sheet changes: If your character has powers (not a requirement) please list them under “Powers” on the character sheet. In addition, I’m adding a stat to the SPECIAL stats called Power which indicates the scale of how potent your character’s powers are. To accommodate this, I’m changing the number of points available to 48, giving six more points to spend.

The Power stat determines how potent your abilities are. If you don’t have powers, you don’t need to put anything in this one and instead can use the extra 6 points for whatever stat(s) you want. There are a few things to keep in mind.
One: Do not godmod. Set your character’s power, describe their potential and their weaknesses, and don’t deviate from it. Stay consistent. If something logically follows from the power given, that’s OK, but no motorboats made of web or anything like that.
Two: No reality or time warping. These kinds of powers can break the consistency or continuity of the story. That’s what killed the last superhero RP.
Three: (omg does this ever end…) things like a dog’s sense of smell are not considered powers if you play a dog (but are if you play a human), but if you are a fire breathing dragon you need to consider that a power.
Here are the different power levels and the values for the Power stat that match up with them. See as a reference to what these weights mean:
0 – muggle weight. These people have no powers or abilities standing above what are normal. I will have activities for people who decide not to play as heroes ready, as they might not be able to participate in all major arcs.
1-2 – Iron weight. This is the only weight where you can have something like super strength without absolutely needing to set the original stat to 10. It still needs to be an 8 or 9 at least though.
3-4 – Abnormal weight. Anything above this gets nerfed by a power limiter while on the Beacon of Hope with the exception being defensive powers and during attacks by hostiles.
5-6 – Super weight. Anything 6 or above must have some specific weakness. Try to make it logical, I am not a fan of Kryptonite factors.
7-8 – Hyper weight. A warning for this weight and above: They will not be welcome on all assignments and arcs. You don’t send Mr. Megaton Punch in to stop a galactic bank robbery. (don’t worry though; I will have stuff for you to do)
9-10 – World weight. Characters with this weight will be nerfed by a power limiter 24/7, being brought down to 4 while on ship and 7 when in a standard super fight. The only time they are allowed to be full power is when facing omega level (world ending) threats.

I realize that people have lives and real life comes first, but please, please, please, PLEASE don’t go absent for more than a few days without telling me. When you go absent, anyone you are RPing with also can’t post. If the RP goes quiet for 48-72 hours, I will look for whose turn it is and give them a poke.
I’m hoping to start the RP with 5-6 people including me and a co-GM. However, there is no set upper limit. The ship is 500 miles long after all.

*Species must be sentient in order to properly RP, and they obviously must be able to fit in the ship, so no giant space whales.

Character sheets will look like this (Powers are optional, as are code names)

Character Name: Solomon Cohen

Codename: “Hivemind”

Color: #00BF00

Type: Main

Species/Breed: Human

Age: 50 human years

Neighborhood: Beacon Of Hope

Powers: Solomon is a powerful technopath and a zero range telepath. This means that he is able to exert psychic control over a near unlimited number of computer run systems, though he cannot take over sentient systems. As a zero range telepath, he can communicate psychically with someone if he is in direct contact with them.

Weakness: An EMP can knock out most of the systems under his control. In addition, his human body is vulnerable. He has a neurological condition that, among other things, causes him to be hyper-sensitive to light and sounds. If his physical body is in pain he starts to lose his control of some of his controlled systems.

Appearance: Solomon in person has chaotic dark brown hair and light brown skin color. He typically wears lightweight cotton and polyester casual clothing, as most other things “feel wrong” to him. He is a little over 6 feet tall and wears glasses that filter out light and also come equipped with a Heads-Up-Display. He has a fairly thin build that betrays a lack of activity in his lifestyle.

Personality: Solomon is highly asocial, but more because being around people puts him under a great deal of stress than it is a case of having no desire to interact. He typically hides in his room or on the bridge, interacting with others through telepathically controlled robots. He finds the indirect interaction to be much less stressful. He is extraordinarily intelligent partly because he has millions of computers his mind is connected to, and partly because he can focus on an interesting subject for quite a long time, studying it until there is nothing more to study.

Other notes: Solomon is the inventor and captain of the Beacon of Hope. He “pilots” the ship using his technopathy. Calling him a captain or a pilot of the ship is somewhat understating things, as the ship is more like an extension of his own person. The “AI” of the ship is not, in fact, and AI. It is Solomon, controlling the ship with his mind. Any robots he builds and deploys in the ship are in the same way extensions of Solomon. He recently began recruiting for the Cosmic Champions again after their decline following the departure of his brother, Justus, five years prior to the events of this RP.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 4
- Perception: 6
- Endurance: 4
- Charisma: 5
- Intelligence: 10
- Agility: 5
- Luck: 6
- Power: 8

Character Name: Randy Steele

Codename: “The Lycan”

Color: Bold

Type: Main

Species/Breed: Lycanthrope

Age: 52 human years

Neighborhood: Beacon Of Hope

Powers: The Lycan is, as the name implies, a lycan. He is a wolf-like creature that shapeshifts into a human. In this universe, however, lycan’s are different from other places. They don’t infect others with lycanthropy, as that isn’t a thing. Lycan’s are a species. Instead they possess venom in their bites that cause people to hallucinate their worst fears. Though this is not really a power, the Lycan is also a master of smoke and mirrors, as well as playing to people’s expectations of horror tropes.

Weakness: N/A (power level isn't high enough to need one.)

Appearance: In his wolf form, he takes the shape of a midnight black bipedal wolf. He stands at nearly 7 feet tall. He has a heavy, muscular build and stands on semi-digitigrade legs that aid him in fast movement. His fur is reminiscent of when shadows are cast on shadows, and it is somewhat stiff and prickly to the touch. In his human form, Randy is just over 6 feet tall (he doesn’t have the long ears anymore.) and still has the heavy muscular build. His hair is the color of his fur. He possesses some features that might tip off the perceptive that he isn’t human, such as his large irises and the fact that he has claws instead of nails. He hides these with contacts and false nails. Finally, he wears casual clothes that adapt between forms and goggles that help him see better in the daytime.

Personality: While he looks fierce, he is actually quite docile. When he isn’t fighting crime, he is often just either relaxing, hoping nobody catches him napping at his workbench, or he is building new devices he can use for crime fighting. He is friendly, yet cautious, towards strangers and is willing to hang out with new people. He thoroughly enjoys horror movies and inventing. When fighting crime, however, he turns the battleground into a horror movie, hunting his opponents down and quietly incapacitating them one by one, dragging them into the darkness.

Other notes: Randy is the father of Eira from RGV and the husband of Morgan Steele, aka “The Tempest” (I expect to introduce her later, but for now…). He cares about them both deeply and tries to protect them despite admitting that they are both much more powerful than he is. Because of his caring nature (and because he is one of the few founders left in the group), Solomon appointed him to introduce new recruits for the Champions and get them equipped.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 8
- Perception: 5
- Endurance: 6
- Charisma: 5
- Intelligence: 9
- Agility: 6
- Luck: 5
- Power: 4

Post your character sheets here if you want to play. Or you can ask any questions you have. I will try to answer the best I can.

EDIT: There has been a little confusion as to what conflicts there can be if villains are not allowed on the ship. Quests and arcs involving villains will either be them attacking the BoH from the outside, or the Champions have been called to stop villains that are posing a threat planetside. The Beacon scans for distress signals and signs of trouble and then sends heroes in response. Otherwise,the army of supers would be kind of pointless. There are more supers on board than would ever be needed for simple security on a spacecraft.

Also, there has been some confusion in the past about weaknesses. They are meant to be a way for a villain to get past your character's primary power so that nobody can solve every problem themselves. This is to encourage teamwork and prevent godmoding. Weaknesses must be something that either keeps the power from working properly, weakens the power, or otherwise makes the power ineffective. An offensive power's weakness can't be that people could get hurt, that's the point of it. A power's weakness can't be that it corrupts the player or makes them unstable, as that could lead to a PC villain, which isn't allowed. Keep this in mind when making a character.

Author:  Buster [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Given how Alexis is by trade an Ex-Boardie assasin and smuggler, maybe I wont use her...

Character Name: Kol

Codename: not assigned


Type: Main

Species/Breed: Rhoui

Age: Patient began snarling at the doctor when we tried to find out.

Neighborhood: Beacon Of Hope

Starting location: infirmary (still recovering from rough arrival)

Powers: Extreme cold resistance (can survive several hours at -100c), claws are designed to burrow through rock and glacial ice, telescopic vision.

Weakness: Physiology highly flamable and retains heat too well.

technically, Kol's "powers" are natural traits of her species, ANY Rhoui can do that, as their home world is basically "Antarctica the planet", on steroids.

Appearance: 2.7m tall bipedal digitgrade non-terestrial lifeform. Thick purplish gray fur that extends about 2cm, with red accents and redish brown chitin visible through thinning patches along the stomach, throat, and spinal ridge. four arms, two in the usual spot, two mounted 'backwards' along spinal ridge. 16 12cm x 3.2cm x 4cm pickaxe-tip-shaped yelowish brown claws, four on each upper limb. webbed fingers. only two of the four upper limbs have thumbs. claws are too blunt to be practical as a piercing weapon and show signs of significant wear, with grooves running down them from tip to base. Patient claims this is from running into metal seams while tunneling. hands are extremely bulky, almost three times the width of human hands proportionally, and blend into wrist and arm almost seamlessly. fur seems to form into v shaped ridges at various points on the body. almost felionod facial structure save for having repeating slits in sides of nasal bone rather than nostrils at end of nose. seems to allow creation of four-tone polyphonic whistling sounds, patient claims to be music. very unusual eyes, the white part isn't actually the sclera, but a second 'outer' iris, with the inner one not actually in the middle of it, but behind it inside the eye, allowing for multiple independently moving lenses, like the insides of a pair of binoculars. spinal ridge sticks back from ribcage nearly 20cm and seems to shift upward if patient bends forward suggesting it anchors primarily at the neck. Patient has what appears to be a marsupial pouch.

wears furs of indeterminate origin, no species match in local space. furs were thoroughly laundered after arrival due to smelling heavily of methane and sulphur dioxide, and were making medical staff nauseous. this apparently greatly annoyed patient.

Personality: in simplest terms, a fish out of water. Kol is from a roughly renesance era pre-industrial world, and as such regards a lot of what she sees with either fear or wonder. usually the latter. she also seems to think anyone who likes 'summery' climates is insane/suicidal as she's yet to realize non-rhoui are less adapted to cold. there's a good chance she will greet someone she likes with a hug, and is trying to learn not to take offense at the idea of laundry. (how am I supposed to remember who's who if everyone keeps cleaning their scents off their clothes?!)

Other notes: wound up on the ship by accident, after an odd crossover between the portal network, and a gateway on her world pulled her from her home dimension, nearly killing her in the process. given her amazement at local medical tech (her people are apparently still using salves poultices contradictory superstitions and a ton of guesswork) to say nothing of her needing to be explained the concept of what an engine was, a return trip would likely be fatal. Though her claims of her home world having 'ancient gateways' she was studying before she wound up here, could merit investigation.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 9
- Perception: 8
- Endurance: 8
- Charisma: 5
- Intelligence: 5
- Agility: 4
- Luck: 5
- Power: 4 (on the grounds that that level of cold tolerance would be abnormal for anything not born on a mostly-frozen world)

Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:49 am ]
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Sounds good Buster. She's approved.

Author:  Deske [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:53 am ]
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Character Name: Ulrich Baumgartner


Color: Can't steer clear of blue...

Type: Main

Species/Breed: Human

Age: 58 human years

Neighborhood: Beacon Of Hope

Powers: Hard light creations. Limited to various forms of shielding rather than outright weapons, Ulrich's hard light shields are impervious to most types of damage. His hard light constructs are not limited to stationary placement and may be placed on moving surfaces and living beings.

Weakness: Being made out of energy, his hard light constructs are susceptible to energy drain or absorption.

Appearance: At 7'3 Ulrich is huge even by human standards, this is only compounded by the fact that he's not been skipping the gym for quite some time. His clothing changes with what he's doing, though most often he's seen in a plain t-shirt and cargo pants because he "likes the pockets." Likes boots because they are "tougher than regular shoes." Looks kind've like a grandpa, although he is in pretty great condition for his age.

Personality: Large and friendly, he's as much a teddy bear as he is a fighter. While he is friendly and he does try to make everyone happy, he's not afraid to criticize and take criticism. To him, there's always a way to improve.

Other notes:
- To counteract not having any real super powers of his own, he's versed in a few forms of martial arts including Combat Sambo, Krav Maga and some light Eskrima for easier use of improvised weapons.
- While he didn't discover or create hard light, he did create his projectors himself. While he knows them inside and out, this knowledge doesn't really transfer to other projectors.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 9 He hasn't skipped arm day in the past 10 years. Still, he's past his prime. "Hah! I'm not that old yet!"
- Perception: 5 At one point he had above average hearing and sight, but that time has since passed. "Yeah well, some things wear out with age."
- Endurance: 6 He runs a few miles on some days. Don't expect a marathon though. "3 miles? No problem! 7? Maybe we could walk a little?"
- Charisma: 7 Large and friendly. He's kind've like a teddy bear. "Hahahaaa! Come, we'll toast to our victory!"
- Intelligence: 7 He's not the smartest, but he did create his hard light projectors. "All projectors require some sort of focusing lens."
- Agility: 5 He's large and older, don't expect any backflips. That doesn't mean he can't land on his feet though. "At least I don't break my hip when I slip on the ice!"
- Luck: 3 He doesn't put too much faith in luck, but that doesn't mean he won't wish others luck. "I haven't always been so lucky. But to you, my friend, All the luck in the world."
- Power: 6

Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Already approved! :D

Also I noticed something Buster. I don't believe a character with a power level of 4 requires a weakness. Let me see...
5-6 – Super weight. Anything 6 or above must have some specific weakness. Try to make it logical, I am not a fan of Kryptonite factors.

This is based on the assumption that a 5 or below is already not strong enough to power past everything in their path and can be potentially defeated by normal means.

Author:  Buster [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

it may not be required, but difficulty handling high temperatures is a natural consequence of exceptional tolerance of low temperatures, and dense fur is flammable.

those will still be true regardless of whether i explicitly point them out.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Yep. It makes sense. I was more pointing it out that the weakness is only a requirement once a character gets to power level 6 for other players still making characters. Also just saying you could have left it out if you wanted, but you didn't want to so it's fine. :)

Author:  Welsh Halfwit [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:33 pm ]
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Character Name: Jenny Miles

Codename: “Pistol”

Color: This

Type: Main

Species/Breed: Rat

Age: 25 human years 

Neighborhood: Beacon Of Hope

Powers: She has an innate knowledge of most firearms she comes into contact with, down to being able to disable the sensor grips of about 70% of them. She has an old slug thrower type and fifty rounds for it. She is also a weapon in her own right, having been the result of several generations of geetic manipulation at times when it was legal and other times when it was less so. She has the power to project directional sonic blasts from her hands. This skill has been kept secret. Only the seniors in her office and a few higher ups in th ship would know about it. She is also a skilled driver – even if few others believe that.

Weakness: Her normal guns are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, same as normal. Her sonic blast is reliant on having air to displace so is near useless in a void (it still would have a small point blank effect) and is less effective at high altitude/thin air scenarios.

Appearance: Blackfurred and slender, Jenny Miles tends not to get too many looks in her non descript clothes. A white shirt under a light black jacket and efficient trousers. She sometimes wears horn-rimmed glasses but that’s just to make her seem as intelligent as she really is. She has a leather belt with pouches containing small medical sprays and handcuffs. Has a personal sealed combat suit available to her in case her investigations lead to the outside surface of the ship.

Personality: More happy go lucky than she probably should be considering the experiments she still had to go through to master her powers, this Federal investigator on board ship is often to be found at the downside of humanity and the other races and has developed a slightly macabre sense of humour. Sometimes gives the impression she’s not working on a case when she has several programs running a suspect to ground. She's more suspicious than trusting of people but will work with others.

Other notes: She’s not one for family and has no real interest in creating one of her own. That doesn’t mean she can’t get close with people or reproduce. She’s just not looking to continue her line yet. She is also a fully qualified shuttle pilot and has a motor cycle for internal chases. She’s taking classes on rocket packs.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats: 
- Strength: 4
- Perception: 8
- Endurance: 6
- Charisma: 4
- Intelligence: 8
- Agility: 8
- Luck: 5
- Power: 5

Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Thanks Welsh!

We just need one more person to make a character, then I think I can get things started.

Author:  Neon Icy Wings [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Character Name: Tatiana Esfir Anatasia

Codename: Specter

Color: BF40FF

Type: Main

Species/Breed: Liquid Based Lifeform Contained Inside Humanoid Armored Shell

Age: Known Age Approximately 11 Human Years

Neighborhood: Beacon Of Hope

Powers: Few select Psychic abilities, including Telekinesis, Invisibility, and has achieved feats like Levitation and Kinetic Blasts through training her Telekinesis, though she’s more practiced with her invisibility and basic Telekinesis than anything else. She also uses a specially made sniper rifle, which uses normal ammo and can contain and fire Kinetic blasts. Has a psychic link to the Armored Shell, allowing remote control of it when outside of it. Can utilize controllable openings in the Shell to partially exit the Shell, using her liquidlike body for small actions.

Weakness: Most if not all of her abilities require concentration, faltering if distracted or tired, additionally her Levitation and Kinetic blasts require precision and can backfire if miscalculated or over taxed, to the point a Kinetic Blast that’s too strong can damage her Armored Shell or cause long lasting migraines in the backfire, its due to this that she refrains from using the blasts frequently. Her lack of in depth training with her levitation and blasts limits her control, and the levitations applications.
Her Sniper’s Kinetic Blast function can also be over taxed if too much energy is put into it or if it’s used too frequently, potentially expelling the energy in a radius around it to save the rifle; the strength of the backfire ranges from annoying to dangerous depending on how much energy was in the rifle when overtaxed.
The mental link to the Armored Shell is limited and almost useless without proper sightlines, and great enough distances will sever the connection entirely. Her actual “body” is a lightly sticky liquid, and can be easily frozen, and while it can pick up and hold objects, it’s weight limit is small and can become a distraction if too many separate tasks are attempted.

Appearance: The Armored Shell resembles a simple suit of purple power armor, slim and sleek in design. Most notable is the helmet which resembles a stylized cat head and Cheshire grin. The only technology inside the armor is the helmet, for simple HUD functions and stylized cat eye flashlights. The actual “body” of Tatiana flows throughout the Armored shell, as a purple liquid that can act independent of the Armored Shell, though she rarely exits the Shell.

Personality: Usually calm and somewhat awkward due to her isolated nature, but can become a bit of a chatterbox of curiosity despite being unused to being around too many people.

Other notes: Woke up in an abandoned asteroid lab with no memory of any potential previous life. Has since been on the look for answers and meaning, the only thing resembling a clue was her name, the only one she could find in the remnants of the lab.
Due to her paranoia of overdoing her kinetic blasts, she’s learned some self defense to broaden her abilities.
Speaks through the Armored Shell’s voice modulator, as her “body” lacks proper vocal chords.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 9
- Perception: 6
- Endurance: 5
- Charisma: 4
- Intelligence: 6
- Agility: 9
- Luck: 3
- Power: 6

I apologize for the somewhat complicated everything, and hope I've given proper weaknesses. If anything needs changing/clarifying just ask.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Looks good Neon! She's approved.

Don't worry, you aren't complicating things. And you definitely gave a proper weakness.

All right! Looks good! I'm going to wait until tomorrow to start things up. Val is making some characters and I'd like to give a little more time for that. Also I need to think of a good introduction.

I must say, you guys have come up with some fascinating characters! I look forward to seeing what you do with them. :D

Author:  Buster [ Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:14 am ]
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it's not her specificaly, but i should probably copy this here from the art thread...
Buster Wrote:
A concept i've been working on.
ImageRight now i'm trying to come up with what 'normal clothing' would look like for a species with four arms a bony spinal ridge and no contact with humans...
Buster Wrote:
There's a bone half way between a hip and a shoulderblade inside that spinal ridge. the elbow hinges either straight backward if the shoulder is straight, or out to the side depending on how the shoulder is angled. They only reach forward if they're going up and over. The 'upper' hand has four claws, all aligned none opposable,the lower ones do have a proper thumb. The claws are designed for digging and are shaped like pickaxe tips, with the fingers having thick sturdy bones and webbing to make scooping away dirt and rock easier. that's why their hands are so bulky. the toe-claws are underdeveloped and there more for traction.

Their primary defense is that tail, which is a meter long, almost all bone and can move like a whip. Secondary defenses include a scaly hide that hardens into an almost chitinous state over some vital areas (spinal ridge, throat, abdomen). Fur can't grow through the chitin as easily as it does between scales, which is what makes the reddish patches. It's also why it doesn't cover more of their bodies, it gets cold too easily without the fur.

Their homeworld has a 45* axis tilt, Three moons, and is just at the outer edge of their system's habitable region, what some call the 'Goldilocks zone', so it's habitable but colder than ideal for organic life and nearly everything living there is adapted to erratic tidal behavior and long harsh winters. For Rhoui, that means burrowing underground near the geothermal vents that kept their primordial ancestors warm enough to survive, and only emerging onto the surface to hunt. Their entire civilization is subterranean.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

That looks great Buster!

EDIT: I'm in the process of writing the first post. It's a big one, so it may take a little while to finish it. Then, we can play. Most players (except buster, who's in a medical center) are starting out on a shuttle docking in one of the hangers.

Author:  Welsh Halfwit [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Just to explain Jenny Miles. She works for a Federal investigative Agency, the IOC. (It once stood for Investigative Oversight Committee amongst with several other titles after I forgot! It now just means IOC)

Basically it's an FBI style thing. With so many colonies having their own law enforcement, these are the guys who can cross the colony borders. If someone robs the colony bank on one world and flees to another, the colony can request extradition from the other colony but they don't have to comply. They could have no treaty with the other colony, for example. If the IOC are involved (intercolonial banks, multiplanetary companies, more than one colony hit by the criminals, that sort of thing) they can contact their own people on the other colony or pursue directly across the borders. They mostly work with the locals and, of course, with the Military or Security Forces on the ship. They're the detectives, for want of a better word.

She's kind of here as a liaison officer. Attached to the squad to help smooth things over with local law enforcement. She has investigator rights whilst aboard ship as she's attached to security. Her powers, however, are what she's keeping to herself. They're on her record for the higher ups but, as far as she's concerned, the need to know list is very small. She can, after all, only surprise someone once.

Author:  Deske [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:13 am ]
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Now that you've reminded me... I don't think I ever actually planned a reason for why Ulrich is here. Maybe he can find work as a martial arts instructor in the downtime. I should've come up with one will making his character.

Author:  Buster [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:22 pm ]
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Okay, I know she's a 8'1" cat thing, but he really shouldn't be so worried about Kol's reactions to bad news. she can't do THAT much damage.



Author:  CyberDragon [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

He's more worried about causing her mental pain. That's a lot harder to heal. She could swipe his head off and he'd be more concerned about her hurting herself than her destroying one of his bodies. He literally has millions of robot bodies, he'd just walk in with another one. Must say though, I laughed at her reaction to the hologram.

Author:  Buster [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:05 pm ]
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by the way her calling him metalskin was meant literally. she thinks he's a creature with a metallic carapace. (She's just spent the last wile being fussed over by mostly hairless skinny short things with not enough arms, so why not?)

Author:  CyberDragon [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:45 pm ]
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Apologies for all of the exposition filled talking-to-the-crowd. It's almost over. I'm trying to get to the first quest as fast as possible.

Author:  Buster [ Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:42 pm ]
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If it helps her broken speech make sense, Kol's native tongue only has verbs and nouns. Everything else is either dropped entirely (pronouns, misc) implied by vocal rythim (prepositions, conjunctions, intensifiers) or injected into the related verb or noun as an infix (adjective, adverb, numbers). It also uses subjective and objective suffixes for nouns instead of a fixed word order.

That's why the translator is struggling. Half the information it needs is nonexistent.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:11 am ]
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I appreciate the explanation Buster. Maybe it would help for her to get a more up-to-date translator. One that searches for individual words to translate seems fairly primitive for the 31st century.

Author:  Deske [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:27 am ]
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True, even Google Translate has grammatical translation as well as word per word translations.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:34 am ]
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I'd think a translator developed by Hivemind would be more based on translating the intent of the phrase. Maybe the one she has is a spare the doctors found.

Author:  Welsh Halfwit [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:15 am ]
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CyberDragon Wrote:
I'd think a translator developed by Hivemind would be more based on translating the intent of the phrase. Maybe the one she has is a spare the doctors found.

Or Kol found it on her side? If a hole opened once, it can open twice. Perhaps someone accidentally travelled it to her side once and died there? Minus 130 or whatever will do that. But the piece of tech they brought with them survived. Just.

Author:  Buster [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:31 am ]
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Well, the gateways are a test the Kali left behind on her world, when her people were still banging rocks together. It's a primitive (by Kali standards) FTL device preprogrammed to go to Kaalos Novas. When they can figure out how to turn one on correctly, they're ready. Kol shorted hers out...

As to the translator, modern translators can correct for grammatical differences because their programmers knew the gramar of both languages beforehand, or atleast had access to the right reference material. The odds of somone local knowing Vori are pretty slim, so decompressing a three word sentence into one that's anywhere from four to fifteen when it's still trying to figure out what those three words even are, and how the fit together, isn't that easy.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Thanks for the explanation of the portal generator. As to the translator, you have a good point. It would be very difficult in our world to make a translator like that. However, again, this is a world with a telepathic/technopathic super-genius, a 525 year old anthropomorphic rat with sonic hands, a telekinetic liquid creature in a containment suit, and a 500 mile long starship. We're allowed to stretch things a little for the sake of an interesting story. Also, if Hivemind is the one who made the translator, he could study his own telepathy to aid the process.

Basically Buster, my concern is that I have no idea how to describe Kol's situation to her in three word sentences that the current translator can translate.

Author:  Buster [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

No the three word bit was referring to her normal untranslated speech, it wasn't a request just a clarification. I haven't posted because I haven't been home since friday and color coding is a pain to do on a touchscreen that keeps trying to autocorrect everything, so I never make RP posts from anything but my PC anymore.

I didn't mean to imply anything needed to be changed, this was just discussion for its own sake.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Oh. OK Buster. Thanks for clearing that up. ^^
Also don't worry about it. Post when you can. Honestly it's anybody's turn right now.

Author:  Deske [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:35 pm ]
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I must be blessed to be able to post from my phone as I never run in to any of these autocorrect issues.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

I think it varies between phones. I know I wouldn't be using my phone half as much if it had the autocorrect.

Author:  Welsh Halfwit [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

a 525 year old Rat.

More like 25. Her race is the experiments of tens of generations. She's just of the latest generation.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Welsh Halfwit Wrote:
Character Name: Jenny Miles

Codename: “Pistol”

Color: This

Type: Main

Species/Breed: Rat

Age: 525human years 

Might want to fix that then, Welsh. :)

Author:  Buster [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:01 pm ]
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I haven't figured out how to turn that "feature" off.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

All right, so because I want to include Buster in the first day's events, I'm going to let you guys RP with each other for a bit while I get her character to the point where she can get involved. I'm going to use the Lycan's forms to help synchronize things.

Author:  Deske [ Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Buster Wrote:
I haven't figured out how to turn that "feature" off.

What phone do you have?
Also maybe it's because I don't have autocorrect so much as my phone has really good predictive texting.

Also, meet Ulrich. He's 23ish at heart.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Woohoo! We are on the second page of this RP now! I'm so excited about this milestone! :D

Edit: It occurred to me that I might be moving the story along a bit fast for some of you guys and I apologize if that's the case. I just figured you guys might want to get to the superhero stuff I promised quickly. Not every day is going to be like this. There will be time for relaxing and talking and getting to know each other, even later in the current day after the major event. It's just I was eager to get to the good stuff to make a good first impression for the RP.

Author:  Buster [ Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:45 pm ]
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for refrence the global Rhoui population of their homeworld is 55,940.

the surface isn't warm enough to support plants, the plant life is all subterranean or aquatic. so the bottom tier animals feed either on cave fungi, or fish, and everything else feeds on them. as a result there's no agriculture and the population explosion humans had never happened for them. it CANT happen, the resources to support it aren't there. Rhoui have been able to stabilize their food supply enough for small settlements by carving caves specificaly for growing mushrooms, but that's it.

based on this wiki's scale, almost every settlement would be considered a hamlet. capitols might be a village or small town.

Author:  CyberDragon [ Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Nice. You've really given this a lot of thought! How long have you had to develop all of the details for this species?

Author:  Buster [ Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

they're one of six species i've been working on for my own story setting.

The same one that Flame Of Tartarus takes place in actually. The Giants Isles, are the main settlement of a joint Human/Kali colony (the Kali are the animal-people present), and the whole 'gifted' thing is a phenomenon specific to that one world that i plan to go into in FoT in detail at some point. Not sure when.

There's the Rhoui

Humanity of course

A Kaal (Kali if referring to them in plural) is actually a microscopic parasite about the size of a nerve ending, that enters it's hosts body via an open wound allowing access to the bloodstream. They can 'create' sapient bodies for themselves by infesting native fauna, consuming and replacing the animals nervous system, and and mutating them as they grow to accommodate the desired form of the colony living inside them. (before you ask, they're on peaceful terms with humans, and refuse to infest anything that's already sapient. doing so is the one thing they will put one of their own to death for. Think the X from Metroid, except they prefer mamalian bodies, are mostly peaceful/friendly, and are the ones who taught humans how to achieve FTL travel in exchange for breedable fauna samples.) once they choose a body they're stuck with it, partly because the body will die the instant they leave (it no longer has a nervous system), and partly because the interconnectivity of an entire colony is what gives them sentience. if they leave the individual they were will be lost.

Synthetics, of which there are four classes, Low-grade (basically drones. can't do anything without instructions. more often than not governed by hard coded directives, or a remote operator), Mid-grade (capable of machine-learning, heuristics, and can 'interpret' their directives), high-grade (simulated emotions, full learning capacity, full autonomy, considered sapient beings), and Gestalt (multiple AI working in tandem to function as a single entity, at a higher level than they were designed to be capable of separately), with varying degrees of rights by class (gestalt are considered an organization rather than an individual in most cases).

The Ghrakk, a species of reptilians from an extremely hot world of mostly deserts and jungles. Dozens of breeds, Very snakelike, and absolutely HATE Kaal, whom they used to share a home world with before they nearly wiped each other out in the Exodus War. (Started out as a Starbound mod race before I abandoned that idea over one too many jokes about the ship design, which were based on submarines.)

and an aquatic species i'm still working on developing.

Author:  ~\Rook/~ [ Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Non HPU: Beacon Of Hope OOC

Hey, room for one more? Here's a sheet:

(Sorry it's so long..)

Name: Rika Montoni
Species/Breed: Half-Human/Half-Kitura (Fox-People)
Gender: Female
Age: 27 (Human Years)
Height: 4.9'
Location/Neighbourhood: Beacon of Hope (Non-HPU)

Powers: Buff/debuff/healing gadgetry. Carrying small, palm-sized capsules and larger, hand-sized pods, Rika can heal and boost team-mates or slow down enemies. All capsules and pods come with color-coded bands to tell what's in them and what they're used for. Here is the coding:

Green: Green banded capsules can give a team-mate some pain relief. Cuts, bruises, even minor fractures can be healed rather quickly. To use, simply open the capsule and take one of the pills inside. Usually a total of five per capsule. Green pods can only be used by Rika, for these have the tools to heal a more severe injury, such as broken bones, limb displacement, large open wounds, bullet wounds, plasma and laser burns or a mixture of two or three. Anything more serious and you should take the injured to an infirmary ASAP. Ten capsules. Three Pods.

Blue: Blue banded capsules hold pills which can improve and boost your senses, physical might, agility and knowledge. Blue Pods have adhesive patches for a longer effect and can only be applied to skin or fur. The effects may have minor drawbacks. Please consult Rika for further details*. Five capsules. Three Pods.
(*Only minor discomfort or aches may occur, if anything more than a migraine occurs, please take a general purpose pain-relief tablet and consult another doctor ~ Rika)

Yellow: Yellow band capsules can deter and debilitate enemies that it is thrown at. It contains chemicals that can cause irritation to eyes, skin, throat and nose. the effects don't last long and should clear up after a few minutes. Yellow pods are more potent and have a larger area of effect, disabling an enemy for five minutes at most. Note: These pods are only activated after a hard impact, light drops or knocking should not activate them. Five capsules. Three Pods.

Red: For use only in extreme cases. only two capsules an one pod should be carried at max. These are, in a sense, improvised biochemical grenades. Like the yellow banded capsules and pods, only activate with a hard impact, and should be thrown a large distance away from team-mates. Can cause severe and possibly irreparable damage to; eyes, skin, throat, nose and muscles for an extended period of time. Two capsules. One Pod.

Weakness: Only has a limited supply of capsules and pods per mission (22 capsules, 10 pods in total.)

Appearance: Rika is mostly human in appearance except for her limbs past the elbows and knees, which are animal-like and covered in fur alike to a English red fox. her fingers don't have nails, but retractable claws. Her legs are digitigrade. She also has the tail and ears of a fox. Her hair is styled pixie short and is a natural dark brown. Her eyes are amber yellow with vertical pupils like a fox.
Rika's outfits are as follows;
Casual: White tank-top, Dark grey knee-length shorts, White bandage-like foot-wraps. Usually also has a hip-pack on.
Medical: Baby-blue Medical scrubs with the trouser legs rolled up to the knees and the same foot-wraps like in casual.
Combat: Dark grey bodysuit with the legs and arms shortened to the knees and elbows under a military-grade combat armour chest-plate with shoulder-pads, elbow-pads, knee-pads, custom-fitted shin-guards and foot-guards. Additional backpack for gadget storage and filtered gas-mask for emergencies. All made with lightweight, breathable (and durable) materials.

Personality: Caring, considerate, passionate about her profession. Rika is an angel of the modern age, just wanting to help all she can. When on the job, she can be analytical and concise, yet still keep herself and those around her calm. The stress of work never really seems to get to her, but it can take it's toll. In less professional areas Rika is calm and selfless almost to a fault, thinking more for the people around her than herself.

Background: Born to her human father, David Montoni, and her Kitura mother, Sahila, on the Beacon of Hope, she may be the first natural born of her kind. She grew to be a compassionate caring being, wanting to help anyone however she could. With this in mind she went into the medical profession, eventually gaining her doctorate with honours and gaining the skills she now hopes to use with the champions, which has been her long sought-after dream.

*Has just over nine years of medical training and experience, only recently getting her doctorate.
*Always puts others before herself, possibly even in dire situations.
*Is highly versed in biology and chemistry, which stems to her gadgets.

S: 4 "Could somebody help me move these files? It's a large box.."
P: 8 "..Well, there is some minor swelling.."
E: 5 "..Just another few hours on these files and i'm done."
C: 7 "Hello there, my name is Dr. Rika Montoni, and I'll be your medical adviser today.."
I: 10 "'ve suffered a minor epidermal hematoma.. That's a hard bump to the head.."
A:5 "I believe it to be a byproduct of my Kitura heritage.."
L:4 "Take one of these and with a little luck you'll be right as rain.."


Color: This #8080FF

Took me a while (and some googling) to get it right. How is it?

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