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(OoC)Chronicles of Earth and Thrae(Accepting) 
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Post (OoC)Chronicles of Earth and Thrae(Accepting)
[Temporary/original title]

The meaningless babble:

I started, and still run, this RP on another forum. It has gotten various opinions, and moreover I seem to have the worst luck: the writers’ staff changes a lot because a number of the members have to leave and the like. Past the mini-bio, despite all the issues, it was/is overall still a successful RP, and I want to see if it was a fluke.

The Introduction

I suppose I’ll just get out with it: This RP has no specific genre, though the greater part of it is scifi/fantasy. It is freelance in that the members(you) will decide main plots, as well as being able to step away from the main plot for your own storylines. Of course, for the main plots, you’ll have a voting system.

Earth and Thrae

Earth and Thrae are, to a degree, just parallel universes too each other. However, Thrae is more technologically advanced(bionics, anyone?) and hasn’t murdered its planet with world wars and global warming like Earth did. Even the states and countries have the same names. However, civilization did crash around the year 1000… but I digress. Everyone who exists has, how shall we say it, two lives. When they die on their home universe, they are instantly sent to the parallel, though they leave a body behind. Their second death is also their last. In the original, the mechanics were different, but we won’t be using it, as that would limit the storyline dramatically.

The Races
There are various races, and one can even create races as long as they are not godmoding. The current races are subject to change(for instance, one could suggest female werewolves, or that weres be generic). And I suppose, if we had to, all mains could be pets.

Werewolves: Werewolves, first and foremost, are nothing like they are in the movies. For a person to be a werewolf, one of their ancestors must have been one. The werewolf gene rests on the Y chromosome, meaning that only males can develop it. All males have this gene, but only 4% will ever develop it. Most can live among society with no issue. A werewolf has three forms, human, wolf, and half wolf. His half wolf form is only accessible during the full moon, possibly because of the genes reaction to moonlight in large doses. Most "evil" werewolves choose to attack at this time, because in their half wolf form, there is little any human can do to resist. They are free, however, to shift between human and wolf forms with no restrictions. It is also entirely possible for a werewolf to live it's entire life without "phasing". While in the half wolf state, the person’s judgment and rationale suffer, but they are gifted with great power and durability. The half wolf form is also capable of human speech.
(Credit to Necronightmare for the bio.)
Humans(if you can't figure this out, PM me.)
Elves: Not quite as adept at magic as their film counterparts, they still retain the natural beauty, speed, and grace you’re always hearing about.
Elemental: Elementals are not very common. They are normally female, but cases of male Elementals have been found. The Elementals have few rules but one is never use your gift for evil. In other words the Elementals cannot kill without feeling whatever pain they inflicted on the person they killed. If they burnt the person, they feel as if they are being burnt too. Each Elemental also has an element that they can control the best. The Elementals have another side effect though. They have a trademark of whatever element they best control. If they best control air they might have little wings on their feet or a huge pair on their back.
(Credit to Harvest Life for Elementals.)

Phoenixes are a very rare and proud specie of bird, found only in Thrae. Firstly there are multiple different kinds of phoenixes, Ash and Silver Phoenixes are known. Ash Phoenixes hide in fires eating ash, which gave them their names, most Phoenixes don't actually burn and recombobulate, only gold and Fire Phoenixes do that, Phoenixes either live in forests or mountains, usually the latter. They have unique abilities but are always very intelligent, some can even understand English. A very proud race some Phoenixes will go a very long way for revenge, they stalk their enemies from the sky. They don't get along with most species, not even their own, Phoenixes only meet once a year, during their mating season. Phoenixes also range from 1 and 5 feet in height, depending on specie. Their shared traits are: Long life, powerful talons, beauty, sharp feathers (only in some), omnivore traits, flight (duh), immunity to natural elements, super strength and cunning.
Rarer traits found in certain species are: Universal language, inconceivable knowledge, beaks nearing dragon blood strength, invisibility, rebirth, breath/tears of life, invisibility, highly water dynamic, fire breath, dream travel and immortality (only found in white Phoenixes of which is only a legend).
A powerful and dangerous species, most are non-violent, only when they are attacked do they attack back, or when they hunt but they never eat more than they need and thus only the large ones ever slay humans, no Phoenix will ever harm a child, even one that has harmed them.
Credit to Murray3

The Plots

Because of the setting, plots can range from horror to adventure to romance. You could play out your own horror movie on Earth, creating a monster race for the sheer terror of it. You can adventure, hunting for treasure in the ruins of the Thrae pre-civilization of 1000. You can live out your own doomed romance between *shudder* a vampire and werewolf. Of course, these are all branch plots. Main plots must incorporate at least half a country, and have sides one can take(be they both evil, both good, etc.). These will then be submitted here, or through PM, and will be copied to the front page. Then when it comes time for the next plot, all members will vote for one, through PM, and we will do the one with the most votes.

The Rules

Rule 1. A five line rule applies here. If you can not submit at least five lines of meaningful text, your post will be ignored.
Rule 2. You may have up to four characters at any given moment. You may kill/drop and make as many as you want, as long as you give them a plausible exit and keep your count at four or less. This is a way for you to get out five lines without having to use another’s characters. And that leads to…
Rule 3. You may use another member’s character if they are in your character’s vicinity and the owner allows it.

The Sheet

Username: Your username
Name: Your character's name
Age: Your character's age
Origin: Your character's world of origin(Earth/Thrae)
Location: Your current location and world, because these can differ from your origin.
Species: Your character's species
Gender: Your character's gender
Appearance: The appearance of your character/how he or she looks.
Personality: The personality of your character.
History: Your character's background and past.
Other: Any extra information you may wish to add about your character

If you're watching me make this post, then we have issues.

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Post Re: (OoC)Chronicles of Earth and Thrae(Accepting)
Can i join the rp?
Here's what my char will be if im accepted:
Username : OrroAnn
Name: Rayiun
Age: 14
Location : Thrae
Gender: Female
Appearance:Rayiun has dark-colored hair with light streaks of red. Her eyes are a silver with a tint of green. She usually wears a purple cloak over a pair of torn jeans and a light blue shirt. Since she is best at water, her feet and hands are webbed with gills in place of her ears, although she can still hear. She wears her cloak [with her hood up] to hide her trademarks of her elements from the people of Thrae
Personality:She is usually shy and secretive. She doesn't like meeting people new, and isnt that social. Since she's best at water, she enjoys staying in the mountains, close to the streams and lakes. She is pleasant once you get to know her, but is pretty quiet if you don't know her that well. She usually stays out at night, being her favorite time of day. She loves animals and the environment around her.
History: Her history is unknown to most. Shortly after being born, her mother died and her father left her. She wandered in the forest after being abandoned, learning how to survive on her own. After turning twelve, she moved to the mountains. [that's all i have right now]
Other: None

Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:12 pm
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