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Author:  ctcmjh [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:20 pm ]
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Gokorahn Wrote:

Wolf with some Snow Leopard characteristics

I'm sorry but I don't want hybrids like this in Radiant Gardens. If he were just a normal wolf, he'd be fine.

Author:  Gokorahn [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:51 pm ]
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I changed him around, how is he now?

Author:  Mareks [ Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:47 pm ]
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I'd like to apologize to everyone waiting for me to post. I've hit some SERIOUS writers block...

Author:  RockstarRaccoon [ Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:21 pm ]
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That's ok, I usually leave people hanging for weeks on end.

Author:  simple things [ Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:46 am ]
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Name: Charlie Rose

type: main character

Species: Lycaon


Age: 21 (6 human years)- dunno how that works..but I'm going with it.

Neighborhood: Blue Peak shore

Charlie is tall and has a typical lycaon fur pattern and emerald eyes, she has long flowing brown hair to the midway of her back, and a few bangs that curl at her right ear. She also has a strip of red in her hair symbolizing her rank in the force. She normally wears a red and green collar with a clover shaped tag, with sharp rigged edges. On occasion she will wear something like jeans and a tank top.
Charlie has a long brown bushy tail and a beauty mark near the top left corner of her eye. she also has a long scar that runs up her right leg but it is normally mistaken as a ta-too. Charlie has special military clothing when she goes out for exploring.

-Background- Her story begins back at when she was a young pup. Her father was a fisher man. One day she sneaked in her father's boat as he and his friend went to fish. They got a bit further than the usual fishing spot but a storm pulled their boat further and further out. Once the storm broke out, powerful waves crashed against the ship, eventually tearing it in half. Only Charlie survived by clinging on the boat-wreck. The flow took her even deeper in the sea, and after a few days she was found by a military scout boat on a training mission. Charlie was then taken by the soldiers, having amnesia from the shock and given to a foster family, until she reached a year. She was then taken back at the academy, where she trained vigorously for soldier for 7 years. Due the last year, she was adopted by Aaron, who was one of the soldiers that originally found her in the sea.
Now her father found a good payed job as a chef on Meriwether Island, they moved there.

Charlie is very sweet and friendly and can think on her feet. She looks out for all the strangest attributes in a person. If someone was hungry, she would invite them to her home to to give them food. She has strange mood swings at times and usually this sets people off. But over time she has learnt to control this. Charlie’s dad Aaron is a professional chef; and taught Charlie how to cook. She enjoys cooking for almost anybody that asks, she is not shy.Overall even though Charlie has been through The toughest of training, she is still very kind and openhearted.

Other Notes:
-the training that Charlie had endured has given her a heightened sense on all of her senses
and given her strength of a great magnitude. But she's no superman so she has her limits.

-Charlie does not enjoy watching television. She is an outdoors kind of girl.

Charlie's habits never seem to leave her from when she left the military. She has a special set of military clothing that she wears when she sneaks out at night.

Charlie enjoys cooking for friends and family and likes making different kinds of coffee. she also enjoy dancing to loud music around early morning.

Charlie has a set of two to five guns (one being a grappling gun.)

Charlie enjoys climbing and hiking as well as fighting and taking time to play sports with her friends.

-Charlie enjoys writing and taking long walks on the beach, she enjoys just about any ones company and loves playing video games. She also has a knack for Dj-ing


Author:  D-Singer [ Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:41 am ]
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Geez, I shouldn’t be one to say anything about this, seeing as how I’m not even in the neighborhood it’s intended for...But come on...isn’t this character in general a bit exaggerated?

Author:  Mareks [ Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:28 pm ]
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My character in Radiant Garden wears a Sweater, and another character wears a hoody. bits and pieces of clothing seem to be fine there.

There's the little touch of magic in here as well, my own character seeing the dead to some extent. A bit of telepathy seems to go on as well, but the magics been toned down a lot.

On short, I like the character, but I don't really know what to say in respects to them joining the community.

Author:  simple things [ Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:37 am ]
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Name: Alexander Salt

type: main character

Species: hound (Australian cattle dog)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Neighborhood: Yorkshire Fields

Alexander is taller than your average pet, he has blue/black teal fur that is rather fluffy. Alexander wears a grass green collar that sits around his neck, it also has a little locket that is attached to it with a picture of his father, it was the only item that he had had as a memory of him. Alexander is rather built, he has large muscles that bulge from his arms(but their not HUGE) he has a taut stomach with just enough visibility of a six-pack. from the underside of his stomach, to around the underneath of his thighs, it is white furred and fluffy. Alexander has dark blue eyes and a charcoal black tail and dimples on his cheeks, he also has a snaggle tooth that sticks out the slightest. But because of his dimples no one really even notices.

Alexander lived in the city most of his life, but when his father became a success in the industry, they moved to a bigger home near the beach. Alexander would normally watch his father Richard working in the company, he would take notes on how he would instruct his workers, and how he would get the job done. Alexander was hoping to become the owner of Vortrax someday. When Richard became gravely ill from cancer, he had signed papers that approved Nisha to become the owner of Vortrax. And all the money that Richard had made, and the money that he had under his name as owner was transferred to Nisha. Soon afterwards Richard passed away, This had shattered Alexanders dreams of becoming the owner of the corporation, and so he let it go. Nisha sold the home they lived in, and decided to move away from the current city they were in. Seeing as it was not a pet friendly city, Yorkshire was the closest pet friendly area they lived near and so Alexander and Nisha moved to it. Every now and then Nisha will leave on a plane to go to the corporation to sign important papers and what not, the second in command does most of the managing.

Alexander is very kind, and somewhat eccentric. He smiles most of the time,and can be weired but people think he is being funny so he laughs with them. he is normally in his own thoughts of worlds imagining fantasy and si-fi; and fighting great warriors. this is normally a projection of how the warrior is the killer and he is trying to save his father. After this he would normally wake up. Alexander generally prefers being alone, but then again he has never had a real friend. he’s quiet but he likes to be loud sometimes.

Other Notes:

-Richard found Alexander as a pup, alone in an abandoned alleyway, and took him into care. Later Alexander was licensed and became a pet to him.

-Richard taught Alexander how to play the guitar and keyboard, he also taught him to do simple programming. Later Richard found his wife Nisha and they all moved in together.

-Richard Owns the multinational corporation Vortrax, that makes consumer electonics and computers. The advanced technology that the company had created led Richard to his millions.

-Alexander enjoys building small contraptions and devices that help with everyday life, he also enjoys cooking with his mother.

Alexander is currently suffering from temporary- Anosmia. This means, that he cannot perceive any odors or smells. Nisha has taken advantage of this, by placing a small glass vial on the back of the locket around Alexanders neck. The Vial is filled with a lavender essence, so that her son smells nice to anyone he meets. There is a small bit of fabric underneath the vial, that allows the scent to escape. This is why people thinks he wears perfume, he is also getting treatment for the Anosmia. And he wont be happy when he learns about the lavender smell.


Author:  Rhyzer [ Wed Aug 10, 2011 7:46 pm ]
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Well, here are my Pet-Friendly characters. ;P
Aya "Travis" Leonhardt

-Character Type-


Alaskan Husky


18 [Approx. 5 in Human Years]

Richmond Acres

Aya is a pure-bred Alaskan husky. She has a thick, and naturally fluffy two-layered pelt. Her fur is largely composed of a light charcoal-black pigment, and a white underbelly. Generally, she is slender, lean, and fairly athletic in physique, but ambiguously androgynous. Add that to the fact that she intentionally lowers her pitch convincingly well, aside from the name change.

Height-wise, she is slightly shorter than most dogs of her breed.

Aya wears a cerulean ballistic vest and a black nylon K-9 unit collar – with a licensed identification badge. When off-duty, she simply wears her collar and her badge.

Her voice is reminiscent to that of Uma Thurman.

Aya is a solitary, silent, and passive-aggressive dog. Her typical demeanor is apathy, indifference, and somnolence, and is frequently depicted as being surprisingly emotionless.

Beneath her core, however, she’s kind, loyal, nurturing, and gentle. She is also a very selfless person, inclined to give rather than to receive, and, accordingly, prefers not to be in the debt of others, no matter how minimal or trivial.

Generally, she is intelligent, analytical, calm, blunt, and very mature. She tries to behave maturely and professionally in almost every situation, but, of course, she isn’t without a little sense of humor. She also prefers to handle things independently without exerting much effort. Though, if need be, she will re-evaluate herself to accomplish certain goals and obstacles without fail.

Lawful Neutral

-Weaknesses & Strengths-
[Strength] : Aya is an apt and proficient tracker.
[Weakness] : Controversially, and in spite of her androgyny and oddly subtle mannerisms, Aya leads an insecure struggle with coming to terms between herself and her identity, in general. She intentionally tries to suppress this side of her when around others, much to the chagrin and confusion to those around her.

[Strength] : Aya is very resourceful and knowledgeable as a hardened survivalist, and is no stranger to unsettling and desolate environments.
[Weakness] : She prefers to maintain an independent and distant lifestyle, which makes it often difficult for others to communicate with her.

[Strength] : Despite boasting that she is nothing like she appears to be, Aya is an accomplished fighter, having developed her skills when she was under the tutelage of her former owner.
[Weakness] : Ironically, she is exceedingly selfless, to the point of putting herself in harm’s way for the guaranteed well-being and safety of others.

-Background History-
Aya was born in Texas, to a litter of five other pups. She never grew attached to her relatives – save for her older brother, whom was the eldest of the bunch. As a pup, she spent her relatively short amount of time playing together with him. Much to her chagrin, he was quickly adopted, and thus their time together had inevitably ended. Before leaving with his new family, he hugged Aya and said that he would try to keep in touch with her. She nodded tearfully, and wished him well.

Her new owner, Oswald Leonhardt, was a wise and benevolent man with a heart of pure gold. He was a widower and a retired military veteran. Primarily, he was also Aya’s role model, and the only person whom she truly admired, and referred to as Dad.

Together with her dad and her younger pet-sibling, Kazuma – a younger cat, they lived together and prospered harmoniously. She was carefully pampered, considering her breed’s sensitive nature to scorching heat. In addition, with proper discipline and extensive care, Aya grew up to be very responsible and well-mannered, despite her impatient and rocky personality (in stark contrast to her current demeanor). Oswald had not only taught her the virtues of providence and several other ethical values that she grew to understand later on, but her strong sense of justice was also derived from him. Needless to say, Oswald treated his pets with love and care just as any father would for his own family.

Unfortunately, the excess of joy was short-lived. One day, when Kazuma was admitted to a clinic for severe injury following a physical altercation with a bigger and stronger pet, misfortunate and tragedy had intertwined with Oswald and Aya in the meantime. On their way to visit the injured Bombay downtown, a reckless driver in an SUV had crashed against their vehicle, causing them to be pushed off the road, and pinned against the side of a building. Fortunately, Aya survived, although with several bruises, but Oswald did not. He quickly succumbed to his critical injuries, and died at the scene. Needless to say, this unexpected and tragic event scarred Aya, both psychologically and physically, as it later served to change her personality forever.

From this point on, the good days were behind her. Aya and Kazuma were left in the care of the local veterinarian clinic, recovering from their own respective injuries. But, since they practically had no owner, the two homeless pets were to be admitted to an animal shelter instead. However, after a misunderstanding and altercation with the authorities, Aya took Kazuma and ran away. Their days as strays were numbered, however, as they only lasted for as long as eight months before being caught by animal control.
The morose, unwelcoming, and ill-conceived atmosphere had rid them of all remaining joviality and hope, much more their sense of belonging. It didn’t help that they hardly ever saw each other, either. At some point in her extensive stay, Kazuma was adopted -- unbeknownst to her. Aya felt forlorn and helpless, since all that she had left in the world was gone.

It wasn’t long until she, too, was adopted. A young married couple, the Hoffmans, took her in, which brought back a little bit of her contentment and optimism. However, her hopes were instantly shot down; they were rather neglectful, inconsiderate, and sometimes abusive of her, and hardly even considered her as part of the family. Aya grew to dislike them for it, but she really didn’t need them to provide for her as she could easily take care of herself. In addition, she much rather preferred to retain her surname Leonhardt, considering the circumstances between herself and her harsh owners.

In the end, however, and despite overwhelming odds, Aya was able to attend a police academy, and had graduated among the top-ten cadets, achieving more than what she initially desired. She ranked fourth within her graduating trainee squad, acknowledged by her peers along the façade of Travis.
Since then, Aya has high hopes of being legally adopted by the police department someday. Or anybody that’s not a complete nomad, for that matter, so that she may finally settle and live in a cozy, easy-going neighborhood. But, much to her dismay, she knows that that won’t happen anytime sooner.

-Other Notes-
-She is a full-fledged member of the K9 Unit. As an officer, her area of expertise is -- but isn’t limited to -- search and rescue.
-Specifically, she is a Muay Thai martial artist.
-She’s rather fond and much friendlier with cats.
-Her theme song, if she had one, would be Civilian (Wye Oak).

STR - 7 "This… really doesn’t feel all that heavy."

PER - 9 “Why… do you keep looking at me like that with those eyes? Those sad, frightened eyes of yours?”

END - 7 "You want to spar with me again?” “How tenacious… and fun.”

CHA - 2 [Travis waves back at the peculiar pet, then turns away.]

INT - 7 “Instructional manuals aren’t all that bad, though I still prefer a comic book, or something.”

AGI - 7 "Ha, I'll fly beyond your expectations. Hopefully."

LUC - 3 “…Well, then, guess I’ll... take the stairs… again.” “I just hope the elevator’s the only thing broken so far.”



Carlos "Carlito" Velázquez

Tomas Velázquez

-Character Type-

American Bombay


20 [≈5.7 in human years]

-Neighborhood & House-
Richardson Valley (#77)

Carlito is lean and robust in physique; a feline with sleek, jet-black fur and golden eyes. He is also slightly tall for someone his breed.

He has a simplistic brown belt-collar with an ordinary collar tag, and a band-aid above his right eye. During the winter, he can be seen with a cream scarf wrapped above his shoulders, and wearing a pair of slate ski goggles.

Appearance-wise, however, he is arguably best known for the abnormality in his eyes: black sclerae. This -- along with his tall height and [occasionally] serious demeanor -- gives him a rather intimidating presence.

Trivially, he has a thick Puerto Rican accent.

Carlito is an extremely passionate, polite, and ambitious cat with a strong sense of duty and responsibility, acting as the ‘big brother’ to his close friends and fellow peers.

Nonchalant, cool, and deathly stern at few instances, he is also very kind-hearted, caring, and selfless; he possesses the tendency of thinking about the well-being and safety of others – especially those he considers close to him. It is also worth noting that he strives to fight and endure for the sole purpose of protecting those around him.

Despite his cool and disciplined behavior, he often tends to show his excitement for a big challenge. However, he won’t hesitate to take his roles seriously, as he is as determined to overcome any obstacle -- no matter how trivial or, otherwise, difficult -- as he is encouraging of others to feel the same way.

Lawful Good

-Other Notes-
-He prefers to mingle with pets outside his species, particularly around dogs.
-There's a large, visibly protruding scar extending downward from the right side of his neck. He was wounded by a larger pet when he was much younger.
-He makes a habit of spending a majority of his time training and pushing himself past his limits in either his garage or the local gymnasium.
-He has a passion for boxing and singing.


STR ~ 7 "Sorry, but I don’t pull my punches!”

PER ~ 6 "Hold on, amigo. Your arms are too far apart from your body. And […] ...otherwise you’ll be down for the count before you know it.”

END ~ 8 "This… is nothing. Come on, again!”

CHA ~ 6 “Hm? Oh, hello there! Can I help you with something?"

INT ~ 5 "I’m not what you call ‘textbook smart’, but I know enough to get around.”

AGI ~ 7 "What's the matter? Never taken a shortcut before?"

LUC ~ 3 “You… trust me to carry something so fragile and delicate?”

Author:  kurowolfe [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:03 am ]
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Erm, well, I had this idea for a character from observing this stray cat living near our dorm, but I have no idea if he's good enough for any of the neighbourhoods, and where he might be best in. Any suggestions?

Tuah (pronounced 'too-ah') Rezki

Character Type
(not sure)

Domestic Cat


16 [4.25 human years]

Yorkshire Fields

Tuah has a lean build and an average height, with golden eyes. He has a ginger coat with white stripes running through horizontally across his back, while his underbelly is pure white. The end of his four limbs are also white in colour, halfway up his forearms and legs. His tail is unusually fluffy, and is completely ginger. He is mute, and he interacts with others by writing on a waterproof notepad that he always carries around with him. Because of this, he has a small sling bag like this to store his spare notepads and pens. He wears a red collar and his tag is shaped like a six-pointed star, blue in colour.

Tuah has a reserved nature, preferring not to talk (or in his case, write) to others he doesn't know and shy himself in a corner to avoid contact. However, once he starts to warm up to someone, he will become more lively in his actions and cheerful in his mannerism. To make up for his inablility to speak, he writes very fast and beautifully in a conversation. He is a good listener by nature, and will console anyone who seems to be down in the dumps and is willing to share their problems with him. Tuah hates confrontations and fights, and will instantly withdraw himself away from them, either by running away or shutting himself away by crouching. He also loves to read, and will spend his time reading a novel when he's free.

Tuah used to be a stray cat for the early three human years of his life, living off the streets in a slum in Malaysia, barely surviving each day. He was also abused physically by a lot of people and other stray cats, causing him to be submissive. Then, one day, he caught a very strong fever, and was on the verge of dying when a young man named Rezki took him in and brought him for treatment. Tuah was able to recover from the fever, but unfortunately, due to the side-effect from it, he became mute and is unable to speak anymore. This didn't bother Tuah at all, as he owed his life to the good samaritan, especially when Rezki asked him whether he wanted to become his child. Tuah immediately said yes, and was given the name Tuah, as a symbol of how lucky he was to survive the fever.

They lived happily together for more than a year in an apartment in Malaysia, with Rezki working as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers. Tuah rarely got out of the house, since the apartment was not really pet-friendly. Noticing this, and because he wants his child to be among his own peers, his father did some research on neighbourhoods that are pet-friendly in the country, but none seems to really fit his description of the perfect place for Tuah. Until he stumbled across the description of Yorkshire Fields, a place far away from there. Rezki liked the place immediately, and he knew he had just enough to move there. So, using his own life savings and with some more help from friends, he purchased an apartment room there and flew there with Tuah to move in. Tuah, however, was a bit apprehensive about the idea of moving so far away, and he naturally became nervous at the prospect of living there. But seeing his father was so keen with it and that he tries so hard to help him live better, Tuah steeled himself.

Other Notes
- Tuah knows Malay as his native language, and learned English from his father, though he can sometimes write something in Malay by habit.
- Tuah is Malay for 'luck' and Rezki could mean fortune or sustenance. His full name follows the general naming convention in Malaysia, with the child taking the name of his father as his surname instead of a family name.
- He still remembers methods on how to survive on the streets, though he prefers not to recall any of them.

STR = 6 [I can carry my stationaries with me without any problems]
PER = 8 "Hmm, this guy seems to hide something... Is he OK?"
END = 4 [Yalah, I'm not really in fighting shape actually...]
CHA = 3 "Erm, hi there"
INT = 7 [I've read a lot of books, including dictionaries!]
AGI = 7 [You need to run fast if you want to survive one day on the streets...]
LUC = 7 "Hey, I found a dollar!"

Colour (Not sure, but square brackets are his writings and the semi-colons are his thoughts)

Author:  Hypergenesis [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:25 am ]
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kurowolfe Wrote:
Tuah (pronounced 'too-ah') Rezki


It's Kaido and Zatsudan put together into one. Wahahahahaha!

Well, most of the neighborhoods would be a good choice for your character in my opinion as there aren't really any strict ruling on how characters should be.

I have little to say about your character as he seems to have been written quite well except for the owner part but Eh. Human mannerisms differ from people to people and Rezki seems to be a journalist who had done his research on PF laws and how it works so yeah, Eh.

One thing I would be concerned about would be travelling expenses, if I recall correctly it's more expensive for an animal to travel compared to a human and freelance journalism wouldn't really have that big of an income.. except in some cases. So if you would have them move to the PF neighborhoods, which all seem to be in America.. Except BPS LoL. chances are it's apartment! Apartment 8D. * runs off to eat some poor stranger's apartment*

Now back to what I was saying, it's quite a risky move for his owner to move like that unless he got something like a job offer or someone he could live with. So with that in mind, I would say.. Basically any neighborhood would do.

Author:  kurowolfe [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Hmm, you've got some really good points there, especially about his owner moving out and the expenses. I'll need to edit the character sheet later.

I was actually concerned that him being mute might make it hard for other characters to interact with him, but I guess that's OK :D .

Now, to look for a neighbourhood for him....

(P/s: Do Americans call apartments as apartments? Here, people tend to call them flats.)
(P/s 2 : If any of the other RPers wants him in their neighbourhood, just tell me, because I honestly don't know where to put him in, and there's quite a few that need some more characters)

Edit: It's OK, he joins Yorkshire Field =3

Author:  Hypergenesis [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Well, being mute is a disadvantage for you as there are certain actions which would be hard for you to do like getting others' attention. Basically in another way of saying it, it's you that would have a hard time with your character and not the neighborhood.

From your story it doesn't seem like he's a deaf-mute so other characters could easily get his attention, which makes others trying to get your attention not a problem.

Author:  Gokorahn [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:21 am ]
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Are there any other neighborhoods that would accept Gokorahn the wolf? I really want to start a RP.

Author:  razgriz [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

In response to question 1: I live in PA, typically we call apartments, apartments... I think though, it can very as I've not been to the west and they may well use "flats" or something else out there.

Question 2: I'd love to RP with him at some point, he sounds like a great character... I'm in sunset, though, there's other RP's I believe more in need of characters...

Does he know sign language? (It kinda seems he would have started on it at some point to make communication easier)

Author:  kurowolfe [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

@ Gokorahn:
I'm not really sure where, since I'm not that familiar with the rest of the neighbourhoods myself. Sorry I couldn't help you...

Hmm, guess it's similar with how we call it here then. And yeah, he's already being taken into Yorkshire Fields XD. He doesn't know sign language though, he writes fast enough to follow up a conversation, and uses his expressions for everything else. Anyway, not many people knows sign language, unfortunately....

Author:  Hypergenesis [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Gokorahn Wrote:
Are there any other neighborhoods that would accept Gokorahn the wolf? I really want to start a RP.

I would love to invite you to Yorkshire but we're kind of having an overpopulation of wolves already. They're not really pet material realistically speaking.

Author:  Aquablast [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Gokorahn Wrote:
Are there any other neighborhoods that would accept Gokorahn the wolf? I really want to start a RP.

All neighbors are open except Blue Peak Shore (accepting only tourists, but GM's busy + slower response).

But I have no idea about their policy of accepting wolves, maybe you can ask around Brookshire Meadows? It is close to a forest reserve.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Name: Katherine Pike (goes by Kat)
Main character
Species: Savannah Cat

Age: 6 (21 pet years)

Neighborhood: Brookshire Meadows
text color: #008080

she looks like this:
sav cat.jpg
sav cat.jpg [ 34.84 KiB | Viewed 34751 times ]

she's about the same size as Spike. maybe slightly smaller
she wears a forest green collar, with a tag that looks like this:
earth-gold.jpg [ 3.33 KiB | Viewed 35329 times ]

she has an overactive imagination and a somewhat short attention span. she can focus on performing one task, but her mind wanders to many other places. having been raised by an eccentric member of the Pike family, she isn't surprised by much. but she does tend to get a bit excited sometimes.

she has a tendency to ignore Occam's razor, which says that when you hear hoof beats, you should think horse, not Zebra (choose the option that requires the fewest assumptions), and thinks centaur-like alien shape-shifter come to our planet to collect DNA samples from all of earth's native species so they can add it to the DNA bank they have to repopulate the universe in the event of a mass extinction.(I told you her imagination was overactive)

she dislikes anytime people are scared of her before getting to know her due to her larger than normal domestic cats size.

When Joseph Pike, professional eccentric rich dude, decided he wanted a cool pet, but Lions and Tigers were too unwieldy for his tastes, so he went out and bought the closest thing he could get to a feral without needing to do a bunch of paperwork. in the time he's had her, they've been snowboarding down mount Everest, rafting over Victoria Falls, and have done many other adventurous things that put both of their lives in danger. now he's going to space, so he dropped by his nephew Jack's place in Yorkshire Fields in the middle of the night and told him that he was now Kat's owner until he returns.

Other Notes:
-she reads a lot, but her short attention span and overactive imagination make her seem a dumb.
-she calls Spike "Sammy" just because she prefers it.
-she isn't dependent on her dad's money for toys and such. she has her imagination to keep her entertained.
-she believes that she has met the Yeti. (it was actually just a very hairy mountain climber in a white fur coat)
-the worst moment of her life was when she wandered away from her home and got lost in a big city. (she made her way back home eventually, but a few hours of having no idea where she was or how to get home had her overactive imagination worrying about monsters.)
-her favorite food is emu, which she first had when she was in Australia with her dad while he was looking to have a boxing match with a kangaroo.

STR- 7 (she's got Serval blood in her.)
PER- 4 (she gets lost in her thoughts)
END-7 (again, part Serval)
CHA- 6 (she's lovably crazy)
INT- 5 (she's smart, but seems dumb often enough that it brings down her intelligence score. like Peanut)
AGI- 7 (the Servality)
LUC-6 (no explanation. just lucky, I guess)

Author:  valerio [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:10 am ]
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Maybe I missed something...but whatever happened to Zander?

Author:  RockstarRaccoon [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

valerio Wrote:
Maybe I missed something...but whatever happened to Zander?

I dunno... I can never seem to contact him...
Never been informed of him actually leaving though...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

from what I can tell, he's busy working on the Housepets! Radio Show. once the first arc of that is done and released, he should be back.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
from what I can tell, he's busy working on the Housepets! Radio Show. once the first arc of that is done and released, he should be back.

thank you.
Since he's also not answering my PMs, I'll keep minicontrolling his characters at BPS.

Author:  Mareks [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Sorry, so sorry... I was on vacation :D

I would of let everyone know, but it was a little short notice for me. I can make posts as soon as I'm up to date.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Welcome back!
Can't wait to hear more from Gian! :D

Author:  kurowolfe [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Same here! =3

Author:  Leafolawl [ Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Is a character with a split personality okay?

Author:  Hypergenesis [ Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Yes it's alright, I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Leafolawl Wrote:
Is a character with a split personality okay?

yup! Janus Lagrange in Seabreeze Harbor is a perfect example of that. you may check his CS for reference

Author:  Leafolawl [ Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Are there any special attributes that they have?

Author:  valerio [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Leafolawl Wrote:
Are there any special attributes that they have?

As you may see in janus' CS, his SPECIAL will change according to the personality mode.

Author:  Hypergenesis [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Leafolawl Wrote:
Are there any special attributes that they have?

No good way to say this so here goes.

Best not to have any "special attributes" to a character you're going to make if you're planning on joining the majority of the Neighborhood RPs here as they ( Special attributes ) generally tend to be disruptive. If you're planning on a character with a split personality, I would recommend using a form of event (best left untold to people) that triggers the personality shift or leave it as a disorder that causes your character to change attitudes at any given time.

That's my opinion on the matter at least o 3o..

Author:  valerio [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Quote Hypergenesis.
For example, janus' second personality triggers after sun is completely set and lasts until the first crack of dawn.

Author:  Mareks [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

I'm still trying to find my last posts. You wouldn't think it hard with an avatar like mine...

Also, I'm gonna see if I can make a revival post in Seabreeze.

Author:  Leafolawl [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Well then, here it goes.

Name: Specter/Iblis McHugh(Mik-Hyew)

Species: Cat (Maine Coon/Red Tabby cross)

Age: 17 (5 human years roughly)

Neighborhood:Sunset Platue

Appearance: He looks to be as big as a Maine Coon, but With the patterning of a Red Tabby. He wears a blue collar to match his tag, custom made so that it can be turned inside out with the twist of a little knob, to reveal either a blue colored hourglass, or a red one. Blue represents Specter, Red Iblis.

Specter: A "Scaredy Cat" by all means, to the point in which he's afraid to even speak. A nice guy though, if you can get him to even write on your hand. You can usually find him in the "Anti-social" corners of places, regardless where you are.
Iblis: A major difference from Specter, His Idea of peace is "if you need something ask, otherwise scram." as the talking one of the two, you can tell when to avoid him, 'cause you should stay as far away from Iblis as possible, if only for his nasty temper.

History: He used to belong to an abusive owner, as such, Specter is scared of everything, has OCD, and is basically a mute; and Iblis is angry all the time, can't stop rebeling against anything, and has no issue severly hurting anyone or breaking anything within arms reach.

he got away from "his" grasp when a neighbor reported the abuse, but the damage had been caused. He developed a defense mechanism involving DPD so that he could survive the abuse. But it was one step to late, he was not only , at that point in time, "Meek".

His new owners have decided that the disorder is so bad, he needs two names.
Specter for the one who's always running free, scared of everything, and Iblis for the one who is frightening by any standards.

Specter: Neutral/Pessimist
Iblis: Neutral/Optimist
He only does whatever he does to keep things normal and safe by whatever is needed to be done at the time. Specter is afraid of what could happen if he doesn't think about all the bad things, so that's what he does, where Iblis is annoyed by all the thoughts of what could happen, and focuses on what didn't happen so that he doesn't end up yelling at anything that moves.

Talent: Singing. Specter might be almost completely mute, and Iblis doesn't much seem to care about anything, but those issues seem to vanish once he takes a mic up in hand. With an impressive range and a stunning control the muscles that make him purr and hiss, he can sing a lot of different songs, where he lacks the usual limitations that humans have, where their vocal chords don't make different sounds based on certain muscles.

Interesting facts:
-They know each-other exist, and will refer to one another by name.
-They call their old owner "Him", and are constantly terrified of "Him".
-Iblis is the defense, and will only run free one day of the week to keep his mind running.
-Specter is very faint hearted, anything can, and will, scare him.
-Iblis will take over when specter is fainting from embaressment, or when specter feels like his life is on the line.

S-7/10(Spec:don't know how to use the muscle/Iblis:"Give me something heavier.")
P-10/8(Spec:"Nothing can catch me off guard, i hope."/Iblis:"What are you hiding?")
E-8/7(Spec:constant terror leaves him with more adreniline/Iblis:"Gotta try harder to take me out.")
C-2/4(Spec:"What do i do!?"/Iblis:"What did you want?"
I-6/4(Spec:does what he can/Iblis:"And this will do what now?")
A-6/7(Spec:always runs, but his larger body slows him/Iblis:needs to dodge alot)
L-3/2(Spec:"Why me?!"/Iblis:"Always with the rakes!")


And that's that.
I thought about doing two colors to help identify the two, but I thought "naw".

Author:  Hypergenesis [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Iblis = Advocate?

Anyways, you might have a hard time socializing with other characters with a character like that. Even so I would like to ask, is Iblis violent or arrogant?
Another thing that catches my concern is Specter's muteness. Is it one that's psychological or is he (including Iblis) naturally mute?

I don't really mind the dual SPECIAL statistics as even the physical body is controlled solely by the mind. Luck though.. Eh. Don't mind that.

All in all, the character looks fine. Now to choose a neighborhood he could fit into... Preferably a "peaceful" one from how I see it. I can't suggest one though as I am only active in one neighborhood right now.. Though it is "peaceful"... So long as you don't meet the wrong people/pets.

Author:  Leafolawl [ Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

I noticed one step to late that i put in the wrong name. I've been trying to edit it all to Iblis. Specters muteness is psycological, and Iblis is agressive, condisending, and kinda egotistical.

Basicaly, the character in general is a string away from insanity, although easy to aproch, he's difficult to keep in a calm state, and easy to put into an untrusting mode, they're just trying to protect himself. (I love saying things like that.)

As for the luck stat, it's as much their perspective as mine. Specter considers himself luckier 'cause he always pictures thing going worse, where Iblis has always pictured things going better.

Author:  RockstarRaccoon [ Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Sid would get along with him, lol...

Author:  Leafolawl [ Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Which one would he get along with?

Author:  RockstarRaccoon [ Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Your split personality character: Sid is infamous for being very mentally unstable.

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