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Overanalyzing Pete The Grippon 
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Post Overanalyzing Pete The Grippon
Fox Says: Pete would suffer demotion into the form of his "gaspar" get-up as a "low order being" for 3 melenia.
minus all the powers.

Armadillo Says: He, he, Nice one!

Fox Says: You can just tell how much he loves his powers.

Armadillo Says: Yes, thats true...
And this bring we one question
Why would he go so far as stealing the fate of one human?
After all they are just playing a game aren they?
*Fan speculation time*

Fox Says: A desprate attempt to make King his avatar.

Armadillo Says: But why King?
There is 6 billion Humans arround the world
And only God knows how much cats and dogs
Just Usa has millions...

Fox Says: And the combined total.

Armadillo Says: Yes, and the combined total...
Why in a universe with so many creatures, would he risk into entering into a big trouble because of king?

Fox Says: Hidden powers maybe?
Or maybe a special trait appliable to only an ex-human mind.

Armadillo Says: He would not be supposed to be human in any way
Because the kitsune said that its written in the rule book
That Only cats and dogs can became avatars

Fox Says: Maybe he just loves teaching lessons to random people, but that's to boring.

Armadillo Says: Anyways, why would he teach a lesson to a guy to a guy who lives near peanut and grape?
Why not on the other side of the world?
After all, Why did Pete Choose King?

Fox Says: Probable hidden powers.

Armadillo Says: Are you Sure?
So Why he wanted Grape Before?

Fox Says: To be close to the inner circle of the game, where he could pull more strings.

Armadillo Says: Okay, So first He tried Grape, and then He gone for King

Fox Says: The connection is the probability of his winning, pulling more strings out weights more than having special powers.

Armadillo Says: Yep, it can be
But that alone is enough for Peter to invade Heaven?
And even fight Cerberus?

Fox Says: Aw, true.

Armadillo Says: Dont you think that there is maybe another motive for him to invade Heaven?
Something bigger?
Something personal?

Fox Says: Revenge.
Maybe King did something he REALLY didn't like.

Armadillo Says: Do you remember that Not only king didnt accepted to be his avatar
But he also
Pete Knows that King dont like he
And King disobeyed his order? Disobeyed a superior being?
And the worst
The dragon told Peter to Leave King alone
The dragon Tarot is protecting King
So Peter is not abble to do anything against him in person
Do you agree?
That Is a good motive for revege?

Fox Says: Yeah, or at least by supernatural aspect of sterotype.
The always want things to go they way.

Armadillo Says: Yes
The Grippon had a huge pride
That was hurt by the dog
But what called my attention
Was what the cat told about the clock...
Do you remember?

Fox Says: Sabrina is probably the Great Kitsune's avatar.

Armadillo Says: He he
She told that if something happened to the clock
The King would be dead
And his soul would be send forever into the limbo
So why Peter wanting revenge, would pick a clock that the only power revealed until now was to kill king and send his soul to a place were he would suffer forever?

Fox Says: Hold it as ransom, so that King would have no choice but to be his avatar.

Armadillo Says: Be my avatar, Or I WILL KILL YOU, and Send your soul to a place were you will be eternal alone,
eternal suffering

Fox says: But then again, it's against the rules.

Armadillo Says: Yep, thats true...
Maybe he just wanted to KILL KING?

Fox Says: But that would leave him at a disadvantage.

Armadillo Says: What disadvantage?

Fox Says: He'd be that much further from having an avatar, and the way he seem, I think Petes is far from done with King.

Armadillo Says: Would you still be wanting to play D&D with someone who stole Heavem?
Someone which did something against the law?
Would you?

Fox Says: I don't play D&D, but I wouldn't have an issue playing a game with someone who broke a law.

Armadillo Says: So you think that Tarot would simple say: Oh you invaded Heavem and stole one fate? Okay lets continue the game...

Fox Says: I think that she'd put him on suspention from the game until he had cleaned up, but that's her.

Armadillo Says: Listem... Or there is something behind the game, a motive that they cant stop it, or Peter is simple not playing more the game
Do you agree?

Fox Says: Maybe they are playing for some higher reason.

Armadillo Says: Have you listened about the plot of Mortal Kombat?

Fox Says: No, I don't even have a copy of any of the Mortal Kombat games.

Armadillo Says: The Plot is that...
Gods reunited thenselfs to play a "Game"
In this game their champions would fight each other
And the win or lose dont affect simple the fate of one universe
But all of them
If the God of good Raiden Wins, we are allowed to live in peace
Shao Khan Should never invade any world again
If Shao Khan Wins
He would became the King of Our world
And Slave Us
And then go out to conquer the other universes
And Raiden will not be allowed too stop him

Fox Says: It could just be a smaller scale thing.
Like settling an argument over something mundane.
you can never tell with high order beings.

Armadillo Says: So they are playing for something important but in a small scalle
What could it be?
Maybe for the fate of a single universe? After all there is lots of universes, so a single one could just be mundane for them...

Fox Says: Something's still not connecting though...

Armadillo Says: You know what?

Fox Says: What?

Armadillo Says: I think that I will post it on the forum
Maybe in the forum someone can find it what is missing...

Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:10 pm
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Post Re: Overanalyzing Pete The Grippon
I am sorry, but this topic is really unnecessary. There are a few topics analyzing King and Pete...

In the Old Comic Discussion forum you can also find info in the old Arc threads, though barely anyone goes in there and comments nowadays.

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Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:20 pm
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