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2017/12/18 - Bailey Dancer 
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Bringing Foxy Back
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Post Re: 2017/12/18 - Bailey Dancer
Seems a bit overt in fan service. >.<

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Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:55 pm
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Post Re: 2017/12/18 - Bailey Dancer
Yep, this is what WE wanted. We are dirty, dirty people.
And King's smile in the last panel says it all. Great job you two.

Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:53 am
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Post Re: 2017/12/18 - Bailey Dancer
dryideabat Wrote:
Yep, this is what WE wanted. We are dirty, dirty people.
And King's smile in the last panel says it all. Great job you two.



Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:34 am
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Post Re: 2017/12/18 - Bailey Dancer
Human or dog, some things just get learned sorta natural ... and only enhance with age (like a good wine) and imagination (like clever video games). Can't believe the gang went temple-crashing to miss Bailey's performance....

Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:09 am
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Post Re: 2017/12/18 - Bailey Dancer
Caerdwyn Wrote:
TendoTwo Wrote:
Nice Pun :P

Also interesting to see King still thinks like a human.

... though at the same time it is also kind of awkward to see Housepets characters have breasts. ... or is that just fur tucked into the clothing to make it look like it?

Duchess is an example. ... of-ntines/

Duchess is an example...of Rick attempting to make female characters seem more feminine. I remember this being discussed before. There were several methods Rick used, but this was the most obvious one. Facial structure was another. We all know that Jessica is female, and she looks female. Why? Jessica has tertiary female characteristics, such as larger eyes, a more triangular face, etc. (Yes, she also has that modesty poof chest, but even without that, you'd be able to tell she's female. And she doesn't really have the "hourglass" figure, either.) For a while, Rick was trying to come up with some not-so-obvious methods of gender characteristics. Duchess was kinda the falling back on the obvious method. (And it works, too, since you could probably assume that Duchess, being a wealthy pet, could probably have plastic surgery. That's my guess, since we haven't seen other pets with not-so-subtle chests in Canon HP.) The other female characters have a pouf/poof chest. If I remember correctly, that characteristic has been around since the Housepets! 3.0 art style shift. Before 3.0, it was more difficult, yet not impossible, to tell gender differences.

I wish I could remember from exactly which update the tertiary characteristics were discussed.

Dag nabbed petty annoyances...

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Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:30 pm
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